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Edgar Rice Burroughs'
Part 5 of 7: The Byss and the Abyss
By R.E. Prindle
"You could kiss your lips, and have all the fun to yourself,
If you only knew the trick.
It would be perfectly easy
If they would only stay there
Until you got around to them.
Why don't you manage it somehow?"
Benjamin Paul Blood: Quoted by William James
The Varieties Of Religious Experience

     In 1914-15 the great modern Jewish cultural adventure was beginning.  The Culture was prepared.  As they say of a good football team, it makes its own breaks.  It was a matter of waiting patiently for opportunity then taking advantage of it.  In 1917 the big break came when the German General Ludendorff transported Lenin and his cadre of Jewish revolutionaries to the Finland Station of St. Petersburg.  In October Trotsky drove the nail home.  The Jews had been prepared.  They had been working out the details for a couple decades or more.  At least since Freud joined with his like minded fellows of B'nai B'rith in 1895.

     Little details pop up in his writing.  In his 1914 On The History Of The Psychoanalytic Movement he lets drop a line that the progress of the French Revolution had been charted and understood.  A few years later the Jewish Revolutionaries in Petersburg would be running around with a little volume of analysis in their back pockets.  Freud refers to the revolution, Thermidors, epigones and reaction.  Psychologically events have to follow in a certain order.  They will follow in that order so if you are aware of things to come in their proper order you will be in a position to anticipate and manipulate them.

     My feeling is that the study of the French Revolution was the role of the men of B'nai "B'rith to which Freud was privy.  His role as the psychoanalyst would be to prepare the minds of the  revolutionaries for the slaughtering to come while he probably also assisted in the damage control applications for the inevitable reaction when the Europeans had realized what the Jews had done.  Remember in a multicultural environment each culture maintains its identity so that it is necessary to speak of a distinct Jewish or European Culture.  The cultures will of necessity be antagonistic contrary to the Liberal projection of universal brotherhood.

     Thus in 1917, four years into the Jewish Revolution the Culture enjoyed a signal success in Russia; implementing the plan then became the problem.  While the Culture might well have expected a rapid worldwide success as all the allied governments, including the US, were heavily infiltrated with fellow culturalists.  However they were baffled by the successes of Hitler and Stalin.

     While things seemed to be going according to plan in Russia the early death of Lenin was not accounted for nor the success of Stalin.  You can understand the rage of Trotsky in exile in the swamps of Asia against the triumph of what he considered the epigone Stalin.  The Man of Steel was a National Socialist who aborted the international revolution pursued by Trotsky and the Culture.  This was no small thing for the Jewish Revolution.

     In the West as Freud had predicted a firestorm of protest against the Jewish Culture took place.  Behind the phalanx of Liberals who took their the side the Culture had two main lines of defense.  One was simply to deny everything much as they accuse the so-called Holocaust deniers of today and the second was to denounce accusers as madmen, conspiracy theorists, cranks and anti-Semites.  As they pretty effectually controlled the media, which they denied, these courses were easy for them.

     As an historian this stuff is my meat. I like it.  It was at this time that a little book appeared entitled The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion.  This volume is the center of the firestorm.   The volume outlines the Jewish plot of the Cultural Revolution.  Naturally the Culture denied any involvement in the book calling it a forgery by which they meant someone other than themselves had written it and palmed it off on them.

     Over the next twenty years or so it was claimed that their authorship was proven false.  This is not true.  The authorship is still an open question, nothing has been proven conclusively either way.  As the book was reproduced by Henry Ford in his Dearborn Independent articles and we know Burroughs read the articles let us deal with that issue first.

    While the Protocols are said to be a forgery it is also universally assented that they are based on an 1864 predecessor by Maurice Joly entitled Dialogues Between Machiavelli and Mostesquiou in Hell.  Clearly so.  Both works are now readily available if you're interested in this sort of thing.

     It is claimed that Joly was a Jew while being denied naturally by the Culture.  Joly was at the very least of Jewish descent while I have seen his picture and he looks Jewish to me.  But perhaps he was secular and not religious whatever that distinction might mean.

     It is said the Dialogues applied to Napoleon III then reigning in France but then it is said the Testament Of Dr. Mabuse parodies the Nazis.  I don't think either is true. How many times can you pull the same trick before someone, anyone, catches on.

     At any rate it is said that Napoleon III got wind of the publication of the book that so inflamed him that he confiscated the copies at the printers.  Thus the book must have been legendary and unable to influence anyone.  The stories are too good though which is why I like this sort of thing.

     Here is one version I pulled up on the internet just now that I had not heard before.

      Joly's "Dialogues" while intended as a political satire, soon fell into the hands of a German anti-Semite named Herman Goedsche writing under the name of Sir John Retcliffe.  Goedsche was a postal clerk and a spy for the Prussian secret police.  He had been forced to leave the postal work due to his part in forging evidence in the prosecution against the Democratic leader Benedict Waldeck in 1849.  Goedsche adapted Joly's 'Dialogues' into a mythical tale of a Jewish conspiracy as part of a series of novels entitled "Biarritz" which appeared in 1868.  In a chapter called "The Jewish Cemetery in Prague and the Representatives of the Twelve Tribes of Israel," he spins the fantasy of a secret centennial rabbinical conference which meets at midnight and whose purpose is to review the past hundred years and to make plans for the next century.
     To delete the paranoia I am familiar with the Goedsche story, this from Jewish sources only, but I have never heard of his using a copy of the Dialogues before.  As a government spy in a government post office I fail to see why the government wouldn't have covered for him unless something else was involved.  In any event there is no shame on Goedsche involved.  He was only doing a job.

     My studies indicate that the chapter referred to was from a trilogy called 'To Sedan' that would indicate a publication date after 1871.  I have read the indicated chapter which is good Gothic stuff.  As a novel I see no reason to take the chapter seriously as history.  It may have happened, it may not have but the atmospherics are terrific.  A nice bit of writing.  The bit about the representatives of the twelve tribes I took as a literary touch but then I'm not that sensitive on the matter.

     If the Jewish Virtual Library means to imply that the Culture was not an organized political entity with specific political goals carried on in a conspiratorial manner then I would have to take issue with the writer or writers.  As we have Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver's testimony that sometime after 1666 when the Sabbati Zevi messiahship failed that the, shall we call them, Elders Of Zion met and formulated the hope of the Jewish Revolution.  Virtually as Goedsche wrote the 'elders' of B'nai B'rith were sitting in Vienna in the company of Herr Dr. Sigmund Freud planning to bring about the Revolution imminently.   While I don't accept the novelist's meeting of the Elders in the Prague graveyard as a fact I don't think the idea can even be called a stretcher nor because of the story should Goedsche be defamed as an anti-Semite.  One would expect the Culture to deny the story.

     Back to the Protocols.  It is not improbable that the Culture disseminated the book so that its proponents could be defamed for making a 'forgery.'  Dis- and mis-information is just part of the game.  One should always look for it.  In order to discredit the Protocols it was suddenly remembered, by whom is never said, that the Protocols must have been based on the earlier Dialogues.  A great public search was instituted through the great libraries of Europe although if the edition had been confiscated and destroyed one wonders why.  Needless to say the search was fruitless.  No copy could be found, not even Goedsche's.  The suspense mounted hauntingly.  Would the Dialogues ever be found?  Not to worry.  An emigre Russian soldier passing through Constantinople, now Istanbul, had a copy missing cover and title page that he sold to a Jewish second hand book dealer.  I mean, this is good stuff; I wish the story weren't already taken.  This more than kind hearted book dealer paid for this piece of trash unable to even know what he had bought or what the book was about.  Stories of really human kind hearted book dealers like this warm the heart.

    One doesn't know in what language the book was printed, possibly French, which fortunately this kind hearted Turkish Jewish second hand book dealer could read.  This fellow was also an expert on The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion.  What a concatenation of coincidences, hey?  As he was reading along to see what he might have bought he said to himself:  Wait a minute!  I've read this before. A light went on in his head.  By golly, or perhaps, oy vey, he said to himself, What I've got here must be the long lost Dialogues Entre Machiavelle Et Mostesquiou Aux Enfers.  Be damned if it wasn't.  Filled with joy the lucky used book dealer turned the book over to B'nai B'rith or whoever and saved the day.  It was now 'proved' that the Protocols were a forgery based on the Dialogues.  An excellent story.  Of course without a cover or title page the proof was a little flimsy.  Hey, listen, the Dialogues could have been a forgery themselves.  There's a good chance even that the Nineteenth Century is a forgery.  The history of the nineteenth century is one of more implausible stories I've heard.  What do you think?

     So, the damage controllers enlisting the support of their Liberal allies shouted down their accusers.  For myself, the Culture's story is so fishy and contrived that I at the very least doubt the defense but I sure as heck like the story.  Could Conan Doyle have done any better?  Pshhh...

     Well, so much for the prep work.  As there was no longer room in Russia for the ex-Czar's men a very large number of them fled to, where else, the United States.  Hence all those jokes about waiters who used to be Russian dukes.  Some of them were.  Among the emegres was a gentleman named Boris Brasol who just happened to have a copy of the Protocols in his back pocket.

     The plot thickens.  Gets really good.  Now, Henry Ford had been picked out as an anti-Semite in 1914 when he 'unilaterally' doubled the prevailing wage.  This act was considered a real blow at the Revolution.  No good deed shall go unpunished.

     Consequently Ford was lured into the Peace Ship deal of 1916 by the Jewish Rosa Schwimmer.  The folly was one from which Ford's reputation never recovered although the idea of the ship was not as absurd as it sounds.  As a result of the Peace Ship Ford began to have his doubts about the motives of the Culture which were certainly justified.

     The doubts were sharpened into certainties by the role of Bernard Baruch and the Jews of the WIB and in the government.  It will be remembered that the Dodge Brothers lost their lives because of a confrontation with Baruch while Ford had his company's finances attacked as a result of the confrontation in 1919-20.  At that point Brasol showed up with his copy of the Protocols that he provided to Ford.  Ford bought the Dearborn Independent which began to publish the articles that became the four volumes of the famed International Jew.

     Today these volumes are classed with the Protocols and are forbidden reading.  The Liberal Coalition has the bad habit of denying history by preventing its examination.  I haven't leafed through the Dearborn Independent but there are a couple sample copies on the internet.  It was a pretty decent newspaper cum magazine of the uplifting sort.

     The story of Ford and the Independent articles is an interesting study made more delicious by being forbidden.  One knows how much better forbidden fruit tastes, doesn't one?

     It should be remembered that the Jewish Culture was especially active after the October Revolution, the fourth year of the Jewish Revolution.  The fourth through eighth years are especially important.  The AJC- American Jewish Committee- wished to ascertain where the centers of American resistance might be strongest.  At sometime either during or after the War the AJC drew up something called The Jewish Bill Of Rights.  They sent it to prominent men and women to ascertain their stance towards Jews.  Their responses or non-responses would determine whether the recipient was an 'anti-Semite- or not.  Edgar Rice Burroughs was sent a copy of this Jewish Bill Of Rights.  He failed the test by questioning one or more clauses.  He was thus marked down for destruction.  It would be interesting to know to whom  this questionnaire was sent and how they fared.

     As I noted, the Dodges were assassinated in 1920 while Ford's business was attacked.  Had the bankers succeeded in filching the Ford Motor Co. it would have been quite a coup.  At the time the company was valued by Ford at a billion 1920 dollars, fifty to a hundred billion in today's dollars.  In the bankers valuation the company put on the market could be made to produce three to five billion dollars.  As I said the Revolution was an expensive affair.  If the Jewish banking houses had been able to secure Ford they could have recouped a profit of as much as four or five billion 1920 dollars for use in their projects.  You will be able to understand the sort of assault that was made on Ford.

     The Coalition, which has written all the histories, characterizes Ford's defensive maneuvers as cranky anti-Semitism which he displayed for no other reason than that he was an insane cranky anti-Semite who viciously attacked Jews qua Jews.

     Nor were Ford's Independent articles mere ranting without an understanding of the problem as some would have you believe.  The articles were written by William Cameron Ford's employee.  Ford as usual did things in a thorough way.  Almost overnight he amassed a huge library concerning Judaism.  I mean, this was massive.  The Jews wanted it.  They asked him for it after the apology.  Ford sneered.  While the library is described as anti-Semitic it embraced the whole range of Jewish activities.  Perhaps a unique collection

     Cameron set to work studying the material.  The result was the four volumes of The International Jew with several uncollected articles left over.  While the volumes have been defamed as anti-Semitic balderdash they are nothing of the kind.  They are well researched accurate accounts of the topics covered.  The first volume dealing with the Protocols merely duplicates what already existed but the remaining three volumes recording the various roles of Jews in America are interesting studies  and true, which is to say based on verifiable facts.  However as we have recently learned- the truth is no defense.

     When the articles began appearing they created quite a furor.  If you have checked the Dearborn Independent samples on the internet site you will have an idea what the paper looked like.  Just insert one of the Jewish articles and you have what readers of the twenties saw.

     Ford's liquid wealth in today's terms was in the tens of billions of dollars so he was well able  to afford a defense.  Mr. Deep Pockets.  He created something called the Service Department that was a counterspy outfit not unlike that of Daddy Warbucks of Little Orphan Annie fame.  It will be remembered that Little Orphan Annie made its debut at about this time.  Ford employed agents who were supposed to get the lowdown on Jewish activities such as those featured in the Dr. Mabuse series.  Starting from scratch the Service Department was no match for Jewish agencies like the AJC and ADL of B'nai B'rith and others that had decades if not centuries of experience in subversive activities.

     One only has Coalition accounts of these years of the Jewish Revolution so the reader has undoubtedly been conditioned to view Ford as an insane crank.  To my knowledge no other accounts have appeared.  How contemporaries other than the Liberal side reacted isn't recorded at present.  However Edgar Rice Burroughs tried in his modest way to assist Ford.

     Ford and Burroughs were Americans raised on the ideals of that scrap of paper, the Constitution.  They therefore made the mistake of thinking that they could appeal to the reason of ideologues.  You can't.  An ideologue has his projection and he knows he got it from God.  As I have pointed out before a devout member of a religion must be a bigot; there is no room for any opinion that contradicts dogma.  So Ford and Burroughs were wasting their time.

     By 1924 Burroughs must have known he was under attack both domestically by the Jews and internationally by the Communists.  His 1919 effort, Under The Red Flag, had signaled his antagonism to Communism just as his response to the Jewish Bill Of Rights signaled his refusal to be bulldozed from that quarter.

     Using material gleaned from the Independent concerning the role of Jews in the theatrical business Burroughs wrote a book entitled Marcia Of The Doorstep in support of Ford and gently rebuking his fellow Americans for their authoritarianism.  The book didn't see print until 1999.  The novel isn't bad.  It would have sold reasonably well under the Edgar Rice Burroughs name.  As has been indicated the Liberal Coalition was in control of publishing; nothing was published that didn't pass their censorship.  Burroughs novel was rejected.  Now, this is interesting.  Burroughs began his own imprint in 1930 eventually publishing all his titles but not, I repeat, not Marcia Of The Doorstep.  One might well ask what stayed his hand on that title.

     At any rate, probably as punishment, there were no Tarzan movies made by Jewish controlled studios from 1922 to 1928.  Ford also was having his problems.  The auto industry was progressing faster than he was.  By 1927 the Model T was approaching obsolescence losing its sales lead to Chevrolet which it never recovered.

     It became necessary to call off his war with the AJC-ADL to concentrate of saving his business.  In 1927 he was  forced to sign a bogus apology.  It was a forgery.  Ford had no hand in its writing.  However he promised to abandon the battle.

     With Ford's collapse anything approaching to resistance to the Jewish Revolution in America ended.

     While the Republican interregnum of 1920-32 slowed the Revolution down the Liberal Wilsonian Revolution was resumed in 1933 by Wilson's disciple Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  With Roosevelt the Jews returned to Washington in force.  Among the first things FDR did was to recognize the Soviet Union just as Jacob Schiff had immediately reversed the Jewish policy toward Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution by granting huge loans to the still nascent and insecure Bolshevik government.  This was OPM- other people's money.  the money of the citizens of the United States Of America.  Thus the everyday American was forced to underwrite the Bolshevik Revolution whether he knew about it or not.

     Schiff, who was the Prime Minister of the International Jewish Culture, was called down to Washington by the President Of The United States to justify himself on charges of bolshevism.  He was apparently successful as when he left the capitol of the United States to go back to New York, the capitol of the International Jewish Culture it was with a face wreathed in smiles.  Jacob Schiff didn't smile often.  He quickly resumed his loans to the Bolsheviks.

     To return to 1918

To Be Continued
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