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Source: The Fort Wayne Daily News ~ April 15, 1914 - May 6, 1914
From the Ron de Laat Collection

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Readers of "Tarzan of the Apes" -- there were millions of them - have been awaiting with eagerness "The Return of Tarzan." They need no introduction to the ape-man, who was an English lord by ancestry and an inhabitant of the treetops by fate until the same fate brought him out and made him a civilized man after twenty years of life among the great apes of Africa.

His adventures, as wonderful and interesting as any set forth in words, have been the center of interest in a story that is unique in its originality.

Now we have "The Return of Tarzan," as thrilling as its fore-runner. In it are told the further adventures of the splendid ape-man, who at last wins his way to the side of his true love after facing countless perils by land and sea.

Whoever read "Tarzan of the Apes" needs no invitation to peruse this story. Others are warned that after they read this sequel to "Tarzan of the Apes" they won't be satisfied until they have read that story also.

Chapter I: On the Liner
Chapter II: Forging Bonds of Hate and --
Chapter III: What Happened in the Rue Maule

She let her eyes wander slyly to the
figure of a tall young man.

"I hope that you will not suffer for the 
kind deed  you attempted."

Chapter IV: The Countess Explains


Tarzan, ape-man, who lived in the African jungle twenty years
is returning to Europe after renouncing his birthright
as Lord Greystoke for the sake of Jane Porter, 
engaged to his cousin, William Clayton. 

He assists Count de Coude and the countess 
against their enemy, Nikolas Rokoff.

In Paris D'Arnot, Tarzan's friend, reproves him 
for giving up his position in the world. 
Tarzan asserts his preference for jungle life.

He was in a dozen 
places at once.

Chapter V: A Plot Against a Woman
Chapter VI: A Duel


Rokoff tries to have Tarzan assassinated, 
but the ape-man's enormous strength and agility save him. 
D'Arnot receives a letter from Clayton. 
he latter and Jane are to be married.

She found herself face to 
face with Nikolas Rokoff.

She tore herself from
Tarzan's arms.

Chapter VII: The Dancing Girl of Sidi Assisa


Rokoff plots against the Countess de Coude and Tarzan. 
He decoys the latter to the countess' rooms at night by 
a false message and then notifies the count.
Rokoff is the countess' brother.

De Coude, infuriated when he finds
Tarzan and the countess together,
challenges Tarzan to a duel.
Tarzan forces Rokoff to sign a confession of his plot. 

"Shoot, Monsieur!" 
He shouted.

  Chapter VIII: The Fight in the Desert


In the duel Tarzan refuses to fire. 
He tells De Coude of the plot and is reconciled to him. 
Tarzan is employed by the French ministry 
to watch Lieutenant Gernois, 
suspected of being a spy, in Algeria.

"We are lost now."


"Why did you not tell me 
you contemplated 
ambushing those fellows?"

Chapter IX: Numa "El Adrea"
Chapter X: Through the Valley of the Shadows

At Sidi Asissa Tarzan makes friends with Sheik Kadour ben Saden. 
A dancing girl shows him a way of escape when he and 
Abdul, his servant, are attacked in a dance hall by 
natives who are instigated by two foreigners.

The girl is the stolen daughter daughter of Saden and 
is restored by Tarzan. 
Tarzan and Abdul fight off a desert attack. 
At Bou Saada Tarzan learns in a letter from D'Arnot 
of Jane's postponement of her marriage. 
Rokoff paid by the countess has left France.

Chapter XI: Like a Gladiator of Old
SYNOPSIS: (same synopsis as Ch. XI)

He kicked Tarzan
heavily in the side.

Frantic were the leaps of Numa.

Chapter XII: John Caldwell, London

Garnois, suspecting Tarzan, abandons him in a desert, and 
Tarzan after killing a lion is captured by nomad Arabs.

Rokoff appears and taunts Tarzan. 
The latter is freed by the dancing girl. 
The two leave for Sadan's camp. 
Tarzan kills Numa, el adrea, the balck lion, with a knife.

He was like a babe in 
the mighty grasp of Tarzan.

Chapter XII: John Caldwell, London

Garnois, suspecting Tarzan, abandons him in a desert, and 
Tarzan after killing a lion is captured by nomad Arabs.

Rokoff appears and taunts Tarzan. 
The latter is freed by the dancing girl. 
The two leave for Sadan's camp. 
Tarzan kills Numa, el adrea, 
the black lion, with a knife.

Chapter XIII: Ships That Pass
Chapter XIV: Drowned at Sea
Synopsis: Same as last day . . . 

He was like a babe in 
the mighty grasp of Tarzan.

"If you don't I shall 
push you overboard."

Chapter XV: The Wreck of the Lady Alice
Chapter XVI: In the Jungle

In Beu Saada, Tarzan finds Rokoff blackmailing Gernois
and forces Rokoff to give him the incriminating papers
extorted from the French officer.

Gernois kills himself. 
Jane and her father and Clayton accept
Lord Tennington's offer to cruise to his yacht
down the east African coast. 
Tarzan is ordered to Cape Town. 
On board ship he is known as John Caldwell
and meets Hazel Strong, Jane's friend, 
and a man traveling as M. Thuran.

"The poor fellow 
was lost overboard."

There were the table, the bed 
and the little crib, 
built by his father.

Chapter XVII: From Ape to Savage
Synopsis: Same as last day.

A sinewy white warrior dropped
almost directly in his path.
Chapter XVIII: The Ivory Raiders
Synopsis: Same as last day.

Now and then at varying intervals 
a man would plunge forward dead.

Chapter XIX: Victory for the Waziri
Chapter XX: In Search of Gold

Thuran, who is Rokoff, 
throws Tarzan overboard at night.

Thuran pays court to Hazel.
In Cape Town Jane and Hazel meet, 
and Hazel's party, with Thuran is 
asked by Tennington to sail 
with him and Jane's party to England.

The camp was a cursing, 
howling mass of demons.

Chapter XXI: The Lost City

Chapter XXII: La, The Priestess

Same as last day.

"They are watching us, 
oh, king."

The mad sun worshiper battled 
with the tenfold power of the mania.

Chapter XXIII: The Castaways

The missing Caldwell
is identified to Hazel by Jane as Tarzan.
Tennington's yacht is wrecked. 

Three sailors, with Jane and Thuran and Clayton, 
are adrift in an open boat without oars. 
Tarzan, after swimming to shore
is back at his jungle birthplace.

"Land, Jane!" he almost shouted. 
"Thank God, land."

Chapter XXIV: The Treasure Vaults of Opar

Chapter XXV: The Fifty Frightful Men

Same as last day.

Chapter XXVI: Tarzan to the Rescue
Same as last day.

A paw covered her mouth
to stifle her screams.

Chapter XXVII: How Tarzan Came Again to Opar
Chapter XXVIII: Love in the Wilderness

Tarzan falls easily into his old savage ways. 
He saves a black from Sabor, the tiger, 
and is adopted by the negro's tribe.

Tarzan's new friends have many gold ornaments,
brought long ago from a stone city far away. 
Their village is attacked and taken by Arab slave 
and ivory hunters with black Manyuema followers.

Hope left her entirely, and 
she trembled in an agony of fright.

Chapter XXIX: The Passing of the Ape-Man


The End

He took the girl he loved in 
his strong arms and kissed her.

The entire party assembled 
within the little cabin.

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