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Volume 1720a
Jahlanna of Pellucidar
Illustrations By
Sean Edward Phillips

Hug-Lo The Giant One

Grunth - A Bison Man

Mogor's piggy eyes gazed upon the nubile form of the princess.

Chained on the auction block was none other than Jahalnna of Nu-al

Jarn met his hulking adversary's charge with the brash courage of youth.

Lugor's discovery

He drove the spear into the flank of the raging zorag.

The Amazon haughtily regarded her captive.

With a brash yell, he lept upon the back of the trodon.

One slip, and Jarn would plunge amongst the salvering jaws.

Tarak vs. the Snow Tarag

The great beast tossed his half-human adversaries upon his great ivory horns.

Tarok drove his spear into the flank of the enraged goronopsian.

Jahlanna watched helplessly as the brutes battled for her possession.

Moger faced the charge of the gyrnk.

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Pellucidar Illustrations by Sean Edward Phillips
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