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Volume 1690xyz
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics

X & Y & Z

Yanol  -- White pygmy who offers Prince Nikon his antelope when the Prince has his shot out from under him by the Shifta slavers
 Dell Number  -- A 1.1

Yarl Hrolf  --  A#5.2 the red haired leader of the giant Vikings living in the Gourambi Mountains.  When he and his hunters discover Tarzan and Buto in the forbidden Ice Cave, Yarl attacks Tarzan.  Another hunter attacks Buto.  Tarzan and Buto disarm their opponents.  Yarl is impressed with their skills.  He forgives them and takes them on a hunt.  Yarl gives Tarzan his sword to kill a boar.  Again Yarl is impressed with Tarzan’s skill.  He throws a feast in their honor.  Yarl promises Tarzan and Buto that they will be buried with the great Viking hunters and huntresses in the Ice Cave.  Tantor trumpets from a far.  Yarl tells Tarzan to bring his friend to the village.  Tarzan and Buto leave the village not to return.
#91.1 Leader of the Giant Vikings at Yarlsgaard.  Tarzan and Buto are brought to Yarl, who remembers them.  He explains that the Vikings killed two Skraelings who broke into the ice tombs.  The Skraelings now seek to destroy all of the Vikings.  Tarzan shows him how to re-enforce their shields with concrete.  After the hordes of Skraelings are repelled, Yarl confesses to Tarzan that they can’t repulse them much longer.  Yarl shows Tarzan their well that leads to an underground stream.  He lowers the ape-man into the well.  Tarzan returns with a herd of white buffalo to help repel the Skraelings once more.  Tarzan brokers a peace agreement.  Yarl exchanges his sword with the Skraeling chief’s spear.  Yarl has a full gray beard and mustache.  He wears fur clothing and a helmet that has horns.
No. 37.6 Yarl with his furs and horn helmet skis down the Gourambi Mountain to the Skalli with a buck sheep over his shoulder.  Tarzan and Raoul d’Arnot show up, looking for help in finding Raoul’s father, Colonel Paul d’Arnot.  Yarl offers them the use of the dragon ship to search the valley and the river.  Yarl reports that the black Skirlings have caused them little trouble since Tarzan taught them how to use the longbow.  They sail on the river.  They spot Skirlings headed for an island.  Pistols shots alerts Tarzan that Paul is on the island.  Yarl has the Vikings ram the Skirling canoes.  The Skirlings board the dragon ship.  They Vikings and Tarzan repel them.  Paul is rescued, given a Viking feast, and taken to Raoul’s plane.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.2+91.1+No. 37.6

Yo-kar  -- The name of the Panther Man who captures Jane and brings her to the village of the Panther Men.  The live sacrifice to the Panther King only occurs once a year.  The man who brings back a victim is probably rewarded or honored in some manner.
 Dell Number  -- 53.1

Yolanda  --  # 22.1 Dr. Mervin’s daughter.  Her tiny pet elephant, Hector, is part of her father’s growth experiment.  Bokawah, the evil witch doctor, desires her.  He puts a sleeping potion in their food so he can carry off Yolanda.  Tarzan did not eat the food so was unaffected.  He follows the scent to the witch doctor’s cave and rescues her.
#36.1 Tarzan comes to her father for growth pellets so that he can create a giant lion to break the siege of New Cathne by the Athneans.  Yolanda flirts with the ape-man and is disappointed when he leaves so soon.  Yolanda has long black hair
#42.1 Yolanda has different facial features and sports short light brown hair.  She is living with her father Dr. Mervin, who is running a zoological garden outside of Nairobi when Tarzan comes for help.  Dr. Mervin gives Tarzan two otters, Nip and Tuck, and growth pills so he can help the Stork People fight the Terribs.  Yolanda and her father fly to the Great Swamp in search of the village of the Stork People.  They run low on fuel and land in the swamp.  They are attacked by Terribs.  They fight with a rifle and a pistol.  Dr. Mervin is wounded in the shoulder by a spear.  Tarzan riding on Tuck turns the tide on the Terribs.  Tarzan takes them to the village of the Stork People.
#50.1 - Yolanda and her father, Dr. Mervin, are stranded in the village of the Stork Men since their plane ran out of gas.  Yolanda trains three giant otter pups to come to her.  She is distraught when her father comes down with Swamp Fever.  She is relieved when Tarzan brings the cure contained in the poison sac of the Arachna.  Princess Loma of Lutor administers the proper dose for the cure.
#51.1 Yolanda is relieved that her father’s fever has broken.
#52.3 She boards Dr. Mac’s seaplane with her father, Dr. Mervin.  The Thipdar cargo bites Dr. Mac in the arm, and he is forced to land.  Yolanda bandages his arm.  The Men of Monga capture them and force them to work in their fields.  Tarzan swoops in on Argus and carries Yolanda back to the plane.  After Tarzan rescues the others, the Serpent of Pal-ul-don slithers up.  They manage to take off in the plane before it reaches them.  Tarzan kills the serpent.
 Dell Number  -- 22.1+36.1+42.1+50.1+51.1+52.3

Youssef  --  Arab slaver trader.  Doc Manlek attempts to sell Tarzan to Youssef and his partner, Ali.  When the doctor releases Tarzan’s neck brace, the ape-man overpowers the three of them.  Tarzan ties them up and goes the rescue Prince Illony.
 Dell Number  -- 49.1

Yussuf  --  head man for Sheik, Arab slaver.  Tarzan leads a Nandi Bear into their camp.  The   Bear destroys them as Tarzan frees the slaves.
 Dell number  -- 32.1

Zalah  --  One of the Tannalelt warriors who find Tarzan, Jane, Boy and Johnny Ball after their plane crashes in Tannalelt.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1

Zanaka  --  FC 134 Chief of a tribe of Dashani warriors in the Ras Dashani Mountains.  His clothes drape over one shoulder.  He carries a spear and a shield.  He wears large earrings, armbands, and a bone through the nose.  He threatens Tarzan and the Doris Ramsay party to turn back.  When Tarzan won’t back down, he instructs Gufta, the white ape, to kill Tarzan.  Zanaka leaves with more threats.  The white apes and warriors capture Doris.  (Probably under the direction of Zanaka.)  When Captain Hardy and the bearers desert, they are killed by Dashani poison arrows.  (Probably under the direction of Zanaka.)  Zanaka and his men capture Tarzan and the Ramsay safari.  They take them to Zanaka’s village.  They have kept John Ramsay prisoner for three years, during which time they have tortured him to get him to reveal where he has hidden his gold.  During the full moon, Zanaka forces Tarzan to fight the Devil Ogre, AKA Pandikisi.  Tarzan kills the Devil Ogre and escapes.  He informs other Dashani tribes of the escape by drums.  Tarzan and the party charge through them on the backs of elephants.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Zanzaboko  -- Zanzaboko are the people of the Sultan of the Zanzaboko.  They carry Bangwa Ali on a litter to Jane at the tree house.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.4 (Jane Story)

Zara  -- A female giraffe with a toto.  Zara’s mate dies from a poison arrow.  Nobby, the lone male, takes over as protector.  He leads Zara away from the hunters, fights off lions, and a rouge giraffe.  Zara is happy to be with him.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story)

Zena  -- Zena is the wife of Chief Makolo.  Zena rushes from their hut screaming that their son has stopped breathing.  He had been playing with a kola nut.  Makolo demands that his witch doctor, N’gai, save him.  He cannot.  Jane dislodges the kola nut from the baby’s throat and administers mouth-to-mouth respiration, reviving the child.  Jane tells Zena not to let their baby play with kola nuts.  Makolo is impressed with Jane’s magic.  He turns from his evil ways.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.2 (Jane Story)

Zip  -- Zip is the name of a giant otter that Tarzan and Boy train in the pool near the tree house.  Zoom is the other giant otter.  Tarzan receives a message that Terribs have been seen in the area.  He takes Zip with him to investigate.  Later they meet up with Boy and Dombie at the river.  Tarzan takes Zip across the river to search for Terribs openings.  Zip locates an opening.  The Waziri drive the Terribs down river and over the falls.
 Dell Number  -- 113.2

Zola  -- Name of one of King Jathon’s hunting lions that escapes from the Garth as Tarzan and the King are headed to Pal-ul-don to bring back red gryfs to battle the Garth that is terrorizing Cathne.  Jathon calls them with his horn.  The two lions struggle as they cross a mountain in a snowstorm.  When they get close to the gryfs, the lions become afraid and run off
 Dell Number  -- 97.1

Zoom  --  Zoom is the name of a giant otter Tarzan and Boy train in the pool near the tree house.  Zip is the other giant otter.  When Terribs are reported in the area, Tarzan goes to search for them with Zip.  He leaves Zoom with Boy.  Boy takes Zoom to the Waziri kraal and picks up Dombie to go fishing.  Dombie catches a fish with his trident.  Zoom steals the fish off the trident.  A Terribs snatches Dombie and drags him underwater.  Zoom dives to the rescue.  As the otter approaches the Terribs, he releases Dombie.  Zoom tears the crocodile armor off of the Terribs.  Tarzan and the Waziri come.  The ape-man has Zoom search for Terribs openings along the river.  Zoom finds one.  The Waziri drive the Terribs into the river and over the falls.
 Dell Number  -- 113.2

zoo manager  -- N’kombo and his crew bring the ape Zorek to him for sale.  He talks them down to half the price they were asking.
 Dell Number  -- A2.3

Zorek  -- Ape friend of Boy.  They stowaway on a scow.  Zorek is captured by the boatmen and brought to a zoo.  Boy rescues him.
 Dell Number  -- A2.3

zorilla  --  African skunk.  Tarzan traps three of them and uses their musk spray in the ‘Mark of Evil.’
 Dell Number  -- 50.3

Zu-b’zee  -- Tarzan rides the ostrich Om-zee to the City in the Sands.  He also brings along an ostrich named Zu-b’zee.  Tarzan finds the Beni-Adhemi leaving the city because Hussein has not returned from the mountains where he went to repair the aqueduct.  Tarzan arrives at the aqueduct site to find Hussein and his men being attacked by mountain savages.  The ape-man instructs the ostriches to attack.  After the gomangani are defeated, Tarzan has to stop Zu-b’zee from attacking the Beni-Adhemi.  Tarzan and Hussein ride Om-zee and to Athne for help in the rebuilding the aqueduct.
 Dell Number  -- 80.1

Zugash  -- calls himself ‘the terrible’.  He is the King of the Rock People who befriends Tarzan after he saves a young baboon from sheeta.  Helps Tarzan free Rita Lane and capture a band of Shiftas.
 Dell Number  -- 17.2
 Novel  -- TTr - ‘Big Tooth’ - king baboon of the Ghenzi region (Central Africa, Uganda) that befriends Tarzan

zu-mangani  -- Tarzan tries to recruit Borok to help him rescue the monkeys from the Black Cloak baboons.  Borok is only interested in a female zu-mangani.  Tarzan says that she is the last of her species.  The zu-mangani show up at the top of the cliff and throw rocks down at the baboons, thus preventing them from reaching the summit.  When the baboons attack from the rear, Tarzan and the zu-mangani use rocks to drive the baboons back down their secret tunnel.
 Dell Number  -- 79.1

zu-gomangani  --  #24.1 big great black apes attack Jo-rah, his men, and Doctor Mac in the Valley of Boulders.  Each one is fifteen feet tall and colored a bluish-gray.  The Doctor thwarts their attack with a stick of dynamite attached to a spear.  Tarzan kills the last one with a spear.
#39.1 - Riding a thipdar, Tarzan sees a zu-gomangani carrying off Ro-mee-lah, Jo-rah’s sister.  He directs the thipdar to attack the ape.  The Thipdar and ape kill each other.
 Dell Number  -- 24.1+39.1

Zugu, King of Jalur  --  #62.1 He is dark skinned, overweight, and bald.  He believes the exiled Prince Kodon of Alur and Tarzan are going to attack Jalur.  Prince Kodon reports Tarzan’s capture to the King.  Tarzan enters the window of the King’s bedchamber.  King Zugu tires to spear the ape-man.  Tarzan uses the Prince as a shield and the Prince is accidentally killed.  Tarzan forces the King to lead him to the royal wharf.  Tarzan, disguised as a nobleman, fools the guard as he permits the Jungle Lord to take the King out into the water in a rowboat.  Dr. Mac picks them up in his seaplane.  Tarzan instructs the Doctor to fly them to Alur where Tarzan hopes to negotiate peace between Jalur and Alur.
#68.1 When Tarzan and Dr. Mac are forced to land the plane in Crater Lake, King Zugu decides to escape while they are making repairs.  He is captured by the Cat Men.  He faints when the Queen teases him with a leopard.  Tarzan rescues him.  He breaks the chain and carries the fat king to the royal docks.  Tarzan commandeers a canoe and paddles the King out into the lake.  As they pass through the dangerous cleft in the crater to reach the Lake of Lutor, Zugu faints.  Tarzan takes him to board Dr. Mac’s plane.  He has a semi-circle of hair from ear to ear.
#70.1 Dr. Mac does not have enough fuel to take them to Alur.  Tarzan continues towards Alur with King Zugu in the canoe.  They travel to Lutor and pick an escort of Lutorians mounted on giant swans.  They repulse a Terribs attack.  Tarzan and Zugu sleep in the canoe.  During a second Terribs attack, Tarzan leaves the canoe.  King Zugu is born through the air in the canoe by giant swans roped to the bow and stern.  A swan is speared by one of the King’s own Ho-don warriors.  Zugu falls from the canoe.  Tarzan, flying a swan, ropes him and swings him into the mouth of Loma’ crocodile boat.  Princess Loma will take Zugu to Alur in the croc boat, while Tarzan and the other will decoy the Ho-dons away.
 Dell Number  -- 62.1+68.1+70.1

Zukora  -- Gund of the zu-tarmangani who have left their ancient home and taken over the former traditional home of the Cor-o-dons.  After Tarzan and the Cor-o-dons help them drive the cave bears into the log houses, Zukora agrees with Tarzan to unite with the Cor-o-dons to drive the cave bears out.  The bears are driven away.  Some time later, Zukora reports to Tarzan that the bears have returned and are in the food plantation.  He tells the ape-man that his White Apes will not fight the bears without Tarzan’s help.  He leads Tarzan and the Cor-o-dons to the place where the bears are hiding.
 Dell Number  -- 65.1

Zulu  --  #29 (inside cover ‘Jungle World’) two Zulu’s performing ceremonial baboon dance.
A#5.4 - boiling water test.
 Dell Number  -- 29 (inside cover ‘Jungle World’) +35 (inside back cover ‘Jungle World’) +A#5.4 (Lie Detector of Zululand)

Zurad  --  Leader of the Wazban people of the Island of Wazban.  He is older and balding.  He is friendly to Tarzan and Om-lat who are fleeing the albino pygmies.  Zurad shows them around the island and relates the history of his people and the area.  He fears that the pygmies will overrun the island and plans to defend from a ledge on the island.  He agrees to Tarzan’s plan for the defense of the city.  Tarzan manages to frighten the pygmies off of the island.  He is grateful to Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 94.1

Zurlat  -- Zurlat is the name of the Ja-lur warrior who keeps the soldiers from killing the unconscious Tarzan.  He tells them to take him to King Ja-don, the Third.  When Tarzan refuses to help King Ja-don, it is Zurlat who places Tarzan in the punishment cell.
 Dell Number  -- 124.1

zu-tarmangani  --  (See also: White Gorillas/Apes)

Zuthog  -- ape who aides and hunts with Tarzan
 Dell Number  -- 21.1

Zu Vo Wang  -- Zu Vo Wang is the great bull ape of a new species of apes living near the Caverns of Kor.  He is not receptive to Tarzan’s friendly advances to the tribe.  He rips up a tree and breaks it in half.  Tarzan decides to leave.  After the Dum-dum Zu finds Tarzan and Boy in the cavern.  He threatens to kill Tarzan and Boy.  Pan Wang, probably Zu’s mate, who has taken Boy as a replacement for her lost balu, protects Boy.  Tarzan fells Zu with one punch.  Tarzan finds the lost balu.  He and Boy escape the apes.  Zu Vo Wang translates as big muscle arm.
 Dell Number  -- 129.1



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