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Volume 1690w
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


Wabanda  -- enemy tribe of the Waziri.  Their village is down stream from the Waziri.  Two warriors spy a Waziri war canoe floating past their village.  They attempt to board it but a paddle strikes the hands of the warrior.  They believe that the Waziri are hiding inside.  It is actually Boy and Dombie.  They return with their own war canoes.  Finding the Waziri canoe deserted, they confiscate it.  At night, Tarzan knocks out the Wabanda sentry and liberates Muviro’s canoe.  The Wabanda follow in their canoe.  Tarzan throws a rock, knocking a spear out of a Wabanda’s hand.  Mounted on Tantor, Boy and Dombie enter.  Most of the Wabanda flee.  Tantor overturns the Wabanda canoe containing the last two warriors.  They also flee.
 Dell Number  -- 85.2

Wabangi  -- A Wabangi mimics a bird to attract Dombie’s attention.  When the boy investigates, the Wabangi capture him and the Waziri cattle.  They plan to use him to control the Waziri.  At their camp a Wabangi spies Boy trying to free Dombie.  They give chase.  Tarzan subdues them.  The ape-man stampedes the Waziri cattle through the Wabangi camp causing them to flee for their lives.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.4 (Boy Story)

Wabuna  -- a native tribe.  A Wabuna messenger tells Tarzan that Muviro is ill.  Although the Jungle Lord knows that the Wabuna are not to be trusted, he goes to the Waziri Village.  The Wabuna under the direction of their witch doctor, Obana, attempt to capture Jane and Boy.  They escape into the Red Gorge.  The Wabuna are too afraid to follow.  Tarzan learns from one of Obana’s apprentices that he wants Tarzan to exchange the two giant eagles for Jane and Boy.  Tarzan flies to the Hill of Caves and demands to see his family.  Obana attempts a bluff to obtain the eagles.  When Tarzan does not fall for it, Obana commands the Wabuna to attack.  Tarzan throws the witch doctor into his men.  Tarzan is wounded in the shoulder by a spear.  Obana is accidentally killed by one of his own men.  The Wabuna flee from the attack of the two giant eagles.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

Wachinga  -- The Wachinga tribe are enemies of the Waziri.  The Kisumu captures Dombie and plan to sell him to the Wachingas.  Tarzan rescues Dombie before it can take place.
 Dell Number  -- 123.2

Wagambi  -- The native hunters build a ring of fire to drive an elephant herd off a cliff.  The hunters at the bottom of the cliff are surprised to see the elephants walking down the path to the bottom.  They knock Boy off Tantor’s back with a knob stick.  Boy and Dombie keep the hunters at bay with their bows.  Tarzan and the Waziri arrive.  Tarzan knocks down a Wagambi with a blow to the back.  The Wagambi are afraid of the Waziri.  They agree to leave and not come back.
 Dell Number  -- 112.2
 Novel  -- BT - a tribe from Ugambi who came to the island Tarzan was marooned on. They attacked Tarzan but were destroyed by Tarzan, sheetah and the apes of Akut.

Wegenia  --  #129 (inside back cover) A five-paneled story about the Wegenia tribe called “Tarzan The Fish Trappers.” They live near Stanleyville in the Congo.

Wakefield, Mr.  -- He and his partner, John Reese, are hunting game in Africa.  He is an American.  Tarzan catches their tracker, M’longo, in a baiting lions tactic.  They refuse to be a part of M’longo and Rutger’s tactic.  Later Tarzan discovers that Wakefield and Reese have been captured by Shiftas, who sell them to Castra Sanguinarius.  Tarzan trails them there and makes a deal for their release, upon the condition that he returns to Castra Sanguinarius to fight in the arena.  Tarzan sends the two hunters to the nearest British outpost.
 Dell Number  -- 57.3

Wakembi/Wakembe  --  A tribe of native buffalo herders living two days north of the Valley of Lions.  (The name Wakembi/Wakembe is spelled both ways in this story.)  They are plagued by drought and under constant threat of their enemies, the Gahinga tribe.  Their leader is Kobamba who is suspicious of Tarzan‘s offer of the Valley of Lions promised by the Masai to anyone riding the valley of lions. They have a pole wall around their village.  Many of the men wear a long bone or stick through their noses.  The women wear two-piece outfits and have colorful hats that are like upside down bowls.  The Gahinga start fire to the grasses in an attempt to burn the Wakembe out.  Tarzan directs the Wakembi to use the buffalo herd against them.  The Gahingas are defeated, but their village is burned to the ground and their chief is killed.  The warriors decide that Kolulu, the chief’s nephew, should be the new chief.  Kolulu takes Tarzan’s advice and they move towards the Valley of Lions.  Their use their buffaloes to drive the lions towards a group of Masai warriors.  The Masai make good on their promise of the valley and friendship to the Wakembi.
 Dell Number  -- 114.1

Wakinda tribe  --  #124.2 - A tribe of natives under the leadership of N’goro.  They pack up and abandon their village because an earthquake is causing the lake to drain and crocodiles to leave the waters go into the village.  They are searching for a new place to live.
#127.2 The Wakinda tribe lives near the mountain village of the Bageena.  They are not pictured in this story.  Tarzan is visiting the Wakinda when drums report that the Bageenas have captured a white man.  Boy and Dombie think that it is Tarzan thus sparking their adventure.
 Dell Number  -- 124.2+127.2

Wakolo  -- People living near a big river.  Kabara’s wife is a Wakolo.  She heads for home when she hears the (false) report that her husband is dead.
 Dell Number  -- 117.2

Walter  -- A scientist studying active volcanoes.  He has an unnamed partner, who is also listed in this entry.  One of them is referred to as Doctor.  Walter is apparently the taller of the two with glasses and a blue hat.  He smokes a pipe.  The other man is unnamed.  He is younger and shorter.  He has black hair and wears a white shirt.  They are unaware that the Amaui tribe has captured them as sacrifices to the volcano.  Tarzan comes to rescue them.  They think that the ape-man is trying to extort money for the return of their equipment.  When the Amaui knock Tarzan out and drag him away, they start to believe what the Jungle Lord told them about the danger.  Walter takes a pistol shot at the Amaui.  After Tarzan’s apparent sacrifice to the volcano, they are tied up and believe that they are next.  Tarzan appears and makes the Amaui promise not to sacrifice humans anymore.  Tarzan leads the white men back towards the village where their supplies are.  The two scientists have no intention of returning.
 Dell Number  -- 95.1

Walu  -- mangani who comes to Tarzan because his por-kalan, wife, and many other por-kalans are missing.  He follows the trail with Tarzan to the village of the lost tribe of Giants.  Tarzan sends him back to bring the other mangani.  He knocks out the Giant sentry with a boulder.
 Dell Number  -- 37.1

Wandach  -- gund of the Spearmakers Clan of Saparta.  He desires to be chief over all the clans.  Outwardly he disbelieves the stories that arrows can bring down the Giant Vultures.  Inwardly he sees his hope for power fading with the new weapon Tarzan and the Waziri have brought them.  He and his clan capture Tarzan, Coru, and the Waziri.  His plan is to leave them for the vultures.  Boy and Argus rescue them.  Tarzan returns the humbled Wandach to Saparta.
 Dell Number  -- 44.1

Wanda Newland  -- A white woman who is captured by Itombe and M’basa, M’bongo tribesmen.  They bring her to their witch doctor, N’goro.  Boy and Korak, the ape, rescue her.
 Dell Number  -- 50.2

Wandoro  --  #59.2(Boy story) Boy and Dombie search for Tarzan in Wandoro Country.  Two Wandoros, who are gathering honey from a tree, tell them to look by the Mara River.  A buffalo trees the boys.  A Wandoro shoots the buffalo with a poison arrow.
#63.1 Tarzan is at the Wandoro camp when Maboungo, the Waziri, brings him news that Boy and Aiglon are missing.
 Dell Number  -- 59.2(Boy story)+63.1

Wansa  -- the name of Bou Denni’s horse.  When attacked by wild bees, Wansa trips on some rocks and pins Bou Denni to the ground.  Tarzan saves the Tuareg from a lion and proves that Wansa is uninjured.  Bou Denni is grateful to Tarzan for saving his best horse.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

Wanuja  -- Wanuja is one of the female merchants that Jane is leading away from the native market because of Chief Makolo’s demand for half of their profits.  When there are trapped in the roots of a giant tree by a rouge elephant, it is Wanuja that cries out loud about N’gai, the witch doctor’s curse and that Jane cannot think of a solution.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.2 (Jane Story)

Wanumo  -- Golden Man from Taleela.  He is pursued by the Terribs in the Great Swamp.  A Terribs spear pierces one of his water skis as he skims over the water.  Tarzan drives off the Terribs with arrows.  As Tarzan pulls him into the trees, a crocodile’s tail strikes Wanumo’s legs.  Tarzan binds his wound.  Wanumo repairs his ski.  Two leopards charge them.  Wanumo quickly removes the ends of his paddles.  He uses the handle as a blowgun that delivers a gas pellet that kills the leopards instantly.  Tarzan easily learns how to maneuver the skis.  He carries Wanumo on his back as the Golden Man directs the ape-man to his home.  The elders heal Wanumo.  Tarzan and Wanumo share a meal.  Wanumo slips a sleeping potion into Tarzan’s drink.  The Golden Men transport the sleeping Jungle Lord back into the swamp in the hopes of keeping their home a secret from everyone including Tarzan.  Wanumo leaves Tarzan gifts of a paddle/blowgun, a small box of gas pellets, and a carbine burner as souvenirs of their friendship.
 Dell Number  -- 77.2

Wappi  -- A pack of Danginas brings down a Wappi.  They return to the veldt after Tarzan eliminates the plague of the Danginas.
 Dell Number  -- 43.2

Waramba  -- The Waramba are a people from Waramba land.  Kabara is from Waramba.
 Dell Number  -- 117.2

Wardle, Mr.  -- the policeman from Nairobi of the title.  While tracking a criminal across the veldt, he is ambushed by his prey, who grazes him with a bullet.  He falls off his horse, unconscious.  He wraps his head and continues.  Lions cause his horse to throw him.  A lioness attempts to drag him into the brush.  Boy distracts sabor.  Tarzan saves Boy and brings the policeman to the tree house.  Tarzan captures the criminal at the tree house.  Mr. Wardle stays with Jane and Boy while Tarzan brings the Waziri to escort him and his prisoner across the desert.  He wears a blue uniform with sergeant stripes.  He has brown hair and a mustache.
 Dell Number  -- 86.2

wart hog  --  #14 “What could be homelier?”
#49.2  (Boy story)  Boy kills a warthog with his bow for food in return for Buto’s kindness.
#67.1 Tarzan and Buto spy a wart hog while they are hunting for lions.  Adumo, a huge Nuba, fells the wart hog with his stone club.  They eat the wart hog.
#67.2 Tarzan and Boy track the killer King Leopard.  Boy throws his spear from a tree.  He misses the leopard and hits the leopard’s kill, a wart hog.
#80.2 Tarzan kills a warthog with his bow for food for himself and a lion cub that he is caring for.
A#5.1 Tarzan kills a wart hog for food.  He cooks part of it for a meal.  Later, he throws the carcass into the water to distract the crocodiles from the apes Kurok and Throg, who are stranded on a sandbar by a flash flood.
#81.2 A wart hog swims near Tarzan and Dombie as every creature is attempting to escape the grass fire.
#99.2 A wart hog backs into its burrow to escape a leopard.  Dombie, who is in the burrow because of the leopard, bites the wart hog’s tail.  The wart hog leaps out at the leopard, which topples over.
#104.1 - While hunting for meat with Kongoni, the chief hunter of the Moumamba tribe, Tarzan kills a wart hog with a spear.
#106.2 - There is a dead wart hog near the Waziri Village that Boy and Dombie ignore as they run to get their spears to cheetah hunt.
#110.1 Wart hogs are in the valley as Tarzan and Buto are buzzed by Jess in his airplane.
 Dell Number  -- 14 (inside front cover ‘Jungle World’)+49.2+67.1+67.2+80.2+A#5.1 +81.2 +85 (“The Wart Hog” - splash page) +99.2 +104.1 +106.2 +110.1

waterbuck  --  A#6 (splash page - River Animals of Tarzan’s World)

water monitor  --  130 (splash page - Crocodile Killer) - by robbing nests of eggs the water monitor kills crocodiles by the thousands.

Water Pythons  --   #33.2 As Tarzan and Doc Mac swim for the Doctor’s seaplane, water pythons approach them.  When the creatures smell Doctor Mac’s Defensive Scent, they leave.
#47.2 As Tarzan, Muviro, and the Waziri cross the Great Swamp on a gryf, a water python attacks the gryf.  The gryf eats the python.  (See also - python)
 Dell Number  -- 33.2+47.2

Wathoo  -- Indian worker who informs Colin Durham, English lumberman, that Rajah, their best elephant has disappeared.  He participates in the search for Rajah.
 Dell Number  -- 27

Watoka  -- A native tribe captured by the Ko-bolgani and shrunk to work in the mines.  Tarzan recognizes them by tribal tattoos.
 Dell Number  -- 10

Watumba  --  Warlike tribe from the north.  They surround Buto’s Kraal and capture all the cattle.  Tarzan and Buto are coming to help the village but are knocked unconscious by Watumba knob sticks.  They also use spears.  Tarzan and Buto are given a chance for freedom if they can defeat three champions - one at a time.  Tarzan defeats his three and offers to fight Buto’s.  The chief, referred to as Bwana M’kubwa, sees them as a threat and condemns them to die.  Tarzan holds the unconscious Buto on an anthill as they face the firing squad of spearmen.  Tarzan escapes with Buto.  That night the Watumbas beat drums and dance around a fire as they plan to raze Buto’s Kraal to the ground.  Tarzan, Buto, and his warriors attack during the night, defeat the Watumbas, and capture at least half of their number.
 Dell Number  -- 99.1

Watunga  -- The Watunga are a native tribe living near the Waziri.  Tarzan is an honorary chief of the tribe.  Tarzan learns that the Makulu nation is moving on the Waziri and Watunga Villages.  Tarzan has Muviro and the Waziri build an imitation village on a hill.  Tarzan has the Watungas accompany him to a water hole.  He uses a juice of the sleeping vine in the water.  Rhinos drink the water and fall asleep.  The Watungas rope the rhinos and force them to go to the imitation village.  Muviro explains that the Waziri women have made little porcupines and sandals for the warriors.  A Waziri reports that the Makulu approach.  As the Makulu attack, the Waziri pretend to retreat into the imitation village.  The Makulu step on the little porcupines.  The Waziri and the Watunga drop the phony fence and set loose the rhinos.  The Waziri and Watunga attack.  The Makulu are routed.
 Dell Number  -- 116.1
 Novel  -- LeM -- similar spelling to Watenga, which is a variation of Utengi.  They are native tribe who were victims of the Leopard Men.

Watusi  -- A#4 (Africa’s People) The Watusi are a race of giants from Ruanda, many are over seven feet tall.

Wazban  -- A tribe of natives living on the Island of Wazban.  Zurad rules them.  They were part of the Wazdon tribe originally.  Argo-thub was exiled from the Wazdon tribe and founded the tribe on this island.  They are peaceful and are friendly to Tarzan and Om-lat when they come to the island.  They accept Tarzan’s help to defend their island against the pygmies.  Under the ape-man’s direction they build a phony monster and a megaphone that Tarzan uses to frighten the pygmies off of the island.
 Dell Number  -- 94.1

Waz-don/Wazdon  -- #4 pointed eared warriors from Pal-ul-don.
#6 help Tarzan and Om-at rescue Jane from the outlaw Ho-dons.
#9 - Om-at, their chief, and the warriors help Ja-don retake A-lur from Dak-lot.
#16.1 help Tarzan save Paul-ul-don from gangsters.
#24.2 only mentioned as being from the mountains.
#26 With Om-at, they guide Tarzan and Professor Plume through the jungle on their way to the treasure of Isis.  A Waz-don guides Leveque and Suleiman through the jungle as well.  Leveque shoots him.  Both Professor Plum and Leveque refer to the Waz-dons as ‘cat men.’
#31 (last page of Brothers of the Spear) the cat man.
A#4.6 Tarzan mentions that the Wazdons are cave dwellers and that he will go to visit them.
No. 51.5 Five Wazdons and Om-at are captured by the Ho-dons.  Tarzan rescues them.  They help overpower the guards.  Tarzan sends the five towards Kor-ul-ja in the hopes the Ho-dons will follow them instead of the wounded Om-at.  The Wazdons have pointed ears and slanted eyes.
 Dell Number  -- 4+6+9+16.1+24.2+26+31(last page of Brothers of the Spear)+A#4.6 +No. 51.5
 Novel  -- TTe --  “black man”  -- black, shaggy haired, tailed warriors form Pal-ul-don

Waziri  -- tribe of warriors, friends of Tarzan, Muviro is their chief.
FC 134 - Waziri warriors accompany, Muviro, Tarzan, and the Doris Ramsay safari into the Ras Dashani Mountains to search for Doris’ father, John.  Dashani warriors capture them all.  During Tarzan’s battle with the Devil Ogre, they escape.  They return to the Ras Dashani Rest House on elephants that Tarzan provides.  #10 a number of them are captured by the Ko-bolgani and shrunk until Tarzan saves them.
#19.1 their village is attacked by Men in Ivory who take Boy and a number of young Waziri as slaves.  Tarzan earns their freedom.  Waziri warriors come to Tarzan’s aid as he and Prince Mako, who does not want to give up the potential slaves, is pursuing the freed slaves.
#23.1 one is killed by the witch doctor, M’buna, when they try finding out about Tarzan.  They kill M’buna.
#24.2 - one hundred warriors go with Tarzan and Muviro to Pal-ul-don to free A-lur from Waz-ho-don control.
#30 fifty warriors are airlifted by Doctor MacWhirtle to the Lost Valley of Arrack where they help Tarzan eliminate the giant spiders under the control of Queen Mataha.  A#1.3  The Waziri catch fish to feed Argus, Tarzan’s giant eagle.
#36.2 - Four warriors go with Tarzan and Muviro to visit Lutor.  They help the King Loban battle the Terribs.  A Terribs kills Ganumbo, a Waziri warrior.
#38.1 Tarzan, Muviro, and the three remaining Waziri follow King Loban to Lutor to discover that Prince Keelim has been captured by The Cat Men of Crater Lake.
#39.1 - Leaving Lutor on Banthurs, Mulungo is attacked by a python.  Tarzan saves him.  Tarzan instructs them to head for the Valley of the Monsters as he flies off on a thipdar that he has captured.
#43.2 - Tarzan uses the Waziri in the middle of the wedge to herd the plague of Danginas to their death.
#44.1 Tarzan joins the Waziri in the Great Swamp.  They turn the Banthurs loose and accompany Tarzan to Saparta.  They help the little people to make and use bows.  They help hunt the vultures.
#44.2 A warrior carries a message from Tarzan on a forked stick to the telegraph office informing Mr. Wales about his wife and child.
#45.3 - Some warriors help Tarzan defeat Black Panthers that are attacking Queen Elaine of Cathne.  They return her to Cathne.  The Waziri remain as the Queen’s bodyguard.
#A2.2 - Muviro and three Waziri attempt to cross the Great Swamp without Tarzan.  Crocodiles attack them.  Tarzan helps them across the morass by having them smear crocodile fat on their bodies.  They travel to Kando-mor.  While Tarzan is hunting, cannibals capture Muviro and the Waziri.  They are tied up and placed in a stream by to their necks.  Tarzan rescues them underwater.  The meet the Gallugos and help them stave off a cannibal attack.
#47.2 After Tarzan receives the telepathic message for help from Jane, Muviro and the Waziri ride on a gryf with Tarzan through the Great Swamp and the Great Thorn Desert, back to their homeland.
#50.3 Tarzan comes to the Waziri Village to catch a plane to Nairobi to meet with the British Commissioner.
#53.2 (Boy story) A Waziri delivers an urgent message to Jane on a forked stick.
#55.2 (Boy Story) The Waziri women work in the shamba.  When it is believed that leopards have taken Dombie and his sister, Lula, the Waziri follow Muviro in the search for the missing children.
A#3.3 - Looking resplendent in their white feathery headdresses and knob sticks, they accompany Muviro to Tarzan’s tree house.  Muviro is angry that his name was used to lure Tarzan to the Cave of the Fallen Rocks.  They reach the cave only to find it empty except for the body of Hanuki, the false messenger.  They trail the Secret Society.  As they approach the Pyrethrum Plantation, the society members are fleeing from a jungle devil.  The Waziri subdue them with their knob sticks.  They want to kill them.  Tarzan makes the Waziri turn them over to the authorities.
#57.2 (Boy Story) The Waziri are helpless against the Chacma Baboons, who are stealing their lambs and chickens.
#57.3 After Tarzan saves the two hunters from the prisons of Castra Sanguinarius, he has the Waziri lead Wakefield and Reese to the nearest British outpost.
#65.2 Some Waziri stand around as Tarzan, Argus, Boy, and Aiglon take off on a training flight.
#78.2 Elmorans, grown Waziri warriors, goad Dombie into go hunting for a dangerous animal.  After being rescued by Tarzan, he returns with a young thipdar that he uses to frighten the warriors.
A#5.5 A number of warriors are hunting with Muviro when Isilio and Boy arrive informing them of the invaders attacking the village.  The warriors and Tarzan repel the invaders.
#85.1 Tarzan is in Muviro’s Kraal when a Waziri messengers brings him the news that Professor Ross and his daughter Sheila made it safely to Nairobi.
#86.1 Tarzan asks Muviro and the Waziri to help the stranded Suttons.  They ride antelope to the dead city and discover the Suttons missing.  They see Tuaregs entering a seamless tower.  Tarzan climbs the tower and pulls the Waziri to the top.  They descend and rescue the Suttons.
#86.2 - Tarzan brings Muviro and his Waziri to the tree house to have them escort the policeman from Nairobi and his prisoner across the desert.  They will travel on foot while the policeman and prisoner ride horses.  The Waziri wear colorful plumed headdress.
#89.1 not seen.   Boy brings Tarzan a message that the Masai and the Waziri are about to go to war over grazing land.  Tarzan solves the problem.
A#6.5 (Boy Story) Dombie runs into the village screaming about the baby gorilla Boy has trapped.  The warriors mistake it as a full-grown gorilla and grab their spears and shields and rush to help.  They believe that Dombie has tricked them.  When a full-grown gorilla attacks Boy, Dombie rushes to the village again.  This time the warriors do not believe him.  The gorilla releases Boy, who rushes to the village.  The warriors don’t believe him either.
#100.2 Some Waziri watch Tarzan attempt to feed an orphaned toto rhino some milk.
#106.2 Waziri women try to drive off the baboons that are raiding their samba.  Boy and Dombie frighten them away.  The women call them warriors.
#111.2 two storks come to the Waziri chief in the middle of the night and warn him about Muganda warriors camped on the other side of the river.  Muviro does not recognize Boy and Dombie in the stork costumes.  He raises the alarm.  The boys go to the Waziri herders and tell them that Muviro wants them to drive the herd across the river.  The Waziri herders obey.  When the Muganda rush to the river to avoid the stampeding Waziri cattle, Muviro and the Waziri are waiting for them.  The Muganda flee down river.  Muviro sends his warriors down river so the Muganda cannot regroup.
#112.2 - Tarzan enlists the aid of Muviro and the Waziri to round up the hunters who are operating in the area.  Some Waziri have plumes in their hair.  They come upon the aftermath of a fire ring trap.  They track Boy and Dombie to find the boys in a stand off with the Wagambi hunters.  Tarzan subdues one of the hunters.  The Wagambi are afraid of the Waziri and agree to leave, never to return.
No. 25.1 - The Waziri chief is surprised to see Tarzan fly into the kraal.  Tarzan explains that he was told that he was ill.  Muviro reports that a Wabuna messenger told him the same about Tarzan.  They get the truth out of the messenger that the Wabuna planned the ruse to capture Jane and Boy.  Muviro wants to send his warriors after the Wabuna.  Tarzan has a better plan.  He has the Waziri surround the Hill of Caves so no Wabuna can escape.
#113.2 - Muviro and his Waziri accompany Tarzan in the search for the Terribs in Tarzan country.  With the help of the giant otters, Zip and Zoom, the hiding places are found.  They spear them out of their caves and into the river.  They chase them downriver and over the falls.  The Waziri wear a bright, colorful feathery headpieces, necklaces, and armbands.
#116.1 Muviro looks younger with earrings and a decorative chest piece.  Muviro, his Waziri warriors and Tarzan are hunting when they come upon a burned out village.  Tarzan takes to the trees to investigate.  He returns with the information that the Makulu nation is moving on the Waziri Village.  Tarzan has Muviro and the Waziri build an imitation village on a hill.  When Tarzan comes with the Watunga and rhinos, Muviro explains that the Waziri women have made little porcupines and sandals for the warriors.  A Waziri reports that the Makulu approach.  As the Makulu attack, the Waziri pretend to retreat into the imitation village.  The Makulu step on the little porcupines.  The Waziri and the Watunga drop the phony fence and set loose the rhinos.  The Waziri and Watunga attack.  The Makulu are routed.
#117.1 Korak the Killer and his tribe raid the Waziri shamba.  Achunga is almost killed by Korak.  His wife alerts Muviro and the Waziri, who attempt to drive them off.  Korak rips Muviro’s spear out of his hands.  Muviro hit’s the ape with his knobkerrie.  The apes flee but not before the Waziri spear some of them.  Tarzan comes to the Waziri kraal.  Muviro tells Tarzan that they will kill the apes if they return even if they are Tarzan’s friends.  The Waziri kills Korak as the ape crosses the Waziri land on his way to banishment.
#118.1 Muviro and 12 Waziri hunt with Tarzan.  Muviro wears a headdress made of yellow feathers.  They meet Mendothi who tells them about the conflict between his father, Umangi, and his uncle, Mengo.  The Waziri are anxious for battle.  They promise to help Umangi who is hold up in an old stone fortress.  They attempt to sneak into the fortress but are discovered by Mengo’s warriors.  During the battle Tarzan directs the Waziri into different formations to sustain the attacks.  Umangi and his supports help rout the usurpers.  They make it to the fortress.  Tarzan accidentally discovers a passageway that leads to the Walled Valley of Buntoro.  The Waziri help Tarzan capture Mengo and subdue the rebel Buntoro warriors.  Muviro asks that he and the Waziri be allowed to ride the Buntoro trained zebras back home.
No. 37.4 (Boy Story) Dombie tells Isilo that a bird has been crying all night.  Dombie investigates and is captured by Wabangi warriors.  Isilo and other Waziri try to help him but they are outnumbered.  The Waziri chief tells Boy that Dombie and their cattle are in the hands of the Wabangi.  They dare not attack in fear that Dombie will be killed.  Tarzan stampedes the Waziri cattle back to them and returns Dombie to the chief.
#120.2 Tarzan gives Boy permission to stay overnight at the Waziri Village.  Boy helps Dombie build an elephant alarm.  They string it up at the shamba to frighten off the rouge that has been brothering the cornfield.  They fall asleep on the raised platform.  The rouge comes.  Dombie tries to sound the alarm.  The elephant gets the alarm tangled around its tusks.  The rouge tramples the corn before the Waziri can run him off.  Muviro scolds Dombie for not raising the alarm soon enough and for losing the alarm.
#121.1 The Waziri herders are in shock as a Garth eats one their cattle.  Tarzan tells the Waziri to warn the village and to scatter if the Garth comes near the kraal.
#122.1 – Prince Gato is an evil prince of Athne who comes to Tarzan country to take what he wants.  He is blonde and wears a helmet similar to a Leonardo do Vinci drawing.  The Athneans enter the empty Waziri city with their elephants.  Gato decides to stay there a few days.   Gato discovers Tarzan leading the elephants out of the city.  He shoots an arrow at the ape-man but hits Thantu‘s trunk.  Thantu charges from the city with the herd following him.  The Waziri enter the city and overpower the Athneans.  Gato would prefer to be killed, but the Waziri do not oblige him.  They force them to repair the city.  Tarzan and Muviro lease the Atheans to return across the Great Thorn Desert to go home.  Gato again when prefer death by a spear.
#123.1 Muviro and Tarzan learn of King Kabarounga’s escape from exile.  Tarzan sends Muviro to the British to set up planes at certain locations.  At the Waziri Village Muviro has a party of warriors protect Tarzan’s tree house.  The Waziri surprise the Munyoro before they can burn the tree house.  Muviro has his warriors follow Kabarounga, not the scattering Munyoro.  Muviro stops the Waziri from following Kabarounga into the Hill of the Caves.  He has Mabulu signal Tarzan with a drum.  Muviro and the Waziri follow Tarzan’s plan to use two dummies, one on the ledge and one lowered from above.  Kabarounga empties his pistol on the dummies.  Tarzan captures Kabarounga.  He tells the Waziri to return to their kraal.
#128.1 - Muviro is upset by the drums that report that the Waziri may have killed the game warden and his party.  Tarzan has him gather twelve Waziri warriors and meet him by the Deep Donga.  Along the trail N’kima brings Muviro a message from Tarzan telling him to meet him at the Ford of Warriors.  Tarzan outlines his plan.  Juma and his gang start across the river.  Tarzan draws their fire.  Muviro and the Waziri attack from behind with knobsticks.  Ten of the gang is captured.  Tarzan has six of the Waziri guard the captives.  At an outcropping of rock, Tarzan sends Muviro and the Waziri to the far side.  Tarzan mimics a pride of lions to draw the gangsters’ fire.  The Waziri attack from the rear and capture the gangsters.  Tarzan kills Juma.  The capture of the gangster will clear the Waziri name.
131.1 Four Waziri carry Muviro on a litter to the Kudu Hills so the chief can kill a kudu for its horn for medicine to cure his rheumatism.  The speared kudu runs and falls into the Canyon of No Return.  Tarzan and the Waziri wrap the ailing chief in lion skins and bury his body in the ground to protect him from the night’s cold.  The Waziri find a way down into the canyon.  The warriors spear fish for food.  They help Tarzan build a shelter so they can camp by a mineral springs that seems to be curing Muviro.  Tarzan kills a Garth that threatens Muviro and the Waziri.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+1+2+10+19.1+23.1+24.2+25.1+30+A1.3+36.2+38.1+39.1 +43.2+44.1+44.2  +45.2 +45.3+A2.2 +47.2+50.3 +53.2 (Boy story) +55.2 (Boy Story) +A#3.3 +57.2 (Boy Story) +57.3 +65.2+78.2 +A#5.5+85.1 +86.1 +86.2+89.1 +A#6.5 (Boy Story) +100.2 +106.2 +111.2 +112.2  +No. 25.1+113.2  +116.1 +117.1 +118.1 +No. 37.4 (Boy Story) +120.2 +121.1 +122.1 +123.1+128.1 +131.1
  Novel  -- RT + TI

Waziri Chief  -- Dombie tells Isilo that a bird has been crying all night.  Dombie investigates and is captured by Wabangi warriors.  Isilo and other Waziri try to help him but they are outnumbered.  The Waziri Chief tells Boy that Dombie and their cattle are in the hands of the Wabangi.  They dare not attack in fear that Dombie will be killed.  The Chief says that Dombie is his grandson.  Tarzan stampedes the Waziri cattle back to them and returns Dombie to the chief.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.4 (Boy Story)

weasel, stripped  --  No. 51.2 (non-Tarzan story)

Werper  --  Belgian who followed Tarzan to Opar.  He tells Hassan of the gold of Opar before he dies of a fever.  Only mentioned, he is not depicted.
 Dell Number  -- 5
 Novel -- JO -- killed by a predator in the jungle before he could talk to anyone.

whale, sperm  -- Marooned on an island, Tarzan makes a second dive for equipment in a sunken freighter.  A giant squid attacks him.  He has trouble fighting off so many arms.  He stuns the squid with a kick and climbs the mast of the ship.  The squid continues the attack.  A sperm whale attacks and kills the squid.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.1

Wheeck  -- Dr. Mac and Boy are forced to land their helicopter near an oasis.  A Garth chases off the Touaregs that shot them down.  As the doctor makes repairs, he explains how Tarzan found a Garth egg in the Valley of Monsters.  It hatched.  Tarzan feels sorry for it and raises it because it seemed different as if it had feelings for people (a heart).  Tarzan prepares to leave.  A thipdar carries off the Garth.  Tarzan rescues it and heals its wounds.  The Garth’s voice box is damaged.  It makes a strange noise that caused Tarzan to name it - Wheeck.  Later Tarzan and Dr. Mac are in the valley to collect brontosaurs eggs.  A volcanic eruption destroys their helicopter.  They are attacked by three Garths.  Tarzan kills one with a bazooka.  Wheeck appears and kills the other two.  They leave the valley and cross the Great Thorn Desert.  Wheeck follow them to an oasis where they leave her.  As Dr. Mac and Boy take off they see Wheeck with three young offspring.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.3

white ape  --  what Suleiman, the strong, calls Tarzan
 Dell Number  -- 26

White Buffalo  --  #74.1 white buffalo of the title.  Traveling in an unexplored area, Tarzan and Borok, the great ape, discover a White Bull trapped in quicksand.  They use a vine rope to pull the buffalo out.  During a hailstorm, an avalanche causes the bull to panic and run past the cave where Tarzan and Borok are waiting out the storm.  This alerts them to the danger of the cliff collapsing and saves them from being trapped in the cave.  The White Bull follows Tarzan and Borok into the mountain home of the Cave Natives.  When the Club Men enter the cave to attack the cave dwellers, the White Bull forces the Club Men into a fiery pit.  Tarzan is not sure if the bull is an albino or a strange new breed.
#79.1 (See also - Targorgo) Tarzan travels to the Strange Valley and finds a White Buffalo.  He witnesses Targoro fight off a Black Cloak baboon.  Tarzan recruits Targorgo and his herd to drive the baboons up into their caves.  He leaves the White Buffaloes at the base of the cliff to prevent the baboons from leaving that direction.
#91.1 A herd of White Buffaloes are lead by the bull called M’bogo.  Tarzan comes to them to help repel the Skraelings in their attack on Yarlsgaard.  The buffaloes charge to the battle, knocking down the scaling ladders, gorging leopards, and chasing away the Skraeling horde.
 Dell Number  -- 74.1+79.1+91.1

white crocodile  --  #62.2  N’kima comes to Tarzan and Boy with the tale that a white crocodile ate his cousin.  Tarzan and Boy search for the beast and find a hidden White Marble Town.  Tarzan fights Unglok, the gund of a baboon tribe that has taken over the deserted town.  Unglok falls into the river.  A white crocodile swims towards Unglok.  Tarzan kills the giant white crocodile with his knife.
No. 37.3 an albino crocodile is the god of the Mengo, Forest Spirits.  The Mengo use a secret food mixed with the crocodile’s blood to produce an elixir that gives them eternal youth.  When Tarzan refuses La’s advances, she has the crocodile released on the chained ape-man.  Tarzan breaks his bond and kills the crocodile with his bare hands.  Thus the Mengos will no longer have eternal life.
 Dell Number  -- 62.2+No. 37.3

white devil  -- What one of King Grossa’s men calls Tarzan
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

White Flower of the Makembe  -- Nickname the Nandis and the other tribes have given to Ruth Wells, the daughter of the Missionary to the Makembe tribe.
 Dell Number  -- 105.1

White Gorillas /Apes  -- FC 134 Legend says the white gorillas guard the Tower of Hotoombo, the home of the Devil Ogre.  The legend says they speak.  They speak ape language.  They are under control of Zanaka and his Dashani warriors.  They do what Zanaka tells then to do.  Gufta, the second strongest ape (second strongest to the Devil Ogre), is pitted against Tarzan, who defeats him.  White apes capture Doris Ramsay.  Tarzan rescues her from Dashani warriors and is confronted by white apes.  Gufta stops them from harming Tarzan.
#58.1 Taden tells Tarzan about the White Apes twelve feet tall seen in the area.  Tarzan rides Gorgo to search for them.  A White Ape named Nadag captures Tarzan and takes him to their well-organized village inside a crater.  They place Tarzan in a cell with another captive, Alice Jenner.  The apes feed them tubers.  They celebrate a Dum-Dum.  While the apes sleep, Tarzan cuts through the lashings and bends the bamboo bars so they can escape.  The Apes pursue them into the Great Swamp.  A man named Jim shoots the apes from Paul Jenner’s airplane.  They look like white chimpanzee.
#65.1 The White Apes are about the size of a Tarzan’s gray apes.  They look like huge white chimpanzees.  They have left their ancient home and have taken over the former Cor-o-don Village where they have built log houses with straw roofs.  When Tarzan, Jorah, and his warriors return to the area.  They attack them with rocks.  Cave bears attack the apes.  Tarzan and the men of Cor-o-don help the apes drive the bears into the log houses.  Tarzan convinces Zukora, the gund of the zu-tarmangani, to unite with the men of Cor-o-don.  Tarzan teaches the apes how to hold torches so they won’t burn themselves.  They burn out the bears and the houses.  The apes carry entire logs as men and apes cooperate to build two villages, one for the men and one for the apes.  Zukora reports to Tarzan that the bears have returned to their food plantation.  The apes will not fight the bears without Tarzan’s help.  Tarzan and Cor-o-dons drive the bears away.
#87.1 The White Apes raid Jorah’s tribal gardens because their population has grown and they have depleted their main source of food.  They have moved into caves on the side of a cliff.  They capture Jorah and ten of his men.  Tarzan sneaks into their cave to rescue the humans.  The apes become aware of the rescue attempt and try to stop them from escaping.  Tarzan uses a tear gas-like material to keep the apes at bay.  They pursue the humans.  Mounted on a gryf Tarzan and the Cor-o-dons drive the apes back into their caves.  Tarzan meets with their gund.  He shows them a swamp area and drains it with the aid of a gryf.  After Jorah’s people plant the apes’ favorite food, kabula, in the garden, the apes agree to a peace with the humans.  Jorah refers to them as zu-tarmangani.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+ 58.1+65.1+87.1

white hunter(s)  --  #31.2  unnamed hunter of apes.  He captures Akla, Korak’s mate, in a hand trap.  He puts her to sleep with a tranquilizer and cages her.  On the way to their base camp, Tarzan tricks a rhino into attacking their truck.  His rifle shot stuns Korak, but Buto chases him and his men away.
#37.2 two unnamed white hunters from Missouri.  They don’t believe the stories about Tarzan.  They try to get their guide, Bayliss, to stop the safari truck.  They see what they think is a lion and shoot from the truck.  They wound an old man baboon.  Bayliss quickly drives them out of the area before Tarzan can find them.
#85.1 the white hunter, who was Sheila Ross’ guide in the search for her father, was bitten by a snake and died.  He is not actually shown.
#121.2 an unnamed white hunter/ trader has the Bangwa capture the tame white rhino named Plenty.  Plenty is loaded into the back of his truck.  The truck breaks down on the way.  He worries about the rhino getting loose because it is worth ten thousand dollars to him.  The horns alone are worth four thousand dollars.  They take off when the truck is fixed.  Boy releases Plenty from the back of he truck.  They stop and the hunter takes aim at Boy with his rifle.  Boy turns the rhino around and has it smash the truck.  The hunter fires wildly into the night.
 Dell Number  -- 31.2+37.2+85.1+121.2

White Mary  -- what the cannibal chief, Budango, calls Emma.
 Dell Number  -- 14.2

White Pygmies  --  #8  friendly sheepherders found in Lipona, near the great desert.  They ride
gazelles for transportation and have never seen bow and arrows.  Their main enemy is a clan of vultures.  Tarzan helps drive the vultures away.
#16.2 mentioned.
#17.1 - from a place called the Land of Ilona found near a terrible desert. They ride gazelles for transportation.  Urkat has taken power as he has poisoned the crowned Prince, placed the next rightful heir Prince Alet in prison, and turned Alet’s wife, Princess Ila, and their son, Tado, out in the desert.
#18.2 - Tarzan returns his wife, Princess Ila and their son, Taddo to Prince Alet. Their enemies have been overthrown and he is now king.
#31 (last page of Brothers of the Spear) - a civilized people, three feet tall.
A #1.1 - Under the leadership of Prince Nikon, a small band of pygmies looks for Tarzan to find them a new home.  Their land has become overpopulated.  Shiftas slavers capture their women.  Tarzan, Buto, and Jad-bal-ja help them defeat the Shiftas and rescue the women.  Tarzan takes them to Opar where he rids the ruins of the apes and raises the pygmies and their antelopes up the mountain to their new home in Opar.
#38.2 King Nikon is their leader and is referred to as the King of Opar.  They are call ‘little people.’  They are short in stature and ride gazelles.  The wear red tunics, blue capes, and red bowl shaped hats with a yellow feather.  They raise their people and antelope up the mountain by ropes.  They use the secret exit from Opar.  They are excellent archers.  They easily down the dwarfs of Opar as they help Tarzan rescue Jean Carveth from being sacrificed by Queen La.  (See also - Shepherd Clan of Saparta and Spearmaker Clan of Saparta).
#49.1 Tarzan, Jane and Boy go to the white pygmies on the Rock of Opar and asks them to aid in building a new home near them.  Their King refers to them as “antelope people.”  They help Tarzan build a new home near Opar.  The King introduces his son Prince Illony.
#59.3 -  A white pygmy accompanies King Ilonyi to bring the news about the capture of Jane and Queen Ellenya by La.
A#4.1 Argus deposits the bound body of Tarzan on the Rock of Opar.  King Nikko and the White Pygmies untie him and bring him to their home in the ruins of Opar.  They have a feast in the great square.  Tarzan convinces the pygmies to help Cathne defend against the Talking Gorillas.  The pygmies use bows, spears and bolas.  They use a crude but effective elevator system to lower the warriors and their antelope mounts off the Rock.  Tarzan and the pygmies realize that the gorillas on buffaloes are a diversionary tactic.  Tarzan has the pygmies attack the main force of Bolgani.  They use torches to burn the grass camouflage of the gorillas and bolas to bring them down.  After the Cathneans repel the gorillas from the city walls, the pygmies drive them back into the jungle.
#82.1 Tarzan arrives at Opar to help the White Pygmies rid the mountain of the robbers who plan to steal the jewels of Opar.  He has King Ilonyi and ten pygmies accompany him into the Chasm of Opar.  He learns of the gangsters plan and has the pygmies lay in waiting as he goes to help La.  An earthquake kills the gangsters.  A rejected La commands her crooked men to kill Tarzan.  The ape-man calls to the White Pygmies.  Mounted on their antelopes, the pygmies charge in and rout the crooked men.
#130.1 - Lead by Prince Ilonyi, the White Pygmies on their gazelles leave the Rock of Opar and return to their traditional home in the desert because an earthquake split open the Rock of Opar and caused a geyser to spew sulfur smelling water into the valley.  They also fear the Oparians moving up out of the valley.
 Dell Number  -- 8+16.2+17.1+18.2+31 (last page of Brothers of the Spear) +A 1.1+A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don) +38.2 +49.1 +59.3 +A#4.1 +82.1 +130.1
 Novel -- GL - found in the Congo region, attack Hawkes party, Tarzan saves them.

White Savages of Vari  -- #1 tribe of warriors in the Logobo Mts.  They worship a crocodile god.  Their ruler King Varo has died.  The high priest, Tomara, has Varo’s daughter, Naranee, thrown in prison as he takes the throne.  Tarzan with the help of Vari friendly to the Queen and the Waziri warriors restore the rightful ruler to the secret valley.
 Dell Number  -- 1 +20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)

wild bull  -- A wild bull fights a lion in the arena at Castra Sanguinarius for the Emperor’s birthday.
 Dell Number  -- 58.3

wild-dogs  --  #84.2  (These animals have large ears and spotted fur.  They are known as African Wild Dogs or Cape Hunting Dogs.  Tarzan calls them wild hunting dogs.)  They are sienna brown with spots.  Tarzan and Boy watch a pack of wild dogs stalk a herd of zebras.  Tarzan warns the herd.  The zebras kill one dog and severely injure another.  Boy talks Tarzan into bringing the dog home to nurse it back to health.  Boy names the dog Lucky.  Lucky gives birth to five pups.
#90.1 - Tarzan, tied helplessly to a log, senses a pack wild dogs approaching.  He recognizes Noki, a pup of Lucky.  He manages to keep the dogs at bay until Noki decides to help him get loose.  (See also: Dangina, Lucky, and Noki)
No. 25.6 Wild hunting dogs surround Pollock as he tries to escape with the Mask of Mani Kongo.  Pollock empties his pistol at them.  Tarzan ropes the trapped man and pulls him up into a tree.  The wild dogs leave.
 Dell Number  -- 84.2+90.1+ No. 25.6+No. 51.2 (non-Tarzan story)

wildebeests  --  #43.2  When Tarzan drives the plague of Danginas into the wedge of natives, he also herds the wildebeests into the area.
#84.2 Tarzan and Boy train a wild dog and her cubs to drive a wildebeest towards them.
#89.1 Sir Ronald Crabtree shoots a wildebeest to help feed his safari.
#127.1 Tarzan trains Inolu to recognize animals by scent.  A wildebeest is one of them.
 Dell Number  -- 43.2+84.2+89.1+127.1

wild hog/pig  --  #17.1 driven into the pit known as the Land of the Living Dead by the inhabitants.  They tear a wild hog apart and eat it raw.
#84.2 the wild dog, Lucky, and her pups bring down a wild pig and eat it.
#118.2 Boy and Dombie carry their pig kill on a pole.  Lions smell the food and confront them.  The boys set down the pig and back away.  Nama the Hottentot trader fires his shotgun in the air.  The lions take the pig and leave.
 Dell Number  -- 17.1+84.2+118.2

“Wild Man”  -- #22.2 what gangster Lou Coron calls Tarzan.
#23.1 what white hunter Syke calls Tarzan.
#37.2 how the Shiftas refer to Tarzan.
#38.2 how Drake Carveth refers to Tarzan.  #48.1 DiGiorgio, ivory poacher, calls Tarzan a wild man.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2+23.1+37.2+38.2+48.1

Williams  -- A cocky, pipe smoking animal buyer.  He is stocky, has brown hair and blue eyes.  (See also: animal buyer)  He brings four dhows to the Isle of Apes.  He orders Ibn Barak and his men to set up nets to catch the apes.  He has prepared drugged arrows for the apes because he knows the nets won’t hold them for very long.  When a volcano erupts, he and his men retreat to the dhows.  He commands them to stay and watch.  A second eruption occurs.  Tarzan swims to the ship.  Williams is disturbed about losing thousand dollars on this trip.  Tarzan offers him a bag of pearls to transport the apes safely to the mainland.  Williams’ greed makes him agree.  Half the pearls are paid to him.  After transporting the apes close to the mainland he asks for the second half.  Tarzan gives it to him after the apes are in the landing boats.  Tarzan leaps overboard.  Williams threatens to shoot Tarzan and the apes with a machine gun if they do not return to the boat.  Tarzan and the apes paddle for shore.  Williams open fires.  The machine gun explodes in his hands.  Tarzan did not trust him and had taken the necessary precaution.
 Dell Number  -- 61.1

Willie Slyke  -- Willie is an overweight, unscrupulous trader working out of his floating trading post named Zulu Belle.  Willie never leaves his hammock on his boat.  He has a helper named Bomo and a parrot named Socrates.  When he learns that Boy has access to diamonds, he talks him into trading the gems for licorice candy.  He learns that there are more diamonds.  His greed prompts him to ask for more.  When Tarzan finds out about the deal, he confronts Willie, who denies it.  Tarzan discovers the gems in Willie’s refrigerator.  Willie sends Bomo after Tarzan.  When that fails, Willie pulls a pistol on the Jungle Lord.  Boy overturns Willie’s hammock as he fires.  Tarzan kicks him out of the area.  Willie threatens to get even.  Willie wears white shorts and an open green shirt.  He has blue eyes, scraggly hair and beard, and a large stomach.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.2 (Boy story)

Winged Men  --  #74.2 (See also: Batwinged Men)

Wise One  -- a balding native with white hair around the back of his head.  He is from Uru.  A wounded Tarzan is brought to the Wise One.  The Wise One reads Tarzan’s thoughts.  His goal is to help mankind.  He implies that he has been at it for a hundred years.  He has experimented with growth compounds and created giant dragonflies, cocoons, and caterpillars.  He also has created an Elixir of Life, which he offers to Tarzan.  He warns the Jungle Lord that the elixir has a penalty of outliving his family.  Tarzan takes the elixir.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

witch doctor  -- #47.3 A unnamed witch doctor from an unnamed tribe dresses up as a horned monster to deliver punishment to prisoners.  The tribe captures Boy and Dombie but they manage to escape.  Boy knocks out the witch doctor with a knobstick.  They escape inside the monster costume.
No. 37.3 an unnamed witch doctor of a tribe living near the Ituri Forest tells Tarzan that since the beginning of time the Mengo, Forest Spirits, takes a beautiful young girl from their tribe and leaves a golden statue.  Barengo’s bride to be, Ilona, has been taken.  Tarzan decides to try and rescue her.  Barengo decides he will accompany him.  The witch doctor says that they will be going to their death.
 Dell Number  -- 47.3+No. 37.3

witch man  -- A witch man of the society of the Leopard Men leaves the temple on the mysterious hidden island.  He has a long thin face and thinks that he heard something but leaves through the tunnel anyway.  Boy and Dombie remain hidden in the tree.
 Dell Number  -- 103.2

witch men  -- The followers of Guru, the evil witch doctor.  As they attempt to reach the Valley People Village to collect their hostage, a large group of leopards panicked by Tarzan and the baboons descend upon them.  Their flaming shields don’t protect them.  They are all killed.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.6

Wohl  -- Name of the Giant Viking who appears to be in command of a group.  He orders Sigurd to capture or kill Tarzan and Buto.  Tarzan disarms him.  Wohl offers Sigurd his sword.  Tarzan disarms him again.  Wohl figures they must be friends of Yarl Hrolf, their chief.
 Dell Number  -- 91.1

Wokamba  -- Native tribe, who raises cattle and is ruled by the chieftainess, Neenah.  They have burnt sienna colored hair like the Masai and use spears.  Tarzan leaves a baby elephant that he rescued from a river with them.  When he returns, Tarzan learns that the Liwari tribe has stolen their cattle and the baby elephant.  Tarzan outlines a plan to steal back the cattle and the toto.  The Wokamba stampede their cattle back towards their home.  The Liwari pursue them.  Tarzan drives off the Liwari with blunt-headed arrows.
 Dell Number  -- 76.1

wolf, gray  -- Tarzan and Gorgo, the giant buffalo, are riding in Pal-ul-don.  Two gray wolves attack them.  Tarzan kills one with his knife.  Gorgo slays the other.
 Dell Number  -- 57.1

Wo-we  --  #54.1 the wife of M’pani, Buto Matari’s nephew.  Two man-killing lions in revenge for Buto thwarting their attempt to raid the cattle herd eat her and M’pani.  #73.1 - The son of Mugambi.  He is captured by Agib, the raider and taken away on his dhow.  A tidal wave crashes the dhow back on the island.  Tarzan releases Wo-we and the other captives from the hold of the dhow.
 Dell Number  -- 54.1+73.1

Wydbotom  -- One of two golfers on the African plain.  Wydbotom is heavy set as his name suggests.  He wears purple pants, a white shirt, a yellow neck scarf, and a gray hat.  He has glasses and a brown mustache.  One of Wydbotom’s golf balls hits Rajak, the old man baboon.  He yells at the baboons.  Smedley, his partner, throws golf balls at the baboons.  The baboons catch the balls and throw them back.  This drives the two golfers into the clubhouse.  Wydbotom tells Homa, the native caddie, to set out poison for the baboons.  He refuses.  Wydbotom and Smedley spread out poison mealies.  After Ka-cha’s balu becomes sick on the poison, he leads the baboons in an attack on the clubhouse.  Wydbotom and Smedley flee for their lives.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4


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