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Volume 1690uv
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics

U & V

Ubamwes  -- Native tribe.  Their witch doctor, Imoko, devises a plan to capture Tarzan.  They lure Tarzan to spot where they have captured N’kima with a monkey trap.  Tarzan avoids their spears.  They throw knob sticks and knock the ape-man unconscious.  They lower him through the roof of a building in some ancient ruins.  Imoko sends some of them to bring the Sheik.  The guards sleep.  Boy and M’bogo, the giant buffalo, rescue Tarzan.  The Ubamwes run from the giant buffalo.
 Dell Number  -- 68.2

Ubanti  --  Waziri who bring a message for Tarzan on a forked stick.  He tells Jane and Boy that it is from the Little-White-Doctor (Doctor MacWhirtle).
 Dell Number  -- 31.1

Uhan  -- Name of the Athnean elephant that carries Ellen Maypool to New Athne.
 Dell Number  -- 39.2

Ukah  --  son of Attar, the rebel leader.  Accused by Ahtea, Queen of Tohr, of conspiring to have her overthrown, he is placed in an arena with Toldo, the Queen’s lion that guards the treasure of Tohr.  Tarzan, who kills the lion with his bare hands, saves him and Ruth Barton.  After their escape from the dungeons, he finds the secret to open the gates that bars the way across the fire pit of Tohr.  They are recaptured and taken to the Hall of Pantu.  When Ahtea attempts to throw Ruth into the fires of Tohr, he saves the girl.  Ukah grabs Ahtea and tries to dive into fire with his Queen.  Tarzan grabs onto him, but the Queen falls into the fire.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.1

Ukele  -- chief of the Mobembe tribe, he wants his son to marry Lukela, the beautiful.  When his son accidentally falls out of tree onto to his spear, he blames Amele, Lukela’s true love.  Ukele conspires with Madege to kill Amele.  Tarzan thwarts the attempt.
 Dell Number  -- 15.2

Ulahee  -- Tantor’s daughter.  She and her brother, Namtor, raid an unnamed tribe’s shamba.  She is captured.  Later they capture Namtor as he tries to rescue his sister.  Tantor and his herd destroy the village and rescue the children.
 Dell Number  -- A2.4

Ulithi  --  is the name of Mabula villager that brings Tarzan the message that Mabula is ill and only Tarzan can save him.  Tarzan recognizes him and calls him by name.  Ulithi has a mo-hawk hair.
 Dell Number  -- 113.1

Umangi  -- Umangi (also spelled Umangani one time) is the son to the king of the Buntoro.  Tarzan once taught him to train and ride zebras.  His father dies, making him king.  His brother, Mengo, has Umangi and his followers attacked.  Umangi and his warriors hold up in the old stone fortress.  Umangi’s son, Mendothi, goes to Tarzan for help.  From the fortress, Umangi recognizes Tarzan’s voice as he directs the Waziri in battle with the usurpers.  Umangi leads his men from the fortress to attack.  They rout the usurpers and retreat to the fortress.  Tarzan advises leaving the fort.  Umangi takes Mendothi and Tarzan with him to hide the royal talisman.  They discover a hidden passageway that leads to the Walled Valley of Buntoro.  They slip into the village and capture Mengo.  Umangi promises to spare his life.  Umangi is restored as the rightful ruler.
 Dell Number  -- 118.1
 Novel  -- GL  -- close to spelling of Umanga in the Golden Lion.  Umanga is the chief of  the first African village that Tarzan, Jane, and Korak encounter after leaving  Pal-ul-don.  He gave Tarzan the dog that would nurse Jad-bal-ja as a cub.

Umboko --  Name of one of Buto’s best spearmen injured by a gryf that terrorizes the kraal.
 Dell Number  -- 83.2

Umboli  -- Name of one of the Wise One’s assistants.  A giant caterpillar attacks the two assistants.  Tarzan throws his knife at it.  The assistants throw flasks of chemicals at it.  One of the assistants gives the wounded Tarzan the milk of the tola vine to strengthen him.  They take the ape-man to the Wise One.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

Umboma  -- Chief of the Gomah tribe.  The city is named after him.  He has a dream of a white man who will rid his people of the albino elephant that terrorizes his people.  Umboma believes that the spirit of his dead albino brother possesses the elephant.  He calls it a ‘witch elephant’ and the name of his brother, Kunah.  He showers Tarzan with gifts.  If Tarzan cannot rid them of this plague then he will have to sacrifice his daughter.  Tarzan’s death is reported to him.  He prepares to sacrifice his daughter.  Tarzan arrives in the nick of time with the news of the elephant’s death.
 Dell Number  -- 102.1

Umboma’s daughter --  Unnamed beauty of King Umboma.  She is about to be beheaded as a sacrifice to the albino elephant that the Gomahs believe to be inhabited by the king’s dead albino brother.  She lowers the top of her dress and places her head on the chopping block.  Tarzan arrives in time to safe her with the news that the elephant is dead.
 Dell Number  -- 102.1

Umvari  -- Name of one of the many war-like tribes living in the mountains north of Tarzan’s jungle.  They are mentioned by the Achingas who plan to attack them.  They are not seen.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

Unga  -- name of an ape in Thorak’s tribe.  N’kima searches for help for the captured Tarzan.  He comes upon Thorak and his tribe.  Thorak believes him.  He commands Unga and Urchuk to come with him to help Tarzan.  Thorak bites through the ropes on his hands as Urchuk bites through the ropes on the tree (pole).  When N’gogo, the witch doctor, enters the hut, Thorak throws him bodily into the Leopard Men.  At Tarzan’s directions the three apes lift the center pole so that he can slip his chains under the pole.  The apes think it will be great fun to carry the pole with the roof attached to a cliff and throw it over.  The Leopard Men see what looks like a hut following Tarzan.  They fear Tarzan’s magic is too great.  The apes throw the roof off the cliff.
 Dell Number  -- 113.1

Ungak  -- A Torodon mounted on a gryf captures Lucia Tally.  Tarzan knocks out the beast man.  He and Lucia ride the gryf to the Tower of Ta-dan.
 Dell Number  -- 41.1

Unglok  -- Leader of a tribe of baboons living in the deserted White Marble Town.  The baboons attack Tarzan and Boy as they enter the ruins.  Tarzan handles them easily.  Unglok insists on fighting Tarzan alone.  Tarzan ducks his leap.  Unglok falls in the river.  Tarzan saves him from a white crocodile.  The baboons become their friends.
 Dell Number  -- 62.2

Ungali  --  #45.1 Evil witch doctor of the Matusi tribe.  He was educated in Europe.  He has discovered gold in a cave, which borders the Barbour and Faye plantations.  He devises ‘ghosts’ to try scare off the workers.  He kidnaps Martha Faye, daughter of Roberta Faye.  He captures Geoffrey Barbour and throws him off a cliff.  Tarzan rescues Martha and saves Geoffrey.  Tarzan exposes and captures him.  Tarzan has Barbour take Ungali to Lugongo to be charged with kidnapping, attempted murder, and theft.
#46.2 Released from jail, the witch doctor plots his revenge on Tarzan.  He plants the golden throne of the king so that Boy will find it.  He reads the magic bones for King Atumbo reveals Tarzan’s son as the thief.  He and the King capture Boy and force him to face the Ordeal of the Mamba.  Tarzan knows the trick to control the mamba and chases off Ungali as he saves Boy. (In this episode Ungali look exactly like Mukawa in Dell #44.2)
 Dell Number  -- 45.1+46.2

Ungo  --  son of Gogulu, sorcerer of the Nagosi.  He follows his father’s instruction to drop a    mamba in front of Ila, which causes her to faint.  When Inkolo touches her, he is condemned to death.  Tarzan reveals the plot.  He and his father are condemned to face a wild buffalo.
 Dell Number  -- 28
 Novel -- LiM  --  ape language meaning ‘the jackal.’

Ungoff  --  caveman (possible Tor-o-don) who fights with his companions, Bumbak and Angak   over possession of Queen Elaine who they have captured.  Tarzan knocks Ungoff and Bumbak’s heads together, rendering them unconscious.
 Dell Number  -- 35

Ungogo  -- Witch doctor of the Amaui tribe living in the shadow of an active volcano.  The witch doctor has them sacrifice humans to appease the volcano.  The Amaui have captured two scientists.  Tarzan comes to rescue them.  The Amaui knocks the ape-man unconscious.  Ungogo and the Amaui drag Tarzan away.  They carry him up to the volcano.  The smoke starts to drive them back.  Ungogo kicks Tarzan over the edge.  Tarzan manages to escape.  Ungogo tells the chief that the angry mountain accepted the sacrifice but more sacrifices may be necessary.  Tarzan appears before them.  The chief and Ungogo are shocked.  Tarzan makes them promise to sacrifice corn and yams instead of humans from now on.
 Dell Number  -- 95.1

Ungona  -- Ungona and another unnamed native come to Tarzan for help hunting a man-eating lion that is threatening their shamba.
 Dell Number  -- 98.2

Ungopu  -- witch doctor of the Inkota tribe.  He is old, balding and graying.  He wears a green robe with a necklace of tiny skulls and another of gold claws.  He has a red headband with two horns.  After baboons raid the Inkota crops, Ungopu tells Queen Nilonda that their captive Tarzan is bad luck.
 Dell Number  -- 92.1

unnamed natives  --  #41.2  A man and a woman are rescued from the Talking Gorillas by Tarzan and Goliath.
#45.1 Plantation workers of Roberta Faye. (Could be Buto’s tribe.)  Tarzan wants them to keep working the fields despite the ‘ghosts.’  Buto threatens them.  They work.
#A2.4 - Tantor’s children, Namtor and Ulahee, raid the village shamba.  They use their tame elephants to capture Ulahee.  Later they capture Namtor as he tries to rescue his sister.  Tantor and his tribe destroy the village and rescue the children.
#47.2 When Tarzan rescues Jane and Boy from Sheik Ibrahim, he also releases a group of unnamed prisoners.
#59.1 - When Tarzan rescues Prince Keelim and the Lutorian from the Talking Gorillas, there are some unnamed natives in the slave pen.  Tarzan takes them all with him to King Loban’s crocodile boat.  Some are killed when the Talking Gorillas attack the boat.
#60.1 - When Tarzan and the warriors of Cor-o-don rescue Jorah and four of his men from the Morgans, they free a group of natives from an unnamed tribe.
A#4.2 (Boy story) Unnamed bearers work for an unnamed white man’s safari.
#69.1 Unnamed bearers help the hunter, Derrik Carne, capture animals in Tarzan’s country.
#74.1 an unnamed tribe of bad natives find Borok, the great ape, caught in a split tree trap.  They tease Borok with the intention of killing him.  Tarzan mimics a lion thus frightening the natives into fleeing.
#74.2 Unnamed bearers accompany Tarzan, Tom Lindon, and Brant Torrey to the Valley of Towers.  One bearer stays with Lindon in the lean-to shelter on top of a tower.  Lindon gets excited while photographing the Winged Men and leaves the shelter.  He is spotted by the Winged Men, who descend upon them.  The bearer deserts the tower.
#75.2 Tarzan pays some unnamed natives to canoe the inept hunters, Jacobs and Poley, to Nairobi.
#86.1 Unnamed bearers become frightened in the dead city.  They tie up their employers, Cabot and Laura Sutton, and leave them as a sacrifice to the evil spirits.  Tarzan finds them and tries to get them to return to the Suttons.  One of the bearers aims his rifle at the ape-man.  Jad-bal-ja’s roar causes his shot to go into the air.  Tarzan leaves believing that their fear is too great to return.
#90.1 an unnamed group of natives sells poison to the N’gongwe poachers outside of the N’gongwe stockade.
A#6.6 (Jane Story) Many natives run the native market including a hairdresser, a cloth merchant, and a pottery seller.  There are also many natives at Nimbo and Isha’s wedding including a dancer wearing a mask.
#95.1 Unnamed bearers for a safari of scientists.  Tarzan saves them from a rhino to learn that their b’wanas were capture by the Amaui tribe.  The natives are afraid because the Amaui sacrifice humans to the volcano.  Tarzan sends them back their village and tells them to protect the white men’s goods.
#101.1 Tarzan comes upon an old man, two women, and child.  They are all that is left of an unnamed tribe that was wiped out by the Abomas.  Tarzan helps them build a home.  He also gains information about the people in this country north of Tarzan’s jungle.
#101.2 - Unnamed natives are on the shore when the rouge hippo, Pinky, smashes Tarzan’s canoe.  They are willing to help Tarzan rid the area of the hippo because it attacks people, destroys gardens, and ruins fishing nets.  After Tarzan ropes Pinky, they help him pull Pinky to shore.  They tether Pinky in the river near their village.  A second group of unnamed natives prepares to attack the village.  Pinky smashes one of their canoes.  The friendly natives agree to take care of Pinky until a raft can be built to take Pinky down river.
#104.1 - Two different sets of unnamed natives are part of a drum relay system that transmits the news of the two missing oil prospectors.  Tarzan hears the message as well.  Drums also report a reward for the finding of the missing men.  Unnamed natives search for the men.
No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story) Unnamed native hunters approach the giraffes.  Nobby, the male, leads his new family away.  A male giraffe has died from a poison arrow.  It is implied that the arrow came from these hunters.
#113.1 Tarzan saves an unnamed native hunter from an attacked by N’gogo and a Leopard Man.  The native runs away.  At the end of the story Tarzan overhears from the treetops unnamed natives talking about how Tarzan saved him and that N’gogo is dead.
#126.1 - A group of natives work for a captain of a dhow sailing chimpanzees to India.  During a storm the natives take orders from Tarzan rather than the captain.  Tarzan and the chimps escape when they hit shore. The captain takes his native crew to hunt for them after the storm.  Tarzan gets the drop on them and disarms them.  The ape-man has the chimps guard them while he makes a raft.
 #127.1 Unnamed natives work James Hawklin’s safari.  They desert him when they hear Tarzan accusing Hawklin of killing Inolu.
#1302.  An unnamed native along with N’gomo stalk Tantor with poison arrows.  They seek the father of elephants’ tusks.  They lose track of the elephant and build a thorn boma for the night.  Boy directs Tantor and his herd to pull the natives out of their boma.  The natives beg for their lives.  Boy has the elephants release them with the warning not to hunt elephants in Tarzan country.
 Dell Number  -- 41.2+45.1 +A2.4+47.2+59.1+60.1+ A#4.2 (Boy story) +69.1 +74.1 +74.2 +75.2 +86.1 +90.1 +A#6.6 (Jane Story) +95.1 +101.1 + 101.2 +104.1 +No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story) +113.1 +126.1 +127.1 +130.2

unnamed tribe  --  #32.1 Tarzan liberates a tribe from Arab slavers.  He tricks the Nandi Bear into crashing through the boma thus reeking havoc amongst the Arabs.  Meanwhile Tarzan frees the prisoners.
#47.3 an unnamed tribe captures Boy and Dombie.  They have a horned monster that delivers punishment to their people.  The monster is a witch doctor in a costume.   Boy and Dombie escape by using the costume.
#50.3 Tarzan and Buto trail a Secret Society terrorist to an unnamed village.  They enter posing as ivory buyers.  The chief tells them to come back later in the season.  They spot the terrorist in the village.
#51.2 an unnamed tribe has dug a pit-trap and captured a baby elephant.  As they approach the trap, Boy mounted on Tantor and a herd of elephants drive them off.
A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story)  An unnamed tribe is home to the missionary Lane and his family.  They have the typical village with no kraal.  When the missionaries’ son, David, comes up missing, the hunters track his trail.  They inform the reverend that his son was taken by a lion.  They dig a pit trap for lions at the instructions of the missionary.  The natives look like they could be Masai.  One wears the olowaru, mane of a male lion.
#72.1 an unnamed tribe captures Barbara Hillyard after she crashes her plane.  They bring her to an unnamed area and force her to stand on a flat-topped conical rock.  They turn loose their trained hyenas.  Tarzan rescues her and causes panic amongst the hyenas, which allows them to escape.  The natives and their hyenas pursue them.  Tarzan uses two hyenas as shields against the spears of the natives.  The natives flee from Tarzan and the sable lion.
A#5.3 an unnamed tribe, under the control of Banga, the evil witch doctor, watch Tarzan and Banga undergo The Ordeal of the Spears.  Boy drops army ants from a jar onto Banga, exposing his bulletproof vest.  Tarzan gets the drop on them.  They beg for mercy as they realize that they were misled by Banga’s false magic.  Tarzan makes them promise to follow their leaders.  They place Banga under guard.
A#6.1 an unnamed tribe of natives, one hundred strong, arrive on an island where Tarzan and his family are marooned.  They tie gorillas to poles on the shore.  They are sacrificing them to a giant squid.  They build a fire and dance around the gorillas while beating on drums.  Tarzan witnesses the event and enlists a tribe of gorillas to drive the natives back into their canoes and off the island.  Their knobsticks are little defense against the gorillas.  They speak a dialect of Swahili.
#108.1  an unnamed tribe lives near the Lost Lake.  They are farmers and raise poultry.  A chief rules them.  They live in complete fear of the Elephant Men (Mermen).  The Merman forbids them to possess canoes.  The Mermen leave pictures drawn in the sand each full moon of food and things they demand from the tribe.  The tribe brings the items to the beach.  They are even fearful of talking to Tarzan about them.  The volcano on the island explodes that causes a tidal wave that wipes out the village.  Tarzan, who has become king of the Mermen, tells the Elephant men to rebuild the village and live at peace with the unnamed tribe.
#108.2 - An unnamed tribe of elephant hunters stampedes a herd near the Lake of Reeds.  They capture a cow and two bulls.  They use tame elephants to pull their captives to their elephant pen next to their kraal.  Boy and Dombie weaken the gate so the elephants can smash it down and escape.  By the time the natives get to the pen the elephants are long gone.
No. 37.3 an unnamed tribe lives near the Ituri Forest.  Every generation the Mengo, Forest Spirits, take a beautiful young girl from them.  The Mengo leave a golden statue as payment.  The tribe seems resigned to this situation.  Barengo’s bride, Ilona, is taken.  Tarzan and Barengo rescue her.  A dance is held at their wedding.
No. 51.1 an unnamed tribe living near the Lake Nobody Names capture the downed flyer Captain Smith.  They worship the man-eating - Tree of Ages.  They tie him to a litter and are bringing him to the tree as a sacrifice.  The Tree burns (Tarzan fed it hot coals in a leopard skin.) The tribe decides to sacrifice the white man anyway.  Tarzan voice tells them to leave.  They flee.
No. 51.2 (Boy Story)  an unnamed tribe poaches in Tarzan country with vine snares.  Buto, Boy, Dombie and Jad-bal-ja track them to a tunnel.  Buto rolls the stone away and enters the tunnel.  The boys and Jad remain behind.  Buto fights the poachers, downing three of them.  The poachers demand that he undergo the Ordeal of Mumbo.  If he succeeds he will be their king.  If not, he will be dead.  Buto successfully completes the ordeal.  A poacher pulls away a branch and a stone rolls over the entrance.  Buto grabs the axe and smashes the stone.  The blade of the axe breaks.  As he leaves, Buto warns them again not to poach.  Buto rolls the boulder back in place
#125.2 Many unnamed tribe have they chiefs honor King Imanga at his durbar.
#131.1 an unnamed tribe of natives sneaks up on Tarzan and the Waziri in the Canyon of No Return.  They are armed with poison arrows.  A Garth comes out of the swamp and eats them.
 Dell Number  -- 32.1+47.3+50.3+51.2+A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story)+72.1+A#5.3+A#6.1 +108.1 +108.2 +113.1 +No. 37.3 +No. 51.1 +No. 51.2 (Boy Story) +125.2 +131.1

unnamed villagers  --  Tarzan and Buto, the Bamwe chief, who are tracking the Nandi Bear,    comes across villagers who are leaving their village after the Nandi Bear devastates their village.
 Dell Number  -- 32.1

unnamed white hunter/poacher  --  #46.3 Evil white hunter probably from Britain.  He is partner to Burke, whom he calls Guv’nor.  He is thin with a blue shirt and a fedora.  They have discovered that apes are wearing jewels and attempt to systematically kill all the apes for the jewels.  He kills Koodo, the great ape as well as Kom, son of Mundo.  Tarzan convinces the mangani to give all the jewels to him.  Tarzan places them in the Burke’s chop box.  Burke’s partner thinks that Burke was trying to double-cross him.  Tarzan gets the drop on them.  The ape-man gives them the choice of the jewels or weapons as he kicks them out of the Africa.  They foolishly choose the jewels.
#48.1 He is an ivory poacher.  Along with an unnamed partner, DiGiorgio, they shoot elephants from a helicopter.  They take the tusks and the feet.  He is a thin man with a yellow hat.  Tarzan tries to save a herd from their rifle fire.  They drop two elephants.  As they load a tusk, Tarzan gets the drop on them with his bow.  He ties them to a tree.  Tarzan scares away hyenas that come for the poachers.  Tarzan takes them on their helicopter to where he has tricked an enraged Tantor to get stuck in two trees.  Tarzan forces them to cut away the trees.  Tarzan takes them to civilization to be tried for their crimes.
A#4.2 (Boy story) an unnamed hunter searches for his two children who have wandered away from their safari.  Boy and Dombie find them and return them safely to their father.  A#5.3 two unnamed evil men provide the evil witch doctor, Banga, a bulletproof vest in exchange for ivory.  They fly a plane in to pick up the ivory.  Banga’s The Ordeal of the Spears impresses them.
A#7.6 (Boy story)  Bob and Molly Downs bring a white hunter back to the ruins in search if their son.  The white hunter scares off the lions that are threatening Jeremy Downs, Boy, and Dombie.
#108.1 an unnamed elephant hunter wounds Tantor with his rifle.  Tantor throws him into a tree.  Before he dies he tells Tarzan about the Mermen with elephant heads at Lost Lake.  Tarzan buries him.
 Dell Number  --  46.3+48.1+ A#4.2 (Boy story) +A#5.3+A#7.6 (Boy story)+108.1

unnamed witch doctor  --  #72.1 from an unnamed tribe.  They capture Barbara Hillyard.  The witch doctor forces her to stand on a flat-topped conical rock.  The witch doctor, in his blue feathery clothes and gold feathery cap, whirls in a dervish-type of dance, as the hyenas are turned loose.  Tarzan picks up the witch doctor and throws him into the hyenas.  Tarzan and Barbara use fire to cause panic amongst the hyenas.  This allows them to get by the witch doctor and his men.
A#6.1 A witch doctor of an unnamed tribe draws a picture of a giant squid coming for gorillas that are tied to poles in the sands of the island where Tarzan and his family are marooned.  Tarzan concludes that they are sacrificing their gorilla captives to a squid.  Tarzan recruits a tribe of gorillas to rescue the captive Bolgani.  In the attack, Tarzan goes for the witch doctor.  His fate is unknown.  He may have escaped with the rest of his tribe as they flee the island in their canoes.
 Dell Number  -- 72.1+A#6.1

Untibi  -- Native bearer with the hunter, Derrik Carne.  Carne instructs him to rope a baby elephant they find in Lake Chui.  They capture the toto.  In Kenya Country he helps Carne capture more animals.  When Tantor charges into their camp and smashes the cages, Carne orders him to bring his rifle.  Untibi is frozen with fear.  He speaks Swahili.
 Dell Number  -- 69.1

Urchak  -- chief of a mangani tribe near the city of the lost legion.  The tribe discovers Tarzan after he saves a balu from numa.  He helps Tarzan capture Brutus the Cruel.
 Dell Number  -- 14.1

Urchuk  -- Name of an ape in Thorak’s tribe.  N’kima searches for help for the captured Tarzan.  He comes upon Thorak and his tribe.  Thorak believes him.  He commands Unga and Urchuk to come with him to help Tarzan.  Thorak bites through the ropes on his hands as Urchuk bites through the ropes on the tree (pole).  When N’gogo, the witch doctor, enters the hut, Thorak throws him bodily into the Leopard Men.  At Tarzan’s directions the three apes lift the center pole so that he can slip his chains under the pole.  The apes think it will be great fun to carry the pole with the roof attached to a cliff and throw it over.  The Leopard Men see what looks like a hut following Tarzan.  They fear Tarzan’s magic is too great.  The apes throw the roof off the cliff.
 Dell Number  -- 113.1

Urkat  -- white pygmy who has the crowned prince poisoned after the king dies thus becoming   the king of the pygmies.  He has the rightful heir, Prince Alet, thrown in prison and his wife, Princess Ila, and their son, Tado, turned out into the terrible desert, which surrounds their land.
 Dell Number  -- 17.1

Urrow  -- Name of a Cat Man Tarzan overhears talking about the capture of King Zugu.
 Dell Number  -- 68.1

Urubambwe  -- A native tribe from a far off village.  Tarzan calls them outlanders.  They send a messenger to Tarzan because a rouge elephant is terrorizing their village.  When Tarzan drops into the village they think he is a forest demon.  N’kosi is their chief.  When Tantor crashes through their stockade, a villager tries to defend the village with a muzzle-loader.
 Dell Number  -- 48.1

Utembe  -- Native tribe that is captured by the Ko-bolgani and shrunk to work in the mines.  Tarzan recognizes them by tribal tattoos.
 Dell Number  -- 10
 Novel  --  (TTe - Utenga - Congo tribe who were ravaged by leopard men until Tarzan defeated them.)

Valley People  -- Native tribe trapped on floor of a crater in Thunder Mountain.  Fierce baboons and leopards guard the slopes of the mountain.  No one has ever left the valley.  The only other exit is down through the Caves of Ursamon, which is home of the huge cave bears.  They have built a typical village with no kraal.  They use spears and shields.  They have hoes for their plants.  The men wear a Chinese-coolie type of hats.  Guru, the evil witch doctor, hides Pan-at-lee and Lodor in their village.  They seem to accept the hostages graciously.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.6
 Novel -- EV - aboriginal tribe on Amtor enemies of the Timal people

Vandal  -- a Germanic people that ravaged Gaul in the fifth century and settled in Africa.  A    Roman legion protecting a civilian population fought their way across the great desert while being pursued by Vandal hordes.  They founded a city on top of a mountain for refuge.
 Dell Number  -- 14.1

Varo  --  King of the white savages of Vari.  Father of Naranee, the future queen.
 Dell Number  -- 1
 Novel  --  (general of Amtor in Carson of Venus)

Vikings (giant)  --  A#5.2 A race of giants, nine feet tall, living in a fertile valley of the Gourambi Mountains.  They wear armor.  Their helmets have wings on the sides.  They are blonde with mustaches and beards except for the leader, Yarl Hrolf, who has red hair and only a mustache.  Tarzan and Buto travel to the mountains and discover them.  Tarzan speculates that the Vikings came to the valley a thousand years earlier.  They are hunters and respect warriors.  They entomb their best hunters and huntress in an ice cave behind a wall of ice.  The cave entrance is covered with stone and marked with a warning not to enter under the penalty of death.  It is written in Viking.  The Vikings find Tarzan and Buto in the cave.  Yarl Hrolf attacks Tarzan as another Viking attacks Buto.  Tarzan and Buto disarm the Vikings.  The Vikings are impressed by their skills and honor.  They become friends and go hunting together.  Tarzan kills a boar with Yarl’s sword.  Their village is austere with log buildings and grass roofs.  At a feast, Yarl promises Tarzan and Buto will be buried with the great hunters.  Tantor calls from afar.  Yarl tells Tarzan and Buto to bring their friend to the village.  Tarzan and Buto go to find Tantor and do not return.
#91.1 The Giant Vikings think that Tarzan and Buto are spies.  After they disarm the Vikings, the Vikings believe they are friends of their leader, Yarl Hrolf.  They arrive at Yarlsgaard, their fortress.  Tarzan shows them how to reinforce their shields with rawhide and cement to protect them against the Skraeling crossbow bolts.  The Vikings repulse the Skraeling scaling ladders from the walls.  Hrolf believes it is only a question of time before they are overrun.  They lower Tarzan down their well to a river so he can go for help.  Tarzan brings a herd of white buffalo to help repeal another Skraeling attack.  Tarzan brokers a peace between the Vikings and the Skraelings.  The Giant Vikings are white skinned.  They wear helmets some of which have horns or wings.  They clothing is fur and sandals that strap up the legs.  Their main weapon is a large sword.
No. 37.6   Vikings wear furs and horn helmets.  They use skis on the Gourambi Mountain.  Their Skalli is made up of log cabins.  Tarzan and Raoul d’Arnot show up looking for help in finding Raoul’s father, Colonel Paul d’Arnot.  Yarl Hrolf, their leader, offers them help in the use of the dragon ship to search the valley and the river.  The ship has a large sail but the Vikings also use oars to propel the vessel.  Yarl reports that the black Skirlings have caused them little trouble since Tarzan taught them how to use the longbow.  They sail on the river.  They spot Skirlings headed for an island.  Pistols shots alerts Tarzan that Paul is on the island.  Yarl has the Vikings ram the Skirling canoes.  The Skirlings board the dragon ship.  The Vikings and Tarzan repel them.  Paul is rescued, given a Viking feast, and taken to Raoul’s plane.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.2+91.1+No. 37.6

vultures  --  #29 circling vultures lead Tarzan and Thurag to the bodies of the Pantella crewmen.
#48.1 Vultures circle the dead elephant killed by poachers.  (See also: ska)
 Dell Number  -- 29+48.1 +A#5 (Tarzan’s Birds - splash page) +107 (“Public Servant” - splash page)


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