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Volume 1690t
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


Ta-arzan  --  What Bou Denni calls Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

Ta-den/Taden  --  Prince of A-lur.
#6 He kills a Tor-o-don who was attacking Boy.  Tarzan introduces him to Boy, Jane and Om-at as a companion which he shared many an adventure.  He has does not have cat-like ears.
#9 - son of King Ja-don. (white?) Goes with Boy to Om-at and the Waz-dons for help in the retaking of A-lur.
#16.1 black skin.  Is held hostage by gangsters so that his father, King Ja-don, will do their bidding.  Tarzan and Om-at rescue him, and they all rid A-lur of the gangsters.
#24.2   black skin - King of Alur, speaks English with Tarzan’s accent.  Tarzan rescues him and his Queen, Oloa, from the M’bongo tribe.  Ta-den helps Tarzan teach the Waziri how to subdue gryfs.  They ride the gryfs to Alur and free the city from Waz-ho-don control.
A #1.3 Ta-den is drawn as a white man with a Roman-type helmet.  Tarzan finds him with his father, King Jadon, on an island after Alur is overrun by Torodons mounted on gryfs.
#57.1 King Taden on a peace mission to Jalur is attacked by the Ho-dons of Jalur.  Tarzan and Gorgo save him but not before all his men are killed.  Tarzan takes Taden back to Alur on Gorgo.  He informs Tarzan how a knife-smith developed the swords that the Ho-dons now use.  Tarzan suggests that the men attacking him were from Alur.  Taden admits that his cousin, Prince Kodon does not want peace with Jalur.  At Alur they are met with hostilities.  Gorgo knocks down the gate to Alur.  Goaded on by Kodon, Taden challenges Kodon to a one-on-one fight for the throne.  Tarzan will also take on three of Kodon’s men.  Taden defeats Kodon as does Tarzan his opponents.  Kodon’s men charge in.  Tarzan calls Gorgo who chases the rebels out of the city.  Taden thanks Tarzan for restoring his power.
#58.1 Taden tells Tarzan about the giant White Ape seen near one of their watchtowers.  Tarzan leaves Alur to look for the apes.
A#5.1 - Ta-den, the King Alur, accompanied by one soldier, goes to Tohr, the City of Silence, to explore the area.  Ta-den is captured by the Tohrians.  He scratches the word Tohr on the inside of one of his armbands and throws it to his servant.  Tarzan finds the armband and goes to Tohr to rescue Ta-den.  Tarzan destroys the silence machine and rescues Ta-den.  Tarzan and Ta-den ride a gryf out of the city to freedom.
#124.1 - Although not mentioned by name, we learn that the King of A-lur is dead.  Ta-den the Second, Prince of A-lur, becomes king of Ho-don city.  The Prince, Ta-den the Second, return to A-lur after visiting Tarzan.  Warriors from Ja-don confront Tarzan and Prince Ta-den.  Tarzan protects him as Ta-den makes it to the city.  Tarzan rides to the walls of A-lur and alerts King Ta-den the Second about the imminent attack by the forces of Ja-lur as well as the threat of the Terribs.  Ta-den commands fire pots dropped on the Ja-lur forces.  In the middle of the battle with the Ja-lurians Tarzan talks both cities into uniting to fight the Terribs who have slipped into the city.  After the Terribs are defeated Ta-den and Ja-don agree to live in peace.
No. 51.5 Not seen.  We learn that Ta-den is ill and left a priest in charge of A-lur.
 Dell Number  -- 6+9+16.1+24.2+A 1.3+57.1+58.1+A#5.1+ 124.1+No. 51.5
 Novel  -- TTe  - “Tall Tree” (Pal), Ho-don warrior who befriends Tarzan and Om-at.  With Tarzan’s help he brings his father to the throne of A-lur.

Tado / Taddo  --  #17.1 white pygmy. He is the son of the imprisoned Prince Alet and Princess Ila.  He and his mother are forced into the terrible desert where Abou Ben Ephraim captures them.  Tarzan rescues them.
#18.2 - journeys with Tarzan and mother back to Lipona via Giant Eland and Dyal.
 Dell Number  -- 17.1(Tado)+18.2 (Taddo)

Talking Gorillas  --  (See also: Bolgani)

Tanga  -- She is a large native woman who argues with a cloth seller about the poor quality of cloth that she purchased from him.  Jane breaks up the fight.  The fight gives Jane the idea to purchase a loom for Kimbo.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.5 (Jane story)

Tannalelt  -- Name of the people in a walled desert town of the same name.  They are a white race of people who are ruled by Amenokal (king) Saleem.  They speak a language similar to Tamachec.  Tarzan suspects that they are related to the Touareg and the early Phoenicians.  They have tamed addaxes for domestic uses like plowing and riding into battle.  They have doctors and are private about their city, i.e. they do not allow anyone to leave the city once they have entered.  Their heretical enemies are the Gaddanes.  They have no knowledge of the outside world.  The Gaddanes take over the city.  Tarzan helps the Tannalelt retake their city.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1

Tantor  -- elephant.  Tarzan’s friend.
FC 134 - Dashani warriors surround Tarzan and the remainder of the Doris Ramsay safari.  Tarzan directs a herd of elephants to carry them through the middle of warriors to safety.
FC 161.2 Tarzan removes a spear from its truck.  Later he and other elephants crash through the stockade of Sidi Ben Yemlik, The Black Panther, thus routing the Arab slavers.
#2 - Helps guard Tommy Newsome.
#6 - Carries Tarzan and Boy across the Thorny Desert on their way to rescue Jane form the outlaw Ho-dons.
#9 goes to Pal-ul-don on his own; kills two jatos and a gryf; leads the armies into the city of A-lur; saves Jane and Tarzan’s life; and kills Dak-lot.  #15.1 plays a major role in bringing Tarzan and La to Pal-ul-don, saving Tarzan from a gigantic hyena, and carrying Tarzan home.
#19.1 carries Tarzan to the Ivory City.
#23.2 carries Tarzan and Carol Kenton to Captain Jacot’s troops.  Later Tarzan uses an entire herd of elephants to rout the Shifta band before they can pull a surprise attack on the French troops.
#26 - He carries Tarzan and Professor Plume across the Great Thorn Desert and through the forest to the edge of the Lost City containing the treasure of Isis.  He helps Tarzan battle the giant scorpions.  As Tarzan and Professor find the treasure cave, Suleiman, the Arab strong man, knocks him unconscious with a boulder.  Tarzan puts leaves on his bruised head.
A #1.2 - Tarzan borrows an elephant from the Athneans to rescue Prince Jathon from the Elephant Ordeal.  They crash the elephants through the walls of Athne to make their escape.
#36.1 - The six-week-old Goliath, the giant lion, kills a rouge elephant.  The roar of Goliath causes the elephants of the Athnean siege to break their chains and stampede off.
#39.2 - Habib, the Arab, shoots one of the Athnean’s elephants.  The Athneans take Doctor Maypool and his daughter, Ellen, back to New Athne on an elephant.  Tarzan takes an elephant from the Athnean paddock to search for the safari car, the price for Ellen’s freedom.  He uses the elephant to pull the car close to the walls of New Athne.  After escaping Ergon’s treachery, Tarzan rides off on the elephant he borrowed.
#40.1 - Tarzan uses his friend to cross the Great Thorn Desert and the Great Swamp to reach Athne in his rescue of Tom Culver, Ellen and Doctor Maypool.
#40.2 Tantor takes Tarzan and Buto to the village of the Leopard Men.  They crash through their palisade.  After the Leopard Men are defeated and Nee-issa, is rescued, Tarzan has Tantor trample the village flat.
#41.2 Tantor helps Tarzan defeat a band of Terribs who are attacking some Cathnean warriors.  Tantor carries Tarzan and the two remaining Cathneans to New Cathne.
#43.2 - Tarzan uses a herd of elephants to drive the plague of Danginas into the V-shaped line of native warriors.
#45.3 - When Goliath leaps into the Athnean city, the war elephants of the Athneans panic and smash through the gates.
#A2 (Jungle World)
#A2.4  (Tantor story)  Tantor fights off a rhino, takes N’kima’s taunting about his children to heart, goes to see his daughter captured by unnamed natives, and brings his daughter home.  When the same tribe also captures his son, he leads his herd into the village.  The village is destroyed and the children are rescued.
#47.2 - After Tarzan rescues Jane and Boy, Arabs pursue them on horseback.  Tarzan comes across Tantor.  Tantor throws Sheik Ibrahim into a tree and chases off the other Arabs.
#48.1 Tantor has a bullet lodged in the root of his trunk.  An enraged Tantor terrorizes the Urubambwe village.  He crashes through the village stockade.  He drops a stockade pole through the chief’s roof, knocking out Tarzan.  Once he recovers, Tarzan tricks Tantor into getting his tusks stuck into two trees.  The narration refers to Tantor as the King Elephant.  Tarzan finds a dead elephant with its tusks and feet removed.  Tarzan tries to save an elephant herd from the poachers firing from a helicopter.  The poachers kill one elephant.  Tarzan forces the poachers to help prepare Tantor for the removal of the bullet.
#49.1 Tarzan, Jane and Boy ride Tantor to the Rock of Opar in search of a new home.
#51.2 Single individual elephant - herd of elephants - baby elephant.  When Boy and Dombie find a baby elephant captured in a pit-trap, Boy goes to Tantor for help.  He convinces Tantor and the herd to stomp on the clay bluffs causing it to topple into a stream, which overflows to fill the pit, thus allowing them to pull the baby to safety.  Native hunters approach on elephants.  Tantor and his herd drive them off.
#52.1 Tarzan on Tantor discovers the trail of thousands of Bolgani going into the Great Thorn Desert.  He rides Tantor to Athne to warn them about the gorillas.  The Athneans use their elephants against the gorillas to no avail.  Tarzan uses Tantor to pull the Athnean boats to an island in the swamp.  They return with the boats to help the Athnean warriors escape.  After taking the survivors to Cathne, Tarzan mounted on Tantor and Jathon mounted on Goliath go to Athne to discover the bolgani using the Athnean elephants as mounts.  They drive the Bolgani back behind the walls of Athne.
#54.3 - The Talking Gorillas use the Athnean war elephants to attack Cathne.  Tarzan uses Hathor, chief war elephant, who he had rescued earlier, to convince the elephants to revolt against their gorilla masters.  The gorillas are defeated.  The elephants are given to the Athneans to heal the wounds inflicted by the gorillas.
#66.1 The Athneans use elephants to drag stones from the quarry to the site of New Athne.  When the Athneans at the site are captured by the Talking Gorillas, Tarzan leads the Athneans and their war elephants from the quarry in a rescue attempt.  Tarzan instructs Hathor to lead the bull elephants under the Bolgani rafts in the Great Swamp and overturn them.  He does.  The Athneans attack the gorillas on other elephants.  In a joint alliance attack on the gorillas at Old Athne, the elephants carry the Athneans across the Great Swamp and into the city.
#68 (inside front cover) Tantor meets prehistoric elephant in Pal-ul-don.
A#4.2 (Boy story) Boy and Dombie watch elephants at a water hole.  Two American boys playing cowboys and Indians tie the boys to a tree.  Boy calls Tantor to rescue them.  The two American are frightened and run towards a herd of elephants.  Boy uses Tantor and Korak, the ape, to save them.
#69.1 Tantor is enraged as the hunter, Carne, drives off with his offspring, Toto.  He comforts Mutemba, the mother.  Tarzan has Tantor trail the safari car.  Tantor’s fury makes him charge the car that speeds away.  Tarzan trails the car to the animal compound outside of Nairobi.  Tantor attacks and overturns the empty safari car.  Tarzan leads the elephant away before the hunters can shoot him.  They catch up to the hunters in Kenya Country.  Tantor’s fury causes him to charge into the camp and destroy the cages.  Tarzan stops Tantor from killing Carne.  After Tarzan pays for Toto, he rides the elephant back to Nairobi.
#71.2 Tarzan has Boy use Tantor and Jad-bal-ja to chase the thieving M’bongos from the area.
#76.1 Tarzan comes upon a herd of elephants threatened by a rhino.  He watches the elephants defend themselves.  A baby elephant falls in the river.  Tarzan rescues the toto.  He feeds it and kills a hyena that threatens them.  He leaves the toto with the Wokamba tribe and brings the distraught mother to the area.  The Liwari tribe has captured the baby.  Tarzan rides the mother into the attack and saves the baby.
#78.2 Ivory poachers stampede a herd of elephants that knocks over a tree, pinning Tarzan to the ground.  Tarzan recruits Tantor and his herd to frighten the poachers into leaving the area forever.
#80.1 The Athneans practice for war on their elephants as Tarzan and Hussein approach the city.  Prince Timon agrees to help the Beni-Adhemi repair the aqueduct.  The Athneans ride elephants to the site.  They use the elephants in the repair of the aqueduct and in the building of a dam.  When mountain savages attack the Athneans ride elephants into the battle along side Tarzan and the Beni-Adhemi.  The savages are defeated.
A#5.2 Tarzan finds a herd of elephants to help he and Buto cross the Gourambi Mountain range.  Tarzan convinces an elephant to carry them.  Tantor takes them over the mountains to a rich valley.  They leave Tantor at the edge of the mountains.  Tarzan and Buto have an adventure with a lost race of giant Vikings.  They hear Tantor calling to them.  They go to the rim and ride Tantor back home.
#85.2 Tarzan sends Boy and Dombie for Tantor as he goes to retrieve Muviro’s war canoe from the Wabanda.  He does and the Wabanda pursue him.  As the Wabanda are about to attack Tarzan, Boy and Dombie arrive on Tantor.  Most of the Wabanda warriors flee at the sight of the great pachyderm.  Tantor overturns the Wabanda war canoe containing the last two Wabanda.  Tarzan makes a harness of vines and has Tantor pull Muviro’s canoe overland back to the Waziri Village.
#90.1 A bull elephant driven mad by the poison arrow in its shoulder knocks a tree over on Tarzan.  Tarzan plays dead.  The elephant buries Tarzan with branches.  Tarzan manages to calm the bull and puts healing leaves on the wound.  Tarzan is captured by the N’gongwe poachers and tied to a log footbridge.  He calls to the elephant.  The bull throws one of the poachers to the ground and chases off the others.  The bull with the broken tusk picks up the log bridge with the ape-man tied to it and carries it to a Baobab tree.  The brother of Tantor fills his trunk with water from a hollow in the tree and drenches the Jungle Lord.  Later a freed Tarzan has Tantor and his herd tramples the N’gongwe Village flat.
#91.2 Boy and Dombie are forced to land their glider in the elephant’s Secret Playground.  The pachyderms are angry and smash the glider.  They chase the boys into the trees.  Mounted on Argus, Tarzan taunts the elephants calling them the brother of Tantor.  They chase the flying ape-man.  Tarzan drops from the eagle and runs to an anthill.  He taunts an elephant by calling her the sister of Tantor.  Argus picks up Tarzan.  They rescue the boys.  The elephants follow them for a distance.
#93.2 an elephant raids the Waziri shambas.  Boy and Dombie place red pepper on some of the corn.  Upon eating the peppered corn the elephant becomes enraged and smashes Inanga’s hut.  Tarzan trails the elephant.  He fears that it will become a killer.  He finds the pachyderm caught in a bog.  Tarzan makes a cable out of vines and finds Tantor.  After frightening off the lions and hyenas at the bog, Tarzan attaches the cable to the elephant.  Tantor and another bull pull the elephant out of the bog.  Tarzan is confident that the elephant will see that men can be their friends.
#102.1 the elephants are referred to by their Swahili name Tembo in this story.  An elephant chases the man-killer albino elephant away from the herd.  A young female goes with the albino.  A bull follows the rouge.  The albino chases Tarzan towards a cliff.  The bull charges in and pushes the albino over the cliff.  (See also: Kunah - for the story of the albino.)
#104.1 A rouge elephant plagues the Moumamba people.  The great pachyderm attacks Tarzan, Kongoni, and the other Moumamba hunters.  Tarzan kills the rouge with a spear as he saves Kongoni.
A#7.7 - Tarzan charges in on Tantor to scatter King Umpongwe and his warriors from attacking Nogoni and his family.  Tarzan has Tantor carry them to the Batumi River.  Tarzan sends Tantor away.
#105.2 Tarzan warns the elephants about an approaching plague of locust.
#108.1 A hunter wounds Tantor with a rifle.  Tantor throws the man into a tree killing him.
#108.2 Native elephant hunters stampede a herd near the Lake of Reeds.  They capture two bulls and a cow and bring them to their elephant pen at their kraal.  Boy and Dombie find the cow’s toto and build a shelter for it.  The boys track the elephants to the kraal.  They weaken the gate so that the elephants can escape.  The mother follows the toto’s scent.  The mother chases off a lion from the shelter and smashes the shelter to free her baby.
#110.1 Elephants are in the valley when Jess buzzes Tarzan and Buto in his airplane.  Returning for another pass, Jess buzzes the herd.  Later, Jess crashes.  Tarzan and Buto lead Jess and Bess towards the main road.  Jess takes a shot at the herd.  The herd tracks them and encircles them on a hill.  Tarzan leads them to a cave for protection.  An elephant attempts to get in the cave.  The elephant breaks Buto’s spear.  In the morning the elephants leave.
#112.2 - A herd of elephants are caught in a ring of firetrap started by the Wagambi hunters.  Boy and Dombie lead the herd down a path in the cliff to safety.  A Wagambi knob stick knocks Boy off of Tantor’s back.  The great pachyderm catches Boy before he hits the ground.
#116.2 A man from the Bakemba tribe finds Boy and Dombie unconscious.  He thinks they are dead.  He sees the elephant gun and dreams of becoming rich from ivory.  He hunts an elephant, but his shots only angers the elephant that takes the gun away from him and smashes it.  The Bakemba flees.  Tarzan tells the Bakemba that neither he nor the elephant will forget this.
#118.2 Boy and Dombie tell Tarzan about the Lebombos raiders heading towards the peaceful Nama the Hottentot trader.  They arrive on elephants causing the Lebombos to flee.  Tarzan and Boy ride off on elephants.  Dombie accompanies Nama to the Waziri Village.
No. 37.2 (Jane Story) a rouge elephant attacks Jane and the merchants she is leading away from the native market.  The merchants believe that the rouge is the witch doctor’s curse descending upon them.  Jane throws pepper in the rouge’s snout causing him to temporarily break off the attack.  Jane calls to Tantor who drives off the rouge.
#120.1 Tarzan rides Tantor with other elephants trailing behind through miles of thorn brush to a hidden valley.  Tarzan has Tantor carry him and the bushman prophet, Bauxhau, across the lake to the Towering Rocks.
#120.2 Tarzan gives Boy permission to stay overnight at the Waziri Village.  Boy helps Dombie build an elephant alarm.  They string it up at the shamba to frighten off the rouge that has been brothering the cornfield.  They fall asleep on the raised platform.  The rouge comes.  Dombie tries to sound the alarm.  The elephant gets the alarm tangled around its tusks.  The rouge tramples the corn before the Waziri can run him off.  Muviro scolds Dombie for not raising the alarm soon enough and for losing the alarm.  The next day the boys search for the pieces of the alarm.  Pygmies have found some of the metal pieces.  They return them to Dombie when told that they belong to them.  Boy has an idea and makes a deal with the pygmies if they kill the rouge they can have the metal.  They track the elephant.  The pygmies sneak up close to the elephant.  Dombie sneezes.  The rouge turns on the pygmies.  Many spears are cast but the rouge is not slowed.  Boy’s arrow brings down the rouge.  The pygmies give Boy the elephant’s tail.  Boy gives the pygmies the elephant meat.
#121.1 - While tracking the Garth that has wandered in from Pal-ul-don, Tarzan sees an elephant frightened by the monster.
#122.1 The Athneans approach Tarzan’s tree house on elephants.  Prince Gato commands his men to attack the ape-man.  He has the elephants pick up a log and batter down the tree that contains Tarzan’s home.  The Athneans enter the empty Waziri city with their elephants.  Tarzan slips into the city three nights in a row and makes friends with Thantu, Prince Gato’s elephant.  He convinces Thantu to lead the elephants out of the city Gato discovers them leaving and shoots an arrow at the ape-man but hits Thantu‘s trunk.  Thantu charges from the city with the herd following him.  Tarzan manages to stop Thantu in the forest.  The herd eats fruit and Tarzan heals Thantu’s trunk.
#125.1 Tarzan and Buto find an elephant killed by a poisoned arrow.  Despite the fact that a member of Buto’s tribe killed the elephant, Tarzan tells Buto to have his tribe use the meat.
#130.2 Tantor lulls away the day with Boy.  N’kima alerts Boy about two approaching ostriches.  Boy realizes that it is two native hunters with poison arrows.  He gets Tantor out of harm’s way.  That night Boy direct Tantor and his herd to grab the natives out of their boma and destroy their equipment.  The natives beg for their lives.  Boy has Tantor and the other elephant release them with the warning not to hunt elephants in Tarzan country.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+FC 161.2+ 2+4+6+9+13.2+15.1+17.1+19.1+21.1+23.2+26+A 1.2 +36.1 +39.2 +40.1 +40.2 +1.2 43.2 +45.3 +A2 +A2.4 +47.2 +48.1 +49.1 +51.2 +52.1 +54.3 +66.1 +68 (inside front cover) +A#4.2 (Boy story)  +69.1 +71.2  +76.178.2 +80.1A#5.2 +85.290.1+91.293.2 +102.1104.1 +A#7.7 +105.2 +108.1+108.2 +112.2 +116.2+118.2 +No. 37 (Cut Out - "Ready for the Hunt”) +No. 37.2 (Jane Story) +120.1 +120.2 +121.1 +122.1+125.1+130.2
 Novel  -- TA+ST

Tantor Abula  -- Tarzan leaves Boy and Dombie under the protection of Tantor Abula, a rouge elephant that Tarzan once healed of a poison wound.  The boys wander off.  Tantor Abula chases off a man-eating lion that stalks the boys.  Again the boys leave the pachyderm for a tree.  After Tarzan saves them from a leopard, they ride Tantor Abula home.
 Dell Number  -- 98.2

Taori  -- A tribe of headhunters.  They capture Tarzan and Herbert Gates.  They are fancifully dressed.  Tarzan learns from an almanac about a solar eclipse.  The chief delights in the ceremony to kill them.  Tarzan threatens the chief that the sun will die if they kill him.  The moon begins to move in front of the sun.  The tribe starts to panic.  At the total eclipse, the chief sets Tarzan free.  Tarzan makes them promise to give up headhunting.  He then makes the sun reappear.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.7

Tara  -- The name of the eland Dombie rides as he goes with Boy to take pictures out on the veldt.  Dombie distracts a lioness from Boy and gets the lioness to chase him on Tara.  As they cross a stream, Dombie falls off.  Boy finds Tara and his eland, Bara.  Tarzan and Boy are probably riding Tara and Bara as they search and find the missing Dombie.
 Dell Number  -- 99.2

Tarchuk  -- Leader of a great ape tribe.  He and the other bulls threaten the new comer, Tarzan.  He becomes friends with Tarzan after the Jungle Lord releases his balu from a monkey trap.
 Dell Number  -- 44.2

Targorgo  -- (See also - White Buffalo) Tarzan travels to the Strange Valley and finds the White Buffalo.  He witnesses Targoro fight off a Black Cloak baboon.  Tarzan recruits Targorgo and his herd to drive the baboons up into their caves.  He leaves the White Buffaloes at the base of the cliff to prevent the baboons from leaving that direction.
 Dell Number  -- 79.1

Tar-gund  --  White chief.  Ta-gund is an albino buffalo.  Tarzan seeks to capture the white buffalo.  He tracks his herd (of brown buffalo).  Tar-gund catches Tarzan’s scent and stampedes his herd into the Kolumbwe who were raiding the Luemba fishing village.  The herd smashes many canoes as they lumber across the river.  Tarzan explains to Queen Nhaka that he saved Tar-gund from a lion when the buffalo was but a calf.  Much later, after the Tarzan leads the Luemba in the defeat of the Kolumbwe, Tarzan spots the white buffalo crossing the river.  He leaps on Tar-gund’s back and teaches him to respect his master.  Tarzan rides off on Tar-gund.
 Dell Number  -- 111.1

Tarzan-jad-guru  --  (pal) Tarzan the terrible  #16.1 & #24.2 what Ta-den calls Tarzan
#52.1 The Bolgani that have overrun Athne call Tarzan, Tarzan the terrible.  They do so in English, not ape language.
A#5.1 Tarzan introduces himself to the King of Tohr as Tarzan-jad-guru.  The King says that he has heard of him.
#82.1 La refers to Tarzan as Tarzan Jad-guru.
 Dell Number -- 4+6+9+16.1+24.2+42.1+52.1+62.1+A#5.1+82.1+94.1
 Novel -- TTe

Tarzan of the Apes  -- what Tarzan and others refer to himself as.  #80.1 Tarzan wears a blue floppy hat in the first part of the story.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+FC 161.1++FC 161.2+1+2+6+10+11+13.1+14.2+15.1+15.2+ 16.1+17.1+ 17.2  +18.1 +19.1 +19.2 +20.1
+20.2+21.1 + 21.2 +22.1 + 22.2 +23.1+23.2 +25.2 +26+27+28 +33.1+34.1+35 +36.1+37.2+38.1 +38.2+40.1+41.1 +41.2 +42.1 +43.2 +44.1 +44.2+45.1+A2.2+46.2+46.3+A2.1+50.1+ 51.3+52.1+55.3+57.3+58.3+67.1+75.1+76.1+80.1 +85.1+88.2 +A#6.7 + 93.1 +94.1 +101.1 +104.1 +109.1 +No. 25.1 +No. 25.6+ No. 37.3+119.1+No. 51.1

Tckeka  -- Mother baboon of Nugu, the baboon featured in this story.  Hottentots captured him when he was young.  After five years of captivity he manages to escape and return to his tribe.  He learns that a leopard killed his mother.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story)

Teeb, Little  -- balu of Thurag and Kalith.  Colin Durham, English lumberman, wounds his mother as she hunts for him.  Tarzan saves him and Kalith from a leopard and builds a nest for them.  He leaves that night and leads Jimmy and Margaret Durham away from their camp so that the apes seeking revenge for the wounding of Kalith cannot find them.  As natives approach he hustles Jimmy into the bushes and returns him to his father.  He stands guard as Tarzan rescues Margaret from the native village.  The title of this story is named for him.
 Dell Number  -- 27

Teeke  -- Baboon balu of Ka-cha and Chee.  Teeke pulls the tail of Rajak, the old gund.  Rajak slaps the baby.  Ka-cha comes to the baby’s defense but obeys the leader.  Teeke eats some of the poison mealies left out by the golfers to get rid of the baboons and gets sick.  Ka-cha convinces Homa, the old native caddie, to try and help his balu.  Homa feeds Teeke some coffee that causes the balu to vomit the poison.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4
 Novel -- the spelling is close to Teeka, the she-ape that was Tarzan’s first love in JT.

teledon  --  #24.1  solid brown colored gigantic boar of the Valley of the Monsters.  Their young have spotted fur.  Tarzan kills a young one with his bow for food.
 Dell Number  -- 24.1

telegraph operator  --  A bald man with glasses at the government telegraph station recognizes Boy as he delivers an urgent message from Tarzan to Dr. Louis d’Arnot.
 Dell Number  -- 61.2

telodon  --  vertical striped, gigantic boar like animal of the lost valley, which contains Cor-o-don.  It can kill a hundred men.  Timon accidentally spears one.  It kills Timon.  Tarzan kills it with a flint spear.
 Dell Number  -- 19.2
 Novel  --  (Burroughs often described animals as having vertical stripes as a jato.)

Tembo  -- The undefeated champion of the Watumba.  The third opponent Tarzan must defeat in order to gain his freedom.  He is a tall warrior with a shaved head.  It is raining while they battle.  Tembo is a skilled opponent, but Tarzan beats him handily.
 Dell umber  -- 99.1

Terribs  --  #20.1 race of people who wear crocodile skins.  They ride giant iguanas and are   experts with knives.  They speak the language of the great apes, but they also hunt and eat mangani.  Jess Wales was captured by them and placed in one of their stone tower dwellings in the desert.  Her husband, Tim, and Tarzan rescue her.
#34.2 - Princess Loma calls them cannibals.  They ride Gorobars (different spelling than Burroughs’).  They attack Princess Loma’s crocodile craft, killing all the rowers.  Tarzan carries the Princess out of the mouth of the craft and into the trees.  Four Terribs follow them into the trees.  With a club Tarzan knocks all four out of the tree to their death.
#36.2 - They attack King Loban’s crocodile crafts.  They wound the King and capture Princes Loma, who they take to an underwater cave.  Tarzan follows them on a Red-billed Banthur, rescues the Princess, and returns her to her father.  With the help of Muviro and the Waziri the Terribs are defeated.
#41.2 - They attack some Cathnean warriors.  Tarzan and Tantor drive them away.
#42.1 Terribs attack the Stork Men.  Flying on Argus, Tarzan helps drive them off.  In a night attack on the Stork People, Tarzan successfully uses the giant otters, Nip and Tuck, against them.  The otters mainly attack the Gorobars mounts, but the Terribs quickly realize that shedding their crocodile armor will keep them safe from the otters.  They attack Dr. Mervin and Yolanda’s plane in the swamp.  Tarzan, riding on Tuck, helps to drive them away.
#46.1 The Terribs attack New Cathne on their Gorobars.  They use ladders to attempt to scale the walls.  The arrival of King Gallu and his Gallugo warriors mounted on wild buffaloes drive the Terribs away.
#50.1 The Terribs attack the crocodile boat of Princess Loma.  She is taking Tarzan to the Stork Men Village with a cure for Swamp Fever.  The new faster crocodile boat easily outdistances the Terribs.
#51.1 the cannibal Terribs attack the Stork Men Village at night on their Gorobars.  They attempt to burn the village.  They manage to burn Doctor Mervin’s airplane.  Tarzan, Boy, and the Stork Men drive them off.  Later they capture Dr. Mac and bring him to their underwater den.  Dr. Mac’s thipdar egg hatches and scares them away.
#59.1 A large group of Terribs move on their Gorobars through the Great Barrier Swamp.  They sense the talking Bolgani near and go under water.  Tarzan swims under the leader and pulls him off his mount.  He lures the Terribs into chasing him.  As Tarzan turns down a branch in the swamp, he dives off.  The Terribs round the corner to face the Bolgani.  A huge battle ensues.
#70.1 Terribs mounted on Gorobars attack Tarzan and his Lutorian escort bringing King Zugu to Alur.  Tarzan kills at least one Terribs with his bow.  The Terribs are repulsed.  The next day the Terribs attack again.  Tarzan kills one Terribs with a spear.  Tarzan dives into the water and pulls a Terribs off his mount.  Further into the battle, the crocodile boat of Lutor arrives and helps to repel the Terribs.
#71.1 A Terribs attacks Tarzan as he battles with a Bolgani underwater.  Tarzan disarms him and takes his Gorobar.  Tarzan watches the Lutorians repel a Terribs scouting party with arrows.
#77.2 Terribs purse Wanumo, a Golden Man, on their Gorobars in the Great Swamp.  Tarzan kills one of the Terribs with a bowshot.  He drives the rest of them away by reining arrows down on them.
#88.2 The Terribs capture Boy and bring him to their village.  A Terribs throws a spear at Tarzan as he searches the Great Swamp for Boy on water skis.  A Terribs scout signals the village that the Golden Men are approaching.  The Terribs surface from underwater tunnels mounted on their Gorobars.  They battle the Golden Men.  Tarzan and the giant otters attack the lizard men from the rear.  The Terribs retreat to their water tunnels.  Boy is rescued from an empty village.
A#6.2 Terribs on Gorobars see Boy and Dombie in a catamaran.  They pursue them.  The boys run aground.  The Terribs catch up and knock Dombie into the water.  They spy the Golden Men approaching and have their Gorobars dive for safety.
#112.1 the cannibalistic Terribs spy the British survivors of a plane crash in a rubber raft.  They attack.  Major Gorham shoots one of them with his pistol.  Tarzan in a crocodile craft chases the Terribs away.
#113.2 - Terribs, the cannibals, have moved from Pal-ul-don to an area near Tarzan.  Isilo reports to the Jungle Lord that crocodiles with hands have taken people from their canoes.  Tarzan realizes that Terribs are in the area.  A Terribs grabs Dombie and pulls him underwater.  Boy and Zoom, the giant otter, dive to the rescue.  The Terribs releases Dombie as Zoom approaches.  He escapes into his underwater dwelling but not before Zoom rips off his crocodile armor.  Tarzan and the Waziri use the giant otters to sniff out the Terribs air holes.  They are found.  Tarzan and the Waziri drive the Terribs downriver and over the falls.  Tarzan worries that others may come to the area.
 #115.1 Terribs attack the Mountain Men, Katar and Dera who are floating on a log in the Great Swamp.  Their sling stones can’t stop the cannibals.  Tarzan’s arrows slays the Gorobar mounts of the Terribs causing them to break off the attack.
#124.1 The Terribs mounted on their Gorobars are massing their forces.  Tarzan on a gryf attacks them.  The Terribs on their Gorobars slip into A-lur behind the attacking Ja-lur army.  Tarzan has the gryf block the gateway to the city.  Tarzan unites A-lur and Ja-lur to defeat the Terribs and their Gorobars.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1+34.2+36.2+41.2+42.1+46.1+50.1+51.1+59.1+70.1+71.1+77.2 +88.2+A#6.2+112.1+ 113.2 +115.1 +124.1
 Novel  --  (relates to the Horibs of Pellucidar - the snake men who build nests like crocodiles.  They use gorobors, a ten-foot reptile, as mounts.)

T’gamai  -- witch doctor of an unnamed tribe.  He literally smells out who will be the next sacrifice to Barumba, lion god.  He names N’keeta but Tarzan riding the Giant Eland rescues her.
 Dell Number  -- 16.2

Thag  --  # 32.2 - Tarzan and Ragak, the blue baboon gund, come across a giant antelope with moose-like antlers being attacked by leopards.  Ragak calls it a Thag.  Tarzan saves it as Red Apes attack them all.
#78.2 A great ape, Thag, believes that Tarzan is an enemy and tries to attack him.  Tarzan convinces Thag that he is a friend and enlists his aid in scaring away the ivory poachers.
 Dell Number  -- 32.2+78.2
 Novel  -- AEC - A Pellucidarian aurochs, a type of prehistoric cattle.

Thako  -- Name of a great ape.  Boy tells Thako and Morok that Tarzan needs their help.  After Tarzan rescues the two Bamwe men who are being held hostage by the M’bongos, he has the two apes replace them.  Tarzan awakens the M’bongos.  The apes scream at them.  The M’bongos believe that their captives have changed into apes, and they flee in horror.
 Dell Number  -- 71.2
 Novel -- TOA and JT - Thaka is a bull ape of Kerchak’s tribe

Thantu  -- Thantu is the name of Prince Gato’s elephant, which he rides as the Athneans approach Tarzan’s tree house.  Prince Gato commands his men to attack the ape-man.  He has the elephants pick up a log and batter down the tree that contains Tarzan’s home.  The Athneans enter the empty Waziri city with their elephants.  Tarzan slips into the city three nights in a row and makes friends with Thantu.  He convinces Thantu to lead the elephants out of the city.  Gato discovers them leaving and shoots an arrow at the ape-man but hits Thantu‘s trunk.  Thantu charges from the city with the herd following him.  Tarzan manages to stop Thantu in the forest.  The herd eats fruit and Tarzan heals Thantu’s trunk.
 Dell Number  -- 122.1

thipdar  --  pteranodon.  #19.2 A mother one carries Tarzan off by his quiver strap.  Before it can drop him in the nest Tarzan cuts the strap.  Tarzan is concerned that their bite may be poisonous.
#24.1 One attacks Tarzan and d’Arnot in the Valley of the Monsters.  Paul takes a shot at it with his express rifle and its exploding bullets.  The creature is unaffected and rips the rifle from d’Arnot’s hands and flies away.
#31.1 Tarzan says that the Pteranodons and the thipdars are the same thing.  Doctor MacWhirtle shoots one with a rocket as they fly over the Valley of the Monsters.
#39.1 - After leaving Lutor, Tarzan captures a thipdar and learns how to control the beast in the air.  He directs it to attack a Zu-gomangani who is carrying off Ro-mee-lah.  The thipdar and Zu-gomangani kill each other.
A #1.3 - While flying on Argus, Tarzan passes a group of thipdars.  He thinks Argus could fly circles around them but does not have the time to play.
#49.3 Tarzan and Dr. Mac travel to the Lake of Pterodactyls in search of thipdar eggs.  Tarzan explains that Pal-ul-don contains two types of thipdars.  One type is meat-eaters from the Valley of Monsters.  They have a crest and no tail.  The other type is a fish-eater from the Lake of Pterodactyls.  They have long tails and no crest.  As Tarzan and the Doctor gather the eggs, a meat-eating thipdar carries off the Doctor.  Tarzan forces a fish-eating thipdar to fly him to the Valley of Monsters.  As the thipdar is about to place Dr. Mac into its nest, he shoots at the young in the nest.  Mounted on a thipdar, Tarzan shoots a meat-eater out of the sky with a rocket launcher.
#51.1 Dr. Mac’s thipdar egg hatches in the Terribs den, scaring away the Terribs.  Tarzan ties the young thipdar’s mouth shut as he helps them escape from the den.
#52.3 As Dr. Mac attempts to fly Dr. Mervin and Yolanda to Nairobi, the young thipdar tries to bite Dr. Mervin on the leg.  Later the thipdar bites Dr. Mac in the arm.  Dr. Mervin ties the thipdar’s beak shut.  They are forced to land.  Dr. Mac unties the beak.  Men of Monga capture the party and tie them up.  The crooked men attempt to board the house-that-flies but are frightened off by thipdar, which they refer to as ska.
#59.1 When Tarzan learns that Prince Keelim has been captured by Talking Gorillas in the Great Barrier Swamp, he locates a thipdar to help search for him.  He ropes a thipdar and rides it up and under the bayous.  When he spies the gorilla’s rafts he leaps from the thipdar’s back into the swamp.
A#4.3 As Tarzan leaves the young Garth he befriended and named Wheeck, a thipdar swoops down and carries off the garth.  Tarzan leaps on its back as it passes.  When it lands Tarzan stabs it with his knife.  The thipdar falls off the cliff.
#78.2 -  A thipdar carries Dombie to its nest in Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan arrives on Argus.  He commands Argus to attack the thipdar that was about to attack Dombie.  Argus kills the thipdar.  Argus lands near the nest.  Two of the young thipdars fall over the edge.  One thipdar falls in a crack.  Dombie asks Tarzan if he can bring the fourth thipdar home with him.  Tarzan ties its mouth closed.  They fly back to the Waziri Village.  Dombie releases the thipdar that frightens the adult warriors who teased him into hunting for a dangerous animal.
#88 (splash page - “The Thipdars of Pal-ul-don”) The largest of the pterodactyls are flesh eaters.  All the others eat fish.
No. 51.7 As Tarzan and Princess Loma pick up Margaret Mackenzie, the astronaut, from the lake, a thipdar passes overhead.
 Dell Number  -- 19.2+24.1+31.1+A 1.3+39.1+49 (Jungle World)+49.3+51.1+52.3+59.1+A#4.3 +78.2 +88 (splash page - “The Thipdars of Pal-ul-don”) +110 (splash page “Thipdars of Pal-ul-don) +No. 51.7
 Novel  -- AEC - Pellucidarian pteranodon capably of carrying a full-grown man.
               TEC - Pteranodon - flying reptile of the Cretaceous period.  It is closely related to the thipdar.

Thok  -- One of the gray apes from the Isle of Apes that Tarzan takes with him on the Arabs dhow to the Gambah Village to rescue the animals that the Arabs have captured.
 Dell Number  -- 55.3

Thorag  -- Great ape.  When Tarzan decides to follow the messenger with the suspicious message from Muviro, Thorag tags along.  Thorag grabs Hanuki, the messenger, up into a tree.  Tarzan has Thorag carry the unconscious Hanuki with them to the Cave of the Fallen Rocks.  When Tarzan throws rocks down at the cave entrance to draw out the Secret Society members, Thorag throws Hanuki towards the entrance.  When Tarzan captures the Secret Master, he commands Thorag to capture the pilot.  The pilot faints.  Tarzan rewards Thorag with the Secret Master’s gloves and mask, to scare other apes.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.3

Thorak  -- A #1.4 a young great ape (looks a lot like a chimp).  A friend of Boy.  He saves Boy from a lion.
#113.1 N’kima searches for help for the captured Tarzan.  He comes upon Thorak and his tribe.  Thorak believes him.  He commands Unga and Urchuk to come with him to help Tarzan.  Thorak bites through the ropes on Tarzan’s hands as Urchuk bites through the ropes on the tree (pole).  When N’gogo, the witch doctor, enters the hut, Thorak throws him bodily into the Leopard Men.  At Tarzan’s directs the three apes to lift the center pole so that he can slip his chains under the pole.  The apes think it will be great fun to carry the pole with the roof attached to a cliff and throw it over.  The Leopard Men see what looks like a hut following Tarzan.  They fear Tarzan’s magic is too great.  The apes throw the roof off the cliff.
No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story) N’kima finds a bracelet that gives him a false sense of courage and bravery.  He thinks he is the king of the monkeys.  N’kima boldly approaches a tribe of apes and declares that he is king.  Thorak, the gund, is unimpressed.  He throws N’kima into a pool of water.  N’kima sinks because of the weight of the bracelet.  Thorak pulls N’kima out of the water and takes his bracelet for himself.  N’kima realizes his power is gone.  N’kima warms Thorak about a charging leopard.  The apes take to the trees.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.4+113.1+No. 37.5 (N’kima story)

Thorchak  -- Old ape, a member of Gulak’s tribe.  A pygmy poison arrow kills him.  Gulak goes to Tarzan for help with the pygmies.
 Dell Number  -- 89.2

Throg  --  #20.2 great ape captured by Murdock and the Arabs.  Tarzan frees him, and he wants to throw the tarmangani overboard.  Tarzan stops him.
A#5.1 - The great ape Throg fights with the ape Kurok over Ta-den’s armband they found in a sandbar.  A flash flood leaves them surrounded by crocodiles.  Tarzan rescues them with a rope.  They declare Tarzan their gund and want to follow him to Tohr.  Tarzan leaves them but promises to hunt with them someday.
 Dell Number  -- 20.2+A#5.1

Throk  -- Name of one of the apes that accompanies Tarzan to Castra to rescue Sir Ronald Crabtree.  They help Tarzan subdue barbarian natives and take their canoe to Castra.  They scale the walls of the city.  They help Tarzan rescue Sir Ronald as a volcano emerges from the ground.  They help paddle the canoe away from the doomed city.
 Dell Number  -- 89.1
 Novels -- EL - One of the Lake dwellers of Neocene Africa.

Thula  --  Naranee’s friend who takes her in after her escape from prison.
 Dell Number  -- 1

Thulak  -- great ape that was captured by Murdo and Syke.  He was taken to Florida and later rescued by Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 23.1

Thurag  --  #27 chief of the great apes, wrestles with Tarzan.  His mate, Kalith, is wounded with a bang stick, and he wants revenge.  He calls for a war Dum-Dum.  He raises Gorlak’s tribe to a frenzy and goes to Colin Durham’s camp.  The camp is deserted but they destroy it anyway.
#29 wears life jacket when the Pantella sinks.  Kills a Berber at the wadi and dons his clothing.  Rides a camel with Tarzan to the Berber city.  Helps Tarzan rescue Alice d’Arnot.  Is shot in the leg by the Berbers.  He rides in a helicopter.
 Dell Number  -- 27+29

Thulak  -- king of a gray ape tribe.  He and his apes follow Tarzan to the Valley of Mist.  Their   inadvertent disturbance in the village is enough of a distraction that Tarzan and Jeff Lansing can rescue Leda Mackrey from the clutches of the Amazons.
 Dell Number  -- 18.1

Thunder Lizard  --  #33 (inside back cover ‘Jungle World’) huge pre-historic dinosaur.  It is a vegetarian.
#58.1 In the Valley of Monsters Tarzan and Gorgo pass a Thunder Lizard in the water.
 Dell Number  -- 33 (inside back cover ‘Jungle World’)+58.1

Thurak  -- Thurak is the gund of an ape tribe.  Tarzan organizes his tribe to look for the escaped Kabarounga, an evil man who killed Thurak’s father and brother.  Frightened by his near encounter with Kabarounga, N’kima comes to Thurak.  Thurak does not believe him and goes to see for himself.  Kabarounga spies Thurak but cannot get off a clean shot.  Thurak shows Tarzan where the encounter occurred.
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

Tika  -- baboon.  Mate of Chako
 Dell Number  -- A 1.5

Tildk  -- Tildk is an ape of Kars tribe.  He tells Tarzan that Kars is dead by the hands of an outsider named Korak the Killer.  Korak bit him because he resisted Korak’s orders to raid the Waziri shamba.
 Dell Number  -- 117.1

Timaru  -- chief of the Swahili tribe of the Molunga River Trading Post.  He, Helen Robertson, and many of his people are captured by Arab slaver Sidi Ben Yemlik, The Black Panther.  Tarzan frees him and his people who fight the Arabs unsuccessful until Tantor and his friends arrive to save the day.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2

Timmons  -- Manager of the Ras Dashani Rest House.  Elderly, balding with a mustache, Timmons wears a white suit with a blue bow tie and a pith helmet.  He was expecting D. Ramsay to be a man, not Doris Ramsay, a woman.  He arranges a safari for her into the Ras Dashani Mountains to search for her father, John.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Timon  --  #19.2 - the tricky, rival of Jo-rah for Lachee, the red flower.  When he sees Tarzan being carried off by a Thipdar, he thinks it is Jo-rah and goes to find Lachee, thus she would be his mate.  He does find her first but Lachee rejects him.  He throws a spear at her, which hits a telodon.  The beast is enraged and kills him.
#45.3 Nephew to King Jathon of New Cathne.  While on a hunting trip with his uncle he tries to kill him.  He reports King Jathon as dead and becomes King of Cathne.  Eager for war with Athne, he takes Goliath and the Cathneans warriors to Athne.  He rides the giant lion up to the wall of Athne and demands their surrender.  The Athneans fire spears down on them.  Goliath is hit and throws Timon off his back.  The enraged lion crushes Timon with his paw.
 Dell Number  -- 19.2+45.3

Timoto  -- Waziri warrior. Tarzan has him carry the unconscious Queen Mataha to the rear so   she will not be hurt in the battle with her Arrackian warriors.
 Dell Number  -- 30

Timu  -- Name of a native craftsman bowl maker who Jane orders some bowls from.  Jane buys a loom in Nairobi for Kimbo.  She has Timu put it together for him.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.5 (Jane story)

Tim Wales  -- Timothy.  West Coast exporter and his wife, Jess, are trying to get away from civilization for a while by canoeing down a river when they are attacked by Terribs.  Tarzan rescues them.  Later in the Gorlak’s huts the Terribs attack again capturing Jess.  Tim helps Tarzan rescue her.  With the help of the Marubi tribe they make it back to their home.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1

Tippoo Tib  -- Great Arab explorer, first ruler of East Africa.  He opened the way for Stanley and Livingstone.  A legend.  He presented Moki’s father with an elaborate flintlock musket.  The rifle becomes a symbol of power for the Badunga people.  Tippoo Tib is talked about but not shown.
 Dell Number  -- 100.1
 Novel -- FL - Arab slave and ivory trader with a commercial empire in the upper Congo.

Tobey  -- Partner to Harry the other missing oil prospector.  Tarzan saves them from a leopard.  They are hairy faced as the monkeys described to Tarzan.  He feeds them for days to regain their health, as they are both emaciated but now clean-shaven.  The ape-man carries the weakened Harry and Tobey has bandaged legs.  They travel to the Lost City of Moumamba.  The Moumamba people are friendly and nurse the men back to health but will not permit them to leave, ever.  The prospectors are delighted to find crude oil there, but the noise of the waterfall is deafening.  Tarzan helps them escape the city by lowering Tobey down a cliff and carrying Harry down the rope.  Back at a hospital, the two men decide not to return to Moumamba.  Tobey has brown hair and blue eyes.  He smokes a pipe
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

Tohrian  -- Citizens of Tohr, the City of Silence.  Tohrian laborers turn the giant capstan-like shaft that produces the power for the King’s electric generator.  The generator powers a silence machine that somehow absorbs the sound waves within the city.  They sing as they work.  Tarzan breaks the machine.  The King commands the Tohrian guards in Roman-like armor to capture Tarzan.  One of the guards throws a spear at the ape-man but accidentally kills the King.  After rescuing Ta-den, Tarzan and the King of Alur ride a gryf through the guards to freedom.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.1

Toldo  -- lion guardian of the treasures of Tohr.  The queen, Ahtea, calls Toldo her mightiest    lion.  Ukah, a rebel, is placed in an arena with the lion.  Ahtea also throws Ruth Barton into the arena.  Tarzan kills Toldo with his bare hands.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.1

Tolo  -- Great ape who rescues Tarzan from the cage King Grossa has placed him in.  He carries the unconscious ape-man to the Mambusi Village.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

Tom -- Jo, a young female with a black ponytail and shorts, accompanies Tom, an older male with a receding hairline.  Their plane is almost out of gas.  They land in a tree.  They are soaking their tired feet in a stream when Boy warns them about crocodiles and the approaching cannibals.  They make for a cliff face.  Tarzan frightens off the cannibals with some well-placed arrows.
 Dell Number  -- 104.2

Tom Culver  -- Blonde Englishman, the archaeologist fiancée of Ellen Maypool.  He talks Doctor MacWhirtle into flying him to Athne.  He is taken captive by the Athneans.  He, Ellen, and her father are subjected to the Ordeal of the Elephants.  Tarzan rescues them.
 Dell Number  -- 40.1

Tomos  -- nobleman in Cathne.  Tarzan forcibly stops his advances on Elaine Hammond when    he brings her to Cathne.  Tomos convinces the king, Alextar that she is a spy and has her locked up.  Later he goes to her cell to try again.  Elaine attempts to pull the pistol on him, but he grabs it.  As he examines the weapon, he accidentally pulls the trigger and kills himself.
 Dell Number  -- 21.1
 Novel  --  CiG + TaM - Nemone’s councilor in CiG.  In TaM a powerful noble who controlled King Alextar.  He has Tarzan thrown in prison.  Tarzan was a hero to the people and they rebel.  The mad king Alextar kills Tomos.

Tomara  -- high priest of the white savages of Vari.  After King Varo dies, he throws the queen, Naranee, in prison and makes himself king.  Tarzan brings about his overthrow and has him banished.
 Dell Number  -- 1

Tom Lindon  --  #73.2 American wildlife photographer.  He learns that the Chacma baboons are in the Roaring Gorge and leaves his guide, Brant Torrey, behind and goes to the area alone.  He saves a baboon balu from the water but is stranded by the rapids on a land shelf.  The baboons believe that he stole the baby.  Tarzan and Brant find him feeding the baby some condensed milk.  Tarzan guides Tom’s canoe through the rapids onto a rock.  The balu is returned and they leave the area.  Lindon has a long waxed mustache and a receding hairline.  He smiles continually.
#74.2 Tarzan guides the pipe smoking Lindon to the Valley of Towers and sets him up in a lean-to shelter so that he can photograph the Winged Men in action.  Lindon gets excited and leaves the shelter as he photographs the Winged Men.  He is spotted and captured.  The Winged Men take him to their cave, tie him up, and throw him in a body of water.  Tarzan arrives in time to witness the event.  He rescues the photographer.  Lindon managed to save his film.  (The persistent smile does leave Lindon’s face when he is captured and thrown in the pool of water.)
 Dell Number  -- 73.2+74.2

To-mu (Tomu)  -- a prince of the White Pygmies of Lipona.  Leads charge against the vulture clan as Tarzan runs out of arrows.
 Dell Number  -- 8

Torchak  -- ape who aides and hunts with Tarzan
 Dell Number  -- 21.1

Torglat  -- ape (probably the gund of the tribe) who will not heed Tarzan’s warning that his tribe has wandered into a territory that has hunters with traps and thundersticks.
 Dell Number  -- 31.2

Torik  -- mangani who is the most upset when Tarzan interrupts the war Dum-Dum when many of the wives are captured by the Giants.  He is filled with Dum-Dum fever and fights Tarzan, who flips him, knocking him unconscious.
 Dell Number  -- 37.1

Tor-lot  --  “the beast face”  - son of Es-at the evil one.  A Waz-don who usurps Om-at’s power when he is away.  Attempts to get Pan-at-lee but she flees.  Om-at either kills or chases him off.
 Dell Number  -- 4

Tornak  -- name of a great ape.  Tornak and Nala, another great ape, save Sheila Ross from a leopard.  They send N’kima to tell Tarzan that they have a white woman.  They accompany Tarzan and Sheila in the search for Sheila’s father, Professor Ross.  At the Professor’s captive hut, the apes frighten away the Crater Village people.  When the natives return with a stronger force, Tarzan has the two apes capture a native to use as a shield in their escape.  They release their prisoners once they are safely away.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1

Tor-o-don / Torodon  --  #6 beast man.  One tries to kill Tarzan.  Tarzan drowns him.  Another captures Boy but is stopped by Tarzan and killed by Ta-den.  Hairy with no tails.
#18.2  one captures Princess Ila and Taddo when Tarzan is rescuing Olan from a dyal.  Tarzan suggests they are cannibals.  Tarzan tames the dyal and rides it to catch them.  The dyal kills the beast man.
#24.2 - described as slow with an idiot’s brain, cousin to bolgani, and has a glass jar.  One attacks Tarzan when he was on his way to Alur.  Tarzan easily knocks him out.
A #1.3 -Torodons (spelled without the hyphens) mounted by gryfs overthrow Alur and Jalur.  They wear colorful shorts and use clubs.  Tarzan, Jorah’s tribe mounted on dyals, and the remainder of King Jadon’s Ho-dons, defeat them.
#41.1 A Torodon named Ungak captures Lucia Tally.  Tarzan knocks him out, and they take the beast man’s gryf to the Tower of Ta-dan.  Torodons attack the tower with climbing poles and a battering ram.  Torodons attack Alur at the same time.  Tarzan has Doctor MacWhirtle fire rockets from his airplane at the Torodons, thus driving them away.
#56.3 Torodons drop from the trees and capture several Gallugos and their buffaloes.  Tarzan tracks them to their camp where he sees the beast men force the Gallugos to fence the buffaloes into part of their canyon home.  They have round huts with conical tops.  They use campfires.  Their primary weapon is a club.  Tarzan surprises the guards, knocks them out, and frees the Gallugos.  The Torodons steal more of the Gallugos buffaloes.  Tarzan uses a lion skin to stampede the buffaloes out of the pen and back to the Gallugos.
A#3.5 A volcano eruption has driven the Torodons and their gryfs out of the Valley of Monsters.  They attack Cathne.  Tarzan teaches the Cathneans to throw flasks of oil down on the invaders and then ignite the oil with torches.  This drives off the beast men.  Tarzan implies that the Torodons are cannibals.  Tarzan, Jo-rah, and his men, mounted on dyals, thwart the Torodon’s night attack on Cathne.  Tarzan and Jo-rah lure the Torodons and their gryfs into a large group of Garths.  They Torodons flee on foot.
A#7.4 -Torodon (See also: Ombazan).
No. 51.5 A Tor-o-don climbs towards Pan-at-lee who fell into his monkey net.  Tarzan cuts her free.  Tarzan fights the Tor-o-don.  They fall from the tree.  The Tor-o-don breaks its neck in the fall.  The Tor-o-don is very close to an ape in its looks.
 Dell Number  -- 6+9+18.2+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don) +24.2 + 31(last page of Brothers of the Spear) +A 1.3+A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don) +41.1+56.3 +A#3.5 +A#7.4+No. 51.5
 Novel  -- TTe - beast-like -men, primitive cousin of Waz-dons and Ho-dons.  They are hairy with tails.  slightly more intelligent than the great apes.

toto  --  #69.1 Toto is a Swahili word for baby.  It is used in this story to refer to the baby elephant captured by the hunter, Derrik Carne at Lake Chui.  Toto is taken to the hunter’s animal compound near Nairobi.  Tarzan catches up to the hunter in Kenya Country and buys the elephant.
#108.2 Boy and Dombie find a baby elephant at the Lake of Reeds.  Native elephant hunters have captured its mother.  They build a shelter for the Toto to protect it from lions and leopards.  They help the mother escape from the hunters and use the Toto’s scent on some grasses to lead the mother to the shelter.  The mother chases a lion away from the shelter.  She smashes the shelter to release the Toto.
 Dell Number  -- 69.1+108.2

Touaregs  -- #26 bandits known as the scourge of the desert under the command of Sheik Abdul   Hamid.  They find Leveque and Suleiman in the Great Thorn Desert.  With a promise of a share of the treasure of Isis, they guide the two through the desert.
A#4.3 - They see Dr. Mac’s helicopter and shoot at it with their rifles.  The helicopter is forced to land near an oasis.  They ride to loot the prize.  A Garth chases them away.
 Dell Number  -- 26+A#4.3

touraco --  A#7 (splash page - “Bird’s of Tarzan’s Jungle”)

Tourneau, Lieutenant  Paul  --  French officer, friend of Tarzan who was assigned to eliminate the Shiftas’ band that was plaguing French Equatorial Africa.  The Shiftas have fled across the Belgian border so he must wait for their return.  He fears his fiancée, Rita Lane, will be upset with him because he will have to be gone for a long time.  Tarzan captures the Shiftas and frees Rita who had been captured by the cutthroats.  Tarzan brings his captives to the lieutenant.  The lieutenant has white hair and wears a uniform with a yellow scarf around his neck.
 Dell Number  -- 17.2

trader  --  #106.1 bald trader for Castrum Mare.  He does business at the trading post at the other end of the lake.  He purchases humans and animals for the games.  He buys Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja for half the natives’ original asking price.
#127.2 - the Bageena captures a white trader.  Drums report that a white man will be sacrificed to the father of apes.  Boy and Dombie think that the drums refer to Tarzan.  The trader is dressed in a monkey mask and clothes with a monkey on the chest.  The witch doctor starts the fire around the pole, which holds the trader.  Disguised as monkeys Boy and Dombie rush into the smoky fire around the pole and release the trader to discover that he is not Tarzan.  Tarzan flies the giant eagles in to rescue them.  Tarzan has Aguila carry the unconscious trader to safety.
 Dell Number  -- 106.1+127.2

trapper  -- The unnamed man captures Balja, Jad-bal-ja’s mate, and brings her to his wild animal compound outside of Nairobi in his truck with a cage on the back.  He has also captured baboons and apes.  Boy and Jad-bal-ja track him to the compound.  He is bald with a mustache.  He watches out of an upper window, as natives are about to use a battering ram on his door.  Boy, Jad-bal-ja, and the animals they freed frighten the natives away.
 Dell Number  -- 60.2 (Boy story)

Tree of Ages  -- The Tree of Ages stands on a hillock on an island in the Lake Nobody Names.  The tree has red tendrils and is a flesh eater.  Captain Smith and his partner search for the unknown tree.  It is as old as the world.  Earth spirits guard it.  A ruined city, Houses of the Ancient Ones, is near the tree and every building in the city has the Tree carved on the front.  Lechwe brings Tarzan to the Tree.  Lechwe fears it and has the ape-man bring the two dead leopards as an offering to the Tree.  Tarzan gets too close to the Tree and the tendrils grab him.  He has to cut himself free.  The Tree eats one of the leopards.  Tarzan makes hot coals and wraps them in a leopard skin.  He throws it to the Tree.  An unnamed tribe approaches praying to the Tree.  They are bringing Captain Smith as a sacrifice to the Tree of Ages.  The tree burns.  Tarzan frightens off the tribe.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.1

tree toad  --  a tree toad nearly frightens Boy into falling off a log and into the great bog.
 Dell Number  -- 105.2

Tribe of the Lions  -- Fictitious tribe name that the Bou Denni uses to explain Tarzan and Paul d’Arnot to Sheik Ibrahim of the Forbidden City.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

triceratops  --  (See also - gryf)  As Tarzan leads Bruce Harlowe out of the Valley of Monsters, they pass a triceratops.
 Dell Number  -- 107.1

tricolored starling  --  A#7 (splash page - “Bird’s of Tarzan’s Jungle”)

trogon  -- Exotic bird that is green, pink, and white.  Miboko captures one by luring it to him with his bird flute.  The Nurami capture him, Boy, and Dombie because the bird is sacred to them.  They let the bird go.
 Dell Number  -- 97.2

truck driver  -- Tarzan flags down a truck.  The driver agrees to take Margaret Mackenzie, the astronaut, to Nairobi.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.7

Tsetse fly  --  #80 (splash page - “Tarzan’s World”)

Tuck  -- The otter Dr. Mervin gives to Tarzan along with some growth pills.  Tarzan takes Tuck and the female otter, Nip, to the Stork People.  He turns them into giants and trains them to attack the Gorobars, the lizard mounts of the Terribs.  They are relentless and dominate the Gorobars.  Tarzan rides Tuck to the defense of Dr. Mervin and Yolanda whose plane was forced to land in the Great Swamp.
 Dell Number  -- 42.1

Tumuri  -- native who informs Tarzan that a big plane has landed and the people are asking for him.  The people are gangster Lou Coron and his men.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2

Tuaregs/Tauregs  --  #42.2  People of the Veil.  An Arab tribe that controls the desert around the Hoggar massif and the Hoggar massif itself.  They wear burnooses and veils across their faces.  (See also - Black Tuaregs.)
#56.1 - They live north of their enemies, the Ostrich Clan, desert pygmies.  They captured three Ostrich people for slaves.  The Ostrich people free them and capture five of the six Tuaregs.  The prisoners are held in the Ostrich Clan Village.  They have been stripped of their burnooses and veils.  The Tuareg come to the village in a rescue attempt.  They knock Tarzan out with the butt of a musket and ride off with him.  They plan to sell Tarzan into slavery.  They believe that the Ostrich people can turn themselves invisible.  Dr. Mac and the Ostrich people rescue Tarzan.  The Tuaregs are defeated.
#64.2 Spelled Tauregs.  They are called the Blue Raiders.  Tarzan calls them the raiders of the desert.  The baboons living near Red Rock Canyon call them ‘blue skins.’  They kill and wound some of the baboons.  They return on their camels and capture Boy.  Tarzan pursues them on his ostrich.  Tarzan wounds one with an arrow.  As they pass through the canyon, the baboons rein rocks down on them.  One of the Tauregs is killed.  They let release Boy and flee.
#86.1 Tuaregs have discovered an entry into a seamless tower in a dead city.  In the caverns below the tower they mine placer gold.  When the archeologists Cabot and Laura Sutton are found in the city they capture them and bring into the tower.  They treat the Suttons with respect.  Tarzan and his Waziri party see the Tuaregs caravan enter the tower.  They enter through the top of the tower.  They get the drop on the Tuaregs.  The ‘people of the veil’ realize that they are out numbered and surrender.  The Suttons agree to keep the Tuaregs’ secret about the mine and the tower.
#98 (splash page- “The Tuareg”) impressive drawing of a Tuareg sitting on a camel.  The text states that the Tuaregs are no longer raiders but are nomads raising sheep and goats.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2+56.1+64.2+86.1+98 (splash page)

Turgit  -- He is the son of Ondrik, King of the Naqui clan, the rock climbers.  He was captured by the Karfu, their natural enemy, and subjected to work the great mill sweep.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac are also captured and chained next to him.  Tarzan makes friends with him.  The Jungle Lord breaks their chains that night, and they escape.  Turgit leads them to the canyons of the Naqui people.  The Karfu pursue them but the Naqui people arrive in time to defeat them.  He tells the story of their escape to the Naqui people.
 Dell Number  -- 55.1

Turkoman  -- While Tarzan is away negotiating a Masai - Turkoman water dispute, an urgent message arrives.  Boy and Dombie go to deliver the message.  After killing a leopard, a Turkoman takes their spears and brings them to his camp.  He forces the two boys to get water out of a nearly dry hole.  They escape when a flash flood hits the camp.
 Dell Number  -- 53.2 (Boy story)

Tweeba  -- It is how Chako, the old man of the rocks, refers to the termite.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.2(Boy story)

two legged ape  --  One of King Grossa’s men refers to Tarzan as a two legged ape.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

Ty-ee  -- son of Chako, the baboon.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.5

tyrannosaurs --  (See also - Garth) #7 prehistoric creature found in the Valley of the Monsters.  Tarzan manages to kill one by throwing a rock, which knocks it off balance so that it falls off a cliff.
#16.1 a female and her two youngsters have escaped the Valley of the Monsters.  Tarzan uses a ball of bark and gum to keep the mother from finishing him.
#24.1 Tarzan is chased by one but it slips and falls into a hot springs.  He also finds two eggs, which he gives to Doctor Mac.  One hatches and escapes.  The Doctor takes the other with him.
#31.1 One attacks Tarzan   as he tries to reach Doctor Mac’s seaplane.  He shoots it with a rocket, which is mounted to the plane.
A #1.3 they are referred to as both tyrannosaurs and Garth.  In the air on Argus Tarzan directs Jorah’s dyal riders around a group of the giant lizards.
#36 - from the lost land of Pal-ul-don.
#39.1 Tarzan riding a dyal through the Valley of Monsters encounters a tyrannosaurs.  The dyal leaps over the giant lizard and delivers a kick to the head that stuns the beast.
#49.3 - As Tarzan and Dr. Mac attempt to escape from the Valley of Monsters, garths attack them.  Tarzan uses a rocket launcher to kill one of the monsters and the backslash blinds a second one.  A third garth attacks the blinded one.  Tarzan and the Doctor make their escape.
A#3.5 Tarzan finds dinosaurs, including a tyrannosaur, in the Great Swamp.  He goes to the Valley of the Monsters to see why they are leaving the valley.  The ape-man flies to Cathne to warn them about the dinosaurs.  He tells King Jathon that a Garth is four times as tall as a man and can leap as high as ten men.  The Garths have black stripes on their backs.  Tarzan and Jo-rah, mounted on dyals, ride out to locate the Garths.  Tarzan and Jo-rah lead the Torodons on their gryfs into a herd of Garths.  Tarzan and Jo-rah’s dyals leap over the Garths.  The Garths and gryfs battle until they kill each other.
#58.1 In the Valley of Monsters, Tarzan and Gorgo are attacked by two young Garths.  Tarzan kills one with an arrow.  Gorgo kills the other.
#60.1 A Garth attacks Tarzan and Gorgo in the Great Swamp.  Tarzan’s arrows and Gorgo’s horns sends the beast staggering into the swamp water never to be seen again.
A#4.3 Two Garths chase Tarzan in the Valley of Monsters.  Tarzan descends into a canyon to escape them.  In another separate but connected tale, Tarzan and Dr. Mac are threatened by three Garths in the valley.  Tarzan kills one with a bazooka.  Wheeck, the Garth Tarzan befriended, kills the other two.
#71.1 A garth drives the excess Cathnean lions out of the swamp.  The garth kills at least one lion.  Tarzan out maneuvers the garth.  Later two garths threaten the lions are they are being herded into the crocodile boats headed for Lutor.  Tarzan’s poison arrows and Gorgo dispatch the two garths.
A#5.1 on his way to rescue Ta-den from Tohr, Tarzan swings by a garth in the Great Thorn Swamp.
#97.1 A Garth thirty feet high and forty feet long terrorizes Cathne, keeping the city in siege like conditions.  It chases Tarzan and N’kima as they approach the city.  Tarzan and King Jathon travel to Pal-ul-don for red gryfs to battle the Garth.  The Garth spots them and eats most the hunting lions that accompany the heroes.  Returning with the gryfs, they attack the Garth.  Soon after the battle begins Tarzan and Jathon abandon their mounts.  The red gryfs kill the Garth.
#107.1 while searching for the missing Bruce Harlowe in the Valley of Monsters, Tarzan kills a garth with an arrow shot.  Later Tarzan and Harlowe are chased by two garths.  Tarzan fires an arrow into one of them.  The two garths turn on each other.  They topple into the boiling waters of a geyser.
 #112.1 the royal British air force officer who crashed in Pal-ul-don witness a tyrannosaurus kill a duck-billed dinosaur.
#121.1 A Garth wanders by Tarzan’s tree house.  The beast eats one of the Waziri long horned steers.  The Garth smashes a village and attacks a hippo herd, eating one of the hippos.  The monster smashes the prospecting camp in search of food.  It attacks the prospecting crew in their tractor-like vehicle.  It kills them as he steps on the vehicle.  Raoul d’Arnot’s elephant gun has no effect on it.  Tarzan’s arrow through the eye to the brain causes the Garth to enter the lake and die.
No. 51.7 the female Garths return to Valley of Monster to lay their eggs.  Tarzan and the Lutorians build a wall sealing them up in the valley.  The Garths attack them while they are building.  Tarzan lights bush fires to keep the Garths at bay.
#131.1 living in the Canyon of No Return the dinosaur is called neither a Garth nor a tyrannosaurus.  Tarzan refers to it as a swamp creature.  A Garth runs by the Waziri camp and attacks a group of unnamed natives.  Later it catches the scent of Tarzan, Muviro, and the Waziri.  It attacks.  Tarzan kills it with an arrow through the mouth to the tiny brain.
 Dell Number  -- 7 +16.1 + 24.1+31.1+A 1.3+ 36 (Jungle World - after second story) +39.1 +49.3 +A#3.5 +58.1 +60.1 +A#4.3 +71.1 +A#5.1 +97.1 +107.1 +112.1+ 121.1+No. 51.7 +131.1+
 Novel -- a miniature one is found in FC and a Pellucidarian one, called a zarith, is found in BSA


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