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Volume 1690s
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


sable lion  --  #11 male lion with an exceptional mane, Tarzan captures and tames him.  The beast helps Tarzan and Buto Matari rescue Jane, Boy, and Lula (Buto’s mate) from Arab slavers.
#72.1 Tarzan finds a sable lion, larger than Jad-bal-ja, in a pit-trap.  He feeds the lion horta.  Tarzan falls in the pit that allows the lion egress from the pit.  The lion becomes his friend.  Tarzan rescues Barbara Hillyard.  The natives and their hyenas pursue them.  The lion helps Tarzan drive them off.
 Dell Number  -- 11+72.

sabor  --  lioness.  #20.2 - Murdock captures Jad-bal-ja’s mate along with Jad-bal-ja.  Tarzan frees them.
#23.1-  Jad-bal-ja’s mate is captured by Murdo and Syke.  She is taken to Florida along with Jad-bal-ja and later rescued by Tarzan.
#33.1 - As the riders from Rio Grande rope a lion, Tarzan must kill sabor with his knife as she tries to sneak up on the cowboys.
#36.1   Tarzan ropes a cub away from a lioness, which is not happy about this.  Tarzan uses the cub to create the giant lion, Goliath.
#54.1 this story features a male and female lions that become man-killers.  They raid the cattle herd at Buto Matari’s village.  The next night they escape from the trap Buto and his men set for them.  They return and kill Buto’s nephew, M’pani, and his wife.  When Tarzan and Buto catch up to them, there is a fight.  Buto’s spear breaks during his battle with the lioness.  For a second the lion and lioness turn on each other.  They escape.  During a lightning storm, sabor heads for a cave.  The lioness prepares to attack Tarzan.  A bolt of lightning strikes near them.  Blinded by the flash, Sabor leaps at Tarzan but falls off a cliff to her death.  (See also: numa for the fate of the male man-eater.)
#56.1 Tarzan saves an Ostrich Clan member from an attack by sabor.  Tarzan kills the lioness with his knife.
#57.3 two lioness feed on a zebra with Jad-bal-ja.  A rifle killed the zebra.  Tarzan fears it is a set up by a hunter to kill lions.
A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story) Sabor joins her mate in feeding on his zebra kill.  Hyenas kill her two cubs.  She kills one of the dangos.  The lioness takes David Lane as a replacement for her cubs.  She falls into the pit trap the missionary has built.  When the Rev. Lane deduces that the lioness was caring for his son, he has the lioness released.
#80.2 A lioness is chased off by a herd of buffaloes she was attacking.  She leaves her cub behind.  Tarzan rescues the numa-toto.  Another lioness chases after two hyenas that killed her cubs.  She manages to kill one of them.  Tarzan finds her den and removes the dead cubs.  Tarzan places the orphaned cub in the lioness’ den.  The lioness attempts to attack Tarzan.  She rolls back the stone in front of her den and discovers the cub.  She accepts the cub as her own.
#86.2 A lioness drags a policeman into the brush.  Boy shoots an arrow at sabor.  She drops her prey and chases Boy who is mounted on an ostrich.  Boy leaps into a tree and taunts the lioness.  She gives up the chase of the ostrich and attempts to climb the tree to get Boy.  Boy’s arrows keep her at bay.  Her mate joins the hunt.  Tarzan’s arrow kills the male.  Sabor flees.
A#6.4 A male and female lion attack Prince Rotan’s buffalo.  Tarzan kills the female the male runs off.
#93.2 A lioness is with some males as they wait and watch an elephant caught in a bog.  After Tarzan kills one of the males and Tantor’s herd trumpets, the lioness leaves with the other males.
#99.2 Boy approaches a pride of lions so that Dombie can take his picture.  The click of the camera upsets the lioness.  Dombie distracts the lioness and gets her to chase his eland.  He manages to elude the lioness at a stream.
A#7.4 Imperial lions of Pal-ul-don are four times the size of normal lions.  A male and female attack Tarzan and Kandor.  Tarzan kills sabor with his knife.
#110.1 when Jess’ airplane buzzes a lioness and her cubs, Sabor leaps at the plane.  She manages to knock the plane off course, causing it to crash.
 Dell Number  -- 20.2+23.1+33.1+36.1+54.1+56.1+57.3+A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story)+80.2+86.2+A#6.4+93.2+99.2 +A#7.4 +110.1
 Novel  -- TA  -- any lioness

saber toothed beast  --  #6 creature of Pal-ul-don.  One attacks Tarzan and Boy.  Tarzan kills it with his knife.
#18.2 while crossing Pal-ul-don Tarzan, Princess Ila, and Taddo are chased by a pair of white ones.  At night they attack and Tarzan kills one with a rock.  He uses the pelt as a hood for a dyal.
#26 - Suleiman, the Strong, kills one with his bare hands as he and Leveque cross the Mountains of the Moon.
#31.1 Tarzan spears a saber-tooth tiger that was threatening Boy and Doctor Mac.  The Ho-dons request the honor of finishing off the beast.  They do so with spears.  #35 As Tarzan guides King Jathon and the remnants of his people to a new home in Pal-ul-don, they are attacked by saber-toothed tigers.  From the advantage of a high outcropping they defend themselves against the beasts.  With his knife Tarzan kills one that was attacking King Jathon.
#36.1 called jato by Tarzan.  Tarzan kills one with his spear.  It was stalking Athnean spies.  (See also - jato)
#41.1 A saber-toothed beast kills a boar beneath the tree where Lucia Tally is sleeping.
#46.1 A pack of them attacks the Gallugos, which causes their buffaloes to stampede.  Tarzan and the Gallugos attack the beasts and wipe them out with the help of Goliath.  #57.1 As Tarzan trains Gorgo, the giant buffalo, a saber-toothed beast stalks them.  Tarzan kills it with an arrow.
#63.1 Tarzan and Chet Harper pass a saber toothed beast on their way to Cathne.
 Dell Number  -- 6+18.2+26+31.1+35+36.1+41.1+45.3+46.1+56.3+57.1+63.1

safari boys  -- After Boy and Korak, the ape, rescue Wanda Newland from her M’bongo captors, they return her to her vehicle where her safari boys are waiting.
 Dell Number  -- 50.2

Sa-gon  -- Sa-gon is the name of the officer that King Ja-don the Third commands to have the army move against A-lur at once.
 Dell Number  -- 124.1

Sail back dinosaur  -  #128 (splash page - “Old Sail Back”)

Sala  -- Swahili tribe member of the Molunga River Trading Post.  She was captured by Sidi Ben Yemlik but managed to escape.  She leads Tarzan and Muviro to the Arab’s camp so they can rescue the captured slaves and Helen Robertson.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2

Saleem, King  -- He is Amenokal or king of the Tannalelt people.  Tarzan, Jane, Boy, and Johnny Ball’s plane crashes near Tannalelt.  Saleem makes Tarzan pledge allegiance to Tannalelt.  The Gaddanes overthrow the city.  In the prison warehouse Saleem tells Tarzan that a foggara, a water conduit, runs under the warehouse.  Tarzan helps Saleem and his people escape and retake the city.  Saleem releases Tarzan from his pledge.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1

Samali  --  #129 (splash page) The Samali are warriors living near the northern Kenya frontier.

Sandra McKinney  -- Sandra has short black hair.  She wears a red blouse and blue shorts.  Sandra is lured into landing her plane when she sees a white SOS on the ground below.  She is captured by Shiftas who had laid out their white clothes to trick her into landing.  They plan to sell her.  She is from Dubuque.  Chet Harper is captured and chained to the tree next to her.  Tarzan rescues them and distracts the Shiftas so they can make it to Sandra’s plane.  Sandra invites Chet aboard the plane.  Chet proposes marriage.  She accepts.  They take off to freedom.
 Dell Number  -- 64.1

Sara  -- Sara is the daughter to Sheik Abdullah Ben Ibrahim of an Arab fishing village.  She is hoeing in a garden when Tarzan, mounted on Argus, swoops down and removes a leopard that is stalking her.  She covers her face at the sight of the ape-man.  She explains to him how the Channel Pirates are keeping them from fishing.  She introduces Tarzan to her father.
 Dell Number  -- 83.1

Saracen  -- an Arab, any Mohammedan or Moslem with reference to the crusades.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1
 Novel -- LJ

Saint George  -- saint venerated by crusaders, made patron saint of England in 1350.  Hal Hogarth, knight from Kingdom of Carmel invokes his name in battle.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1

Scotty  -- one of the gangsters who holds Prince Ta-den in the stone tower outside of A-lur.    They are considering staying to rule Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan with the help of Om-at and the Waz-dons free Ta-den and drive the gangsters out.  He is killed when the escape plane bumps into a gryf and crashes in a lake.
 Dell Number  -- 16.1

sea Arabs  --  #A2.5 (See also -  Arabs)

sea monster  --  A sea monster bites through Mugambi’s hut and takes his pet goat.  Tarzan follows the flipper or fin tracks to the sea.  Tarzan chases the white raider, Agib, out into the sea in a canoe.  The sea monster bites through Agib’s canoe.  Tarzan throws two hand grenades at the monster, killing it.
 Dell Number  -- 73.1

secretary bird  --  A#5 (Tarzan’s Birds - splash page)

Secret Master  -- AKA Secret One and Man of Evil.  He is a white man who is the leader of a native Secret Society that is known for terror, murder, and helping him profit.  He flies into a shamba and orders the Owl and his men to kill Tarzan in 48 hours or else.  He leaves.  When he returns, Tarzan forces the Owl to tricking the Man of Evil into believing that he has Tarzan.  As the Secret One leans over Tarzan’s body, Tarzan grabs him.  He tries to pull a pistol, but the ape-man quickly disarms him.  Tarzan flies the Secret Master, the Owl and the pilot to the authorities in Nairobi.  The Secret Master wears a pith helmet, a purple coat, gold breaches, riding boots, blue gloves, and a black mask.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.3

Secret Society  --  #50.3 A terrorist organization made up of people from many tribes.  They are united by their hatred of Europeans and tribes that are sympathetic to Europeans.  They are terrorizing a large part of Africa.  They murder and intimidate with voodoo type dolls.  The British Commissioner in Nairobi has made hundreds of arrests with no effect.  The British ask Tarzan for help.  Tarzan and Buto trail the murderer of two Bamwe natives to a village.  They follow the terrorist by canoe to an island where they discover a cache of weapons.  Tarzan sprays the terrorist with the Mark of Evil, a mixture of zorilla and civet so they can be recognized anywhere.  They dump their weapons into the lake.
A#3.3 - A native band of terrorist and murders under the direction of the Owl, who take their orders from the white Secret Master.  Hanuki, a society member, is send to Tarzan with a false message about d’Arnot lying hunt in the Cave of the Fallen rocks.  Tarzan doesn’t fall for the trap.  He throws rocks down at the cave from above.  Thorag, the ape, throws Hanuki off of the cliff.  The society members riddle him with spears.  The Owl leads them towards the Pyrethrum Plantation to get the scalp of the owner to fool the Secret One.  When Tarzan ropes the Owl up into a tree, the cutthroats believe it is a jungle devil.  They flee.  They run into Muviro and the Waziri, who disable them.  Tarzan has the Waziri turn them over to the authorities.
 Dell Number  -- 50.3+A#3.3

Selim  -- Arab member of the Carveth horse safari.
 Dell Number  -- 38.2

Serenli  -- Serenli is the son of Sheik Abdurra of the Marehans.  Boy rides to Serenli with the news that his father has been wounded and that his uncle, Gumburu, is going to try to secure the Armor of King Suleiman, the symbol of power for the Marehans.  Serenli and Boy ride to the mountains to get the armor.  Serenli shoots a leopard that attacks them.  He dons the royal armor.  Gumburu gets the drop on him and demands the armor.  Tarzan thwarts Gumburu’s men.  Serenli is forced to shoot his uncle.  He rides a camel to his injured father.
 Dell Number  -- 129.3

Sergeant  -- native soldier in the French forces who refuses to allow Tarzan to see Lt. d’Arnot.
 Dell Number  -- 23.1

Sergius Rufus, Tribune  -- Castrum Mare official.  A war galley from Castra Sanguinarius attacks his galley.  His son, Centurion Nicanor is captured.  Rufus is knocked overboard.  Tarzan rescues him.  They are old friends.  Tarzan takes him to Castrum Mare.  He instructs the Tribune to have a fast galley near Castra Sanguinarius because he will rescue his son.  He has the ship in place as Tarzan brings out all of the Castrum Mare captives.  He agrees to take the baboons with them as they make their escape.  He is a middle-aged man with thin hair and a goatee.
 Dell Number  -- 58.3

serpent eagle  --  A#7 (splash page - “Bird’s of Tarzan’s Jungle”)

Serpent of Pal-ul-don  --  #52.3 The Serpent of Pal-ul-don slithers up as Tarzan turns Dr. Mac’s seaplane around so Dr. Mac, Dr. Mervin, and Yolanda can take off.  The Men of Monga arrive and the serpent attention is turned to them.  The plane takes off.  Tarzan mounts Argus and kills the serpent with arrows, thus saving the crooked men.
#52 (Last page, splash page)  The text states that it is like no other reptile.  It has a fin or crest on its head and is capable of swallowing an ox.
 Dell Number  -- 52.3

serval  --  #25 (inside front cover ‘Jungle World”)
A#3.1 although it is not stated that this animal is a serval, it looks like it is.  A cat stalks N’kima as the little monkey rests on his journey to inform Tarzan about Jane and Boy’s captured by the Shiftas.  N’kima narrowly escapes the cat.
#131 (splash page - inside back cover - “African Wildcat”) also known as Bush cat.
 Dell Number  -- 25+A#3.1+131 (splash page - inside back cover - “African Wildcat”)

Shadow  -- Male white-tailed mongoose of this non-Tarzan story.  The female has the majority of the panels, however, Shadow jumps in at the end of the story to save Moonbeam from a hawk.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.3 (non-Tarzan story)

Shakoh  -- The name of a baboon that joins Boy as he trails a leopard that took a goat from the Waziri herd.  Shakoh wants to attack immediately when he sees a leopard at the edge of the lake that leads to the Isle of Leopards.  Boy restrains him.  The baboon tribe joins them.  Boy shows them how to build a raft to cross the crocodile infested waters.  The baboons attack as soon as they see the leopards and their trainers.  They kill the leopards and drive the Leopard Men into the crocodile infested lake.
 Dell Number  -- 54.2 (Boy story)

shark  --  #12 Tarzan saves some slavers from a shark by killing it with a knife.
#46.3 Tarzan saves a couple of apes by killing a shark with a knife in the Shark Lagoon.
#55.3 Tarzan sees a shark approaching a gray ape that is clinging to a masthead in the ocean.  Tarzan saves Mujak, the gray ape, from a shark attack by spearing the shark from below.
#73.1 A shark passes the canoe that holds Tarzan and N’kima.
#83.1 Tarzan dives into the ocean as the Channel Pirates fire upon him.  A shark approaches.  Tarzan kills it with his knife.  The pirates believe that it is Tarzan who was killed.
A#6.1 Marooned on an island, Tarzan dives down to a wrecked cargo ship to get equipment to help build a tree house for his family.  A hammerhead shark attacks him.  He kills it with his knife.
#129.2 Boy fishes with Fluke, the dolphin.  Boy spears a fish and puts it on shore.  A shark threatens him.  Fluke hits the shark with its nose.  Boy stabs the shark.  The spear handle hits Boy on the head and stuns him.  Fluke carries Boy to the surface.  Boy rides Fluke to shore and tells Tarzan that Fluke saved his life twice.
 Dell Number  -- 12+46.3+55.3+73.1+83.1+A#6.1+129.2

sheep  -- Shareef Hussein purchases sheep at the market town Marrach.  He and his Beni Adhemi caravan them back to the City in the Sands.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4

sheeta/sheetah  --  leopard.  FC 161.1 black panther chained to the wall in a tunnel under Tohr.  The leopard guards another tunnel.  Tarzan grabs it and holds it at bay so the member of his party can enter the passageway.
# 1 Killed by Tarzan  (black panther)
#16.2 killed by Giant Eland.
#27 - killed by Tarzan to save Kalith and Little Teeb.
#28 Tarzan kills one with a knife and Inkolo kills one with his spear.
#32.2 - three leopards attack a Thag (they are not called sheeta.)  Tarzan saves the antelope.
#33.2 runs from Doctor MacWhirtle’s Defensive Scent.
# 35 chases N’kima.
#37.1 - two leopards are turned loose on Tarzan and Kontino, both captives of the Giants.  Tarzan kills both with the knife Kontino gave him.
#40.2 - Two leopards stalk Buto.  Buto kills one and Tarzan kills the other.  Tarzan uses the body of one of the leopards to recruit the People of the Rocks to fight against the Leopard Men.  The baboons thwart the leopards of the Leopard Men.
#43.1 King Grossa keeps a leopard in his room in the temple.  When Tarzan disables the King’s guards, the King releases the leopard.  Tarzan ties up sheeta.
#43.2 - When Tarzan drives the plague of Danginas into the wedge of natives, he also herds the leopards into the area.
#A2.3 - in a cage in a zoo area.
#46.3 Tarzan is foggy after being knocked from a tree by Burke’s rifle shot.  A leopard attempts to attack him, but Tarzan swings into a tree as sheeta’s leap ends in a stream.  #49.1 during a royal hunt by the White Pygmies, Boy kills a leopard that is about to attack a pygmy with a bow.
#53.2 (Boy story) referred to as a leopard.  A leopard attacks Boy and Dombie who are mounted on elands as they are delivering an urgent message to Tarzan.  Boy fights off the leopard with his spear.  He is thrown from the eland but holds the leopard at bay with the spear in the leopard’s chest.  Dombie comes to his aid with his spear.  They kill the leopard.
#54.1 as Tarzan and Buto approach the native village in Ngoro-ngoro, Tarzan senses sheeta stalking a native child.  Tarzan distracts sheeta’s leap and saves the child.
#54.2 (Boy story) A group of leopards wearing blue collars have been trained by the Leopard Men living on the Isle of Leopards.  They hunt separately and bring their kills back to the isle.  One grabs a goat from the Waziri herd.  Boy follows the leopard to the Isle to discover that the leopards cry out at the shore of the lake as a signal.  The Leopard Men pull the leopard and its kill to the isle by a canoe that uses a pulley system.  Boy and a tribe of baboons travel to the island.  The baboons attack and kill the leopards.
#56.2 (Boy story) Sheetah stalks Beth Cary.  Boy flying on Argus swoops down.  Argus picks up the leopard and drops it off a cliff.
#57.1 two grayish leopards in the mountains of Pal-ul-don avoid Tarzan and Gorgo, the giant buffalo.
#58.3 Sheetah stalks a tribe of baboons.  Tarzan warns the tribe.  Sheetah kills Kazat, the gund.  Tarzan kills sheetah with a knife.
#61.2 A leopard stalks Dr. Louis d’Arnot who is caught in a tree by his parachute.  Boy fires an arrow into the leopard.  Sheetah charges Boy.  His second arrow kills the leopard.
#68.1 The Queen of the Cat Men uses a leopard to tease the captured King Zugu.  The King faints.  When Tarzan enters the royal palace, she turns the leopard loose on Tarzan.  Tarzan makes friends with Sheetah.  The ape-man plays on the Queen’s fears and threatens her with her own leopard.  She escapes through a floor chest with a trap door in the bottom.
A#4.6 Leopards live on the slopes of the crater that holds the Valley People.  No one has ever gotten past the leopards.  Tarzan leads Pan-at-lee, and Lodor out of the slopes.  Tarzan makes friends with the baboons by killing a leopard that attacks the baboons.  A large group of leopards attacks Tarzan and his party.  Tarzan kills a second leopard with his spear.  The baboons come their aid.  The leopards panic and flee into Guru, the evil witch doctor, and his men.  Their flaming shields do not protect them as the terrified leopards kill Guru and his men.
#76  (splash page - “The Leopard and the Panther”)
#76.2 - Tarzan throws a knife at a black panther that is threatening N’kima.  Tarzan and the panther wrestle and fall through the trees.  The panther hits a branch and breaks its back.
#77.2 - Two leopards bear down on Tarzan as he binds Wanumo the Golden Man’s wounds.  Wanumo quickly removes the ends of his water ski paddle.  He uses the handle as a blowgun and shoots a gas pellet.  The leopards are killed instantaneously.
#79.2 - Two leopards terrorize Buto’s herds and hunters.  Tarzan and Buto hunt them.  Tarzan climbs to the top of a cliff.  The leopards attack him.  Tarzan and the leopards fall into the river below.  Tarzan attempts to hold the leopards underwater to drown them.  He strikes his head on a rock and is knocked unconscious.  The leopards escape.  Buto saves Tarzan and hunts the leopards alone.  A leopard leaps at Buto.  Tarzan’s arrow kills the leopard.  The other leopard runs away.  Tarzan plans to make the dead leopard into a rug.
#80.2 A black panther is one of Tarzan’s pets at the tree house.
A#5.2 - On their way to the Gourambi Mountains Tarzan and Buto kill two leopards with spears.  They cook the meat for food and tan the hides for clothing to cross the snowcapped peaks.  A leopard is enshrined behind a wall of ice in the Ice Cave in the Gourambi Mountains.  It is in mock battle with frozen giant Viking hunters and huntresses.
#81.2 Tarzan and Jane play with two leopard cubs as Boy rushes in to tell them that two chimps have kidnapped Dombie.  A leopard flees from the grass fire.  A leopard swims across the river to escape the grass fire.  Tarzan frightens off a leopard that stalks he and Dombie.
#83.1 A leopard stalks Sara, the Sheik’s daughter, as she works in the garden.  Tarzan, mounted on Argus, swoops down and carries off the leopard unharmed.
#85.1 A leopard stalks Sheila Ross.  The great apes, Tornak and Nala, pull her into a tree and keep the leopard at bay by throwing sticks at it.  Tarzan comes and kills the leopard with a knife throw.
#90.1 Tarzan is tied to a log footbridge that leopards are known to use.  Tarzan calls to an elephant.  Sheetah approaches the helpless ape-man.  The sound of the trumpeting elephant causes the leopard to leap over Tarzan and run off.
#91.1 The Skraelings use fifty leopards in their assault on Yarlsgaard.  The leopards climb the scaling ladders.  Buto throws a leopard down on top of other leopards.  Tarzan swings a leopard by its hind paw to use it as a club.
#92.1 The Inkota tribe use leopards to pull chariots.  Karen Lane escapes in such a chariot.  Queen Nilonda rides in a leopard chariot as Tarzan and Karen are captured.  The Queen and Karen ride a leopard chariot back to Inkota City.  The Queen has two pet leopards at the foot of her throne.  Tarzan makes friends with one of the leopards.  (See also: Cheetah, Chui, and Chai.)
A#6.1 - Exploring the island his family is marooned on, Tarzan sees Sheetah stalking goats.  He warns the goats, which escape.  Tarzan surmises that the animals came from some wrecked cargo ship.  A leopard stalks Jane and Boy.  They shoot arrows at the leopard.  Tarzan throws his knife, killing the leopard.
A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story)  Hottentots capture a baboon.  After five years of captivity the baboon manages to escape its cage and a leopard.  It returns to his tribe to learn that a leopard killed his mother.  They do not accept him.  He remains at the edge of the tribe and warns them about the leopards.  He saves the tribe leader, M’kubwa, from a leopard by falling on it.  They crash to the ground, killing the leopard.  The tribe accepts him as a leader.
#98.2 A leopard stalks Boy and Dombie.  Tarzan confronts it.  It leaps.  Tarzan grabs it by the tail and swings it like a pendulum before releasing it.
#99.2 Dombie is chased into a wart hog burrow by an old leopard.  The leopard leaves after awhile.  It stalks the wart hog.  Dombie bites the wart hog’s tail.  It springs out at the leopard.  Tarzan kills the leopard with a spear.  Dombie wants his picture taken with the dead leopard.
#102.2 Boy warns some baboons about a leopard stalking them.  Boy and Dombie witness the baboons ripping the leopard apart.  The boys find two leopard cubs.  They decide to bring them home.  The mother leopard chases them into a river.  They cling to a rock.  N’kima alerts Tarzan to the boys peril.  Tarzan sends a log for them to cling to.  Tarzan pulls them a shore.  Tarzan makes them leave the cubs as they head for home.
#103.2 A leopard is tied to the temple of the Leopard Men at the mysterious unnamed island.  Boy and Dombie avoid the leopard and enter the temple.
#104.1 Sheetah stalks the two missing prospectors, Tobey and Harry.  Tarzan kills it will a knife throw.
#104.2 A leopard stalks Boy, Dombie and Neeku, the ape, who are examining an airplane stuck in a tree.  Neeku accidentally starts the airplane’s engine.  The propeller knocks the leopard from the tree to its death.
A#7.3 (Non-Tarzan story) A leopard stalks the mongoose, Shadow.  An African skunk sprays the leopard, thus saves him.
A#7.4 - Tarzan kills a leopard with a spear for clothing to cross the northern mountains of Pal-ul-don with Kandor, who is in search of the Great Rhinoceros.
A#7.6 (Boy story) A leopard stalks the lost Jeremy Downs.  Boy kills it with his bow.
#107.2 Sheetah stalks the runaway Boy who is sleeping in a tree.  Tarzan kills it with his knife.
#110.1 Tarzan leads Buto, Jess, and Bess into the shelter of a cave to escape the fury of the elephant herd.  There are lions in the cave.  Tarzan also senses that there are leopards deep in the cave.  In the morning, when the elephants leave the area, Tarzan lets the lions pass and realizes that the leopards are waiting for them to leave to attack.  Tarzan and Buto move towards the leopards.  The leopards leap upon them.  Tarzan ducks under and grabs the leopard by a leg.  He twirls it around and throws it on the leopard that has Buto pinned to the ground.  The two leopards fight each other.
No. 25.3 (Boy Story) Boy and Dombie find a sheetah balu by the river.  They move the baby away from the danger of the gimla.  The mother sees them and charges.  The boys take to the river to avoid the cat.
#113.1 When N’kima is searching for help for the captured Tarzan, he escapes from a leopard.
#116.2 - Boy and Dombie find an elephant gun and cartridge belt near a dead Bambori and a dead rhino.  Two leopards attack them.  Dombie shoots a leopard but is knocked out by the recoil.  Boy throws the cartridge belt at the other leopard.  It encircles the leopard.  This gives Boy enough time to retrieve the rifle and shoot the leopard.
No. 37.5 - (N‘kima Story) N’kima is frightened by a leopard.  N’kima finds a bracelet that gives him a false sense of courage and bravery.  He thinks he is the king of the monkeys.  His enthusiasm infects a tribe of monkeys that jump up and down on a branch.  The branch breaks and they fall down in front of a leopard.  N’kima leads the tribe in a taunt and rock throwing.  The leopard is so surprised at their boldness that it runs away.   Thorak, the ape, is unimpressed by N‘kima‘s claim and throws him into a pool of water.  N’kima sinks because of the weight of the bracelet.   Thorak pulls N’kima out of the water and takes his bracelet for himself.  N’kima realizes his power is gone.  N’kima warms Thorak about a charging leopard.  Apes and monkeys take to the trees.
No. 51.1 Two leopards attack Tarzan and Lechwe on their way to the Tree of Ages.  Tarzan grabs them by their tails and swings them into a tree thus smashing their skulls.
#126.2 Sheetah stalks Chulkat and Boy.  Boy throws a piece of fruit in the leopard’s face, and they escape.  Sheetah tracks them to a water hole and attacks again.  Boy escapes into the water.  Sheetah tracks Boy to the tree where he is sleeping.  Boy wakes and swings on a vine.  Sheetah leaps and misses.  The leopard falls through the roof of a hut.  Sheetah leaps out of the window after Boy.  Jad-bal-ja steps between the leopard and Boy.  Tarzan kills the leopard with his knife.
#129.3 A leopard attacks Boy and Serenli in the mountains.  Serenli shoots the leopard.
#130.3 Sheetah stalks Knobby, Boy’s pet giraffe.  Boy hits the leopard with a sling stone.  The leopard turns on Boy.  Dombie hits the leopard with a sling stone.  The leopard turns on Dombie.  Boy hits the leopard with a third stone.  The boys escape.  The leopard stalks them.  The leopard leaps on Boy’s ostrich.  Dombie hits the leopard with a sling stone.  Dombie’s ostrich pounces on sheetah, killing it.
  Dell Number  -- FC 161.1+1+3+8+12+16.2+17.2+18.1+18.2+19.1+25.2+27+28+32.2 +33.2+37.1+40.2+43.1+43.2 +A2.3 +46.3 +49.1+53.2 (Boy story) +54.1 +54.2 (Boy story) +56.2 (Boy story) +57.1+58.3 +61.2+68.1+A#4.6+76 +76.2+77.2+79.2+80.2+A#5.2+81.2 +83.1+85.1 +90.1+91.1+92.1 +A#6.1+A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story)+98.2+99.2+102.2+103.2+104.1+104.2+A#7.3+A#7.4+A#7.6 (Boy story) +107.2 +110.1 +No. 25.3 (Boy Story) +113.1 +116.2 +No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story) +No. 51.1 +126.2 +129.3 +130.3
 Novel  -- TA+BTa

Sheik  -- Arab leader of a slaver group.  Tarzan picks up their trail.  He leads a Nandi Bear into their camp.  The bear destroys the Arabs as Tarzan frees the slaves.
 Dell Number  -- 32.1

Sheik Abdullah Ben Ibrahim  -- Leader of an Arab fishing village and father to Sara.  He thanks Tarzan for saving his daughter from a leopard.  They explain how the Channel Pirates are keeping them from fishing.  Tarzan asks for a boat so he can fish for them.  The Sheik believes that Argus is the legendary Roc.  Later Tarzan returns and enlists the Sheik and his people to join with the survivors of a shipwreck to defeat the pirates.  After the pirates are defeated Tarzan dives for a strongbox of the survivors.  While underwater, he discovers a bed of pearl oysters.  He shows the Sheik the oyster and pearl inside.  He tells them that they can have all the oysters for themselves.
 Dell Number  -- 83.1

Sheik Abdurra  -- Sheik Abdurra is the ruler of the Marehans.  He is wounded in a running gun battle with the Aulihans.  He tells Tarzan that he fears his brother, Gumburu, will try to secure the Armor of King Suleiman, the symbol of power for the Marehans.  Tarzan removes the bullet.  After Tarzan saves the sheik’s son and the Armor of King Suleiman, Abdurra presents Boy with a golden necklace that is a replica of the armor.
 Dell Number  -- 129.3

Sheik Abou Ben Ephraim  --  #11 nomad Arab slaver who captures Jane, Boy and Lula, Buto’s mate.  Tarzan makes him use all of his treasure to rebuild Buto’s village.
#17.1 has captured two white pygmies.  On the way to check out the situation Tarzan falls into a pit, Land of the Living Dead, used by the Sheik.  Later he rescues the pygmies.  As the Arabs look for Tarzan, he captures the Sheik and lowers him into his own pit.
#23.1 buys Tarzan from the white hunters Murdo and Syke for three gold pieces.  Tarzan later escapes with the help of N’kima and chains the Sheik to the city water pump.
 Dell Number  -- 11+17.1+23.1

Sheik Ali Ben Yussuf  -- A spy of Ali notices Hussein buying a large amount of goods at Marrach, the Arab market town.  Ali probably instructed six of his men to rob him in his room at the Inn of the Three Dervishes.  Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja thwart their efforts.  The would-be-robbers figure that Ali will ambush Hussein on his way home.  Tarzan spots Ali and his men’s tracks and deduces an ambush.  Tarzan leads Hussein’s caravan through the Gorge of Baboons.  Ali discovers the dodge and attempts to follow them through the gorge.  The baboons demand fruit for passage.  Ali pushes onwards.  The baboons attack with rocks.  Ali and his men empty their rifles at the baboons.  On the other side of the gorge Ali and his men are easy prey for Hussein’s Beni Adhemi.  Ali and his men are routed.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4

Sheik Ali Kundi  -- Tarzan secures a horse from the Sheik so that he, Jane, and Boy can ride to Nairobi.  The Sheik is not shown.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.5 (Jane story)

Sheik Ibrahim  --  #12  Bedouin Arab slaver who captures Leelah and Kolo.  As Tarzan rescues them from the boat, it tips over. (Ibrahim probably drowns or is eaten by sharks.)
#42.2 - A Black Tuareg who is the leader of the Forbidden City in the Hoggar massif.  Bou Denni brings Tarzan and Paul d’Arnot to the Sheik to gain entrance to the city.  After defeating their opponents in combat, the Sheik sends his hakeem, the captive Louis d’Arnot, to tend their wounds.  Tarzan trades the Sheik pocket radios (walkie-talkies) for Louis’ freedom.
#47.2 The Sheik burns Tarzan’s tree house and captures Jane and Boy.  Tarzan rescues his family.  The Sheik and his men pursue them.  Tantor grabs the Sheik and throws him into a tree.  (Fate unknown.)  #68.2 Sheik Ibrahim smokes a hookah as he listens to the witch doctor, Imoko, tell him that he can deliver Tarzan to him alive.  The Sheik offers him his weight in gold for Tarzan’s head and twice that for him alive.  He doesn’t believe the witch doctor can deliver.
 Dell Number  -- 12+42.2+47.2+68.2

Sheila Ross  -- daughter of Professor Ross.  She is young with long golden hair.  The great apes, Tornak and Nala, save her from a leopard.  She thinks the apes are calling her name as they cry ‘Sheetah.’  The apes send N’kima for Tarzan.  She tells the ape-man that she is searching for her father, Professor Ross.  Her guide has died and her bearers have deserted.  She describes where she saw the wreckage of her father’s plane.  Tarzan wants to send her to Nairobi.  She insists on accompanying him.  They travel to Maun Gah, the ancient crater and slip through the village at night undetected.  Sheila is reunited with her father.  Tarzan has them use the Professor’s windmill/flying machine to escape from the Crater Village.  They make it to Nairobi and send Tarzan a message telling him that they are safe.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1

Shepherd Clan of Saparta  -- black little people (pygmies).  Their village of Saparta is located in a valley in Pal-ul-don.  Their gund is Agano.  They raise miniature sheep and cattle.  Nets cover their village.  They use traveling nets over their herds for protections against the Giant Vultures.  Tarzan and the Waziri help rid the area of vultures and teach them how to make and use bows.
 Dell Number  -- 44.1

Shiftas  --  #17.2 - cutthroat robbers under N’tale who capture Rita Lane, Lt. Tourneau’s fiancée.  They flee to a volcanic hideout.  Tarzan follows them and with the help of a clan of baboons under King Zugash they free Rita and capture the Shiftas.  They turn them over to the lieutenant.
#23.2 - band of nomadic cutthroats.  They kidnap Carol Kenton and leave her parents for the lions.  Gray apes steal the little girl from them.  Later they plan to trap Captain Jacot and his men in the Valley of Shadow.  Tarzan overhears their plan and routs them with an elephant herd and Jacot’s troops.
#37.2 A band, who have run into Tarzan before, spot Tarzan from a distance.  Their rifle shot grazes Tarzan and knocks him unconscious.  They decide to sell him.  Baboons, who Tarzan befriended earlier, rescue him and help him capture the Shiftas.  Tarzan sends them on their way without their weapons.
A #1.1 Tarzan describes them as renegades and criminals expelled by their tribes.  They have captured the females of Prince Nikon’s white pygmy band.  Tarzan, Buto, Jad-bal-ja, and the pygmy males defeat the Shifta slavers and rescue the women.
#48.2 White clad horsemen who buy slaves from the M’bongos.  The natives signal the Shiftas that they have a prisoner.  Before they arrive at the M’bongo camp Boy, Korak the great ape, and Jad-bal-ja rescue Dombie.  The Shiftas fire at them with rifles.
A#3.1 The Shiftas have entered Tarzan’s jungle and have taken a heavy machine gun from a patrol of native police.  They capture Jane and Boy at the tree house.  After Jane cuts the leader with a knife, they decide to trade them to the Mugabis.  Tarzan trails them and captures the Shifta leader.  He learns about the trade with the Mugabi.  Tarzan takes the machine gun and leaves.  The Shifta chief wears red and white stripped robes, a white mouth covering, and a blue head wrap.
#57.3 Shiftas kill Rutger and M’longo and leave them in the safari car.  They take the two hunters, Wakefield and Reese, prisoners.  They sell them to the people of Castra Sanguinarius.  They try to hunt the People of the Rocks, but the baboons drive them off with rocks.
# 64.1 Shiftas under the leadership of Ababi capture Chet Harper at the edge of the Great Thorn Desert.  They ride horses back to their camp.  They chain him to a tree along side of Sandra McKinney.  They captured her by luring her to land her plane by placing their white clothes on the ground spelling out SOS.  They plan to sell them as slaves.  Their camp consists primarily of tents.  Tarzan mimics a lion.  The Shiftas believe it is an entire pride and fire their rifles in the air to scare them away.  They keep chasing the lion sounds.  They discover their captives missing.  They think that the lions took them.  When they hear the plane, they believe that Sandra’s ghost is flying it.
#72.2 Tarzan realizes that a band of Shiftas is about to ambush the Ostrich Men at a water hole.  He dons a lion skin and Boy wears an ostrich skin to frighten the Shiftas.  Their joint appearance makes the Shiftas believe that it is a sign that the Ostrich Men are protected by a spell.  They fire their rifles wildly.  They think that their bullets have no effect and believe the creatures are genii.  When the Ostrich Men arrive, they flee without a shot.
#88.1 A band of Shiftas attacks Lieutenant Barnes’ camel detachment.  They steal the camels and the payroll.  They ride to their Treasure Room.  Two guards reign in the black panthers so that Habib, the chief, can gain access to the cave.  They ride back to their camp.  Tarzan and Buto subdue the two guards.  They travel to the Shifta camp.  They subdue the sentry and steal the Shifta horses.  Tarzan rescues Buto from the Shiftas.  They ride off to the Treasure Room.  The Shiftas pursue them on camels.  Tarzan salts a false treasure hole in the hopes that the Shiftas will stop and explore it long enough for the British force from Fort Gumburu to capture them.
#109.1 A bandit of Shiftas have captured Dr. Kindred and his medical supplies.  They fire at some apes.  Tarzan mimics an ape to distract the bandits so he can rescue an ape balu.  The Shiftas build a boma of rocks and thorn bushes.  That night Tarzan throws keekul gun pellets into their fire, which causes a tear gas-like effect.  The smoke overcomes them.  Tarzan captures them and forces them to ride towards the Mission Station.  A fierce storm allows them to escape.  They return to the station with the hope of recovering their horse and guns.  A flash flood kills them or carries them away.
 Dell Number  --17.2+23.2+37.2+A 1.1+48.2+A#3.1+57.3+64.1+72.2+88.1+109.1+
 Novel  -- CiG + TTr - organized, mounted bandits who prey on others for food, goods, and slaves.

ship’s crew  -- Men of the wrecked ship captained by Wallace Baine.  They make for an island to avoid the Channel Pirates.  Tarzan meets up with them.  He enlists them and the Arab fishermen to defeat the pirates.  Tarzan gives them the pirate’s dhow and the pirate prisoners so they can continue on their journey.
 Dell Number  -- 83.1

Shira  -- One of a pair of hunting black panthers trained by Tarzan.  The other is Feliz.  Tarzan learns from King Ilonyi that Jane and Queen Ellenya have been captured by La.  Tarzan takes the panthers along as he goes to rescue them.  He helps pull the panthers up the Rock that holds Opar.  Tarzan saves Jane from the sacrificial knife of La.  He calls the two panthers to his side.  He commands the panthers to attack the guards.  The panthers help fight the Oparians at the cave exit.
 Dell Number  -- 59.3

Shooting Star  -- Name of one of the chariot lions of Lord Rython of Cathne
 Dell Number  -- 84.1

Shorty  -- One of the riders from the Rio Grande and partner to Slim Doling.  They stuck oil and are rich.  They travel the world, roping animals.  Tarzan helps them train giant elands to ride and rope a lion.  They help Tarzan overpower Arab slavers and free the slaves.
 Dell Number  -- 33.1
 Novel -- BHB  - 6’3” cowboy +  LiM - member of the B.O. movie crew.

shrew  --  #92 (splash page - “Boy’s Friend, the Shrew”) Described as a fierce fighter. +131 (splash page - “The King’s a Runt”)

shrews, giant  -- part of Doctor Mervin’s growth experiments, they are as large as leopards.  Bokawah, the evil witch doctor, uses chicken blood to lure the shrews to the door of the drugged Doctor, Tarzan and Boy.  The un-drugged Tarzan shoots one with an arrow, smacks the other with his bow, and then throws them together.  They kill each other.
 Dell Number  -- 22.1

Sidi Ali  -- apparent leader of the Shifta, band of nomadic cutthroats, who disable the Kentons    and kidnap Carol Kenton.  He has a plan to trap Captain Jacot and his troops in the Valley of the Shadow and slaughter them.  Tarzan thwarts his plan as Tarzan’s elephant friends and Captain Jacot’s men rout the Shiftas.
 Dell Number  -- 23.2

Sidi Ben Yemlik  -- Arab slaver known as The Black Panther because he strikes without reason or warning.  He has at least thirty men.  His men capture Helen Robertson and Swahili tribe members at the Molunga River Trading Post.  They burn the post to the ground.  Tarzan and Muviro are lead to his camp by Sala, an escaped captive.  He calls Tarzan, brother to the monkeys.  Even with the freed slaves help, it appears as if The Black Panther will defeat Tarzan until Tantor and other elephants rout the Arabs.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2

Sidi Tarzan  -- It is what Shareef Hussein calls Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4

Sigurd  -- Giant Viking with wings on his helmet.  His commander believes that Tarzan and Buto are spies and orders him to capture or kill them.  Tarzan quickly disarms him.  Wohl, another Viking, hands him another sword.  Again Tarzan disarms him.  The Vikings are now convinced that the outlanders are friends of their leader, Yarl Hrolf.  Sigurd refuses the return of his sword saying that Tarzan won it.
 Dell Number  -- 91.1

Simba  --  #36.1 name of one of the lions which pulls Jathon’s chariot.
#97.1 Name of one of King Jathon’s hunting lions that escapes from the Garth as Tarzan and the king are headed to Pal-ul-don to bring back red gryfs to battle the Garth that is terrorizing Cathne.  Jathon calls them with his horn.  The two lions struggle as they across a mountain in a snowstorm.  When they get close to the gryfs, the lions become afraid and run off.
 Dell Number  -- 36.1 +97.1
 Novel -- JO - (Swa.) lion

Sir Hal  --  (See: Hal Hogarth)

Sir Tarzan  -- what Hal Hogarth calls Tarzan after he learns that he is a peer of the realm, Lord Greystoke.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1

Sir Thomas Barstow  -- Sir Thomas Barstow sends a note with James Hawklin to Tarzan asking the Jungle Lord to permit Hawklin to hunt crocodiles on his lake.  Tarzan does not like the idea but begrudgingly agrees out of respect for Sir Barstow.
 Dell Number  -- 127.1

ska / skaa --  vulture.  #8 Clan of vultures that harass the White Pygmies of Lipona.  Tarzan teaches the pygmies how to use bows, and they drive the vultures out of the valley.
#19.1 seen only as a shadow.
#48.2 (Spelled “skaa”) A vulture circles the M’bongos and Dombie until it determines that they are alive.
#65.2 - Vultures circling the body of James Nicholson, the missionary, alerts Tarzan and Boy to the injured man.
A#4.1 King Nikko uses a bola to wrap up a vulture in a demonstration of his prowess with the weapon.
#98.1 Vultures circle the dead bodies of three dragons killed by Tarzan and Inkomi.
#102.2  (Spelled skaa)  Vultures circle the dead leopard that the baboons killed after Boy’s warning.  Skaa also follows the mother leopard as it stalks Boy and Dombie.
#119.1 When Tarzan sees ska in the sky, he becomes aware of the Batuti warriors following him and the Princess Kendra.  (See also: vulture)
 Dell Number  -- 8+19.1+48.2+65.2+A#4.1+98.1+102.2+119.1
 Novel -- TU

Skippy  -- the name Boy gives to one of Lucky’s pups.  Boy recognizes Skippy’s cry as a hyena grabs the wild dog.  Boy shoots an arrow at the hyena.  The hyena drops the pup and attacks Boy.  Lucky and her pups drive the hyena into a river.
 Dell Number  -- 84.2

Skireh  -- Cat Man from Crater Lake.  He makes indecent advances to Margaret Newman, telling her he can save her from being sacrificed by Queen Nemah.  Tarzan picks him up and throws him head first into a wall.
 Dell Number  -- 38.1

Skirling  -- The Skirlings are a native tribe who are the enemies of the Giant Vikings.  The Vikings refer to them as the Black Skirlings.  They use canoes on the river.  They have not made war on the Viking since Tarzan taught the Viking how to use longbows.  The Skirlings happen upon Paul d’Arnot stranded on an island.  He drives them off with his pistol.  They return in force.  Tarzan and the Vikings use the dragon ship to ram the canoes.  Some Skirlings board the dragon ship.  Tarzan and the Vikings repel them.  The Skirlings flee in their canoes.  (See also - Skraelings)
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.6

skunk  --  A spotted African skunk sprays the leopard that is chasing the mongoose, Shadow.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.3 (Non-Tarzan story)

Skraelings  -- Native tribe in the Valley of Tall Warriors.  They are the enemies of the Giant Vikings.  They burn the Vikings Skalli to the ground.  The Vikings build a fortress called Yarlsgaard.  The Skraelings, who are referred to as the leopard men by the Vikings, attack the fortress with their horde of three thousand warriors.  They rein crossbow bolts at the fortress.  They use scaling ladders for themselves and their leopards to assault the walls.  Their attack is repulsed.  A second attack is also repelled when Tarzan arrives with a herd of white buffalo.  The Skraeling chief believes Tarzan’s power to be too great.  They make peace with the Vikings.  The Warriors use crossbows, battle knives, spears, and swords.  Their archers have a type of uniform and brimmed conical hat.  The other warriors are shirtless and a few wear hats.  Their leader is Induna.  (See also - Skirling)
 Dell Number  -- 91.1

Slim Doling  -- head of the riders from Rio Grande.  After inheriting land in San Antone, he is  a partner with Red and Shorty.  They stuck oil and are rich.  They travel the world, roping animals.  Tarzan helps them train giant elands to ride and rope a lion.  They help Tarzan overpower Arab slavers and free the slaves.
 Dell Number  -- 33.1

Slingers of Kroo Maun  -- Katar and his people are referred to as the Slingers of Kroo Maun.  Katar and Dera greet Tarzan and Boy at the gates of the village.  A Hairy Giant has injured Jane.  They take them to their father, Bornu.  While Bornu works on healing Jane, Katar and Dera head the expedition of Slingers to Half Moon Lake to find healing bulbs for Tarzan’s Waziri friend.  When the giants attack, the Slingers cut them down with their stones.  At the lake, Dera shows Tarzan how to identify the plant they are seeking.  The giants approach again.  Tarzan has Katar and the Slingers make bundles of grasses, which he lights on fire and drops around the giants causing them to flee.  They return to the village.  The giants worry Bornu and Katar about night attacks.  Tarzan has the Slingers make beacon fires ready to be lit on platforms in trees.  A Slinger alerts them that the giants are coming.  The fires are lit.  The Slingers and Tarzan’s fire arrows defeat the giants.  Tarzan promises Katar to show them how to make and use bows.  A giant awakens and attacks.  Katar’s stone fells him.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37

Smedley  -- One of two golfers on the African plain.  Smedley is much thinner than his partner Wydbotom.  He wears a blue shirt, yellow pants, and a gray hat with a leopard skin band.  One of Wydbotom’s golf balls hits Rajak, the old man baboon.  He yells at the baboons.  Smedley throws golf balls at the baboons.  The baboons catch the balls and throw them back.  This drives the two golfers into the clubhouse.  Smedley wounds Rajak with a rifle shot.  Wydbotom tells Homa, the native caddie, to set out poison for the baboons.  He refuses.  Wydbotom and Smedley spread out poison mealies.  After Ka-cha’s balu becomes sick on the poison, he leads the baboons in an attack on the clubhouse.  Wydbotom and Smedley flee for their lives.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4

Smilodon  -- #28 (inside back cover ‘Jungle World’) saber-toothed tiger weighing eight hundred pounds.
 Novel  -- AEC

snake  --  a banned poisonous snake with which Madege, the witch doctor plans to kill Amele.
 Dell Number  -- 15.2

snow leopard  --  #6 carnivore, which inhabits snow, packed mountain peaks.  Boy kills one with an arrow while Tarzan and he are on their way to Pal-ul-don.
#39.1 Riding a thipdar, Tarzan angers a snow leopard by scaring off the goats it was stalking.
#87.2 a tar-sheetah attacks a Snow Man.  They fall off of a cliff to their deaths.
 Dell Number  -- 6+39.1+87.2

Snow Men  -- A lost race of ape-like creatures living near the Gourambi Peak.  They are similar to the Abominable Snow Man.  Their great toe faces backwards.  Hans Hauser finds their tracks at his camp and his men missing.  Tarzan searches for them.  He witnesses a snow leopard attacking a Snow Man.  They fall off of a cliff to their death.  Tarzan tracks them to their cave.  He knocks out a Snow Man with his fist and rescues the pilot of a crashed search plane.  Seven Snow Men pursue Tarzan and the downed pilot.  Captain Van Dulst lands his plane and picks them up in the nick of time.  They are like a white apes with very long hairs.  Their faces are more human-like in appearance.  They are almost bald on top with an extreme receding hairline.  They have no hair on their hands or feet.  Tarzan concludes that they are more ape than man.
 Dell Number  -- 87.2

Socrates  -- The white parrot of Willie Slyke, the unscrupulous trader.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.2(Boy story)

Somali  --  #A2 a tribe of herders.
#116.1 at a burned out village Muviro suspects Somalis have raided the kraal.  Tarzan does not think the Somalis move this far south.
  Dell Number  -- A2 (Jungle Tribes)+116.1

Spearman Clan of Saparta  -- black little people (pygmies).  Their village is located in a valley in Pal-ul-don.  Their gund is Wandach, but the clan is under the rule of the gund of the Shepherd Clan.  They make the spears that are used against their enemy the Giant Vultures.  When Tarzan and the Waziri teach the people how to make and use bows, an angry Wandach and his red clad spearmakers capture Tarzan, Coru, and the Waziri.  Boy and Argus rescue them.  Tarzan returns them to Saparta.
 Dell Number  -- 44.1

spotted lions of Pal-ul-don  -- Lions with leopard-like spots and a short Mohawk-like mane on top of their heads.  They are found on the plains on Pal-ul-don.  A pack of them attack Jorah and his men who are riding dyals.  Jorah kills one with a spear.  Tarzan and Gorgo rush to their aid.  Tarzan kills one with his bow and another with a spear.  Gorgo kills one with its horns.  One of the lions inflicts deep scratches on Gorgo’s back.
 Dell Number  -- 60.1

squid, giant  -- Marooned on an island, Tarzan makes a second dive for equipment in a sunken freighter.  A giant squid attacks him.  He has trouble fighting off so many arms.  He stuns the squid with a kick.  The squid secretes an ink-like substance.  Tarzan climbs the mast of the ship.  The squid continues the attack.  A sperm whale attacks and kills the squid.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.1

Standish  -- Standish is a pet ostrich.  He steals Jane’s compact mirror.  Jane uses a bola to bring down the ostrich and retrieve her compact.  Standish steals Jane’s ruby pendant presented by the Sultan of Zanzaboko.  Later Jane pulls the pendant from the mouth of Standish’s young son.  Standish once again snatches the pendant from Jane’s hand.  Bandy, the mongoose, bites Standish on the leg forcing him to drop the pendant.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.4 (Jane Story)

stegosaurus  --  #36 (Jungle World) almost as big as an elephant, from the lost land of Pal-ul-don
#107.1 As Tarzan leads Bruce Harlowe out of the Valley of Monsters they pass a stegosaurus.
 Dell Number  -- 36 (Jungle World)+107.1

Stella Keene  -- Wife to writer, Gary.  They are ship wrecked off the east coast of Africa.  After a week they are attacked by sea Arabs, the Brothers of the Barracuda.  They carry off Stella and burn the remnants of the ship.  Gary threatens Tarzan with a pistol because he thinks he is a sea Arab.  Tarzan takes him on his canoe to rescue Stella.  After Tarzan rescues her from an Arab ship, they wreck on an island.  N’kima provides them with coconuts.  Tarzan provides them with oysters.  After three weeks on the island Arabs find them.  Gary and Tarzan overpower the Arabs.  Dressed as Arabs, they take over a sea Arabs ship.  Tarzan gives them all the pearls from the oysters.
 Dell Number  -- A2.5

Stellio  --  #31 (inside back cover “Jungle World”) lizard described as a good friend to Tarzan

storks  -- A flock of storks forces Tarzan to dive Johnny Ball’s seaplane into a storm.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1

Stork Men/People  --  #42.1 - They live in a land locked lagoon in the Great Swamp.  Their buildings are on stilts.  They use jointed stilts to hunt fish with tridents and nets.  They also use spears.  They wear a stork visor and a protective mesh.  Tarzan calls them ‘Sons of the Stork.’  Their hereditary enemies are the Terribs.  Tarzan helps them and is named Prince of the Stork People.  Tarzan creates two giant otters, Nip and Tuck, to help them fight the Gorobars, the lizard mounts of the Terribs.  When Nip has a litter of five pups the Stork People feel the tide has turned in their favor in the battle against the Terribs.
#50.1 The Stork Men help in Tarzan’s training of the giant otter pups to attack and kill lizards similar to the Gorobars, the mounts of the Terribs.  The Stork Men are friends of the people of Lutor.  A wooden gate that is flanked by rocks protects their lagoon.
#51.1 The Stork Men help Tarzan and Boy defend the village from a night attack by Terribs. They put out the fires started by the Terribs.  The next day they feed Argus before Tarzan and Boy fly to Dr. Mac.
#52.3 - The Stork Men on their stilts greet Tarzan and Dr. Mac as they arrive in his seaplane.  Dr. Mac, Dr. Mervin, and Yolanda leave by plane.  Tarzan follows them on Argus.
#88.2 - While searching for Boy, Tarzan flies Argus to the village of the Stork Men.  The chief says that his people do not travel.  He does provide the Jungle Lord with two giant otters, water skis, a paddle and a sail to aid his search.
 Dell Number  -- 42.1+50.1+51.1+52.3+88.2

Strangler, the  -- huge, brutish popular hero if the gladiatorial games of the Ivory City.  Pitted against Tarzan, he is easily defeated and thrown by Tarzan into the box seats of Prince Mako, so infuriating the obnoxious Prince that he has a gorilla turned loose on Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 19.1
 Novel  --  (CiG -- Phobeg, imprisoned Cathnean temple guard who boast to be the strongest man in Cathne.  Kills his opponents by twisting their necks.  When pitted against Tarzan in the Field of Lions, Tarzan easily defeats him and throws him into the audience.)

Strider  -- name of Boy’s ostrich.  Tarzan, Jane and Boy ride ostriches on a hunting trip.  They spy a rhino attacking a safari.  Tarzan rides his ostrich up to the rhino and leaps on its back.   He diverts the rhino.  The rhino attacks Jane and Boy.  Boy uses Strider to lead the rhino on a merry chase.  Tarzan learns about the capture of the white b’wanas.  He sends Jane and Boy home on their ostriches.
 Dell Number  -- 95.1

Strut  --  the name of the black and white ostrich Tarzan rides as he and Boy travel to visit the Ostrich Men.  When the Blue Raiders/Tauregs capture Boy, Tarzan pursues on Dance, Boy’s ostrich.  Dance tires and Tarzan leaps onto Strut’s back to continue the pursuit.
 Dell Number  -- 64.2

Sultan  -- Boy and Dombie ride the ostriches Sultan and Sultana to search for Knobby, Boy’s pet giraffe.  The boys use their slings and the speed of the ostriches to thwart a leopard attack on Knobby.  After finding Knobby safe with a herd of giraffes, the leopard attacks Sultana, Boy’s ostrich.  Sultan, Dombie’s ostrich, kills the leopard.  The boys ride the ostriches home.
 Dell Number  -- 130.3

Sultana  -- Boy and Dombie ride the ostriches Sultan and Sultana to search for Knobby, Boy’s pet giraffe.  The boys use their slings and the speed of the ostriches to thwart a leopard attack on Knobby.  After finding Knobby safe with a herd of giraffes, the leopard attacks Sultana, Boy’s ostrich.  Sultan, Dombie’s ostrich, kills the leopard.  Sultana has some deep wounds from the leopard.  The boys ride the ostriches home.
 Dell Number  -- 130.3

Sultan of Zanzaboko  -- The Sultan of Zanzaboko is not seen in this story.  Tarzan is visiting with the Sultan.  The Sultan has a ruby pendant presented to Jane.  He is coming to the tree house for a tribal conference.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.4 (Jane Story)

Sumba  -- Sumba is the name of the chief of the Kasana, a cliff dwelling tribe that live in the cliff alongside of Lake Sana.  The Banga tribe who keep them from hunting meat and stole their canoe plagues them.  Boy and Dombie bring them a canoe and a seine net.  Sumba is delighted with the gifts but thinks the net is too big to cast.  Boy shows the Kasana how to properly deploy the net.  A storm forces them from the lake.  The Bangas attack.  They take a higher position and battle the Bangas.  A lightning strike makes the Bangas leave.  After the storm they retrieve the net so full of fish that they have to pull the net to shore to empty it.  The Kasana are grateful for the gifts.
 Dell Number  -- 122.2

Suleiman  -- the Strong.  He is the Arab henchman of the deserter, Leveque.  Together they capture Professor Plume and force him to draw a map to the treasure of Isis.  When Tarzan comes to the rescue, they fight and tumble down a flight of steps.  Tarzan ties him up.  He and the Frenchman trail Tarzan and the Professor to Pal-ul-don where the strongman kills a saber-toothed tiger with his bare hands.  At the Lost City Suleiman throws a boulder down on Tantor knocking him out.  In the treasure cave he and Tarzan fight.  Tarzan is winning until Leveque knocks Tarzan unconscious from behind.  Carrying as much gold as they can, they are again confronted by Tarzan.  Leveque’s rifle shot causes a rockslide, which kills both he and the Arab.
 Dell Number  -- 26

Sumolu  --  Best hunter of the Gomah tribe.  He travels with Tarzan to hunt the man-killer albino elephant.  When the rouge charges them, Tarzan pushes him into some banyan roots to protect him.
 Dell Number  -- 102.1

swordfish  -- Tarzan catches a swordfish with a fishing pole off the coast of Africa.
 Dell Number  -- 55.3

Syke  -- short fat hunter of live animals.  He has a partner named Mundo.  They capture Tarzan and sell him to the Arab slaver, Sheik Abou Ben Ephraim, for three pieces of gold.  With Tarzan out of the way they capture Jad-bal-ja and his mate and two great apes.  They transport them to Florida via the tramp freighter, Manta.  Tarzan rescues the animals and leaves them a note threatening to kill them if they return to Africa.
 Dell Number  -- 23.1



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