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Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


pacco  --  zebra, #12 Tarzan saves one from a lion attack then tames it and rides it throughout issue;
#33.1  the riders from Rio Grande time themselves as they rope and tie up a zebra.
#35 As Tarzan leads the Cathneans to Pal-ul-don, food is needed.  Tarzan and Elaine use her chariot pulled by hunting lions to track down a zebra.  They scare the herd of zebra into the path of the Cathneans.
A #1.4 - Boy ropes a zebra and breaks it for riding.  A lion attacks.  The zebra throws Boy and runs away.
#43.2 - When Tarzan drives the plague of Danginas into the wedge of natives; he also herds zebras into the area.  The Danginas bring down a zebra.
#A2.1 A tiny parachute drops on a zebra, which frightens it; thus spoiling the javelin throw of Bukoni, a Waziri warrior.
#57.3 M’longo, the tracker, kills a zebra and blows a whistle to attract lions to a specific spot.  Thus he trains them to come to the whistle.
#60 (Tarzan’s World - inside front cover) features the zebra.
A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story) Numa kills a zebra.  His mate joins him in the feed.
#74.2 The Winged Men use men on the ground and gliding through the air to drive zebras into a pit trap.
A#5.1 riding a gryf to Tohr to rescue Ta-den, Tarzan passes some zebras.
#81.2 A zebra flees the grass fire.
#84.2 Tarzan warns a herd of zebras that wild dogs are about to attack them.  The zebras kill one of the dogs and severely wound another as they escape.
A#7.2 Kobo, the animal trainer, has trained a zebra to pull his cart.  He pulls Tarzan in the cart to the veldt in search of another zebra to train.  Lions scare off the zebras.  That night Tarzan and Kobo find a zebra colt.  Kobo trains it for Boy to ride.  They ride into the jungle where lions attack them.  Kobo rides his cart back to the tree house.  Boy rides into the veldt and joins the herd.  The zebra colt finds a mother to look after it.  A monkey throws coconuts at Kobo’s zebra that breaks the cart and runs off.
#105.2 Tarzan warns the zebras about an approaching plague of locust.
#107.2 A lion attacks a zebra herd.  The zebras stampede towards Boy.  Tarzan rides in on a zebra and scoops him up.
#118.1 Tarzan has taught the Buntoro how to train and ride zebras.  Mendothi rides a zebra in search of Tarzan to help his father, Umangi, who is surrounded in the old stone fortress.  Tarzan and the Waziri attempt to sneak into the fortress.  The supporters of the usurper Mengo’s men who are mounted on zebras attack them.  Umangi helps to rout the zebra riders.  The zebra riders return to the Walled Valley of the Buntoro only to be cut off by Tarzan and the Waziri.  They surrender.
No. 37.4 (Boy Story) Boy rides a zebra to the Waziri chief when he learns that Dombie is missing.  Dombie is a captive of the Wabangi.  The Waziri won’t attack for fear that they will kill him.  Boy has himself painted with zebra stripes and rides the zebra close to the Wabangi camp.  When he is close, he leaves the zebras and sneaks in on his knees.  When Tarzan stampedes the captured Waziri cattle through the Wabangi camp, the zebras join the stampede.
#120.1 Tarzan comes upon a hidden valley with zebras that have never been disturbed by man.
#127.1 Tarzan trains Inolu to recognize animals by scent, including the zebra.
 Dell Number  -- 12+33.1+35+A 1.4+43.2+A2.1+57.3+60+A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story)+74.2+A#5.1 +81.2+84.2 +A#7.2 +105.2 +107.2 +118.1 +No. 37.4 (Boy Story) +120.1 +127.1
 Novel -- JT

Paetus Augustus --  New emperor of Castrum Mare.  He probably had the Emperor Cassius Hasta murdered.  He suspects Centurion Paulus and his company is still loyal to the murdered emperor and has them placed under barrack arrest.  Paulus helps Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja to escape.  Tarzan bends the bars of Paetus’ chamber and takes the new emperor as a hostage.  After they escape the city and the war galleys, they release Paetus in a small sailing ship.
 Dell Number  -- 106.1

Paige, Randolph  -- along with his brother Walter, Randolph searches for the Muata Yamvo’s Mines.  The white savages of Vari capture them.  Tarzan rescues Randolph.
 Dell Number  -- 1

Paige, Walter  -- along with his brother Randolph, Walter searches for the Muata Yamvo’s Mines. The white savages of Vari capture them.  He escapes and is wounded.  Before he dies he tells Tarzan his story and gives him a ‘gimla ring’ to identify him as a friend to Naranee, Queen of Vari.
 Dell Number  -- 1

Pan-at-lee  -- smoothed skin one -- Om-at’s mate.
#4 Flees from Tor-lot’s advances when Om-at is away.  She is captured by the Bongus and later rescued by Tarzan and Om-at.
A#4.6 Pan-at-lee and her son, Lodor, are captured by Guru, the evil witch doctor.  He hides them away in the almost impenetrable Valley People Village.  Tarzan and Om-at, her husband, make it past the cave bears to rescue them.  Tarzan and Om-at bring them safely past the baboons, leopards, and Guru’s witch men.
No. 51.5 Pan-at-lee asks Tarzan for help in rescuing Om-at from the Ho-dons.  The rescue is made and they make it to Kor-ul-gryf.  Pan-at-lee draws the Hod-dons pursuers away from the injured Om-at and Tarzan.  They catch her and throw her off a cliff.  Tarzan cuts her free from the monkey net and she climbs up the rope to safety.  Pan-at-lee has pointed ears and slanted eyes.
 Dell Number  -- 4+A#4.6+No. 51.5
 Novel  -- TTe  -- “soft-tail-doe”

Pandikisi  -- Dashani name for the Devil Ogre.  Pandikisi means giant.  (See also: Devil Ogre)
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

pangolin  --  #62 (inside back cover)+ #66 (inside back cover)

Pani  -- Member of Mugambi’s tribe.  Tarzan asks him if he saw what crashed through the chief’s hut.  He did not.
 Dell Number  -- 73.1

panther  -- explains how the black panther is merely a leopard with melanism, which is a genetic tendency towards black coloration in a normally light-colored animal.
 Dell Number  -- 76 (splash page)

Panther King  -- Also referred to as the Black King and King Panther by the Panther Men.  It is a huge black panther that is worshipped by the Panther Men.  It is kept in a circular area in the Panther Men village, which is surrounded by a deep chasm.  The giant cat has a house on the island.  The Panther Men deliver a live sacrifice to the Panther King once a year.  The victim is carried on a stretcher across the chasm using a flying bridge.  The Panther Men capture Jane and carry her to the Panther King’s area.  Tarzan kills the Panther King with his knife.  He and Jane escape down the chasm.
 Dell Number  -- 53.1

Panther Men  -- A lost tribe of white men who wear black panther masks, black arm coverings, and shorts.  (No women are shown.)  They dwell in a village of stone houses at the bottom of a volcanic crater.  They speak a language that sounds familiar to Jane. Tarzan also recognizes the language but worries about mimicking their accent.  Spears appear to be their only weapons.  They worship a huge black panther they call Panther King, King Panther and/or Black King.  They keep the panther in a circular area that is surrounded by a deep chasm.  Once a year they offer the Panther King a live sacrifice of a human being.  They deliver the victim on a stretcher across a retractable bridge to the island area of the Black King.  They capture Jane and plan to sacrifice her to their god.  An elaborate ceremony precedes the sacrifice that involves dressing up the victim on a panther altar.  The ceremonial coverings include purple clothes, gold armbands, gold ankle bracelets and a royal necklace.  The high priest conducing the ceremony wears long black robes.  Tarzan kills the Panther King and escapes with Jane.
 Dell Number  -- 53.1

Pan Wang  -- Pan Wang translates as soft arm.  Pan is a female of a new species of apes found near the Caverns of Kor.  She is probably the mate of Zu Vo Wang.  She has lost her balu.  She takes Boy to replace her loss.  She protects Boy from the other apes that don’t accept Boy as a balu.  She force-feeds Boy.  She takes Boy to the cavern for the night.  Zu thwarts Tarzan’s rescue attempt.  Zu threatens to kill Boy.  Pan protects Boy.  Tarzan finds the lost balu and returns the child to its mother.  Pan Wang and the other apes forget about Boy, which allows Tarzan to rescue him.
 Dell Number  -- 129.1

paradise whidah bird  --  A#7 (splash page - “Bird’s of Tarzan’s Jungle”)

parrots  --  #22.1 part of Doctor Mervin’s growth experiments, they are as big as turkeys.
#123.1 the evil Kabarounga silences a parrot with a knobstick throw.  He is afraid the parrot would give away his position.
 Dell Number  -- 22.1+123.1

partridge  --  #50.2 Boy kills a partridge with bow and arrow.
#56.1 Tarzan brings down two partridges with a crossbow.  The game is food for he and Dr. MacWhirtle.
A#4.3 Tarzan kills a bird (probably a partridge) in the Valley of Monsters for food.
#69.2 Boy and Dombie kill a bird with their bows.  Boy claims them to be francolins.  Later he tells Tarzan that the birds were partridges.
 Dell Number  -- 50.2+56.1+A#4.3+69.2

passengers  --  A number of men and women are on the passenger plane bound for Nairobi.  Dr. Forrence and the Mask of Mani Kongo are on the plane.  A storm comes up.  The plane crashes and all the unnamed passengers are killed.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

Paul d'Arnot  --  (See - d’Arnot)

Paul Jenner  --  A bald man with a mustache.  Paul and his wife, Alice, are forced to land their plane in the Great Swamp.  Alice disappears.  Paul and a man named Jim search the plane for her.  Tarzan rescues Alice and brings her to the Great Swamp on Gorgo.  They are pursued by White Apes.  Jim shoots the apes.  Paul and Alice are reunited.
 Dell Number  -- 58.1

Paul Norden  -- Husband to Annetje.  They are descendants of families that were chased through the poison belt of red flowers that protects the Valley of the Shadows of Death.  They have made a home there, growing plants and living off of fish and giraffes that wander into the valley.  Paul rescues Martje and Koert Van Dyck and Boy from the flowers.  Tarzan swims underwater into the valley.  He builds a boat and pulls them all down the middle of the river to avoid the fragrance of the flowers.  Conrad and Jan Van Dyck are grateful for their rescue.  The Nordens and Van Dycks become friends and agree to build a home in the place that Tarzan found for them.
 Dell Number  -- 94.2

People of the Caves  -- cave dwellers in the Valley of the Caves, part of Pal-ul-don.  Aroc, a cave man, captures La.  Tarzan defeats their chief, Bundroc.  They want to make Tarzan their chief.  Tarzan sets up La as their chief.
 Dell Number  -- 15.1

People of the Rocks  -- what Tarzan calls the baboons.
In Dell # 4 Tarzan calls them ‘O-dan-mangani’ or like rock great apes.
#17.2 under the leadership of Zugash, they help Tarzan free Rita Lane and capture a band of Shiftas who had been killing and wounding the tribe.
#40.2 Tarzan recruits the baboons to help him fight the Leopard Men.  The baboons thwart the leopards of the Leopard Men and help in attacking the warriors themselves.  They get the spoils of the victory.  They are drawn as grayish in color with white manes.
#57.3 As Tarzan trails the Shiftas and their captives, Wakefield and Reese, he comes upon the baboons know as the People of the Rocks.  He learns from them that they are headed towards Castra Sanguinarius.  The Shiftas attack the baboons.  The People of the Rocks drive them off with rocks.
#62.2 the baboons, who have taken over the deserted White Marble Town, attack Tarzan and Boy when they enter the ruins.  Tarzan handles them.  Unglok, the leader, insist on continuing to fight.  Tarzan saves him from a white crocodile.  The baboons accept Tarzan, Boy and N’kima as friends.
#67.2 Dogface baboons living at the Field of Rocks.  Tarzan and Boy track the killer King Leopard to the Field of Rocks.  The baboons decide to help them because the leopard has killed many balus.  When the leopard attacks Tarzan, the baboons pull sheetah’s tail and throw rocks.  The huge leopard wounds one.  Tarzan kills the leopard with his spear.  The baboons continue to throw rocks.
#73.2 (See - baboons)
#92.1 as a captive of the Inkota tribe Tarzan is given freedom to wander the area.  He finds a tribe of cross-eyed baboons.  He tells them to raid the Inkota fields during the night.  The witch doctor tells Queen Nilonda that the ape-man is bad luck.  Tarzan convinces her that he can negotiate with the baboons.  He and the other captive, Karen Lane, bring the baboons twenty pounds of salt. This is to keep the baboons away from the Inkota crops.  The Inkota call them dog-faced apes.
 Dell Number  -- 3+4+13.1+17.2+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+40.2+57.3+62.2+67.2+73.2+92.1

People of the Veil --  (See also: Tuaregs)

pheasant  --  The runaway Boy hunts for a pheasant with his bow and arrows.  He steps on a twig that causes the birds to fly away.  His arrow falls short of its mark.
 Dell Number  -- 107.2

Phil  -- after experiencing airplane trouble, Phil is captured, along with Emma, by cannibals.  The chief, Budango, forces him to teach him how to fly.  Budango calls him Bird Man.  Tarzan rescues him.
 Dell Number  -- 14.2

pilot  --  A#3.3  unnamed man who pilots the airplane for the Secret Master.  As Tarzan captures the Man of Evil, he commands Thorag, the ape, to grab the pilot.  The man faints.  Tarzan flies the plane to Nairobi and turns the pilot, the Secret Master, and the Owl over to the authorities.
#91.2 unnamed man is forced to land his glider in a storm.  The potbellied man with a mustache and a red cap does not want his glider.  He just wants to get back to Nairobi.  Tarzan helps him.
No. 25.6 - Unnamed pilot of the passenger plane carrying Dr. Forrence and the Mask of Mani Kongo to Nairobi.  A storm brings the plane down.  The pilot is killed.
#120.1 an unnamed pilot lands in a storm.  His landing gear is damaged during the landing.  Tarzan offers to fix the strut if he will take him and Bauxhau, the Nye-nye prophet, to the Nye-nye current home in the mountain beyond the Zambezi River.  The pilot agrees.  The plane is fixed and he lands them safety on the mountain.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.3+91.2+No. 25.6+120.1

Pinky  -- A famous traveling hippo with a pink ear and a pink spot near its tail.  He is missing.  Tarzan and Boy search for him in Tanganyika.  Pinky has turned rouge and smashes Tarzan’s canoe.  From a new canoe Tarzan throws a bundle of sticks into Pinky’s mouth.  This allows him to rope him.  Friendly natives and Tarzan pull Pinky ashore and tie him up.  Tarzan removes a bullet from Pinky’s jaw.  This is probably what made him rouge.  Pinky is tethered in the river near the friendly village.  Enemies approach the village at night.  Pinky smashes one their war canoes.  They flee.  Pinky is a hero.  A raft will be built to care Pinky down river away from the village.
 Dell Number  -- 101.2

pirates  -- Pirates in a dhow spot Boy and Dombie on a raft.  They think they would make good presents for their sheik.  They pull up alongside of the raft.  A giant squid attacks them.  They raise sail, fight off the squid, and sail away.
 Dell Number  -- 128.2

Pirate Captain  -- Leader of the Channel Pirates that are the scourge of the coast.  They terrorize the area.  They fire at Tarzan as he fishes for the Arabs.  The captain is not sure if Tarzan is dead.  He searches the water with his binoculars.  Upon seeing the shark in the water, he is convinced that Tarzan is dead.  They sail their dhow to a wrecked ship and strip it.  Tarzan and his coalition force of Arab fishermen and the survivors of the wreck board the dhow.  As Tarzan enters the captain’s cabin, the pirate attempts to shoot him with his pistol.  Tarzan disarms him.  Tarzan turns over the bald pirate captain and his men to Captain Baine to take to the authorities.
 Dell Number  -- 83.1

Pirate King  -- His name is Plutonius.  He is not actually seen in this issue.  He is the ruler of the Island of the Pirate King on a lake in the Forbidden Valley that also contains Castrum Mare and Castra Sanguinarius.  He raids both cities with his twelve oared cutters and war galleys.  His city is a stronghold with a castle in the middle of the island.  An agent of his buys Jane and Boy from the slave market in Castrum Mare.  Tarzan rescues them.  The Imperator of Castrum Mare, Cassius Hasta, sends his war galleys to the pirates’ island.  The pirates are defeated both at sea and on land.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

Plenty  -- Plenty is the name of the white rhino that Tarzan has tamed.  The Bangwa capture the rhino and load it into the white hunter’s truck.  Boy catches up to the truck as it stops for repairs.  Boy crawls into the back of the truck as it starts up again.  He cuts Plenty loose and directs the rhino to break open the back gate.  The rhino leaps from the truck.  Boy manages to get on the rhino’s back, turn him, and have him charge into the truck.  Plenty overturns the truck.  Boy rides Plenty home.
 Dell Number  -- 121.2

Plesiosaurus  --  #31.1 In the Valley of the Monsters Tarzan, Boy and Doctor MacWhirtle spot a Plesiosaurus laying eggs in the sand.  Tarzan drives the beast away.  They fill a large sack full of the eggs.  They eat some for food.  Later Tarzan kills one with his knife.  They take the eggs back to Tarzan’s tree house.  It is from the Mesozoic period.
#47.1 the lost race of white natives that live inside a volcano sacrifice a person to the saurian monster three times a year.  The natives call the lizard, Nga Ngori.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac save Ruandi, a native, from being sacrificed.  Later all three are placed on a raft by the witch doctor, Kuvuru, to be sacrifice to the plesiosaurus.  Queen Lula frees them.  Tarzan blinds the saurian with two knife throws.
No. 51.7 A Plesiosaur attacks the croc boat of Tarzan, Princess Loma, and Margaret Mackenzie, the astronaut.  Tarzan kills it with one arrow.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1 +47.1 +No. 51.7
 Novels -- AEC - aquatic dinosaur of the Jurassic period.  It has a large body, fins four legs, long tail, and a long neck with a tiny head that has sharp teeth.  Also known as Tandoraz, sea mammoth, of Pellucidar

Plutonius, the Pirate King  --  (See - Pirate King)

Poley  -- Inept white hunter.  He is heavyset and has a partner named Jacobs.  They slap the nephew of the Morobo chief causing their bearers to desert them.  They are hopelessly lost.  They sit on some red ants that attack them.  They shed their shirts.  Tarzan finds them and disposes of their rifles.  He and Jad-bal-ja lead them to a kopje for water.  Poley throws rocks at some baboons.  Tarzan commands Jad to frighten off the baboons.  Tarzan brings them a pig for food.  They don’t know how to cook so Tarzan does it for them.  As the Morobo tribe approaches to punish or kill the hunters, Tarzan carries Jacobs and Jad carries Poley to safety.  Tarzan pays some natives to take the hunters to Nairobi by canoe.
 Dell Number  -- 75.2

policeman  --  #A2.3  Boy and the ape Zorek, dressed in a zookeeper outfit, get by a policeman.  N’kombo and his crew report to the policeman that they were attacked by a man with an ape face.  The policeman is surprised as the crippled old man takes to the trees like an ape.  He has two stripes.
#60.2 (Boy story) A traffic policeman flees in panic as Boy rides Jad-bal-ja through the streets of Nairobi in search of the trapper who captured Jad’s mate, Balja.  Native policemen with rifles follow them into the grocery store but lose their trail.
#86.2 title character - Policeman from Nairobi.  (See: Wardle, Mr.)
 Dell Number  -- A2.3+60.2 (Boy story)+86.2

Pollock  -- This is the name of the evil man who follows Dr. Forrence on the passenger plane in the hopes of getting his hands on the Mask of Mani Kongo.  The plane crashes.  Pollock steals the mask and leaves.  Wild hunting dogs surround him.  Pollock empties his pistol at the dogs.  Tarzan ropes him and pulls him up into a tree.  Pollock tells the ape-man that his name is Donald Frayne because of the initials D. F. are on the briefcase that he is carrying.  Tarzan has the Watunga canoe Pollock towards Nairobi.  The Watunga take Pollock to a road where he flags down a truck headed for Ngong.  At a farmhouse he makes plans with his henchmen to take over Africa.  Tarzan captures Pollock and the mask.   He turns them over to the commissioner.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

Pollock’s henchmen  -- Pollock meets with three henchmen at a farmhouse.  They make plans to exploit the Mask of Mani Kongo.  Tarzan catches up to them.  His knife throw smashes the light.  Tarzan snatches up Pollock and the mask.  The henchmen give chase and fire at them to no avail.  Tarzan gives them the slip.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

Poon  -- Great ape of the tribe that discovers jewels in the Shark Lagoon.  Evil white hunters discover that the apes have jewels, and they systematically attempt to kill all the apes.  Tarzan convinces most of the apes that the jewels are worthless because they cannot be eaten.  Poon believes that Tarzan is trying to trick them out of the jewels.  Tarzan punches Poon in the stomach to quiet him down.
 Dell Number  -- 46.3

porcupine  --  #62 (Jungle Friends - the inside cover of the back page) + #128 (splash page) (See also: Prickly)

potto  -- #82 (Good Neighbors - splash page)

Prickly  -- Prickly is a porcupine.  He is swept out to sea with Dombie and Boy by a tidal wave.  The boy’s tree house has become a raft.  Prickly chews open cocoanuts for the boys.  A giant squid attacks them.  When the squid grabs Prickly, it drops the porcupine and retreats.  Another squid attacks.  Again it grabs Prickly and again it retreats.
 Dell Number  -- 128.2

Prince Alad  -- nephew to King Ilonyi of the White Pygmies of Opar.  He rides an antelope to Tarzan.  He informs him that gangsters have come to Opar on a flying chariot and have wounded people with thunderclaps.  Tarzan flies him back to Opar on Argus.  He wears a blue, sleeveless shirt and a red hat.
 Dell Number  -- 82.1

Prince Alet   --  #17.1 white pygmy, rightful heir to the throne, is thrown in prison by Urkat who   usurps the power and has his wife, Princess Ila, and his son, Tado, turned out into the terrible desert which surrounds their land.  Not seen.
#18.2 just called Prince as Tarzan returns his wife, Princess Ila and their son, Taddo to him.  Their enemies have been overthrown and he is now king.
 Dell Number  -- 17.1+18.2

Prince Ergon  --  #35 Prince of Athne, City of Ivory.  The Athneans pursue their mortal enemies, the Cathneans, after a volcano destroys their home.  Tarzan captures the Prince and forces the Athneans to delay their attack.  After the Prince is returned, they start the pursuit again.  Prince Ergon is wounded by the Cathneans as they try to cross the Great Swamp.  He decides to withdrawn his troops.
#39.2 When Tarzan comes for Doctor Maypool and his daughter, Ellen, Ergon sets the price of their freedom as follows: the ‘bang stick’ for the doctor and the roaring beast (safari car) for his daughter.  Tarzan gives him the rifle.  Ergon attempts to shoot Tarzan, but Tarzan has removed the ammunition.  When Tarzan returns with the safari car.  Ellen is free; however, she is enamored with the Prince.  Ergon tries to have Tarzan captured and offers one thousand pieces of ivory as a reward.  Tarzan escapes.
#40.1 He has designs on Ellen.  He becomes very upset when Ellen’s fiancée, Tom Culver, shows up.  He subjects Tom, Ellen, and Doctor Maypool to the Ordeal of the Elephants.  When Tarzan rescues them and leave by safari car, the Prince and his men pursue them on elephants.  Doctor MacWhirtle shoots the Prince’s elephant out from under him.
#45.3 When Timon approaches the walls of Athne mounted on Goliath, Ergon commands his men to cast spears.  After Goliath leaves the city, Prince Ergon leads his elephant men to attack the Cathneans.  Jathon approaches and they negotiate a peace agreement.
#52.1 Ergon is now the King of Athne.  Tarzan refers to him as Prince, before he reaches the city and as King when he is at the city.  Tarzan comes to King Ergon to warn Athne about the approaching Bolgani horde.  Ergon doesn’t believe him and commands Tarzan to be seized.  Tarzan throws the King into the guards.  Ergon wears a purple toga and sports a dark, full beard and mustache.  The gorillas kill him as the Bolgani overrun the city.
 Dell Number  -- 35+39.2+40.1+45.3+52.1

Prince Gato  -- Prince Gato is an evil prince of Athne who comes to Tarzan country to take what he wants.  He is blonde and wears a helmet, similar to a Leonardo da Vinci drawing.  The Athneans approach Tarzan’s tree house on elephants.  Prince Gato commands his men to attack the ape-man.  He has the elephants pick up a log and batter down the tree that contains Tarzan’s home.  The Athneans enter the empty Waziri city with their elephants.  Gato decides to stay there a few days.   Gato discovers Tarzan leading the elephants out of the city.  He shoots an arrow at the ape-man but hits Thantu‘s trunk.  Thantu charges from the city with the herd following him.  The Waziri enter the city and overpower the Athneans.  Gato would prefer to be killed, but the Waziri do not oblige him.  They force them to repair the city.  Tarzan and Muviro release the Atheans to return across the Great Thorn Desert to home.  Gato again would prefer death by a spear.
 Dell Number  -- 122.1
 Novel  -- LeM - Gato Mgungu is the chief of the Leopard Men

Prince Illony  -- White pygmy.  He is the son of the King of Opar. He participates in a riding exhibit on antelopes for Tarzan and his family.  During a hunt, two trophy hunters capture the Prince.  They plan to exhibit him in show business.  Tarzan trails them to Nairobi and rescues him.
 Dell Number  -- 49.1

Prince Ilonyi  -- Prince of the white Pygmies.  Lead by Prince Ilonyi, the White Pygmies on their gazelles leave the Rock of Opar and return to their traditional home in the desert because an earthquake split open the Rock of Opar and caused a geyser to spew sulfur smelling water into the valley.  They also fear the Oparians moving up out of the valley.  Prince Ilonyi has brown hair and mustache.  He wears only fur shorts and carries a bow and quiver on his back.  (See also -King Ilonyi)
 Dell Number  -- 130.1

Prince Jathon  --  (See: Jathon)

Prince Keelim  --  #38.1 Crown prince of Lutor, son of King Loban, brother to Princess Loma.  He is captured by Cat Men and carried to their home in Crater Lake.  Tarzan rescues the golden haired Prince.  In turn, he, Tarzan, and Gerald Newman help rescue Loma and Margaret Newman, Gerald’s sister.  He appears to be attracted to Margaret.
#59.1 the golden haired prince is captured by the Talking Gorillas.  Tarzan rescues him and the other captives.  They use the gorilla’s rafts to escape to King Loban’s crocodile boat.
 Dell Number  -- 38.1+59.1

Prince Kodon  --  #57.1 He is cousin to Taden, King of Alur.  Kodon opposes peace with Jalur and desires the throne of Alur.  He possibly sent some of his men dressed as Jalur warriors to kill the king.  Tarzan and Gorgo save Taden.  Taden returns to Alur with Tarzan and Gorgo.  Kodon goads Taden into single combat for the throne.  Taden easily defeats Kodon who runs with his red plumed helmet waving in the breeze.  Gorgo drives the rest of the rebels out of the city.  He is drawn as a white man.
#62.1 He is drawn as a black man.  He is angry about being exiled from Alur.  King Zugu of Jalur befriends him.  He instills the King with the notion that Tarzan and his friends are going to attack the city.  He and some Ho-don warriors capture Tarzan and throw him in a cell in Jalur.  He reports Tarzan’s capture to the King.  Tarzan enters the room through the window.  Tarzan parries Kodon’s sword with his knife.  The King stabs at Tarzan with a spear.  Tarzan uses Kodon as a shield.  Kodon is fatally wounded.
 Dell Number  -- 57.1+62.1

Prince Mako  -- son of the king of the Ivory City.  Spoiled and obnoxious.  When Tarzan defeats the Strangler and a gorilla in the gladiatorial games on the Prince’s birthday celebration and thereby claims his freedom, the Prince has him locked up as being dangerous.  When Tarzan does gain his freedom and that of Boy and the young Waziri by saving the King’s life, he is upset that his father has given away his slaves.  He pursues Tarzan and company with warriors only to be accidentally killed by one of his own soldier’s spears thrown at Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 19.1

Prince Nikar  -- No. 25.4 Prince of a dark skinned pygmy tribe from Otar.  He may be the mate of Princess Lulan.  Their relationship is not made clear in the story.  Crossing the jungle the pygmies ride their antelopes away from the noisy Boruti hunters.  They ride up to the capture nets of the hunters.  The Prince cuts through the nets.  He is the last one through and is captured by the Boruti.  They place him in a cage suspended from a tree.  They call him monkey man because they don’t understand his speech.  They poke at him with sticks to make him talk.  Tarzan has the pygmies ride into the village and set fire to the huts.  As the Boruti are distracted, Tarzan pulls the cage up into the tree and releases the Prince.  Tarzan gives the Prince his eland so that he can continue his journey home.
 Dell Number  - No. 25.4

Prince of Jalur  -- A#7.4 After Kandor defeats Gorgan the Greedy for the throne of Jalur, he make Tarzan a Prince of Jalur for his help in guiding him to the Great Rhinoceros.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.4

Prince of Lipona  -- title bestowed on Tarzan by the King after leading the White Pygmies to victory over the clan of vultures.
 Dell Number  -- 8

Prince of Pal-ul-don  -- Ja-don declares Tarzan Prince of Pal-ul-don during feast after their victory in reclaiming A-lur from the evil Dak-lot.
 Dell Number  -- 9

Prince of the Stork People  -- Title given to Tarzan by Kakar after he helps the Stork People fight the Terribs.
 Dell Number  -- 42.1

Prince Rotan  -- Prince of Jalur and son of King Jadon.  A bit of a dandy the Prince wears a fanciful large blue hat, a red shirt with two slits on the right front, blue pants, and a piece of white cloth over his left shoulder.  His father sends his sons on a quest for the Treasure of Kings to prove them worthy of the throne.  The older sons do not return.  Rotan is afraid of the quest and rides off to live with Tarzan.  A pair of lions attacks his buffalo mount.  Tarzan kills one.  The other runs off.  The Prince shows Tarzan the gold bracelet that contains a riddle to help solve where the treasure lies.  At times the bracelet appears on either arm.  They ride to the rim of the Canyon of Night.  Tarzan uses the Prince’s rope to descend to a ledge.  Rotan is petrified but Tarzan helps him to the ledge.  Tarzan guides him through a waterfall, a cave, and into the canyon.  At the edge of a lake Rotan finds a huge blue egg and thinks it is a gem.  Tarzan saves him from the giant wingless bird that attacks him.  In the temple Rotan is mystified by the riddle on the statue.  Tarzan prods him.  Rotan kneels before the statue, which releases a door and the treasure, a giant blue gem, rolls out.  Tarzan leads him up a staircase out of the canyon.  Rotan is a white man with a thin black mustache.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.4

Prince Thyron  --  #84.1 Son of King Jathon and Queen Elaine.  He looks like a teenager at times and a bit older in other panels.  He has golden hair like his mother.  While hunting rock antelope, his party decides to leave the lion drawn chariots and proceed on foot.  The Mitzeraim attack them with stones cast from slings.  The Prince is captured.  He is placed on a pedestal for sacrifice in Mitzer, the city of Thoth.  The statue of Thoth emits a beam of light from its crystal eye, which is about to disintegrate him.  Tarzan swoops in on Argus and carries him back to his father.  He tells Jathon that some of his men are still prisoners of the Mitzeraim.  During battle between the Cathneans and the Mitzeraim, Thyron oversees the battle with Tarzan and Jathon from a distance.
#103.1 Jathon’s son and his mother Elaine greet the King as he arrives at the temporary camp of the Cathneans after an earthquake destroyed Cathne.  He reports to Jathon that they had to fight their way to this camp.  He has gold hair and looks Apollo-like.
 Dell Number  -- 84.1+ 103.1

Prince Timon  --  #66.1 Prince of Athne.  Tarzan greets the bearded Prince at New Athne where he is overseeing the construction of the new city in his Roman-type armor.  Tarzan thinks his decision to have all of the war elephants at the quarry unwise.  When the Talking Gorillas attack, Tarzan convinces the Prince to surrender with his promise of rescue.  Tarzan enlists the aid of the Athneans and the war elephants at the quarry to rescues the captives.  They are successful.  Tarzan holds a summit meeting in Cathne in which he forms an alliance with the Athneans, Cathneans, and Gallugos to oust the gorillas from Old Athne.  At the meeting, Prince Timon is clean-shaven.  Timon leads his men across the Great Swamp in the joint attack on Old Athne.  Tarzan tricks the Bolgani into taking a sleep inducing juice.  The alliance removes the gorillas from the city.  Timon thanks Lord Tarzan for restoring Athne to them.
#80.1 Timon is once again bearded and wears Roman type of armor.  Tarzan and Shareef Hussein arrive at Athne and ask for his aid in repairing the damaged aqueduct that used to feed the City of Sands.  Timon agrees and asks for no payment.  Besides the repair work, Timon also has a dam constructed to help them through the dry season.  Prince Timon and Hussein sign a treaty of friendship.  When mountain savages attack the site, Tarzan, the Prince and his elephant men, and the Beni-Adhemi scatter them.
 Dell Number  -- 66.1+80.1

Princess Elaine --  (See: Elaine Hammond)

Princess Ila  --  #17.1 white pygmy whose husband was imprisoned by Urkat and forced into the terrible desert with her son Tado.  They are captured by Abou Ben Ephraim and are forced to perform for people.  Tarzan rescues them.
#18.2 - journeys with her son, Taddo, and Tarzan back to Lipona via Giant Eland and Dyal.
 Dell Number  -- 17.1+18.2

Princess Kendra -- Princess Kendra of the Hidden ones is on her way to place a gold leaf on the tombs of their forefathers for the coming growing season when Batuti warriors capture her.  They carry her in a litter.  When they stop for a rest, Kendra places a pillow under her golden cloak in the litter and escapes out the back.  Tarzan offers to help her return to her people.  After she realizes that this is the person who rescued a captive from the Hidden Ones by getting past the ape guards and the three giants, she accepts his help.  Tarzan carries her through the trees.  He makes her bark boots to help them on the journey.  She insists on stopping at the tomb in the Gateway of the Giants to complete her task with the gold leaf.  She pulls out a key and opens a pivot door in what appeared to be solid rock.  They are forced to close the tomb door because the Batuti are almost upon them.  Tarzan hides Kendra in an empty mummy case.  The Batuti blast their way into the tomb and take the two gold caskets in which Kendra and Tarzan are hiding.  When the Batuti pries open a casket, they are delighted to discover that they have recaptured the Princess.  Tarzan defends her.  The Hidden Ones arrive and the Batuti flee.  Kendra explains to her brother, Kobu, how Tarzan saved her.  Princess Kendra is a beautiful native woman with almond shaped eyes.  She wears a blue dress.
 Dell Number  -- 119.1

Princess Lilana  -- white pygmy, wife of Prince Nikon.  When the pygmy band comes looking for Tarzan to find them a new home, the women are captured by Shifta slavers.  Tarzan, Buto, Jad-bal-ja, and the pygmies defeat the Shiftas and rescue the women.  Tarzan, the Princess, and five other pygmy women ride Jad-bal-ja back to the pygmy camp.  Tarzan rids the ruins of Opar of the apes and pulls the pygmies and their antelopes to the top of the mountain that holds Opar, their new home.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.1

Princess Loma  -- from the island of Lutor in the Great Swamp.  Her people speak the language of Pal-ul-don.
#34.2 She uses giant shears from the bow of her crocodile craft on two snakes that are attacking Tarzan.  Terribs attack them and kill all of the rowers.  Tarzan carries her out of the mouth of the craft and into the trees, thus escaping from the Terribs.  He returns her to her father.
#36.2 Tarzan introduces Muviro and the Waziri to Loma and her father.  Their crocodile crafts are attacked by Terribs.  She and her father fire crossbows from the mouth of the craft.  She is captured by Terribs and carried underwater to a cave.  Tarzan riding a Red-billed Banthur follows and rescues her.
#38.1 She claims the Lutorian law that allows a brother or sister to share in the rescue attempt of her brother, Prince Keelim, who was captured by the Cat Men of Crater Lake.  She wears a Roman type of helmet, green armor, green skirt, and a sword.  She and Tarzan ride Banthurs to the edge of the volcano, which contains Crater Lake.  They find a fissure in the rock to descend into the volcano.  She stays behind as Tarzan rescues Margaret Newman.  She and Margaret stay behind as Tarzan searches for Keelim.  She and Margaret are captured by Cat Men and taken to the Temple of Brule.  Tarzan rescues all, including Margaret’s brother, Gerald.  While leaving the temple, a giant water snake grabs the Princess’ diving helmet.  Tarzan kills the hista with a knife.  The Princess and Gerald fall for each other.
#45.3 The Princess rescues the wounded King Jathon of Cathne from the Great Swamp.  As she returns Jathon home, they come across Tarzan, who tells them of Timon’s plan to attack Athne.  She uses her crocodile boat to take Tarzan and Jathon to Athne.
#50.1 Kumar signals her crocodile boat with a double column of green smoke.  Princess Loma picks up Kumar and Tarzan, who have obtained poison sacs from an Arachna.  They head for the lagoon of the Stork Men.  They are attacked by Terribs.  They out run them.  At the village of the Stork Men Tarzan instructs Loma to administer the healing dose of spider poison to Dr. Mervin, who has Swamp Fever.  She puts three drops in water and gives it to the Doctor.
#51.1 Princess Loma wonders if Tarzan can get Dr. Mervin’s bird machine to fly.  Terribs attack and destroy the plane.
#52.3 - Princess Loma offers to take Boy to Lutor by crocodile boat.  Tarzan promises to join them later after checking up on Dr. Mac, who is flying Dr. Mervin and Yolanda to Nairobi.
#53.3 Princess Loma and Boy spy a cabin plane land at Lutor.  Loma is suspicious and warns her father, King Loban, to be wary.  The plane contains the gangster Mike Nucco and his men.  They take over the city and force Loma to serve them food.  When Tarzan and the Lutorian archers fell Nucco’s men, the gangster uses Loma as a shield to no avail against Tarzan’s arrow.  After the gangsters are banished to an island in Pal-ul-don, she says her good-byes to Tarzan and Boy.
#59.1 Princess Loma, riding in her crocodile boat, meets Tarzan in the Great Barrier Swamp.  She tells him that they are searching for her brother, Prince Keelim, who has been captured by the Talking Gorillas.  Tarzan rescues the Prince and the other captives.  They meet up with the Princess and King Loban.  The gorillas attack their crocodile boat.  Princess Loma fires her bow.  Tarzan tells her to signal the hatches closed.  Loma strikes a gong to issue the order.  A tidal wave caused by an earthquake wipes out the gorillas on their rafts.  The crocodile boat surfaces.  The hatch is raised.  A Bolgani tries to grab the Princess. Tarzan knocks him overboard with one punch.
#68 (splash page) Loma is not seen.  However, the title is ‘Loma’s Hunting Cat.’  It depicts a cheetah with a collar hunting an antelope.
#70.1 Princess Loma, in the crocodile boat, comes upon a battle between the Terribs and her Lutorian countrymen.  She releases two giant otters to battle the Gorobars.  The Terribs flee.  She recalls the otters with a shell horn.  Tarzan stays in the craft overnight.  The next day Tarzan manages to recapture King Zugu and carry him through the air to the crocodile boat.  Princess Loma offers to take the hostage to Alur in the croc boat.  Tarzan will decoy the Ho-dons away from the craft.
#71.1 Princess Loma accompanies Tarzan to Cathne on Gorgo.  They request King Jathon to round up all the excess Cathnean lions to help protect Lutor.  She heads for Lutor with the crocodile boats full of lions.  She has extremely long blonde hair.  She tucks all her hair under her helmet.
#88.2 King Loban and Princess Loma greet Tarzan who is looking for Boy.  He learns that Boy left yesterday.  They offer the Jungle Lord the help of the Lutorian ships to search.  Tarzan declines the offer.  The Princess has long blonde hair.
#112.1 Princess Loban with long blonde hair greets Tarzan at the gates of Lutor.  An earthquake shakes the city.  The subsequent tidal wave causes Tarzan to lead the Lutorians to the upper reaches of the city.  A volcano rises in the lake, surrounding the city.  The next day they take a crocodile boat out to view the volcano.  King Loban steers the craft.  Princess Loma spies an airplane that crashes.  They search for survivors.  Princess Loban steers the craft.  They rescue the down royal air force personnel from the Terribs.  They return to Lutor for a feast.  King Loban offers to make them officers in his navy.  Princess Loma pleads for them to stay.  They are honor bound to return.  A croc boat takes them to the mainland.
No. 51.7 Princess Loban and Tarzan witness a space capsule land in the waters near Lutor.  They take a croc boat out to bring back Margaret Mackenzie, the astronaut.  Princess Loma learns some English and agrees to take Margaret across the Great Swamp.  Their boat breaks.  Finned dinosaurs surround them.  Tarzan and King Loban rescue them.  The Princess apologizes.
 Dell Number  -- 34.2+36.2+38.1+45.3+50.1+51.1+52.3+53.3+59.1 +68 (splash page) +70.1+71.1 +88.2 +112.1 + No. 51.7

Princess Lulan  -- shaved headed pygmy princess.  She may be the mate of Prince Nikar.  They ride their antelopes away from the noisy Boruti hunters.  Boruti hunting nets block them.  Prince Nikar cuts through the nets and has the Princess go through first.  The wild hunters catch the Prince.  The Princess leads the warriors back to Otar for help.  They met Tarzan along the trail and she tells him of their plight.  Lulan insists on accompanying Tarzan to the Boruti Village.  When they see the Boruti teasing Nikar with a stick, Lulan wants to shoot her bow.  Tarzan stops her.  Tarzan has the pygmies ride into the village and set their huts on fire.  This is enough of a distraction so that Tarzan can rescue the Prince.  The pygmies continue on their way.  Tarzan may ask for a favor from them some day.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.4

Princess Tee-anna/Tee Anna  --  #A2.2 - From the valley of Kandomor Princess Tee-anna is the daughter to King Gallu.   She has dark eyes and long black hair.  When Tarzan, Muviro, and three Waziri come to Kando-mor, the King assigns the Princess to teach them the customs of Gallugos.  She wears a red strapless dress with a green sash.  Wearing Roman-type armor and a necklace with a red stone, she demonstrates the practice technique of spearing a ring from the back of a charging buffalo.  Tarzan discovers cannibals tunneling into the area.  During the battle Tarzan saves the Princess from a cannibal.  Princess Tee-anna does well in battle.
#46.1 She wears Roman-type armor and rides into battle with her father.  The Gallugos use buffaloes as mounts.   She is much more natural looking than the look in the Dell Annual.  Her necklace is not apparent.
#56.3 Her name is now spelled Tee Anna.  She wears a furry top and shorts and has a yellow straw hat.  She has short dark hair and is much more helpless than in previous stories.  She does not seem to know much about hunting wild boar.  Tarzan has her use the hunting horn as a signal for the beaters to drive the pigs towards them.  She is thrown from her buffalo by a wild boar.  Tarzan saves her.  She appears to be easily frightened.
#57.1 Tee Anna thanks Tarzan for saving her from the giant boar.
#66.1 Tee Anna accompanies her father, King Gallu and the Gallugos in their joint alliance attack on the Talking Gorillas at Old Athne, despite Tarzan objection for her safety.
#71.1 Tee Anna rides a buffalo in defense of the city against the excess Cathnean lions.  Tee Anna threatens war with the Cathneans because of the lions.  Tarzan solves the problem by moving the lions to Lutor to help protect the city against the Terribs and the Bolgani.
#103.1 Dark skin and kinky black hair.  She wears a furry bra and pants outfit.  She points out the attacking gorilla army to Tarzan and her father.
 Dell Number  -- A2.2+46.1+56.3+57.1+66.1+71.1 +103.1

Professor Hector Plume  -- He has Tarzan guide him to a Lost City that contains the treasure of Isis.  He only wishes to examine the hieroglyphics.   Leveque and Suleiman who want the treasure capture the Professor.  He draws them a map.  Tarzan rescues him.  At the edge of the Lost City Tarzan saves them from giant scorpions and pterodactyls.  He translates the picture writing, and they discover the treasure cave.  The two scoundrels that have followed them tie him up.  Tarzan again comes to his aid.
 Dell Number  -- 26

Professor Ross  -- His small plane went down near Maun Gah, the ancient crater.  He is slight in build, clean-shaven with glasses, brown hair, and uses a walking stick because he was injured when his plane went down.  He cannot walk any great distance.  Tarzan and his daughter, Sheila, find him a captive of the Crater Village.  He has built a windmill out of his helicopter rotor.  (There seems to be some confusion as to whether he crashed in an airplane or a helicopter.)  He grinds the villagers’ grain with the windmill.  The villagers call him ‘o man-from-the-sky.’  The Professor has modified the mill so that he could use it as a flying machine.  He planed to attempt an escape with the windmill/flying machine by using the updraft winds to propel him.  Tarzan has the Professor and Sheila use the flying machine to escape form the natives.  They land near Nairobi and send Tarzan a message that they are safe.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1

prospecting crew  -- A crew of three men with yellow hardhats and a cook search for oil deposits for the French government.  A Garth heads their way.  They take refuge in their tractor-like vehicle.  The Garth steps on the hood of the vehicle.  They empty their rifle into the beast to no effect.  The monster steps on the tractor, killing the crew.  Tarzan and Raoul d’Arnot read their report of no oil deposits in the area.
 Dell Number  -- 121.1

pteranodon  --  (See also - thipdar)  A#4 (inside front cover)
#107.1 As Tarzan leads Bruce Harlowe out of the Valley of Monsters they spy a pteranodon.  While resting on a ledge as they climb out of the valley, Harlowe throws a rock at a pteranodon.  Many Pteranodons awaken and attack them.  It looks hopeless for Tarzan and Harlowe when suddenly a helicopter appears and frightens away the Pteranodons.  The helicopter crew thinks they were giant bats.
 Dell Number  -- A#4 (inside front cover)+107.1

pterodactyl  --  #7 flying reptile from the Mesozoic period.  One attacks Tarzan and the Lake    People while they are fishing.  Tarzan kills it with a trident.
#16.1 One attacks Tarzan plane.
#26 They attack the giant scorpions who are attacking Tarzan, Professor Plume, and Tantor at the edge of the Lost City that contains the treasure of Isis.  They also attack Tarzan and the Professor.  Tarzan drives them off by burning sulfur.
 Dell Number  -- 7+16.1+26+A2 (Boy’s Air Adventures)

pygmy  --  (See also: white pygmies)  #21.2 - capture Tarzan and d’Arnot and sell them as galley slaves to Consul Publius Mallus of the ship Cygnus.
#48.1 Tarzan gains some information about ivory poachers from forest pygmies.  They tell him that a big, big bird (helicopter) is responsible for the elephant’s deaths.
A#4.4(Boy story) Boy and Dombie discover a lost tribe of pygmies in a gorge where no one has gone before.  The pygmies are very friendly and the chief invites them to a meal of fish and mushrooms.  They have no apparent structures other than a type of netting.  They speak a clicking language.  The boy’s lack of understanding of the language gets them engaged to pygmy women.  They pygmies try to make Boy their king.  They place him on a gold stool on top of a dais of stone.  They place heavy gold necklaces and arm bracelets on him.  The pygmy witch doctor is angry about the occurrence and demands Boy be put to a test.  He forces him out into the stream with a trident.  He is expected to swim with the heavy gold ornaments.  Dombie brings the canoe around and they escape.  They pygmies are swift swimmers but cannot catch the canoe.
#70.2 Tarzan and Boy land on an unnamed island in the Lake of the Mists. Tarzan sleeps.  Pygmies rescue Boy from baboons. They use pygmy elephants to plow their fields.  Tarzan travels to the village where he is reunited with Boy.  Tarzan helps the pygmies construct a floating cage to capture the baboons that are terrorizing them.  They transport the baboons to the mainland.  A king rules them.  They wear conical hats and use pitchforks as weapons.
#76.2 Tarzan travel to the pygmy village of Kaisu in search of the antidote for a pygmy poison arrow that has made Borok, the ape, ill.  The pygmies are frightened and in awe of Tarzan.  Their leader, Kaisu, is not.  Kaisu moves the village often.
#89.2 Neesi is the chief of this tribe living in the forest near Tarzan.  Tarzan comes with a poison arrow that killed an ape.  Neesi claims that it is not from his tribe.  Tarzan threatens to evict the tribe if any more apes are killed.  Boy runs away to live with the pygmies.  On a hunting trip he learns that the pygmies are in league with ivory poachers.  They watch them take the ivory.  The pygmies take the meat.  The Bagongo poachers capture Boy.  The pygmies desert him.
No. 25 (splash page “Africa’s People)
No. 25.4 - A native pygmy tribe from Otar.  They are the little riders of the title.  They ride antelopes and use bows.  They are accompanying Prince Nikar and Princess Lulan through the jungle.  They come upon the Boruti hunters’ nets.  Prince Nikar cuts through the nets and lets his people through.  The Boruti capture the Prince.  The Princess stops the warriors from shooting their arrows in case they would take revenge on the Prince.  They ride for Otar.  They come upon Tarzan who says he will help.  They accompany Tarzan and the Princess to the Boruti Village.  Tarzan scouts out the village and develops a plan.  He has the pygmy warriors charge into the village and set fire to the huts.  As the Boruti are distracted Tarzan rescues the Prince.  The reunited pygmies head for home.
#120.2 - Boy and Dombie search for the pieces of the elephant alarm that was carried off by a rouge.  Pygmies have found some of the metal pieces.  They return them to Dombie when told that they belong to him.  Boy has an idea and makes a deal with the pygmies if they kill the rouge they can have the metal.  They track the elephant.  The pygmies sneak up close to the elephant.  Dombie sneezes.  The rouge turns on the pygmies.  Many spears are cast but the rouge is not slowed.  Boy’s arrow brings down the rouge.  The pygmies give Boy the elephant’s tail.  Boy gives the pygmies the elephant meat.  Two days later the pygmies bring two tusks to Boy.  Boy tells them that they can keep them.  Tarzan wants to know what that was about.  Boy explains.  Tarzan says that he is proud of him.
Dell Number  -- 15 (inside front cover – Jungle World)+21.2+A2 (JungleTribes)+48.1 +A#4.4(Boy story) +70.2 +76.2 +89.2 +No. 25 +No. 25.4 +120.2

pygmy, albino  -- A tribe of pink skinned and red haired people living in the Great Swamp.  They use poison spears.  They use rafts to travel in the swamp.  They are being crowded out of the swamp by the Tor-o-dons, who they consider to be superior beings.  They are very aggressive.  They attack Tarzan, who manages to escape and overturns their raft.  They speak a clicking language.  They attack the Island of Wazban.  The Wazban have pulled back to a stronghold.  The pygmies burn the lower huts.  Tarzan uses a phony monster and a megaphone to frighten the superstitious pygmies off of the island.
 Dell Number  -- 94.1

pygmy elephants  --  A small elephant used by the pygmies from an unnamed island in the Lake of the Mists.  They use them for plowing their fields and for transportation.  They are much revered as the pygmy king is called the King of the Elephants.  Tarzan uses the pygmy elephants to push the floating cage full of the baboons to the mainland.
 Dell Number  -- 70.2

python  --  #6 constrictor snake.  Attacks Boy as he and Tarzan cross the Unbroken Swamp on their way to Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan kills it with his knife.
#18.1 many huge ones are seen in the waters surrounding the Sacred Isle of Pythons in the Valley of Mists, home of the Amazons, as well as in the water surrounding the island which contains the Amazon’s temple.  Tarzan kills one with a sacrificial knife of the Amazons.  (See also - water python).
#39.1 A giant python grabs Mulungo as they travel the Great Swamp on Banthurs.  Tarzan must go into the tree to kill it with his knife.
 Dell Number  -- 6+18.1+39.1
 Novel -- FL

Queen Elaine  --  (See also - Elaine Hammond.)

Queen Ellenya  -- Queen of the white pygmies and wife of King Ilonyi.  She and Jane have been captured by La.  Tarzan rescues them before they can be sacrificed.  Tarzan breaks the chains that bind Ellenya with his bare hands.  Tarzan carries her through the priest’s chambers and out of the Rock of Opar.  Boy brings riding ostriches.  Jane places the Queen on Boy’s ostrich.  They make their escape.  She is blonde with a green frock.
 Dell Number  -- 59.3

Queen Mataha  --  #25.1 ruler of the Arrackians.  She uses a whistle to control the giant spider   that brings slaves to the city.  When Tarzan is brought before her, she puts Tarzan through a series of battles in the Webs of Arrack.  Because Tarzan easily defeats all opponents Queen Mataha tries to make Tarzan her consort.  When Tarzan refuses she tries to kill him.  Tarzan escapes but the Queen whistles for the spider to recapture him.  N’tala, Kilumo’s bride-to-be, attempts to rescue Tarzan.  They are both caught and the Queen has them placed on a raft and put into the Pool of Magon to be sacrifice to the god, Magon, a crocodile.
#30 - When Tarzan, Muviro, and the Waziri arrive at Arrack, she whistles for the giant spiders to attack.  Tarzan cuts her with a spider’s mandible containing the spider’s poison.  After the battle, she awakes and   accepts Tarzan’s terms for surrender.  She sets the slaves free.  When Tarzan kills Magon, the crocodile god, she begs Tarzan to rule Arrack.  Tarzan refuses and allows her to remain as the ruler as long as she follows Tarzan’s rules.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1+30

Queen Mosana  -- Leader of the tribe living in Mosana’s Kraal.  Tarzan, Manga, and Dombie come to her city in search of the Royal Ring.  Mosana sits on a throne and holds a spear.  She is dressed in a purple gown with a zigzag pattern on the top, middle, and bottom.  She has necklaces and a golden headdress.  Manga offers her his bracelet as a gift of friendship.  She has Lu-alla accept the gift.  When Manga points out the ring on a large warrior.  Mosana says that he can fight Barongo for it.  She allows Tarzan to fight in Manga’s place.  Tarzan wins.  Mosana has Lu-alla give Manga the ring.  She invites them to return.
 Dell Number  -- 93.1

Queen Nemah  -- beautiful, spoiled leader of the Cat Men of Crater Lake.  When Tarzan first sees her, she is asleep; a hookah is on the bed next to her.  She wears a crown that encircles her head with gold cat ears on top.  She travels to the Temple of Brule to watch the sacrifice of Princess Loma and Margaret Newman.  She was probably killed when the volcano erupted and destroyed the Cat Men and their city.
 Dell Number  -- 38.1

Queen of Cat Men  -- AKA: Queen of Cat Mountain.  She is a rather heavy-set black woman with a shaved head.  She wears a long blue dress, a headband, multiple necklaces, and large multiple earrings.  She delights in torturing King Zugu with her pet leopard.  When Tarzan enters her room, she releases the leopard.  Tarzan makes friends with Sheetah and threatens the Queen with her own leopard.  She escapes the room through a trap door in a floor chest.  She brings guards back to the palace to catch Tarzan, but he already escaped through the window.
 Dell Number  -- 68.1

Queen of Night  -- It is either the name of one of the black panthers, which the Shiftas use to guard their Treasure Room, or it is a general term that the Shifta guard uses in reference to the panthers.
 Dell Number  -- 88.1

Queen of Sheba  -- The Queen of Sheba was presented golden armor from King Suleiman of Israel.  The armor becomes the symbol of power for her descendants the Marehans.
 Dell Number  -- 129.3


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