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Volume 1690o
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


Obana -- witch doctor of the Wabuna tribe.  Following Obana’s plan a Wabuna messenger tells Tarzan that Muviro is ill.  Although the Jungle Lord knows that the Wabuna are not to be trusted, he goes to the Waziri Village.  The Wabuna under the direction of their witch doctor, Obana, attempt to capture Jane and Boy.  They escape into the Red Gorge.  The Wabuna are too afraid to follow.  Tarzan learns from one of Obana’s apprentices that he wants Tarzan to exchange the two giant eagles for Jane and Boy.  Tarzan flies to the Hill of Caves and demands to see his family.  Obana attempts a bluff to obtain the eagles.  When Tarzan does not fall for it, Obana commands the Wabuna to attack.  Tarzan throws the witch doctor into his men.  Tarzan is wounded in the shoulder by a spear.  Obana is accidentally killed by one of his own men.  The Wabuna flee from the attack of the two giant eagles.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

Obantu  -- chief of the Marubi tribe, cattle herders.  They furnished Tim and Jess Wales with guides back to civilization.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1

octopus  --  #83.1 As Tarzan locates the strongbox at the bottom of the ocean floor for Captain Baine, an octopus attacks him.  He manages to trick the beast into attaching itself to the cables pulling up the box.  When the octopus is pulled from the water, it releases hold and leaves.
#98 (splash page) in Pal-ul-don.
 Dell Number  -- 83.1+98 (splash page)

O-dan  --  “like rock” --Waz-don warrior that Om-at chooses as temporary chief as he goes in   search of the missing Pan-at-lee.
 Dell Number  -- 4
 Novel  -- TTe, goes with Tarzan and Om-at to search for Pan-at-lee

Officer of the Native Police  -- A#3.1 A French officer in charge of native police informs Tarzan that Shiftas have moved into the area.  He also tells him that they have captured a machine gun from one of their patrols.  He has a French uniform, mustache, beard, and sunglasses.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

okapi  -- #82 (Good Neighbors - splash page)

Olan  -- of the Caves.  Tarzan saves him from a dyal attack.  Tarzan tames the dyal.
 Dell Number  -- 18.2

Old Man of the Rocks  -- Chako, the baboon.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.2

Oloa  -- Queen of Alur, married to Ta-den.  The M’bongo tribe captures her and Ta-den.  Tarzan riding on a gryf frees them.  Oloa stays with the Waziri as Tarzan, her husband and the Waziri warriors go to free Alur from Waz-ho-don control.
 Dell Number  -- 24.2
 Novel  -- TTe - spelled  O-lo-a

Om-at  -- Tarzan’s friend from Pal-ul-don.  Chief of the Waz-dons from Kor-ul-ja.  He is Pan-at-lee’s mate.
#4 Comes to Tarzan because Pan-at-lee is missing.
#6 Helps Tarzan rescue Jane from the outlaw Ho-dons.
#9 - helps Tarzan and Ja-don retake A-lur from Dak-lot.
#16.1 with the Waz-dons and gryfs, he helps Tarzan thwart gangsters who plan to control Pal-ul-don.
#26 - he and his warriors guide Tarzan and Professor Plume through the jungle as they are headed for the treasure of Isis.
A#4.6 Om-at vents his anger at Guru, the evil witch doctor.  The witch doctor appears and wants leadership of the Wazdons in exchange for the lives of his wife and son.  He hits the witch doctor with the handle of his broken club.  Tarzan enters and exposes the witch doctor’s hiding place.  Guru lets it slip that he has taken Pan-at-lee and Lodor to the Caves of Ursamon.  Tarzan and Om-at travel to Thunder Mountain.  They make torches and use them to get by the cave bears.  They climb a notched pole to the Valley People home on a crater plain.  They find Pan-at-lee and Lodor.  Tarzan makes friends with the baboons.  They fight the leopards.  The baboons aid them.  The leopards kill Guru and his men.  Om-at and his family are safe.
No. 51.5 Om-at and five Wazdons are captured by Ho-dons.  Tarzan rescues them.  Om-at is wounded during the rescue.  Tarzan carries him to Kor-ul-gryf.  Pan-at-lee leads the Ho-dons pursuers away from them.  Tarzan carries Om-at to the spot that the Ho-dons threw Pan-at-lee over the cliff.  Om-at helps pull Pan-at-lee up the rope to safety.  Om-at has pointed ears, slanted eyes, and a mustache.
 Dell Number  -- 4+6+9+16.1+ 26+A#4.6+No. 51.5
 Novel  -- TTe  --  “long tail” became Tarzan’s friend.  Becomes chief of the Waz-dons after killing Es-sat who had driven him away.  Aided Ja-don and Ta-den to invade A-lur.  Became allies with the Ho-dons.  Married Pan- at-lee.

Om-bat  -- Ho-don messenger who brings Ja-don the news of Dak-lot’s take over of A-lur.
 Dell Number  -- 9

Ombazan  -- Torodon who has Luala cornered in a cleft of a cliff.  He disarms her.  Tarzan knocks him off the cliff with one blow.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.4

Om-lat  -- Wazdon warrior and friend of Tarzan.  Om-lat and Tarzan explore the Great Swamp in a canoe.  They find a tribe of hostile albino pygmies and flee to the Island of Wazban.  They help the Wazban people repel an albino pygmy invasion.  Om-lat is young and has a Masai type of hair.  He carries a spear.
 Dell Number  -- 94.1

Om-zee  --  #80.1 the name of the ostrich that Tarzan rides to the City in the Sands.  He also brings along an ostrich named Zu-b’zee.  Tarzan finds the Beni-Adhemi leaving the city because Hussein has not returned from the mountains where he went to repair the aqueduct.  Tarzan arrives at the aqueduct site to find Hussein and his men being attacked by mountain savages.  The ape-man instructs the ostriches to attack.  After the gomangani are defeated, Tarzan and Hussein ride Om-zee and Zu-b’zee to Athne for help in the rebuilding the aqueduct.
#103.1 Tarzan and Jathon find the King’s favorite riding lion, Om-zee, far from Cathne.  They ride to the city to find it destroyed by an earthquake.  They follow the trail of the survivors.  Jathon rides Om-zee into an ambush by mountain gorillas.  Om-zee fights bravely but is killed by the gorillas.
 Dell Number  -- 80.1+103.1

Ondrik  -- He is the Inkosi, king, of the Naqui clan.  The Naquis are rock climbers that live in the canyons above the valley of the Karfu, their natural enemy.  He wears blue clothing, a purple furry thing over his left arm and an orange cap.  Mounted on his Gemrak, mountain goat, he and other Naqui repulse the Karfu who are pursuing Tarzan, Dr. Mac, and some escaped Naqui slaves.  He is delighted to learn that one of them is his son, Turgit.  He welcomes them into their cave.  Tarzan promises to teach them how to make and use crossbows against the Karfu.
 Dell Number  -- 55.1

Oparians  --  #59.3 (See also: Dwarfs of Opar) The followers of Queen La.  Tarzan refers to them as the crooked men.  They look like normal white men and women.  They worship the moon goddess, Astar.  When Tarzan comes to rescue Jane and Queen Ellenya, one of his panthers scares an Oparian guard into falling off of a cliff.  Tarzan learns where the women are being held from another guard.  A guard throws a stone club, knocking out Tarzan.  The panthers kill the guards.  The priestess and nobles celebrate with La in the temple of the moon goddess.  Guards strap Jane to the altar.  Tarzan’s arrows and the panther’s presences keep the guards at bay during the rescue.  They escape through the priest’s chambers.  At the tunnel opening Tarzan fights horde of guards with a club and his panthers.  Jane, riding on an ostrich that Boy brought, helps to defeat the Oparians.
#82.1 the crooked men of La want to kill Tarzan when he comes to warn La about the gangsters who have come to steal the jewels of Opar.  La restrains them.  After the gangsters are thwarted, La asks Tarzan to stay and rule with her.  He refuses.  La commands the crooked men to kill the ape-man.  Tarzan calls to the White Pygmies, who rout the crooked men.  The crooked men are Neanderthal looking.  They are white skinned, have furry shorts, and carry spears.
#130.1 The Oparians blame La for the earthquake that has split the rock of Opar and the geyser that is filling the valley with sulfur smelling water.  They chain her to the altar in the temple of the Moon to appease the earth gods.  Tarzan rescues her.  He places La on Jad-bal-ja’s back and has her ride to the Oparians, who are duly impressed by her control of the lion.  They would follow her once more.  When the geyser erupts again, they turn on their Queen and would throw her into the lake as a sacrifice.  Tarzan once again comes to her aid and easily handles the Oparians until he is knocked unconscious by a rock to the back of his head.  Jad keeps the Oparians busy fighting until Tarzan regains consciousness.  La leads her people up the mountain.  Again the Oparians turn their backs on her when the way up the rock is too steep.  An avalanche blocks their way down into the valley.  Tarzan climbs the sheer face of the rock and pulls Jad-bal-ja and La up to the top by a vine rope sling.  The Oparians climb the rock.  The Oparians are happy with the orchards left behind by the White Pygmies, who deserted the rock because of the earthquake and geyser.  Another quake destroys the ancient buildings of Opar.  The Oparians beg La to save them.  La declares their ancient ways of violence to be over.  The Oparians are referred to as the ‘ugly men.’  They are short legged and have the look of Neanderthal men with furry loincloths.  They use clubs and knives as weapons.
 Dell Number  -- 59.3+82.1+130.1

Oram  -- A#7.1 Hakim (doctor) for the Tannalelt.  He takes care of Johnny Ball who is brought to the city after his plane crashes near the city of Tannalelt.  Johnny, Tarzan, Jane, and Boy stay in Oram’s house while they are in Tannalelt.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1

Oremba  -- son of Muviro, chief of the Waziri.  He helps Tarzan look for Boy.
 Dell Number  -- 3

ostrich  --  #56.1  they are the primary mounts for the Ostrich Clan, desert pygmies.  They fight from the backs of their ostriches as well as hunt game such as lions.  They use a pole system strapped to the ostrich to pull the lion back home.  The ostriches are large enough for Dr. Mac to ride back to the village.  When the Ostrich Clan rescues Tarzan from the Tuaregs, they bring along an ostrich that is large enough for Tarzan to ride.
58.2 (Boy story) Isilo, a young Waziri, hunts for a male ostrich that can weigh up to three hundred pounds.  A single-handed kill wins the Waziri warrior status and the right to wear its plumes.  Isilo drives off a female and kills the male with his spear.  Boy witnesses the event.  The female returns and pecks Boy.  More ostriches come and attack.  Boy manages to kill one with his bow.  The ostriches overwhelm them.  Boy calls for Jad-bal-ja.  The golden lion kills one ostrich and drives the others away.  All three have earned their plumes.
#59.3 Boy rides an ostrich up to Tarzan and tells him that white pygmies are coming.  King Ilonyi tells Tarzan that Jane and Queen Ellenya have been captured by La.  Tarzan tells Boy to stay with the ostriches.  Boy stays with the ostriches, however he brings them to the opening at the base of the Rock that holds Opar.  Tarzan rescues the ladies.  They mount the ostriches and use them to fight the pursuing Oparians.  They ride the ostriches home.
#67.1 as they travel across the plains to the Mountains of Barongo, Adumo, the Nuba, brings down an ostrich with a bola for food for himself, Tarzan, and Buto.
#72.2 Tarzan and Boy use skins of a lion and ostrich to frighten a band of Shiftas into firing wildly at them.  This alerts the Ostrich Men who were about to ride their ostriches into a Shifta ambush.  They ride their mounts to attack the Shiftas and drive them off.
#80.1 Tarzan uses ostriches in the aid the Beni-Adhemi.  (See also: Om-zee and Zu-b’zee and Bwana M’kubwa).
#86.2 Boy and Dombie ride ostriches on a hunting trip.  Boy shoots an arrow at a lioness dragging a human.  His ostrich carries him pass a tree, which he swings into.  Boy taunts sabor so she will give up the chase of the ostrich.  Dombie rides his ostrich to Tarzan for help.
#92.2 Boy and N’kima are hunting on the back of an ostrich.  The ostrich mysteriously falls over dead.
#95.1 Tarzan, Jane and Boy ride ostriches on a hunting trip.  They spy a rhino attacking a safari.  Tarzan rides his ostrich up to the rhino and leaps on its back.   He diverts the rhino.  The rhino attacks Jane and Boy.  Their ostriches easily avoid the rhino.  Tarzan learns about the capture of the white b’wanas.  He sends Jane and Boy home on their ostriches.  He rides his ostrich close to the volcano and releases it.
#121.2 there are ostriches in Tarzan’s corral.
No. 51.4 (Jane Story) (See also - Standish)  Standish’s baby son finds the ruby pendant in Bandy, the mongoose’s den.  He swallows the stone.  Jane pulls the chain and the stone out of its mouth.
#130.3 (See also: Sultana and Sultan).
 Dell Number  -- 56.1+58.2 (Boy story)+59.3+67.1+80.1+A#5 (Tarzan’s Birds - splash page) +82 (Good Neighbors - splash page) +82.2 +86.2 +92.2 +95.1+121.2 +No. 51.4 (Jane Story) +130.3

Ostrich Clan/Men/Riders  --  #56.1 A lost tribe of desert pygmies who use ostriches as their primary mounts.  They are fearless.  They hunt lions from the backs of their ostriches.  Their primary weapon is the spear.  The men wear furry shorts.  The women wear colorful and decorative clothing.  The chief, Ramotu, has a pierced nosepiece and a blue cap with a red feather.  Their village has thick vegetation walls.  They have a fountain in the middle of the village.  They appear to have an abundance of food.  They are so confident that their village is impregnable that they scarcely guard their prisoners.  Their main enemy is the Tuaregs, an Arab desert tribe.  They use a sand blanket to sneak up on enemies and game.  This disguise has led the Tuaregs to believe that the Ostrich Clan can turn invisible.  Ramotu uses the sand blanket in the rescue of Tarzan from the Tuaregs.
#72.2 Tarzan and Boy use skins of a lion and ostrich to frighten a band of Shiftas into firing wildly at them.  This alerts the Ostrich Men who were about to ride into a Shifta ambush.  They attack the Shiftas and drive them off.  The chief declares that Tarzan has earned his victory plumes and presents Tarzan with his headdress of ostrich feathers.
 Dell Number  -- 56.1+72.2

otter, giant  --  # 7 after their plane crashes in water while search for Boy and Dombie, Tarzan and Muviro are attacked by a giant otter.  Tarzan kills it with his knife.
#50.1 Tarzan and Kakar  train three giant otter pups to attack and kill lizards for the Stork Men.  (Possibly the offspring of Nip and Tuck.)
#51.1 When the Terribs attack the Stork Men at night, the giant otters join in the battle attacking the Gorobars.  Their attack swings the tide of the battle.
#88.2 Tarzan uses two of the Stork Men’s giant otters to search for Boy.  In the battle with the Terribs the otters attack the Gorobar mounts of the Terribs, who retreat to their tunnels.   (See also: Kreeg, Kraath, Keela and Rungo)
 Dell Number  -- 7+50.1 +51.1 +88.2

Owl  -- The Owl is the leader of a band of terrorist and murderers of the Secret Society under the direction of the Secret Master.  The Secret One orders the Owl to kill Tarzan or else.  He conceives a plan to lure the ape-man to the Cave of the Fallen Rocks with a false message from Muviro that states that d’Arnot lies injured in the cave.  Tarzan doesn’t fall for the trick.  Above the cave with Thorag, the ape, Tarzan throws rocks down.  Thorag throws the wicked messenger over the edge.  The Society members riddle him with spears.  The Owl then plans to use the scalp of the owner of the Pyrethrum Plantation to fool the Secret Master into thinking they have killed the ape-man.  Tarzan gets to the plantation first and ropes the Owl up into a tree.  Tarzan uses the Owl to lure the Man of Evil to his capture.  Tarzan flies the Owl and the Man of Evil to the authorities in Nairobi.  The Owl wears a red shirt and pants with a white cape that has an owl’s head on the back.  His also has a yellow headband.  Sometimes he is depicted shirtless but still retains the cape.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.3

oysters, pearl  -- While diving for the strongbox for Captain Baine, Tarzan discovers a bed of pearl oysters.  He tells Sheik Abdullah Ben Ibrahim that his people can harvest all the pearls that they want.
 Dell Number  -- 83.1

Ozman  -- Name of the chief workman of Tohr.  He is a balding man with a mustache.  His gold colored clothes have an insignia on the center front consisting of a white circle with a black hand, signaling silence.  He informs the King of Tohr that the silence machine has been damage.  Tarzan follows Ozman to the King’s chambers.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.1



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