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Volume 1690n
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


Nadag  -- The giant White Ape who captures Tarzan and carries him back to the ape village.  He gives Tarzan to the gund.  He is twelve feet tall and looks like a chimpanzee.
 Dell Number  -- 58.1

Nadau  -- Nadau is a Slinger of Kroo Maun.  He is a son to Bornu, the healer and brother to Katar and Dera.  When Tarzan brings the injured Jane to Bornu, the wise healer asks Dera and Nadau to bring him cooling lotions and healing smoke.  He response with yes father.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37

Nageto  -- one of the Arrackian tribesmen who are present when Tarzan is brought to Arrack by the giant spider.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1

Nagosi  -- native tribe ruled by King Inkomne.  The wicked Gogulu was their sorcerer.
 Dell Number  -- 28

Nagumo  -- Bamwe native beater who reports to Tarzan and his chief, Buto, where lions they   are hunting can be found.
 Dell Number  -- 32.1

Nairobi townspeople  -- The people of Nairobi are thrown into a panic as Boy rides Jad-bal-ja through the streets of Nairobi in search of the trapper who captured Jadís mate, Balja.  A bicyclist crashes into pedestrians.  Cars drive onto the sidewalks.
 Dell Number  -- 60.2 (Boy story)

Nakkon  -- The name of the Athnean nobleman who brings Doctor Maypool and his daughter, Ellen, to New Athne and presents them to the king.
 Dell Number  -- 39.2

Nala  -- name of a great ape.  (the word nala in ape language means Ďup.í)  Nala and Tornak, another great ape, save Sheila Ross from a leopard.  They send Níkima to tell Tarzan that they have a white woman.  They accompany Tarzan and Sheila in the search for Sheilaís father, Professor Ross.  At the Professorís captive hut, the apes frighten away the Crater Village people.  When the natives return with a stronger force, Tarzan has the two apes capture a native to use as a shield in their escape.  They release their prisoners once they are safely away.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1

Nama  -- Nama is a Hottentot trader.  He drives a cape cart pulled by two buffaloes.  He sees lions threatening Boy and Dombie.  He fires his shotgun, scaring off the lions.  The boys camp with Nama.  Boy saves one of the buffaloes from a crocodile attack.  Nama gives Boy a new spear and a mouth organ.  He gives Dombie a knife.  Lebombos confront Nama.  The trader fires his shotgun into a Lebombos shield.  Tarzan and the boys arrive on elephants and drive off the bandits.  Dombie guides Nama to the Waziri Village.
 Dell Number  -- 118.2

Namtor  -- Tantorís son.  He and his sister, Ulahee, raid an unnamed tribeís shamba.  The tribe captures Ulahee.  Tantor brings Namtor home.  He later returns and is captured by the tribe.  Tantor and his herd rescued them and destroy the village.
 Dell Number  -- A2.4

Nandi Bear  --  #32.1 huge bear creature rarely seen by human eyes.  It is as large as a young elephant.  It is raiding the Bamwe village for cattle.  It crashes through their boma and carries off two cows under each forearm as it walks on its hind legs.  Tarzan and Buto, chief of the Bamwe, track the monster.  Tarzan tricks the bear into crashing through an Arab boma and ravaging the slavers.  Tarzan tracks it down and kills it with a spear.
#82.2 A Nandi Bear stampedes Míbogoís buffaloes.  Riding the ostrich Bwana Míkubwa, Boy avoids the stampede and the bear.  Boy informs Tarzan about the bear.  Tarzan searches for the bear.  He learns from Malulu and his people that the bear killed cows and injured a boy.  Tarzan finds the bearís den and captures the bearís cub.  The Nandi Bear chases Tarzan and the cub to a river.  Tarzan dives in the river.  The bear follows.  Tarzan releases the cub.  The bear and its cub are carried down river, out of the area.  Tarzan calls the bear very rare and says that people do not believe that it exists.  He describes it as having yellow brown fur.  (It is brown in the comic.)
#91 (Splash page) - found only in Pal-ul-don.
 Dell Number  -- 32.1+82.2+91 (splash page)

Nandis  -- Tribe of natives that are upset by the conversion of the Makembe tribe to Christianity.  They along with the Moran and Masai decide to attack the Makembe Citadel.  They are tall warriors who carry fifty-pound bull-hide shields.  They search for the White Flower of the Makembe, Ruth Wells.  Tarzan rescues her.  The ape-man fires Roman candle type of rockets at the attacking warriors.  The Nandis witch doctor realizes that it is a trick and attempts to lead the tribes over the boma.  Tarzan hits him with a rocket, presumably killing him.  The Nandis are frightened away by the rocket fire.
 Dell Number  -- 105.1

Naqui  -- rock climbers. The Naqui are a lost tribe of natives that live in the canyons above the valley of the Karfu, their natural enemy.  They are relatively small in size.  They use Gemraks, mountain goats, as their mounts.  Their primary weapon is the bow and arrow.  They are expert archers.  Ondrik, who is their Inkosi or king, rules them.  They live a Spartan life in their caves.  The Karfu often make slaves of the Naqui people.  They speak a language that is a form of Bantu.  After Tarzan and Dr. Mac aid in the escape of many Naqui slaves, Tarzan promises to teach them how to make and use crossbows to protect themselves against the Karfu,
 Dell Number  -- 55.1

Naranee  -- rightful queen of the white savages of Vari.  Is imprisoned by Tomara.  She is rescued and restored to power by Tarzan
 Dell Number  -- 1

Nark  -- one of the chimps that pulls Boy in the dump cart as he plays lion chariot of Cathne.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2

natives  --  #58.3  an unnamed native tribe uses nets to capture the baboons that followed Tarzan to the Forbidden Valley.  They sell them to Castra Sanguinarius for the games.
#60.2 (Boy story) A group of natives prepares to attack the wild animal compound of a trapper outside of Nairobi.  They carry spears.  The leader speaks Bantu and has a rifle.  They rush the door with a pole battering ram.  When Boy, Jad-bal-ja, and the animals they freed come charging towards them, they believe that they are forest devils and flee.
63.1 Unnamed natives attack Tarzan as he leads Chet Harper, an American prospector, to Cathne.  They throw spears.  Harperís backpack full of gold saves his life.  Harper kills one of them with his crossbow and another with his pistol.  Tarzan disarms one with his bow.  They flee.
#89.1 Natives along the shores of the lake that surrounds Castra.  The people of Castra call them barbarians.  Tarzan refers to them as dark skinned natives.  They supply captives to Castra for the arena games.  They capture Sir Ronald Crabtree and sell him to Castra.  They spy Tarzan and his companions approaching and hide to ambush them.  Tarzan and his apes sense them and sneak up behind them.  Tarzan and the apes subdue them and take their canoe.  The natives are armed with spears and wear colorful headdress, one of them has horns on the headdress.
 Dell Number  -- 58.3+60.2 (Boy story)+63.1+89.1

native bearers  --  FC 134  their kraal is near the Ras Dashani Rest House.  Their chief and witch doctor is Mulo.  They work as bearers for safaris.  They are frightened to go into the Ras Dashani Mountains because of the legend of the Devil Ogre.  They join Doris Ramsayís safari in the mountains as bearers.  Captain Hardy convinces them they should desert and return to the rest house.  Dashani warriors poison arrows kill them.
#63.2 Miss Ruelís native bearers on her canoe safari decide to sell her as a slave.  They leave her tied up in a dugout canoe while they hunt for a wild pig.  When they return, they discover Tarzan stealing one of their canoes.  They believe that Tarzan has also stole Miss Ruel.  They pursue in the other canoes.  Tarzan has Miss Ruel trail a piece of crocodile meat behind them.  When the renegades attempt to follow them through a herd of hippos, the river pigs attack their canoes, thinking they are crocodiles.  The bearers abandon their boats and swim for shore.
#85.1 after the white hunter, who was guiding Sheila Ross in the search for her father dies, Sheilaís native bearers desert.  They are not depicted.
#89.1 Native bearers work for the Sir Ronald Crabtree safari.  They accompany him to the edge of the valley that contains Castra.  Sir Ronald descends into the valley by himself.  They tell Tarzan that the Bwana Míkubwa has not returned.  Tarzan asks them to stay there for three more days while he searches for their bwana.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+63.2+85.1+89.1

native fisherman  --  By the lake that holds Castra Sanguinarius, a fisherman tries to throw a net around Tarzan.  Tarzan ties him up with his own net and takes his canoe.  He tells him that he will leave it at Castra Sanguinarius.
 Dell Number  -- 58.3

native police  -- They wear white shirts and red fezzes.  They are under the command of a French officer and are present when the officer informs Tarzan about Shiftas in the area.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

native merchants  -- Female natives work the native market of Chief Makolo.  They explain to Jane that their high prices are because Chief Makolo demands one third of their profits.  When the witch doctor, Nígai, announces that the chief will now demand half of their profits, Jane tells the merchants they can have a free market at her house.  They pack and leave.  Nígai curses them.  A rouge elephant attacks them and forces them to take shelter in amongst from tree roots.  The merchants believe that it is Nígaiís curse.  Jane uses pepper to turn back the rouge.  She calls to Tantor who drives off the rouge.  The merchants believe that Janeís magic is strong.  Makoloís warriors force them to appear before the chief.  Makolo threatens them with harm if they try to leave the market.  Jane saves Makoloís sonís life.  Makolo has a change of heart and declares the market to be free.  The merchants are thankful that Janeís magic saved them.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.2 (Jane Story)

native trappers  -- Native trappers with topknots on their heads spy Tarzan attempting to free Jad-bal-ja from a pit trap.  Golo throws his knob stick, which knocks Tarzan unconscious and into the trap.  They shoot Jad with sleeping potion arrows.  They carry them to a trading post and sell them to Castrum Mare for four spear blades and two bolts of cloth.  They help the soldiers transport them by small sailing ship to Castrum Mare.
 Dell Number  -- 106.1

Ned  -- Ned is the name of the co-pilot of the ill-fated plane that crashes with Dr. Forrence and the Mask of Mani Kongo.  Ned is killed in the crash.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

Nee-issa  -- sister to Buto.  She is captured by the Leopard Men.  Tarzan with the aid of Tantor, Buto, and the People of the Rocks rescues her.
 Dell Number  -- 40.2

Neeka --  female black panther.  A Panther Man has her and another black panther on leashes.  He cautions Neeka to silence as they sneak up on Jane.  After Janeís capture, the Panther Man commands Neeka to lead the way back to the village.
 Dell Number  -- 53.1

Neeku  --  Boy and Dombie with the ape Neeku find an airplane stuck in a tree.  They climb up to the plane.  A leopard stalks them.  Neeku accidentally starts the planeís engine.  The leopard falls to its death, frightening some cannibals under the tree.  They leave the plane just as it crashes to the ground.  They track the planeís owners to a water hole and warn them about the cannibals who are tracking them.  They climb up a cliff face.  Tarzan rescues them by scaring away the cannibals.
 Dell Number  -- 104.2

Neenah  -- Chieftainess of the native tribe called the Wokamba.  The Wokamba raise cattle.  Neenah is young and beautiful.  She has a shaved head and wears a headband.  She is clothed in orange clothing, giant multiple earrings, multiple necklaces and armbands.  She carries a spear.  Tarzan asks her to take care of the baby elephant that he rescued from the river.  She agrees to help.  When Tarzan returns, she tells him that the Liwari tribe stole the elephant and their cattle.  Tarzan explains his plan to retrieve the elephant and the cattle.  The Liwari pursue Neenah and the Wokamba as they take back their cattle.  Tarzan drives the Liwari off.
 Dell Number  -- 76.1

Neesi  -- chief of a tribe of pygmies living in the forest near Tarzan.  Tarzan confronts him about a poison arrow that killed an ape.  Neesi claims that the arrow is so poorly made that it could not have come from his village.  They argue for hours.  He is shocked when Tarzan threatens to evict the tribe if any more apes are killed.  Boy runs away to live with the pygmies.  On a hunting trip Boy learns that the pygmies are in league with the Bagongo ivory poachers.  The poachers capture Boy.  Neesi and the pygmies desert Boy.
 Dell Number  -- 89.2

Nehrubi  -- Chief of the Mambusi tribe.  When Tolo, the great ape, rescues Tarzan from Grossaís cage, he brings the unconscious ape-man to the chief.  Nehrubi tells Tarzan that King Grossa has captured his son, Barko.  Grossa wants twenty-four Mambusi as ransom for the Prince.  Tarzan tells the chief to agree to the ransom.  He wants warriors on the inside of the city to help rescue the slaves.  Nehrubi becomes one of the twenty-four and goes to Grossaís city.  When Tarzan comes to rescue the slaves, the chief is in the temple and about to be fed to the man-eating tree, Kalachar.  Tarzan rescues them all.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

Newsome, Dr. Harvey  -- Englishman searching for a radioactive ore.  Arab slavers, who force him to refine thorium into a useable product, capture him and his son.  Tarzan rescues them
 Dell Number  -- 2

Newsome, Tommy  -- son of Dr. Newsome who escapes Arab slavers and seeks Tarzanís aid to rescue his father
 Dell Number  -- 2

Nígai  -- Nígai is the witch doctor to Chief Makolo.  He wears a leopard skin and a twisted horn headdress.  He announces at the native market that the chief will now take one half of the merchantís profits.  When the merchants leave with Jane and her promise of a free market, he curses them.  The chief has them brought before him by force.  Nígai threatens to curse them if they attempt to leave the market.  When Makoloís son is brought to him not breathing.  Makolo demands that the witch doctor bring him back to life.  Nígai cannot and turns the table on Jane, hoping to discredit her.  When Jane revives the child, Nígai slips quietly away.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.2 (Jane Story)

Nígamo  -- This character is not shown.  Isilo tells Tarzan that he saw Nígamo pulled from his canoe by a crocodile with hands.  Tarzan realizes that this means that the Terribs have moved into the area.
 Dell Number  -- 113.2

Nga Ngori  --  (See also: plesiosaurus)

Níglongo  -- A Bahatwe trader who visits Butoís village and trades Boy and Dombie warthog tusks and a gold nugget for a crossbow, quarrels, and a bullet.
 Dell Number  -- 49.2 (Boy story)

Níglopi  -- chief of the Bundwalas.  Tarzan steals Carla Mason away from his tribe as they    search through her safariís goods.  Jad-bal-ja and his three sons thwart him from recapturing her.  When they attack Carlaís new camp, he rallies his men who are frightened by the images of charging animals on the white cliff, which Carla and Tarzan project there.  He and his men are chased away by Jad-bal-ja, his sons, and Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 34.1

Nígogo  -- Nígogo is the witch doctor with great power over the Leopard Men.  He wears blue and black-stripped pants, a red cloak, and a pointed cap.  He and a Leopard Man stalk a native hunter.  Tarzan knocks out the Leopard Man with a blunt arrow.  He ropes Nígogo and pulls him up into a tree.  The Jungle Lord destroys the witch doctorís fetishes.  Tarzan releases them.  Nígogo swears revenge.  He forces Mabula to capture Tarzan with the threat of a curse that will kill him.  Mabula does as he asks.  Nígogo and the Leopard Men approach the village.  Nígogo cautiously enters the hut.  An ape picks him up and throws him into the Leopard Men.  The Leopard Men fear Tarzanís magic that makes him to turn into an ape.  Later the reader learns that Nígogo has died with no apparent wound.
 Dell Number  -- 113.1

Nígoma  -- Name of a member of an unnamed tribe.  He wears a baseball cap.  He stands with the missionary Lane as the pit trap is being dug.  When the missionaries son is found safe and they realize that the lion was caring for his son, the Reverend instructs Nígoma to have the lioness released unharmed.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story)

Nígombo  -- Evil and cruel witch doctor of a village in Ngoro-ngoro.  He is elaborately outfitted in colorful robes and a red hat that has a black fur outer edge and a yellow feather.  He carries a multitude of satchels over his shoulder.  The people of his village capture Tarzan and Buto.  They are tied to poles in the village.  Nígombo has something hideous planned for them during the rising moon.  Tarzan tricks the villagers into believing a lion is approaching.  It does not fool Nígombo.  When a man-eating male lion does come, Tarzan and Buto kill it with spears thus saving the witch doctorís life.
 Dell Number  -- 54.1

Nígomo  --  Nígomo and his unnamed partner are two native hunters who are stalking Tantor with poison arrows.  They seek the father of elephantsí tusks.  They lose track and build a thorn boma for the night.  Boy directs Tantor and his herd to pull the natives out of their boma.  The natives beg for their lives.  Boy has the elephants release them with the warning not to hunt elephants in Tarzan country.
 Dell Number  -- 130.2

Nígongwe  -- Tribe of native poachers who use poison arrows to kill elephants.  Tarzan tracks the poachers who wounded an elephant.  He throws their bows and arrows into their campfire.  An Nígongwe throws a rock and knocks Tarzan unconscious.  They tie him to a log footbridge that leopards are known to use.  They build a platform in a tree and watch.  Tarzan calls to the wounded elephant.  The bull grabs a poacher out of the tree and kills him.  The other Nígongwe flee.  The Nígongwe buy poison outside of the stockade of their village.  They hang the bamboo containers of poison in a tree.  Tarzan replaces the poison with a harmless gummy liquid.  Tarzan crashes through the stockade with Tantor and his herd.  Their gummy liquid arrows have no effect on the herd.  The elephants trample the village flat.  Tarzan believes the Nígongwe will move some place else.
 Dell Number  -- 90.1

Nígoro  --  #50.2 Witch doctor if the Míbongo tribe.  He has Itombe and Míbasa kidnap the white woman, Wanda Newland, so that he can get some of her hair for some magical purpose.  As he is about to cut her hair, Boy ropes him.  Boy and Korak, the ape, pull him up into a tree.  Nígoro faints when he sees Korak.  Boy ties him to the tree.
#83.2 Name of a tribe that plans to attack Butoís Kraal.  Tarzan and Buto ride a gryf into their midst.  They flee for their lives.
#124.2 Nígoro is the chief of the Wakinda tribe.  He leads his people towards a new home because an earthquake has caused the lake to recede and the crocodiles to leave the waters.  He advises Boy to tell Tarzan to move as well.
 Dell Number  -- 50.2+83.2+124.2

Nígota  -- Native tribe and village from which the two oil prospectors left for Moumamba.  Tarzan starts his search by questioning the chief.  The balding chief tells the ape-man about the curse of the Moumamba and about the rumors surrounding the Lost City.  After gaining information, Tarzan disappears into the jungle.  The old chief thinks that Tarzan was a jungle god.
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

Nhaka  -- Queen of the Luemba fishing village.  She is a very heavy-set woman with a strange white cloth on her head.  Her subjects tell her that Tarzan caused the white buffalo, Tar-gund, to stampede through the attacking Kolumbwe raiders.  She asks Tarzan for help against their enemies.  Tarzan designs a twin-hulled ramming canoe and netting that can withstand spear thrusts.  She commands the work to be done.  The Queen watches as the fisherman train in their new crafts.  The Queen takes part in the trap that Tarzan sets for the Kolumbwe raiders.  After the enemy canoes are smashed, she trumpets the war canoes to attack the Kolumbwe village.  She directs her people to carry the attack to other Kolumbwe villages.  Tarzan leaves on Tar-gund.
 Dell Number  -- 111.1

Nicanor  -- Centurion from Castrum Mare.  He is the son of Tribune Sergius Rufus.  He is captured when his fatherís galley is attacked by Castra Sanguinarius.  He is scheduled to fight in the arena.  Tarzan leaps into the arena and tells him and the other captives to follow him and the baboons to freedom.  They charge through the Emperorís box and out to a fast ship his father has waiting for them.
 Dell Number  -- 58.3

Nicholson  (child)  --  Blonde, unnamed daughter of the missionary, James Nicholson.  Mígulu, the evil witch doctor of the Míbgogs, captures her and her mother from the Ignosi Kraal where they are staying.  He brings them to the Cliff of Sacrifices and plans to push them off the cliff under the guise of placating the evil spirits that are causing the chiefís pain.  Tarzan rescues her and her mother.
 Dell Number  -- 65.2

Nicholson, Mrs.  -- The wife of the missionary James Nicholson.  They are staying at the Ignosi Kraal with their daughter.  She is young and has golden hair.  Mígulu, the evil witch doctor, of the Míbgogs captures them from the Ignosi Kraal.  He brings them to the Cliff of Sacrifices and plans to push them off the cliff under the guise of placating the evil spirits that are causing the chiefís pain.  Tarzan rescues her and her daughter.
 Dell Number  -- 65.2

Nikon Prince/King  -- A #1.1 Prince of the white pygmies from Lipona.  The king, his brother, has sent his small band to Tarzan to help them find a new home because their country has become overpopulated.  The women are captured by Shiftas slavers.  He and his men help Tarzan, Buto, and Jad-bal-ja defeat the Shiftas and rescue the women.  Tarzan takes them to Opar where he rids the ruins of the apes of Opar and pulls the pygmies to the top of the mountain and to their new home in Opar.
#38.2 King Nikon is the leader of the little people (white pygmies).  Nikon is referred to as the King of Opar.  He and his men help Tarzan rescue Jean Carveth from being sacrificed by Queen La.  (See also: King of Opar and King Nikko)
 Dell Number  -- A 1.1+38.2

Nilonda  -- Queen of the Inkota tribe.  She is a large dark skinned woman with very short hair.  The Inkota believe that a white-skinned person ruling with the Queen will be good luck.  They have captured a young English woman, Karen Lane.  She escapes after three years.  Queen Nilonda and her warriors recapture her along with Tarzan.  Karen rides in the leopard drawn chariot with the Queen back to Inkota City.  Nilonda wears a two-piece leopard skinned outfit.  She has a necklace and red earrings.  Back at the palace she wears a red robe with yellow markings.  Her headdress is a white feathery piece bound in gold at the base.  She is surprised that Tarzan can make friends with her pet leopard.  Natives report that baboons have raided their crops.  A witch doctor convinces her that Tarzan is bad luck.  Tarzan tells her that he can negotiate with the baboons.  The Queen wears a blue robe and a gold headband.  Tarzan and Karen escape on Argus and Aguila.
 Dell Number  -- 92.1

Nimbo  -- son of Kooba.  On his way to pay Kalaya six goats for his daughterís hand, one of his goats breaks some pots.  The shop owner demands a goat for payment.  Jane pays the man in exchange for Nimboís help in carrying her purchases back to the tree house.  Nimbo and Isha are married.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.6 (Jane Story)

Nip  --  Female otter that Tarzan turns into a giant with Dr. Mervinís growth pills.  Tarzan takes Nip and the male otter, Tuck, to the village of the Stork People.  He trains them to attack the Gorobars, the lizard mounts of the Terribs.  The otters prove to be too much for the lizards.  They are fearless following the lizards and the Terribs into their underground caves.  Nip gives birth to five pups, which gives the Stork People hope that they can defeat the Terribs.
 Dell Number  -- 42.1

Níkala  -- Jane travels to an unnamed village to discover Níkala and Kimbo problems.  Níkala is a great dressmaker but cannot work at it because her father, Kimbo, was injured in a lion hunt.  Jane purchases a loom in Nairobi for Kimbo.  It allows Kimbo to weave cloth and Níkala to make dresses.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.5 (Jane story)

Níkeeta  -- native of an unnamed tribe who is chosen by the witch doctor to be sacrificed to   Barumba, the lion god.  She is rescued by Tarzan and taken to his home to meet Jane and Boy.
 Dell Number  -- 16.2

Níkengo  -- Níkengo is the name of the trained chimpanzee that the witch doctor, Kisambu, keeps chained inside his House of Magic.  Kisambu has the chimp throw a spear wounding him so he can accuse Tarzan of trying to kill him.  Tarzan and Buto slip into the House of Magic and learn that the chimp has skills with a spear.  Tarzan breaks his chain and sends him to Kisambu as he makes magic to the Bamwe he has turned against Buto.  The Bamwe are afraid of the chimp.  Níkengo throws a spear at the witch doctor and misses.  The chimp refuses to obey Kisambu.  The witch doctor gets a poison arrow to kill Tarzan.  The chimp throws a spear and pins Kisambuís foot to the ground.  Kisambu shoots the arrow into Níkengo.  Before the chimp dies, he throws a spear into Kisambu, killing him.  Tarzan mourns that he could not save the chimp.
 Dell Number  -- 125.1

Níkibi  -- white pet merchant with a black mustache and beard.  Níkibi works out of the Bororo Market.  He tries to sell Jane a bulbul or a bush baby.  Jane has come looking for Níkima.  He tells her that he sold a monkey that chatters to a Batutsi lady.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.2 (Jane Story)

Níkima  -- little monkey, Tarzanís friend and companion.
#17.2 first appearance - captures the essence of this delightful character.
#20.2 captured by Murdock and escapes on his own.  Helps Tarzan in his plan to free the other animals but prematurely fires the rifles, which changes Tarzanís plans.
#23.1 helps Tarzan escape from the clutches of Sheik Abou Ben Ephraim.
#35 alerts Tarzan to the advance of the Lion Men from Cathne.
#A2.4 Níkima throws fruit at Tantor.  After the elephant squirts the monkey with water, Níkima rails at him with the news that his children are probably going to be captured by natives.  Tantor squirts him again at the end of the story.
#A2.5 Níkima rides on Tarzanís shoulder as he fishes for barracuda in a canoe off the coast of east Africa.  When Tarzan pulls in a one hundred pound fish with a trident, the fish knocks Níkima into the sea.  Tarzan saves him from a barracuda.  He helps Tarzan pick up the scent of Stella Keene on a ship of the Brothers of the Barracuda.  On an island after escaping from the sea Arabs, Níkima throws coconuts down to and at Tarzan, Gary and Stella Keene.  As the humans are busy, the little monkey puts green leafs on the fire that causes smoke to be detected by the sea Arabs.
#53.1 Níkima alerts Tarzan and Jane about the Panther Men in the area.  At the end of the story, Níkima boasts to Tarzan and Jane how he chased away a black panther.
A#3.1 Níkima is grazed in the head and knocked unconscious by the Shiftas who captured Jane and Boy from the tree house.  Níkima hurries to Tarzan to inform him of the terrible deed.  Tarzan returns to the tree house with the little monkey to see that he is telling the truth.
A#3.5 Níkima throws an apple into Tarzanís swimming mask to get his attention.  He rides on Tarzanís shoulder as they fly Argus to the Valley of Monster to see why the dinosaurs are leaving the valley.  They follow the dinosaurs to Cathne.  He accompanies Tarzan as he flies in search of Jo-rah and his people to help protect Cathne against the Torodons and the dinosaurs.  He rides on Tarzanís shoulder as the ape-man rides one of Jo-rahís dyals.  (He disappears from the story at this point.)
#62.2 Níkima comes to Tarzan and Boy with the tale that a huge white crocodile ate his cousin.  Tarzan and Boy investigate and find the hidden White Marble Town.
#68.2 Níkima is at Tarzanís tree house when they hear monkeys fighting over food.  Níkima goes to check it out and gets caught in a monkey trap set by the Ubamwes tribe.  He cries for Tarzanís help.  The Ubamwes capture the ape-man and place him in a building in an ancient town ruins.  Níkima comes to Tarzan when the guards are asleep.  Tarzan sends the little monkey to get Boy and Míbogo, the giant buffalo.  He directs Boy and Míbogo to the ruins.  He joins Tarzan and Boy on the buffalo after the rescue.
#69.1 Tarzan heads for Lake Chui because of the word of a hunter.  Níkima meets him and tells him that Mutembaís toto has been captured.  The little monkey goes with him to find Tantor and Mutemba.  He travels with Tarzan and Tantor as far as the animal compound outside of Nairobi.
#73.1 Níkima accompanies Tarzan in the canoe to Mugambiís Village.  They climb a tree on the island to avoid a tidal wave.  Agibís dhow washes up on shore.  Níkima finds hand grenades that he thinks are hard shelled fruit.  Despite Tarzanís warning, he takes one of the grenades.  Níkima warns Tarzan that Agib is in the dhow.
#75.1 Níkima and Tarzan canoe down an unknown river to Engani.  Tarzan saves Níkima from an eagle of Engani.  Tarzan rescues Lukambo from the Eagle Men and reunites him with his love, Illona.  The Eagle Men pursue them.  They come across Níkima and believe that Tarzan and Lukambo have magically changed into monkeys.
#76.2 Tarzan saves Níkima from a black panther.  Níkima finds a pygmy poison arrow.  Tarzan commands him to throw it down.  He does and hits Borok, the ape.  The little monkey accompanies Tarzan to the pygmy village where Tarzan trades a jeweled knife from Opar for the antidote.  It works.  Níkima steals the knife from Kaisu, the pygmy.  Tarzan makes him return it.
#79.2 Níkima is worried that numa will kill Tarzan.  Boy assures the little monkey that Tarzan and the lion are merely playing.
A#5.3 Níkima informs Boy that Banga, the evil witch doctor, has captured Tarzan.  He leads Boy to the unnamed village.  He worries as Banga takes up his spear against Tarzan.  He thinks Boy is foolish when he plans to use the jar of army ants to help Tarzan.
#85.1 the great apes, Tornak and Nala, send Níkima to find Tarzan because they have saved Sheila Ross from a leopard and donít know what to do with her.  Níkima finds Tarzan and brings him to the spot.
#89.2 Níkima eats Boyís breakfast and tells Tarzan and Jane that Boy has run away to live with the pygmies.
#92.2 Níkima is nervous about hunting with Boy.  They spy Kondi raiders.  Boy sends Níkima to find Tarzan.  He finds him in a canoe on the river.  Níkima covers his ears when Tarzan roars like a lion.  After the Kondis are captured, the little monkey wants credit for saving the day.
#97.1 Níkima is terribly frightened as he and Tarzan travel through the Great Swamp on their way to Cathne.  He is even more frightened when a Garth chases them.  The little monkey stays with Queen Elaine as Tarzan and King Jathon go to Pal-ul-don to bring back red gryfs to kill the Garth.  Níkima has a new look of reddish brown with a white face and chest.  He has white furry cheeks, which extend beyond his face.
#99.1 Níkima warns Tarzan and Buto that Watumba warriors are attacking Butoís Village.  Níkima once again is all brown.
#99.2 - At Boyís eighth birthday party, Níkima steals a piece of cake.
#102.2 A frightened Níkima tells Boy and Dombie about two leopards, which turn out to be helpless cubs.  The boys decide to keep the cubs.  The scared Níkima leaves them but observes the mother leopard stalking them.  He tells Tarzan of the boyís peril and leads the ape-man to the danger area.
#105.1 Níkima cheers on Tarzan in his wrestling match with the friendly Muchak.
No. 25 (Cut Out page ďLittle NíkimaĒ)
No. 25.1 Níkima wants to go with Tarzan as he flies to the Hill of Caves to confront the Wabuna about Jane and Boy.  The Wabuna attack and wound Tarzan.  The two giant eagles drive off the Wabuna.  Tarzan grabs onto Argusí leg.  Níkima grabs onto Tarzanís leg.  Argus flies them down to the forest floor.  The little monkey is afraid but brings Tarzan water in a leaf.  Níkima hides as a giant dragonfly attacks the ape-man.  They enter a cave.  The Wise One heals Tarzan and gives him the Elixir of Life.  When Jane and Boy come on the giant eagles, Níkima has great stories how drove off lions and leopards and healed Tarzan.
No. 25.2 (Jane Story) Níkima gets himself caught in a monkey trap and sold to a lady from Ruanda.  Jane catches up with Kalinga and tries to purchase him.  Kalinga is indignant to such and idea.  When she sees Níkima and Jane communicating with each other she has a change of heart and releases the little monkey.  Jane tells Níkima to stay away from monkey traps.  Níkima says that when the bait inside is very sweet he cannot remember to open his hand.
#113.1 Níkima watches Tarzan rope the witch doctor Nígogo into a tree and knock out a Leopard Man.  Later when the ape-man learns that Mabula is ill, he accompanies him to the kraal.  He refuses to enter the chiefís hut.  When Tarzan does not come out.  He digs through the roof of the hut to learn that his master has been captured.  Tarzan sends the little monkey for help.  After a series of close calls with predators, he finds a tribe of apes.  He convinces them to help Tarzan.  He brings them to the hut.  Tarzan escapes thanks to Níkima.  Later Tarzan explains to the little manu about the death of Nígogo.  Níkima says that the entire world fears Tarzan except Níkima.
No. 37.5 (NĎkima Story) Níkima finds a bracelet that gives him a false sense of courage and bravery.  He thinks he is the king of the monkeys.  His enthusiasm infects a tribe of monkeys that jump up and down on a branch.  The branch breaks and they fall down in front of a leopard.  Níkima leads the tribe in a taunt and rock throwing.  The leopard is so surprised at their boldness that it runs away.  Encouraged by their success they pull the same trick on a pack of hyenas.  The monkeys declare Níkima to be king of the jungle.  Níkima boldly approaches a tribe of apes and declares that he is king.  Thorak, the gund, is unimpressed.  He throws Níkima into a pool of water.  Níkima sinks because of the weight of the bracelet.  The monkeys donít understand why Níkima does not surface.  Thorak pulls Níkima out of the water and takes his bracelet for himself.  Níkima realizes his power is gone.  The monkeys start to leave.  Níkima warms Thorak about a charging leopard.  Apes and monkeys take to the trees.  Níkima hides in a knothole.  He still thinks he is king because everyone jumped when he spoke.  But he is glad that no one can see him trembling.
#122.1 Níkima is black with white cheeks, looking like a spider monkey.  Níkima watches Tarzan build a rope bridge from the tree house to another tree.  He alerts Tarzan about the coming of elephants. Tarzan sends him into the tree house during the firefight with the Athneans.  Níkima rides on Tarzanís shoulder as they make their escape on the rope bridge to the other tree.  When Tarzan reaches the Waziri city, Níkima leaves.
#123.1 Níkima is now brown with white cheeks.  He helps Tarzan search for the location of the escaped evil Kabarounga.  Níkima brags he will find him first.  Níkima is frightened by Kabaroungaís knobstick throw that misses.  Níkima tells Thurak, the ape, who is not sure if he can believe the chatterer.
No. 51.4 (Jane Story) Níkima looks in Janeís compact mirror and sees himself as a fierce face.
No. 51.5 Níkima takes Pan-at-lee to see Tarzan because Om-at has been captured by the Ho-dons.
#128.1 Níkima accompanies Tarzan to the site of the killing of the game warden and his party.  Níkima gets a monkey tribe to talk to Tarzan.  When Tarzan locates the killers, he ties a note on Níkimaís tail for Murviro.  Níkima sits on the chiefís shoulder and wonders why he cannot hear the talking pictures.
#128.2 Níkima has Boy pull a porcupine needle out of his hand.  The little monkey is all brown in color.  He is swept out to sea with Boy and Dombie by a tidal wave.  A giant squid attacks them.  Níkima is frightened.  Tarzan comes to rescue them.  Another squid attacks.  It grabs Prickly, the porcupine, and drops it on Níkimaís tail.  Níkima wants Prickly punished.
#130.2 NĎkima alerts Boy and Tantor about two approaching ostriches.  Boy realizes that it is actually two native hunters.
#131.2 Níkima gets his hand caught in a monkey trap.  Before Boy can release him, a Baluga trapper takes him away to an island.  The Balugas place him in a cage hanging from a branch.  They plan to place a civet cat in the cage with him.  Before they can accomplish this, Boy releases the little monkey.  The Belugas pursue them.  Boy tells Níkima to take to the trees.  He follows Boy and Dombie.  The boys don porcupine skins and make it to the lake where Níkima joins them.  Níkima rides on Dombieís head into the river.  Tarzan thwarts the pursuing Balugas.  Níkima rides the rest of the way across the lake on Tarzanís head.
 Dell Number  -- 17.2+20.2+21.2+23.1+24.1+35+43.2+A2.4+A2.5+53.1+A#3.1+A#3.5+62.2+68.2+69.1+73.1 +75.1 +76.2 +79.2  +A#5.3  +85.1 +89.2 +92.2  +97.1+99.1+99.2 +102.2+105.1 +No. 25 +No. 25.1 +No. 25.2 (Jane Story) +113.1 +No. 37 (Puzzle Game - ďNíkimaís Secret PathsĒ) +No. 37.5 (NĎkima Story)+ 122.1 +123.1 +No. 51.4 (Jane Story) +No. 51.5+128.1+128.2 +130.2+131.2
 Novel  -- LE+TI+TQ+TCys

Níkobe  -- Níkobe is the name of the Bangwa tribe member that the white hunter asks if the white rhino, Plenty, is secure in the back of his truck.  Níkobe assures him that the ropes are strong.  Níkobe knows that Tarzan tamed the rhino.  He wears a red fez and is driving the truck when Boy releases the rhino from the back.  He points out Boy on the back of the rhino to the white hunter, who takes aim at Boy with his rifle.  His fate is unknown as Boy has Plenty smash the truck.
 Dell Number  -- 121.2

Níkobi  -- Níkobi is the medicine man of the Waziri.  He can do little for Muviroís rheumatism.  He takes some blood from the chiefís arm and burns it over a fire.  From the smoke he reads that the cure is found in the horn of a kudu.  He tells Muviro that he must kill the kudu without help.
 Dell Number  -- 131.1

Níkobu  -- Member of the Ubamwes tribe that participates in the capture of Tarzan and selling him to Sheik Ibrahim.  After Tarzan is lowered into ancient ruins, the witch doctor, Imoko, orders Níkobu and Isuma to go and inform the Sheik of the capture.
 Dell Number  -- 68.2

Níkod_   -- Native tribe Tarzan recruits to help eliminate the plague of the Danginas.  Their name is on the map Tarzan displays.  The last letter(s) of the name are off the panel.
 Dell Number  -- 43.2

Níkombo  -- He is the head boatman of a scow that Boy and Zorek, the ape, stowaway on.  Níkombo captures Zorek and sells him to a zoo in payment for the bananas that he ate.  The escaping Zorek, dressed as a zookeeper, frightens him and his crew.  They tell a policeman they were attacked by a man with an ape face.
 Dell Number  -- A2.3

Níkonga  --  Name of the chief of the Mauri tribe that Tarzan and his Achinga peacekeepers save from the Karuri tribe.  At first, the chief is leery of Tarzan.  He quickly agrees to the ape-manís proposal of protection by the Achingas for a few cows a year.  The old chief with graying hair and beard throws a feast in honor of the new alliance.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

Níkongo  --  Son of Níkonga, chief of the Mauri tribe.  Although he is not seen, a tribe member reports to the chief that his son is ill.  Níkonga leaves Tarzan at the feast to check on his son.  This allows Karungo and his henchmen to capture Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

Níkosi  -- He is the chief of the Urubambwe tribe that is being terrorized by an enraged Tantor.  Tarzan comes to help them.  As Tarzan visits with the chief in his hut, Tantor crashes through the village stockade and drops a stockade pole through the chiefís roof, knocking Tarzan unconscious.  The chief is old and balding with a white beard.  He has red robes.
 Dell Number  -- 48.1

Nobby  -- He is a trophy hunter, who along with his partner, Garvey, captures Prince Illony.  They decide to exhibit him back home and take him to a doctor in Nairobi.  Tarzan rescues the Prince and forces the two trophy hunters to drive them back to where the capture took place.
No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story) Nobby, a young bull giraffe, searches for his herd.  He stumbles across a rhino mother and her toto.  The rhino attacks.  Nobby avoids her once and kicks her on the nose in the second pass.  The rhino leaves the area.  Nobby comes upon a giraffe family.  The male dies from a poison arrow.  Hunters approach.  Nobby leads the mother giraffe, Zora, and her balu to a water hole.  He leads them to the shelter of a mimosa tree.  Nobby keeps watch at night.  During a storm two lions attack.  Nobby kicks the female and kills her.  In the morning a lone bull giraffe attacks Nobby.  Nobby strikes the bull several times with its head.  Nobby accidentally slips into a river.  Finding a bank he can climb, Nobby rushes to catch up with his new family.  The rouge bull flees.  Nobby is reunited with his new family.
 Dell Number  -- 49.1+No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story)

Noble Lepu  -- Nobleman of Arrack.  He has Queen Matahaís ear.  He leads the Arrackian   warriors into battle against Tarzan and the Waziri.  When they retreat into the palace, he commands the door closed with webs and the bees released.  Doctor MacWhirtleís smoke bomb drives them out into the open where he surrenders to Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 30

Noddy  -- Trader and partner to Jock.  They capture Chako, the baboon, who they plan to use to smuggle diamonds out of Africa in its collar.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.5

Nogoni  -- Native and husband to Ila.  They have a small child.  They are attempting to escape from King Umpongwe because the King wants Nogoni to execute a man who is Nogoniís best friend.  Tarzan agrees to help them get away.  Tarzan uses Tantor to thwart the Kingís warriors.  Tarzan swings across the Batumi River on a vine.  He throws a vine back to Nogoni who ties it in place.  Tarzan fashions a Boslinís chair to transport Ila and the child across the gorge.  Tarzan and Nogoni slide across to safety.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.7

Noguo  -- Noguo is one of Butoís men that the witch doctor, Kisambu, has turned against the chief.  Kisambu makes magic on Noguo to protect him from Tarzan.  He paints Noguo black so that Tarzan cannot see him.  He paints his spear red like the blood of his enemies.  Although not seen specifically, he must have been in on the attack against Tarzan and Buto and part of the group that begs for forgiveness after Kisambu is killed.
 Dell Number  -- 125.1

Noki  -- Name of one of the pups of the wild dog, Lucky, that Boy and Tarzan raised.  Tarzan is tied helplessly to a log.  A pack of wild dogs approach him.  Tarzan recognizes the scent of Noki.  He keeps the wild dogs at bay by shouting.  He manages to get Noki to remember him.  Noki drives the other dogs off.  Tarzan finally communicates with Noki to chew through his rope binding.  Noki frees the ape-man.
 Dell Number  -- 90.1

Norgak  -- great ape.  He is bluish gray in color and has a chimpanzee face.  He was shot in the head with a rifle.  He goes berserk and kills one of his own tribe members.  Tarzan and Boy trail him.  He fights Tarzan on a log bridge.  They both fall into the water.  Tarzan saves him, ties him up, sedates him, and removes the bullet from his skull.  After the operation he appears to be all right.  Tarzan says that he will have to convince his tribe that he is gentle again.
 Dell Number  -- 66.2

Norgel  -- a gangster, who along with his partner, Goss, and an Arab named Hassan are seeking the treasure of lost Atlantis, the gold of Opar.  They use the threat of harm to Jane and Boy to enlist Tarzanís aid.  He and his partners are slaughter by the apes of Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 5

Norgok  -- When Tarzan returns Mujak to the Isle of the Apes, Norgak, the gray ape, does not trust the Jungle Lord and challenges him.  Tarzan fells Norgak with one punch, thus establishing him as the tribeís leader.  Tarzan has the apes build a wala, prison, for the Arab raiders.  When they capture a group of raiders who have come to capture apes, Tarzan has Norgak and other apes place the Arabs in the wala and to get them food.
 Dell Number  -- 55.3

Nítala  -- Waziri maiden who is to be married to Kilumo, Muviroís son.  She is captured by a giant spider and taken to Arrack.  They are going to make her marry someone from Arrack.  Tarzan comes to rescue her but is captured by a giant spider.  Nítala tires to rescue Tarzan but is discovered.  She and Tarzan are to be sacrificed to Magon, the crocodile god of the Arrackians.  Tarzan saves them both and returns her to Kilumo.
#30 Jane mentions her capture.  She is not seen.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1+30

Nítale  -- chief of the band of Shiftas who captures Rita Lane and plan to sell her into slavery.  He calls her: White Lily, White Witch, Leopard Cat, and She Cat.  Tarzan follows the cutthroats to their volcanic hideout and with the help of a clan of baboons under King Zugash captures them.  He hands Nítale and his band over to Lt. Tourneau.
 Dell Number  -- 17.2
 Novels -- TTr --  Ntale, becomes chieftain of a Shifta band after the murder of Dominio Capietro.  Tarzan kills him.

Nuba  -- A subservient race of people in the Mountains of Barongo.  They were conquered by the Kordo spearmen long ago.  Since that time they are treated like serfs and slaves.  The Kordo people take from them anything they wish.  They are forbidden to possess anything that could be made into a sharp weapon.  Death is the punishment for a Nuba who touches a Kordo or his spear.  To escape punishment some Nuba people run away to the Spring of Homeless Men at the base of the mountains.  Their village is made up of cylindrical houses with conical tops.  They use stone clubs and bolas.  They are great wrestlers and build up callous on their hands by striking a springy pole in the ground.  They raise long horn cattle.  Their chief is Gallah who has an ornately decorated hut.  Tarzan convinces Gallah that they can return to an equal balance of power.  The Nuba warriors cover themselves with a wood ash paste that makes them almost invisible at night.  Tarzan leads them to victory over the Kordo spearmen.  They burn the Kordo spears and make them promise not to make any more.  They agree to live at peace with the Kordo people.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Nugol, the treacherous  --  a blue baboon who pushes their gund, Ragak, into the river that   runs under the mountain.  Nugol takes over as gund.  When Ragak returns with Tarzan, there is a fierce battle in which Nugol submits to Ragak.
 Dell Number  -- 32.2

Nugak  -- Leader of the apes of Opar.  When Tarzan comes to rid Opar of the apes, he gives chase and tries to keep his tribe from eating the bananas, which Tarzan has laced with a sleeping potion.  All the apes tire of the chase and go to eat bananas.  Tarzan knocks out Nugak.  Tarzan, with the help of Buto, lowers the apes off of the mountain.  When they awake Nugak wants to kill Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.1

Nugu  -- Name of the baboon featured in this story.  As a youth Hottentots capture him.  After five years of captivity he manages to escape and return to his tribe.  They do not accept him.  He saves the tribe leader, Míkubwa, from a leopard.  The tribe accepts him as a leader.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story)

Nuka -- Chinga hunters capture Nuka, the chimpanzee.  He is part of Cheelooís family.  Just how Nuka fits in is unclear.  Tarzan pretends to be selling Cheeloo to the dhow captain.  He has the Arabs place Cheeloo in with the cage with the chimps.  During the storm at sea, Tarzan releases the chimps from their cage.  After the ship wreck Tarzan sends the chimps into the trees.  Tarzan captures the Arabs.  He has the chimps guard the Arabs as he builds a raft.  He clothes the chimps in Arab garb to protect them against the sun as they sail across the sea to the far shore.  The chimps wear the clothing as they cross the burning desert.  Arabs confront them and attempt to recapture the chimps.  Tarzan and the chimps disarm them.  They ride across the desert on the Arab camels.  Tarzan says that he will punish the Chinga hunters.
 Dell Number  -- 126.1

Nukonga  -- They are a native tribe living near a river.  The dry season causes the crocodiles in the river to raise havoc in the area.  Tarzan helps them build a crocodile trap out of liana vines.  No Nukonga will carry the cable cross the river so Tarzan does it.  When Boy and Dombie fall into the river and are threaten by crocodiles, they pull the boys safely to shore in the crocodile trap.  A Nukonga carries the cable across the river to reset the trap.  Tarzan leaves them to catch and kill the crocodiles.
 Dell Number  -- 69.2

numa  --  lion -- killed by Tarzan in FC 134 (called lion not numa), # 2, #6, #14.1, #23.2;  Tarzan tames a sable lion #11;
#25.1 Tarzanís second opponent in the Webs of Arrack.  Tarzan kills it with his bare hands;
#32.1 the Bamwe and their chief, Buto, believe lions are raiding their cattle.  They enlist Tarzanís aid in hunting them down.  Tarzan kills two lions.  Buto kills one.
#33.1 Tarzan and the riders from the Rio Grande, rich and bored cowboys, set out to rope a lion so they can brag about it.  With Tarzanís help they manage to succeed.
A #1.4 - A lion attacks the zebra that Boy is riding.  Boy hides in a pool of water from the lion.  Thorak helps to rescue Boy from the lion.
A #1.5 - A lion tries to attack Chako after he escapes from the traders.  Chako makes the lion regret the attack.
#36.1 - the name of one of Jathonís lions that pulls his chariot.
#37.2 A pride attacks Tarzan and his baboon rescuers.  Tarzan kills one with his bare hands.  The lions accidentally aid Tarzan when they run off all of the Shiftasí horses.
#39.2 A lion attacks and kills the Arab, Habib, as he tries to fix the tire on the safari car.  Tarzan kills the lion with his knife.
#40.1 while trying to fix the strut on his seaplane, Doctor MacWhirtle is attacked by a lion.  He throws a blowtorch at it and scares it away.
#41.1 A lion stalks Lucia Tally.  Tarzan kills it with Jim Tallyís bow.
#42.2 A lion attacks Bou Denni, who is pinned underneath his horse.  Tarzan kills the lion with his knife.
#43.1 King Grossa has a lion guarding his slave pens.  Tarzan slays the lion with his knife.
#43.2 - When Tarzan drives the plague of Danginas into the wedge of natives; he also herds the lions into the area.
#45.3 lions draw Queen Elaine of Cathneís chariot.
#46.1- Lions pull the Cathnean chariots into battle with the Terribs, who are attacking Cathne.
#A2.1 While trailing the Batwinged Men, who have captured Heather Day, Tarzan out growls a lion and drives it away from its zebra kill.
#A2.3 - in a cage in a zoo area.
#48.3 Tarzan and Muviro witness a Giant Wasps paralyzing and carrying off a lion.
#52.2 (Boy story) Jad-bal-ja calls to his pride to follow Boy who has been captured by Bolgani.  They turn back at the Great Thorn Desert.
#54.1 - This story features a pair of mated lions that are man-killers.  They raid Buto Matariís cattle herd.  Buto sets a trap for them.  They elude the spears.  The male crashes through the boma in his escape.  Later, they return and kill Mípani, Butoís nephew, and his wife.  When Tarzan and Buto catch up to them, there is a fight.  The male throws Tarzan off his back and escapes.  The male tries to attack Nígombo, the evil witch doctor.  Tarzan and Buto kill him with spears.  (See also: sabor for the femaleís fate)
#56.1 - The Ostrich Clan circle a lion on their ostrich mounts.  They kill the lion with their spears.
#58.3 A lion fights a wild bull in the arena at Castra Sanguinarius for the emperorís birthday.
#59.2(Boy story) A lion attacks Boy and Dombie who are riding elands.  Boy throws his spear into the lion.  They escape.
#64.1 - At the edge of the Great Thorn Desert a lion stalks Tarzan and Chet Harper.  Tarzan kills it with his knife.
#67.1 -The huge Nuba, Adumo, stuns a lion with a chop of his hand.  On the plains where sleeping sickness plaques the area, Tarzan, Buto, and Adumo see a lion that does not fear them because lions have no enemies on the plain.
A#4.1   Lions pull Queen Elaineís chariot as well as the chariots of the Cathneans.  Tarzan tells Jathon to bring his lions to the top of the walls to fight the attacking Talking Gorillas.  Tarzan and the Cathneans ride the lions bareback as they battle the gorillas.  The Bolgani are defeated.
A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story) Numa kills a zebra and his mate comes to join him in the feeding.  The male accept the Ďman-cubí his mate brings to replace her lost cubs.  He pulls the boy away from the pit trap that caught his mate.  The boyís father scares off the lion.
#71.1 The Cathneans turn their excessive lions loose into the countryside.  The lions plague Gallugo City.  The lions and the buffalo mounted Gallugos are evenly matched until Tarzan and Gorgo swing the tide of the battle to the Gallugos.  The lions retreat to the swamp but are forced out again by a garth.  The garth kills at least one lion.  Tarzan and Princess Loma talk King Jathon into rounding up the excess lions.  Lions pull King Jathonís chariot.  The excess lions respond to the horns of the Cathneans.  After two garths are dispatched, one hundred lions are loaded into the crocodile boats and taken to Lutor, where they will help the Lutorians defend their island against the Terribs and the Bolgani.
#72.1 (See: sable lion).
#72.2 Tarzan kills a lion that is stalking Boy with his bare hands.  He uses the lion skin to frighten the Shiftas.
#79.2 Tarzan play wrestles with a lion outside the tree house.
#80.2 Lions attack a group of buffaloes.  Two cows crush the male between them.
A#5.2 A lion is enshrined behind a wall of ice in the Ice Cave in the Gourambi Mountains.  It is in mock battle with frozen giant Viking hunters and huntresses.
A#5.5 -Two male lions chase Boy and the Waziri named Isilio up a Baobab tree.  Boy shoots the lions with his blowgun.  The two males turn on each other.  Boy and Isilio escape.
A#5.6 (Non-Tarzan Story) A pride of five lions, two male and three females, attack and kill two buffalo calves.  The herd led by Míbogo drives them to the top of a kopje.  Míbogo follows a lion into a crevice.  A lion scratches Míbogoís nose.  The next day the pride feeds on the dead calves.  They attack the herd again.  Míbogo lays in wait for them and attacks them by himself.  Míbogo runs off the pride.  He hurts one of the big males.  The herd again drives the pride to the kopje.  The injured male will not attack the herd again.
#81.2 A lion flees the grass fire.
#84.1 Lions pull Prince Thyron and his menís chariots on a hunting trip.  Lord Rython has his lions, Beauty and Shooting Star, chariot him back to Cathne when the Mitzer captures the Prince and others.  Tarzan, King Jathon, and his men use riding lions in the rescue party.  Tarzan subdues the Mitzeraim guards on the rim of the mountains that surround their city.  The lions climb ladders up the mountain along with the Cathnean warriors.  The lions are an integral part of the battle with the Mitzeraim.
#86.2 A lion chases and kills a riderless horse.  He later joins his mate, who is trying to get at Boy in a tree.  Tarzan kills the male with an arrow.
A#6.1 Tarzan explores the island his family is marooned on.  He spies a lion bringing down an antelope.  He wonders how they got on the island.
A#6.4 A male and female lion attack Prince Rotanís buffalo.  Tarzan kills the female; the male runs off.
#93.2 Lions watch and wait as an elephant is caught in a bog.  Tarzan, Tantor and his herd approach.  Tarzan singles out a black-mane male and strangles it with a vine.  The herd trumpets and the lions leave the area.
#96.1 A lion brings down a bullock.  Rudatara approaches.  He wants the lion to attack him so he can face the lion test.  The lion leaves.  Later in Muranda, beaters try to force a lion towards a young man facing the lion test.  The lion breaks through the line of beaters.  Rudatara kills the lion with his spear.
#97.1 Tarzan King Jathon use a group of hunting lions to accompany them to Pal-ul-don to retrieve red gryfs to battle the Garth that terrorizes Cathne.  The Garth attacks them and kills most of the lions.  (See: Simba and Zola for the story of the two lions that escape the Garth.)
#98.2 A man-eating lion bothers a native village.  Tarzan goes to hunt it.  The lion stalks Boy and Dombie.  Tantor Abula chases it off.  It continues to stalk the boys.  Tarzan drops on it from a tree and kills it.
#99.2 Boy and Dombie attempt to approach a lion in a donga so they can take its picture.  The lion is disagreeable so they leave.  Boy takes a picture of a pride of lions.  He approaches the lions on foot.  Dombie distracts the lions so that Boy can slip away.
#103.1 Some of Cathneís royal lions fight over a dead kudu with a crocodile.  A lioness takes a hit from the crocís tail.  (See also: Om-zee and Lu-gash)  King Jathon and his warriors ride lions into the battle to help the Gallegos fight the gorillas.
A#7.2 Lions scare off the zebras that Tarzan and Kobo, the animal trainer, are stalking.  A lion jumps on top of Kobo.  Tarzan chokes the lion unconscious.  Lions attack Boy, his zebra colt, Kobo, and his zebra cart.  Kobo uses a club to fend off the lion.  Boy and his zebra out race the lion to the herd.
A#7.4 - Imperial lions of Pal-ul-don are four times the size of normal lions.  They attack Tarzan and Kandor after Kandor kills a Great Rhinoceros.  Tarzan kills the female with his knife.  Another rhino distracts the male.  It attacks and kills the rhino.  Tarzan and Kandor escape during the battle.
A#7.6 (Boy story) Lions approach Jeremy Down near the river.  He escapes in a broken dugout canoe.  Boy and Dombie bring Jeremy back to his parentís campsite near some ruins.  Lions chase them up to the top of a wall.  For the rest of the day and into the evening the lions attempt to get the boys.  The parents return with a hunter, who chases off the lions.
#107.2 - The king of the jungle roars as night falls on the runaway Boy.  The next day a lion attacks a zebra, which causes the herd of zebras to stampede towards Boy.
#108.2 - A lion tears at the shelter that Boy and Dombie built for the balu elephant they found wandering lost at the Lake of Reeds.  The boys have helped the mother escape the elephant hunterís pen.  The mother drives off the lion.  The elephants leave but the lion remains to stalk the boys.  Tarzan arrives and the lion does not attack because of its fear of the ape-man.
#109.2 A lion chases Boy and Dombie riding on Bara.  He cannot catch them.  Tarzan and the wounded Argus are forced to land in the midst of a pride of lions.  They manage to drive the lions away.
#110.1 - A lion and his mate seek shelter from the fury of the herd in a cave.  They do not bother Tarzan, Buto, Jess, and Bess as they use the cave for protection as well.  In the morning after the elephants leave, so do the lions.  (See also: Sabor)
#111.1 A male and female lions avoid Tarzan riding on Tar-gund, the white buffalo.
No. 25.3 (Boy Story) Lions hear the danger whistle that the ape blows repeatedly.
No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story)  A male and female lion approach Nobby, the giraffe, and his new family.  A kick from Nobby kills the female.  The male leaves.  #114.1 - For ten months a pride of lions has taken over the valley north of the Masai Village.  They wreak havoc on the Masai cattle and population.  The lion hunting Masai are helpless against the pride.  Tarzan goes to see if he can rid the valley of the lions.  In the valley a male lion attacks Tarzan.  He kills it with a spear, and uses its hide to sneak past the herd.  Tarzan goes to the Wakembi tribe, who are plagued by drought and their enemies the Gahinga.  After the Gahingas are defeated, Tarzan convinces the new ruler of the Wakembi to use their buffalo herd to drive the lions out of the valley.  The lions attack the buffaloes but there are too many of them.  The lions flee into the approaching Masai, who finish them off.
#117.2 A lion is attracted to the crying child and woman in the boma that Boy and Dombie built.  Boy and the woman stand with spears ready for the eminent attack.  As the lion leaps the boma, Tarzanís spear kills the beast.
#118.2 Boy and Dombie carry their pig kill on a pole.  Lions smell the food and confront them.  The boys set down the pig and back away.  Nama the Hottentot trader fires his shotgun in the air.  The lions take the pig and leave.
#121.2 A lion and his family take shelter from a storm in a donga.
#123.2 - The witch doctor, Kururi, has been placing a goat near the lionís hut to attract lions.  He does so to perpetuate the story that the dead chief returns as a lion.  Kururi goes to the hut to kill Boy, who is sleeping there.  A lion seeking an easy kill surprises him.  Jad-bal-ja, who was sleeping with Boy, runs the lion off.  #123.3  -Tarzan, Jathon, and the Cathneans ride lions in a hunt.  They also have hunting lions.  They are attacked by Dinohyus.  All the riding lions are killed by the zu-horta.  The hunting lions make it back to Cathne.  Tarzan transforms three cubs into giant lions.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+2+3+4+6+11+12+13.1+14.1+17.1+23.2+25.1+32.1+33.1+A 1.4+ A1.5+36.1+37.2 +39.2 +40.1 +41.1 +42.2 +43.1 +43.2+45.3 +46.1+A2.1+A2.3+48.3+52.2+54.1+56.1+58.3+#59.2 (Boy story) +64.1 +67.1+A#4.1+A#4.5 (non-Tarzan Story) +71.1 +72.1 +72.2 +79.2 +80.2 +A#5.2 +A#5.5+A#5.6 (Non-Tarzan Story) +81.2 +84.1 +86.2 +A#6.1+A#6.4 +93.2 +96.1 +97.1 +98.2 +99.2 +103.1 +A#7.2 +A#7.4 +A#7.6 (Boy story) +107.2 +108.2 +109.2 +110.1 +111.1 +No. 25.3 (Boy Story) +No. 25.5  (non-Tarzan Story) +114.1 +117.2 +118.2 +121.2 +123.2 +123.3
 Novel  -- TA

numa balu  --  #84.2  it is what Tarzan calls a lion cub that gets upset when he and Boy bring a wounded wild dog into camp.
 #85.2 Tarzan plays with a lion cub as Jane worries that Boy is not home and it is getting dark.
 Dell Number  -- 84.2 +85.2

numa-toto  -- Namesake of the title character.  Its parents are killed or driven off by a buffalo herd.  A buffalo drives the cub up a tree.  Tarzan is in the tree and takes care of it.  Tarzan kills a warthog for their breakfast.  Tarzan brings the cub to the tree house.  Jane thinks they have too many pets already.  Tarzan searches for a lioness to take care of the cub.  He finds a den of a lioness that lost her cubs.  Tarzan places the cub in the den.  The lioness returns and discovers the cub.  She accepts the cub as her own.
 Dell Number  -- 80.2

Numumba  -- Numumba is a young tribesman of Butoís Bamwe tribe.  He dances in celebration of an elephant he claims to have found.  Tarzan says that he killed the elephant with a poison arrow.  Buto says that he will banish him and his companions.  Numumba says that Buto will not always be chief.  Buto knocks him down.
 Dell Number  -- 125.1

Nurami  -- Tribe of warlike natives.  They capture Boy, Dombie, and Miboko because Miboko captured a trogon.  The trogon is scared to them.  They probably will kill the boys.  They hear Mibokoís locust flute and believe that locust are coming.  The boys escape.  Some Nurami pursue the boys.  Tarzan rescues them.  The Nurami continue to pursue them in their war canoes.  Tarzan and the boys make it to a rope bridge.  The Nurami continue to pursue.  Tarzan cuts the bridge.  The Nurami fall into the river.
 Dell Number  -- 97.2

Nurpah  -- Name of the Panther Man who Tarzan subdues with a pressure on a nerve.  Tarzan dons the manís Panther Man outfit.  This allows him to infiltrate into the ceremony that is preparing Jane for sacrifice to the Panther King.  Tarzan, disguised as Nurpah, is commanded to be part of the guard of honor around the house of the Black Panther.  As the moon slips behind a cloud, so Tarzan slips out of the Nurpahís mask.
 Dell Number  -- 53.1

Nye-nye  -- The Nye-nye are Bushmen tribe whose traditional home was the Towering Rocks.  The Father of the Spirits forced them to leave because they were warring with themselves.  They settled in the mountain beyond the Zambezi River.  Tribes bigger and stronger than themselves plague them.  Bauxhau, the prophet, goes to the Towering Rocks to see if they can return.  The Nye-nye hold the pass against the Bantu when a plane carrying Tarzan and Bauxhau land on the mountain.  The Nye-nye are excited because Bauxhau would only return if they could go back home.  Tarzan plans a challenge for the Bantu as a diversion.  While Tarzan fights the Bantu champion, the Nye-nye build rafts and float downriver and steal the Bantu canoes.  They paddle downstream towards the Towering Rocks.
 Dell Number   -- 120.1


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