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Volume 1690m
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


Ma-amu  -- crocodile god of the white savages of the Vari.  Tarzan kills it with his bare hands.
 Dell Number  -- 1

Mabulu  -- Mabulu is the name of the Waziri that Muviro commands to signal Tarzan with drums that they have cornered the evil Kabarounga at the Hill of Caves.
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

Maboungo  --  A Waziri.  He helps Boy feed Argus and Aiglon fish.  The next day he is shocked to find Boy and Aiglon missing.  He runs two days to the Wandoro camp to inform Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 63.1

Mabudu  -- A tribe of people from Ituri Land.  They use leopard teeth as money.
 Dell Number  -- A#5 (Mabudu Money - splash page)

Mabula  -- Chief of a native tribe.  He is a very large man.  He sits on a chair in the middle of the village when N’gogo, the witch doctor, comes to see him.  In the chief’s hut, N’gogo threatens Mabula with spell that will kill him if he does not capture Tarzan.  He sends a message to Tarzan that he is ill.  When Tarzan examines the chief, a villager hits Tarzan over the head with a rock, knocking him out.  They chain him to the pole in the middle of the hut.
 Dell Number  -- 113.1

Mabula’s people  -- The people of chief Mabula dress with clothing from head to toe.  Many also wear some type of head covering.  They surround Mabula as N’gogo, the witch doctor, comes with his threat.  A Mabula messenger with a mo-hawk tells Tarzan that Mabula is ill and that only Tarzan can save him.  A villager knocks out Tarzan as he examines the chief.  The entire village empties out so that N’gogo and the Leopard Men can do what they want to Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 113.1

Mabundi  -- Name of a villager from Crater Village.  He and another villager bring Professor Ross sacks of corn to grind with his windmill.  They are keeping the Professor captive.  Tarzan, the great apes, Tornak and Nala, and his daughter, Sheila, are hiding in the Professor’s hut.  Sheila sneezes.  Mabundi goes to investigate.  One of the apes grabs him.  Mabundi and the other villager run away in terror.  He returns with warriors as the Professor and Sheila fly away on the windmill/flying machine.  They search the hut.  Tarzan and the apes attack and escape.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1

Mackrey, Leda  -- sister to Roger.  Amazons captured them, along with their parents. The parents died, Roger escaped, and the Amazons tired to make a high priestess of Leda.  She resisted.  Tarzan and a downed flyer named Jeff Lansing rescue her.  She and Lansing fall in love.  Tarzan gives them The Eye of the Python necklace to start their new life together.
 Dell Number  -- 18.1

Mackrey, Roger  -- found dying in the jungle by Tarzan and Thulak, the gray ape.  Before he dies he tells Tarzan of how his sister, Leda, and their missionary parents were captured by Amazons and taken to the Valley of Mist where their parents died and his sister was being forced to become a high priestess.  He escaped with some jewels and wants his sister rescued.
 Dell Number  -- 18.1

Macori  -- Good-natured Achinga warrior who takes a blow to the head during Tarzan’s quarterstaff training.  The Achinga kids him about almost breaking his staff.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

Madege  -- witch doctor of the Mobembe tribe.  The chief, Ukele, tells the witch doctor to kill   Amele at the feast before his marriage to Lukela.  He plans to use a poisonous snake.  Tarzan ropes his hand from the Council Tree before he can release the snake.  Tarzan, as a disembodied voice, threatens to kill anyone who harms Amele.
 Dell Number  -- 15.2

mad men  --  living in a pit, which they call the Land of the Living Dead, controlled by Arabs.      People are thrown into the pit so they can retrieve animals, which the Arabs drive into it.  The people go mad as they starve.  Tarzan falls into the pit and refers to them as fools.  He helps them to escape.
 Dell Number  -- 17.1

Mador  -- The gladiator who is Tarzan’s third opponent in the Webs of Arrack.  Mador has never been outfought.  Tarzan makes short work of him.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1

Magister  --  #57.3 Master of the theater (arena) at Castra Sanguinarius.  Tarzan slips into his room.  He recognizes Tarzan from years before.  Tarzan strikes a bargain with him for the lives of Wakefield and Reese.  He agrees to let them go, and Tarzan will return to fight in the arena.  He leads them across the lake to safety.  He has a dark thinning hair and a widow’s peek.
#58.3 when Tarzan talks the baboons into not attacking the men from Castrum Mare in the arena.  The Emperor asks the Magister if they are trained apes.  Tarzan charges into the emperor’s box.  He disarms the Magister and says that he has returned to keep his promise.  Tarzan captures the Emperor.  The Magister is balding with dark hair and is heavy set.
 Dell Number  -- 57.3+58.3

Magon  --  #25.1 - god of the people of Arrack.  It is a crocodile that lives in the Pool of Magon.   People are tried to a raft and placed in the pool as sacrifices to Magon.  Queen Mataha places Tarzan and N’tala on the raft.  As the crocodile approaches, Tarzan breaks his bonds and shoves a pole into the croc’s mouth.  Tarzan then takes N’tala underwater and follows the crocodile through an underground passageway that leads to the other side of the mountains that protect Arrack.
#30 Tarzan kills Magon with his knife, thus exposing it as a false god.
  Dell Number  -- 25.1+30

magpie  --  A#5 (Tarzan’s Birds - splash page)

mahouts  --  driver of an elephant.  As Tantor’s children, Namtor and Ulahee, raid an unnamed village’s shamba, mahouts come out to capture Ulahee.
 Dell Number  -- A2.4

Major  --  #88.1 Commander of the British force at Fort Gumburu.  Tarzan and Buto bring him the treasure of the Shifta robbers.  Tarzan also informs the Major that he salted a hole with some gold in the hope that the Shiftas will explore it long enough so that the Major and his troops can capture the thieves.  The Major has a big nose and graying hair and mustache.  He smokes a pipe.
 Dell Number  -- 88.1

Major Geoffrey Towne  -- He flies Tarzan to Nairobi to meet with the British Commissioner.  He also flies Tarzan back to Buto’s Village.
 Dell Number  -- 50.3

Major Gorham  -- Major Gorham and his two British royal air force companions investigate a new volcano rising from a lake.  An eruption causes the wings to catch fire and the plane crashes.  They make it to a rubber life raft.  They witness a dinosaur killing a duck billed dinosaur.  They are attacked by the Terribs.  Tarzan in a crocodile boat of the Lutorians saves them.  They take the British to Lutor.  At a feast King Loban offers them positions in his navy.  Major Gorham politely refuses and says they must return to England.  Tarzan guides them across the interior of Pal-ul-don.  A Dinohyus attacks them.  The Major futilely fires his pistol at the beast.  Tarzan kills it.  Joh-rah comes with his Dyal riders.  They transport them across the Great Thorn Desert to a desert airstrip.  The Major says that he will not mention Pal-ul-don because no one would believe him.
 Dell Number  -- 112.1

Major James Barton  -- from New York, leader of an expedition in search of the lost city of    Tohr.  His niece, Ruth, who calls him Uncle Jim, accompanies him.  He expected to find ruins, but the taboos of the area causes his safari to desert when they get close.  They have lost their supplies in the Kilindini River when Tarzan and d’Arnot finds them.  They all end up in the living city of Tohr.  He explains that the fires of Tohr leap into the Hall of Pantu because of the draft caused by an opening the stone block in the floor.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.1

Makembe  -- tribe of natives who have converted to Christianity by Rev. Wells.  Neighboring tribes of the Nandis, Moran, and Masai are eager to wipe them out.  Rev. Wells sends his daughter, Ruth, for supplies.  Tarzan saves Ruth from the tribes and aids the Makembe in defense of their citadel.  Tarzan has them build a boma around their stockade and a giant statue from which he shoots Roman candle type rockets at the attacking tribes, thus driving them away.
 Dell Number  -- 105.1

Makola/Makolo  --  #105.1 Makembe tribesman on Ruth Wells’ safari who brings supplies to the Makembe Citadel.  When enemy tribes attack them, Makola takes a spear meant for Ruth.  Tarzan buries him.
No. 37.2 (Jane Story) Makolo is the chief of the kraal named for him.  He raises his profit share from the native market from one third to one half.  Jane leads the merchants away from the market with the promise of a free market.  The chief has them brought before him by force.  He threatens the merchants with harm if they leave.  Makolo’s wife, Zena, runs from their hut screaming that their son has stopped breathing.  Makolo demands that his witch doctor, N’gai, save him.  He cannot.  Jane dislodges the kola nut from the baby’s throat and administers mouth-to-mouth respiration, reviving the child.  Makolo is impressed with her magic.  He turns from his evil ways and declares the market to be free.
 Dell Number  -- 105.1+No. 37.2 (Jane Story)

Makolo’s baby  -- No name is given for the son of Chief Makolo and his wife Zena.  Zena rushes from their huts screaming that their son has stopped breathing.  He had been playing with a kola nut.  Makolo demands that his witch doctor, N’gai, save him.  He cannot.  Jane dislodges the kola nut from the baby’s throat and administers mouth-to-mouth respiration, reviving the child.  Makolo is impressed with her magic.  He turns from his evil ways.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.2 (Jane Story)

Makolo’s warriors  -- The warriors of Makolo accompany the witch doctor, N’gai, to the native market as he announces the raised payment to the chief.  The warriors force Jane and the merchants to appear before the chief.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.2 (Jane Story)

Makulu  --  A nation of warlike natives under the rule of Maroungo.  They burn a village as they move towards Tarzan country.  There are hundreds of them with great herds of long horned cattle.  Tarzan drops into their camp and demands to see their king.  They take him to Maroungo.  Tarzan warns him not to move into Waziri or Watunga territory.  Maroungo is defiant.  Tarzan uses the king as a hostage to escape the camp.  The Makulu move on what they think is the Waziri village.  The Waziri have placed thorns in leather all over the ground.  The Makulu are in confusion.  The Waziri drop the phony fence and release ten rhinos into the Makulu horned attack.  The Waziri and Watunga attack.  Maroungo rallies his troops.  Tarzan slips around to the rear of the Makulu battle lines and stampedes their cattle into the back of the Makulu impis.  The Makulu are totally routed.
 Dell Number  -- 116.1

Makuru  -- Makuru is the dead chief of the Kisumu.  The witch doctor, Kururi, perpetuates the myth that the spirit of the dead chief returns to the village as a lion.  The wily witch doctor uses goats to attract lions and claim that they are Makuru.
 Dell Number  -- 123.2

Makwa  -- He is a member of Buto Matari’s tribe.  He informs Buto that two lions have raided their cattle herd.  He helps Buto lay a trap for the lions that evening.  His spear as well as Buto’s misses the lions.
 Dell Number  -- 54.1

Malembo  -- first of the M’bopos Tarzan pulled to the top of the mountain of Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 5

Malik  -- leader of a band of White Pygmies who find Tarzan and company crossing the great   desert and take them to Lipona.
 Dell Number  -- 8

Malinto  -- Arrackian guard who spies Tarzan and the Waziri descending into the Lost Valley of Arrack.
 Dell Number  -- 30

Maluku  -- Leader of a tribe.  He tells Tarzan that his people are leaving the area because a Nandi Bear killed two cows and injured a boy.  Tarzan rids the area of the bear.  He will tell Maluku that it is safe to return to their homes.
 Dell Number  -- 82.2

Mamba  -- The name of one of the bearers from Mulo’s tribe.  During a rest stop for the Doris Ramsay safari into the Dashani Mountains, another bearer expresses his fear of the Devil Ogre.  Mamba tells him to be patient that the mem-sahib will probably turn back because of the white gorillas.  Tarzan informs them that their fears are unfounded.  Dashani warrior poison arrows probably killed him along with the other bearers who deserted Captain Hardy.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

mamba  --  #11 - poisonous snake Abou Ben Ephraim uses to guard his chest of gold and   jewels.  Tarzan kills it with his knife.
#28 Ungo, the sorcerer’s son, drops one in front of Ila, the slave girl, so that Prince Inkolo will touch her thus condemning him to death.  Isstu, the sorcerer’s snake, has had its fangs removed.
#41.1 Tarzan kills one with his knife.  Jim Tally kills a mamba after he is bitten.  He dies leaving his sister, Lucia, alone in the jungle. spits the juice of a jungle leaf into the mouth of the snake to temporarily paralyze the mamba so that it will not strike.  If the mamba strikes, the person was not telling the truth.  Tarzan knows the trick and spits the juice into the mamba’s mouth thus revealing Ungali as a fraud and saves Boy.
 Dell Number  -- 11+ 28+41.1+46.

Mambusi  -- Native tribe.  After rescuing Tarzan from King Grossa’s cage, Tolo brings the unconscious ape-man to the Mambusi village.  The chief, Nehrubi, tells Tarzan that King Grossa has captured his son, Barko, and demands twenty-four Mambusi tribesmen as ransom.  Tarzan tells him to agree to the plan and that he will have warriors inside Grossa’s city.  Tarzan frees the Mambusi slaves and they overthrow Grossa’s men.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

mammoth  --  #15.1 prehistoric species of elephant which Aroc, a cave man, rides as he attacks   Tarzan, La and Tantor.  Aroc knocks Tarzan out and takes La with him on the mammoth back to his people.
#121 (splash page) wooly mammoth
 Dell Number  --  15.1+121 (splash page - “Tarzan’s Jungle World”)

mammoth, imperial  --  #18 (inside back cover “Jungle World”) largest of all elephants

mandril(l) / mandrill  --  #25 (back cover diorama from the American Museum of Natural History)
A#4 (Apes and Monkeys of Tarzan’s World)
#81.1 a type of baboon.  AKA the Beasts of Mokar.  Hundreds of mandrills inhabit the valley front of the legendary city of Mokar.  The people of Mokar in the Gourambi Range have a large moat protecting them from the baboons.  The Mokarian use smoke sticks to safely move through the mandrill tribe.  Tarzan, d’Arnot, and Roland, the dog, use smoke sticks to move through the tribe to reach the moat.  Paul holds the baboons a bay while Tarzan and Roland cross into the city and rescue Dr. Henri Dumont.  They use smoke sticks to keep the mandrills away as the move out of the valley.
#100.1 vicious mandrills live in the Canyon of the Mandrills.  Tarzan rescues Moki from a mandrill attack.  Impatient for Tarzan’s return, Moki searches the canyon.  Mandrills surround him.  Tarzan once again rescues him by throwing a manga torch into the tribe.  The smoke repels them.  Mandrills follow them into an abandon city.  Tarzan and Moki are forced to leap into a crack in the ground to escape the baboons.  The mandrills throw rocks down at them to no avail.
 Dell Number  -- 25+A#4+81 (Forest Folk - inside back cover)+81.1+100.1

Man-eating tree  --  (See also: Kalachar)

Manga  -- Chief of the Manguelu tribe.  Tarzan sends him a gift of M’bogo, the buffalo.  M’bogo accidentally hooks the Royal Ring on its horn and runs off.  They track the buffalo to the river.  His people tell him that the law states that if he loses the ring he is banished.  Tarzan comes along and helps.  They trace the ring to a jackal and a monkey.  The monkey drops the ring when a leopard attacks him.  A large man kills the leopard.  They follow the trail to the city of Mosana.  Manga offers the Queen his bracelet as a gift of friendship.  Lu-alla takes the gift.  Her beauty smites Manga.  Manga points to the man who has his ring.  The Queen says that he can fight Barongo for the ring.  Tarzan offers to take his place.  Tarzan defeats the big man.  The Queen returns the ring to Manga.  He stays to court Lu-alla.
 Dell Number  -- 93.1

mangabey  --  monkey, the same type as N’kima.
 Dell Number  -- A#4 (Apes and Monkeys of Tarzan’s World)

mangani  --  (ape) the great apes. Also referred to as the gray apes.   #6 the apes call the  Ho-don outlaws mangani not Gomangani.
#37.1 Many of the great ape por-kalans, wives, are captured by the lost tribe of Giants.  Tarzan stops the males’ war Dum-Dum.  Tarzan follows the trail with Walu, a mangani, to the village of the Giants.  Tarzan convinces the wives to pretend to kill the native sacrifices to satisfy the Giants.  Tarzan rescues both the mangani and the natives.
 Dell Number -- 2+ 5 (inside front cover dictionary) +6+12+21.1+23.2++26+27+37.1
 Novel -- TA+ST+JT

Mangbetu Tribe  -- A#7 (“Jungle Thanksgiving”)

Manguelu  -- Tribe of natives ruled by Manga.  When Tarzan’s gift of M’bogo, the buffalo, accidentally makes off with Manga’s Royal Ring.  Natives chase after the buffalo.  They trace it to a river and lose track.  They tell Manga that the law of the people states that if the chief loses the ring he cannot return to the kraal.  They leave the banished Manga.
 Dell Number  -- 93.1

Manu  -- monkey.  # 2 A manu alerts Tarzan of the M’Boko’s raid.
#93.1 Tarzan, Manga, and Dombie search for the Royal Ring.  Dombie spots a monkey with the ring in its mouth.  Tarzan follows the monkey into the trees.  The monkey will not give up its prize.  Tarzan leaps for a branch, which breaks.  He falls to the ground unconscious.  The monkey runs off.  After waking, Tarzan trails the monkey to a spot where a leopard attacked it (probably killing it).
No. 25.2 Jane Story) Jane and Boy free a monkey from a monkey trap.
No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story) N’kima finds a bracelet that gives him a false sense of courage and bravery.  He thinks he is the king of the monkeys.  His enthusiasm infects a tribe of monkeys that jump up and down on a branch.  The branch breaks and they fall down in front of a leopard.  N’kima leads the tribe in a taunting and rock throwing.  The leopard is so surprised at their boldness that it runs away.  Encouraged by their success they pull the same trick on a pack of hyenas.  The monkeys declare N’kima to be king of the jungle.  N’kima boldly approaches a tribe of apes and declares that he is king.  Thorak, the gund, is unimpressed.  He throws N’kima into a pool of water.  N’kima sinks because of the weight of the bracelet.  The monkeys don’t understand why N’kima does not surface.  Thorak pulls N’kima out of the water and takes his bracelet for himself.  N’kima realizes his power is gone.  The monkeys start to leave.  N’kima warms Thorak about a charging leopard.  Apes and monkeys take to the trees.
#123.1 Tarzan organizes a tribe of monkeys to look for Kabarounga, the escaped evil Munyoro.
#128.1 A tribe of monkeys tells Tarzan about the killing of the game warden and his party.  The monkeys show him the direction the killers took.
 Dell Number  -- 2+3+13.2+93.1+103 (splash page)+No. 25.2 Jane Story)+No. 37.5  (N‘kima Story)+123.1+128.1
 Novel  -- TA+ST

Man-who-rides-a-bird  -- The name the dwarfs from the Island of Dwarfs call Tarzan when he arrives on Argus.
 Dell Number  -- 48.3

marabou  --  A#5 (splash page - Tarzan’s Birds)

Marcus Junius  -- imprisoned rightful ruler of the lost Roman legion.  Tarzan helps him survive the gladiatorial games.  After their escape Tarzan helps restore him to power.
 Dell Number  -- 14.1

Marehans  -- The Marehans are a tribe of Somali from northern Kenya.  Sheik Abdurra rules them.  Mounted on their camels they chase their enemies the Aulihans across the desert.  Sheik Abdurra is wounded.  Tarzan removes the bullet.  Abdurra fears that his brother, Gumburu, will attempt to secure the Armor of King Suleiman, the symbol of power for the Marehans.  Some Marehans are followers of Gumburu and attempt to take the armor from the Sheik’s son.  Tarzan helps capture the traitors and thus protect the armor.  The Sheik and the Marehans are grateful to the ape-man.
 Dell Number  -- 129.3

Margaret Durham  -- wife of the English lumberman, Colin and mother to Jimmy.  Little Teeb   leads her and Jimmy out of their camp to protect them from Thurag’s apes, who are seeking revenge for the wounding of Kalith, Thurag’s mate.  An unnamed tribe captures her.  Tarzan rescues her.  They leave Africa.
 Dell Number  -- 27

Margaret Mackenzie  --  Margaret is a female astronaut in Operation High Ball.  Her capsule lands near Lutor.  Tarzan and Princess Loma pick her up in a croc boat.  She thinks she is dreaming.  She does not understand why Tarzan will not help her return to civilization right a way.  She teaches the princess some English.  She plots where she is in Africa.  She convinces the princess to take her across the Great Swamp in a croc boat.  Tarzan and King Loban rescue them.  Tarzan carries her through the trees.  He stops a truck and talks the driver into taking her to Nairobi.  Margaret is from Massachusetts.  He is young and pretty with dark hair.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.7

Margaret Newman  -- white woman from Mombasa.  The Cat Men of Crater Lake captured her and her brother, Gerald, three years ago when their plane was forced to land in the lake.  Skireh, a Cat Man, makes improper advances, telling her that he can protect her from being sacrificed to the god Brule by Queen Nemah.  Tarzan saves her from Skireh and brings her to where Princess Loma of Lutor is hiding.  She tells Tarzan how to get into the Temple of Brule.  She and the Princess are captured by the Cat Men and brought the temple to be sacrificed.  Tarzan, Gerald, and Prince Keelim rescue them.  Her beauty smites Prince Keelim.
 Dell Number  -- 38.1

Markham  -- person who Hodges calls to arrange for army reconnaissance plane for Tarzan and Muviro to follow the run away balloon carrying Boy and Dombie.
 Dell Number  -- 7

Maroungo  --  Marounga is the king of the warlike natives of the Makulu nation.  He is a large, fat man.  They burn a village as they move towards Tarzan country.  There are hundreds of them with great herds of long horned cattle.  Tarzan drops into their camp and demands to see their king.  They take him to Maroungo.  Tarzan warns him not to move into Waziri or Watunga territory.  Maroungo is defiant.  Tarzan uses the king as a hostage to escape the camp. After releasing him, Maroungo calls Tarzan an ape and son of an ape.  The Makulu move on what they think is the Waziri village.  The Waziri have placed thorns in leather all over the ground.  The Makulu are in confusion.  The Waziri drop the phony fence and release ten rhinos into the Makulu horned attack.  The Waziri and Watunga attack.  Maroungo rallies his troops while sitting on a platform.  He wears a long horned headdress.  Tarzan slips around to the rear of the Makulu battle lines and stampedes their cattle into the back of the Makulu impis.  The Makulu are totally routed.
 Dell Number  -- 116.1

Martha Faye  --  #45.1 Child of Roberta Faye of the Pyrethrum Plantation.  Ungali, the witch doctor, kidnaps her in an attempt to drive her mother off the plantation.  Tarzan finds her tied and gagged in a cave.  He returns her to her mother.  She is a blonde child about the age of three.  A#3.3 She has golden hair, glasses, and looks to be about six or seven.  When a spear lands in the middle of the breakfast table on the patio.  Geoffrey and her mother, Roberta, hustle her into the house.  (The spear may have come from Tarzan to alert them because the Secret Society was coming for Geoffrey’s scalp to fool the Secret Master into thinking it was Tarzan’s.  Tarzan thwarts the attack before they reach the house.)
  Dell Number  -- 45.1+A#3.3

Martha Kindred  -- Wife of the medical missionary Dr. Charles Kindred.  She is relieved when her husband returns to the mission with Tarzan.  She knew that Shiftas had attacked his safari.  She helps move things to higher ground as Tarzan alerts them to an imminent flash flood.  She is distraught as the flood wipes out the mission.  She is happy when Tarzan discovers a vein of gold so they can rebuild their mission.  She is heavy set, has brown hair and wears glasses.
  Dell Number   -- 109.1

Martje Van Dyck  -- The wife of Conrad and mother to Koert.  They are South African pioneers.  As Tarzan, Conrad, and Grandpa Jan search for a new home for them, Martje, Koert, and Boy are forced to flee from a veldt fire by covered wagon.  They ride into a belt of deadly red flowers.  The mules collapse into a gully.  They all fall asleep.  From inside the valley Paul Norden rescues them from the flowers.  Tarzan swims underwater into the valley.  He builds a boat and pulls them back through the waters to safety.
 Dell Number  -- 94.2

Marubi  -- tribe of cattle herders.  Their chief is Obantu.  They help guide Tim and Jess Wales   back to civilization.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1

Masai  --  A#4 (Africa’s People)  --  The Masai are from Kenya and are great lion hunters.  A Moran is a Masai warrior from the age sixteen to about thirty-one who lives by hunting lions.  They use a double ended spear and a rhino hide shield.  Only the warrior who grabs the tail of a lion can wear the olowaru, the headdress made from a lioness mane.
#89.1 not seen.   Boy brings Tarzan a message that the Masai and the Waziri are about to go to war over grazing land.  Tarzan solves the problem.
#97.2 A Masai warrior accompany their chief, Mumbowa, to Tarzan’s tree house.  He wears a ceremonial headdress.
#105.1 Tribe of native that are upset by the conversion of the Makembe tribe to Christianity.  They along with the Nandis decide to attack the Makembe Citadel. The ape-man fires Roman candle type of rockets at the attacking warriors.  The Nandis witch doctor realizes that it is a trick and attempts to lead the tribes over the boma.  Tarzan hits him with a rocket, presumably killing him.  The Masai are frightened away by the rocket fire.
#114.1 Tarzan comes upon a group of Morans of the Masai returning from the Valley of Lions.  They are all crippled and carry a man on a litter.  Tarzan carries the man on the litter over his head back to the Masai Village.  He learns that a pride of lions has taken over the valley and are wreaking havoc on the Masai cattle and population.  The famous lion hunters appear to be helpless against the pride.  The Masai promise the valley and friendship to anyone who can rid the valley of the lions.  Tarzan says that it shall be done.  The Masai think that he is joking.  Tarzan has the Wakembi, who are plagued with drought and threatened by the Gahinga tribe, use their buffaloes to drive the lions out of the valley.  The Masai keep their promise by giving them the valley and their friendship.
 #117.2 The Masai raided the M’bulu Village and captured many of the best cows.  The M’bulu worry that the Masai successful raid will encourage the Masai to do more.
 Dell Number  -- A#4 (Africa’s People)+89.1+97.2+105.1+114.1+117.2

Master Robertson  -- bwana of the Molunga River Trading Post.  He is killed by slaver Sidi Ben Yemlik’s men who burn the post to the ground and carry off the Swahili tribesmen and his daughter, Helen.  (He is not shown.)
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2

Mastigure  -- #31 (inside back cover “Jungle World”) lizard described as a good friend to Tarzan

Matusi  --  #45.1 tribe under the control of Ungali, the witch doctor.  They help Ungali try to scare off the plantation owners Barbour and Faye.
#46.2 all the tribes of the Matusi gather to witness Boy in the Ordeal of the Mamba.  Tarzan reveals the deception of the witch doctor, Ungali, and saves Boy.
 Dell Number  -- 45.1+46.2

Mauri  -- War-like tribe near the mountains north of Tarzan’s jungle.  Tarzan and his peacekeeping Achinga warriors save the village from an attack by the Karuri.  Tarzan offers the Mauri people the protection of the Achingas for the price of a few cows a year.  The Mauri heartily agree to the proposal.  They throw a feast for the new alliance.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

M’baki  -- M’baki is the name of the Waziri Tarzan tells to inform Muviro to take the Waziri back to the kraal as he hands over Kabarounga to the police.
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

M’barro  -- one of Lieutenant Tourneau’s men
 Dell Number  -- 17.2

M’basa  -- M’bongo tribe member who, along with Itombe, kidnaps Wanda Newland for N’goro, their witch doctor.  He is a heavy-set man.  He and Itombe run away after Boy and Korak, the ape, pull N’goro up into a tree.
 Dell Number  -- 50.2

Mbaya Sana  -- Mbaya Sana is one of the two buffaloes that pull the cape cart of Nama, the Hottentot trader.  Boy and Dombie camp with Nama.  The buffaloes drink from a stream.  A crocodile grabs a buffalo by the snout.  Boy stabs the croc with his spear.  The croc releases the buffalo.  Nama calls the other buffalo M‘bogo.  Lebombos confront Nama.  The trader has his buffaloes attack the robbers.  Between the buffaloes and Tarzan, Boy and Dombie arriving on elephants, they drive the Lebombos away.
 Dell Number  -- 118.2

M’benga  -- This character is not shown.  Isilo tells Tarzan that M’benga’s boy and two women went to the river and did not return.  He suspects that crocodiles with hands (Terribs) have taken them.
 Dell Number  -- 113.2

M’bili  -- M’bili is the Waziri that Tarzan tells to warn the village about the Garth.  He tells them to scatter if the beast comes near the village.
 Dell Number  -- 121.1

M’bogo  --  #68.2 Giant black buffalo that is as tall as three men.  It is colored dark bluish gray.  When the Ubamwes tribe captures Tarzan, he instructs N’kima to tell Boy to bring M’bogo to rescue him.  N’kima directs Boy to the ruin in which Tarzan is being held captive.  Boy has the buffalo smash through the wall.  As they leave the ruins M’bogo throws the witch doctor, Imoko, with its horns.
A#5.6 (Non-Tarzan Story) Title character.  Large brown buffalo called M’bogo is the leader of a herd of buffaloes.  Lions kill two calves.  M’bogo leads the herd after them and drives them up on top of a kopje.  M’bogo follows a lion to a crevice and gets his nose scratched.  He lays in wait for the lions.  When the lions attack the herd, M’bogo takes on the cats by himself.  He scatters the pride and injures a big male.  He leads the herd in pursuit, driving them to the top of the kopje.
#91.1 Leader of a herd of white buffaloes.  Tarzan comes to M’bogo for help against the Skraeling hordes.  M’bogo recognizes Tarzan.  Tarzan leads the charge of white buffaloes into the Skraelings on the back of M’bogo.  The Skraelings are defeated.  After peace is made, Tarzan and Buto ride M’bogo to find the herd and lead them home.
A#6.4 Tarzan rides M’bogo, a brown buffalo, saddled.  They come across lions attacking Prince Rotan’s buffalo.  Tarzan takes care of the lions.  M’bogo and Tarzan (sans saddle) accompany the Prince to the rim of the Canyon of Night.
#93.1 Dombie brings M’bogo to Manga, chief of the Manguelu, as a gift from Tarzan.  M’bogo accidentally loops Manga’s Royal Ring over a horn and runs off when people shout at him.  He crashes through the stockade and heads for the river.
#122.2 M’bogo is the name of one of the buffaloes that Boy and Dombie use to pull the cart carrying the dugout canoe they are going to give to the Kasana tribe.   Gorgo is the other buffalo.   Bangas chase them and they are forced to drive over a ledge into Lake Sana.  The buffaloes follow them swimming to the Kasana Village.  Dombie looks after them as Boy show the Kasana how to use the seine net.  The boys ride the buffaloes up the cliff when the Bangas attack the village.  After the adventure the boys ride the buffaloes home.
 Dell Number  -- 68.2+A#5.6 (Non-Tarzan Story)+91.1+A#6.4+93.1+122.2

M’bogo  -- M’bogo is know as the buffalo.  He is the chief of the M’bogos.  He has a toothache.  The missionary James Nicholson comes to help but is driven off by his witch doctor, M’gulu.  M’gulu captures Mrs. Nicholson and her child.  He attempts to sacrifice them to the evil spirit that is cause the chief pain.  Tarzan stops the sacrifice and pulls the chief’s aching tooth.
 Dell Number  -- 65.2

M’bogo tribe  -- A native tribe living in their mountain stronghold under the leadership of M’bogo.  They probably helped the witch doctor, M’gulu, capture the missionary’s wife and child for the sacrifice to the evil spirit that is causing their chief’s tooth pain.  They are pretty compliant when Tarzan and Aiglon arrive on the scene.
 Dell Number  -- 65.2

M'boko  -- native tribe who sells slaves to Arabs.  Their leader is Bolobo
 Dell Number  -- 2

M’bongo  --  #24.2 native tribe who captured Ta-den and Oloa.  Tarzan breaks through the stockade, which surrounds their village with a gryf and frees them.  #48.2 in this Boy story they are described as an outlaw tribe who sell slaves to Shiftas.  They capture Dombie and plan to sell him to Shiftas.  Boy rescues him with the help of Korak, the great ape, and Jad-bal-ja.
#50.2 Itombe and M’basa, tribesmen, capture Wanda Newland, a white woman, for their witch doctor, N’goro.  Boy and Korak, the ape, rescue her.
#63.2  (See the entry ‘native bearers’ with the same Dell number for the details on all the natives involved in this story.)  It could be the bearers are of the M’bongo tribe.  However, in this case, M’bongo is used more as if it refers to the name of a specific native.  As Tarzan steals one of the canoes, the bearers cast their spears at the ape-man.  One of the natives instructs M’bongo not to cast his spear because Tarzan is too far away.
#71.2 The M’bongos obtain some rifles from the Shiftas.  They use them to steal all of Buto’s cattle and take two of his men hostage.  They wound Buto and some of his men in the process.  Tarzan goes to free the men and the cattle.  The M’bongos erect a boma.  Tarzan mimics lions.  The M’bongos fire their rifles into the air to scare off the lions.  Tarzan’s roaring causes the cattle to stampede to Buto and his men hiding in a donga.  As the thieving natives sleep, Tarzan removes part of the boma and frees the captives.  He replaces the hostages with two apes.  Tarzan shouts to awaken the M’bongos.  The apes scream.  The M’bongos believe that the captives have changed into apes.  They flee.  Tarzan has Boy use Tantor and Jad-bal-ja to chase the M’bongos from the area.
 Dell Number  -- 24.2+48.2+50.2+63.2+71.2
 Novel  --  (TA - M’bonga - cannibal tribe, the first humans Tarzan saw, one killed Kala)

M’bongwes  -- Native tribe.  Their chief is Mukawa.  Tarzan follows Barbara Wales’ trail to their village only to learn that they have sold her to Al Jemel, Arab slaver.
 Dell Number  -- 44.2

M’bogo  -- M’bogo is one of the two buffaloes that pull the cape cart of Nama the Hottentot trader.  Boy and Dombie camp with Nama.  The buffaloes drink from a stream.  A crocodile grabs a buffalo by the snout.  Boy stabs the croc with his spear.  The croc releases the buffalo.  Nama calls the other buffalo - Mbaya Sana?  Lebombos confront Nama.  The trader has his buffaloes attack the robbers.  Between the buffaloes and Tarzan, Boy and Dombie arriving on elephants, they drive the Lebombos away.
 Dell Number  -- 118.2

M’bopo  --  #5 tribe of native spearmen in the service of Hassan, the Arab who is seeking the gold of Opar.
#10 captured by the Ko-bolgani and shrunk to work in the mines.  Tarzan recognizes them by tribal tattoos.
 Dell Number  -- 5+10
 Novel -- (TA - M’bonga - cannibal tribe, the first humans Tarzan saw, one killed Kala)

M’boto  -- Native bearer with the hunter, Derrick Carne.  When the guide, Ramsay, refuses to enter Tarzan Country so does M’boto.  Ramsay has M’boto take a message to Tarzan informing him about the hunter.
 Dell Number  -- 69.1

M’buku  -- son of the chief of the Mobembe tribe is to marry Lukela, but he fears her love of Amele, a hunter of the tribe.  Hiding in a tree he plans to spear Amele has he passes.  Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja are in the tree and make roaring noises, causing M’buku to fall out of the tree onto his spear.
 Dell Number  -- 15.2

M’bulu  --  #73.2 Native bearer working for Brant Torrey.  He helps paddle the canoe up river in search of Tarzan to help them find the missing photographer, Tom Lindon.
#117.2 M’bulu is chief of the M’bulu Village.  M’bulu is worried that the Masai’s successful raid on their cattle will encourage the Masai to repeat the raid.  They need to get the Waziri on their side.  When Boy and Dombie walk into the village they get the idea of holding them hostage to force the Waziri to help them.  They capture the boys in a hut and set up a guard.  When the guard falls asleep, the boys cut a hole in the thatched roof and escape.
 Dell Number  -- 73.2+117.2

M'buna  -- witch doctor who had been exiled by Tarzan because of robbery and deceit (he also had committed murder).  Hired by Murdo and Syke to bring them to Tarzan’s part of Africa.  After Tarzan was captured and sold, they captured Jad-bal-ja and some other animals.  When the Waziri try to stop them, M’buna kills a Waziri warrior before he himself is killed.
 Dell Number  -- 23.1

Meeta  -- Meeta is a female merchant at the Native Market. (Meeta is ape language for rain.)  She explains to Jane that her prices are high because Chief Makolo demands one third of her profits.  When the witch doctor, N’gai, announces that the chief will now demand half of their profits, Jane tells the merchants they can have a free market at her house.  They pack and leave.  N’gai curses them.  A rouge elephant attacks them and forces them to take shelter in amongst from tree roots.  The merchants believe that it is N’gai’s curse.  Jane uses Meeta’s pepper to turn back the rouge.  She calls to Tantor, who drives off the rouge.  The merchants believe that Jane’s magic is strong.  Makolo’s warriors force them to appear before the chief.  Makolo threatens them with harm if they try to leave the market.  Jane saves Makolo’s son’s life.  Makolo has a change of heart and declares the market to be free.  The merchants are thankful that Jane’s magic saved them.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.2 (Jane Story)

Mendothi  -- Mendothi is a young Buntoro.  He is the son of Umangi who is to be the rightful ruler of the Buntoro and nephew to Mengo who usurps the leadership from his father.  He rides his zebra in search of Tarzan.  He kneels before Tarzan and explains the situation.  Tarzan and the Waziri agree to help.  They fight their way through Mengo’s followers to reach his father at the old stone fortress.  Umangi takes only Mendothi and Tarzan with him to hide the royal talisman.  Tarzan discovers a passageway that leads to the Walled Valley of Buntoro.  Mengo is taken captive and Umangi is made king.
 Dell Number  -- 118.1

M’dembi  -- gun bearer to photographer, Carla Mason.  He shoots a rhino that has downed his   kali-bwana.  When the Bundwala attack, he and his men desert the fallen woman.  Tarzan catches up to them and forces them to build a boma for Carla.
 Dell Number  -- 34.1

M’dongo  -- father of Leelah, the flower.  He wants a price of twenty fat cows and six bullocks for her marriage.  Kolo is too poor.  Gambo, the chief of the tribe, will pay the price.  Tarzan gives Kolo a pouch of jewels so he can marry Leelah.
 Dell Number  -- 12

Mengo  --  #118.1 Mengo is the son of Ananga, the king of the Buntoro.  When his father dies, his brother, Umangi, is made king.  Mengo usurps the power from his brother and has him attacked.  Mengo’s followers trap Umangi and his men in the old stone fortress.  Tarzan, the Waziri, Umangi and his followers slip into the Walled Valley of Buntoro and capture Mengo.  Umangi promises to spare his life.  Mengo’s ultimate fate is unknown.
No. 37.3 A tribe of men living on an island on a river.  They are ageless because of a secret food mixed with the blood of an albino crocodile.  They capture women to be their wives.  Their children do not live very long.  They steal women and leave a golden statue as payment.  They get to and from the island by swinging on a vine.  They have a village with a stone temple.  La was captured to be the wife of the king.  The king accidentally dies.  La is made queen.  She calls them the Deathless Ones.  They capture Ilona from a near by tribe.  Tarzan and her husband to be, Barengo, come to the island to rescue her.  They subdue Ilona’s guards and escape.  Barengo and Ilona make it across the river on a vine.  Tarzan goes for the Mengo’s vine.  He is knocked unconscious by a Mengo club.  The Mengos are impatient with La as she prepares Tarzan for sacrifice.  Tarzan rebukes La’s advances and breaks his chains.  He kills the crocodile.  The Mengos are extremely upset that they will no longer have eternal life.  The Mengos chase him to the river but cannot catch him.  Tarzan calls the Mengos moon worshippers and brothers of the crocodile.
 Dell Number  -- 118.1+No. 37.3

messenger, unnamed native  -- An unnamed native brings Tarzan a talking paper (a letter) to Tarzan at the tree house.  The letter is from Bruce Harlowe, who tells him that the scientific community believes that his film of dinosaurs from the Valley of Monsters is a fake.
 Dell Number  -- 107.1

M’gomi  -- Name of one of the ivory poachers.  Their captured leader, Ganta, calls to him.  The poachers believe they are hearing Ganta’s ghost.
 Dell Number  -- 78.2

meerkat  --  #62 (inside cover of the back page)

Membo  -- one of the natives on Belmore’s boat safari that capture great apes.
 Dell Number  -- 13.2

Memsahib  --  (Swa.) Ma’am.  How Sala, the Swahili tribe woman, refers to Helen Robertson.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2
 Novel            -- TI

Men in Ivory  -- warriors of the Ivory City, they wear ivory armor.  They use elephants for transportation and for war.  They raid the surrounding area for young slaves for their king and prince.  Tarzan finds one poisoned by a pygmy arrow at the start of the story.  Boy calls them ‘elephant men’ while in a cage carried by an elephant.  (“Elephant Men” is the name Burroughs gave the noblemen of Athne.)  They accidentally kill their prince as they throw spears at Tarzan.  Tarzan kills one of them with their own spears.
 Dell Number  -- 19.1

Men of Lakunga  -- Native ivory poachers.  Their leader is Ganta.  They stampede a herd of elephants while bringing down one with rifle fire.  Ganta is defiant to Tarzan, who commands them to leave.  Tarzan captures Ganta.  The poachers are jumpy and superstitious.  Tarzan sneaks into their camp and fills their rifle barrels with a sticky wax.  One fires at Tarzan and the barrel explodes.  They believe the Forest Devil bewitched the weapon.  They hear Ganta crying out and believe him to be a ghost.  They fire their rifles, which explode.  When Ganta approaches, they run away because their believe they will be turned into ghosts.  Ganta convinces them that he is alive and that he chased Tarzan away.  Tarzan enlists the aid of Tantor and his herd and the ape, Thag, to scare the bejesus out of the poachers, who leave the area for good.
 Dell Number  -- 78.2

Mermen  -- A native tribe of warriors (and women) that live of the volcanic island in the middle of the Lost Lake.  They are also referred to as the Elephant Men.  The unnamed tribe, living on the shores of the lake, calls them Elephant Gods.  They extort foods and goods from the tribe with threats of violence.  Once a month on the full moon they leave picture messages of the things they want delivered.  They in turn protect the villagers from other tribes.  They use a light javelin.  They use a breathing device that is in the shape of an elephant head to walk underwater to claim their goods.  Tarzan follows them underwater to a cave entrance.  Tarzan is captured and forced to undergo the Game of Death.  The king of the Mermen explains to the ape-man the series of challenges he must face.  If successful, he becomes the king.  Tarzan easily defeats the wrestlers, the fishermen, and the warriors.  The volcano erupts and destroys the Mermen City.  Tarzan manages to lead some of the Mermen to safety.  At the unnamed village Tarzan proposes that the Mermen help the villagers rebuild their village and make peace with them.  The Mermen agree to their new king’s command.
 Dell Number   -- 108.1

Metunyi  -- White Pygmy of Opar.  He is a foreman of the pygmies who are helping Tarzan build his new home in Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 49.1

M’gogo  -- The name of the Buto’s tribesman who tells Tarzan that the N’goros are approaching in a ravine near the Rock of the Leopards.
 Dell Number  -- 83.2

M’gulu  -- Witch doctor for the M’bogo tribe.  He is angry when the missionary, James Nicholson, comes to help the chief with his toothache.  He slips a poisonous snake in Nicholson’s pack.  He has the M’bogos capture Mrs. Nicholson and their daughter.  He has a ceremony on the Cliff of Sacrifices to the evil spirit that is causing his chief’s pain.  He is about to push them off the cliff when Tarzan and Aiglon put a stop to it.  Tarzan pulls the aching tooth.  M’gulu runs at Tarzan.  The ape-man sidesteps him.  M’gulu falls off the Cliff of Sacrifices.
 Dell Number  -- 65.2

Miboko  -- son of the Masai chief, Mumbowa.  Miboko makes flutes, which imitates birds, animals and insects.  He uses the bird flute to capture exotic birds to sell the feathers to a dealer in Nairobi.  Boy and Dombie watch him catch a Trogon.  The Nurami tribe captures them and takes them to their village.  Miboko plays a locust flute so they can escape.  Tarzan saves them from recapture and takes them to a canoe.  The Nurami pursue them.  Tarzan throws the boys up onto a rope bridge.  He cuts the bridge out from under the Nurami.  Miboko is returned home.  His father forces him to practice his flute with the musicians for Masai ceremonies and dances.
 Dell Number  -- 97.2

Mike Nucco  -- The gangster boss who calls himself The Pretzel Czar.  He is of stocky build, wears a purple shirt, green pants, and an orange ball cap.  He has a thin black mustache and smokes cigarettes.  He lands his cabin plane at Lutor.  Six henchmen accompany him.  All are armed with tommy guns.  King Loban asks Boy to welcome them.  Nucco tells Boy to inform the king that he is taking over.  He slaps Boy on the head.  King Loban orders his guards to spear them.  Nucco machine gun down the guards and forces the king into submission.  He has the Princess Loma serve him food.  When Tarzan and his Lutorian archers fell his henchmen, he grabs Princess Loma as a shield.  Tarzan shoots the revolver from his hand with a rock tip arrow and knocks him out with a blow to the face.  Tarzan banishes Nucco and his men to an island in Pal-ul-don.  He gives them spears for protection against the beasts and creatures of the lost land.
 Dell Number  -- 53.3

Mimi  -- Chimp who wears a red baseball cap throughout the entire story.  Mimi plays baseball with Tarzan and Jane.  Mimi is with Boy and Dombie as a storm lifts their giant kite into the air.  They crash into a tree.  They stumble into Kifaru’s Village where chimps control the population for chief Kifaru.  Mimi has it easy with the chimps as the boys are forced to work.  When the boys escape that night, Mimi goes with them.  Back at the kite Tarzan and Jane picks them up with the giant eagles.
 Dell Number  -- 96.2

missionary  -- the parents of Leda and Roger Mackrey are missionaries who were captured by Amazons.  They have died, no fault of the Amazons.  They are not shown.
 Dell Number  -- 18.1

Mission natives  -- Natives that help Dr. Kindred at the Mission Station.  They are very happy when the doctor returns to the station accompanied by Tarzan.  They knew that he had been captured or killed by Shiftas.  They help move the station supplies to higher ground, as a flash flood is imminent.
 Dell Number  -- 109.1

Miss Ruel  -- She is an attractive white woman with long brown hair and blue eyes.  She takes a canoe safari on an African river with the intention of writing a book about it.  Her bearers take her captive and plan to sell her.  They leave her tied up and unguarded in one of the dugout canoes.  She escapes and meets up with Boy who calls Tarzan.  Tarzan carries her through the trees to the river.  Tarzan steals one of the canoes.  They travel downstream pursued by the native bearers.  Tarzan has Miss Ruel trail a piece of crocodile meat behind them.  They charge through a herd of hippos.  The hippos attack the renegades’ canoes, believing them to be crocodiles.  Tarzan plans to get Miss Ruel safely to Nairobi.
 Dell Number  -- 63.2

Mister Ape-Man  -- how one of Sidi Ben Yemlik’s, The Black Panther, men refers to Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2

Mister Harral --  man who sells Tarzan a transport plane so he can fly animals back to Africa after rescuing them from Murdo and Syke.
 Dell Number  -- 23.1

Mister Tarzan/Mr. Tarzan  -- FC 134 FC 161 - what Major James Barton calls Tarzan.
#23.1 called this by the white hunters Murdo and Syke as well as others in American.
#24.1 term used by Doctor MacWhirtle.  #48.1 By the time Tarzan is done with the ivory poacher DiGiorgio he stops calling him ‘wild man’ and starts calling him ‘Mr. Tarzan.”
A#5.1 The King of Tohr calls the ape-man Mr. Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+FC 161.1+23.1+24.1+27+34.1+38.2+48.1+57.3+A#5.1+86.1+

Mitzeraim  -- At first they are described as savages and stone slingers.  Later we learn that they are a lost race of dark skinned people that have been influenced by the ancient Egyptians.  They attack and capture Prince Thyron’s hunting party by using slings to cast stones.  Their city of Mitzer, city of Thoth, is in a bowl shaped valley surrounded by mountains.  The only entrance to the valley is through a cleft in the rock, which is protected by a poison tipped bamboo barrier.  In the center of the city is a huge statue of Thoth.  Sun light passing through its head and reflected through a crystal eye produces a beam that disintegrates everything.  They use the light beam to sacrifice prisoners.  They wear Egyptian headdresses and shoot arrows at Tarzan as he swoops in on Argus to rescue the Prince.  Later Tarzan subdues the guards on the rim of the mountain.  The Cathnean army scales the mountain and attacks the city.  The Mitzeraim weapons are futile against the Cathneans.  Only the statue of Thoth can save them.  Tarzan smashes the crystal eye of the statue and the Mitzeraim are defeated.
 Dell Number  -- 84.1

M’krimau  -- No. 25.1  Name of one of the Wise One’s assistants.  A giant caterpillar attacks the two assistants.  Tarzan throws his knife at it.  The assistants throw flasks of chemicals at it.  One of the assistants gives the wounded Tarzan the milk of the tola vine to strengthen him.  They take the ape-man to the Wise One.  The Wise One asks M’krimau to bring him the Elixir of Life for Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

M’kubwa  -- Leader of a baboon tribe.  He abandons a young baboon named Nugu caught in a Hottentot trap.  After five years of captivity he manages to escape and return to his tribe.  M’kubwa won’t accept him.  Nugu saves M’kubwa from a leopard.  The tribe accepts him as a leader.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story)

M’longo  -- Native tracker.  He shoots a zebra and blows a whistle to attract lions to the kill.  Thus he trains lions to come to a certain spot.  When Tarzan discovers his tactic, he takes the whistle and tells them to hunt elsewhere.  Tarzan later finds his body and others from his safari.  Shiftas killed them.
 Dell Number  -- 57.3

Mobembe  -- native tribe on the far fringe of Tarzan’s jungle.  Ukele, the chief, wants M’buku,   his son, to marry Lukela, the beautiful.  Amele, Lukela’s true love, is accused of killing M’buku.  Ukele conspires with Madege, the witch doctor to kill Amele.  Tarzan, acting as jungle spirit, spoils the threat.
 Dell Number  -- 15.2

Mobuko  -- Mobuko is chief of his tribe.  He calls Tarzan to his kraal because some of his people have secretly joined the Leopard Society.  They have killed his nephew and he fears for his life.  The society is exposed and Tarzan banishes the Leopard Men.  Mobuko is dissatisfied that his nephew was not revenged.  Tarzan says that he wanted to give them one more chance to be men.  Mobuko feels like he can live without fear.
 Dell Number  -- 126.2

Mohammed  -- one of Arab Ayoub’s men
 Dell Number  -- 2
 Novel  -- LL - one of bandit Sidi-el-Seghir's men

Mojak  -- Name of the young chimp that is upset that Tarzan and Boy are bringing a wounded wild dog into camp.
 Dell Number  -- 84.2

Mokar  -- People of the legendary city in the Gourambi Range.  They are a peaceful people and wish to be left alone.  When they discover Dr. Henri Dumont near their home, they capture him and keep him prisoner so the outside world won’t hear of them.  They live in a walled valley.  They have traps built into the mountain passes to stop trespassers.  They are cliff dwellers.  They have a moat to keep out the Beast of Mokar, mandrills.  The have large cultivated fields.  Tarzan, d’Arnot and the doctor’s dog, Roland, rescue Dumont.  The people of Mokar are never shown.
 Dell Number  -- 81.1

Moki  -- Son of the deceased leader of the Badunga people.  Moki seeks the rifle of Tippoo Tib, the symbol of power for his people.  His father hid it in the Canyon of the Mandrills.  Moki wants it so that his evil uncle will no longer rule his people.  Tarzan rescues him from the mandrills.  Tarzan helps him solve the riddle that his father left him.  In the head of his father’s assegai is a map that leads to the rifle.  Impatient for Tarzan’s return, Moki searches further.  Mandrills surround him.  Tarzan saves him once again.  Tarzan reads the map correctly and leads the young boy into a crack in a cliff to discover an abandon city.  Tarzan defeats the king mandrill and finds the rifle.  They are forced to leap into a crack in the floor to avoid the mandrills.  The ledge they are standing on crumbles.  They fall into an underground river.  Tarzan helps Moki follow the river to safety.  He will become king.
 Dell Number  -- 100.1

Molly Downs  -- Along with her husband, Bob, and her son, Jeremy, she camps near some ruins.  In the morning Jeremy is gone.  They drive for help.  They return with a hunter who drives off the lions that threaten Jeremy, Boy and Dombie.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.6 (Boy story)

Monga  --  #39.1 crooked legged cave dwellers.  With no women born to them, they steal women from other tribes.  They use bolos as their primary weapon for capture.  The kill men as they have no use for them.  Their cave home, carved into the side of a mountain, looks like a face.  They use rope ladders to gain access to their caves.  The caves are all connected internally.  They use bones in a dice type game to gamble for the women captives.  A rock knocks Tarzan unconscious, and they leave him for dead.  They capture Ro-mee-lah, Jo-rah’s sister, who they bring to their cave.  As the men gamble for Ro-mee-lah, Tarzan cuts their rope ladders and rescues the girl.
#52.3 referred to as the crooked men.  They come upon Dr. Mac, Dr. Mervin, and Yolanda trying to turn their plane around so they can take off.  They capture them and tie them up.  They board the plane, which they call the house-that-flies.  The young thipdar bites through its ropes and frightens them off.  They carry off their captives and force them to work in their fields.  Tarzan swoops in on Argus and rescues Yolanda.  When he returns for the doctors, the Men of Monga unsuccessfully throw their bolas at him.  They follow them back to the plane.  The Serpent of Pal-ul-don turns from the plane towards the crooked men, who run.  Tarzan kills the serpent with arrows fired from Argus’ back.  Their cliff home is referred to but not seen.  They are drawn as black, burley, bald, and wear shorts.  #60.1 they are drawn as white, average built, long pants, and with a gold headband that holds their hair straight up in the air.  They wear their stone bolas around their neck.  They spring up out of their rock-like camouflage and use their bolas to bring down the dyals of Tarzan, Jorah, and his men.  They leave the dyals and take the men as slaves to work in their fields.  Tarzan breaks the rope bindings and escapes.  The Jungle Lord returns with twenty of Jorah’s men.  They have protected the legs of the dyals with bamboo skirts.  The bolas are ineffective against the defensive shield.  Some Mongas are killed before they are driven back to their cliff dwellings.  The slaves are freed.
 Dell Number  -- 39.1+52.3+60.1

Mongo  -- second to the last M’bopo tribesmen to go over the edge of the Oparian mountain as they flee the onslaught of the apes of Opar.  The apes untie the rope.
 Dell Number  -- 5

mongoose  -- This story features two white-tailed mongoose named Moonbeam and Shadow.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.3

monkey  --  #79.1 the Black Cloak baboons have enslaved a tribe of monkeys.  They are forced to work the baboons’ fields and bring them food.  Tarzan uses the white buffaloes to free the monkeys.
#79.2 When Tarzan and Buto notice the monkeys in the trees, they realize that the leopards they are hunting are not in the area.
#80.2 A monkey is one of Tarzan’s pets at the tree house.
#97.1 As Tarzan and N’kima land their canoe, monkeys warn them of a monster nearby.
#104.1 Tarzan questions a monkey tribe about the missing prospectors.  He gains information from them.
A#7.2 A monkey throws coconuts at Kobo’s zebra cart.  The zebra smashes the cart and runs off.  Kobo captures the monkey with a vine rope.
 Dell Number  -- 79.1+79.2+80.2+97.1+104.1+A#7.2

monkey man  --  Buto, chief of the Bamwe tribe, uses the term on one of his men when he afraid to track the monster that is raiding their cattle.
 Dell Number  -- 32.1

Moolan  -- Name of the eland that Boy rides to deliver a message to Tarzan.  The eland runs off after Boy is thrown from its back while fighting off a leopard.
 Dell Number  -- 53.2 (Boy story)

Moonbeam  -- This is a non-Tarzan story that features two mongooses and their family.  Moonbeam is the female and is featured through the majority of the story as she protects and fends for her four babies.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.3 (non-Tarzan story)

Moon worshippers  --  (See: Mengo)

Moran  --  #105.1 Tribe of natives that are upset by the conversion of the Makembe tribe to Christianity.  Tarzan refers to them as El Moran.  They, along with the Nandis and Masai decide to attack the Makembe Citadel.  They search for the White Flower of the Makembe, Ruth Wells.  Tarzan rescues her by having a tribe of baboons attack the Moran.  The ape-man fires Roman candle type of rockets at the attacking warriors.  The Nandis witch doctor realizes that it is a trick and attempts to lead the tribes over the boma.  Tarzan hits him with a rocket, presumably killing him.  The Morans are frightened away by the rocket fire.
#114.1 The Moran of the Masai (See also: Masai)
 Dell Number  -- 105.1+114.1

Morobo  -- Native tribe.  The inept hunters, Jacobs and Poley, hire some Morobo tribesmen to guide them.  One of the hunters slaps the nephew of the chief.  The Morobo desert them.  The tribe pursues the hunters to extract punishment.  Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja lead the hunters to safety.  The Morobo tribe is never pictured in the story.
 Dell Number  -- 75.2

Morok  -- Name of a great ape.  Morok brags that his child, Kalag, is stronger than Boy.  The apes flee when they hear the thundersticks.  Boy tells Morok and Thako that Tarzan needs their help.  After Tarzan rescues the two Bamwe men, who are being held hostage by the M’bongos, he has the two apes replace them in the thief’s boma.  Tarzan awakens the M’bongos.  The apes scream at them.  The M’bongos believe that their captives have changed into apes, and they flee in horror.
 Dell Number  -- 71.2

Morubi  -- The name of a Nukonga tribesman.  He refuses to carry the cable across the river to set the crocodile trap as Tarzan asks him to do.  He is afraid of the crocodiles.  He helps pull Boy and Dombie ashore in the trap to save them from the reptiles.
 Dell Number  -- 69.2

Moruothi  -- Native tribe Tarzan recruits to help eliminate the plague of the Danginas.  Their name is on the map Tarzan displays.
    Dell Number  -- 43.2

Mosana People  -- As Tarzan, Manga, and Dombie approach Mosana’s Kraal, Mosana’s warriors ride up on horses.  They wear chain mail and plumed helmets.  They guide them to their Queen, Mosana.  Most of the people wear long skirts and carry spears.  They obey their Queen to the letter.
 Dell Number  -- 93.1

Moufak  -- The name of the Black Tuareg Tarzan defeats to gain entrance to the Forbidden City in his search for Louis d’Arnot.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

Moumamba  -- Tribe of natives living successfully near a deafening waterfall.  They speak by using sign language.  King Inkonga rules them.  They are friendly and prosperous except for the lack of meat.  There are rich in gold and crude oil.  The king informs Tarzan and the two oil prospectors, Tobey and Harry, that they can never leave the city.  They celebrate with a feast when Tarzan kills a rouge elephant that plagued the city.  Tarzan and the prospectors escape.
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

mountain goats  --  (See: Gemraks)

Mountain Men  -- The Mountain Men are a tribe of white skinned people living in the Kroo Maun hills of Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan rescues two of their tribe from their enemies the Hairy Giants.  He canoes them upstream to Kroo Maun.  The Mountain Men are primitive looking and wear animal skins.  The females wear two-piece outfits.  They raise goats and have knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs.  They use slings as weapons.  Their shelters are not shown.  (See also: Slinger of Kroo Maun)
 Dell Number  -- 115.1

mountain savages  -- A native tribe from the mountain forest.  They attack Hussein and his Beni-Adhemi tribesmen who are attempting to repair the aqueduct to feed the City on the Sands.  Tarzan and his ostriches help drive them off.  As the aqueduct is repaired and a dam is built by the Athneans for the Beni-Adhemi, the savages prepare to attack again.  Tarzan spots them.  He instructs Hathor, the elephant, to operate one of the dam’s windlasses as he operates another.  Together they flood the gorge containing the approaching savages.  The Beni-Adhemi and Athneans scatter the remaining savages.  (See also: jungle savage - A#5.4)
 Dell Number  -- 80.1

M’pani  -- Buto Matari’s nephew.  He and his wife, Wo-we, are eaten by two man-eating lions in revenge for Buto’s thwarting their raid on the cattle herd.
 Dell Number -- 54.1

Mrs. Itombe  -- Jane sends Boy and Dombie to Mrs. Itombe for goat’s milk and eggs.  They return with the goods.  Mrs. Itombe is not shown.
 Dell Number  -- 130.3

Mrs. Tarzan  -- This what the policeman from Nairobi calls Jane.
 Dell Number  -- 86.2

M’sieu Tarzan  -- This is how the French Officer of the Native Police addresses Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

M’tongo  -- Member of Muviro’s tribe.  He greets Tarzan as he enters the Waziri Village.  He wears a red feathery headdress.  At the dead city Tarzan asks him for a rope to carry to the top of the seamless tower.  M’tongo binds the Tuaregs sentry Muviro captured inside the tower.  He helps to rescue the Suttons, who were captured by the Tuaregs.
 Dell Number  -- 86.1

Muata Yamvo--  former king of the white savages of Vari.  Founder of mines in the area that become a legend
 Dell Number  -- 1

Muchak  -- Great ape who wrestles with Tarzan.  He surrenders.  The scent of gomangani sends Muchak and another ape into the trees.
 Dell Number  --  105.1

mudskipper  --  A#4 (inside back cover)

Muga  -- an M’bopo spearman send by Hassan, the Arab seeking the gold of Opar, to spy on   Tarzan
 Dell Number  -- 5

Mugabis  -- Native tribe with colorful dress including leopard skins.  They have spears.  They obtain Jane and Boy in a trade with the Shiftas.  They force them to travel to the Forbidden Valley where the Shiftas dare not go.  The Mugabis chief speaks Latin to the soldiers of Castrum Mare.  They sell Jane and Boy to them.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

Mugambi  -- Chief of a tribe on an island.  He is older and wears a red fez.  Tarzan comes to the island to discover that the white raider, Agib, captured some of his tribe.  Tarzan has Mugambi and his people climb trees to avoid a tidal wave.  The tidal wave destroys the village but crashes the dhow with the captured tribe back to the island.  He gives Mugambi the gold, silver, and pearls from Agib’s treasure chest.  Tarzan helps to heal the tribesmen who were hurt in the tidal wave.  Tarzan helps them rebuild the village.  A sea monster bites through Mugambi’s hut and takes his pet goat.  Agib re-steals his gold and silver.  Tarzan has Mugambi bring him the hand grenades as he pursues Agib.  Mugambi had taken the pearls out of the hiding place earlier.
 Dell Number  -- 73.1
 Novel -- BT+JO chief of the Wagambi tribe.  Who starts out hunting Tarzan but      eventually he becomes Tarzan’s friend and is adopted by the Waziri.

Mugambi Tribe  -- Tribe that lives on an island.  Their chief is Mugambi.  Tarzan comes to the island to discover that the white raider, Agib, has captured some tribesmen.  Tarzan has Mugambi and his people climb trees to avoid a tidal wave.  The tidal wave destroys the village but crashes the dhow with the captured tribe back to the island.  He gives Mugambi the gold, silver, and pearls from Agib’s treasure chest.  Tarzan helps to heal the tribesmen who were hurt in the tidal wave.  Tarzan helps them rebuild the village.
 Dell Number  -- 73.1

Muganda  -- a cruel native tribe.  An army of savage Muganda warriors approaches the Waziri Village.  They make camp across the river and plan to attack at dawn.  The sentries think nothing of two storks passing in the middle of the night.  The storks are actually Boy and Dombie who warn Muviro.  The boys stampede the Waziri cattle into the midst of the Muganda camp.  The warriors rush to the river where the Waziri are waiting for them.  The Muganda flee down river.
 Dell Number  - 111.2

Mujak  --  #55.3 the name of the great gray ape that Tarzan finds clinging to a masthead in the ocean.  He rescues him from an impending shark attack.  He learns that Arab animal hunters captured Mujak and that their boat capsized.  He returns Mujak to the Isle of the Apes.  With the help of the apes, Tarzan captures another group of Arabs who are intent on capturing apes.  Tarzan learns about the animal compound in Gambah Village.  He takes Mujak and some other apes on the Arab dhow and rescues the animals at the village.
#61.1 Mujak accompanies Tarzan as he scouts Williams and his trappers who have returned to the isle of Apes.  Tarzan calls for a Dum-Dum.  A volcano erupts. Williams and his men retreat to the dhows.  Tarzan bargains with Williams.  He will give him a bag of pearls in return for transporting the apes off of the island.  After the volcano destroys the island, Tarzan cautions Mujak about the tidal wave that will hit the ship.  Tarzan leads the apes to safety as he foils Williams’ double-cross attempt.
 Dell Number  -- 55.3+61.1

Mukawa  -- Chief of the M’bongwes tribe.  He sells Barbara Wales to Al Jemel, Arab slaver, for the price of a musket.  When Tarzan questions him about the white woman, he tries to shoot Tarzan with the musket.  When he misses, he claims the firearm is faulty and that it was an accident.  Tarzan makes him show him the trail of the Arabs.  (In Dell 45.2 the look of Mukawa is used for a character named Ungali.)
 Dell Number  -- 44.2

mule  --  #47.2 When Tarzan rescues Jane and Boy from Sheik Ibrahim, they use one of the Sheik’s mules to ride out of Ain Adrar, the Sheik’s city.  The pursuing Arabs shoot the mule.
#94.2 Tarzan rescues the Van Dyck’s mules from a lion.  As Tarzan and the men folk scout out a new home for them, a veldt fire forces Martje, Koert, and Boy to hitch up the mules to the covered wagon and flee.  They ride into a field of poisonous red flowers.  It causes everyone to get sleepy.  The mules collapse into a ditch.
#124.1 The Ja-lur army uses mules to move supplies and equipment as they march on A-lur.
 Dell Number  -- 47.2+94.2+124.1

Mulo  -- Chief and witch doctor for a tribe near the Ras Dashani Rest Home.  They are primarily employed as bearers for safaris lead by Captain Hardy.  He wears a yellow cloth, headbands, a large necklace, and lots of arm bracelets.  Captain Hardy gives him his knife and instructs him to kill Tarzan.  Hardy gives him the wrong information so he accidentally tries to kill d’Arnot.  When Hardy decides to desert the safari, he and his men accompany him.  Dashani poison arrows kill them all.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Mulungo/Mulungu  --  #39.1 Mulungo - Waziri warrior with Tarzan and Muviro on their adventures to Lutor.  While leaving Lutor on Banthurs in the Great Swamp, he is pulled into the trees by a giant python.  Tarzan kills the snake.  Mulungo falls into the swamp, and Muviro pulls him out.
#44.1 Mulungu - Waziri warrior.  Tarzan joins Muviro and three Waziri in the Great Swamp.  Tarzan allows Mulungu to fly Argus back to the Waziri village.
#50.3 Mulungu brings Tarzan a message on a forked stick from the British Commissioner in Nairobi.  He accompanies Tarzan back to the Waziri Village.
 Dell Number  -- 39.1+44.1+50.3
 Novel  -- LE (Mulungu - Swahili for God)

Mumbo  -- Mumbo is the legendary strong man of unnamed tribe.  The poacher tribe has his axe, the Axe of Mumbo, which one man can barely lift.  They also have the Ordeal of Mumbo, which strangers are put through a series of tests that only Mumbo could do.  Buto is forced to participate and completes these challenges easily.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.2 (Boy Story)

Mumbowa  -- Chief of the Masai tribe living near Tarzan.  He comes to the ape-man looking for his son, Miboko.  He is angry because his son is avoiding his work.  Tarzan finds him and returns him to his father.  He pulls the boy by the ear to his work, which is to practice music for Masai ceremonies and dances.  Mumbowa is old, balding and has a white beard and hair.  He wears a ceremonial headdress and a robe when he comes to the tree house.
 Dell Number  -- 97.2

Mundo  -- Great ape.  He is the father to Kom, who is killed by Burke and his henchmen.  He appears to be the leader of a tribe of mangani who have discovered jewels in the Shark Lagoon.  The apes fight over the jewels.  Evil white hunters have discovered that the apes have jewels and systematically kill them.  Tarzan convinces Mundo that the jewels are worthless because they cannot be eaten.  Thus the ape-man saves the mangani.
 Dell Number  -- 46.3

Mungo  -- FC #161.1 - leader of the claw men of Tohr.  English speaking yellow man, he brings Tarzan, d’Arnot, Major Barton and Ruth Barton to Tohr and Queen Ahtea.  He also delivers the party to the dungeons of Tohr.  After the death of Ahtea, he leads Tarzan and his party to the nearest settlement. #31.2 headman for a white hunter who captures Akla, Korak’s mate.  Tarzan with the aid of Buto chases them away.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.1+31.2
 Novel -- TA - a great bull ape of the tribe of Kerchak

Munyoro  -- The Munyoro are a warlike tribe who were once under the ruler of the evil Kabarounga.  The former king is in exile.  They are encouraged by Kabarounga’s escape.  The witch doctor has drums signal Kabarounga to meet his warriors at the split fig tree by the red cliff.  At the split tree, Kabarounga leads them in an attack on Tarzan’s tree house.  The Waziri surprise them.  Kabarounga orders the Munyoro to scatter.  They do.
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

Murdo  -- tall and skinny hunter of live animals with his partner Syke.  They capture Tarzan and sell him to Arab slaver, Sheik Abou Ben Ephraim, for three pieces of gold.  With Tarzan out of the way they capture Jad-bal-ja, his mate, and two great apes.  They transport them to Florida via the tramp freighter, Manta.  Tarzan rescues the animals and leaves them a note threatening to kill them if they return to Africa.
 Dell Number  -- 23.1

Murdock  -- the bull - employs Arabs to help him capture animals.  N’kima and Jad-bal-ja are amongst the animals captured.  The Arabs plan to mutiny, but Tarzan ties him up and frees the animals before they can turn on him.
 Dell Number  -- 20.2

Murundi  -- A white skinned people living in Muranda.  They are very tall and of a thin build.  The men have chin hairs.  They are ruled by whoever holds the Royal Drum.  Young men must participate in the lion test, which is to face a lion armed only with a spear.  The corrupt Burupaka rules them.  When Prince Rudatara returns, the people steal the Royal Drum and give it to Rudatara.  Even the royal guards quickly turn to Rudatara’s side.  Burupaka is banished.
 Dell Number  -- 96.1

Mu-sar  -- Mu-sar is the name of one of the Ho-don warriors who catches Pan-at-lee and throws her off a cliff.  In the Pal-ul-don language Mu-sar means strong nose.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.5

Mustaff  -- Bedouin member of the Beni Adhemi that Hussein commands to bring food for Argus.
 Dell Number  -- 77.1

Mustapha  -- The name of the old Beni-Adhemi tribesman who informs Tarzan that Hussein has not returned from the mountains and that the aqueduct has not been repaired.  When Tarzan and Hussein bring Prince Timon and the Athneans to their camp, Mustapha worries that the Athneans have come to capture them.  Hussein assures him that they are there to help.  Mutemba rejoices when Prince Timon tells him that the Athneans will repair the aqueduct for no payment.
 Dell Number  -- 80.1

Mutemba  -- female elephant.  She is the mother of Toto, the baby elephant captured by the hunter Derrik Carne.  She is distraught and chases after the safari car to no avail.  Tantor (probably the father) comforts her.
 Dell Number  -- 69.1

mutineers  --  A group of men who kill their captain and plan to become pirates.  They land on Pirate Island.  Their leader is Darby.  Another would-be-pirate is named Cuddy.  There are two others.  One has a long brown beard and smokes a pipe.  The other is balding and has a long black beard.  Tarzan overhears their plans.  When the ape-man comes for them, Cuddy is in a tree searching for cocoanuts.  Tarzan knocks out Darby with a cocoanut.  The brown bearded man throws a cocoanut at Tarzan.  Someone takes a shot at the ape-man but hits the cocoanut he is holding.  Tarzan knocks the brown haired man down with a cocoanut to the head.  They are captured and turned over to the port authorities.
 Dell Number  -- 110.2

Muviro  -- chief of the Waziri - Tarzan’s friend.
FC 134 He and Waziri warriors accompany Tarzan and the Doris Ramsay safari into the Ras Dashani Mountains to search for Doris’ father, John.  Dashani warriors capture them.  During Tarzan’s battle with the Devil Ogre, they escape.  They return to the Ras Dashani Rest House on elephants that Tarzan provides.
FC 161.2 helps Tarzan free Helen Robertson who was captured by Sidi Ben Yemlik.
# 3 mentioned not seen.
#24.2 Muviro and 100 of his Waziri warriors go with Tarzan to free A-lur from Waz-ho-don control.
#30 he and 50 Waziri are air lifted into the Lost Valley of Arrack where they help Tarzan eliminate the giant spiders controlled by Queen Mataha.
#36.2 He and four Waziri are overcome by poisonous smoke from a volcano.  With a spear, Muviro kills a hyenadon that is attacking Tarzan.  They capture some Red-billed Banthurs, which they train to ride.  On their way to the island of Lutor, they help King Loban battle the Terribs.
#38.1 Accompanies Tarzan and the three Waziri to Lutor on Banthurs.  They discover Prince Keelim has been captured by the Cat Men of Crater Lake.  He goes with Tarzan, Princess Loma, and two others to the edge of the volcano, which holds Crater Lake.  He remains with the two others while Tarzan and the Princess attempt to get into the volcano.
#39.1 after leaving Lutor, they enter the Great Swamp.  Muviro pulls Mulungo out of the water after Tarzan saves him from a python.  He goes with Tarzan and watches as Tarzan captures a thipdar.  Tarzan instructs him to go towards the Valley of the Monster as he flies away.
#43.2 Tarzan comes to Muviro first in his plan to eliminate the plague of Danginas.
#44.1 Tarzan joins him and the three Waziri in the Great Swamp.  They turn the Banthurs loose.  He accompanies Tarzan to Saparta where they teach the little people how to make and use bows against the Giant Vultures.  On a vulture hunt Muviro and the Waziri kill ten vultures and destroy five nests.
#45.2 carries a carbine and looks totally different in this Boy story.
#45.3 looking like his old self, Muviro helps Tarzan defeat Black Panthers that are attacking Queen Elaine of Cathne.  They return her to Cathne.  Muviro and the Waziri remain there as the Queen’s bodyguards.
#A2.2 - Muviro and three Waziri attempt to cross the Great Swamp without Tarzan.  Crocodiles attack them.  Tarzan helps them across the morass by having them smear crocodile fat on their bodies.  They travel to Kando-mor.  While Tarzan is hunting, cannibals capture Muviro and the Waziri.  They are tied up and placed in a stream up to their necks.  Tarzan rescues them underwater.  The meet the Gallugos and help them stave off a cannibal attack.
#46.1 He helps Tarzan defend Cathne against the Terribs attack.  Tarzan gets angry with him for not guarding Queen Elaine.  He assures Tarzan that she is safe.  #47.2 After Tarzan receives the telepathic message for help from Jane, Muviro and the Waziri ride on a gryf with Tarzan through the Great Swamp and the Great Thorn Desert, back to their homeland.
#48.3 Muviro and Tarzan witness a Giant Wasp carrying off a lion.  They return to the Waziri village to get Argus, the giant eagle.  Muviro gives Tarzan his arrows as he leave on Argus in pursuit of the wasp.
#51.3 Muviro introduces Tarzan to Harvey Norton, who is searching for his son, Bruce, who was captured by the Hokyus eight year previous.
#55.2 (Boy Story) when it is believed that leopards have taken Dombie and Lula, Muviro leads Waziri warriors in search of his grandchildren.  Dombie and Boy are embarrassed by their foolishness and hide from them.
A#3.3 Muviro, looking more buff than ever with a white feathery headpiece, a wide yellow necklace and earrings, comes to Tarzan’s tree house.  He is incensed to learn that a false message was delivered in his name.  He leads his Waziri warriors to the Cave of the Fallen Rocks, only to find it deserted except for the body of Hanuki, the messenger.  They follow the trail of the Secret Society members.  They arrive as the members flee from what they believe is a jungle devil.  The Waziri subdue them with their knob sticks.  They want to kill them, but Tarzan has Muviro turn them over to the authorities.
#59.2 (Boy story) Muviro is not seen in this story, but it is said that he is ill with a sickness that is running through the Waziri camp.
#61.2 When Tarzan brings his injured grandson, Dombie, to the Waziri Village, Muviro worries that he will die from his wounds.  At the end of the story he asks Boy how the doctor got there so fast.  Boy says he dropped from the sky.
A#5.5 Muviro hunts with some of his warriors.  Isilio and Boy come and inform him that invaders are attacking the village.  Muviro, his warriors, and Tarzan repel the invaders.  Muviro tells Boy that the elders wish to speak with him.  Chaka, the baboon, shoots Boy with his blowgun.  Muviro wonders what is the matter with Boy.
#85.1 after rescuing Professor Ross and saving his daughter, Sheila, Tarzan goes to Muviro’s Kraal.  Muviro is with Tarzan when he receives the news that the Professor and Shelia made it safely to Nairobi.  Muviro looks younger in this story.
#86.1 A bit younger looking once again, Muviro agrees to help Tarzan with the stranded Suttons.  They ride antelope to the dead city.  Tarzan pulls Muviro to the top of the seamless tower.  Muviro helps to pull the other Waziri to the top.  They descend into the caverns.  Muviro captures a Tuaregs sentry.  They rescue the Suttons from the Tuaregs.
#86.2 Tarzan brings Muviro and his Waziri to the tree house to have them escort the policeman from Nairobi and his prisoner across the desert.  They will travel on foot while the policeman and prisoner ride horses.  Muviro wears a white plumed headdress.
#90.2 Muviro accompanies Tarzan as he searches for the missing Boy and Dombie.  They save them from the crocodiles that surround their little campfire.
#93.2 Muviro worries to Tarzan about an elephant that is raiding their shambas.  He, Tarzan, Boy, Dombie, Inanga, and his wife watch an elephant eat some corn that Boy and Dombie have sprinkled with red pepper.  The enraged pachyderm smashes Inanga’s hut.  Muviro admonishes Dombie for being foolish.  Muviro is young.  He wears earrings, necklaces, arm and wrist bracelets, a blue chest piece and a blue loincloth.
#111.2 two storks come to the Waziri chief in the middle of the night and warn him about Muganda warriors camped on the other side of the river.  Muviro does not recognize Boy and Dombie in the stork costumes.  He raises the alarm.  When the Muganda rush to the river to avoid the stampeding Waziri cattle, Muviro and the Waziri are waiting for them.  The Muganda flee down river.  Muviro sends his warriors down river so the Muganda cannot regroup.
#112.2 Tarzan enlists the aid of Muviro and the Waziri to round up the hunters who are operating in the area.  Some Waziri have plumes in their hair.  They come upon the aftermath of a fire ring trap.  They track Boy and Dombie to find the boys in a stand off with the Wagambi hunters.  Tarzan subdues one of the hunters.  The Wagambi are afraid of the Waziri and agree to leave, never to return.
No. 25.1 The Waziri chief is surprised to see Tarzan fly into the kraal.  Tarzan explains that he was told that he was ill.  Muviro reports that a Wabuna messenger told him the same about Tarzan.  They get the truth out of the messenger that the Wabuna planned the ruse to capture Jane and Boy.  Muviro wants to send his warriors after the Wabuna.  Tarzan has a better plan.  He has the Waziri surround the Hill of Caves so no Wabuna can escape.
#113.2 Muviro and his Waziri accompany Tarzan in the search for the Terribs in Tarzan country.  With the help of the giant otters, Zip and Zoom, the hiding places are found.  They spear them out of their caves and into the river.  They chase them downriver and over the falls.  Muviro wears a red feathery headpiece and earrings.  He also has necklaces with a chest plate decoration.  Muviro is rendered more Negroid than usual.
#116.1 Muviro looks younger with earrings and a decorative chest piece.  Muviro, his Waziri warriors and Tarzan are hunting when they come upon a burned out village.  Tarzan takes to the trees to investigate.  He returns with the information that the Makulu nation is moving on the Waziri Village.  Tarzan has Muviro and the Waziri build an imitation village on a hill.  When Tarzan comes with the Watunga and rhinos, Muviro explains that the Waziri women have made little porcupines and sandals for the warriors.  A Waziri reports that the Makulu approach.  As the Makulu attack, the Waziri pretend to retreat into the imitation village.  The Makulu step on the little porcupines.  The Waziri and the Watunga drop the phony fence and set loose the rhinos.  The Waziri and Watunga attack.  The Makulu are routed.
#117.1 Korak the Killer and his tribe raid the Waziri shamba.  Muviro and some Waziri attempt to drive them off.  Korak rips Muviro’s spear out of his hands.  Muviro hits the ape with his knobkerrie.  The apes flee but not before the Waziri spear some of them.  Tarzan comes to the Waziri kraal.  Muviro tells Tarzan that they will kill the apes if they return even if they are Tarzan’s friends.
#118.1 Muviro and 12 Waziri hunt with Tarzan.  Muviro wears a headdress made of yellow feathers.  They meet Mendothi who tells them about the conflict between his father, Umangi, and his uncle, Mengo.  The Waziri are anxious for battle.  They promise to help Umangi, who is hold up in an old stone fortress.  They attempt to sneak into the fortress but are discovered by Mengo’s warriors.  During the battle Tarzan directs the Waziri into different formations to sustain the attacks.  Umangi and his supports help rout the usurpers.  They make it to the fortress.  Tarzan accidentally discovers a passageway that leads to the Walled Valley of Buntoro.  The Waziri help Tarzan capture Mengo and subdue the rebel Buntoro warriors.  Muviro asks that he and the Waziri be allowed to ride the Buntoro trained zebras back home.
No. 37.1 Muviro is present when Jane worries that she can do nothing for Aunty Gena’s rheumatism.  Tarzan, Jane, and Boy fly the giant eagle to the herb doctors of Kroo Maun.
#120.2 Tarzan gives Boy permission to stay overnight at the Waziri Village.  Boy helps Dombie build an elephant alarm.  They string it up at the shamba to frighten off the rouge that has been brothering the cornfield.  They fall asleep on the raised platform.  The rouge comes.  Dombie tries to sound the alarm.  The elephant gets the alarm tangled around its tusks.  The rouge tramples the corn before the Waziri can run him off.  Muviro scolds Dombie for not raising the alarm soon enough and for losing the alarm.
#122.1 Tarzan warns Muviro and the Waziri about the approaching marauding Athnean army.  Tarzan advises against a direct confrontation and suggests they abandon the city to bide their time for a takeover.  They leave the city and patiently wait while Tarzan befriends Thantu, Prince Gato’s elephant.  When Tarzan leads the elephants out of the city, the Waziri pour into the walled city and overpower the Athneans.  They force them to repair the city.  Tarzan and Muviro decide to release the Athneans so they can make the dangerous journey across the Great Thorn Desert back to their home.
#123.1 Muviro and Tarzan learn of King Kabarounga’s has escape from exile.  Tarzan sends Muviro to the British to set up planes at certain locations.  At the Waziri Village Muviro has a party of warriors protect Tarzan’s tree house.  The Waziri surprise the Munyoro before they can burn the tree house.  Muviro has his warriors follow Kabarounga, not the scattering Munyoro.  Muviro stops the Waziri from following Kabarounga into the Hill of the Caves.  He has Mabulu signal Tarzan with a drum.  Muviro and the Waziri follow Tarzan’s plan to use two dummies, one on the ledge and one lowered from above.  Kabarounga empties his pistol on the dummies.  Tarzan captures Kabarounga.  He tells the Waziri to return to their kraal.
#128.1 the drums that report that the Waziri may have killed the game warden and his party upsets Muviro.  Tarzan has him gather twelve Waziri warriors and meet him by the Deep Donga.  Along the trail N’kima brings Muviro a message from Tarzan telling him to meet him at the Ford of Warriors.  Tarzan outlines his plan.  Juma and his gang start across the river.  Tarzan draws their fire.  Muviro and the Waziri attack from behind with knobsticks.  Ten of the gang members are captured.  Tarzan has six of the Waziri guard the captives.  At an outcropping of rock, Tarzan sends Muviro and the Waziri to the far side.  Tarzan mimics a pride of lions to draw the gangsters’ fire.  The Waziri attack from the rear and capture the gangsters.  Tarzan kills Juma.  The capture of the gangster will clear the Waziri name.
#128.2 Muviro sails with Tarzan in a canoe to search for the missing Boy and Dombie.  They rescue the boys from a giant squid.
#130.3 Muviro leaves with Tarzan to conduct tribal business.
#131.1 Muviro has rheumatism so bad he can hardly move.  His hair is completely white.  The witch doctor tells the chief that he must kill a kudu for its horn for medicine.  Tarzan has four Waziri carry Muviro on a litter to the Kudu Hills.  Muviro spears a kudu that runs and falls into the Canyon of No Return.  Tarzan wraps Muviro in lion skins and buries his body in the earth to protect him from the night cold.  Tarzan carries Muviro on his back down the sheer cliff of the canyon.  The heat from the valley relieves Muviro a bit.  They decide to explore the canyon.  The heat from the sun causes a landslide.  Tarzan saves Muviro from the falling rocks.  They find a mineral springs where the warm water heals Muviro by drinking and bathing in it.  They stay for a week.  Muviro feels cured.  Tarzan saves Muviro and the Waziri from a Garth.  Muviro feels well so they head for home.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+FC161.2+1+2+3+7+8+10+17.1+19.1+21.2+23.1+24.2+27+30+36.2+38.1+39.1 +43.2+44.1 +45.2 +45.3 +A2.2 +46.1 +47.2 +48.3 +51.3+55.2  (Boy Story) +A#3.3 +#59.2 (Boy story) +61.2 +A#5.5+85.1+86.1 +86.2+90.2+93.2+111.2+112.2 +No. 25.1+113.2+116.1 +117.1 +118.1+No. 37.1+120.2+122.1+123.1+128.1+128.2+130.3+131.1 Novel  -- ST+TU+GL+LE+TEC+TI+TTt+TQ+TaM+TCys+TTw

Muzimbi  -- Prince Rudatara’s youngest brother.  He is injured during his lion test of facing a lion armed only with a spear.  He is mentioned but not shown.
 Dell Number  -- 96.1

Mwalu  -- A#4 (Hunter’s Test) Mwalu is an elephant tracker giving Boy a test.

Mynheer Tarzan  -- What Martje Van Dyck calls Tarzan.  South African Dutch for Mr.
 Dell Number  -- 94.2


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