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Volume 1690l
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


La  -- Queen of Opar.  #5 Tarzan believes her to be dead (not seen).
In #13.1 she is living with the Dwarfs of Opar just outside of Opar.  She is about to sacrifice Hogarth’s horse to the sun god when Tarzan and Hogarth arrive on the scene.  She helps them escape.
#15.1 La is saved from the Dwarfs of Opar by Tarzan.  Tarzan and Tantor take her to Pal-ul-don where Aroc, a cave man, captures her.  Tarzan rescues her from Bundroc, the chief cave man, and sets her up as the ruler of the cave people.
#38.2 (Back in Opar) Queen of the dwarfs of Opar, she is about to sacrifice Jean Carveth on the altar of the Flaming God when Tarzan, King Nikon, and his men intervene.  She expresses her love for Tarzan.  She allows Tarzan to take Jean away.
#59.3 La has captured Jane and Queen Ellenya.  She sends a message to Tarzan that they will be sacrificed unless Tarzan surrenders himself to her.  La reclines on a royal couch in the elaborate temple of the moon goddess, Astar.  La is about to sacrifice Jane on the altar with a sacrificial knife.  Tarzan drops through the temple’s sky opening and disarms her.  She commands her crooked men to kill Tarzan.  Tarzan rescues the women.  La is regal looking with long black hair.  She wears a golden laurel wreath and white robes with a symbol on the chest.
#82.1 La is at the Temple of the Moon when Tarzan comes to warn her that gangsters have come the steal the jewels of Opar.  As the robbers approach the temple, an earthquake starts to rumble.  Tarzan carries La into a tree.  The branch cannot hold their weight - it snaps.  Tarzan falls to the ground unconscious.  The gangsters capture them.  The leader threatens to kill Tarzan if she does not take them to the jewels.  She leads them to the secret vault.  The jewels distract them.  Tarzan overpowers them.  Another quake starts to bring down the cliff of the mountain.  Tarzan carries La to safety.  La asks Tarzan to stay and rule Opar with her.  He refuses.  La commands her crooked men to kill the Jungle Lord.  Tarzan calls to the White Pygmies who ride in and rout the crooked men.  La wears a long red skirt with a matching halter-top.  Her red hat has gold decorations around the edge that carries down the sides.  The large gold earrings could possibly be part of the hat.  She has a large gold necklace and gold armbands.
No. 37.3 La was captured by the Mengos, Forest Spirits, and made the wife of the king.  The king accidentally dies.  La becomes queen of the Mengos.  La is summoned from her dwelling for some type of ceremony involving the Mengo’s latest captive Ilona.  La arrives at the temple and is shocked to see Tarzan, who has subdued Ilona’s guards.  Later Tarzan is captured and chained to an altar.  La paints Tarzan’s body in preparation of a sacrifice.  She explains to the Jungle Lord that the Mengos have an elixir of life that makes them ageless.  She promises eternal youth to Tarzan if he will marry her.  Tarzan refuses.  La commands the albino crocodile to be turned loose.  Tarzan breaks the chains and escapes.  As Tarzan dives into the river, La hopes that they will meet again.
#130.1 The Oparians blame La for the earthquake that has split the rock of Opar and the geyser that is filling the valley with sulfur smelling water.  They chain her to the altar in the temple of the Moon to appease the earth gods.  La bemoans not being able to see the face of the moon goddess.  Tarzan rescues her.  He places La on Jad-bal-ja’s back and has her ride to the Oparians who are duly impressed by her control of the lion.  They would follow her once more.  When the geyser erupts again, they turn on their queen and plan to throw her into the lake as a sacrifice.  Tarzan once again comes to her aid.  Tarzan is knocked unconscious by a rock.  Jad keeps the Oparians busy fighting until Tarzan regains consciousness.  La leads her people up the mountain.  Again the Oparians turn their backs on her because the way up the rock is too steep.  An avalanche blocks their way down into the valley.  Tarzan climbs the sheer face of the rock and pulls Jad-bal-ja and La up to the top by a vine rope sling.  The Oparians climb the rock.  The Oparians are happy with the orchards left behind by the White Pygmies, who deserted the rock because of the earthquake and geyser.  La and Tarzan investigate the Temple of the Moon. Another quake destroys the ancient buildings of Opar.  The Oparians beg La to save them.  La declares their ancient ways of violence to be over.  La is a young dark haired beauty with a cresset moon in her hair.
 Dell Number  -- 5+13.1+15.1+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+ A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)+38.2+59.3 +82.1 +No. 37 (Color by Numbers) +No. 37.3+130.1
 Novel -- RT+JO+GL+TI -- referred to as La of Opar

Lachee  --  #19.2 the red flower.  Her father is the king of the fortress, Cor-o-don.  Custom    dictates that she must leave the safety of the fortress so that her lover, Jo-rah may find and return her; thus they will be mated.  While in the lost valley she is attacked by a garth and saved by Tarzan.  She takes Tarzan’s dyal when he is carried off by a thipdar.  Timon, Jo-rah’s rival, finds her first but a telodon attacks and is killed by Tarzan.  The lovers are reunited and Tarzan gives them the dyal as a wedding present. Drawn as a white woman.
#24.1 only mentioned as married to Jo-rah and they have a son.
A #1.3 - Drawn as a black woman.  She is referred to as the red flower.
#60.1 She is drawn as a white woman with black hair and a long blue cloak.  Tarzan comes to the camp of Jorah’s people with the news of the capture of Jorah and four other warriors.  Lachee insists on accompanying the rescue party.  Tarzan teaches Lachee and the men of Cor-o-don how to place bamboo skirts around their dyals legs to protect them against the bolas of the Men of Monga.  She slays a Man of Monga with a spear.  Jorah rides with Lachee back to their camp.
#65.1 Lachee accompanies Tarzan, Jorah, and some warriors to their traditional homeland to see if it is inhabitable.  White Apes that have taken over the area attack them.  Cave bears attack the apes.  Tarzan convinces them to side with the apes.  During the battle, Lachee’s dyal is killed by a cave bear.  Tarzan pulls her up onto his dyal.  The men and apes agree to cooperate to drive out the bears.  Lachee oversees the making and firing of earthenware pottery to be used as fire pots.
 Dell Number  -- 19.2+24.1+A 1.3+60.1+65.1
 Novel -- TEC - Jana, the Red Flower of Zoram.  She flees from Skruk to be saved by Jason Gridley.  BSA - She goes with Jason to California as his wife.

Lady Greystoke  -- (See also: Greystoke, Lady)

Lady Jane  -- what Tarzan calls his wife  (See also: Jane)
 Dell Number  -- 16.2

Lake Dwellers  -- (See also: Lake People)

Lake People  --  #7 found in the Valley of the Monsters.  Their village is on stilts in the middle of a lake.  They live mainly on fish, which they spear with tridents.  Luk-wok is their chief.  They help Boy and Dombie until Tarzan comes to find them.  Their village is damaged by a tidal wave caused by an earthquake.
#49.3 Tarzan and Dr. Mac come to the Lake Dwellers and borrow a canoe to paddle across the Lake of Pterodactyls in search of thipdar eggs.  Tarzan calls them “fisher folk.”
  Dell Number  -- 7 +16.1+49.3
 Novel -- EL - Lake Dwellers, tribe in Neocene Africa who dwelt on a lake in an island in the Restless Sea.

Lambula  -- native guide of the missionary Kentons.  Killed or wounded by Shiftas as they kidnap Carol Kenton and disable her parents.
 Dell Number  -- 23.2

Lane, Mrs.  -- The wife of a missionary.  She has a native named Lona take care of her son David.  Lona falls asleep and David wanders off.  Lona tells her that David is missing.  She is young and has gold hair like her son.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story)

Lane, Rev./Mr.  -- Missionary to some unnamed tribe.  His son comes up missing.  He accompanies the native trackers to discover that a lion has carried off Davie.  He has a pit trap built for lions.  The lioness that took Davie falls into the pit.  The male saves Davie from the pit.  The reverend scares off the male.  When he realizes that the lions were caring for his son, he has the lioness released unharmed.  He is older and heavy set with spectacles. He is balding with white hair around the back of his head.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story)

Lansing, Jeff  -- American flyer from Philadelphia.  While attempting to fly coast to coast across Africa he ran out of gas and had to ditch his plane.  Tarzan saved him from being pulled into the waters by pythons.  He goes with Tarzan to the Sacred Isle of Pythons and helps to rescue Leda Mackrey.  They fall in love and go off to start a life together.
 Dell Number  -- 18.1

Laura Sutton  -- archeologist.  She is overweight and has brown hair.  Their bearers, who desert them, tie her and her husband Cabot to pillars in a dead city.  Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja save them from hyenas.  Tarzan settles them in a safe place and goes for help.  They are captured by the Tuaregs and taken to the caverns below the seamless tower.  The Tuaregs treat them well but will never allow them to leave.  Tarzan, Muviro and the Waziri rescue them.  The Suttons promise to keep the Tuaregs’ secret about the gold they mine in the cavern.  They also plan to return someday and study the ruins.
 Dell Number  -- 86.1

Laura Thomas  -- young American girl who became separated from her father’s hunting party   and was captured by the Gomambas.  Despite being blinded by the poisonous juice at the hands of King Lukah, she manages to escape.  Tarzan rescues her from two leopards.  Dr. Warfield believes an eye surgeon can reverse the effects of the poisonous juice.  She, Tarzan, and Doctor Warfield are captured by the Gomambas and brought to their island home.  After Tarzan breaks his chains, she helps Doctor Warfield lead the other prisoners to the canoes to make their escape.
 Dell Number  -- 25.2

Lebombos  -- The Lebombos are a vicious tribe of raiders taking anything and everything in their path.  They come upon Nama, the Hottentot trader.  They command him to put down his gun.  Nama fires his shotgun into a Lebombos shield.  Before they can get close, Nama’s two buffalo charge them.  Tarzan, Boy, and Dombie arrive on elephants.  The Lebombos flee for their lives.
 Dell Number  -- 118.2

Lechwe  -- Lechwe is the head of a family of River Bushmen.  They are fearful as Tarzan’s family lands on the wings of the giant eagles.  Tarzan wins the Bushmen over.  Lechwe agrees to take Tarzan to the Tree of Ages.  They start by canoe but must portage for days to get to the Lake Nobody Names.  Lechwe and Tarzan paddle to the island on the lake.  Lechwe is worried that they have no offering for the Tree.  Leopards attack them and Tarzan saves Lechwe.  The Bushman suggests that they use the leopards as an offering to the Tree.  His panic is too great as Tarzan prepares to burn down the Tree.  He leaves.  Tarzan catches up to him and helps him canoe home.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.1

Leeda  -- good old nurse who Gemnon put is change of Elaine Hammond’s recovery.
 Dell Number  -- 21.1

Leelah  -- the flower, go-mangani whose father, M’dongo, wants a price of twenty fat cows and six bullocks for her marriage.  Gambo, the ugly chief is willing to pay the price and has her guarded so that she and Kolo cannot elope.  Tarzan pays in jewels so she can marry Kolo.  Arab slavers capture them, Tarzan rescues them and others slaves.  With Tarzan’s help they establish a new community on an island in a mangrove swamp
 Dell Number  -- 12

legionary  -- Tarzan asks a legionary in Castra Sanguinarius the directions to the house of the Magister, arena master.  Because Tarzan has on a nobleman’s toga and speaks in the Roman dialect, he is not suspicious.
 Dell Number  -- 57.3

Leopard Men  --  #40.2 Experts in murder and fearless.  They wear leopard skins and use steel claws as weapons.  They keep leopards in their village.  They capture Nee-issa, Buto’s sister.  When Tarzan, Buto, Tantor, and the People of Rocks come to the rescue, they release the leopards.  They and their leopards are defeated.  Tarzan has Tantor trample their village flat.
#54.2 (Boy story) A small band of natives living on the Isle of Leopards.  They wear typical native dress.  They use trained leopards to hunt game for them.  The isle is on a crocodile infested lake.  They use a dugout canoe and a pulley system to cross from shore to shore.  They have a series of circular huts on the isle.  Boy and a herd of baboons, which have been victimized by the leopards, come to the island.  The baboons attack.  They kill the leopards and drive the Leopard Men into the crocodile infested waters.  (See also: Skraelings)
#103.2 The society of Leopard Men see the smoke that Boy and Dombie are producing and think that spies are on their secret island.  They see the boys trapped on a ledge of the surrounding mountain.  They attempt to climb the vines to get to them.  The weight of men causes the vines to give way.  The Leopard Men topple down to an unknown fate.
#113.1 A Leopard Man and the witch doctor N’gogo stalk a native hunter.  Tarzan’s blunt arrow knocks the Leopard Man unconscious.  He ropes the witch doctor.  After the Jungle Lord destroys the witch doctor’s fetishes and the Leopard Man’s costume, he lets them go.  N’gogo has Mabula capture Tarzan.  The witch doctor approaches the village with the Leopard Men.  An ape throws the witch doctor at the Leopard Men.  They believe that Tarzan has changed into an ape.  They witness the hut following the ape-man and believe that Tarzan’s magic is too strong.  They throw away their costumes and flee.  When N’gogo dies the power of the Leopard Society is probably at an end.
#126.2 Some of Mobuko’s tribesmen have joined the secret Leopard Society.  They have killed the chief’s nephew.  They plot to kill the chief, but they wait until Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja leave.  A leopard falls through the roof of their hut.  They panic.  When they run out of the hut, the golden lion confronts them.  They run back into the hut.  Tarzan commands them to surrender or Jad will rip their hut apart.  They surrender.  Tarzan takes away their leopard masks and claws.  He banishes them.
 Dell Number  -- 40.2+54.2 (Boy story)+103.2+113.1+126.2
 Novel -- LeM - cannibalistic cult who wears leopard skins and use steel claws.

Leveque  -- deserted from the French Foreign Legion.  He overhears Professor Plume telling    Tarzan about the treasure of Isis.  He and the Arab known as Suleiman, the Strong, capture the Professor and force him to draw a map.  Tarzan rescues the Professor but Leveque escapes with the map.  In the Great Thorn Desert Abdul Hamid and the Touaregs capture him and Suleiman.  He makes a deal to share the treasure with the outlaws.  In Pal-ul-don he promises a Waz-don a pair of binoculars if he will guide them through the jungle.  After making it through the jungle, the Frenchman shoots the Waz-don.  In the treasure cave he knocks Tarzan unconscious with the stock of his rifle.  As they are carrying out as much gold as they can, Tarzan confronts the two thieves.  Leveque fires his rifle, which causes a rockslide that crushes both he and the Arab.
 Dell Number  -- 26

Lieutenant  -- commander of the French patrol boat that pulls Louis d’Arnot from the ocean and takes him to the nearest French naval base.
 Dell Number  -- 29

Lieutenant Barnes  -- Lieutenant Barnes of the British force stationed at Fort Gumburu leads his askaris detachment mounted on camels into a shelter of rocks during a dust storm.  There he meets Tarzan and Buto.  A band of Shiftas attack.  They steal all the camels and the payroll money.  He and his troops return the Fort empty handed.  He has a brown uniform and a beret.  His hair and mustache are graying.
 Dell Number  -- 88.1

lion  --  #15 (inside front cover – Jungle World) “likes a watermelon for dessert” (See: numa)

lion men  --  #32.1 term used by Buto, chief of the Bamwe, to denote his tribesmen after the lion hunt.
#A2 - a tribe of hunters
 Dell Number  -- 32.1+A2 (Jungle Tribes)

Lion of the Lake  -- The Oparians call Jad-ba-ja,  ‘the Lion of the Lake’ as the golden lion protects the unconscious Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 130.1

Little People  --  (See also: white pygmy)

Little-White-Doctor  -- The name Ubanti uses for Doctor MacWhirtle.  Jane also refers to him this way when talking to the Waziri messenger.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1

Liwari  -- A tribe of tall natives.  They steal the Wokamba tribe’s cattle along with the baby elephant that Tarzan left with them.  Tarzan uses the baby’s mother and the Wokamba to steal back the cattle and the baby elephant.  The Liwari fight back.  Tarzan disarms them with prefect arrow shots.  The Liwari pursue the Wokamba tribe.  Tarzan uses blunt-headed arrows to drive off the charging Liwari.  The Liwari wear a headgear with single feathers running in a line down the back of the head.
 Dell Number  -- 76.1

lizards --  #42.1 The Stork People capture lizards, which are related to the Gorobars.  Tarzan uses them to train the giant otters, Nip and Tuck, to attack and kill Gorobars, the lizard mounts of the Terribs.  #50.1 Tarzan and Kakar train giant otter pups to kill lizards.
 Dell Number  -- 42.1+50.1

Loallo  -- Loallo is Dombie’s mother.  She is a very large woman.  She comes to Tarzan to ask him to search for the missing Dombie.  Tarzan can’t because of a tribal quarrel.  Boy and Jad-bal-ja search for Muviro’s grandson.
 Dell Number  -- 123.2

Lobenga   -- Lobenga is probably the chief of the Watunga, a native tribe living near the Waziri.  Tarzan is an honorary chief of the tribe.  Tarzan learns that the Makulu nation is moving on the Waziri and Watunga Villages.  Tarzan has Muviro and the Waziri build an imitation village on a hill.  Tarzan has the Watungas accompany him to a water hole.  He uses a juice of the sleeping vine in the water.  Rhinos drink the water and fall asleep.  The Watungas rope the rhinos and force them to go to the imitation village.  Muviro explains that the Waziri women have made little porcupines and sandals for the warriors.  A Waziri reports that the Makulu approach.  As the Makulu attack, the Waziri pretend to retreat into the imitation village.  The Makulu step on the little porcupines.  The Waziri and the Watunga drop the phony fence and set loose the rhinos.  The Waziri and Watunga attack.  The Makulu are routed.
 Dell Number  -- 116.1

locust  -- A plague of 17-year locust swarms towards Tarzan tree house.  While he warns the animals, Tarzan sends Jane to warn Buto’s tribe.  The people escape the plague by using reeds to breathe underwater in the river.  The locusts eat everything in their path.
 Dell Number  -- 105.2

Lodor  -- Son of Pan-at-lee and Om-at.  Pan-at-lee and Lodor are captured by Guru, the evil witch doctor.  He hides them away in the almost impenetrable Valley People Village.  Tarzan and Om-at make it past the cave bears to rescue them.  Tarzan and Om-at bring them safely past the baboons, leopards, and Guru’s witch men.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.6

Lomwe  -- magician of the Bongus tribe under control of Bookrai, the chief witch doctor.
 Dell Number  -- 4

Lona  --  A native from an unnamed tribe.  She is charged to take care of the missionary’s son, David Lane.  She falls asleep and David wanders off to be adopted by a lioness.  She awakes and is distraught.  She blames a jungle devil for making her sleep.  She has a shaved head.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story)

Lord Greystoke  --  (See also: Greystoke, Lord)

Lord of the Jungle  -- how Tarzan introduces himself.  In FC 134 he is called Lord of the Jungles.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+14.1+15.2+16.2+17.1+22.2+23.1+33.1+36.1+37.1+40.2+A2.2+48.1+49.1+53.2 (Boy story) +55.1 +56.3 +59.3 +63.2 +68.2 +83.2 +84.1 +86.1+ 87.1 +98.1 +108.1

Lord Rython  -- Cathnean nobleman.   He wears armor and has dark hair and a goatee.  He accompanies Prince Thyron on his hunting trip.  The Mitzeraim attacks them.  The Prince and the other men are captured.  Rython manages to escape detection and rides his lion drawn chariot back to Cathne to inform King Jathon.  He directs the rescue party to the area where the attack occurred.
 Dell Number  -- 84.1

Lord Tarzan  --  #8 what To-mu, a Prince of the White Pygmies, calls Tarzan after the battle with the clan of vultures.
#16.2 what N’keeta calls Tarzan after her rescue from Barumba, the lion god.
#25.1 - what Queen Mataha calls Tarzan after he tells her that he as a ruler in his country.  After Tarzan defeats all of her opponent in the Webs of Arrack, she calls him The Lord Tarzan and wants him to be her consort.
 Dell Number  -- 8+9+10+13.1+16.2+21.1+25.1+28+30+A 1.2+35+36.1+36.2+37.2+38.1+41.2 42.1+44.2+A2.1+A2.2+49.1 +53.3+56.3 +57.1 +63.1 +66.1 66.1+A#4.1 +69.2 +70.1+71.1 +A#5.5 +82.1 +83.1 +92.1 +97.1 +130.1 +131.1

Lost Legion  --  #14.1 Romans descendants who came to their mountaintop home fourteen    centuries ago as they were being pursued by Vandal hordes.  Tarzan help restore Marcus Junius, the rightful Imperator, to power.
#20 their city is call Magnus.
#41.2 - A fire destroyed their city and the royal family.  Ten thousand warriors, women, children, and old men search for a new home.  Tarzan and Goliath lead them in an attack on the city of the Talking Gorillas.  The gorillas are defeated, and the Legion takes possession of the city.  Tribune Lucullus offers Tarzan the kingship.  Tarzan refuses and recommends Lucullus for the kingship.
 Dell Number  --14.1 +20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+41.2

Lou Coron -- gangster boss who has learned of the gold of Cathne from Elaine, Jathon and Mr. Hammond.  He captures Tarzan and forces him to lead his men to the City of Gold.  He threatens to kill the Cathneans if they do not surrender their gold.  Tarzan’s plan makes it seem as if he is getting the gold, but soon the tables have turned and hunting lions thwart Coron’s greed.  While attempting to machinegun down Elaine and Jathon, a hunting lion kills him.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2

Luala  -- Lady Luala is young and has long blonde hair.  She is from Jalur.  Gorgan the Greedy lusts after her and exiles her love, Kandor, from the lion city.  She runs away to avoid Gorgan’s advances.  Kandor defeats Gorgan for the throne.  Tarzan and Kandor track Luala to a cleft in a cliff where she is fighting off a Torodon.  The Torodon disarms her.  Tarzan defeats the Torodon.  Kandor pledges his kingdom to Luala.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.4

Lu-alla  -- Beautiful native woman who stands near Queen Mosana.  (The relationship between them is unclear.)  She wears a red dress, gold bracelets, gold necklaces, gold headband, and a gold cylinder through her earlobes.  When Manga offers Queen Mosana a bracelet as a sign of friendship, she has Lu-alla accept the gift.  Lu-alla and Manga are taken with each other.  She is worried when the Queen says that Manga must fight Barongo for the Royal Ring.  Tarzan takes his place and defeats the large man.  The Queen has Lu-alla return the ring to Manga.  Manga stays at the kraal to court Lu-alla.
 Dell Number  -- 93.1

Luba  -- native guide of the Newsome’s.  He tells Tommy about Tarzan.  Ayoub kills him.
 Dell Number  -- 2

Lubamba  -- peaceful tribe of natives who are plundered and sold into slavery by the M’Bokos
 Dell Number  -- 2+3

Lubambwe  -- A tribe of natives Tarzan recruits to help rid the veldt of the plague of Danginas.
 Dell Number  --  #43.2

Lucan  -- He is a member of the Lost Legion whose mission is to find Tarzan because Goliath has escaped from his corral.  His troops are disseminated by the Terribs before Tarzan and Tantor can drive them away.  He accompanies Tarzan back to New Cathne.
 Dell Number  -- 41.2

Lucia Tally -- She is from California.  She and her brother, Jim, crash land in the jungle.  A mamba kills Jim.  Tarzan saves her from a lion.  A Torodon captures her.  Tarzan rescues her and takes her to the Tower of Ta-dan.  She helps in the battle with the Torodons, who attack the tower.  After the defeat of the beast-men, Doctor MacWhirtle flies her to civilization.  She promises Tarzan not to tell anyone about Pal-ul-don.
 Dell Number  -- 41.1

Lucius Arvo   -- bodyguard of Marcus Junius’ father, escaped slave.  He meets with Tarzan, d’Arnot, and Marcus.  He gathers troops together to march on the city held by Brutus the Cruel.
 Dell Number  -- 14.1

Lucky  -- the name Boy gives to the wild dog wounded during its pack attack on a herd of zebras.  Boy talks Tarzan into bringing the dog home to nurse it back to health.  They convert a small hut into a kennel for it.  Lucky gives birth to five cubs. Tarzan and Boy hunt with the pack.  They train the pack to drive game towards them.  Lucky takes her pups away.  Tarzan and Boy track them.  A hyena grabs a pup named Skippy.  Boy shoots an arrow at the hyena.  The hyena attacks Boy.  Lucky and her pups attack and drive the hyena into a river.  Tarzan understands that Lucky has paid her debt to him and will return to the wild.
 Dell Number  -- 84.2

Lucullus  -- Tribune of the Lost Legion.  He is the leader of the remaining members of the Legion after a fire destroyed their city and the royal family.  They are searching for a new home.  Tarzan and Goliath lead them in an attack on the city of the Talking Gorillas.  The gorillas are defeated, and the Legion takes possession of the city.  Lucullus offers Tarzan the kingship.  Tarzan refuses and recommends Lucullus for the job.
 Dell Number  -- 41.2

Luga  -- tribe of natives.  After being driven out of their village, Tarzan allows them to live in his clearing.  They are the first ones to call him bwana.
 Dell Number  -- 4

Lu-gash  -- Name of the lion Jathon mounts after mountain gorillas kill his favorite lion, Om-zee.  Jathon rides Lu-gash to the temporary camp of the displaced Cathneans.  He may also have ridden Lu-gash into the battle with the gorillas and the Gallegos.
 Dell Number  -- 103.1

Lukambo  -- Young man who is a member of a tribe who are the enemies of the Eagle men of Engani.  He is in love with Illona, a young woman of the Eagle Men.  The Eagle men capture Lukambo and perform a flight dance around him.  They release him to be hunted by their trained eagles.  Tarzan learns of his plight from Illona.  He rescues Lukambo and brings the two lovers out of the valley.  Lukambo brings Illona to his village to be his wife.
 Dell Number  -- 75.1

Lukela  -- the beautiful, a native in the Mobembe tribe who is to marry M’buku, the chief’s son.  She loves Amele, a hunter, but will submit to the marriage for the sake of her family.  After M’buku accidentally falls on his spear, she tries to save Amele from gorgo.  Tarzan saves them.  She dances the truth of the hunt that night.
 Dell Number  -- 15.2

Luk-wok  -- chief of the Lake People in the Valley of the Monsters
 Dell Number  -- 7

Lula  --  #11 mate of Buto Matari who is captured by Arab slavers along with Jane and Boy.  Rescued by Buto, Tarzan and the Sable Lion.
#47.1 Inkosa Lula is the queen of a lost race of white natives with blonde hair living in a volcano.  She loves Ruandi who the witch doctor, Kuvuru, has placed on a raft as a sacrifice to a plesiosaurus.  Believing Ruandi is dead; she is about to marry Kuvuru.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac rescue Ruandi and enter the village to stop the wedding.  They attempt to escape but are captured by the white natives.  Kuvuru takes Lula aside and places the others on the raft for the saurian.  Lula dives in the water and cuts the captives out of the nets.  They ride the raft through a tunnel in the volcano to freedom.
#55.2 (Boy Story) - The name of Dombie’s little sister.  Dombie is charged with watching little Lula while his mother (Not named in this story.) works in the Waziri shamba.  While Dombie slips into the jungle with Boy to try out his new leopard call, an ape, which has lost its balu, takes Lula.  Dombie’s mother hears the leopard call.  She thinks that leopards have taken her children.  Boy scares the ape away with the leopard call.  They have to avoid a charging rhinoceros on the way home.
#78.2 an unidentified sibling to Dombie, possibly Lula.  Boy comes to take Dombie fishing.  A small child clings to Dombie’s mother.  The child is about four or five years old.  The child wears the same headband, neckbands, armbands, and waistband as the mother.  The child is topless.  It could be a boy child but the signs indicate a female.
 Dell Number  -- 11+47.1+55.2 (Boy Story)+78.2
 Novel -- CV - Samary male of Amtor who led Carson Napier to village after Duare had been captured.

Lulona  -- Lulona (probably a Waziri) helps Jane prepare the tree house area for a tribal conference, including the Sultan of Zanzaboko.  Standish, the ostrich, has stolen the ruby necklace that the sultan presented to Jane.  Lulona tells Jane that tribal wars have occurred lesser reasons.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.4 (Jane Story)

Luma_  -- Native tribe Tarzan recruits help eliminate the plague of the Danginas.  Their name is on the map Tarzan displays.  His thumb covers up the last letter of the name.
 Dell Number  -- 43.2

Luemba  -- Native fishing tribe ruled by Queen Nhaka.  They have a dried fish industry.  They live on the banks of a river and are plagued by the Kolumbwe raiders.  The raiders attack once again and the Luemba flee.  Tar-gund, the white buffalo, stampedes his herd through the attackers.  The fishermen think that Tarzan controlled the stampede.  The queen asks the ape-man for help against their enemies.  Tarzan designs a twin-hulled dug out canoes with ramming beaks.  He also instructs them how to make strong netting that will stop spears.  They build the canoes and   nets.  Their long horned cattle carry the canoes to a lake.  Tarzan has them practice controlling the new craft.  When they are ready, Tarzan lures the Kolumbwe into attacking a lone canoe.  The netting is pulled up over the canoes to protect them from the spears.  The trap is sprung and the Luemba easily defeat the raiders.  The battle is taken to the Kolumbwe islands.  The Kolumbwe chief is captured.  The Luemba are carrying the attack to other islands as Tarzan leaves them on Tar-gund.
 Dell Number  -- 111.1

Lungomo  -- Name of one of the ivory poachers.  Their captured leader, Ganta, calls to him.  The poachers believe they are hearing Ganta’s ghost.
 Dell Number  -- 78.2

Lutorians  -- The people of Lutor.  Loban is their king and Loma is their princess.  They live on an island in the Great Swamp.  Their natural enemy is the Terribs.  They have developed a crocodile boat to travel the Great Swamp as protection from the Terribs.
#53.3 they wear ancient Roman armor.  Several are machine gunned down by the gangster Mike Nucco as Nucco and his henchmen take over Lutor.  Tarzan arrives and recruits six archers to help stop the gangsters.  With round rocks on the tips of their arrows, they knock out all of Nucor’s men.  After Tarzan knocks out Nucco, the Lutorians want to slit their throats.  Tarzan stops them.  They help Tarzan canoe the gangsters to an island in Pal-ul-don.
#59.1 Some Lutorians and Prince Keelim are captured by the Talking Gorillas.  Tarzan rescues them.  They escape on the gorilla’s rafts.  They escapees meet up with King Loban’s crocodile boat.  The Lutorian warriors are shielded by the boat’s hatch as they fire arrows at the pursuing gorillas.  The gorilla’s long bows bring down some of the Lutorians.  They are save by tidal waves that sweep away the gorillas.
#70.1 Lutorians riding giant swans escort Tarzan and his hostage, King Zugu, towards Alur.  They are attacked by the Terribs.  The Lutorians take to the air and under the water to repulse the attack.  The next day a second attack occurs.  Princess Loma’s crocodile boat arrives and the warriors in the boat fire bows from the craft.  The Terribs flee.  Tarzan has the Lutorians fly their swans to search for King Zugu.  Tarzan ropes the king as he falls from the air born canoe.  Two Lutorians help Tarzan guide the king to the crocodile boat.  The escort and Tarzan will decoy the Ho-dons away as the crocodile boat will carry King Zugu to Alur.
#71.1 Lutorian guards drive away a Terribs scouting party with their arrows.  Upon receiving a warning from Tarzan, the Lutorians use a heavy spear launcher to repel the gorillas.  The Lutorians take their crocodile boats close to Cathne at Tarzan’s request.  They load the excess Cathnean lions into the boats to bring them to Lutor to help defend the city against the Terribs and the Bolgani.
#112.1 Princess Loban, King Loban, and Lutorians greet Tarzan at the gates of Lutor.  An earthquake shakes the city.  The subsequent tidal wave causes Tarzan to lead the Lutorians to the upper reaches of the city.  A volcano rises in the lake surrounding the city.  The next day they take a crocodile boat out to view the volcano.  The Lutorian soldiers wear Roman-type armor.  Princess Loma spies an airplane that crashes.  They search for survivors.  Princess Loban steers the craft.  They rescue the down royal air force personnel from the Terribs.  They return to Lutor for a feast.  The Lutorians wear togas.  King Loban offers to make them officers in his navy.  Princess Loban pleads for them to stay.  They are honor bound to return.  A croc boat takes them to the mainland.
No. 51.7 A Lutorian mans the croc boat that picks up Margaret Mackenzie, the astronaut.  They provide her with clothes.  They man the croc boat to the Valley of Monsters.  They quarry and build the wall to seal the Garths into the valley.  They man the croc boats to rescue Princess Loma and Margaret as finned dinosaurs surround them.
 Dell Number  -- 53.3+59.1+70.1+71.1+112.1+No. 51.7

Lygonani  -- When the Imanga warriors rescue Tarzan from the Bakongo, it is Lygonani that Tarzan thanks for the rescue.  He thanks Tarzan for saving them against the Bakongo.
 Dell Number  -- 125.2

Lyonesse  -- from Arthurian romance, the mythical region where Sir Tristram of the Knights of the Round Table was born, supposed to have been submerged by the sea.  Hal Hogarth invokes the name in battles.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1


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