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Volume 1690k
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


Kabara  -- Kabara is a from the Waramra tribe.  A buffalo wounded him.  His death was reported to his tribe.  His wife took their child and started to go for her home in Wakolo.  The wounded Kabara limps after them.  Tarzan hears his story and finds his wife and child for him.
 Dell Number  -- 117.2

Kabara’s wife and child  -- Kabara’s wife is told that her husband is dead.  She takes their child and heads for her home Wakolo.  She becomes lost.  They are starving.  Boy and Dombie find them.  The boys build them a boma and go for food.  When they return, a lion is stalking the boma.  Boy enters the boma and gives the woman Dombie’s spear.  As the lion leaps the boma, Tarzan’s spear kills it.  They give the woman and child food.  Tarzan tells her that her husband is not dead.  Tarzan, Boy, and Dombie carry the woman and child on a shauri to her husband.
 Dell Number  -- 117.2

Kabarounga  -- Kabarounga was once the king of the Munyoro.  He escapes from exile and plans to return to his evil, warring ways.  When he is spotted by N’kima and then by Thurak, he realizes that Tarzan is using animals to locate him.  A master of jungle ways, he places his head cloth around a small buck’s neck.  The trick works as Tarzan tracks the scent in the wrong direction.  Kabarounga learns by drums where he is to meet his warriors.  Tarzan spots Kabarounga during a lightning storm, but the wily Kabarounga gives him the slip.  Kabarounga leads his warriors towards an attack on Tarzan’s tree house.  The Waziri surprise them.  Kabarounga scatters his troops and makes it to the Hill of Caves.  He feels safe because he can control the ledge approach to the cave.  He empties his pistol on the forms appearing before him.  They are only dummies.  Tarzan captures Kabarounga and turns him over to the British police who fly him back to the island of his exile.
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

Ka-cha  -- Male baboon.  His mate is Chee, and his balu is Teeke.  Even though Ka-cha believes that Rajak is too old to be gund, he is faithful to his commands.  When the golfers try to drive the baboons off of the course by throwing golf balls at them, Ka-cha catches them and throws them back, thus driving them into the clubhouse.  The golfers wound Rajak with a rifle.  Ka-cha helps him to safety.  When Teeke eats some poison mealies left out by the golfers, Ka-cha leads the baboons in an attack on the clubhouse.  They destroy the clubhouse and run off the white men.  Ka-cha convinces Homa, the old native caddie, to help Teeke.  Rajak relinquishes his leadership to Ka-cha.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4

Kaffir  -- South African native tribe.
A #1.5 - Native bearers for Jock and Noddy.
#94.2 not seen but referred to twice in this story.  As Tarzan and Boy return the mules to the Van Dycks, South African pioneers, they believe the ape-man and his son are Kaffirs.  Later Paul Norden explains that Kaffirs chased his ancestors across the poison belt of red flowers that protects the Valley of the Shadows of Death.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.5+94.2

Kaisu  -- oldest pygmy.  He moves his village often.  He has white hair and curly white chin hair.  Tarzan comes to him for an antidote to a pygmy poison arrow.  Kaisu realizes that Tarzan is in desperate need and bargains for a higher price.  He finally settles for a jeweled handled knife from Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 76.2

Kakar  --  #42.1 King of the Stork Men/People.  He wears a purple mesh cloak and fishes along side of his people.  He teaches Tarzan how to walk on the jointed stilts.  He makes Tarzan a Prince of the Stork People.  When Nip and Tuck, the two giant otters Tarzan created, demonstrate that they can kill the Gorobar mounts of the Terribs, he is hopeful for the future.  When Nip gives birth to five pups, he speaks of attacking the Terribs in their burrows.
#50.1 He is referred to as chief.  He helps Tarzan train the giant otter pups attack and kill lizards similar to the Gorobars, the mounts of the Terribs.
 Dell Number  -- 42.1+50.1

Kalachar  -- Man-eating tree of King Grossa.  The king keeps the tree in his temple behind a blue curtain.  The brown tree is 12 to 15 feet tall with long green appendages much like a Venus-fly-trap.  It has long, brown root-like tentacles growing out of the top.  The image of the tree is on all of Grossa’s guards clothing as well as on walls of the buildings.  Grossa feeds sacrificial victims to the tree for his amusement.  King Grossa believes the tree is sacred.  The mad king backs up too close to the plant and is eaten.  Tarzan cannot harm the iron hard tree with a sword.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

Kalag  -- Name of a young ape, child of Morok.  He wrestles with Boy.  Although he is stronger, Boy throws him.  He and Morok flee when their hear rifle fire.
 Dell Number  --  71.2

Kalah  -- Female great ape.  Kalah, her mate, Ah-juk, and their balu were swept to Pirate Island when a storm felled their tree and carried them to the island.  The mutineer, Darby, kills Ah-juk.  Tarzan discovers them and goes to investigate the mutineers.  Kalah tries to warn Tarzan that the would-be-pirate is about to shoot him.  She is too late.  Darby also shoots at her.  Boy stumbles across them and learns about Tarzan being shot.  Boy has Kalah help him carry Tarzan to a safe place.  Kalah watches as Tarzan and Boy capture the mutineers.  Tarzan says that he will return to the island to take her and her balu back to her tribe.
 Dell Number  -- 110.2

Kalahari  -- Female great ape that finds a human baby in a plane wreck and keeps it to replace the balu she lost.  The baby is starving to death.  Tarzan has her lead him to the wreckage where he finds formula for the child.  Later he and the true mother, Barbara Wales, trick Kalahari into exchanging the baby for a baboon balu.
 Dell Number  -- 44.2
 Informational  --  Kalahari is the name of the desert in SW Africa.  It starts with Kala as in Tarzan’s mother’s name.  Kalahari is similar to Kala in that she has found a white human male baby to replace the balu she has lost.

Kalaya  -- father of Isha.  He demands six goats from Nimbo to marry his daughter.  Nimbo delivers the goats.  Kalaya gives them a troublesome goat that smashed a hole in his house as a wedding present.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.6 (Jane Story)

Kalifu  -- Young pygmy boy who is a friend of Boy.  As Tarzan deals with the chief about a poison arrow that killed an ape, the two boys go find honey to eat.  Boy runs away from home to live with the pygmies.  He learns that the pygmies are in league with ivory poachers.  The Bagongo poachers capture Boy.  Kalifu and the pygmies desert Boy.
 Dell Number  -- 89.2

Kalinga  -- Lady from Ruanda.  She is a tall elegant looking native, the first wife of the former Mwami of the Batutsi.  She purchases N’kima at the Bororo Market.  Jane catches up to her on Jad-bal-ja.  Kalinga’s Batwa bearers run from the golden lion.  Kalinga refuses Jane’s offer to buy the little monkey.  Monkeys are held in great regard by the Batutsi because a monkey helped their king escape from a cave.  She is only trying to help N’kima lead a pleasant life.  When she realizes that N’kima’s life with Jane is one of mutual respect, she releases the monkey to her.  She invites Jane to visit her in Runadi Urundi.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.2 (Jane Story)

Kalith  -- mate of ape chief, Thurag.  When she looks for her balu, Little Teeb, Colin Durham, English lumberman, wounds her.  Tarzan mends her wounds with nonga leaves.  He saves her and Teeb from a leopard and makes a nest for them in a tree.
 Dell Number  -- 27

Kalomo  -- Waziri warrior who is in charge of feeding Argus.  He makes Boy promise not to release the giant eagle.  (Technically Boy does not release him, he rides him.)
 Dell Number  -- 44.1

Kalthor  -- high-ranking Cat Man priest from Crater Lake.  He takes Queen Nemah’s diving helmet and suit from her as she enters the Temple of Brule.  He reports to his Queen that the captives for the sacrifice will be coming through the airlock shortly.
 Dell Number  -- 38.1

Kalungo  -- Chief of the Kordo spearmen of the Mountains of Barongo.  They are the ruling class and treat the Nuba tribe like serfs and slaves.  They take from the Nubas anything they wish.  They punish any Nuba who touches a Kordo or his spear with death.  Tarzan leads a revolt of the Nuba people to overthrow their masters.  Kalungo attacks Tarzan with a knife.  He is no match for the ape-man.  Kalungo surrenders his people.  He agrees with the terms of surrender.  The Kordo will no longer make or use spears.  The Nuba people will teach them self-defense.  He agrees to live in peace and equality with the Nuba people.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Kandor, Axe Man of Jalur  -- Young blond man from Jalur.  He is exiled from Jalur when Gorgan the Greedy seizes the throne and wants his love, Luala, for his own.  He and Tarzan fight over a boar kill.  Tarzan knocks him down.  He explains his quest for the horn of the Great Rhinoceros to challenge Gorgan for the throne and reclaim Luala.  Tarzan leads him to the northern mountains of Pal-ul-don.  Along the way Tarzan saves him from a huge brown Pal-ul-don hyena.  Tarzan helps expose the flank of the rhino so that the axe man can kill the rhino.  Tarzan saves him from Imperial lions of Pal-ul-don.  Kandor carves the horn into a handle for his axe.  The people of Jalur cheer his return to the lion city.  Kandor easily defeats Gorgan for the throne.  Kandor makes Tarzan a Prince of Jalur.  Upon learning that Luala fled the city to avoid Gorgan, Kandor and Tarzan search for her.  Tarzan saves her from a Torodon.  Kandor pledges his kingdom to Luala.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.4
 Novel  --  name is close to Kandar, friend of Carson Napier (EV)

Kandor’s Uncle  -- Elderly man of Jalur with a graying beard.  Kandor asks him about Luala.  He informs Kandor that Luala fled the city to avoid the advances of Gorgan the Greedy.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.4

Karau  -- Karau is one of the made up names Tarzan calls out to make Juma and his gang think that government men are trying to surround them.  It works.
 Dell Number  -- 128.1

Karen Lane  -- Young blonde English girl.  She wears a leopard skin one-piece outfit.  She has short hair, wears red bracelets and earrings.  She was flying to Kenya to meet her father when her plane crashed.  The Inkota tribe captured her three years ago.  They keep her because they believe that a white skinned person ruling in harmony with the Queen will bring the Queen good luck.  She is kept in gold leg irons.  She escapes in a leopard drawn chariot.  They fall into a pit trap.  Tarzan pulls them out.  The Queen and her warriors capture them.  Karen is taken back to Inkota City in a chariot.  Tarzan has a baboon tribe raid the gardens of the Inkota.  He talks the Queen into letting Karen accompany him in bargaining with the dan-mangani.  Boy arrives with Argus and Aguila.  Tarzan and Karen fly away on the gold eagles.
 Dell Number  -- 92.1

Karfu  -- A lost tribe of natives living in a walled city at the head of a valley near the edge of Pal-ul-don.  They wear shorts and capes with an elaborate symbol on the back.  Inkosi Igwenyama rules them.  Their traditional enemy is the Naqui, rock climbers.  Their primary weapon is the crossbow with iron bolts.  They speak a language that is a form of Bantu.  They use slaves to grind grain with a large mill sweep.  Prisoners are first subject to the Ordeal.  If successful, they are made slaves.  If not, they are killed.  The Karfu captures Tarzan and Dr. Mac.
 Dell Number  -- 55.1

Kars  -- Kars was the leader of a tribe of apes.  An ape named Korak the Killer comes from afar and kills Kars.  Korak assumes leadership of Kars tribe.  Kars is not shown.
 Dell Number  -- 117.1

Karungo  -- The best warrior of the Achingas.  Tarzan easily defeats him.  Karungo becomes jealous of Tarzan’s popularity and of his being made war chief.  During the celebration of a peace agreement between the Achingas and the Mauris, Karungo and his two henchmen capture Tarzan in a buffalo hide.  They throw him over the ‘cliff of sacrifices.’  They go to the bottom of the cliff to retrieve the hide.  Tarzan confronts them there.  Karungo is convinced that Tarzan is a ghost and runs off.  Tarzan threatens the other two men.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

Karuri  -- War-like tribe near the mountains north of Tarzan’s jungle.  They prepare to attack the Mauri tribe.  An Achinga spy learns about the attack.  Tarzan and his Achinga warriors thwart the attempt despite the poison arrows of the Karuri.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

Kasana  -- The Kasana are a cliff dwelling tribe that lives in the cliff alongside of Lake Sana.  The Banga tribe, who keep them from hunting meat and stole their canoes, plague them.  Boy and Dombie bring them a canoe and a seine net.  The chief, Sumba, is delighted with the gifts but thinks the net is too big to cast.  Boy shows the Kasana how to properly deploy the net.  A storm forces them from the lake.  The Bangas attack.  They take a higher position and battle the Bangas.  A lightning strike makes the Bangas leave.  After the storm they retrieve the net so full of fish that they have to pull the net to shore to empty the net.  The Kasana are grateful for the gifts.
 Dell Number  -- 122.2

Katana  -- Katana is chief of his tribe.  His son Inolu comes to the kraal with a head wound.  He tells Katana that a white man tied to kill him.  Katana takes warriors to seek revenge.  They arrive to see the white hunter, Hawklin, being chased into the lake by Jad-bal-ja.  Tarzan saves him from the crocodile.  Katana wants to kill Hawklin.  Tarzan stops him.  Katana will obey Tarzan’s words.
 Dell Number  -- 127.1

Katana’s tribe  -- People under the rule of Katana.  The chief’s son, Inolu, comes to the kraal with a head wound.  He tells Katana that a white man tied to kill him.  Katana takes warriors to seek revenge.  Tarzan arrives at the kraal to discover only women in the village.  Inolu’s mother tells the ape-man that her son is alive and that Katana has taken warriors to kill the white man.  The Katana arrive to see the white hunter, Hawklin, being chased into the lake by Jad-bal-ja.  Tarzan saves him from the crocodile.  Katana wants to kill Hawklin.  Tarzan stops him.  Katana will obey Tarzan’s words.
 Dell Number  --  127.1

Katar  --  #115.1 Katar is a Mountain Man from Kroo Maun in Pal-ul-don.  He and his sister, Dera, are medicine people of their tribe, like their parents.  They travel to the Great Swamp in search of medicinal plants and herbs.  They are on a log in the swamp when they are attacked by Terribs.  They use up all their sling stones to no avail.  Tarzan rescues them.  The Jungle Lord transports them up river towards their home.  They stop for a meal.  Katar and Dera replenish their stones.  They show Tarzan a ball of sap from the karoo bush that they use as an antithetic.  A Hairy Giant appears in the river.  Katar fells him with a stone to the forehead.  A second giant captures Katar and Dera in a net and carries them to the giant’s cave.  Tarzan uses the ball of sap to put the giants, Katar, and Dera to sleep.  He rescues them and canoes them home to Kroo Maun.
No. 37 Katar and his people are referred to as the Slingers of Kroo Maun.  Katar and Dera greet Tarzan and Boy at the gates of the village.  A Hairy Giant has injured Jane.  They take them to their father, Bornu.  While Bornu works on healing Jane, Katar and Dera head the expedition of Slingers to Half Moon Lake to find healing bulbs for Tarzan’s Waziri friend.  When the giants attack, the Slingers cut them down with their stones.  At the lake, Dera shows Tarzan how to identify the plant they are seeking.  The giants approach again.  Tarzan has Katar and the Slingers make bundles of grasses, which he lights on fire and drops around the giants causing them to flee.  They return to the village.  The giants worry Bornu and Katar about night attacks.  Tarzan has the Slingers make beacon fires ready to be lit on platforms in trees.  A Slinger alerts them that the giants are coming.  The fires are lit.  The Slingers and Tarzan’s fire arrows defeat the giants.  Tarzan promises Katar to show them how to make and use bows.  A giant awakens and attacks.  Katar’s stone fells him.
 Dell Number  -- 115.1+No. 37

Katembe  -- Medicine man of the Moumamba tribe of the Lost City of the same name.  The old medicine man administers medicines to the two sick oil prospectors, Tobey and Harry, that Tarzan brings to the city.
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

Katumu  -- Katumu is one of the chiefs that Tarzan called to council to decide whether or not to allow the Arabs to sell rifles to the tribes.  The council is deadlocked with Katumu having the deciding vote.  His witch doctor, Faloka, advises him to vote yes.  Katumu is not sure if that is a good idea.  He wants to sleep on the question overnight.  Katumu dies of natural causes during the night.  Faloka drags his body out into the open and put some blood on him.  He accuses Kobu, the waterbuck, of killing the old chief.
 Dell Number  -- 115.2

Kazat  -- King of a tribe of baboons.  A leopard kills him.  Tarzan kills the leopard.
 Dell Number  -- 58.3

Keela  -- Name of one of the giant otters of the chief of the Stork Men.  The chief loans Keela to Tarzan to help search the Great Swamp for Boy.  In the battle with the Terribs, Keela and the other otter, Rungo, attack the Gorobar mounts of the Terribs.  The Terribs retreat to their underwater tunnels.
 Dell Number  -- 88.2

Keeper of Lions  -- Tarzan comes to the Keeper of the Lions at Cathne to get a lion skin that still carries a heavy scent.  The keeper has blue eyes and a gray beard and mustache.  He gives Tarzan the pelt.   Tarzan uses the pelt to stampede the buffaloes that the Torodons captured from the Gallugos.
 Dell Number  -- 56.3

Kenton, Margaret  -- wife of Rev. Kenton, a missionary.  They have a daughter Carol.  (See also: Kenton, Rev./Mr.)
  Dell Number  -- 23.2

Kenton, Rev./Mr.  -- missionary.  He has a wife, Margaret, and a daughter, Carol. The family leaves at Tarzan’s request to avoid the raiding band of Shiftas.  They are attacked by Shiftas who knock out the reverend, steal their daughter.  Margaret faints.  Tarzan saves them from a stalking lion, and then carries the reverend to Captain Armand Jacot and his troops.  Tarzan returns their daughter to them.
  Dell Number  -- 23.2

Kerchak, apes of  -- band of apes.  After watching their Dum-Dum, Tarzan enlists their aid in an attempt to rescue Jane from Ho-don outlaws.  It is unsuccessful.
 Dell Number  -- 6
 Novel  -- TA -- Kerchak is Tarzan’s ape father who hates him.

Khako  -- great ape that helps rescue Tommy Newsome.  He is wounded by Bolobo who he kills before he dies
 Dell Number  -- 1

Kiboko  -- The name of Tarzan’s hippopotamus friend.  Tarzan feeds Kiboko grass.  When the ape-man goes to save the inept hunters, Jacobs and Poley, Kiboko waddles after him.  The hunters turn from Jad-bal-ja to see Kiboko friendly yawn, which frightens them back to Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 75.2

Kifaru  --  #83.2 Name of one of Buto’s best spearmen.  He is injured by a gryf that terrorizes the kraal.
#96.2 Name of a fat chief that controls his people with chimps.  He is delighted to have Boy and Dombie serve him his food.
#100.2 the name Boy gives the toto rhino whose mother was killed by gimla.  Boy and Tarzan raise the rhino at the tree house.  When the adult Kifaru chases Jane up the tree ladder, Tarzan returns Kifaru to the wild.  Tarzan tries to protect Jad-bal-ja from the lion hunting Inandi.  Boy rides Kifaru into the hunters.  They scatter.  Boy jumps off Kifaru’s back.  Kifaru blindly chases enemies.  He catches Tarzan and Boy’s scent and leaves them alone.
 Dell Number  -- 83.2+96.2+100.2

Kifaru’s people  -- Kifaru controls his people with chimps who force the people to work and serve him.  The people do not seem to mind the arrangement because the chimps keep them safe from attack.
 Dell Number  -- 96.2

Kifu  -- A member of Mugambi’s tribe who was injured in the tidal wave that hits the village.  Tarzan binds his wounds.
 Dell Number  -- 73.1

Kifu’s wife  -- A member of Mugambi’s tribe.  She comes to Tarzan for help to bind the wounds of her husband who was injured in the tidal wave.
 Dell Number  -- 73.1

Kilumo  -- son of Muviro.  He is about to marry N’tala when she is pulled by a silver rope into    some trees and disappears.  Kilumo rushes to Tarzan for help.  He rescues her from the people of Arrack whose queen uses a giant spider to capture slaves.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1

Kimba  --  #79 (splash page) native boy eating sugar cane.

Kimbi and friend  -- Two native gem hunters on Fire Mountain.  They are unsuccessful.  They spot Boy and Dombie with full pouches of gems.  They steal the boy’s gems.  The boys jump them and apply Full Nelsons.  The volcano erupts and the native fear it is because the stole.  They drop the pouches and run for the river.
 Dell Number  -- 109.2

Kimbo  --  #67.2 Tarzan and Boy hear the wailing from Kimbo’s Kraal and go to investigate.  They learn from Kimbo that the King Leopard took his son from the shamba.  Tarzan tells him that he will hunt the leopard down and asks for a bull hide for protection.  Kimbo brings him one from his hut.
A#7.5 (Jane story) Jane travels to an unnamed village to discover N’kala and Kimbo problems.  N’kala is a great dressmaker but cannot work at it because her father, Kimbo, was injured in a lion hunt.  Jane purchases a loom in Nairobi for Kimbo.  It allows Kimbo to weave cloth and N’kala to make dresses.
 Dell Number  -- 67.2+ A#7.5 (Jane story)

Kimbo’s child  -- Tarzan learns from Kimbo that his one-year child was taken by the King Leopard.  Tarzan kills the leopard and finds its den.  He kills the leopard’s mate and discovers Kimbo’s boy child unharmed.  Tarzan surmises that the she-leopard was raising the child to take the place of the cubs she lost.
 Dell Number  -- 67.2

Kingbird  --  #50.1 - A fierce dove-sized bird.  They attack Tarzan as he flies on Argus to get fuel for Dr. Mervin’s airplane.  Tarzan shoots three of them with his bow.  Argus, fearing they will blind him, does a loop, and Tarzan falls from his back.  Argus out flies them.
#63.1 Aiglon takes off with Boy on its back.  They fly to Pal-ul-don where they are attacked by kingbirds.  They force Aiglon to dive into a tree, bringing them down to earth.
 Dell Number  -- 50.1+63.1

King Gallu  --  #A2.2 - From the valley of Kandomor King Gallu is the king of the Gallugos and father to Princess Tee-anna.  He is referred to as King Gallu, mighty buffalo.  The Gallugos use buffaloes as mounts.  King Gallu welcomes Tarzan, Muviro, and the three Waziri to their home.  He wants them to help repel the cannibals who plague them.  After the cannibals are repulsed, Tarzan advises the King to find a safer place to live.  He has a long white beard and mustache and is bald.  He wears a long blue toga and sandals.
#46.1 He has blue eyes, a long white beard and mustache, and wears Roman-type armor.  He is much more natural looking than his appearance in the Dell Annual.  The Gallugos take Tarzan’s advice and have left the valley in search of a new home.  They arrive at Cathne while the Terribs attack the city.  They drive the Terribs away.  Tarzan helps them kill off a pack of saber-toothed beasts that are after their buffaloes.  They stay in New Cathne while searching for a new home.  Tarzan takes them to a new area in Pal-ul-don.  After Tarzan subdues a gryf, King Gallu climbs on its back with Tarzan.
#56.3 King Gallu has shaved off his long white beard and mustache.  He is balding and wears green robes.  Tarzan informs the King of his intention of getting all the Gallugos buffaloes back from the Torodons.  Tarzan instructs him as to what is to do done.
#57.1 King Gallu gives Tarzan a choice of his buffalos for recapturing their buffaloes from the Torodons.  Tarzan chooses a calf, which he will feed growth pellets.
#66.1 He meets with Tarzan at Cathne.  They form an alliance with the Cathneans, Athneans, and Gallugos to oust the Talking Gorillas from Old Athne.  Tarzan shows King Gallu and his men how to sap the nabu tree of its juice to be used as a sleeping potion against the gorillas.  King Gallu has his men form a false caravan to pass near the gorillas’ strong hold.  The gorillas attack.  The Gallugos drop their load.  The Bolgani drink the juice and fall asleep.  The alliance defeats the gorillas.
#103.1 He is dark skinned balding with a hairy chest.  He does not wear armor like his warriors.  He arrives at the temporary camp of the Cathneans.  An earthquake has destroyed both Cathne and the city of the Gallegos.  Tarzan comes to broker a peace between the Gallegos and the Cathneans.  An army of mountain gorillas attack.  The Gallegos fight the gorillas.  The Cathneans join the Gallegos to defeat the bolgani.  King Gallu and Jathon agree a peaceful existence.
 Dell Number  -- A2.2+46.1+56.3+57.1+66.1+103.1

King Ilonyi  --  #59.3 King of the white pygmies.  King Ilonyi rides his antelope to Tarzan and informs him that Jane and his Queen, Ellenya, have been captured by La.  He delivers La’s message to Tarzan that the women will be sacrificed to the moon goddess unless Tarzan becomes her mate.  He wants to help Tarzan in the rescue attempt.  Tarzan refuses his help.  Ilonyi wears a long blue robe and boots.  He has short brown hair and a goatee.  (This could be Prince Illony from 49.1)
#82.1 King Ilonyi waits for Tarzan’s arrival at Opar before dealing with the gangsters that have come for the jewels of Opar.  Tarzan instructs him to select ten men to follow him into the Chasm of Opar after the gangsters.  Tarzan learns the robbers’ plan and has King Ilonyi hide in waiting while he attempts to help La.  An earthquake kills the gangsters.  Tarzan rejects La’s advances.  La instructs her crooked men to kill Tarzan. The Jungle Lord calls to King Ilonyi and his men.  Mounted on their antelope, White Pygmies rout the crooked men.  Tarzan bids fair well to Ilonyi.  He wears a dark blue hat and a sleeveless and short brown outfit, exposing the legs.  He is barefoot.  He has a black mustache.  (See also: Prince Ilonyi)
 Dell Number  -- 59.3+82.1

King Imanga  -- King Imanga, the lion king, calls for a durbar at his kraal.  He is a large man.  He sits on a throne outside as the chiefs from other tribes pay him honor.  The uninvited Bakongos tell the King that they have captured the Waziri representative.  They show the King a gorilla.  Imanga is insulted.  Boy and Dombie ride up on antelopes and refute the Bakongo claim.  Boy tells the King that Tarzan was the representative for the Waziri and that he has been captured by the Bakongos.  The King notices the gilded horns of the antelopes and believes Boy.  He has the Bakongos detained and sends warriors to rescue Tarzan.  When Tarzan comes to the durbar, Imanga presents the Jungle Lord with a robe of honor making Tarzan equal to the King.
 Dell Number  -- 125.2

King Inkomne  -- leader of the Nagosi.  His son, Inkolo, introduces Tarzan to him when they    return with the ransom for Ila, the sorcerer’s slave.  The Prince catches Ila when she faints because of a mamba.  He must condemn his son to face a wild buffalo.  He allows Tarzan to take his son’s place.  When Tarzan reveals Gogulu plot to trick the Prince, he condemns Gogulu, the sorcerer, and his son to face the buffalo.  He gives Ila the ransom money as a dowry to marry his son.
 Dell Number  -- 28

King Inkonga  -- King of the Moumamba tribe living in the Lost City of the Moumamba.  They live near a deafening waterfall and speak by means of sign language.  The King is friendly but tells Tarzan and the two oil prospectors, Tobey and Harry, that they can never leave the city.  He sends Tarzan out to hunt for meat with his chief hunter, as meat is scarce in the city.  Tarzan and the prospectors escape the city.
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

King Jathon  --  (See also: Jathon)

King Leopard  -- It is a large leopard that weighs as much as a man.  It is terrorizing the area of Kimbo’s Kraal.  It has killed fourteen women, five children, two men, and all the pigs in the area.  Tarzan and Boy set out to track it down.  Boy’s spear from a tree misses the leopard and hits its kill, a wart hog.  The leopard leaves.  They track it to the Field of Rocks.  The baboons help because it has taken many balus.  Tarzan kills it with his spear as the People of the Rocks throw rocks.
 Dell Number  -- 67.2

King Leopard’s Mate  -- Kimbo thinks that the King Leopard has taken his child.  It was actually the leopard’s mate.  After Tarzan kills the King Leopard is spies the leopard’s den.  He enters and kills the she-leopard with his spear.  He finds Kimbo’s son unharmed.  The she-leopard took the child to replace the cubs she lost.
 Dell Number  -- 67.2

King Loban  -- King of the island Lutor, which is located in the swamp/marsh of Pal-ul-don.
#34.2 He is known only as Princess Loma’s father.  He welcomes his daughter home after Tarzan saves her from the Terribs.  He invites Tarzan to Lutor.
#36.2 Tarzan introduces Muviro and the Waziri warriors to Loban and his daughter Loma.  Their crocodile crafts are attacked by Terribs.  He and his daughter shoot crossbows from the mouth of the craft.  Loban is wounded during the battle.  After the battle is won, he invites Tarzan and the Waziri to celebrate with them.
#38.1 King Loban looks like he could be in his forties or early fifties.  He has a black beard and mustache.  He sports a Roman type of helmet and a bluish toga with one arm free.  Loban returns to Lutor with Tarzan, Muviro, and three Waziri to discover his son, Prince Keelim, has been captured by the Cat Men of Crater Lake.  The King is resigned to the fact that the situation is hopeless.  When Tarzan says he will attempt a rescue, he quotes a Lutorian law that a brother or sister has the right to share in the rescue; thus, Princess Loma may accompany him.
#53.3 King Loban looks as if he is in mid-sixties with his white beard and mustache.  He wears a red-orange cap, blue clothes, and a green/brown furry vestment that hangs down to his boots.  Princess Loma tries to warn King Loban about the outlanders, Mike Nucco and his men.  The King is not worried and has Boy greet them.  When he sees the gangster slap Boy around, he commands his guards to spear them.  They are killed by machine fire.  Loban is forced to submit to the gangsters’ demands.  After the gangsters are overpowered, the King leaves their fate to Tarzan, who banishes them to an island in Pal-ul-don.  King Loban invites Tarzan and Boy to return to Lutor.
#59.1 King Loban searches the Great Barrier Swamp for his son, Keelim, who was captured by the Talking Gorillas.  Tarzan rescues Keelim and the other captives.  He meets King Loban’s boat in the swamp.  The Bolgani attack them.  A tidal wave caused by an earthquake wipes out the gorilla’s rafts.  The crocodile boats easily survive.  He wears Roman-type armor and has a black beard and mustache.
#70.1 Looking as he did in the earlier issue, King Loban provides Tarzan with a Lutorian escort mounted on giant swans for protection against the Terribs as he takes his hostage to Alur.
#71.1 once again Loban is an older man with white hair and beard.  When Tarzan comes to Lutor, King Loban is studying an old map of Lutor trying to figure out how to defend the city against the Terribs and Bolgani.  Tarzan offers him one hundred lions from Cathne.  Loban sends his crocodile boats to pick them up.
#88.2 King Loban and Princess Loma greet Tarzan who is looking for Boy.  He learns that Boy left yesterday.  They offer the Jungle Lord the help of the Lutorian ships to search.  Tarzan declines to accept.  King Loban has dark hair, full beard and a mustache.
A#6.2 King Loban is with Tarzan on his crocodile boat when they come upon Boy and Dombie, who have just escaped from the Golden Men on black swans.  King Loban has dark hair, full beard and a mustache and Roman-type armor.
#112.1 King Loban with dark hair, full beard and mustache greets Tarzan at the gates of Lutor.  An earthquake shakes the city.  The subsequent tidal wave causes Tarzan to lead the Lutorians to the upper reaches of the city.  A volcano rises in the lake surrounding the city.  The next day they take a crocodile boat out to view the volcano.  King Loban steers the craft.  Princess Loma spies an airplane that crashes.  They search for survivors.  Princess Loban steers the craft.  They rescue the down royal air force personnel from the Terribs.  They return to Lutor for a feast.  King Loban offers to make them officers in his navy.  Princess Loban pleads for them to stay.  They are honor bound to return.  A croc boat takes them to the mainland.
No. 51.7 King Loban with dark hair and full beard travels with Tarzan in a croc boat to the Valley of Monsters.  The Lutorians seal up the Garths in the valley by building a forty-foot wall.  They return to Lutor to discover that Princess Loma has taken the astronaut, Margaret Mackenzie, across the Great Swamp.  King Loban and Tarzan rescue their stranded craft, which is surrounded by finned dinosaurs.  Loban forgives his daughter for her foolish attempt.
 Dell Number  -- 34.2 +36.2+38.1+53.3+70.1+71.1+88.2+A#6.2+112.1+No. 51.7

King Lukah  -- white man who is the ruler of the Gomambas.  He is intelligent, cruel, and    insane.  He wears a fantastic costume.  He speaks with an American accent.  His village has electricity and in his palace he has a great library, works of art, and a movie screen.  He blinds his captured slaves with a poisonous juice.  When Tarzan escapes the slave quarters and goes for Lukah, he attempts to blind Tarzan with a water pistol filled with the juice.  Tarzan forces the gun back into the king’s eyes thus blinding him.
 Dell Number  -- 25.2

King Makwa  -- Makwa is the king of the Batuti tribe.  He is not shown in this story.  Some of his warriors capture Princess Kendra from the Hidden Ones.  They are in the process of bringing her to the King, when Tarzan spies them.  He does not like King Makwa so he rescues the Princess.
 Dell Number  -- 119.1

King Nikko  -- King of the White Pygmies living in the ruins of Opar.  He and his men, riding antelopes, find Tarzan bound on the Rock of Opar.  He brings Tarzan to their home and has a feast in the great square.  Tarzan convinces the King to help defend Cathne against the Talking Gorillas.  The next morning, Nikko demonstrates his prowess with a bola by wrapping up a vulture.  They use an elevator system to descend the Rock of Opar and rafts to transverse the Great Swamp to get to Cathne.  Tarzan directs them to attack the main Bolgani force, which is sneaking up on the city under grass camouflage.  Nikko and his men attack the Bolgani with torches and bolas.  After the gorillas are repelled from the walls, Nikko and his men drive the gorillas back into the jungle.  He is young and clean-shaven.  He wears a Roman-like helmet in battle with a red cape and no shirt.  In his home city he wears a gold laurel wreath on his head and togas.  (See also: Nikon - some references imply that he could be the same character.)
 Dell Number  -- A#4.1

King of Athne  --  #35 After Athne is destroyed by a volcano, he and his elephant men pursue the Cathneans.  He calls off his troops when Tarzan captures his son, Prince Ergon.  After the Prince’s return, they follow their mortal enemies to the Great Swamp.  The Cathneans prevent them from crossing the swamp so they pull out.
#39.2 When Doctor Maypool and his daughter, Ellen, are brought before him in New Athne, he relies on his son, Prince Ergon, for advice.  After Tarzan relates the events of the killing of the Athnean elephant, the King still holds the Maypool’s responsible and holds them as captives until Tarzan can pay their debt.
 Dell Number  -- 35+39.2

King of Elephants  --  #70.2 the leader of a tribe of pygmies living on an unnamed island in the Lake of the Mists.  He is also called Great Elephant, Protector of the People.  They revere the pygmy elephant.  He reunites Tarzan with Boy.  He accepts Tarzan’s offer to rid the island of the baboons that plague his people.  He offers this people help in the project.  Tarzan captures all the baboons and has them transported to the mainland.
 Dell Number  -- 70.2

King of Lipona  -- leader of the White Pygmies.  He has Tarzan teach his people how to use    bow and arrows.  After Tarzan leads the pygmies to victory over the vulture clan, he makes Tarzan a Prince of Lipona.
 Dell Number  -- 8

King of the Apes  --  #117.1 Tarzan calls himself the King of the Apes.

King of the Mermen  -- The king of the Mermen wears a tight skullcap with a small elephant head on the front of it.  He also has a necklace.  When Tarzan is captured, he forces him to compete in the Game of Death.  The King himself is part of the last challenge.  Tarzan easily defeats him and becomes the new King of the Mermen.  (See also: Mermen)
 Dell Number  -- 108.1

King of the Ivory City  -- no formal name given.  His son is the spoiled rotten Prince Mako.  The wise and just King frees Tarzan, Boy and the Waziri captives after Tarzan saves the King from an elephant that had gone on a mad rampage.
 Dell Number  -- 19.1

King of Opar  -- white pygmy leader of Opar.  He welcomes Tarzan and his family to Opar where they plan to move.  He has his people help Tarzan build a new home on the Rock of Opar.  During a royal hunt, trophy hunters capture his son, Prince Illony.  Tarzan goes to rescue him.  The clean-shaven King wears a red skullcap and looks nothing like King Nikon (#38.2), the last known king of Opar.  (See also - Nikon Prince/King)
 Dell Number  -- 49.1

King of Tohr  -- An American whose plane crashed near Tohr with electric equipment.  He uses the equipment to impressive the natives in the area.  He rebuilds the dead city of Tohr.  He builds an electric generator that is powered by human laborers.  The generator powers a silence machine that absorbs the sound waves in and around the city.  Tohr becomes known as the City of Silence.  Fear and superstition of the city protects the city and the American.  He sets himself as King and has no intention of leaving.  He captures anyone in the area to keep his secret about the City of Silence.  Tarzan ruins the silence machine.  Ozman, the chief workman, goes to the King to inform him of the broken machine.  The King wakes and places a wig on his balding head.  The arrogant King tries to have his guards capture the ape-man.  A guard throws a spear at Tarzan, who ducks.  The spear kills the King.  The King wore a purple outfit and smoked cigarettes.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.1

Kingori  -- Kingori is the name of the Baluga tribesman who gets porcupine quills in his leg from the porcupine disguise used by Boy and Dombie.  He wants Gati to spear them.  Gati tells him that it is bad luck to spear a porcupine.
 Dell Number  -- 131.2

King Suleiman  -- Ancient king of Israel, King Suleiman, presented the Queen of Sheba with golden armor.  The Armor of Suleiman has become the symbol of power for the Marehans, descendants of the Queen.
 Dell Number  -- 129.3

King Umpongwe  -- King Umpongwe orders Nogoni to execute a man who offended him.  Nogoni and his family run away.  King Umpongwe and his warriors track them.  Just as they close in on them, Tarzan charges in on Tantor.  Umpongwe and his men scatter.  They catch up to them again just as they cross the gorge of the Batumi River.  Tarzan cuts the rope so that they cannot follow.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.7

King Wilfred of Carmel  -- the leader of the knights of the Kingdom of Carmel.  (not seen)
 Dell Number  -- 13.1
 Novel -- LJ - (Sir Wilfred, a Knight of the Sepulcher)

Kisambu  -- Kisambu is an evil witch doctor living near Buto’s Village in a hut he calls the House of Magic.  He is slowly turning Buto’s young tribesmen against him.  He has the young men kill an elephant with a poison arrow.  Buto wants to banish the offenders.  Kisambu plots the destruction of Tarzan and Buto.  He has his trained chimp, N’kengo, wound him with a spear and accuses Tarzan of trying to kill him.  The Bamwe rise up against Buto.  Kisambu plots an attack on Tarzan and his family.  He makes magic on Buto’s young warriors to protect them against Tarzan.  Tarzan has secretly released N’kengo, who throws a spear at Kisambu.  Tarzan claims that this is proof that Kisambu was lying about Tarzan’s attack on him.  Kisambu commands the young Bamwe to attack Tarzan and Buto.  He runs to his House of Magic and retrieves a poison arrow.  N’kengo’s spear throw pins his foot to the ground.  Kisambu shoot the chimp with the arrow.  N’kengo throws a spear into Kisambu, killing him.
 Dell Number  -- 125.1

Kisumu  -- Kisumu is the chief of his tribe.  He is a very large man.  When Boy comes to the village asking about Dombie he says he knows nothing and sends him to the witch doctor, Kururi.  That night Kururi comes to him and tells him that he is going to kill Boy and that he expects the chief to dump the body in the river.  They plan to sell Dombie to the Wachinga.  Later the witch doctor scratches at his door.  The chief is defiant until he sees that Tarzan has discovered the kidnapped Dombie.  Kisumu begs for mercy.  Tarzan threatens him.
 Dell Number  -- 123.2

klipspringer  --  #62 (inside cover of the back page)
+A#7 (splash page - inside back cover)

Knobby  --  Knobby is Boy’s pet giraffe.  He is growing too large for the corral.  Tarzan tells Boy to increase the height of the corral.  When Boy and Dombie return from an errand for Jane, they learn that Knobby broke out of the corral.  The boys save Knobby from a leopard.  Knobby runs off.  The boys find Knobby with a herd of giraffes.  Boy is disappointed but leaves Knobby with the herd.
 Dell Number  -- 130.3

Kobamba  -- Kobamba is the chief of the Wakembi tribe.  He has very poor eyesight and wears glasses.  His tribe of buffalo herders is plagued by drought and under constant threat of the Gahinga tribe.  Tarzan tells him about an offer from the Masai to rid the lions in the Valley of Lions and they can move into the valley thus solving both tribes’ problems.  Kobamba is suspicious of the offer and thinks Tarzan is working for the Gahingas or the Masai.  The Gahinga start a fire to drive the Wakembi out of their kraal.  Kobamba orders his people to start back fires and to keep the herd together.  The fire gets too close and the people flee the village.  In the ensuing battle with the Gahingas, a spear through the heart kills Kobamba.
 Dell Number  -- 114.1

Kobo  -- Native of the Bangala tribe and animal trainer.  He has his trained zebra pull his cart to Tarzan’s tree house.  He asks for Tarzan’s protection from lion while in attempts to capture another zebra.  On the veldt Tarzan saves Kobo from an attacking lion.  They find a zebra colt that Kobo trains for Boy to ride.  They ride out into the jungle where lions attack them.  Kobo races back to the tree house to inform Tarzan.  A monkey throws a coconut at Kobo’s zebra that breaks the cart and runs off.  Kobo captures the monkey with a vine rope.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.2

Ko-bolgani  --  “mighty gorilla” - tribe of gorilla-like creatures of Ara-thol that have human-like brains.  They are built a city and created a device to shrink humans so they can force them to work in the Hills of Flashing Stone, a diamond mine.  They capture and shrink Tarzan, Muviro, and some Waziri warriors.  Tarzan single handily defeats them as they restore their size and promise not to shrink people any more.
 Dell Number  -- 10
 Novel --  (GL - probably relates to the gorillas of the Valley of the Palace of Diamonds who were part gorilla, great apes, and humans.)

Kobolo  --  Kobolo is an old balding, gray bearded advisor to Chief M’bulu.  He councils the chief to get the Waziri on their side against the Masai, who are raiding their cattle.  When Boy and Dombie walk into the village, Kobolo suggests to the chief that they hold the boys hostage to force the Waziri and Tarzan to help them.  They do but the boys escape.
 Dell Number  -- 117.2

Kobu  --  #115.2 Boy rides Kobu, the waterbuck into the council of chiefs.  One of Kobu’s horns bursts one of the air filled bladders on Faloka’s, the witch doctor, knees.  The next day Faloka accuses the waterbuck of killing his chief, Katumu.  Boy tries to defend Kobu.  A trial by combat is set up between Kobu and Faloka.  Boy tells Kobu that Faloka is his enemy and will try to kill him.  Kobu wins the trial.  (Kobu is an interesting choice for a name.  It is a combination of the ape/Pal-ul-don language of ko and bu.  Depending on which language you choose the name could mean ’mighty male’ or ’mighty moon.’)
#119.1 Kobu is a prince of the Hidden Ones.  He searches for his missing sister, the Princess Kendra.  He and his men find the desecrated tomb and track the Batuti raiders.  When they catch up to them, they find Tarzan fighting the raiders.  The Batuti flee.  Kobu demands that Tarzan tell him the whereabouts of his sister.  Kendra appears and explains that Tarzan rescued her.  Kobu wears an Egyptian headdress except that it is colored solid pink.  He has long chin hairs and looks very much like Yul Brenner in “The Ten Commandments.”
 Dell Number  -- 115.2+119.1

Ko-den  -- Ko-den is the Ho-don who questions the path the hunting dogs are taking while they are hunting Tarzan and the Wazdons.  In the Pal-ul-don language Ko-den means mighty tree.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.5

Ko-don  --  #6 Pal-ul-don for mighty man.  He is king of the outlaw Ho-dons.  He and his outlaws captured Jane.  Tarzan kills him with the ball and chain he had placed around Jane’s leg.  #9 -Viceroy of Ja-lur for Ja-don.  His men help in the retaking of A-lur from Dak-lot.
 Dell Number  -- 6+9
 Novel  --  (TTe - Ko-tan, Pal-ul-don for mighty warrior.  King of A-lur who hated Ta-den  and tried to keep him from his daughter, O-lo-a.  He collaborated with  Lu-don against Tarzan, Dor-ul-otho.  He was assassinated by a drunken Bu-lot.)

Koert Van Dyck  -- The son of Conrad and Martje Van Dyck, South African pioneers.  As Tarzan, Conrad, and grandpa Jan search for a new home for them, Martje, Koert, and Boy are forced to flee from a veldt fire by covered wagon.  They ride into a belt of deadly red flowers.  The mules collapse into a gully.  They all fall asleep.  From inside the valley Paul Norden rescues them from the flowers.  Tarzan swims underwater into the valley.  He builds a boat and pulls them back through the waters to safety.
 Dell Number  -- 94.2

Kola  -- Name of the ape that has lost her balu and sees Lula, Dombie’s sister.  She takes Lula to replace her lost baby.  She hears a leopard call, which is actually Boy’s leopard call device, and abandons Lula.
 Dell Number  -- 55.2 (Boy Story)

Kolo  -- go-mangani who Tarzan befriends and pays the price for Leelah, his love, so they can marry.  Arab slavers capture them.  Tarzan rescues them and other slaves.  With Tarzan’s help they establish a new community on an island in a mangrove swamp
 Dell Number  -- 12

Kolulu  -- Kolulu is a young Wakembi tribesman.  He is the nephew to the chief, Kobamba.  He has a long stick or bone through his nostrils.  The bone/stick is pointed on both ends.  Tarzan approaches the kraal.  Both Tarzan and Kolulu recognize each other.  Kolulu brings the ape-man to his uncle.  Kobamba is suspicious of Tarzan’s offer to move into the Valley of Lions made by the Masai to rid the valley of lions.  Kolulu defends Tarzan.  The Gahinga start a grass fire that threatens the Wakembi buffalo herd and their village.  Tarzan and Kolulu manage to turn the herd against the Gahingas.  Kobamba is killed during the battle.  The Wakembi warriors select Kolulu to be their new chief.  Kolulu takes Tarzan’s suggestion to move into the Valley of Lions.  They use their buffaloes to drive out the lions.  The Masai offer Kolulu the valley and their friendship.
 Dell Number  -- 114.1

Kolumbwe  -- A group of native raiders who are also known as the Horned Men because they wear one horn on top of their heads.  They are from the marshlands.  They live on a series of islands on the river.  They use very fast canoes to attack their neighbors.  They prefer to attack with superior numbers.  They attack the fishing village of the Luemba who flee.  The white buffalo, Tar-gund, catches Tarzan’s scent and stampedes his herd through the Kolumbwe warriors.  A few of the raiders escape in the canoes the buffaloes did not smash.  They stand in their canoes as they paddle.  Tarzan lures the Kolumbwe into a Luemba attack.  The twin-hulled canoes Tarzan designed smash the Kolumbwe canoes.  The Luemba extend the attack to the island village of their enemy.  The Kolumbwe valiantly defend their families but are repulsed.  Their chief is captured.
 Dell Number  -- 111.1

Koma  -- The name of the eland that Dombie rides as he accompanies Boy in delivering a message to Tarzan.  Boy is thrown from his eland as he fights a leopard.  Dombie dismounts his eland to help his friend.  The eland runs off.
 Dell Number  -- 53.2 (Boy story)

Kom  -- great ape, son of Mundo.  Wearing many jewels recovered from the Shark Lagoon, Kom thinks Tarzan is one of the tarmangani who are killing the apes.  He chases him.  Evil white hunters wound him as he and Tarzan reach a tree platform.  Tarzan removes the bullet.  As Tarzan leaves, Kom reaches for the ape-man and falls from the tree.  Burke and his henchman finish him off.
 Dell Number  -- 46.3

Kondi(s)  -- Tribe of raiders and cattle thieves.  Fifty warriors are on their way to steal Buto’s cattle when they come across Boy dressed in ostrich feathers and dancing.  They think he is magic and follow him.  Tarzan signals Boy to lead them into Red Canyon.  Boy promises to bring the cattle to them.  The Kondi think the gods are with them.  Tarzan, Buto and his men stampede cattle into the canyon.  The Kondi attempt to spear Boy.  They must drop their weapons to scale the walls.  They are captured.  They agree to never raid this area again.  Tarzan releases them.  They have large cylinders through their ear lobes.
 Dell Number  -- 92.2

Kongoni  -- Chief hunter of the Moumamba tribe.  King Inkonga sends Tarzan with Kongoni to hunt for meat that is scarce in the city.  Kongoni tells Tarzan to leave the rouge elephant alone because it is a killer.  Tarzan saves Kongoni from the elephant by killing the rouge with his spear.
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

Kontino  -- native captive of the Giants, who Tarzan befriends.  Kontino informs Tarzan about the practices of the Giants.  When the mangani attack, Tarzan tells the native to inform his people to struggle only for a little while because the mangani will not hurt them.  This fools the Giants.  Tarzan rescues the natives as well as the mangani wives.
 Dell Number  -- 37.1

Koodo  -- leader of an ape tribe that fights with Tarzan.  Burke and his partner shoot the mangani causing him to fall unconscious.  They take a jeweled necklace off the ape.  As Koodo revives, Tarzan attempts to distract the evil white hunters so he can escape.  They shoot Tarzan out of a tree.  Koodo attempts to save Tarzan.  The bad tarmangani kill Koodo.  Tarzan escapes.
 Dell Number  -- 46.3

Ko-pen  -- a teacher of the White Pygmies.  He teaches Tarzan, Boy and Dombie the pygmy language.
 Dell Number  -- 8

Korak  --  #28 the king of the apes of Opar.  He is enraged by Tarzan’s presence in Opar.  Tarzan knocks him out with one punch.  He and his tribe throw rocks at Tarzan as he descends the cliff of Opar.
#32.2 - Member of the tribe of Torglat.  A white hunter captures his mate, Akla.  He helps Tarzan rescue her.
#48.2 Member of a great ape tribe who goes with Boy to rescue Dombie from the M’bongos.
#50.2 He goes with Boy and helps rescue Wanda Newland from the M’bongos.
#51.3 He carries Harvey Norton across a gorge on Tarzan’s rope.  He hides as Tarzan and Harvey enter the Hokyus Village in search of Harvey’s son Bruce.  Some how Korak gets hold of Harvey’s pistol.  He accidentally fires it.  This alerts the Hokyus of the escape attempt.  Korak helps Tarzan fight off the Hokyus patrol.
#68 (inside back cover) Tarzan rescues Korak, the ape, from Drossa, the meat-eating planet from Pal-ul-don.
A#4.1 - Name of one of the Talking Gorillas who attack Tarzan and the Cathneans.  He calls himself Korak the terrible.
A#4.2 (Boy story) two American boys playing cowboys and Indians tie Boy and Dombie to a tree.  Boy calls for Korak, Jad-bal-ja, and Tantor to help.  The America boys run away when the animals come.  Korak unties Boy and Dombie.  Boy uses Korak and Tantor to save the boys from an elephant herd.
#117.1 an outsider ape named Korak the Killer kills Kars and assumes the leadership of his tribe.  He forces the tribe to raid the shamba of the Waziri.  Achunga, a Waziri, tries to stop him.  Korak almost kills him.  Muviro and the Waziri drive them off.  Some of the apes die from the wounds sustained in the skirmish.  Korak calls for a Dum-Dum.  He whips up the young bulls into a frenzy against the Waziri.  The older bulls are reserved.  Tarzan challenges Korak for leadership of the tribe.  Tarzan dominates the fight.  A young bull knocks out Tarzan with a club from behind.  The older bulls subdue the younger bulls and demand that Tarzan be named king.  Korak is told to leave.  He goes through Waziri country.  The Waziri, Barondi, thinks he is going to raid the shamba and kills the killer.
#119 (splash page “Mountains of the Moon“) ape.
 Dell Number  -- 28+31.2+48.2+50.2+51.3+68 (inside back cover)+A#4.1+A#4.2 (Boy story) +117.1+119 (splash page “Mountains of the Moon“)
 Novel -- ST - (ape) killer.  Nickname given to Tarzan’s son Jack Clayton.

Kordo  -- They are a tribe of spearmen living in the Mountains of Barongo.  They conquered the Nuba tribe long ago and treat them like serfs and slaves.  They constantly inspect the Nubas for sharp weapons, which they forbid them to possess.  They take whatever they wish from the Nuba people.  It is against the law to touch a Kordo or his spear.  Kalungo is their chief.  They are a thin people and basically lazy.  Their village is made up of cylindrical houses with conical roofs.  On the full moon, they hold the Feast of Warriors on Table Rock.  It is a night of war contests.  They sleep unguarded on the rock that night, believing it to be safe from attack.  Tarzan and Buto lead the Nuba people to Table Rock and defeat the Kordo spearmen .  The Nuba burn the Kordo spears and force them to agree not to make new ones.  They agree to live as equals.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Kos (O Kos) --  term or named is unclear.  Used by a Skraeling.  It could be a reference to the chief of the Skraelings. Induna.  Or it could by a Skraeling word for thunder.
 Dell Number  -- 91.1

Kraath  -- Giant otter trained by the Stork Men to attack the Gorobars, the lizard mounts of the Terribs.   Kraath and another otter named Kreeg have been obtained by the Lutorians.  Princess Loma releases the otter pair as she comes upon the battle between the Lutorians and the Terribs.  The otters attack the lizards and the Terribs flee.  Loma recalls the otters by blowing into a shell.
 Dell Number  -- 70.1

Kralu  -- great gray ape that steals Carol Kenton away from the Shifta band.  He feeds her bananas but does not watch over her too closely as Tarzan must save her from two hyenas.
 Dell Number  -- 23.2

Kreeg  -- Giant otter trained by the Stork Men to attack the Gorobars, the lizard mounts of the Terribs.   Kreeg and another otter named Kraath have been obtained by the Lutorians.  Princess Loma releases the otter pair as she comes upon the battle between the Lutorians and the Terribs.  The otters attack the lizards and the Terribs flee.  Loma recalls the otters by blowing into a shell.
 Dell Number  -- 70.1

kronosaurus  --  A#3.5 In the Great Swamp Tarzan encounters a kronosaurus as he fishes for food for Argus.  The large dinosaur grabs the catfish that Tarzan was about to spear.  This is Tarzan’s first clue that something is wrong in the Valley of Monsters.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.5+65 (splash page)

Kroog  -- white savage of the Vari who captures Tarzan and Paul D’Arnot.  He becomes their friend and later helps in the restoring the throne to the rightful ruler of Vari
 Dell Number  -- 1

Koth  -- great ape that was captured by Murdo and Syke.  He was taken to Florida and later rescued by Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 23.1

kudu  --  #103.1 an antelope.  A crocodile and some lions fight over the body of a kudu.
#106.2 Boy and Dombie ride kudus to search for a cheetah to capture to protect the Waziri shamba.  They chase a cheetah until it drops from exhaustion.  The kudus won’t let them carry the bagged cheetah on their backs.  The boys build a travois for the kudus to pull.  The antelope smell the cheetah and bolt.  They leap off an embankment and into the river.  The boys and the bagged cheetah fall into the river.  The kudus run off pulling the empty travois.
#131.1 there is a large number of kudus living in the Kudu Hills.  Tarzan brings Muviro there so he can kill a kudu for its horn, the source of medicine for Muviro’s rheumatism.  Muviro spears a kudu.  The antelope runs and falls off a cliff leading to the Canyon of No Return.  Tarzan carries Muviro down the sheer cliff to discover a horn was broken off in the fall.
 Dell Number  -- 103.1+106.2+131.1

Kulah  -- Native servitor of Al Jemel.  He brings the slaver his breakfast.  He refers to the Arab leader as ‘Sidi.’  He informs Al Jemel that their captive, Barbara Wales, refuses to eat.
 Dell Number  -- 44.2

Kulu  -- a pygmy and jungle engineer.  They build suspension bridges of liana vines over rivers.
  Dell Number  -- 70 (splash page)

Kumar -- native from Lutor.   Tarzan frees the unconscious native from the web of Arachna.  He revives him with berries from the Lemoka Bush.  Kumar tells Tarzan that the poison sac from the giant spider contains a cure for Swamp Fever.  When a spider approaches Tarzan, Kumar bravely attacks.  Tarzan saves Kumar from the Arachna.  He offers to take Tarzan to the Stork Men Village via crocodile boat.  Kumar signals the boat with a double column of green smoke.  They head for the village.
 Dell Number  -- 50.1

Kumathi  -- Wise old elephant cow that leads the herd in the absence of Tantor.  Tarzan rides on her back.  When the ivory poachers helicopter approaches, Tarzan uses her to lead the herd into the forest.
 Dell Number  -- 48.1

Kunah  -- The dead albino brother of King Umboma of the Gomah.  Umboma believes that the spirit of his brother is in an albino elephant that terrorizes the area.  Kunah, the albino elephant:  The rouge is eight feet tall and has a toe missing from its left front foot.  He has killed most of the Gomah best hunters.  Tarzan and Sumolu, another Gomah hunter, seek the elephant.  Tarzan saves Sumolu from Kunah.  He gets Kunah to chase him over a cliff into a river.  Tarzan tracks the albino and discovers that the pachyderm is an outcast from other elephant herds.  Tarzan saves some Gomah farmers from Kunah’s wrath.  The albino smashes a hut.  Tarzan gets the rouge to chase him up a hill leading to a cliff.  An elephant that has tracked Kunah charges in and pushes Kunah over the cliff to its death.
 Dell Number  -- 102.1

Kuni  -- name of the dyal that Jalima, Jorah’s sister, rides to look for Tarzan.  This dyal is more colorful than previously depicted dyals.  It has a golden body with a white crest and head.  Its beak is yellow.  Jalima uses a harness.  After Tarzan saves her from a gorilla, he accompanies her as she rides Kuni back to Pal-ul-don.
 Dell Number  -- 87.1

Kurok  -- The great ape Kurok fights with the ape Throg over Ta-den’s armband they found in a sandbar.  A flash flood leaves them surrounded by crocodiles.  Tarzan rescues them with a rope.  They declare Tarzan their gund and want to follow him to Tohr.  Tarzan leaves them but promises to hunt with them someday.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.1

Kusa  -- Waziri female.  Wife of Balulu and Dombie’s aunt.  She is thrown into a tree by a buffalo.
 Dell Number  -- 45.2

Kururi  -- Kururi is the witch doctor to Kisumu.  Kisumu calls him the doctor of magic.  The balding man is in control of the chief and the village.  Boy comes to the witch doctor asking about Dombie.  He claims to know nothing.  Boy decides to sleep in the lion’s hut that night.  Kururi goes to the chief and tells him that he is going to kill Boy and that he expects the chief to dump the body in the river.  A lion startles him at the hut.  Tarzan grabs him and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t tell him where Dombie is.  He leads them to Dombie and then to the chief’s hut.  Tarzan will turn Kururi over to the Waziri for punishment.
 Dell Number  -- 123.2

Kuvuru  --  #47.1 Witch doctor of the lost race of white natives with blonde hair.  They live inside a volcano.  Kuvuru loves Queen Lula, so does Ruandi.  Kuvuru has Ruandi placed on a raft as a sacrifice to a plesiosaurus.  He attempts to marry Inkosa Lula.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac rescue Ruandi and stop the marriage ceremony.  Dr. Mac tries the magic of a balloon on the witch doctor.  The snake that Kuvuru wears around his neck pops the balloon.  Tarzan and the others almost escape but are captured.  Kuvuru takes Lula aside and has the others placed on a raft for the saurian monster.  Lula frees them, and they escape through a tunnel in the volcano.
 Dell Number  -- 47.1
 Novels  -- TQ - Kavuru - a tribe of white savages who abduct young girls to obtain their glands for their immortally potion.



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