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Volume 1690j
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


jackal  -- Tarzan, Manga, and Dombie are in search of the Royal Ring.  Tarzan spots a jackal carrying it in its mouth.  Tarzan throws his knife at it handle first.  He misses.  The jackal runs off.
 Dell Number  -- 93.1

Jacobs  -- Inept white hunter.  He is thin and has a partner named Poley.  They slap the nephew of the Morobo chief causing their bearers to desert them.  They are hopelessly lost.  They sit on some red ants that attack them.  They shed their shirts.  Tarzan finds them and disposes of their rifles.  He and Jad-bal-ja lead them to a kopje for water.  Poley throws rocks at some baboons.  Tarzan commands Jad to frighten off the baboons.  Tarzan brings them a pig for food.  They donít know how to cook so Tarzan does it for them.  As the Morobo tribe approaches to punish or kill the hunters, Tarzan carries Jacobs and Jad carries Poley to safety.  Tarzan pays some natives to take the hunters to Nairobi by canoe.
 Dell Number  -- 75.2

Jad-bal-ja  --  (pal) ďthe golden lionĒ - Tarzanís friend and companion.
#13.2 First appearance.
#15.2 - weight given as six hundred pounds.
#20.2 - is captured by Murdock, freed by Tarzan.
#23.1 captured by Murdo and Syke and transported to Florida.  Rescued by Tarzan.
#25.2 helps Tarzan free the blinded slaves of King Lukah.
#34.1 Jad-bal-ja and his three sons protect Carla Mason for the Bundwala tribe.  Later they help Tarzan scare off the Bundwalas.
A #1.1 Tarzan calls on the golden lion to help him rescue white pygmy women who have been captured by Shifta slavers.  Jad-bal-ja saves Tarzan who is about to have his head bashed in by a Shifta.  After the rescue he carries Tarzan and six pygmies on his back to the pygmy camp.
A #1.2 With Tarzan on Bara, Boy rides Jad-bal-ja to Cathne.  Tarzan believes that a flood has killed Boy and Jad.  Later Jad-bal-ja and Boy find Tarzan unconscious in a hole.  Tarzan uses ropes to pull the lion out of the hole.
#48.2 the golden lion accompanies Boy and the ape Korak in the rescue of Dombie from the Míbongos.
#50.2 The Golden Lion is hunting with Boy.  Jad-bal-ja kills a zebra for food.  The lionís growls disturb the Míbongo kidnappers of Wanda Newland.  After Boy and Korak, the ape, rescue Wanda, Jad-bal-ja carries her back to her safari car.
#52.2 (Boy story) When Boy is captured by the Bolgani, Jad-bal-ja calls to his pride to give chase.  Jad-bal-ja continues the chase into the Great Thorn Desert and rescues him.
#57.3 the golden lion feeds on a zebra killed by a rifle.  Tarzan warns him away because he believes that a hunter is setting lions up for a kill.
#58.2 (Boy story) Boy tries unsuccessfully to get Jad-bal-ja to go hunting with him.  When Boy is in danger of being killed by ostriches, he calls for the golden lion.  Jad-bal-ja kills one of birds and scares off the other.  According to Waziri law, the killing of an ostrich single-handed earns the young man the right to be called warrior.  Jad-bal-ja wonít wear his plumes as he carries Boy home.
#60.2 (Boy story) Boy and Jad-bal-ja track the trapper who has captured Balja, Jadís mate, through Nairobi to the wild animal compound.  They free Balja and the other animals.
A#4.2 (Boy story) Two American boys tie Boy and Dombie to a tree.  Boy calls for Jad-bal-ja, Korak, and Tantor to help.  The American boys run away when the animals come.
#71.2 Tarzan has Boy use Jad-bal-ja and Tantor chase the thieving Míbongos from the area.
#75.2 Jad accompanies Tarzan as he searches for the inept hunters, Jacobs and Poley.  The hunters are afraid of the golden lion.  Tarzan and Jad lead the hunters to a kopje for water.  Tarzan and Jad leave them there to hunt for food.  The hunters disturb a tribe of baboons living near the kopje.  Tarzan has Jad frighten the baboons away.  When the Morobo tribe, who are seeking the hunters, come close to the party, Tarzan places Poley on Jadís back to ride to safety.  Tarzan carries Jacobs.
A#5.4 Jad accompanies Tarzan to the City in the Sands.  The golden lion waits outside of the city.  He travels with Tarzan and Hussein to the foothills of the Blue Mountain Range.  While they pan for gold, Jad guards them from surprise attack.  Jad frightens off a jungle savage.  Tarzan and the Beni Adhemi go to the Arab market city of Marrach to buy supplies.  Jad slips over the wall of the city and finds Tarzan at the Inn of the Three Dervishes.  He leaps into the second story window.  When bandits break into the room Tarzan reveals the presence of the huge lion.  The bandits believe Jad to be a djinni and scramble out of the inn.  Tarzan restrains Jad from following them.  The Sheik Ali follows the Ben Adhemi caravan through the Gorge of Baboons.  Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja greet the robbers on the other side of the gorge.  The bandits are routed.
#86.1 Jad-bal-ja accompanies Tarzan to a dead city.  They save Cabot and Laura Sutton from hyenas.  Tarzan finds the bearers who deserted them.  He is unsuccessful in convincing them to return to the Suttons.  One of the bearers points his rifle at the ape-men.  Tarzan signals Jad with a mimic of a lion.  Jadís roar causes the bearerís shot to go into the air.  The golden lion accompanies Tarzan and the Waziri to the dead city.  The Waziri help Tarzan pull Jad to the top of the seamless tower.  Tarzan and Jad threaten the Tuaregs who have captured the Suttons.  After the archeologists are rescued, Jad leaves with Tarzan and the Waziri.  #89.1 Jad-bal-ja is hunting with Tarzan when they come upon Sir Ronald Crabtree.
#92.1 Tarzan keeps Jad-bal-ja from falling into a pit trap.  Moments later Karen Lane and her leopard pulled chariot fall into the trap.  Tarzan rescues them and Jad leaves.  The Inkota tribe captures Tarzan and Karen.  They give the ape-man freedom to roam.  He meets with the golden lion and tries a message to the lionís mane and sends him to Boy.
#100.2 Jad sleeps near the tree house.  Inandi warriors hunt Jad-bal-ja.  Tarzan leads the golden lion to a kopje.  The hunters surround them.  Boy rides the rhino, Kifaru, into their midst, thus scattering them.  Tarzan, Jad, and Boy head for home.
#106.1 The Golden Lion hunts with Tarzan.  They separate.  Jad falls in a pit trap.  Tarzan is hit with a knob stick.  He falls into the pit.  The native trappers shoot Jad with a sleeping potion arrow.  They sell their captives to Castrum Mare for the arena games.  Soldiers loyal to the murdered emperor help Tarzan and Jad escape.  Tarzan and Jad run through the city as a diversion so the loyalist can escape to the fishing boats.  Tarzan and Jad capture the new Emperor Paetus Augustus and bring him to the ships as a hostage.  They outwit the war galleys of Castrum Mare.
No. 25.2 (Jane Story) Jane rides Jad-bal-ja to the Bororo Market in search of Níkima.  She leaves Jad out of site of the market.  Learning that Níkima has been sold to a Batutsi lady, she rides Jad to catch up with her.  The sight of the lion frightens off the ladyís bearers.  Jane convinces the Batutsi lady that Níkima would be happier with her.  Jane takes Níkima home on Jad-bal-ja.
#123 (splash page) with Tarzan.
#123.2 Boy takes Jad-bal-ja to search for the missing Dombie.  Jad leads him to Kisumuís Kraal.  Jad waits outside the village until night when he sleeps with Boy in the lionís hut.  A lion comes.  Jad chases off the lion.
No. 51.2 (Boy Story) Buto, Boy, Dombie and Jad-bal-ja come across an antelope caught in a vine snare.  They release the animal and have Jad trail the poachers.  They come to a huge boulder blocking a tunnel.  Buto rolls the stone away and enters the tunnel.  The boys and Jad remain behind.  They hear the sounds of fighting.  Jad accidentally rolls the stone back in place.  After the boys watch the Ordeal of Mumbo from the top of the mountain, they have Jad push the boulder away from the tunnel.    The boys and Jad enter the area.  A poacher pulls away a branch and a stone rolls over the entrance.  Buto grabs the axe and smashes the stone.  They go home.
#126.2 - Jad-bal-ja is frightened by the cowbell that Boy has tied to his tail.  He runs off.  Jad accompanies Tarzan to Mobukoís Kraal.  The golden lion jumps between Boy and the charging leopard.  He frightens the Leopard Men back into their hut.  He starts to tear at the hut.  He heads for home with Tarzan and Boy.  #127.1 Jad-bal-ja and his mate fight a crocodile for Jadís antelope kill.  Tarzan kills the croc.  Later Tarzan asks the golden lion to guard Hawklin while he goes to Katanaís kraal.  Hawklin slips into his tent and gets a rifle. As he emerges from the tent, Jad disarms the evil white hunter and chases him into the lake.
#130.1 Tarzan is hunting with Jad when they learn about the earthquake at the Rock of Opar from the White Pygmies.  Tarzan and Jad go to Opar to investigate.  A geyser is filling the valley with sulfur smelling water.  Tarzan and the golden lion swim out to the Temple of the Moon.  Tarzan rescues La who was being sacrificed by the Oparians who blamed her for the earthquake and the geyser.  Tarzan places La on Jad-bal-jaís back and has her ride to the Oparians.  They are duly impressed by her control of the lion.  The geyser erupts again and the Oparians turn on La once more.  Tarzan is knocked out trying to protect La.  Jad jumps in to protect Tarzan from the angry ugly men.  The Oparians call Jad the Lion of the Lake.  Tarzan wakes and calls off Jad.  Tarzan climbs the sheer face of the rock.  He throws down a vine rope, which the Oparians make into a sling.  Tarzan pulls Jad-bal-ja and La up to the top of the rock.  After an earthquake destroys ancient Opar on top of the rock, Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja slip quietly away.
 Dell Number  -- 13.2+15.2+20.2+23.1+25.2+34.1+A 1.1+A 1.2+48.2+50.2+52.2+57.3 +58.2 (Boy story)+60.2 (Boy story) +A#4.2 (Boy story) +71.2 +75.2 +A#5.4 +86.1 +89.1 +92.1 +100.2+106.1 +No. 25.2 (Jane Story) +123 (splash page)+123.2 +No. 51.2 (Boy Story) +126.2 +127.1 +130.1
 Novel  -- GL+TI+CiG

Jad-bal-jaís sons  -- three lions with full manes.  They help Jad-bal-ja protect Carla Mason from the Bundwala tribe.  Later they help Tarzan scare off the Bundwalas.
 Dell Number  -- 34.1

Jad-ben-otho  -- as Tarzan, Ja-don, Muviro, and the Waziri warriors approach Alur, the narration calls the place ďthe green valley of Jad-ben-othoĒ
 Dell Number  -- 24.2
 Novel            -- TTe - ďThe Great GodĒ (Pal) Chief deity of Ho-don and Waz-don alike.

Ja-don  --   #9 King of A-lur, father to Ta-den.  While hunting with Tarzan, Dak-lot overthrows A-lur.  With Tarzan and the Waz-dons help they retake the city and Dak-lot is killed.  He is a white man with high forehead and pointed ears.
#16.1 black man with pointed ears.
A #1.3 - Tarzan calls Jadon, the Lion King.  He is drawn as a white man with brown hair.  Riding Argus, Tarzan finds Jathon on an island after Alur has been overrun by Torodons mounted on gryfs.  Tarzan organizes Jadonís men and Jorahís dyal mounted warriors in a counterattack.  They retake Alur.
#124.1 Ja-don, the Third, is King of Ja-lur.   The captured Tarzan is brought before the young blond king.  He gives Tarzan a choice to join them or die in a cell.  Tarzan chooses the cell.  Ja-don plans to attack A-lur before dawn.  The Ja-lur warriors break through the gates of A-lur.  They battle the A-lur army.  Tarzan unites the two cities against the Terribs who have slipped into the city.  Together they defeat the Terribs.  Ja-don and Ta-den agree to live in peace.
 Dell Number  -- 9+16.1+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don) + A 1.3+A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don) +124.1
 Novels -- TTe - ďLion ManĒ (Pal) - Ta-denís father, the chief of Ja-lur, the Lion City.  After Ko-tanís assassination he tried to protect A-lur from the             machinations of Lu-don.  After Lu-donís defeat he was made King of Pal-ul-don.

Ja-dor  -- Ja-dor is the name of the giant lion created for the Cathneans to battle the Dinohyus.  It is the one of three giants Tarzan created.  Ja-dor is the one that Tarzan and Jathon ride into the battle.  (See also: Giant Lions)
 Dell Number  -- 123.3

Jala  -- White, blonde woman, sister to King Jaden of Alur.  When Tarzan, Jadenís army, and Jorahís army attack the Torodons who have taken over Alur, a Torodon grabs Jala, climbs up a statue, and throws her down.  Tarzan riding Argus swoops in and catches her.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.3

Jalima  -- Jorahís sister.  She rides her dyal, Kuni, in search of Tarzanís help.  A gorilla pulls her into a tree.  Tarzan rescues her.  She explains to the ape-man that Jorah and some of his men have been captured by the White Apes.  Tarzan accompanies her back to Pal-ul-don where she points out the caves of the apes.  The Lord of the Jungle sends her home as he goes to rescue the men of Cor-o-don.  After the rescue Tarzan makes a deal with the gund of the apes.  Tarzan prepares a garden for the apes.  Jalima rides up and informs him that the people of Cor-o-don are ready to start planting.  She is young and has golden hair.  (All of the other members of the Cor-o-don tribe have dark hair.)
 Dell Number  -- 87.1

Jalurian people  --  A#7.4  Citizens of the Jalur, the lion city, are a white race who rejoices upon the return of the exiled Kandor.
#124.1 Ja-lur warriors have killed an A-lur hunter.  The peace between Ja-lur and A-lur is broken.  The warriors try to capture Prince Ta-den, the Second.  Tarzan holds the soldiers at bay so the Prince can escape.  Tarzan is knocked unconscious and taken before King Ja-don, the Third.  Tarzan refuses to join them.  The warriors throw Tarzan in a punishment cell.  Ja-don makes plans to attack A-lur.  Tarzan knocks out a guard as he escapes.  The Ja-lur army breaks through the gates of A-lur with a battering ram.  They battle the A-lur army.  Tarzan unites the two cities against the Terribs who have slipped into the city.  Together they defeat the Terribs.  They agree to live in peace.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.4+124.1

James Hawklin -- Hawklin introduces himself to Tarzan as James Wiloughby Hawklin of Hawklin Machine Tools, LTD.  He is also known as Hawk.  He is arrogant.  He arrives in his safari car with a note form Sir Thomas Barstow asking Tarzan to let Hawklin hunt crocodiles in Tarzanís Lake.  Tarzan does not trust the man but allows him to hunt.  Hawklin pushes further to use his folding boat and outboard motor.  Inolu guides him on the lake.  He has no intension of shooting crocodiles.  He waits for a croc to be near a hartebeest so that he could shoot the antelope.  He thinks that the antelope will make a great trophy.  He asks Inolu to lie for him to Tarzan.  They fight over the rifle, which goes off.  Inolu drops to the ground.  Hawklin thinks the boy is dead.  Fearing Tarzan, Hawklin leaves the boy and the antelope for the crocodiles.  He travels to the upper reaches of the lake and fires his rifle to try to fool Tarzan.  When he returns, he tells the Jungle Lord that somehow Inolu fell in the lake and crocodiles ate him.  Tarzan calls him a lair.  He aims his rifle at Tarzan.  Tarzan grabs the rifle and throws it in the lake.  Hawklin begs for mercy.  Tarzan has Jad-bal-ja guard Hawklin.  He slips into his tent for another rifle.  As he emerges from the tent, Jad disarms him and chases him into the lake.  Crocodiles surround him.  Tarzan saves him and banishes him from the area.
 Dell Number  -- 127.1

James Nicholson  -- missionary.  He and his wife and daughter are staying at the Ignosi Kraal.  He learns that chief Míbogo has a toothache and went to help and do a little preaching.  The witch doctor, Mígulu, turns against him.  As he bicycled home, a poisonous snake pops out of his pack and bites him.  He cuts crisscross the bite, applies a tourniquet, and takes anti-venom.  He passes out.  Tarzan and Boy discover him unconscious with vultures circling.  Tarzan leaves Boy and Argus there to protect him as he flies Aiglon for help.  Nicholson is middle aged, stocky, has long brown hair, and eyeglasses attached to a cord.
 Dell Number  -- 65.2

Jamieson  -- He is an associate of the hunter named Carne.  At the animal compound near Nairobi, Carne instructs Jamieson to prepare to go to Kenya Country.  When Tantor overturns a safari car, Jamieson aims his rifle at the elephant.  Carne tries to stop him because of the gasoline fumes.  He pulls the trigger, causing the safari car to explode.
 Dell Number  -- 69.1

Jane  -- Tarzanís wife, the former Jane Porter.
# 3 First appearance.
#44.2 Jane teaches Barbara Wales some ape language so that when Kalahari, the Great Ape, brings her child, Billy, to the tree house she makes over a baboon balu.  Kalahari eagerly makes the exchange of babies.
#A2.1 Tarzan orders Jane to get Bukoni some food.
#47.2 - Sheik Ibrahim captures Jane and Boy.  Tarzan rescues them.
#48.1 when the news of the rouge elephant is brought to the tree house, Jane fetches Tarzanís poison arrows for him.
#49.1 Jane, Tarzan and Boy travel to Opar and build a new home there.
#53.1 Jane is captured by Panther Men.  She is to be sacrificed to the King Panther.  Her costume is changed from red to purple.  She wears a fancy headdress, gold arm and ankle bracelets, and the royal necklace while on the dais in preparation for the sacrifice.  The headdress and bracelets are removed as she is carried by litter across the flying bridge to the area of the King Panther.  Tarzan rescues her and carries her down the deep chasm that keeps the King Panther at bay.  She discards the royal necklace.  They return home.
#53.2 (Boy story) A Waziri delivers an urgent message for Tarzan to Jane on a forked stick.  Jane permits Boy and Dombie to ride elands to deliver the message to Tarzan.
#56.2 (Boy story) Jane causes Boy to blush when she kisses him on his birthday.
A#3.1 Jane and Boy are captured by Shiftas.  Their leader makes a pass at Jane.  Jane cuts him with a knife.  They are sold to Mugabis, who sell them to Castrum Mare.  They are sold once again at the Castrum Mare slave market to an agent of Plutonius, the Pirate King.  On the Island of the Pirate King, they work preparing food.  Tarzan, disguised as a native fisherman, comes to rescue them.  He throws them to the top of the wall and carries them to the wharf in a large fish basket.  They make it through the harbor in a dugout canoe.  The war galleys of Castrum Mare defeat the galleys of the pursuing Pirate King.  Jane has long black hair and wears a long blue dress, which covers both shoulders and has two black stripes near the bottom.
A#3.2(Boy story) When Boy returns from an errand, Jane tells Boy that Chako, the old man of the rocks, was looking for him.  The next day she home schools Boy.  A#3.3 Jane is at the tree house when Hanuki delivers the false message from Muviro that díArnot is injured and at the Cave of the Fallen Rocks.  Later Muviro arrives at the tree house, thus confirming that the message was false.
#59.3 Jane and Queen Ellenya, white pygmy, have been captured by La.  La is about to sacrifice Jane on the altar when Tarzan drops in through the temple sky light and rescues her.  Tarzan takes the women through the priestís chambers and out of the Rock of Opar.  Boy comes with riding ostriches.  Jane uses her ostrich to help Tarzan fight the crooked men of Opar.  Jane is rather plain with long black hair in a ponytail.  She wears a red smock.
#68.2 Jane is younger with long black hair.  She is with Tarzan and Boy at the tree house when Tarzan goes to see why Níkima is howling.  She says nothing when Níkima returns with the message from Tarzan for Boy to bring Míbogo, the giant buffalo, to rescue him.
#74 (inside back cover) Jane makes a wardrobe out of bark cloth.
#78.2 Boy comes to Tarzan and Jane with the news that Dombie is missing.  Jane tells them to be careful while searching for the missing lad.
#79.2 Jane is working on a grass mat for the porch when Buto comes to Tarzan for help in hunting down two leopards.  Tarzan says that he will bring back a leopard for a rug.  Jane says that she will continue working on the grass mat just in case.
#80.2 Tarzan brings home an orphaned lion cub.  Jane thinks they have too many pets already.  Tarzan agrees.  He leaves the cub with her and Boy while he searches for lioness for the cub.
#81.1 Jane is present when díArnot brings a letter from Dr. Henri Dumont informing them about his being a captive in Mokar.  She has a long black ponytail.  She wears a two-piece black outfit with gold armbands on the upper arms and the lower arms.  She has a large gold necklace and gold ear hoops.
#81.2 She and Tarzan are playing with two leopard cubs as Boy rushes in to tell them that two chimps have kidnapped Dombie.  Jane warns Tarzan of the approaching storm as he leaves to search for Dombie.  Jane wears the same outfit as in the first story of this issue with the addition of a large blue hat.
#82.2 Jane and Tarzan are at the tree house when Boy rides up and informs them about a Nandi Bear terrorizing the area.
#83.2 Jane, Tarzan and Boy net fish for Argus when Indorro, a runner from Butoís tribe, arrives with the news of a beast reeking havoc in their kraal.  Tarzan has Jane take Indorro back to the house for food as he goes to investigate.
#84.2 Jane serves Tarzan and Boy breakfast at the tree house.  She defers to Tarzan whether or not Boy can see Lucky and her pups before they eat.
#85.2 at the tree house Jane worries to Tarzan that Boy is not home and it is getting dark.  Tarzan goes to search.
#86.2 an escape criminal attempts to climb the ladder to the tree house.  A young ape alerts Jane.  She releases the lever, which drops the ladder and the criminal to the ground.  Jane feeds the policeman from Nairobi while Tarzan brings the Waziri to escort the officer and his prisoner across the desert.
#87.2 Jane and Boy accompany Captain Van Dulst in his plane as they look for Tarzan near the Gourambi Peak.  They spot Tarzan carrying a man.  They land and pick them up before the pursuing Snow Man can get them.
#89.2 at the tree house Jane wonders why Boy canít eat his supper.  Tarzan tells her that Boy stuffed himself with honey.  Jane sends Boy to fletching arrow.  In the morning Jane is upset when Níkima tells her and Tarzan that Boy ran away to live with the pygmies.  Tarzan says he will come home on his own.  Jane talks him into going after him.
#91.2 Jane is at the tree house with Tarzan, Boy and Dombie when they witness a glider being forced down by a storm.
A#6.1 Jane, Tarzan, and Boyís dhow is forced onto a reef during a typhoon.  Jane and Boy use gourds as floats to take refuge on a nearby island.  As Tarzan explores the island, a leopard stalks Jane and Boy.  They shoot arrows at Sheetah, but it is Tarzanís knife that kills the leopard.  They build a tree house for protection and shelter.  Jane worries about Tarzan as he dives for equipment in a sunken cargo ship.  The fine china he brings her from the wreck thrills Jane.  From the tree house, they witness an unnamed tribe coming to the island to sacrifice gorillas to a giant squid.  Tarzan rescues them.  The natives leave behind a canoe so they can get off the island.  Jane wants to stay on the island for a while.
A#6.5 (Boy Story) Jane calls to Boy that he has not eaten breakfast as he races off to check his trap in the garden.
A#6.6 (Jane Story) Jane goes to the native market.  She meets Nimbo and finds out that he is to be married.  She bumps into Isha, the bride-to-be.  Jane takes her to a cloth merchant and buys her a wedding present of some red cloth.  Nimboís goat has broken some pots and the merchant demands payment.  Jane pays Nimboís debt in return for Nimbo carrying her purchases back to the tree house.  Jane returns to attend the wedding and the feast.
#95.1 Tarzan, Jane and Boy ride ostriches.  Tarzan diverts a rhino attacking a group of bearers.  The rhino chases Jane and Boy to no avail because their ostriches are too fleet of foot.  Tarzan learns from the bearers about the capture of their bwanas.  Tarzan sends Jane and Boy home as he goes to rescue them.  #96.1 Jane, Boy and Tarzan watch a parachutist land near the tree house.
#96.2 Jane plays baseball with Tarzan and Mimi, the chimp.  She helps Tarzan, Boy, and Dombie carry the boyís giant kite up to high hill.  Jane and Tarzan go to get the Waziri for help.  They see a storm carry the boys and Mimi away on the kite.  Jane and Tarzan use the giant eagles to find the boys and bring them home.
#97.2 Jane worries about the bad mood of the Masai chief Mumbowa.
#99.2 Jane celebrates Boyís birthday with Tarzan and Dombie at the tree house.  She is much younger looking than ever before.
#100.2 when the balu rhino, Kifaru, grows to adulthood, it chases Jane up the rope ladder to the tree house.
#101.2 Jane is trilled when the trader, Ithombi, brings the scissors and cloth for a new dress.  Jane wears a fanciful red dress and headdress.
A#7.1 - Tarzan, Jane, and Boy canoe on the Niger.  They find Johnny Ball and his disabled plane.  Tarzan repairs the plane.  They attempt to fly him home.  They crash near Tannalelt.  Tarzan swears allegiance to Tannalelt for Jane and Boy.  They are captured by the Gaddanes, who take over the city.  Tarzan digs down to the foggara and leads all the captives to freedom.  Jane and Boy remain with the women and children while Tarzan and the warriors retake the city.
A#7.2 Jane is present at the tree house when Kobo, the animal trainer, rushes in to tell Tarzan that lions are chasing Boy and his zebra into the veldt.
A#7.5 (Jane story)
A#7.5 - Jane travels to an unnamed village to discover Níkala and Kimbo problems.  At the market place she purchases some bowls and stops a squabble between Tanga and a cloth merchant.  She and her family travel to Nairobi to purchases a loom for Kimbo.  It solves Kimboís problems.  The loom causes excitement in the market place and provides a good living for Kimbo and Níkala.
#105.2 Jane watches in the tree house as Tarzan gives Boy and Dombie permission to go to the great bog to search for a white tree orchid for Jane.  Later Jane thinks that an approaching plague of locust is flying saucers.  Tarzan sends Jane to warn Butoís tribe about the locust.  In the river they use reeds to breathe underwater until the locust pass.
#107.1 Boy, Jane and Tarzan learn of Bruce Harloweís missing plane over Nairobi radio.  Tarzan believes that he is downed in the Valley of Monsters.  Jane is present at the tree house when Tarzan receives a letter from Harlowe with the news that the scientific community does not believe his film of dinosaurs.  #107.2 Jane wears a red dress and has a long ponytail.  Boy threatens to leave home because he thinks he has to do all the work.  Tarzan and Jane pack up his things for him.  The next day when Tarzan brings him home Jane wears a two-piece red outfit.
#111.2 near the tree house Jane questions Boy and Dombie about the stilts they are using.  She asks how they are going to use them.  The boys decide to go fishing.
No. 25 (paper doll page ďJane - Jungle DollĒ)
No. 25.1 - Boy, Jane, and Tarzan fish for food for Argus.  Tarzan gets word that Muviro is ill and leaves on the giant eagle.  The Wabuna attack in the hopes of capturing Jane and Boy.  They escape in a canoe, but the Wabuna pursue them in a faster canoe.  Jane steers the canoe into the Red Gorge.  The Wabuna are afraid to follow.  Jane steers the craft to an island in front of the falls.  Argus and Aguila rescue them from the island.  They fly the eagles in search of Tarzan.  They find him safe with the Wise One.  Jane wears a black and red striped two-piece outfit.  She sports a long black ponytail.
No. 25.2 (Jane Story) - Jane and Boy free a manu caught in a monkey trap.  They suspect that Níkima has been caught and sold to a pet merchant.  Jane changes from red shorts and a leopard skin halter-top to a red dress.  She rides Jad-bal-ja close to the Bororo Market.  The merchant said that he sold a monkey to a Batutsi lady.  Lady Jane catches up with the lady from Ruanda.  Kalinga, the Batutsi, refuses to sell Níkima to her.  Kalinga wishes for the little monkey to be free from a miserable life.  When she sees that Jane and Níkima have a special bond, she gives Níkima to Jane.  Kalinga invites Jane to visit her someday.  Jane says that she will and returns home with Níkima.
No. 25.3 (Boy Story) Jane winces as Tarzan blows the danger whistle that he carved for Boy.
#114.2 Jane, Tarzan, Boy and Dombie camp near a dry lakebed.
No. 37.1 Jane makes a regular visit to the Waziri Village to help the sick.  She is disturbed that she can do nothing for Aunty Genaís rheumatism.  Tarzan suggests going to the herb doctors of Kroo Maun.  Tarzan, Jane, and Boy fly the giant eagles towards Pal-ul-don.  They stop to fish to feed the eagles.  A Hairy Giant captures Jane in his net.  Tarzan attacks on Aguila.  The giant drops Jane who is knocked unconscious by the fall.  They take her to Kroo Maun where Barnu, the herb doctor, heals her but she sleeps for days.  Tarzan finds the healing bulb for Gena.  After the Hairy Giants are defeated, they fly to Muviroís kraal with the medicine.  The medicine works wonders.  Jane believes that it was worth the trouble.
No. 37.2 (Jane Story) Jane complains about the high prices at the Native Market.  When Chief Makolo demands an increase to half of the profits, Jane tells the merchants that they can have a free market at her house.  The witch doctor, Nígai, curses them as they pack and follow Jane.  A rouge elephant attacks them along the way.  They are forced to seek shelter in the roots of a giant tree.  The merchants think it is Nígaiís curse.  Jane throws pepper at the rougeís snout.  When the elephant retreats, Jane calls to Tantor, who chases off the rouge.  The merchants think Janeís magic is strong.  Makoloís warriors force them to appear before the chief.  Jane warns him and the witch doctor about forcing the merchants to stay.  Makoloís son has stopped breathing.  His wife, Zena, says that the baby was playing with a kola nut.  Nígai can do nothing and puts the situation on Jane, thinking to discredit her.  Jane turns the child upside-down and pounds the kola nut loose.  She restores the babyís breath with mouth-to-mouth respiration.  Makolo believes that Janeís magic is stronger.  He has a change of heart and agrees to have a free market for the merchants.  Jane pays too much for the pepper, explaining that she is also paying for the pepper she used on the elephant.
#121.2 during a storm Jane thinks that they should take shelter somewhere other than the tree house.  Tarzan clams her fears.  Later, Jane watches as Tarzan decides what to do about the tree leaning towards the corrals.
#123.2 Jane lets Boy and Jad-bal-ja search for the missing Dombie.  That night she tells Tarzan that Boy is missing as well.
No. 51.1 Jane, Tarzan and Boy search for the missing Captain Smith on the giant eagles.  Landing on the Delta of the Okovango, Jane bandages the foot of a River Bushmen child.  Lechwe guides Tarzan towards the Tree of Ages.  Jane and Boy follow three days later and find Tarzan with Captain Smith.  They fly back to the tree house.
No. 51.4 (Jane Story) Jane is presented a ruby pendant from the Sultan of Zanzaboko.  The story is the pet ostrich and mongoose that keeps stealing the shiny pendant.  Jane eventually recovers the pendant thus diverting a tribal crisis.
#126.1 Jane informs Tarzan that Chinga hunters have captured Cheeloo, the chimpanzeeís, family.  He leaves to see if he can rescue them.
#130.3 Jane sends Boy and Dombie to Mrs. Itombe for goatís milk and eggs.  When they return she tells the boys that Knobby, the pet giraffe, escaped from the corral and sends them to look for him.
 Dell Number  -- 3+4+5+6+*+9+11+16.2+24.1+25.1+30+31.1+A 1.3+38.2+44.2+A2  (Jungle Women)+A2.1+47.2+48.1+49.1+53.1+53.2 (Boy story) +56.2   (Boy story)+A#3.1+A#3.2(Boy story)+ A#3.3+59.3+68.2+74 (inside back cover)+78.2+79.2+80.2+A#5 (Jungle Theater) +81.1 +81.2 +82.2 +83.2 +84.2 +85.2  +86.2 +87.2 +89.2 +91.2 +A#6.1+A#6.5 (Boy Story)+A#6.6   (Jane Story)+95.1+96.1+96.2+97.2+99.2+100.2+101.2+A#7.1+ A#7.2 +A#7.5 (Jane story)+105.2+107.1+107.2+108 (splash page - ĎJungle Feastí)+111.2+No. 25+No. 25.1+No. 25.2 Jane Story)+No. 25.3 (Boy Story)+114 (splash page - ďEasy LivingĒ)+114.2+No. 37 (Cut Out - Janeís Jungle Housekeeping) +No. 37 (back cover)+No. 37.1+No. 37.2  (Jane story) +121.2 +123.2 +No. 51 (JaneĎs Jungle Jewelry)+No. 51 (back cover)+No. 51.1+No. 51.4 (Jane Story)+126.1+130.3
 Novel  -- BTa+ST+JO+TU+TTeGL+TQ

Jan Van Dyck  -- father to Conrad.  They are South African pioneers.  Along with Conradís wife, Martje, and their son, Koert, they are headed to the Valley of the Shadows.  Tarzan advises against it.  He takes Conrad and Jan in search of a better home.  They return to find the family and Boy gone.  They track them to the belt of poisonous red flowers.  Tarzan keeps them from going too far into the belt of flowers.  Conrad and Jan wait as Tarzan swims underwater upstream.  The next day Tarzan returns.   He takes them along to rescue the Nordens.  They become friends with the Nordens and agree to go to the place that Tarzan found for them.
 Dell Number  -- 94.2

Jathon  --  #21.1 Gemnonís son.   He falls in love with Elaine Hammond when Tarzan brings her to Cathne to recover from her accident.  He watches Tomos to make sure he does not try to dishonor Elaine.  When Tomos accidentally kills himself Elaine is blamed for the death.  Jathon takes responsibility for Tomosí death.  They are both commended to death on the Field of Lions.  They escape and with Tarzanís help and make it to Mr. Hammondís camp.
#22.2 - married to Elaine Hammond.  Jathon flies with her to Cathne.  Lou Coron, who is killed by a hunting lion, attacks them.  Tarzan saves them from this same lion.
A #1.2 - Prince Jathon is captured by the Athneans and subjected to the Elephant Ordeal.  Tarzan rescues him with an Athnean elephant.  When Tarzan falls into hole, he goes to Cathne for help.  He returns to find Tarzan safe with Boy and Jad-bal-ja.
#35 - King of Cathne.  His wife is Queen Elaine.  He seeks out Tarzanís help after a volcano destroys Cathne.   Tarzan brings them to Pal-ul-don to build a new city.  Along the way Tarzan saves the Cathneans from the Athneans by capturing their Prince.  He builds the new city, Lion Rock, in Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan rescues his Queen from cave men.
#36.1 Jathon questions an Athnean spy captured by Tarzan.  He and Tarzan travel to the Great Swamp to see the Athneans crossing on their elephants.  He prepares for a siege.  He does not recognize Tarzan on Goliath, the giant lion, as the siege is broken. Tarzan leaves Goliath with Jathon.
#41.2 After Goliath escapes, Jathon greets Tarzan at the gates of New Cathne in a horse drawn chariot.  He shows Tarzan Goliathís trail.
#45.3 while on a hunting trip Jathonís nephew, Timon, tries to kill him.  He escapes into the Great Swamp to be rescued by Princess Loma of Lutor.  Tarzan joins them, and the Princessí crocodile boat takes them to Athne where Timon plans to attack the city.  After Goliath kills Timon and the Athneans regroup to attack the Cathneans, Jathon negotiates a peace agreement with Prince Ergon of Athne.
#46.1 upon returning to Cathne, he and Tarzan find the Terribs attacking the city.  King Gallu and his Gallugo warriors help defeat the Terribs.  Jathon invites them to stay in Cathne while they search for a new home.  He helps Tarzan and the Gallugo fight the saber-toothed beasts.
#52.1 when Tarzan brings the Athneans, who survived the Bolgani overthrow of Athne to Cathne, King Jathon welcomes them to the city.  He and Tarzan mounted on Goliath and Tantor respectively go to Athne to have a look at the Bolgani horde.  They witness the gorillas using elephants on maneuvers.  When a club fells Tarzan, Jathon drives off the bolgani with arrows.  Together, they use Goliath and Tantor to force the gorillas back behind the walls of Athne.  Jathon is confident that the gorillas will not try to cross the Great Swamp.  Tarzan is not so sure.
#54.3 King Jathon, riding his lion pulled chariot, meets Tarzan near the Great Swamp.  They are attacked by Talking Gorillas.  Tarzan drives them off with arrows.  They return to Cathne.  Tarzan warns Jathon about attempts on Goliath.  As Jathon orders to double the guard around the giant lion, the gorillas attack.  Tarzan drives them off with arrows.  When Tarzan returns from scouting out the gorilla city, the former Athne, Jathon allows the Jungle Lord to take charge of the Cathnean army.  Tarzan causes a revolt amongst the gorillaís war elephants.  Jathon leads his warriors in lion driven chariots into the battle.  The gorillas are driven off.  Jathon vows to build the Athneans a new city near Cathne.
A#3.5 the previously black haired Jathon has a brown mustache and beard.  He wears a Roman helmet and armor.  As the Torodons mounted on their gryfs attack the walls of Cathne, Tarzan teaches the Cathneans how to throw flasks of oil down on their enemies, followed by burning torches.  They drive them off.  Tarzan tells Jathon about the Garths that are in the area.  After Tarzan and Jo-rahís dyal mounted men defeat the Torodons in a night attack, Jathon welcomes them to Cathne.
#63.1 Jathon rides a lion driven chariot out to greet Tarzan as he brings Chet Harper to Cathne.  Jathon gives them the royal treatment.  Harper decides to stay in Cathne.
#66.1 At Cathne Tarzan forms an alliance with the Cathneans, Athneans, and Gallugos to oust the Talking Gorillas from Old Athne.  Jathon pledges his warriorsí and lionsí help. Jathon and his lion drawn chariots cross the Great Swamp on rafts.  Upon Tarzan signal, they ride into the city.  The Bolgani are defeated.
A#4.1 Jathon is young, bearded and has an elaborately incised helmet.  He and his lion driven chariots help Tarzan fight the Talking Gorillas but cannot prevent the ape-manís capture.  Back in Cathne he fears that the Bolgani will assault the city and laments Tarzanís loss.   Tarzan escapes the gorillas and comes to Jathon on the walls of Cathne.  He tells the King to have his lions help defend the city walls.  He so orders it and rides a lion bareback along with Tarzan and the Cathneans to defeat the Bolgani.
#71.1 Jathon rides his lion drawn chariot out to greet Tarzan and Princess Loma, who are riding Gorgo.  Tarzan asks him to round up the excess lions and send them to Lutor for protection against the Terribs and Bolgani.  Jathon orders his men to do so.  Jathon warns Tarzan that two approaching Garths could cause panic amongst the lions.  Tarzan and Gorgo dispatch the Garths.  Jathon is young with dark hair and beard.  He wears a helmet that has winged lions on the sides.
#84.1 King Jathon welcomes Tarzan back to Cathne.  They receive news that the Mitzeraim has captured Prince Thyron.  Jathon assembles a rescue party.  They use riding lions to search for the Prince.  Tarzan rescues the Prince and returns him to Jathon.  That night, Tarzan subdues the guards on the rim of the mountains that surround Mitzer, the city of Thoth.  Jathon, his men, and the lions use ladders to sale the mountain.  Tarzan and Jathon oversee the battle from a distance.  The Mitzeraim are defeated.  Jathon thanks Tarzan.  Jathon is much older in appearance.  In Cathne Jathon wears a gold laurel wreath.  He has a full beard and mustache.  During the march and battle Jathon wears Roman-type armor.
#97.1 Tarzan comes to Cathne to learn that the city is under siege-like conditions from a Garth.  Tarzan plans to go to Pal-ul-don to bring back red gryfs to battle the Garth.  Jathon offers to accompany him with some hunting lions.  They are attacked by the Garth that kills most of the lions.  Jathon calls the remaining lions to him with a horn.  They travel over a snow-covered mountain.  Tarzan explains to the King how to control the gryf.  The ape-man watches as Jathon mounts and controls his gryf.  They travel back to Cathne and attack the Garth.  After a close call Jathon dismounts and lets the gryfs do their work.  Jathon has a full beard and mustache.  At first he wears a yellow shirt with a lionís head emblazoned on the front.
#103.1 Jathon and Tarzan return to Cathne to discover that an earthquake has destroyed it.  They follow the trail of the survivors.  Jathon, mounted on a riding lion, hears the roar of a lion and rushes into an ambush by gorillas.  Tarzan, mounted on Gorgo, rescues him.  They find the camp of the Cathneans.  Elaine informs her husband about their problems with the Gallegos and about the earthquake.  The Gallegos approach the camp.  Tarzan goes to broker a peace.  The bolgani attack.  Jathon has his warriors aid the Gallegos.  Jathon makes peace with King Gallu.  Jathon has curly brown hair and beard.  He looks more like a Zeus figure.
#123.3 King Jathon hunts with Tarzan and two Cathneans.  They are riding lions.  They are attacked by Dinohyus.  Jathon is thrown from his lion.  Tarzan catches him and saves him form a Dinohyus.  Jathon worries that Cathne will no longer be safe with the beast around.  On their way back to Cathne Tarzan explains that he will make a growth medicine to create giant lions to fight the zu-horta.  Queen Elaine meets them with a search party, as they feared the worst when the hunting lions came back alone.  Jathon provides three lion cubs for the growth medicine.  When the lions are huge, Jathon rides with Tarzan on the back of one of lions to hunt for the Dinohyus.  The lions kill most of the zu-horta.  Tarzan tells Jathon that they must hunt again soon to finish off the beasts.
 Dell Number  -- 21.1+22.2+A 1.2+35+36.1+41.2+45.3+46.1+52.1+54.3+A#3.5+63.1+66.1+A#4.1+71.1+84.1+97.1+103.1+123.3

jato  --  saber toothed tiger of Pal-ul-don (See also: saber tooth tiger)
 Dell Number  -- 9
 Novels -- TTe - The small striped lion hybrid of Pal-ul-don

Jean Carveth  -- Young, golden-haired half sister to Drake Carveth.  They are on a horse safari to Opar for gold.  Drakeís cruelty to the horse, Grayfellow, makes Tarzan give them three days to leave the area.  They head for Opar anyway and are captured by the dwarfs of Opar.  Jean is about is be sacrificed by La when Tarzan and King Nikon and his men intercede.  After a poisonous snake kills Drake, Tarzan takes the young girl to Jane and Boy.  Tarzan gives her the gold Drake stole so she can start a new life for herself.
 Dell Number  --  38.2

Jemel  -- Arab looking to buy some slaves of Abou Ben Ephraim.  He faints upon meeting Tarzan, Buto Matari, and the Sable Lion.
 Dell Number  -- 11

Jeremy Downs  -- Jeremy, a young boy, and his parentís camp near some ruins.  In the morning Jeremy goes fishing.  Lions scare him into a dugout canoe.  He floats down stream.  A leopard stalks him.  Boy kills it with his bow.  Boy gives the victory cry of the bull ape.  Boy and Dombie canoe Jeremy back to his parentís camp.  They take refuge on top of a wall to escape lions.  They spend the rest of the day and part of the night fending off the lions.  Jeremyís parents come with a hunter who drives off the lions.  Boy and Dombie canoe home.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.6 (Boy story)

Jess  -- A young arrogant man with sleepy Peter Lorre eyes.  He wears a blue flight jacket and a blue flight cap.  He smokes a pipe constantly.  He impresses his girl friend Bess by buzzing animals on the plains.  He buzzes Tarzan and Buto.  When he buzzes a lioness and her cubs, Sabor leaps at the plane and knocks it off course.  The plane crashes.  Jess shows a false concern for Bessí welfare.  He wants to hunt some game and attempts to command Tarzan and Buto to do his bidding.  He acquiesces when Tarzan decides to leave him to the jungle beasts.  Despite Tarzanís order against using firearms, Jess takes a shot at an elephant herd.  Tarzan disarms him.  The angry herd encircles them on a hill.  Tarzan leads them to a cave for protection.  Jess panics because there are lions deep in the cave.  An elephant tries to get in the cave.  Tarzan has to silence Jess.  When the leopards attack as they leave the cave, Jess disappears.  They find him scared but arrogant as ever.  He blows smoke in Bessí face when she calls him a coward.  He complains all the way towards the main road.  Tarzan mimics a lion to keep him moving.  Jess flags down a truck.  He gives his rifle to Buto as a souvenir.
 Dell Number  -- 110.1

Jess Wales  -- on a canoe trip with her husband, Tim, they are attacked by Terribs.  Tarzan rescues them.  Later she is captured when the Terribs raid Gorlakís village and is rescued a second time by Tarzan with the help of Tim.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1

Jim  -- A man who rides with Paul Jenner in his search for his missing wife, Alice.  When they see White Apes pursuing Tarzan and Alice riding on Gorgo in the Great Swamp, Jim shoots the apes with a rifle.
 Dell Number  -- 58.1

Jimmy Durham  -- son of English lumber man, Colin.  Thuragís balu, Little Teeb, leads Jimmy and his mother, Margaret, out of their camp so the apes seeking revenge for the wounding of Kalith cannot find them.  As natives approach them, the apeling takes him into the bushes and returns him to his father.
 Dell Number  -- 27

Jim Tally  -- He is from California.  He and his sister, Lucia, crash land in the jungle.  A mamba kills Jim.  Tarzan uses Jimís bow to kill a lion that threatens his sister.
 Dell Number  -- 41.1

Jo  -- Jo is a young female with a black ponytail and shorts.  Tom, an older male with a receding hairline, accompanies her.  Their plane is almost out of gas.  They land in a tree.  They are soaking their tired feet in a stream when Boy warns them about crocodiles and the approaching cannibals.  They make for a cliff face.  Tarzan frightens off the cannibals with some well-placed arrows.
 Dell Number  -- 104.2

Jock  -- Trader and partner to Noddy.  They capture Chako, the baboon, who they plan to use to smuggle diamonds out of Africa in a collar.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.5

Johnnies  -- What Tom Culver call the two Athnean guards who capture him.
 Dell Number  -- 40.1

Johnny Ball  -- A young man with a mustache.  His seaplane is disabled.  A crocodile grabs onto his foot.  Tarzan kills the croc with his knife.  Tarzan binds his leg and attempts to fly him out.  They are forced to crash land near Tannalelt.  Tarzan pulls the unconscious Johnny from the burning wreck.  A doctor in Tannalelt takes care of him.  The Gaddanes capture the city.  Johnny and Tarzan thrown in a prison.  Johnny is not shown for the rest of the story as Tarzan organizes the escape and retaking of the city.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1

John Clayton, Lord Greystoke  -- Tarzan introduces himself to the missing Bruce Harlowe as John Clayton, Lord Greystoke.
 Dell Number  -- 107.1

John Ramsay  -- Father of Doris Ramsay.  Zanakaís Dashani warriors capture him.  He is held captive for three years.  He is tortured to reveal the whereabouts of the gold he found and hid.  He never talks.  He has a receding hairline and a long black beard.  Dorisí search party is captured and joins him as captives.  As Tarzan battles the Devil Ogre, they party escapes.  Tarzan provides elephants for them to ride back to the rest house.  John plans to return for the gold when he regains his health.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

John Reese  -- He along with his partner, Mr. Wakefield, are hunting game in Africa. He is an American.  Tarzan catches their tracker, Mílongo, in a baiting lions tactic.  Later Tarzan discovers that Wakefield and Reese have been captured by Shiftas, who sell them to Castra Sanguinarius.  Tarzan trails them there and makes a deal for their release, upon the condition that he returns to Castra Sanguinarius to fight in the arena.  Tarzan sends the two hunters to the nearest British outpost.
 Dell Number  -- 57.3

Jo-Jo  --  (slang or racial slur?) #17.2 - what Rita Lane calls Nítale, the chief of a Shiftas band   who captured her.
 Dell Number  -- 17.2+23.1

Jo-rah / Jorah / Joh-rah --  #19.2 axeman of Cor-o-don, Lacheeís lover.  While hunting for his bride to be as per the tradition of his people, the axeman comes upon a cave bear.  Tarzan kills it, and they become friends.  They finally find Lachee or she finds them.  They can now be mated.  Tarzan gives them a dyal as a wedding present.  He is drawn as a white man.
#24.1 He and his men riding dyals along with Doctor MacWhirtle are attacked by zu-gomangani in the Valley of Boulders.  The Doctor has dynamite attached to his spear.  Dr. Mac kills the giant apes and knocks Jo-rah and himself unconscious.  Jo-rah and Lachee are married and have a son.
A #1.3  - When Alur is overthrown by Torodons mounted on gryfs, Tarzan goes to Jorah to use his dyals against the gryfs.  The gryfs are no match for the dyals.  Drawn as a black man.
#39.1 Jo-rah is a white man.  Tarzan returns Ro-mee-lah, Jo-rahís sister, to him after rescuing her from the Men of Monga.  He loans Tarzan a racing dyal so he can return to the Waziri.
A#3.5 Jo-rah is drawn as a white man.  Jo-rah and his tribe are forced to leave their home because of the ashes from the volcano eruption in the Valley of Monsters.  Tarzan finds them riding their dyals.  The ape-man talks them into helping rid the area of the dinosaurs that have fled the valley.  They approach Cathne just as the Torodons on their gryfs arrive at the city.  Jo-rahís men attack and defeat the Torodons.  King Jathon welcomes them to Cathne.  Jo-rah points out that Garths and gryfs are natural enemies.  This gives Tarzan an idea.  The ape-man and Jo-rah ride out alone on dyals.  They first locate a large band of Garths.  They lure the Torodons on gryfs into chasing them.  They ride into the herd of Garths and leap over their heads.  The Garths and gryfs fight each other to the death.  Tarzan leaves Jo-rah to search for more dinosaurs on Argus.
#60.1 Jorah and five of his men ride their dyals to see if they can return to their homeland.  Tarzan warns them of an impending attack by spotted lions of Pal-ul-don.  Jorah kills one of the lions with a spear.  Tarzan decides to accompany them to see if the effect of the ashes still makes their homeland uninhabitable.  They are captured by the Men of Monga.  Tarzan escapes and brings Jorahís mate, Lachee, and men from Cor-o-don to rescue them.  Jorah and Lachee are reunited.
#65.1 Tarzan accompanies Jorah and his men as they return to the site of their traditional home to see if it is inhabitable.  They are attacked by the White Apes that have taken over the area.  Cave bears attack the apes.  Tarzan convinces Jorah that they should side with the apes against the bears.  The bears take refuge in the log houses.  Tarzan unites the Cor-o-dons and the White Apes.  The Jungle Lord instructs Jorah to have his men prepare torches and fire pots.  They burn out the bears and the houses.  The apes and men cooperate to build new villages for apes and men.  The cave bears return.  Tarzan shows Jorah how to make their dyals leap into the air so they can cast their weapons at the bears hiding in the plantation vegetation.  Jorah joins Tarzan on Gorgo as they track the bears to the ancient home of the White Apes.  He helps Tarzan gather mukol nuts and fire wood.  Tarzan uses the combination to drop a boulder into the pass, thus sealing the bears in the canyon.   Jorah is hefty in build, middle aged, and has chest hair.
#87.1 Jorah and ten of his men are captured by the White Apes.  Tarzan uses a tear gas-like smoke to rescue them.  Jorah and his men ride with Tarzan on the back of a gryf to drive the apes back into their caves.  Tarzan creates peace by draining a swamp area and having Jorah and his people plant the apesí favorite food in the field.  Jorah is slight of build, young, and has no chest hair.
#112.1 His name is spelled Joh-rah in this story.  Joh-rah is shorter than Tarzan.  He has a strong build with lots of chest hair.  He wears a yellow headband.  Joh-rah and his Dyal riders drive the Dinohyus away from Tarzan and the British survivors of a plane crash.  Joh-rah and his men transport the British across the Great Thorn Desert to a desert airstrip.
 Dell Number  -- 19.2+24.1+A 1.3+39.1+A#3.5+60.1+65.1+87.1+112.1

Juma, the Jackal  -- Juma is the leader of a gang of native outlaws.  They kill a game warden and his party.  They leave a Waziri shield and spear at the scene to divert the authorities.  Juma rouses his men to make another raid.  His men want to rest.  They think that government men are starting to surround them.  It is only a trick by Tarzan.  Juma leads his fifteen men to the Ford of Warriors.  He bunches them together to cross the crocodile infested river.  Tarzan attracts their attention.  They open fire on the ape-man.  Waziri sneak up behind them and attack.  Ten of the gang members are captured.  Juma and five of his men escape.  Juma leads them to a rocky outcropping for the night.  The gang gets nervous as a pride of lions roars around them.  It is only Tarzan mimicking lions.  The Waziri move in and capture the remaining five gangsters.  Juma escapes.  Tarzan confronts him.  They fight.  Tarzan knocks Juma down.  He hits his head on a rock and dies.  The gang members will be turned over to the authorities for the murder of the game warden and party.
 Dell Number  -- 128.1

Jumaís gang  --  (See: Juma)

Jumbo  -- giant grasshopper created by Doctor Mervin.  It took six weeks
 Dell Number  -- 36.1

Jungle Man  -- What gangster Mike Nucco calls Tarzan, as he grabs Princess Loma as a shield and his revolver in the other hand.
 Dell Number  -- 53.3

Jungle Devil  --  #24.2 what the Míbongo tribe members call Tarzan as he charges their stockade on a gryf.
A#3.3 When Tarzan pulls the Owl up into a tree by a vine rope, the other member of the Secret Society think that a Jungle Devil captured him.  They flee.
 Dell Number  -- 24.2+A#3.3

Jungle God  --  #12 what Mídongoís mate calls Tarzan.
#14.2 cannibals call Tarzan.
#104.1 Chief of the Nígota calls Tarzan.  A#7.7 Nogoni and Ila wonder if Tarzan is a jungle god.
 Dell Number  -- 12+14.2+104.1+A#7.7

Jungle Johnnie  -- The hunter, Carne, calls Tarzan a mad Jungle Johnnie when the ape-man breaks his rifle over his knee.  (Reference to Johnny Weismuller?)
 Dell Number  -- 69.1

Jungle Lord  --  #15.2 what Amele and Lukela think Tarzan is after killing Gorgo with his bare hands.
 Dell Number  -- 15.2+43.1+44.2+A2.2+46.3+61.2+89.1

Jungle Savage  --  A Jungle Savage tries to attack Tarzan and Shareef Hussein as they pan for gold in the Blue Mountain Range.  Jad-bal-ja is on lookout for them and chases the savage off.  (See also: Mountain Savage)
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4

Jungle Spirit  -- Nogoni and Ila wonder if Tarzan is a jungle spirit.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.7

Jungle Witch  -- The ivory poachers believe that Tarzan is a jungle witch.
 Dell Number  -- 78.2


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