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Volume 1690i
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


ibis  -- A#5 (Tarzan’s Birds - splash page)

Ibn Akab  -- Arab slaver, Tarzan frees the slaves he had captured and further humiliates him by cutting off his beard for Sir Hal to take to his fair lady, Brenhilda.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1
 Novel  --  LJ - (Ibn Jad, Arab sheik who sacked the City of the Sepulcher and tried to do the same with Nimmr.  Was captured by the Waziri and sold  into slavery.)

Ibn Barak  -- Right hand man to Williams, the animal trapper.  He and his men travel with Williams on dhows to the Isle of Apes.  Ibn helps place the nets in the trees to capture the apes.  He questions the strength of the nets.  Williams shows him the tranquilizer arrows they will use to put the apes asleep.  A volcano erupts.  They retreat to the dhows.  Ibn suggests leaving the area.  Williams won’t.  When Tarzan boards the ship, Ibn pulls a knife.  Williams tells him to put it away.  He objects when Williams tells him to go ashore and pick up the apes.  He obeys the command.
 Dell Number  -- 61.1

Ibrahim, Sheik --  (See also: Sheik Ibrahim)

Ichthyosaurus  -- Tarzan, Boy, and Doctor MacWhirtle spot one in the water in the Valley of the Monsters.  Their presence makes Tarzan leery of swimming after their seaplane that has drifted out into the water.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1
 Novels -- AEC - A whale-like dinosaur which has a pointed snout full of sharp  teeth.  Azdyryth, sea sloth, the Ichthyosaur of Pellucidar.  They will eat almost anything.

Ignosi  -- Leader of the Ignosi Kraal.  The missionary, James Nicholson, and his family are staying at the kraal.  Tarzan flies to the kraal to get help for the missionary who has been bitten by a poisonous snake.  Ignosi and his people are afraid of Aiglon, the giant eagle.  Ignosi tells Tarzan that Mrs. Nicholson and her daughter were taken by force by the M’bogos.
 Dell Number  -- 65.2

Ignosi tribe  -- Tribe under the leadership of Ignosi.  They are frightened and run away when Tarzan flies the giant eagle Aiglon into their kraal.
 Dell Number  -- 65.2

iguanas, giant  --  riding mount of the Terribs  (See also: Gorobars)
 Dell Number  -- 20.1
 Novel  -- TEA (relates to the ‘gorobors’ - the ten foot reptile mount of the Horibs)

Ila  --  #28 slave of Gogulu, the sorcerer of the Nagosi.  Loved by Prince Inkolo who goes to search for gold and jewels to buy her freedom.  When Tarzan and the Prince return with the price of her freedom, Gogulu tells her to prepare to see the king.  As she approaches the king, Ungo, the sorcerer’s son, drops a mamba in her path.  Inkolo kills the snake.  Ila faints into the Prince’s arms, thus condemning him to death.  Tarzan demands that Gogulu accept the ransom.  He does.  Tarzan takes Inkolo’s place and reveals Gogulu’s treachery.  King Inkomne gives Ila Gogulu’s treasure so she will have a dowry to marry his son.
A#7.7 - Native and wife of Nogoni.  They have a small child.  They are attempting to escape from King Umpongwe because the king wants Nogoni to execute a man who is Nogoni’s best friend.  Tarzan agrees to help them get away.  Tarzan uses Tantor to thwart the king’s warriors.  Tarzan swings across the Batumi River on a vine.  He throws a vine back to Nogoni who ties it in place.  Tarzan fashions a Boslin’s chair to transport Ila and the child across the gorge.  Tarzan and Nogoni slide across to safety.
 Dell Number  -- 28+A#7.7

Ilagu  -- Native of the Makembe tribe that recognizes Ruth Wells’ birdcall as she signals the village that she is approaching.  Ilagu takes Ruth and Tarzan into the citadel.
 Dell Number  -- 105.1

Ilol  -- Lutorian pilot of Princess Loma’s crocodile boat.  He was the pilot of Prince Keelim’s boat when Talking Gorillas attacked them.  The Prince and most of the Lutorians were captured.  Ilol avoided capture.
 Dell Number  -- 59.1

Ilombo  -- Waziri warrior whose job is to feed the giant eagle, Argus, while Tarzan is away.
 Dell Number  -- 41.1

Illona  -- Young woman of the eagle Men of Engani.  She is in love with Lukambo, who is from an enemy tribe.  The Eagle Men have captured Lukambo and prepare to hunt him with their trained eagles.  Tarzan discovers Illona and learns of Lukambo’s fate.  Tarzan rescues Lukambo and brings the two lovers out of the valley.  Illona goes with Lukambo to his home.
 Dell Number  -- 75.1

Ilona  -- Ilona is a beautiful young lady of an unnamed tribe living near the Ituri Forest.  She is to be the bride of Barengo.  While bathing in the river she is captured by the Mengo, Forest Spirits.  They leave a golden statue as payment.  Her beads are left behind.  Tarzan uses the scent on the beads to track her to the island where she is captive.  Tarzan and Barengo drop in through the top of the Mengo temple.  They subdue her guards.  They fight their way out of the temple.  Tarzan carries her to the vine swing.  Tarzan pushes Ilona and Barengo on the vine across the river to make good their escape.  Later Tarzan witnesses their wedding from a tree.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.3

Ilongu  -- One of the Elmorans, grown Waziri warriors, who teases Dombie into going hunting for a dangerous animal.  He is frightened by the young thipdar Dombie bring back after being rescued by Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 78.2

Imanda  -- Old, balding and white haired member of the Murundi.  When Rudatara returns to Muranda, Imanda shows him and Tarzan to the house of strangers.  After Tarzan thwarts the assassination attempt of Rudatara, Imanda carries the Royal Drum to the returning prince.  Whoever holds the drum rules the city.  His young daughter, Imembe, accompanies him and a group of Murundi who are weary of Burupaka’s corrupt rule.  As the royal guards approach the dissidents, Rudatara has Imanda beat out Salute the King on the drum.  The guards are turned to Rudatara’s side.
 Dell Number  -- 96.1

Imanga  --  #83.2 Name of one of Buto’s best spearmen injured by a gryf that terrorizes the kraal.
#125.2 The Imanga are the people of King Imanga.  They celebrate and honor their king at his durbar.  When Boy exposes the deceit of the Bakongo, the King has his men detain them.  The King sends his warriors to rescue Tarzan from the Bakongo.  They battle the Bakongo but it is Tarzan who forces the Bakongo into the river.
 Dell Number  -- 83.2+125.2

Imembe  -- Young beautiful daughter of Imanda of the Murundi people.  She shaves her head.  She would rather die than become the wife of the evil ruler, Burupaka.  She accompanies her father as they bring the Royal Drum to Rudatara, the returning prince.  Whoever holds the drum - rules.  When the royal guards approach, she braces the drum for her father as he beats out Salute the King.  The guards turn over to Rudatara’s side.  (It is implied that Imembe and the new ruler, Rudatara, will be wed.)
 Dell Number  -- 96.1

Imoko  -- Witch doctor of the Ubamwes tribe.  He tells Sheik Ibrahim that he can deliver Tarzan alive.  The evil witch doctor traps N’kima in a monkey trap to lure Tarzan.  They manage to knock out the ape-man with knob sticks.  They place him in an ancient town ruins.  Imoko sends some of his men for the sheik.  Boy and M’bogo, the giant buffalo, rescue Tarzan.  As they leave the ruins M’bogo tosses Imoko aside with its horns.
 Dell Number  -- 68.2

Imongo  -- Waziri tribesman.  He has burnt sienna hair and looks very much like a Masai warrior.  Imongo comes to Tarzan and tells him about two hunters that slapped the nephew of the Morobo chief, who was guiding them.  He fears that the Morobos will kill the hunters.
 Dell Number  -- 75.2

Imothibi  -- Native bearer working for Brant Torrey.  He helps paddle the canoe up river in search of Tarzan to help them find the missing photographer, Tom Lindon.
 Dell Number  -- 73.2

impala  --  #74 (Splash page) the impala can jump a foot higher than Tarzan.

Imperator  --  #14.1 title for Roman emperors, an absolute ruler.  Brutus Augustus was the Imperator of the lost legion Tarzan and d’Arnot discovered in the jungle.
#89.1 Emperor of Castra.  He wears a laurel wreath.  He listens to the captive Sir Ronald Crabtree describe the wonders of civilization.  The Emperor believes he is mad and orders him to be place in the arena dungeon.  A volcano bursts through the ground.  Castra is destroyed.  Many citizens escape on galleys.  It is not known if the Emperor made it to safety.
 Dell Number  -- 14.1+89.1
 Novel -- LE - Emperor

Inandi  -- tribe of native lion hunters.  They use spears and some wear tall furry conical hats.  The Inandi close in on Jad-bal-ja.  Tarzan leads the golden lion to a kopje.  The Inandi surround them.  They ignore Tarzan’s warning to leave the lion alone.  Boy rides Kifaru, the rhino, into their midst.  The Inandi scatter for their lives.
 Dell Number  -- 100.2

Inanga and his wife  -- Waziri.  They watch their shamba with Boy and Dombie, who have sprinkled some of the corn with red pepper to trick the elephant that has been raiding their shamba.  The enraged pachyderm smashes Inanga’s hut.  Inanga’s wife is upset.  Tarzan says that he will help rebuild it.
 Dell Number   -- 93.2

In-don  -- In-don is the name of the Ho-don in charge of the hunting dogs that are trailing the Wazdons and Tarzan.  He realizes that the Wazdons have split into two groups.  In the Pal-ul-don language In-don means dark man.  He is white skinned.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.5

Indorro  -- Tarzan, Jane and Boy net and feed fish to Argus as Indorro, a runner of Buto’s Kraal, arrives with the news that a beast is terrorizing their village.  He describes a gryf and reports that many tribesmen were injured.  Tarzan instructs Jane to feed Indorro as he goes to investigate.  He has a statue of liberty hair-do.
 Dell Number  -- 83.2

Induna  --  #55.1 He is the brother to the king of the Karfu.  Induna fires the crossbow bolt that brings down Tarzan and Dr. MacWhirtle’s airplane.  Induna thinks that Tarzan and Dr. Mac are Naqui, their natural enemies.  He brings them to Igwenyama, the king.  For the Ordeal, Induna suspends a pomegranate over Dr. Mac’s head, which Tarzan must hit with an arrow at one hundred paces.
#91.1 Name of the leader of the Skraelings, the enemies of the Giant Vikings.  He marches his three thousand warriors against Yarlsgaard.  When he is informed that the new Viking shields are deflecting their crossbow bolts, he orders the walls to be assaulted by ladders.  After Tarzan defeats the Skraelings with the herd of white buffaloes, the chiefs decide that Tarzan’s magic is too strong.  They agree to peace with the Vikings.  Induna exchanges his spear with the Viking leader’s sword as a symbol of peace.  Induna wears an orange hat with a black feather.
#92.1 - A member of the Inkota tribe’s royalty.  They capture Tarzan.  Induna presents the ape-man to Queen Nilonda.
#95.1 Name of Tarzan’s ostrich.  Tarzan, Jane and Boy ride ostriches on a hunting trip.  They spy a rhino attacking a safari.  Tarzan rides Induna up to the rhino and leaps on its back.   He diverts the rhino.  The rhino attacks Jane and Boy.  Their ostriches easily avoid the rhino.  Tarzan learns about the capture of the white bwanas.  He sends Jane and Boy home on their ostriches.  He rides Induna close to the volcano and releases it.
 Dell Number  -- 55.1+91.1+92.1+95.1

Ingwenyama  -- Ingwenyama is the Bantu chosen to fight Tarzan.  The winner is to receive one hundred hostages from the Bantu or Nye-nye camp.  Ingwenyama is probably a chief because he is called ‘inkosi.’  His name means lion king.  The challenge was Tarzan’s idea.  It is actually a diversion.  Tarzan plays with Ingwenyama until evening time.  This is to give the Nye-nye time to make rafts, float downriver, and take the Bantu canoes so they can return to their home.  When Tarzan thinks the Nye-nye have had enough time to accomplish their goals, he promptly knocks Ingwenyama out.  The Bantu renege out the deal.
 Dell Number  -- 120.1

Inkolo  -- Prince of the Nagosi, son of King Inkomne.  He is in love with Ila, slave of the sorcerer Gogulu.  Forbidden by law to touch a slave, he searches for the gold and jewels to purchase her freedom.  Tarzan saves him from a pair of leopards.  They travel to Opar where Tarzan gets him gold and jewels.  He throws a gold bar at Gogulu.  When it hits the sorcerer’s foot, he plans a trick to get the Prince to touch the slave.  It works, and he is sentenced to face a wild buffalo.  Tarzan takes his place and later reveals Gogulu’s deception.  He will marry Ila.
 Dell Number  -- 28

Inkomi  -- Member of the Dragon Cult.  Tarzan saves him from a long horn bull.  Both Tarzan and Inkomi are arrested for tampering with the bull marked for sacrifice to the dragons (lizards).  Tarzan breaks his bonds and sets Inkomi free.  Tarzan knocks out a strange lizard and finds the witch doctor inside of a dragon skin.  They lower the witch doctor to a ledge and descend into the valley below.  Three dragons come at them.  Tarzan kills two and Inkomi kills one.  The next day in the strange deserted city Inkomi discovers dragon eggs.  Tarzan kills the last dragon.  They take the witch doctor and expose him to the people.  Tarzan suggests they make Inkomi their chief.  He calls him, ‘dragon slayer.’  Inkomi is young and has a Mohawk hairdo.
 Dell Number  -- 98.1

Inkosi  -- Ruandi, the white native from the lost race living inside a volcano, calls Tarzan, ‘Inkosi.’ or mighty chieftain.  He also uses the term, ‘Inkosi Ndese” when referring to Tarzan.  He calls Dr. Mac ‘Inkosi’ as well.
 Dell Number  -- 47.1

Inkosi Igwenyama  -- He is king of the Karfu and brother to Induna, the Karfu whose crossbow bolt brings down Tarzan and Dr. MacWhirtle’s airplane.  He wears an elaborate costume of blue robes, a leopard collar, and red cap with a yellow feather.  Induna brings Tarzan and the doctor to him.  He also thinks they are Naqui, their natural enemies, and subjects them to the Ordeal.  When Tarzan successfully shoots the pomegranate suspended over Dr. Mac’s head at one hundred paces, he is impressed but sentences them to be slaves anyway.
 Dell Number -- 55.1

Inkota  -- Lost native tribe living is a magnificent city hidden in the mountains.  Queen Nilonda rules them.  They have royalty.  The commoners are not permitted to look royalty in the eyes.  Royalty wear robes.  Warriors wear long skirts and some times toga-like clothing. They believe that if the queen rules along side a white-skinned person they will have luck.  The warriors use spears, bows, and shields.  They recapture their talisman, Karen Lane, along with Tarzan.  The warriors cannot keep up with Tarzan as he runs as fast as the Queen’s leopard drawn chariot.  Common people are plainly dressed.  The farmers wear hats.  They speak a form of Bantu.
 Dell Number  -- 92.1

innkeeper  -- The innkeeper of the Inn of the Three Dervishes at Marrach has a long gray beard.  He wears maroon clothes and a black, fuzzy hat.  He overcharges Shareef Hussein and his men for their room.  He gives them a huge gold colored key to the room.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4

Inolu  -- Inolu is a prince of his tribe.  His father is Chief Katana.  Tarzan trains him.  Inolu offers to be James Hawklin’s guide as he hunts crocodiles on Tarzan’s lake.  He is shocked when Hawklin shoots a hartebeest and wants him to lie to Tarzan.  They fight over the rifle.  The gun goes off and Inolu drops to the ground.  Hawklin thinks he is dead.  Inolu wakes to find a crocodile coming for him.  He makes it to his father’s kraal and tells him what happened.  He goes with his father and the warriors to take revenge on Hawklin.  They arrive to see Hawklin chased into the lake by Jad-bal-ja.  Tarzan saves Hawklin, who is sent away.
 Dell Number  -- 127.1

insects  --  #128 (splash page - “In Lost Pal-ul-don”)

Isha  -- daughter of Kalaya.  She is to marry Nimbo.  Jane finds her getting her hair done at the native market.  Jane buys her some red cloth as a wedding present.  The cloth is made into her wedding dress.  She marries Nimbo.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.6 (Jane Story)

Isilio  -- He is a Waziri warrior in war attire who informs Tarzan that the Waziri Village is being attacked by invaders.  He has a red headband and a red stripe across his face and chest.  He has large circular earrings.  Tarzan sends Boy with him to search for Muviro and his hunters.  Isilio swims the river first to distract the crocodiles away from Boy.  As Boy crosses, the crocodiles come for him; Isilio spears a crocodile to save him.  In the veldt they are chased into a Baobab tree by lions.  Isilio offers to sacrifice himself to the lions so Boy can escape.  Boy shoots the lion with his blowgun.  The lions fight. They both escape and warn Muviro.  He helps the Waziri repel the invaders.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.5

Isilo  --  #58.2 (Boy story) A young Waziri who goes to hunt and kill a male ostrich single-handed.  This is the way a Waziri earns his plumes and warrior status.  He is armed with a spear and a shield.  Isilo kills an adult male ostrich.  Boy witnesses the event.  More ostriches come and attack.  The large birds overwhelm them.  Boy calls to Jad-bal-ja for help.  The golden lion kills one ostrich and drives the others off.  Isilo wears his plumes on the way home.
#59.2(Boy story) looking much older, Isilo comes to Boy.  He is looking for Tarzan because Muviro is ill and Tarzan has the curing herbs.
#83.2 the name of an N’goro warrior.  He is part of a force about to attack Buto’s Kraal.  The force is shocked as Tarzan and Buto approach on the back of a gryf.
#113.2 This Isilo is an older native who is bald with white hair from ear to ear.  He comes to Tarzan with reports of crocodiles with hands snatching people out of their canoes.  Tarzan realizes that they are Terribs.
No. 37.4 (Boy Story) Dombie tells Isilo that a bird has been crying all night.  Dombie investigates and is captured by Wabangi warriors.  Isilo and other Waziri try to help him but they are outnumbered.
 Dell Number  -- 58.2 (Boy story)+#59.2(Boy story)+83.2+113.2+No. 37.4 (Boy Story)

Isstu  -- mamba snake of Gogulu, the sorcerer.  It has had its fangs removed.  Ungo, the   sorcerer’s son drops it in front of Ila, the slave girl.  Inkolo, the Prince, kills it.
 Dell Number  -- 28

Isuma  --  Member of the Ubamwes tribe that participates in the capture of Tarzan to sell to Sheik Ibrahim.  After Tarzan is lowered into ancient ruins, the witch doctor, Imoko, orders N’kobu and Isuma to go and inform the Sheik of the capture.
 Dell Number  -- 68.2

Ithombi  -- Name of the native trader that brings Tarzan goods that his family wanted.  He pays Ithombi with a sack of gold.  Ithombi has two bearers to carry the goods.
 Dell Number  -- 101.2

Itombe  -- M’bongo tribe member who along with M’basa kidnaps Wanda Newland for N’goro, their witch doctor.  He is a thin man.  He and M’basa run away after Boy and Korak, the ape, pull N’goro up into a tree.
 Dell Number  -- 50.2

ivory poachers  --  #78.2 (See also: Men of Lakunga)


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