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Volume 1690h
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics

--  #37.2 member of the Shifta band that captures Tarzan.  He is on sentry duty when   Tarzan uses ventriloquism to fool him.  This helps the baboons to free Tarzan.  Tarzan and the baboons capture the Shiftas.  They are sent go their way without their weapons.
#39.2 Arab member of the Maypool safari.  Habib shoots one the Athnean elephants and poaches the ivory.  When Doctor Maypool gets upset with him, he knocks out the Doctor with a pistol butt.  When the Athneans attack he gets away in the safari car only to be killed later by a lion when he must fix a tire.
#88.1 Chief of the Shiftas band that steals the camels and payroll from Lieutenant Barnes’ detachment.  Tarzan and Buto track them to their Treasure Room.  Habib commands the guards to control the black panthers that protect the entrance to the cave.  Habib enters and adds the loot to the treasure.  He and his men return to their camp.  Tarzan and Buto steal the Shiftas’ horses.  Habib and his men pursue them on camel back to no avail.
 Dell Number  -- 37.2+39.2+88.1

Hadji  --  #29 a Berber bandit who gambles over the possessions of the murdered crewman of the Pantella.  Thurag kills him.
#63 (Tarzan’s World - splash page) Tarzan shows his Hadji a green orchid that looks like him.
 Dell Number  -- 29+63 (Tarzan’s World - splash page)

Hagilo  -- When Tarzan disguises himself as a native fisherman to attempt a rescue of Jane and Boy from the Island of the Pirate King, he brings along a native by the name of Hagilo to help row the dugout canoe.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1
 Novel -- SMJ -- the commander of a Morgor ship is named Hagilon

Hal Hogarth  --  #13.1 Sir Hal, knight of Kingdom of Carmel.  Hal Hogarth is a descendant of the shipwrecked crusaders of Richard I.  He is on a quest to bring his love, Brenhilda, a beard on a Saracen.  He is attacked by the Dwarfs of Opar, who capture his horse, Ronceval.  Tarzan helps to save him from the dwarfs, to regain his steed, to take a beard of a Saracen, and to return to his city.
#15.1 mentioned.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1+15.1

hairless lizard  --  what Korak, the king of the apes of Opar, calls Tarzan
 Dell Number  -- 28

Hairy Giants  --  #115.1 The Hairy Giants are a race of white people living in Pal-ul-don.  They are twice the size of a normal human and ten times as powerful.  They eat only meat.  They use ape language badly.  They use clubs, nets, and tridents.  Tarzan is transporting the mountain people, Katar and Dera, home.  They fear the giants.  When Katar spies a giant fishing in the swamp, he fells him with a sling stone.  A second giant nets Katar and Dera but misses Tarzan.  The giant carries them back to their caves.  They keep their prisoners in the net while they cook fish over a fire.  Tarzan puts them all asleep with the smoke from a gum ball of the karoo plant.  One of the giants wakes while the ape-man attempts to rescue Katar.  He grabs Tarzan by the ankle.  Tarzan knocks him out with one of the giant’s clubs.  The giants wear hairy clothing.  They all have long hair and full beards and mustaches.  Some of them are blonde.  No females are shown.
No. 37 the giants are also known as the Giants of Kroo Maun.  They are described as cannibals.  As Tarzan, Jane, and Boy fish to feed the giant eagles, Jane is captured in a Hairy Giant’s net.  Tarzan attacks him on Aguila.  The giant flees leaving his captive behind.  As the group of Slingers makes their way to the Half Moon Lake in giant country, a group of giants spot Tarzan and Boy flying air cover.  The giants attack the Slinger with their spears and shields.  The Slingers aim for the giant’s knees causing them to lower their shield, which makes their heads vulnerable.  The giants are driven off.  The giants sneak through the grasses around the lake.  They wear shields on their heads and backs.  Boy spots them from the air and alerts Tarzan.  Tarzan drops fire bundles in the grasses.  The giants’ straw shields catch fire and they flee.
 Dell Number  -- 115.1+No. 37

hamadryas  --  baboon   A#4 (Apes and Monkeys of Tarzan’s World)

Hamid  -- member of the Shifta band of nomadic cutthroats.  He wants to shoot the unconscious Kentons but is stopped by another Shifta.
 Dell Number  -- 23.2

Hammond, Elaine  -- (See: Elaine)

Hammond, Mr.  --  #21.1 Elaine’s father.  Tarzan tells him of Elaine’s accident and later brings her and Jathon to his camp.
#22.2 is mentioned as telling Lou Coron about Cathne, Elaine, and Jathon - not seen.
 Dell Number  -- 21.1+22.2

Hans Hauser  -- Leader of the missing expedition in the Gourambi Range.  He has blue eyes and combs his brown hair straight back.  His radio signal allows Tarzan and Captain Van Dulst to find him.  He tells his story about how when he returns to camp after reaching the top of Gourambi Peak he found it empty.  The tracks he discovered in the snow have a great toe set back - like the Abominable Snow Men.  He attempted to leave the mountain but broke his leg in a fall.  Tarzan sends him back to civilization with the captain, as he remains to investigate the footprints.
 Dell Number  -- 87.2

Hanuki  -- A member of the Secret Society.  He is chosen by the Owl to deliver a false message to Tarzan to lure him to the Cave of the Fallen Rocks.  Tarzan is suspicious of the message and follows him with Thorag, the ape.  Thorag pulls Hanuki up into a tree. Hanuki faints.  Tarzan has Thorag carry Hanuki with them to the cave.  Tarzan questions him.  Hanuki reveals the plot to kill Tarzan.  He faints again.  Tarzan tries to get the society to reveal their position by throwing rocks down to the cave entrance.  Thorag throws Hanuki off the cliff.  He catches onto a tree.  The society members riddle him with spears.  Muviro and the Waziri find his body in the cave.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.3

Harpy Eagle  -- The harpy is the enemy of the giant Pteranodon of Pal-ul-don.
 Dell Number  -- A#4 (inside front cover)

Harry  -- Partner to Tobey, the other missing oil prospector.  Tarzan saves them from a leopard.  Monkeys describe them to Tarzan as hairy faced.  Tarzan feeds them for days to regain their health, as they are both emaciated but clean-shaven.  The ape-man carries the weakened Harry and Tobey who has bandaged legs.  They travel to the Lost City of Moumamba.  The Moumamba people are friendly and nurse the men back to health but will not permit them to leave, ever.  The prospectors are delighted to find crude oil there, but the noise of the waterfall is deafening.  Tarzan helps them escape the city by lowering Tobey down a cliff and carrying Harry down the rope.  Back at a hospital, the two men decide not to return to Moumamba.  Harry has black hair and blue eyes.
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

hartebeest  -- Hawklin tricks Tarzan into hunting crocodiles on his lake.  Actually Hawklin wants trophy animals.  He shoots a hartebeest.  He thinks it will make a great trophy.  When Hawklin thinks he has killed his guide Inolu, he panics.  He leaves the bodies for the crocodiles.  The crocs pull the hartebeest into the water.
 Dell Number  -- 127.1

Harvey Norton  -- He is from Tyneside, England.  He has come to Africa in search of his anthropologist son, Bruce, who was captured by the Hokyus eight year previous.  He has a note on a copper band telling him that he is been held in the Hokyus Village near the headwaters of the Mangowari River.  Tarzan with the help of Korak, the great ape, leads Harvey to the village, where they are captured by the Hokyus.  Tarzan helps them all escape.
 Dell Number  -- 51.3
 Novel  --   MMa - Norton, ensign on the Barsoom; GF - Norton, bank president.

Hassan  --  #2 - one of Arab slayer Ayoub’s men.
# 5 - Arab who has heard of the gold of Opar from a dying Werper.  With the aid of the gangsters, Goss and Norgel, and the M’bopos they threaten to harm Jane and Boy thus gaining Tarzan’s aid to find Opar.  With Tarzan’s aid he and his partners are slaughter by the apes of Opar.
#37.2 Leader of the Shifta band that captures Tarzan after his grazing bullet knocks him unconscious.  Baboons help free Tarzan.  Tarzan captures Hassan, who faints.  He throws him disrobed back into the Shiftas camp.  Tarzan and the baboons use his robe to carry mud that they throw on the Shiftas fire.  Tarzan sends them on their way without their weapons.
#55.3 Arabs raider at the Gambah Village who captures animals alive for a buyer.  When Tarzan and the apes from the Isle of Apes come to the village, Tarzan uses one of their own tranquilizer arrows on him.  He releases the animals and leaves a note warning them not to bother the apes on the isle any more.
#88.1 Name of one of the Shifta guards who is in charge of the black panthers that protect the entrance to the Treasure Room of the Shiftas.  Their leader, Habib, commands Hassan and the other guard to pull the panthers up onto a platform.  Tarzan and Buto subdue the two guards.
#115.2 Arab trader who wants to sell rifles to the seven tribes.  Tarzan holds a Council of Chiefs to decide.  The witch doctor, Faloka, secretly is working with Hassan.  Faloka’s chief holds the deciding vote and is not sure which way to vote.  Faloka meets with the white Hassan and tells him that the vote will go their way even if he has to do something to his chief.  Hassan promises him that they both will be rich.
 Dell Number  -- 2+5+37.2+55.3+88.1+115.2
 Novel  -- LJ - (Hasen, Arab sentry of El Harb)

Hatha -- she-elephant.  Hatha is frustrated, as her baby has fallen into a pit-trap.  She drives off hyenas (not seen).  Crazed with grief, she leaves the area.
 Dell Number  -- 51.2

Hathor  --  #40.1 Name of Prince Ergon’s elephant.  As the Prince approaches the fleeing Tarzan, Tom Culver, Ellen, and Doctor Maypool, Doctor MacWhirtle shoots Hathor with a machine gun from his helicopter.
#54.3 referred to as the wisest war elephant of Athne.  Tarzan slips into the city and loosens Hathor’s chained foot.  The elephant has been abused by the Talking Gorillas, who have taken over the city.  Tarzan tricks the guard into opening the gate for he and Hathor, chief of the elephants.  Tarzan rides Hathor to Cathne.  When the gorillas attack Cathne on the war elephants, Tarzan uses Hathor to get the elephants to revolt against their cruel masters.  The elephants are given to the surviving Athneans.
#66.1 Hathor helps drag stones from the quarry to the building site of New Athne.  Prince Timon and the workers are captured by the Talking Gorillas.  Tarzan leads the Athneans from the quarry on Hathor in a rescue attempt.  The rafts of the gorillas are far into the Great Swamp.  Tarzan instructs Hathor to lead the bull elephants to swim under the rafts and overturn them.  Hathor does and the gorillas are routed.  In the joint alliance attack on the Bolgani at Old Athne, Hathor carries Prince Timon across the swamp and into the city.
#80.1 Tarzan feeds Hathor a bunch of bananas at the repair site of the aqueduct and building site of the dam for the Beni-Adhemi.  Tarzan rides Hathor to the camp to warn the Athneans and Arabs about the approaching savages.  The ape-man instructs Hathor to operate the windlass that opens the flue gates of the dam.  The floodgate waters wash away most of the savages.  The rest are taken care of by the Athneans and the Beni-Adhemi.
 Dell Number  -- 40.1+54.3+66.1+80.1

hawk  --  A #1.4 Boy trains a hawk to hunt.
A#7.3 (Non-Tarzan story) a hawk swoops down on the mongoose, Moonbeam, and her young.  The male, Shadow, joins the fight.  They kill the hawk.
No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story) N’kima flees from a hawk.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.4+A#7.3(Non-Tarzan story) +No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story)

Heather Day  -- She is a twenty-year-old English girl.  She was on an exploration trip with her father to the Valley of Towers when the Batwinged people captured them.  Her father was killed.  Four years later, they attempt to sacrifice her on the great altar to the bats they worship.  She sends a message for help on a tiny parachute made of spider webs.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac rescue her from the giant bats.  The Batwinged people recapture her when they knock out Tarzan and the Doctor with sling stones.  Tarzan rescues her a second time from the Batwinged Men’s caves.  Tarzan carries her up a steep mountain.  Dr. Mac shoots the pursuing Batwinged Men.  Heather has short gold hair and wears a red bra and skirt.
 Dell Number  -- A2.1

Hector  -- tiny elephant, Yolanda’s pet, part of a growth experiment by her father, Doctor Mervin.  Boy accidentally shoots the elephant with an arrow.  Tarzan heals it.
 Dell Number  -- 22.1

hedgehog  -- A#5 (Spiny Pets - hedgehog - inside back cover)

Helen Robertson -- slaver Sidi Ben Yemlik at the Molunga River Trading Post captures her where her father is killed.  Sala, a Swahili tribe woman, leads Tarzan and Muviro to the slavers camp where they rescue her.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2

helicopter crew  -- A two man helicopter crew searches for the missing Bruce Harlowe.  They see Pteranodons and think that they are giant bats.  They spy Harlowe and Tarzan on a cliff.  They lower a rope ladder, which they climb.  They are flown to safety.
 Dell Number  -- 107.1

Henry Townsend, Sir  -- He is the District Commissioner at Nairobi.  He is not seen in this story.  Dr. Forrence writes a note addressed to him.  The doctor plans to hand over the Mask of Mani Kongo to him.  When Tarzan recovers the mask he turns over the mask and Pollock to the commissioner.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

Herafu  --  Member of Mugambi’s tribe.  Tarzan asks him if he saw what crashed through the chief’s hut.  He did not.
 Dell Number  -- 73.1

Herbert Gates  --  A stocky white man with a red shirt, blue pants, and a pith helmet.  He is on safari.  His bearers desert him because they are in headhunter territory.  He shoots at Gorak, the great ape.  Tarzan saves him from the ape.  Taori headhunters capture them.  Tarzan learns from an almanac about a solar eclipse.  He uses the information to get the headhunters to release them.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.7

Hercules Beetle  --  #127 (Splash page) [incorrectly identified.  Actually a Goliath Beetle]

Hidden Ones  -- The Hidden Ones are a native tribe living in the mountains.  We learn that they have guardian apes and at least three giants who help guard their valley.  The approach to their city must be made through the Gateway of the Giants.  The Batuti has captured their princess, Kendra.  They hunt for her in force.  The princess was on her way to place a gold leaf on the tomb of their forefathers before the planting season.  They entomb their dead rulers in mummy cases in golden caskets that are very Egyptian looking.  They arrive on the scene as Tarzan fights off the Batuti to protect the princess.  The Batuti flee at the sight of the Hidden Ones.  The prince wears an Egyptian headdress.  Spears appear to be their main weapon.
 Dell Number  -- 119.1

hippopotamus  --  #27 killed and eaten by the unnamed tribe that captured Margaret Durham.
#36.1 the five-week-old Goliath, the giant lion, swats away a hippo, almost breaking its neck.
#42.1 A bull hippo comes up under the plane of Dr. Mervin and Yolanda.  It disappears when the Terribs come.
#63.2 - native bearers pursue Tarzan, Boy, and Miss Ruel who are in a dugout canoe.  Tarzan instructs Miss Ruel to trail a piece of crocodile meat behind them.  They charge through a herd of hippos.  The smell of the crocodile enrages the hippos to attack the pursuing canoes, believing them to be crocodiles.  They snap the canoes in half with their powerful jaws.  The bearers call the hippos, river pigs.
A#6 (splash page - River Animals of Tarzan’s World) - called a river horse.
#95.2 Boy falls into a hole in the river.  A hippo thinks he is a crocodile.  Tarzan pulls Boy from the river.
#101.2 Tarzan and Boy search for the missing Pinky in a river in Tanganyika.  They spot some hippos.  (See also: Pinky)
#103.1 Tarzan and Jathon canoe past a hippo on their way to Pal-ul-don.
No. 25.3 (Boy Story) In the river Boy and Dombie try to avoid a mother leopard and her cub, a hippopotamus rises near them.  The boys scramble to shore.  #121.1 A Garth comes upon a herd of hippos.  It eats one of them as the others scatter.
No. 51.1 A hippo attacks Tarzan and Lechwe in their canoe on their way to the Tree of Ages.  They make it to shore and outdistance the hippo.
 Dell Number  -- 27+36.1+42.1+63.2+A#6 (splash page - River Animals of Tarzan’s World) +95.2+101.2+103.1+108 (splash page - ‘Undersea Stroller’) +No. 25.3 (Boy Story)+121.1+No. 51.1

hista/histah --  #28 - one strikes at Tarzan as he descends the steps to the treasure of Opar.  Tarzan drops it into fissure in the earth that a quake had opened.
#34.2 - Tarzan kills one in the Great Swamp with his knife.  Two more snakes attack him.  Princess Loma of Lutor aids Tarzan by using giant shears on the snakes from a mouth of her crocodile craft.
#36.1 Tarzan uses a snake as a vine as he crosses the Great Swamp.
#38  (inside splash page) Tarzan pointing a spear at a snake.
#38.1 giant water snakes.  One grabs onto Princess Loma’s diving helmet as the party leaves the Temple of Brule.  Tarzan attacks it with a trident, but finishes it off with a knife.
#38.2 Tarzan attempts to warn Drake Carveth about a snake in the rocks.  He is bitten.  He kills the snake with his shirt that is filled with the gold he stole from Opar.  Drake dies from the poison.
A#3.1 N’kima avoids hista as he hurries to find Tarzan to inform him of Jane and Boy’s capture by Shiftas.
#65.2 A poisonous snake pops out of James Nicholson, the missionary’s, pack and bites him.  Nicholson is aware enough to crisscross cut the bite, apply a tourniquet and take anti-venom.  (The scene is not shown.)  Nicholson suspects that the witch doctor, M’gulu, placed it there because he didn’t want him getting close to his chief, M’bogo.
 Dell Number  -- 28+34.2+36.1+38 (inside splash page)+38.1+38.2+A#3.1+65.2
 Novel  -- TA - the snake (spelled Histah)

Hjalmar  -- Hjalmar is the name of the giant Viking that Yarl asks if the dragon ship is ready for a river trip.  Hjalmar replies that it is.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.6

Hodges  --  person who arranges the army reconnaissance plane and clothing for Tarzan and    Muviro to follow the run away balloon carrying Boy and Dombie.
 Dell Number  -- 7

hog-like beast  --  A #1.3  Tarzan flies over the Forest of Wild Hogs on Argus.
#39.1 in a forest near Cor-o-don, Tarzan, riding a dyal, jumps over a beast said to be more savage than any wild boar.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.3+39.1

Ho-don  -- race of people in Pal-ul-don with A-lur as their principle city.
#4 Om-at chases   Ho-don robbers.  They are depicted as black men with pointed ears.
#6 an outlaw band, living in Dan-lur, who capture Jane, the pointed ears are not so apparent.
#9 - they are white with pointed ears. Ja-don is king of A-lur.
#16.1 they are black with pointed ears.  Gangster are holding Prince Ta-den hostage thus forcing them to do their bidding.
#24.2 mentioned not seen as Tarzan, Ta-den and the Waziri free Alur from Waz-ho-don control.
#31.1 Ho-don nobles are hunting with Tarzan when Doctor MacWhirtle comes looking for him.  They kill a saber-tooth tiger with spears before Tarzan leaves for the Valley of the Monsters.
A #1.3 - White people with normal ears, toga like clothing and Roman-type helmets.  Their city, Alur, has been overrun by Torodons mounted on gryfs.  They have fled to an island by ship.  Tarzan finds them while riding on Argus.  He organizes an attack on the Torodons with the help of Jorah’s tribe mounted on dyals.  They retake their city.
#41.1 they are white men with strange helmets.  They throw a rope down from the Tower of Ta-dan to Tarzan and Lucia Tally so they might escape the Torodons.  They fight the beast men with boiling water and rocks.  They use a carrier pigeon to sent word to Alur about the attack.  Tarzan with the help of Doctor MacWhirtle and his rockets drive the Torodons away.
#57.1 The Ho-dans from Jalur and the Ho-dons from Alur are at constant war with each other.  They have developed metals and are now using swords.  King Taden from Alur attempts a peace mission to Jalur.  Warriors set him upon from Jalur.  Tarzan riding Gorgo rescues the King.  Back in Alur, Prince Kodon, Taden’s cousin, has taken over most of the city.  Tarzan and Taden restore the power in Alur and the supporters of Kodon are driven out of the city.  They are drawn as white people.
#62.1 they are drawn as black people.  A large group of Ho-don warriors from Jalur wearing shorts, helmets with an eagle engraved on the front, and carrying stone clubs and swords attack Tarzan and Dr. MacWhirtle.  Tarzan disarms five of them with arrows.  He beats a number of them senseless with one of their clubs.  They flee.  Tarzan learns from one of the wounded that Prince Kodon, exiled from Alur, is spreading the tale that Tarzan and his friends will attack Jalur.  Tarzan instructs the wounded (no one was killed) to tell King Zugu that he is not going to attack Jalur.  Tarzan and Dr. collect gryf eggs.  As they are about to leave a Ho-don club knocks Tarzan unconscious.  Dr. Mac escapes into the water.  Prince Kodon and the Ho-dons bring Tarzan to Jalur.  Tarzan is thrown in a cell.  He pretends to be sick.  The guard comes to help him.  Tarzan kicks the guard unconscious.  Tarzan forces the King to lead him to the royal wharf.  The guard is fooled by Tarzan’s disguise as a nobleman and lets the Jungle Lord take the King away in a rowboat.
#70.1 believing that a flying thing took their king away, the Ho-dons search the waterways in their war canoes.  They cast their spears at anything flying in the air, including Tarzan and the Lutorians as they fly past on giant swans.  They see a canoe being pulled through the air by swans.  Not realizing that their king resides within, they throw their spears, killing one swan.  Tarzan ropes the falling king and outdistances the Ho-dons.  They continue to pursue.  They wear a Chinese-coolie type of hat.
No. 51.5 With Ta-den away because of an illness.  A priest in charge has Om-at and five Wazdons captured.  The ransom they demand is the entire grain supply of Kor-ul-ja.  Tarzan rescues them.  Many Ho-dons are killed during the escape.  The Ho-dons trail them with hunting dogs.  They catch Pan-at-lee and throw her over a cliff.  The Ho-dons have pointed ears.
 Dell Number  -- 4+6+9+16.1+24.2+31.1+A 1.3+41.1+57.1+62.1+70.1+No. 51.5
 Novel  --  TTe  --  “white man”  - prehensile tail and opposable big toe.  Allies of the Waz-don by the end of the novel.

Hokyus  -- A lost race of people living at the headwaters of the Mangowari River in the mountains.  They speak Swahili.  They have stone houses and keep slaves, who they treat well.  They have a set of laws, which includes that no stranger may leave the village.  They use trained dogs to track down escapees.  No one has ever escaped.  They grow grain and raise melons.  They use spears and have no knowledge of firearms.  They wear blue fezzes, shorts, and some have shirts.  They captured Bruce Norton eight years ago.  Tarzan with Korak, the great ape, lead Bruce’s father, Harvey, to the village in search of Harvey’s son.  The Hokyus capture Tarzan and Harvey.  They escape.  Korak accidentally fires Harvey’s pistol, which alerts a Hokyus patrol.  They pursue them, but Tarzan and Korak defeat them.  They pursue the escapees in a large canoe down the river.  Tarzan’s canoe makes it over the dam.  They Hokyus do not survive the dam.
 Dell Number  -- 51.3

Homa  -- Native who caddies for Wydbotom and Smedley.  As the baboons drive the golfers back into the club by throwing golf balls back at them, Homa stands by unafraid because he did not throw any balls at the baboons.  Wydbotom orders Homa to set out poison for the baboons.  He refuses, stating that the baboons are his friends.  Smedley orders Homa to fetch a thermos of coffee for them.  After the baboons chase off the golfers and burn the clubhouse to the ground, Ka-cha convinces Homa to try and help his balu, Teeke, who is sick from the poison mealies the golfers set out.  All Homa has is the thermos of coffee that he force-feeds to the balu.  Teeke vomits out the poison.  Homa leaves the baboons in peace.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4

honey badger  -- describes how the honey guide bird leads the honey badger to a bee’s nest.  The creature, also known as a ratel, rips open the hive.  They share in the spoils.  The badger’s thick fur protects it against bee stings.
 Dell Number -- 89 (splash page)

honey guide  -- #59.2(Boy story) A bird that locates honey trees for the Wandoro.  Boy and Dombie are treed by a buffalo in a honey tree and surrounded by bees.  A honey bird leads the Wandoro there.  A Wandoro kills the buffalo with a poison arrow.
#89 (splash page) describes how the honey guide bird leads the honey badger to a bee’s nest.  They share in the spoils.
#98.2 Boy and Dombie follow a honey guide to a hive but it is too high in a tree for them to reach.
 Dell Number  -- 59.2(Boy story)+89 (splash page)+98.2

hornbill  --  #77 (splash page) highlights the bird’s second upside down bill.
 Dell Number  -- 77 (splash page on the inside back cover)+A#5 (Tarzan’s Birds - splash page)

horned men  --  #111.1 (See: Kolumbwe)

horned monster  -- Boy and Dombie discover a horned monster amongst an unnamed tribe.  The monster is green with a horned head and a spine made out of rhino horns, elephant tusks, and cowhides.  (Actually a disguise used by an evil witch doctor.)  He kills his victims with poison darts as smoke billows out of its mouth.  After escaping, Boy and Dombie knock out the witch doctor and don the monster suit to escape the village.
 Dell Number  -- 47.3

horse  --  #13.1 the Dwarfs of Opar capture Ronceval, Hal Hogarth’s charger.  La attempts to sacrifice Hogarth’s horse.   Tarzan helps Sir Hal to retrieve the horse from the Oparians.
#23.2 Abou, a member of a Shifts band, carries Carol Kenton away on his horse.
#33.1 the riders from the Rio Grande ride the elands to rope a lion and to help Tarzan rid the area of Arab slavers who use horses.
#37.2   Lions accidentally aid Tarzan when they run off all of the Shiftas’ horses.
#38.2 Jean Carveth and Drake Carveth are on a horse safari to Opar for gold. Drake’s cruelty to the horse, Grayfellow, makes Tarzan give them three days to leave the area.
#41.2 Jathon uses horse drawn chariot.
#42.2 Wansa is the name of Bou Denni’s horse.  When attacked by wild bees, Wansa trips on some rocks and pins Bou Denni to the ground.  Tarzan saves the Tuareg from a lion and proves that Wansa is uninjured.
#47.2 After Tarzan rescues Jane and Boy, Arabs use horses to pursue them.
#48.2 Shiftas use horses to ride to the M’bongo camp.
#56.1 The Tuaregs, a desert Arab tribe, use horses to raid the Ostrich Clan Village to rescue some of their people.  They knock out Tarzan and carry him off on a horse.  After Tarzan is rescued, Ramotu wants to kill all the horses.  Tarzan says the horses should be freed.  He and Dr. Mac ride towards home on two of the horses.
A#3.1 Shiftas use horses as they speed away after capturing Jane and Boy.  Tarzan trails the hoof prints.
#57.3 while trailing the Shiftas that have captured Wakefield and Reese, Tarzan finds their horses at the base of the Roman Valley.  This he figures they mean to sell their captives to the lost Roman legion at Castra Sanguinarius.
#64.1 Shiftas use horses to ride back to their camp after capturing Chet Harper.  The horses have fancy bridles and other decorative trappings.  A
#4.3 Touaregs ride horse towards Dr. Mac’s helicopter they shot down.  A Garth chases them away.
#72.2 The Shiftas flee on their horses from the Ostrich Men and the genii.  The genii are Tarzan disguised in a lion skin and Boy in an ostrich skin.
#80.1 Shareef Hussein rides a horse into battle against the mountain savages that attack the site of the aqueduct and dam.
A#5.4 Shareef Hussein rides a horse to the Blue Mountain Range to pan for gold with Tarzan.  Tarzan, Hussein and five Beni Adhemi ride horses to the Arab market city of Marrach to purchase supplies.  They caravan home on the horses.  Sheik Ali Ben Yussuf and his men ride horses after the Beni Adhemi to rob them.  Tarzan tricks the bandits into emptying their rifles at the baboons in the Gorge of Baboons.  The Beni Adhemi easily routs the bandits, who ride off as fast as they can.
#86.2 While hunting from the backs of ostriches Boy and Dombie spy a lion chasing and killing a riderless horse.  At the end of the tale the policeman from Nairobi and his prisoner ride horses as the Waziri escort them across the desert.
#88.1 the band of Shiftas that attacks Lieutenant Barnes and his camel detachment are mounted on horses.  They steal the camels and ride to their Treasure Room and back to their camp.  Tarzan and Buto steal the Shifta horses.  Buto falls off of his mount.  Tarzan rides in and picks up his huge friend before the Shiftas can get to him.  They ride to the Treasure Room.  They take the Shiftas’ loot and bring it to Fort Gumburu by horseback.
#93.1 As Tarzan, Manga, and Dombie approach Mosana’s Kraal, warriors ride up on horses.  They guide them to Queen Mosana.
#94.2 Conrad and Jan Van Dyck use horses as the follow Tarzan in search of a new home for their family.  Upon returning they find Martje, Koert, and Boy missing.  They use their horses to track them to the poison belt of red flowers.
A#7.5 (Jane story) Tarzan borrows horses from Sheik Ali Kundi so that he Jane and Boy can ride to Nairobi.  The mix of horses and vehicles causes no problem or stir in the city.
#109.1 Shiftas on horseback have captured Dr. Kindred and his medical supplies.  Tarzan rescues the doctor and captures the bandits.  They ride horses towards the Mission Station.  A storm causes the horses to stampede and the Shiftas’ escape.  Tarzan and the doctor ride to the station with a horse laden with supplies.  The Shiftas return on their horses to attempt to recapture with supplies and horses.  Their own horses run off as a flash flood wipes out the Shiftas.
#123.3 Queen Elaine fears that her husband is in trouble.  She leads a search party in a chariot pulled by two horses.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1+23.2+33.1+37.2+38.2+41.2+42.2+47.2+48.2+56.1+A#3.1+57.3+64.1+A#4.3+72.2+80.1+A#5.4 +86.2 +88.1 +93.1+94.2+A#7.5 (Jane story)+109.1+123.3

horta  --  boar.  Tarzan kills one in 3, 4,11, and 20.1.
In #30 Tarzan kills a boar (the term  horta is not used) with a spear because it was destroying Boy’s garden.
#33.2 After Tarzan kills a piglet for food.  A boar chases after him.  Doctor MacWhirtle’s Defensive Scent does not affect horta.
#39.1 Tarzan kills one with a spear for food.
#54.1 Tarzan kills a pig for food for he and Buto on their trail of the two man-eating lions.
A#3.1 Tarzan kills one for food as he trails the captive Jane and Boy.
#64.1 referred to as a wild pig.  After Tarzan and Harper cross the Great Thorn Desert, Harper shoots at a wild pig but misses.
#72.1 Tarzan kills horta with his knife for food.  He gives most of the carcass to a sable lion trapped in a pit.  This endears the lion to Tarzan.
A#5.2 the giant Vikings use beaters to drive boars and antelopes towards the hunters.  Yarl Hrolf, the Viking leader, gives Tarzan his sword to kill a boar.  He does and gives the victory cry of the bull ape.  The boar is roasted for a feast.
A#7.4 Tarzan brings down a boar with his spear just before Kandor’s axe strikes the boar.  Tarzan cooks the meat for them both.
 Dell Number  -- 3+4+11+15.2+20.1+30+32.2+33.2+54.1+A#3.1 +64.1 +72.1 +A#5.2 +A#7.4

Hottentot  -- A #1.5 Native bearers of the traders Jock and Noddy.  A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story) A group of Hottentot farmers capture a young baboon and sell him to white men.  #118.2 (See also - Nama).
 Dell Number  - A 1.5+A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story)+118.2

H. S. E. Beale  -- H.S.E. Beale is the leader of the ill fated, self-titled expedition of 1896.  His boat and crew are sucked into a cavern by a draining lake after an earthquake.  Boy and Dombie are sucked into the cavern after a quake.  They discover the bones of Beale and the boat.  Boy takes the elephant tusk that has a message carved on it from Beale describing the fate of his expedition.
 Dell Number  -- 124.2

hunting dog  --  No. 51.5  The Ho-dons use hunting dogs to track the escaping Wazdons and Tarzan.  The hunting dogs look like wild dogs.
 Dell Number  -- 62 (inside cover of the back page)+No. 51.5

Hussein  --  #39.2 Arab, one of the members of the Maypool safari.  They kill an elephant belonging to the Athneans and poach the ivory to the dismay of Doctor Maypool.  The doctor asks Hussein what is going on.  Habib answers him.  The Athneans attack and kill three Arabs with spears.  Habib gets away.
#77.1 Hussein, Shareef of the Beni Adhemi.  He is thin and supports a goatee.  Tarzan finds his caravan in the desert.  They have been forced to leave their home because their oasis dried up.  Tarzan agrees to lead them to water in exchange for food for Argus.  Hussein agrees.  They follow Argus’ flight to the City in the Sands.  Tarzan suggests that the Bedouins make this place their new home if the water supply can be repaired and secured.  Tarzan leads Hussein and the Bedouins over twenty miles up the water pipe to a cave.  Cave bears attack them.  Tarzan kills one with his knife.  Hussein kills the other with his sword.  The bear injures Hussein.  Tarzan binds his wounds.  They come out of the cave to find the water’s source.  Hussein believes they can repair the pipe system.  He falls ill.  Tarzan returns to the city on an eland and tells the Bedouins to send help for Hussein.
#80.1 Hussein and his men have been unable to repair the aqueduct.  Mountain savages attack them.  Tarzan arrives and commands his ostriches to fight.  Together they defeat the savages.  Tarzan and Hussein ride the ostriches to Athne and enlist Prince Timon’s help in the repair of the aqueduct.  The Athneans repair the system and build the Beni-Adhemi a dam.  Hussein and Prince Timon sign a treaty of friendship.  The savages mount an attack.  Tarzan, Hussein’s tribe, and the Athneans drive the gomangani off.  Hussein plans to return to the City in the Sands.
A#5.4 Hussein informs Tarzan that his Ben Adhemi are in desperate need of seed grain and livestock.  Tarzan takes the Shareef to the Blue Mountain Range where they pan for gold.  Tarzan leads Hussein and five Beni Adhemi to the Arab market town of Marrach to purchase the needed goods.  Hussein does not mind being overcharged for their room at the Inn of the Three Dervishes.  He buys a camel and other supplies.  That night he and Tarzan guard the gold as he sends his men out to enjoy themselves.  Bandits break into the room.  They are frightened off by Jad-bal-ja who has come to be with Tarzan.  On the way back to the City of the Sands Tarzan diverts them through the Gorge of Baboons because he believes that Ali Ben Yussuf is laying in ambush for Hussein’s caravan.  Tarzan bribes the baboons with fruit to pass.  Ali’s men don’t offer the baboons fruit so the baboons attack them with rocks.  The bandits empty their rifles at them.  When they reach the other side of gorge, their rifles are useless against Hussein and his men, who chase them off.  Hussein is surprised that Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja have left them alone for the rest of the journey.
 Dell Number  -- 39.2+77.1+80.1+A#5.4

Hyenadon  -- #18 “huge and fierce hyena”.   #18.2 three attack Tarzan, Princess Ila, and Taddo as they cross Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan kills the leader.  The other two chase after the Giant Eland.
#36.2 Tarzan and the Waziri are overcome by poisonous volcano smoke as are the hyenadon who spy their prone bodies.  When everyone awakens, Tarzan kills one with his knife, and Muviro kills the other with his spear.
 Dell Number  -- 18 (inside back cover “Jungle World”)+18.2+36.2
 Novel  -- AEC+LTF  - Spelled Hyaenadon - giant prehistoric ancestor of the modern hyena.

hyena-dogs  --  (See: Dangina)

hyena, gigantic  --  two of these creatures attack Tarzan and La as they enter Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan must call for help from Tantor to handle the situation.  Tarzan kills one with his knife.  Tantor gores they other to death.
 Dell Number   -- 15.1

hyrax  --  #90  (Splash page entitled “Rhino’s Cousin.”)  The hyrax is described as looking like a short-eared tailless rabbit.  It is related to the rhinoceros and the elephant.
No. 51.2 (non-Tarzan story) (See also: Dassie)
 Dell Number  -- 62 (inside cover of the back page)+90 (splash page)+No. 51.2 (non-Tarzan story)



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