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Volume 1690g
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


Gaddanes  -- A white race of people who are the heretical enemies of the Tannalelt.  They live in the city Gadda, which is not shown.  They probably came to the desert area at the same time as the Tannalelt.  They also use addaxes as mounts.  They overthrow the city of Tannalelt and throw Tarzan, his family, and the Tannalelt people into prison.  Tarzan helps the Tannalelt to escape and to retake the city from the Gaddanes.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1

Gahinga tribe  --The Gahingas are a native tribe who are a constant threat to the buffalo herding Wakembi tribe.  They start a grass fire hoping to drive the Wakembi out of their kraal and to steal their buffaloes.  Tarzan and Kolulu turn the herd away from the kraal.  The fire approaches the village and the Wakembi flee into the waiting Gahinga warriors.  Tarzan and Kolulu drive the buffalo herd into the Gahingas, who flee for their lives.  The Gahingas have long spears and wear red hats.
 Dell Number  -- 114.1

galago  --  #72 (splash page) bush baby.
 Dell Number  -- 62 (inside cover of the back page)+72 (splash page)

Gallah  -- Chief of the Nuba tribe living in the Mountains of Barongo.  He is chief over a people who are like serfs and slaves to the Kordo spearmen.  Tarzan comes to his lavishly decorated hut with a proposal to free them from their oppressors.  Gallah is skeptical.  Days later Tarzan meets with him at the Spring of Homeless Men with a detailed plan to overcome the Kordo spearmen.  Gallah agrees.  The Kordo people are defeated.  Gallah dictates the terms.  The Kordo spears are burned.  He makes them agree not to make more.  They will teach the Kordo self-defense.  He proposes to live as equals and in peace with no stealing or enslavement.  The Kordo agree.  Gallah calls for Tarzan to witness the pact, but the ape-man has already left.  Gallah is older and very heavy set.  He wears a long blue robe with white decoration.  He is balding and has long kinky, grayish hair.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Gallo Giant  --  #A2 (Jungle Tribes) -warlike tribe

Gallugo  / Gallegos  --  #A2.2 A lost race of people from the valley of Kando-mor.  King Gallu is their king and father to Princess Tee-anna.  Both men and women wear Roman-type armor.  The Gallugos use buffaloes as mounts.  In battle practice, they ride their buffaloes and spear a small ring as their mounts butt a dummy.  When the cannibals tunnel their way into the area between the fences, they fight alongside of Tarzan and the Waziri to repel the cannibals.
#46.1 they have taken Tarzan’s advice and have left the valley and are in search of a new home.  They arrive at Cathne while the Terribs attack the city.  They drive the Terribs away.  Tarzan helps them kill off a pack of saber-toothed beasts that are after their buffaloes.  They stay in New Cathne while searching for a new home.  Tarzan takes them to a new area in Pal-ul-don.
#56.3 they have built a city near Cathne.  They have abandoned their Roman-like suits of armor and wear crude furry clothes and color straw-like hats.  They still use buffaloes as mounts and spears as their main weapon.  Torodons easily capture some of them and their buffalos.  Tarzan rescues them and the buffaloes.
#66.1 Tarzan forms an alliance with the Gallugos, Athneans, and Cathneans to rid Old Athne of the Talking Gorillas.  He instructs the Gallugos to tap the nabu tree for the juice.  He has them mix it with fruit juice and fill gourds with the liquid.  They load buffaloes down with the gourds.  Some are left empty to aid the buffaloes fording the Great Swamp.  The Gallugos past Old Athne pretending to be a caravan headed for the Great Thorn Desert.  The gorillas attack.  They Gallugos drop their load and run off as planned.  The gorillas drink the juice and fall asleep, thus securing the alliance victory over the Bolgani.
#71.1 Tarzan and Gorgo help the Gallugos fight off the excess Cathnean lions that are plaguing the city.  The Gallugos threaten war with Cathne if something cannot be done.  Tarzan solves the problem by moving the lions to Lutor to help protect the city against the Bolgani and the Terribs.
#103.1 Spelled Gallegos.  They are disgruntled with the Cathneans, believing that the Cathnean lions are responsible for the killing of their buffaloes.  The same earthquake that destroyed Cathne has also destroyed their home.  They arrive at the temporary camp of the Cathneans.  Tarzan comes to them to broker a peace agreement.  An army of gorillas attacks them.  Mounted on buffaloes and armored like Romans they fight the gorillas.  Jathon and the Cathneans join them to defeat the bolgani.  Jathon and King Gallu of the Gallegos agree to peace.
 Dell Number  -- A2.2+46.1+56.3+66.1+71.1+103.1

Gambo  -- ugly chief of the tribe of Kolo.  Kolo is too poor to pay the price Leelah’s father wants for her hand in marriage.  Gambo also desires Leelah and can pay the price of twenty fat cows and six bullocks.  He has Leelah under guard so Kolo cannot steal her away.
 Dell Number  -- 12

game warden  -- A game warden and his party are murdered by Juma and his gangsters at the Deep Donga.  The gangsters have left a Waziri shield and spear at the site to place blame on Muviro’s tribe.  Tarzan, Muviro, and the Waziri bring the gangster to justice for the murders.
 Dell Number  --  128.1

gangsters  --  #16.1 gangsters take Prince Ta-den hostage and collect the wealth of the Ho-dons.  They base themselves in a stone tower just outside the walls of A-lur.  They have plans to ruling Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan, Om-at, and the Waz-don chase them off.  As their plane takes off its wing bumps into a gryf causing it to crash into a lake, thus downing them.
#53.3 six gangster henchmen accompany their boss, Mike Nucco, to Lutor.  They are all armed with tommy guns.  None are named.  They have a wide variety of looks and clothing.  Mike Nucco takes control of Lutor.  Several of the gangsters take shots at Tarzan flying on Argus.  Their boss, Nucco, does not believe their reports of a man riding on a bird as big as an elephant.  Tarzan and his Lutorian archers knock them out with round rock arrow tips.  Tarzan pulls the airplane guard under water.  Tarzan banishes Nucco and his gang on an island in Pal-ul-don.  He leaves them spears to defend themselves.
#82.1 A group of gangster/robbers learn about the jewels of Opar.  They land on the flat mountaintop of Opar.  They frighten off the White Pygmies with their machine guns.  They leave four guards by their plane.  The others descend into the Chasm of Opar.  They terrify the crooked men of Opar with their weapons.  They approach the Temple of the Moon to discover La and an unconscious Tarzan.  Their leader forces La to leading them to the treasure vault of Opar.  Their greed distracts them.  Tarzan breaks his bonds and overpowers them.  An earthquake sends everyone running.  The gangsters’ plane crashes at the base of the mountain.  The cliff leading to the vault closes.  The fate of the gangsters is left in doubt as to whether or not they survived the quake.  (See also: Juma)
 Dell Number  -- 16.1+53.3+82.1

Ganta  -- The apparent leader of the native ivory poachers.  He is defiant to Tarzan when he commands them to leave the area.  He fires his rifle into the ground at the ape-man’s feet.  Tarzan subdues him, carries him off and ties him up in a tree.  He wakes and escapes the bonds.  His people think he is a ghost and run from him.  He convinces them that he is real and that he chased Tarzan off.  He shows them that their rifles exploded because Tarzan put a sticky wax in their barrels.  Tarzan uses, Tantor, elephants, and Thag, the ape, to frighten the poachers.  Ganta has a useable rifle.  Tarzan ropes it from his hands.  Ganta’s courage is broken and the poachers leave the area for good.
 Dell Number  -- 78.2

Ganumbo  -- name of the Waziri warrior killed by the Terribs as they attack King Loban’s crocodile craft.  Tarzan avenges his death.
 Dell Number  -- 36.2

Ganungah  -- Name of one of the Torodons guarding the captured Gallugos.  When Tarzan comes to rescue the Gallugos, Ganungah tries to kill the ape-man.  Tarzan subdues him and ties him up.
 Dell Number  -- 56.3

Garlag  -- One of the gray apes from the Isle of Apes that Tarzan takes with him on the Arab dhow to the Gambah Village to rescue the animals that the Arabs have captured.
 Dell Number  -- 55.3

garth  --  (See also - tyrannosaurs)  what Lachee calls a tyrannosaurs.  One attacks Lachee.     She is saved as Tarzan’s dyal bites it in the neck.
 Dell Number  -- 19.2

Garvey -- A trophy hunter who shoots Prince Illony’s antelope.  When he and his partner, Nobby, discover the Prince, they decide to exhibit him back home.  They take him to a doctor in Nairobi.  Tarzan rescues the Prince and forces the two trophy hunters to drive them back to where the capture took place.
 Dell Number  -- 49.1

Gary Keene  -- A writer and his wife, Stella, are ship wrecked off the east coast of Africa.  After a week they are attacked by sea Arabs, the Brothers of the Barracuda.  They carry off Stella and burn the remnants of the ship.  Gary threatens Tarzan with a pistol because he thinks he is a sea Arab.  Tarzan takes him on his canoe to rescue Stella.  After Tarzan rescues her from an Arab ship, they wreck on an island.  N’kima provides them with coconuts.  Tarzan provides them with oysters.  After three weeks on the island, Arabs find them.  Gary and Tarzan overpower the Arabs.  Dressed as Arabs, they take over a sea Arabs’ ship.
 Dell Number  -- A2.5

gatekeeper  -- The Cathnean hooded gatekeeper lets Tarzan and a panic ridden N’kima into the city before a Garth consumes them.  The gatekeeper informs Lord Tarzan that the Garth is keeping the city under siege like conditions.
 Dell Number  -- 97.1

Gati  -- Gati is the named of the Baluga trapper who captures N’kima and plans to place him in a cage with a civet cat as a part of the Moon Dance.  Boy and Dombie rescue N’kima.  The Balugas pursue them.  The boys don porcupine skins.  A Baluga gets a quill in his leg.  Gati says that it is bad luck to spear a porcupine.  Gati is in the lead canoe as they chase the boys on the lake.  Tarzan tips over the canoes.  Gati and the Balugas believe that it was a water monster.
 Dell Number  -- 131.2

gazelles  --  #8  ridden by the White Pygmies of Lipona for transportation.
#48.3 Tarzan witnesses a Giant Wasp carrying off a gazelle.  He follows it back to the Island of Dwarfs.
#75.1 - the Eagle Men of Engani use trained eagles to bring down a gazelle.
 Dell Number  -- 8+48.3+75.1

gecko  -- a small harmless lizard that has adhesive pads on its feet that enable it to climb on almost anything in any position.
 Dell Number  -- 53 (Splash page - Boy’s Pets)

gelanda -- A#4 (Apes and Monkeys of Tarzan’s World) baboon

Gelado  -- old man baboon from the title.  A passing safari car shoots him.  Tarzan dresses his wound and brings him food and water for a few days.  A week later he and his tribe see Tarzan captured by Shiftas.  He follows and rescues Tarzan and helps capture the Shiftas.
 Dell Number  -- 37.2

Gemnon  --  #21.1 noble of Cathne, friend of Tarzan from 20 years before.  Jathon is his son.     He provides a place for Elaine Hammond to stay while she is recovering from her accident.
#22.2 he is king of Cathne.  When Lou Coron demands the gold from Cathne, he follows Tarzan’s plan, which involves trickery and hunting lions to thwart the gangsters’ plans.
A #1.2 - King of Cathne.  Tarzan joins him in their battle with the Athneans.  A deluge stops the battle.  Gemnon is disturbed because the Athneans captured his son, Prince Jathon.  Tarzan agrees to attempt a rescue.
 Dell Number  -- 21.1+22.2+A 1.2
 Novel  -- CiG - nobleman of Cathne, old family.  Assistant of Tomos.  Becomes Tarzan’s friend.

Gemraks  -- They are a form of mountain goat used by the Naqui clan as mounts.  They are used to help the Naqui traverse the mountainous canyons of their homes.
 Dell Number  -- 55.1

Gemsbok  --  #71 (splash page) this antelope seldom needs water.

General Andol  -- When King Jathon of Cathne learns about Prince Thyron’s capture by the Mitzeraim, he calls for General Andol to assembly a rescue party.  Once they locate the impregnable city of Mitzer, General Andol sends for reinforcements.  Presumably the general takes part in the battle.
 Dell Number  -- 84.1

genet  --  #62 (inside cover of the back page)

Geoffrey Barbour  --  #45.1 Englishman and one of the owners of the Pyrethrum Plantation along with the widow Mrs. Roberta Faye.  His Bamwe workers are being scared away by ghosts.  He attempts to shoot one of the ghosts.  It has no effect on the spirit.  When little Martha Faye is kidnapped he goes after Ungali, the witch doctor.  He is captured by Ungali and thrown off a cliff.  Tarzan catches him.  After Tarzan exposes Ungali as the person behind the ghost in order to get the gold he discovered on the land, he proposes to Roberta.  He is young, blonde, blue eyed, and clean-shaven.
A#3.3 Because the Secret Society could not kill Tarzan, they plan to get Geoffrey’s scalp to fool The Secret Master into thinking it belongs to the ape-man.   Geoffrey is at breakfast on the bungalow’s patio with Roberta Faye and a young girl (possibly Martha Faye).  A spear lands in the middle of the table.  (The spear may have come from Tarzan to get them prepared for an attack.)  They head for the house.  Tarzan thwarts the attack of the Secret Society before they get near the house.  Geoffrey is a middle-aged man with black hair, squinty eyes, and a dark mustache.
 Dell Number  -- 45.1+A#3.3

Gerald Newman  -- white man from Mombasa.  Three years ago he and his sister, Margaret were forced to land their plane in Crater Lake.  The Cat Men who live there captured them.  He was made a servant to the priest and was assigned duties as a fisherman.  Gerald wears a yellow tunic with a fish emblazon on the front.  Tarzan enters the Temple of Brule in an attempt to rescue Gerald and Prince Keelim, from Lutor.  A Cat Man finds Tarzan but believes him to be Gerald.  Tarzan and Gerald look exactly alike.  Tarzan rescues the two men.  Together the three of them rescue Princess Loma and Margaret.  After their escape from Crater Lake Gerald calls Loma ‘his Princess.’
 Dell Number  -- 38.1

gerboa  --   #62 (inside cover of the back page)

gerenuk  --  #78  (inside front cover, splash page) - antelope with a long neck

ghost -- White spirits appearing as a twelve-foot tall man (animal face) and as a long serpent.  They are scaring off the plantation workers of Barbour and Faye.  Tarzan exposes them as the work of the evil witch doctor, Ungali, and his dog.  Ungali wanted the gold he discovered on the plantation grounds.
 Dell Number  -- 45.1

Giant Bees  -- While chariot riding about the new city of Lion Rock, Jathon and Queen Elaine’s lions step on giant bees.  This panics the lions, which causes the chariot to throw the royal couple to the ground unconscious.
 Dell Number  -- 35

Giant Blind Rats  -- encountered by Tarzan, Professor Plume and Tantor in the tunnel of the Mountains of the Moon.  Tarzan kills one with an arrow.
 Dell Number  --  26

Giant Eland  --  #16.2 while in the desert of rocks Tarzan comes upon a large Bara, which he    decides to tame.  It kills a leopard that night.  Tarzan uses it to rescue N’keeta from the evil witch doctor, T’gamai.
#18.2 Tarzan uses the Giant Eland to return Princess and Taddo to Lipona.  On the raft the eland cracks a crocodiles skull with its hoofs thus saving Taddo’s life.
#33.1 Tarzan rounds up giant elands so that Slim, Red, and Shorty can train them.  The riders from the Rio Grande ride the elands to rope a lion and to help Tarzan rid the area of Arab slavers.  Tarzan’s eland kills the sheik, El Jemel, when he tries to stab the ape-man.  The elands are released once the Arab horses are confiscated.
A #1.2 - Tarzan calls the antelope Bara but it looks like the giant eland.  Tarzan rides Bara to the edge of Cathne’s mountainous region.
#43.2 when Tarzan drives the plague of Danginas into the wedge of natives, he also herds the elands into the area.
#47.3 Boy and Dombie take elands to discover a horned monster amongst an unnamed tribe.  After they escape they use elands to return home.
#49.1 after rescuing Prince Illony from the trophy hunters, Tarzan calls a Great Eland to carry them back to the Rock of Opar and the White Pygmies.
A#3.1 Tarzan calls the Giant Eland, Bara.  He rides Bara as he trails the Shifta band that has captured Jane and Boy.  After learning that the Shiftas traded his family to the Mugabis, he rides the Giant Eland to the base of the mountain containing the Forbidden Valley.  He leaves Bara at a water hole.
#57.3 Tarzan riding the Giant Eland discover the bodies of Rutger and M’longo in their safari car.  Shiftas killed them.  The Shiftas took the other two white men, Mr. Wakefield and John Reese.  On the trail of the captives, Tarzan takes the Giant Eland as far as the Wiramwazi Mountains before letting Bara go home.
 Dell Number  -- 16.2+17.1+18.2+33.1+A 1.2+43.2+47.3+49.1+A#3.1+57.3+#64       (Tarzan’s Friends splash page)

Giant Elk  -- Doctor MacWhirtle and Boy spot a Giant Elk as they fly over Pal-ul-don.   MacWhirtle makes a plaster cast of the elk’s hoof print.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1

 Giant(s)  -- a lost tribe of Giants living in a village inside an extinct volcano.  They are twice as large as Tarzan.  They wear shoes with strapped leggings, fur clothing, and horned helmets.  They speak a language Tarzan does not understand.  They worship all animals as gods.  They capture humans as sacrifices to the gods.  The Giants capture Tarzan as he searches for the missing mangani wives.  In the sacrificial compound Tarzan kills two leopards.  This upsets the Giants, who turn the mangani loose.  Tarzan convinces the mangani to only pretend to kill the natives and him.  This satisfies the Giants.  Tarzan finds some dynamite and uses it on the Giants.  The explosion awakens the volcano, which erupts and destroys the Giants and their village.
 Dell Number  -- 37.1

Giant Bird  -- a giant bird twenty feet tall in the Canyon of Night.  It is called wingless but it has wings.  Prince Rotan finds its egg and thinks it is a gemstone.  The great bird attacks the Prince.  Tarzan kills it with a knife throw.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.4

Giant Lions  -- Tarzan creates three giant lions for the Cathneans to battle the Dinohyus that are keeping them from hunting.  Tarzan uses a formula that he learned from a great scientist.  In a month they have three giant lions that have eaten half the Cathnean buffalo herd.  Tarzan and Jathon ride Ja-dor in battle against the Dinohyus.  The giant lions kill all but three of the zu-horta.  One of the giant lions is killed.  Tarzan lets the giants feed on their kills.  Tarzan tells Jathon to hunt the rest of the Dinohyus soon.  He also tells them not to worry about feeding the lions that they will not live very long because of the growth medicine.
 Dell Number  -- 123.3

Giant Scorpions  -- they attack Tarzan, Professor Plume, and Tantor at the outskirts of the Lost City containing the treasure of Isis.  Tarzan kills one with his bow.  Tantor picks one up with his trunk.  They are driven off by a group of pterodactyls.
 Dell Number  -- 26

Giant Spiders  --  #25.1 controlled by Queen Mataha with a whistle.  They use the arachnids to bring slaves to the people of Arrack.  The spiders have a poisonous bite that renders people unconscious long enough to be brought to the Arrack city.  N’tale is captured by one.  When Tarzan goes to rescue her, he is captured in a spider’s web.  When Tarzan attempts to escape from the city, Queen Mahata uses a spider to recapture him.
#30 - one attacks Boy.  Tarzan kills it with a rifle.  Tarzan, Doctor Mac, Muviro, and the Waziri go to Arrack and kill all the spiders with cyanide in their arrowheads.  They burn all the eggs they can find.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1 +30

Giant squids  -- Giant squids are probably carried in by a tidal wave.  A squid attacks Boy and Dombie in their tree house that has become a raft because of the tidal wave.  The squid grabs Prickly, the porcupine.  It drops Prickly, and retreats into the water.  A pirate dhow pulls up to the boy’s raft.  The squid attacks the pirates.  The pirates set sail and fight off the squid.  Tarzan and Muviro come to rescue the boys.  A giant squid attacks.  Tarzan cuts off one of the tentacles.  The squid grabs Prickly, drops it, and retreats into the water.
 Dell Number  -- 128.2

Giant Swans  --  (See - Banthurs, Red-billed) Mounts used by the Lutorians.  They appear to be similar to the Red-billed Banthurs except that they have gold bills not red bills; they do not require a head covering to control them; and they are capable of flight.  The Banthurs were never flown.  Lutorians mounted on the giant swans escort Tarzan and his hostage, King Zugu, towards Alur.  When the Terribs attack the Lutorians fly the swans through the air and under the water to repulse the attack.  Tarzan uses a swan as a mount after leaving the canoe carrying the king.  Tarzan and the Lutorians fly the swans in search of King Zugu.  Five swans, three tied to the bow and two tied to the stern, carry the canoe and the king through the air.  A Ho-don spear kills a swan in the aft position.  The king falls from the canoe.  On his flying swan, Tarzan ropes the king.  He needs the assistance of two other Lutorians flying swans to keep the king air born to the crocodile boat of Princess Loma.   Tarzan and his escort will continue on swans to decoy the Ho-dons as Princess Loma take King Zugu to Alur in the croc boat.
 Dell Number  -- 70.1

Giant Vultures  --  #26 these birds circle Leveque and Suleiman as they cross the Great Thorn Desert.
#44.1 Giant vulture of Pal-ul-don.  It is referred to as a Black Vulture.  It is shown as brown with a red head and a white neck.  Riding on Argus, Tarzan saves Coru from a giant vulture.  Tarzan, Muviro, and two Waziri travel to Saparta and teach the little spearmen how to make and use bows against their greatest enemy, the giant vultures.  Tarzan kills three plus and the Waziri warriors kill another ten.
 Dell Number  -- 26+44.1

Giant Wasp  -- Their nest is in a split near the top of a mountain on the Island of Dwarfs.  Tarzan and Muviro witness a wasp carrying off a lion.  Tarzan’s arrows have little effect on the insect.  Flying on Argus Tarzan follows a wasp carrying a gazelle back to the Island of Dwarfs.  Tarzan smears the pulp of a white flower on him and dips his arrows in the juice.  Tarzan flies into the nest area.  The wasp are repelled by the flower scent and killed by the arrows.  Tarzan and Dr. MacWhirtle drop DDT bombs onto the nest, which causes the volcano to erupt, finishing off the wasps.
 Dell Number  -- 48.3

giraffe  --  #43.2  When Tarzan drives the plague of Danginas into the wedge of natives, he also herds giraffes into the area. The Danginas try unsuccessfully to attack the giraffes.
#69.1 the hunter, Derrik Carne, captures two baby giraffes in Kenya Country.
#105.2 Tarzan warns the giraffes about an approaching plague of locust.
#112.2 - Tarzan grabs onto the log that a giraffe is pulling across the veldt.  He has Boy cuts the rope so the giraffe can run free.
No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story)  Nobby, the giraffe, comes upon a giraffe family with a dying male.  The male dies from a poison arrow.  Nobby takes over as the protecting male.  A rouge bull challenges Nobby.  Nobby is winning the fight when he accidentally slips into a river.  After making his way out of the river, he chases the rouge bull away.
#130.3 Boy and Dombie search for Knobby, Boy’s pet giraffe.  They find him with a herd of giraffes.  The boys surmise that they would have to fight the herd to separate Knobby from the herd.  They decide to leave Knobby with the herd.
 Dell Number  -- 43.2+ 69 (splash page)+69.1+105.2+112.2 +No. 25 (color by numbers)+ No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story) +130.3

Gilog  -- member of Thulak’s tribe who goes with Tarzan to the Valley of the Mist.
 Dell Number  -- 18.1

gimla  --  #1 crocodile;
#2 Tarzan kills one;
#6 mentioned only;
#12 Tarzan is referred to as  swifter than gimla;
#18.2  just call croc - Giant Eland cracks its head open as it tried to grab Taddo off the raft he, his mother and Tarzan were riding.
#35 - one tries to eat N’kima.  Attacks a Cathnean as they build their rafts to cross the Great Swamp.
#36.1 Goliath, the giant lion, kills one as the lion and Tarzan cross the Great Swamp.
#39.1 one tries to attack the Banthur Tarzan is riding in the Great Swamp.
#39.2 Tarzan swims underwater in the swamp near the back wall of New Athne.  He has smeared his body with crocodile fat.  This prevents gimla from attacking him.
#40.1 one tries to get Tom Culver as he swims for Athne.  Doctor MacWhirtle shoots it with a rifle.
#40.2 Lightning breaks a tree branch knocking Tarzan into the water.  A crocodile tires to get him, but Tarzan is too quick for gimla.
#A2.2 Crocodiles attack Muviro and the Waziri as they attempt to cross the Great Swamp.  Tarzan kills a croc with his knife.  They smear crocodile fat on their bodies to fool the crocodiles.
#54.2 (Boy story) Crocodiles infest the lake that holds the Isle of Leopards.  The Leopard Men use a dugout canoe to get across the lake.  Boy and the baboons build a raft to avoid the crocodiles.  The baboons drive the Leopard Men into the lake.  The crocodiles kill most of them.
#54.3 Crocodiles swim towards the three Talking Gorillas that Tarzan has tricked into falling off their raft in the Great Swamp.
#59.1 Tarzan searches for the captured Prince Keelim.  Locating the Talking Gorilla’s rafts, he leaps from the thipdar’s back into the Great Swamp.  He swims past a crocodile.
#63.2 When Tarzan goes to steal a canoe from the native bearers who have captured Miss Ruel, he has Boy cut off some crocodile meat.  As the bearers pursue them down river, Tarzan instructs Miss Ruel to trail some crocodile meat behind them.  They pass through a herd of hippos.  The hippos are agitated by the smell and attack the pursuing canoes, believing them to be crocodiles.
#64.1 Tarzan knocks the Bolgani that roped Chet Harper up into a tree into the Great Swamp.  Harper also falls into the swamp.  As Tarzan unties Harper under water, a crocodile approaches.  Tarzan ties gimla’s mouth shut with the rope.  A second crocodile goes after the gorilla.  Tarzan tries to warn the gorilla.  (Results unknown.)
#69.2 Crocodiles chase Boy and Dombie while on their way to the Nukonga Village to see what Tarzan is up to.  Tarzan and the Nukongas carry a crocodile trap down to the river.  Crocodiles threaten Tarzan as he carries the cable across the river.  He avoids them.  Boy and Dombie fall into the river.  Crocodiles swim towards them.  The boys crawl in the trap and are pulled safely to shore.
#77.2 After Tarzan rescues Wanumo from the Terribs, the Golden Man desperately maneuvers his damaged skis towards the ape-man in the trees.  A crocodile pursues him.  Tarzan pulls Wanumo into the trees but not before gimla’s tail strikes the Golden Man on the leg.  The leg is severely injured but not broken.
A#5.1 Crocodiles surround the apes Throg and Kurok who are stranded on a sandbar by a flash flood.  Tarzan throws a wart hog carcass into the water to distract the crocs.  He pulls the apes into a tree with a rope.  Tarzan finds Ta-den’s armband in the water.  He uses the same rope to escape from a crocodile that tries to attack him.
A#5.5 Crocodiles swim for Isilio, the Waziri, as he crosses a river to distract the crocodiles from Boy.  They swim after Boy as he attempts to cross.  Isilio kills one of the crocodiles with his spear.
#84.2 after the hyena is driven into the river by the wild dog, Lucky, and her pups, it must swim quickly to the other side to avoid a crocodile.
#90.2 With Dombie’s sprained ankle and night falling, Boy and Dombie are afraid to cross the river because of crocodiles.  Boy makes a fire.  Crocodiles surround them.  Tarzan rides in on the back of a croc and saves them.  Tarzan explains that the crocodiles were traveling to a new area and will not stop to feed and that they were attracted to the heat of their fire.  Muviro accompanies Tarzan in saving the boys.
A#6 (splash page - River Animals of Tarzan’s World) up to fourteen feet long.
#100.2 A crocodile pulls a mother rhino into the river.  Tarzan is too late for the rhino.  He dives in the river and kills the croc so that it will not kill any more animals.
#103.1 A crocodile fights over the possession of a dead kudu with lions.  The croc pulls the kudu into the water.  Tarzan dives in and kills it with a spear.
#103.2 Boy and Dombie canoe into a tunnel.  A crocodile forces them to continue through the tunnel.  On the other side, a crocodile upsets the canoe.  The boys take to the trees.  The croc bites through the canoe.  The boys build a raft and attempt to leave.  A croc pushes their raft sideways so that they can’t leave.  The croc forces them to climb up some vines as it climbs onto the raft.
#104.2 Tom and Jo, who have crashed their airplane into a tree, are soaking their feet in a stream.  Boy warns them about the crocodile and the approaching cannibals.  They head for a cliff.  The cannibals try to cross the stream.  The crocodiles attack them.
A#7.1 A crocodile grabs onto Johnny Ball’s foot from is disabled plane.  Tarzan kills the croc with his knife.
A#7.3 (non-Tarzan story) Moonbeam, a mongoose, and her young feed on crocodile eggs.  A crocodile fails to grab the mongoose.
#105.2 Tarzan, his family, Buto, and his tribe take to the river to escape the approaching plague of locust.  Tarzan and Buto fight off the crocodiles while Buto’s men place nets cross the river to protect the people.  Tarzan kills one with his knife.
No. 25.3 (Boy Story) Boy and Dombie go fishing.  Boy bumps into a crocodile that he thinks is a log.  The boys take a leopard toto away from the river so that gimla will not get the cub.
No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story)  Nobby, the giraffe, accidentally falls into the river during a fight.  Nobby finds a low bank to climb out of the river.  He must pass some crocodiles that are leery of the giraffe’s hooves, which could break their backs.
#118.2 - two buffaloes pull the cape cart of Nama the Hottentot trader.  Boy and Dombie camp with Nama.  The buffaloes drink from a stream.  A crocodile grabs a buffalo by the snout.  Boy stabs the croc with his spear.  The croc releases the buffalo and swims off with Boy’s spear.
#124.2 an earthquake causes the lake to drain.  The crocodiles leave the lake and head into the Wakinda Village.  The Wakinda tribe packs up and leaves the area.
No. 51.2 (Boy Story) As part of the Ordeal of Mumbo, Buto has to swim through a pool of crocodiles.  Buto wraps one of the crocs on his back as he dodges the spears of six warriors.
#127.1 Crocodiles fight Jad-bal-ja for his antelope kill.  Tarzan kills a crocodile with his knife.  Hawklin supposedly is hunting crocodiles on Tarzan’s lake.  He is actually hunting other animals.  He kills a hartebeest and thinks he killed his guide Inolu.  His leaves the bodies for the crocs.  The crocs pull the hartebeest into the water.  Inolu wakes and escapes the crocodile coming for him.  Jad-bal-ja chases the evil hunter Hawklin into the lake.  Tarzan saves him from the crocodiles.
 Dell Number  -- 1+2+6+12+18.2+A 1.3+35+36.1+39.1+39.2+40.1+40.2+A2.2+54.2 (Boy story)+54.3 +59.1 +63.2 +64.1 +69.2 +77.2 +A#5.1 +A#5.5 +84.2 +90.2 +A#6 (splash page - River Animals of Tarzan’s World)+100.2+103.1+103.2+104.2+A#7.1 +A#7.3+105.2 +No. 25.3 (Boy Story) +No. 25.5 non-Tarzan  story +118.2 +124 (splash page “Old Timer?”) +124.2 +No. 51.2 (Boy Story) +127.1
 Novel  -- JT

Gina  -- Gina is one of the native merchants from the native market that Jane leads towards a free market at her house.  Gina fears the curse of the witch doctor N’gai that was placed on them as they left.  Jane tries to calm her fears.  A rouge elephant forces them to take cover in some gigantic tree roots.  The rouge grabs Gina’s leg and starts to pull her out.  Jane throws some pepper at the rouge’s snout, causing the elephant to release Gina.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.2 (Jane Story)

Gitani  -- Gitani is one of the names Tarzan calls out to fool Juma and his gang into thinking that government men are surrounding them.  It works.
 Dell Number  -- 128.1

gladiator  -- Professional gladiators fight in the arena at Castra Sanguinarius for the Emperor’s birthday.
 Dell Number  -- 58.3

glotha  --  cave bear of Cor-o-don in the lost valley (See also - cave bear)
 Dell Number  -- 19.2

gnu  --  37.2 (inside splash page)+#104 (splash page)

goat herder  --  Man who Tarzan silences and uses his corral to hide Jane, Boy, and the other slaves he rescued from Abou Ben Ephraim
 Dell Number  -- 11

goats  --  #8 Tarzan kills a wild goat for food on the way home from the Valley of the Monsters.
#39.1 while riding a thipdar Tarzan scares off goats that were being stalked by a snow leopard.
#54.2 (Boy story) Dombie is tending his mother’s goats when a leopard wearing a collar grabs one and leaps into the jungle.  Boy follows the leopard to the Isle of Leopards.
A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story) The unnamed tribe places a goat near their pit trap to catch a lion.
#78.2 there is a goat in the Waziri Village.
A#6.1 exploring the island his family is marooned on, Tarzan sees Sheetah stalking goats.  He warns the goats, which escape.  Tarzan surmises that the animals came from some wrecked cargo ship.
A#6.6 (Jane Story) Nimbo brings six goats through the native market to give to Kalaya for his daughter’s hand.  One goat is troublesome.  It breaks pots in the potter’s booth.  The shop owner demands a goat as payment.  Jane pays for the pots if Nimbo would help her bring her goods to the tree house.  Nimbo uses one goat to haul the goods.  Kalaya gives Nimbo the troublesome goat as a wedding present because it broken a hole in his house.
#102.1 The Gomah tribe gives Tarzan a gift of a goat.  They want him to rid the area of an albino elephant.
A#7.5 (Jane story)  There are goats near Kimbo and N’kala’s hut.
#115.1 - The Mountain Men from Kroo Maun in Pal-ul-don raise goats.
 Dell Number  -- 8+39.1+54.2 (Boy story)+ A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story)+78.2+A#6.1+A#6.6  (Jane Story)+102.1+A#7.5 (Jane story)+ 115.1

Gogulu  -- sorcerer of the Nagosi tribe.  He owns a slave named Ila who is loved by Prince    Inkolo.  He demands a king’s ransom for her freedom.  He has plans to make his son king of the Nagosi.  Inkolo returns with the price but embarrasses the sorcerer by throwing gold at him.  He conspires with his son, Ungo, to get Inkolo to touch the slave girl, a deed punishable by death.  When Ila faints at the sight of the mamba, Inkolo catches her.  Gogulu says that he must be thrown to the wild buffalo.  Tarzan takes his place and proves Gogulu planned this with a snake that has no teeth.  Gogulu is sentenced to face a wild buffalo.
 Dell Number  -- 28

Golden Men  --  #77.2 - A Lost Tribe of yellow skinned people.  They live in a bamboo-stilted city called Taleela.  It is in a secret location near an island on a lake in the Great Swamp.  They speak their own language that is described as musical.  They are highly civilized and protect their citizens.  They have great knowledge of medicines.  They appear to be ruled by their elders or highly revere their elders.  They use a type of water skis with a paddle for propulsion as transportation.  The paddles can be removed to make the handle into a blowgun.  Gas pellets are used in the blowgun/paddle, which kills also instantaneously.  The Golden Men are friendly with Tarzan who brings the injured Wanumo to his village.  However, they wish to keep their home secret so they slip Tarzan a sleeping potion and transport him back into the Great Swamp.
#88.2 The Golden Men approach the Terribs Village to retaliate for the killing of some of their people.  They use their water skis and paddles on the Great Swamp.  Upon seeing the village deserted, they sense a trap and convert their paddles into blowguns.  The Terribs surface from their underwater tunnels.  A battle ensues.  Tarzan and the giant otters attack the Terribs from the rear.  The Terribs retreat to their tunnels.  The Golden Men accompany Tarzan ashore as he frees Boy from a Terribs prison cell.  The Golden Men are tall, thin, have big ears, and golden skin.  They wear colorful conical hats which bend forward slightly like a horn.
A#6.2 The Golden Men see Terribs attacking Boy and Dombie.  They ski to their aid.  The Terribs flee.  They carry the boys to their secret city on skis propelled by sails.  They heal Dombie, who had been injured in the fight.  They tell the boys that they can never leave.  They are golden in color.  Drawn as Marsh draws natives only with gold skin.  They have normal sized ears.  They wear cloaks even while skiing.  They have tall black fez-like caps.  The boys escape on black swans.
 Dell Number  -- 77.2+88.2+A#6.2

Goliath  --  #36.1 Taken from its mother as a cub by Tarzan.  The ape-man uses growth pellets provided by Doctor Mervin to create the giant lion, Goliath.  Tarzan trains the lion for six weeks to the point where it can handle an elephant.  Goliath carries Tarzan across the Great Thorn Desert and the Great Swamp.  His roar stampedes the Athnean elephants and breaks the siege of New Cathne.  Tarzan leaves the giant with King Jathon.
#41.2 He escapes from his corral in New Cathne.  When Tarzan comes for him, the giant lion helps Tarzan and the Lost Legion defeat the Talking Gorillas.
#45.3 Timon, Jathon’s nephew, uses the giant lion to pull rafts full of Cathnean warriors through the Great Swamp to Athne.  Timon rides Goliath up to the walls of Athne.  The Athneans throw spears down at them.  Goliath is hit and throws Timon off his back.  Goliath crushes Timon with its paw.  The enraged lion breaks through the top of the wall and causes panic amongst the Athnean war elephants.  Back out of the city, Tarzan calms Goliath down and tells him to obey Jathon.  Jathon rides Goliath up to the Athnean army and negotiate a peace between the cities.
#46.1 Goliath pulls the Cathneans back to Cathne and collapses.  Tarzan removes a spearhead from his back that came close to its spine.  After healing he fights a pack of saber-toothed beasts.
#52.1 King Jathon is mounted on Goliath as Tarzan brings the survivors of Athne to Cathne.  Jathon and Goliath accompany Tarzan to Athne to look at the Bolgani horde that has overrun the city.  Goliath and Tantor drive the gorillas back behind the walls of Athne.
#54.3 Goliath feeds in the courtyard at Cathne.  Three Talking Gorillas fire arrows at their most feared enemy.  Tarzan drives off the attackers with his arrows.  Goliath is severely wounded.
#123.3 Queen Elaine informs Tarzan that Goliath died years ago.
 Dell Number  -- 36.1+41.2+45.3+46.1+52.1+54.3+123.3
 Novel            -- GF - small town in Idaho

Golo  -- The native trapper who throws his knob stick and knocks Tarzan unconscious and into the pit trap.  They sell their prisoners to Castrum Mare.
 Dell Number  -- 106.1

Gomah  -- Tribe of natives living on the banks of a river.  Their leader is Umboma.  They are well established and thriving.  They raise chickens, cattle, goats, corn and fruit.  They bring Tarzan to their city to get him to rid the area of an albino elephant that terrorizes them.  It has killed their best hunters.  Some Gomah farmers report to the chief that they saw the elephant kill Tarzan.  They prepare to sacrifice the chief’s daughter to appease the elephant that they believe is inhabited by the chief’s dead albino brother.  Tarzan arrives to the nick of time to safe the daughter with the news of the elephant’s death.
 Dell Number  -- 102.1

Gomambas  -- native tribe living on an island in the middle of a wide river.  Their white ruler is King Lukah, who provides them with electricity.  They provide him with slaves that he blinds with a poisonous juice.  When Laura Thomas escapes the island, they go in search of her and capture her as well as Tarzan, and Doctor Harvey Warfield.  Tarzan with the help of Jad-bal-ja manages to free all the prisoners and chop holes in all their canoes.  Tarzan warns them to stop enslaving people or else.
 Dell Number  -- 25.2

go-mangani  --  (ape) Negro/great black ape
 Dell Number -- 4+5+11+12

gomangani  -- (ape) Negro/great black ape
 Dell Number -- 10+21.2+23.2
 Novel --   ST + GL

Gomo  --  King of the mandrills.  Tarzan and Moki come upon Gomo in the abandon city in the Canyon of the Mandrills.  Gomo threatens to kill them.  Tarzan throws his manga torch in Gomo’s face.  He throws the mandrill and forces him to surrender.  Gomo runs off.
 Dell Number  -- 100.1

Gorak  --  #14.1 old man baboon.  Baboons are used against the unarmed slaves in the gladiatorial arena of the lost legion.  Tarzan makes friends with him and talks them into helping the slaves against the lions.  Tarzan helps the baboon to escape during the confusion caused by the total eclipse of the sun.
A#6.1 Name of a gorilla trapped under some fallen rocks.  His tribe is unable to free him and leaves.  Tarzan uses a tree trunk as a lever to free the grateful Gorak.  He introduces Tarzan to his tribe.  Later, an unnamed tribe of natives brings gorillas to the island to sacrifice to a giant squid.  They tie them to poles on the beach and wait for the tide to do its work.  Tarzan asks Gorak and his tribe to help rescue the Bolgani.  The gorillas drive the natives back into their canoes and off the island.
A#6.7 Hunter, Herbert Gates, shoots his rifle at Gorak, the great ape.  Tarzan tries to persuade Gorak to leave.  He calls Gorak, the angry one and the foolish one.  Gorak won’t leave and attacks Tarzan.  Tarzan throws him.  Gorak leaves.
 Dell Number  -- 14.1+A#6.1+A#6.7

Gorgan the Greedy  -- Bearded, dark haired Greek god-like man of Jalur who seizes the throne of the lion city and lusts after the Lady Luala.  He exiles her love, Kandor, from the city.  Kandor returns to the city with his axe and handle made from the horn a great rhinoceros and his right to challenge Gorgan for the throne.  Kandor easily defeats Gorgan and exiles him.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.4

Gorgo  -- buffalo  #5 king of the wild buffalo.
#15.2 Tarzan kills one with his bare hands.
#28 Tarzan takes Prince Inkolo’s place, as he was condemned to face a wild buffalo for touching a slave girl.  Tarzan kills it with his bare hands.
#36.1 A three-week old Goliath, the giant lion, kills a buffalo.
#45.2 Boy captures a buffalo in a pit trap.
#80.2 Lions attack a herd of buffalo.  Two cows crunch a male lion between them.  They chase a cub up a tree where Tarzan takes care of it.
#110.1 Water buffaloes are in the valley when Tarzan and Buto are buzzed by Jess’ airplane.
#122.2 Gorgo is the name of one of the buffaloes that Boy and Dombie use to pull the cart carrying the dugout canoe they are going to give to the Kasana tribe.   M’bogo is the other buffalo.   Bangas chase them and they are forced to drive over a ledge into Lake Sana.  The buffaloes follow them swimming to the Kasana Village.  Dombie looks after them as Boy shows the Kasana how to use the seine net.  The boys ride the buffaloes up the cliff when the Bangas attack the village.  After the adventure the boys ride the buffaloes home.
#123.3 The Cathneans feed buffaloes to the lions Tarzan is turning into giants.  In a month they have eaten half the Cathnean herd.
No. 51.1 - As Tarzan and Lechwe portage the canoe, buffaloes threaten to attack.  Tarzan soothes them with words.
#125.2 Tarzan rides a buffalo with gilded horns to the durbar of King Imanga.  They fall into a pit trap of the Bakongo and are captured.  When the Imanga warriors come to rescue Tarzan, one of the Bakongo warriors wears the gilded horns.  The buffalo presumably is dead.
#118.2 two buffaloes pull the cape cart of Nama the Hottentot trader.  Boy and Dombie camp with Nama.  The buffalos drink from a stream.  A crocodile grabs a buffalo by the snout.  Boy stabs the croc with his spear.  The croc releases the buffalo.  Nama calls one of the buffaloes M’bogo.  He calls the other Mbaya Sana?  Lebombos confront Nama.  The trader has his buffaloes attack the robbers.  Between the buffaloes and Tarzan, Boy and Dombie arriving on elephants, they drive the Lebombos away.
 Dell Number  -- 5+11+15.2+28+36.1+45.2+80.2+110.1+122.2+123.3+No. 51.1+125.2+128 (splash page “Old Sail Back”)+ 118.2
 Novel -- JT  -- buffalo

Gorgo (the giant buffalo) --  #57.1 Tarzan receives a calf buffalo form King Gallu as thanks for recapturing their buffaloes from the Torodons.  Tarzan takes the calf to an idyllic pasture in Pal-ul-don.  He trains the buffalo and feeds it growth pellets.  In about three weeks the buffalo is greater than a gryf.  Tarzan names the buffalo Gorgo.  Gray wolves attack them.  Tarzan kills one.  Gorgo kills the other.  Tarzan rides Gorgo to Alur.  They save King Taden from Ho-don warriors.  Taden says that Gorgo is greater than a gryf.  Tarzan and Taden ride Gorgo to Alur where they are met by rebellious force of his cousin, Prince Kodon.  Gorgo crashes through the gates of Alur.  When Taden defeats Kodon in single combat, Kodon’s men try to surround the King and Tarzan.  Tarzan calls Gorgo who drives the rebels out of the city.
#58.1 Tarzan rides Gorgo out of Alur in search of giant White Apes.  As they pass Kor-ul-gryf, two gryfs attack them.  Gorgo jumps out of the way and the two gryfs attack each other.  They ride through the Lake of the Thipdars that is dried up because of a volcanic eruption.  In the Valley of the Monsters they are attacked by young Garths.  Gorgo kills one.  Tarzan kills the other.  Tarzan leaves the giant buffalo to feed.  A White Ape captures the ape-man.  When he escapes with Alice Jenner, Gorgo is waiting for him.  They ride Gorgo to the Great Swamp and are pursued by the apes.  A man by the name of Jim shoots the apes from Paul Jenner’s airplane.  Tarzan leaves on Gorgo.
#59.1 Riding on Gorgo Tarzan meets Prince Loma in the Great Barrier Swamp.  He leaves Gorgo on an island in the swamp, as he searches for the captured Prince Keelim.
#60.1 Tarzan picks up Gorgo.  They encounter a Garth in the Great Swamp.  Between Tarzan’s arrows and Gorgo’s horns they slay the monster.  The Talking Gorillas’ arrows shatter on Gorgo’s horns.  During the fight with the spotted lions of Pal-ul-don to save Jorah and his men, Gorgo kills at least one of the lions.  The buffalo is badly scratched by the spotted lions so Tarzan leaves him to heal.
#65.1 Tarzan riding a dyal with Jorah and his men come upon Gorgo.  The buffalo’s wounds have not yet healed.  Gorgo follows them to the area where Jorah’s traditional village was destroyed.  Gorgo senses danger in the village.  Tarzan unites the Cor-o-dons with the White Apes to drive out the cave bears.  After the cave bears are driven from the area for a second time.  Tarzan and Jorah follow the bears on Gorgo.  They follow them to the former home of the White Apes where Tarzan seals the bears in the canyon.
#71.1 Tarzan rides Gorgo to Gallugo.  The dark bluish gray buffalo helps Tarzan and the Gallugos fight off the excess lions of the Cathneans that are plaguing the city.  Tarzan and Princess Loma ride Gorgo to Cathne to meet with King Jathon about the lion problem.  As they attempt to round up the lions into the crocodile boats, a garth threatens to cause havoc.  Gorgo helps Tarzan to defeat two garths.  Gorgo is colored a dark bluish gray.
#103.1 While Tarzan and Jathon are on their way to Cathne, they come upon Gorgo.  Tarzan says that he created the giant buffalo with a vegetable potion.  He rides Gorgo to Cathne.  They discover the city destroyed be an earthquake.  They follow the trail of the survivors.  Jathon rides his lion into a gorilla ambush.  Tarzan charges in and has Gorgo chase the bolgani away.  They arrive at the Cathnean camp.  Tarzan has Gorgo jump their protective fence.  The Gallegos approach.  Tarzan has Gorgo jump the fence to go to talk peace.   A gorilla army attacks them.  Tarzan directs Gorgo in the battle.  The gorillas are defeated and Tarzan leaves on Gorgo.  Gorgo is larger than usual and bluish black in color.
#105.1 while helping Ruth Wells escape from the Moran tribe, Tarzan enlists the aid of Gorgo, the giant blue-black buffalo.  Gorgo carries them close to the Makembe Citadel where Ruth’s father is a missionary.
 Dell Number  -- 57.1+58.1+59.1+60.1+65.1+71.1+103.1+105.1

gorilla  --  #23 back cover diorama from the American Museum of Natural History.
A#4  (Apes and Monkeys of Tarzan’s World) (See also - bolgani).
#125.2 The Bakongos seek to discredit the Waziri.  They dress up a gorilla in a costume and tell King Imanga that it is the ambassador that the Waziri send to honor the king.  Imanga is insulted.  Boy convinces the king that the Bakongos are deceiving the king.
 Dell Number  -- 23+A#4+71(splash page)+81 (Forest Folk - inside back cover)+125.2

gorilla king  -- leader of the Talking Gorillas.  They have possession of a city and use human slaves.  He wears a crown and robes.  He is referred to as ‘bolgani-guru’ (terrible gorilla).  Tarzan, Goliath, and the Lost Legion invade the city.  When confronted by Tarzan and Goliath, the king takes his remaining gorillas into the forest.  (See also - bolgani)
 Dell Number  -- 41.2

Gori  --  mangani whose mate is captured by the lost tribe of Giants.
 Dell Number  --  37.1

Gorlak  --  #20.1 gund of a mangani tribe.  He is suspicious of Tarzan even though he saved a balu of his tribe.  He helps Tarzan in the first rescue of Tim and Jess Wales.  Later his tribe, which lives in huts on top of the trees, is attacked by the Terribs.
#27 He and his tribe participate in a war Dum-Dum of Thurag and attack the empty camp of the English lumber man, Colin Durham.  They trash the camp.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1+27

Gorobars  -- reptile mounts of the Terribs.  They are very swift.  (See also - iguana, giant)
#36.2 they are called swimming beasts.
#42.1 When the Terribs attack, the Stork Men realize that they can neutralize them by killing their lizard mounts.  Tarzan does likewise.  Tarzan raises two giant otters, Nip and Tuck, to attack the lizards.  The Gorobars are no match for the otters.
#46.1 The Terribs attack Cathne on their Gorobars.  The lizards climb the scaling ladder with Terribs on their backs.  The Gorobars are no match for the wild buffalo mounts of the Gallugos.
#50.1 The Terribs ride their lizard mounts after the crocodile boat of Princess Loma, who is taking Tarzan to the Stork Men Village with a cure for Swamp Fever.  The new improved crocodile boat easily outdistances the Gorobars.
#51.1 Gorobars carry the Terribs into the Stork Men Village for a night attack.  Tarzan kills one with his knife (and probably many more with his bow).  When the giant otters are released the Terribs flee on their mounts.  While flying to the Stork Men Village, Tarzan and Dr. Mac spy nesting Gorobars on a sand bar.  Dr. Mac insists on landing and collecting some eggs.  Dr. Mac is captured by Terribs.  After Tarzan rescues Dr. Mac, they go back for some Gorobars eggs.  Tarzan destroys the rest of the eggs.
#59.1 Gorobars carry a group of Terribs through the Great Barrier Swamp.  Tarzan pulls the leader off his mount and rides away.  Tarzan lures them towards the Talking Gorillas.  The Terribs pursue on their great lizards.  Tarzan rounds a bend and dives off the Gorobar.  A gorilla’s arrow kills Tarzan’s temporary mount.  The gorillas and Terribs battle to the finish.
#70.1 Terribs mounted on Gorobars attack Tarzan and his Lutorian escort on their way to Alur with King Zugu.  The attack is repulsed.  The next day the Terribs again attack on their Gorobars.  Tarzan dives into the water to fight.  He pulls a Terribs off his mount and uses the Gorobar to get back into the battle.  He spears a Gorobar.  The second attack is joined by Princess Loma’s crocodile boat.  She releases two giant otters, which attack the Gorobars.  The Terribs retreat on their great lizards.
#71.1 after Tarzan disarms a lone Terribs, he takes his Gorobar and rides it to Lutor.  He scouts out the island on the great lizard.  He watches a group of Terribs on their mounts being repelled by the Lutorians.  Tarzan warns the Lutorian guards about the approaching Bolgani from his Gorobar.
#77.2 - Terribs ride their Gorobars as they chase Wanumo, a Golden Man.  Tarzan reins arrows down on them, driving them away.
#88.2 The Terribs mounted on their Gorobars surface from their underwater tunnels to attack the Golden Men.  Tarzan and the giant otters attack from the rear.  The otters go for the throats of the Gorobars.  The Terribs retreat to their tunnels.
A#6.2 Terribs on Gorobars see Boy and Dombie in a catamaran.  They pursue them.  The boys run aground.  The Terribs catch up and knock Dombie into the water.  They spy the Golden Men approaching and have their Gorobars dive for safety.
#112.1 Terribs mounted on their Gorobars attack the British survivors of a plane crash.  Tarzan in a crocodile boat of the Lutorians drives them away.  The Gorobars look like large iguanas.
113.2 A Terribs riding a Gorobar rises up and snatches Dombie.  They swim for their underwater cave.  After Tarzan and the Waziri find the Terribs hiding places, they drive the Terribs and their mounts down river and over the falls.
#115.1 Terribs attack the Mountain Men, Katar and Dera who are floating on a log in the Great Swamp.  Their sling stones can’t stop the cannibals.  Tarzan’s arrows slays the Gorobar mounts of the Terribs causing them to break off the attack.  The Gorobars look like large iguanas.
#124.1 The Terribs mounted on their Gorobars are massing their forces.  Tarzan on a gryf attacks them.  The Terribs on their Gorobars slip into A-lur behind the attacking Ja-lur army.  Tarzan has the gryf block the gateway to the city.  Tarzan unites A-lur and Ja-lur to defeat the Terribs and their Gorobars.
 Dell Number  -- 34.2+36.2+41.2+42.1+46.1+50.1+51.1+59.1+70.1+71.1+77.2+88.2 +A#6.2+112.1 +113.2 +115.1 +124.1
 Novel -- TEA (relates to the ‘gorobors’ - the ten foot reptile mount of the Horibs)

Gorok  -- No. 25.6 Gorok is a great ape that hunts with Tarzan on the veldt.  A storm comes up and they sleep in the trees.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

Gorpah  -- One of the gray apes from the Isle of Apes that Tarzan commands to place the captured Arabs raiders in the wala, prison, that they have built for them.
 Dell Number  -- 55.3

Gortak  -- Gund of the Talking Gorillas who attack Queen Elaine.  He calls himself Gortak the terrible.  Tarzan prevents them from capturing her, but he is knocked unconscious by a club.  Gortak carries the limp body of the ape-man back to their camp.  Gortak is wounded in the arm by a Cathnean spear.  He calls for a Dum-Dum and prepares a plan of a faint attack with buffaloes while his main force scales the walls of Cathne.  Presumably he leads the unsuccessful attack on the City of Gold.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.1

Goss  -- gangster who with his partner, Norgel, and an Arab named Hassan is seeking the   treasure of lost Atlantis, the gold of Opar.  They threaten harm to Jane and Boy to obtain Tarzan’s help.  He and his partners are slaughter by the apes of Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 5

Grayfellow  -- Gray horse, which is part of the Carveth horse safari.  Tarzan stops Drake from whipping the horse and pays him two gold coins for it.  Tarzan heals the horse.  It follows Tarzan to the foot of Opar.  Drake tries to get him after he has looted Oparian gold.  The horse is startled by histah.  Tarzan lets Jean ride the horse back to Tarzan’s tree house.
 Dell Number  -- 38.2

Great Apes  --  #44.2 at the edge of the Great Swamp where it narrows to a ravine, Tarzan calls the apes to bring him vines and lianas so that he might build a bridge across the ravine.
#44.2 Tarzan befriends a strange tribe by getting a balu out of a monkey trap.  He discovers that one of the shes has a human baby.
 Dell Number  -- 26+44.2

Great Rhinoceros  -- Living in the northern mountains of Pal-ul-don.  The beast is huge and hairy with a horn as long as a man is tall.  Tarzan leads Kandor to the mountains to fulfill is quest for the horn.  Tarzan exposes the flank of the rhino so that Kandor can kill it.  Imperial lions attack Tarzan and Kandor.  Another rhino approaches the area.  The lion attacks and kills the rhino.  Tarzan and Kandor escape during the battle.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.4

Greystoke, Lady   -- Jane’s formal title as Tarzan’s wife.  (See also - Jane)
 Dell Number  -- 8
 Novel  -- JO

Greystoke, Lord  -- Tarzan’s English title, a viscount.  Boy is mentioned as the heir in Dell #3.
In Dell #5 the gangster, Goss, refers to Tarzan as Greystoke showing his knowledge of Tarzan’s English title.
 Dell Number  -- 3+5+7+8+45.1+50.3+51.3+89.1+No. 25.6
 Novel  -- TA

grocery store man  -- The grocery store man in Nairobi is startled when Boy and Jad-bal-ja rush into his store and up the stairs.  He tells the police that a lion chased a boy up the stairs.
 Dell Number  -- 60.2 (Boy story)

Grossa  -- A white man who is king over an unnamed tribe.  He controls a large ancient walled city.  He is quite mad and thinks of himself as an emperor and sacred.  He uses slaves to rebuild the city.  He captures Tarzan.  Tolo, the great ape, rescues him.  He captures Prince Barko of the Mambusi tribe.  When Tarzan comes to rescue the prince and the other slaves, the arrogant Grossa backs up too close to the man-eating tree, Kalachar, and is eaten.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

Grossa’s Guards  -- The king’s guards all wear colorful clothing with an image of the man-eating tree, Kalachar, on the front.  They help the king capture Tarzan in a pit-trap.  They are quick with their whip on the slaves.  Tarzan handles them easily.  The Jungle Lord frees Prince Barko and has him lead the slaves in a revolt against the guards.  The slaves are victorious.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

gryf  --  descended of the triceratops.  Flesh eaters.  Some have been tamed by Tor-o-dons.
#6 Tarzan subdues a huge one.  He, Boy, Om-at and his men ride it to Dan-lur.
#9 features a battle between one and Tantor.
#16.1 the Waz-dons use a large number of gryfs.
#24.2 Tarzan uses a gryf to free Ta-den and Oloa from the M’bongo tribe.  Tarzan teaches the Waziri how to subdue gryfs they plan to use to free Alur from Waz-ho-don control.
A #1.3 - Torodons mounted on gryfs take over Alur.  In the battle between the Torodons on their gryfs and Jorah’s tribe mounted on dyals, the dyals easily handle the gryfs.
#41.1 A Torodon riding a gryf captures Lucia Tally.  Tarzan defeats the beast man.  They use the gryf to ride to the Tower of Ta-dan.  Torodons mounted on gryfs attack the tower.  From his plane, Doctor MacWhirtle uses rockets on the gryfs, which drives the Torodons away.
#46.1 As Tarzan helps the Gallugos search for a new home, a gryf frighten off their buffaloes.  Tarzan subdues it with a stick.  The text relates the gryf to the triceratops.
#47.2 after receiving a telepathic message from Jane for help, Tarzan and the Waziri ride a gryf through the Great Swamp and the Great Thorn Desert home again.  There are air pockets in the gryfs body that allows it to easily swim.  The gryf is faster than an elephant.  The gryf kills a water python in the swamp and a rhino near a donga.  Tarzan rides the gryf to Ain Adrar, the city of Sheik Ibrahim, to find Jane and Boy.  The gryf smashes through gates of the city.  The gryf raises havoc in the city so Tarzan can rescue his family.  The Arabs eventually kill the gryf.
A#3.5 A volcano eruption has driven the Torodons and their gryfs out of the Valley of Monsters.  They attack Cathne.  The Torodons use their gryfs as battering rams on the walls of the city.  Tarzan teaches the Cathneans to throw oil flasks down on the invaders and then ignite the oil with torches.  This drives off the beast men and their mounts.  Tarzan implies that the gryfs eat humans.  Tarzan, Jo-rah, and his men, mounted on dyals, thwart the Torodon’s night attack on Cathne.  The gryfs are no match for the dyals.  Tarzan and Jo-rah lure the Torodons and their gryfs into a large group of Garths.  The Torodons flee on foot.  The gryfs and the Garths battle to their own deaths.
#58.1 As Tarzan and Gorgo pass through Kor-ul-gryf, two gryfs attack them. Tarzan commands Gorgo to jump out of the way at the last second.  The two gryfs fight amongst themselves.
#62.1 In Pal-ul-don to collect gryf eggs, Tarzan saves Dr. MacWhirtle from a gryf.  They observe female gryfs covering their eggs with sand.  Under the cover of night Tarzan takes some gryf eggs.  The gryfs are alerted and put up a noisy fuss.  Tarzan carries the doctor, who carries the eggs, through the trees.  The gryfs lose the scent.
#71.1 A gryf chases Tarzan into the Great Swamp.  Underwater the gryf is distracted by a crocodile, which it attacks and kills.   A Garth comes and probably will fight the gryf for the gimla.
A#5.1 Tarzan subdues a gryf in Pal-ul-don.  He rides it to Tohr to rescue Ta-den.  Tarzan has the gryf crash through the gates of Tohr.  The gryf goes on a rampage and destroys many buildings.  The Tohrians try to stop the beast, but it continues to knock buildings down.  Tarzan rescues Ta-den.  They ride the gryf to freedom.
#83.2 A gryf wanders into Buto’s Kraal and wreaks havoc.  Tarzan subdues the beast and uses it to thwart an attack by the N’goros.  Tarzan and Buto take the gryf to the Great Swamp.  It heads back to Pal-ul-don.
#87.1 When Jalima leads Tarzan towards the caves of the White Apes, Tarzan feels the need for transportation.  He goes to the Valley of the Gryfs and subdues one.  At the cave area Tarzan hangs a club from the nose horn to tether the beast.  He rides the beast to the top of the mountain.  After he rescues Jorah and his men, they discover the gryf heading for home.  Tarzan mounts the beast and has Jorah and his men join him.  They charge the pursuing apes, driving them back into their caves.  Later Tarzan uses a gryf as a plow to carve a ditch to drain a swampy area so that it can be used to grow food.
#97.1 red gryfs - They have a single horn, weigh ten tons and are burnt sienna in color.  Tarzan and Jathon travel to Tor-ul-ga to capture red gryfs to battle the Garth that is terrorizing Cathne.  Tarzan explains to Jathon that you run up its back and place your toes in the beast’s ears to control it.  They capture two gryfs that were fighting each other.  They travel all night back to Cathne.  They have their gryfs attack the Garth.  Tarzan and Jathon abandon their mounts.  The gryfs kill the Garth and head for the Great Swamp.
#124.1 A burnt sienna gryf with three horns attacks Tarzan as he escape from Ja-lur.  Tarzan subdues the gryf and rides it to A-lur to alert the city about the Ja-lur attack on the A-lur.  Along the way the gryf smells Terribs and goes out of its way to attack them.  Tarzan rides the gryf to the forts Ara-don and Zu-den to gather the forces for A-lur.  When they reach the city, the Terribs are slipping into the city behind the Ja-lur army.  Tarzan uses the gryf to block the gateway against the Terribs.
 Dell Number  -- 6+9+16.1+24.2+A 1.3+41.1+46.1+47.2+A#3.5+58.1+61 (Jungle World) +62.1+71.1 +A#5.1+A#5 (Jungle Theater) +83.2 +87.1 +97.1 +124.1
 Novel -- TTe -- omnivorous

gryff  --  descendant of the triceratops.  Live in Kor-ul-gryff.  Tarzan has taught Om-at and Pan-at-lee how to subdue and ride them. Pan-at-lee does in # 4.
 Dell Number  -- 4+24.1
 Novel  -- TTe -- spelled gryf

guanionien  -- giant spotted bird is called the leopard of the skies.  Larger than an eagle, its prey is mainly monkeys but will take goats and gazelles in its razor sharp talons.
 Dell Number  -- A#6 (splash page)

Gudo  -- The wrestler who is Tarzan’s first opponent in the Webs of Arrack.  Queen Mataha   asks Gudo to cripple Tarzan but not kill him.  Tarzan easily defeats Gudo, who has never lost a fight.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1

guenon  --  monkey  A#4 (Apes and Monkeys of Tarzan’s World)

guinea  --   A#5 (Tarzan’s Birds - splash page)

Gufta  -- FC 134 white ape that is part of a tribe of white apes under the control of Zanaka, Dashani warrior chief.  He is the strongest ape other than the Devil Ogre.  Zanaka pits him against Tarzan.  Tarzan defeats him thus gaining Gufta’s respect.  Gufta stops a group of three apes from harming Tarzan after he rescues Doris Ramsay from Dashani warriors.  Gufta is taken prisoner and is thrown in with Tarzan and the Ramsay safari because he saved Tarzan and Doris.  Tarzan gets Gufta to help in the escape attempt.  As Tarzan battles the Devil Ogre, Gufta breaks the bars to the cell and leads the party into the hills.  He returns for Tarzan and helps him push a boulder down at the Dashani warriors who are trailing them.  Tarzan and Gufta part as friends.
#2 great ape that rescues Tommy Newsome
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+ 2

Gulak  -- Gund of a tribe of apes.  He brings his tribe to Tarzan to show him the poison arrow that killed Thorchak.  Tarzan promises to help.  Later Gulak and his tribe help Tarzan rescue Boy and capture the ivory poachers.  Tarzan has Gulak’s tribe carry the Bagongo through the trees to the Dum-Dum site.  The ritual of the Dum-Dum scares the poachers silly.
 Dell Number  -- 89.2

Gulchak  -- the bone crusher, one of the apes of Opar.  Tarzan beats him in a fight thus enlisting the aid of the apes to defeat Hassan and the gangsters who are seeking Opar’s gold.
 Dell Number  -- 5

Gumbah  --  #99.1 Name of a Watumba warrior.  He is the first of three champions that Tarzan is to defeat if he is to gain his freedom.  Tarzan quickly defeats him.
#109.1 Name of the Shifta who is commanded to build a fire as the bandits stop to camp with their captive Dr. Kindred.
 Dell Number  -- 99.1+109.1

Gumburu  -- Gumburu is the evil brother to Sheik Abdurra.  When he learns that his brother has been wounded in battle, he decides to grab the Armor of King Suleiman, the symbol of power for the Marehans.  He and his men pursue the sheik’s son, Serenli, and Boy into the mountains.  Gumburu gets the drop on Serenli and demands the armor.  Tarzan’s arrow hits Gumburu’s rifle.  He recovers enough to take a wild shot at his nephew.  He misses.  Serenli returns fire.  Gumburu is hit and falls off a cliff to this death.
 Dell Number  -- 129.3

Gunay  -- Tomos’ lackey henchwoman, she is to guard Elaine Hammond and teach her the   Cathnean language.
 Dell Number  -- 21.1

Gundak  -- name of one of the Talking Gorillas that battles Tarzan and the Cathnean warriors.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.1

Gundar  --  When Tarzan brings Katar and Dera back to their home in Kroo Maun area of Pal-ul-don; Dera announces to Gundar that they have brought back the best medicines.  One must assume that Gundar must be the chief of the mountain people.
 Dell Number  -- 115.1

Gundrad  -- Gundrad is the name of the Oparian who thinks Tarzan will pull them up the side of the Rock of Opar.  La informs Gundrad that Tarzan will not pamper them.  They will climb or be stranded there.
 Dell Number  -- 130.1

Gurah  -- member of the Shiftas band that captures Tarzan after their leader’s grazing bullet knocks Tarzan unconscious.  Gurah wants to kill the ape-man.  Hassan, the leader, wants to sell him.  He taunts Tarzan as they travel.  When the baboons free Tarzan and capture the band of slavers, they are sent on their way without weapons.
 Dell Number  -- 37.2

Gurak  -- a Ko-bolgani shrunk by Tarzan.  The ape-man attempts to learn how to return to original size.  He won’t talk.  Tarzan later watches the gorillas as they return him to normal
 Dell Number  -- 10

Gurchak  -- member of Gorlak’s mangani tribe.  He introduces Gorlak to Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1

Guru  -- Guru is an evil witch doctor who captures Pan-at-lee and Lodor.  He is pressuring Om-at to relinquish his leadership of the Wazdons for their safe return.  Tarzan exposes Guru’s hiding place to Om-at.  The witch doctor lets it slip that he has Om-at’s family at the Caves of Ursamon.  He escapes.  He and his witch men are carrying flaming shields as they try to make their way past the leopards and baboons of Thunder Mountain.  Tarzan and the baboons have panicked the leopards so badly that the flaming shields hold no fear for them.  The leopards kill Guru and his men.  He and his witch men used flaming shields to get by the cave bears.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.6
 Novel  -- guru is Pal-ul-don for terrible


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