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Volume 1690f
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


Faloka  -- Faloka is the witch doctor to the chief named Katumu.  He has colorful air filled bladders attached to his knees.  He advises his chief to vote in favor of permitting the Arabs to sell guns to the seven tribes.  Boy rides in on Kobu, the waterbuck.  One of Kobu’s horns bursts one of Faloka’s bladder balloons.  Katumu is not so sure about Faloka’s advice and wants to sleep on the question.  He meets secretly with the Arab Hassan and promises him the vote with go in his favor even if he has to do something to his chief.  Katumu dies naturally in his sleep.  Faloka pulls the chief out into the open and puts some his own blood on the chief.  He raises the alarm and accuses Boy’s waterbuck Kobu of killing the chief.  He also suggests that Tarzan was responsible because he was afraid that the chief would vote for the guns.  Tarzan challenges him to a trial by combat with the accused waterbuck.  Faloka is given two knives to defend himself.  The witch doctor throws one of the knives into Kobu’s back.  Kobu knocks the other knife out of his hand.  Faloka leaps onto a tree branch.  Tarzan declares Kobu the winner.  Faloka begs for his life.  He confesses to staging the fake murder of his chief.  Tarzan’s punishment is to let everyone know what Faloka did and let him live with the consequences.
 Dell Number  -- 115.2

Fanfoot  --  31 (inside back cover “Jungle World”) lizard described as a good friend to Tarzan

Father of Apes  --The Father of Apes is the god of the Bageena tribe.
 Dell Number  -- 127.2

Father of Elephants  --This is what the two native ivory hunters call Tantor as they stalk him to kill him with poison arrows.
 Dell Number  --  130.2

Father of the Spirits  --The god of the Nye-nye Bushmen.  He drove them out of their traditional homeland for warring amongst themselves.
 Dell Number  -- 120.1

Felix  -- One of a pair of hunting black panthers trained by Tarzan.  The other is Shira.  Tarzan learns from King Ilonyi that Jane and Queen Ellenya have been captured by La.  Tarzan takes the panthers along as he goes to rescue them.  He helps pull the panthers up the Rock that holds Opar.  Felix frightens one of the guards so bad that he falls off the cliff.  Tarzan saves Jane from the sacrificial knife of La.  He calls the two panthers to his side.  He commands the panthers to attack the guards.  The panthers help fight the Oparians at the cave exit.
 Dell Number  -- 59.3

fennec  --  #62 a little desert fox.
#97 (splash page) its large ears are not just for its keen hearing but also serve as heat ventilator to keep the fox at a normal temperature.
 Dell Number  -- 62 (inside cover of the back page)+73 (splash page)+97 (splash page - ”Sound Detectors?”)

firefly  --Tarzan catches and uses a firefly as a light in a cave of the terrorist Secret Society.  In the cave Tarzan and Buto discover the terrorist’s weapons.
 Dell Number  -- 50.3

fish  --  #48.2 Boy and Dombie catch fish with a net.
#51.2 Boy and Dombie fish with bows.
#53.3 Tarzan nets fish for Argus.
#63.1 Boy and Maboungo feed Argus and Aiglon fish.  Tarzan stops in the Great Swamp to catch fish for Argus.
#78.2 while searching for the missing Dombie, Tarzan finds a fish on the bank of a river.  He surmises that Dombie was fishing for breakfast and was carried off by a thipdar.
#82.1 Tarzan feeds Argus and Aguila fish.
#83.1 Tarzan uses Argus in the air to spot shoals of fish for him.  He nets the fish from an Arab’s fishing boat.  He feeds Argus some fish.
#83.2 - Tarzan, Jane and Boy net and feed fish to Argus as Indorro, a runner of Buto’s Kraal, arrives with the news that a beast is terrorizing their village.
#89.2 while fishing with Tarzan, Boy catches a fish.
A#6.1 Marooned on an island Tarzan dives into a wrecked freighter.  Many exotic fish are in the area.
#100.2 Tarzan and Boy spear fish for food with tridents.
A#7.6 (Boy story) Boy spears a fish.
#108.2 - Boy and Dombie catch fish at the Lake of Reeds.  Jane and Boy catch fish and feed them to Argus.
#113.2 Dombie catches a fish with his trident.  Zoom, the giant otter, steals it off of the trident and eats it.
#115.1 - Tarzan spears a fish with a trident in the Great Swamp.  The fish is nearly as long as Tarzan is tall.  Tarzan, Katar, and Dera cook the fish and eat it.
No. 37 Tarzan, Jane, and Boy spear fish in Pal-ul-don and feed them to Argus and Aguila.  Boy spears a fish.  His rope is wrapped around his arm.  The fish pulls him deep under water.  Tarzan must cut him loose.  After the battle with the Hairy Giants at Half Moon Lake, Tarzan feeds the eagles fish.
#122.2 - Boy shows the Kasana, the cliff dwellers, how to properly deploy the net from a canoe that he and Dombie brought them.  A storm forces them from the lake.  After the storm they retrieve the net so full of fish that they have to pull the net to shore to empty it.
#129.2 Boy fishes with Fluke, the dolphin.  Boy spears a fish and puts it on shore.
#131.1 The Waziri spear catfish for food in the Canyon of No Return.
 Dell Number -- 48.2+51.2+53.3+63.1+78.2+82.1+83.1+83.2+89.2+A#6.1+100.2+ A#7.6   (Boy story)+108.2+No. 25.1+113.2+115.1+No. 37 +122.2 +129.2 +131.1

fish hawk  --   A#5 (Tarzan’s Birds - splash page)

flamingo --  #39.1 In the Great Swamp Tarzan, Muviro, and the three Waziri camp by flamingos, figuring that the fishing must be good there.
No. 51.1 A flock of flamingoes causes Captain Smith’s plane to crash into the Lake Nobody Names.
 Dell Number  -- 39.1+No. 51.1

Flaming God  -- volcanic fire that is the god of the Cat Men.  They sacrifice humans to their god.  (See also: Brule.)
 Dell Number  -- 38.1
 Novel  -- RT - The sun.  God of the Oparians.  They sacrifice humans to their god.

Flavia  -- princess of the lost Roman legion.  She is cousin to both the evil Brutus Augustus,  Imperator, and Marcus Junius, the imprisoned rightful ruler.  She claims Boy as her personal slave to save him from the gladiator games.  She helps Tarzan, d’Arnot and Marcus Junius get out of the city.  Later she aids Tarzan in the capture of Brutus.
 Dell Number  -- 14.1
 Novel  -- LE - (Favonia - no similarity other than they both start with the letter F.)

Fluke  -- Boy fishes with Fluke, the dolphin.  Boy spears a fish and puts it on shore.  A shark threatens him.  Fluke hits the shark with its nose.  Boy stabs the shark.  The spear handle hits Boy on the head and stuns him.  Fluke carries Boy to the surface.  Boy rides Fluke to shore and tells Tarzan that Fluke saved his life twice.
 Dell Number  -- 129.2

Forest Devil  -- The ivory poachers believe that Tarzan is a forest devil.
 Dell Number  -- 78.2

Francois LeBrun  -- the owner of a sportsman outfitter store.  He sells Raoul d’Arnot the largest elephant gun that he has.
 Dell Number  -- 121.1

French captain  -- A balding man who is the commandant of the French Outpost near Tarzan’s tree house.  When Lt. Raoul d’Arnot reports to him that a Garth is loose in the area, he does not believe him and suggests that he see a doctor.  He decides later to have Raoul arrested for his own good.  But before he can, Raoul has taken off in his plane.
 Dell Number  -- 121.1

French sergeant  --The French captain orders the French sergeant to have Raoul d’Arnot arrested on the grounds of mental illness.  The sergeant points out that it is too late because Raoul has taken off in his plane.
 Dell Number  -- 121.1

francolins  --  (See - partridges)

frigate bird  -- The frigate bird can travel hundreds of miles without flapping its wings.
 Dell Number  -- 101 (Splash page - ‘Natural Glider’)

Fritz Braun  -- pilot of a search plane looking for the missing Hauser party.  He crashes in the mountains and is captured by Snow Men.  Tarzan rescues him.  He has a broken leg so Tarzan must carry him.  Captain Van Dulst lands his plane and picks them up before the Snow Men can reach them.
 Dell Number  -- 87.2

frog  -- A frog becomes a meal for Moonbeam and Shadow, the two mongoose, in this non-Tarzan story.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.3 (non-Tarzan story)



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