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Volume 1690e
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


eagle  --  A#5.1 riding a gryf to Tohr to rescue Ta-den, Tarzan sees some eagles.
#127.2 Believing that Tarzan is a captive Boy and Dombie fly Argus and Aguila to the Bageena Village.  They leave the giant eagles as they near the village.  Normal eagles attacks the giant eagles causing them to fly home.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.1+A#5 (Tarzan’s Birds - splash page)+127.2

Eagle Men of Engani  --  A lost race of native people living in Engani.  They revere eagles.  They train eagles to hunt everything that moves.  They teach their eagles not to attack humans wearing a white-feathered hat and feathered arm decorations.  They use spears.  They dance a slow flight dance around their captive Lukambo, who comes from another tribe.  Lukambo loves Illona, an Eagle Woman.  They release him to be hunted by eagles.  Tarzan rescues him.  The Eagle Men spy N’kima and believe that Lukambo and Tarzan have turned into monkeys.  They are afraid and give up the hunt.
 Dell Number  -- 75.1

eagles, giant  -- part of Doctor Mervin’s growth experiments, captured by Bokawah, the evil witch doctor.  When Tarzan follows the scent of the captured Yolanda to Bokawah’s cave, the witch doctor releases one of the eagles, which knocks Tarzan down.  Tarzan kills it with his knife.  In its death throws, it releases the other eagle, which carries off Bokawah.  Tarzan throws a knife into it killing it.  It drops Bokawah to his death.
 Dell Number  -- 22.1

eagles of the Engani  -- They have brown bodies with white heads and two tufts of feathers on top of their heads.  Tarzan travels to Engani where he finds the people of the area revere eagles.  He witness the Eagle Men using their trained eagles bring down a gazelle.  Tarzan deduces that the eagles are trained not to attack humans dressed in their eagle-feathered costumes.  He brings down two eagles with bolas and makes himself a feathered costume.  The Eagle Men use eagles to hunt their captive, Lukambo.  Tarzan gives Lukambo a bush to hide under to keep the eagles at bay until they get to the forest.
 Dell Number  -- 75.1

Edouard  -- gangster henchman of Lou Coron killed by a chariot wheel rolled down the hill by Gemnon’s soldiers towards Coron’s plane.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2

Ekkal  -- Monga man who wins Ro-mee-lah, Jo-rah’s sister, as the Monga gamble for the right to have her as a mate.
 Dell Number  -- 39.1

Elaine Hammond  --  #21.1 - from Ohio, her father sent her on a hunting trip with Dane Carnal,   who he hoped would marry his daughter.  While trying to escape the wounded Tantor she accidentally drives her jeep into a gully.  Tarzan patches her up and takes her to Cathne to recover.  Tarzan calls her “Princess Elaine of Ohio.”  While there, Gemnon’s son, Jathon, becomes infatuated with her, as does the evil Tomos, who convinces the king to have her locked up.  Tomos is accidentally killed.  Elaine and Jathon are to be executed for the death of Tomos.  They escape with the help of her jeep and later Tarzan.
#22.2 now married to Jathon Elaine flies in a small plane with him to Cathne.  Lou Coron, who is later killed by a hunting lion, attacks them.  Tarzan saves them from the same lion.
A #1.2 Princess Elaine encourages Tarzan in his rescue attempt of her husband, Prince Jathon.
#35 now referred to as Queen Elaine.  She comes with her husband King Jathon to seek Tarzan help.  A volcano has destroyed their city of Cathne.  Tarzan brings them to Pal-ul-don.  Along the way she and Tarzan drive zebras towards the camp so her people can have food.  The surviving Cathneans build a new city in Pal-ul-don called Lion Rock.  In a chariot accident involving giant bees, Jathon is knocked unconscious and Elaine is captured by cave men.  Tarzan rescues her.
#41.2 After Goliath escapes, she and Jathon greet Tarzan at the gates of New Cathne in a horse drawn chariot.
#45.3 - Her husband King Jathon is reported dead.  Elaine fears that Timon, Jathon’s nephew, will try to kill her so she leaves to find Tarzan.  Her lion drawn chariot is attacked by Black Panthers of Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan and the Waziri slay the panthers.  They return her to Cathne under the guise that she was on a hunting trip.  The Waziri remain as her bodyguard.
#46.1 dressed in armor Elaine helps defend the walls of Cathne against a Terribs attack.
#54.3 When Tarzan comes to Cathne with her husband, King Jathon, she is shocked to learn of the bolgani attack.
A#4.1 the young Queen with a long blonde ponytail is out in a lion drawn chariot alone.  Tarzan swoops in on Argus and informs her that she about to be attacked by the Talking Gorillas.  He tells her to flee to Cathne.  Tarzan and Argus save her from the Bolgani.  Safe within the city, she laments that her foolishness caused Tarzan’s death at the hands of the gorillas.
#84.1 Queen Elaine is with King Jathon when Tarzan comes to Cathne.  Upon learning that the Mitzeraim has captured Prince Thyron, Elaine worries that the stone slingers will have hidden their tracks so that Tarzan cannot trace them.  She has long blonde hair and wears an elegant dress at the royal suite.
#97.1 Elaine is disturbed by Jathon’s insistence about accompanying Tarzan to Pal-ul-don to bring back red gryfs to battle the Garth that is terrorizing Cathne.  N’kima stays with Queen Elaine.  Elaine has golden hair.
#103.1 the golden haired Elaine greets Jathon has he finds the temporary camp of the Cathneans after Cathne has been destroyed by an earthquake.  She explains to Jathon about their problems with the Gallegos and about the quake.
#123.3 Queen Elaine fears the worse for her husband when the hunting lions return to Cathne alone.  She leads a search party in a chariot pulled by horses.  They find Tarzan and Jathon unharmed.  Tarzan tells her about creating giant lions.  Elaine informs Tarzan that Goliath has died.  When the giant lions are ready to hunt the Dinohyus, Elaine does not want Jathon to go with Tarzan on the hunt.
 Dell Number  -- 21.1+22.2+A 1.2+35+41.2+45.3+46.1+54.3+A#4.1+84.1+97.1+103.1+123.3

elands  --  ##59.2(Boy story)  Boy and Dombie ride elands to the Wandoro Country in search of Tarzan, who is collecting herbs there.  They seek him because Muviro is ill.  A buffalo charges them.  They try to leap a gully on the elands.  The gully is too wide and the elands strike their heads on the opposite bank.  After they are saved from the buffalo by the Wandoros, the boys ride the elands towards the Mara River and Tarzan.
#61.2 Tarzan, Boy, and Dombie ride elands as they hunt wild boar.  A buffalo charges out of a thicket.  Dombie’s eland throws him off.  Dombie is gored.  Tarzan carries Dombie as he rides his eland back to the Waziri Village.
#77.1 When Hussein becomes ill from his wounds sustained with the fight with the cave bears, Tarzan makes a grass rope and captures an eland.  It takes him an hour to train the eland to accept him as a rider.  Tarzan rides the eland back to the City in the Sands and tells the Bedouins to send help for their injured leader.  Tarzan releases Bara.
#81.2 Elands flee from the grass fire.  Tarzan leaps onto the back of one to save his strength.  At the river’s edge he dismounts as he sees Dombie and the chimps.  Dombie leaps into the river.  Tarzan places the chimps on the back of an eland that is crossing the river.  The chimps are afraid of the leopard coming out of the water.  They cling to Bara, which races off.
#86.2 After saving Mr. Wardle, the policeman from Nairobi, Tarzan and the policeman ride elands back to the tree house.
No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story) the giraffe Nobby leads his new family to a water hole.  He knows it is safe because elands are drinking there.
#126.1 Tarzan and Cheeloo, the chimpanzees, rides Bara from the tree house to the port of M’saba.  They are in search of Cheeloo’s captured family.
 Dell Number  --  #59.2(Boy story) +61.2+70 (splash page)+77.1+81.2+86.2+No. 25.5  (non-Tarzan story) +126.1

Ellen Maypool  --  #39.2 Ellen is an archeologist like her father, Doctor Horace Maypool.  They are on safari to search for ancient civilizations.  Athneans take her and her father to New Athne after they dispatch the Arabs that killed an Athnean elephant.  Tarzan translates for them.  The King of Athne holds the Maypools responsible for the death of their elephant.  The price for Ellen’s freedom is the fire chariot (safari car).  Tarzan returns with the car and purchases her freedom.  However, she has become enamored by the treacherous Prince Ergon and wishes to say with her father, who wants to do some studies of the Athneans.
#40.1 She puts off Prince Ergon’s advances.  The Prince subjects her, Tom Culver, and her father to the Ordeal of the Elephants.  Tarzan rescues them.  Doctor MacWhirtle flies them back to Nairobi.
 Dell Number  -- 39.2+40.1

Elephant Gods  --  (See - Mermen)

Elephant Men  --  (See - Mermen) 108.1

Ellita  -- Ellita is the Lutorian that informs Princess Loma that the girl-from-the-sky, Margaret Mackenzie, is not eating and only looks at the sky.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.7

Elmorans  -- grown Waziri warriors.  They tease Dombie into going hunting for a dangerous animal.  After being rescued by Tarzan, Dombie returns with a young thipdar that he uses to frighten the Elmorans.
 Dell Number  -- 78.2

El Raschid  -- leader of the mad men in the pit they call the Land of the Living Dead.  Tarzan  helps them escape the pit.  El Raschid is the first one out and would have left the others there but Tarzan was quicker than El Raschid’s dull knife.
 Dell Number  -- 17.1

Emma  -- after experiencing airplane trouble she and Phil are captured by cannibals.  Budango, the chief, calls her White Mary.  Tarzan rescues them.
 Dell Number  -- 14.2

Enani  -- Enani is the name of the female Waziri who complains about abandoning the Waziri walled city at Tarzan’s advice because of the approaching marauding Athnean army.
 Dell Number  -- 122.1

engles/ingles  --Term used by Buto Matari and Ungali, the witch doctor, in referring to Englishmen.
 Dell Number  -- 45.1

Engok  -- Name of one of the gorillas that an unnamed tribe of natives is preparing to sacrifice to a giant squid.  The gorillas are tied to poles on the beach of the island where Tarzan and his family are marooned.  Tarzan recruits a tribe of Bolgani to rescue the gorillas.  After they save them, Tarzan offers the gorillas some of the native’s food.  Engok says that he will eat it.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.1

Entibi  -- Name of one of Sir Ronald Crabtree’s bearers.
 Dell Number  -- 89.1

Eric  -- Name of a Giant Viking who wonders if Tarzan’s concoction of cement placed on their shields will really repel Skraeling crossbow bolts.
 Dell Number  -- 91.1

eryops  -- A2 (Boy’s Air Adventure) eight-foot amphibian with three eyes.

Es-at  --  “the evil one”  - a Waz-don, father of Tor-lot who attempts to overthrow Om-at
 Dell Number  -- 4
 Novel  --  (TTe -- Es-sat, “rough skin” chief of the Kor-ul-ja)

Eta  -- Boy rides a small antelope named Eta.  Eta is mangani for little. Tarzan and Boy witness a running gun battle between the Aulihans and the Marehans.  Tarzan sends Boy with the antelopes to bring word to the sheik’s son, Serenli, to retrieve the armor.  Boy and Serenli ride the antelopes to the mountains.  They outdistance Gumburu and his men.
 Dell Number  -- 129.3


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