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Volume 1690d
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


Dacco  -- hyena that talks with Tarzan
 Dell Number  -- 2

Dak-lot  -- King of To-lur, father of Bu-lot.  After a minor insult Dak-lot overthrows A-lur while King Ja-don is out hunting.  Tarzan helps rally forces to retake the city.  During the battle Dak-lot throws Jane off a parapet.  Boy shoots him in the hand with an arrow.  Tantor kills him.
 Dell Number  -- 9
 Novels -- TTe - “Fat Face” (Pal).  A Ho-don palace guard of A-lur who dared to try to touch the person of Tarzan, the self-appointed Dor-ul-Otho, son of God.

Dako-zan  --  “thick skin” (ape) Name of a Terribs warrior.
 Dell Number  -- 34.2

Danakil  --  #129 (splash page) - The Danakil is a spearman tribe living near Abyssinia.  They are herders of goats, sheep, and cattle.  They are cousins to the Samali.

Dance  -- name of the brown ostrich ridden by Boy as he travels with Tarzan to the Ostrich Men village.  When Boy is captured by the Blue Raiders/Tauregs, Tarzan rides Dance in pursuit.  When Dance tires, he switch to his ostrich named Strut.
 Dell Number  -- 64.2

Dane Carnal  -- young man who is on a hunting trip with Elaine Hammond.  He shoots Tantor in the tusk, which so enrages the elephant that it kills him.
 Dell Number  -- 21.1

Dangina  --  #43.2 spotted cousin to the hyena.  They are the spotted death of the story’s title.  Dog-like in appearance with long ears, they hunt in packs.  Tarzan calls them hyena-dogs and wild dogs.  They enter the veldt by the hundreds and threaten to destroy the eco-system of the veldt.  Tarzan organizes four tribes in a plan that eliminates the Dangina.  They are gray with black spots.
#45 (Tarzan’s World) referred to as a cape hunting dog.  (Lycaon pictus).  Not a true dog because it has different teeth and four toes.  It hunts in packs.
#58.3 the soldiers of Castra Sanguinarius use what looks like Dangina to pursue Tarzan and the escapees from the arena.  They are white with black spots.
 Dell Number  -- 43.2+45 (Tarzan’s World)+58.3

dango  --  hyena  #43.2  When Tarzan drives the plague of Danginas into the wedge of natives, he also herds hyenas into the area.
#48.1 Hyenas come for the dead elephant killed by poachers.  Dango threatens the ivory poacher DiGiorgio and his partner, who Tarzan has tied to a tree.
#51.2 (not seen) Hatha, she-elephant, drives hyenas away from her baby that is trapped in a pit-trap.
#65.2 Hyenas wait at the bottom of the Cliff of Sacrifices.
A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story) Two hyenas carry off and feed on two lion cubs.  The mother lion kills one of the hyenas.  The other escapes into a hole.
#72.1 Tarzan searches for the missing Barbara Hillyard.  Trained hyenas threaten him.  He easily escapes.  A witch doctor forces Barbara to stand on flat-topped conical rock.  He turns loose the trained hyenas.  Tarzan throws the witch doctor and firebrands at the hyenas.  He and Barbara’s firebrands cause the hyenas to break down the gate to the natural enclosure.  The natives pursue them with their hyenas.  The sable lion kills one.  Tarzan uses two hyenas as shields against the native spears.  Tarzan and the lion drive the hyenas and natives away.
#76.1 Tarzan kills a hyena with his bare hands to protect a baby elephant that he rescued from a river.
80.2 two spotted hyenas kill a lioness’ two cubs.  The lioness chases them.  She manages to kill one of them.  The other escapes in some rocks.
#84.2 A hyena grabs the wild dog pup, Skippy.  Boy shoots an arrow at it.  The hyena drops the pup and charges Boy.  A second hyena attacks Tarzan.  The ape-man kills it with his knife.  The wild dog, Lucky, and her pups save Boy by driving the hyena into the river.
#86.1 two hyenas threaten Cabot and Laura Sutton.  Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja kill the hyenas.
#92.2 on his way to inform Tarzan about the Kondi raiders, N’kima must leap into a tree to avoid a hyena.
#93.2 A pack of hyenas and a pride of lions wait and watch as an elephant is caught in a bog.  After Tarzan kills a lion and Tantor’s herd trumpets, the hyenas and lions leave the area.
#101.1 Hyenas wait at the bottom of the Cliff of Sacrifices for easy food.  But Tarzan is alive when he lowers himself down the cliff.
A#7.4 -huge brown hairy hyena of Pal-ul-don.  Kandor’s axe and spear miss the beast.  Tarzan kills the dango with his spear.
#110.1 Hyenas seek the shelter of a cave from the fury of the elephant herd.  They stop short of Buto, Tarzan, Jess, and Bess, who are hiding from the herd also.  Buto fights an elephant over the top of the hyenas.  In the morning when the herd leaves, the dangos hurry out of the cave.
No. 25.6 Ruth Forrence fights off the hyenas from the airplane wreckage.  Tarzan scares the hyenas away with a lion roar.
#113.1 When N’kima searches for help for the captured Tarzan, he escapes from a hyena.
No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story) N’kima finds a bracelet that makes him think that he is king of the jungle.  Encouraged by the success of chasing off a leopard, N’kima leads a tribe of monkeys to chase off two hyenas.
#120.1 in a hidden valley Tarzan sees two hyenas menacing the bushman prophet, Bauxhau.  The ape-man leaps on the hyenas, picks them up, and throws them into the lake.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1+15.1+17.1+20.2+23.2+27+43.2+48.1+51.2+65.2+A#4.5  (non-Tarzan story)+72.1+76.1+80.2+84.2+86.1+92.2+93.2+101.1 + A#7.4 +110.1 +No. 25.6 +113.1+No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story)+120.1+No. 51.2 (non-Tarzan story)

Darby  -- Leader of the mutineers on Pirate Island.  They have killed their captain and plan to become pirates.  He has a long black beard.  He shoots and kills the great ape Ah-juk.  He shoots at Tarzan thinking he is a great ape.  Tarzan is grazed and falls to the ground.  Darby is surprised to discover that his prey was human.  He leaves to organize supplies so they can leave the island.  Cuddy, one of his men, almost hits him with a cocoanut he drops from a tree. Tarzan knocks him out with a well-placed cocoanut.  Tarzan captures the mutineers and turns them over to the port authorities.
 Dell Number  -- 110.2

 d’Arnot, Madame Alice  --  wife of Dr. Louis d’Arnot.  Separated from her husband when the    Pantella sinks, she is captured by Berbers, who attempt to sell her to Raksha Bey.  Tarzan and Thurag rescue her.  She is reunited with Louis on the helicopter.
 Dell Number  -- 29

d’Arnot, Doctor Louis  --  son of Captain Paul d’Arnot.  When the yacht Pantella sinks his wife, Alice, is placed on a lifeboat.  From the raft, which he makes with Tarzan and Thurag, a French patrol boat picks them up.  He tells his father of Alice’s capture by Berbers.  They go to search for her by helicopter.  He is on the copter when they pick up the rescued Alice.
#42.2 Louis is captured by the Black Tuaregs and taken to the Forbidden City.  He is held because he is a skilled ‘hakeem,’ physician.  Tarzan and Paul d’Arnot gain access to the city through combat.  Tarzan trades Sheik Ibrahim a pair of pocket radios for Louis’ freedom.  He is drawn as a young man with straight black hair and is clean-shaven.
#61.2 Dr. Louis d’Arnot is a bit older with curly black hair and a mustache.  He quickly responses to Tarzan’s urgent message for drugs to fight Dombie’s infection.  He has to parachute from his plane and is caught in a tree.  Boy kills the leopard that is stalking him.  Boy cuts him free from his chute and leads him to the Waziri Village.  Dr. d’Arnot is confident that the medicine will cure Dombie.
 Dell Number  -- 29+42.2+61.2

d'Arnot, Paul  --  French navel officer, friend of Tarzan.
FC 134 - Lieutenant d’Arnot and Tarzan witness Doris Ramsay parachute from an airplane.  They bring her to the Ras Dashani Rest House.  They agree to accompany her in the search for her missing father, John Ramsay.  Mulo, a native chief is instructed to kill Tarzan.  He is given the incorrect information about Tarzan’s sleeping area and ends up trying to kill d’Arnot.  D’Arnot and Muviro discover the bodies of Captain Hardy and the bearers.  Dashani warriors capture him along with the others.  As Tarzan battles the Devil Ogre, d’Arnot leads the captives to safety.  They all ride elephants back to the rest house.  He wears a pith helmet, a pistol, and a blue shirt.  He sports a goatee and smokes a pipe.
FC 161 - accompanies Tarzan and the Bartons through the perils of Tohr.
#14.1 referred to as Lieutenant.
#23.1 - helps Tarzan get clothes and a plane ticket to America in order to follow the animals captured by Murdo and Syke.
#24.1 Flies Tarzan and Doctor MacWhirtle by helicopter to the Valley of Monsters.
#29 Captain d’Arnot searches for his captured daughter-in-law, Alice, in a helicopter.  He finds Tarzan and Thurag.  He gives the ape-man a flare gun.  He and his son, Louis, pick up the rescued Alice in the helicopter.
#42.2 Captain d’Arnot calls on Tarzan to help him find his missing son, Louis.  They fly to the Hoggar massif and parachute into the mountains.  With the aid of Bou Denni, a Tuareg they befriend, they gain entrance to the Forbidden City where Louis is being held.  Paul defeats his challenger in combat.  Tarzan trades the Sheik a pair of pocket radios for Louis’ freedom.  Bou Denni refers to Paul as “Bou Dano.”
A#3.3 D’Arnot’s name is used by the Secret Society in a false message to lure Tarzan into a trap at the Cave of the Fallen Rocks.
#81.1 Captain Paul d’Arnot, retired, brings Tarzan a message from Dr. Henri Dumont.  The doctor is a captive in the legendary city of Mokar.  Roland, the doctor’s dog, brought the message out.  Paul flies Tarzan and Roland to the Gourambi Range.  Roland sniffs out the buried artifacts found by the doctor.  Paul digs them up.  Dumont’s note states that they can keep half of the treasure for themselves.  Paul says that all the gems should go to the Louvre Museum.  Tarzan shows Paul how to avoid the elephant trap and the giant trap.  They use smoke sticks to get past the Beasts of Mokar, mandrills.  Paul holds the mandrills at bay while Tarzan and Roland rescue the doctor.  They use smoke sticks to return past the mandrills.  Paul flies them home.  D’Arnot wears civilian clothes and a gold hat.  He has a mustache and smokes a pipe.
#105 (splash page - “swordplay in the Jungle”) - Captain d’Arnot teaches Tarzan to become an expert swordsman.
No. 37.6 Colonel d’Arnot has crashed in the Gourambi Range.  He fights off Skirling attackers with his pistol.  Tarzan, his son Raoul, and the giant Vikings rescue him from the island.  They fly back to civilization.  Paul has gray hair on the sides of his head.  #121.1 not show but referred to as Captain Paul d’Arnot.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+FC 161.1+1+14.1+21.2+23.1+24.1+29+42.2+A#3.3 +81.1+105 (splash page )+No. 37.6+121.1
 Novel  -- TA+RT+BTa+ST+FC

d’Arnot, Raoul  --  No. 37.6 Raoul is the son of Colonel Paul d’Arnot.  His father has gone missing.  He and Tarzan fly over the Gourambi Range in search of his plane.  They land on the mountain in a snowstorm.  They follow a Viking skiing down to the Viking Village.  Tarzan enlists the aid of Yarl Hrolf and the Vikings to help in the search.  They sail the dragon ship to search the river and valley.  Raoul and Tarzan hear pistol shots on an island.  They defeat the Skirlings and rescue his father.  After a Viking feast they fly home.
#121.1 Lt. Raoul d’Arnot is a flier for the French military and the son of Captain Paul d’Arnot.  He visits Tarzan at the tree house to ask his help in calming the native tribes about a prospecting crew searching for oil deposits.  Tarzan invites him to spend the night.  He welcomes the chance to sleep on the veranda.  That night he is in shock as a Garth wanders past the tree house.  He and Tarzan examine the tracks.  He tells the Jungle Lord that they will needs tanks and bombers.  Tarzan says that no one will believe him.  Raoul flies to the French Outpost and tells his captain about the Garth.  The captain doesn’t believe him and wants him to see a doctor.  Raoul goes to a sportsman outfitter and buys the biggest elephant gun he can.  He flies in search of the Garth.  He spies the Garth brutalizing the prospecting crew in a tractor-like vehicle.  He buzzes the Garth in hopes of distracting the beast.  He lands and empties his rifle into the Garth to no effect.  Tarzan steps in and kills the Garth.  Raoul and Tarzan inspect the tractor and discover the crew is dead.  Raoul flies the crew’s report of no oil and the surviving cook back to the outpost.  He knows not to mention the monster because no one will believe him.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.6+121.1

Dashani warriors  -- a tribe of warriors in the Ras Dashani Mountains.  Their chief is Zanaka.  Their clothes drape over one shoulder.  They carry a spear and a shield.  They wear large earrings, armbands, and a bone through the nose.  Zanaka threatens Tarzan and the Doris Ramsay party to turn back.  When Tarzan won’t back down, he instructs Gufta, the white ape, to kill Tarzan.  Zanaka leaves with more threats.  The white apes and warriors capture Doris.  (Probably under the direction of Zanaka.)  When Captain Hardy and the bearers desert, they are killed by Dashani poison arrows.  (Probably under the direction of Zanaka.)  Zanaka and his men capture Tarzan and the Ramsay safari.  They take them to Zanaka’s village.  They have kept John Ramsay prisoner for three years, during which time they have tortured him to get him to reveal where he has hidden his gold.  During the full moon, Zanaka forces Tarzan to fight the Devil Ogre, AKA Pandikisi.  This is a traditional ritual of the Dashani to pit prisoners against the Devil Ogre.  Tarzan kills the Devil Ogre and escapes.  The warriors inform other Dashani tribes of the escape by drums.  Tarzan and the party charge through them on the backs of elephants.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Dassie  -- Dassie is a hyrax that raises two cheetah cubs as her own.  She protects them.  When grown they protect her.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.2 (non-Tarzan story)

David Lane  -- missionary’s son.  He refers to himself as Davie.  Davie looks like his mother with his gold hair.  He appears to be about five years old but acts much younger.  He wanders off from his sleeping native babysitter.  A lioness, which recently lost her cubs, adopts him.  The lioness falls into a pit trap.  His father finds him.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.5 (non-Tarzan story)

Deathless Ones  --  (see Mengo)

demoiselle crane  --  A#5 (Tarzan’s Birds - splash page)

Dera  --  #115.1 Dera is a mountain person from Kroo Maun in Pal-ul-don.  She and her brother, Katar, are medicine people of their tribe, like their parents.  They travel to the Great Swamp in search of medicinal plants and herbs.  They are on a log in the swamp when they are attacked by Terribs.  They use all their sling stones to no avail.  Tarzan rescues them.  The Jungle Lord transports them up river towards their home.  They stop for a meal.  Katar and Dera replenish their stones.  They show Tarzan a ball of sap from the karoo bush that they use as an antithetic.  A Hairy Giant appears in the river.  Katar fells him with a stone to the forehead.  A second giant captures Katar and Dera in a net and carries them to the giant’s cave.  Tarzan uses the ball of sap to put the giants, Katar, and Dera to sleep.  He rescues them and canoes them home to Kroo Maun.
No. 37 Dera and her people are referred to as the Slingers of Kroo Maun.  Katar and Dera greet Tarzan and Boy at the gates of the village.  A Hairy Giant has injured Jane.  They take them to their father, Bornu. While Bornu works on healing Jane, Katar and Dera head the expedition of Slingers to Half Moon Lake to find healing bulbs for Tarzan’s Waziri friend.  When the giants attack, the Slingers cut them down with their stones.  At the lake, Dera shows Tarzan how to identify the plant they are seeking.  The giants approach again.  Tarzan, Katar, and the Slingers thwart the attacking giants.  They return to the village.  Tarzan helps the Slingers to again thwart another attack by the giants.
 Dell Number  -- 115.1+No. 37

Devil Ogre  -- Known as Pandikisi to the Dashani warriors.  Pandikisi means giant.  Legend has it that the Devil Ogre rules the area around the Tower of Hotoombo in the Ras Dashani Mountains.  He is a huge grayish ape and many times stronger than any other ape.  Zanaka, the chief of the Dashani warriors, controls the Devil Ogre.  Every full moon, Zanaka gives prisoners to Pandikisi to rip apart.  Zanaka turns Tarzan into the arena with the Devil Ogre.  Tarzan kills the beast with his bare hands.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Dasuto  --  #45.2 name of a Waziri warrior

Didona  --  #3 goddess of the dwarfs of Didona

DiGiorgio  -- name of an ivory poacher.  Along with an unnamed partner, they shoot elephants from a helicopter.  They take the tusks and the feet.  He is a large man with a mustache.  Tarzan tries to save a herd from their rifle fire.  They drop two elephants.  As they load a tusk, Tarzan gets the drop on them with his bow.  DiGiorgio pulls his pistol.  Tarzan shoots it out of his hand.  He ties them to a tree.  Tarzan scares away hyenas that come for the poachers.  Tarzan takes them on their helicopter to where he has tricked an enraged Tantor to get stuck between two trees.  Tarzan forces them to cut away the trees.  Tarzan takes them to civilization to be tried for their crimes.
 Dell Number  -- 48.1

dik-dik  -- The hunter, Carne, and his natives capture two dik-diks with nets.  Later when Tantor smashes the hunter’s cages.  A dik-dik escapes.
 Dell Number  -- 69.1

Dinohyus  --  #112.1 a giant swine of Pal-ul-don.  It is the size of a rhinoceros.  As Tarzan leads the British across Pal-ul-don, a Dinohyus attacks them.  Major Gorham fires his pistol at the beast to no effect.  Tarzan kills the beast with a spear.  More Dinohyus come.  They take refuge on the top of a large rock.  Joh-rah and his Dyal riders make a commotion and the giant wart hogs leave.
#123.3 Dinohyus surround Tarzan, King Jathon and the Cathnean hunting party.  The zu-hortas kill all the riding lions.  Tarzan kills one of the giant swine with his spear.  Tarzan helps Jathon escape the Dinohyus.  Tarzan creates three giant lions.  They attack the Dinohyus herd.  All but three of the zu-hortas are killed.  Tarzan tells Jathon to hunt the remaining Dinohyus soon and wipe them out.
 Dell Number  -- 112.1+123.3

dinosaur  --  #7 found in the Valley of the Monsters.
#A2  (Boy’s Air Adventure) unnamed land dinosaur described as large eight elephants.
#63.1 Boy and Aiglon fly over a dinosaur in the Great Swamp.  Tarzan and Chet Harper pass a dinosaur on their way to Cathne.
A#4.3 Tarzan, Dr. Mac, and Wheeck, the Garth friend of the ape-man, flee volcano eruptions and earthquakes in the Valley of Monsters.  They escape though a cleft in the mountains.  A great variety of dinosaurs follow them out into the Great Thorn Desert.  They all die in the desert except Wheeck.
#107.1 As Tarzan leads Bruce Harlowe out of the Valley of Monsters, they pass a small-unidentified dinosaur.
No. 51.7 Princess Loma is taking Margaret Mackenzie across the Great Swamp when their croc boat breaks down.  Finned dinosaurs surround them.  King Loban and Tarzan’s croc boat rescue them.
 Dell Number  -- 7+A2 (Boy’s Air Adventure)+63.1+A#4.3+107.1+No. 51.7

djinn with horns  --  Tarzan and the giant eland are such a blur to the Arabs as they ride into   camp that the Arabs think it is a djinn with horns.
 Dell Number  -- 33.1

Doc Manlek  --  When the trophy hunters, Garvey and Nobby, find the unconscious Prince Illony, they take him to Doc Manlek in Nairobi to heal him.  They plan to exhibit the pygmy Prince as a side show freak.  The Doc discovers Tarzan attempting to rescue the Prince and shoots him.  He finds that he only grazed the ape-man so he ties him up.  He attempts to sell Tarzan to the slavers, Youssef and Ali.  When Doc releases Tarzan’s neck collar, the Jungle Lord overpowers all of them and escapes with the Prince.
 Dell Number  -- 49.1

Doctor Alexander MacWhirtle  -- #24.1 also know as Doctor Mac and Dr. Mac.  Paleontologist who is seeking dinosaur bones or eggs.  Tarzan and d’Arnot helicopter him to the Valley of the Monsters.  He is small, skinny, and bespectacled with a full beard and long mustache.  He leaves the safety of the helicopter and is found by Tarzan.  Dr. Mac is dressed like a native with Jo-rah and his men in the Valley of Boulders.  He uses a stick of dynamite on a spear to stop the zu-gomangani attack.  He panics when one of the two eggs Tarzan brought to him hatches and runs away so he makes d’Arnot fly him home before the other egg hatches.
#30 - He flies his own helicopter and helps Tarzan pack 100 arrowheads with cyanide capsules with which they plan to kill the giant spiders of Arrack.  He transports the Waziri warriors to the Lost Valley of Arrack.  He drops smoke bombs on the bees, which are attacking Tarzan and the Waziri.  He also drops one down the ventilator shaft of the palace, which drives the Arrackians out into the open.
#31.1 flies his seaplane to Pal-ul-don to find Tarzan so that the ape-man can take him to the Valley of the Monsters.  He shoots down a Pteranodon with a rocket from his plane.  After some narrow escapes they bring a sack full of Plesiosaurus eggs out of the valley.
#32.2 He parachutes into a group of Blue Baboons, who steal his clothes.  When Tarzan finds him he has a diaper made from his parachute and he stinks.  He has perfected a repellent based on skunk and civet cat to keep animals away.  Tarzan cannot stand his smell.  Dr. Mac thinks about patenting it.
#33.2 on their away home from the Blue Baboons, he and Tarzan discovers the secret weapon, Defensive Scent, does not work on Horta.  They find Doctor Mac’s plane, which landed itself.  Water pythons are put off by the repellent.  The Doctor flies away.
#40.1 He flies Tom Culver to Athne.  He flies to Tarzan for help when Tom is arrested by the Athneans.  He flies his helicopter and fires a machine gun at Prince Ergon and his elephant.  He flies Tom, Ellen, and Doctor Maypool back to Nairobi.
#41.1 Although he is not actually seen, the Doctor flies his airplane to the Tower of Ta-dan and fires rockets at the Torodons mounted on gryfs.  Tarzan has him fly Lucia Tally back to civilization.
#47.1 The Doctor helicopters Tarzan inside a volcano where they discover a lost race of white natives that speak the Bantu dialect.  Dr. Mac’s pistol shots frighten away a plesiosaurus that was about to eat Ruandi, a white native.  He tries magic tricks on the witch doctor, Kuvuru, a balloon and lighter fluid in the mouth.  They are captured and place on a raft as a sacrifice to the saurian monster.  Queen Lula helps to free them.  They escape through a tunnel inside the volcano.  Dr. Mac wears a blue and white striped cap.
#A2.1 Tarzan and Dr. Mac fly Dr. Mac’s helicopter to the Valley of Tower in response to the help message from Heather Day.  They rescue her from giant bats on the great altar.  Later Batwinged Men drop sling stones on them and recapture Heather.  After Tarzan rescues the girl once more, Dr. Mac shoots two of the Batwinged Men with a pistol from the helicopter.
#48.3 wearing a blue beret Dr. MacWhirtle flies Tarzan by plane from Nairobi to the Island of Dwarfs.  They drop DDT bombs on a nest of Giant Wasps.  Dr. Mac wants to land and take back a specimen.  A wasp smashes into their propeller, and they must ditch the plane.  The DDT bomb sets off a volcanic explosion so the Doctor will not be able to get a specimen.
#49.3 Dr. MacWhirtle smokes a pipe and sports a red coonskin cap.  Dr. Mac flies Tarzan to the village of the Lake Dwellers.  He bring along a hand held rocket launcher.  They are in search of thipdar eggs.  They borrow a canoe and paddle to the nest area of the fish-eating thipdars.  They gather four eggs, but Dr. Mac wants to go back for more.  A meat-eating thipdar carries off the Doctor.  As the thipdar deposits him in its nest, Dr. Mac shoots at the young thipdars with his pistol.  Tarzan rescues him from the nest.  On the way out of the Valley of Monsters they fight some garths with the rocket launcher.  When they are almost home, Dr. Mac plans to go back for the eggs.
#51.1 Tarzan comes to Dr. MacWhirtle’s Estate just outside of Nairobi to enlist his aid in taking the ill Dr. Mervin out of the Stork Men Village.  Tarzan finds the Doctor listening to his Thipdar egg with a stethoscope.  They take off in Dr. Mac’s seaplane.  The Doctor brings the egg with him.  Over the Great Swamp, they spy nesting Gorobars.  Dr. Mac lands to gather specimens.  Terribs capture Dr. Mac and take him to their underwater den.  The Thipdar egg hatches and scares off the Terribs.  Tarzan helps Dr. Mac and the young Thipdar get out of the den.  They return to the nest area and gather some Gorobar eggs.  They fly towards the Stork Men Village.  In this story the good doctor wears a red cap and a blue and white checked kilt.  He uses garters to hold up his red stockings.
#52.3 Continued from previous issue.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac arrive at the Stork Men Village via the seaplane.  Dr. Mac starts to fly Dr. Mervin and his daughter, Yolanda, home, but the thipdar gets loose and bites MacWhirtle’s arm.  He is forced to land the plane.  They are captured by the Men of Monga and forced to work in the fields.  MacWhirtle hangs on to Argus talons as Tarzan and the giant eagle rescues them.  Tarzan turns the plane around.  They manage to take off before the Serpent of Pal-ul-don reaches them.  (Dr. Mac must have had a change of clothes on the plane.)  Dr. Mac wears a gold shirt and black shorts with shoulder straps.  He also wears a blue cowboy hat.
#55.1 while flying low over the Karfu city, Dr. Mac and Tarzan’s propeller is struck by a crossbow bolt.  They crash.  Tarzan pulls the unconscious Doctor from the plane before it explodes.  They are captured by the Karfu and subject to the Ordeal.  Dr. Mac has a pomegranate suspended over his head.  Tarzan’s arrow pierces the fruit at one hundred paces.  Their lives are spared, but they are made slaves.  They are chained to the mill sweep with Naqui slaves.  That night, Tarzan breaks their chains and the chains of the Naqui.  During their escape Tarzan catches Dr. Mac as he leaps from the wall of the city.  Tarzan carries the Doctor to the home of the Naqui.  After the perusing Karfu are repulsed, Dr. Mac rides one of the Naqui’s mountain goats to the cave of the clan.  After they have a meal in celebration, Dr. Mac wants to go home.  He wears a white shirt and purple pants.  He also had a purple hat that was lost in the plane wreck.
#56.1 Dr. Mac and Tarzan are traveling home from their adventure with the Karfu and Naqui.  Dr. Mac has on blue pants and a red shirt.  They carry crossbows they took from the Karfu.  After Tarzan saves an Ostrich Clan member from sabor, the chief, Ramotu, invites them to their village.  The Ostrich people call him Doc Keetle.  Dr. Mac doesn’t understand their language.  He rides an ostrich to the village.  The Tuaregs capture Tarzan.  Dr. Mac joins the Ostrich Clan on their mounts to follow the bandits.  During the rescue, Dr. Mac shoots a musket from the hands of a Tuareg with his crossbow.  They continue on the way home riding Tuareg horses.
#62.1 Tarzan and Dr. Mac fly to Pal-ul-don in search in gryf eggs.  They take a rubber raft to shore where Ho-don warriors attack them.  After Tarzan defeats them single handedly, they camouflage the seaplane with leafy vines.  They paddle up the Kor-ul-gryf.  Tarzan saves the Doctor from a gryf.  Tarzan collects the eggs.  He carries the Doctor, who carries the basket of eggs, through the trees back to their raft.  A Ho-don club knocks Tarzan unconscious.  Dr. Mac grabs the eggs and dives underwater.  Tarzan escapes and brings King Zugu with him in a rowboat out into the water surrounding Jalur.  Dr. Mac lands and picks them up.  Tarzan instructs the Doctor to fly to Alur.   The Doctor wears a red coat and a Teddy Roosevelt hat, which he loses in the gryf attack.
#68.1 Dr. Mac’s seaplane is damaged in a storm.  He is forced to land with Tarzan and King Zugu in Crater Lake.  Dr. Mac uses a rocket on the Cat Men to discourage them from approaching the plane.  The Doctor repairs the aileron as Tarzan goes to rescue King Zugu.  He lifts off before the Cat Men, who are pursuing Tarzan and the king, can arrive.  He lands in Lake of Lutor to pick up Tarzan and King Zugu.  Dr. Mac wears an orange and yellow checked kilt, a black coat, a white shirt with a high collar, and a blue tie.  He has a new hairstyle that is short and fuzzy.
A#4.3 Dr. Mac’s helicopter is forced to land near an oasis when a Touaregs bullet hits it.  He recognizes the oasis and the Garth; he calls Wheeck, which chases away the Touaregs.  While making repairs, he tells Boy the tale of how Tarzan befriended Wheeck.  He also tells the story about how he and Tarzan went to the Valley of Monsters to collect brontosaurs eggs.  They were attacked by Garths and saved by Wheeck who remembered Tarzan.  They trekked across the Great Thorn Desert to this oasis and left Wheeck there.  With the repairs made, they continue to the N’girri Outpost.  The Doctor wears an aviators cap and goggles.
#70.1 On the Lake of Lutor Dr. Mac informs Tarzan that he has only enough fuel to reach Nairobi and that he cannot take him and his hostage, King Zulu, to Alur.  Tarzan sends him on his way.  The Doctor takes off for Nairobi.
#72.1 Dr. Mac wears a black beret, a black vest, and a colorful kilt.  He and Tarzan fly his plane over Pal-ul-don in search of his niece’s plane.  They find the wreck.  Tarzan goes to follow her trail and leaves the Doctor with his airplane.  A#5.3 not actually seen, but Tarzan asks Boy to collect army ants in a jar for an experiment for Dr. Mac.
 Dell Number  -- 24.1+30+31.1+32.2+33.2+40.1+41.1+47.1+A2.1+48.3+49.3+51.1+52.3+55.1+56.1+62.1+68.1+A#4.3+70.1+72.1+A#5.3

(Doctor) Dr. Charles Kindred  -- Heavy set gray haired medical missionary.  He is captured by Shiftas as he attempts to bring supplies to his mission.  Tarzan rescues him.  He helps Tarzan tie up the bandits, which the ape-man incapacitated with keekul gum pellets.  They ride their captives towards the mission.  A storm allows the Shiftas to escape.  At the mission Tarzan realizes that a flash flood is imminent and has them move to higher ground.  After the flood wipes out the village and the Shiftas, Tarzan finds a vein of gold.  The Doctor plans to use the gold to build a bigger mission, a school, and purchase medicine.
 Dell Number  -- 109.1

(Doctor) Dr. David Forrence  -- Dr. Forrence is an archeologist.  He is an older man with glasses.  His daughter and assistant Ruth accompany him.  Dr. Forrence has found the legendary Mask of Mani Kongo in the Mbaji ruins.  They are traveling by plane to Nairobi to turn it over to the commissioner.  Dr. Forrence suspects that an agent is on the plane and sends a note to the pilot.  The plane crashes.  Pollock steals the mask and leaves.  Tarzan finds them and learns that the mask is in the possession of a man he helped.  He sends Watunga tribesmen to help them.  After Tarzan has recovered the mask, he meets the Dr. and Ruth at the Watunga kraal as a plane lands to take them to safety.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

Doctor Harvey Warfield  -- British doctor who is in Africa studying tropical diseases borne by    insects.  Tarzan brings the blinded Laura Thomas to him.  He believes an eye surgeon can reverse the effects of the poisonous juices of King Lukah.  That night he, Tarzan, and Laura are captured by the Gomambas and brought to their island home.  The Doctor is shocked by Tarzan’s strength when he breaks his chains.  He helps Laura guide the other blinded prisoners to the canoes to make their escape.
 Dell Number  -- 25.2

(Doctor) / Dr. Henri Dumont  -- While artifact hunting near the Gourambi Range, Dr. Dumont is captured by the people of the legendary city of Mokar.  He manages to bury is artifacts before his capture.  He sends a letter out with his dog Roland.  He asks not to be rescued because of the Beasts of Mokar.  Instead, he asks that his artifacts be recovered.  Tarzan and d’Arnot recover the artifacts with the help of Roland.  Paul intents to ignore Dumond’s offer to keep half of the gemstones.  He plans to give all of the treasures to the Louvre Museum.  Tarzan and Roland find the Doctor in a gardener’s hut in Mokar.  Tarzan holds a rope over the moat as the doctor travels hand over hand to the other side.  Dumont explains how secretive the Mokarians are.  They would not let him go in fear that he would tell the outside world about them.  They fly the Doctor home.  The Doctor says that his notes about the legendary city will make him famous.  The Doctor is middle aged and balding.  He wears glasses and has a full beard and mustache.
 Dell Number  -- 81.1

Doctor Horace Maypool  --  #39.2 archeologist who along with his daughter, Ellen, are on safari in search of ancient civilizations.  When the Doctor threatens to turn in his Arabs guides for poaching, they knock him unconscious.  He and his daughter are captured by Athneans and brought to New Athne.  Tarzan translates for them.  The King of Athne holds them responsible for the death of an elephant killed by the Arabs.  Tarzan buys his freedom by giving Prince Ergon a rifle.  When Tarzan returns with the safari car for Ellen’s freedom, the Doctor wants to stay and do research on the Athneans.  Tarzan cautions the Doctor about the treachery of the Prince and tells him where he hid their motor fuel.
#40.1 Along with his daughter Ellen and Tom Culver, he is subjected to the Ordeal of the Elephants.  Tarzan rescues them.  Doctor MacWhirtle flies them back to Nairobi.
 Dell Number  -- 39.2+40.1

Doctor Mervin   --  #22.1 doctor who is doing growth hormone experiments.  Tarzan and Boy go to his house trailer camp where Tarzan chases off Bokawah, the evil witch doctor.  Bokawah later puts a sleeping potion in their food and carries off the Doctor’s daughter, Yolanda.
#36.1 Tarzan goes to Dr. Mervin to help him break the siege of New Cathne by the Athneans.  The Doctor provides Tarzan with growth pellets, which he feeds to a lion cub; turning it into a giant lion he names Goliath.  Mervin is thin, has a full beard and mustache.  Has a pronounced widow’s peek, and does not wear glasses.
#42.1 Dr. Mervin has a stocky build, mustache, glasses and a full head of gray hair.  He is running a zoological garden outside of Nairobi when Tarzan comes for help.  He gives Tarzan two otters, Nip and Tuck, and growth pills so he can help the Stork People fight the Terribs.  Along with his daughter, Yolanda, he flies to the Great Swamp in search of the village of the Stork People.  They run low on fuel and land in the swamp.  They are attacked by Terribs.  They fight with a rifle and a pistol.  Dr., Mervin is wounded in the shoulder by a spear.  Tarzan riding on Tuck turns the tide on the Terribs.  Tarzan takes them to the village of the Stork People.
#50.1 Dr. Mervin and his daughter, Yolanda, are stranded in the village of the Stork Men because their plane ran out of gas.  The Doctor comes down with Swamp Fever.  Tarzan feeds him a medicinal plant to check the fever.  Tarzan finds a cure for the fever in the poison sac of the Arachna.  Princess Loma of Lutor administers the proper dose for the cure.  Doctor Mervin does not wear glasses and has a beer belly.  He is balding with a little gray hair and a mustache.
#51.1 Dr. Mervin’s fever has broken and is sleeping comfortably.  Terribs attack the Stork Men Village and destroy his plane.  Tarzan goes to get Dr. Mac and his plane.
#52.3 Dr. Mervin is feeling better and greets Dr. Mac and Tarzan, who have arrived in Dr. Mac’s seaplane.  He and his daughter, Yolanda, take off for Nairobi.  The captive Thipdar tries to bite Dr. Mervin’s leg.  After the Thipdar bites Dr. Mac in the arm, Dr. Mervin binds its beak.  They are forced to land and are captured by the Men of Monga.  Mounted on Argus, Tarzan finds them working in the Monga fields.  He rescues them with Argus.  They manage to take off in the plane before the Serpent of Pal-ul-don can reach them.  Tarzan kills the serpent.
 Dell Number  -- 22.1+36.1+42.1+50.1+51.1+52.3

dog(s)  --  A #1.5 Jock and Noddy send dogs after Chako and the baboons to attempt to retrieve the collar that contains diamonds.  The baboons easily handle the dogs.
#45.1 the evil witch doctor, Ungali, uses a trained dog inside a costume so that it would appear to be a white serpent ghost, thus frightening off the plantation workers.  Tarzan and Buto expose the ruse.
#78.2 there is a small dog-like creature in the Waziri Village.
#111.2 A small dog in the Waziri Village barks at the stork creatures that are actually Boy and Dombie is disguise.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.5+45.1+78.2+111.2

Doho  -- name of the mangani whose mate is captured by the lost tribe of Giants.
 Dell Number  -- 37.1

Dombie  --  #7 friend of Boy, grandson of Muviro, chief of the Waziri.  Along with Boy, he is carried off to the Valley of the Monsters by an errant balloon.
#46.2 - When Boy finds the golden throne of King Atumbo, Dombie thinks that it is a thing to be left alone and leaves the area.  He hears Boy being captured by Ungali and Atumbo and runs to find Tarzan.
#47.3 (Boy story) - Boy and Dombie are captured by an unnamed tribe.  They escape and learn that the horned monster is a witch doctor in disguise.  They use the horn monster costume to escape.
#48.2 Dombie is captured by M’bongos and rescued by Boy in this Boy story.
#49.2 (Boy story) - Boy and Dombie make a deal with a Bahatwe trader for a crossbow, quarrels, and a bullet.  They use these weapons to kill a gorilla that threatens them.
#51.2 (Boy story) - Boy and Dombie are bow fishing when they discover a baby elephant in a pit-trap.  Dombie stays behind to protect the balu from predators as Boy goes for help.
#53.2 (Boy story) Boy talks Jane into letting he and Dombie deliver an urgent message to Tarzan that has just arrived.  Along the way they fight and kill a leopard.  They are taken captive by the Turkoman tribe and force to bring water out of a nearly dry hole.  They escape when a flash flood hits the camp.  They find Tarzan to learn that the message was not all that urgent.
#54.2 (Boy story) Dombie is charged with guarding his mother’s goats.  Boy and Dombie practice with their bow and arrows.  A leopard with a collar steals a goat.  Boy tells Dombie to inform the Waziri as he goes after the leopard.
#55.2 (Boy Story) Dombie must watch his little sister, Lula, while his mother works in the Waziri’s shamba.  He and Boy slip into the jungle to try out Boy’s new leopard call.  An ape kidnaps the little girl.  Because of the leopard call, Dombie’s mother thinks that a leopard has taken both her children.  Ashamed to admit their wrongdoing, they hide from Muviro and the warriors looking for the children.  They manage to rescue Lula from the ape by using the leopard call.
#57.2 (Boy Story) Boy and Dombie make small explosives out of hammered lead and gunpowder.  They intend to scare the Chacma Baboons with these harmless devices.  The baboons scare the boys into a ravine.  The baboons frighten themselves by setting off the tiny torpedoes.
#59.2(Boy story) Boy and Dombie go to Wandoro country to look for Tarzan, who is collecting herbs there.  They ride elands to the area.  A lion attacks them.  A buffalo trees them.  The bees in the tree sting them, but they wait until a Wandoro comes to kill the beast with a poison arrow.  They ride to find Tarzan near the Mara River.
#61.2 - while out hunting with Tarzan and Boy, Dombie is gored by a buffalo.  Tarzan brings him to the Waziri Village.  His leg becomes infected.  He sends Boy on Argus to the telegraph station to send a message to Dr. Louis d’Arnot to bring medicine.  At the village, Dr. d’Arnot is confident that the medicine will work.
A#4.2 (Boy story) Boy and Dombie are tied up by two boys playing cowboys and Indians.  Boy calls Tarzan’s animal friends to untie them.  They in turn must save the two white boys from elephants.  They become friends.
A#4.4(Boy story) Boy and Dombie make a bark canoe and travel upstream to discover a lost tribe of pygmies.  Their lack of knowledge of the language causes them to become engaged to pygmy women.  The pygmies try to make Boy their king.  The witch doctor tries to force Boy to take a test in the water.  Dombie brings the canoe around so they can escape.  Boy gives Dombie the gold necklace the pygmies gave to him.
#69.2 Boy and Dombie travel to the Nukonga Village to see what Tarzan is up to.  After an adventure with crocodiles they arrive.  They help the Nukongas carry the crocodile trap to the river.  They climb a tree to watch.  The limb they are on breaks, and they fall into the river.  Crocodiles swim towards them.  Tarzan yells at them to get into the net.  The Nukongas pull them to shore.  Tarzan figures their fear is punishment enough.
#78.2 - young Waziri warriors bait Dombie into hunting for something dangerous.  He is snatched up by a thipdar and taken to its nest.  He manages to defend himself until Tarzan arrives on Argus and rescues him.  He talks Tarzan into letting him bring a hatchling thipdar back to the village.  He uses the baby thipdar to frighten the young warriors.   Dombie wears a strange looking hat.  He loses it when the thipdar carries him off, revealing a Mohawk hairdo.  Dombie has a very mature looking face for the first time.
#81.2 Again Dombie has his Mohawk hair and looks mature.  Dombie and Boy search a gully for a wild pig.  Two chimps kidnap Dombie to be their balu.  Tarzan finds them at the river’s edge.  The grass fire has driven them there.  Dombie leaps into the water.  Tarzan joins Dombie.  Tarzan protects Dombie from a leopard.  They climb a tree for the evening.  Boy flies overhead with Argus and Aguila, giant eagles.  Dombie rides behind Boy as they fly home.  Dombie wears a gold necklace and earrings.
#85.2 Boy and Dombie examine Muviro’s new war canoe.  They are carried out into the river by the rising water.  They hide as they float by the Wabanda Village.  Boy hits the hands of an enemy with a paddle as he attempts to board the canoe.  The boys abandon the canoe and swim to an island.  Boy signals Tarzan with a mimic of a jungle bird.  Tarzan sends the boys for Tantor.  Boy and Dombie ride Tantor as the great pachyderm overturns the Wabanda war canoe.  The boys ride behind Tarzan as Tantor pulls the canoe overland back to the Waziri Village.  Dombie wears a floppy blue hat that turns green at one point.  He also has the same arm, neck, wrist, and ankle bracelets as Boy.  His tie piece on the neck bracelet comes and goes.  Dombie has a Mohawk type of hair-do.
#86.2 While hunting on the backs of ostriches Boy and Dombie spy a lioness dragging a wounded policeman.  Boy shoots an arrow causing sabor to chase him.  He swings into a tree.   While Boy keeps the lioness busy, Dombie rides for Tarzan’s help.  Tarzan saves Boy from sabor’s mate who has joined her.
#90.2 - Dombie wants to take a baby bird from a nest as a pet.  Boy thinks it is wrong.  Dombie falls and sprains his ankle.  Boy makes him a crutch.  They cannot make it home by dark.  Boy builds a fire.  Crocodiles terrify them as they migrate pass them to the river.  Tarzan and Muviro save them from the crocodiles.  Boy says he and Dombie have learned their lesson.
#91.2 Tarzan, Boy and Dombie witness a glider going down in a storm.  The pilot does not want the broken plane.  Boy and Dombie repair the glider and fly it.  An aileron is not working properly, and they are forced to land in the elephant’s Secret Playground.  Boy is worried.  Dombie is playful.  Elephants chase them up an anthill.  They make it to the trees.  Tarzan mounted on Argus diverts the pachyderms.  He picks them up with the giant eagle, and they fly home.
A#6.2 Boy and Dombie build a catamaran at Lutor.  They try it out and are carried out into the lake.  Terribs pursue them.  They run aground.  The Terribs knock Dombie into the water.  The Golden Men chase off the Terribs.  They carry the boys to their city and heal Dombie.  They are told that they can never leave.  They escape on black swans.  They meet up with a crocodile boat carrying Tarzan and King Loban.
A#6.5 (Boy Story) Boy builds a bamboo trap to catch the cassavas thief.  He demonstrates it to Dombie.  Dombie has trouble lifting the door to the trap.  Boy catches a baby gorilla in the trap.  Dombie rushes to the village to tell the warriors.  They mistakenly think he is talking about a full grow gorilla.  When they discover the truth, they think Dombie was joking.  Boy and Dombie tie up the balu.  A male gorilla chases Boy, catches him, and makes him untie the balu.  Meanwhile Dombie rushes to tell the warriors.  They don’t believe him.  Boy rushes to the Waziri Village. The warriors do not believe him.
#93.1 Dombie brings Tarzan’s gift of M’bogo, the buffalo, to Manga, chief of the Manguelu.  M’bogo accidentally runs off with the Royal Ring.  He follows the natives as they track the buffalo.  He tells Manga that he will go get Tarzan to help.  Tarzan happens along.  Dombie trails along after Tarzan and Manga, to the city of Mosana.  Tarzan battles Barongo, a large native, for the ring.  Dombie cheers when Tarzan wins.  Tarzan and Dombie head for home.
#93.2 Boy and Dombie have sprinkled red pepper on the corn in Inanga’s shamba to trick the elephant that has been raiding the cornfield.  The enraged pachyderm smashes Inanga’s hut.  Tarzan and Muviro are very angry with the boys.
#96.2 Boy and Dombie build a giant kite out of parachute silk.  A storm carries them and Mimi the chimp off to parts unknown.  They crash into a tree.  They stumble into a village where Kifaru controls the population with chimps.  Boy and Dombie are forced to work in the gardens and to serve food to the fat Kifaru.  That night the boys escape and return to the downed kite.  Tarzan and Jane mounted on the giant eagles pick them up.
#97.2 Boy and Dombie hunt frogs.  They come upon Miboko, son of the Masai chief, who charms birds with his flutes.  They watch him call in and capture a trogon.  The boys are captured by the warlike Nuramis.  Miboko plays a locust flute, which allows them to escape.  Tarzan saves them from a pursuing Nurami.  Tarzan canoes them down the river.  The Nuramis pursue them.  Tarzan throws the boys up to a rope bridge.  The Nuramis follow.  Tarzan cuts the bridge.  He takes the boys to the Masai Village.  Dombie wears a red fez.
#98.2 Tarzan leaves Boy and Dombie with Tantor Abula while he hunts a man-eating lion.  The boys wander off and get lost.  Tantor Abula drives off the man-eater that is stalking them.  As night comes they take to a tree. A leopard stalks them.  Tarzan saves them.  They head home on Tantor Abula.  The boys promise to obey Tarzan.
#99.2 Dombie and Boy ride Tara and Bara out on to the veldt to take pictures with Boy’s birthday present.  Boy approaches a pride of lions on foot as Dombie takes a picture.  The lioness becomes upset.  Dombie gets the lioness to chase him to save Boy.  He falls off Tara as they cross a stream.  Downstream, he is forced to take refuge in a wart hog burrow to escape a leopard.  Later the wart hog backs into its den.  Dombie bites it on its tail, which propels it out of the hole, knocking over the leopard.  Tarzan kills the leopard.  Dombie wants his picture taken with the leopard.  Tarzan says he will do it tomorrow.
#102.2 Boy warns some baboons about a leopard stalking them.  Boy and Dombie witness the baboons ripping the leopard apart.  The boys find two leopard cubs.  They decide to bring them home.  The mother leopard chases them into a river.  They cling to a rock.  N’kima alerts Tarzan to the boys peril.  Tarzan sends a log for them to cling to.  Tarzan pulls them to shore.  Tarzan makes them leave the cubs as they head for home.
#103.2 Boy and Dombie wear silly hats as they canoe through a tunnel.  A croc crushes their canoe, and they take to the trees.  They spy a mysterious island and a witch man canoeing away from the island.  They build a raft and pole to the island.  A leopard guards the small temple on the island.  Inside the temple they find the costumes of the society of Leopard Men.  They bundle up the costumes and dump them in the river.  They attempt to raft back through the tunnel, but a crocodile turns their raft sideways.  They climb some vines to avoid the croc.  On a ledge they build a smoke signal.  Tarzan comes to rescue them.  Leopard Men climb the vines to reach them.  The vines give away and the Leopard Men fall.  Tarzan pulls them up to safety.
#104.2 - Boy and Dombie with the ape Neeku find an airplane stuck in a tree.  They climb up to the plane.  A leopard stalks them.  Neeku accidentally starts the plane’s engine.  The leopard falls to its death frightening some cannibals under the tree.  They leave the plane just as it crashes to the ground.  They track the plane’s owners to a water hole and warn them about the cannibals who are tracking them.  They climb up a cliff face.  Tarzan rescues them by scaring away the cannibals.
A#7.6 (Boy story) Boy and Dombie fish from a canoe.  While hunting for guinea hens, they see a leopard stalking Jeremy Downs.  Boy kills it with his bow. They canoe Jeremy back to his parent’s camp.  They take refuge on top of a wall to escape lions.  They spend the rest of the day and part of the night fending off the lions.  Jeremy’s parents come with a hunter, who drives off the lions.  Boy and Dombie canoe home.
#105.2 Boy and Dombie get permission to go to the great bog to search for a white tree orchid for Jane.  They find an orchid but are trapped in the mud by a black panther.  Tarzan kills the panther and rescues them.  Their mud caked bodies protects them from a plague of locust.  Tarzan leads them to the river where Jane, Buto and Buto’s tribe hide underwater from the locust.
#106.2 Baboons raid the Waziri shamba.  Boy and Dombie drive them off.  Boy gets the idea to capture a cheetah and stake it near the shamba to keep the baboon away.  They ride their kudus to search for a cheetah.  They chase a cheetah until it drops from exhaustion.  They stuff it in a blue bag.  They build a travois to transport the cheetah back to the village.  The antelope smell the cheetah and bolt.  The antelopes leap off a ledge and into the river.  The boys tumble into the water.  Tarzan finds them safe.
#108.2 - Boy and Dombie go fishing on the Lake of Reeds.  They hear the native elephant hunters stampeding the herd.  Later they find a balu.  They build a shelter for the baby and track the captured mother to the kraal of the hunters.  Boy has a leaf with the balu’s scent on it.  It attracts the mother’s attention.  They weaken the gate to the elephant pen.  The elephants smash the gate and follow the scent back to the shelter.  The mother chases off a lion and breaks down the shelter.  Tarzan comes to bring the boys home.
#109.2 Boy uses a Full Nelson on Dombie and then teaches him how to apply the hold.  After admiring Teena’s necklace, the boys ride Bara to the Fire Mountain to collect gemstones so Boy can make a necklace for Jane.  They find two pouches full of stones.  Two natives rob them.  They use the Full Nelson on the natives.  The volcano erupts and they are trapped on a ledge by lava flows.  Tarzan uses a liana rope to reach the boys.  Boy can go hand over hand on the rope to safety.  Tarzan carries Dombie on his back on the rope.
#111.2 Boy and Dombie practice on the stilts that the Stork Men gave to Tarzan.  They decide to don the stork costumes and fish in the river.  They have no luck and go to the tree house near the river to store the costumes and stilts.  From the tree house they see Muganda warriors approaching.  The boys hear them plan to attack the Waziri Village.  They wait until dark and use the costumes and stilts to sneak past the Muganda sentries and make it to the village.  They warn Muviro who does not recognize the boys.  Muviro raises the alarm.  The boys walk to the Waziri cattle herders.  They tell them that Muviro wants them to drive the cattle across the river.  They go to get a lion skin.  The herders drive the cattle across the river.  Boy and Dombie wave the lion skin in the air.  The herd stampedes into the Muganda camp and drives them into the river where the Waziri are ready for them.  Tarzan discovers them.  They confess their deeds and ask Tarzan to keep their secret.  Tarzan has them hide the costumes and stilts in the tree house.
#112.2  Boy and Dombie ride antelopes.  Boy helps Tarzan cut a giraffe loose from a log trap.  Tarzan sends the boys to search for other animals caught in traps.  They see elephants caught in a ring of firetrap.  They are headed for a cliff.  The boys lead the elephants down a path to safety.  The Wagambi hunters capture them.  Tarzan and the Waziri rescue them.  Boy and Dombie wear wide brimmed funnel-like hat with a black feather.  They lose the hats when the Wagambi attack them.  No. 25.3 (Boy’s and Dombie’s Yo Whistles cut out).
No. 25.3 (Boy Story) Tarzan gives Boy a danger whistle.  Boy and Dombie decide to go fishing.  After a series of near escapes from a crocodile, a leopard, and a hippo, Dombie stumbles onto a sleeping ape.  The ape grabs the boys and shakes them.  The ape takes Boy’s whistle and chases them to the edge of a cliff.  Boy and Dombie climb down a vine.  The ape follows them and repeatedly blows the whistle.  Tarzan hears the signal and comes to the rescue.
#113.2 because the Terribs have been sited in the area Dombie reluctantly goes fishing with Boy and Zoom the giant otter.  Dombie catches a fish.  Zoom steals it off of his trident.  Dombie falls in the river upsetting the canoe.  After righting the canoe, a Terribs grabs Dombie and pulls him underwater.  Zoom and Boy pursue them.  The Terribs releases Dombie to fight Zoom.  Boy pulls the unconscious Dombie to the surface and administers artificial respiration.  Tarzan and the Waziri drive the Terribs down river and over the falls.
#114.2 Tarzan makes Boy and Dombie a sailing scooter, which they take out onto the dry lakebed.  The wind dies and a tornado approaches.  Boy straps them to the mast.  The tornado carries them to the mountains.  The parachute opens and takes them further away.  Bat Men attack them.  Boy uses arrows to drive them away.  They crash into a river and are forced to cut away the chute.  They make it to shore and the scooter drifts away.  They climb into the mountains.  They are hopelessly lost.  Tarzan comes on Argus to rescue them.
#116.2 Boy and Dombie wear conical caps while hunting.  Boy and Dombie find an elephant gun and cartridge belt near a dead Bambori and a dead rhino.  The boys decide to keep the weapon at Dombie house.  Two leopards attack them.  Dombie shoots a leopard but is knocked out by the recoil.  Boy throws the cartridge belt at the other leopard.  It encircles the leopard.  This gives Boy enough time to retrieve the rifle and shoot the leopard.  The recoil also knocks out Boy.  When they wake the rifle is gone.  They tell Tarzan what happened.
#117.2 Boy and Dombie find a lost native woman and child in the forest.  They build them a boma and go for food.  They go to the M’bulu Village and ask for milk and food.  The M’bulu trick them into a hut and lock the door.  The M’bulu capture the boys to force the Waziri to help them against the Masai.  They are given food.  That night, they escape through the roof.  As they approach the boma, a lion roars.  Dombie climbs a tree.  Boy takes Dombie’s spear and enters the boma.  The lion leaps the boma to be killed by Tarzan’s spear.  Boy and Dombie help carry the woman and the child back to her husband.
#118.2 Boy and Dombie are carrying their kill of a pig home when two lions confront them.  Nama the Hottentot trader frightens off the lions with his shotgun.  The boys camp with Nama.  Boy spears a crocodile that tries to get one of Nama’s buffaloes.  Nama gives Boy a new spear and a mouth organ.  He gives Dombie a knife.  The boys leave but witness the Lebombos headed Nama’s way.  They run and tell Tarzan.  The boys and Tarzan ride elephants to chase off the robbers.  Boy leaves with Tarzan on Tantor.  Dombie rides with Nama to the Waziri Village.
No. 37.4 (Boy Story) Dombie is called the son of Chief Muviro.  Dombie stays up all night watching the Waziri cattle.  He hears a bird whistling and goes to investigate.  A Wabangi captures him.  Boy sneaks into their camp and tries to cut Dombie free from the tree but is discovered.  Tarzan rescues him.
#119.2 Boy and Dombie take the balloons they got from the trader to an out of the way tree house.  They paint faces on the balloons with night shinning paint.  They attach whistles to the end of them so that they fly around the room making noise.  They decide to scare the Waziri with them.  On their way home two Batukos capture them.  The Batuko plan to use them to force Tarzan to do their bidding.  They canoe the boys upriver away from their homeland to fool the ape-man.  They camp for the night.  Boy manages to get his knife out of his waistband and free himself.  He frees Dombie.  They wrap the sleeping rolls around them and blow up balloons.  With the balloon heads sticking out of the bedrolls they wake the Batuko and demand to know what happen to the captives.  The Batukos are frightened and then terrified as the heads scream and fly through the air.  The sight of new heads growing up in the rolls is too much for them.  They flee for their lives.  The boys take the Batuko canoe back home.
#120.2 Dombie is once again referred to as Muviro’s grandson.  Tarzan gives Boy permission to stay overnight at the Waziri Village.  Boy helps Dombie build an elephant alarm.  They string it up at the shamba to frighten off the rouge that has been brothering the cornfield.  They fall asleep on the raised platform.  The rouge comes.  Dombie tries to sound the alarm.  The elephant gets the alarm tangled around its tusks.  The rouge tramples the corn before the Waziri can run him off.  Muviro scolds Dombie for not raising the alarm soon enough and for losing the alarm.  The next day the boys search for the pieces of the alarm.  Pygmies have found some of the metal pieces.  They return them to Dombie when told that they belong to them.  Boy has an idea and makes a deal with the pygmies.  If they kill the rouge, they can have the metal.  They track the elephant.  The pygmies sneak up close to the elephant.  Dombie sneezes.  The rouge turns on the pygmies.  Many spears are cast but the rouge is not slowed.  Boy’s arrow brings down the rouge.
#121.2 Tarzan sends Boy and Dombie to find Plenty, the tame white rhino, to help bolster up a tree that threatens to fall on the corral.  The boys ride antelopes out onto the veldt.  They find signs that the Bangwa has captured Plenty.  When they find the truck tracks, Boy sends Dombie to tell Tarzan.
#122.1 Boy and Dombie build a dugout canoe to give to Kasana, the cliff dwellers.  The Kasana are plagued by the Bangas so that they cannot hunt.  They ask Tarzan to donate the seine net he made so the Kasana can catch fish.  Tarzan says that he must show them how to use it.  He helps the boys load the canoe onto the bullock cart.  He warns them about the Bangas.  They walk for a long time.  The rains have made the road muddy so they take a wadi that takes them close to Banga territory.  The Bangas spot them and give chase.  They are forced to drive the cart over a ledge into the river.  They paddle to the Kasana Village.  They show Unyoke, the chief, the net.  Boy offers to show his people how to use it.  Dombie watches over the buffaloes as Boy take a few Kasana out in the canoe.  The Bangas approach from around the lake.  They head up into the cliffs.  They fight from a higher position, but the Bangas keep climbing.  A lightning strike hits in front of the Banga chief.  The Banga head for the shelter of the bush.  Boy and Dombie ride the buffaloes back across the lake to go home.
#123.2 - the Kisumu kidnap Dombie and plan to sell him to the Wachinga.  Tarzan rescues him.
#124.2 after an earthquake Boy and Dombie take an abandon canoe of the Wakinda to investigate why the lake is draining.  They are sucked into a cavern where they discover an ancient steamboat.  Dombie is frightened.  Boy takes an elephant tusk as a souvenir.  Tarzan paddles them to safety before another quake closes the entrance to the cavern.
No. 51.2 (Boy Story)  Buto, Boy, Dombie and Jad-bal-ja come across an antelope caught in a vine snare.  They release the animal and have Jad trail the poachers.  They come to a huge boulder blocking a tunnel.  Buto rolls the stone away and enters the tunnel.  The boys and Jad remain behind.  They hear the sounds of fighting.  Jad accidentally rolls the stone back in place.  The boys climb the mountain and watch Buto undergo the Ordeal of Mumbo.  The boys figure Buto will need help to get out.  They climb down the mountain.  They have Jad push the boulder away from the tunnel. The boys and Jad enter the area.  A poacher pulls away a branch and a stone rolls over the entrance.  Buto grabs the axe and smashes the stone.  They go home.
#125.2 When Tarzan falls in the pit trap, he sends Boy and Dombie for help.  The boys outdistance the Bakongos.  They are delayed by a flash flood.  They arrive at Imanga’s Kraal on their antelopes in time to refute the Bakongos false claims about the Waziri.  Dombie wears a long red cape.
#127.2 Boy and Dombie disguise themselves as monkeys to rescue Tarzan, who they believe is about to be sacrificed by the Bageena tribe.  They fly Argus and Aguila to the mountain village.  They rush in and cut loose the victim to discover that it is not Tarzan.  The witch doctor discloses their disguise.  Tarzan flies in on the giant eagles and rescues them.
#128.2 Boy and Dombie’s tree house is carried out to sea by a tidal wave.  They are saved from a giant squid because it grabs Prickly, the porcupine.  They are saved from capture by a pirate ship by a squid attacking the pirate dhow.  Tarzan and Muviro save them from yet another squid attack.  They ride home in the canoe.
#129.1 Dombie and Boy accompany Tarzan and Arthur Smythe in search of a new species of apes.  Dombie and Boy build a shelter.  When Tarzan and Smythe return Dombie tells the ape-man that an ape carried Boy off.
#131.2 - Dombie and Boy follow the trapper who has captured N’kima and taken him to an island.  As the natives dance, the boys free N’kima from the cage.  The Balugas chase them.  Boy releases N’kima.  They sneak into the witch doctor’s hut and don porcupine skins.  They use the disguises to reach the lake.  N’kima joins them.  The Balugas pursue them in canoes.  Tarzan tips over the canoes.  They go home with Tarzan.
#130.3 - Jane sends Boy and Dombie to fetch goat‘s milk and eggs from a neighboring village.  When the boys return Knobby, the pet giraffe, has escaped.  They ride ostriches to search for the giraffe.  Boy saves Knobby from a leopard attack with a shot from his sling.  Dombie saves Boy from the leopard with a similar shot.  Boy saves Dombie from the leopard with a third shot.  They find Knobby with a herd of giraffes.  On their way home, the leopard attacks again.  Dombie sling stone hits the leopard.  Dombie‘s ostrich kills the leopard.  They ride home
 Dell Number  -- 7+8+45.2+46.2+47.3+48.2+49.2+51.2+53.2 (Boy story)+54.2 (Boy Story) +55.2 (Boy Story) +57.2 (Boy Story) +#59.2(Boy story) +61.2 +A#4.2 (Boy story) +A#4.4 (Boy story)+#69 (splash page) +69.2+78.2+A#5 (Boy and Dombie cutout - splash page) +81.2+85.2 +86.2 +90.2 +91.2+A#6.2
+A#6.5(Boy Story)+93.1+93.2+96.2+97.2+98.2+99.2+102.2+103.2+104.2+A#7.6 (Boy story)+105.2+106.2+108.2+109.2 +111.2 +112.2 +No. 25 +No. 25.3+113.2+114.2+116.2+117.2 +118.2+No. 37 (Game - “Boy and Dombie Net the Lion”) +No. 37.4 (Boy Story)+119.2 +120.2+121.2+112.2+123.2+No. 51 (Game)+No. 51 (color by numbers)+No. 51 (back cover)+124.2+No. 51.2 (Boy Story)+125.2+127.2+128.2+129.1+ 130.3+131.2

Dombie’s mother  --  #55.2 (Boy Story)  Dombie’s mother charges him to watch little Lula, his sister, while she works in the Waziri shamba.  While Dombie slips into the jungle with Boy to try out his new leopard call, an ape that has lost its balu takes Lula.  Dombie’s mother hears the leopard’s call.  She thinks that leopards have taken her children.  She gets Muviro and the Waziri to search for them.
#78.2 Dombie’s mother asks Boy about Dombie, whom she thought was with Tarzan and his family.  Boy has not seen him.  They realize that Dombie is missing.  Boy goes to tell Tarzan.  The worried mother searches the Waziri Village.  She has a shaved head with a red-orange headband.
 Dell Number  -- 55.2 (Boy Story)+78.2

Donald Frayne  -- This is the name that Pollock assumes to fool Tarzan.  The Jungle Lord does not believe his story but helps him anyway.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

Dongool  -- chief of the Bongus tribe.  Supposedly poisoned by a woman or so says Bookrai, the witch doctor.
 Dell Number  -- 4

Doris Ramsay / Miss Doris -- She is young with long black hair.   She parachutes from her troubled plane.  Tarzan saves her from a lion.  She has come to the Ras Dashani Rest Home to take a safari into the Ras Dashani Mountains to look for her missing father, John.  She talks Tarzan into joining the safari.  She is captured by one of Zanaka’s white gorillas.  Tarzan rescues her.  They travel to Tower of Hotoombo and find the cave where Dashani warriors captured her father.  Zanaka and his warriors capture the safari.  At Zanaka’s village she is reunited with her father.  The party escapes during Tarzan’s fight with the Devil Ogre.  They ride elephants back to the rest house.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Drake Carveth  -- Blond man full of cruelty and avarice.  A map to Opar brings him on a horse safari along with his half-sister, Jean.  Tarzan stops him from whipping his horse, Grayfellow.  He takes a shot at Tarzan.  Tarzan throws away his weapon, tells his Arab guides to clear out, and buys the horse from him.  He does not leave with the Arabs, but instead pushes on to Opar where he and Jean are captured by the Dwarfs of Opar.  In the confusion surrounding Tarzan and King Nikon stopping the sacrifice of Jean, Drake gathers a shirt full of gold table service.  During his escape, Tarzan tries to warn him about a snake in the rocks.  The snake bites him, and he dies.
 Dell Number  -- 38.2

Dragon  -- large lizards living in the valley below the village of the Dragon Cult.  The people throw a bull down to the dragons every once and a while.  Tarzan and Inkomi enter the valley.  Tarzan kills two lizards.  Inkomi kills one.  They explore the deserted city where another dragon attacks them.  Tarzan kills it.  Tarzan believes that there are probably only a few small lizards left in the valley.
 Dell Number  -- 98.1

Dragon Cult  -- people living to a rocky barren land.  They raise cattle.  The Dragon Doctor, an evil witch doctor, controls them.  They pay him one heifer for every bull sacrificed to the dragons (lizards).  The witch doctor has Tarzan and Inkomi arrested for interfering with the bull marked for sacrifice.  Tarzan breaks his bonds and knocks out the guards.  Tarzan and Inkomi expose the evil witch doctor to the people.  They banish the witch doctor and want Tarzan and Inkomi to be their chiefs.  Tarzan convinces them to move into the valley below were the land is fertile.  Their ancestors probably built the city below.
 Dell Number  -- 98.1

Dragon Doctor  -- evil witch doctor of the Dragon Cult possibly named Faugh.  He has Tarzan and Inkomi arrested for interfering with the bull marked for sacrifice to the dragons (lizards).  The witch doctor dons a dragon skin.  Tarzan, who has escaped, knocks him out and discovers the Dragon Doctor in the costume.  He and Inkomi tie him up and lower him to a ledge.  Later they expose the witch doctor as a fraud to the people.  He was paid one heifer for every bull sacrificed to the dragons.  He got rich while the people suffered.  He is banished from the land.
 Dell Number  -- 98.1

dragonfly  --  two feet long, from the lost land of Pal-ul-don
 Dell Number  -- 36 (Jungle World - after second story)

dragonfly, giant  --  A severely wounded Tarzan seeks a resting place.  A giant dragonfly attacks him.  Tarzan kills it with an arrow.  Later he learns that the dragonfly broke through the door to the Cave of the Wise One, and that the giant creature is a result of the growth compounds of the Wise One.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

driver  -- Taxi driver in Nairobi who takes Tarzan and Major Towne to the British Commissioner building.  He is white with a mustache and a yellow turban.
 Dell Number  -- 50.3

Drossa  -- a meat-eating planet from Pal-ul-don.  Caption states that it is a killer planet.  Tarzan rescues Korak, the ape, from a Drossa.
 Dell Number  -- 68 (inside back cover)

Duchy  -- One of the gangsters who has come to Opar to steal the jewels.  The boss tells him to leave behind a gold statue because they want the jewels.  He wears a green shirt and a white hat, which has a leopard skin band.  His fate as well as the fate of all of the robbers is questionable.  They probably were killed in the earthquake that collapses around the Chasm of Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 82.1

duck-billed dinosaur  --  A#3.5 Tarzan spies a duck-billed dinosaur and other dinosaurs in the Great Swamp.  He realizes that something has driven them out of the Valley of Monsters and goes to investigate.
#112.1 Major Gorham and his two royal air force companions crash in Pal-ul-don.  They witness a T-Rex killing a duck-billed dinosaur.
No. 37 As Tarzan, Jane, and Boy fly the giant eagles into Pal-ul-don, they spy a duck-billed dinosaur.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.5+112.1+ No. 37

dugong  --  82 (Good Neighbors - splash page)

Dwarfs  --  (See: Dwarfs of Didona)

Dwarfs of Didona  --  #3 inhabitants of an island in the middle of the Lake of Rocks, which is surrounded by fog.  The priest attempts to sacrifice B.
#48.3 Tarzan learns from the dwarfs that the Giant Wasps have almost completely wiped out the entire population.  They also tell him that the wasps never cross over a field of white flowers.
 Dell Number  -- 3+48.3

Dwarfs of Opar  --  #13.1 dark skinned inhabitants of Opar who after an earthquake
(#5) establish a city a little ways from Opar.  La is their queen.  They make sacrifices to the sun, their god.  Sir Hal calls them beast men.
#15.1 Tarzan rescues La from them.
#38.2 White skinned inhabitants of Opar with their queen La.  They capture Jean Carveth and her half brother, Drake.  La is about to sacrifice Jean on an altar when Tarzan, King Nikon, and his men stop the ceremony.  They attack the little people but are easily downed by arrows.  La puts a stop to the fight.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1+15.1+38.2

dyal  --  #18 “larger than an ostrich”
#18.2  Tarzan captures one, which is attacking Olan of the Caves by placing a saber toothed tiger pelt over the head.  Tarzan, Princess Ila, and Taddo ride it back to their home in Lipona.  Along the way it kills a Tor-o-don who had captured the princess and her son.
#19.2 supposedly looking for the Giant Eland Tarzan rides the dyal into a lost valley where it helps save Lachee, the red flower, from a Garth by biting its neck.  Lachee rides off on the dyal after Tarzan is carried off by a thipdar.  Tarzan presents the dyal to Lachee and Jo-rah as a wedding present.
#24.1 Jo-rah and his men ride dyals.  The dyal Tarzan gave him laid eggs and Jo-rah trained them for riding.
A #1.3 - When Alur is overthrown by Torodons mounted on gryfs, Tarzan goes to Jorah to use his dyals against the gryfs.  The gryfs are no match for the dyals.  #39.1 Jo-rah loans Tarzan a racing dyal so he might return to the Waziri.  The one Tarzan chooses is an offspring of Tarzan’s wedding gift.  With Tarzan on its back, it runs at forty miles per hour over rough terrain.  It leaps a hog-like beast.  Balking at Tarzan’s commands to run from a tyrannosaurs, it leaps over the great lizard’s head and delivers a powerful kick to the head, which stuns the beast.  Tarzan turns the dyal loose when he is finished with it.  It returns to Jo-rah.
A#3.5 Jo-rah and his tribe are leaving their valley on dyals because of the ashes from the volcano eruption in the Valley of Monsters.  Tarzan enlists Jo-rah’s aid in killing the dinosaurs that have left the valley.  They give Tarzan a dyal to ride.  As they approach Cathne, they ride the dyals into battle with the gryf mounted Torodons.  The dyals subdue the Torodons and their mounts.  Tarzan and Jo-rah ride dyals out of Cathne.  They lure some Torodons on gryfs into a pack of Garths.  The dyals leap over the Garths, carrying their masters to safety.
#60.1 Jorah and five of his men ride dyals towards their homeland in check to see if it is inhabitable.  Tarzan helps them fight the spotted lions of Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan uses the dyal of the man who is killed by the lions.  The Men of Monga’s bolas brings down the dyals and everyone is captured.  The Men of Monga leave the dyals.  Tarzan escapes and uses a dyal to ride to Jorah’s camp to recruit men for a rescue attempt.  They protect the dyals legs with a skirt made out of bamboo poles.  The bamboo proves effective as Jorah and his men are rescued.
#65.1 Tarzan, Jorah, and his warriors travel to their former village on dyals to see if it is inhabitable.  White apes that have taken over the area attack them.  The dyals leap out of the way of the thrown rocks.  Cave bears attack the apes.  Tarzan and the Cor-o-dons help the apes.  The dyals prove to be a force by kicking and biting the bears.  Lachee’s dyal is downed by a bear.  The bears are driven from the area but return much later.  Tarzan demonstrates to the men of Cor-o-don how to have their dyals leap high into the air and cast their weapons at the bears hiding in the plantation vegetation.  The bears are driven away.
#87.1 Jorah and his people ride dyals to the site Tarzan has prepared from them to plant for the White Apes.
#112.1 The Dyals in this story are golden in color.  They have yellow legs and beaks.  Joh-rah and his riders chase the Dinohyus away from Tarzan and the British survivors of a plane crash.  They transport the British across the Great Thorn Desert to a desert airstrip.
 Dell Number  -- 18 (inside back cover “Jungle World”)+18.2+19.2+24.1+A 1.3+39.1+A#3.5+60.1+65.1+87.1+112.1
 Novel -- TEC+LT - flightless carnivorous bird of Pellucidar. Some tribes used it as a riding animal.



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