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The ERBzine ERB Comics Encyclopedia
The Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics
Cabot Sutton  -- archeologist.  He is overweight, bald and has a mustache.  Their bearers who desert them tie him and his wife to pillars in a dead city.  Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja save them from hyenas.  Tarzan settles them in a safe place and goes for help.  They are captured by the Tuaregs and taken to the caverns below the seamless tower.  The Tuaregs treat them well but will never allow them to leave.  Tarzan, Muviro and the Waziri rescue them.  The Suttons promise to keep the Tuaregs secret about the gold they mine in the cavern.  They also plan to return someday and study the ruins.
 Dell Number  -- 86.1

camels  --  #29 Berber bandits means of transportation in the desert.  Tarzan and Thurag use two of the Berber’s camels to ride to the Berber city.
#47.2 A camel is in Ain Adrar, the city of Sheik Ibrahim.
#64.2 The Blue Raiders/Tauregs use camels as their mounts.
#77.1 The Bedouins of the Beni Adhemi use heavy laden camels as they caravan out into the desert in search of a new home because their oasis has dried up.
#80.1 The Beni-Adhemi load their camels, leave the City in the Sands, and travel to the mountains where Hussein and his men are attempting to repair the damaged aqueduct that fed the city.
A#5.4 Shareef Hussein purchases camels, ships of the desert, at Marrach, the Arab market city.  They are use to carry goods back to the City in the Sands.
#86.1 The Tuaregs lead a caravan of camels into the seamless tower in a dead city.  The camels are housed in the caverns below.  Tarzan cautions Jad-bal-ja not to kill them.
#88.1 Lieutenant Barnes and his detachment of askaris ride camels to a shelter area in a dust storm.  A band of Shiftas attacks and steals all the camels.  Tarzan and Buto take all the Shiftas’ horses.  The robbers pursue them on camels but are easily outdistanced by the horses.
#126.1 Arabs on camels come across Tarzan and a family of chimpanzees.  The Arabs had sold the chimps to a dhow captain.  They attempt to recapture them.  Tarzan and the chimps disarm them.  Tarzan makes them take he and the chimps on the camels over the desert to the jungle.
#129.3 Both the Aulihans and the Marehans ride camels in a running gun battle across the desert.  Gumburu, the evil uncle, and his men chase Boy and Serenli into the mountains.  Tarzan trails them on Sheik Abdurra’s racing camel.  After Tarzan thwarts Gumburu and his men, Serenli uses the racing camel to return to his injured father, the Sheik.
 Dell Number  -- 29+47.2+64.2+77.1+80.1+A#5.4+86.1+88.1+102 (Splash Page - “Servant of Man”)+126.1+129.3

cannibals  --  #14.2 capture Emma and Phil, tourists, who experienced plane trouble.  Their chief Budango is more interested in learning how to fly the ‘bird machine’ than in the captives.
#A2.2 Cannibals capture Muviro and three Waziri as they travel towards Kando-mor.  They take them to their village and tie them up.  They place them in a river up to their necks to make them tender.  Tarzan rescues them by swimming underwater.  The cannibals have made three attacks the citadel of the Gallugos.  Tarzan discovers the cannibals tunneling under the Gallugos double fence.  A huge battle ensues.  Tarzan, the Gallugos, Muviro, and three Waziri defeat the cannibals.  The cannibals wear large feathery headdresses.  They primarily use spears, axes, knives, and clubs.  The live near a stream in conical huts.  They have half cylinder ovens for cooking.
#104.2 Cannibals are tracking Boy and Dombie.  Suddenly a leopard crashes through the trees and falls to the ground dead.  The roar of an airplane engine, which the cannibals believe to be the father of all leopards, causes them to run off.  Cannibals follow the trail of humans.  Boy and Dombie warn Tom and Jo, the owners of the airplane, about the approaching cannibals.  The cannibals start to cross a stream when crocodiles attack them.  They pursue the boys and the couple up a cliff.  Tarzan’s arrows frighten the cannibal away.
 Dell Number  -- 14.2+A2.2+104.2
 Novels -- TA + RT + others

capitaine  --  #129  (inside back cover - a five paneled story entitled: Tarzan The Fish Trapper”)  The Wagenia tribe catches capitaine, a type of catfish, in traps.  The capitaine can be five feet long and weigh five hundred pounds.

Captain  --  #29  - commander of the ill-fated Pantella.  Probably killed by Berbers.
#126.1 an unnamed captain of a dhow buys a family of chimpanzee from Arabs.  He is sailing to India.  Tarzan approaches with another chimpanzee to sell.  The captain plans to take the chimp and have Tarzan jump overboard.  Tarzan disarms the captain.  The captain makes a deal with the ape-man to work as a crewmember.  During a storm Tarzan has to disarm the captain and takes his keys to release the chimps.  They crash into land.  Tarzan and the chimps elude the captain and his men.  The captain plans to hunt for them in the morning.  They hunt with rifles.  Tarzan gets the drop on them.  He disarms them and has the chimps guard the captain and his men while he builds a raft.
 Dell Number  -- 29+126.1

Captain Armand Jacot -- commander of French soldiers.  Tarzan brings the Kentons to the Captain’s troops, who are trying to escort the whites out of the area, which is being ravaged by a band of Shiftas.  His troops were about to be trapped and slaughtered by the Shiftas but Tarzan overheard their plans.  Using Tarzan’s plan, which includes a herd of elephants, Captain Jacot’s men rout the Shifts.
 Dell Number  -- 23.2
 Novel  -- ST - captain in the French Foreign Legion in Algeria.

Captain Hardy  -- Hunter/guide based out of the Ras Dashani Rest House.  He is middle aged with black receding hair and a dark beard.  He is in charge of getting the safari together for Doris Ramsay to search the Ras Dashani Mountains for her missing father.  He is disgruntled about being relieved as head of the safari.  He gives Mulo, the chief and witch doctor, his knife and instructs him to kill Tarzan.  He directs the would-be assassin to the wrong hut.  Mulo tries to kill d’Arnot instead and leaves Hardy’s knife behind.  When confronted with the evidence of the knife, Hardy claims he lost it.  Zanaka, chief of Dashani warriors, warns them to go back.  Hardy wants to leave.  During the night, Hardy and his bearers take the supplies and head back to the rest house.  Dashani poison arrows kill him and the bearers.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Captain Maurice Ladue -- French flying officer whose plane went down and was captured by the people in Castrum Mare.  Tarzan and d’Arnot rescue him from being a gallery slave.
 Dell Number  -- 21.2

Captain Moru  -- Prince Gato is upset because someone has been feeding his elephant.   Prince Gato commands Captain Moru to post a guard.
 Dell Number  -- 122.1

Captain Noualla  -- Leader of the Tannalelt army.  After Tarzan helps the Tannalelt escape from the prison, they search for the Tannalelt army, which went to attack Gadda.  When Captain Noualla learns that Tannalelt has fallen to the Gaddanes, he wants to attack immediately.  King Saleem convinces him to follow Tarzan’s plan to retake the city.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1

Captain of the Buffalo  -- Gallugo captain who finds Tarzan breaking a wild buffalo in the area between the fences at Kando-mor.  He brings Tarzan and the Waziri to King Gallu.
 Dell Number  -- A2.2

Captain Peter Van Dulst  -- Van Dulst, a captain in the Dutch navy, pilots his twin-engine plane over the Gourambi Range.  He and Tarzan are searching for the missing Hauser expedition.  He is of normal build and has thinning brown hair.  Tarzan picks up Hans Hauser’s radio signal.  Peter lands near him.  Tarzan sends the Captain and Hans back to civilization as he searches for the Abominable Snow Men that Hans claims to have seen.  Captain Van Dulst returns in his plane with Jane and Boy.  They pick up Tarzan and the pilot of a crashed search plane in the nick of time before the Snow Men reach them.
 Dell Number  -- 87.2

Captain Smith  -- Captain Smith and his partner fly in search of the Tree of Ages.  A flock of flamingoes cause them to crash in the Lake Nobody Names.  His partner drowns.  An unnamed tribe captures him.  He is tied to a litter and about to be sacrificed to the Tree of Ages.  Tarzan burns the tree and frightens off the tribe.  Tarzan and his family fly him on the giant eagles back to the tree house.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.1

Captain Wallace Baine  -- Captain of the wrecked three mast sailing ship.  Fearing the Channel Pirates would attack them; he has the strongbox containing $200,000 worth of gold dropped over board.  They head for a small island.  The Captain and his men watch Tarzan swim ashore midst a hail of gunfire from the pirates.  He and his men are shocked when Tarzan calls Argus out of the sky.  Tarzan enlists the aid of the Arab fishermen along with Captain Baine’s men to board the pirate dhow and capture them.  Captain Baine tells the ape-man about the strongbox.  Tarzan locates the box and ties a rope around it.  Baine thanks Tarzan for saving his cargo.  Tarzan gives him the pirate’s dhow and has him take away the pirate prisoners.
 Dell Number  -- 83.1

Carla Mason  --  photographer who is out to prove women can do whatever men can do.  She is knocked unconscious by a charging rhino.  Tarzan rescues her from the Bundwala tribe and takes her to Jad-bal-ja and his three sons for protection.  Tarzan takes her to the new camp.  He forces M’dembi and his men to build a camp for her.  Tarzan has her project her film of charging animals up onto a white cliff to scare off the attacking Bundwalas.  Tarzan sends for to pick up her safari.
 Dell Number  -- 34.1

Carne, Mr. Derrik -- He is a bring ‘em back alive hunter.  He pushes into Tarzan’s country despite the objection of his guide Ramsay.  He doesn’t believe that Tarzan is a real person.  He captures a baby elephant at Lake Chui.  On the way back to his animal compound near Nairobi, he and his natives capture two dik-diks.  They escape the charging Tantor.  He makes plans with Jamieson to head for Kenya Country.  He captures two baby giraffes and a dik-dik.  Tarzan finds him and offers him money for the baby elephant.  He pulls a pistol on the ape-man.  Tarzan disarms him.  Tantor smashes his cages.  He produces a rifle.  Tarzan breaks it over his knee.  Tarzan forces the hunter to write and sign a bill of sale for the baby elephant.  Tarzan warns him not to come back to Tarzan country.  He now believes that Tarzan is a real person.
 Dell Number  -- 69.1

Carol Kenton  -- daughter of missionaries the Rev and Mrs. Kenton.  A Shifta band captures her.  Kralu, the great ape, steals her away from the Shiftas.  The apes don’t watch her very carefully and Tarzan has to save her from two hyenas.  Tarzan returns her to her parents.
 Dell Number  -- 23.2

carrier pigeon  -- The Ho-dons use pigeons to send messages between Alur and the Tower of Ta-dan.  They do not send the birds out at nighttime.  The tower sends a message to Alur that they are under attack by Torodons.  A pigeon brings a message back stating that Alur is also under siege, and that they should expect no help from the city.
 Dell Number  -- 41.1

Cassius Hasta  -- A#3.1 He is the emperor of Castrum Mare.  Tarzan slips into his quarters and tells him how he has tracked his captured wife and child to Castrum Mare.  Hasta summons the ruler of the slave market and learns about Jane and Boy’s sale to the Pirate King.  Hasta is angry that agents of the Pirate King could enter his city.  Tarzan presents him with a plan.  After Tarzan rescues Jane and Boy, the pirates’ cutters and war galleys pursue their canoe.  Hasta leads his war galleys to defeat the pirates both on sea and on land.  Hasta wears red robes and has a face similar to the face on the ancient Roman statue ‘Augustus Primaporta.’
#106.1 Tarzan learns that Cassius Hasta has been murdered and replaced by Paetus Augustus.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1+106.1
 Novel -- LE - nephew to the emperor of Castrum Mare.  He is accused of treason and sent on a dangerous mission to Castra Sanguinarius.  He returns in   triumph and is named Emperor of the East in Castrum Mare.

Castra Sanguinarius, people of  --  #57.3 Tarzan slips into the city in his search of two missing white men, Wakefield and Reese.  He bumps into two drunken nobles.  Tarzan knocks them out and uses one of their togas as a disguise.
#58.3 Soldiers in the war galley attack a galley from Castrum Mare.  They capture Centurion Nicanor and others for the games.  A citizen in the crowd tells a disguised Tarzan that Nicanor is next up in the games.  When Tarzan leads the baboons and the captives into the emperor’s box, the citizens scatter.  The soldiers pursue the escapees with wild dogs.  They escape Castra Sanguinarius.
#89.1 Disguised in a toga Tarzan learns from a passing citizen that Sir Ronald Crabtree is being questioned at the palace.  At the royal court Sir Ronald expounds on the wonders of civilization.  The Emperor thinks him mad.  The citizens of Castra panic as a volcano emerges form the ground.  They flee to their galleys.  Castra is destroyed.  Tarzan believes that they will take up residence in the forest near the dark skinned natives because Castrum Mare, their enemy, will not take them in.  The citizens of Castra wear togas.  The soldiers wear Roman-like armor.
 Dell Number  -- 57.3+58.3+89.1

Castrum Mare, people of  -- A#3.1 they speak Latin to the Mugabis and purchase Jane and Boy as slaves.  They wear Roman soldiers uniforms.  As sailors, they attack the war galleys of the Pirate King and defeat them.
#58.3 They fight the soldiers of Castra Sanguinarius as they attack Tribune Refuse’s galley.  Some are captured and scheduled to fight in the games.  Tarzan leads them to freedom.   Tribune Rufus’ fast galley is waiting to row them home.
#106.1 mainly what is shown are the soldiers who wear Roman helmets and breast plates.  They guard the trading post on the other side of the lake.  They control the city.  The Emperor Cassius Hasta has been murdered and replaced by Paetus Augustus.  Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja are captured and are to participate in the games.  Centurion Regulus Paulus and his company are still loyal to the murdered emperor.  They help Tarzan and Jad escape.  Tarzan and the Golden Lion create a diversion so the loyalist can make it to the fishing boats.  Tarzan captures Paetus as a hostage.  The war galleys cannot find them.  Paetus is released unharmed.  Regulus and his company start a new colony.  (No women are shown in Castrum Mare and there are no women in the new colony.)
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1+58.3+106.1

caterpillar, giant  --  In the laboratory of the Wise One a giant caterpillar attacks the two assistants.  Tarzan throws his knife at the creature.  The two assistants throw flasks of chemicals at the beast.  It dies.  The giant size was a result of the Wise One’s growth experiments.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

catfish  --  A#3.5 In the Great Swamp, Tarzan tridents a huge catfish for Argus.
#75.1 Tarzan spears a catfish in Engani.  As he cooks it for his breakfast, an eagle of Engani steals half of it.  Tarzan throws the other half to the eagle.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.5+75.1

Cathneans  -- A #1.2 The Cathneans ride their lions into battle with the Athneans.  The Cathnean uniform is a blue tunic, green cape, yellow leggings, and a helmet with a red plume.  A horrendous downpour halts the battle.
#35 - survivors of the volcano that destroyed the City of Gold.  Tarzan takes them to Pal-ul-don where they build a new city, Lion Rock.
#41.2 A group of warriors are searching for Tarzan when they are attacked by a band of Terribs.  After Tarzan and Tantor drive the Terribs away, the remaining two bring Tarzan back to New Cathne because Goliath has escaped.
#45.3 Timon, Jathon’s nephew leads the Cathnean army to march on Athne.  The Cathnean soldiers have a logo on their tunic that is sun-like, yellow circle with yellow triangles on the outside edge.
#46.1 the warriors return to Cathne on rafts pulled by Goliath.  They fight the Terribs who are attacking the city.  They celebrate with the Gallugo in Cathne after the Terribs are defeated.
#54.3 Tarzan convinces Hathor, the chief elephant, to have the war elephants to revolt.  The Cathnean warriors riding lion-driven chariots charge the gorillas from the flanks.  The gorillas are defeated.
#56.3 Cathnean guards admit Tarzan into Cathne in the middle of the night with no questions asked.
A#3.5 When the Torodons mounted on their gryfs attack Cathne, Tarzan shows the warriors how to throw flasks of oil down on them and ignite it with torches.  They repair the wall damaged by the gryfs.
#63.1 When Tarzan brings Chet Harper to Cathne, the Cathneans give them a royal welcome.  Harper decides to stay in Cathne.
#66.1 Tarzan forms an alliance between Cathneans, Athneans, and Gallugos to oust the Talking Gorillas at Old Athne.  The Cathneans under King Jathon cross the Great Swamp on rafts.  They ride their lion-driven chariots into the city at Tarzan’s signal.  The Bolgani are defeated.
#71.1 The Cathneans blow horns to call in the excess lions they have turned loose.  They probably help in loading the lions on the crocodile boats headed for Lutor.  The lions are going to be used to help protect Lutor against the Terribs and the Bolgani.
#84.1 Cathnean men hunt with Prince Thyron.  They are attacked and captured by the Mitzeraim.  Cathnean warriors in Roman-type armor under the direction of Tarzan and King Jathon ride lions to Mitzer, the city of Thoth.  They scale the mountains surrounding the city with ladders.  With the help of Tarzan, they defeat the Mitzeraim, thus freeing the prisoners.
#97.1 A Cathnean bows to Tarzan as he comes to see Jathon and Elaine.  Cathnean soldiers wish Jathon and Tarzan luck as they depart to capture red gryfs to battle the Garth that terrorizes Cathne.
#103.1 The Cathneans move the survivors of an earthquake that destroyed Cathne to a temporary camp.  They move all their livestock as well.  They build a sharpened pole fence around the camp.  The Cathnean warriors wear Roman-like armor.  They ride lions in a battle to help the Gallegos fight the mountain gorillas.  They defeat the bolgani.
#123.3 Two Cathneans are hunting with Tarzan and King Jathon.  They ride lions.  They are attacked by Dinohyus.  The two Cathneans are killed.  When the hunting lions return to Cathne alone, Queen Elaine heads a party of Cathneans to search for her husband.  Cathneans feed the three lions that Tarzan is transforming into giant lions.  Riding in pairs on the back of the giant lions, they hunt for the Dinohyus.  During the battle two more Cathneans are killed.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.2+35+41.2+45.3+46.1+54.3+56.3+A#3.5+63.1+66.1+71.1+84.1+97.1+103.1+123.3

Cat Men  --  #38.1 Lost race of people dwelling in Crater Lake.  They are an ancient race, which have carved out rooms and passages in the small volcano in the middle of Crater Lake.  They have made this into the Temple of Brule, their god, AKA. ‘Flaming God.’  The knowledge of how their diving suits and airlock entry to the temple work have long passed from memory.  The Cat Men raise and lower boats out of the steep crater walls to capture slaves and human sacrifices to their god.  They do not fear attack because of their natural fortifications; therefore, they post no guards.  Queen Nemah rules them.  The Cat Men are a dark skinned people with hair or heads that grow into the shape of cat ears on top of their heads.  They wear tunics.  Priests have a symbol on the front of their tunic of a flame set inside of a triangle.  They speak a language similar to the Lutorians thus it must be like the language of Pal-ul-don.  They captured Margaret and Gerald Newman three year earlier when their plane was forced to land on Crater Lake.  They capture Prince Keelim from Lutor.  Tarzan rescues Prince Keelim, Princess Loma, Margaret, and Gerald Newman from the temple.  An earthquake awakens the small volcano, which erupts destroying the Cat Men and their city.
#68.1 they are a dark skinned people with long gold hair (like Masai warriors) and wear cat ears on their heads.  They primarily use spears.  They use canoes and lower them by cables out of the lake to reach the Lake of Lutor.  When Dr. Mac fires a rocket at them from his downed plane they retreat.  They capture King Zugu who escaped from Tarzan and Dr. Mac.  They bring him to the Queen of the Cat Men.  She teases the king with a leopard.  They worship leopards.  Tarzan rescues the king, defeats the guards at the royal dock, and escapes by canoe.  The Cat Men attempt to pursue by canoe but are overturned as Dr. Mac’s plane takes off.
 Dell Number  -- 38.1+68.1

Cat Men Ho-dons  -- dwell in a deep jungle
 Dell Number  -- 20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+A 1 - (map of  Pal-ul-don)

cattle  --  #20.1 raised by the Marubi tribe of Obantu.  They have long upturned horns.
#54.1  two lions raid Buto Matari’s herd and kill two young cows.  They kill another the next night, but Buto and his men drive them off.  The same pair of lions kills a bull and a calf of the Rendille herders.
#67.1 The Nuba tribe in the Mountains of Barongo raise long horn cattle.  They are subservient to the Kordo.  A Kordo spearman takes Adumo’s prize cow.  Adumo strikes him and breaks his spear.  Both offenses are punishable by death.  Adumo runs away.
#71.2 The M’bongos steal all of Buto’s long horned cattle.  Tarzan mimics lions to stampede the cattle back to a donga where Buto and his men are hiding.
#76.1 Long horned cattle are raised by the Wokamba tribe.  The Liwari tribe steals the cattle and stampedes them off.  Tarzan helps the Wokamba retrieve their cattle from the Liwari.
#93.2 At the Waziri shamba there are cattle.
#98.1 the people of the Dragon Cult raise long horn cattle.  Tarzan sees Inkomi, a member of that tribe, being chased by a bull.  He wrestles it to the ground.  Tarzan and Inkomi are arrested for touching the sacred beast that was marked for sacrifice to the dragons (lizards).  For every bull sacrificed to the dragons the witch doctor is paid one heifer.
#99.1 The Watumba tribe attack and capture all of Buto’s cattle.  With Tarzan’s help Buto and his men manage to defeat the Watumba and take back their livestock.
#102.1 The Gomah tribe gives Tarzan a gift of a cow.  They want him to rid the area of an albino elephant.
#111.1 The Luemba use long horned cattle to carry their twin hulled ramming canoes to a lake so they can practice controlling them.  After they have master the craft, the cattle carry the canoes back to the river.
#111.2 dressed in Stork Men costume, Boy and Dombie convince the Waziri cattle herders to drive the herd across the river.  Unbeknown to the herders are the Muganda warriors preparing to attack the Waziri Village.  The boys wave a lion skin in the air to stampede the herd into the Muganda camp, which scatters them.
#113.1 there are many long horn cattle in the kraal of Mabula when N’gogo, the witch doctor, comes with his threats.
#116.1 The Makulu nation bring their long horned cattle herds on their raiding sweep across Africa.  They move on the Waziri Village.  Tarzan circles around behind the cattle and uses a lion skin to stampede the cattle into the rear of the Makulu battle line.  The stampede helps to break the back of the attack.
No. 37.4 (Boy Story) Dombie watches the Waziri herd all night.  Dombie tells Isilo that a bird has been crying all night.  Dombie investigates and is captured by Wabangi warriors.  The Waziri chief tells Boy that Dombie and their cattle are in the hands of the Wabangi.  They dare not attack in fear that Dombie will be killed.  Tarzan stampedes the Waziri cattle back to them and returns Dombie to the chief.
#121.1 A Garth eats one of the Waziri long horned cattle.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1+54.1+67.1+71.2+76.1+93.2+98.1+99.1+102.1 +111.1 +111.2+113.1 +116.1 +No. 37.4 (Boy Story) +121.1

cave bear -- #9 of Pal-ul-don, it is what Tarzan, King Ja-don and his men are hunting when they receive the news of Dak-lot’s takeover.  Tarzan kills one with bow and arrow.
#19.2 Jo-rah, axe man of Cor-o-don battles one.  He calls it a glotha.  Tarzan kills it with his flint spear.
#65.1 When Tarzan, Jorah and his warriors return to their traditional homeland, they are attacked by White Apes.  Cave bears attack the apes.  Tarzan and the Cor-o-dons help the apes fight the bears.  The cave bears take refuge in the log houses of the apes.  Tarzan unites the men and apes.  Together they burn the bears out of the houses and drive them away.  The bears return to the food plantation and kill two apes.  Tarzan and the men from Cor-o-don once again drive them away.  Tarzan and Jorah follow them on Gorgo to the ancient dwellings of the White Apes.  Tarzan seals the bears up in the canyon.
A#4.6 they dwell in the Caves of Ursamon in Thunder Mountains.  Tarzan and Om-at use torches to get past to the bears and discover the ladder that leads to the Valley People Village where Pan-at-lee and Lodor are being held captive.  The evil witch doctor and his men used flaming shields to get by the bears.
#77.1 As Tarzan, Hussein, and the Bedouins come out of the water pipe from the City in the Sands into a cave, they are attacked by two cave bears.  Tarzan kills one of the bears with his knife.  Hussein kills the other with his sword but not before he injured.
 Dell Number  -- 9+19.2+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don called great cave bear)+65.1+A#4.6+77.1

cave men  -- Cave men observe Tarzan and Jathon riding red gryfs and are afraid.
 Dell Number  -- 97.1

Cave Natives  -- An unnamed tribe in an unexplored area.  After a hailstorm, Tarzan and Borok, the great Ape, discover a number of natives trapped on the ledge of a cliff.  They use a vine rope to reach the natives and carry them across the chasm.  The natives run off without thanking their rescuers.  Tarzan and Borok follow them to their home into a split in the side of a mountain.  The cave is filled with sulfur fumes.  Tarzan and Borok witness the cave dwellers performing a dance.  They save them from the Club Men who enter the cave.
 Dell Number  -- 74.1

Ceil Dean  -- name of the news broadcaster for Nairobi radio - not seen.   Tarzan’s family listens to his announcement that Bruce Harlowe’s plane is missing.
 Dell Number  -- 107.1

centurion  --  Roman commander of one hundred men.
#14.1 After Tarzan, Boy, and d’Arnot    are forced to land near a lost city of Romans, a centurion leads them to the palace.  He suspects they are escape slaves.
#21.2 Tarzan throws a centurion over the side of the Cygnus as he, d’Arnot and Captain Ladue make their escape.
A#3.1 the commander who receives the order from Cassius Hasta, the emperor, to assemble the captain and ship masters.  Hasta plans to wipe out the forces of the Pirate King
 Dell Number  -- 14.1-(spelled centurian) + 21.2+A#3.1
 Novel -- LE

cetacean  -- A dinosaur member of the whale family.  They dwell in fresh water.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac see one in the Lake of Pterodactyls on their way to find thipdar eggs.  Tarzan says they do not attack canoes.
 Dell Number  -- 49.3
 Novels -- AEC

Chacma Baboons  --  (See: baboons) A#4  (Apes and Monkeys of Tarzan’s World)

Chaga  -- great ape that investigates the coming of Belmore to the jungle with Tarzan.  He   carries the unconscious and tied Tarzan back to the apes.
 Dell Number  -- 13.2

Chai  -- Name of Queen Nilonda’s pet leopard that sits at the base of her throne.  The Queen is surprised that Tarzan is able to make friends with the leopard.
 Dell Number  -- 92.1

Chak  -- ape of Opar who thinks their leader, Nugak, needs no help in handling Tarzan so he and the other apes decide to eat the bananas, which Tarzan has laced with a sleeping potion.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.1

Chaka  -- Chaka, the baboon, fights with another baboon.  Boy shoots him in the behind with a blowgun.  He thinks the baboon struck him and chases him.  At the end of the story, Chaka finds Boy’s blowgun and shoots Boy in the behind.  Boy chases Chaka.  Chaka thinks this is very funny.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.5

Chakat  -- Name of one of the apes that accompanies Tarzan to Castra to rescue Sir Ronald Crabtree.  The apes help Tarzan subdue barbarian natives and take their canoe to Castra.  The apes scale the walls of the city.  They help Tarzan rescue Sir Ronald as a volcano emerges from the ground.  They help paddle the canoe away from the doomed city.
 Dell Number  -- 89.1

Chako  --  A #1.5 Title namesake of this story.  Chako, the baboon, is captured by traders and is placed in the collar of shame.  He escapes both.
A#3.2 (Boy story) - Boy calls him the old man of the rocks.  Boy tells Chako and the baboons that he can lead them to sweeter food than bird’s eggs.  Chako and the baboons help lift the cover off of the treasure vault of Opar.  Chako thinks the diamonds are the sweets and tries to eat them.  They help Boy carry the gems to Willie Slyke, the unscrupulous trader, who gives them licorice candy for the diamonds.  The next day when Boy is busy with his lessons, Chako figures he can make a deal with the trader.  Chako leads the baboons to the vault.  They carry all kinds of gems, crowns, and gold form the vault. Tarzan discovers them.  They run from Tarzan.  Later Chako and baboons go to the vault with Boy and bring out more diamonds.  Tarzan stops them.  After the trader is banished from the area.  Tarzan spanks Chako and Boy for their part in this adventure.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.5+A#3.2(Boy story)

chameleon  --  #114  (splash page - “Easy Living”)

Channel Pirates  -- Using a dhow, these pirates are the scourge of the coast.  They keep the Arab fishermen from using the ocean.  They attack Tarzan as he fishes for the Arabs.  After seeing a shark in the water, they believe that Tarzan is dead.  They sail to a lagoon where there is a wrecked three mast sailing ship.  They spot Tarzan swimming for shore and fire upon him.  The pirates strip the wrecked ship.  Tarzan and his coalition force of Arab fishermen and the survivors of the ship wreck board the dhow and defeat the pirates.  Tarzan has Captain Baine of the survivors take the pirate prisoners away.
 Dell Number  -- 83.1

Chee  -- Female baboon.  She is the mate of Ka-cha and mother to Teeke.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4

Chee-chak  -- gund of the mangani tribe on the mangrove surrounded island where Tarzan and his freed slaves land to make a new home for them.  Tarzan defeats him.  He agrees to live at peace with newcomers.
 Dell Number  -- 12

Cheeka  -- Cheeka, the chimpanzee, is a mate to Cheeloo.  They have a balu.  Cheeka, the balu and Nuka have been captured by Chinga hunters and sold to Arabs.   Tarzan pretends to be selling Cheeloo to the dhow captain.  He has the Arabs place Cheeloo in with the cage with the chimps.  Cheeloo is delighted by be reunited with his mate and balu.  During the storm at sea, Tarzan releases the chimps from their cage.  After the ship wreck Tarzan sends the chimps into the trees.  Tarzan captures the Arabs.  He has the chimps guard the Arabs as he builds a raft.  He clothes the chimps in Arab garb to protect them against the sun as they sail across the sea to the far shore.  The chimps wear the clothing as they cross the burning desert.  Arabs confront them and attempt to recapture the chimps.  Tarzan and the chimps disarm them.  They ride across the desert on the Arab camels.  Tarzan says that he will punish the Chinga hunters.
 Dell Number  -- 126.1

Cheekah  -- one of the chimps that pulls Boy in the dump cart as he plays lion chariot of   Cathne.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2

Cheeloo  -- Cheeloo, the chimpanzee, is all stressed out because Chinga hunters have captured his family.  Tarzan takes him with as he tries to rescue them.  Tarzan pretends to be selling Cheeloo to the dhow captain.  He has the Arabs place Cheeloo in with the cage with the chimps.  Cheeloo is delighted by be reunited with his mate and balu.  During the storm at sea, Tarzan releases the chimps from their cage.  After the ship wreck Tarzan sends the chimps into the trees.  Tarzan captures the Arabs.  He has the chimps guard the Arabs as he builds a raft.  He clothes the chimps in Arab garb to protect them against the sun as they sail across the sea to the far shore.  The chimps wear the clothing as they cross the burning desert.  Arabs confront them and attempt to recapture the chimps.  Tarzan and the chimps disarm them.  They ride across the desert on the Arab camels.  Tarzan says that he will punish the Chinga hunters.
 Dell Number  -- 126.1

Cheeta  -- Chimpanzee.  Tarzan gives Cheeta a feather from Argus to tickle Boy awake.
 Dell Number  -- 56.2 (Boy story)

cheetah/Cheetah  -- #15 (inside front cover – Jungle World) – ‘world’s fastest sprinter’
#68 (splash page) a cheetah hunting an antelope.  The caption states that the cheetah is Princess Loma’s cat.  The cheetah has a collar.
#89 (splash page) The cheetah is the fastest animal on earth.  The only animals that can out run Tarzan.
#92.1 Name of one of the leopards that pulls Karen Lane’s chariot.  They fall into a pit trap.  Tarzan pulls them out.
#106.2 A cheetah finishes its meal and leaves as Boy and Dombie approach.  The boys chase the cheetah until it drops from exhaustion.  The boys stuff it into a blue bag.  They place the bagged cheetah on a travois.  The kudus pulling the travois bolt.  The cheetah starts to escape from the bag.  The kudus leap from an embankment into the river.  The bag falls off the travois.  The cheetah bursts out of the bag and runs off.
No. 51.2 (non-Tarzan story) A hyrax raises two cheetah cubs.
 Dell Number  -- 15 (inside front cover – Jungle World)+68 (splash page)+89 (splash page)+92.1+106.2+No. 51.2 (non-Tarzan story)

Chet Harper  --  #63.1 Tarzan finds the missing Boy and Aiglon trapped in a box canyon with Chet Harper.  He is an American mining engineer and prospector.  He is a jovial blonde with a full beard and mustache.  His plane crashed in the canyon three years before.  He likens himself to Robinson Crusoe.  He has built a shelter, a crossbow, pots and pans.  He has paned twenty thousand dollars worth of gold in the canyon.  Tarzan takes him out of the canyon on Argus.  Harper carries the gold in a backpack as Tarzan leads him towards Cathne.  The backpack saves him from a native spear.  He kills one of the attackers with his crossbow and another with a pistol.  Harper so loves Cathne that he refuses to leave.
#64.1 Chet Harper is from Nevada.  Tarzan leads Harper out of Cathne to the Great Swamp.  They build a raft out of reeds.  A Bolgani ropes Harper up into a tree.  Tarzan knocks the gorilla out of the tree.  Harper also falls into the swamp.  Tarzan has to free Harper from the rope underwater.  Tarzan saves him from a crocodile.  At the edge of the Great Thorn Desert, Harper uses his crossbow to bring down Bara for food.  Tarzan saves them from a lion.  In the desert Harper is captured by Shiftas and taken to their camp.  He is chained to a tree next to Sandra McKinney, who is also a captive.  Tarzan rescues them and distracts the Shiftas so they can make it to Sandra’s airplane.  Sandra invites Chet aboard.  He proposes to her.  She accepts.  Harper realizes that he has lost his gem pouch.  Tarzan writes Chet a note to draw twenty thousand dollars from his bank in Nairobi.  Tarzan will find the gems as payment.  They take off to freedom.
 Dell Number  -- 63.1+64.1

chickens  -- # 57.2 (Boy Story) The Chacma Baboons steal chickens from the Waziri.
#78.2 there are chickens in the Waziri Village.
#83.2 - A gryf wreaks havoc in Buto’s Kraal.  It scatters the chickens as it smashes the coop.
#102.1 The Gomah tribe gives Tarzan a gift of a chicken.  They want him to rid the area of an albino elephant.
 Dell Number  -- 57.2 (Boy Story) +78.2+83.2+102.1

Chief Baka  -- 120 (splash page - “The Chief Dances”)

chief cook  -- When Jane and Boy are purchased as slave by pirates, they work for the chief cook of the Pirate King.  Tarzan, disguised as a native fisherman, sells the cook a basket of fish for two denarii.  The chief cook thinks he has made a fool out of the fisherman.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

Chief of the Lake People  -- Tarzan and Dr. Mac come to the Lake Dwellers.  They borrow a canoe from the chief so they can paddle to the north end of Lake of Pterodactyls to find thipdar eggs.  The chief is old and wrinkled and wears a green hat.
 Dell Number  -- 49.3

child  -- An unnamed child from the village in Ngoro-ngoro is playing in the dirt as Tarzan and Buto near the village.  Tarzan senses a leopard stalking the boy.  Tarzan distracts sheeta’s leap thus saving the boy’s life.  The boy cries and runs home.  Tarzan was so concerned about the child’s welfare that he does not notice the warriors approaching.  He and Buto are knocked unconscious.
 Dell Number  -- 54.1

Chilko  -- por-kalan mangani.  One of the six captured by the lost tribe of Giants.  Tarzan comes to rescue them.  The Giants turn the mangani loose on Tarzan and some natives.  Tarzan convinces Chilko and the others to only pretend to kill them.  This fools the Giants.  Tarzan rescues the mangani and reunites them with their males.
 Dell Number  -- 37.1

chimpanzee  --  A#4 (Apes and Monkeys of Tarzan’s World)
#80.2 A chimp is one of Tarzan’s pets at his tree house.
#81.2 Boy learns that two chimps are sad because they have no balu.  They kidnap Dombie to be their balu.  A grass fire drives them to the edge of a river.  Dombie jumps in the river.  Tarzan places the frighten chimps on the back of an eland as it crosses the river.  There is a leopard coming out of the river as they reach the other side.  They are too frightened to dismount.  Bara races off with the chimps clinging to its back.
#96.2 Chief Kifaru uses chimps to guard his hut and forced people to work.  The chimps are going to harm or kill Boy and Dombie as they wander into the village.  Mimi, Tarzan’s chimp, convinces them they are good.  The chimps force the boys to work in the garden and serve the fat chief his food.
 Dell Number  -- A#4+80.2+81 (Forest Folk - inside back cover)+81.2+96.2+114 inside      front cover - “Easy Living‘

Chinga  -- Chinga hunters capture Cheeloo, the chimpanzee’s, family and sell them to Arabs.  After Tarzan rescues the chimps, he says that he will punish the Chinga hunters.  They are not seen in this story.
 Dell Number  -- 126.1

Chui  -- Name of one of the leopards that pulls Karen Lane’s chariot.  They fall into a pit trap.  Tarzan pulls them out.
 Dell Number  -- 92.1

Chula  -- heavyset woman captive of the men of Monga.  She advises Ro-mee-lah not to attempt to escape and delights in teasing her about being a Monga man’s mate.
 Dell Number  -- 39.1

Chulek  -- The apparent gund of an ape tribe that flees from the Shifta rifles.  He accompanies Tarzan in the rescue of the wounded balu.  Chulek is very angry with the Shiftas.  Tarzan has to force him to retreat so not to spoil Tarzan’s attempt to capture the Shiftas.  Once the bandits are captured Chulek bursts into the boma and wants to kill the Shiftas.  Tarzan knocks him out with one blow and throws him out of the boma.
 Dell Number  -- 109.1
 Novel   -- JO  - an ape named Chulk was killed during the rescue of Tarzan and Albert Werper.

Chulkat  -- The ape Chulkat takes Boy to where there is lots of fruit.  Boy warns Chulkat about the stalking leopard and throws a piece of fruit in its face.  They get away through the trees.  Boy stops for a drink.  Chulkat warns Boy about the stalking leopard.  Chulkat leaves.
 Dell Number  -- 126.2

Chulu  -- The native King Grossa sends to Tarzan with the false tale that the King is dying and only Tarzan can heal him.  Tarzan does not trust him but follows him anyway.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1
 Novel   -- JO  - an ape named Chulk was killed during the rescue of Tarzan and Albert Werper.

civet  --  #90.2 Tarzan scares a civet cat away from a bird’s nest.
#131.2 The Balugas have captured a civet cat.  They plan to place it in a cage with N’kima as part of the ‘Moon Dance.’  Boy and Dombie rescue N’kima.  The Balugas release the civet cat to give chase to no avail.
 Dell Number  -- 62 (inside cover of the back page)+90.2+131.2+

cloth seller  -- A native cloth seller who gets in a fight with Tanga about the quality of cloth that he sells.  He claims that it the best he can get out of Nairobi.  Jane breaks up the fight.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.5 (Jane story)

Club Men  -- An unnamed tribe of natives from an unexploded area.  Tarzan and Borok, the great ape, follow the men they rescued from a cliff into a cave.  The Club Men enter the cave to attack the cave dwellers.  Tarzan and Borok thwart their plans.  The White Bull, Tarzan, and Borok force the Club Men into a fiery pit.
 Dell Number  -- 74.1

Cobber  -- one of the gangsters who holds Prince Ta-den in the stone tower outside of A-lur.    They are considering staying to control Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan with the help of Om-at and the Waz-dons free Ta-den and drive the gangsters out.  Cobber is killed then the plane bumps into a gryf and crashes in a lake.
 Dell Number  -- 16.1

cocoons, giant  -- As Tarzan and N’kima enter the Cave of the Wise One, they pass some giant cocoons.  The cocoons are probably a result of the Wise One’s growth experiments.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

Colin Durham  -- Englishman who has permission to run a lumber camp.  He accidentally cuts trees on Tarzan’s jungle land.  Tarzan will permit him to stay, if he refrains from killing animals.  He wounds Kalith, mate of Thurag.  Tarzan tells him to leave before the apes take their revenge.  While out searching for one of his elephants, his wife, Margaret, is captured by an unnamed tribe.  After Tarzan rescues her, they leave.
 Dell Number  -- 27

Commissioner  -- The head of the British office in Nairobi.  When Tom Culver comes to him looking for his fiancée, Ellen Maypool, he suggests that he try to find Tarzan for answers.
 Dell Number  -- 40.1

Conrad Van Dyck  -- Husband to Martje and father to Koert.  They are South African pioneers.  Along with his father, Jan, they are headed to the Valley of the Shadows.  Tarzan advises against it.  He takes Conrad and Jan in search of a better home.  They return to find the family and Boy gone.  They track them to the belt of poisonous red flowers.  Tarzan keeps them from going into the belt of flowers.  Conrad and Jan wait as Tarzan swims underwater upstream.  The next day Tarzan returns their family to them along with the rescue of the Nordens.  He is grateful to Paul Norden for saving his family.  They become friends with the Nordens and agree to go to the place that Tarzan found for them.
 Dell Number  -- 94.2

Consul Publius Mallus   -- consul of Castrum Mare.  Cygnus is his flagship.  He buys Tarzan and d’Arnot as galley slaves from pygmies.  During a battle with Castra Sanguinarius, Tarzan breaks their chains and they fight with the consul.  The consul frees them to become fighters along side of his men.
 Dell Number  -- 21.2

cook  -- A large bald man is the cook for the prospecting crew searching for oil deposits.  He dives into a tent as a Garth enters the camp.  The Garth smashes the camp.  Tarzan finds the cook unharmed but unwilling to talk.  Raoul d’Arnot flies him back to the French Outpost.
 Dell Number  -- 121.1

Cor-o-dons -- A #1.3 When Alur is overthrown by Torodons mounted on gryfs, Tarzan goes to Jorah and the warriors of Cor-o-don to use their dyals against the gryfs.  The gryfs are no match for the dyals.
A#3.5 the people of Cor-o-don are depicted as white men.  Jo-rah and his tribe are forced to leave their home because of the ashes from the volcano eruption in the Valley of Monsters.  Tarzan finds them riding their dyals.  The ape-man talks them into helping rid the area of the dinosaurs that have fled the valley.  They approach Cathne just as the Torodons on their gryfs arrive at the city.  Jo-rah’s men attack and defeat the Torodons.  King Jathon welcomes them to Cathne.
#60.1 five warriors on dyals accompany Jorah to see if their homeland is inhabitable.  Spotted lions of Pal-ul-don attack them.  The lions kill one of the warriors.  Tarzan joins them.  They are captured by the Men of Monga to work as slaves in their fields.  Tarzan escapes and travels to their camp near or in Cathne.  Tarzan recruits twenty warriors and Lachee, Jorah’s mate, to make a rescue attempt.  Tarzan shows them how to protect their dyals legs from the Men of Monga’s bolas with bamboo shield covering their legs.  They attack and rescue their leader and countrymen.
#65.1 A number of Cor-o-don warriors accompanies Tarzan and Jorah on dyals to their traditional homeland to see if it is inhabitable.  They are attacked by White Apes that have taken over the area.  Cave bears attack the apes.  Tarzan convinces them to side with the apes.  They drive the bears into the log houses.  Under Tarzan and Jorah’s guidance they prepare torches and fire pots.  Lachee directs the making and firing of the earthenware pots.  They burn out the bears and the houses.  Men and apes cooperate in building new log houses villages, one for the men and one for the apes.  When the bears return Tarzan demonstrates to them how to make their dyals leap into the air so they can cast their weapons at the bears hiding in the plantation vegetation.
#87.1 Jorah and ten of his men are captured by White Apes.  Tarzan uses a tear gas-like material to rescue them.  They ride with the ape-man on a gryf to drive the apes back into their caves.  Tarzan creates peace between the apes and humans by draining a swampy area and having the humans plant the apes’ favorite food.  It works.  The men all have dark hair and are slight in build.  They are referred to as the dyal riders.
#112.1 they are referred to as the Dyal riders.  Joh-rah and his riders drive the Dinohyus away from Tarzan and the British survivors of a plane crash.  They transport them via Dyals across the Great Thorn Desert to a desert airstrip.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.3+A#3.5+60.1+65.1+87.1+112.1

Coru  -- #44.1 little person from Saparta.  He is the son of the chief of the Shepherd Clan.  A giant vulture picks him up.  Tarzan and Argus rescue him and return him to his home.  When Tarzan returns to Saparta with some Waziri, they teach him how to use a bow.  He rides on Tarzan’s back as he climbs a sheer cliff.  He downs a vulture as it swoops at them.  He helps Tarzan destroy vulture nests.  After Boy and Argus save them from Wandach, he rides with Boy and Argus back to Saparta.
#63 (Tarzan’s Friends - inside back cover) The text implies that he is no larger than Boy who is nine years old.
 Dell Number  -- 44.1+63 (Tarzan’s Friends - inside back cover)

Council of Chiefs  -- Tarzan calls the chiefs of seven tribes together to decide whether or not Arab traders should be allowed to sell rifles to the tribes.  The chiefs and their parties meet near the tree house.  Tarzan advises against the guns.  The vote is three to three with Katumu wanting more time to decide.  They stay in the guesthouses that Tarzan has provided.  They respond to Faloka’s alarm that Kobu, the waterbuck, has killed Katumu.  Tarzan challenges Faloka to a trial by combat with the accused waterbuck.  The chiefs think this is a good idea.  The chiefs are the judges for the combat.  Faloka is forced to leap into a tree.  Tarzan declares Kobu the winner.  The chiefs want Faloka to be killed.  They submit to Tarzan’s judgment of making Faloka live with deception.
 Dell Number  -- 115.2

crab  -- Marooned on an island, Boy brings a crab to Jane and Tarzan for breakfast.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.1

crane  --  A crane is disturbed either by Tarzan’s swimming or by a Bolgani that is getting ready to attack the ape-man.
 Dell Number  -- 71.1

Crater Villagers  -- Tribe living near Maun Gah, the ancient crater.  They have a small village.  They are keeping Professor Ross captive because he has built a windmill and grinds their grain for them.  They raise corn.  Tarzan, the great apes, Tornak and Nala, and the Professor’s daughter, Sheila, have come to rescue him.  The apes frighten off two villagers.  They return with warriors to investigate.  The Professor and Sheila escape on the windmill/flying machine.  Tarzan and the apes capture one villager each to use as shields against the villager’s spears.  They make it out of the area and release their hostages unharmed.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1

crested rat  -- It does not have spines but its stiff fur looks like the quills of a porcupine that enables him to bluff his enemies.
 Dell Number  -- 62 (Jungle Friends)

criminal  --  an escaped murder and robber.  He wounds the policeman from Nairobi who is tracking him across the veldt.  He attempts to scale the rope ladder to the tree house.  Jane releases a lever that drops the ladder and the criminal to the ground.  Tarzan rides up on an eland.  The criminal fires a pistol at him.  Tarzan’s knife throw disarms him.  Tarzan captures him and places him in a cage.  Tarzan has the Waziri escort the policeman and his prisoner across the desert.  He has no shirt and purple pants.  He is armed with a pistol and a short sword.  He has brown hair, full beard and mustache.
 Dell Number  -- 86.2

Crispus  -- The name of the port official at the Island of the Pirate King.  When Tarzan, disguised as a native fisherman, tries to smuggle Jane and Boy off the island in a basket, the official becomes suspicious and asks him to reveal the contents.  Crispus discovers Jane and Boy in the basket.  Tarzan knocks him out with one punch.  When Crispus unconscious body is found, the pirates are alerted to the escape attempt.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

Crooked Men  --  (see Oparians)

crowned crane --  A#7 (splash page - “Bird’s of Tarzan’s Jungle”)

crusaders  --  Christian military men of the Middle Ages who attempted to recover the Holy Lands from the Saracens.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1
 Novel            -- LJ

Cuddy  -- Name of one of the mutineers on Pirate Island.  He has a long yellow beard.  He is throwing cocoanuts out of a tree when Tarzan comes to capture them.  He almost hits the leader, Darby, with a cocoanut.  Tarzan captures them and turns them over to the port authorities.
 Dell Number  -- 110.2

Curtis  -- Name of American boy who wanders off from his father’s safari.  He is pretending to be Sitting Bull.  His brother plays Billy the Kid.  They rope Boy and Dombie and tie them to a tree.  Boy calls animals to help them.  The Americans run away towards a herd of elephants.  Boy uses Tantor and Korak, the ape, to save them.  They become friends.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.2 (Boy story)



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