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The ERBzine ERB Comics Encyclopedia
Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


Baas  --  What the native bearers call the traders Jock and Noddy.  (boss?)
 Dell Number  -- A 1.5

baboon  --  #35  chases N’kima.
#37.2 baboons along with Gelado, old man baboon, watch as Tarzan is captured by Shiftas.  They follow, help rescue Tarzan, and help in the capture of the Shiftas.
#43.2 Tarzan leads the plague of Danginas towards the river.  He warns the baboon tribe to leave the area, but some of the males stay and fight.
#54.2 (Boy story) As Boy trails a trained leopard to the Isle of Leopards, he meets a tribe of baboons.  A baboon named Shakoh goes with Boy.  Later the entire tribe meets them at the shore of the lake that holds the isle.  Boy shows them how to build a raft so they can transverse the crocodile infested waters.  On the island the baboons attack the leopards and their keepers.  They kill the leopards and drive the Leopard Men into the crocodile waters.
A#3.2(Boy story)  Boy tells Chako and the baboons that he can lead them to sweeter food than bird’s eggs.  Chako and the baboons help lift the cover off of the treasure vault of Opar.  Chako thinks the diamonds are the sweets and tries to eat them.  They help Boy carry the gems to Willie Slyke, the unscrupulous trader, who gives them licorice candy for the diamonds.  The next day when Boy is busy with his lessons, Chako figures he can make a deal with the trader.  Chako leads the baboons to the vault.  They carry all kinds of gems, crowns, and gold from the vault. Tarzan discovers them.  They run for cover.  Later Chako and baboons go to the vault with Boy and bring out more diamonds.  Tarzan stops them.
A#3.4 - The baboon tribe of old Rajak wants Ka-cha to fight the gund after Rajak slaps Ka-cha’s balu, Teeke, for pulling his tail.  Ka-cha backs down even though he believes that Rajak is too old to be gund.  When golfers try to drive away the baboons by throwing golf balls at them, Rajak and Ka-cha demonstrate how to catch the balls and throw them back.  They drive the golfers into the club house.  Rifle fire drives the baboons away.  Rajak is wounded.  When Teeke becomes sick by eating poison mealies the golfers lay out, Ka-cha leads the baboons in an attack on the club house.  They crash through a window and rip the place apart.  The white men flee for their lives.  The baboons knock over the stove causing the club house to burn to the ground.  After Homa, the kindly old native caddie, makes Teeke better Rajak names Ka-cha as the new gund.
#57.2 (Boy Story) The Chacma Baboons raid the Waziri livestock for lambs and chickens.  Boy and Dombie make small explosives out of hammered lead and gunpowder.  They intend to scare the Chacma Baboons with these harmless devices.  The baboons scare the boys into a ravine.  The baboons frighten themselves by setting off the tiny torpedoes.
#58.3 - On his way to fulfill his promise to the Magister of Castra Sanguinarius, Tarzan warns a tribe of baboons about a pending attack by sheetah.  The leopard kills Kazat, the gund.  Tarzan kills the leopard.  The tribe wants Tarzan to be their gund.  They follow Tarzan to the Forbidden Valley.  The fruit Tarzan finds for them distracts them.  They are captured by natives and sold to Castra Sanguinarius for the games.  They are released into the arena.  Tarzan leaps into the arena and tells the baboons to follow him.  They charge through the Emperor’s box.  Tarzan asks Tribune Rufus to take the baboons with them on the galley as they escape Castra Sanguinarius.
#60.2 (Boy story) Boy and Jad-bal-ja free the baboons and the other animals that were being held at the trapper’s wild animal compound outside of Nairobi.
#64.2 The Blue Raiders/Tauregs refer to the baboons as the red apes.  Tarzan and Boy traveling to visit the Ostrich Men pass through Red Rock Canyon.  Baboons confront them, thinking they are the tarmangani with blue skin (the Blue Raiders/Tauregs) who killed and wounded some of them.  Tarzan uses healing herbs to patch them up.  The Blue Raiders capture Boy.  Tarzan pursues.  As the raider travel through the canyon, the baboons rein rocks down on them.  Boy is set free.
A#4.6 - Baboons live around the cliffs of the crater that contains the Valley People.  No one has ever gotten past the baboons.  Tarzan leads Om-at, Pan-at-lee, and Lodor to the baboons.  He makes friends with them by killing a leopard that attacks them.  When leopards attack Tarzan and his party, the baboons help them.  The leopards panic and flee.
#70.2 - The baboons, on an unnamed island in the Lake of the Mists, are a bane to the existence of the pygmy tribe living there.  The pygmies save Boy from the baboons.  Tarzan saves some pygmies from the baboons.  Tarzan captures all the baboons on the island in a floating cage and has them transported to the mainland.
#73.2 Tarzan is bonding with a baboon tribe when he spies Brant Torrey, hunter and guide, approaching by canoe.  Brant enlists Tarzan’s help in searching for the missing photographer, Tom Lindon, who went to Roaring Gorge to photograph the Chacma baboons.  In the gorge they are confronted by the Chacma baboons, which are angry because they believe Lindon stole a balu.  Tarzan calms the People of the Rocks for a while.  The baboons force Tarzan and Brant to dive into the water.  They discover Lindon, who rescued the balu from the water, but he is stranded in the gorge.  Tarzan guides them back to safety.  They return the balu to the tribe.  The baboons let them go in peace.
#75.2 - While Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja hunt food for the inept hunters, Jacobs and Poley, the hunters notice some baboons near the kopje.  Poley throws a rock at them.  The baboons retaliate with rocks of their own.  Tarzan has Jad frighten away the baboons.
#79.1 Black Cloaked baboons of the title.  Tarzan travels to a strange valley and witnesses a Black Cloak baboon attacking a white buffalo with a club.  He trails the baboon to the Gardens of the Black Cloaks where he discovers that the baboons have enslaved monkeys to work the fields.  The Black Cloaks attack Tarzan.  He defeats them.  Tarzan uses the white buffaloes to drive the baboons up into their caves.  He frees the monkeys.  Borokand and the other great apes keep the baboons from climbing to the top of the cliff.  The Black Cloaks use a secret tunnel to come up behind Tarzan and the apes.  They are repulsed back down the tunnel.  Tarzan seals the tunnel with a rock.
A#5.4 Tarzan leads Hussein and his caravan into the Gorge of Baboons in an attempt to avoid an ambush by Sheik Ali Ben Yussuf.  Tarzan bribes the baboons with fruit to allow Hussein’s caravan to pass.  Ali and his men attempt to follow them.  The baboons demand fruit for passage.  Ali ignores the dan-mangani.  The baboons attack them with rocks.  Ali and his men empty their rifles at the baboons.
A#5.5 A baboon fights with the baboon named Chaka.  Boy shoots Chaka in the behind with a blowgun.  Chaka thinks the baboon struck him with a stick.  He chases the baboon.
A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story) Baboons are featured in this story.  As a youth Hottentots capture Nugu.  After five years of captivity he manages to escape and return to his tribe.  They do not accept him.  He saves the tribe leader, M’kubwa, from a leopard.  The tribe accepts him as a leader.
#102.2 Boy warns some baboons about a leopard stalking them.  Boy and Dombie witness the baboons ripping the leopard apart.
#105.1 As Tarzan leads Ruth Wells away from the pursuing Moran tribe, they run into a tribe of baboons.  Tarzan convinces the baboons to let them pass and to attack the Moran tribe, thus allowing them time to escape.
#106.2 Baboons raid the Waziri shamba.  Dombie throws Isilo’s broken war club at them, which only angers an old male.  Boy uses a torch to frighten off the baboons.
 Dell Number  -- 35+37.2+43.2+54.2 (Boy story)+A#3.2(Boy story)+A#3.4+ 57.2 (Boy Story)+58.3+60.2 (Boy story) 64.2+A#4.6+73.2 +75.2
+79.1+A#5.4 + A#5.5+81 (Forest Folk - inside back cover)+A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story)+102.2 + A#7 (inside front cover splash page - “Tarzan’s Jungle World”)+ 105.1+106.2

baboon balu  --  #44.2 Tarzan finds an orphaned baboon baby that he hopes can be exchanged for the human baby Kalahari has adopted.  Barbara Wales plays her part well as Kalahari eagerly makes the trade.
 Dell Number  -- 44.2+73.2

Bageena  -- The Bageena are a native tribe living in a mountain village under a cliff.  They worship the Father of Apes.  They have a baboon carved in the side of the cliff over their village.  They appear to be controlled by their witch doctor.  They sacrifice humans to their monkey god.  The victim is dressed in a monkey mask and a cloth with a monkey face on the front.  The witch doctor has similar clothes but no mask.  The victim is to be burned at a stake, alive.  Boy and Dombie believe that the Bageena are about to sacrifice Tarzan.  (It is actually a trader.)  They rush into the village disguised as monkeys.  The Bageena and the witch doctor are in awe of the ‘children of the monkey god.’  When the witch doctor exposes the boys as frauds, the Bageena want to sacrifice the boys as well.  Tarzan rescues the boys and the trader.
 Dell Number  -- 127.2

Bagongo  -- A native tribe who poach ivory in Tarzan’s territory.  The pygmies watch them take the ivory and say nothing to Tarzan so they can have the meat.  The Bagongos fear Tarzan so they only kill one elephant at a time.  They capture Boy and believe they can control the ape-man through his son.  Tarzan and the apes rescue Boy and capture the poachers.  Tarzan has the apes carry the frightened Bagongos through the trees to the Dum-Dum site.  The ritual of the Dum-Dum scares the poachers silly.  In the morning they are grateful to leave with their lives.
 Dell Number  -- 89.2

Bahatwe trader -- A Bahatwe trader visits Buto’s village and trades Boy and Dombie for a crossbow, quarrels, and a bullet.
 Dell Number  -- 49.2

Bah-nok  -- The name of a baboon that is killed in the fight with the Leopard Men and their trained leopards.
 Dell Number  -- 54.2 (Boy story)

Bakemba  -- A man from the Bakemba tribe, who finds Boy and Dombie unconscious.  He thinks they are dead.  He sees the elephant gun and dreams of becoming rich from ivory.  He hunts an elephant, but his shots only anger the elephant that takes the gun away from him and smashes it.  The Bakemba flees.  Tarzan tells the Bakemba that neither he nor the elephant will forget this.
 Dell Number  -- 116.2

Bakongo  -- The Bakongos are a native tribe that hates Tarzan and the Waziri.  They capture Tarzan and the buffalo he is riding in a pit trap.  They go to King Imanga’s ‘durbar’ uninvited.  They tell the King that they captured the Waziri ambassador to the ‘durbar’ and present the King with a gorilla.  The King is insulted.  Boy convinces the King that Tarzan is the true ambassador.  The King has the Bakongos detained.  The King sends warriors to the Bakongo village.  The Bakongo have Tarzan upside-down on a seesaw device over the river.  When they see the Imanga warriors they drop Tarzan into the river.  They battle the Imanga.  Tarzan emerges from the river and forces the Bakongo into the river.
 Dell Number  -- 125.2

Bakru  -- name of one of the natives on Belmore’s boat safari, who set out to capture great apes.
 Dell Number  -- 13.2

Baku  -- #5 the M’bopo who leads the remaining tribesmen away from the apes of Opar after the slaughter of Hassan and the gangsters.  He is killed as the apes untie the rope while he is descending the mountain.
#104 (Splash page) a pygmy.
 Dell Number  -- 5+104 (Splash page)

Balja  -- The name of Jad-bal-ja’s mate.  She is captured by a trapper and taken to his wild animal compound outside of Nairobi.  Boy and Jad trail them and free her and all the other animals.
 Dell Number  -- 60.2 (Boy story)

Baluga(s)  -- A tribe of natives who use an island to perform a ceremony called the Moon Dance.  They place a civet cat in a cage with a monkey.  On the island their witch doctor keeps a hut filled with masks, statues, and porcupine skins.  A Baluga captures N’kima and plans to use him in the Moon Dance.  Boy and Dombie rescue N’kima.  The Balugas chase them.  As the boys attempt to swim the lake, the Balugas pursue them in canoes.  Tarzan swims under the canoes and tips them over.  The Balugas believe that a water monster attacked them.
 Dell Number  -- 131.2

Balulu -- Waziri warrior and wife to Kusa.  Dombie’s uncle.
 Dell Number  -- 45.2

Bambori  -- A Bambori from over the mountains shoots a rhino but the rhino kills him before it dies.  Boy and Dombie discover the bodies and the elephant rifle.
 Dell Number  -- 116.2

Bamwe  --  #32.1 tribe of natives.  Buto, the rhinoceros, is their chief.  They accompany Tarzan in a hunt for the lions they believe are raiding their cattle herd.
#45.1 - a ‘ghost’ is scaring them away from working the Pyrethrum Plantations.  Tarzan exposes an evil witch doctor, Ungali, as behind the plot to get gold that was found on the land.
#50.3 Tarzan and Buto discover two Bamwe shot in the back by a terrorist of the Secret Society.
#71.2 A number of Buto’s men are wounded by the M’bongos, who steal all of their cattle.  Two Bamwe are taken as hostages.  Tarzan rescues the two men and stampedes the cattle towards a donga where Buto and his men are hiding.
#83.2 A gryf terrorizes Buto’s Kraal.  Tarzan subdues the gryf.  A war party of N’goros approaches the village.  Tarzan and Buto ride the gryf into battle.  The Bamwe follow the gryf into the foray.  The N’goros flee.  The gryf turns on the Bamwe.  They must scatter for their lives.  Tarzan and Buto take the gryf to the Great Swamp.  All Bamwe except Buto sport statue of liberty like hair-dos.
#92.2 Buto and his men help Tarzan stampede a herd of wild buffalo into Red Canyon where the Kondi raiders have been lured in the hopes of getting cattle.  The Kondi abandon their weapons to climb the walls of the canyon.  They are captured.  Tarzan extracts a promise from the Kondi not to raid Buto’s herd any more.
#99.1 The Watumba tribe besieges Buto’s Village.  Tarzan carries the unconscious Buto towards the gates.  The Bamwe open the gate and fight off the Watumbas.  That night Tarzan divides the Bamwe into four groups to attack the Watumba.  They catch the raiders by surprise and totally defeat them using knob sticks and spears.  Even the Bamwe women help in subduing the Watumbas.  They recapture all their cattle that the Watumbas stole.
105.2 Tarzan sends Jane to warn Buto and his people about the plague of locust approaching the area.  Buto gets his people into the river.  Tarzan and Buto fight off the crocodiles while Buto’s men place nets across the river to keep the crocodiles at bay.  They all use reeds to breathe underwater as the locust pass over them.
#125.1 Buto’s people are not referred, as the Bamwe is this story.  The tribe celebrates the finding of a dead elephant.  Tarzan accuses Numumba of killing the elephant with a poison arrow.  Buto would banish him and his companions.  Later the witch doctor, Kisambu, who lives near the village, has been turning the Bamwe against Buto.  Kisambu accuses Tarzan of trying to kill him.  He incites the young Bamwe warriors to rise up against Buto, who flees to Tarzan.  The Bamwe close their doors in fear that Buto’s will return with vengeance.  Kisambu makes magic on the young Bamwe to protect them against Tarzan.  The chimp, N’kengo, comes into their midst with a spear.  The Bamwe are frightened.  The chimp throws a spear at the witch doctor.  Tarzan emerges and says that this is proof that Tarzan did not try to kill Kisambu.  Kisambu commands the Bamwe to attack Tarzan and Buto.  Tarzan rips a tree from the ground and fells a number of the Bamwe.  Buto also battles his young warriors.  Kisambu and N’kengo kill each other.  The Bamwe beg forgiveness.  Buto forgives them and leads them back to the village.
 Dell Number  -- 32.1+45.1+50.3+71.2+83.2+92.2+99.1+105.2+125.1

Bandroc  -- One of the gray apes from the Isle of Apes that Tarzan takes with him on the Arab dhow to Gambah Village to rescue the animals that the Arabs have captured.
 Dell Number  -- 55.3

Bandwa  -- name of one of the ivory poachers.  Their captured leader, Ganta, calls to him.  Bandwa and the poachers believe they are hearing Ganta’s ghost.
 Dell Number  -- 78.2

Bandy  - Bandy is a pet mongoose.  When Standish, the ostrich, steals Jane’s ruby pendant presented to her by the Sultan of Zanzaboko, Jane sends Bandy after the ostrich.  Bandy, unbeknownst to Jane, hides the pendant in its den.  Standish’s baby finds it and swallows part of it.  Jane pulls it from the baby’s mouth.  Standish once again steals the pendant.  Bandy bites the ostrich on the leg causing Standish to drop the pendant.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.4 (Jane Story)

Banga  --  A#5.3 evil witch doctor.  He makes a deal with two evil men for a bulletproof vest.  Using the vest he devises The Ordeal of the Spears.  If a tribe will not bring him ivory, he forces them to participate in the ordeal.  The opponent gets to throw two spears at Banga.  If he survives, Banga gets to throw one spear at the opponent.  He survives because of the vest.  He gives the ivory to the evil white men.  He is gaining control over the tribes in the area.  He desires to become the King of Africa.  He plans to capture and kill Tarzan in his ordeal.  He captures Tarzan and survives the two spear tosses by the Jungle Lord.  He brags that Tarzan is as dangerous as an ant.  This gives Boy, who is hiding in the tree above him, the idea to empty the jar of army ants onto the witch doctor.  Banga wiggles around exposing the vest.  The natives realize that it is not the magic of the witch doctor that was protecting him.  Banga is taken captive.  The balding Banga wears a blue and white striped robe when he is with the evil white men and a blue komono with white masks during The Ordeal of the Spears.
#122.2 the tribe known as the Bangas plague the Kasana, cliff dwellers.  They are most likely cannibals.  They spot Boy and Dombie with a buffalo pulled cart and give chase.  The boys lose them when they drive the cart over a ledge into Lake Sana.  The Banga circle around the lake and attack the Kasana Village.  A storm rages as they try to assault the cliff.  A lightning strike hits in front of the leader.  The Bangas leave in haste.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.3+122.2

Bangala  -- Native tribe known to Tarzan.  Kobo, the animal trainer, is a member of this tribe.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.2
 Novel  -- TTr  -- Bangalo - peaceful east African tribe - ruled by Kabariga

Bangwa  -- Bangwa is a tribe of natives.  They are the ones who capture Plenty, the tame white rhino.  They load the rhino into the white hunter/trader’s truck.  When the truck breaks down, they fix it for the white hunter.  One is driving the truck when Boy frees the rhino.  They watch as the white hunter attempts to shoot Boy.  It is not known what happened to them when Boy has Plenty knock over the truck.
 Dell Number  -- 121.2

Bangwa Ali  -- Bangwa Ali is the Keeper of the Royal Seal for the Sultan of Zanzaboko.  He is carried on a litter to the tree house.  He gives Jane a letter from Tarzan and presents her a ruby pendant, a gift from the Sultan.  He is a large man with a leopard skin cape and a white feathery headdress.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.4 (Jane Story)

Banthurs, Red-billed --  #36.2 - giant flightless bird of Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan calls it a Giant Black   Swan.  Tarzan, Muviro and the Waziri find a small flock unconscious from volcanic smoke.  They place cloth over their heads and place braided grass reins on them.  They learn how to control them even under water.  They ride them into battle against the Terribs, who are attacking King Loban’s crocodile crafts.  Tarzan takes his Banthur underwater after the Terribs who captured Princess Loma.
#38.1 - Tarzan, Muviro, and three Waziri ride the swans to Lutor after the defeat of the Terribs.  Tarzan, Princess Loma. Muviro, and two others ride the swans to the edge of the volcano, which holds Crater Lake.  They referred to the Banthurs as giant water birds.
#39.1 they leave Lutor on Banthurs and enter the Great Swamp.
#44.1 The Waziri warriors turn the Banthurs loose.  (See also - giant swans)
 Dell Number  -- 36.2+38.1+39.1+44.1

Bantu  --  #47.1 A tribe of white natives with blonde hair living in a volcano.  Inkosa Lula, the Queen, and Kuvuru, the evil witch doctor, rule them.  They have built a village inside the volcano after their ancestors became trapped there.  They sacrifice a human three times a year to a plesiosaurus, so the monster will not eat them.  They have no roofs on their huts.  They live by fishing with tridents and nets.
A#5 (Bantu Boys at Play - splash page) Bantu boys playing handball and ‘spearing the disk.’
#95.2 - A tribe of dark skinned natives with a crown-like hair.  They are the enemies of the Bushmen.  They spy Tarzan carrying an injured Bushman and Boy.  They confront them.  Tarzan uses the Bushmen’s spear to deflect the Bantu spears.  A Bushman poison arrow strikes a Bantu.  The Bantu run off.  Later they enter the cave of the Bushmen.  They step on a stone in the floor, which triggers a trap of rocks to rain down on them.
#120.1 The Bantu cannot break through the Nye-nye force holding the pass to the mountain.  Tarzan offers the Bantu the challenge to fight their best warrior with the winner gaining one hundred hostages.  The Bantu chiefs are weary but agree.  Tarzan toys with the warrior for hours as a diversion so the Nye-nye can steal the Bantu canoes and return home.  Tarzan finally knocks out the Bantu champion.  The Bantu renege on the deal and attack.  Tarzan easily outdistances them.  The Bantu canoes are gone with the Nye-nye.
 Dell Number  -- 47.1+A#5 (Bantu Boys at Play - splash page) +95.2+120.1
 Novel  -- LE - a group of African tribes sharing common blood and language

bara  --  antelope  #23.1 carries Tarzan and N’kima back to Muviro after their escape from Sheik Abou Ben Ephraim.  (Similar to the Giant Eland; however, the horns on Bara are slightly curved as opposed to the eland’s straight horns.)
#51.3 Tarzan rides Bara towards the Waziri.  He releases the antelope when he comes upon Muviro with a white man.  (Similar to #23.1.)
#53.2 (Boy story) Tarzan is riding Bara when he is surprised to find Boy and Dombie so far from home.  They have come with an urgent message that turns out to be not so urgent.
#54.3 Tarzan is riding Bara from he meets King Jathon in his lion-driven chariot near the Great Swamp.  After they repulse an attack by three Talking Gorillas, Tarzan rides Bara to Cathne.
#64.1 Chet Harper brings down a small antelope with his crossbow for food for himself and Tarzan, as they are about to cross the Great Thorn Desert.
#79.2 While hunting two leopards that are terrorizing Buto’s herds, Tarzan finds a dead antelope in a tree. He surmises that the leopards stored it there.
#82.2 Tarzan places reins on Bara and rides the antelope to search for a Nandi Bear that is terrorizing the area.  Bara becomes nervous when they are in the bear’s territory.  Tarzan releases the antelope.
#86.1 Tarzan rides Bara near a dead city.  After saving Cabot and Laura Sutton from hyenas, he rides the antelope to the bearers who have deserted them.  Unsuccessful in convincing them to return, he rides Bara to the Waziri Village.  Muviro agrees to help the Suttons.  Tarzan and the Waziri ride antelopes to the dead city.
#106.2 Riding on bara Tarzan sees Boy and Dombie’s kudus pulling a travois stampeding towards the river.  By the time he reaches them the boys have fallen off and the kudus have run off.  The boys are fine.  (In early panels Bara has reins and no saddle.  In the last panel Bara has a saddle.)
#109.2 Boy and Dombie ride Bara to Fire Mountain to search for gemstones for a necklace for Jane.  Bara easily outdistances numa.  They leave Bara on a high slope to climb even higher.
No. 25.4 Tarzan rides the eland into the desert.  He follows the trail of the pygmies.  Princess Lulan tells him about Prince Nikar’s capture by the Boruti.  They ride to the wild hunter’s village.  After Tarzan rescues the Prince, he gives him his eland so they can continue their journey.
 Dell Number  -- 23.1+33.1+51.3+53.2 (Boy story)+54.3+64.1+79.2+82.2+86.1+106.2 +109.2 +No. 25.4
 Novel  -- TA

Bara  -- Name of the eland that Boy rides out onto the veldt to take pictures.  Dombie, riding on Tara, distracts a lioness away from Boy who is on foot.  The lioness chases Tara and Bara.  Boy finds the two elands minus Dombie.  Tarzan and Boy are probably riding Bara and Tara as they search and find the missing Dombie.
 Dell Number  -- 99.2

Barbara Hillyard  -- She is a young, long blonde haired niece of Dr. Mac.  She crashes her plane in Pal-ul-don and is captured by an unnamed tribe.  A witch doctor forces her to climb a ladder to a flat-topped conical rock.  Hyenas are turned loose.  Tarzan rescues her.  Later the ape-man uses the help of a sable lion to turn back her abductors.
 Dell Number  -- 72.1

Barbara Wales  -- While flying from Trinidad with her son, Billy, to meet her husband, American businessman in the Belgian Congo, their plane crashes.  The great ape, Kalahari, thinks the woman is dead and takes Billy.  Barbara wanders into the M’bongwe village.  Chief Mukawa sells her to Al Jemel, Arab slaver.   Al Jemel tries to force her to eat.  Tarzan rescues her and brings her to the tree house.  Tarzan finds an orphaned baboon balu.  Jane teaches her some ape language.  Barbara plays the part well when Kalahari is brought to the tree-nest with Billy.  Kalahari trades balus with Barbara.
 Dell Number  -- 44.2

barbarians  -- The people of Castra refer to the natives from the shore-land, who sells them as captives for the arena, as barbarians.  (See also - natives)
 Dell Number  -- 89.1

Barengo  -- Barengo is a young man of an unnamed tribe living near the Ituri Forest.  His bride to be, Ilona, was taken by the Mengo, Forest Spirits.  He accompanies Tarzan to attempt a rescue.  They swing on a vine across the river to the island of the Mengo.  They drop in through the top of the Mengo temple and subdue Ilona’s guards.  They fight their way out of the temple and back to the river.  Tarzan pushes Barengo and Ilona on the vine-swing back across the river to safety.  Barengo and Ilona are married.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.3

Barko  -- Prince of the Mambusi tribe.  His father is Nehrubi, the chief.  He is captured by King Grossa and held for ransom.  When the ransom of twenty-four tribe members is paid, the evil king does not release Barko.  Tarzan comes to rescue the slaves.  He releases the Prince and has him lead the slaves in a rebellion against Grossa’s men.  It is a successful revolt.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

Barondi  -- Barondi is a Waziri.  Barondi kills Korak the Killer (ape) as he crosses Waziri territory on his way to banishment by Tarzan.  Barondi thought he was going to raid the shamba again.
 Dell Number  -- 117.1

Barongo  -- Large native of the tribe of Queen Mosana.  He killed a leopard with a bow and finds Manga’s Royal Ring.  Tarzan, Manga, and Dombie come to Mosana’s Kraal seeking the ring.  Manga points out the ring on Barongo.  The Queen says that he must fight Barongo for the ring.  Tarzan offers to substitute for Manga.  Barongo sheds his orange fez and spear.  A frustrated Barongo grabs a knob stick from an onlooker and breaks it over his knee to show his power.  There is a terrific fight with Tarzan the victor.
 Dell Number  -- 93.1

Barumba  -- lion god of an unnamed tribe.  T’gamai, the witch doctor, uses his sense of smell to seek out the next sacrifice to the lion god.  He smells N’keeta to be the victim.  Tarzan, riding the Giant Eland, discovers that the lion is old and blind.  He kills it with a spear.
 Dell Number  -- 16.2
 Novel  -- CiG - Thoos -  lion god of Cathne.  Mangy, old lion that is fed human sacrifices in the temple.

barracuda  -- Tarzan fishes for barracuda off the east coast of Africa.  He spears a hundred pound barracuda with a trident.  He spears another one to save N’kima, who has fallen into the sea.  The seas Arabs, the Brothers of the Barracuda, are named after this type of fish.
 Dell Number  -- A2.5

basiliscus  --  A basiliscus is a lizard that can swim and run on the surface of the water.
 Dell Number  -- 118 (inside back cover “Better than Boy)

bat  --  #47.3 after escaping from the unnamed tribe, Boy and Dombie enter the cave of the witch doctor, who dresses up in a horned monster costume to frighten his village people.  A bat flies out the cave as they enter.
#A2.1 Giant bats are found in the Valley of Towers.  They have a five-foot wingspan and are carnivores.  The Batwinged Men worship the bats as gods and use their large leathery wings to help them glide.  They sacrifice a human to the bats once every five years.  Tarzan kills two bats with a knife as he and Dr. Mac rescue Heather Day from the great altar.
#86.1 There are bats in the cavern underneath the seamless tower where the Tuaregs mine placer gold.
#118.1 in the hidden passageway that traverses the old stone fortress to the Walled Valley of the Buntoro, Tarzan and the Buntoro encounters bats.
No. 51.1 As Tarzan and Lechwe search for the Tree of Ages, bats return to their sleeping place in the Houses of the Ancient Ones.
  Dell Number  -- 47.3+A2.1+86.1+118.1+No. 51.1

Batuko  -- At a tree house, Boy and Dombie paint faces on the balloons with night shinning paint.  They attach whistles to the end of them so that they fly around the room making noise.  On their way home two Batukos capture them.  The Batuko plan to use them to force Tarzan to do their bidding.  They canoe the boys upriver away from their homeland to fool the ape-man.  They camp for the night.  Boy manages to free himself.  He frees Dombie.  They wrap the sleeping rolls around them and blow up balloons.  With the balloon heads sticking out of the bedrolls they wake the Batuko and demand to know what happened to the captives.  The Batukos are frightened and then terrified as the heads scream and fly through the air.  The sight of new heads growing up in the bedrolls is too much for them.  They flee for their lives.  The boys take the Batuko canoe back home.
 Dell Number  -- 119.2

Batuti  -- The Batuti are a native tribe of warriors and raiders.  They capture Princess Kendra of the Hidden Ones and carry her in a litter back towards King Makwa.  Tarzan helps her escape.  The Batuti figure she would try to make it back to the city of the Hidden Ones and head that direction.  They arrive at the Gateway of the Giants in time to see Tarzan and Kendra slip inside a tomb.  They use musket gunpowder to blast open the rock door.  They can’t find them but gold leafs and golden mummy cases are too great of a temptation.  They take the leafs and two of the caskets.  Fearing the Hidden Ones may be near; they take the caskets to a safe place.  They are delighted when they pry open a casket to discover that they have recaptured the Princess.  Tarzan attacks them.   He holds them at bay until the Hidden Ones come upon the scene.  The Batuti flee.
 Dell Number  -- 119.1

Batwa  -- Native bearers that are transporting Kalinga in a pole carrier back to Ruanda.  When Jane approaches riding Jad-bal-ja, the bearers run away.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.2 (Jane Story)

Batwinged Men/ Bat Men  --  #A2.1 They are a lost race of people found in the Valley of Towers.  They worship bats and wear the bats’ leather wings to glide from the towers.  They make a human sacrifice to the bats once every five years.  They use sling stones, carried in their teeth, to drop upon their prey.  They never miss.  They capture Heather Day and kill her father.  They attempt to sacrifice Heather on the great altar.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac save her from the giant bats.  The Batwinged Men drop sling stones on Tarzan and Dr. Mac, thus recapturing the girl.  Tarzan trails them into their cave home and uses dynamite to rescue the girl.  They pursue the escapees until Dr. Mac drives them off with pistol fire from a helicopter.
#74.2 Lost race of people living in the lush Valley of Towers.  They use airfoils of thin tough leather attached to their arms and legs to glide from tower to tower.  Tarzan brings photographer, Tom Lindon, to the valley to photograph them.  Tarzan reconnoiters the area and observes the Winged Men digging a pit trap for zebras.  The ape-man sets Lindon up in a lean-to shelter on a tower to photograph the Winged Men in action.  The Winged Men use beaters on the ground and gliders in the air to drive the zebras into the trap.  Lindon gets excited and leaves the shelter.  The Winged Men spot him and attack.  Tarzan downs a glider with a rock.  The Winged Men overwhelm Lindon and bring him to their cave.  They tie him up and throw him in a pool of water.  Tarzan enters the unguarded cave and rescues Lindon.
#114.2 from their mountainous cave entrances the Bat Men see Boy and Dombie on a sailing scooter.  They use their leather wings, which are attached wrist to ankle, to glide after them.  They throw their sling stones from their mouths at the boys, hitting the sailing scooter but doing no damage.  Boy drives them off with arrows.  They retreat.  They speak mangani.  Boy recalls that they once tied to kill Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- A2.1+74.2+114.2

Bauxhau  -- Bauxhau is the old prophet of the Nye-nye Bushmen.  He receives visions through dreams.  A dream directs him to return to their traditional homeland to pray to determine if they can return to the Towering Rocks.  Tarzan helps Bauxhau reach the Towering Rocks.  Bauxhau sees a sign that his people can return.  He foresees a bird coming out of a storm.  The plane flies them to the mountain home of the Nye-nye.  Bauxhau outlines the area in the dirt for Tarzan.  Tarzan tells Bauxhau his plan for the Nye-nye to take the Bantu canoes to get home.  Tarzan goes to battle a Bantu warrior as a diversion.  Bauxhau gives Tarzan their best spear.  Tarzan plan works and the Nye-nye return to the Towering Rocks.
 Dell Number  -- 120.1

Bayliss  -- guide for two American hunters.  He was born in Africa.  He attempts to drive them quickly through Tarzan’s part of the jungle, but one of the hunters shoots a baboon in the leg from the moving safari car.  Bayliss speeds away before Tarzan can find out what happened.
 Dell Number  -- 37.2

Basilisk  -- lizard described as a good friend to Tarzan
 Dell Number  -- 31 (inside back cover “Jungle World”)+82 (Good Neighbors - splash      page)

Beasts of Mokar  --  (See: mandrill)

Beauty  -- Name of one of the chariot lions of Lord Rython of Cathne
 Dell Number  -- 84.1

Bedouins  --  #12 Arab slavers under Sheik Ibrahim who captures Leelah and Kolo.
#13.1 under the leadership of Ibn Akab, Tarzan frees the slaves and allows Sir Hal to cut off his beard to take home to his fair lady, Brenhilda.
#77.1 (See: Beni Adhemi)
 Dell Number  -- 12+13.1+77.1
 Novel  -- LJ - the Arabs of North Africa

bees  --  #30 Noble Lepu, the Arrackian, releases swarms of bees against Tarzan and the Waziri as they attack the Arrackian palace.  Doctor MacWhirtle drives them off by dropping smoke bombs from his helicopter.
#35 in a chariot accident involving giant bees, Jathon is knocked unconscious and Elaine is captured by cave men.  Tarzan rescues her.
#42.2 Wild bees attack Wansa, Bou Denni’s horse.  The horse trips on some rocks and pins the Tuareg to the ground.  Tarzan saves him from a lion.
#43.2 As Tarzan leads the plague of Danginas towards the river cliff, he breaks open several nests of wild bees, which attack the wild-dogs, thus eliminating the threat of the Danginas.
#59.2 (Boy story) Wandoros collect honey from a tree.  Bees swarm all around.  A buffalo trees Boy and Dombie.  It is a honey tree and bees sting them.  The bees are attracted to the buffalo.  The boys wait until the honey guide bird brings Wandoros to the area to rescue them from bees and buffalo.
 Dell Number  -- 30+35+42.2+43.2+#59.2 (Boy story)

Belmore, Hannibal J.  -- evil white hunter who knocks out Tarzan and ties him up with copper wire.  He captures two balu great apes.  Tarzan rescues the babies and drives Belmore from the jungle.
 Dell Number  -- 13.2

Beni Adhemi  --  #77.1 Bedouin tribe under the leadership of Hussein.  Tarzan finds their caravan in the desert.  They have been forced to leave their home because their oasis dried up.  Tarzan agrees to lead them to water in exchange for food for Argus.  Hussein agrees.  They follow Argus’ flight to the City in the Sands.  Tarzan suggests that the Bedouins make this place their new home, if the water supply can be repaired and secured.  Tarzan leads Hussein and the Bedouins over twenty miles up the water pipe to a cave.  Cave bears attack them.  Tarzan kills one with his knife.  Hussein kills the other with his sword.  The bear injures Hussein.  Tarzan binds his wounds.  They come out of the cave to find the water’s source.  Hussein believes they can repair the pipe system.  He falls ill.  Tarzan returns to the city on an eland and tells the Bedouins to send help for Hussein.
#80.1 Tarzan returns to the City in the Sands to find the Beni-Adhemi preparing to leave the city because Hussein has not returned and the aqueduct has not been repaired.  They claim that they are desert dwellers not mountain people.  Tarzan guides them to the foot of the mountains that holds the aqueduct.  Tarzan finds Hussein and his Beni-Adhemi being attacked by mountain savages.  He helps defeat them.  Tarzan enlists the aid of the Athneans to repair the aqueduct and build a dam.  The savages return.  Tarzan, the Beni-Adhemi, and the Athneans drive them off.  With the aqueduct repaired the Beni-Adhemi can return to the City in the Sands.
A#5.4 The Beni Adhemi are in desperate need of seed grain and livestock.  Tarzan and Hussein pan for gold.  Five Beni Adhemi accompany Tarzan and Hussein to the Arab market city Marrach to purchase supplies.   After the goods are bought, Hussein gives the men some gold to have a night on the town.  On the way home Tarzan tricks the bandit Ali and his men to empty their rifles on the baboons in the Gorge of Baboons.  The Beni Adhemi easily routs the bandits.
 Dell Number  -- 77.1+80.1+A#5.4

Berbers  --  bandits.  They kill the Pantella crewmen and capture Alice d’Arnot, who they attempt to sell to Raksha Bey.  Tarzan and Thurag kill two of them while searching for Alice.  They chase Tarzan, Thurag, and Alice into the surrounding hills where they are mowed down by machine gun fire from Captain d’Arnot’s helicopter.
 Dell Number  -- 29

Bess  -- Pretty young blonde girl friend of the arrogant Jess.  She wears a white blouse and white shorts.  She is impressed by Jess buzzing the animals with his plane.  When a lion knocks the airplane off course and crashes, Bess is knocked unconscious.  Tarzan carries the limp body of Bess out of the plane.  When conscious, she seems accustom to the indignity of Jess blowing smoke in her face.  She attempts to stop Jess from shooting at an elephant herd.  She remains cool and clam as an elephant tries to get at them in the cave that Tarzan led them to for safety.  As they leave the cave, leopards attack Tarzan and Buto.  Bess grabs Buto’s broken spear and goes to a safe area.  After the leopards are dispatched, she tears off the sleeve of her blouse for bandages for Buto’s wounds.  When they find Jess, Bess calls him a coward.  He blows smoke in her face.  On the way to the main road Jess complains of being tired.  Bess threatens to leave him for the lions.  Tarzan mimics a lion to keep Jess moving.  Bess realizes that it was just Tarzan.  Jess flags down a truck.  Bess believes that the story that Jess will tell at Nairobi will not be anything close to the truth.
 Dell Number -- 110.1

Beth Carey  -- Golden haired woman, the sister to Arthur.  They were taking pictures of wild animals when they became separated from their safari.  The Talking Bolgani captures them.  Boy swoops in on Argus and takes her to a high ledge.  When he returns for her, a leopard is stalking her.  Boy again swoops in on Argus.  The giant eagle drops the leopard off a cliff.  Boy takes her to the tree house.
 Dell Number  -- 56.2 (Boy story)

Billy Wales  -- Infant child of Barbara Wales.  The Great Ape, Kalahari, finds the baby in a plane wreck and adopts the child to replace her lost balu.  The baby is starving to death.  With the help of Kalahari, Tarzan finds the baby’s formula.  Tarzan sets up a ruse with Billy’s mother, Barbara.  Barbara makes over a baboon balu.  Kalahari eagerly exchanges Billy for the baboon baby.
 Dell Number  -- 44.2

bird  --  #105.2 a bird scares Dombie into nearly falling off a log into the great bog.
No. 37.5 (N'kima Story) N’kima pushes his way past a bird on his way to a tribe of monkeys.
 Dell Number  -- 105.2+No. 37.5 (N'kima Story)

Bird Man  -- name that Budango, the cannibal chief, calls Phil, the aviator, who experiences    engine problems and is captured by cannibals.
 Dell Number  -- 14.2

blackbreasted plover  --  71 (splash page)

Black-headed Storks  -- Tarzan studies the black-headed storks in the waterways of the Great Swamp.
 Dell Number  -- 115.1

Blackie  -- gangster pilot, one of Lou Coron’s men.  He flies the gangsters and Tarzan to    Cathne.  During the attack by the Cathneans, a hunting lion kills him.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2

Black Panther   -- nickname of Sidi Ben Yemlik and title of FC 161.2.
#45.3 Giant Black Panthers of Pal-ul-don attack Queen Elaine and her lion-drawn chariot.  Tarzan and the Waziri slay the panthers.  Tarzan has them skinned as trophies to tell the people of Cathne that she was on a hunting trip.
#53.1 Used by the Panther Men for hunting.  The Panther Men take them out on leashes in pairs.  They have given them individual names.  They obey the commands of their masters.  A Panther Man with two black panthers captures Jane.  The unleashed panthers lead Jane and her captor back to the Panther Men village.  The King Panther is a huge black panther that is worshipped by the panther people.
#88.1 A band of Shiftas uses two black panthers to guard the entrance to their Treasure Room.  Guards pull the chained panthers to the top of an earthen platform to allow access to the cave.  One guard calls a panther ‘Queen of Night.’  Tarzan and Buto witness the Shiftas’ entry into the cave.  After the main force leaves, they subdue the guards and secure the panthers so they can enter the cave.
#105.2 A black panther forces Boy and Dombie to fall over a tree branch and into the mud of the great bog.  Tarzan must kill the Sheetah with his knife to rescue the boys.  (See also - sheeta for more generic black panther references)
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2+45.3+53.1+88.1+105.2

black swans  -- Virtual prisoners of the Golden Men, Boy and Dombie escape on black swans.  When they come upon the crocodile boat, the swans take flight and the boys fall off.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.2

Black Tuaregs  -- Sect of the Tuaregs, the People of the Veil.  They live in the Forbidden City, which serves as a training school for warriors, within the Hoggar massif.  It is under the control of Sheik Ibrahim.  The only way to enter the city is to challenge of the city’s best warriors in mortal combat.  Tarzan and Paul d’Arnot enter after defeating their opponents.  (See also - Tuaregs.)
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

bluejay  -- Tarzan scares a civet cat away for the nest of a nesting bird that is blue and looks sort of like a jay.  Dombie climbs a tree attempting to take one of the hatchlings as a pet.  The jay attacks him.  Dombie falls out of the tree, spraining his ankle.
 Dell Number  -- 90.2

Blue-mangani  -- the blue baboons.  Their gund is Ragak until Nugol, the treacherous, pushes him in the river, which flows under the mountain.  Tarzan helps restore Ragak to his rightful leadership of the Blue-mangani.
 Dell Number  -- 32.2

Blue Raiders  --  (See: Tauregs)

boatman  --  #A2.3 Native crewmembers of a river scow that is under the leadership of N’kombo.  They capture the stowaway ape, Zorek, with a net.  Zorek is sold to a zoo.  The escaping Zorek dressed as a zookeeper frightens them.  They tell a policeman they were attacked by a man with an ape face.
#126.1 an unnamed native boatman at the port of M’saba takes Tarzan and the chimp, Cheeloo, out to an Arab dhow for the price of a gold coin.
 Dell Number  -- A2.3+126.1

Bo-az  -- king of the fortress Cor-o-don, father to Lachee, the red flower.
 Dell Number  -- 19.2

Bob Downs  -- Along with his wife, Molly, and his son, Jeremy, he camps near some ruins.  In the morning Jeremy is gone.  They drive for help.  They return with a hunter who drives off the lions that threaten Jeremy, Boy and Dombie.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.6 (Boy story)

Bokawah  -- witch doctor who works for Dr. Mervin.  He harms Hector, the tiny pet elephant.  Tarzan chases him off.  He returns to drug their food with a sleeping potion.  He uses chicken blood to lead the giant shrews towards the sleeping party.  He carries Yolanda, Doctor Mervin’s daughter, to his cave.  When Tarzan comes to her aide he releases a giant eagle to kill him.  Tarzan kills the eagle, which accidentally releases the other giant eagle.  The second eagle carries the witch doctor away.  Tarzan throws a knife killing the eagle, which drops Bokawah to his death.
 Dell Number  -- 22.1
 Novel  -- (JT -  Bukawai type of character)

bolgani   --  gorilla in ape language.  #19.1 defeated by Tarzan in the Ivory City gladiatorial   games.
#41.2 Talking Gorillas.  They live in an unnamed city, have a king, and keep human slaves.  Tarzan, while searching for Goliath, defeats a gorilla and Goliath scares away another.  Tarzan, Goliath, and the Lost Legion defeat the Talking Gorillas.  The Lost Legion takes possession of the city.  The gorillas head for the forest.  (It is not clear if these are the same Talking Gorillas from Ara-thol referred to as Ko-bolgani.)
#49.2 (Boy story) a gorilla threatens Boy and Dombie.  Boy fires a bullet on the end of crossbow quarrel.  It kills the gorilla.
#52.1 Tarzan finds the trail of thousands of Bolgani leading into the Great Thorn Desert.  He speculates that they are the same gorillas that once lived in the City of Gold.  (Is this the same band of gorillas from Dell #41.2?  It was not referred to as the City of Gold in that issue, but it was a city occupied by gorillas that Tarzan replaced with the Lost Legion.)  The gorilla horde using clubs swarm into Athne.  They defeat the Athneans and their elephants.  During the battle, they kill King Ergon.  Tarzan manages to rescue part of the Athnean population from the gorillas.  Tarzan and Jathon go to the fallen city to discover the gorillas wearing helmets and practicing maneuvers mounted on elephants.  They drive the gorillas back behind the walls of Athne.  Tarzan warns the gorillas not to attempt to cross the Great Swamp.  Tarzan is uneasy about the chances of the gorillas staying within the walls.
#52.2 (Boy story) The Bolgani capture Boy with the idea that they can control Tarzan.  They head for their new home in Athne.  They are called man-think gorillas.  In the desert they start a fire with flint and steel.  They also build a thorn barrier to protect themselves against the lions that are trailing them.  Jad-bal-ja rescues Boy.
#54.3 the gorilla people who have taken over the city of Athne have learned archery.  Tarzan says they have an almost human brain.  They use ten-foot bows and arrows that are six feet long.  Many of them wear Roman-type helmets.  One shoots an arrow that penetrates through both sides of King Jathn’s chariot.  Tarzan drives them off with arrows.  Three gorillas attack Goliath, their most feared enemy, from the walls of Cathne.  They wound the giant lion severely.  Tarzan drives them off with arrows.  Thinking that Goliath is dead, they head back to Athne by raft.  Tarzan baits them into falling off the raft into the crocodile infested waters of the Great Swamp.  At Athne, Tarzan sees that they have many rafts in preparation for an attack on Cathne.  He overhears guards saying that their food supply is gone and that they are in search of slaves to grow food.  Tarzan releases Hathor, the chief war elephant, and tricks the dimwitted guard into opening the gate for them.  The gorillas attack Cathne on their war elephants.  Tarzan uses Hathor to convince the elephants to revolt against the gorillas.  The gorillas break ranks.  King Jathon and his warriors in lion-driven chariots drive the gorillas back into the swamp.
#56.2 (Boy story) Boy, flying over Athne, discovers that the Talking Gorillas are using human slaves again.  The gorillas have armbands.  They save Beth and Arthur Carey from the gorillas.  One gorilla, not wanting to give up Arthur, throws him into Argus’ wing.  Argus chases the gorillas away.
#59.1 Using rafts, the Talking Gorillas attack the crocodile boats of the Lutorians.  They capture Prince Keelim and some other Lutorians for slaves.  Tarzan locates their camp in the Great Barrier Swamp. Tarzan lures the Terribs into attacking the gorillas.  While they are fighting, Tarzan uses the gorilla’s rafts to rescue the captives.  The Bolgani pursue them to King Loban’s crocodile boat.  Their great long bows have a better range than the Lutorians.  The Lutorians close up their hatches.  The Bolgani approach the boats for the capture.  A tidal wave caused by an earthquake flips their rafts over.  When Princess Loma raises the hatch, a gorilla tries to grab her.  Tarzan knocks the gorilla out with one punch.
#60.1 Talking Gorillas spy Tarzan and Gorgo in the Great Swamp.  Their arrows shatter on Gorgo’s horns.  Tarzan’s well-placed shots cause the gorillas to flee.
#64.1 A Bolgani ropes Chet Harper off of the raft he is using to cross the Great Swamp with Tarzan.   Tarzan strikes the gorilla with his fist, knocking him into the swamp.  After saving Harper from a crocodile, Tarzan tries to warn the gorilla about a second crocodile.  (Results unknown.)
#66.1 The Talking Gorillas attack the workers at the building site of New Athne with clubs. They capture them.  They attempted to transport the captives by raft through the Great Swamp back to Old Athne.  Tarzan has Hathor and the war elephants of Athne overturn the rafts.  The gorillas are defeated.  As part of the alliance plan to rid Old Athne of the Bolgani, Tarzan has a phony caravan of Gallugos pass near the city.  The gorillas attack the caravan.  The Gallugos drop their load of gourds filled with nabu juice mixed with fruit juice.  The Bolgani think they have won something wonderful and drink the juice.  It puts them to asleep, thus allowing the joint forces of Athnean, Cathnean, and Gallugos to overtake the city.  The gorillas trek across the Great Thorn Desert back to their old homeland.
#A#4.1 the gorillas’ only weapons are clubs.  Tarzan and Argus thwart the Talking Gorillas attack on Queen Elaine.  They manage to stun Argus with a club.  They chase Tarzan.  They battle the Cathnean warriors who come to aid the ape-man.  Tarzan is knocked unconscious with a club and taken by the gund, Gortak, to their camp.  They hold a Dum-Dum and plan to overthrow Cathne.  Argus carries away the bound Jungle Lord.  The gorillas cannot prevent it.  A few gorillas ride buffaloes towards Cathne as a faint against their main force that uses grasses on their backs to camouflage their approach to the City of Gold.  They bring along notched poles to scale the walls.  Tarzan has the White Pygmies attack the Bolgani.  He tells Jathon to bring his lions to help defend the top of the walls.  There is a terrific battle as the Bolgani scale the walls of Cathne.  The lionmen and the pygmies defeat the Talking Gorillas.
#71.1 (probably the Talking Gorillas) A Bolgani attacks Tarzan as he swims in the swamp.  Tarzan pulls the gorilla underwater until a Terribs comes along.  Later, at Lutor Tarzan warns the Lutorian guards of the presence of the Bolgani approaching the island by a long narrow raft.  The Lutorians repel the Bolgani invasion with a heavy spear launcher.  The Bolgani retreat.
#87.1 A gorilla grabs Jalima off of her dyal.  Tarzan shoots the gorilla in the knee with a blunt arrow.  He drops the girl.  Tarzan knocks the gorilla out with a punch to the jaw.
A#6.1 A gorilla is trapped under some fallen rocks.  His tribe is unable to free him and leaves.  Tarzan uses a tree trunk as a lever to free the grateful Gorak.  He introduces Tarzan to his tribe.  Later, an unnamed tribe of natives brings gorillas to the island to sacrifice them to a giant squid.  They tie them to poles on the beach and wait for the tide to do its work.  Tarzan asks Gorak and his tribe to help rescue the Bolgani.  They gorillas drive the natives back into their canoes and off the island.
A#6.5 (Boy Story) Boy traps a baby gorilla that has been raiding the garden.  Boy and Dombie tie the balu up.  A huge male
gorilla chases Boy and catches him.  He takes Boy back to the baby and makes him untie the balu.  With the balu release, the male carries the baby away.
#98 (splash page -“Jungle Olympics”)
#103.1 Mountain gorillas ambush Jathon.  The bolgani use clubs.  Tarzan rides Gorgo into their midst and drives them off.  An army of gorillas with clubs attacks Tarzan and the Gallegos.  The Cathneans join the battle to defeat the gorillas. (See also -gorilla)
 Dell Number  -- 10+19.1+41.2+49.2+52.1+52.2+54.3+56.2 (Boy story)+59.1+60.1+64.1+66.1+A#4.1+71 (splash page)+71.1+87.1+A#6 (splash page) +A#6.1 +A#6.5 (Boy Story)+98 (splash page)+103 (splash page)+103.1
 Novel -- TA + GL

Bolobo  -- leader of the M’Boko tribe, he sells slaves to the Arabs.  He kills Khako, the great    ape, but Khako kills him before he dies.
 Dell Number  -- 2
 Novel -- LeM - (Bobolo  -- Native chief and a leopard man.  He kidnapped Kali      Bwana for himself when the leopard men were overthrown.  He was    arrested for his crimes as a leopard man.)

Boma  -- magician of the Bongus tribe under the control of Bookrai, the chief witch doctor.  Tarzan dispatches him.
 Dell Number  -- 4
 Novel  --  (boma is a Swahili word for temporary barricade)

Bomo  -- Bomo is the native helper of Willie Slyke, the unscrupulous trader.  He wears a red fez and a long red loincloth.  When Tarzan discovers the diamonds Willie tricked Boy out of, Willie commands Bomo to attack the ape-man.  Bomo pulls a knife.  Tarzan throws Bomo off the Zulu Belle and into the water.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.2(Boy story)

bongo -- #92 (inside back cover splash page) - text states that it is reddish-brown with narrow white strips.  It is shy and lives in the deep rain forest.
 Dell Number  -- 22 (back cover diorama from the American Museum of Natural History) +82 (Good Neighbors - splash page) +92 (inside back cover splash page)+

Bongus  -- fierce tribe known as the ‘witch people’
 Dell Number  -- 4

Bookrai  -- the Bongus witch doctor who captures Pan-at-lee.  He uses ‘the smoke of truth’ as a magician’s trick to keep the Bongus under his control.
 Dell Number  -- 4

Bornu  --  #115.1 Mountain Man of the Kroo Maun in Pal-ul-don.  He is the father of Katar and Dera.  He is the medicine man of the Mountain Men.  He has taught his children the art of medicinal plants and herbs.  A club of a Hairy Giant crippled him.  He still heals and raises goats.  He is not shown.  Katar tells Tarzan about his father.
No. 37.1 Bornu and his people are referred to as the Slingers of Kroo Maun.  Katar and Dera greet Tarzan and Boy at the gates of the village.  A Hairy Giant has injured Jane.  They take them to their father, Bornu.  While Bornu works on healing Jane with cooling lotions and healing smoke, Bornu sends Katar and Dera to head the expedition of Slingers to Half Moon Lake to find healing bulbs for Tarzan’s Waziri friend.  After their adventures they return to the village.  Tarzan calls Bornu, doctor.   Bornu and Katar are concerned about night attacks from the giants.  Tarzan has the Slingers make beacon fires ready to be lit on platforms in trees.  A Slinger alerts them that the giants are coming.  The fires are lit.  The Slingers and Tarzan’s fire arrows defeat the giants.
 Dell Number  -- 115.1+No. 37.1

Borok  --  #74.1 great gray ape.  Borok gets his hand caught in a split tree trap.  Natives from an unnamed tribe tease and torture him.  Tarzan scares off the natives, frees Borok, and applies a healing poultice to his hand.  Borok befriends Tarzan and follows him over the mountains to an unexplored area.  They find a white bull trapped in quicksand.  Following Tarzan’s command, Borok gathers a vine rope with which they pull the white bull free.  Tarzan and Borok hide in a cave from a hailstorm.  The next day they discover natives stranded on a cliff ledge.  They tightrope walk on a rope over to the natives.  Borok carries two of the natives across on the rope.  He slips and is forced to use his feet to maneuver across the rope.  As Borok carries the last native across, the rope breaks.  Tarzan catches Borok’s arm and pulls them to safety.  They follow the natives to a cave and witness a dance, which Borok thinks is a Dum-Dum.  Club men enter the cave. They attack the club men.  The white bull backs the club men into a fiery pit.
#76.2 Tarzan falls from a tree during his battle with a black panther.  Borok catches him.  N’kima finds a pygmy poison arrow.  Tarzan tells him to throw it down.  He does and accidentally hits Borok.  Tarzan applies healing leaves to no avail.  Borok passes out.  Tarzan trades a jeweled knife from Opar to Kaisu, the old pygmy, for an antidote.  It cures Borok.
#79.1 Tarzan finds Borok in a strange valley and tries to recruit him to help him free the monkeys who have been enslaved by the Black Cloak baboons.  Borok is only interested in a female zu-mangani.  Borok and the zu-mangani do show up at the top of the cliff and prevent the baboons from climbing to the top by throwing rocks at them.  Tarzan, Borok, and the zu-mangani force the Black Cloaks back down their secret tunnel.  Tarzan and Borok roll a boulder over the opening to block the baboons’ secret exit.
 Dell Number  -- 74.1+76.2+79.1

Borungi  -- the Hammond’s head boy
 Dell Number  -- 21.1

Boruti  -- The Boruti are a native tribe also known as the wild hunters.  They make a lot of noise as they drive game towards their nets that they have set up in the forest.  The pygmies cut a hole in the net to escape through it.  The Boruti arrive in time to catch Prince Nikar.  They take him to their village where they place him in a cage suspended from a tree.  The fat chief delights in the capture and calls the Prince his monkey man because he does not understand the language.  The chief pokes at the Prince with a stick to make him talk/chatter.  Tarzan has the pygmies ride into the village and set fire to the hunters’ huts.  The Boruti hurry to contain the fire.  The chief sees the cage disappear up into the tree.  After Tarzan has rescued the Prince, he drops the cage on the chief’s head.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.4

Bou Denni  -- A Tuareg living in the Hoggar massif.  His horse, Wansa, is frightened by wild bees, trips on some rocks, and pins Bou Denni to the ground.  A lion comes for him, but Tarzan kills it with his knife.  The Tuareg is so grateful that he brings Tarzan and Paul d’Arnot to his home where his serf, Ahmed, takes care of them.  Bou Denni takes Tarzan and d’Arnot to the Forbidden City where Paul’s son, Louis, is being held captive.  After Tarzan buys Louis’ freedom, he rides off with them.
 Dell number  -- 42.2

Bou Dano  -- This is what Bou Denni calls Paul d’Arnot.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

Boy  -- Tarzan’s son, first appearance in Dell # 3.
#19.1 captured by the Men in Ivory.  Tarzan rescues him.
#31.1 sneaks aboard MacWhirtle’s seaplane and flies to Pal-ul-don with him in search for Tarzan.  All three go to the Valley of the Monsters to collect dinosaur eggs.  A #1.2 Tarzan believes Boy has been killed in a flash flood.  Later Boy and Jad-bal-ja find Tarzan unconscious in a hole.
A #1.4 (Boy story) He ropes a zebra and must escape from a lion.
#41.1 While Tarzan is away, Boy helps feed the giant eagle, Argus.  Boy harnesses the eagle with the intention of taking it to look for Tarzan.  When he releases the chain, the eagle flies off to Tarzan alone.
#44.1 Boy feeds Argus and makes sure he is on the eagle’s back when he releases him.  They fly to Saparta in Pal-ul-don and rescue Tarzan, Coru, and the Waziri from Wandach and the Spearmakers Clan.  Tarzan gives Boy permission to ride Argus whenever his likes.
45.2 featured story about Boy capturing gorgo.
#A2.1 minor appearance.
#A2.3 (Boy story) Boy and the ape Zorek stowaway on a scow.  The boatmen capture Zorek and send him to a zoo.  Boy rescues his friend Zorek.
#46.2 (Boy story)  Boy is accused of the theft of the golden throne of the Matusi and is forced to go through the Ordeal of the Mamba.  Tarzan saves him.
#47.2 Boy and Jane are captured by Sheik Ibrahim.  Tarzan rescues them.
#47.3 (Boy story)  Boy and Dombie are captured by an unnamed tribe.  They escape and learn that the horned monster is a witch doctor in disguise.  They use the horn monster costume to escape.
#48.3 Boy is feeding Argus fish when Tarzan comes for the giant eagle so he can trail the Giant Wasp.
#49.1 Tarzan, Jane and Boy travel to Opar to build a new home.
#49.2 (Boy story)  Boy and Dombie make a deal with a Bahatwe trader for a crossbow, quarrels and a bullet.  They use the weapons to kill a gorilla that threatens them.
#50.1 Boy is worried about Tarzan when Argus returns to the Waziri village with blood on its feathers.  He flies to the Stork Men Village to discover Tarzan is fine.  Yolanda embarrasses Boy when she gives him a hug.
#50.2  (Boy story)  Boy with the help of Korak, the ape, rescue Wanda Newland from her M’bongo kidnappers.
#51.1 Boy helps Tarzan and the Stork Men defend the village against the Terribs attack.  Boy rides on Argus with Tarzan to Dr. Mac’s estate.  Tarzan drops off at the estate.  Boy flies Argus home.
#51.2 (Boy story) Boy rescues a baby elephant captured in a pit-trap.
#52.2 (Boy story) Boy is captured by the Bolgani and taken in the Great Thorn Desert.  He is rescued by Jad-bal-ja.
#52.3 Princess Loma offers to take Boy to Lutor by crocodile boat.  Tarzan promises to join them later after checking up on Dr. Mac flying Dr. Mervin and Yolanda to Nairobi.
#53.2 (Boy story) Boy talks Jane into letting he and Dombie deliver an urgent message to Tarzan. They are taken captive by the Turkoman tribe and forced to bring water out of a nearly dry hole.  They escape when a flash flood hits the camp.  They find Tarzan to learn that the message is not all that urgent.
#53.3 Boy and Princess Loma spy a cabin plane landing near Lutor.  King Loban sends Boy to greet them because he speaks the language.  The gangster, Mike Nucco, commands Boy to tell the king that they are taking over.  Boy tells Nucco that the king will obey.  After the gangster are banished on an island in Pal-ul-don, Tarzan has Boy fly Argus to pick him up after crashing the gangster’s plane.  Tarzan leaps from the diving plane with a parachute.  Boy and Argus fly near.  Tarzan releases the parachute and drops safely on Argus’ back.  They fly towards home.
#54.2 (Boy story) Boy trails a trained leopard that grabbed up one of the Waziri goats.  A baboon named Shakoh and his tribe travels with him to the Isle of Leopards.  Boy shows them how to build a raft.  On the island, they defeat the Leopard Men and their trained leopards.
#55.2 (Boy Story) Boy gets a leopard call from a Lubembwe trader.  He and Dombie slip into the jungle to try it out even though Dombie is supposed to be watching his sister, Lula.  An ape kidnaps the little girl.  They realize that Dombie’s mother thinks that leopards have taken Dombie and Lula.  They track the ape.  Boy uses the leopard call to scare away the ape.
#56.2 (Boy story) On Boy’s birthday Tarzan gives him a telescope and let him take Argus out.  Boy flies over Athne and discovers that the Talking Gorillas are using human slaves.  Boy rescues Beth and Arthur Carey from the Talking Gorillas.  He also saves Beth from a leopard.
A#3.1 Jane and Boy are captured by Shiftas.  They are sold to Mugabis, who sell them to Castrum Mare.  They are sold once again at the Castrum Mare slave market to an agent of Plutonius, the Pirate King.  On the Island of the Pirate King, they work preparing food.  Tarzan, disguised as a native fisherman, comes to rescue them.  He throws them to the top of the wall and carries them to the wharf in a large fish basket.  They make it through the harbor in a dugout canoe.  The war galleys of Castrum Mare defeat the galleys of the pursuing Pirate King.
A#3.2(Boy story) Boy inadvertently mentions the diamonds, part of the treasure of Opar, to Willie Slyke, the trader.  The unscrupulous trader talks Boy into trading the diamonds for licorice candy.  Boy enlists the aid of Chako and the other baboons to help him lift the cover to the vault and carry diamonds to the floating trading post.  Tarzan discovers Boy and the baboons carrying a second load of the gems.  Confronted by Tarzan, Willie pulls a pistol on the Jungle Lord.  Boy upends Willie’s hammock as he fires.  Tarzan spanks Boy for taking the diamonds that do not belong to him.
A#3.3 Boy is at the tree house when Hanuki comes with the false message from Muviro that d’Arnot is lying injured in the Cave of the Fallen Rocks.  When Muviro comes to the tree camp he confirms that the message was false.
#57.2 (Boy Story) Boy and Dombie make small explosives out of hammered lead and gunpowder.  They intend to scare the Chacma Baboons with the harmless devices.  The baboon scares the boys into a ravine.  The baboons frighten themselves by setting off the tiny torpedoes.
#58.2 (Boy story) Boy watches Isilo, the young Waziri, win his plume and warrior status by killing an ostrich single-handed.  More ostriches come and attack.  Boy kills one with an arrow.  The birds overwhelm them.  Boy calls for Jad-bal-ja, who kills an ostrich and drives off the others.  Boy says they have all earned their plumes and warrior status.
#59.2(Boy story) Boy and Dombie go to Wandoro country to look for Tarzan, who is collecting herbs.  They ride elands to the area.  A lion attacks them.  A buffalo trees them.  The bees in the tree sting them, but they wait until a Wandoro comes to kill the beast with a poison arrow.  They ride to find Tarzan near the Mara River.
#59.3 riding an ostrich, Boy tells Tarzan that white pygmies are coming.  They tell Tarzan that Jane and Queen Ellenya have been captured by La.  Boy wants to accompany Tarzan in the rescue attempt.  Tarzan tells him to stay with the ostriches.  Boy stays with the ostriches but he brings them to the opening the leads out of the Rock of Opar.  As the Tarzan rescues the ladies, Boy greets them with the birds.  Ellenya rides with Boy to safety.
#60.2 (Boy story) Boy and Jad-bal-ja track the trapper who has captured Jad’s mate, Balja, to his animal compound outside of Nairobi.  They free Balja and the other animals.
#61.2 After Dombie is gored by a buffalo, his leg becomes infected.  Tarzan tells Boy to take Argus to the government telegraph station with a message for Dr. Louis d’Arnot to bring medicine.  Boy places a harness on Argus and delivers the message.  He waits for the doctor’s plane outside of the Waziri village.  He witnesses the doctor’s plane crash.  He finds Dr. d’Arnot hanging by his parachute in a tree.  He kills the leopard that is stalking the doctor.  He cuts Dr. d’Arnot free from his chute and leads him to the village.  When Muviro asks him how the doctor get there so quickly, Boy answers that he dropped from the sky.
#62.2 Boy and Tarzan look for the white crocodile N’kima claims to have seen.  They discover a hidden White Marble Town.  The baboons that have taken over the deserted town attack them.  Tarzan saves the baboon gund from a white crocodile.  The baboons accept them as friends.
#63 (Tarzan’s Friends - inside back cover) The text implies that Boy is nine years old.
#63.1 Boy feeds Aiglon, the new giant eagle created by Tarzan with the growth pellets.  He belongs to Boy.  Boy places a harness on Aiglon so he can get used to it.  Boy sits on Aiglon’s back.  Aiglon rips the chain loose and flies off with Boy.  They are attacked by kingbirds.   Boy swings at them with his bow.  They dive too close to a tree and tumble to the ground.  Tarzan finds Boy helping Chet Harper, an American prospector, pan for gold.  They are trapped in a box canyon.  Tarzan flies them out of canyon on Argus.  Tarzan sends Boy home with Argus and Aiglon.
#63.2 Miss Ruel escapes from her bearers who revolt and plan to sell her.  She meets up with Boy.  Boy uses the danger cry of the mangani balu to call Tarzan to their aid.  Boy helps paddle the canoe Tarzan steals from the bearers.  They avoid capture by trailing crocodile meat behind them through a herd of hippos, which attack the pursuing canoes.  Boy wears a leopard skin loincloth.
#64.2 Tarzan and Boy are traveling to visit the Ostrich Men.  They meet a band of baboons in Red Rock Canyon.  Tarzan goes to help the wounded Baboons.  Boy is captured by Tauregs, the Blue Raiders.  Tarzan gives chase.  As they ride through the canyon, the baboons rein rocks down on the raiders.  Boy is saved.  Tarzan and Boy continue their journey.
#65.2 Accompanied by Tarzan and Argus, Boy takes Aiglon on a training flight.  They find the unconscious body of the missionary James Nicholson.  Tarzan leaves Boy and Argus with the missionary as he flies Aiglon to the Ignosi Kraal for help.
#66.2 Boy discovers a dead ape.  He and Tarzan learn from a great ape tribe that Norgak has gone berserk and is killing his friends.  Boy meets Norgak on a log bridge.  Tarzan commands Boy to jump into the water.  Tarzan subdues the ape.  He has Boy bring him turtle bush berries, thorns, and inner bark.  Tarzan uses the material to operate on the ape.  He removes a bullet from Norgak’s skull.
#67.2 Boy and Tarzan track the King Leopard that has been terrorizing the area.  Boy climbs a tree, sees the leopard, and casts his spear.  He hits the wart hog kill of the leopard.  He watches Tarzan kill the King Leopard, kill its mate, and rescue Kimbo’s son from the leopard den.
#68.2 Tarzan tells Boy to stay at the tree house while he goes to see why N’kima is screaming.  N’kima returns with a message from Tarzan asking Boy to bring M’bogo, the giant buffalo.  Boy directs the buffalo to crash through the wall of the building where Tarzan is held captive.  He unties Tarzan.  They ride to home on M’bogo.
A#4.2 (Boy story) - Two boys playing cowboys and Indians tied up Boy and Dombie.  Boy calls Tarzan’s animal friends to untie them.  They in turn must save the two white boys from elephants.  They become friends.
A#4.3 Boy is with Dr. Mac when their helicopter is forced to land near an oasis because of a Touaregs bullet.  A Garth named Wheeck chases the Touaregs away.  As Dr. Mac makes repairs he tells Boy two tales about how Tarzan befriended Wheeck and how they came to this oasis.  As they leave, Boy points out Wheeck and her three children.
A#4.4 (Boy story) Boy and Dombie make a bark canoe and travel upstream to discover a lost tribe of pygmies.  Their lack of knowledge of the language causes them to become engaged to pygmy women.  The pygmies try to make Boy their king.  The witch doctor tries to force Boy to take a test in the water.  Boy and Dombie escape in the canoe.
#69.2 Boy and Dombie travel to the Nukonga Village to see what Tarzan is up to.  After an adventure with crocodiles they arrive.  They help the Nukongas carry the crocodile trap to the river.  They climb a tree to watch.  The limb they are perched on breaks and they fall into the river.  Crocodile swim towards them.  Tarzan yells at them to get into the net.  The Nukongas pull them to shore.  Tarzan figures their fear is enough punishment.
#70.2 Boy and Tarzan are force to land on and unnamed island in the Lake of the Mists.  They find a tribe of pygmies that use pygmy elephants.  They rid the island of the baboons that plague the pygmies by transporting them to the mainland.
#71.2 Boy wrestles with Kalag, the apeling.  Tarzan discovers that M’bongos have stolen Buto’s cattle.  He sends Boy for Thako, Morok, Tantor, and Jad-bal-ja.  Boy informs the apes that Tarzan wants them.  He brings Tantor and Jad.  Tarzan has Boy use the lion and elephant to chase the M’bongos out of the area.
#72.2 Tarzan gives Boy a lesson in tracking.  He saves Boy from a lion.  Tarzan uses a lion skin and Boy uses an ostrich skin to frighten the Shiftas, who believe they are genii.  The Shiftas flee the Ostrich Men.  Tarzan says that Boy has earned victory plumes.
#74 (inside back cover) Boy helps Jane pound bark into cloth.
#78.2 Boy goes to the Waziri Village to get Dombie to go fishing with him.  Dombie’s mother tells him that Dombie is missing.  Boy runs to the tree house and tells Tarzan and Jane about Dombie.  Boy takes Argus to search for his friend.  They swoop down on Tarzan who is also searching for Dombie and suspects that a thipdar has carried him off.  Tarzan sends Boy home as he flies Argus to Pal-ul-don.  Boy wears a blue skullcap.
#79.2 Boy gets Tarzan is bow and arrows as the ape-man prepares to hunt down two leopards with Buto.  Boy wants to accompany them.  Tarzan tells him, not this time.
#80.2 Tarzan brings an orphaned lion cub home.  Jane thinks they have too many pets already.  Boy wants to keep the cub.  Tarzan leaves the cub with Boy and Jane while he searches for a lioness for a cub.
A#5.3 Tarzan asks Boy to collect army ants in a jar for Dr. Mac.  He is bitten but manages to gather the ants.  N’kima informs Boy that Tarzan has been captured by Banga, the evil witch doctor.  He leads Boy to the unnamed village.  He climbs a tree over Banga.  He watches The Ordeal of the Spears and notices Banga’s bulletproof vest.  He empties the jar of ants onto Banga, thus exposing his unfair advantage in the ordeal.
A#5.5 Tarzan makes Boy a blowgun.  Boy shoots Chaka, the baboon, with the blowgun.  Tarzan shoots Boy with his blowgun to teach him a lesson.  Isilio, the Waziri tells Tarzan that invaders are attacking the Waziri Village.  Tarzan tells Boy to help Isilio find Muviro and his hunters.  Isilio saves Boy from crocodiles as they cross a river.  They take to a Baobab tree to avoid lions.  Boy shoots the lions with his blowgun. The lions fight.  Boy and Isilio escape.  They find Muviro and tell him about the invaders.  After the invaders are defeated, the Waziri want to honor Boy.  Boy leaves his blowgun outside of the village.  Chaka shoots Boy with it.  Boy chases the baboon.
#81.1 Boy is at the stone well at the tree house when d’Arnot brings the message from Dr. Henri Dumont about his being a captive in the legendary city of Mokar.  Boy wears a fez, a gold necklace, and gold armbands on his upper and lower arms.  Tarzan leaves Boy to protect his mother as he leaves with Paul to rescue the doctor.
#81.2 Boy and Dombie search a gully for a wild pig.  Two chimps take Dombie to be their balu.  Boy can’t keep up and informs Tarzan of the kidnapping.  Boy searches on Argus with Aguila.  He finds Tarzan and Dombie in a tree.  Dombie rides with Boy back home.  Boy wears a conical cap and has the same necklace and arm bracelets as in the first story.
#82.2 Boy wears the necklace and arm bracelets again.  He has a blue hat with a black feather.  He rides the ostrich Bwana M’kubwa in a hunt for a pig for supper.  A buffalo stampede drives him into a ravine where he comes upon a Nandi Bear.  He rushes home and tells Tarzan about the bear.
#83.2 Jane, Tarzan and Boy net fish for Argus when Indorro, a runner from Buto’s tribe, arrives with the news of a beast reeking havoc in their kraal.  Boy wants to accompany Tarzan as he goes to investigate.  Tarzan tells him that it is too dangerous.
#84.2 Tarzan and Boy spy a pack of wild dogs attacking a herd of zebra.  They investigate the aftermath.  Boy talks Tarzan into bringing a wounded dog home to nurse it back to help.  Boy names the African Wild Dog, Lucky.  He becomes attached to the dog after it gives birth to five pups.  They train the dogs to drive game towards them.  Boy gets upset when the dogs leave.  He talks Tarzan into tracking them.  Boy shoots an arrow at a hyena that grabs the pup he named Skippy.  The hyena charges Boy.  The hunting dogs attack and drive the hyena into a river.  Boy wears a floppy red hat during the first part of the story.
#85.2 Boy and Dombie examine Muviro’s new war canoe.  They are carried out into the river by the rising water.  They hide as they float by the Wabanda Village.  Boy hits the hands of an enemy with a paddle as he attempts to board the canoe.  The boys abandon the canoe and swim to an island.  Boy signals Tarzan by mimicking a jungle bird.  Tarzan sends the boys for Tantor.  Boy and Dombie ride Tantor as the great pachyderm overturns the Wabanda war canoe.  The boys ride behind Tarzan as Tantor pulls the canoe overland back to the Waziri Village.  Boy wears a floppy red hat.  Boy’s necklace includes a tie-like piece.  He continues to wear arm and wrist bracelets.  Ankle bracelets have been added.
#86.2 While hunting on the backs of ostriches Boy and Dombie spy a lioness dragging a wounded policeman.  Boy shoots an arrow causing sabor to chase him.  He swings into a tree.   While Boy keeps the lioness busy, Dombie rides for Tarzan’s help.  Tarzan saves Boy from sabor’s mate, which has joined her.  Boy visits with the policeman back at the tree house.  Boy has no decorative bracelets or necklaces.
#87.2 Boy and Jane accompany Captain Van Dulst in his plane as they look for Tarzan near the Gourambi Peak.  They spot Tarzan carrying a man.  They land and pick them up before the pursuing Snow Man can get them.
#89.1 Boy brings Tarzan a message that the Waziri and the Masai are having a dispute over grazing grounds.  Muviro says that there will be war if the matter is not settled.  Boy wears his bracelets.
#89.2 Boy is sans bracelets.  Boy catches a fish with Tarzan.  He accompanies Tarzan to the Pygmy Village to investigate a poison arrow that killed an ape.  He meets his friend Kalifu, and they go off to play.  Tarzan finds him with a black mustache and beard of honey.  Boy is chastised at the tree house.  He runs away to live with the pygmies.  On a hunting trip he discovers that the pygmies are in league with ivory poachers.  The Bagongo poachers capture Boy.  Tarzan and the apes rescue him.
#90.2 Tarzan praises Boy’s craftsmanship on the necklace he is making, but he also scolds him for using bird’s eggs thus taking life needlessly.  Tarzan scares a civet cat away from a bird’s nest.  Boy promises not to steal eggs.  Dombie wants to take a baby bird from a nest as a pet.  Boy thinks it is wrong.  Dombie falls and sprains his ankle.  Boy makes him a crutch.  They cannot make it home by dark.  Boy builds a fire.  Crocodiles terrify them as they migrate pass them to the river.  Tarzan and Muviro save them from the crocodiles.  Boy says he and Dombie have learned their lesson.  Boy once again wears his necklace and bracelets.  He also has a large pair of earrings.
#91.2 Tarzan, Boy and Dombie witness a glider going down in a storm.  The pilot does not want the broken plane.  Boy and Dombie repair the glider and fly it.  An aileron is not working properly, and they are forced to land in the elephant’s Secret Playground.  Boy is worried.  Elephants chase them up an anthill.  They make it to the trees.  Tarzan, mounted on Argus, picks them up and they fly home.  Boy wears earrings, bracelets, and a necklace.
# 92.1 Boy receives Tarzan’s message that he tied to Jad-bal-ja’s mane.  He flies Argus and Aguila to the city of the Inkota where Tarzan and Karen Lane mount the giant eagles and make their escape.
#92.2 Boy and N’kima are hunting.  Boy’s ostrich mysterious dies.  Boy spies fifty Kondi raiders.  He sends N’kima to find Tarzan.  Boy puts ostrich feathers on his blue hat, on his spear, and in his shorts.  He dances around.  The Kondi think he is magic.  Tarzan signals Boy to lead them into the Red Canyon.  He does and climbs to a ledge.  Tarzan, Buto, and his men stampede a herd of wild buffaloes into the canyon.  The Kondi throw spears at Boy and try to climb to get him.  They don’t succeed.  The Kondi are captured.
A#6.1 Jane, Tarzan, and Boy’s dhow is forced onto a reef during a typhoon.  Jane and Boy use gourds as floats to take refuge on a nearby island.  Boy finds a crab for breakfast.  As Tarzan explores the island, a leopard stalks Jane and Boy.  They shoot arrows at Sheetah, but it is Tarzan’s knife that kills the leopard.  They build a tree house for protection and shelter.  From the tree house, they witness an unnamed tribe coming to the island to sacrifice gorillas to a giant squid.  Tarzan rescues them.  The natives leave behind a canoe so they can get off the island.  Jane wants to stay on the island for a while.
A#6.2 Boy and Dombie build a catamaran at Lutor.  They try it out and are carried out into the lake.  Terribs pursue them.  They run aground.  The Terribs knock Dombie into the water.  The Golden Men chase off the Terribs.  They carry the boys to their city and heal Dombie.  They are told that they can never leave.  They escape on black swans.  They meet up with a crocodile boat carrying Tarzan and King Loban.
A#6.5 (Boy Story) Boy builds a bamboo trap to catch the cassavas thief.  He demonstrates it to Dombie.  Boy catches a baby gorilla in the trap.  Boy and Dombie tie up the balu.  A male gorilla chases Boy, catches him, and makes him untie the balu.  Boy rushes to the Waziri Village. The warriors do not believe him.
#93.2 Boy and Dombie have sprinkled red pepper on corn in Inanga’s shamba to trick the elephant that has been raiding the cornfield.  The enraged pachyderm smashes Inanga’s hut.  Tarzan and Muviro are very angry with the boys.
#94.2 Boy and Tarzan come upon the Van Dycks, South African pioneers.  As Tarzan, Conrad, and Jan search for a new home for them, Martje, Koert, and Boy are forced to flee from a veld (sp) fire by covered wagon.  They ride into a belt of deadly red flowers.  The mules collapse into a gully.  They all fall asleep.  From inside the valley Paul Norden rescues them from the flowers.  Tarzan swims underwater into the valley.  He builds a boat and pulls them back through the waters to safety.
#95.1 Tarzan, Jane and Boy ride ostriches.  Tarzan diverts a rhino attacking some bearer.  The rhino chases Jane and Boy to no avail because their ostriches are too fleet of foot.  Tarzan learns from the bearers about the capture of their bwanas.  Tarzan sends Jane and Boy home as he goes to rescue them.
#95.2 Tarzan and Boy search for the true Bushmen.  After a couple of close calls with a hippo and a buffalo, Boy finds an injured Bushman.  They follow his directions and bring him to some hills.  Bantus attack them.  The Bushmen bring Boy to the safety of a cave.  The Bantus attack the cave.  They trip a trap, which allows Tarzan, Boy and the Bushmen to escape to the top of the mountain.
#96.1 Boy, Jane and Tarzan watch a parachutist land near the tree house.
#96.2 Boy and Dombie build a giant kite out of parachute silk.  A storm carries them and Mimi, the chimp, off to parts unknown.  They crash into a tree.  They stumble into a village where Kifaru controls the population with chimps.  Boy and Dombie are forced to work in the gardens and to serve food to the fat Kifaru.  That night the boys escape and return to the downed kite.  Tarzan and Jane mounted on the giant eagles pick them up.
#97.2 Boy and Dombie hunt frogs.  They come upon Miboko, son of the Masai chief, who charms birds with his flutes.  They watch him call and capture a trogon.  The boys are captured by the warlike Nuramis.  Miboko plays a locust flute, which allows them to escape.  Tarzan saves them from a pursuing Nurami.  Tarzan canoes them down the river.  The Nuramis pursue them.  Tarzan throws the boys up to a rope bridge.  The Nuramis follow.  Tarzan cuts the bridge.  He takes the boys to the Masai Village.  Boy wears a red fez.
#98.2 Tarzan leaves Boy and Dombie with Tantor Abula while he hunts a man-eating lion.  The boys wander off and get lost.  Tantor Abula drives off the man-eater that is stalking them.  As night comes they take to a tree. A leopard stalks them.  Tarzan saves them.  They head home on Tantor Abula.  The boys promise to obey Tarzan.
#99.2 Boy receives a Polaroid camera from Tarzan for his eighth birthday.  He and Dombie ride Bara and Tara out on the veldt to take pictures.  Boy shoots a pride of lions and then approaches them on foot.  Dombie gets the lioness to chase him to save Boy.  Boy tracks the elands to find Dombie missing.  He and Tarzan search for and find the missing Dombie.
#100.2 Boy and Tarzan spear fish with tridents for food.  Tarzan is too late to save a mother rhino from gimla.  Boy and Tarzan bring the balu rhino to the tree house.  Boy raises the rhino he names Kifaru.  He rides and plays with the rhino.  When it reaches adulthood Tarzan is forced to return Kifaru to the wild.  Tarzan protects Jad-bal-ja from the lion hunting Inandi.  Boy rides Kifaru into the middle of the hunters, who scatter for their lives.  Tarzan says that he is proud of Boy.
#101.2 Boy travels with Tarzan to search for the missing hippo, Pinky.  Pinky smashes their canoe, and they swim to shore.  After Pinky is captured, Boy watches over the hippo tethered in the river.  When Pinky smashes an enemy canoe, Boy raises the alarm to Tarzan and the village.  Boy wears a conical yellow hat until they are dumped in the river.
#102.2 Boy warns some baboons about a leopard stalking them.  Boy and Dombie witness the baboons ripping the leopard apart.  The boys find two leopard cubs.  They decide to bring them home.  The mother leopard chases them into a river.  They cling to a rock.  N’kima alerts Tarzan to the boys’ peril.  Tarzan sends a log for them to cling to.  Tarzan pulls them a shore.  Tarzan makes them leave the cubs as they head for home.
#103.2 Boy and Dombie wear silly hats as they canoe through a tunnel.  A croc crushes their canoe, and they take to the trees.  They spy a mysterious island and a witch man canoeing away.  They build a raft and pole to the island.  A leopard guards the small temple on the island.  Inside the temple they find the costumes of the society of Leopard Men.  They bundle up the costumes and dump them in the river.  They attempt to raft back through the tunnel, but a crocodile turns their raft sideways.  They climb some vines to avoid the croc.  On a ledge they build a smoke signal.  Tarzan comes to rescue them.  Leopard Men climb the vines to reach them.  The vines give away and the Leopard Men fall.  Tarzan pulls them up to safety.
#104.2 Boy and Dombie with the ape Neeku find an airplane stuck in a tree.  They climb up to the plane.  A leopard stalks them.  Neeku accidentally starts the plane’s engine.  The leopard falls to its death, frightening some cannibals under the tree.  They leave the plane just as it crashes to the ground.  They track the plane’s owners to a water hole and warn them about the cannibals who are tracking them.  They climb up a cliff face.  Tarzan rescues them by scaring away the cannibals.
A#7.1 Tarzan, Jane, and Boy canoe on the Niger.  They find Johnny Ball and his disabled plane.  Tarzan repairs the plane.  They attempt to fly him home.  They crash near Tannalelt.  Tarzan swears allegiance for Jane and Boy to Tannalelt.  They are captured by the Gaddanes, who take over the city.  Tarzan digs down to the foggara and leads all the captives to freedom.  Jane and Boy remain with the women and children while Tarzan and the warriors retake the city.
A#7.2 Tarzan and Kobo, the animal trainer, capture a zebra colt that Kobo trains for Boy to ride.  Boy and Kobo ride into the jungle.  Lions attack them.  Boy rides the colt out into the veldt and to the safety of the herd.  Tarzan catches up to Boy and takes him home.
A#7.5 (Jane story) Boy travels to Nairobi with Jane and Tarzan.  Boy is overwhelmed by the big city.
A#7.6 (Boy story) Boy and Dombie fish from a canoe.  While hunting for guinea hens, they see a leopard stalking Jeremy Downs.  Boy kills it with his bow.  Boy gives the victory cry of the bull ape.  They canoe Jeremy back to his parent’s camp.  They take refuge on top of a wall to escape lions.  They spend the rest of the day and part of the night fending off the lions.  Jeremy’s parents come with a hunter who drives off the lions.  Boy and Dombie canoe home.
#105.2 Boy and Dombie get permission to go to the great bog to search for a white tree orchid for Jane.  They find an orchid but are trapped in the mud by a black panther.  Tarzan kills the panther and rescues them.  Their mud caked bodies protect them from a plague of locust.  Tarzan leads them to the river where Jane, Buto and Buto’s tribe hide underwater from the locust.
#106.2 Baboons raid the Waziri shamba.  Boy and Dombie drive them off.  Boy gets the idea to capture a cheetah and stake it near the shamba to keep the baboon away.  They ride their kudus to search for a cheetah.  They chase a cheetah until it drops from exhaustion.  They stuff it in a blue bag.  They build a travois to transport the cheetah back to the village.  The antelope smell the cheetah and bolts.  The antelopes leap off a ledge and into the river.  The boys tumble into the water.  Tarzan finds them safe.
#107.1 Boy, Jane and Tarzan learn about Bruce Harlowe’s missing plane over Nairobi radio.  Tarzan believes that he is downed in the Valley of Monsters.  Boy wants to go with him.  Tarzan tells him that if he does not return in three days that Boy can fly Aguila over the valley but must not land.  Towards the end of the story, Boy is present at the tree house when Tarzan receives a letter from Harlowe with the news that the scientific community does not believe his film of dinosaurs.
#107.2 Boy feels like he has to do all the work around the tree house and threatens to leave home.  Tarzan and Jane pack up his things for him.  With his gold hat, leopard skin blanket, bow and arrows, and some food Boy leaves home.  He builds himself a sleeping platform in a tree.  Unbeknownst to Boy, Tarzan watches over him and kills a leopard that is stalking him.  The next day he is unsuccessful in hunting for food.  A lion stampedes a herd of zebra towards him.  Tarzan rides in on a zebra and scoops him up.  Back at the tree house, Boy is happy to do his chores.
#108.2 Boy and Dombie go fishing on the Lake of Reeds.  They hear the native elephant hunters stampeding the herd.  Later they find a toto.  They build a shelter for the baby and track the captured mother to the kraal of the hunters.  Boy has a leaf with the Toto’s scent on it.  It attracts the mother’s attention.  They weaken the gate to the elephant pen.  The elephants smash the gate and follow the scent back to the shelter.  The mother chases off a lion and breaks down the shelter.  Tarzan comes to bring the boys home.
#109.2 Boy uses a Full Nelson on Dombie and then teaches him how to apply the hold.  After admiring Teena’s necklace, the boys ride Bara to the Fire Mountain to collect gemstones so Boy can make a necklace for Jane.  They gather two pouch full on stones.  Two natives rob them.  They use the Full Nelson on the natives.  The volcano erupts and they are trapped on a ledge by lava flows.  Tarzan uses a liana rope to reach the boys.  Boy can go hand over hand on the rope to safety.  Tarzan carries Dombie on his back across the rope.
#110.2 while on a fishing trip Boy and Tarzan are forced by a storm to land on Pirate Island.  Boy takes a nap on the beach.  He is awakened by the cry of kreegah and a rifle shot.  He learns from Kalah, an ape, that Tarzan has been shot.  He finds the unconscious Tarzan and has Kalah bring him to a safe place.  After Tarzan has revived, they search for the mutineers who shot him.  Tarzan knocks out the leader with a cocoanut.  Boy swoops up the would-be pirate’s rifle and holds the mutineers at bay.  They take the mutineers to their schooner to transport them to the port authority.
#111.2 Boy and Dombie practice on the stilts that the Stork Men gave to Tarzan.  They decide to don the stork costumes and fish in the river.  They have no luck and go to the tree house near the river to store the costumes and stilts.  From the tree house they see Muganda warriors approaching.  The boys hear them plan to attack the Waziri Village.  They wait until dark and use the costumes and stilts to sneak past the Muganda sentries and make it to the village.  They warn Muviro who does not recognize the boys.  Muviro raises the alarm.  The boys walk to the Waziri cattle herders.  They tell them that Muviro wants them to drive the cattle across the river.  They go to get a lion skin.  The herders drive the cattle across the river.  Boy and Dombie wave the lion skin in the air.  The herd stampedes into the Muganda camp and drives them into the river where the Waziri are ready for them.  Tarzan discovers them.  They confess their deeds and ask Tarzan to keep their secret.  Tarzan has them hide the costumes and stilts at the tree house.
#112.2 Boy and Dombie ride antelopes.  Boy helps Tarzan cut a giraffe loose from a log trap.  Tarzan sends the boys to search for other animals caught in traps.  They see elephants caught in a ring of firetrap.  They are headed for a cliff.  The boys lead the elephants down a path to safety.  A Wagambi knob stick knocks Boy off of Tantor’s back.  The boys hold off the Wagambi hunters with their bows until Tarzan and the Waziri can rescue them.  Boy and Dombie wear wide brimmed funnel-like hats with a black feather.  They lose the hats when the Wagambi attack.
No. 25 (Boy’s and Dombie’s Yo whistles - cut out).
No. 25  (Dot to dot - “Boy Loses His Target.”)
No. 25.1 - Boy, Jane, and Tarzan fish for food for Argus.  Tarzan gets word that Muviro is ill and leaves on the giant eagle.  The Wabuna attack in the hopes of capturing Jane and Boy.  They escape in a canoe, but the Wabuna pursue them in a faster canoe.  Jane steers the canoe into the Red Gorge.  The Wabuna are afraid to follow.  Jane steers the craft to an island in front of the falls.  Argus and Aguila rescue them from the island.  They fly the eagles in search of Tarzan.  They find him safe with the Wise One.  Boy wears a true loincloth.
No. 25.2 (Jane Story) Jane and Boy free a manu caught in a monkey trap.  They suspect that N’kima also has been caught in a trap and sold to the pet merchant.  Jane sends Boy to the Waziri kraal to see if they know anything about N’kima.
No. 25.3 (Boy Story) Tarzan gives Boy a danger whistle.  Boy and Dombie decide to go fishing.  After a series of near escapes from a crocodile, a leopard, and a hippo, Dombie stumbles onto a sleeping ape.  The ape grabs the boys and shakes them.  The ape takes Boy’s whistle and chases them to the edge of a cliff.  Boy and Dombie climb down a vine.  The ape follows them and accidentally blows the whistle.  The ape repeatedly blows the whistle.  Tarzan hears the signal and comes to the rescue.  The ape-man drops the ape into the trees below.  Tarzan says that he will make Boy another whistle.
#113.2 Boy and Tarzan train the giant otters, Zip and Zoom.  Terribs are reported in the area.  Tarzan leaves Zoom with Boy as he goes to search for them with Zip.  Boy takes Zoom to the Waziri Village.  They go fishing with Dombie.  A Terribs snatches Dombie underwater.  Boy and Zoom dive in to attempt a rescue.  The Terribs releases Dombie when Zoom approaches.  Boy drags Dombie to the surface and administers artificial respiration.  Tarzan and the Waziri drive the Terribs downriver and over the falls.  Boy wears a loincloth.
#114.2 Tarzan makes Boy and Dombie a sailing scooter, which they take out onto the dry lakebed.  The wind dies and a tornado approaches.  Boy straps them to the mast.  The tornado carries them to the mountains.  The parachute opens and takes them further away.  Bat Men attack them.  Boy uses arrows to drive them away.  They crash into a river and are forced to cut away the chute.  They make it to shore and the scooter drifts away.  They climb into the mountains.  They are hopelessly lost.  Tarzan comes on Argus to rescue them.
#115.2 Boy rides Kobu, the waterbuck into the council of chiefs.  One of Kobu’s horns bursts one of the air filled bladders on the witch doctor, Faloka’s knees.  The next day Faloka accuses the waterbuck of killing his chief, Katumu.  Boy tries to defend Kobu.  A trial by combat is set up between Kobu and Faloka.  Boy tells Kobu that Faloka is his enemy and will try to kill him.  Kobu wins the trial.
#116.2 Boy and Dombie wear conical caps while hunting.  Boy and Dombie find an elephant gun and cartridge belt near a dead Bambori and a dead rhino.  The boys decide to keep the weapon at Dombie’s house.  Two leopards attack them.  Dombie shoots a leopard but is knocked out by the recoil.  Boy throws the cartridge belt at the other leopard.  It encircles the leopard.  This gives Boy enough time to retrieve the rifle and shoot the leopard.  The recoil also knocks out Boy.  When they wake the rifle is gone.  They tell Tarzan what happened.  Tarzan tells Boy that he sounds like N’kima.
#117.2 Boy and Dombie find a lost native woman and child in the forest.  They build them a boma and go for food.  They go to the M’bulu Village and ask for milk and food.  The M’bulu trick them into a hut and lock the door.  The M’bulu want the boys to force the Waziri to help them against the Masai.  They are given food.  That night, they escape through the roof.  As they approach the boma, a lion roars.  Dombie climbs a tree.  Boy takes Dombie’s spear and enters the boma.  The lion leaps the boma to be killed by Tarzan’s spear.  Boy and Dombie help carry the woman and the child a back to her husband.
#118.2 Boy and Dombie are carrying their kill of a pig home when two lions confront them.  Nama, the Hottentot trader, frightens off the lions with his shotgun.  The boys camp with Nama.  Boy spears a crocodile that tries to get one of Nama’s buffaloes.  Nama gives Boy a new spear and a mouth organ.  He gives Dombie a knife.  The boys leave but witness the Lebombos headed Nama’s way.  They run and tell Tarzan.  The boys and Tarzan ride elephants to chase off the robbers.  Boy leaves with Tarzan on Tantor.  Dombie rides with Nama to the Waziri Village.
No. 37.1 Boy accompanies Tarzan and Jane on their giant eagle to Kroo Maun for healing plants.  They stop along the way to fish for the eagles.  Boy spears a fish for Aguila.  The next fish pulls Boy under.  He loses his knife so he can’t cut his spear rope free.  He is dragged deeper.  Tarzan dives in and cuts him free.  As the Slinger make their way to the Half Moon Lake, Boy flies Aguila as air cover to look for Hairy Giants.  He signals Tarzan when the giants are spotted.  The Slingers turn the giants away.  At the lake, Boy again flies as a spotter.  He spies the giants sneaking up and alerts Tarzan.  Tarzan has Boy fly Argus to delay the approach of the giants.  Back at the Slingers village Tarzan has them place fire beacons in tree platforms in case of a night attack by the giants.  When the giants attack, Boy lights the beacon fire.  Boy lights Tarzan’s arrows in the firepot so he can shoot them into the giants’ straw shields.  After the battle they fly back to the Waziri Village.
No. 37.4 (Boy Story) Boy learns from the Waziri drums that Dombie is missing.  He rides a zebra to the Waziri chief, who won’t attack the Wabangi for fear that they will kill his grandson.  Boy has the Waziri paint him with zebra stripes.  The stripes help him sneak into the Wabangi camp.  He attempts to cut Dombie free from the tree but is discovered and must run away.  Tarzan saves him from the Wabangi.  Tarzan stampedes the Waziri cattle through the Wabangi camp and returns the boys to the Waziri.
#119.2 Boy and Dombie take the balloons they got from the trader to an out of the way tree house.  They paint faces on the balloons with night shinning paint.  They attach whistles to the end of them so that they fly around the room making noise.  They decide to scare the Waziri with them.  On their way home two Batukos capture them.  The Batuko plan to use them to force Tarzan to do their bidding.  They canoe the boys upriver away from their homeland to fool the ape-man.  They camp for the night.  Boy manages to get his knife out of his waistband and free himself.  He frees Dombie.  They wrap the sleeping rolls around them and blow up balloons.  With the balloon heads sticking out of the bedrolls they wake the Batuko and demand to know what happen to the captives.  The Batukos are frightened and then terrified as the heads scream and fly through the air.  The sight of new heads growing up in the rolls is too much for them.  They flee for their lives.  The boys take the Batuko canoe back home.
#120.2 Tarzan gives Boy permission to stay overnight at the Waziri Village.  Boy helps Dombie build an elephant alarm.  They string it up at the shamba to frighten off the rouge that has been brothering the cornfield.  They fall asleep on the raised platform.  The rouge comes.  Dombie tries to sound the alarm.  The elephant gets the alarm tangled around its tusks.  The rouge tramples the corn before the Waziri can run him off.  The next day the boys search for the pieces of the alarm.  Pygmies have found some of the metal pieces.  They return them to Dombie when told that they belong to them.  Boy has an idea and makes a deal with the pygmies if they kill the rouge they can have the metal.  They track the elephant.  The pygmies sneak up close to the elephant.  Dombie sneezes.  The rouge turns on the pygmies.  Many spears are cast but the rouge is not slowed.  Boy’s arrow brings down the rouge.  The pygmies give Boy the elephant’s tail.  Boy gives the pygmies the elephant meat.  Two days later the pygmies bring two tusks to Boy.  Boy tells them that they can keep them.  Tarzan wants to know what that was about.  Boy explains.  Tarzan says that he is proud of him.
#121.2 Tarzan sends Boy and Dombie to find Plenty, the tame white rhino, to help bolster up a tree that threatens to fall on the corral.  The boys ride antelopes out onto the veldt.  They find signs that the Bangwa has captured Plenty.  When the find the truck tracks, Boy sends Dombie to tell Tarzan.  Boy track the truck and catches up to them when the truck has some mechanical problems.  Boy leaps in the back of the truck as it takes off.  He cuts Plenty loose and directs the rhino to break the back gate.  Boy leaps on the rhino’s back.  The truck stops and the white hunter aims his rifle at Boy.  Boy turns Plenty around and has the rhino charge into the truck.  The truck is ruined.  Boy rides Plenty home.
#122.2 Boy and Dombie build a dugout canoe to give to Kasana, the cliff dwellers.  The Kasana are plagued by the Bangas so that they cannot hunt.  They ask Tarzan to donate the seine net he made so the Kasana can catch fish.  Tarzan says that they must show them how to use it.  He helps the boys load the canoe onto the cart pulled by two buffaloes.  He warns them about the Bangas.  They walk for a long time.  The rains have made the road muddy so they take a wadi that takes them close to Banga territory.  The Bangas spot them and give chase.  They are force to drive the cart over a ledge into the river.  They paddle to the Kasana Village.  They show Unyoke, the chief, the net.  Boy offers to show his people how to use it.  Dombie watches over the buffaloes as Boy take a few Kasana out in the canoe.  Boy shows them how to set the net in a circle.  A storm forces them to return to shore.  As they land the Bangas approach.  They head up into the cliffs.  They fight from a higher position, but the Bangas keep climbing.  A lightning strike hits in front of the Banga chief.  The Bangas head for shelter of the bush.  After the storm, Boy and the Kasana return to the net.  There so many fish that they must pull the net to the shore to bring them all in.  The Kasana are grateful for the net.  Boy tells them that the canoe is for them also.  Boy and Dombie ride the buffaloes home.
#123.2 Boy and Jad-bal-ja search for the missing Dombie.  They follow the scent to Kisumu’s Kraal.  He does not believe the chief or the witch doctor.  He decides to sleep in the lion’s hut and continue searching in the morning.  He sleeps with Jad.  A lion wakes him.  He finds Tarzan has subdued the witch doctor who came to kill Boy in his sleep.  They find Dombie and return home.  The witch doctor is to be punished by the Waziri.
No. 51.1 Jane, Tarzan and Boy search for the missing Captain Smith on the giant eagles.  They land near River Bushmen and befriend them.  Lechwe guides Tarzan towards the Tree of Ages.  Jane and Boy follow three days later and find Tarzan with Captain Smith.  They fly back to the tree house.
#124.2 after an earthquake Boy and Dombie take an abandon canoe of the Wakinda to investigate why the lake is draining.  They are sucked into a cavern where they discover an ancient steamboat.  Dombie is frightened.  Boy takes an elephant tusk as a souvenir.  Tarzan paddles them to safety before another quake closes the entrance to the cavern.
No. 51.2 (Boy Story) Buto, Boy, Dombie and Jad-bal-ja come across an antelope caught in a vine snare.  They release the animal and have Jad trail the poachers.  They come to a huge boulder blocking a tunnel.  Buto rolls the stone away and enters the tunnel.  The boys and Jad remain behind.  They hear the sounds of fighting.  Jad accidentally rolls the stone back in place.  The boys climb the mountain and watch Buto undergo the Ordeal of Mumbo.  The boys figure Buto will need help to get out.  They climb down the mountain.  They have Jad push the boulder away from the tunnel.  The boys and Jad enter the area.  A poacher pulls away a branch and a stone rolls over the entrance.  Buto grabs the axe and smashes the stone.  They go home.
#125.2 When Tarzan falls in the pit trap, he sends Boy and Dombie for help.  The boys outdistance the Bakongos.  They are delayed by a flash flood.  They arrive at Imanga’s Kraal on their antelopes in time to refute the Bakongos false claims about the Waziri.  Boy goes with the Imanga to rescue Tarzan from the Bakongos.  The Bakongos drop Tarzan into the river.  Boy jumps in and gives Tarzan his knife to cut himself free.  Tarzan is grateful to Boy for saving him.
#126.1 Boy is present when Jane informs Tarzan that Chinga hunters have captured the family of Cheeloo, the chimpanzee.
#126.2 Tarzan grounds Boy for a week for tying a cowbell to Jad-bal-ja’s tail.  He goes for fruit with Chulkat, the ape.  They flee from a leopard.  Boy goes to Mobuko’s Kraal where Tarzan is.  He sleeps in a tree over the kraal.  The leopard trails him there.  Boy swings out on a vine.  The leopard leaps and falls through the roof of a hut.  Tarzan saves Boy by killing the leopard.  They head for home.  Boy tells Jad-bal-ja that he is sorry.
#127.2 Boy and Dombie disguise themselves as monkeys to rescue Tarzan, who they believe is about to be sacrificed by the Bageena tribe.  They fly Argus and Aguila to the mountain village.  They rush in and cut loose the victim to discover that it is not Tarzan.  The witch doctor discloses their disguise.  Tarzan flies in on the giant eagles to rescue them.
#128.2 Boy and Dombie’s tree house is carried out to sea by a tidal wave.  They are saved from a giant squid because the squid grabs Prickly, the porcupine.  They are saved from capture by a pirate ship by a squid attacking the pirate dhow.  Tarzan and Muviro save them from yet another squid attack.  They ride home in the canoe.
#129.1 Boy and Dombie accompany Tarzan and Arthur Smythe in search for a new species of apes.  Boy and Dombie build a shelter.  A female ape grabs Boy to replace her lost balu.  Boy bides his time for an escape.  The ape takes him to the Caverns of Kor.  Tarzan comes to rescues him but is temporarily thwarted by the males.  When Tarzan finds the missing balu, he and Boy manage to escape from the cave.
#129.2 Boy fishes with Fluke, the dolphin.  Boy spears a fish and puts it on shore.  A shark threatens him.  Fluke hit’s the shark with its nose.  Boy stabs the shark.  The spear handle hits Boy on the head and stuns him.  Fluke carries Boy to the surface.  Boy rides Fluke to shore and tells Tarzan that Fluke saved his life twice.
#129.3 Tarzan and Boy witness a running gun battle between the Aulihans and the Marehans.  Tarzan helps the wounded Sheik Abdurra.  The sheik worries that his brother, Gumburu, will grab the Armor of Suleiman, thus grabbing power of the tribe.  Tarzan sends Boy with the antelopes to bring word to the Sheik’s son, Serenli, to retrieve the armor.  Boy and Serenli ride antelopes to the mountains.  They outdistance Gumburu and his men.  In the mountains Tarzan thwarts the evil uncle and his men.  Tarzan and Boy take charge of the prisoners.  Sheik Abduura presents Boy with a golden necklace, a replica of the Armor of Suleiman.
#130.2 (Boy story) N‘kima alerts Boy about two ostriches approaching.  Boy realizes that it is two hunters with poison arrows.  He gets Tantor out of harm‘s way.  That night Boy directs Tantor and his herd to capture the natives and destroy their equipment.  Boy releases the natives with the warning not to hunt elephants in Tarzan country.
#130.3 Tarzan tells Boy to increase the size of the corral holding Knobby, the giraffe.  Jane sends Boy and Dombie to fetch goat‘s milk and eggs from a neighboring village.  When the boys return, Knobby has escaped.  They ride ostriches to search for the giraffe.  Boy saves Knobby from a leopard attack with a shot from his sling.  Dombie saves Boy from the leopard with a similar shot.  Boy saves Dombie from the leopard with a third shot.  They find Knobby with a giraffe herd.  On their way home the leopard attacks again.  Dombie sling stone hits the leopard.  Dombie‘s ostrich kills the leopard.  They ride home.
#131.2 Boy tries to release N’kima from a monkey trap but a Baluga trapper hauls him away.  He and Dombie follow the trapper to an island.  As the natives dance, the boys free N’kima from the cage.  The Balugas chase them.  Boy releases N’kima.  They sneak into the witch doctor’s hut and don porcupine skins.  They use the disguises to reach the lake.  N’kima joins them.  The Balugas pursue them in canoes.  Tarzan tips over the canoes.  They go home with Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 3+4+5+6+7+8+9+11+14.1+16.1+16.2+17.1+19.1+22.1+22.2+24.1+25.1+30+ 31.1+A 1.2+A 1.3 +A 1.4 +38.2 +41.1 +44.1 +45.2 +A2.3 +46.2 +47.2 +47.3 +A2.1 +48.3 +49.1 +49.2 +50.1 +50.2+51.1+51.2+52.2+52.3+53 - splash page “Boy’s Pet’s - gecko+53.2 (Boy story)+53.3+54.2  (Boy story) +55.2 (Boy Story) +56.2 (Boy story) +A#3.1 + A#3.2(Boy story) +A#3.3 + 57.2 (Boy Story)+58.2 (Boy story) +59.2 (Boy story) +59.3 +60.2 (Boy story) +61.2 +62.2+63 (Tarzan’s Friends - inside back cover)+63.1+63.2+64.2+65.2+66 (inside back cover)+66.2+67.2+68.2+A#4.2 (Boy story) +A#4.3 +A#4.4(Boy story)+ #69 (splash page)+69.2+70.2+71.2+72.2+74 (inside back cover) +78.2 +79.2 +80.2+A#5.3+A#5.5+A#5 (Boy and Dombie cutout - splash page)+A#5 (JungleTheater)+A#5 (Spiny Pets - hedgehog - inside back cover) +81.1+ 81.2+82.2+83.2+84.2+85 (“The Wart Hog” - splash page) +85.2 +86.2+#87.2 +89.1 +89.2+90.2+91.2+92 (splash page - “Boy’s Friend, the Shrew)+92.1+92.2+A#6 (splash page - “Jungle Carpenters”) +A#6.1+A#6.2 (Boy Story)+A#6.5 (Boy story) +93.2 +94.2 +95.1 +95.2 +96.1 +96.2 +97.2 +98.2 +99.2 +100.2 +101.2 +102 (Splash page - “Boy Visits a Small Jungle Friend”) +102.2+103.2+104.2+ A#7.1 +A#7.2 +A#7.5 (Jane story) +A#7.6 (Boy story)+ 105.2+106.2+107.1+107.2+108 (splash page - ‘Jungle Feast’) +108.2 +109.2 +110.2 +111.2+112.2+No. 25+No. 25.1+No. 25.2 Jane Story)+No. 25.3 (Boy Story)+113.2+114.2+115.2+116.2+117.2+118 (inside back cover “Better than Boy) +118.2 +No. 37 (Cut Out - “Ready for the Hunt”)+No. 37 (Game - “Boy and Dombie Net the Lion”)+No. 37 (back cover)+No. 37.1+No. 37.4 (Boy story) +119.2 +120.2 +121.2 +122.2 +123.2 +No. 51 (Game) +No. 51 (color by numbers) +No. 51 (back cover) +No. 51.1+124.2+No. 51.2 (Boy story) +125.2 +126.1+126.2+127 (splash page)+127.2+128.2+129.1+129.2+129.3+130.2+130.3+131.2

Brant Torrey  --  #73.2 White hunter and guide.  He canoes into Tarzan’s territory to enlist the ape-man’s aid in finding Tom Lindon, the missing American photographer.  He believes that Lindon went to Roaring Gorge to photograph the Chacma baboons.  Tarzan convinces him to leave his rifle behind.  The baboons believe that they are there to steal balus like Lindon did.  The baboons force them to dive into the water, where they discover the stranded missing American, who had saved the baby from the water.  Tarzan guides Lindon’s canoe out of the rapids and onto the rocks.  They return the balu and leave the area.  He smokes a pipe and wears a blue baseball cap until they dive into the water.
#74.2 Brant accompanies Tarzan and the photographer, Tom Lindon, to the Valley of Towers.  As Lindon uses a lean-to shelter on a tower to photograph the Winged Men, Brant and Tarzan are down below to protect him.  Lindon leaves the shelter and is spotted by the Winged Men.  Tarzan stops Brant from using his rifle on the attacking Winged Men because there are too many of them.  Tarzan rescues Lindon and reunites him with Brant.
 Dell Number  -- 73.2+74.2

Brenhilda  -- fair lady of Hal Hogarth (not seen)
 Dell Number  -- 13.1

British royal air force personnel  -- Two unnamed British royal air force personnel investigate a new volcano rising from a lake.  One is a captain.  They are lead by Major Gorham.  An eruption causes the wings to catch fire and the plane crashes.  They make it to a rubber life raft.  They witness a dinosaur killing a duck billed dinosaur.  They are attacking by the Terribs.  Tarzan in a crocodile boat of the Lutorians saves them.  They take the British to Lutor.  At a feast King Loban offers them positions in his navy.  Major Gorham politely refuses and says they must return to England.  Tarzan guides them across the interior of Pal-ul-don.  They are attacked by Dinohyus.  The Major futilely fires his pistol at the beast.  Tarzan kills it.  Joh-rah comes with his Dyal riders.  They transport them across the Great Thorn Desert to a desert airstrip.  The Major says that he will not mention Pal-ul-don because no one would believe them.
 Dell Number  -- 112.1

British Commissioner, Nairobi  -- He sends a message to Tarzan to come to Nairobi.  (His signature is difficult to decipher on the note.  It looks like Richard K. --a?)  He is bald with gray hair and mustache.  He offers Tarzan a cigarette.  He wants Tarzan’s help in dealing with a Secret Society that is killing Europeans and natives who are sympathetic to Europeans.  Tarzan promises to investigate the matter.
 Dell Number  -- 50.3

British oil executive  -- A British oil executive receives the report that two of his oil prospectors are missing.  He offers a reward for finding them.
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

British police  --Tarzan turns the recaptured Kabarounga over to the British police at an airstrip near the Hill of Caves.  One of the policemen is a lieutenant.  They are impressed that Tarzan captured him.  They fly the evil Kabarounga back to his island of exile.
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

brontosaurus  --  #36 (Jungle World) as big as five elephants, from the lost land of Pal-ul-don.
#49.3 As Tarzan and Dr. Mac attempt to leave the Valley of Monsters, a brontosaurus tail brushes over their heads.  Tarzan states that the creature is a hundred feet long.  They witness a brontosaurus holding its own against a Garth.
A#5.1 Tarzan passes a Brontosaur (sp.) in the Great Thorn Desert on his way to Tohr to rescue Ta-den.
#107.1 As Tarzan leads Bruce Harlowe out of the Valley of Monsters they pass a brontosaurus.
 Dell Number  -- 36 (Jungle World)+49.3+A#5.1+107.1

Brothers of the Barracuda  -- Sea Arabs.  (See: Arabs)
 Dell Number  --  A2.5

Bruce Harlowe  -- famous American writer and photographer.  His plane goes missing in a mysterious valley.  Tarzan learns of his plight by Nairobi radio and goes to search for him.  From inside the crevice of a cliff he films Tarzan killing a Tyrannosaurus Rex with an arrow.  The overweight Harlowe wears a white safari hat with a leopard skin band.  He thinks Tarzan is a primitive man.  He has heard of Tarzan but believed that he was a myth.  Tarzan starts to lead him out of the valley.  They pass dinosaurs and must flee from two garths.  Tarzan disposes of the garths.  Tarzan has him climb up the mountain chimney.  During a rest break, Harlowe throws a rock, awaking Pteranodons.  They are almost doomed when a helicopter approaches and frightens off the Pteranodons.  The helicopter picks them up and brings them to safety.  Harlowe is confident that his film will enlighten the world.  Months later in his letter to Tarzan, he admits that the ape-man was right.  The scientific community believes the film is a fraud.
 Dell Number  -- 107.1

Bruce Norton  -- He is an anthropologist from England, who was captured eight years ago by the Hokyus at the headwaters of the Mangowari River.  He sends messages on copper bands strapped to storks in hopes of rescue.  His father, Harvey, got a hold of one of the messages and goes to Africa.  Tarzan and Korak, the great ape, take Harvey to the Hokyus Village, where they are captured and thrown in with Bruce.  Bruce explains the Hokyus culture to them.  Tarzan plans their escape.  Korak accidentally fires Harvey’s pistol, which alerts the Hokyus to the escape attempt.  They use a canoe to escape over the dam.
 Dell Number  -- 51.3
 Novel  --   MMa - Norton, ensign on the Barsoom; GF - Norton, bank president.

Brule  -- god of the Cat Men of Crater Lake.  Referred to as the ‘Flaming God.’  It is the fire coming up from a small volcano in the middle of Crater Lake, which the Cat Men have carved into a temple to their god.  The Cat Men perform human sacrifices to Brule.  Exactly how these sacrifices are performed is unknown.
 Dell Number  -- 38.1

Brutus  Augustus  --  Imperator of the lost legion.  Also known as Brutus the Cruel.  He has usurped power and imprisoned the rightful ruler, Marcus Junius.  He has Tarzan and d’Arnot sent to the gladiator arena.  They escape during a total solar eclipse.  Later, Tarzan with the aid of Urchak, a mangani, captures Brutus and the rightful ruler is restored to power.  We do not know Brutus’ fate.
 Dell Number  -- 14.1
 Novel -- LE - (Validus Augustus, paranoid emperor of Castrum Mare who has
Erich von Harben sent to the gladiatorial games.  Gabula, Von Harben’s servant assassinates him.)

Brutus Sanguinarius  -- Emperor of Castra Sanguinarius.  On his birthday he has gladiatorial and other games performed in the arena.  Tarzan leaps into the arena and has the baboons and captives from Castrum Mare follow him.  They charge the emperor’s box.  Tarzan picks up the Imperator and carries him to the galley Tribune Rufus has waiting to pick up the captives.
 Dell Number  -- 58.3

Budango  -- cannibal chief who capture Emma and Phil.  He makes Phil teach him how to fly    the ‘bird machine.’  While flying by himself, Tarzan manages to board.  The chief stalls the engine, and they struggle.  The chief, thinking the ground is close, jumps to his death.
 Dell Number  -- 14.2

buffalo  --  #24 (back cover diorama from the American Museum of Natural History)
#A2.2 The Gallugos keep wild buffaloes in the area between their two fences as protection against the cannibals.  One attacks Tarzan.  Tarzan breaks it by riding it like a bucking bronco.  The Gallugo army use buffaloes as mounts.  The Gallugos practice riding and spearing a ring as the buffalo butts a dummy.  They have one thousand buffalo soldiers.
#46.1 the preferred mount of the Gallugos.  A saber-toothed beast stampedes them into a battle between the Terribs and the Cathneans.  Their appearance turns the tide of the battle.  Tarzan rides one into the battle with the saber-toothed beast.
#56.3 Tarzan, Princess Tee Anna, and the Gallugos hunt for wild boar on buffaloes.  Tee Anna is thrown from her mount by a wild boar.  Tarzan spears horta from the back of his buffalo.  Torodons drop from the trees and dispatch their Gallugos riders.  They take both the men and buffaloes to their camp.  They force the Gallugos to fence the buffaloes in the canyon.  The Torodons steal more of the Gallugos buffaloes.  Tarzan causes a stampede by waving a lion skin.  The buffaloes crash through the pen and are returned to the Gallugos.
A#3.5 Tarzan and Jo-rah witness a Garth killing and eating a buffalo.
#57.1 King Gallu offers Tarzan the choice of his finest riding bulls as thanks for his recapturing the buffaloes form the Torodons.  Tarzan chooses a calf that he will train and give growth pellets.  It will become known as Gorgo.
#59.2 (Boy story) Boy and Dombie are treed by a buffalo.  They have to wait until a Wandoro comes along and kills the buffalo with a poison arrow.
#61.2 As Tarzan, Boy, and Dombie are hunting wild boar, a buffalo charges out of a thicket.  Dombie is thrown from his eland.  The buffalo gores Dombie.  Tarzan grabs the buffalo’s horns and snaps its neck.
#66.1 as part of Tarzan’s plan to oust the Talking Gorillas from Old Athne, the Gallugos load the gourds filled with sleeping potion in nets and place them on the backs of buffaloes.  Some gourds are left empty to aid the buffaloes crossing the Great Swamp.  As the Gallugos pass close to the gorilla city, they are attacked.  The Gallugos drop their loads and retreat with the buffaloes.  The gorillas take the bait.
A#4.1 King Jathon fears his buffalo herds will be subject to attack by the Talking Gorillas.  Gortak, the gund of the Bolgani, uses some of his army to ride buffaloes to attack Cathne.  This is a diversionary tactic to draw the Cathnean chariots out of the city, while the main force of gorillas scales the walls.
#69.1 Tarzan and Tantor pass some buffaloes as they trail the hunter, Carne, in Kenya Country.
#71.1 The Gallugos ride buffaloes against the excess Cathnean lions that are plaguing their city.  The lions and buffaloes are evenly matched.  Tarzan and Gorgo turn the tide against the lions.
A#5.6 (Non-Tarzan Story) Buffaloes lose two calves to lions.  The buffalo leader, M’bogo, forces the lion to a kopje.  Later, lions attack the buffaloes.  M’bogo leads the herd against them.  Again they are driven to the top of the kopje.
#81.2 A buffalo flees from the grass fire.
#82.2 - a Nandi Bear stampedes M’bogo’s buffaloes.  Boy, mounted on the ostrich, Bwana M’kubwa, manages to avoid the stampede.
#88.1 Tarzan and Buto ride wild buffaloes.  They take shelter from a dust storm.  The buffaloes leave when a detachment of askaris approaches.  After the attack by Shiftas, Tarzan and Buto find their buffalo mounts and trail the Shiftas to their Treasure Room.
#92.2 Tarzan has Boy lead the Kondi raiders into the Red Canyon in hopes of getting cattle.  Tarzan, Buto and his men stampede a herd of wild buffalo into the canyon.  The raiders abandon their weapons to climb the walls of the canyon.  The Kondi are captured.
A#6.4 Prince Rotan rides a saddled buffalo to find Tarzan.  Two lions attack the buffalo.  Tarzan kills one of the lions.  The other runs off.  Tarzan heals the Prince’s buffalo with medicinal leafs.  They ride their buffaloes to the rim of the Canyon of Night.
#95.2 A buffalo charges Tarzan and Boy.  Tarzan sends Boy into a hole.  He leaps onto a tree branch, which breaks.  Tarzan lands on the buffalo’s back.
#103.1 The Gallegos ride buffaloes as they approach the temporary camp of the displaced Cathneans.  Tarzan came to make peace between the Gallegos and the Cathneans.  A gorilla army attacks them.  The Gallegos ride their buffaloes into the attack and defeat the bolgani with the help of the Cathneans.
#111.1 the white buffalo, Tar-gund, leads the herd.  Tar-gund catches Tarzan’s scent and stampedes the herd into the Kolumbwe who are attacking the Luemba fishing village.  A buffalo kills one of the Kolumbwe raiders.  The herd smashes many of the Kolumbwe canoes as they race across the river.   Later, the herd is following the gund when Tarzan leaps on Tar-gund’s back.
#114.1 The Wakembi tribe raise buffaloes and ride them.  When Tarzan approaches their kraal, Kolulu is riding a buffalo.  The Gahinga tribe starts a grass fire that stampedes the Wakembi herd.  Tarzan and Kolulu manage to turn the herd away from the kraal.  As the Gahinga moves in for the kill, Tarzan and Kolulu charge the herd into the Gahingas, thus defeating them.  Tarzan and the Wakembi ride and drive their herd of buffalo into the Valley of Lions.  The lions attack but the buffaloes are too much for them.  The lions flee the area.
 Dell Number  -- 24+A2.2+46.1+56.3+A#3.5 57.1+59.2(Boy story)+61.2+66.1+A#4.1+69.1+71.1+A#5.6 (Non-Tarzan story) +81.2 +82.2 +88.1 +92.2 +A#6.4 +95.2 +103. 1+111.1+114.1

Bukoni  -- A Waziri warrior who has his hunt spoiled when a tiny parachute frightens a zebra.  The parachute contains a message.  He brings it to Tarzan and the tree house.
 Dell Number  -- A2.1

bulbul  -- (any bird of tropical Old World family) N’kibi, the pet merchant, tries to sell Jane a bulbul.
  Dell Number  -- No. 25.2 (Jane Story)

Bull  -- one of the gangsters who holds Prince Ta-den in the stone tower outside of A-lur.  They are considering staying to control Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan with the help of Om-at and the Waz-dons frees Ta-den and drives the gangster out.  He is killed when the escape plane bumps into a gryf and crashes in a lake.
 Dell Number  -- 16.1

bullock  -- A lion brings down a bullock.  Rudatara wants the lion to attack him so that he can face the lion test.  The lion leaves its kill and the area.
 Dell Number  -- 96.1

Bu-lot  -- Prince of To-lur, son of Dak-lot the king of To-lur.  He teases Boy calling him round ears.  (The people of Pal-ul-don have pointed ears.)
 Dell Number  -- 9
 Novel  --TTe - “Moon Face” (Pal).  A Ho-don nobleman, son of the chief who  wanted him to give his daughter, O-la-a, to King Ko-tan to appease his ambitions.  Bu-lot killed Ko-tan in a drunken rage thus setting off  a civil war.  Later Tarzan killed Bu-lot.

Bumbak  --  caveman (possibly a Tor-o-don) who fights with his companions, Ungoff and Angak over possession of Queen Elaine, who they have captured.  Tarzan knocks Ungoff and Bumbak’s heads together, rendering them unconscious.
 Dell Number  -- 35

Bundroc  -- chief of the cave men in Pal-ul-don.  He claims La when Aroc brings her to the    valley.  Tarzan fights and defeats him.  Bundroc falls off the edge of a cliff.  This makes Tarzan their chief.
 Dell Number  -- 15.1

Bundwala  -- fierce tribe lead by N’glopi.  They attack Carla Mason’s camera safari.  The   porters desert their fallen kali-bwana.  Tarzan snatches the woman from them and takes her to Jad-bal-ja for protection.  When they attack Carla’s new camp, Tarzan and Carla project her film of charging animals onto a white cliff.  This scares most of the Budwalas.  Jad-bal-ja and his sons finish frightening the rest of them away.
 Dell Number  -- 34.1

Buntoro  -- The Buntoro are a native tribe living in the Walled Valley of Buntoro.  There is only one entrance to the valley.  Tarzan has taught them to train and ride zebras.  Their king, Ananga, has died.  Umangi is to be the new king.  His brother, Mengo, usurps the power.  The Buntoro are split into two factions.  As Tarzan and the Waziri try to sneak into the old stone fortress to help Umangi, the followers of Mengo, who ride zebras and are armed with spears, attack them.  Umangi and his followers help Tarzan and the Waziri rout the usurpers.  Tarzan finds a secret passageway that leads to the Walled Valley of the Buntoro.  They sneak into the village and capture Mengo.  As the followers of Mengo ride into the village, the Waziri and the followers of Umangi cut off their retreat.  The followers of Mengo surrender.  Umangi is proclaimed king.
 Dell Number  -- 118.1

Burke  -- Evil white hunter probably from Britain.  He has a partner who goes unnamed.  He is short and stocky with a red shirt and a pith helmet.  They have discovered that apes are wearing jewels and attempt to systematically kill all the apes for the jewels.  Burke’s rifle shot knocks Tarzan out of a tree.  Tarzan escapes because of the sacrifice of Koodo.  Tarzan convinces the mangani to give all the jewels to him.  Tarzan places them in the Burke’s chop box.  Burke’s partner thinks that Burke was trying to double-cross him.  Tarzan gets the drop on them.  The ape-man gives them the choice of the jewels or weapons as he kicks them out of the Africa.  They foolishly choose the jewels.
 Dell Number  -- 46.3
 Novels  --  (There are some Burkes in GH)

Burupaka  -- Mwami or ruler of Muranda and brother to Rudatara.  He is overweight for a Murundi.  He is corrupt and brutal.  When his brother returns to Muranda, Burupaka is suspicious that he has returned to rule.  He attempts to have him assassinated.  Tarzan thwarts the attempt.  He then sends the royal guards to finish off his brother.  The people come to the aid of Rudatara by bringing him the Royal Drum.  He who has the drum rules.  The guards quickly turn to Rudatara’s side.  Rudatara banishes Burupaka from Muranda.
 Dell Number  -- 96.1

bush baby  --  No. 25.2 (Jane Story)  N’kibi, the pet merchant, tries to sell Jane a bush baby.  (See also - galago)
 Dell Number  -- 72 (splash page)+81 (Forest Folk - inside back cover)+No. 25.2 (Jane Story)

Bush cat  --  (See also - Serval)

Bushmen  --  #95.2 A race of smaller natives that speak a clicking language and use poison arrows.  Diving in a hole to avoid a buffalo, Boy finds an injured Bushmen, who he and Tarzan were looking for.  Tarzan carries him to his canoe.  They transport him along the river until he indicates to stop.  Bantus attack them.  More Bushmen arrive and fight off the Bantus.  They take them to their cave.  They have paintings on the walls of the cave.  Bantus enter the cave.  A Bushmen points out a stone on the floor of the cave to be avoided.  The Bantus step on the stone, which rains down rocks on the pursuers.  They follow the Bushmen through the cave to the top of the mountain, the home of the Bushmen.
#120.1 (See also - Nye-nye).
 Dell Number  -- 95.2+120.1

buto  --  rhinoceros. (See also - rhino)   #24.2 a rhino attacks a gryf, which easily runs the rhino off.
#31.2 Tarzan leads a rhino to attack the truck of a white hunter who has captured Akla, Korak’s mate.  The rhino overturns the truck and returns to chase off the white hunter.
#34.1 the beast knocks down Carla Mason filming a charging rhino.  M’Dembi, her gun bearer, shoots the rhino.
#A2.4 A rhino attacks a mother elephant and her child.  Tantor throws the rhino into a gully.
#53.2 (Boy story) a rhino charges through the jungle at Boy, who is mounted on an eland.  He easily avoids the rhino.
#55.2 (Boy Story) - On their way home after saving Lula, Dombie’s sister, from an ape, a rhino charges them.  They avoid the nearsighted beast.
#76.1 Tarzan watches an elephant herd defend themselves against a rhino.
#95.1 A rhino attacks bearers.  Tarzan rides up on an ostrich and leaps onto the rhino’s back.  He diverts the rhino away from the bearers.  The rhino chases Boy and Jane on their ostriches for a while then wanders off.
#100.2 A mother rhino is pulled into the river by gimla.  She leaves behind a toto, which Tarzan and Boy bring to the tree house.  (See also - Kifaru)
A#7.4 (See also - Great Rhinoceros)
No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story)  Nobby stumbles upon a mother rhino and her toto.  The mother rhino attacks and misses.  On the second pass, Nobby kicks the rhino in the nose.  The mother rhino leaves with her baby.
#116.1 Tarzan learns that the Makulu nation is moving on the Waziri and Watunga Villages.  Tarzan has Muviro and the Waziri build an imitation village on a hill.  Tarzan has the Watungas accompany him to a water hole.  He uses a juice of the sleeping vine in the water.  Rhinos drink the water and fall asleep.  The Watungas rope the rhinos and bring them to go to the imitation village.  As the Makulu attack, the Waziri pretend to retreat into the imitation village.  The Waziri and the Watunga drop the phony fence and set loose the rhinos.  The Waziri and Watunga attack.  The Makulu are routed.
#116.2 A Bambori shoots a rhino but the rhino kills him before it dies.  Boy and Dombie discover the bodies and the elephant rifle.
 Dell Number  -- 24.2+31.2+34.1+A2.4+53.2 (Boy story)+55.2 (Boy Story)+76.1+95.1+100.2+A#7.4+No. 25.5 (non-Tarzan story) +116.1 +116.2
 Novel -- JO

Buto Matari  -- giant native friend of Tarzan.
#11  ‘the rhinoceros’ - giant of a native whose favorite weapon is a knob stick.  He fights with Tarzan.  They become friends.  Together they rescue Jane, Boy, and Lula, Buto’s mate, from Arab slavers.
#26 - name of native who is arm wrestling with Tarzan.  It reports that they do this often and that Tarzan never loses.
#32.1 chief of the Bamwe tribe.  He and his warriors go with Tarzan to hunt lions they believe are raiding their cattle.  He accompanies Tarzan in his search for the Nandi Bear.
A #1.1 Buto helps Tarzan rescue the white pygmy women from Shifta slavers.  He helps Tarzan make a sleeping potion for the apes of Opar, lowers the apes off of the mountain, and raises the pygmies to their new home in Opar.
#40.2 Tarzan warns Buto that two leopards are stalking him.  After they kill the leopards, Buto tells him that his sister, Nee-issa, has been captured by Leopard Men.  Tarzan and Buto ride to the Leopard Men village on Tantor.  Buto spears a Leopard Man and uses Tarzan’s bow and arrows as Tarzan rescues Nee-issa.  The Leopard Men are defeated.
#45.1 Buto is depressed because ‘ghosts’ are scaring his people from working the Pyrethrum Plantations.  He aids Tarzan in exposing the evil witch doctor, Ungali, as the mastermind behind the plot to get the gold he discovered on the land.
#50.3 Tarzan flies into Buto’s Village and asks his aid in searching for the terrorist Secret Society.  On the trail they discover the bodies of two of Buto’s people.  They track the killer to an unnamed village.  They follow him by canoe to an island.  They discover the weapons of the terrorist and carry them to the canoes.  After Tarzan sprays the terrorist with the Mark of Evil, they dump the weapons into the lake.
#54.1 - two lions that are raiding his people’s cattle disturbs Buto.  He sets a trap for the lions.  The lions escape but return to kill Buto’s nephew and his wife.  Tarzan and Buto trail the man-killers.  They catch up to them and battle them.  The two lions escape again.  On the trail again, the tribe controlled by the witch doctor N’gombo captures Tarzan and Buto.  Tarzan tricks the natives, breaks his bonds, and releases Buto.  They spear the last man-eater as it attacks N’gombo.
#67.1 Buto and Tarzan come upon Adumo, a Nuba tribesman, who relates his sad tale how the Kordo spearmen treat the Nubas like slaves.  They decide to accompany Adumo back to the Mountains of Barongo and restore the balance of power.  Buto is formidable in the battle at Table Rock where the Kordo tribe is defeated by the Nuba tribe.
#71.2 Buto is wounded in the left arm by M’bongos as they take his people’s cattle and two of his men hostage.  Tarzan talks him into waiting in a donga as he rescues his men and stampedes the cattle towards him.
#79.2 Buto comes to Tarzan for help in hunting down two leopards that are terrorizing his herds. Tarzan climbs a cliff and is confronted by the leopards.  They fall into the river.  The leopards resurface.  Tarzan does not.  Buto pulls the unconscious ape-man to the shore.  He believes that Tarzan is dead and vows to kill the leopards.  Tarzan awakens and follows Buto.  His arrow shot saves Buto from a leopard.  At first Buto thinks that Tarzan is a spirit.
A#5.2 Buto and Tarzan decide to hunt in the Gourambi mountain range.  They kill leopards for food and clothing to cross the mountains on Tantor.  They discover an ice cave and are confronted by giant Vikings.  They are victorious in single combat against the leaders.  They are welcomed as friends.  The Vikings believe that they will stay with them forever.  They go to find Tantor and leave the mountains.
#83.2 - Buto sends for Tarzan because a gryf is wreaking havoc in his kraal.  Tarzan subdues the beast.  A warrior tells Buto that an N’goro war party approaches the village.  Buto mounts the gryf with Tarzan.  They attack and defeat the N’goros.  They direct the gryf to the Great Swamp where they leave the beast to return to Pal-ul-don.
#88.1 Tarzan and Buto meet Lieutenant Barnes and his detachment.  They are attacked by Shiftas.  Tarzan and Buto track the Shiftas to their Treasure Room.  They gain entrance and discover the vast plunder of the robbers.  They hide the weapons.  They travel to the Shiftas camp and subdue the sentry.  During the attempt to steal the horses, Buto falls off of his mount.  Being a poor marksman, Buto decides to use the rifle as a club against the Shiftas.  Tarzan rides in and rescues his huge friend.  They return to the Treasure Room.  Buto carries all of the treasure out in one large sack.  They take the loot to Fort Gumburu.
#91.1 Buto and Tarzan explore the Valley of Tall Warriors and meet with the Giant Vikings.  The Vikings think they are spies.  Buto and Tarzan easily disarm them.  They help the Viking defend their fortress, Yarlsgaard, against the Skraeling hordes.  After peace is made they ride home on M’bogo.
#92.2 Buto and his men help Tarzan stampede a herd of wild buffalo into Red Canyon where the Kondi raiders have been lured in the hopes of getting cattle.  The Kondi abandon their weapons to climb the walls of the canyon.  They are captured.  Tarzan extracts a promise from the Kondi not to raid Buto’s herd any more.
#99.1 N’kima tells Tarzan and Buto that the Watumba are attacking his village.  Buto rips up a small tree and uses his spear to make a large club.  Watumba surround him.  He uses the club effectively until he is knocked unconscious by two knobsticks.  The Watumba chief feels that Tarzan and Buto are a threat and condemns them to die.  Tarzan manages to carry Buto back to the kraal.  Tarzan divides Buto’s warriors into four groups.  Buto leads one of the groups in the attack on the Watumba.  Buto and his people triumph.
#105.2 Tarzan sends Jane to warn Buto and his people about the plague of locust approaching the area.  Buto gets his people into the river.  Tarzan and Buto fight off the crocodiles while Buto’s men place nets across the river to keep the crocodiles at bay.  They all use reeds to breathe underwater as the locust pass over them.
#110.1 Buto and Tarzan are hunting when a plane buzzes them.  Buto says that it is the same plane that stampeded his cattle.  The plane crashes.  Buto and Tarzan discover Jess and Bess unharmed.  They would lead them to the main road despite the arrogance of Jess.  The stupid young man shoots at a herd of elephants.  Tarzan finds them shelter in a cave against the fury of the herd.  Lions, leopards and hyenas have also taken up shelter from the herd in the cave.   An elephant attempts to get at the humans.  Buto fights off the elephant.  The elephant grabs Buto’s spear and breaks it.  Tarzan gives him his spear.  In the morning the elephants leave.  As they leave the cave, the leopards attack them.  Buto wrestles one of the leopards.  Tarzan throws his leopard at Buto’s foe.  The two leopards fight each other.  They make it to the road and flag down a truck.  Jess gives Buto his rifle as a souvenir.  Buto throws it in the brushes.  He prefers his spear.
No. 51.2 (Boy Story) - Buto, Boy, Dombie and Jad-bal-ja come across an antelope caught in a vine snare.  They release the animal and have Jad trail the poachers.  They come to a huge boulder blocking a tunnel.  Buto rolls the stone away and enters the tunnel.  The boys and Jad remain behind.  They hear the sounds of fighting.  Jad accidentally rolls the stone back in place.  The boys climb the mountain and watch Buto facing the poachers.  The poachers demand that he undergo the Ordeal of Mumbo.  If he succeeds he will be their king.  If not, he will be dead.  Buto warns them about poaching in Tarzan country.  He accepts the challenge.  First, he is to move the stone without help.  He has already done that.  Next he throws the Axe of Mumbo and splits a log in two with one throw.  He picks up the two halves of the log and leaps over the ditch of sharpened stakes.  He wrestles the red bull to the ground.  The boys figure Buto will need help to get out.  They climb down the mountain.  They have Jad push the boulder away from the tunnel.  Buto swims the crocodile pool.  He wraps a crocodile on his back to protect himself against the spears of six warriors as he races back to the Axe of Mumbo.  The boys and Jad enter the area.  A poacher pulls away a branch and a stone rolls over the entrance.  Buto grabs the axe and smashes the stone.  The blade of the axe breaks.  As they leave, Buto warns them again not to poach.  Buto rolls the boulder back in place.  Buto plans to replace the head of the axe so that his children will call it the Axe of Buto.
#125.1 Buto and Tarzan find and elephant killed by a poison arrow.  They follow the trail to Buto’s Village.  Buto would banish the offenders.  Buto is afraid of the witch doctor, Kisambu, who lives near his village.  The witch doctor convinces the tribe to revolt against Buto.  He goes to Tarzan.  They use the witch doctor’s chimpanzee to expose the witch doctor.  Buto’s young men are humbled and beg forgiveness.  Buto forgives them.
 Dell Number -- 11+26 inside front cover, ‘Jungle World’ +32.1+A 1.1+40.2+45.1+49.2  (Boy Story)+50.3+54.1+67.1+71.2 +79.2+A#5.2 +83.2+88.1 +91.1 + 92.2 +99.1+105.2+110.1+No. 51.2 (Boy Story) +125.1

Bwana M’kubwa  --  #82.2 the name of the ostrich Boy rides in the hunt for supper.  The speed of the ostrich saves them from a buffalo stampede and a Nandi Bear.  They ride back to the tree house to inform Tarzan about the bear.
#89.1 the name the native bears use for Sir Ronald Crabtree.  It is also spelled M’kuba.
#91.1 Buto calls Tarzan M’kubwa.
#99.1 chief of the Watumba tribe.  Buto also calls Tarzan Bwana M’kubwa.
#100.1 Moki calls Tarzan Bwana M’kubwa.  #102.1 The Gomah tribe call Tarzan Bwana M’kubwa.
 Dell Number  -- 82.2+89.1+91.1+99.1+100.1+102.1

Bwana Tarzan  -- 89.1+101.2+102.1+123.2

Bwanga  -- Bwanga is the witch doctor of the Munyoro tribe.  When he learns that their former king, Kabarounga, has escaped from exile, he has the drums signal Kabarounga to meet his warriors at the split fig tree by the red cliff.  He sends warriors to meet the former king as he prepares magic.
 Dell Number  -- 123.1



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