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The ERBzine ERB Comics Encyclopedia
The Dell Tarzan Comics Encyclopedia
by Duane Adams
Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics


aardvark  --  #78.2 Tarzan feeds a new friend honey.  A stampede of elephants knocks over a tree and pins Tarzan to the ground.  Army ants head for the ape-man.  An aardvark eats all the ants.
 Dell Number  -- 62 (inside back cover) +66 (inside back cover)+78.2+81 (“First in the Dictionary” - splash page)

aardwolf  -- Identified as an aardwolf, the animal looks like a wild dog.  The creature goes to an aardvark burrow and is bitten on the nose by the mongoose, Moonbeam.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.3 (non-Tarzan story)

Ababi  -- Captain of a Shifta band that captures Chet Harper.  It was Ababi's idea to lay their white clothes out on the ground in the form of an SOS.  Sandra McKinney lands her plane and is captured by the Shiftas.  Ababi doesn’t know what to do with the airplane.
 Dell Number  -- 64.1

Abdul  --  #17.1 son of Sheik Abou Ben Ephraim.
#38.2 Arab member of the Carveth horse safari.
#77.1 Bedouin member of the Beni Adhemi that Hussein commands to bring food for Argus.
 Dell Number  -- 17.1+38.2+77.1
 Novel -- RT - Arab guide.  He teaches Tarzan how to speak Arabic.

Abdul Hamid  -- Sheik of the band known as Touaregs, the scourge of the desert.  He and his men find Leveque and Suleiman in the desert.  With the promise of a share of the treasure of Isis, they take the two across the Great Thorn Desert.
 Dell Number  -- 26

Aboma  -- native tribe that lives near the mountains, north of Tarzan’s jungle.  Although they are unseen in this story, Tarzan learns from some unnamed natives that the Abomas wiped out their village in retaliation for their attack on the Abomas.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

Abominable Snow Man  --  (See - Snow Men)

Abou  -- member of a nomadic cutthroats band of Shifts, who carries Carol Kenton away on his    horse.
 Dell Number  -- 23.2

Abou Ben Ephraim, Sheik  --  (See, Sheik Abou Ben Ephraim)

Abu  -- Name of one of the Shifta guards who is in charge of the black panthers that protect the entrance to the Treasure Room of the Shiftas.  The Shifta leader, Habib, commands Abu and the other guard to pull the panthers up onto a platform.  Tarzan and Buto subdue the two guards.
 Dell Number  -- 88.1

Achinga  -- They are a war-like tribe living near the mountains north of Tarzan’s jungle.  Tarzan learns that they are the strongest of the war tribes.  Tarzan arrives as the leaders at the Council Tree plan to attack the Umvari.  Tarzan defeats their champions and becomes their war chief.  He wants the Achingas to become the peacekeepers of the area.  The chief agrees to the proposal.  He teaches the warriors to become experts with the quarterstaff.  Their spies learn that the Karuri are going to attack the Mauris.  Tarzan and his new army thwart the Karuri.  Tarzan offers the Mauris the protection of the Achingas for the price of a few cows a year.  He plans to make the offer to all the tribes in the area.  (See, Karungo)
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

Achunga  -- Achunga is a Waziri who tries to drive Korak the Killer and the other apes from his shamba.  Korak almost kills him.  Achunga’s mate alerts Muviro and the Waziri about the apes.
 Dell Number  -- 117.1

addax  -- a type of antelope usually found in desert regions.  The people of Tannalelt use tame addax to plow their fields.  The Tannalelt and their enemies the Gaddanes use addaxes to ride into battle.  Tarzan and the Tannalelt ride addaxes to search for the Tannalelt army.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1
 Novel  -- BFS

Adumo  -- Adumo is a huge member of the Nuba tribe in the Mountains of Barongo.  Adumo has long black kinky hair.  Tarzan and Buto watch him fell a wart hog with a stone club and stun a lion with his bare hands.  At first Adumo is afraid of Tarzan and Buto because they carry spears.  This makes him think that they are Kordo tribesmen, the ruling class of Barongo Land.  Tarzan proposes a wrestling match to prove that he is not Kordo.  Adumo, like all the Nuba people, is a great wrestler.  Tarzan struggles to defeat Adumo.  The Nubaian explains that his people have been conquered by the Kordo and are not allowed have sharp weapons.  They excel at wrestling and build up callous on their hands by striking a springy pole in the ground.  A Kordo spearman took Adumo’s prize cow and baited him about it.  Adumo stuck the Kordo and broke his spear.  Either offense is punishable by death.  Adumo fled across the plains.  Tarzan and Buto decide to restore the balance of power and accompany Adumo back to Barongo Land.  Adumo uses a bola, which he calls a meat catcher, to bring down an ostrich for food.  The huge Nuba brings Tarzan to the Chief.  The Chief is skeptical.  Finally with a plan in place, Adumo and his people smear themselves with a wood ash paste to make themselves almost invisible at night.  Tarzan leads them to victory over the Kordo tribe.  The Nuba and Kordo agree to live as equals.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Adadu  -- Adadu is the name of the Batuti warrior who gives the raider leader musket gunpowder so they can blast through the tomb door to get at Tarzan and the Princess Kendra.
 Dell Number  -- 119.1

Agano  -- Agano is the named of the gund of the Shepherd Clan of Saparta and Chief of all the clans.  He is grateful to Tarzan for saving his son, Coru, from a Giant Vulture.  He welcomes Tarzan offer to teach his people about bows to fight the vultures.  He also realizes that Wandach, the gund of the Spearmakers Clan, covets his power.
 Dell Number  -- 44.1

agent of Plutonius, the Pirate King  -- He slips in and buys Jane and Boy at the slave market in Castrum Mare.  He is not seen.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

Agib  -- white raider.  He takes his dhow to the island of Mugambi’s Village.  He captures some young men and women for slaves.  A tidal wave crashes his dhow back on the island.  He hides from Tarzan, who he fears.  When Tarzan comes to the dhow, he tosses a hand grenade at him.  He grazes Tarzan in the head with a flintlock pistol.  He escapes from Tarzan and dives off a cliff.  He returns and re-steals the gold and silver from Chief Mugambi’s hut.  Tarzan chases him.  Agib makes it out to sea.  A sea monster bites his canoe in half.  Tarzan kills the monster with hand grenades and believes that the explosion killed Agib as well.
 Dell Number  -- 73.1

Agib Crew -- Native crew of the white raider, Agib.  They take the dhow to the island of Mugambi’s Village.  They capture some young men and women for slaves.  A tidal wave crashes the dhow back on the island.   The crew is washed overboard and not seen again.
 Dell Number  -- 73.1

Agu  -- leopard’s name? or Vari language for leopard?
 Dell Number  -- 1

Aguila  --  #81.2 - Giant golden eagle.  Boy flies Aguila and Argus in search of Tarzan and Dombie.  He finds them in a tree.  Boy and Dombie ride one eagle as Tarzan rides the other back home.
#82.1 Tarzan feeds Aguila and Argus fish as Prince Alad comes to tell him that gangsters have come to Opar.
#88.2 - Boy visits Lutor on Aguila and leaves.  He lands to fish and is captured by the Terribs.  Boy writes a note on a piece of bark and calls Aguila down to deliver it to Tarzan.  Tarzan and Argus find Aguila and retrieve the note from the giant eagle.  Aguila flies with them in the search for Boy.  They land at the Stork Men Village for rest and food.
#92.1 Boy flies Argus and Aguila to Inkota City where Tarzan and Karen Lane are captives.  They mount the giant eagles and make their escape with Karen and Boy on Argus and Tarzan on Aguila.
No. 25.1 - Tarzan and his family fish for food for Argus.  Tarzan receives word that Muviro is ill.  He flies Argus to the Waziri kraal to learn that it is a trick.  The Wabuna claim to have captured Jane and Boy and want Argus and Aguila in exchange for their release.  Tarzan flies the two eagles to the Hill of Caves.  The Wabuna don’t have his family and attack.  Tarzan is severely wounded.  The two eagles chase off the Wabuna.  Argus carries Tarzan to the jungle floor where he collapses.  Argus and Aguila find Jane and Boy stranded on an island in the Red Gorge.  They carry them away to search for Tarzan.  They find Tarzan safe with the Wise One.
No. 37.1 - Jane and Boy fly Argus as Tarzan flies Aguila to the herb doctors at Kroo Maun.  They stop to feed the eagles.  They catch fish and feed them.  A Hairy Giant captures Jane.  Tarzan flies Aguila to the attack.  Boy flies Argus.  Jane is rescued.  They fly to Kroo Maun.  The Slingers are afraid of the approaching eagles and sling stones at them.  On the trip to the Half Moon Lake to gather the healing bulbs, Boy flies Argus and Tarzan flies Aguila as air cover for the Slingers.  They spot the giants and alert the Slingers.  At the lake Boy again flies Argus as a spotter.  They alert Tarzan that the giants are approaching.  Tarzan has Boy use Argus to delay the giants.  Tarzan has the Slingers make some grass bundles.  He sets fire to them and flies Aguila over the giants.  He throws the fire bundles down starting grass fires around the giants who flee.  Tarzan feeds the eagles.  On Aguila, Tarzan spots the giants in a war dance.  After the giants are defeated in a night battle, Tarzan’s family fly the eagles back to the Waziri Village with the medicine.
No. 51.1 Jane, Tarzan and Boy search for the missing Captain Smith on the Argus and Aguila.  They land near River Bushmen and befriend them.  Lechwe guides Tarzan towards the Tree of Ages.  Jane and Boy follow three days later on the eagles and find Tarzan with Captain Smith.  They fly back to the tree house.
#127.2 Boy and Dombie fly Argus and Aguila to the Bageena Village believing that Tarzan is a captive there.  They leave the eagles as they near the village.  Normal eagles attacks the giant eagles causing them to fly home.  When Tarzan sees the eagles coming home without riders, he surmises what has happened.  He flies Argus and Aguila to rescue the boys and the trader who was the Bageena captive.  They fly home with Aguila carrying the trader in its talons.
 Dell Number  -- 81.2+82.1+88.2+92.1+No. 25.1+No. 37.1+No. 51.1+127.2

Ah-juk  --  The name of the great ape killed by the mutineer Darby on Pirate Island.  He was the mate to Kalah and had a balu.
 Dell Number  -- 110.2

Ahmed  -- Bou Denni’s serf.  He is mentioned but not shown.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

Ahtea  -- beautiful, evil white queen of Tohr.  All her subjects are yellow skinned claw people.
When Mungo, a leader of the claw men, brings Tarzan to her, she becomes infatuated with him.  She commands Tarzan to stay with her as her mate.  Tarzan kills Toldo, her lion guardian of the treasure of Tohr, to save Ruth Barton.  When Tarzan refuses to stay in Tohr with her, she has the entire party thrown the dungeon.  She recaptures the party after they escape from the dungeons and brings them to the Hall of Pantu.  She attempts to throw Ruth into the fires of Tohr.  Ukah saves Ruth and attempts to throw himself and Ahtea into the fire.  Tarzan grabs Ukah but Ahtea falls into the fiery pit.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.1+20 (inside front cover - Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don) +A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)

Aiglon  --  #63.1 Aiglon is the second giant eagle created by Tarzan with the growth pellets.  Aiglon is gold in color and slightly smaller than Argus.  He belongs to Boy.  Boy trains it to a harness.  Boy sits on Aiglon’s back.  The giant eagle rips out the chain from the tether and flies away with Boy.  Kingbirds attack them.  Aiglon dives too close to a tree and gets caught in the branches.  They are trapped in a box canyon.  Aiglon has hurt its wing.  Tarzan finds them in the company of Chet Harper, an American prospector.  Aiglon has healed but will not fly.  Aiglon watches Tarzan use Argus to fly Harper out of the canyon.  He joins Argus when Tarzan flies Boy out of the canyon.  Tarzan has Boy lead Aiglon back home with Argus.
#65.2 Accompanied by Tarzan and Argus, Boy takes Aiglon on a training flight.  They discover the unconscious body of the missionary James Nicholson.  Tarzan leaves Boy and Argus with the recovering man.  He flies Aiglon to the Ignosi Kraal for help.  Ignosi and his people are terrified of the giant eagle.  The Jungle Lord learns from Ignosi that Mrs. Nicholson and her child have been taken away by the M’bogos.  Tarzan flies to their village to discover it deserted.  He spies white people about to be sacrificed on the Cliff of Sacrifices.  He flies Aiglon to the cliff and saves Mrs. Nicholson and her daughter.  Tarzan says that Aiglon will carry all three back to safety.
#91.2 Aiglon is tethered next to Argus at the Waziri Village when Tarzan comes to get Argus to search for Boy and Dombie.
 Dell Number  -- 63.1+65.2+91.2

Akla  -- mate of Korak and member of Torglat’s tribe.  She wanders off and is captured by a white hunter.  Tarzan and Korak rescue her.
 Dell Number  -- 31.2

Alextar  -- King of Cathne who imprisons Elaine Hammond upon Tomos’ suspicions.  He later condemns Elaine and Jathon to death on the Field of Lions for Tomos’s death. When they escape Alextar sends hunting lions after them.
 Dell Number  --21.1
 Novel -- CiG + TaM - although judged insane, is placed on the throne of Cathne after Nemone’s death.  He was under the influence of Tomos who he eventually kills and then commits suicide.

Ali  --  #2 one of Arab slaver Ayoub’s men.   #49.1 Arab slaver trader.  Doc Manlek attempts to sell Tarzan to Ali and his partner, Youssef.  When the Doctor releases Tarzan’s neck brace, the ape-man overpowers the three of them.  Tarzan ties them up and goes the rescue Prince Illony.  #55.3 Arabs raider at the Gambah Village who captures animals alive for a buyer.  When Tarzan and the apes from the Isle of Apes come to the village, Tarzan uses one of their own tranquilizer arrows on him.  He releases the animals and leaves a note warning them not to bother the apes on the isle any more.
 Dell Number  -- 2+49.1+55.3
 Novel  -- TMd - the sultan of a village of Gallas

Alice Jenner, Miss  -- A young, blue-eyed, and blond pony-tailed woman who has been captured by the White Apes.  Tarzan is also captured by the apes and thrown in a cell with her.  Alice and her husband, Paul, experienced engine trouble and were forced to land in the Great Swamp.  Alice went exploring and was captured.  The tubers that the apes give them for food disgust her.  Tarzan rescues her.  They ride Gorgo back to the Swamp.  The apes pursue them.  A man named Jim shoots the apes from Paul’s airplane.  Alice and Paul are reunited.
 Dell Number  -- 58.1

Al Jemel  -- #20.2 - leader of the Arab band who helps Murdock, the bull, capture Jad-bal-ja,    N’kima, and other animals.  Later he plots to do away with the infidel Murdock.  Tarzan captures all of them even though N’kima almost spoils the plan.
#33.1 - Arab slaver. His band of Arabs takes over the riders from Rio Grande’s camp.  Tarzan and the riders capture the Arabs and free the slaves.  Tarzan’s giant eland kills El Jemel when he tries to stab Tarzan.
#44.2 Name of the Arab who buys Barbara Wales from Chief Mukawa for the price of an old musket.  He tries to force her to eat a lot of food so she will bring a good price at the slave market.  Tarzan intervenes and ties him up.  Tarzan carries Barbara and Al Jemel over the Arab boma.  Once away from the campsite, he releases the Arab with warning to leave the country.  He is referred to as “Sidi.”
 Dell Number  -- 20.2+33.1+44.2

Allah  -- Muslim, name of the One God
 Dell Number  -- 17.1
 Novel -- BT

Allosaurus  --  #36 from the lost land of Pal-ul-don.  A#3 The Storm Lizard from Pal-ul-don
 Dell Number  -- 36 (Jungle World - after second story)+A#3 (Jungle World - inside back  cover)

A-lur people  -- Tarzan and Prince Ta-den, the Second, find the body of an A-lurian hunter, killed with a sword.  The peace between A-lur and Ja-lur is broken.  Tarzan brings the A-lur warriors from the forts Ara-don and Zu-den to A-lur to help fight the Ja-lur army.  Despite dropping fire pots on the Ja-lur forces, they break through the gate.  The A-lur army battles the Ja-lur army.  Tarzan sends the fort soldiers into the battle.  Tarzan unites the two forces against the Terribs who have slipped into the city.  Together they defeat the Terribs.  They agree to live in peace.
 Dell Number  -- 124.1

Amaui  -- Tribe of natives living near the active volcano Maui Mungu M’baya.  An unnamed chief and a witch doctor named Ungogo rule them.  They are friendly to strangers because they usually need them for sacrifices to the volcano when it becomes active.  They capture two scientists who are totally unaware of their danger because they are studying active volcanoes.  Tarzan comes to rescue them.  The Amaui knock Tarzan out and carry him up to the volcano.  The smoke drives them back.  Tarzan escapes and returns to the village.  They are surprised that he is alive.  Tarzan gets them to release the white men.  He makes them promise to sacrifice corn and yams instead of people.
 Dell Number  -- 95.1

Amazons  -- dark skinned women warriors of the Valley of Mists.  They captured the Mackrey    family.  Brother Roger escapes.  They try to force sister Leda to becoming a high priestess by making her sacrifice a pig.  They use diving helmets to get to the Sacred Isle of Pythons, which has huge snakes in the waters surrounding it.  When they see Tarzan wearing ‘The Eye of the Python’ necklace, they think he is a god.  They want him to sacrifice Leda.  Tarzan and Leda manage to escape.  The women warriors wear no tops, but have a piece of cloth ringed around their necks, which keeps the comic modest but suggestive.
 Dell Number  -- 18.1
 Novel  -- AM - the Zertalacolols of Minuni

Amele  -- hunter of the Mobembe tribe.  He loves Lukela but she is to marry M’buku, the son of the chief.  After M’buku falls from a tree onto his spear, Tarzan saves him and Lukela from a charging buffalo.  Posing as a disembodied spirit Tarzan tells the hunters of Mobembe that Amele is innocent of M’buku’s death.  Later Ukele, the chief, conspires with Madege, the witch doctor, to have Amele killed.  Tarzan thwarts the attempt, again acting as a disembodied spirit.
 Dell Number  -- 15.2

Ananga  -- Ananga was king of the Buntoro.  He dies and leaves his son, Umangi, as king.  His other son, Mengo, usurps the leadership of the tribe.  Ananga is not shown.
 Dell Number  -- 118.1

Angak  --  caveman (possibly a Tor-o-don) who fights with his companions, Bumbak and Ungoff over possession of Queen Elaine, who they have captured.  Tarzan knocks Ungoff’s and Bumbak’s heads together, rendering them unconscious.  Angak thinks he has killed his companions and that they have merged into one ghost being.  He runs away.
 Dell Number  -- 35

An-gelo -- The name of a Nukonga tribesman.  He refuses to carry the cable across the river to set the crocodile trap as Tarzan asks him to do.  He is afraid of the crocodiles.  He helps pull Boy and Dombie ashore in the trap to save them from the reptiles.  He carries the cable back across the river to reset the trap.
 Dell Number  -- 69.2

animal buyer  -- Unnamed blonde dealer in live animals at the Gambah Village.  He has Arab raiders capture animals for him.  When his steamship is full, he will depart. Tarzan and the apes from the Isle of Apes come to the village.  Tarzan uses one of the tranquilizer arrows on him.  He releases the animals and leaves a note warning them not to bother the apes on the isle any more.  The buyer is frightened into leaving immediately.  (See, Williams)
 Dell Number  -- 55.3

Annetje Norden  -- Wife to Paul.  They are descendants of families that were chased through the poison belt of red flowers that protects the Valley of the Shadows of Death.  The Nordens have made a home there, growing plants and living off of fish and giraffes that wander into the valley.  Paul rescues Martje and Koert Van Dyck and Boy from the flowers.  Tarzan swims underwater into the valley.  He builds a boat and pulls them all down the middle of the river to avoid the fragrance of the flowers.  Conrad and Jan Van Dyck are grateful for their rescue.  The Nordens and Van Dycks become friends and agree to build a home in the place that Tarzan found for them.
 Dell Number  -- 94.2

antelope  --  #17.1+18.2 ridden by the White Pygmies of Lipona.
A #1.1 - Prince Nikon, white pygmy, and a small band ride to Tarzan for help in finding a new home.  Shifta slavers capture the pygmy women.  While attempting their rescue Prince Nikon’s antelope is shot out from under him.  Tarzan pulls the antelopes up to the top of the mountain that contains Opar, their new home.
#38.2 ridden by the little people (white pygmies) of Opar under the leadership of King Nikon.
#43.2 when Tarzan drives the plague of Danginas into a trap, antelopes are also driven into the trap.
#49.1 ridden by the white pygmies of Opar.  Trophy hunters shoot Prince Illony’s antelope.  The Prince is captured.  Tarzan rescues him.
#59.3 King Ilonyi and another white pygmies ride antelopes to Tarzan to inform him about Jane and Queen Ellenya’s capture by La.
#64.2 Boy and Tarzan see antelopes near Red Rock Canyon.
#67.1 Tarzan, Buto, and the Nuba, Adumo, see antelope on the plain as they travel towards the Mountains of Barongo.
#68 (splash page) a cheetah hunting an antelope.
#A#4.1 The White Pygmies ride tiny antelopes up to the bound Tarzan.  The ape-man convinces them to help the Cathneans fight the Talking Gorillas.  King Nikko and his men lower their antelopes off of the Rock of Opar by the means of a crude elevator.  They float towards Cathne on rafts in the Great Swamp.  The pygmies ride their antelopes into battle against the gorillas.  After the Cathneans repel the Bolgani from the walls, the pygmies use their antelopes to drive the gorillas back into the jungle.
A#5.1 riding a gryf to Tohr to rescue Ta-den, Tarzan sees antelopes.
A#5.2 the giant Vikings use beaters to drive antelopes and boars towards their hunters.
#82.1 Prince Alad, White Pygmy, rides an antelope to Tarzan to inform him that gangsters have come to Opar.  Tarzan flies him back to Opar on Argus.  They meet King Ilonyi and some of his people mounted on antelopes.  A rejected La attempts to have Tarzan killed.  Tarzan calls to the White Pygmies.  They attack the Dwarfs of Opar on their antelopes.
#83.2 - An antelope flees from the path of the gryf ridden by Tarzan and Buto.
A#6.1 Tarzan explores the island his family is marooned on.  He spies a lion bringing down an antelope.  He wonders how they got on the island.
#100.2 - An antelope stands near Jane by the tree house.
#106.1 Hunting with Jad-bal-ja, Tarzan cannot get close to the jumpy antelope in the area.
#107.2 Tarzan carries his antelope kill back to his family for food.  At the tree house he tans the hide.
#112.2 - Boy and Dombie ride antelopes.  After rescuing a giraffe from a log trap, Tarzan sends them on their antelopes to look for other animals that may be trapped.  The boys see elephants in a ring of firetrap.  The boys ride the antelopes into the firetrap and lead the elephants down a path to safety.
No. 25.4 the pygmies from Otar ride a miniature antelope.  They ride away from the noisy hunters to come upon the hunters’ nets.  Prince Nikar cuts the nets and the pygmies ride through.  The Boruti captures the Prince.  The pygmies ride towards Otar for help.  They come across Tarzan who says he will help them.  They ride the antelopes to the Boruti Village.  Tarzan has the pygmies ride into the village and set fire to the hunters' huts.  The distraction allows Tarzan to rescue the Prince.  Reunited, the pygmies ride home on their antelopes.
#120.1 Tarzan comes upon a hidden valley where man has never hunted antelopes.  Later he kills an antelope off panel for the sinew to help repair a pilot's airplane.
#121.2 Boy and Dombie ride antelopes out onto the veldt to search for Plenty, the tame white rhino.  They find tracks that the Bangwa has captured Plenty.  They ride further to find truck tracks.  Dombie rides back to the tree house to tell Tarzan.  Boy trails the truck on the antelope that he calls Bara.  He catches up to the truck, as it has to stop for repairs.
#123.1 Tarzan thinks he is following Kabarounga’s scent.  He catches up to a little buck with Kabarounga’s head cloth wrapped around its neck.  Kabarounga has fooled the Jungle Lord.
No. 51.2 (Boy Story)  Buto, Boy, Dombie and Jad-bal-ja come across an antelope caught in a vine snare.  They release the animal and have Jad trail the poachers.
#125.2 Boy and Dombie ride antelopes with gilded horns to the ‘durbar’ of King Imanga.  The Bakongo captures Tarzan.  The boys ride their antelopes to King Imanga.  They tell the King that the Bakongos are lying about the Waziri and that they have captured Tarzan, the true ambassador of the Waziri.  It is the gilded horns of the antelopes that convinces the King that the boys are telling the truth.
#127.1 - Tarzan teaches Inolu how to recognize animals by scent.  Inolu knows that a particular antelope is not from his jungle.
#129.3  Boy rides an antelope named Eta.
#129.3 Tarzan and Boy witness a running gun battle of the Aulihans and the Marehans.  Tarzan sends Boy with the antelopes to bring word to the Sheik’s son, Serenli, to retrieve the armor.  Boy and Serenli ride the antelopes to the mountains.  They outdistance Gumburu and his men.
#130.1 The White Pygmies ride their small antelopes from the Rock of Opar to their traditional home in the desert.  They are leaving because an earthquake has split the Rock of Opar and a geyser has formed that is filling the valley with sulfur smelling water.
 Dell Number  -- 17.1+18.2+A 1.1+38.2+43.2+49.1+59.3+64.2+67.1+68 (splash page)+A#4.1+A#5.1+A#5.2+82.1+83.2+A#6.1+100.2+106.1+107.2+No. 25.4+120.1+121.2+123.1+No. 51.2 (Boy Story)+No. 51.2 (non-Tarzan story)+125.2+127.1+129.3+130.1
 Novel -- AM - royal antelope - small antelope of West Africa, which stands ten inches tall at the flank.

Antelope Clan  -- Ramotu, the chief of the Ostrich Clan, tells Tarzan that the Antelope Clan shares the desert with them.  They are not seen.
 Dell Number  -- 56.1

ants  --  #75.2  The two inept hunters, Jacobs and Poley, are hopelessly lost.  They sit on a rock and are attacked by red ants.  They shed their shirts trying to rid themselves of the ants.  Tarzan uses this opportunity to rid the hunters of their rifles.
#78.2 Tarzan is pinned under a tree that was knocked over by a stampeding elephants herd.  A group of army ants comes towards him.  An aardvark eats all the ants.
A#5.3 Boy collects army ants in a jar for Dr. Mac.  An ant bites Boy.  Boy watches ‘The Ordeal of the Spears’ from a tree over Banga, the evil witch doctor’s head.  Boy notices that Banga is wearing a bulletproof vest.  As Banga prepares to throw his spear at Tarzan, he says that the ape-man is a miserable ant.  This gives Boy the idea to empty the jar of army ants down on the evil one.  The ants cause Banga to jump around and expose his vest, thus the tribes know he is not magic.
 Dell Number  -- 75.2+78.2+A#5.3+130 (splash page - ‘The Fiercest Thing in the Forest’)

ape man  --  What King Grossa refers to Tarzan as.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

apes  --  #33.2 called apes not mangani.  They can’t stand the smell of Doctor MacWhirtle’s   Defensive Scent.  They throw clubs at Tarzan and the Doctor.  Tarzan drives them off with their own clubs and arrows.  They leave for reinforcements.  Tarzan and the Doctor leave the area.
#46.3 Apes have discovered colored stones (jewels) in the Shark Lagoon.  They fight over them.  Two evil white hunters discover that the apes have jewels on them and systematically try to wipe them out.  Tarzan saves them from a shark and the bad tarmangani.
#48.2 Boy comes to the great apes to get help to rescue Dombie from the M’bongos.  Only the ape Korak accompanies him.
#55.3 Tarzan helps the gray apes of the Isle of Apes capture the Arab raiders and free their captive brother from the Gambah Village.
#60.2 (Boy story) Boy and Jad-bal-ja free the apes and the other animals held captive at the trapper’s wild animal compound outside of Nairobi.
#61.1 The apes on the Isle of Apes inform Tarzan about the approaching dhows.  He sends them to the volcanic side of the island.  Tarzan calls for a Dum-Dum.  The apes pound and dance themselves into a frenzy.  Tarzan leads them to the campsite of the trappers.  A volcano erupts.  Williams and the other trappers retreat to their dhows.  Tarzan swims to the ship and strikes a bargain with Williams.  If the trapper will take the apes to the mainland, he will give him a sack of pearls.  The nervous apes board the dhow.  When they reach mainland, the apes board the landing boats.  Williams threatens to shoot Tarzan and the apes if they do not return to the ship.  Tarzan commands the apes to paddle.  Williams’ gun explodes.  Tarzan has saved the apes.
#66.2 Boy discovers a dead ape.  Tarzan and Boy find the dead ape’s tribe and learn that Norgak was wounded by a thunderstick and has gone berserk, killing everything in sight.  The apes are a bluish gray color and have chimpanzee faces.
#79.1 (See also - zu-mangani)
#86.2 A young ape alerts Jane that an intruder is attempting to scale the rope ladder to the tree house.  Tarzan captures the criminal and places him in a cage.  Two young apes tease the caged man.  The young apes look more like young chimpanzees.
#89.2 Gulak’s tribe shows Tarzan the poison arrow that killed Thorchak.  Later they accompany Tarzan in the rescue of Boy and the capture of the Bagongo poachers.  Tarzan has the apes bring the poachers to a Dum-Dum.  The apes carry the Bagongo through the trees.  It scares the bejesus out of them as the apes pound the drum, dance, and scream.
#105.1 A great ape watches Tarzan defeat the ape Muchak in a wrestling match.  The ape and Muchak take to the trees when they scent gomangani near.
#105.2 Tarzan warns the great apes about an approaching plague of locust.
#107.2 Two young apes listen in terror as Tarzan kills a leopard with his knife.
#109.1 Shiftas fire their rifles at a tribe of apes.  They flee and find Tarzan approaching.  They tell him that the Shiftas wounded a balu.  Tarzan rescues the baby; however, the apes are very angry.  Tarzan rescues Dr. Kindred from the Shiftas.  The apes keep the Shiftas from leaving their boma as Tarzan uses keekul gum to disable them.  The apes want to kill the Shiftas.  Tarzan defeats Chulek, the gund, to save the Shiftas.  The apes leave.
No. 25.3 (Boy Story) After a series of mishaps, Dombie accidentally trips over a sleeping ape.  The ape grabs both Dombie and Boy and shakes them.  The ape grabs Boy’s danger whistle that Tarzan made for him.  The ape chases the boys to a cliff.  The boys climb down a vine.  The ape follows them.  The ape accidentally blows the whistle.  He is attracted to the sound and blows harder and harder.  Tarzan hears the danger signal and comes.  He grabs the ape with his legs and drops it into the trees below.
#113.1 N’kima searches for help for the captured Tarzan.  He comes upon Thorak and his tribe.  Thorak believes him.  He commands Unga and Urchuk to come with him to help Tarzan.  The other apes remain behind.
#117.1 An outsider ape named Korak the Killer kills Kars and assumes the leadership of his tribe.  He forces the tribe to raid the shamba of the Waziri.  Achunga, a Waziri, tries to stop him.  Korak almost kills him.  Muviro and the Waziri drive them off.  Some of the apes die from the wounds sustained in the skirmish.  Korak calls for a Dum-Dum.  He whips the young bulls into frenzy against the Waziri.  The older bulls are reserved.  Tarzan challenges Korak for leadership of the tribe.  Tarzan dominates the fight.  From behind, a young bull knocks out Tarzan with a club.  The older bulls subdue the younger bulls and demand that Tarzan be named King.  Korak is told to leave.  He goes through Waziri country.  The Waziri, Barondi, think he is going to raid the shamba and kill the killer.
No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story) N’kima finds a bracelet that gives him a false sense of courage and bravery.  He thinks he is the king of the monkeys.   N’kima boldly approaches a tribe of apes and declares that he is king.  Thorak, the gund, is unimpressed.  He throws N’kima into a pool of water.  N’kima sinks because of the weight of the bracelet.  Thorak pulls N’kima out of the water and takes the bracelet from him.  N’kima realizes his power is gone.  N’kima warms Thorak about a charging leopard.  The apes take to the trees.
#123.1 Tarzan organizes Thurak’s tribe of apes to search for Kabarounga, the escaped, evil Munyoro.
#129.1 A new species of apes lives in a mysterious valley.  They are light brown in color.  Balus have pink faces.  At night they use the Caverns of Kor as a sleep place.  The females and children are not permitted to see the moon.  It is the law.  The males hold a Dum-Dum similar to the great apes.  They are very gorilla-like in appearance.  Tarzan takes the naturalist, Arthur Smythe, to study the apes.  The great bull, Zu Vo Wang, is not receptive to Tarzan’s friendly advances.  A female takes Boy to replace her lost balu.  It is only when Tarzan finds the missing balu that the ape-man is able to rescue Boy from the tribe.
 Dell Number  -- 33.2+46.3+48.2+55.3+60.2 (Boy story)+61.1+66.2+79.1+86.2+89.2+103 (splash page - Gray Ape)+ 105.1+105.2+107.2+109.1+No. 25 (back cover - The Grey Ape.) No. 25.3 (Boy Story)+ 113.1+117.1+123.1+129.1

apes of Opar  --  #5 - apes in the vicinity of Opar who help Tarzan defeat Hassan and the   gangsters and keep them from stealing the gold of Opar.
#28 - ruled by Korak, they try to kill Tarzan.
A #1.1 When Prince Nikon, white pygmy, and his small band come to Tarzan looking for a new home, Tarzan immediately thinks of the ruins of Opar.  But first he must rid the area of the apes.  He brews a sleeping potion, which the pygmies place in bananas.  Tarzan scales the mountain of Opar.  He gets all the mangani to eat some of the bananas except Nugak, the leader.  Tarzan knocks him out.  With the help of Buto, native friend, Tarzan lowers the sleeping apes down the mountain.  When they wake, they are quite upset.
 Dell Number  -- 5+28+A 1.1

Arabs  -- FC 161.2 slavers under Sidi Ben Yemlik, The Black Panther.
# 2 - slavers under Ayoub;
#5 - attempt to steal gold from Opar under Hassen‘s leadership;
#11 - slavers under Abou Ben Ephraim;
#12 - slavers under Sheik Ibrahim;
#13.1 - slavers under Ibn Akab;
#20.2 aid Murdock in the capture of N’kima and Jad-bal-ja.  Later they plan to mutiny, but Tarzan thwarts everyone’s plans.
#24.2 mentioned as slavers.
#26 - Touaregs, the scourge of the desert under the command of Abdul Hamid.
#32.1 - a Sheik and his Arabs have a group of slaves.  Tarzan notes their passing and leads the Nandi Bear into their midst.  The bear destroys the Arabs.
#33.1 Slavers under El Jemel.  Tarzan and the riders from the Rio Grande rope them and free the slaves.  Tarzan’s giant eland kills El Jemel.  They are sent home with little food and water.
#38.2 - Guides for the Carveth horse safari.  When Tarzan tells them to leave, they do.
#39.2 Four Arabs act as guides for Doctor Maypool and his daughter, Ellen, They kill an elephant belonging to the Athneans.  The Doctor is quite upset when he catches them poaching the ivory.  The Arabs knock him out.  Athnean’s spears kill three.  The fourth escapes in the safari car only to be killed by a lion as he is fixing a flat tire.
#44.2 Slavers under the leadership of Al Jemel.  They prepare hot mush for their morning meal.  Tarzan rescues Barbara Wales from them.
#A2.5 - Sea Arabs known as Brothers of the Barracuda.  They are notorious slavers.  They find Gary and Stella Keene ship wrecked on the east coast of Africa.  They capture Stella and burn the remnants of the ship.  Tarzan rescues Stella from their ship anchored in a harbor.  They attempt to follow Tarzan’s canoe but have to turn back because of a storm.  They spy smoke on an island and go to investigate.  Tarzan and Gary Keene overpower them.  Tarzan and the Keene use the Arab clothing to board the Arab ship.  Tarzan forces them to go to the island.  Tarzan tells them that the pearls they left behind are payment for their ship.
#47.2 Arabs fire on the gryf that Tarzan rides toward Ain Adrar, the city of Sheik Ibrahim.  They believe the gryf is 'shaitan,' the devil.  The gryf raises havoc in the city before they can kill the gryf.  After Tarzan rescues his family from the Sheik, they pursue them.  Tarzan riding on Tantor drives them away.
#49.1 Slavers Ali and Youssef attempt to buy Tarzan from Doc Manlek.  Tarzan overpowers all of them.
#55.3 - Arab raiders sail to the Isle of Apes in their dhow and capture apes using tranquilizer arrows.  Tarzan learns of their operation when he rescues Mujak, the gray ape, from the ocean after the dhow sank.  Tarzan uses the apes from the isle to capture a group of the raiders.  They place them in a wala built by Tarzan and the apes.  The Arabs have been taking the animals to Gambah Village to an animal buyer.  Tarzan and some apes sail to the village.  Tarzan uses their own tranquilizer arrows on the Arabs and the animal buyer.  They release the captured animals.  Tarzan leaves them a note telling them to leave the Isle of Apes alone.  Upon releasing the captured Arabs on the isle, Tarzan gets them to promise not to return.  They wear the Arab kaffiyeh.
#61.1 - They wear long pants and turbans not the usual kaffiyeh.  They look surprisingly like white men.  They sail the dhows of Williams, the animal trapper, to the Isle of Apes.  They put up the nets as instructed.  They speak Arabic.  When the volcano erupts, some of their landing craft capsize as they try to return to the dhows.  They sail Tarzan and the apes to the mainland.  Knowing about Williams double-cross, they abandon the landing boats that are to take the apes ashore.  #68.2 The Arabs of Sheik Ibrahim listen as Imoko, the witch doctor, tell them that he can deliver Tarzan to them alive.  The Arabs remind the Sheik that it is Tarzan that is keeping them from exploiting the area.
#77.1 (See also - Beni Adhemi)
#80.1 (See, Beni Adhemi)
A#5.4 Arabs occupy the market town of Marrach.  Most of the Arabs are honest traders who Shareef Hussein deals with.  There are also spies for Sheik Ali Ben Yussuf.  Three of Ali’s men attempt to rob Tarzan and Hussein in their room at the Inn of the Three Dervishes.  They are thwarted by Jad-bal-ja.  Ali’s men also attempt to ambush Hussein’s caravan.  Tarzan tricks them into emptying their rifles on the baboons in the Gorge of Baboons.  Hussein and his men easily rout them.
#83.1 Arabs on the coast make their living by fishing.  They are under the leadership of Sheik Abdullah Ben Ibrahim.  Channel Pirates are terrorizing them so that they will not take their boats onto the water.  Tarzan enlists their aid, along with the survivors of a three-masted vessel, to board the pirate’s dhow at night and defeat the pirates.
#126.1 Arabs buy a family of chimpanzees from Chinga hunters and sell them to a dhow captain.  The Captain threatens Tarzan.  Tarzan disarms him.  The dhow struggles in a storm.  They are ship wrecked on land.  Tarzan and the chimps elude the Arabs.  In the morning the Captain and his men hunt for them.  Tarzan gets the drop on them.  The ape-man has the chimps guard them while he builds a raft.  In the desert the Arab group that sold the chimps to the dhow finds them.  Tarzan and the chimps disarm them.  Tarzan forces them to carry them on their camels through the desert.  The Arabs are disgusted that Tarzan lets the chimps drink their water.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.22+5+11+12+13.1+20.2+24.2+26+32.1+33.1+38.2+39.2+44.2+2.5+47.2+49.1+55.3+61.1+68.2+77.1+80.1+A#5.4+83.1+126.1
 Novel  --  RT - nomadic tribes of north and middle east Africa.  Primarily equestrian people.  Often depicted as dealers in ivory, gold and slaves.  Tarzan had a great respect for the Arab peoples.  Many noble Arabs are   in the novels as well as the nefarious.

Arachna  -- Giant spider.  Tarzan falls from Argus’s back as the giant eagle does a loop to avoid Kingbirds.  He falls into the web of Arachna and bounces into a tree.  The Jungle Lord puts a couple of arrows into an approaching spider.  He investigates the web, finds, and releases a man caught in the web.  The man, Kumar of Lutor, tells Tarzan that the poison sac of the spider contains a cure for Swamp Fever.  As Tarzan cuts the poison sac from the spider he killed, the spider’s mate creeps into the picture.  Kumar attacks it with his spear.  Tarzan leaps on its back and kills it with his knife.  They take the poison sac from this Arachna as well. (See also - Araknid)
 Dell Number  -- 50.1

Araknid  --  giant spider of Arrack.  It captures N’tala and brings her to Arrack.  Its web it likened to silver ropes.  Tarzan trails Araknid.  The giant spider captures Tarzan and brings him to the city.  It can leap great distances through the air as well as thirty feet straight up.  After Tarzan’s escape from Queen Mataha, she whistles for the spider to recapture Tarzan.  It easily recaptures the ape-man.  (See also - Arachna)
 Dell Number  -- 25.1

Argo-thub  -- His name translates as “fire-heart.”  He is an exiled Wazdon warrior who founded the tribe of Wazbans on the Island of Wazban.  He is not shown but his story is told.
 Dell Number  -- 94.1

Argus  -- A #1.3 - Giant eagle Tarzan created using Doctor Mervin’s growth pellets.  He and the Waziri call it the King of Birds. Tarzan uses the creature to fly to Alur where he discovers that the Torodons have taken over the city.  He flies to Jorah’s people for help in the retaking of the city.  Argus is a formidable force during the battle.  Flying on Argus, Tarzan catches Jala, King Jadon’s sister, before she falls to her death.
#41.1 Tarzan calls him the ‘Sky Ranger.’  Argus is as fast as an airplane.  Boy, planning to take a ride, frees the eagle from its chain.  The bird flies to Tarzan at the Tower of Ta-dan, which is under siege by Torodons.  Tarzan flies to Nairobi to get Doctor MacWhirtle and his airplane.  Tarzan attacks the Torodons with the eagle as Dr. Mac attacks with rockets.
#42.1 With Tarzan on his back, Argus steals a basket of fish from the Stork Men.  When Terribs attack, Tarzan fires arrows from Argus’ back thus driving off the attackers.  Tarzan uses Argus to fly to Nairobi and back to the Stork People so he can get two otters and growth pills.  During a Terribs night attack on the Stork Men Village, Argus flies Tarzan so that he might shoot arrows at the Gorobars.
#44.1 Tarzan uses Argus to save Coru, the Prince of the Shepherd Clan of Saparta, from a vulture.  He flies to the Great Swamp.  Tarzan has Kalomo, a Waziri, fly Argus home.  Boy flies the giant eagle to Pal-ul-don and saves Tarzan and others from Wandach, the gund of the spearmakers clan of Saparta.  In all previous issues Argus was colored brown.  In this issue he is solid gold in color.
#48.3 A solid gold colored Argus is picked up by Tarzan at the Waziri Village.  Tarzan flies Argus in search of the Giant Wasps.  They follow a wasp to the Island of Dwarfs.  Tarzan smears the giant eagle and himself with the pulp of a wild flower to repel the wasps.  They fly into the mountain nest of the wasps.  After an encounter with the wasps, Tarzan flies Argus to Nairobi to get Dr. MacWhirtle and some DDT bombs.
#50.1 Tarzan flies Argus from the Stork Men village to get fuel for Dr. Mervin’s airplane.  They are attacked by Kingbirds.  Argus does a loop to avoid the birds and Tarzan falls from his back.  Argus out flies the kingbirds and heads for the Waziri village.  A worried Boy flies Argus to the Stork Men Village to find Tarzan safe.
#51.1 Tarzan and Boy fly Argus to Dr. MacWhirtle’s estate to seek his help in taking the ill Dr. Mervin out of the Stork Men Village.  Tarzan leaps off Argus’ back, and Boy flies Argus back to the village.
#52.3 Tarzan is not comfortable about Dr. Mac flying Dr. Mervin and Yolanda to Nairobi with his thipdar cargo.  He follows them on Argus.  He finds the plane deserted and searches for his missing friends.  He finds them working in the Men of Monga’s fields.  He swoops down and pick up Yolanda and carries her to the plane.  They return and swoop in for Dr. Mervin.  Dr. Mac hangs onto Arg
us’ leg.  They also are carried to the plane.  As they take off, Tarzan kills the Serpent of Pal-ul-don from Argus back.  The Men of Monga refer to Argus as, Ska.  #53.3 Tarzan catches fish in a net and feeds the giant golden eagle.  Afterwards, they fly towards Lutor for a visit.  Tarzan spots a cabin plane at Lutor and is curious.  A gangster wildly fires a Tommy gun at them.  Tarzan and Argus circle the city.  They are met with more machine gun fire from windows.  After the gangsters are banished on an island in Pal-ul-don, Tarzan plans to ditch the gangster’s plane.  He has Boy fly Argus to pick him up.  Tarzan leaps from the diving plane with a parachute.  As Boy and Argus fly near, Tarzan releases the parachute and lands on Argus’ back.  They fly Argus towards home.
#56.2 (Boy story) Boy flies Argus over Athne to discover the Talking Bolgani are using human slaves again.  He uses Argus to rescue Beth Carey from the gorillas.  They return to save her brother, Arthur.  Argus chases off the gorillas.  Flying back to Beth, they find a leopard threatening her.  Argus picks up the leopard and drops it off a cliff.
A#3.5 When Tarzan finds dinosaurs in the Great Swamp, he flies Argus to the Valley of Monster to discover that a volcano has erupted, thus driving them out of the valley.  Tarzan follows the dinosaurs towards Cathne.  He flies Argus to find Jo-rah and his people to enlist their aid in fighting the dinosaurs and the Torodons, which are threatening Cathne.  After things are under control, Tarzan takes off on Argus to see if there are more dinosaurs to be dealt with.
#61.2 Tarzan tells Boy to fly Argus to the telegraph station with his note for Dr. Louis d’Arnot to bring medicine for Dombie’s infection.  Boy places a harness on the golden eagle before taking off.  Upon returning, Boy lands near the kraal of the Waziri and sends Argus back to the village.
#63.1 Tarzan uses Argus to search for the missing Boy and Aiglon, the giant eagle.  They find them with Chet Harper, an American Prospector, trapped in a box canyon.  Aiglon has been hurt and refuses to fly.  Tarzan uses Argus to transport Harper and the gold to the rim of the canyon.  When he takes Boy, Aiglon follows Argus to the top of the canyon.  Tarzan has Boy use Argus to lead Aiglon back home.
#65.2 Tarzan and Argus accompany Boy and Aiglon on a training flight.  They find the unconscious body of the missionary James Nicholson.  Tarzan leaves Boy and Argus for protection as he flies Aiglon for help.
A#4.1 - The giant eagle has black on the upper front half of its wings and heavy black outlines on the other three rows of feathers as well as the three rows on its tail.  Tarzan flying on Argus spies Queen Elaine in a lion-drawn chariot that is about to be attacked by the Talking Gorillas.  He directs Argus to attack the Bolgani.  Argus is struck in the head by a club and lands.  Tarzan leads the gorillas away from Argus.  The eagle recovers, forgets about Tarzan, and flies off.  Eventually the eagle remembers Tarzan and returns to pick up the bound ape-ape and carries him to the Rock of Opar.
#77.1 Argus continues to have its new coloration and adds two tufts to the top of its head similar to the eagles from
Dell #75.1 “The Eagles of Engani.”  Tarzan rides Argus over a desert in search of a missing ostrich.  They rise above a sandstorm only to be buffeted by high winds.  They discover the City in the Sands.  Argus finds water underground near a pipe.  Tarzan digs a hole so the water can collect and the giant eagle can drink.  They fly off to find a caravan of displaced Bedouins in the desert.  Tarzan tells them that he will lead them to water in exchange for food for Argus.  After Argus has eaten, the Jungle Lord has the Bedouins follow Argus’ flight back to the city.  Once the Bedouins are established in the city, Tarzan flies off on Argus to continue to search for the ostrich.
#78.2 Boy takes Argus to look for the missing Dombie.  He swoops down on Tarzan who is also searching for the missing boy.  Tarzan takes Argus to Pal-ul-don.  He has Argus attack and kill a thipdar that is attacking Dombie.  Argus lands near the thipdar nest thus scaring two of the young thipdars over the edge and a third down into a crack.  Tarzan ties up the fourth thipdar.  Argus flies them all back to the Waziri Village.
#81.2 – Boy flies Argus and Aguila, giant eagles, in search of Tarzan and Dombie.  He finds them in a tree.  Boy and Dombie fly one eagle and Tarzan flies the other back home.
#82.1 Tarzan feeds Argus and Aguila fish as Prince Alad comes to tell him about the gangsters at Opar.  Tarzan flies the Prince to the mountain of Opar on Argus.
#83.1 - From the back of Argus Tarzan discovers a tiny Arab fishing village.  He directs Argus to pick up a leopard that is stalking Sara, the Sheik’s daughter.  Upon learning that pirates are keeping the Arabs from fishing, Tarzan takes one of the fishing boats out to sea.  The Sheik believes that Argus is Roc, the legendary large powerful bird from the tales of Sinbad.  Tarzan has Argus spot shoals of fish for him.  From the first net full he feeds the giant eagle.  Attacked by the pirates, Tarzan clings to the rudder of their dhow.  Argus follows its master from the air.  On the island with the survivors of the wrecked sailing ship, Tarzan calls Argus to his side.  He flies the giant eagle back to the fishing village for help.  After the pirates have been defeated, Tarzan flies off on Argus.
#83.2 - Tarzan, Jane and Boy net and feed fish to Argus as Indorro, a runner from Buto’s Kraal, arrives with the news that a beast is terrorizing their village.  Tarzan flies Argus to the village to investigate.
#84.1 Tarzan flies Argus to Cathne to visit King Jathon.  Upon learning that Prince Thyron has been captured.  Tarzan and the Cathneans march on Mitzer, city of Thoth.  Argus follows the army in the air.  The giant eagle flies Tarzan over the city that is surrounded by mountains.  A light beam from the statue of Thoth almost fries them.  Tarzan has Argus swoop down and pick up the Prince before the light beam disintegrates him.  They carried Thyron back to the Cathnean camp.  During the battle between the two armies, Tarzan flies Argus near the statue.  He casts a spear, which shatters the crystal eye.
#88.2  - Tarzan flies Argus to Lutor in search of the missing Boy.  Boy left the day before he arrived.  Tarzan searches the Great Swamp from the back of Argus.  They find Aguila in the air and retrieve a message from Boy that says he is a captive of the Terribs.  Tarzan realizes that Argus is tried so they land at the Stork Men Village.
#90 (inside cover - splash page) - Tarzan flying Argus.  Black and white.
#91.2 Tarzan takes Argus to search for Boy and Dombie and their glider.  They see elephants smashing the glider in the elephant’s Secret Playground.  Tarzan spies the boys under a tree.  He has Argus divert the elephants.  Tarzan drops to the ground and runs to an anthill.  As the elephants approach, Tarzan grabs onto Argus’ feet.  They pick up the boys and fly home.
#92.1 Boy flies Argus and Aguila to Inkota City where Tarzan and Karen Lane are captives.  They mount the giant eagles and make their escape with Karen and Boy on Argus and Tarzan on Aguila.
#96.2 Tarzan flies Argus while Jane flies an unnamed giant eagle to search for Boy, Dombie, and Mimi who were carried off by a huge kite.  They find them and bring them home.  Argus is colored gold and later is colored brown.  Jane’s giant eagle is brown.
#107.1 Tarzan flies Argus to the Valley of Monster to search for the missing Bruce Harlowe.  The fumes from the volcanic fumaroles force them to land on a mountaintop.  The Jungle Lord realizes that the vapors are too much for the giant eagle and sends it home.
#109.2 Tarzan searches for Boy and Dombie on Argus.  They fly close to the exploding volcano on Fire Mountain.  A piece of hot rock injures Argus.  They are force to land in pride of lions.  They drive the lions away.  Tarzan does not think Argus’ wounds are serious.  Tarzan goes to rescue the boys.
No. 25.1 - Tarzan and his family fish for food for Argus.  Tarzan receives word that Muviro is ill.  He flies Argus to the Waziri kraal to learn that it was a trick.  The Wabuna claim to have captured Jane and Boy and want Argus and Aguila in exchange for their release.  Tarzan flies the two eagles to the Hill of Caves.  The Wabuna don’t have his family and attack.  Tarzan is severely wounded.  The two eagles chase off the Wabuna.  Argus carries Tarzan to the jungle floor where he collapses.  Argus and Aguila find Jane and Boy stranded on an island in the Red Gorge.  They carry them away to search for Tarzan.  They find Tarzan safe with the Wise One.
#114.2 - Tarzan uses Argus to search and find Boy and Dombie whose sailing scooter was carried away by a tornado.
No. 37.1  - Jane and Boy fly Argus as Tarzan flies Aguila to the herb doctors at Kroo Maun.  They stop to feed the eagles.  They catch fish and feed them.  A Hairy Giant captures Jane.  Tarzan flies Aguila to the attack.  Boy flies Argus.  Jane is rescued.  They fly to Kroo Maun.  The Slingers are afraid of the approaching eagles and sling stones at them.  On the trip to the Half Moon Lake to gather the healing bulb, Boy flies Argus and Tarzan flies Aguila as air cover for the Slingers.  They spot the giants and alert the Slingers.  At the lake Boy again flies Argus as a spotter.  They alert Tarzan that the giants are approaching.  Tarzan has Boy use Argus to delay the giants.  After the giants are defeated in a night battle, Tarzan’s family fly the eagles back to the Waziri Village with the medicine.
No. 51.1 Jane, Tarzan and Boy search for the missing Captain Smith on the Argus and Aguila.  They land near River Bushmen and befriend them.  Lechwe guides Tarzan towards the Tree of Ages.  Jane and Boy follow three days later on the eagles and find Tarzan with Captain Smith.  They fly them back to the tree house.
#127.2 Boy and Dombie fly Argus and Aguila to the Bageena Village believing that Tarzan is a captive there.  They leave the eagles as they near the village.  Normal eagles attacks the giant eagles causing them to fly home.  When Tarzan sees the eagles coming home without riders, he surmises what has happened.  He flies Argus and Aguila to rescue the boys and the trader, who was the Bageena captive.  They fly home with Aguila carrying the trader in its talons.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.3+41.1+42.1+44.1+48.3+50.1+51.1+52.3+53.3+56.2 (Boy story)+A#3.5+61.2+63.1+65.2+A#4.1+77.1+78.2+A#5 (Jungle theater) +81.2+82.1+83.1+83.2+84.1+88.2+90 (splash page)+91.2+92.1+96.2+A#7 (Cut Out page)+107.1+109.2+No. 25.1+114.2+No. 37.1+No. 51.1+127.2

army ants  --  (see ants)

Aroc  -- cave man of Pal-ul-don, who knocks out Tarzan and captures La.  La calls him tor-lot.  He takes her back to the People of the Caves where the chief, Bundroc, claims her.  Tarzan defeats Bundroc and sets up La to rule the cave people.  La picks up Aroc’s club thereby choosing Aroc as her mate.  When she discovers this is the custom, she knocks out Aroc with his own club.  La is concerned that she killed him, but she did not.  It is implied that they will be mates.
 Dell Number  -- 15.1

Arrackians  --   #25.1 - the people of the city of Arrack.  Queen Mataha rules them.  They speak Swahili.  They deliver Tarzan to their Queen when the giant spider brings him bound into the city.
#30 - They attempt to defend their city against Tarzan and the Waziri, who have come to eliminate their giant spiders.  They retreat into the palace.  After being driven out of the palace by Doctor MacWhirtle’s smoke bomb, they surrender to Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1+30

Arthur Carey  -- White man, who was photographing wild animals with his sister, Beth, when they became separated from their safari.  The Talking Bolgani captures them.  Boy swoops in on Argus and takes Beth away.  When he returns for Arthur, the Bolgani throw him into Argus’ wing and leave.  Boy helps Arthur on to Argus and ties his arms around him.  He flies him to the tree house.
 Dell Number  -- 56.2 (Boy story)

Arthur Smythe  -- Arthur Smythe is a naturalist searching for a new species of apes.  His safari deserts him when he goes into a forbidden zone.  He rafts downriver and comes upon Tarzan.  Tarzan helps him locate the apes.  He takes film of Tarzan talking with the apes.  When the apes take Boy, Tarzan leaves Dombie in charge of Smythe.
 Dell Number  -- 129.1

askaris  --  African tribesmen hired as mercenary soldiers for white safaris.
#17.2 killed by the Shifta band, who capture Rita Lane.
#23.2 part of Captain Armand Jacot’s troops.
#88.1 - The native troops in the camel detachment under the command of Lieutenant Barnes is attacked by Shiftas, who steal all their camels.  The askaris wear fez hats, as does the sentry who questions Tarzan and Buto at the gates of Fort Gumburu.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1+17.2+23.2+88.1
 Novel -- BTa

Astar  -- Moon goddess worshipped by Queen La and the Oparians.
 Dell Number  -- 59.3

Atarad  -- The name of one of the Talking Gorillas.
 Dell Number  -- 59.1

Athneans  -- the people of Athne.  A #1.2 - The Athneans ride their elephants into battle against the Cathneans.  They catch Prince Jathon and subject him to the Elephant Ordeal.  Tarzan rescues the Prince.
#35 - Their City of Ivory was destroyed by a volcano.  They chase their mortal enemies the Cathneans across the land.  Tarzan stops their pursuit by capturing Prince Ergon.  After Ergon’s release they continue the pursuit across the Great Thorn Desert but are repulsed by the Cathneans in the Great Swamp.
#36.1 Tarzan captures an Athnean spy.  He and Jathon watch the Athneans cross the Great Swamp on their elephants.  The Athneans lay siege to New Cathne.  Tarzan breaks the siege with Goliath, a giant lion that Dr. Mervin helped him create.
#39.2 - Athneans kill several Arabs and chase off the last one, who escapes in a safari car that the Athneans think is a ‘roaring beast.’  They capture Doctor Horace Maypool and his daughter, Ellen, who they bring to New Athne.  They attempt to capture Tarzan but they cannot catch up to him.
#40.1 - Athneans capture Tom Culver as he comes to New Athne.  They watch the Ordeal of Elephants.  Tarzan uses flares on them during the rescue and later uses a gasoline fire on the pursuing elephant men.
#45.3 - As commanded by Prince Jathon, they cast spears at Timon, who is mounted on Goliath.  This enrages the lion that kills Timon and causes havoc in the city.
#52.1 Tarzan attempts to warn the Athneans about the approaching horde of Bolgani.  King Ergon doesn’t believe him and attempts to capture the ape-man.  Tarzan escapes by throwing the King bodily into the guards.  The Athneans warriors, dressed in Roman soldier armor, try to repel the gorilla horde.  Their elephant mounts are not enough to stop the massive attack.  The gorillas kill King Ergon.  The old men, women, and children escape on boats into the Great Swamp.  Tarzan has Tantor pull the boats to a small island.  They return with the boats to help the surviving Athnean warriors escape the gorillas.  Tarzan leads them to Cathne, their traditional enemy.  The Cathneans welcome the defeated Athneans to their city.
#54.3 After Tarzan and the Cathneans defeat the Talking Gorillas, many of their former war elephants are rescued.  The gorillas have abused them.  The elephants are given to the Athneans to heal them.
#66.1 The Athneans are building New Athne in Pal-ul-don.  The women and children stay in Cathne as the men work the quarries and pull the stones by elephants to the site.  Talking Gorillas attack the site and capture Prince Timon and the workers.  Tarzan runs to the quarry and has the Athneans and their war elephants pursue them.  Tarzan has Hathor and some of the elephants overturn the gorillas’ rafts in the Great Swamp.  The Athneans attack them on other elephants.  Tarzan forms an alliance with the Athneans, Cathneans, and Gallugos to oust the Talking Gorillas from Old Athne.  In a joint attack, the Athneans cross the swamp on their elephants.  Tarzan tricks the gorillas into drinking a sleeping potion.  The alliance overthrows the Bolgani.
#80.1 Tarzan persuades Prince Timon to have his masons repair the aqueduct for the Beni-Adhemi.  The Athneans repair the aqueduct and build the Arabs a dam to protect against the dry season.  A treaty of friendship is signed between Athne and the City in the Sands.   When mountain savages attack, the elephant men join with Tarzan and the Beni-Adhemi to scatter them.
#122.1 - Prince Gato leads the Athneans across the desert to plunder. The Athneans approach Tarzan’s tree house on elephants.  Prince Gato commands his men to attack the ape-man.  He has the elephants pick up a log and batter down the tree that contains Tarzan’s home.  The Athneans enter the empty Waziri city with their elephants.  Tarzan subdues the guardian of the elephants.   Gato discovers Tarzan leading the elephants out of the city.  He shoots an arrow at the ape-man but hits Thantu‘s trunk.  Thantu charges from the city with the herd following him.  The Waziri enter the city and overpower the Athneans.  Gato would prefer to be killed, but the Waziri do not oblige him.  They force them to repair the city.  Tarzan and Muviro release the Atheans to return to their home across the Great Thorn Desert.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.2+35+36.1+39.2+40.1+45.3+#52.1+54.3+66.1+80.1

Atumbo  -- King of the Matusi tribe.  He is livid when he discovers the theft of the golden throne.  He accuses Ungali, the witch doctor, of the theft.  Ungali reads the magic bones and reveals Boy as the thief.  He leads the King to the spot where Boy is sitting on the stool.  They capture Boy and force him to go through the Ordeal of the Mamba.  Atumbo is afraid of the mamba.  When Tarzan reveals the deception of Ungali, Atumbo promises to have him killed if he returns to the village.
 Dell Number  -- 46.2

Augustus  --  Emperor of Castrum Mare.  Not seen, only mentioned.
 Dell Number  -- 58.3

Aulihans  -- The Aulihans are a Somali tribe in north Kenya.  They ride camels and possess rifles.  Their enemies, the Marehans, chase them across the desert as Tarzan and Boy watch.
 Dell Number -- 129.3

Aunty Gena  -- Aunty Gena is an old Waziri woman.  She has very bad rheumatism.  Jane worries that there is nothing they can do for her.  Tarzan suggests going to the herb doctors of Kroo Maun.  They do and after a series of adventures they return with the medicine that allows Aunty Gena to literally dance with joy.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.1

Ayoub  -- Arab slaver who captures Dr. Newsome and forces him to refine thorium, a radioactive ore.
 Dell Number  -- 2



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