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Part IV ~ S-Z
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sacrificial knife  -- La uses a curved blade knife as she is about to sacrifice Jane on the altar to Astar, the moon goddess.  Tarzan disarms her.
 Dell Number  -- 59.3

saddle (bridle)  --  A#6.4  Tarzan and Prince Rotan use saddles and bridles on their buffalo mounts.  Later Tarzan’s mount, M’bogo, no longer has its saddle.  #106.2 Tarzan has a saddle and bridle on the antelope he is riding.  In an earlier panel the bridle is present but there is no saddle.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.4+106.2

safari car  -- #51.3 Tarzan, Harvey Norton, and his bearers take a safari car to the Mangowari River.
#69.1 several are used.  Tantor overturns one.
#74.2 Tarzan directs the safari car of Tom Lindon and Brant Torrey close to the Valley of Towers so Lindon can photograph the Winged Men.
A#7.6 (Boy story) - The Downs family drive a safari car to some ruins.  Jeremy disappears.  The father and mother drive for help.  They return with a hunter to drive off lions.
#127.1 James Hawklin brings two safari cars to Tarzan country.  Because he has a letter from Sir Thomas Barstow Tarzan allows him to stay.
 Dell Number  -- 37.2+49.1+50.2+51.3+57.3+69.1+74.2+A#7.6 (Boy story) +127.1

sail  --  #88.2  Tarzan borrows a sail from the Stork Men it help propel him on the water skis on the Great Swamp.  He unrolls the thin sheet and holds it up so that the wind helps carry him along the water.
A#6.2 The Golden Men use sails to propel their water skis along the lake.  They hold their paddles out in front of them.  The sail appears to be attached to the paddle and around their waists.  The sails have a large yellow triangle on them.  The Golden Men race to help Boy and Dombie, who are being attached by Terribs.  They frighten them away.  They carry Boy and injured Dombie by to their city using the sails and water skis.
 Dell Number  -- 88.2+A#6.2

sailing scooter  -- Tarzan makes Boy and Dombie a sailing scooter.  It is low and flat triangular shaped with three wheels on each tip of the triangle.  It has a mast with an old parachute for a sail and a second chute to be used as a seat as well as a stopping device.  Boy and Dombie sail out onto the dry lake.  They strap themselves to the mast as a tornado carries them to the mountains.  The chute opens and they drift away.  Some Bat Men attack them.  Boy drives them off with arrows.  The scooter crashes into a river.  They cut the chute loose.  They make it to shore as the scooter drifts away.
 Dell Number  -- 114.2

salt  -- Tarzan convinces Queen Nilonda that he can keep the baboons from raiding their crops by giving them twenty pounds of salt.
 Dell Number  -- 92.1

Salute the King  -- Rudatara has old Imanda beat out ‘Salute the King’ on the Royal Drum as the royal guards approach.  The tune causes the guards to go over to Rudatara’s side.
 Dell Number  -- 96.1

sandals  -- The Waziri women make the Waziri and Watunga warriors sandals so that they will not be affected by the little porcupine spikes that the attacking Makulu nation will encounter on the battlefield.
 Dell Number  -- 116.1

sand blanket  -- The sand blankets are used by the Ostrich Clan as a means of sneaking up on game and/or enemies.  It is a person-sized blanket that appears as if it is merely sand.  The use of this device has led the Tuaregs to believe that the Ostrich Clan people can become invisible.  Ramotu, the chief of the Ostrich Clan, uses the blanket to sneak into the Tuareg camp and free Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 56.1

sandstorm  -- Tarzan and Argus attempt to fly over a sandstorm.  They are caught in some winds and carried to an area in the desert where they discover the City in the Sands.
 Dell Number  -- 77.1

schooner  -- Tarzan investigates the killing of an ape on Pirate Island.  He finds a schooner anchored in the bay.  He overhears the mutineers talking about how they killed their captain.  After he captures the would-be pirates, he transports them to the schooner to take them to the port authority.
 Dell Number  -- 110.2

scimitar  --  #26 weapon of Suleiman the Arab strongman.  He uses it ineffectively against Tarzan.
#47.2 An Arab tries to kill Tarzan with a scimitar.
 Dell Number  -- 26+47.2

seaplane  --    #16.1Tarzan flies his airplane near the Lake People. Boy was hiding in the plane.  They have an adventure in A-lur and fly home.
#31.1 Doctor MacWhirtle flies one to the Valley of the Monsters.  He has had rocket launchers installed on his seaplane.  He uses one to kill a
#33.2 - After parachuting from his plane in Dell
#32.2, Tarzan and the Doctor find the plane has landed safely by itself on a lake.  Tarzan clears the fuel line and the Doctor flies away.
#40.1 Dr. MacWhirtle flies Tom Culver to Athne.  He circles the area and observes Tom and the Maypools being placed under arrest by the Athneans. He flies to Tarzan.  When he lands he breaks one of the struts.  It is referred to as an amphibian plane.
#51.1 Tarzan talks Dr. Mac into using his seaplane to fly the ill Dr. Mervin out of the Storkmen Village because the Terribs destroyed his plane.  They land near a nest of Gorobars.  Tarzan uses the seaplane to follow the Terribs who have captured Dr. Mac.  After Tarzan rescues the doctor, they fly towards the Storkmen Village.  Also referred to as a ‘float plane.’
#52.3 Tarzan and Dr. Mac take the doctor’s seaplane to the Stork Men Village to pick up Dr. Mervin.  Tarzan refers to the amphibian plane as a ‘flying canoe.’  Dr. Mac starts to fly Dr. Mervin and his daughter, Yolanda, to their home, but the thipdar bites through its ropes and bites Dr. Mac.  They are forced to land.  The Men of Monga capture them and board the plane.  They call the seaplane a “house-that-flies.”  The thipdar frightens them away.  Tarzan spies the abandon plane.  He rescues the prisoners and flies them back to the plane on Argus.  Tarzan turns the plane round so it can take off.  A Serpent of Pal-ul-don slithers up.  They manage to take off to safety.  Tarzan kills the serpent.
#62.1 Tarzan and Dr. Mac fly the seaplane to Pal-ul-don in search of gryf eggs.  They camouflage the plane with leafy vines.  Tarzan is captured by Ho-dons.  He escapes and Dr. Mac picks up the Jungle Lord with his captive Zugu, the King of Jalur.  Tarzan instructs the doctor to fly to Alur to negotiate peace between the Ho-don cities.
#68.1 - While taking King Zugu to Alur to force a peace agreement, Tarzan and Dr. Mac’s plane is damaged in a storm and is forced to land in Crater Lake, the home of the Cat Men.  Tarzan has Dr. Mac repair the aileron as he goes to rescue King Zugu from the Cat Men.  Dr. Mac makes the repairs and lifts off before the Cat Men can reach the plane.  The Cat Men call it a ‘bird machine.’  He lands on Lake of Lutor near Tarzan and King Zugu.
#70.1 Dr. Mac informs Tarzan that he only has enough fuel to get to Nairobi.  Tarzan decides to continue on to Alur with Zugu in the canoe.  Dr. Mac takes off.  A#7.1 Johnny Ball has trouble with his seaplane.  Tarzan saves him from a crocodile.  He fixes the plane.  They take off but run into a storm.  They are forced to crash land near the lost city of Tannalelt.
 Dell Number  -- 16.1+31.1+33.2+40.1+51.1+52.3+62.1+68.1+70.1+A#7.1

Secret Society  --  #50.3 - An organization of people from many different tribes who have united in their hatred of European influence and power.  They kill Europeans and natives who are sympathetic to Europeans.  The British Commissioner in Nairobi calls them an “unholy mixture of superstition, nationalism and plain deviltry.”  Tarzan routes out a large cell, steals all their weapons and sprays them with the Mark of Evil.  A#3.3 - Their leader is a white man known as the Secret Master.  His main henchman is a native known as the Owl.  They are known for terror, murder, and the profit of the Secret Master.  The Man of Evil orders the Owl and his men to kill Tarzan or else.  Tarzan with the help of the Waziri and Thorag, the ape, capture all of them.
 Dell Number  -- 50.3+A#3.3

secretary bird  --  #16.1 inside front cover (Jungle World)  - “enemy of venomous snakes”

secret weapon  --  (see Defensive Scent)

sedative  -- Dr. Mac slips a sedative into Heather Day’s coffee so she can rest after he and Tarzan rescued her from the great altar of the Batwinged Men.
 Dell Number  -- A2.1

seesaw pole  -- The Bakongo capture Tarzan.  They tie him upside-down to a pole that they will dip into a river.  Boy brings the Imanga tribe to rescue him.  The Bakongos release the seesaw pole when they see them coming.  Tarzan drops into the river.  Boy jumps into the river and gives him his knife to cut himself free.
 Dell Number  -- 125.2

Senate  -- part of the lost city founded by ancient Romans, they are cool to the idea of Marcus    Junius returning to power after Tarzan captured the cruel Brutus Augustus
 Dell Number  -- 14.1

Senators  -- members of the senate of the lost city founded by ancient Romans.  They have the city gates open to Marcus Junius when he marches his legions up to the city gates.
 Dell Number  -- 14.1

sesterces  --  Roman coin with the value of 1/4 of a denarium.  Consul Publius Mallus buys Tarzan and d’Arnot as gallery slaves for two sesterces apiece from pygmies.
 Dell Number  -- 21.2

shamba  --  #45.2   cornfield.
#A2.4 Tantor’s children raid an unnamed tribe’s cornfield.  The tribe captures them separately.  Tantor and his herd rescue them and destroy the village.
#55.2 Dombie must take care of his little sister, Lula, while his mother works in the Waziri shamba.
A#3.3 Members of the Secret Society wait the arrival of the Secret Master in a shamba.
#67.2 Kimbo tells Tarzan that the King Leopard took his child from the shamba while his mother worked the field.  Tarzan and Boy find tracks in the shamba.
#93.2 Muviro tells Tarzan about an elephant that is raiding their shambas.  Boy and Dombie place some red pepper on some of the corn, which enrages the elephant when it eats some of the peppered corn in Inanga’s cornfield.  The pachyderm levels Inanga’s hut and runs off.
#106.2 - Baboons raid the Waziri shamba.  Boy and Dombie drive them off.  The boys decide to try and capture a cheetah to stake at the cornfield to frighten off the baboons.
#117.1 Korak the Killer has taken over Kars tribe.  He forces the apes to raid the Waziri shamba.  Korak kills a Waziri who tries to run them off.  Muviro and other Waziri manage to drive them out of the shamba.  Muviro tells Tarzan that they will kill any of his ape friends that return to the shamba.  After Tarzan drives Korak out of the tribe, the ape cuts across Waziri land where a warrior kills Korak thinking that he has come to raid the shamba.
#120.2 Boy and Dombie use an elephant alarm as they watch over the Waziri shamba all night.  They do not wake in time to sound the alarm.  The rouge elephant destroys the cornfield before the Waziri can stop it.  Muviro bawls out Dombie for being negligent.
 Dell Number  -- 45.2+A2.4+55.2+A#3.3+67.2+93.2+106.2+117.1+120.2

sharp sticks  --  #18.1 What Thulak and his gray apes call the Amazon warrior’s spears.  #40.2 Tarzan warns the baboons against spears.  #105.1 - What the baboons call the gomangani spears.
 Dell Number  -- 18.1+40.2+105.1

shauri  --  litter?  Tarzan, Boy, and Dombie carry the weak native woman and child on a litter to her husband, who she thought was dead.  She objects by saying that warriors should not carry a woman.  Tarzan says that this is Tarzan’s shauri.
 Dell Number  -- 117.2

shell  -- Loma blows into a shell to recall the giant otter to the crocodile boat.
 Dell Number  -- 70.1

shelter, lean-to  -- Brant Torrey and Tom Lindon use a lean-to shelter made of poles and thatching as they travel to the Valley of Towers.  After a reconnoitering the Winged Men, Tarzan instructs the two men to bring the shelter into the valley.  They set up the shelter on a small tower.  From the shelter, Lindon is to photograph the Winged Men driving zebras into a pit trap.  Lindon forgets himself and leaves the shelter while taking pictures.  He is spotted and captured by the Winged Men.
 Dell Number  -- 74.2

sherbet  --  (Ara) sharbah - a drink - offered by Sheik Abou Ben Ephraim to his guest.
 Dell Number  -- 17.1

shield -- the Skraeling crossbow bolts easily pierce The Giant Viking’s shields.  Tarzan shows them how build a shield out of rawhide and cover it with a thumb’s thickness of cement.  It is very heavy but deflects the bolts.
 Dell Number  -- 91.1

shields, flaming  -- Guru, the evil witch doctor, and his witch men use flaming shield to get by the cave bears in the Caves of Ursamon.  The do not help protect them against the panicked leopards of Thunder Mountain.  Small balls of fire are placed around the edge of the shield.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.6

ship  --  A#6.7 As Tarzan says good-bye to Herbert Gates, who he rescued from headhunters, there are two ships in the background.  #106.1 - The captured Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja are transported to Castrum Mare in a small sailing ship.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.7+106.1

siesta hour  -- The entire population of the Island of the Pirate King takes a nap for one hour each day.  (Tarzan has knowledge of this.)  Tarzan lets Boy know that he will rescue him and Jane while the pirates sleep.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

signal drum  --  what the king of the Ivory City uses to start the games in the arena.
 Dell Number  -- 19.1

silence machine  -- An unscrupulous American’s plane crashes near the dead city of Tohr.  His electric equipment is undamaged.  He uses the electronics to impressive the natives.  He has them rebuild Tohr.  He sets himself up as King.  He has laborers turns a giant capstan-like shafts that powers an electric generator to power his silence machine, which absorbs the sound waves in the city and the surrounding area.  Tarzan throws a wrench into the machine, breaking it.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.1

silver  --  #73.1 When Agib’s dhow crashes on the island of Mugambi tribe.  Tarzan gives them the gold and silver of the slaver.  Agib returns and takes it back.  A sea monster smashes his canoe.  The gold and silver are lost in the sea.
#88.1 Tarzan and Buto finds a large amount of gold, silver and gems in the Treasure Room of the Shiftas.  They confiscate it all and bring it to the British outpost Fort Gumburu.
 Dell Number  -- 73.1+88.1

silver clasp  -- Tarzan is not sure if he is on the right trail of the Mugabis, who have purchased Jane and Boy from the Shiftas until he finds the silver clasp he gave Jane lying on the ground.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

silver rope  --    #25.1 a thin silvery rope pulls N’tala into the trees before she can marry Kilumo, Muviro’s son.  Tarzan investigates the rope and discovers it too strong to cut by a knife.  He later comes to realize that a giant spider under the control of the Queen Mataha of Arrack makes it.  #30 It is called rope of spider web.  Muviro gives some to Dr. MacWhirtle as a scientific specimen.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1+30

singing  -- Tarzan sings a song after killing horta, the boar.
 Dell Number  -- 28

singing death  --  what Thurag calls rifle fire.
 Dell Number  -- 29

skis  -- The giant Vikings in the Gourambi range use skis to bring their game back to the Skalli.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.6

sleeping platforms  -- The apes Tornak and Nala make Sheila Ross sleeping platforms on their journey with Tarzan to rescue her father, Professor Ross.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1

sleeping potion  --  A #1.1  Tarzan cooks a potion from leaves.  Using feathers, Buto and the white pygmies help inject the potion into bananas.  Tarzan uses the bananas on the apes of Opar so he can rid the mountain of Opar of them.
#48.1 Tarzan uses a sleeping potion on Tantor so that he can remove a bullet from the root of its tusk.  It is made from leaves and water.
#77.2 - The friendly Golden Men slip a sleeping potion into Tarzan’s drink so they can transport him away from their secret homeland.
#116.1 Tarzan pours the juice of the sleeping vine in a water hole.  Ten rhinos drink and fall asleep.  The Waziri and Watunga use the rhinos against the attacking Makulu nation.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.1+48.1+77.2+116.1

sleeps from fear  --  to faint.  A#3.3 Both Hanuki, the Secret Society messenger, and the pilot of the Secret Master’ airplane faint when confronted by Thorag, the great ape.
 Dell Number  -- 11+23.2+28+37.2+50.2+A#3.3+A#4.2

sling  --  #84.1 The Mitzeraim warriors use sling to bring down and capture Prince Thyron of Cathne and his men.
#95.1 The Amaui warriors tie the unconscious Tarzan’s hands and feet to a pole.  They carry the sling up the mountain to sacrifice Tarzan to the volcano.
#115.1 - The sling is the major weapon of the Mountain Men.  A Mountain Man and Woman, Katar and Dera, attempt to fight off a Terribs attack with their slings.  They use up all their stones and still the Terribs close in on them.  Tarzan kills the Gorobar mounts with arrows.  Tarzan canoes the mountain people towards their home.  The mountain man and woman collect stones for their slings.  A Hairy Giant appears in the area.  Katar fells him with a stone from his sling.
No. 37.1 -The slingers of Kroo Maun (formerly known as the Mountain Men) sling stones at Tarzan, Jane, and Boy as they approach on giant eagles.  The slingers take Tarzan out in search for a rare herb bulb.  The Slingers drive off the Hairy Giants with their sling stones.  Later the Hairy Giants attack the Slingers Village at night.  Tarzan has them set up beacon fires so that they can see the giants to cast their stones.  Once again the giants are defeated.
#130.3 Boy uses a sling to hit a leopard that is about to attack Knobby, the giraffe.  Dombie does likewise as the leopard turns on Boy and his ostrich.  Boy slings again as the leopard goes after Dombie.  Later when the leopard attacks Boy again Dombie hits it with another sling stone.
 Dell Number  -- 84.1+95.1+115.1+No. 37.1+130.3

sling stones  --  #A2.1 a thong-wrapped stone.  It is the preferred weapon of the Batwinged Men.  They glide on bat wings with the sling stones carried in their mouth.  They drop their stones on their victims.  They never miss.  They drop their sling stones on Tarzan and Dr. Mac after they have rescued Heather Day.
#114.2 The Bat Men somehow manage to throw their sling stones from their mouths at Boy and Dombie, who are drifting in the air on the sailing scooter.  A stone hits the mast and another hits the parachute but does no damage.  Boy drives the Bat Men off with arrows.
 Dell Number  -- A2.1+114.2

sloop  --  Gary and Stella Keene’s fifty-foot sloop is ship wrecked off the east coast of Africa.  The Brothers of the Barracuda find them, burn the remnants of the ship, and abduct Stella.
 Dell Number  -- A2.5

smoke bombs  --  At Tarzan command, Dr. MacWhirtle drops smoke bombs on the bees that    are attacking he and the Waziri warriors.  He also drops one down a ventilator shaft, which drives the warriors of Arrack out of the palace.
 Dell Number  -- 30

smoke of truth  --  used by Bookrai, the Bongus witch doctor, in trial ceremonies.  Sometimes it is sacred chicken feathers, and at other times it is bat’s wings.  When a great deal of smoke is needed to cover up his deceptive practices, he uses a powder of unknown origin.
 Dell Number  -- 4

smoke sticks  -- Tarzan and d’Arnot use smoking sticks to get by the Beasts of Mokar, mandrills, to rescue Dr. Henri Dumont from Mokar.  Once the rescue is accomplished, they use them again to get pass the mandrills on their way out of the Gourambi range.  Dr. Dumont reports that the people of Mokar use the same method to get past the baboons.
 Dell Number  -- 81.1

snow shoes  --  Tarzan makes two pair out of wood so he and Boy can cross the snowy mountain pass to get to Pal-ul-don.
 Dell Number  -- 6

solar eclipse  --  #14.1 A solar eclipse occurs during a gladiator battle, which causes great fear to the audience and allows Tarzan and others to escape.  A#6.7 Tarzan and Herbert Gates are prisoners of the Taori headhunters.  Tarzan finds an almanac, which predicts a solar eclipse.  Tarzan uses the knowledge to frighten the headhunters into letting them go.
 Dell Number  -- 14.1+A#6.7

space capsule  --  A space capsule floats down on its parachute into the water near Lutor.  Tarzan and Princess Loma take a croc boat to the capsule.  Margaret Mackenzie emerges from the capsule.  She worries about the data collected by the capsule.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.7

spade  --  Tarzan borrows a spade from the Bedouin tribe to open and enlarge the aqueduct in the City of the Sands.
 Dell Number  -- 77.1

spear  -- Riding on Argus, Tarzan uses a spear to shatter the crystal eye in the statue of Thoth.  It also shatters any hope that the Mitzeraim had against the Cathnean force.
 Dell Number  -- 84.1

spear launcher  -- The Lutorians use a heavy spear launcher to repel the Bolgani attack on their island home.  It is on wheels and can be turned by two men.  It launches the spear much like a crossbow.
 Dell Number  -- 71.1

spear on a rope  -- #75.1 Tarzan uses a spear on a rope in Engani to spear a catfish for food.  A#7.6 (Boy Story) Boy use a spear with a rope attached to catch a fish.
 Dell Number  -- 75.1+A#7.6 (Boy story)

spider web  -- Tarzan falls from Argus’ back.  A spider web breaks his fall.
 Dell Number  -- 50.1

spiked lobelia plant  --  #119 (splash page “Mountains of the Moon“)

squirt gun, handmade  --  #50.3 Tarzan makes a plunger type device to deliver the Mark of Evil, zorilla and civet musk, onto the members of the Secret Society.
#87.1 Tarzan make a plunger type of device out of bamboo to deliver his tear gas-like material against the White Apes during his rescue of Jorah and his men.
 Dell Number  -- 50.3+87.1

stampede  --  #71.2 Tarzan mimics lions to stampede the cattle that the M’bongos stole from Buto and his people.  He stampedes them towards a donga where Buto and his men wait.
#76.1 Tarzan discovers the signs of the Liwari stampeding the Wokamba cattle.  He later helps the Wokamba stampede their cattle back home.
#78.2 Ivory poachers stampede a herd of elephants, which knocks over a tree, pinning Tarzan to the ground.
#82.2 A Nandi Bear causes M’bogo’s buffaloes to stampede.  Riding an ostrich Boy manages to avoid the stampede and warn Tarzan about the Nandi Bear.  #92.2 Tarzan, Buto and his men stampede a herd of wild buffalo into the Red Canyon to capture the Kondis raiders.
#107.2 A lion attacks a herd of zebra causing them to stampede towards Boy.  Tarzan rides on a zebra, snatches up Boy, and swings to an overhanging branch.
#108.2 - The native elephant hunters cause the pachyderms to stampede into a trap.
#109.1 As Tarzan and Dr. Kindred lead their Shifta captives towards the mission, a storm comes up.  The lightning crashes causing the horses to stampede.  They lose their captives in the storm.
#111.2 Boy and Dombie, dressed in Stork Men costumes, tell the Waziri herdsmen to drive the cattle across the river.  The Waziri think they are some kind of spirits and do so.  The boys are trying to thwart a Muganda attack on the Waziri Village.  When the cattle are in place, the boys wave a lion skin in the wind.  The cattle stampede into the Muganda camp, scattering them.
#114.1 The Gahinga set fire to the plains around Kobamba’s kraal thus stampeding the Wakembi buffalo herd.  Tarzan has Kolulu and the Wakembi turn the herd in a half circle back into the Gahinga warriors.
#116.1 - Tarzan stampedes the Makulu’s cattle into the rear of Makulu battle line.
No. 37.4 Tarzan mimics a lion to stampede the stolen Waziri cattle into the Wabangi camp, causing them to flee into the trees.
 Dell Number  -- 71.2 +76.1+78.2+82.2+92.2+107.2+108.2+109.1+111.2+114.1+116.1+No. 37.4

statue  -- Tarzan has the Makembe build a giant straw statue of a warrior holding a spear.  From inside the hollow statue Tarzan fires Roman candle-like rockets at the attacking Nandis, Moran, and Masai tribes.  The tribes are convinced that the eyes of the statue are seeking them out and attacking them.  They run away.
 Dell Number  -- 105.1

Statue of the goddess Isis  -- discovered by Tarzan and Professor Plume in the Lost City.     Tarzan climbs the statue.  As he pulls on her staff, a secret entrance opens to the treasure of Isis.
 Dell Number  -- 26
 Novel  -- FC - Isis is mentioned as an Egyptian fertility goddess

statue of Pantu  --   idol of pure gold.  God of the Tohrian people.  Lion headed with a man’s    body, the statue holds out its arms with a grill extending between them.  The statue is kept in the Hall of Pantu (Chamber of Sacrifice) in the city of Tohr.  Human sacrifices are placed on the grill.  A stone block is opened in the floor beneath the grill that creates a draft of air so the fires of Tohr will leap up into the room consuming the victim.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.1

Statue of Thoth  -- Enormous statue of Thoth (Horus) in the center of the Mitzer, the City of Thoth.  It has the body of a man and the head of a hawk or falcon.  It has a slot on the top of its head, which allows sunlight to enter.  The light strikes a system of mirrors and focuses out the crystal eye of the statue causing it to ignite fires along a series of pestles around the courtyard.  The Mitzeraim use the statue to sacrifice prisoners.  During the battle between the Cathneans and the Mitzeraim, Tarzan, mounted on Argus, casts a spear into the eye that shatters the crystal.
 Dell Number  -- 84.1

stethoscope  -- Dr. MacWhirtle uses a stethoscope to check on a Thipdar egg to see if it is ready to hatch.
 Dell Number  -- 51.1

stilt huts  -- #7 houses of the Lake People;
#16.1know as Lake Dwellers
 Dell Number  -- 7+16.1

stilts --  #42.1  The Stork Men of Pal-ul-don use a jointed stilts to hunt fish with their tridents.
#111.2 Boy and Dombie use the jointed stilts and stork suits that the Stork Men gave to Tarzan to thwart the sneak attack by the Muganda on the Waziri.
 Dell Number  -- 42.1+111.2

stockade  -- FC 161.2 used by Sidi Ben Yemlik around his village where he keeps slaves.
#19.1 wooden barrier around the Waziri village;
#19.2 around the Cor-o-don so-called fortress - not seen;
#24.2 wooden barrier around M’bongo village crashed by Tarzan on a gryf;
#A2.4 An unnamed tribe have a stockade around their village.  Tantor smashes it to free his captured children.
#48.1 Tantor is enraged because of a bullet in the root of his tusk.  He crashes through the stockade of the Urubambwe village.
#55.3 Tarzan and the mangani from the Isle of Apes sneak into the animal buyer’s stockade to release all the animals captured there.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2+19.1+19.2+24.2+A2.4+48.1+55.3

stocks  --  Jane and Boy were held in these by Arab slavers.
 Dell Number  -- 11

stone axe  --  A soldier from Ja-lur throws a stone axe and knocks out Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 124.1

stone cottage  -- Tarzan builds a new home for Jane and Boy with the help of the White Pygmies near Opar.  It is made out of stone.  He plans to move his family to Opar for safety.
 Dell Number  -- 49.1

stone lid with metal ring  --  Boy discovers a stone lid where Tarzan is building their new home near Opar.  He and Tarzan raise the lid to discover the gold of Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 49.1

stone tower  --  base of operation for the gangsters as they terrorize Pal-ul-don.  It is just outside the walls of A-lur
 Dell Number  -- 16.1

stove  -- Ka-cha, the baboon, leads an attack on the golf course clubhouse because they laid out poison mealies that made his balu sick.  As they ransack the clubhouse, they overturn a stove that burns the clubhouse to the ground.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4

strange trees  --  #19 (inside back cover, Jungle World) in Pal-ul-don, taller than pines

string instrument  -- #97.2 Used in Masai ceremonies and dances.

strong box  --  #80.1  Roland, Dr. Henri Dumont’s dog, leads Tarzan and d’Arnot to the place where the doctor buried the strong box containing the gemstones that he found in the ancient tombs.  When they open the box, they also find a note asking that half of the gems be given to the Louvre Museum.
#83.1 Captain Baine dumps a strongbox with $200,000 of gold overboard so that the Channel Pirate could not take it.  Tarzan dives for the box.  He manages to get the box onto a line despite being attacked by an octopus.
 Dell Number  -- 80.1+83.1

sugar cane  --  #79 (splash page)

sulphur --  Tarzan burns some sulphur to drive off pterodactyls he and Professor Plume encounter on their way to the treasure of Isis.
 Dell Number  -- 26

sundew  --  #15 (inside front cover - Jungle World) -  “a plant that catches and eats insects”

Swahili/English Dictionary  --  A2

swamp fever  -- While at the Stork Men Village, Dr. Mervin comes down with swamp fever.  Tarzan goes for help.  He ends up saving the life of a Lutorian from Arachna, giant spider.  Kumar of Lutor tells him that the poison sac of the spider is a cure for swamp fever.
 Dell Number  -- 50.1

swimming mask  -- Tarzan uses a swimming mask in the Great Swamp to spear fish for Argus.  N’kima throws an apple and hits the mask to get Tarzan’s attention.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.5

sword  --  Yarl Hrolf, the giant Viking, gives Tarzan his sword to hunt and kill a boar.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.2+

talking paper  --  #107.1 - letter

talking wires  --  #44.2  - telegraph

tans hide  -- Tarzan tans an antelope hide on a frame near the tree house.
 Dell Number -- 107

taxi  --  A#6 (splash page) a rickshaw-like ride.

tear gas  -- Tarzan distills a volatile oil from a vine in Pal-ul-don in a bamboo still.  He places the tear gas-like material into a bamboo squirt gun.  He uses the gas to thwart the White Apes as he rescues Jorah and his people.
 Dell Number  -- 87.1

telepathy  -- Traveling in Pal-ul-don Tarzan receives a telepathic message from Jane for help.
 Dell Number  -- 47.2

telescope  -- Tarzan gives Boy a telescope for his birthday.
 Dell Number  -- 56.2 (Boy story)

tent  --  Sheila Ross shows Tarzan her tent camp after being rescued by apes.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1

thermos of coffee  -- Ka-cha and the baboons drive the white golfers away and burn down the clubhouse because the golfers laid out some poison mealies and Ka-cha’s balu got sick.  Ka-cha convinces the kindly old caddie, Homa, to follow him to the sick Teeke.  Homa has a thermos of coffee that he feeds to the sick baby.  It causes Teeke to throw up the poison.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4

thipdar eggs  --  #49.3  Tarzan and Dr. Mac travel to the Lake of Pterodactyls in search of thipdar eggs.  They find them in circular depressions in the sand, partially exposed.  Dr. Mac wants to go back for more.  His greed causes him to be carried off by a thipdar.  After Tarzan rescues him, Dr. Mac wants to go back for the eggs.
#51.1 Dr. MacWhirtle uses a stethoscope to check on the progress of his Thipdar eggs.  He brings the egg along as he and Tarzan fly to get the ill Dr. Mervin.  He still has it when he is captured by Terribs.  It hatches and scares away the Terribs.
 Dell Number  -- 49.3+51.1

thorium  --  radioactive ore found in a monazite deposit found by Dr. Newsome
 Dell Number  -- 2

thorn fence -- a thorn fence surrounds The Shifta camp.
 Dell Number  -- 88.1

thorns  -- Tarzan uses the thorns Boy collected as stitches on Norgak head after he removes a bullet from the ape’s skull.
 Dell Number  -- 66.2

tidal wave  --  #7 Tarzan fishes with the Lake People.   An earthquake causes a tidal to ruin the Lake People’s village.
#59.1 - An earthquake causes a tidal wave in the Great Swamp, thus saving the crocodile boats from the Talking Gorillas.
#61.1 A tidal wave, after the volcanic eruption, which destroyed the Isle of the Apes, does little to the dhows carrying the apes and men away from the island.
#73.1 A tidal wave carries the slaver Agib’ dhow back to Mugambi island and crashes it on the beach.  It destroys Mugambi’s village and all their canoes.
#108.1 - The volcano on the Lost Lake erupts.  Tarzan leads the Mermen underwater away from the island.  The eruption causes a tidal wave that wipes out the unnamed village on the shores of the lake and washes Tarzan and some survivors into the village.
#112.1 - An earthquake shakes Lutor as Tarzan lands to visit his friends.  The quake causes a tidal wave that smashes many of the Lutorian crocodile boats and forces the people to the upper most reaches of the city.
#128.2 A tidal wave sweeps Boy and Dombie’s tree house out to sea.  A giant squid attacks them.  Pirates chase them.  Giant squids attack the pirates.  Tarzan believes that the giant squids were carried in by the tidal wave.
 Dell Number  -- 7+59.1+61.1+73.1+108.1+112.1+128.2

toga  -- Tarzan finds a toga in the canoe that he and his apes confiscated to provide transportation to Castra.  Tarzan uses the toga in Castra to disguise himself in order to obtain information about the captured Sir Ronald Crabtree.
 Dell Number  -- 89.1

tooth pliers  -- Tarzan removes M’bogo’s aching tooth with a pair of tooth pliers.
 Dell Number  -- 65.2

torches  --  #65.1 Tarzan unites the men of Cor-o-don and the White Apes to drive out the cave bears.  He instructs the men to make torches.  The apes are afraid of the fire but use them.  They burn the bears out of the houses with the torches.  They also burn the houses to the ground.
A#4.6 Tarzan and Om-at make torches of pine knots to protect themselves against the cave bears as they travel through the Caves of Ursamon.
#77.1 Tarzan and the Bedouins use torches inside the water pipe to follow it from the City in the Sands to its source in the mountains.
A#5.2 Tarzan and Buto make torches of reeds so they can explore the ice cave they discover in the Gourambi Mountains.
#88.1 Tarzan and Buto find and use a grass torch in the Treasure Room of the Shiftas.
#106.2 Boy uses a torch to drive the baboons out of the Waziri shamba.
 Dell Number  -- 65.1+A#4.6+77.1+A#5.2+88.1+106.2

tornado  --  As Boy and Dombie are using the sailing scooter on the dry lakebed a storm approaches.  They strap themselves to the mast of the scooter as a tornado appears.  The tornado picks them up and carries them towards the mountains.  The parachute opens and takes them out of the tornado.
 Dell Number  -- 114.2

torpedoes (fireworks)  --  Boy and Dombie make small explosive balls out of hammered lead and gunpowder.  They are relatively harmless but have a loud report.  They intend to use the torpedoes to scare the Chacma baboons.
 Dell Number -- 57.2 (Boy Story)

toto’s house  --  Boy and Dombie find a baby elephant whose mother was either captured or run off by native hunters.  They build a house out of branches to protect the toto from lions and leopards while they hunt for the mother.  They lead the mother back to the area.  The mother smashes the house to release her baby.
 Dell Number  -- 108.2

tractor  --  The French prospecting crew, which is seeking oil deposits, is confronted by a Garth.  They take shelter in their tractor like vehicle that has tank-like trends.  The Garth steps on the front of the vehicle.  The crew empties their rifle into the Garth to no effect.  The Garth overturns the tractor killing the entire crew.
 Dell Number  -- 121.1

trade  --  #106.1 Natives who have captured Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja sell them to a Castrum Mare trader for four spear blades and two bolts of cloth, half the original asking price.  #108.1 Tarzan attempts to trade an unnamed tribe a bracelet for a canoe to get to the island on the Lost Lake.  The mermen don’t allow the tribe to have canoes.  This is enough information for Tarzan to give them the necklace.
 Dell Number  -- 106.1+108.1

train  -- A stream freight train carries animals bound for zoos.  Nugu, the baboon, bends his bars and escapes.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story)

traps  --  #31.2 hand trap -- baited with candied nutmeats.  A white hunter uses it to capture Akla, Korak’s mate.
 A #1.5  Used by Jock and Noddy to catch baboons.
 #43.1 pit-trap used by King Grossa to capture Tarzan
 #45.2  pit-trap  Boy and Dombie dig one to capture Gorgo
 #44.2 monkey trap  -- coconut baited with sweet meat.  Tarchuk’s balu reaches in for the sweets and cannot remove its hand because he will not let go of the sweets.
 #50.3 cage trap  --  used by Tarzan to catch zorillas, African skunks
 #51.2 pit-trap  --  a baby elephant has fallen into native hunters’ pit-trap
 #68.2 monkey trap  --  coconut baited with berries to catch N’kima, however the real reason is to lure Tarzan to the area
 A#4.5 pit-trap  --  Non-Tarzan story - pit-trap catches a lioness
 #69.2 crocodile trap  --  Tarzan and the Nukongas build a net out of liana vines to trap crocodiles that are plaguing their village
 #70.2 floating cage   --  Tarzan helps the pygmies on an unnamed island construct a large rectangular house to capture the baboons that are        terrorizing the pygmies.  It is built on a raft of hallow reeds and takes a month to build.  Tarzan has the baboons chase him into one end of the building.  He closes the opposite door.  Pygmies close the first door, thus trapping the baboons.  Pygmy elephants push the floating cage across the lake to the main land.  The floating cage has three barred windows on its two long sides.
 #72.1 pit-trap  -- Tarzan discovers a sable lion in a pit trap and releases it.
 #74.1 split tree trap  -- Borok, the great ape, gets his hand caught in a split tree trap.  Tarzan scares off the natives and frees Borok.
 74.2 pit trap  -- The Winged Men of the Valley of Towers dig a pit trap and cover it with grasses.  They heard zebras towards the trap by footmen and gliders. The zebras fall into the trap.  Tom Lindon films the event.
 81.1 elephant statue  -- The people of Mokar have a statue of an elephant guarding a pass into the Gourambi Range leading to their home.  The         elephant is built of bronze and steel.  A plate in front of the elephant triggers the trunk to come down on the victim.  The trunk springs back into position.  Tarzan detects the plate so he, d’Arnot and the dog, Roland, avoid the trap.  Tarzan refers to it as a robot.

giant statue  --  The people of Mokar have a second trap of a giant guarding the next pass after the elephant trap.  Noticing the bones of a leopard, Tarzan deduces that high movement triggers the knees to smash together.  They crawl under the trap.
 92.1 pit trap -- Tarzan cautions Jad-bal-ja about a pit trap in front of them.  Moments later Karen Lane, driving her leopard pulled chariot, crashes into the trap.  Tarzan pulls them out.
 A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story) Hottentots use a bamboo box type trap to capture baboons
 A#6.5 (Boy Story) Boy builds a bamboo trap to catch whoever is stealing the cassavas from the garden.  It has a very heavy door.  He traps a baby gorilla.
 95.2 falling rocks  -- The Bushmen guide Tarzan and Boy deeper into their cave as the Bantus pursue them.  A Bushman warns Tarzan about a stone in  the floor of the cave.  The Bantus step on the stone, which causes rocks to tumble down on them and block the passageway.
 106.1  pit trap  --  Jad-bal-ja falls into a pit trap made by some native hunters.  Tarzan tries to rescue the golden lion.  A native hunter’s knobstick knocks out  Tarzan and drops him into the pit trap.
 112.2  log trap  --  The Waggambi tribe catch a giraffe in a log trap.  The giraffe runs across the plains with a log attached to its leg.  Tarzan and Boy free it.

fire trap --  The Wagambi tribe start a ring of fire trap to drive elephants off of a cliff.  Boy and Dombie spoil their trap.
 No. 25.2 monkey trap -- Jane and Boy release a manu caught in a monkey trap.  They suspect that N’kima was caught in a similar trap and sold to the pet merchant
 No. 51.2 (Boy Story) -- vine snare --  Buto, Boy and Dombie find an antelope in a vine snare.  They set the animal free and go to look for the poachers.
 125.2 pit trap -- Tarzan and the buffalo he is riding fall into a Bakongo pit trap. A net falls over them.
  131.2 monkey trap  --  N’kima gets his hand caught in monkey trap.  He refuses to let go of the peanuts.  The Baluga trapper pushes away Boy and Dombie and take the little monkey for the Moon Dance.

travel  --  Tarzan travels 100 miles per day for three days straight
 Dell Number  -- 23.1

travois  --  Boy and Dombie devise a travois to transport the cheetah they bagged back to the Waziri Village.  Boy refers to it as an American Indian invention.  The antelopes smell the cheetah and bolt.  They leap into the river causing Boy, Dombie, and cheetah to topple off.  The antelope runs off pulling the empty travois.
 Dell Number  -- 106.2

treasure of lost Atlantis  --  the gold of Opar sought by gangsters
 Dell Number  -- 5

Treasure of Kings  -- King Jadon of Jalur has set a test for fitness for the throne by asking his sons to bring the Treasure of Kings back from the Canyon of Night.  His oldest sons have died in the attempt.  Prince Rotan wants to avoid the quest.  Tarzan helps him solve the riddles, descend into the valley, and find the right path to the temple.  The treasure is a blue gem the size of a watermelon. It is contained within a statue that has Oriental influences.  Kneeling before the statue releases the gem.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.4

treasure of Opar  --  A#3.2  Boy inadvertently mentions the treasure of Opar to the unscrupulous trader Willie Slyke.  Sly Willie offers to trade diamonds for licorice candy.  Boy gets Chako and the other baboons to help him lift the cover off the treasure vault.  The baboon tries to eat the diamonds.  They trade the diamonds for the candy.  The baboons return and carry off jewels, crowns, and gold pieces to make a trade by themselves.  Tarzan stops them.  Tarzan discovers the diamonds hiding in Willie’s small refrigerator.
#82.1 Gangsters come to Opar to steal the jewels of Opar.  The leader tells one of the gangsters to leave behind a gold statue because they came for the rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.  They capture Tarzan and La.  They force La to open the vault.  La leads them to passageway in a cliff.  She opens the secret door.  They grab the jewels.  Tarzan and an earthquake thwart the theft.  The quake may have sealed up the treasure.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.2+82.1

treaty of friendship -- The Beni-Adhemi and the Athneans sign a treaty of friendship after the Athneans restore the damaged aqueduct for no payment.  Tarzan signs the treaty as a witness.
 Dell Number  -- 80.1

tree house  --   Tarzan, Jane, and Boy’s home in the jungle.  #30 deck is large enough and   strong enough to support Dr. Mac’s helicopter.
#44.2 referred to as tree-nest.
#A2.1 Bukoni finds a message from Heather Day that she is about to be sacrificed.  He brings it to Tarzan at the tree house.
#47.2 Sheik Ibrahim burns down the tree house and captures Jane and Boy.
#48.1 An Urubambwe tribesman comes to Tarzan and Jane at the tree house to enlist Tarzan’s help with a rouge elephant terrorizing their village.  A#3.1 N’kima tells Tarzan that Jane and Boy have been taken from the tree house.  Tarzan returns to the tree house and discovers evidence of Shiftas.  We learn that this is just one of many of Tarzan’s homes.
A#3.3 A messenger comes to the tree house with a message from Muviro to help d’Arnot.  Tarzan is suspicious.  Later Muviro and Waziri show up at the tree camp, thus proving the message false.
#59.3 A tree house is in the background as Tarzan takes his two trained black panthers out for a hunt.
#68.2 Tarzan, Jane, Boy, and N’kima are lounging in the tree house when they hear monkeys fighting over food.  When Tarzan hears the distress of N’kima, he leaves the tree house to investigate.  Little N’kima comes to the tree house to tell Jane and Boy that Tarzan has been captured and that he wants M’bogo, the giant buffalo, to help.
#78.2 When Boy learns that Dombie is missing, he runs to the tree house to inform Tarzan and Jane.
#79.2 Tarzan play wrestles with a lion near the tree house when Buto comes for his help in tracking two leopards that are raiding his herds.
#80.2 Tarzan brings the lion cub he rescued back to his tree house.  The house is in a large open area.  It has a rope ladder leading up to the deck that surrounds the house.  There is a low fence around the deck.
A#5.3 – It is seen in the background of the first panel.
A#5.5 – It is seen in first panel of the story in a jungle surrounding.
#80.1 Paul d’Arnot comes to Tarzan at the tree house to seek his help in rescuing Dr. Dumont from Mokar.  Boy stands near a stone well near the base of the tree house.
#82.2 - Riding an ostrich, Boy rushes back to the tree house to inform Tarzan about the Nandi Bear that is terrorizing the area.
#84.2 Tarzan and Boy bring a wounded African Wild Dog back to the tree house area to nurse it back to health.  There is a rope ladder from the house to the ground.
#85.2 - With the tree house in the background Jane worries to Tarzan that Boy is not home and it is getting dark.
#86.2 - The criminal being hunted by the policeman from Nairobi attempts to climb the rope ladder to Tarzan’s tree house.  Jane releases the lever that causes the ladder and the criminal to drop to the ground.  The policeman stays with Jane and Boy at the tree house until Tarzan returns with the Waziri to help him transport the criminal across the desert.
#89.2 Tiring of arguing with the pygmies, Tarzan returns to the tree house with Boy for supper.  The next morning Boy is missing.  N’kima eats Boy’s breakfast and tells Tarzan and Jane that Boy went to live with the pygmies.
#91.2 Tarzan, Jane, Boy and Dombie are at the tree house when they witness a glider being forced down by a storm.  The tree house has colorful geometric patterns on the sides of the building as well as the porch fence.  Tarzan swings on a vine from the house.  Boy and Dombie use the rope ladder to descend.
A#6.1 - While stranded on an island, Tarzan builds his family a tree house, complete with door, red shutters for the window, and a rope ladder.
A#6.5 (Boy Story) Boy leaves the tree house before breakfast to check his trap in the garden.
A#6.6 (Jane Story) Jane hires Nimbo to help her bring her goods that she purchased at the native market back to the tree house.
#96.1 Tarzan, Jane, and Boy are eating on the deck of the tree house when they spot a parachutist.
#96.2 Tarzan, Jane, and Mimi the chimp are playing baseball near the tree house.
#97.2 Mumbowa, chief of the Masai, comes to the tree house looking for his son.
#99.2 Tarzan, Jane, Dombie and N’kima celebrate Boy’s birthday on the platform of the tree house.  Boy and Dombie climb down the rope ladder to shoot pictures with Boy’s new camera.
#100.2 Tarzan raises an orphan balu rhino near the tree house.  When the rhino grows to adulthood, it chases Jane up the rope ladder to the house.  #101.2 - The trader Ithombi brings the goods Tarzan and his family wanted to the tree house.
A#7.2 Kobo, the animal trainer, comes to the tree house seeking Tarzan’s help in capturing another zebra to train.  They return to the tree house several times during this story.  It has a rope ladder leading up to the platform around the house.
A#7.5 (Jane story) Jane comes to the tree house to inform Tarzan and Boy that she needs to go to Nairobi to get something for Kimbo.
#105.2 - From the tree house Tarzan gives Boy and Dombie permission to go to the great bog.  Later Tarzan and Jane see a plague of locust approaching.  They climb down the rope ladder to warn the humans and animals in the area.
#107.1 - From the tree house Tarzan learns from the radio about Bruce Harlowe’s plane lost over the Valley of Monsters.  After the ape-man rescues him, a messenger brings Tarzan a letter from Harlowe at the tree house.  It has a porch area with a rope ladder.
#107.2 Boy feels overwork and threatens to leave home.  Jane climbs the rope ladder to the tree house to pack some things for him.  After a horrible night and day, Tarzan brings the wandering Boy back to the tree house.
#111.2 - Jane asks about the stilts that Boy and Dombie have.  She is standing by a rope ladder.  The tree house is implied but not seen.  Later the boys go fishing in the river with the stilts.   Boy and Dombie plan to leave the stork costumes and the stilts in the tree house by the river, but they see the Muganda preparing to attack the Waziri.  This tree house has only a rope leading up to it.  After the boys thwart the attack, Tarzan tells them to hide the suits and stilts in the tree house by the river.
No. 25.2 Suspecting that N’kima has been caught and sold to a pet merchant, Jane climbs the rope ladder to the tree house to change clothes to ride to the Bororo market.
#113.2 Tarzan trains the two giant otters, Zip and Zoom, in the pool below the tree house, which can be seen in the background.  A rope ladder is visible.
#115.2 Tarzan calls for a council with the seven chiefs.  It is held within the shadow of the tree house.
#119.2 Boy and Dombie use an out of the way tree house to paint faces on balloons that they plan to scare the Waziri with.  The tree house has a rope ladder.
#121.1 Tarzan and Lt. Raoul d’Arnot visit on the veranda of the tree house about the French seeking oil deposits.  Tarzan invites Raoul to spend the night.  The rope ladder is pulled up.  Raoul sleeps out on the porch.  He observes a Garth walking by.
#121.2 A storm rocks the tree house.  Tarzan calms Jane’s fears by telling her that the storm will not hurt the house he built.
#122.1 Tarzan hooks up a tree bridge with a pulley to go from the tree house to a nearby tree.  A war party from Athne threatens Tarzan and his country.  An arrow firefight between them ensues.  The Athnean elephants pick up a log by the pool next to the tree house and batter the tree.  Tarzan and N’kima use the tree bridge to escape the tree house before the tree collapses.
#123.1 Muviro knows the evil of Kabarounga.  He sends a party of Waziri to protect Tarzan’s tree house.  Indeed, when Kabarounga is reunited with his warriors, he sets out to the tree house.  The Waziri surprise him.  Kabarounga tells his men to scatter.
#123.2 Jane descends the rope ladder to the tree house to tell Tarzan that Boy is missing as well as Dombie.
No. 51.1 - Captain Smith recovers from his ordeal and rescue at Tarzan’s tree house.
No. 51.4 (Jane Story) Jane prepares the tree house area for the arrival of the Sultan of Zanzaboko.
#125.1 Buto comes to Tarzan’s tree house late at night with the warning that the witch doctor, Kisambu, has turned his people against him and that they are preparing to kill Tarzan and his family.
#126.1 Tarzan returns to the tree house after settling a tribal quarrel only to learn from Jane that hunters have captured a group of chimpanzees.  He leaves at once to see if he can free them.
#126.2 - At the tree house, Boy ties a cowbell on Jad-bal-ja’s tail.  The golden lion runs away.  Tarzan scolds Boy.
#128.2 Boy and Dombie build a tree house by the seacoast.  A tidal wave turns it into a raft.
#130.3 Tarzan wants Boy and Dombie to raise the level of the corral at the tree house because Knobby, the giraffe, has outgrown it.  Jane calls the boys up into the tree house.  She gives them gourds to take to Mrs. Itombe to get goat’s milk and eggs.  When they return, Jane calls down to them from the tree house that Knobby broke out of the corral.
 Dell Number  -- 3+6+24.1+25.1+30+31.1+38.2+44.2+A2.1+47.2+48.1+53.2 (Boy story)+A#3.1+A#3.3+59.3 +68.2+78.2 +79.2+80.2 +A#5.3 +A#5.5 +A#5  (Jungle Theater) +80.1 +82.2 +84.2 +85.2 +86.2+89.2+91.2 +A#6.1 +A#6.5  (Boy Story)+A#6.6 (Jane Story) +96.1 +96.2 +97.2 +99.2 +100.2 +101.2 +A#7.2 +A#7.5 (Jane story) +105.2 +107.1 +107.2 +111.2 +No. 25.2 +113.2 +115.2 +No. 37 (back cover) +119.2 +121.1 +121.2 +122.1 +123.1 +123.2 +No. 51.1 +No. 51.4 (Jane Story) +125.1 +126.1 +126.2 +128.2 +130.3

tree sap  --  #7  Tarzan uses rubber tree sap to seal the seams in the balloon made of parachutes.
#76.1 Tarzan collect tree sap in a bucket to feed to the baby elephant that he rescued from the river.
 Dell Number  -- 7+76.1+

trident --   #7 weapon used by the lake People for fishing.  Tarzan kills a pterodactyl with one.
#37.2 Tarzan goes fishing with one.  #38.1 preferred weapon of the Cat Men of Crater Lake.
#42.1 Fishing tool and weapon of the Stork Men.
#A2.5 - Tarzan fishes off the east coast of Africa for barracuda with a trident.  The narration refers to it as a harpoon.
#47.1- The white Bantu tribe that lives inside a volcano uses tridents for fishing and as weapons.
A#3.5 Tarzan spears a huge catfish with a trident for food for Argus.
A#4.4 Boy is to undergo some type of test.  The pygmy witch doctor forces him out into the stream with a trident.
#100.2 Tarzan and Boy fish for food with tridents.
#108.1 In the second stage of the Game of Death, which is forced upon the ape-man by the Mermen of the Lost Lake, Tarzan faces three fishermen with tridents and nets.  Tarzan wraps up the fishermen with their own nets.  He takes a trident with him to face the remaining challenge.  He uses the trident to defeat the warriors in the last challenge.
No. 25.3 -(Boy Story) Boy and Dombie go fishing.  Dombie carries a trident.
#113.2 - Boy and Dombie are fishing from a canoe.  Dombie uses a trident and catches a fish.  Zoom, the giant otter, steals the fish off the end of the trident.
#115.1 Tarzan uses a trident to spear a fish for food for himself, Katar, and Dera.  A Hairy Giant fishes in the Great Swamp with a trident.
 Dell Number  -- 7+37.2+38.1+42.1+45.2+A2.5+47.1+A#3.5+A#4.4+100.2+108.1+No. 25.3 (Boy Story)+113.2+115.1
 Novel -- EC  - Chief weapon used by the Myposans of Amtor

truck  --  #60.2 A trapper uses a truck with a cage on the back to transport Balja, Jad-bal-ja’s mate, to his wild animal compound outside of Nairobi.  Boy and Jad-bal-ja track the truck to the compound.
#110.1 Tarzan and Buto lead Jess and Bess to the main road after their plane crash.  They flag down a truck that will carry them to Nairobi.
#121.2 - The white trader and his Bangwa load Plenty, the tame white rhino, into the back of the trader’s truck.  Boy catches up to the truck as it has to stop to make some repairs.  He jumps into the back of the truck as they take off again.  He releases Plenty and directs the rhino to smash open the back gate.  The poachers stop the truck.  Boy rides Plenty back to smash the truck.
No. 51.7 Tarzan flags down a truck to take Margaret Mackenzie, the astronaut, to Nairobi.
 Dell Number  -- 60.2+110.1+121.2+No. 51.7

trumpets  --  #19.1 used to announce the arrival of the raiding party carrying Boy and the Waziri captives into the Ivory City.
#46.1 The Terribs use a trumpet to rallying their forces during the attack on Cathne.
#58.3 A circular trumpet is used to sound the alarm as Tarzan has captured the emperor and is escaping.
A#4.1 When Tarzan comes to the ruins of Opar, the White Pygmies blow a trumpet to call the people to the great square for a feast.
#91.1 The Skraelings use a bull’s horn trumpet to sound their retreat from their attack on Yarlsgaard, the fortress of the Giant Vikings.
#111.1 Queen Nhaka of the Luemba fishermen blows a long trumpet to signal their war canoes to join her to attack the Kolumbwe village.
 Dell Number  -- 19.1+46.1+58.3+A#4.1+91.1+111.1

tubers  -- Tarzan on the trail of some White Apes finds some half eaten tubers.  Tarzan is captured and thrown in a cell with Alice Jenner, another captive.  The apes give them tubers to eat.  Alice finds them disgusting.  Tarzan eats them.
 Dell Number  -- 58.1

tunnel  -  #1  At the base of Peak of Moon, part of the Longobo Mts., home of the white savages of Vari contains a secret tunnel to the city of the Vari.
#5 - The garden of the throne room of Opar has a secret tunnel to the Cave-of-Heavy-Yellow-Stone.
#13.1 the dwarfs of Opar capture Sir Hal’s horse, Ronceval, and take it through the secret entrance into the mountain.  Tarzan and Sir Hal climb the mountain and rescue his horse.  La tells Tarzan about the tunnel and the secret door that only opens from the inside.
#25.1 - In the city of Arrack, there is a large lake that is surrounded by sheer mountain cliffs.  The people of Arrack believe it to be the home of their god Magon, a crocodile.  They place human sacrifices on a raft and push it out into the lake.  Tarzan and N’tala are to be sacrificed. Tarzan breaks his bonds and shoves a pole in the crocodile’s mouth.  He then carries N’tala under water and follows the croc, which leads them through an underground tunnel to the other side of the mountains.
#26 - On their way to a Lost City and the treasure of Isis, Tarzan and Professor Plume find a tunnel, cut by the men of Pal-ul-don, through the mountain.
#47.1 Tarzan, Dr. Mac, Ruandi, and Lula ride a raft through a tunnel inside a volcano to escape the volcano village.
 Dell Number  -- 1+5+13.1+25.1+26+47.1

turtle bush berries  -- Tarzan has Boy collect turtle bush berries.  He crushes them and feeds the juice to Norgak, the ape enraged by a bullet in his skull.  The berries sedate him so that Tarzan can operate.
 Dell Number  -- 66.2

turtle dove  --  “English bird, which winters in Tarzan’s jungle”
 Dell Number  -- 14 (inside front cover ‘Jungle World’)

turtle shell  --  Boy uses a turtle shell to pan for gold with Chet Harper, the stranded American prospector.
 Dell Number  -- 63.1

tusk  --  Boy and Dombie’s canoe is sucked into a cavern where they discover an ancient steamboat.  They find a tusk, which they take with them.  The tusk has a carved message from the Beale expedition, 1896.  It explains how they were trapped in the cavern.
 Dell Number  -- 124.2

typhoon  -- 1 While sailing towards Mombasa, a typhoon drives Tarzan and his family’s dhow into a reef.  They take shelter on a near by island.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.1

unconscious, Tarzan  --  #10 club.  #13.2.
#19.1 fall.
#22.1 giant eagle wing.
#27.1 fall.
#36.2  volcanic gas.
#37.1 thrown by giant.
#37.2 grazed by a bullet.
#39.1 rock.
#A1.2 fall.
#A2.1 sling stone dropped by Batwinged Men.
#48.1 stockade post from an enraged Tantor.
#49.1 pistol shot from Doc Mancek.
#52.1 club thrown by a Talking Gorilla.
#54.1 clubbed by natives from N’gombo’s village.
#55.1 After the plane crash, Tarzan is apparently unconscious.  Plus, after he pulls Dr. Mac to safety, he again passes out.
#56.1 Tarzan is knocked unconscious by the butt of a Tuareg’s musket.
#59.3 Tarzan is knocked unconscious by a stone club thrown by an Oparian.  Tarzan’s two trained black panthers keep him from being captured.  #60.1 Tarzan is knocked unconscious by the Men of Monga’s bolas.
#62.1 Tarzan is knocked unconscious by a thrown Ho-don stone club.  He is captured by the Ho-dons.
#68.2 Tarzan is knocked unconscious by an Ubamwes knob stick to the back of the head.
#A#4.1 Tarzan is knocked unconscious by a thrown Talking Gorilla club.  The Bolgani captures him.
#79.2 Tarzan falls from a cliff dragging two leopards into the water below.  He holds the leopards under water in an attempt to drown them.  He strikes his head on a rock and is knocked unconscious.  Buto pulls him to shore.
#82.1 An earthquake shakes the Temple of the Moon.  Tarzan picks up La and jumps into a tree.  The branch cannot hold them.  It breaks.  Tarzan hits his head on the ground and is knocked unconscious.  Gangsters who are after the Jewels of Opar capture him.
#90.1 Tarzan is knocked unconscious by a rock thrown by a N’gongwe poacher.  He is captured.
#93.1 While chasing the manu who has the Royal Ring of the Manguelu, Tarzan leaps to a rotten branch that gives away.  He falls to the ground and is knocked unconscious.
#95.1  An Amaui warrior knocks Tarzan unconscious with a thrown knobstick.  They take him to be sacrificed to a volcano.  #99.2 Tarzan is knocked unconscious by a Watumba knobstick.
#101.1  Tarzan, wrapped in a buffalo hide, is thrown over the cliff of sacrifices by Karungo and his henchmen.  The rope catches on a tree stub.  The hide slams into the cliff, knocking Tarzan unconscious.
#106.1 Tarzan is knocked unconscious by a thrown knob stick.  He drops into a pit trap.
#110.2 The mutineer Darby thinks Tarzan is an ape and takes a shot at him.  The bullet grazes Tarzan’s skull and knocks him unconscious.  He falls from the trees to the ground.
#113.1 Mabula tricks Tarzan into coming to see him.  As Tarzan examines the supposedly ill Mabula, one of his tribe hits Tarzan over the head with a rock, knocking him unconscious.
#117.1 Tarzan challenges Korak’s leadership at a Dum-dum.  They fight.  Tarzan is dominating Korak.  A young bull, supporter of Korak, knocks out Tarzan with a club from behind.
No. 37.3 Tarzan is knocked unconscious by a thrown Mengo, forest spirit, club as he tries to untie the vine swing to escape the island.
#124.1 Tarzan is knocked unconscious by a stone axe thrown by a soldier from Ja-lur.
#130.1 The geyser erupts again and the Oparians want to sacrifice La to appease the gods.  Tarzan defends La and fights them.  A thrown rock knocks Tarzan unconscious.
 Dell Number  -- 10+13.2+19.1+22.1+27.1+36.2+37.1+37.2+39.1+A1.2+A 2.1+48.1+49.1+52.1+54.1+55.1+56.1+59.3 +60.1+62.1+68.2 +A#4.1 +79.2 +82.1 +90.1 +93.1 +95.1 +99.2+101.1+106.1 +110.2+113.1+117.1+No. 37.3+124.1+130.1

Ushanti  -- part of the Vari language mix with Ga
 Dell Number  -- 1

Vari language  -- language mixture of Ushanti and Ga, Tarzan understands it.
 Dell Number  -- 1

ventriloquism  -- Tarzan, tied to a tree by Shiftas, throws his voice in ape language to fool the sentry and contact the baboons.
 Dell Number  -- 37.2

victory cry of the bull ape (Boy)  --  after a leopard kill.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.6 (Boy story)

victory cry of the bull ape (Tarzan) --
 FC 134 -- after lion kill  (taar-maan-gah-nie-i...i...)
            -- after killing the Devil Ogre  (taar-maan-gah-nie-i-i)
 # 3     -- after leopard kill
 # 6      -- after saber-toothed tiger kill
 #14.2  -- after lion kill
 #22.2 -- after lion kill
 #25.1 -- after lion kill
 #28    -- after leopard kill
           -- after gorgo kill
 #34.2  -- after knocking four Terribs from a high tree branch
 #36.1  -- after saber tooth tiger (jato) kill
 #37.1  -- after killing two leopards
 #39.2  -- after lion kill
 #43.1  -- cry of bull ape to signal the slaves to attack King Grossa’s men
 A #1.1 - after a battle with Shifta slavers
 #53.1 -- after killing the King Panther (Black King)
 #54.1 -- after killing the male man-eating lion
 #56.1 -- after killing sabor
 #57.1 -- after killing a gray wolf
 #64.1 -- after a lion kill
 #77.1 -- after cave bear kill
 A#5.2 -- after horta kill
 A#6.4 -- after sabor kill
 #93.2 -- after lion kill
 #98.2 -- after lion kill
 A#7.4 -- after kill of huge brown hyena of Pal-ul-don
 #111.1 - cry of the bull ape (kreegah bundolo) to signal the attack on the Kolumbwe raiders
 #126.2 -- after leopard kill
 #127.1  -- after crocodile kill
 #128.1  -- after killing the gangster Juma, the Jackal

victory plumes  -- The Ostrich Men present Tarzan with ostrich plumes of victory after the skirmish with the Shiftas.  Tarzan says that Boy deserves them also.  (See Waziri Ritual)
 Dell Number  -- 72.2

vine  --  #29 How Tarzan describes the reins of a camel to Thurag.  No. 37.3 The Mengo, forest spirits, use a vine swing to cross the river to their island home.  Tarzan gathers vines to swing himself and Barengo across the river.  After they have rescued Ilona, Tarzan swings the couple back across the river on the vine swing.
 Dell Number  - 29+No. 37.3

volcanic fumaroles  --  a hole in the side of a volcano from which gases are released.
#24.1 - As Tarzan, d’Arnot and Doctor MacWhirtle fly over the Valley of the Monsters in a helicopter they observe fumaroles.
#107.1 Gases from the volcanic fumaroles in the Valley of Monsters forces Tarzan and Argus to land on a mountaintop.  The gases are too much for Argus so Tarzan sends him home while he descends the mountain.
 Dell Number  -- 24.1+107.1

volcanic gas  --  #7 used to fill the balloon made from parachutes.
#36.2 Disables Tarzan,   Muviro, and the Waziri in Pal-ul-don.  The gas disables all the creatures in the area.  It saves Tarzan and the Waziri form a hyenadon attack.  It enables them to capture Red-billed Banters and use them as mounts.
#38.2 The Cat Men of Crater Lake use volcanic gases to control their pumps in the air locks at the Temple of Brule.
 Dell Number  -- 7 + 36.2+ 38.2

volcano  --  #37.1  the mysterious giants have a village inside an extinct volcano.  When Tarzan uses dynamite on the giants, it awakens the volcano that destroys the village and the giants.
#38.1 The Cat Men of Crater Lake live inside the heart of a volcano that has a smaller volcano inside of it.  The smaller volcano is used by the Cat Men as their Temple of Brule, their god.  An earthquake triggers the volcano, which destroys the Cat Men and their city.
#47.1 Tarzan and Dr. MacWhirtle discover a lost race inside a hollow cone volcano.  They have built a village inside the volcano.  They are a white tribe that speaks a Bantu dialect.  Tarzan, Dr. Mac, Ruandi, and Lula raft out of the volcano.
#48.3 When Tarzan and Dr. MacWhirtle drop DDT bombs into the volcano to kill the Giant Wasps, it causes the volcano to erupt.
A#3.5 A volcano erupts in the Valley of Monsters.  It drives the dinosaurs out of the area and near Cathne.  Also fleeing the area are the Torodons on their gryfs.  They attack Cathne.  Tarzan enlists the aid of Jo-rah and his people, who have also been driven from their home by the volcano, to help fight and protect Cathne.
#61.1 - The volcano on the far side of the Isle of the Apes erupts.  Williams and his men, who have come to the island to capture the apes, retreat to their dhows.  Tarzan realizes that the volcano will probably destroy the island.  He strikes a bargain with Williams to take the apes off of the island for a bag of pearls.  As the apes board the dhow, the volcano erupts a third time and destroys the island.
A#4.3 While hunting brontosaurus eggs in the Valley of Monsters, a volcano erupts; Tarzan and Dr. Mac must flee the valley.  The volcano shoots out hot lava that destroys their helicopter.
#89.1 A newly emerging volcano destroys Castra.  Tarzan, Sir Ronald Crabtree and two apes escape in a canoe.  Many of the citizens of Castra manage to escape in galleys.
#95.1 Maui Mungu M’baya or The Angry Mountain.  The Amaui tribe, who sacrifice humans to appease the volcano, captures the two scientists.  Tarzan goes to rescue them.  Instead, Tarzan is captured and taken to the active volcano. He manages to escape.  The Amaui are dumbfounded that he returned alive.  Tarzan tells them from now on they must sacrifice yams and corn to the volcano.
#108.1 The Mermen live in a volcano crater in the Lost Lake.  They enter the crater by swimming underwater to a cave.  Tarzan investigates and is captured.  After he succeeds in winning the Game of Death, the volcano erupts.  Tarzan leads them underwater to safety.
#109.2 Fire Mountain is a volcano.  Boy and Dombie are on the mountain collecting gemstones for a necklace when the volcano erupts.  Tarzan has to rescue them.
#112.1 - An earthquake near Lutor is the result of a new volcano being born in the lake.  An eruption causes a royal air force plane to crash near the city.
 Dell Number  -- 37.1+38.1+47.1+48.3+A#3.5+61.1+A#4.3+89.1+95.1+108.1+109.2+

wadi  -- The rains have made it so muddy that Boy and Dombie have to take a wadi to Lake Sana.  They are chased by the Bangas.
 Dell Number  -- 122.2

war galley (galley) --  A#3.1 A war galley of the Pirate King bears down on the tiny dugout canoe that Tarzan is using to rescue Jane and Boy.  Tarzan uses a machine gun to cut the oars to pieces.  The war galleys from Castrum Mare defeat the rest of the pirate fleet.
#57.3 Tarzan swims past a war galley of Castra Sanguinarius that is patrolling the waters around the city.
#58.3 - A war galley from Castra Sanguinarius rams a galley from Castrum Mare.   Later Tarzan has Tribune Rufus prepare a small swift galley for the rescue of his son and others.  Tarzan rescues them and they escape in the little galley.
#89.1 - Tarzan and his ape companions are passed by a galley from Castra.  It is night.  Tarzan deduces that they must think that natives man their canoe.  Tarzan tells the apes that it is a floating house.  The people of Castra use their galleys to flee the destruction of Castra by a volcano.  #106.1 - The war galleys of Castrum Mare search the waters for Tarzan and the escaping company of Castrum Mare soldiers.  Tarzan outwits them.  The war galleys have a large red eagle on their sails.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1+57.3+58.3+89.1+106.1

waterfall  -- Tarzan, Korak the great ape, and the Nortons are escaping from the Hokyus.  They must leap from their stolen canoe before it searches a waterfall on the Mangowari River in the mountains.
 Dell Number  -- 51.3

water pipe  -- Tarzan and Argus discover a water pipe from an ancient aqueduct in the deserted City of the Sands.  It still carries water to the ruins.  Tarzan and Argus lead the displaced Bedouins to the city.  Tarzan makes a reservoir to catch the water coming out of the pipe.  Tarzan leads Hussein and his Bedouins more than twenty miles through the pipe in the attempt to discover the source of the water.
 Dell Number  -- 77.1

water pistol --  filled with a poisonous juice that blinds his victims King Lukah, of the Gomambas, attempts to blind Tarzan who turns it back on the king, blinding him.
 Dell Number  -- 25.2

water reeds  --  used by Tarzan to camouflage his airplane from pterodactyls as he lands near the Lake People
 Dell Number  -- 16.1

water rights  -- When an urgent message arrives, Tarzan is away negotiating a dispute of water rights between the Masai and the Turkoman.
 Dell Number  -- 53.2 (Boy story)

water skies  --  #77.2  Wanumo, the Golden Man, uses a pair of water skis to skim along the top of the water in the Great Swamp.  A paddle is used for propulsion.  The skis are made out of a thin membrane stretched over a wicker frame.  Terribs pursue Wanumo and pierce one of his skis with a spear.  Tarzan rescues him.  Wanumo repairs his skis by sewing and sealing the hole with material he carries with him.  Tarzan easily learns how to maneuver on the skis.  He carries Wanumo on his back as he skis to Taleela, the home of the Golden Men.  The Golden Men slip Tarzan a sleeping potion and transport him on a raft of water skis away from their secret homeland.
#88.2 Tarzan borrows a pair of water skis from the Stork Men so he can search the swamp for Boy.  He avoids the Terribs.  The Golden Men use skis to approach the Terribs Village.  They chase the Terribs away with the help of Tarzan and the giant otters.  They ski to the village and rescue Boy.  The skis are sturdier than previously shown.
A#6.2 The Golden Men use sails to propel their water skis along the lake.  They hold their paddles up in front of them.  The sail appears to be attached to the paddle and around their waists.  The sails have a large yellow triangle on them.  The Golden Men race to help Boy and Dombie who are being attached by Terribs.  They frighten them away.  They carry Boy and injured Dombie to their city using the sails and water skis.  Boy is surprised how light the skis are.
 Dell Number  -- 77.2+88.2+A#6.2

wax, sticky  -- Tarzan places a sticky wax in the barrels of the ivory poachers’ rifles.  When they fire their weapons the barrels explode.  The poachers believe that magic bewitched their weapons.  Ganta shows them that it was the wax that caused the problem.
 Dell Number  -- 78.2

Waziri Ritual  --  Boy watches Isilo, young Waziri, go out to kill a male ostrich single-handed.  If he succeeds, he wins his plumes and thus becomes a warrior.  This is Waziri law.  Isilo succeeds.
 Dell Number  -- 58.2

Webs of Arrach -- #25.1

whistle --   #25.1 ? 30 used by Queen Mataha of Arrack to summons a giant spider that does her bidding.
#42.1 Tarzan trains Nip and Tuck, the giant otters to a whistle call.  He whistles them into battle against the Gorobars, the Terribs’ mounts.
#57.3 M’longo, the tracker, use a whistle of high range that only lions can hear.
A#7 made from the tail of a buffalo.
#119.2 Boy and Dombie paint some balloons with night glowing paint.  They place a whistle on them.  They make a noise as they fly through the air.  They plan to scare the Waziri with these.  But they are captured by Batuko and use the whistling face balloons to scare the bejesus out of the Batuko.
No. 25.3 (Boy Story) Tarzan carves Boy a whistle from a very thin reed so that it can be heard for miles.  He is cautioned to use it only in case of danger.  He loses it to an ape that chases Boy and Dombie over a cliff.  The ape follows them down the vines.  The ape blows the whistle repeatedly.  Tarzan comes and rescues the boys by dropping the ape and whistle down into the trees below.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1 +30 +42.1+57.3 + A#7 (“Jungle Thanksgiving”) +119.2 +No. 25.3 (Boy Story)

white cliff  --  Tarzan and Carla Mason use a large white cliff as a movie screen to project    images of charging animals in their attempt to scare off the Bundwala tribe.
 Dell Number  -- 34.1

white cloud  --  Ragak, the blue baboon, describes a little white mangani falling out of the sky   on a cloud.  Tarzan correctly deduces that it is Doctor MacWhirtle on a parachute.
 Dell Number  -- 32.2

white crocodile statute  -- Tarzan and Boy come across a White Marble Town that is deserted.  In the town they discover a statue of a white crocodile with its head broken off.  They speculate that the inhabitants worshipped crocodiles.
 Dell Number  -- 62.2

white flowers  -- Tarzan grinds up white flowers near the Dwarf Village on the Island of the Dwarfs.  He smears the juice on his body.  It keeps the Giant Wasps away.  He places the juice on arrows.  It kills Giant Wasps.
 Dell Number  -- 48.3

white tree orchid  -- Boy and Dombie go to the great bog to search for a white tree orchid to give to Jane.  The flower blooms for two hours only at noon.  They find one but are cornered by a black panther.  Tarzan rescues them.  A plague of locusts forces them into the river.  The locust eat the flower.
 Dell Number  -- 105.2

wig  -- The King of Tohr places a wig on his balding head as his is awaken to learn that his silence machine has been damaged.
 Dell Number  --  A#5.

wild celery  --  14 (inside front cover ‘Jungle World’) “grows eight feet tall, gorillas love it.”
#37.1 Walu, the mangani, takes Tarzan to the wild celery grounds where the wives of many mangani have disappeared.
 Dell Number  -- 14 (inside front cover ‘Jungle World’)+37.1

winch  -- The hunter, Derrik Carne, uses a power winch to load a baby elephant into his safari car.
 Dell Number -- 69.1

windlass  --  a devise for raising heavy weights.
#9 A windlass is used to raise the main gate for Ja-lor, the Lion City in Pal-ul-don.
#80.1 windlasses are used to raise the flow gates of the dam that the Athneans build for the Beni-Adhemi.  As the mountain savages approach the aqueduct site, Tarzan quickly teaches the elephant, Hathor, how to use the windlass so that they can flood the gorge and rout the gomangani.
 Dell Number  -- 9+14.1+80.1

windmill / Windmill of Maun Gah  -- Professor Ross builds a windmill out of the rotor of his downed helicopter.  The Crater Villagers force him to grind their grain with it.  He modifies it so that it can lift him up into the air using the updraft currents.  Tarzan has him use the windmill to have he and his daughter, Sheila, escape the area.  It carries them on the pinwheel-like devise almost all the way to Nairobi.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1

witch chariot  --  what King Alextar calls Elaine Hammond’s jeep when Jathon cuts the lions loose and they drive off spoiling the execution.
 Dell Number  -- 21.1

wood ash paste  --  Accompanied by Tarzan and Buto, the Adumo and the other Nubas cover themselves with a wood ash paste before they attack their masters, the Kordos.  This makes them nearly invisible at night.  When the Kordos awake they think that the Nubas are ghosts.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

wood bowl  -- Tarzan,  Shareef Hussein, and Jad-bal-ja go to a river near the Blue Mountain Range.  Tarzan locates a wood bowl he made during an earlier visit.  They use the bowl to pan for gold in the river.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4

wounds  --  #72.2 Tarzan receives a scratch in the arm from a Shifta bullet.  He was under a lion skin and the Shiftas believed him to be genii.
#73.1 Tarzan is grazed in the head by Agib’s flint locked pistol.
#83.1 The Channel Pirates fire their rifles at Tarzan in a fishing boat.  One of the bullets nicks him in the arm.
No. 25.1 Tarzan takes a spear in the left arm from a Wabuna.
 Dell Number  -- 72.2+73.1+83.1+No. 25.1

X - none

yam  -- tuberous root, African in origin, eaten by the Waziri warriors
 Dell Number  -- 2

Zulu Belle  -- The name of Willie Slyke’s floating trading post.  It is a houseboat where the unscrupulous Slyke and his henchman, Bomo, deal with natives.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.2

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