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Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics
Part III ~ M-R
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magic bones  -- used by the witch doctor Ungali to reveal to King Atumbo that Boy has stolen the golden throne of the Matusi tribe.
 Dell Number  -- 46.2

Magic Kraal  -- what the natives call Doctor Mervin’s camp where he conducts animal growth experiments.
 Dell Number  -- 22.1

mandible , giant spider, with poison sack  --  #30 after killing the giant spider that attacked Boy, Tarzan removes its mandibles and poison sack.  He uses the poison mandible on Queen Mataha of Arrack.
#50.1 After saving Kumar of Lutor from a giant spider, Tarzan learns that the poison in the sac of the spider is a cure for swamp fever.  Three drops mixed with water is the proper dosage.  More than three is fatal.  Less than three is useless.
 Dell Number  -- 30+50.1

manga shrub  -- Tarzan notices a drawing of a manga leaf, smoke and baboons on Moki’s map.  He correctly reasons that smoke from a manga shrub will keep the mandrills at bay while he and Moki search for the rifle of Tippoo Tib, the symbol of power for the Badunga people. He collects manga shrubs and makes several manga torches.  He rescues Moki from the mandrills with one of the torches.  Tarzan uses one of the torches as a weapon when he throws it into the face of Gomo, the king baboon.  When he and Moki have to leap down a hole to avoid a tribe of baboons, Tarzan uses one of the manga torches for light.
 Dell Number  -- 100.1

mangrove root  --  low trees with interlacing above ground roots
 Dell Number  -- 4

mangrove swamp  --  #2 low trees with interlacing above ground roots, where Tarzan loses trail of Gufta ;
#12 Mangrove bordered island in the mangrove swamp where Tarzan established a new community for slaves he rescued from Sheik Ibrhim.
 Dell Number  -- 2+12

manioc root  --  unknown plant eaten by Waziri warriors
 Dell Number  -- 2

Manta  -- tramp freighter used by Murdo and Syke to transport captured animals to the U.S.A., including Jad-bal-ja and his mate.
 Dell Number  -- 23.1

mantis  --  “look like a leaf but is the jungle’s fiercest insect”
 Dell Number  -- 14 (inside front cover ‘Jungle World’)

map  --  #20 - inside front cover - Pal-ul-don.
A #1 - full color map of Pal-ul-don.
#38.2 - Drake Carveth buys a map to Opar from a German explorer.
#43.2 Tarzan displays a map of the veldt, which shows the plan to drive the Dangina into a V-shaped area of native tribes.
#A2.1 Heather Day sends a message for help via parachute made out of spider webs.  She also includes a map to the Valley of Towers.  Bukoni finds the map and brings it to Tarzan.
#71.1 King Loban consults an old map of the island of Lutor to see how he can defend his homeland against the Terribs and the Bolgani, who grow bolder and bolder.
#100.1 Tarzan helps Moki discover the map left by his father in the head of his assegai.  Tarzan also helps the young boy interpret the map so that he can recover the rifle of Tippoo Tib, the symbol of power for the Badunga people.
#120.1 - Bauxhau, the Nye-nye prophet, draws a map in the dirt so that Tarzan can get a lay of the land so he can make a plan for the Nye-nye to escape using the Bantu canoes.
No. 51.7 - The astronaut, Margaret Mackenzie is upset that Tarzan will not lead her to civilization immediately.  She makes a crude sexton and draws a primitive map of Africa to figure out where she is.  Tarzan is impressed by her ingenuity.
 Dell Number  --  #20+A #1+38.2+43.2+A2.1+71.1+100.1+120.1+No. 51.7

Mark of Evil  -- What Tarzan calls the mixture of zorilla and civet musk.  It will not wash off.  Tarzan sprays it on the members of the Secret Society so they can easily be identified by anyone.
  Dell Number  -- 50.3

Mask of Mani Kongo  -- The mask is a made of gold.  Legend has it that the possessor will have great wisdom and is the rightful supreme ruler of Africa.  The mask has been lost for centuries.  Dr. Forrence, an archeologist, discovers the mask in the ruins of Mbaji.  On his way to take the mask to the authorities his plane crashes.  An evil man named Pollack takes the mask from the wreckage.  Unwittingly Tarzan helps Pollack get away.  After learning Pollack’s intent, Tarzan tracks him down and captures him and the mask.  The mask and Pollack are turned over to the commissioner.
  Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

match(s)  --  #100.1  Tarzan uses a match he carries in his loincloth to light the manga torch.
A#7.1 - In the foggara under the city of Tannalelt, Tarzan lights a match to lead the Tannalelt prisoners to their freedom.
#119.1 Trapped in the tomb of the Hidden Ones, Tarzan lights a match so he and Princess Kendra can find a hiding place from the Batuti.
 Dell Number  -- 100.1+A#7.1+119.1

match safe  -- Tarzan use a match that he carries in his match safe (presumably in the waist of his lion cloth) to light his and Buto’s way in the Treasure Room of the Shiftas.  He lights a grass torch with it.
 Dell Number  -- 88.1

mealies  -- Waziri women scream at the baboons that are raiding the shamba, to leave their mealies alone.
  Dell Number  -- 106.2

medicine of the Waz-dons  --  see powder of Pal-ul-don

medicine plants  --  #50.1 Tarzan uses a medicinal plant to brew a liquid that checks the fever of Dr. Mervin’s swamp fever.
#64.2 Tarzan uses healing herbs and bark on the rifle wounds the baboons received from the Blue Raiders.  He also uses other herbs to brew a strong tea for them.
#74.1 Tarzan applies a poultice of crushed leaves to the hand of the ape, Borok, whose hand was caught in a split tree trap.
#76.2 Tarzan uses crushed leaves on Borok, the ape, who is accidentally struck with a pygmy poison arrow.  It does little good.  Tarzan bargains with the pygmies for an antidote.
#90.1 Tarzan uses some healing leafs on the bull elephant that was shot with a poison arrow.
A#6.4 Tarzan places healing leafs on Prince Rotan’s buffalo after an attack by lions.
#122.1 Tarzan uses healing poultice of herbs to heal the arrow wound in the trunk of Thantu, the elephant.
 Dell Number  -- 50.1+64.2+74.1+76.2+90.1+A#6.4+122.1

megaphone  -- When the albino pygmies attack the Island of Wazban, Tarzan instructs the Wazbans to build a monster and a great leather horn he will use to frighten the pygmies.  That night they light fires to highlight the monster.  Tarzan uses the megaphone that is propped up on a crutch (like a great Swiss horn) to address the pygmies.  Even though he does not speak their language, the tone of the message and the image of the monster scare off the pygmies.
 Dell Number  -- 94.1

mesh cloak  -- The Stork Men of Pal-ul-don wear a mesh cloak of tough fibers that is made out of hard knots.  It is a lightweight armor against the Terribs’ spears.
 Dell Number  -- 42.1

message  --  FC 134  John Ramsay leaves a message scratched into his cave wall that he is being taken by black men and apes.  Tarzan and the rescue party discover it.
#41.1 A message from King Ja-don of Alur is received by carrier pigeon at the Tower of Ta-dan.  It states that Alur is under siege, and the tower can expect no reinforcements from them.  (It is significant that Ja-don is King at this point in time.)
#A2.1 Heather Day sends a message for help via a tiny parachute made out of spider webs. Bukoni finds the message and brings it to Tarzan.
#50.3 Mulungu delivers a message to Tarzan from the British Commissioner.  It requests that he come to Nairobi to help save the lives of natives and Europeans.
#92.1 Tarzan, who is a captive of the Inkota along with Karen Lane, attaches a message to Jad-bal-ja’s mane and sends him to find Boy.  Boy arrives with Argus and Aguila to rescue them.
#124.2 Boy and Dombie’s canoe is sucked into a cavern where they discover an ancient steamboat.  They find a tusk, which they take with them.  The tusk has a carved message from the Beale expedition 1896.  It explains how they were trapped in the cavern.
#128.1 Tarzan sends a picture message to the Waziri by attaching it to N’kima’s tail.  It tells Muviro and the warriors to meet Tarzan by the Ford of Warriors.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+41.1+A2.1+50.3+92.1+124.2+128.1

milk of the tola vine  --  Still weak from the Wabuna spear wound in his shoulder, the assistants of the Wise One give Tarzan the milk of the tola vine to give him strength.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

mill sweep  -- The Karfu chain their slaves to a large mill sweep to grind the grain that feeds the Karfu people.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac are chained to the mill sweep after their capture and successfully surviving the Ordeal.
 Dell Number  -- 55.1

mimic  --  #88.2  A Terribs mimics a shrill bird to signal his people that the Golden Men are approaching.
#105.1 Ruth Wells mimics a night bird to signal to the Makembe tribe that she is coming into camp.
#115.2 The Arab trader Hassan signals the witch doctor named Faloka with a night bird call.
No. 37.4 A Wabangi mimics a bird to attract Dombie’s attention so they can capture him.
 Dell Number  -- 88.2+105.1+115.2+No. 37.4

mimicking animals (Tarzan) --  #5 leopard and elephant.
#20.2 lions.
#36.1 lion.
#A2.1- lion.
#54.1 cries of lost young antelope and a lion.
#64.1 lion.
#66.1 elephant.
#71.2 lions.
#72.2 lion.
#74.1 lion.
#78.2 lion and hyena.
#85.2 (Boy mimics a jungle bird to signal Tarzan)
#86.1 Tarzan mimics a lion to signal Jad-bal-ja to roar.
#88.1 Tarzan mimics a night bird to signal Buto.
#92.2 Tarzan mimics a lion to signal Boy that he has found him and the Kondis raiders.  He communicates with Boy with lion roars.  Later he roars to help stampede the buffaloes into the Red Canyon.
#109.1 Tarzan mimics a lion to frighten the Shiftas so he can rescue an ape balu.
#110.1 Tarzan mimics a lion to keep the arrogant Jess moving towards the main road.  Bess realizes that it was Tarzan and not a real lion.
No. 25.4 Tarzan mimics a bird to signal the pygmy attack on the Boruti Village so that he can rescue Prince Nikar from the cage.
No. 25.6 - Tarzan mimics a lion’s roar to frighten the hyenas away from the downed airplane of Dr. Forrence.
#116.1 Tarzan mimics a lion and uses a wet lion skin to stampede the Makulu cattle into the rear of their battle line.
No. 37.4 Tarzan mimics a lion to stampede the cattle that the Wabangi stole from the Waziri.
#128.1 Tarzan mimics a pride of lions to draw the fire of Juma and his gang so the Waziri can approach from behind.
 Dell Number  -- 5+20.2+36.1+A2.1+54.1+64.1+66.1+71.2+72.2+74.1+78.2+85.2+86.1+88.1 +92.2 +109.1 +110.1 +No. 25.4 +No. 25.6 +116.1 +No. 37.4 +128.1

mimosa trees  --  #13.2 native to tropical regions, has sensitive leaves.  Between mimosa trees Tarzan finds some flint to cut through the copper wire with which Belmore had bound him.
A #1.1 Tarzan and Buto hear gunshots beyond some mimosa trees.  They discover Shifta slavers in a battle with white pygmies.
 Dell Number -- 13.2+A 1.1

mirror  -- Tarzan gives a mirror made of steel to Buto Matari.
 Dell Number  -- 45.1

moat  -- Tarzan faces a moat as the third part of the Game of Death, which is forced upon him by the Mermen of the Lost Lake.  The last challenge is three warriors with spears on the other side of the moat.  They expect Tarzan to swim across.  Instead, he leaps over the moat and defeats the warriors.  One of the warriors attempts to swim back across the moat.  The volcano starts to erupt causing the water in the moat to steam.  The fate of the warrior in the water is unclear.
 Dell Number  -- 108.1

money  -- Tarzan pays the hunter, Carne, with paper money for the baby he captured at Lake Chui.  He pays him double the value of a baby elephant.
 Dell Number  -- 69.1

monkey bread  --  gourd like fruit of the Baobab tree, manu eats it
 Dell Number  -- 2

monkey net  -- Pan-at-lee is thrown off a cliff by the Ho-dons.  She lands in a monkey net, a sticky cobweb-like structure built by a Tor-o-don.  The net saves her life.  Tarzan has to cut her free from the monkey net.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.5

monster  -- When the albino pygmies attack the Island of Wazban, Tarzan instructs the Wazbans to build a monster out of poles and covered with a thatching.  It is 30 feet tall and has moveable eyelids.  From a distance at night it has the appearance of a monster with glowing eyes.  Tarzan uses the pygmies’ superstitious minds to frighten them off the island for good.
 Dell Number  -- 94.1

Moon Dance  -- The Balugas have a Moon Dance on an island.  They play drums for the dance.  Part of the ceremony is the placement of a civet cat in a cage with a monkey.  N’kima is captured by the Balugas for the dance.  Boy and Dombie rescue the little monkey.
 Dell Number  -- 131.2

mother baboon  --  #15 (inside front cover - Jungle World)  “taking baby for a ride”

mountain climbing  -- Tarzan climbing the sheer face of a cliff or mountain.
#A2.1 - with Heather Day on his back.
#49.3 Tarzan climbs the volcanic dike with Dr. Mac on his back.
#53.1 Tarzan climbs down the extremely deep chasm around the Panther King’s area.  He climbs back up the other side to rescue Jane.  He carries Jane down the chasm, after killing the Panther King.
A#3.1 Tarzan descends a sheer cliff into the Forbidden Valley with a heavy machine gun on his back.
#58.3 Tarzan descends a sheer cliff into the valley of the Lost Legion (Forbidden Valley).
#59.3 Tarzan ascends the sheer face of the rock that holds Opar.  He pulls his two trained black panthers up to him.
#65.1 Tarzan climbs the sheer face of the cleft of the opening to the former home of the White Apes.  He carries mukol nuts and dry wood.  He places the material under a rock wedged between the opening and starts it on fire.  The nuts explode causing the rock to drop to the bottom of the cleft, thus sealing the cave bears in the canyon.
#84.1 Tarzan climbs the sheer cliff that surrounds Mitzer, the city of Thoth.  He subdues the guards so that the Cathneans and their lions can scale the mountain with their ladders.
#103.2 Tarzan climbs the sheer mountain that hides the island of the Leopard Men to rescue Boy and Dombie.
#107.1 Tarzan descends the mountain into the Valley of Monsters.
#130.1 Tarzan climbs the sheer face of the rock of Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 5+17.2+19.2+28+32.2+A 1.1+44.1+A2.1+49.3+53.1+A#3.1+58.3+59.3+65.1+84.1 +103.2 +107.1 +130.1

mouth organ  -- Nama, the Hottentot trader, gives Boy a spear and a mouth organ (harmonica) for saving one of his buffaloes from a crocodile.
 Dell Number  -- 118.2

movie camera  --  Arthur Smythe, the naturalist, takes motion pictures of a new species of apes.  We don’t see the camera, but Smythe tells Tarzan that he has many feet of film.
 Dell Number  -- 129.1

movie projector  --  Used by Tarzan and Carla Mason to project images of charging animals up onto a white cliff in an attempt to scare off the Bundwala tribe.
 Dell Number  -- 34.1

mukol nuts  -- Tarzan and Jorah gather mukol nuts.  Tarzan climbs the cleft to the opening to the former home of the White Ape Village.  He places the mukol nuts under a rock that is wedged in-between the opening.  He starts a fire with dry wood.  The mukol nuts explode and drop the rock to the bottom of the opening, thus sealing the cave bears in the canyon.
 Dell Number  -- 65.1

Mummy cases  -- Tarzan and Princess enter the tomb of the Hidden Ones so Kendra can place a gold leaf on the forefather’s casket.  Batuti warriors are following them so they close the tomb’s hidden door.  Tarzan lights a match and sees the golden mummy cases, very much like Egyptian mummy cases.  Tarzan and Kendra hide in the two empty cases.  When the Batuti break into the tomb, they take the two cases that Tarzan and Kendra are in.  After some distances they pry open one casket and are pleased that they have also captured the Princess.  Tarzan slips out of his casket and protects the Princess until the Hidden Ones arrive.
 Dell Number  -- 119.1

mush  --  food being prepared by Arab slaver
 Dell Number  -- 44.2

mushrooms  -- #48 (Jungle World) twenty feet high in Pal-ul-don.

music  --  #A1  Words and music to “Zulu Love Song.”  #A2 - music to “Rainbow Rhythm” and “Moonlight Marriage.”
 Dell Number  -- A #1 (inside back cover)+ A2 (“Dancing Feet”)

nabu tree  -- Tarzan has the Gallugos tap the juice from the nabu tree.  They mix the juice with fruit juice that the Talking Gorillas like.  They trick the Bolgani into thinking they stole the gourds of juice.  The juice of the nabu tree causes the gorillas to sleep, thus allowing them to overthrown and expel the gorillas from Athne.
 Dell Number  -- 66.1

necklace  --  #109.2 Teena, Dombie’s mother, wears a gem stone necklace her husband gave her.  Dombie explains that he helped bore the holes in the stones.  Boy and Dombie go to Fire Mountain to collect stones so that Boy can make a necklace for Jane.
No. 37.4 The Wabangi throw Dombie’s necklace to the Waziri chief as proof that they have kidnapped him.
#129.3 Sheik Abdurra presents Boy with a necklace, a golden replica of the Armor of Suleiman, for his help in helping Serenli saving the real armor from the usurper Gumburu.
 Dell Number  -- 109.2+No. 37.4+129.3

necklace, bird eggs  --  Boy blows out bird’s eggs and makes a necklace to trade for mealie cakes made with honey.  Tarzan chastises him for taking life needlessly.
 Dell Number  -- 90.2

necklace of rubies and emeralds  --  what Jane plans to give N’tala as a wedding present.  The necklace comes from the treasure vaults of Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1

necklace, royal  -- The Panther Men place a royal necklace on the captured Jane as she is about to be sacrificed to the Panther King.  After Tarzan rescues her, Jane discards the necklace.
 Dell Number  -- 53.1

net(s)  --  #42.1  The Stork Men of Pal-ul-don use nets and tridents for fishing and as weapons.
#A2.3 Boatmen capture the ape Zorek with a net.
#47.1The white Bantu tribe that lives inside a volcano uses nets for fishing as well as for weapons.
#47.3 Unnamed tribe captures Boy and Dombie with a net.
#48.2 Boy and Dombie fish with nets.
#53.3 Tarzan uses a net to catch fish to feed Argus.
#58.3 A fisherman nets Tarzan near Castrum Mare.  Tarzan ties him up in his own net.  Natives capture the baboons that accompanied Tarzan into the valley in nets.
#61.1 Williams, an animal buyer, has his men set up nets on the Isle of Apes in the hopes of capturing apes.
#69.1The hunter, Derrik Carne, and his natives use nets to capture two dik-diks.
#75.1 Tarzan makes bolas and a net to capture two eagles of the Engani.
#83.1 Tarzan uses a net from a boat to catch fish for Argus and the Arab fishermen who are afraid to put to sea because of the Channel Pirates. #83.2 Tarzan, Jane and Boy use a net to catch fish to feed Argus.
#105.2 Tarzan, Buto, and Buto’s men place a net across the river to protect them from the crocodiles.  They have to go underwater to escape the plague of locust.
#108.1 Tarzan faces three fishermen with nets and tridents in the second stage of the Game of Death, which is imposed upon the ape-man by the Mermen of the Lost Lake.  He wraps the fishermen up in their own nets.
#111.1 Tarzan teaches the Luemba how to make nets that will withstand the spears of the Kolumbwe raiders.  They use the net over their twin-hulled dugouts.  The netting is successful at stopping the spears of the raiders.
No. 25.4 The Boruti use nets in the jungle to capture game.  Most of the pygmies escape through the nets.  The wild hunters capture Prince Nikar.
#115.1 A Hairy Giant uses a net like a butterfly net to capture the mountain people, Katar and Dera.  He nearly catches Tarzan at the same time.  His net does break Tarzan’s bow.  The giant carries Katar and Dera in the net back to the cave of the giants.  Tarzan rescues them from the net and the cave.
No. 37.1 A Hairy Giant captures Jane in his net.  Tarzan, riding Aguila, forces the giant to drop the net.  Jane is injured in the fall.
#122.2 Tarzan gives a seine net to Boy and Dombie to give to Kasana, the cliff dwellers.  Boy shows the Kasana how to use the net.  The net has buoys.  They place it in a circle on Lake Sana.  They are force to shore by a storm.  After the storm they inspect the net.  It is so full of fish that they have to pull the net to shore because there are too many for the canoe.
No. 51.1 Tarzan uses a net to catch fish for the giant eagles and the river bushmen.
#131.2 The Balugas bring a civet cat in a net for the Moon Dance.
 Dell Number  - 42.1+A2.3+47.1+47.3+48.2+53.3+58.3+61.1+69.1+75.1+83.1+83.2+105.2+108.1+111.1+No. 25.4 +115.1 +No. 37.1 +122.2 +No. 51.1 +131.2

net room  --  It is the quarters for the captives of the Cat Men who are designated as fisherman.   It is in the Temple of Brule.
 Dell Number  -- 38.1

new home  --  Tarzan finds a new home for
  #12 - slaves
  #35 - Cathneans
  #A1.1 - White Pygmies
  #41.2 - Lost Legion
  #46.1 - Gallugos
   #49.1 - himself, Jane, and Boy

newspaper  -- There is a newspaper amongst the goods that trader Ithombi brings Tarzan.  Tarzan reads about the missing hippo, Pinky.  He and Boy decided to look for the hippo.
 Dell Number  -- 101.2

nonga leafs  -- Tarzan places nonga leafs on the gunshot wound of Kalith, the great ape.
 Dell Number  -- 27

note  --  #45.1 A note is delivered to Roberta Faye telling her to get off her plantation and move to the Lugongo Hotel if she wants to see her daughter, Martha ever again.
#50.3 Boy finds a note from Wanda Newland about her kidnapping.  Korak, the ape, calls it a “strange leaf.”  Boy tells Korak that it is a “talking paper.”
#55.3 Tarzan leaves a note in the syringe arrow for the hunters that capture live animals.  When they wake from the sleeping potion, the animal buyer takes Tarzan’s warning and leaves the area immediately.
#61.2 Tarzan has Boy fly Argus to the government telegraph station with a note for Dr. Louis d’Arnot to bring medicine for Dombie’s infection.
#64.1 Tarzan writes a bank draft for twenty thousand dollars to his bank in Nairobi and gives it to Chet Harper after he rescues him and Sandra McKinney from the Shiftas.  Tarzan says he will find Chet’s missing gems to make up the difference.
#80.1 When Tarzan and d’Arnot dig up Henri Dumont’s strong box, they discover a note asking the finder to take keep half of the treasure from the ancient tombs for themselves and give the other half to the Louvre Museum.
#88.2 Tarzan takes the note, written on bark, from Aguila’s claw.  It is from Boy and states that he has been captured by the Terribs.
No. 25.6 On a plane flight to Nairobi Dr. Forrence sends a note to the pilot explaining the legend of the Mask of Mani Kongo and that he believes he was followed on the plane.  The plane crashes before the note can be read.
#127.1 James Hawklin has a note from Sir Thomas Barstow asking Tarzan to permit him to hunt crocodiles in Tarzan country.  Tarzan begrudgingly allows him to stay because of the note.
 Dell Number  -- 45.1+50.2+55.3+61.2+64.1+80.1+88.2+No. 25.6+127.1

oakum, box of  --  loose fibers of hemp rope used to stop up seams and cracks of ships.  Murdock knocks a candle from a table to set fire to the oakum so that he can free himself from the ropes around his legs.
 Dell Number  -- 20.2

oil flasks  -- When the Torodons, mounted on their gryfs, attack Cathne, Tarzan teaches the Cathneans how to throw flasks of oil down on them and then throw torches to ignite the oil.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.5

olowaru  -- The Masai are from Kenya and are great lion hunters.  Only the warrior who grabs the tail of a lion can wear the olowaru, the headdress made from a lion’s mane.
 Dell Number  -- A#4 (Africa’s People)

Operation High Ball  -- Operation High Ball is the code name of the flight that sends Margaret Mackenzie into space.  Her space capsule lands near Lutor.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.7

Ordeal  -- When the people of Karfu capture a Naqui, they force him to undergo the Ordeal.  The Ordeal is to shoot a pomegranate off the head of another Naqui at fifty paces.  If successful, they become slaves.  If not, they are killed.  They force Tarzan to shoot a pomegranate that is suspended over Dr. Mac’s head at one hundred paces.  He does so easily.
 Dell Number  -- 55.1

Ordeal of Mumbo  -- An unnamed tribe forces anyone coming to their area to undergo the Ordeal of Mumbo, which is named after an ancestor.  One will either die in the process or become king of the tribe.  Buto seeking poachers removes a boulder to gain entrance to their area.  The ordeal is in five parts: 1.To move the boulder without help. 2. Throw the Axe of Mumbo and split a log with one throw. 3. Carry the two halves of the log and leap the ditch of sharpened stakes. 4. Wrestle the red bull to the ground. And 5. Swim the crocodile pool and dodge spears of six pursuers to reach the axe.  Buto does all of these easily and has to fight his way out of the area.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.2 (Boy Story)

Ordeal of the Elephants  --  (see Elephant Ordeal)

Ordeal of the Mamba  -- Used by the Matusi tribal witch doctor, Ungali.  A deadly mamba is placed in the face of the accused.  If the mamba does not strike, the person is telling the truth.  If the mamba strikes and poisons the defendant, they were lying.  Ungali secretly spits a juice from a jungle leaf to temporarily paralyze the snake when he wants the answer to be true.  Ungali places Boy in the ordeal as revenge against Tarzan for having him imprisoned.  Tarzan knows the secret of the juice and thwarts the witch doctor’s plan.
 Dell Number  -- 46.2

Ordeal of the Spears -- Devised by the evil witch doctor, Banga, to prove his power over death.  He obtains a bulletproof vest from two bad men in exchange for ivory.  He demands ivory from villagers.  If they refuse, he forces them into a contest called the Ordeal of the Spears.  A native is given two spears to cast at Banga.  The vest protects the witch doctor.  After which, Banga is allowed to cast one spear at the native.  Thus he gains control of the tribes.  Banga captures Tarzan and forces him to participate in the ordeal.  Tarzan throws do not penetrate the vest.  Boy drops army ants on the witch doctor, exposing the vest.  Thus the Ordeal of the Spears in exposed as a fraud.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.3

ostrich skin  --  #72.2 Tarzan uses an ostrich skin to fool Boy in a tracking lesson.  A lion stalks Boy.  Tarzan throws the ostrich skin over its head and kills it.  Tarzan uses the lion skin to frighten the Shiftas.  Boy uses the ostrich skin.  The combination of the two creatures together frightens the Shiftas into firing their rifles wildly.  They believe that the apparitions are genii.
#130.2 N’gomo and an unnamed native stalk Tantor with ostrich skin disguises.  N’kima points out the ostriches to Boy.  Boy recognizes it as a trick and thwarts their attempt to kill the father of elephants.
 Dell Number  -- 72.2+130.2

oysters  --  #A2.5  Ship wrecked on an island, Tarzan dives for oysters for food and pearls for Gary and Stella Keene.
#61.1 Tarzan dives for oysters at the Isle of Apes to collect pearls to make a necklace for Jane.
#83.1 While diving for a strongbox for Captain Baine, Tarzan discovers an oyster bed.  He tells the Arab fishermen that they could harvest the oysters for pearls.
 Dell Number  -- A2.5+61.1+83.1

paddle  --  #77.2  Wanumo, the Golden Man, uses a paddle to propel himself over the water on his skis.  The handle portion of the paddle can be transformed into a blowgun.  Tarzan easily learns how to use the paddle and skis.  Wanumo gives Tarzan a paddle as a souvenir of their friendship.  #88.2 Tarzan and the Golden Men use paddles to propel their water skis in the Great Swamp.  The Golden Men transform their paddles into blowguns to attack the Terribs.  (See also blowgun)
A#6.2 - The Golden Men ski towards the Terribs who are attacking Boy and Dombie.  By the time they get their sails unwrapped around their paddles and convert them to blow guns, the Terribs have fled the area.
 Dell Number  -- 77.2+88.2+A#6.2

paint  -- Boy and Dombie use paint made out of rotten wood and lacquer gum to paint faces on balloons.  The paint shines in the night.  They plan to scare the Waziri with the balloons.  The paint is very fast drying.
 Dell Number  -- 119.2

palaver  --  #23.1

Pantella -- yacht.  Caught in a storm the ship strikes another vessel.  Tarzan, Thurag, Louis   d’Arnot and his wife Alice, and the crew must abandon ship.
 Dell Number  -- 29

parachutes  --  FC 134 In a lightning storm, Doris Ramsay is forced to parachute from her airplane that is experiencing engine problems.
#7 found in a wrecked trading boat Tarzan, Boy and Dombie make an air balloon from them.
#32.2 Doctor MacWhirtle makes himself a covering from his chute after the Blue Baboons steal his clothes.
#42.2 Tarzan and Paul d’Arnot parachute into the Hoggar massif in their search for Louis d’Arnot.
#A2.1 Heather Day uses tiny parachutes made out of spider webs to send out a message that she is about to be sacrificed to bats.  Bukoni finds the parachute as it spoils his javelin throw at a zebra.
#53.3 Tarzan dives gangster Mike Nucco’s cargo plane straight down into the Great Swamp.  He grabs a parachute and leaps into the air.  As Boy flies by with Argus, Tarzan releases the parachute and drops onto Argus’ back.
#61.2 Dr. Louis d’Arnot, who is flying in medicine for Dombie’s infection, experiences plane trouble and has to parachute out.  He gets caught in a tree.  Boy saves him from a leopard and cuts him out of his chute.
#96.1 Raoul Giroux (Rudatara) parachutes down close to Tarzan’s tree house.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+ 7+32.2+42.2+A2 (Boy’s Air Adventures)+A2.1+53.3+61.2+ 96.1
 Novel  -- JCM

parapet  --  #9 an elevation raised above the main wall for defensive purposes.  Dak-lot throws Jane off a parapet in A-lur.  His men also attempt to topple the same parapet down onto Tarzan and Tantor.
#19.1 The parapet crumbles in the City of Ivory as Tarzan leans out to talk to the captured Boy.  He is rendered unconscious by the fall and captured.
 Dell Number  -- 9+19.1

pearls  --  #A2.5  Ship wrecked on an island, Tarzan dives for oysters for food and pearls for Gary and Stella Keene.  The pearls are pink in color.  They are there for three weeks.  Tarzan gives the Keenes thousands of dollars worth of pearls.  Tarzan also tells the sea Arabs, as he takes their ship, that they can have the pearls they left behind as payment for the ship.
#61. Tarzan dives for oysters off the Isle of Apes to collect pearls to make a necklace for Jane.  When the Isle of Apes is threaten to be destroyed by a volcano, Tarzan strikes a deal with Williams, the ape hunter, to take the apes off of the island for the pearls.
#73.1The slaver Agib’s dhow crashes on the island home of Mugambi because of a tidal wave.  Tarzan gives the slaver’s pearls, gold, and silver to the natives.
#83.1 - While diving for a strongbox for Captain Baine, Tarzan discovers an oyster bed.  He tells the Arab fishermen that they could harvest the oysters for pearls.
 Dell Number  -- A2.5+61.1+73.1+83.1

pepper  --  Jane complains about the price of pepper at the Native Market.  The natives of the market are trapped in the roots of a tree by a rouge elephant.  Jane uses the pepper to make the elephant delay the attack.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.2(Jane Story)

phosphorescent fungi  --  while escaping the Terribs on a beam in the river, Tarzan, Tim and Jess Wales are carried into a mountain cavern, which is covered with phosphorescent fungi that lights their way.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1

phosphorescent strips  --  used by the Cat Men of Crater Lake to light their air lock at the entrance to the Temple of Brule.
 Dell Number  -- 38.1

pipe  --  #49.3 Doctor MacWhirtle smokes a pipe
#73.1 a native smokes a pipe.
#73.2 Brant Torrey smokes a pipe.
#74.2 Both Brant Torrey and Tom Lindon smoke pipes.  #81.1 Paul d’Arnot smokes a pipe.
#88.1 The Major in command at Fort Gumburu smokes a pipe.
#104.1 Tobey, the oil prospector, smokes a pipe after being rescued by Tarzan.
#110.1 - The arrogant young Jess smokes a pipe throughout the entire story.
#110.2 One of the mutineers on Pirate Island smokes a pipe.
 Dell Number  -- 49.3+73.1+73.2+74.2+81.1+88.1+104.1+110.1+110.2

pitch fork  --  Pygmies from an unnamed island ride their pygmy elephants and attempt to fight off the baboons that are raiding their gardens with pitch forks.
 Dell Number  -- 70.2

plantains  --  herbaceous plant similar to the banana, eaten by Boy and hyenas
 Dell Number  -- 3

plaster of Paris  --   Doctor MacWhirtle uses plaster to make an impression of a hoof print made by a prehistoric Giant Elk.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1

platform  --  #90.1 The N’gongwe poachers build a platform of poles so they can watch Tarzan being eaten by a leopard.  They captured Tarzan and tie him to a log footbridge that leopards are known to use.
#107.2 Boy runs always from home.  He builds a platform in a tree to sleep at night.  No. 25.6 Tarzan builds Dr. Forrence and his daughter Ruth a platform in a tree to protect them from predators.
 Dell Number  -- 90.1+107.2+No. 25.6

Plesiosaurus eggs  -- the shells are leathery.  Tarzan, Boy, and Doctor MacWhirtle manage to locate a large nest of them.  They have some for a meal.  They taste fishy.  They bring a large bag of them out of the Valley of the Monsters.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1

poison  --  #84.1  The Mitzeraim people have a poison tipped bamboo barrier at the entrance to their city, Mitzer.  It blocks the cleft in the mountain that leads to the city.
#90.1 The N’gongwe poachers buy poison from an unnamed tribe.  They keep the poison in bamboo containers hanging from a tree.  Tarzan replaces the poison with a gummy liquid.
#103.2 The Leopard Men use poison on their steel claws.  Boy and Dombie dump the claws in the river.
 Dell Number  -- 84.1+90.1+103.2

poison arrow  --  FC 134  The Dashani warriors use poison arrows to kill Captain Hardy and the bearers who deserted the Ramsay safari.
#19.1 pygmy poison arrows.  They kill quickly.  One kills a warrior of the Men in Ivory before Tarzan can find out much information.
#48.1 When Tarzan learns about the rouge elephant terrorizing the Urubambwe, he instructs Jane to bring him his poison arrows.  They contain a nerve poison.
#59.2 A Wandoro’s poison arrow brings down a buffalo that has Boy and Dombie treed.
#76.2 N’kima finds a pygmy poison arrow.  Tarzan tells him to throw it away.  He throws it down and hits Borok, the ape.  Tarzan has to bargain for the antidote from the pygmies.
#89.2 - The great ape Gulak shows Tarzan the poison arrow of the pygmies that killed Thorchak.  Tarzan confronts the pygmy chief who claims that it did not come from his village.  Tarzan threatens to evict them from the jungle if another ape is killed.
#90.1 Tarzan heals a bull elephant that went mad from a poachers’ poison arrow.  Tarzan replaces the poachers’ poison with a gummy liquid so their arrows have no effect.
#95.2 The Bushmen use poison arrows against the attacking Bantus.
#101.1 The Karuri use poison arrows against Tarzan and his Achinga warriors.
#123.2 Kururi, the witch doctor, sneaks towards the lion’s hut where Boy is sleeping to kill him with poison arrows.  A lion frightens him.  Tarzan stops the evil witch doctor.  125.1 The evil witch doctor, Kisambu, gets some of Buto’s young men to use pygmy poison arrows to kill an elephant.  Later he tries to kill Tarzan with a poison arrow but only manages to kill his trained chimpanzee, N’kengo.
#130.2 N’gomo and an unnamed native stalk Tantor with poison arrows.  Boy and Tantor thwart their attempt before they can use them.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+19.1+48.1+59.2+76.2+89.2+90.1+95.2+101.1+123.2+125.1+130.2

poison belt  --  (See flower, red)

poison mealies  -- Two golfers who have been driven off the golf course by baboons lay out poison mealies to get rid of them.  Teeke, a baboon balu, eats some of them and gets sick.  Teeke’s father, Ka-cha, leads a baboon raid on the clubhouse for this offense.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4

poisonous juice  --  liquid used by King Lukah of the Gomambas to blind his captured slaves.  Laura Thomas states that the king throws it into your eyes.  The king attempts to blind Tarzan with the liquid in a water pistol.  The poison places a film over the eyes that blocks light.  Doctor Harvey Warfield believes an eye surgeon would be able to remove the film.
 Dell Number  -- 25.2

poison spears  -- The albino pygmies of the Great Swamp use poison tipped spears.
 Dell Number  -- 94.1

pomegranate  -- The fruit that is placed on the head of Dr. Mac during the Ordeal of the Karfu.  Tarzan is to shoot the pomegranate off his head at one hundred paces.  He does so easily.
 Dell Number  -- 55.1

pool, public square  --  found in Ara-thol, home of the Ko-bolgani.  It has a lightning rod in the center.  When lightning strikes, the shrunken creatures, who are standing in the pool, are restored to their former size.
 Dell Number  -- 10

porcupine skins  --  Boy and Dombie are trying to evade the Balugas.  They enter the witch doctor’s hut.  They use porcupine skins to sneak past the natives.  The natives who get too close get quills in their legs.  The boys swim the lake in the skins with N’kima perched on Dombie’s porcupine head.  Tarzan stops the Balugas from pursuing them.
 Dell Number  -- 131.2

potion  --  As Tarzan, Buto, and Adumo prepare to cross the plains to the Mountains of Barongo, the ape-man prepares a potion to combat the sleep sickness that plagues that area.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

pottery, earthenware  --  #65.1 Tarzan unites the men of Cor-o-don and the White Apes to rid the area of the cave bears.  Lachee directs the making and firing of earthenware pottery to be used as fire pots.
#103.1 As Tarzan and Jathon trail the Cathneans, who fled the earthquake that destroyed Cathne, they come upon some discarded pottery.  One pot has a faux Greek pottery look.
 Dell Number  -- 65.1+103.1

powder horn  --  Boy finds a powder horn in the jungle.  He and Dombie use the gunpowder to make small explosive that they use against the Chacma baboons.
 Dell Number  -- 57.2 (Boy Story)

powder of Pal-ul-don  --  unknown contents.  Stops pain and bleeding.  Promotes healing.
#4   Om-at uses it on Pan-at-lee after they escape from the Bongus.
#16.1 referred to as the medicine of the Waz-don.  Used to revive Tarzan after his fight with the gangsters in the stone tower outside of A-lur.
 Dell Number  -- 4+16.1

prickly fish  --  what Boy catches in the lake of the Valley of the Monsters.  Two young tyrannosaurs eat them.  They catch in their throats and die.
 Dell Number  -- 16.1

protective shield  --  After escaping from the Men of Monga, Tarzan goes to Jorah’s people and has them bring him bamboo poles.  He designs a protective shield that encircles their dyals so that the Men of Monga’s bolas cannot tangle up their feet.
 Dell Number  -- 60.1

punishment cell  -- The captured Tarzan refuses to side with Ja-lur against A-lur.  Ja-don the third has him placed in a punishment cell to die.  The punishment cell is a stone block cell that tapers.  It is just tall enough for a man to stand upright shoulder to shoulder against the sides of the cell.  When he thinks the guards are gone, Tarzan easily breaks out of the cell.
 Dell Number  -- 124.1

pyrethrum  -- A daisy-like flower grown in the Pyrethrum fields.  It is made into an insect powder to protect against the dreaded Tsetse fly.
 Dell Number  -- 80 (“Tarzan’s World” - splash page)

quarterstaff  -- Tarzan teaches the Achingas to become experts at using the quarterstaff.   They help the Mauri defeat the sneak attack by the Karuri.  The Achingas become the peacekeepers of the area.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

quicksand  -- Tarzan comes upon a white bull caught in quicksand.  He and the ape, Borok, use a vine rope to pull the buffalo out of the quicksand.
 Dell Number  -- 74.1

Radio Accra  -- Picking up the new of the two missing white men from the native drums, Radio Accra transmits the news over the air to the business office of the British oil company, Accra.
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

radio(s)  --  #42.2 Walkie-talkies are referred to as ‘pocket radios.’  Paul d’Arnot brings them along when he and Tarzan go to search for Louis d’Arnot.  Tarzan trades the pocket radios to Sheik Ibrahim for Louis d’Arnot.
#87.2 - The expeditionary Hans Hauser manages to contact Tarzan on his portable radio before the batteries give out.  He gives Tarzan his location so he can be rescued.
#107.1 Tarzan has repaired the tree house radio.  He learns from radio Nairobi about Bruce Harlowe’s plane reported missing around the Valley of Monsters.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2+87.2+107.1

raft  --   #2 Tarzan and Dr. Newsome use a floating island to follow Gufta and Boy
 #3 Boy uses a log to accidentally follow to the dwarfs to Didona’s island
 #3 Jane and Oremba use log to float to island of the dwarfs of Didona
 #4 Om-at uses a raft to cross Pal-ul-don swamp
 #6 Tarzan and Boy build a raft of bundles of reeds to cross Pal-ul-don swamp
 #18.2 Tarzan, Giant Eland, Princess Ila, and Taddo - reeds to cross Pal-ul-don swamp
           Tarzan, Dyal, Princess Ila, and Taddo - reeds to cross Pal-ul-don swamp
 #20.2 Tarzan rafts to an unknown river -- leads to rescue of Jad-bal-ja and other animals
 #24.2 bundled reeds, holds 25 Waziri, pulled across Great Swamp by a gryf
 #25.1 wood raft used by the people of Arrack to be send out into the Pool of Magon with human sacrifices to their crocodile god, Magon
 #29 made from part of the yacht Pantella.  Built by Tarzan, Thurag, and Louis d’Arnot. Only Louis uses it until rescued.  Mast of the yacht Pantella used by Tarzan and Thurag to get to land after the yacht sinks.
 #30 called a sacred raft, Tarzan takes it out into the Pool of Magon.  The crocodile bites the raft.  Tarzan kills the false god.
 #35 Tarzan and the survivors of Cathne build rafts out of bundles of hollow reeds to carry themselves, their lions and chariots across the Great Swamp to escape the Athneans.
 #39.1 Tarzan uses a raft in the swampy area towards the back of New Athne in Pal-ul-don.  He uses it also in the Great Swamp.
 #45.3 Timon and his men build reed rafts pulled by Goliath to go to Athne to attempt to conquer the city.
 #46.1 The Cathneans return from the battle with Athne on rafts pulled by Goliath
 #47.1 Ruandi, a white Bantu native, is found tied to a raft by Tarzan and Dr. Mac.  He was to be sacrificed to Nga Ngoor, a plesiosaurus.  Later Tarzan, Dr. Mac,     Ruandi, and Lula escape the volcano by riding the raft through a tunnel to the exterior of the mountain.
 #54.2 Boy and a tribe of baboons make a raft out of dry wood and hollow reeds to traverse the crocodile infested lake to the Isle of Leopards.
 #54.3 The Talking Gorillas send three scouts across the Great Swamp on a raft.  When Tarzan sneaks up on Athne (the gorillas have taken over the city) he discovers that the gorillas have many rafts in preparation for an attack on Cathne.
 #59.1 The Talking Gorillas use rafts (made out of bamboo) to search the Great Swamp to slaves.  Tarzan rescues the captives and uses the gorilla’s rafts to make their escape.  The talking Bolgani follow them on rafts.  The escapees make it to a crocodile boat.  A tidal wave upends the rafts.
 #61.1 Tarzan uses a raft off the shore of the Isle of Apes to dive for oysters.  When the apes alert him to the approaching dhows, Tarzan sinks his raft.
 #62.1 Tarzan and Dr. Mac use a rubber raft as transportation from the seaplane to land in Pal-ul-don.  Once in Kor-ul-gryf, Tarzan uses rocks to sink the raft to hide it. After obtaining some gryf eggs, Tarzan retrieves the raft from underwater.
 #64.1 Tarzan and Chet Harper build a raft out of hollow reed to cross the Great Swamp.
 #66.1 The Talking Gorillas use rafts to take their Athnean captives through the Great Swamp to their city Old Athne.  Tarzan has Hathor and the Athnean elephants overturn the rafts.  The captives use the rafts to return.  The Cathneans use rafts to transport their lion driven chariot across the swamp as their part of the alliance to attack the Bolgani at Old Athne.
 A#4.1 Rafts made out of hollow reeds carries King Nikko’s pygmy army down the Great Swamp towards Cathne so they can help defend the city of gold against the Talking Gorillas.
 #70.2 Tarzan helps the pygmies on an unnamed island to construct a hallow reed raft     that also is a floating cage.  It takes a month to build.  They use it to capture     the baboons that are plaguing the pygmies.  Tarzan has pygmies’ elephants push the raft filled with the baboons to main land.
 #71.1 The Bolgani attempt to attack Lutor on a long narrow raft.  Tarzan warns the     Lutorian guards about their approach.
 #77.2 The Golden Men make a raft out of their water skis to transport Tarzan, who they     drugged with a sleeping potion, away from their secret home.
 A#6.1 Marooned on an island, Tarzan uses a small raft to bring the equipment back to shore, which he salvages from a sunken freighter .
 #94.1 The albino pygmies use small rafts made out of poles covered with thatching.  They attack Tarzan, who swims under their raft and overturns it.  They pursue  Tarzan and Om-lat in their rafts.  They use a multitude of rafts to attack the Island of Wazban.  Tarzan frightens them with a phony monster.  They flee in  their rafts.
#103.2 Boy and Dombie build a raft of logs to reach a mysterious island, which they discover is part of the society of the Leopard Men.  They attempt to raft back through the tunnel, but a crocodile pushes their raft sideways so that they have to climb up some vines to avoid the gimla.
 #112.1The royal air force personal, who crash land near Lutor, use a rubber life raft to leave the area.  They are attacked by Terribs.  After Tarzan and the Lutorians rescue them in a crocodile boat, Tarzan invites them abroad because their raft is sinking.
 #120.1 The Nye-Nye build rafts to float down river to steal the Bantu canoes. Tarzan distracts the Bantu.
 #126.1 Tarzan builds a raft out of the wreckage of the dhow.  He and the chimps sail across the water to a desert.
 #128.2 Boy and Dombie build a tree house by the seacoast.  A tidal wave turns it in a raft as the boys are carried out to sea.
 #129.1 Arthur Smythe, the naturalist, is deserted by his safari.  He uses a raft to find his way out of the jungle.  He comes upon Tarzan.

ram’s horn trumpet  --  One such trumpet is used by the Tuaregs to signal the start of combat between armed combatants.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

reeds  -- Tarzan, Jane, Buto, and Buto’s tribe use reeds to breathe underwater to escape a plague of locusts.
 Dell Number  -- 105.2

refrigerator  -- Willie Slyke, the trader has a small refrigerator for ice on his floating trade post, the Zulu Belle.  He gets Boy to bring him diamonds from the treasure of Opar, which Willie hides in the icebox.  Tarzan discovers the diamonds and kicks Willie out of the area.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.2

repellent  --  #32.2+33.2  Dr. MacWhirtle defensive scent.
# A2.2 - Crocodile fat used to keep crocodiles away.
#48.3 Tarzan uses a white flower juice to repel Giant Wasps.
 Dell Number  -- 32.2+33.2+A2.2+48.3

reptile bladders  --  Tarzan, Boy and MacWhirtle use the bladders of a Plesiosaurus as balloons to lift themselves off an island in the Valley of the Monsters.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1

reservoir  -- Tarzan builds a reservoir around the ancient water pipe opening in the City of the Sands.  The water fills the reservoir by the time Hussein and his Bedouin tribe arrives.
 Dell Number  -- 77.1

riddle  --  A#6.4  Prince Rotan has a bracelet with a riddle on it, which has a clue to find the Treasure of Kings.  The riddle is written in ancient Pal-ul-don.  The Prince cannot make sense out of the riddle.  Tarzan helps him solve it.  The statue that contains the treasure also has a riddle in the ancient language.  The Prince again is mystified.  Tarzan again helps.
#100.1 Moki has been given a rhyme from his father, now deceased, to find the rifle of Tippoo Tib, the symbol of authority for the Badunga people.  The young lad is baffled by the riddle.  Tarzan helps him solve it and recover the rifle.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.4+100.1

Rifle of Tippoo Tib  -- Tippoo Tib, Arab explorer, gave Moki’s father a rifle.  It became the symbol of power for the Badunga people.  It is a musket with a gold stock.  Moki’s father hid it in the Canyon of the Mandrills before he was killed in battle.  Moki’s evil uncle has taken power.  Moki figures to reclaim power if he can find the rifle.  Tarzan helps him solve a riddle and read the map so that the young lad can recover the rifle.
 Dell Number  -- 100.1

Ring of Chieftainship, Ivory  --  AKA the Royal Ring.  The chief of the Manguelu tribe must possess the ring.  If he loses it, he is banished until it is retrieved.  M’bogo, the buffalo, accidentally gets the ring on its horn and runs off.  Tarzan helps the chief, Manga, trace the ring from M’bogo, to a jackal, to a monkey, to Barongo, the strong man of Queen Mosana.  Tarzan wrestles Barongo for the ownership of the ring.  He wins.  Manga can return to his village.
 Dell Number  -- 93.1

ring of King Varo of the Vari  --  ring has the image of gimla, the crocodile, rapped around it with mouth open over its tail.  Given to Tarzan by a dying Walter Paige to identify Tarzan as a friend to Naranee, queen of the Vari
 Dell Number  -- 1

rite of rescue  --  A law of Lutor.  “If a man’s life is in danger, his brother or sister may claim the right to share in his rescue!”  Princess Loma uses this law as her right to accompany Tarzan in the attempted rescue of her brother, Princess Keelim’s.
 Dell Number  -- 38.1

river scow  --  Boy and the ape Zorek stowaway on a scow.
 Dell Number  -- A2.3

roadster  -- When Boy rides Jad-bal-ja down a street in Nairobi, a man in a roadster drives up on the sidewalk.
 Dell Number  -- 60.2 (Boy story)

Robe of honor  -- When Tarzan comes to King Imanga’s durbar, the king gives him the robe of honor thus making the ape-man his equal.
 Dell Number  -- 125.2

rocket launcher/ rockets  --  #31.1  Doctor MacWhirtle has them installed on his seaplane.  He uses one to kill a Pteranodon.  Tarzan uses a rocket to kill a Tyrannosaurs.
#41.1 Doctor MacWhirtle fires rockets from an airplane at the Torodons mounted on gryfs as they attack the Tower of Ta-dan.  The Ho-dons call the rockets ‘lightning.’  Tarzan refers to them as ‘lightning bolts.’
#49.3 Dr. Mac brings a hand held rocket launcher (it resembles a bazooka) to the Lake of the Pterodactyls.  Tarzan uses it to kill a thipdar and a garth.
#68.1 Dr. Mac uses a rocket (resembling a bazooka) to discourage the Cat Men from approaching his down seaplane containing himself, Tarzan and King Zugu.  Tarzan asks him not to kill anyone with the rocket.
#105.1 The Rev. Wells has his daughter Ruth bring rockets (Roman candle like fireworks) to the Makembe Citadel as a defensive measure against the neighboring tribes that threaten them.  Tarzan uses the rockets to frighten off the attacking Nandis, Moran, and Masai tribes.  He aims one at the Nandis witch doctor.  It hits him and presumable causes his death.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1+41.1+49.3+68.1+105.1

rock paintings  -- Tarzan helps the bushman prophet, Bauxhau, reach the Towering Rocks.  There are paintings that the ancient Nye-nye painted on the rock walls.  There is a guardian figure and the entrance.  Most of the other paintings are of animals that are fairly primitive in nature despite Tarzan’s comment that the rhino almost lives.
 Dell Number  -- 120.1

rods  --  slang expression for pistols used by gangster Lou Coron.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2

Roman helmet  -- of Caesar’s time.  Found in the great desert by Muviro as Tarzan and company leave the Valley of the Monsters before they are discovered by the White Pygmies.
 Dell Number  -- 8
 Novel            -- TU

rope  --  #29 Tarzan makes a rope out of beach grasses so he can climb a palm tree.
A #1.1 - Tarzan braids a rope out of vines so he can lower the apes of Opar from the mountain of Opar and raise the white pygmies and their antelopes to the top.
A #1.4 - Boy braids a grass rope so he can catch a zebra.
#39.1 Tarzan braids a rope out of vines so he can gain access to the caves of the Men of Monga.
#44.1 Tarzan and the Waziri make a rope out of vines to descend into the valley that contain Saparta.
#45.1 Tarzan makes a rope that he uses to rope the man-ghost that is terrorizing the Faye and Barbour plantations.
#A 2.1 Tarzan uses a rope to descend the great altar in the Valley of Towers, and to get Heather Day out of the Batwinged men’s cave.
#49.3 Tarzan makes a rope from rattan-like vines so he can reach a thipdar nest where Dr. Mac is trapped.
#50.2 Boy ropes N’goro, the witch doctor, who has Wanda Newland kidnapped for her hair.  Boy and Korak, the ape, pull N’goro up into a tree.
#51.3 - At an impossible gorge in the mountains, Tarzan throws his rope across so that he and Harvey Norton may cross and continue their search for Harvey’s missing son.  Harvey is afraid.  Tarzan has Korak, the great ape, carry him across on the rope.
A#3.3 Tarzan uses a vine rope to pull the Owl, a leader of a secret society up into a tree.
#64.1 A Bolgani uses a rope to pull Chet Harper off the raft that he and Tarzan are using to cross the Great Swamp.  Tarzan knocks out the gorilla.   Harper falls in the swamp with the rope around him.  Tarzan has to untie him underwater.  A crocodile threatens both of them.  Tarzan uses the rope to tie the crocodile’s mouth shut.  Much later, Tarzan uses a rope to pull Harper and Sandra McKinney up into a tree as he rescues them from Shiftas.
A#4.3 - While trying to escape from some Garths in the Valley of Monster, Tarzan lowers himself by rope into a canyon.  An earthquake destroys the cliff.  Tarzan falls into the water below.
#70.1 As King Zugu falls from the canoe, being pulled through the air by giant swans, Tarzan, flying a giant swan, ropes the King.  He has two Lutorian, also on swans, help him fly the king, who is hanging by the rope, to the crocodile boat.
#74.1 Tarzan and the ape, Borok, use a vine rope to pull a white bull out of quicksand.  Later they use a vine rope to tightrope walk across to some natives, who are stranded on a cliff after a storm.  Tarzan and Borok carry the natives across the chasm on the rope.
#77.1 Tarzan makes a rope of grasses to catch an eland, which he rides back to the City in the Sands to get help for the injured Hussein.
#78.2 Tarzan uses a vine rope to lasso a rifle out of the hands of the ivory poacher, Ganta.
A#5.1 Tarzan uses a rope to rescue the apes, Kurok and Throg, from crocodiles.  He also uses the rope to escape from crocodiles after finding Ta-den’s armband.
#80.1 Tarzan and d’Arnot use ropes to tie down their plane to protect against the winds of the Gourambi Range.  Tarzan uses a rope to get the rescued Dr. Henri Dumont across the moat of the Mokar.
#86.1 Tarzan uses a rope to pull Muviro and the Waziri to the top of the seamless tower he scaled.  They use a rope cradle to raise Jad-bal-ja to the top of the Tuaregs’ tower.  The cradle has a platform for the golden lion to perch on.
A#6.4 As they descend into the Canyon of Night, Tarzan uses Prince Rotan’s rope to aid them down impossible areas.  He also uses the rope to guide the Prince through a waterfall.
#93.2 Tarzan braids some vines into a strong cable.  He plans to pull an elephant out of a bog with it.  After finding Tantor, Tarzan feels compelled to strangle a male lion with the rope before attaching the rope to the elephant and having Tantor, plus another bull, pull the pachyderm free.
#98.1 Tarzan uses a rope to lower the Dragon Doctor to a ledge.  He and Inkomi use the same rope to lower themselves from the ledge to the valley of the dragons.  After their adventure in the valley, they pull themselves back up to the ledge with the rope.
#101.2 - Tarzan ropes the rouge hippo, Pinky, with two ropes.  The friendly natives help him pull the hippo to shore.  They tie his legs so that Tarzan can remove a bullet from Pinky’s tooth.  Pinky is tethered near the shore.
#103.2 - Trapped on a ledge with the Leopard Men approaching from below, Boy and Dombie are rescued by Tarzan who makes a rope of vines to pull them up to safety.
#104.1 Tarzan uses a rope to discover a way to escape the Moumamba city.  He lowers Tobey down the ledge to safety and carries the injured Harry down the rope with him.
A#7.2 Kobo, the animal trainer, catches a monkey with a vine rope.
A#7.7 Tarzan fashions a long rope vine to swing across the gorge of the Batumi River.  He ties a rock to another rope vine to throw across the gorge to Nogoni.  He tightrope walks across the gorge and uses the vine rope to get Nogoni and his family safely across the gorge away from King Umpongwe and his warriors.
#109.2 Boy and Dombie are trapped on Fire Mountain when the volcano erupts.  Tarzan makes a rope from liana vines and climbs the mountain.  He lassoes a rock over a lava flow near the trapped the boys.  Tarzan climbs hand-over-hand to reach the boys.  Boy uses the rope to reach safety.  Tarzan carries Dombie on his back to safety.
No. 25.6 - Wild dogs surround the evil Pollack.  He has emptied his pistol to no avail.  Tarzan ropes him and pulls him up into a tree to safety.
#113.1 - By a waterhole Tarzan plans to rope the first animal that comes to drink.  Instead he ropes N’gogo, the witch doctor.
#118.1 Tarzan uses a rope to lower himself, the Waziri, and the Buntoro into the Walled Valley so they can take back the village for the rightful ruler.
No. 51.5 Tarzan uses a rope to pull Om-at and the captive Wazdons from the prison tower.  Tarzan lowers himself down a cliff to search for Pan-at-lee.  Om-at pulls Pan-at-lee up with the rope.  Tarzan calls for the rope after killing the Tor-o-don.
#130.1 -Tarzan uses a rope vine to pull Jad-bal-ja up to the top of the rock of Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 29+A 1.1+A 1.4+39.1+44.1+45.1+A 2.1+49.3+50.2+51.3+A#3.3+64.1+A#4.3+70.1+74.1+77.1+78.2 +A#5.1 +80.1 +86.1 +A#6.4 +93.2 +98.1 +101.2 +103.2 +104.1 +A#7.2 +A#7.7 +109.2 +No. 25.6 +113.1 +118.1 + No. 51.5 +130.1

Royal Axe  -- It is what Kandor calls his axe.  He carved the handle from the horn of a Great Rhinoceros from Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan says that the spring from the rhino horn will double the force of the blow.  (See Great Rhinoceros Horn)
 Dell Number  -- A#7.4

Royal Cloak  -- The Stork Men of Pal-ul-don present Tarzan with the Royal Cloak (mesh cloak) after he saves some of their people from the Terribs.  Thus Tarzan is made a Prince of the Stork People.  The cloak is blue.
 Dell Number  -- 42.1

Royal Drum  -- Whoever holds the Royal Drum rules Muranda.  When Rudatara returns to his home in Muranda, the people bring him the Royal Drum.  They are weary of his brother’s heavy-handed rule.  When the royal bodyguards approach the mob, Rudatara has old Imanda beat out ‘Salute the King.’  The guards join the mob in declaring Rutadara king.  The drum is at Rudatara’s side when he banishes his brother.
 Dell Number  -- 96.1

Royal Talisman  -- The Royal Talisman of the Buntoro is essential to the kingship of the Buntoro people.  Without it no man can be king.  Umangi uses Tarzan’s help to remove the talisman and hide it from his brother, Mengo, who claims the kingship of the Buntoro.  Tarzan moves a great stone to hide the talisman under it when they discover a hidden passageway.
 Dell Number  -- 118.1

ruby pendant  --   Bangwa Ali presents Jane with a ruby pendant from the Sultan of Zanzaboko.  Standish, the ostrich, steals it.  Bandy, the mongoose, finds it and hides it in its den.  A baby ostrich finds it.  Jane retrieves it.  Standish steals it.  Jane retrieves.  A tribal crisis is averted.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.4 (Jane Story)

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