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Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics
Part II: F-L
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Feast of Warriors  -- The Kordo spearmen and ruling class of the Mountains of Barongo hold the Feast of the Warriors upon the full moon at Table Rock just outside of their village.  After the war contests, the spearmen sleep without guards because they have never been attacked on the rock.  Tarzan chooses a feast night to have the subservient Nuba tribe attack their masters and restore the balance of power in Barongo Land.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

feats of strength and other amazing facts: Tarzan:
   bends (breaks) bars  --  #31.2; #47.2; 49.1+62.1+106.1
   breaks chains/shackles  --  #5; #11; #16.1; #21.2;55.1+59.3+64.1+68.1+92.1+113.1+ No. 37.3+124.1 +125.1 +130.1
   breaks ropes  --  49.1+54.1+60.1+62.1+82.1+98.1+106.1
   Tarzan’s strength is compared to strength of ten Gorobars  -- 51.1
   Tarzan’s strength is compared to strength of ten men  -- 68.2
   Tarzan uses pressure on a nerve to overpower a Panther Man  -- 53.1
   jumps from an airplane and hangs onto a parachute with one hand --  53.3
   breaks pole behind his back  --  62.1
   rips bar off of ventilator shaft  --  A#3.1
   rips bars out of window  --  #1+#62.1
   rips tree out of the ground to use as a weapon  --  125.1
   throws Jane and Boy to the top of a wall  --  A#3.1
   bends thick bamboos bars  --  58.1
   throws Jane and Queen Ellenya to top of a wall  --  59.3
   Tarzan travels through the trees faster than a kulania bird  -- 27
   Tarzan’s running speed is compared to pacco  -- 66.1
   Tarzan’s running speed is compared to Bara  -- No. 25.3
    runs at the pace of a leopard pulled chariot  --  92.1
    travels through the trees better than manu  --  No. 25.3
   Tarzan operates on Norgak.  He removes a bullet from the ape’s skull  -- 66.2
       Removes bullet from hippo’s jaw  -- 101.2
     Removes bullet from Sheik Abdurra  -- 129.3
    breaks rifle over his knee  --  69.1
    breaks out of the stone block punishment cell of the Ja-lur  --  124.1
    tightrope walks to natives stranded on a cliff.  Tarzan carries the natives back across the rope to safety  -- 74.1
    Hand over hand on a rope - carries Dombie on his back to safety over a lava flow.  -- 109.2
    carries wounded Masai on litter over his head back to village  --  114.1
    carries Princess Kendra through the trees on his shoulder -- 119.1
    carries Om-at sitting on his shoulder out of A-lur  -- No. 51.5
    carries Om-at piggyback over the rocks of Kor-ul-gryf  --  No. 51.5
    carries the ailing Muviro down a sheer cliff  --  131.1
    carries Margaret Mackenzie through the trees  --  No. 51.7
    carries a huge water skin on top of his head through the desert  --  126.1
    the Wokamba natives say that Tarzan runs as fast as a bushbuck  --  76.1
    elephants knock over a tree pinning down Tarzan yet he is not injured  --  78.2+90.1
    Tarzan scales the seamless tower of the Tuaregs  -- 86.1
    climbs the almost seamless walls of Castra  -- 89.1 Ja-lur  -- 124.1  --A-lur -- No. 51.5
    climbs the sheer face of a cliff in the Hills of Caves  --  123.1
    Pulls leopard chariot, leopards, and Karen Lane out of a pit trap  -- 92.1
    Pulls Jad-bal-ja and La to the top of the Rock of Opar by a vine rope  -- 130.1
    throws Gorak the bull ape  --  A#6.7
    throws Boy, Dombie and Miboko up to a rope bridge over a river  --  97.2
    wrestles bull to ground  --  98.1
    chokes a lion unconscious  --  A#7.2
    recognizes Centurion Regulus Paulus voice from years before  --  106.1
    knocks out the ape Chulek with one blow --  109.1
    catches a Wabuna spear in mid air  --  No. 25.1
    moves a gigantic bolder revealing a hidden passageway  --  118.1
    grabs two of Mengo’s guards by the throat so they can’t speak  --  118.1
    Carries Ilona over his shoulder as he runs from Mengo, the forest spirits  -- No. 37.3

ferns  --  #19 (inside back cover, Jungle World) in Pal-ul-don, forty feet tall

fez  --  A#5.3 Boy wears a fez while gathering army ants for Dr. Mac.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.3+81.1

fire (grass/veld[sp])  --  #81.2 While Tarzan searches for Dombie, who has been kidnapped by chimpanzees, a lightning bolts starts a fire in the jungle.  It spreads to the grasses and forces every living creature to flee across the river.  It helps Tarzan find and save Dombie.
#94.2 A veld (sp) fire causes Martje Van Dyck, Koert Van Dyck, and Boy to flee in the Van Dyck’s covered wagon.  They out race the fire.
No. 37 The Hairy Giants attempt to sneak up on the Slingers of Kroo Maun at the Half Moon Lake.  Tarzan drops fire bundles from Aguila.  The grass fires start to surround the giants, plus their shields, which are made of straw catch fire.  The giants flee.
 Dell Number  -- 81.2+94.2+No. 37+

fire (making)  --  Far from home with the injured Dombie, Boy makes them a small campfire by rubbing two sticks together.
 Dell Number  -- 90.2

   bang stick  --  #27 What Thurag and the other great apes call firearms.  #39.2 What Prince   Ergon of Athne wants in exchange for the freedom of Doctor Maypool, the archeologist.
 Dell Number  -- 27+A 1.5+39.2

   carbine  --  #45.2 carried by Muviro.  Not large enough to stop a water buffalo.

   elephant gun  --  #116.2  Boy and Dombie find an English elephant gun by a dead Bambori   and a dead rhino.  They decide to keep the gun.  Dombie carries the gun when a leopard  attacks.  Dombie kills the leopard but is knocked out by the recoil.  Boy uses the gun to  kill a second leopard.  The recoil also knocks him out.  A Bakemba takes the rifle  and  hunts elephants.  All he succeeds in doing is making an elephant angry enough to  take the gun away from him and destroy it.
#121.1 Raoul d’Arnot buys an elephant gun  from a sportsman outfitter to use on the Garth that roams near Tarzan’s tree house.   Raoul empties the elephant gun into the Garth with no effect.

   express rifle  --  #24.1  also called an elephant gun.  Paul d’Arnot brings one along to the  Valley of the Monsters with explosive bullets.  Paul shoots at a thipdar, but the creature  is unaffected by it.  The thipdar rips the rifle from d’Arnot’s hands and flies off with it.

   fire stick  --  rifle.  FC 161.2 Sala tells the freed slaves to use the fire stick(s) against their Arab captors.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2+29

   machine gun  --  #29 used from helicopters to kill the Berbers during the rescue of Alice   d’Arnot.
#40.1 Doctor MacWhirtle uses a machine gun on Prince Ergon’s elephant to   aid Tarzan, Tom Culver, Ellen, and Doctor Maypool.
#50.3 used by the Secret Society   to murder natives friendly to Europeans.  Buto calls it “gun-that-talks-fast.”
#53.3   gangster use machine guns in their takeover of Lutor.  They also fire them at Tarzan   as he flies on Argus.
A#3.1 Shiftas have stolen a heavy machine gun from the native   police.  Tarzan takes it away from them.  During his rescue of Jane and Boy, the   Jungle Lord uses the machine gun on a twelve-oar cutter and war galley of the pirates   living near Castrum Mare.
#61.1 - After receiving pearls for transporting the apes from  the Isle of Apes to the mainland, Williams, the animal trapper, reneges on his deal   with Tarzan.  He threatens to shoot Tarzan and the apes with a machine gun if   they do not return to the dhow.  Tarzan commands the apes to paddle.  Williams fires,   but the machine gun explodes in his hands.  Tarzan did not trust him so he jammed   the gun.
#82.1The gangsters who are after the jewels of Opar use machine guns to  fright off the White Pygmies, who refer to the weapons as thunderclaps.  They also  terrify the Dwarfs of Opar with their weapons.
#88.1 Tarzan and Buto find a machine  gun in the Shifta Treasure Room.  They bury it in a hole along with the rifles they  confiscate.  (See also - tommy gun)
          Dell Number  --  29+40.1+50.3+53.3+A#3.1+61.1+82.1+88.1

   musket --  #44.2 Mukawa sells Barbara Wales to Arab slavers for a musket.  He tries to shoot  Tarzan with it, claiming that the rifle is faulty.  #47.2 Sheik Ibrahim and his men use   muskets.
#56.1 The Tuaregs use muskets.  One knocks Tarzan out with the butt of the   musket.  Dr. Mac, using a crossbow, shoots a musket out of the hands of a Tuareg,   who is about to shoot Tarzan.
#119.1 The Batuti use the gunpowder meant for their  musket to blow open the rock door to the tomb of the Hidden Ones where Tarzan and  Princess Kendra are hiding.

    muzzle-loader  --  #48.1 Urubambwe tribesman unsuccessfully uses one on an enraged   Tantor.

    pistol  --  FC 134  Lt. d’Arnot wears a pistol on his hip.
#47.1 Dr. Mac uses a pistol to scare   away a plesiosaurus from eating Ruandi, the white Bantu native.
#A2.1 Dr. Mac uses   a pistol to fire at the Batwinged Men as they carry off Heather Day.  Later he kills   several of them as he fires his pistol from his helicopter.
#A2.5 Gary Keene and the   Brothers of the Barracuda use pistols in this story.
#48.1 - The ivory poacher,    DiGiorgio, attempts to use a pistol on Tarzan.  Tarzan’s arrow knocks it from his hand.
#49.1 Doc Manlek grazes Tarzan unconscious with a pistol shot.
#49.3 Dr. Mac uses a   pistol on young thipdars in a nest as the mother thipdar brings him to the nest.
#50.3    Tarzan and Buto find crates of pistols of the Secret Society.  They dump them in a lake.
#51.3 Tarzan allows Harvey Norton to bring his pistol along in the search of his   missing son, Bruce, but not his rifles.  Korak, the great ape, accidentally fires the pistol   during their escape from the Hokyus.  The shot alerts the Hokyus to the escape.
#53.3 -The gangster Mike Nucco pulls an automatic pistol when Tarzan and the   Lutorians knock out all his henchmen with rock tipped arrows.  Tarzan arrow knocks   the pistol out of his hand.
A#3.2 When Tarzan discovers the diamonds of Opar that Trader Willie tricked Boy out of in the trader’s refrigerator, Willie pulls a pistol on the   ape-man.  Boy knocks the trader’s hammock over, causing him to fire into the air.
A#3.3 - The Secret Master of the Secret Society tries to pull his pistol on Tarzan.  The   ape-man easily and quickly disarms him.
#63.1 Chet Harper, the stranded American   prospector, uses his pistol to kill one of the natives who are attacking him and Tarzan.
A#4.3 When Dr. Mac and Boy’s helicopter is force to land because of a Touaregs  bullet, the doctor pulls his pistol just in case.  He tells Boy about the time he and   Tarzan were being chased by Garths in the Valley of Monsters.  Tarzan uses the   doctor’s pistol on the beasts to no effect.
#69.1 -The hunter, Derrik Carne, pulls a   pistol on Tarzan.  The Jungle Lord quickly disarms him.
#73.1 - The slaver Agib fires a   flintlock pistol at Tarzan grazing him in the head.
#81.1 - D’Arnot carries a pistol to   Mokar but never uses it.
#82.1 - The gangsters after the jewels of Opar carry pistols.
#83.1 Tarzan breaks into the Channel Pirate captain’s cabin.  The captain attempts to  use his pistol on him.  Tarzan disarms him.
#86.1 One of the Tuaregs pulls a pistol on   Tarzan when he confronts them in the secret tower.  He drops the weapon when   Tarzan points out that the Waziri warriors are behind him.
#86.2 - The criminal  hunted by the policemen from Nairobi attempts to climb the ladder to Tarzan’s tree   house.  Jane releases the lever, dropping him to the ground.  As Tarzan rides up, the   murderer/robber fires his pistol at him. Tarzan disarms him with a knife throw.   A policeman from Nairobi has a pistol at his side.
#88.1 Lieutenant Barnes uses a  pistol when the Shiftas attack.
#95.1 Dr. Walter, a scientist exploring active  volcanoes, fires his pistol at Amaui natives who are carrying Tarzan off to be  sacrificed.  He misses.
#112.1 When the Terribs attack the survivors of an airplane  crash, Major Gorham shoots one of the Terribs with his pistol.  Later when Tarzan guides  them through Pal-ul-don, the Major fires at a Dinohyus to no effect.  After Tarzan kills  the beast, the Major surrenders his pistol to the Jungle Lord.
No. 25.6 Pollack has made  off with the Mask of Mani Kongo.  As he makes his escape, wild dogs surround him.  He empties his pistol at them before Tarzan pulls him up into a tree.  When Tarzan snatches Pollock and the mask out from underneath the henchmen, they give chase and fire their pistols at them.
No. 37.6 Raoul d’Arnot and Tarzan hear pistol shots from the Viking dragon ship.  They suspect that they came from the missing Paul d’Arnot.  They search an island and find him.  Paul tells them that he drove off the Skirlings with his pistol fire.
#123.1 - The evil Kabarounga has a pistol in the Hill of Caves where the Waziri have him cornered.  Tarzan tricks him into using up his bullets on dummies so he can capture the escaped villain.
#126.1 - While attempting to rescue a family of chimps, the captain of the dhow pulls a pistol on Tarzan.  Tarzan takes the pistol away from him.  They are ship wrecked on land.  The Arabs search for Tarzan and the chimps.  Tarzan gets the drop on them with the pistol and disarms the Arabs.  Much later in the desert Tarzan disarms another Arab with a pistol.
   Dell Number  -- 47.1+A2.1+A2.5+48.1+49.1+49.3+50.3+51.3+53.3+A#3.2+A#3.3+63.1 +A#4.3+69.1+73.1 +81.1 +82.1+83.1 +86.1+86.2 +88.1 +95.1 +112.1 +No. 25.6 +No. 37.6+123.1+126.1

   rifle  --   FC 134  Lt. d’Arnot reaches for his rifle when an assassin who believes Tarzan was sleeping in that room attacks him in his bed.
#25.1 What Tarzan plans to give   Kilumo, Muviro’s son, as a wedding present.
#39.2 Tarzan uses an Arab’s rifle to shoot a spear from the hand of an Athnean warrior.  He gives the weapon to Prince Ergon of Athne to purchase Doctor Horace Maypool’s freedom.  Prince Ergon tries to fire the unloaded weapon at Tarzan.
#48.1 Elephant poachers use a rifle from a   helicopter on elephants.
#48.2 Shiftas fire rifles at the escaping Boy and Dombie.  Trophy hunters use a rifle on Prince Illony’s antelope.
#50.3 Tarzan and Buto find   crates of rifles of the Secret Society.  They dump them in a lake.
#51.2 native hunters   fire rifles at Boy who leads a herd of elephants to rescue a baby elephant in a pit-trap.
A#3.4 Golfers are driven to the clubhouse by baboons.  One of them wounds Rajak, the gund, with a rifle shot.
#58.1 A man named Jim shoots the White Apes pursuing   Tarzan and Alice Jenner from Paul Jenner’s airplane with a rifle.
#60.2 (Boy story)   Policemen with rifles chase Boy and Jad-bal-ja into a grocery store in Nairobi.  he   leader of a group of natives, who are going to raid the wild animal compound at Nairobi, drops his rifle when he sees Boy and Jad leading the animals out of the compound.
#64.1 Shiftas, who capture Chet Harper, use rifles.  When Tarzan mimics a   lion outside their camp, the Shiftas empty their rifles into the air to scare off the lion.
#64.2 The Blue Raiders (Tuaregs) capture Boy.  Tarzan gives chase on an ostrich.    The Blue Raiders fire at him with their rifles.
A#4.3 The Touaregs bring down Dr.   Mac’s helicopter with a rifle bullet.
A#4.5 - In a non-Tarzan story the Rev. Lane has a   rifle when he comes upon his lost son and male lion.  He does not use it.
#69.1 The hunter, Jamieson, fires his rifle at Tantor.  The shot ignites the gasoline fumes from  the safari car Tantor had overturned.  The hunter, Derrik Carne, aims his rifle at Tantor.  Tarzan disarms him and breaks the rifle over his knee.
#71.2 The M’bongos   use rifles they obtained from Shiftas to steal Buto’s cattle and capture two of his men.  When Tarzan mimics lions outside their boma, the M’bongos fire their rifles to try to   scare the lions away.  Tarzan and two apes sneak into the boma and take their rifles.
 #72.2 Shiftas fire their rifles at a lion and ostrich that walk side-by-side.  They are frightened and believe that they are genii and are under a protection spell of the  Ostrich Men.  They don’t suspect that it is Tarzan and Boy under the skins.  Tarzan  receives a scratch in the arm from one their wild shots.  When the Ostrich Men come,  they flee without firing a shot.
#73.2 Tarzan tells Brant Torrey to leave his rifle behind if  he is going to accompany him into the Roaring Gorge to search for the missing    photographer, Tom Lindon.  Brant gives the rifle to a bearer.
#74.2 Tarzan stops   Brant Torrey from using his rifle on the Winged Men as they capture Tom Lindon.
#75.2 - The inept white hunters, Jacobs and Poley, have rifles.  While they fight off the red ants they sat on, Tarzan disposes of their weapons.  #78.2 Native ivory poachers  use rifles to kill elephants.  Ganta fires a rifle at Tarzan’s feet.  Tarzan sneaks into   their camp and fills most of their rifle barrels with a sticky wax.  When they fire them the barrels explode.  Tarzan ropes the last useable rifle out of Ganta’s hands.
A#5.4 -  The bandits of Sheik Ali Ben Yussuf carry rifles as they attempt to ambush Tarzan and   the Beni Adhemi.  When they travel through the Gorge of Baboons, they empty their rifles at the baboons.  On the other side of the gorge the Beni Adhemi use their rifles   on the bandits.
#83.1 The Channel Pirates fire rifles at Tarzan on a fishing boat.    Later they fire at the ape-man as he swims to shore.  The survivors of the three-  masted ship have rifles but never use them.
#86.1 One of the bearers who deserted   the Cabot and Laura Sutton has a rifle when Tarzan confronts them.  The ape-man’s  signal to Jad-bal-ja causes the bearer to fire wildly into the air.  Tarzan escapes.  The Tuareg sentry has a rifle but is unable to use it before the Waziri capture him.  #88.1   Both Shiftas and the askaris under Lieutenant Barnes use rifles when the Shiftas   attack.  Tarzan and Buto take the rifles they find in the Shifta Treasure Room and hide   them in a hole.  Despite being gagged and tied by Tarzan and Buto, the Shifta sentry   manages to fire a shot with his toes to warn his clan.  Buto makes a stand against   the Shiftas by using a rifle as a club.  As Tarzan and Buto escape on horseback, the   Shiftas fire rifles at them from the back of camels.  The sentry at Fort Gumburu carries   a rifle as he stops Tarzan and Buto at the gates.
#89.1 Sir Ronald Crabtree brings down  a wildebeest with his rifle for food for his safari.  Tarzan warns him not to go to Castra.  Sir Ronald believes that his modern weapons will protect him.  He is captured.
#89.2   The Bagongo poachers use a rifle to bring down an elephant.  Tarzan and the apes disarm them.
A#6.7 Herbert Gates on safari shoots at the great ape, Gorak.  His rifle  is empty. Tarzan saves him from Gorak.  (See also Rifle of Tippoo Tib)  #102.1   Sumolu, the best Gomah hunter, carries a rifle as he and Tarzan search for the killer  elephant.  Tarzan rescues Sumolu from the elephant.  Somehow the rifle gets broken.
#104.1 - Two missing men, Tobey and Harry, cannot use their rifles on a stalking  leopard because they are out of ammunition.
A#7.6 (Boy story) A hunter uses a rifle  to drive off lions that were threatening Boy, Dombie, and Jeremy Downs.
#108.1 A  hunter wounds Tantor with a rifle.  Tantor throws the hunter into a tree, killing him.
#109.1 Shiftas wound a balu with their rifles.
#110.1 - The arrogant Jess carries a rifle  after his plane crash.  Tarzan makes him promise not to use it.  Jess shoots at an  elephant.  Tarzan takes away his rifle.  After Tarzan and Buto guide Jess and Bess to  safety, Jess gives his rifle to Buto as a souvenir.  Buto throws it in the brushes.  He  prefers a spear.
#110.2 Mutineers on Pirate Island use a rifle to kill a great ape.  The  leader, Darby, shoots at Tarzan.  He grazes his skull and knocks him unconscious.  One  of the mutineers shoots at Tarzan with a rifle (possibly a pistol) and hits the cocoanut  that he is holding.  Boy grabs a mutineers’ rifle and keeps the would-be pirates at bay.
#121.1 - The prospecting crew, who are searching for oil deposits, empties their rifles into  the raging Garth to no effect.
#121.2 When Boy releases the white rhino from the  trader’s truck, the trader fires his rifle at them.
#126.1 Arabs search for Tarzan and the  chimps with rifles.  Tarzan gets the drop on them with the pistol he took from the captain.   Later in the desert, another group of Arabs tries to capture the chimps and shoot  Tarzan  with rifles.  Tarzan and the chimps take the rifles from them.
#127.1 James Hawklin is  supposed to be hunting crocodiles with his rifle.  He shoots a hartebeest on purpose.   Inolu argues with him about breaking Tarzan’s law.  He accidentally wounds Inolu.  He  thinks he has killed the young prince.  He travels to the upper end of the lake and fires  off a few rounds to try to fool Tarzan as to his whereabouts.  Tarzan is not fooled.  He  points his rifle at Tarzan.  Tarzan grabs the rifle and throws it in the lake.  Tarzan leaves  Jad-bal-ja to guard him.  Hawklin get another rifle.  Jad-bal-ja disarms him.
#128.1  Juma, the Jackal, and his native gang use rifles on what they think are government  troops surrounding them.  It is only Tarzan mimicking a troop of men.  As the gang  crosses a river, Tarzan draws their fire so the Waziri can approach from behind.  Juma  escapes and continues to fire at Tarzan and the Waziri.  Tarzan says the captured rifles  will prove that the Waziri were not responsible for the deaths of the game warden and  his men.  Tarzan mimics lions to draw the fire of Juma and his remaining men.  The Waziri disarms them.  Tarzan disarms Juma.
#129.3 - The Aulihans and the Marehans  have a running firefight through the desert on their camels.  Tarzan gives Boy Sheik  Abdurra’s rifle to take to his son Serenli.  Gumburu and his men fire at Boy and Serenli.   Serenli shoots a leopard.  Gumburu and his men get the drop on Serenli and Boy.   Tarzan’s arrow strikes Gumburu’s rifle.  Gumburu fires at Serenli and misses.  Serenli  shoots Gumburu, who falls off a cliff.
Dell Number  -- 25.1+39.2+48.1+48.2+49.1+50.3+51.2+A#3.4+57.3+58.1+60.2
(Boy story) +64.1 +64.2 +A#4.3 +A#4.5 +69.1 +71.2 +72.2 +73.2 +74.2 +75.2 +78.2+A#5.4+83.1 +86.1 +88.1 +89.1+89.2 +A#6.7 +102.1 +104.1 +A#7.6 (Boy story)+108.1+109.1+110.1+110.2+121.1+121.2 +126.1 +127.1 +128.1 +129.3

  shotgun  --  #118.2 Nama the Hottentot trader uses his shotgun to scare two lions away from Boy and Dombie.  Later he fires the shotgun into the shield of a Lebombos warrior who threats to kill him.

   sticks that make a noise  --  #104.1 the monkey’s description of  a rifle

   stick-that-throws-death  -- #20.1  words Tarzan uses to describe rifles to Gorlak’s mangani.

   stinging death  --  A #1.5  what the baboons call rifles.

   thunder machines  --  #22.2 how Tarzan describes the machines guns on the airplane and the Tommy guns of the gangsters under the leadership of Lou Coron to the Cathneans.

   thunderstick  --  13.2 what the great apes call rifles;  16.1 what the Waz-dons call rifles.
  A #1.1 What Buto calls a rifle.
 Dell Number  -- 13.2+16.1+17.2+20.2+31.2+37.2+A 1.1+50.2+55.3+56.1+A#3.1+57.3 +64.2+66.2+69.1+73.2+78.2+109.1 +110.2 +126.1 +128.1

   thunderstick that throws death --  37.2 what the baboons call rifles

   Tommy gun  --  #5 - guns-that-laugh.
#16.1 ? #22.2 machine guns used by gangsters.
#53.3   Used by gangsters as they try to take over Lutor.
 Dell Number  -- 5+16.1+22.2+53.3

fire brand  --  Tarzan throws a fire brand to drive off an eagle that stole his catfish breakfast.
 Dell Number  -- 75.1

fire chariot  --  How Prince Ergon of Athne refers to the Maypool’s safari car.  He at first calls it a ‘roaring beast.’  The Athneans believe that it killed one of their elephants, but that it is afraid of humans.  Prince Ergon tells Tarzan the price of freedom for Ellen Maypool is the roaring beast.  Tarzan brings it to the Prince.
 Dell Number  -- 39.2

fishing pole  --  #46.2  used by Boy and Dombie.
#55.3 Tarzan uses a fishing pole to catch a swordfish in the ocean.
A#7.6 (Boy story) Jeremy Downs plan to use a fishing pole but some lions scare him into a dugout canoe.
#108.2 Boy and Dombie use fishing poles at the Lake of Reeds.  Dombie catches a fish.
No. 25.1 Tarzan, Jane and Boy use fishing poles to catch fish to feed Argus.
#113.2 - Boy and Dombie are fishing from a canoe.  Boy uses a fishing pole.  Dombie uses a trident.
 Dell Number  -- 46.2+55.3+A#7.6 (Boy story) +108.2+No. 25.1+113.2

flag  --   Boy and Dombie build a tree house near the seacoast.  They have a flag with a ‘T’ on it.  Boy says that it could stand for Tarzan or treetops.   When a tidal wave carries them out to sea, the flagpole becomes a mast for their palm leaf sail.
 Dell Number  -- 128.2

flare  --  #40.1  Doctor MacWhirtle uses a flare to signal Tarzan his location.  Tarzan takes the remaining flares and uses them against the Athneans in his rescue of Tom Culver, Ellen, and Doctor Maypool.  #42.1 - The so-called flares of the Stork Men are baskets containing some type of fuel.  It lights up the area.
 Dell Number  -- 40.1+42.1

flare gun  --   Paul d’Arnot gives one to Tarzan to signal his helicopter.  Tarzan uses it after   rescuing Alice d’Arnot.
 Dell Number  -- 29

flash flood --  #53.2 (Boy story) a dry streambed.  When a flash flood occurs, the water rushes down the luga at terrifying speed.  Boy and Dombie have to scramble for their lives.
A#5.1 A flash flood puts the apes Kurok and Throg in jeopardy with crocodiles.  Tarzan rescues them and finds Ta-den’s armband.  He realizes that Ta-den is in trouble.
#109.1 The Shiftas plan to retake their horses and weapons, which Tarzan took from them.  A flash flood roars down on them and washes them away as well as the mission station of Dr. Kindred.
#125.2 A flash flood keeps Boy and Dombie from reaching the Imanga Kraal to get help for Tarzan, who was captured by the Bakongo.
 Dell Number  -- 53.2 (Boy story)+A#5.1+109.1+125.2

flashlight  --  #7 French flashlight.  Tarzan found a flashlight in a wrecked trading boat and gives to Boy.  It is shaped like a gun, needs no batteries, and operates by a constant pulling of the trigger.
#82.1 Gangsters, who are after the jewels of Opar, use flashlights while approaching the Temple of the Moon.  They find La and the unconscious Tarzan with the flashlights.  They also use them as they enter the treasure vault of Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 7+82.1

flint and steel -- The Bolgani, who have captured Boy, use flint and steel to build a fire in the hopes of keeping the lions away.
 Dell Number  -- 52.2 (Boy Story)

flint stone spear  --  made by Tarzan.  He kills a cave bear and a telodon with it.
 Dell Number  -- 19.2

flower pollen  -- Flower pollen makes Boy sneeze.  This alerts the great apes to the presence of Tarzan and Boy.
 Dell Number  -- 66.2

flower, red  -- A red flower grows in a belt around the Valley of the Shadows of Death.  It is referred to as the poison belt.  It causes anyone breathing the fragrance of the flowers to go into a deep sleep and die.  Martje, Koert, and Boy flee from a veld (sp) fire and rush into the poison belt.  Their mules collapse into a gully.  Everyone falls asleep.  Paul Norden rescues them on the other side of the belt.  Tarzan rescues them all from the valley by traveling by river to avoid the fragrance.
 Dell Number  -- 94.2

flute(s)  --  MIboko, son of the Masai chief, makes flutes that imitate birds, animals, and insects.  He prefers this to playing for ceremonies and dances.  The bird flute gets him, Boy and Dombie in trouble with the Nurami.  The locust flute helps them escape.
 Dell Number  -- 97.2

flyer’s suit  -- Tarzan takes and wears the extra flyer’s suit at the high elevation of the Gourambi Peak as he searches for the Snow Men.
 Dell Number  -- 87.2

flying boat  --  how Ubanti, a Waziri warrior, describes Doctor MacWhirtle’s seaplane to Jane.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1

flying chariot  --  how Tarzan describes gangster Lou Coron’s airplane to Gemnon.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2

flying fox  -- #15 (inside front cover - Jungle World) “it’s not really a fox”

flying machine  --  how Om-at describes the plane of the gangsters who take over A-lur
 Dell Number  -- 16.1

flying snakes  --    how the apes of Opar describe Inkolo’s arrows as he shoots to protect   Tarzan’s descent from the cliff of Opar
 Dell Number  -- 28

foggara  -- The great conduit under the city of Tannalelt.  It carries water to the palace lake and irrigates the fields.  While imprisoned by the Gaddanes, Tarzan digs down to the foggara and leads the Tannalelt people to freedom.  He later leads the Tannalelt back through the foggara to retake the city from the Gaddanes.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1

forked stick  --  #31.1 Ubanti, a Waziri warrior, carries a message for Tarzan on a forked stick.
#44.2 a Waziri warrior carries a message for Tarzan on a forked stick.
#46.2 Ungali, the witch doctor, use a six foot forked stick to pin a mamba to the ground.  #50.3 - Mulungu brings Tarzan a message on a forked stick from the British Commissioner.
#53.2 (Boy story) A Waziri delivers a message on a forked stick to Jane.  It is an urgent message for Tarzan from Dr. MacWhirtle.
#85.1 A Waziri runner brings Tarzan a message on a forked stick.  It is from Professor Ross and Sheila, which informs him that they made it safely to Nairobi.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1+44.2+46.2+50.3+53.2 (Boy story)+85.1
 Novel -- TQ - a Waziri warrior brings a message to Tarzan on a forked stick.  It becomes a play item for N’kima.

freighter  --  Tarzan and his family are marooned on an island.  They spy the mast of a freighter on the reef.  Tarzan dives into the wreckage for equipment to help build a tree house.  He discovers empty animal cages, which explains the animals on the island.  During his search he is attacked by a hammerhead shark, which he kills with his knife.  Besides the equipment he needs, he also brings Jane some fine china.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.1

French patrol boat  -- vessel that picks Louis d’Arnot from his raft after the Pantella went down.  It takes him to the nearest French navel base.
 Dell Number  -- 29

Full Nelson  -- Boy uses a Full Nelson on Dombie, a move that Tarzan taught him. Boy teaches Dombie how to apply the hold.  Two natives steal the gems that the boys have collected on Fire Mountain.  The boys jump them and use Full Nelsons on them.
 Dell Number  -- 109.2

Ga  --   part of the Vari language, mixed with Ushanti
 Dell Number  -- 1

gaining access to a city or building by a tree growing next to the wall  --  #19.1+#43.1+68.1

galago or bush baby  --  #16.1 inside front cover (Jungle World) - “no bigger than your hand”

Game of Death  -- ritual of the Mermen of the Lost Lake.  They force everyone who comes to their city to participate in this ritual.  The captive will follow a red line on the ground to face three wrestlers, followed by three fishermen, followed by a moat, and finally two warriors with spears.  If one manages to be victorious, he becomes king of the Mermen.   Tarzan easily defeats the wrestlers and the fishermen.  He leaps the moat and defeats the two warriors plus the king.
 Dell Number  -- 108.1

games  --  A#5  Bantu boys playing handball and ‘spearing the disk.”
 Dell Number  -- A#5 (Bantu Boys at Play - splash page)+A#6 (splash page - Hottentot Melon Dance and Togoland Hawk) +A#7 (splash page - Nine-pin sprint and Leopard trap) +A#7 (Game Page - “Help Build a Ladder”)

Garth egg  -- While preparing a fire pit in the Valley of Monsters, Tarzan digs up a Garth egg.  He plans to eat it later.  It hatches and Tarzan becomes friends with the hatchling, which he names Wheeck.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.3

gas pellets  --  Wanumo, the Golden Man, uses gas pellets blown through the handle of his paddle/blowgun to kill two charging leopards.  He gives Tarzan a small box of the gas pellets and a paddle/blowgun as a souvenir of their friendship.
 Dell Number  -- 77.2

gas station  --  As Boy and Jad-bal-ja track the trapper, who has captured Balja, Jad’s mate, they pass a gas station near the outskirts of Nairobi.  It looks very much like Edward Hopper’s painting of a gas station.
 Dell Number  -- 60.2

geyser  --  #107.1 Fleeing from two garths, Tarzan and Bruce Harlowe leap a geyser in the Valley of Monsters.  Tarzan turns and fires an arrow into a Garth.  The two garths turn on each other and fall into the boiling geyser water.
#130.1 - An earthquake splits open the Rock of Opar.  It releases a geyser that spews out sulfur water.  The White Pygmies leave the Rock of Opar because of the smell and the approaching Oparians.  The geyser water fills the valley that holds old Opar.  The Oparians believe that the geyser is the results of the angry earth gods and attempt to appease the gods by sacrificing La.  Tarzan rescues her and helps her regain status with the dimwitted Oparians.  When the geyser erupts again the Oparians again want to sacrifice La.  Tarzan stops them.  On their way to the top of the Rock of Opar the geyser erupts again causing an avalanche.
 Dell Number  -- 107.1+130.1

“Gifts of God”  -- Tarzan says this is what the Arabs call the cool little oasis found in the Great Thorn Desert.
 Dell Number  -- 36.1

gimla boat  --  (see crocodile craft)

gloves and mask  --   For his help in capturing the Secret Society and the Secret Master, Tarzan presents the great ape Thorag with the Man of Evil’s gloves and mask.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.3

goatskin bag  -- Tarzan asks for a wet lion skin and a goatskin bag.  He encircles the Makulu battle line to stampede the cattle.  (The goatskin bag in not mentioned again.  One must assume that the goatskin bag contained water and he used the contents to wet down the lion skin.)
 Dell Number  -- 116.1

gold  --  #22.2 Gangster Lou Coron states that the gold they are stealing from the City of Gold is   valued at $36-oz.
#45.1 - The evil witch doctor, Ungali, has discovered gold on the Barbour and Faye plantations and tries to scare them off.
#49.2 (Boy story) Boy uses a gold nugget to buy a crossbow and arrows from a Bahatwe trader.
#63.1 Chet Harper, the stranded American prospector, pans for gold in the box canyon that he is trapped in.  He has collected twenty thousand dollars in dust in the three years that he has been there.  Boy is also strand there.  He helps Harper pan for gold.  Tarzan uses Argus to carry the gold out of the canyon.  Harper travels with Tarzan to Cathne.  He carries the gold in a pack on his back.  A native throws a spear at him.  The spear does not penetrate the gold thus saving his life.
#4.4 - At a lost tribe of pygmies Boy is given a heavy gold necklace and arm bracelets.  They expect Boy to swim with all the extra weight.  Dombie and Boy escape in their bark canoe.  Boy gives Dombie the necklace and places the bracelets in the bottom of the canoe.  The canoe springs a leak and sinks.  The boys make it to shore.  Dombie has the necklace.  They say they will dive for the bracelets later.
#73.1 - When Agib’s dhow crashes on the island of Mugambi tribe.  Tarzan gives them the gold and silver of the slaver.  Agib returns and takes it back.  A sea monster smashes his canoe.  The gold and silver are lost in the sea.
A#5.4 The Beni Adhemi are in trouble.  They need seed grain and livestock.  Tarzan takes Shareef Hussein to a river near the Blue Mountain Range to pan for gold.  They find enough gold for the Beni Adhemi to purchase all they need at Marrach, the Arab market town.  The gold also attracts the interest of the evil Sheik Ali Ben Yussuf.
#83.1 - There is $200,000 in gold that Captain Baine threw overboard so the Channel Pirate would not get it.  Tarzan retrieves the strongbox from the ocean floor.
#86.1 The Tuaregs mine ‘placer gold’ from an underground stream in the caverns under the seamless tower.  After Tarzan and the Waziri rescue Cabot and Laura Sutton from the Tuaregs, they all promise to keep the secret of the Tuaregs.
#88.1 Tarzan and Buto finds a large amount of gold, silver and gems in the Treasure Room of the Shiftas.  They confiscate it all and bring it to the British outpost Fort Gumburu.
#101.2 - Tarzan pays the trader, Ithombi, a sack of gold for the goods his family ordered.
#109.1 - A flash flood washes away the Shiftas, who were about to attack the mission station of Dr. Kindred.  The flood also wipes out the mission.  Tarzan had moved the people and supplies earlier.  After the flood Tarzan discovers a vein of gold in the rocks.  The Doctor plans to use the gold to build a larger mission, buy medicines, and build a school.
#126.1 - Tarzan pays a man a gold coin to take him and the chimp, Cheeloo, out to a dhow that has Cheeloo’s family aboard.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2+45.1+49.2+63.1+A#4.4+73.1+A#5.4+83.1+86.1+88.1+101.2+109.1+126.1

gold arrow heads  --  presented to Tarzan and company as a memento of their triumph stay with the White Pygmies
 Dell Number  -- 8

golden statue  -- Ilona, the bride-to-be, is kidnapped by the Mengo, the forest spirits.  A golden statue is left as payment.  Tarzan is told that this has been going on since the beginning of the world.  It happens once every generation.  Only the image is different.  Tarzan recognizes the image as La.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.3

golden throne/stool  --  symbol of power of Atumbo, the King of the Matusi.  It looks like a stool.  The witch doctor, Ungali, uses its theft to frame Boy in revenge against Tarzan for having him jailed.
 Dell Number  -- 46.2

gold from Opar  --  #5 one ingot weighs 100 lbs. It is worth more than $20 per oz.
#38.2 Tarzan uses gold coins to pay Drake for his horse Grayfellow.  This only proves to Drake that he is on the right track in attempting to get gold from Opar.  Later Drake steals a shirt full of gold table service from Opar.  After a snake kills Drake, Tarzan gives the gold to Drake’s half sister, Jean, so she can start a new life for herself.
#49.1 Tarzan and Boy discover a hidden cache of gold in Opar in the spot they are planning to build their new home.
 Dell Number  -- 5+38.2+49.1

gold leaf  -- Princess Kendra places a gold leaf on the tombs of the Hidden Ones forefathers before every planting season.  The Batuti capture her before she can complete her task.  Tarzan rescues her.  On the way back to the city of the Hidden Ones they pass through the Gateway of the Giants.  Kendra insists on placing the gold leaf on the tombs.  The Batuti traps them in the tomb.  The Batuti break into the tomb and spy the gold leaves.  They take them and two gold caskets that Tarzan and the Princess are hiding in.
 Dell Number  -- 119.1

golf balls  -- A golfer hits Old Rajak, the baboon, with a golf ball.  The baboons call them hard eggs.  The golfers throw more golf balls at the baboons in an attempt to drive them off.  The baboons catch them and throw them back, thus driving away the golfers.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4

gong  --  #59.1  There is a gong on the crocodile boats.  It is used to signal orders.
#115.2 - Tarzan strikes a gong at the beginning and the end of the trial by combat between the witch doctor Faloka and the waterbuck Kobu.
 Dell Number  -- 59.1+115.2

goods  -- The trader Ithombi brings Tarzan the goods his family ordered.  Amongst the material are a pair of scissors, cloth, a knife for Boy and a newspaper.
 Dell Number  -- 101.2

Gorobars eggs  --  #51.1 Tarzan and Dr. Mac land near a nest of Gorobars.  Dr. Mac wants to gather some specimens.  Dr. Mac is captured by Gorobars.  Tarzan rescues him.  They go back and take some of the eggs.  Tarzan destroys the others.  #52.3 When Dr. Mervin and Yolanda board Dr. Mac’s seaplane, Tarzan tells them to be careful of the Gorobars eggs.
 Dell Number  -- 51.1+52.3

gourds  --  #66.1  Tarzan has the Gallugos fill gourds with the sap of the nabu tree.  They load the gourds in nets on the sides of buffaloes and take them close to the Bolgani in Athne.  The Talking Gorillas attack.  The Gallugos drop the gourds.  The Bolgani take the gourds and drink the juice, which makes them sleep.
#130.3 Jane sends Boy and Dombie to Mrs. Itombe with gourds to get goat’s milk and eggs.
 Dell Number  -- 66.1+130.3

grand piano of the bush  --  Mangbetu tribe - like a wood xylophone.
  Dell Number  -- A#7 (“Jungle Thanksgiving”)

grapes  --  La states that grapes are the sacred fruit of Astar, the moon goddess.
 Dell Number  -- 59.3

grass torch  --  Tarzan makes a torch out of grass so he can see as he descends into a cavern to investigate what happen to the boar he was hunting.
 Dell Number  -- 32.2

great rhinoceros horn  -- The Great Rhinoceros horn of Pal-ul-don is as long as a man is tall.  It is the part of Kandor’s quest to obtain a great horn.  With the horn he can fulfill his right by ancient Jalur law to challenge the king for the throne of Jalur.  Tarzan helps Kandor find the rhino.  Kandor carves the horn into a handle for his axe.  (see Royal Axe)
 Dell Number  -- A#7.4

great white winged boats  --  how Sala describes the sailing ships of the slavers.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2

Gree-Gree  -- Described as a Mardi Gras like celebration.  It is the coming of age for young native girls.
 Dell Number  -- A#6 (splash page - Gree-Gree)

green orchid  -- Tarzan shows his friend Hadji a green orchid that looks like him.
 Dell Number  -- 63 (Tarzan’s World - splash page)

green smoke  -- Kumar of Lutor use a smoke signal to get the attention of the crocodile boat.  He places a secret powder in the fire to turn the smoke green.  The Lutorian use this so that the Terribs cannot copy their signal.
 Dell Number  -- 50.1

grey eyes, steel  --  first description of Tarzan’s eyes.
 Dell Number  -- 107.2

grocery store  -- Boy and Jad-bal-ja track the trapper who has captured Balja, Jad’s mate, to Nairobi.  To avoid a policeman with a rifle, they duck into a grocery store.  They go up the stairs and exit through a trapdoor in the ceiling.
 Dell Number  -- 60.2 (Boy story)

growth pellets/pills/medicine  --  A #1.3 created by Doctor Mervin in his experiments on animals.  Dr. Mervin gives Tarzan a supply of them.  Tarzan uses them to create a giant eagle he names Argus, which he uses to bring aid to Alur.
#36.1 - The doctor gives Tarzan some pellets so he can turn a lion cub into a giant lion, he names Goliath.  Tarzan uses Goliath to break the siege of New Cathne by the Athneans.
#42.1 Once again the doctor gives Tarzan growth pills to create two giant otters, Nip and Tuck.  Tarzan trains the otters to attack the Gorobars, the mounts of the Terribs.
#57.1 - King Gallu gives Tarzan a buffalo calf for helping them retake their buffaloes stolen by the Torodons.  Tarzan takes the calf to an idyllic pasture in Pal-ul-don and feeds it growth pellets.  In about three weeks he has a buffalo as large as a gryf.
#123.3 Tarzan makes a growth medicine out of plant using its leaves, sticks and berries.  He powders the dried plants and mixes them to a formula that is known only to him.  He feeds the mixture to three lion cubs so the Cathneans can use the giant lions to battle the Dinohyus.  In a month they have three giant lions.  Tarzan says that the lions will not live very long.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.3+36.1+42.1+57.1+123.3

gryf eggs  -- During the night Tarzan takes some gryf eggs from their sand nest and places them in the basket he wove.  When Tarzan is knocked unconscious by the Ho-dons, Dr. Mac takes the basket of eggs and dives underwater.  He still has the eggs after Tarzan escapes from the Ho-dons and meets up with him.  They are very leathery with little chance to break.
 Dell Number  -- 62.1

guest huts  -- Tarzan has built guest houses for the seven chiefs who he has called to a council.  The huts are close to the tree house.  Katumu cannot decide on the question whether or not the Arab traders should be allowed to sell rifles to the tribes.  He retires to the guest hut to make his decision.  The huts are the usual circular huts with thatched roofs.
  Dell Number  -- 115.2

gummy liquid  -- Tarzan manufactures a gummy liquid to substitute for the N’gongwe’s poison.  It is harmless.
 Dell Number  -- 90.1

hackamore  --  a rope that passes through a horse’s mouth and about its neck when breaking it.  The cowboys from Rio Grande use one while attempting to break an antelope for riding.
 Dell Number  -- 33.1

hail  --  In an unexplored area Tarzan and the ape, Borok, are caught in a hailstorm and forced to seek a cave for shelter.
 Dell Number  -- 74.1

hammock  -- Willie Slyke, the unscrupulous trader, has a hammock on his floating trading post, the Zulu Belle.  The man is so obese that he never leaves the hammock.  When Willie pulls a gun on Tarzan, Boy knocks the hammock over, tumbling the fat man to the deck.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.2

hand grenade  -- The slaver Agib’s dhow crashes on Mugambi’s island home.  N’kima finds a box of hand grenades in the wreckage; he calls them hard fruit.  Agib tries to kill Tarzan with a hand grenade.  Tarzan uses two hand grenades to kill a sea monster.  He tells Mugambi that the thunderbolts killed the sea monster and Agib.
 Dell Number  -- 73.1

harness  --  #61.2 Before flying Argus to the government telegraph station with a note from Tarzan, Boy places a harness on the giant eagle.
#63.1 Boy places a harness on Aiglon, the second giant eagle created by Tarzan with growth pellets.  Boy sits on Aiglon’s back so he will get used to a rider.  The eagle pulls its chain from the roost and takes off with Boy hanging on to the harness.
#65.2 Boy harnesses Aiglon before flying with Tarzan and Argus on a training flight.
#82.2 Boy has a harness on the ostrich, Bwana M’kubwa, as he hunts for a pig.  Tarzan places a harness on bara as he rides out in search of the Nandi Bear that is terrorizing the area.
#85.2 Tarzan makes a harness out of vine so that Tantor can pull Muviro’s war canoe overland back to the Waziri Village.  #86.2 Boy and Dombie ride ostriches that are harnessed.
#87.1 Jalima uses a harness on her dyal named Kuni.
#99.2 Boy and Dombie ride on elands that have harnesses as they go to take Polaroid pictures.  Tarzan and Boy search for the missing Dombie on elands that have harnesses.
No. 25.4 - Tarzan uses a harness on Bara as he rides in the desert.  The pygmies use harnesses on their antelopes.
No. 37.1 Tarzan has fitted Argus with a double grab rings so that Jane and Boy can both ride at the same time.
 Dell Number  -- 61.2+63.1+65.2+82.2+85.2+86.2+87.1+99.2+No. 25.4+No. 37.1

harpoon heads  --  On their way to Kroo Maun for herb medicines Tarzan has brought along harpoon heads so that he can fashion staves to them for fishing.  Tarzan, Jane, and Boy use them to fish for food for Argus and Aguila.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.1

head cloth  --  The wily, evil Kabarounga places his head cloth around a small antelope’s neck and releases it.  Tarzan follows the scent of the cloth.  When he catches the small buck he realizes how clever Kabarounga is.
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

helicopter  --  #21.2 used by Tarzan and d’Arnot to search for the lost Captain Ladue.  They fly to the deep valley, which contains Castrum Mare and Castra Sanguinarius.
#24.1 D’Arnot and Tarzan fly Doctor MacWhirtle to the Valley of Monsters in search of dinosaur fossils.  N’kima calls it a ‘big bird,’ which he fears will eat him.
#29 used by Paul d’Arnot to search for Alice d’Arnot.  He finds Tarzan and Thurag, who calls it a ‘man made bird.’  Later the helicopter picks up Tarzan and the rescued Alice.  They machinegun the Berbers from the helicopters.
#30 Dr. Mac uses one to carry Tarzan to the Valley of Snows.  From there he flies the Waziri into the Lost Valley of Arrack, two at a time.
#40.1 Doctor MacWhirtle brings his helicopter to the aid of Tom Culver, Ellen, and Doctor Maypool, who calls it a ‘windmill.’
#A2.1 Tarzan and Dr. MacWhirtle use the helicopter to fly to the Valley of the Towers to rescue Heather Day.
#47.1 Dr. MacWhirtle flies Tarzan into a hollow cone volcano where they discover a lost tribe on white natives who speak a Bantu dialect.  Dr. Mac lands the pontoon helicopter on a body of water.  Ruandi, a white native, calls the copter, “flies-inside-a little-house.”
#48.1 DiGiorgio, the ivory poacher, uses a chopper to hunt elephants from the air.  Tarzan captures the poachers.  He flies their helicopter to where he tricked an enraged Tantor to get stuck to two trees.
#49.3 Dr. Mac flies Tarzan to the Lake of the Pterodactyls to search for thipdar eggs.
A#4.3 Dr. Mac and Boy’s helicopter is forced to land near an oasis because of a Touaregs bullet.  As the doctor makes repairs, he tells Boy about the time he and Tarzan helicopter into the Valley of Monsters and a volcano eruption destroyed their helicopter.  After the stories are told, Dr. Mac and Boy lift off before Wheeck, the garth, and her young can get to the helicopter.
#85.1 Professor Ross tells Tarzan that he built his windmill/flying machine form the rotor of his downed helicopter.
#104.1 A helicopter searches for the two missing oil prospectors.
#107.1 A helicopter, searching for Bruce Harlowe around the Valley of Monsters, finds Bruce and Tarzan a high ledge.  They lower a rope ladder so that they can climb to safety.
 Dell Number  -- 21.2+24.1+29+30+40.1+A2.1+47.1+48.1+49.3+A#4.3+85.1+104.1+107.1

hieroglyphics  --  Professor Plume deciphers the picture writing in the Lost City that he and    Tarzan discover.
 Dell Number  -- 26

hoe  --  A#6.5 (Boy Story) Boy and Dombie carry hoes to the garden to see if the cassavas are ripe enough to dig.
#96.2 Boy and Dombie are captured by Kifaru’s chimps, which make them hoe the gardens.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.5 (Boy Story)+96.2

hookah  --  Sheik Ibrahim smokes a hookah as he listens to the witch doctor Imoko tell him that he can deliver a live Tarzan to him.
 Dell Number  -- 68.2

horn, hunting and other  --  Princess Tee Anna of the Gallugos signals with a hunting horn for his warriors to drive the wild boars towards them.
#71.1 The Cathneans use long horns to call their exiled lions to the crocodile boats of the Lutorians.  The lions respond to the call.
#97.1 Jathon uses a horn to call his hunting lions to his side after a Garth attack.
#97.2 Used in Masai ceremonies and dances.
A#7 (“Jungle Thanksgiving”) The Mangbetu Tribe use a horn made from the tusk of an elephant.
 Dell Number  -- 56.3+71.1+97.1+97.2+ A#7 (“Jungle Thanksgiving”)

horse safari  -- Drake Cravat and his half sister, Jean, use a horse safari in their attempt to find Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 38.2

house trailers  --  used by Doctor Mervin and his daughter, Yolanda, to live in and to carry out the doctor’s experiments with animal growth.
 Dell Number  -- 22.1

howdah  --  seat with railing and canopy, which sits on the back of an elephant.  In #9 Tarzan    has a steel cage build around one so the king of A-lur, Ja-don, and Boy would be protected as they go into battle with Dak-lot’s forces.
#36.1 Athneans in howdahs on top of their elephants cross the Great Swamp.  When Tarzan and Jathon first see them, they appear to be boxes of men with snakes out in front of them.
 Dell Number  -- 9+36.1

hull  --  blindfold used in breaking horses.  The riders from the Rio Grande use it to break   antelopes.
 Dell Number  -- 33.1

incense  --  used by the outlaw Ho-dons to create an intoxicating smoke.
 Dell Number  -- 6

Indaba  -- Zulu word for conference between or with South African natives.  (See Council of Chiefs)
 Dell Number  -- 115.2

ingira pudding  --  Jane and Boy make ingira pudding with plantains, guinea hen eggs, and coconut.
 Dell Number  -- 108 (splash page - ‘Jungle Feast’)

ivory armor  --  worn by the warriors of the Ivory City.  Thus they are known as the Men in Ivory.
 Dell Number  -- 19.1

ivory tusk  --  The Bagongo poachers kill an elephant for the ivory.  They fear Tarzan so they kill only one elephant.  Tarzan and the apes capture them.  The fate of the tusks is left unresolved.
 Dell Number  -- 89.2

Jalur Rite  -- ancient law of Jalur.  He who takes the horn of the Great Rhinoceros of Pal-ul-don may fight the king for the throne of Jalur in single combat.  Tarzan helps Kandor find the great rhino.  Kandor defeats Gordon the Greedy for the throne of Jalur.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.4

jar  --  Tarzan gives a jar to Boy to collect army ants for Dr. Mac.  He does.  Boy signals the captured Tarzan with the metal top of the jar.  Boy empties the jar of army ants onto Banga, the evil witch doctor, exposing his use of the bulletproof vest in The Ordeal of Spears.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.3

javelin  --  Bukoni, a Waziri warrior, attempts to bring down a zebra with a javelin.
 Dell Number  -- A2.1

jewelry rock  -- Quartz encrusted with pure gold.  Tarzan finds some in the cave where John Ramsay made his camp.  Ramsay has amassed a large amount of gold from jewelry rock.  He hides it and refuses to tell the Dashani where it is even under torture for three years.  After Tarzan and d’Arnot rescue him, he plans to return for the gold.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

jungle guitar  -- Mangbetu tribe - guitar made from a log with lizard skin stretched over it.  It has five fiber strings.
  Dell Number  -- A#7 (“Jungle Thanksgiving”)

jungle leaf  --  an unnamed plant that produces a juice that Ungali and Tarzan spit into the mouth of a mamba that temporarily paralyzes the snake so that it will not strike.
 Dell Number  -- 46.2

jungle scarecrow  --  Liberia - small hut in the field are manned by natives with slingshots to frighten off birds.
 Dell Number  -- A#7 (splash page)

Jurassic fauna  --  Doctor MacWhirtle hopes to bring home some Jurassic fauna to prove the existence of prehistoric animals.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1

kabula  -- The favorite food planet of the White Apes.  To restore order in the area Tarzan has Jorah’s people plant a field of kabula for the apes so that they will stop raiding the Cor-o-don gardens.
 Dell Number  -- 87.1

kaffiyeh  --The robes and headdress of the Arab raiders that Tarzan and the apes from the Isle of Ape don to disguise themselves as they go the Gambah Village to rescue the captured animals.
 Dell Number  -- 55.3

keekul gum  -- The sap of a euphorbia plant that produces a tear gas like substance.  To thwart the Shiftas, Tarzan gathers some keekul gum and wraps it in leaves.  At night the ape-man throws the pellets into the Shifta fire.  The smoke incapacitates the Shiftas.  Tarzan and the former Shifta captive, Dr. Charles Kindred, capture the bandits.
 Dell Number  -- 109.1

key(s)  --  #A2.3  Boy finds the zookeeper’s keys to release the ape Zorek from a cage.
A#5.4 In the Arab market city of Marrach, Tarzan and Beni Adhemi take a room at the Inn of the Three Dervishes.  The innkeeper gives them a huge gold colored key to the room.
#119.1 Princess Kendra has a small key that opens the secret pivot door in the rock that holds the tomb of the Hidden Ones.
 Dell Number  -- A2.3+A#5.4+119.1

kiln  -- Tarzan unites the men of Cor-o-don and the White Apes to rid the area of the cave bears.  Lachee directs the making and firing of earthenware pottery.  A temporary earth kiln with no apparent door is set up.  A man is either placing a pot inside the kiln or removing one with a long pole.  (Obviously some type of raku fire.)
 Dell Number  -- 65.1

kite  --  Boy and Dombie build a huge kite from parachute silk.  A storm comes up and carries the boys and Mimi, the chimp, off to parts unknown.  They crash in a tree.  After a misadventure with Kifaru and his chimps, the boys find their way back to the kite where Tarzan and Jane on giant eagles pick them up.
 Dell Number  -- 96.2

knife  --  FC 134  Captain Hardy gives the head native bearer, Mulo, his knife to assassinate Tarzan.  Mulo is mistakenly directed to where Lt. d’Arnot is sleeping.  D’Arnot thwarts the assassination attempt and Mulo leaves the knife behind.
#25.1 Boy plans to give Kilumo, Muviro’s son, a knife as a wedding present.  It has six tool blades.
#76.2 Tarzan throws a jeweled handled knife at a panther that is threatening N’kima.  Later he trades the knife to Kaisu, the old pygmy, for an antidote for a pygmy poison arrow.  The knife was a part of the treasure of Opar.  N’kima steals the knife because he thinks the antidote maybe bad.  Tarzan makes him return the knife.
#91.1 Battle knife.  A throwing knife with a blade on both ends used by the Skraelings during close range fighting.
A#7.1 Tarzan uses his knife to dig down to the foggara to help the Tannalelt escape from their prison.  After Tarzan leads the Tannalelt warriors in the retaking of their city, the king asks Tarzan for his knife as a reminder of freedom.  Tarzan gives it to him with the remark that it is worn out from the digging.  The king gives Tarzan a royal knife to remind him of what he did for them.
 Dell Number -- FC 134+ 25.1+76.2+91.1+A#7.1

knobstick / knobkerrie  --  #11 short stick with a ball on the end.  It is the favorite weapon of Buto Matari.
#47.3 Boy and Dombie are knocked unconscious with knobsticks by an unnamed tribe.  Boy knocks out the witch doctor, who poses as a horned monster, with a knobstick.
A#3.3 The Waziri carry knobsticks.  They subdue the members of the Secret Society with these weapons.
#68.2 The Ubamwes tribe uses knobsticks to knock out Tarzan so they can deliver him to Sheik Ibrahim.
A#6.1 - An unnamed tribe comes to the island where Tarzan and his family are stranded.  Their primary weapon is the knobstick.  It is not effective against Tarzan and the Bolgani who drive the natives back into their canoes.
#93.1 Barongo is frustrated in his wrestling match with Tarzan.  He grabs a knobstick from an onlooker and breaks it over his knee to show his strength.  Tarzan grabs a knobstick and twists it in half to show his.  The knob sticks are very short handled.
#95.1 An Amaui warrior knocks Tarzan out by throwing a knobstick.
#99.2 Watumba tribesmen knock out Tarzan and Buto with knobsticks.  Buto’s tribe (men and women) plus Tarzan attack the Watumba with knobsticks.
#106.1 A native hunter throws his knobstick, which knocks out Tarzan and drops him into a pit trap.
#112.2 - Angry that Boy and Dombie have thwarted their plans to drive a herd of elephants off a cliff, a Wagambi knobstick knocks Boy off Tantor’s back.
#117.1 Korak, the Killer, forces the tribe of Kars to raid the Waziri shamba.  Muviro and the Waziri try to drive them out.  Korak rips Muviro’s spear out of his hands.  Muviro hits Korak with his knobkerrie.  Korak flees along with the other apes.
#123.1 - The evil Kabarounga uses his knobstick to silence a parrot that may give away his position.  He also misses N’kima with a knobstick throw.  #128.1 Tarzan draws the rifle fire of Juma and his gang so that Muviro and the Waziri can get close enough to use their knobsticks on the gangsters.  Juma and five of his men escape the surprise attack.
 Dell Number  -- 11+47.3+A#3.3+68.2+A#6.1+93.1+95.1+99.2+106.1+112.2 +117.1+123.1+128.1

kola nut  --  Chief Makolo and Zena’s son has stopped breathing.  Zena says that he was playing with a kola nut.  Makolo demands that the witch doctor bring him back to life.  The witch doctor turns the tables and demands that Jane bring him back.  Jane turns the baby upside-down and pounds loose the kola nut.  She then administers mouth-to-mouth respiration to revive the child.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.2 (Jane Story)

kopje  --  small hill -- #4 it looks like a large rock.  Later a large kopje looks more like a small hill.
#5 it is a mountain.
#13.1 Opar sits on top of one.
#75.2 - It is described as a rocky outcropping.  Tarzan leads the inept hunters, Jacobs and Poley to a kopje and shows them where water can be found.  The hunters get in trouble by throwing rocks at the baboons that live near the kopje.
#80.2 Tarzan finds a lion’s den on a rocky kopje.  He plans to leave an orphaned cub in the den for the lioness.
A#5.6 (Non-Tarzan Story) Lions take refuge from the buffalo M’bogo and his herd on a kopje.  They have a den amongst the rocks.
#92.1 - As a captive of the Inkota tribe, Tarzan is given a limited amount of freedom.  He finds a tribe of baboons living near a kopje.  He uses the baboons to vex the Inkota by having them raid their fields.
A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story) Nugu’s baboon tribe hunts around a bald kopje.
#100.2 Tarzan leads Jad-bal-ja to the top of a kopje to avoid the Inandi lion hunters.  The hunters surround them.  Boy mounted on the rhino, Kifaru, chases the Inandi away.
#116.1 Tarzan has the Watungas take cover in the rocks of a kopje while he pours the juice of the sleeping vine in the water hole.  Tarzan also watches from the kopje as the rhinos drink the water and fall asleep.
 Dell Number  -- 4+5+13.1+75.2+80.2+A#5.6+92.1+A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story)+100.2+116.1
 Novel  -- JO  - Opar is located on a kopje - “the mighty granite kopje”

kraal --  FC 134  The native bearers who live and work near the Ras Dashani Rest House live in a kraal.
#28 the village of the Nagosi is described as a kraal.
#48.1 Tarzan refers to the Urubambwe village as a kraal.
#50.3 - Tarzan refers to Buto’s village as a kraal.
#52.2 (Boy Story) Boy wants Jad-bal-ja to carry him to Buto’s kraal.
#93.1 The Manguelu Village (kraal) has a stockade, of poles, which M’bogo, the buffalo, crashes through.  The city of Mosana is described as a kraal; however, there is no apparent stockade.
#108.2 Boy and Dombie track the elephant hunters to their kraal and elephant pen.  They lease the captured elephants from their pen.
No. 25.1 Tarzan flies Argus to the Waziri kraal because he received a message that Muviro was ill.
No. 25.2 Jane sends Boy to the Waziri kraal to see if they know of the whereabouts of N’kima.
No. 25.6 Tarzan refers to the Watunga village as a kraal.
#113.1 The Mabula Village is referred to as a kraal.
#113.2 The Waziri Village is referred to as Muviro’s kraal.
#114.1 Tarzan refers to the Wakembi village as Kobanba’s kraal.
No. 37.2 Makolo’s village is referred to as a kraal.
#120.2 The Waziri Village is referred to as Muviro’s kraal.
#121.1 The Waziri Village is referred to as Muviro’s kraal.
#123.1 After Kabarounga is captured, Tarzan tells the Waziri to return to their kraal.
#125.2 Imanga’s village is called a kraal.
#126.2 Mobuko’s village is called a kraal.
#127.1 Katana’s village is referred to as a kraal
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+ 28+48.1+50.3+52.2+93.1+108.2+No. 25.1+No. 25.2+No. 25.6+113.1+113.2+114.1 +No. 37.2 (Jane Story) +120.2 +121.1 +123.1 +125.2 +126.2 +127.1
 Novel  -- LE  (Afrikaans) enclosed village or stockade.

kulania bird  --  narration says that Tarzan travels through the trees faster than a kulania bird.
 Dell Number  -- 27

ladders  --  #46.1  The Terribs use wooden ladders to attempt to scale the wall of Cathne.
#65.2 Boy uses a ladder to mount Aiglon.
A#4.1 The Talking Gorillas use scaling ladders of notched poles to overcome the walls of Cathne.
A#4.6 - Once past the cave bears in the Caves of Ursamon, Tarzan and Om-at find a ladder, pole with notches, which leads them up to a crater containing the home of the Valley People.
#72.1 A witch doctor forces Barbara Hillyard to climb a ladder to a flat-topped rock for a sacrificial ritual.  The ladder is a pole with bar steps on alternate sides.
#84.1 The Cathneans and their lions use bamboo ladders to scale the mountain that surrounds Mitzer, the city of Thoth, after Tarzan subdues the guards.
#91.1 The Skraeling use ladders to assault the walls of Yarlsgaard, the Giant Viking stronghold.  Their trained leopards also climb the ladders.
 Dell Number  -- 46.1+65.2+A#4.1+A#4.6+72.1+84.1+91.1

lance  -- Tarzan and Paul d’Arnot use lances in a joist battle to gain entrance to the Forbidden City.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

land of ghosts  -- Chief of the Watumba wishes Tarzan good hunting in the land of ghost as his warriors are about to execute him and Buto.
 Dell Number  -- 99.1

landslide  -- In the Canyon of No Return the heat from the sun causes a landslide.  Tarzan has to rescue the ailing Muviro before he is crushed.
 Dell Number  -- 131.1

languages  --  languages Tarzan speaks other than English and Mangani

 #1 -- Vari
 #8 -- White Pygmy
 #4, 6, 9  -- Pal-ul-don
 #14.1+#21.2+41.2+ -- Latin
 #19.1 -- Men in Ivory
 #19.2 -- Cor-o-don
 #20.1 -- Terribs (same as ape)
           -- Marubi
 #25.1 -- Swahili
 #28    -- Nagosi
 #34.2  -- Lutorian (same as Pal-ul-don)
 #38.2  -- Cat Men of Crater Lake (similar to Lutorian
 #42.2  -- Tuareg
 #46.2  -- drums of the Matusi
 #47.1  -- Bantu dialect
 #48.1  -- Urubambwe
 #53.1  -- Panther Men  - Tarzan seems to understand their language but worries about mimicking their accent
 #55.1  -- Karfu and Naqui  - a form of Bantu
 #56.1  -- Ostrich Clan
 #57.3  -- Roman dialect of Castra Sanguinarius
 #70.2  -- Pygmy from an unnamed island - their language is similar to a native dialect that Tarzan understands
 #75.1  -- Eagle Men of Engani
 #76.1  -- Wokamba - apparently a form of Bantu
 A#5.2 + No. 37.6 - Viking
 A#5.2   -- Bamwe - language of Buto
 #92.1 -- Inkota - probably a form of Bantu
 A#6.1 -- unnamed tribe - they speak a dialect of Swahili
 #94.2 -- Taal - South African Dutch
 #98.1 -- Dragon Cult
 #104.1  -- sign language of the Moumamba people - they do not speak because of the noise of the waterfall
 A#7.1  -- the Tannalelt speak a language like Tamachee
 #108.1 -- Hamitic dialect spoken by the Mermen
 #115.1 -- Mountain Men from Kroo Maun in Pal-ul-don
 #115.2  -- uses a Zulu word
 #119.1  -- Hidden Ones and Batuti
 #120.1 -- Bantu and Nye-nye (Nye-nye may not be different language)
 No. 51.1 -- River Bushmen and an unnamed tribe

 French (not spoken by implied knowledge)

Lemoka Bush  -- berries from this bush counter-act the poison of the Arachna.  Tarzan uses some on Kumar of Lutor, who has been bitten by a giant spider.
 Dell Number  -- 50.1

leopard call  -- Boy gets a leopard call from a Lubembwe trader.  It causes him and Dombie a lot of grief, but it also saves the day.
 Dell Number  -- 55.2

leopard men costumes  --  #103.2 Boy and Dombie discover masks and paws with poison steel claws of the secret society of Leopard Men on a mysterious island.  They dump the material in the river.
 Dell Number  -- 103.2+113.1

leopard skin  --  A#5.2  Tarzan and Buto spear two leopards and use the skins for clothing for protection as they cross the Gourambi mountains.  #107.2 Boy runs away from home.  Jane packs a leopard skin blanket for him.
 Dell Number -- A#5.2+107.2

Leopard Society  --  #113.1 This story refers to the Leopard Men as the Leopard Society.  They appear to be under the influence of N’gogo, the witch doctor.  Tarzan thwarts a Leopard Man and N’gogo from capturing a hunter.  N’gogo forces Mabula to capture Tarzan.  The witch doctor and the Leopard Men come for Tarzan.  They end up believing that Tarzan has turned into an ape and has enough magic to make a hut follow him.  They abandon their leopard men costumes.  After N’gogo dies, the natives don’t think that the Leopard Men will be a problem any more.
#126.2 Many of Mobuko’s men have become members of the secret Leopard Society.  They kill the chief’s nephew and plot the killing of the chief.  When they are exposed, Tarzan has Mokubo burn their leopard masks and claws.  He banishes the leopard men.
 Dell Number  -- 113.1+126.2

leopard teeth  -- The Mobbed tribe use leopard teeth as money.  They keep it in a leopard bank.
 Dell Number  -- A#5 (Mabudu Money - splash page)

letter  --  #80.1  Paul d’Arnot shows Tarzan a letter from Dr. Henri Dumont, who is a captive in the city of Mokar.  The doctor’s dog, Roland, brought the letter out of the mountains.  In the letter he asks that his artifacts be recovered.  He does not expect rescue because of the beasts of Mokar.
#96.1 Raoul Giroux (Rudatara) shows Tarzan a letter from d’Arnot asking the Jungle Lord to arrange for Raoul to fight a lion with a spear.
#107.1 A messenger brings Tarzan a letter (talking paper) from Bruce Harlowe.  It reports that the scientific community does not believe his film footage of dinosaurs in the Valley of Monsters.
No. 51.4 (Jane Story) Bangwa Ali hands Jane a letter from Tarzan asking her to prepare for a visit from the Sultan of Zanzaboko.
 Dell Number  -- 80.1+96.1+107.1+No. 51.4 (Jane Story)

lever  -- Tarzan uses a huge branch as a level to free a gorilla trapped under some rocks.
 Dell Number -- A#6.1

Leyden Jars  --  (a devise used for storing an electrical charge.) Used by the Ko-bolgani to store lightning charges to be used in the amber cage to shrink humans.
 Dell Number  -- 10

liana vines  --  Tarzan makes a sort of hammock out of liana vines to eat his kill above the enraged horta.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1

licorice candy  -- The unscrupulous Willie Slyke trades Boy, Chako, and the other baboons diamonds from the treasure of Opar for licorice candy.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.2

life jackets  --  When the Pantella goes down in a storm everyone, including Thurag, dons life   jackets.  Tarzan does not use one.
 Dell Number  -- 29

lightning machine  --  device used by the Ko-bolgani to transfer the electrical charge from the Leyden Jars to the amber cage so they can shrink people.
 Dell Number  -- 10

lightning rod  -- Tarzan and Buto are sentenced to be executed by the Watumba.  Tarzan convinces the chief to allow him to place the spears of the men he defeated in the top of a tree during a storm.  This acts as a lightning rod.  The lightning hits the tree and allows Tarzan to carry Buto to safety.
 Dell Number  -- 99.1

Lion’s hut  -- The tribe at Kisumu’s Kraal keep an empty hut they call the lion’s hut.  It is for the spirit of the late Chief Makuru, who returns in the shape of a lion.  Boy smells goat’s blood outside the hut.  He suspects that the witch doctor, Kururi, ties a goat outside the hut to attract lions thus keeping the story alive.  Boy sleeps in the hut because he believes that the Kisumu have captured Dombie.  He will not leave without him.  Jad-bal-ja slips into the hut to sleep with Boy.  The witch doctor comes to the hut to kill Boy.  A lion scares the witch doctor.  Tarzan subdues Kururi.
 Dell Number  -- 123.2

lion skin  --  #56.3  Tarzan obtains a lion pelt that retains most of its scent from the keeper of the lions at Cathne.  He uses the skin to stampede the buffaloes that the Torodons have stolen from the Gallugos.
#72.2 Tarzan uses a lion skin to frighten the Shiftas.  Boy uses an ostrich skin.  The combination of the two creatures together frightens the Shiftas into firing their rifles wildly.  They believe that the apparitions are genii.
#94.2 Tarzan show the Van Dycks the pelt of a lion that he killed, which was stalking their mules.
#111.2 The Muganda plan a sneak attack on the Waziri Village.   Boy and Dombie wave a lion skin in the wind to stampede the Waziri cattle herd into the Muganda camp, which scatters them.
#114.1 Tarzan kills a lion in the Valley of Lions and uses the skin to sneak past the rest of the pride that occupies the valley.
#116.1 Tarzan uses a wet lion skin to stampede the Makulu cattle into the rear of their battle line.
#118.1 Young Mendothi comes to Tarzan for help.  Tarzan has Muviro give him a lion skin to sleep on.
#131.1 - At the edge of the Canyon of No Return Tarzan uses lion skins to help keep the ailing Muviro warm during the night.
 Dell Number  -- 56.3+72.2+94.2+111.2+114.1+116.1+118.1+131.1

lion test  --  Young men of the Murundi must face a lion armed with a spear to prove their manhood.  Prince Rudatara flees the test but returns years later to prove something to himself.
 Dell Number  -- 96.1

litter  --  #119.1 The Batuti carry the captive Princess Kendra in a litter on their shoulders.  They stop for some reason.  Kendra stuffs a pillow under the gold cloak to make it look like she is in the litter and sneaks away.
No. 51.4 (Jane Story) - Bangwa Ali, the Keeper of the Royal Seal, is carried on a litter to Jane.  He presents her with a ruby pendant from the sultan.
#131.1 Tarzan has four Waziri carry Muviro on a litter to the Kudu Hills so he can kill a kudu for the medicine he needs for his rheumatism.
 Dell Number  -- 119.1+No. 51.4 (Jane Story)+131.1

little porcupines  -- The Waziri women make little porcupines, thorns and leather.  The warriors plant them in front of the imitation village.  When the barefooted Makulu nation attacks, the little porcupines reeks havoc in their ranks.
 Dell Number  -- 116.1

little-sticks-that-bite --  Words Tarzan uses to describe arrows to the mangani.
 Dell Number  -- 33.2

log  -- The Gomah tribesmen, searching for Tarzan, find him propelling himself down a river on a log.
 Dell Number  -- 102.1

log foot bridge  --  #90.1  The N’gongwe poachers capture Tarzan.  They tie him to a log footbridge that spans a river gorge.  It is well know that leopards use the bridge.  They hope to watch Tarzan being eaten by a leopard.  They wrap Tarzan in vines so that only his head and feet stick out.  Tarzan calls to an elephant to pick up the bridge and carry him to safety.
 Dell Number  -- 90.1

loom  --  Jane buys a loom in Nairobi for Kimbo so that he can provide a living for him and N’kala.  The loom fascinates the natives.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.5 (Jane story)

luga --  a dry stream bed.  When a flash flood occurs, the water rushes down the luga at terrifying speed.  Boy and Dombie have to scramble for their lives.
 Dell Number  -- 53.2 (Boy story)

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