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Found in the Dell Tarzan Comics
Part I: A-E
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airplane  --  (See also seaplane)  FC 134 In a lightning storm, Doris Ramsay is forced to parachute from her airplane that is experiencing engine problems.
#41.1 - Doctor MacWhirtle uses an airplane to fire rockets at the Torodons mounted on gryfs as they attack the Tower of Ta-dan.  He flies Lucia Tally back to Nairobi.
#42.2 Tarzan and Paul d’Arnot parachute from a plane into the Hoggar massif in search of Louis d’Arnot.
#48.3 - Dr. MacWhirtle and Tarzan fly a plane over the crack in the mountain on the Island of Dwarfs.  They drop DDT on the Giant Wasps swarming out of the fissure.  One of the wasps flies into the propeller causing the plane to go down.
#50.1 Dr. Mervin and Yolanda are stranded in the Stork Men Village because their airplane is out of gas.
#50.3 Tarzan takes an airplane to Nairobi at the request of the British Commissioner.  Major Geoffrey Towne flies the plane.  The Major also flies him to Buto’s village.  Buto calls the plane a “bird machine.”
#51.1 Princess Loma calls Dr. Mervin’s airplane a “bird machine.”  Dr. Mervin’s plane burns when the Terribs attack the Storkmen’s Village with fire.
#53.3 Gangsters arrive in Lutor on a large cabin plane and land near the wharf.  They try to take over the island.  Tarzan banishes them on another island in Pal-ul-don.  He crashes their cargo plane into the Great Swamp so that it will not be found.
#55.1 Tarzan and Dr. Mac fly a plane over Pal-ul-don. They fly low over the Karfu city.  A Karfu shoots a crossbow bolt into the propeller of the devil bird. They crash. Tarzan pulls the doctor out of the plane before to blows up.
A#3.3 The Secret Master of the Secret Society lands in a shamba to meet his followers.  After giving orders to kill Tarzan, he flies out.  Hanuki, a messenger from the Secret Society, tells Tarzan that d’Arnot has crashed his bird machine and lies injured in the Cave of the Fallen Rocks.  The Secret Master returns in his plane when he thinks the deed has been done.  The great ape, Thorag, captures the pilot as Tarzan captures the Secret Master.  Tarzan flies the men of evil to the authorities in Nairobi.
#58.1 Paul and Alice Jenner’s airplane is forced to land in the Great Swamp because of engine trouble.  Alice is captured by White Apes.  Tarzan rescues her.  They ride Gorgo to the swamp.  The White Apes pursue them.  Paul flies his plane over them.  His passenger, Jim, shoots the apes from the plane with a rifle.
#61.2 Boy witnesses Dr. Louis d’Arnot’s plane crash straight into the ground.  He was bringing medicine for the ill Dombie.  He parachuted out before the crash.   #64.1 Shiftas lure Sandra McKinney with a phony SOS to land her airplane.  They capture her.  Tarzan rescues her and Chet Harper and provides time for them to escape by Sandra’s plane.
#72.1 Tarzan and Dr. Mac search by plane and find Barbara Hillyard’s plane wreck.  He leaves Dr. Mac with the plane as he searches for the doctor’s niece.
A#5.3 An airplane carries two evil men to Banga, the evil witch doctor. They load the ivory that Banga extorted from villagers onto their plane.  (See Banga for the story).
#80.1 Tarzan and d’Arnot take Paul’s airplane to a ‘saddle’ near the Gourambi Range to search for Dr. Henri Dumont.  Because of the winds they tie the plane down with ropes.  After the rescue they fly the plane out of the mountains.  #82.1 Gangsters, who are after the jewels of Opar, land their plane on the flat top of the mountain of Opar.  The White Pygmies call the plane a flying chariot.  An earthquake causes fear amongst some of the gangster.  They attempt to take off but crash at the base of the mountain.
#85.1 Professor Ross supposedly crashed his airplane but yet he says that he built the windmill/flying machine from his downed helicopter.
#87.2 Tarzan and Captain Peter Van Dulst use a twin engine airplane to search the Gourambi Peak for the Hauser party and/or the search plane that crashed in the mountains.  They land when they find Hans Hauser.  Tarzan sends Peter and Hans home in the plane.  Tarzan finds the crashed Hauser plane that the Snow Men attempted to push into a crevasse.  Tarzan finds the missing pilot.  Peter, who is accompanied by Jane and Boy, land a plane in the mountains and pick up Tarzan and the pilot just in the nick of time before the Snow Men reached them.
#91.2 A pilot downs his glider in a storm.  He doesn’t want the plane.  Boy and Dombie fix it and take off in the glider.  One of the ailerons is not working properly so they are forced to land in the elephant’s Secret Playground.  The elephants destroy the glider.  Tarzan rescues the boys.
#92.1 Karen Lane was on her way to meet her father in Kenya when her plane crashed.  This happened three years before this story.
#96.1 - An airplane flies over Tarzan’s tree house.  A parachutist jumps out of the plane.
#104.2 Boy and Dombie find an airplane stuck in a tree.  As a leopard stalks them, Neeku accidentally starts the motor causing the leopard to fall to its death.  Cannibals under the tree see the leopard fall and hear the roar of the airplane engine.  They call it the father of all leopards.  The boys and the ape leave the plane before it crashes to the ground.  The boys track the owners of the plane.  Tom and Jo ran out of gas and landed in the tree.  Tarzan saves them all from cannibals.
#107.1 - An airplane circles the area of the tree house.  They are in search of Bruce Harlowe’s down plane.  Tarzan suspects that he crashed in the Valley of Monsters.  #110.1 - The young show-off, Jess, delights in strafing animals in his plane to impress the young Bess.  He dives at Tarzan and Buto.  He strafes a herd of elephants.  He flies close to a lioness with cubs.  Sabor leaps up and knocks the airplane off course causing it to crash into the trees.
#112.1 A royal air force plane investigates a new volcano rising from a lake.  They are hit by an eruption and crash near Lutor.
No. 25.6 - A passenger plane flying to Nairobi crashes during a storm.  This leads Tarzan on an adventure concerning the Golden Mask of Mani Kongo.  Tarzan recovers the mask and has a plane land at the Watunga kraal to take Dr. David Forrence and his daughter to safety.
No. 37.6 Colonel Paul d’Arnot has crashed somewhere in the Gourambi Range.  Tarzan and his son Raoul fly a French military plane in search of him.  They land on a mountain in a snowstorm.  They tie the plane down with steel pitons and cables.  Yarl Hrolf, the Viking, calls the plane a flying sky boat.  After the rescue is made they fly back.
#120.1 Bauxhau, the Bushman, dreams that a bird will come out of the storm and take him and Tarzan to his people.  Indeed, a plane lands in the blinding storm.  His landing gear is damaged during the landing.  Tarzan makes a deal to fix the strut in exchange for transportation for himself and Bauxhau to his people.  Tarzan fixes the strut and the pilot flies them to the mountain home of the Nye-nye.
#121.1 Lt. Raoul d’Arnot flies his plane to the French Outpost to report that a Garth is on the loose in Tarzan’s country.  His captain does not believe him.  Raoul buys an elephant gun and flies in search of the Garth.  He spies the Garth and buzzes the beast into order to protect the prospecting crew in a tractor.  He lands and opens fire on the Garth.  Tarzan slays the Garth.  The prospecting crew is dead but their report is that there is no oil in the area.  Raoul flies the crew cook and the report back to the post.  #123.1 - Tarzan turns the captured Kabarounga over to the British police.  They fly him back to his island exile.
No. 51.1 Tarzan and his family search for Captain Smith’s missing airplane.  Tarzan finds the empty plane at the bottom of the Lake Nobody Names. When Tarzan rescues Smith, he tells the ape-man that a flock of flamingoes caused the plane to crash.  His partner drowns in the lake.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+ 41.1+42.2+48.3+50.1+50.3+51.1+53.3+55.1+A#3.3+58.1 +61.2+64.1+72.1+A#5.3+80.1 +82.1 +85.1 +87.2 +91.2 +92.1 +96.1 +104.2 + 107.1 +110.1 +112.1 +No. 25.6 +No. 37.6 +120.1 +121.1 +123.1 +No. 51.1

alarm gong  --  The Athneans use an alarm gong as Tarzan attempts to escape from the city after unsuccessfully trying to alert them to a savage horde of gorillas approaching their city.
 Dell Number  -- 52.1

amber cage  --  cage build out of solid amber.  (Amber is a fossil resin capable of gaining a negative electrical charge by friction.)  Used by the Ko-bolgani to shrink humans for slave labor.  The cage is hooked up to Leyden jars storing lightning then activated by a lightning machine.
 Dell Number  -- 10

ammonia  --  what Bokawah, the witch doctor used on Hector, the research elephant of Doctor     Mervin.  Hector reacted badly, which alerted Tarzan to his scheme.
 Dell Number  -- 22.1

amphibian plane  --  (see seaplane)

Ape-English Dictionary  -- 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+11+A1+A2+A3+A4+A5

aqueduct  --  #77.1 - Tarzan leads Hussein and his Beni-Adhemi to the City in the Sands.  The aqueduct that fed the city water has been damaged.  Tarzan tracks the source of water for the aqueduct and believes the Arabs can repair the aqueduct to supply the city with water.  #80.1 Tarzan discovers that the Beni-Adhemi could not repair the aqueduct.  Tarzan enlists the aid of Athne and its stonemasons to repair the aqueduct for the Arabs.
 Dell Number  --  #77.1+#80.1

Arab disguise  -- used by Tarzan in #2; #29; #43.1; #A2.5; #47.2; 49.1; 55.3+A#5.4 not so much of a disguise as used to blend in with the crowded market place of the Arab city Marrach.
 Dell number  -- 2+29+43.1+A2.5+47.2+49.1+55.3+A#5.4

Arabs ships  -- The sea Arabs, the Brothers of the Barracuda, use a single mast ship to raid the east coast of Africa for slaves.  They take Stella Keene away on a ship.  Tarzan rescues her from the Arab ship.  Later Tarzan and the Keenes take control of one of the ships.
 Dell Number  -- A2.5

arm band/armlet  --  Tarzan discovers Ta-den’s golden arm band after a flash flood.  One word is scratched on the inside - Tohr.  Tarzan realizes that Ta-den is a prisoner in the City of Silence.  After rescuing Ta-den, Tarzan gives him back his armband.  Ta-den says that his servant was supposed to bring it to Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.1

Armor of King Suleiman -- King Suleiman gave the golden armor to the Queen of Sheba.  It is the symbol of power for the Marehans.  Whoever wears the armor is the sheik of the tribe.  The wounded Sheik Abdurra sends his son, Serenli, to retrieve the armor before his brother, Gumburu, can seize power.  Serenli and Boy retrieve the armor in a cave.  Serenli puts on the armor.  Gumburu arrives and demands the armor.  Serenli shoots Gumburu, who falls over a cliff.  Sheik Abdurra retains the armor.
 Dell Number  -- 129.3

army reconnaissance plane  --  used by Tarzan and Muviro to search for the errant balloon carrying Boy and Dombie
 Dell Number  -- 7

arrow(s)  --  #55.3 The Arabs use an arrow with a tiny syringe tip and a spring to put the great apes to sleep so they can capture them alive.  The mangani call them ‘sharp stick that makes us sleep.’  Tarzan uses the tranquilizer arrows on the Arabs and animal buyer at the Gambah Village.
#61.1 Williams, an animal buyer, sets up nets on the Isle of Apes, in the hopes of capturing some of them.  He realizes that the nets won’t hold them for long, so he has drugged arrows made ready to tranquilize them.
#65.1 Tarzan uses a flaming arrow to drive the cave bears out of the houses of the Cor-o-dons.
#76.1 Tarzan uses blunt-headed arrows to drive off the Liwari tribe from their pursuit of the Wokamba tribe.
#82.1 The White Pygmies use their bow and arrows to fight off the Dwarfs of Opar.  The dwarfs call them the “flying stings.”
#92.1 - The baboons call the Inkota arrows “little sticks.”  #106.1 After Tarzan is knocked unconscious by a native hunter’s knob stick.  He falls into a pit trap where Jad-bal-ja is trapped.  The natives use sleeping potion arrows to put Jad-bal-ja to sleep.
#107.2 Boy feels overwork and threatens to leave home.  Tarzan gets his bow and arrows for him.
#113.1 - Tarzan uses a blunt head arrow to knock out a leopard man.
No. 37.1 The Hairy Giants attack the Slingers of Kroo Maun at night.  Tarzan has Boy light arrows from a firepot and hand them to him.  He fires the fire arrows into the giants straw shields.  When they drop their shields, the Slingers stone them.
 Dell Number  -- 55.3+61.1+65.1+76.1+82.1+92.1+106.1+107.2+113.1+No. 37.1

arrowheads  --  #30 Tarzan and Dr. MacWhirtle make 100 arrowheads of lead to hold cyanide   capsules, which they plan to use on the giant spiders of Arrack.
#53.3 - Tarzan has six archers of Lutor make arrows with round rocks on the tips.  They use them to knockout and subdue the gangsters who are trying to take over their city.
 Dell Number  -- 30+53.3

assegai  --  Moki has only his father’s assegai, a short throwing spear, and a riddle.  Tarzan helps solve part of the rhyme by having Moki remove the head of the assegai in which he finds a map to the rifle of Tippoo Tib, the symbol of power for the Badunga people.  Moki uses the spear to ward off the baboons in the Canyon of the Mandrills.
 Dell Number  -- 100.1

avalanche --  The geyser vibrations at the rock of Opar causes a rockslide, which threatens the Oparians.
 Dell Number  -- 130.1

Axe of Mumbo  -- The Axe of Mumbo is a huge axe with a rhino horn handle.  One man can barely lift it.  It is named for an ancestor of the tribe poaching in Tarzan country.  Buto tracks the poachers.  They force him to participate in the Ordeal of Mumbo.  Part two of the ordeal is to cast the axe at a log and split it in two with one throw.  Buto does it.  The last part of the ordeal is to make it back to the axe.  When he does the poachers roll a stone across the entrance.  Buto smashes the stone with the axe.  This action also breaks the blade off the axe.  Buto plans to replace the head and call it the Axe of Buto and pass it down to his children.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.2 (Boy Story)

axiom  --  Tarzan states an axiom of Pal-ul-don.  “He has stolen the eggs of the three-horned monster.”  It refers to a person who purposely runs into danger.
 Dell Number  -- 62.1

back to the stone age  --  This what Tarzan says while making a flint spear.
 Dell Number  -- 19.2
 Novel            --  “Back to the Stone Age” is Burroughs title for the fifth story in the       Pellucidar series.

bag  --  #106.2 Boy and Dombie chase a cheetah until it drops from exhaustion.  They want to use it to frighten away baboons from the Waziri shamba.  They stuff the cheetah into a blue bag.  They fashion a travois to transport the cheetah.  Their antelopes smell the cheetah and bolts.  The cheetah starts to tear through the bag.  The antelopes leap into the river.  The bag falls off the travois.  The cheetah bursts out of the bag and runs away.
#113.1 N’gogo, the witch doctor, carries a bag of fetishes.  Tarzan captures N’gogo and destroys the contents of his bag.
 Dell Number  -- 106.2+113.1

bait  --  #50.3  Tarzan uses aromatic leaves, like catnip, to bait his cage traps to catch zorillas, African skunks.  Tarzan wants the musk scent of the zorilla for his Mark of Evil.
#69.2 Tarzan and the Nukongas use fresh pork to bait their crocodile trap.
 Dell Number  -- 50.3+69.2

ball of bark and gum  --  Tarzan makes this mixture and throws it into the mouth of a tyrannosaur.  It saves his life and makes it easy for a gryf to kill the armored beast.
 Dell Number  -- 16.1

ball of gum  --  Katar and Dera are medicine people of the Mountain Men.  After Tarzan rescues them from a Terribs attack, they show the ape-man a ball of gum from the karoo bush.  When it is burned it puts people to sleep.  The mountain people use it as an antithetic.  Katar and Dera are captured by the Hairy Giants.  Tarzan throws a ball of gum into their fire.  It causes the giants and Katar and Dera to fall asleep.  Tarzan stays low to the ground and escapes the effect of the gum.  He rescues the mountain men from the giants.
 Dell Number  -- 115.1

balloon  --  #7 Tarzan, Boy and Dombie make an air balloon out of parachutes.  Boy and Dombie are carried off to the Valley of the Monsters when baboons untie the tether.
#47.1 Dr. Mac tries to use a balloon on the witch doctor, Kuvuru, as magic.  Kuvuru’s snake breaks the balloon.
#119.2 Boy and Dombie get some balloons and paint faces on them with night glowing paint.  They plan to scare the Waziri with them.  They are captured by Batukos.  They manage to get free while the Batuko sleep. They use the face balloons to scare the bejesus out of the Batuko.
 Dell Number  -- 7+47.1+119.2

bamboo still -- Tarzan makes a bamboo still to distill the oil from a vine to make a tear gas-like material to use against the White Apes in his rescue of Jorah and his men.
 Dell Number  -- 87.1

banana  --  #A2.3 Trapped on a river scow Boy and the ape, Zorek, eat all the bananas within reach.  This makes N’kombo, the boat chief, very angry and he brings the ape to the zoo.
#80.1 Tarzan feeds Hathor, the elephant, bananas.
 Dell Number  -- A2.3+80.1

bank draft  --  Tarzan uses one to buy clothes and a plane ticket to the U.S. to rescue Jad-bal-ja and some great apes from the white hunters named Murdo and Syke.
 Dell Number  -- 23.1

bank, leopard -- The Mabudu tribe uses leopard teeth as money.  They set up a bank to keep the teeth save.
 Dell Number  -- A#5 (Mabudu Money - splash page)

banyan tree  --  Tarzan and the hunter Sumolu search for a killer elephant.  When the elephant charges them, Tarzan pushes Sumolu into the roots of a banyan tree.  The elephant attempts to rip through the roots.  Tarzan distracts the killer.
 Dell Number  -- 102.1

Baobab tree  -- native Africa tree bears a gourd like fruit (see: monkey bread);  “sometimes it is thirty feet around.”
#50.2 - The two M’bongo kidnappers of Wanda Newland camp under a Baobab tree to wait for N’goro, the witch doctor.
A#5 (The Tree of Life - splash page) The Baobab tree can be used for shelter, tapped for water, its bark made into clothes, ropes, and medicine, and its gourd-like fruit made into monkey bread.
A#5.5 Boy and the Waziri named Isilio take refuge from lions in a Baobab tree.  Boy shoots the lions repeatedly with his blowgun.  This causes the lions to fight amongst themselves.  Boy and Isilio escape out of the tree.
#90.1 Tarzan is tied to a log footbridge.  He has an elephant carry the log and himself to the shade of a Baobab tree.  The elephant reaches its trunk into the hollow of the tree and fills it with water.  He drenches Tarzan with the water.
#131.1 In the Kudu Hills Tarzan spots a Kudu near a Baobab tree for Muviro to kill for his medicine.
 Dell Number  -- 2+16.1 inside front cover (Jungle World);+50.2+A#5+A#5.5+90.1+131 (splash page)+131.1

barbican  --  an outpost used in defense of castle.  In #13.1 a barbican is used in defense of the southern approach to Valley of the Lyonesse.  The Cross of Lyonesse is approached first then the barbican.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1

bark  --  #66.2  After Tarzan operates and removes a bullet from Norgak’s skull, he has Boy collect inner bark for a bandage.
#73.1 Tarzan uses inner bark as bandages for Mugambi’s people after the tidal wave.
#119.1 Tarzan uses the outer bark (birch) to make Princess Kendra a pair of boots so she can travel through the jungle better as they escape from the Batuti.
 Dell Number  -- 66.2+73.1+119.1

barracoon  --  a shed or open-air enclosure to temporarily confine slaves.
 Dell Number  -- 11

baseball  -- Tarzan, Jane and Mimi the chimp play baseball.  Tarzan catches.  Jane pitches.  Mimi bats.
 Dell Number  -- 96.2

basket  --  #62.1  Tarzan weaves a basket for the gryf eggs he is about the take from the nests.  When Tarzan is knocked unconscious by the H-dons, Dr. Mac takes the basket and hides underwater.
#79.1 The Black Cloak Baboons use monkeys are slaves.  The monkeys carry corn in baskets to the baboons in their caves.
 Dell Number  -- 62.1+79.1

battering ram  --  #41.1 A tree trunk roped between two gryfs is used by the Torodons to try batter down the door to the Tower of Ta-dan.  They are unsuccessful.
#60.2 (Boy story) Natives who are planning to raid the wild animal compound near Nairobi prepare to use a pole as a battering ram on the door.  #124.1 The army from Ja-lur uses a battering ram with a ram’s horns on the tip to break through the gate to A-lur.
 Dell Number  -- 41.1+60.2 (Boy story)+124.1

battle cry of the apes  -- Tarzan gives the battle cry of the apes as he leaps upon the three wrestlers, the first test in the Game of Death imposed by his Mermen captors.
 Dell Number  -- 108.1

bat wings  --  #A2.1 The Batwinged Men of the Valley of Towers use wings from giant bats to glide from high towers.
#74.2 The Winged Men of the Valley of Towers use air foils of thin tough leather that are attached to their arms and legs.  They glide from tower to tower.
 Dell Number  -- A2.1+74.2

bazooka  --  (see also rocket) Tarzan and Dr. Mac are chased by Garths in the Valley of Monsters.  Tarzan kills one with a bazooka.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.3

beacon  --  The Slingers of Kroo Maun fear a night attack by the Hairy Giants.  They would not be able to see where to cast their stones.  Tarzan has them set up beacon fires on tree platforms to be lit in case of attack.  The attack comes.  The fires are lit.  The beacon allows enough light for the Slingers to cast their stones accurately.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.1

beads -- the Mengo, forest spirits, kidnaps Ilona.  Her people find her beads.  Tarzan uses the scent off the beads to track her.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.3

Beale Expedition 1896  -- Boy and Dombie’s canoe is sucked into a cavern where they discover an ancient steamboat.  They find a tusk, which they take with them.  The tusk has a carved message from the Beale expedition 1896.  It explains how they were trapped in the cavern when an earthquake drained the lake and sucked them into the cavern.
 Dell Number  -- 124.2

bell  --  A Mengo, forest spirit, rings a bell to announce the arrival of La.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.3

bicycle  --  #60.2 (Boy story) When Boy rides Jad-bal-ja down a street in Nairobi, a man on a bicycle crashes into some pedestrians.
#65.2 James Nicholson, a missionary, dismounts his bicycle after being bitten by a poisonous snake.  Tarzan and Boy find him unconscious next to the bicycle.
 Dell Number  -- 60.2 (Boy story)+65.2

bill of sale  -- Tarzan forces the hunter, Derrik Carne, to write and sign a bill of sale for the baby elephant he captured.  Tarzan buys the elephant back at double the value of a baby elephant.
 Dell Number  -- 69.1

binoculars  --  #26  Leveque tells a Waz-don he will give him a pair of binoculars if he guides him and Suleiman through the jungle.  The Waz-don calls the glasses ‘far seeing eyes’ and ‘magic glasses. #83.1The pirate captain uses binoculars to search for Tarzan as he dived off of the fishing boat.
 Dell Number  -- 26+83.1

bird machine  --  #14.2  What Budango, a cannibal chief, calls the airplane he captured and wants  to fly.
#50.3 What Buto calls the airplane Tarzan arrives in.
 Dell Number  -- 14.2+50.3+

bird signal  -- M’basa, a M’bongo tribesman, signals N’goro, the witch doctor, that he has captured a white woman.
 Dell Number  -- 50.2

birthday cake  -- Tarzan, Jane, Dombie, and N’kima celebrate Boy’s birthday with a cake.  There are eight candles on the cake.  N’kima steals a piece of cake.
 Dell Number  -- 99.2

black sickness  --  plague.  Murviro wonders if the burning of the Molunga River Trading Post was the result of the black sickness.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2

black snake  --  whip.  White member of slaver Sidi Ben Yemlik’s troops threatens to use it on Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2

bloomin’ gooks  --  how the gangsters refer to the inhabitants of Pal-ul-don.
 Dell Number  -- 16.1

blowgun  -- #30  Boy plays with a blowgun just before a giant spider from Arrack attacks him.
#77.2 Wanumo, the Golden Man, has a paddle for his water skis that doubles as a blowgun.  He removes the paddles and blows a gas pellet at two charging leopards, which kills them instantly.  He gives Tarzan a blowgun/paddle as a souvenir of their friendship.
A#5.5 Tarzan makes blowguns for himself and Boy.  They use twigs as pellets.  Boy shoots Chaka, the baboon.  Tarzan shoots Boy to teach him a lesson.  When Boy and Isilio, the Waziri, are trapped in a Baobab tree by lions, Boy uses the blowgun on the lions.  This causes the lions to fight amongst themselves so they can escape.  Chaka uses the blowgun on Boy as the Waziri are about to honor him.  Chaka runs off with the blowgun.  #88.2 The Golden Men convert their paddles into blow guns in their battle with the Terribs.
A#6.2 - The Golden Men ski towards the Terribs, who are attacking Boy and Dombie.  By the time they get their sails wrapped around their paddles and convert them to blowguns, the Terribs have fled the area.
 Dell Number  -- 30+77.2+A#5.5+88.2+A#6.2

blowtorch  -- Doctor MacWhirtle uses a blowtorch to repair the strut on his seaplane.  When a lion attacks him, he throws it at the lion, scaring it away.
 Dell Number  -- 40.1

boats  --  #52.1  The Athneans use boats to escape into the Great Swamp from the gorillas that have overrun Athne.
#62.1 Tarzan, disguised as a Ho-don noble, forces King Zugu into obtaining a small rowboat.  He takes the king out into the water and meets up with Mr. Mac and his seaplane.
#83.1 Arabs along the coast have a fleet of fishing boats.  They are not using them because of channel pirates.  Tarzan takes a boat out to fish for them.  He is attacked by pirates and leaves his boat.  Later he flies Argus back to the fishing village to rally the Arabs against the pirates.  They sail their boats to an island and join with the survivors of a three-masted ship.
#94.2 Tarzan builds a boat with a wood frame and covers it with giraffe hide.  He uses it on the river to pull the Nordens, the Van Dycks, and Boy pass the poison belt of red flowers.
#106.1 Tarzan, Jad-bal-ja and a company of Castrum Mare soldiers escape from Castrum Mare on fishing boats.  The war galleys search for them but cannot find them.  Tarzan releases the captive emperor in a small sailboat when their escape is assured.
#110.2 Tarzan transfers the mutineers he captured to their schooner by boat.  Tarzan rows the boat from the front as Boy steers from the rear.  It is not the same catamaran that they used to reach Pirate Island.  #124.2 Boy and Dombie’s canoe is sucked into a cavern where they discover an ancient steamboat.
#126.1 - For a gold coin Tarzan hires a boat to take him and Cheeloo, the chimpanzee, out to a dhow that has Cheeloo’s family aboard.
#127.1 James Hawklin brings a floating boat with him to hunt crocodiles.  Tarzan begrudgingly allows him to hunt and to use an outboard motor on the boat.  Hawklin hunts with Inolu as his guide.  He shoots a hartebeest on purpose.  Inolu rebels.  Hawklin accidental wounds him.  Hawklin takes the floating boat to the upper part of the lake to fool Tarzan about what he has done.  He returns in the boat.  Tarzan is neither fooled nor amused.
 Dell Number  -- 52.1+62.1+83.1+94.2+106.1+110.2+124.2+126.1+127.1

boiling water test  -- A Zulu accused of a crime is threatened with the boiling water test.  The accused is told to put his hand in the water.  If his hand is unharmed, he is innocent.  If is hand is burned, he is guilty.  The guilty admit their guilty before the test.  The water is not really hot so the innocence are not harmed.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4 (Lie Detector of Zululand - splash page)

bolo/bola  --  #39.1 preferred weapon of the Men of Monga.  Used to capture females and bring down males.
#52.3 The Men of Monga unsuccessfully use their bolos (spelled bolas) on Tarzan and Argus as he rescues Dr. Mac, Dr. Mervin, and Yolanda.
#60.1 The Men of Monga use their bolas to capture Tarzan, Jorah, and Jorah’s men.  Tarzan designs a protective shield made out of a series of bamboo poles around the dyals’ legs, thus making the bolas ineffective in bring down the flightless bird mounts.
#67.1The huge Nuba, named Adumo, brings down an ostrich with a bola for food for himself, Tarzan, and Buto as they cross the plains to the Mountains of Barongo.  Adumo calls it a ‘meat catcher.’
#75.1 Tarzan makes bolas that he uses to bring down two eagles of the Engani.  No. 51.4 (Jane Story) Jane brings down Standish, the ostrich, with a bola to retrieve her compact mirror that ostrich stole.
 Dell Number  -- 39.1+52.3+60.1+67.1+75.1+No. 51.4 (Jane Story)

boma  --  (Swa)  a barricade of thorn brushes and branches to keep out animals.
#12 Built by Tarzan for the rescued slaves on the mangrove swamp island to protect them from the great apes.
#25.2 - Tarzan suggests the building of a thorn boma to Doctor Harvey Warfield.  It is not built and he and Tarzan are captured by the Gomambas.
#32.1 - More like fences than thorn brush, both the Bamwe tribe and the Arab build them for protection.  The Nandi Bear breaches both.
#44.2 One surrounds Al Jemel’s camp.  Tarzan leaps the boma with Barbara Wales in one arm and Al Jemel in the other.
#52.2 (Boy story) The Bolgani, who have captured Boy, build a thorn barrier at night to keep the lions at bay.  Jad-bal-ja leaps the barrier and rescues Boy.  They do not call it a boma.
#54.1 A rouge lion jumps the boma around Buto Matari’s village.  When Buto scares them off, the male crashes through the boma to escape.
#71.2 - After stealing Buto’s cattle, the M’bongos build a boma for protection against lions.  While they sleep Tarzan removes part of the boma thus allowing the hostages to escape.  Tarzan replaces the hostages with apes.  He frightens the M’bongos awake.  They flee through the opening in the boma.
#105.1 Tarzan has the Makembe build a boma around their citadel to slow down the attacking Nandis, Moran, and Masai tribes.  The Nandis attempt to breach the top of the boma with their shields.  Tarzan drives them off with (Roman candle like) rockets.
#109.1 Shiftas build a boma of rocks and topped it with thorn brushes to protect themselves as night falls.  Tarzan easily penetrates the boma.  #117.2 Boy and Dombie find a starving woman and child in the forest.  They build her a boma for protection.  They go for food.  When they return they hear a lion.  Boy takes Dombie’s spear and joins the women in the boma.  As the lion leaps over the boma, Tarzan’s spear fells the beast.
#130.2 N’gomo and an unnamed native stalk Tantor with poison arrows.  Boy gets the ‘father of elephants’ out of harms way.  The natives build a thorn boma for the night.  Boy has Tantor and his tribe reaches over the boma and grab the natives.
 Dell Number  -- 12+21.1+25.2+32.1+34.1+44.2+52.2+54.1+71.2+105.1+109.1+117.2+
 Novel  -- RT

book  --  As a prisoner of the Taori headhunters, Tarzan finds an almanac left by a previous prisoner.  The knowledge of a coming solar eclipse allows Tarzan and Herbert Gates to go free.
 Dell Number -- A#6.7

Boslin’s chair  -- While escaping from King Umpongwe, Tarzan fashions a Boslin’s chair so that Ila and her child can ride across the gorge on a rope to safety.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.7

bounty  --  As Tarzan escapes from the Athneans, Prince Ergon offers a reward of one thousand pieces of ivory for his capture.
 Dell Number  -- 39.2

bow  --  #52.2 (Boy Story) Tarzan makes a bow.
#54.3 - The Talking Gorillas have learned archery and use bows that are ten feet long and have arrows that are six feet long.
 Dell Number  -- 52.2 (Boy Story) +54.3

bracelet  --  A#6.4 Prince Rotan has a gold bracelet with a riddle written in the ancient Pal-ul-don language.  It is a thousand years old.  The riddle is supposed to give him a clue to find the Treasure of Kings.
#93.1 Manga, chief of the Manguelu tribe, presents Queen Mosana with his arm bracelet as a gift of friendship.
No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story) N’kima finds a gold bracelet and wears it around his neck.  He thinks it makes him the ‘king of the monkeys.’  The bracelet gives him a false courage to scare off a leopard and hyenas.  The great apes are not impressed.  Thorak throws him in a body of water.  The bracelet is so heavy that it holds his head under water.  Thorak pulls him out of the water and takes the bracelet away from the little monkey.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.4+93.1+No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story)

breather pipe  --  pipe extension placed on a jeep’s engine so it can cross a deep river and not stall.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1

bridge  --  53.1  The Panther Men use what they call a flying bridge to extend over the chasm that leads to the area that houses the King Panther.  It is weighted on one end and has a series of rollers.  They carry Jane on a stretcher across the bridge to offer her to the King Panther.
#70 (splash page) The pygmies build suspension bridges over river.
#97.2 The Nurami pursue Tarzan, Boy, Dombie, and Miboko.  Before their canoe is overtaken, Tarzan throws the boys up to a rope bridge, which extends across the river.  Tarzan leaps to the rope bridge.  The Nurami also gain the bridge.  Tarzan cuts the bridge loose and the Nurami tumble into the river.
 Dell Number  -- 53.1+70 (splash page)+97.2

briefcase  --  Dr. David Forrence carries the Mask of Mani Kongo in a briefcase with his initials on it.  Pollock steals the case.  After Tarzan rescues Pollock from the wild dogs, Pollock tells the Jungle Lord that his name is Donald Frayne in an attempt to not raise suspicions.  Tarzan is temporarily fooled.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

brontosaurus egg  -- Tarzan and Dr. Mac hunt for brontosaurus eggs in the Valley of Monsters.  A volcano erupts just as the doctor digs one up.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.3

bucket  -- Tarzan makes a bucket from the bark of a tree and seals it with clay so that he can collect tree sap to feed the baby elephant that he saved from the river.
 Dell Number  -- 76.1

buffalo hide  -- Karungo, a champion of the Achingas, is jealous of Tarzan’s popularity and success as the war chief of the Achingas.  As the people celebrate a new alliance, Karungo and his two henchmen wrap Tarzan up in a buffalo hide and throw him over the ‘cliff of sacrifices.’  The rope catches on a branch.  Tarzan manages to cut himself free.  He cuts the hide into strips to lower himself to the bottom of the cliff.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

bugles  -- Both the war galleys of the Pirate King and of Castrum Mare use bugles as a signaling device.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

bullet pouch  -- Boy finds a bullet pouch in the jungle.  He and Dombie pound out the lead to thin sheets and fill them with gunpowder.  They use the small explosives on the Chacma Baboons.
 Dell Number  -- 57.2 (Boy Story)

bullet proof vest  -- Made by Ace Bullet Proof Vest Co., Chicago.  Two evil men trade the vest to Banga, the evil witch doctor, for ivory.  Banga uses the vest in The Ordeal of the Spears.  His opponents are allowed to cast two spears at Banga.  The vest protects him from harm.  He in turn throws one spear at the opponent.  Banga gains control over the tribes.  Tarzan is forced into the ordeal.  His spears bend when they hit the vest.  Boy drops army ants down the vest thus exposing Banga’s secret.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.3

bull hide  -- Tarzan asks Kimbo for a bull hide as he goes to hunt down the King Leopard.  Kimbo brings him a bluish gray one from his hut.  Tarzan uses it to protect himself from the claws of the King Leopard and its mate.
 Dell Number  -- 67.2

bundle  -- Tarzan makes a bundle of sticks that he throws in the rouge hippo’s mouth so that it cannot submerge or bite.  This allows Tarzan to rope it.  It also makes it possible for Tarzan to remove the bullet in Pinky’s jaw, next to a tooth.
 Dell Number  -- 101.2

buoy  -- The Mermen use a log tethered to the bottom of the Lost Lake as a buoy to find the underwater entrance to their crater home.
 Dell Number  -- 108.1

burnooses  -- a hooded mantle of cloak worn by Arabs.  Paul d’Arnot and Tarzan dress in typical Tuareg burnooses so they will not stand out as foreigners in their search for Louis d’Arnot.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

cable  -- Tarzan carries a heavy cable across the river so the Nukongas can string their crocodile trap across.  Later a Nukonga carries the same cable across for the same purpose.
 Dell Number  -- 69.2

cacti, desert  --  used to quench Tarzan, Boy and Tantor’s thirst as they cross the Thorny Desert on their way to Pal-ul-don.  It tastes like a weak fruit juice.
 Dell Number  -- 6

cage  --  #A2.3  The ape Zorek is placed in a cage.  A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story) The young baboon Nugu is trapped by the Hottentots and placed in a cage for the next five years.  Nugu manages to bend the bars to escape.
No. 25.4 The Boruti capture Prince Nikar, the pygmy.  They place him in a cage suspended from a tree in their village.  Tarzan has the pygmy warriors distract the wild hunters.  He pulls the cage up into the tree and frees the Prince.  He drops the cage on the Boruti chief’s head.
#131.2 The Balugas use what they call the monkey cage for the Moon Dance.  The cage is suspended from a tree.  A civet cat is placed in the cage with a monkey.  The Balugas capture N’kima and place him in the monkey cage.  Boy and Dombie rescue the little monkey.
 Dell Number  -- A2.3+A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story)+No. 25.4+131.2

call of the Kanya Bird  --  Tarzan uses this as a signal for Muviro and Sala to enter the slaver   village.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2

camera  --  #99.2 Boy’s eighth birthday gift from Tarzan is a Polaroid camera that he purchased from a trader.  He takes a picture of the people at Boy’s party.  Boy and Dombie take the camera out to the veldt.  Boy takes a picture of a pride of lions.  Dombie takes a picture of Boy as he approaches the lions on foot.  Tarzan promises to take Dombie’s picture with the leopard that Tarzan killed while saving him.
#129.1 - The camera is not seen but the naturalist, Arthur Smythe shows Tarzan a picture of a new species of apes.
 Dell Number  -- - 99.2+129.1+

camouflage  --  #60.1  The Men of Monga hide under camouflaged rocks.  They spring out of their hiding places and fling their bolas at potential slaves.
A#4.1 The Talking Gorillas use grass camouflage over their bodies as they sneak up on Cathne.  Tarzan uses the same type of camouflage to sneak to the back of their line.
 Dell Number  -- 60.1+A#4.1+

canoe  --  #A2.5 Tarzan uses a canoe with a catamaran-type of balance off the east coast of Africa.  He finds a shipwrecked man, Gary Keene.  He takes him on the canoe in search of his wife, Stella, who was captured by the Brothers of the Barracuda.  Tarzan rescues Stella, and they take the canoe into a storm to escape the sea Arabs.  They rip the bottom out of the canoe on a coral reef as they attempt to land on an island.
#49.3 - Tarzan and Dr. Mac borrow a canoe from the Lake Dwellers to go to the far end of the Lake of Pterodactyls to search for thipdar eggs.
#50.3 Tarzan and Buto use a canoe to follow a member of the Secret Society, who is canoeing to an island.  Tarzan and Buto steal all the canoes from them.
#51.3 Tarzan, Korak the great ape, Harvey and Bruce Norton use a canoe to escape from the Hokyus.  The Hokyus pursue them in larger canoes.  They are carried over a dam successfully.  The Hokyus are not as lucky as they crash.  Tarzan and his group leap from the canoe before it goes over a waterfall.
#53.3 Tarzan and the Lutorian soldiers canoe Mike Nucco and his six henchmen to an island in Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan banishes them there for trying to take over Lutor and killing Lutorians.
#54.2 The Isle of Leopards is reached by a dugout canoe.  The trained leopards give a cry to the island and the canoe is pulled across the lake by a pulley system.  The leopard boards the canoe with its kill and is pulled back to the island.  When Boy and the baboons raid the island, Boy cuts loose the only canoe, thus preventing a safe escape route for the leopard men.
#55.3 Tarzan is fishing on the ocean in an outrigger canoe when he spies a great ape in the water.  He sails the ape home to the Isle of Apes.  He sinks his canoe so the Arab game hunters will not find it.
A#3.1 Tarzan uses a dugout canoe to approach Castrum Mare.  He uses the same canoe during the rescue of Jane and Boy from the Pirate King.
#58.3 - A fisherman tires to net Tarzan in the Forbidden Valley.  Tarzan ties him up with the net and takes his canoe. Tarzan sees galleys from Castrum Mare and Castra Sanguinarius battle.  Tribune Sergius Rufus is knocked off his ship.  Tarzan rescues him in the canoe.  They canoe to Castrum Mare.
#63.2 Miss Ruel’s bearers mutiny and take over her canoe safari.  They use the four dugout canoes to transport her down river.  She manages to escape and meet up with Tarzan and Boy.  Tarzan steals one of the canoes.  The natives pursue them in the other three canoes.  Tarzan has Miss Ruel trail a piece of crocodile meat behind them.  They pass through a herd of hippos.  The hippos believe the pursuing canoes are crocodiles and destroy them.
#68.1 The Cat Men use canoes to paddle towards Tarzan and Dr. Mac’s downed seaplane.  Dr. Mac uses a rocket to discourage them from approaching.  Tarzan rescues King Zugu from the Cat Men and commandeers a canoe to escape.  The Cat Men pursue in canoes.  Dr. Mac takes off before they can get close.  Tarzan canoes through a cleft in the crater and out into Lake of Lutor.  Tarzan states that the Cat Men use cables to lower their canoes out of the crater.  They meet Dr. Mac in the lake.
A#4.4 Boy and Dombie built a bark canoe, fashioned after American Indian canoes.  They paddle upstream to discover a lost race of pygmies.  Boy is forced to undergo some kind of test in the water.  Dombie brings the canoe to Boy and they escape.  As they arrive close to home, the canoe springs a leak and sinks.
#70.1 Tarzan continues to canoe King Zugu towards Alur.  He stops at Lutor.  The Lutorians provide warriors riding giant swans as an escort.  They fight off Terribs.  Tarzan and Zugu sleep in the canoe.  Terribs attack again.  Tarzan dives from the canoe to fight them.  The Lutorians attach three swans to the front and two swans to the back and fly the canoe above the battle.  A Ho-don spear hits a swan.  The canoe tips and Zugu falls out.  The Ho-dons use war canoes to search for their missing king.  They attack Tarzan and the Lutorians on their giant swans.  They knew Dr. Mac flew away so they attack anything in the air.  King Zugu’s canoe is being pulled through the fly by giant swans.  The Ho-dons spear a swan from their war canoes.  Tarzan ropes the falling king and outdistances the war canoes.
#70.2 Tarzan and Boy fish from a canoe in the Lake of the Mists.  An approaching storm forces them to head for an unnamed island.  The canoe will require some patching as they ride through some breakers.
#73.1 Tarzan and N’kima travel to the island home of Mugambi’s Village.  A tidal wave pulls all the canoes off the island.  Tarzan helps the tribe make new dugout canoes.  Agib steals a canoe and the gold and heads out to sea.  Tarzan follows him in another canoe.  A sea monster bites through Agib’s canoe.  Tarzan throws two hand grenades at the monster.  The monster’s death throw smashes Tarzan’s canoe.
#73.2 Brant Torrey, white hunter and guide, canoes to find Tarzan and enlist his aid in finding Tom Lindon, American photographer.  Tarzan joins him.  They canoe back to his camp.  They find Lindon.  They drive his canoe up onto some rocks in Roaring Gorge to avoid the rapids that no man has survived.
#75.1 Tarzan and N’kima canoe down an unnamed river to the valley home of the Eagle Men of the Engani.
#75.2 Tarzan pays some unnamed natives to take the inept hunters, Jacobs and Poley to Nairobi by canoe.
#85.1 N’kima finds Tarzan on a river in a canoe.  He informs him that the apes, Tornak and Nala, saved a white woman from Sheetah and don’t know what to do with her.  The canoe has eyes and red stripes painted on the bow.
#85.2 A war canoe is in the title and the principle theme of the story.  The Waziri war canoes are on the shore of the Waziri landing place.  Boy and Dombie examine Muviro’s new war canoe.  It is gold with red markings and stripes.  They are carried out into the water by the rising river.  The Wabanda spot the canoe and attempt to board it.  The boys thwart the attempt.  The Wabanda use their war canoes to capture the now empty canoe.  When the boys do not come home, Tarzan takes a Waziri war canoe to search for them.  He learns from the boys that the Wabanda have Muviro’s canoe.  He liberates the vessel.  The Wabanda pursue him in a canoe.  Tantor over turns the enemy canoe.  Tarzan has Tantor pull Muviro’s canoe overland back to Muviro’s Kraal.
#89.1 Tarzan and his two ape companions subdue dark skinned natives and take their canoe to Castra.  After rescuing Sir Ronald Crabtree, they use the canoe to escape Castra during the volcanic explosion.
#92.2 Boy and N’kima come across fifty Kondis raiders.  Boy sends N’kima to find Tarzan.  The little monkey finds him in a canoe on the river.
A#6.1 - An unnamed tribe, one hundred strong, canoe to the island where Tarzan and his family are marooned.  The natives plan to sacrifice gorillas to a giant squid.  Tarzan and a tribe of bolgani drive the natives to their canoes.  They leave behind one.  Tarzan and his family are now able to leave the island.
#94.1 Tarzan and Om-lat explore the part of the Great Swamp in a canoe.  They run into hostile albino pygmies and flee in their canoe.  They easily outdistance the pygmies and land on the Island of Wazban.
#95.2 Tarzan and Boy hunt for the Bushmen in a dugout canoe.  They leave their canoe and explore the land.  They find an injured Bushman who directs them to his canoe.  They paddle along the river until the Bushman directs them to leave the river.
#97.1 Tarzan and N’kima canoe across the Great Swamp on their way to Cathne.
#97.2 Tarzan uses a canoe to help Boy, Dombie and Miboko escape from the Nuramis.  The Nuramis pursue them in war canoes.  Tarzan and party must abandon the canoe as they are being overtaken by the Nuramis.
#100.1 Canoeing near the Canyon of the Mandrills Tarzan rescues Moki from the baboons.  Moki’s canoe got away from him.  The young Badunga shows Tarzan a map.  Tarzan canoes to get some manga shrub.  After recovering the rifle of Tippoo Tib, Tarzan and Moki swim in an underground river.  They end up at Tarzan’s canoe.
#101.2 Tarzan and Boy canoe in Tanganyika looking for the missing hippo, Pinky.  Pinky smashes their canoe.  Tarzan borrows a canoe from some friendly natives to capture the hippo.  Enemy natives approach the friendly natives’ village at night in their war canoes.  Pinky smashes one of the canoes.  They flee in the other.
#102.1 The Gomah tribesmen canoe Tarzan to their village.
#103.1 Tarzan and Jathon return to Pal-ul-don via canoe.
#103.2 Boy and Dombie canoe through a tunnel to a mysterious island.  A crocodile crunches their canoe.  From a tree they see a witch man canoe back through the tunnel.  Tarzan sees the boys smoke signal from a canoe.  The Leopard Man also see the smoke and canoe through the tunnel.
A#7.1 Tarzan, Jane and Boy are canoeing up the Niger River when they came upon Johnny Ball and his broken seaplane.  Tarzan fixes the plane, and they leave the canoe in the river and fly off.
A#7.6 (Boy story) Boy and Dombie fish from a canoe.  Jeremy Downs takes refuge from lions in a broken dugout canoe.  He floats downstream.  Boy and Dombie canoe Jeremy back to his parent’s camp area.  Boy and Dombie canoe home.
#108.2 Boy and Dombie take a canoe to go fishing on the Lake of Reeds.  They abandon their canoe to help a baby elephant.
#111.1 The Kolumbwe raiders use canoes to attack the fishing village of the Luemba.  Tarzan shows the Luemba how to build ten twin hulled dugout canoes with ramming beaks.  They lure the Kolumbwe into a trap and ram their canoes.  The Luemba attack the island home of the Kolumbwe with their heavy war canoes.  The Kolumbwe attempt to flee in their remaining canoes.
#112.1 Tarzan canoes to Lutor to visit.  A new volcano is born in the lake as he lands.
No. 25.1 Jane and Boy use a canoe to flee from the Wabuna.  The Wabuna pursue them in their own canoes.  Jane steers the canoe to the island in the Red Gorge, just before the falls. The Wabuna turn from the gorge in fear.
No. 25.6 - After Tarzan rescues the evil Pollack from the wild dogs, he finds him transportation on a Watunga canoe.  It is a large canoe with a covered area.  When Tarzan learns that Pollack is in possession of the Mask of Mani Kongo, he borrows a canoe from the Watunga to pursue him.
#113.2 Boy and Dombie go fishing in a canoe.  When Zoom, the giant otter pulls the fish off of Dombie’s trident he causes the canoe to capsize.  The boys manage to right size the canoe.  A Terribs appears and snatches Dombie out of the canoe.  Boy jumps in to help him.  Later Tarzan uses the canoe to cross the river to search for Terribs ground openings.
#115.1 Tarzan canoes in the Great Swamp observing wildlife.  He saves a Mountain Man and Woman from a Terribs attack.  He canoes them up river towards their home.  They stop for supper.  A Hairy Giant captures the Mountain Man and Woman.  Tarzan rescues them and finishes canoeing them upriver to the hills of Kroo Maun.
No. 37.4 Tarzan is in a canoe when he learns about the missing Dombie from the Waziri drums.
No. 37.6 The Skirlings use canoes.  The giant Vikings with Tarzan onboard ram the canoes with their dragon ship.  The Skirlings flee in their canoes.
#119.2 - The Batuko capture Boy and Dombie.  They canoe them upstream away from their home to fool Tarzan.  After the boys escape and scare the Batuko, they take the Batuko canoe back home.
#120.1 Tarzan distracts the Bantu so the Nye-Nye can steal the Bantu canoes.  They use the canoes to return to their traditional home in the Towering Rocks.
#122.2 Boy and Dombie make a dugout canoe to give to the Kasana cliff dwellers to fish with.  They haul it to Lake Sana by bullock cart.  They are chased by the Bangas and drive the cart over a ledge into the lake.  They canoe to the cliff dwellers.  Boy takes the Kasana out in the canoe to show them how to use the seine net they brought them.  A storm forces them ashore.  Afterwards, they paddle out to the net and pull the net full of fish to the shore.
No. 51.1 Lechwe, a River Bushman, takes Tarzan towards the Lake Nobody Names by canoe.  They portage the canoe from the Delta of the Okovango for days to the lake.  They paddle to an island of the Houses of the Ancient Ones.  When Tarzan attacks the Tree of Ages, Lechwe fearfully flees in his canoe.  Tarzan catches up to him later and helps him paddle home.
#124.2 Boy and Dombie take a Wakinda canoe into the lake whose waters are receding because of an earthquake.  They are sucked into a cavern.  Tarzan follows their scent and canoes to the cavern.  He paddles the boys to safety just before another quake seals the entrance to the cavern.  No.
51.5 Pan-at-lee canoes across the Great Swamp to find Tarzan because Om-at has been captured by the Ho-dons.
#128.2 Tarzan and Muviro search for Boy and Dombie in a canoe.  They have a sail on their craft.  They rescue the boys and have to fight off a giant squid.  They take the boys home in the canoe.
#129.1 Tarzan canoes Arthur Smythe, the naturalist, upriver into a mysterious valley where he discovered a new species of apes.
#131.2 The Balugas canoe the captured N’kima and the civet cat to an island for the Moon Dance.  Boy and Dombie rescue N’kima and swim for shore.  The Balugas pursue them in their canoes.  Tarzan tips over their canoes from underwater.  The Balugas think it was a water monster.
 Dell Number  -- A2.5+49.3+50.3+51.3+53.3+54.2+55.3+A#3.1+58.3+63.2+68.1+A#4.4 +0.1+70.2+73.1+73.2+75.1+75.2+85.1 +85.2 +89.1 +92.2 +A#6.1 +94.1 +95.2 +97.1 +97.2 +100.1 +101.2+102.1+103.1+103.2+A#7.1+A#7.6 (Boy story)+108.2+111.1+112.1+No. 25.1 +No. 25.6 +113.2 +115.1 +No. 37.4+No. 37.6 +119.2 +120.1 +122.2 +No. 51.1 +124.2 +No. 51.5 +128.2 +129.1 +131.2

cape cart  -- This is what Boy calls the covered wagon of Nama the Hottentot trader.  It is a two wheeled cart pulled by two water buffaloes.  Nama makes the rounds trading in various goods.
 Dell Number  --  118.2

capstan  --  #49.1  The white pygmies use a capstan device to raise and lower a basket for people and animals to and from the Rock of Opar.
A#4.1 The White Pygmies use an elevator devise to lower King Nikko’s army from the Rock of Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 49.1+A#4.1

car  --  Ka-cha, the baboon, leads an attack on the golf course clubhouse because they laid out poison mealies and his balu got sick.  The two golfers make their escape in a car.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4

caravan  --  Tarzan spots a troubled Bedouin caravan from the back of Argus.  He descends to help them out.
 Dell Number  -- 77.1

carbide burner  --  Wanumo, the Golden Man, gives Tarzan a carbide burner as a souvenir of their friendship.  It is a hand held stick with some sort of globe on the top.  It is never explained but appears to be some sort of torch.
 Dell Number  -- 77.2

carrier pigeon  --  used by Captain Ladue to notify the French that his plane is down and that he found an ancient Roman city.
 Dell Number  -- 21.2

cart  --  A#7.2  Kobo, the animal trainer, uses a trained zebra to pull his cart that he drives to Tarzan’s tree house.  Tarzan rides in the cart as they hunt for another zebra for Kobo to train. Later Kobo uses the cart to distract lions away from Boy.  Again later, a monkey throws coconuts at the zebra, which breaks the cart and runs off.
#122.2 Tarzan helps Boy and Dombie load the dugout canoe onto a bullock cart to take it to the Kasana cliff dwellers.  Two tame buffaloes pull the cart.  They are chased by the Bangas.  They drive the cart off a ledge and into Lake Sana.  The cart is lost.  They boys paddle away in the canoe.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.2+122.2

cartridge belt  -- Boy and Dombie find an elephant gun and a heavy cartridge belt near a dead Bambori and a dead rhino.  When leopards attack the boys, Dombie shoots one leopard but is knocked out by the recoil.  Boy throws the cartridge belt at the other leopard.  It encircles sheetah and slows him enough so that Boy can retrieve the rifle and kill the leopard.
 Dell Number  -- 116.2

cassavas --  A tropical plant that is used in many food products including tapioca.  Boy and Dombie go to the garden to see if the cassavas are ripe.  They discover that someone has been stealing the ripe plants.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.5 (Boy Story)

catamaran  --  A#6.2  Boy and Dombie build a catamaran at Lutor.  It has the two skis with a platform connecting them and a white sail with a red zigzag decoration.  The wind pulls them into the lake.  Terribs chase them.  They run aground.  The Golden Men save them.
#110.2 Tarzan and Boy sail a catamaran on a fishing trip.  A storm comes up and they are forced to land on Pirate Island.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.2+110.2

cave  --  Near the base of the Tower of Hotoombo, Tarzan and the Hardy safari discover a cave or mine entrance.  Inside they find the missing John Ramsay’s possessions and a message he scratched on the wall.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

cave paintings  --  Tarzan and Boy follow the Bushmen into a cave where the true Bushmen have drawn on the walls.
 Dell Number  -- 95.2

chain(s) -- When Shiftas capture Sandra McKinney and Chet Harper, they chain them to trees.  The captives have metal bands around their waists and are chained to a metal band around a tree.
 Dell Number  -- 64.1

chain mail  --  #49.3  Dr. Mac wears an aluminum chain mail under is clothes.  When he is place in a thipdar nest, it protects him from the clawing of the young thipdars.  #93.1 Some of Queen Mosana’s men wear chain mail.
 Dell Number  -- 49.3+93.1

chariot  --  #41.2  New Cathne uses horses for the first time to pull chariots.
#45.3 Tarzan recognizes the Royal arms of Cathne on an overturned chariot.  Lions pull the chariot.
#46.1 rams head are on the axle hubs.
#54.3 King Jathon meets Tarzan with a chariot pulled by lions.  The Cathnean warriors attack the Talking Gorillas with lion pulled chariots.
#63.1 When Tarzan brings Chet Harper, the stranded American prospector to Cathne, Jathon and some Cathneans ride lion drawn chariots out to greet them.  Tarzan and Harper ride a chariot into the city.
#66.1 The Cathneans use lion drawn chariots in the joint attack on the Talking Gorillas in Athne.
A#4.1 Queen Elaine rides a lion chariot out into the country alone.  The chariot’s front is in the shape of a lion.  The Cathneans in their attempt to save Tarzan attack the Talking Gorillas in their lion chariots.
#71.1 King Jathon greets Tarzan and Princess Loma in a chariot drawn by four lions when they come to Cathne to ask for lions to help protect Lutor from the Terribs and the Bolgani.
#84.1 Prince Thyron of Cathne hunts using lion pulled chariots.  Mitzeraim warriors capture him and most of his men.  Lord Rython escapes detection and rides a lion chariot back to Cathne to tell Tarzan and King Jathon.
#92.1 Karen Lane escapes from the Inkota tribe in a leopard pulled chariot.  Her chariot falls into a pit trap.  Tarzan pulls them out.  Moments later Queen Nilonda arrives on her leopard pulled chariot with her warriors.  Karen is taken back to the city in the chariot.  Tarzan races along at the same pace as the chariot until the guards command him to halt.  The chariots have medallions on the front.
#123.3 Queen Elaine, thinking King Jathon is dead or wounded, heads a search party.  She rides in a chariot pulled by two horses.  Tarzan and Jathon greet them.
 Dell Number  -- 41.2+45.3+46.1+54.3+63.1+66.1+A#4.1+71.1+84.1+92.1+123.3

chest  -- The Queen of the Cat Men has a chest in her palace that contains a trap door that leads out of the throne room.  The Queen avoids Tarzan by leaving through the chest.  She locks the trap door for the other side.
 Dell Number  -- 68.1

china, fine  --  Tarzan and his family are marooned on an island.  They spy the mast of a freighter on the reef.  Tarzan dives into the wreckage for equipment to help build a tree house.    During his search he is attacked by a hammerhead shark, which he kills with his knife.  Besides the equipment he needs, he also brings Jane some fine china.  Jane is trilled.
 Dell Number  -- A#6.1

chop box  -- Container of the evil white hunter Burke.  Tarzan hides the jewels the mangani have found in the chop box so that his partner, unnamed, will think Burke is trying to cheat him.
 Dell Number  -- 46.3

cigarette butt  --  Tarzan finds a cigarette butt of the elephant poachers as he tracks them.
 Dell Number  -- 48.1

citadel  --  The city on an ancient crater in Kando-mor.  It was the home f the Gallugos.
It is surrounded by double fence, which holds wild buffaloes.
 Dell Number  -- A2.2

clay doll  --  Buto received a clay doll bearing his likeness from the Secret Society.  It is stuck with thorns, meant to represent spears.
 Dell Number  -- 50.3

climbing poles  -- Long poles with bars alternating on either side used to scale a wall or tower.  They are used by the Torodons to attempt to scale the Tower of Ta-dan.  Rocks and boiling water thrown from the tower thwart the attempt.
 Dell Number  -- 41.1

club  --  A#5.4  In their room at the Inn of the Three Dervishes, Tarzan provides Shareef Hussein with a club.  He also has one for himself as he suspects that robbers will attempt to steal the gold they are carrying.  Some of the Arab robbers also carry clubs.
#106.2 war club.  Isilo gave Dombie is broken war club.  He throws it at a baboon that is raiding the samba.  It only enrages the baboon.  No. 51.5 Pan-at-lee is knocked unconscious by a Ho-don club.  They throw her over a cliff.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4+106.2+No. 51.5

coconut(s)  --  #20.2 Tarzan desires some coconut milk.  N’kima throws some coconuts down to him.
#A2.5 When Tarzan, Gary and Stella Keene, and N’kima wreck their canoe on a island’s coral reef, N’kima climbs a palm tree and throws coconuts down at them.
 Dell Number  -- 20.2+A2.5

coconut milk  --  #55.3 Tarzan gives cocoanut milk to the gray ape Mujak to overcome his sickness from seawater.
#56.2 (Boy story) Boy has cocoanut milk for breakfast.
 Dell Number  -- 20.2+#55.3+56.2 (Boy story)

coliseum  --  arena for gladiatorial games
 Dell Number  -- 14+19.1+58.3

collar of shame  --  Brass collar.  It is what Chako calls the collar placed on him by Jock and Noddy.  It has diamonds hidden inside it, which the two traders are trying to smuggle out of Africa.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.5

colored stones  -- what the mangani call the jewels they find on the shore of the shark lagoon.  They call them shinny with fire and fight over them.  White hunters kill them for the jewels.
 Dell Number  -- 46.3

compact mirror  --  Standish, the ostrich, steels Jane compact mirror.  Jane has to bola the ostrich to retrieve it.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.4 (Jane Story)

cooks food  --  #24.1  Tarzan shoots a young teledon with his bow, pulls it up into the tree with his rope, and cooks the meat in the crotch of the tree.
#75.1 Tarzan cooks his breakfast of catfish over a fire.
#75.2 Tarzan cooks a pig over a fire for the inept hunters, Jacobs and Poley because they do not know how to cook food.
#80.2 Tarzan kills a warthog for himself and a balu numa that he rescued.  He cooks his meat over a small fire.
A#5.1 Tarzan cooks a warthog over a fire.
A#5.2 - At the start of the story Tarzan cooks unnamed meat over a fire for Buto and himself.  Later at the base of the Gourambi range Tarzan cooks leopard for himself and Buto.  Towards the end of the tale, giant Vikings cook a boar that Tarzan killed.  Presumably Tarzan ate some of the meat.
#104.1 Tarzan cooks meat for the two missing men, Tobey and Harry.
A#7.4 Tarzan cooks horta for Kandor and himself.
A#7.7 Tarzan cooks meat for himself but gives it to Nogoni and his family.
#120.1 Tarzan cooks fish for himself and Bauxhau, the Bushman.
No. 51.1 Tarzan broils fish for a family of River Bushmen.
 Dell Number  -- 24.1+75.1+75.2+80.2+A#5.1+A#5.2+104.1+A#7.4+A#7.7+120.1+No. 51.1

copper bands  --   Bruce Norton, who is a captive of the Hokyus, places messages on copper bands.  He places them on storks in the hopes that someone might rescue him.  One stork is found in Germany, and the band is given to his father, Harvey Norton, in England.  Harvey shows the band to Tarzan.
 Dell Number  -- 51.3

copper kettles  --  The Waziri are instructed by Tarzan to bring copper kettles along to boil water from the Great Swamp to purify it.
 Dell Number  -- 24.2

copper wire  --  What Hannibal J. Belmore uses to tie up Tarzan so he can’t follow him.
 Dell Number  -- 13.2

corked bottle  --  carried by Tarzan is keep matches dry.
 Dell Number  -- 20.1

corn  --  #85.1  The Crater Villagers bring Professor Ross sacks of corn for him to grind with his homemade windmill.
A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story) Hottentots use corn to lure baboons into their trap.  The young baboon, Nugu, calls the corn, mealies.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1+A#6.3 (non-Tarzan story)

corral  --  Tarzan has a corral near the tree house.  Kobu, Boy’s waterbuck, is housed in the corral.  When Katumu dies, the chief’s witch doctor Faloka claims the Kobu jumped the corral and killed the chief.  Tarzan proposes trial by combat between Kobu and the witch doctor.  The trail is held in the corral.  There is a raised platform for the chiefs to see over the pole fencing to observe the trial.  Kobu proves to be the victor.
 Dell Number  -- 115.2

Council of Chiefs  -- Tarzan calls together the chiefs of the seven tribes for a council or indaba.  Indaba is a Zulu word for a conference between or with South African natives.  They meet near the tree house to vote on whether or not to permit the Arab traders the right to sell rifles to their people.  Tarzan advises against it.  The council vote is three to three with Katumu requesting more times to decide.  They vote by placing their spear tip into a circle for a yes vote.  Katuma dies before he can cast his vote.  The witch doctor accuses Tarzan is trying to manipulate the vote.  Tarzan proves the witch doctor to be false.
 Dell Number  -- 115.2

Council Tree  --  #15.2 - Near the center of the Mobembe village where ceremonies take place.  It is here that Tarzan watched Madege, the witch doctor, attempt to kill Amele with a coral snake.  Tarzan roped his arm and pretended to be a spirit, Lord of the Jungle.
#101.1 Tree near the Achinga Village.  It is where the Achinga decide to wipe out the Umvari tribe.  Tarzan interrupts them and meets the challenge of the Achinga champions.  Tarzan becomes their war chief and convinces them into becoming the peacekeepers.
 Dell Number  -- 15.2+101.1+

covered wagon  --  The Van Dyck family, South African pioneers, use a mule drawn covered wagon to travel to their new home.  Tarzan advises them not to go to the Valley of the Shadows of Death.  While he helps the men search for a new place, a veld (sp) fire forces Martje, Koert, and Boy to flee in the wagon.  They race into the poison belt of red flowers.  The mules stumble into a gully.  Paul Norden rescues them.
 Dell Number  -- 94.2

cowbell  --   Boy ties a cowbell on Jad-bal-ja’s tail.  The golden lion is frightened and runs away.  Tarzan scolds Boy and goes to find the lion to remove it.
 Dell Number  -- 126.2

cranes  --  #66.1  The Athneans use cranes to build New Athne.
#80.1 The Athneans use cranes to repair the aqueduct of the City of Sands for the Beni-Adhemi.
 Dell Number  -- 66.1+80.1+

crocodile craft/boat  --  watercraft built in the image of a crocodile by the people of Lutor for protection against the Terribs as they travel the waterways.  The head opens upwards.  The pilot sits up front and steers with a wheel.  In the back the rowers sit on benches and use pedals, which move the hidden oars.  The rowers are armed with bow and arrows.  The back of the boat opens and provides protection for the archers from both sides.
#34.2 Loma of Lutor uses a great pair of shears from the mouth of the boat to aid Tarzan in his fight with two giant snakes.  The Terribs attack and kill all the rowers.  Tarzan and Loma escape out of the mouth of the boat into the trees.
#36.2 Speaking tubes are used to give orders to the crew.
#45.3 Princess Loma takes Tarzan and King Jathon to Athne via a crocodile boat.  They are following Timon who plans to attack Athne with Goliath.
#50.1 Kumar of Lutor signals the crocodile boat to pick up himself and Tarzan.  The new design of the boats makes them faster and they have better armor to protect them against the spears of the Terribs.  Princess Loma takes Tarzan to the Stork Men Village via the craft.
#52.3 As Dr. Mac and Tarzan fly into the Stork Man Village, the doctor spies a crocodile boat in the water.
#59.1They are referred to as ‘royal crocodile boats.’  Tarzan on Gorgo comes upon Princess Loma in her crocodile boat.  She tells Tarzan that her brother, Prince Keelim’s, boat was attacked by Talking Gorillas.  Keelim was taken captive.  Tarzan rescues Keelim and the other captives.  They met up with King Loban in his royal crocodile boat.  The talking Bolgani attack them.  The Lutorians bows are out of range.  The gorilla long bows are not.  The crocodile boat’s back raises and provides some protection for the Lutorians.  Princess Loma sounds the gong in the boat to signal them to close the hatches.  A tidal wave caused by an earthquake dumps the gorillas from their rafts.  The crocodile boats survive easily.
#70.1 Princess Loma arrives in the crocodile boat to help Tarzan and his Lutorian escort fight the Terribs.  The Terribs flee.  Loma recalls the giant otters to the croc boat.  Tarzan stays overnight on the boat before pursuing King Zugu.  Tarzan ropes Zugu as he falls from the canoe bring pulled through the air by giant swans.  He deposits the king in the croc boat.  Tarzan and his escort will continue towards Alur.  He tells Loma that he will decoy the Ho-dons up a waterway so the croc boat can take King Zugu to Alur.
#71.1 Tarzan has the Lutorians bring four crocodile boats near Cathne to carry one hundred lions back to Lutor to help protect their island against the Terribs and the Bolgani.
#A#6.2 Boy and Dombie escape from the Golden Men on black swans.  They come upon a crocodile boat manned by Tarzan and King Loban
#112.1 Many Lutorian crocodile boats are in the water as Tarzan comes to pay a visit.  An earthquake causes a tidal wave, which smashes most of the crafts against the city walls.  Tarzan, King Loban, and Princess Loma take a croc boat to investigate the new volcano being born in the lake.  They witness a plane crash and attempt to help, but the steam from the volcano obscures their vision.  Later they rescue the survivors from the Terribs.  They take them to Lutor and later they transport the British airmen to the mainland of Pal-ul-don by crocodile boat.
No. 51.7 Tarzan and Princess Loma in the croc boat pull Margaret Mackenzie from her space capsule that landed in the water near Lutor.  They take her to Lutor.  Tarzan, King Loban and the Lutorians take croc boats to the Valley of Monsters to seal up an entrance.  When they return by croc boat they learn that Prince Loma took the astronaut by croc boat across the Great Swamp.  Tarzan and King Loban take a croc boat and save them from finned dinosaurs as the croc boat was damaged.
 Dell Number  -- 34.2+36.2+38.1+45.3+50.1+52.3+59.1+70.1+71.1+A#6.2+112.1+No. 51.7

crocodile skin  -- The Kisumu hid their kidnap victim Dombie in a hut under a crocodile skin.
 Dell Number  -- 123.2

crossbows  --  #36.2  King Loban and Princess Loma use crossbows from the mouth of their crocodile craft on the attacking Terribs.
#49.2 (Boy story) Boy buys a crossbow and quarrels from a Bahatwe trader.
#55.1 Primary weapon of the people of Karfu.  They down Dr. MacWhirtle’s plane with one of their iron bolts.
#56.1 Tarzan shoots two partridges with a crossbow that he and Dr. Mac have taken from Karfu.  Dr. Mac shoots a musket from the hands of a Tuareg who is about to shoot Tarzan.
#63.1 Chet Harper, the stranded American prospector, makes his own crossbow for protection.  When natives attack him and Tarzan, Harper kills one of them with the crossbow.
#64.1 Chet Harper uses his crossbow to bring down Bara for food for himself and Tarzan as they are about to cross the Great Desert.  In the desert he misses a boar with the same crossbow.
#91.1 The Skraeling horde reigns crossbow fire on Yarlsgaard, the city of the giant Vikings.
#122.1 The Athneans, who are intent on rampaging through Tarzan’s country, primarily use crossbows as their weapons.  Tarzan has an arrow firefight with them.  Later he advises Muviro not to get into an open battle with the Athneans because the crossbows have four times the distance of a spear throw.  Prince Gato fires his crossbow at Tarzan as he steals the Athnean elephants.  Gato manages to hit his personal elephant in the trunk.  Tarzan has the Waziri pull a surprise attack on the Athneans and have them overpowered before they can use their crossbows.
 Dell Number  -- 36.2+49.2+55.1+56.1+63.1+64.1+91.1+122.1

Cross of Lyonesse  -- a triple cross, which marks the southern entrance to the Valley of the Lyonesse.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1
 Novel  -- LJ - (a sixty foot tall limestone cross marks the southern entrance to the
           Valley of the Sepulcher.)

crowbar  --  prying devise used by Dak-lot’s men in an attempt to topple the parapet onto Tarzan and Tantor.
 Dell Number  -- 9

crude oil  -- The Moumamba people burn a crude oil in their torches 24/7.  Tarzan and the two oil prospectors discover this fact.  After escaping the Moumamba city, the prospectors decide that it is not worth the effort to retrieve the oil, which reportedly was oozing from the ground.
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

crutch  --  Dombie falls out of a tree while attempting to capture a little bird.  He sprains his ankle.  Boy makes him a crutch from a tree branch so he can limp along.
 Dell Number  -- 90.2

curse of Moumamba  -- Whoever hears the sound of Moumamba’s voice (waterfall) never returns.  The people talk with signs because they are deaf from the voice of the river.
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

cutter, twelve oar  --  When the men of the Pirate King realize that Tarzan is escaping with Jane and Boy in a dugout canoe, they send a twelve oar cutter after them.  Tarzan uses a heavy machine gun to sink the ship.  The pirates think Jove’s lightning bolts did it.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

cyanide of potassium  --  Dr. MacWhirtle has gelatin capsules of cyanide, which he has   brought along while collecting specimens.  He and Tarzan place them in arrowheads to kill the giant spiders of Arrack.
 Dell Number  -- 30

Cygnus  -- ship of Consul Publius Mallus, Castrum Mare.  Tarzan and d’Arnot are captured by pygmies and sold as galley slaves on the Cygnus.  During a battle with Castrum Sanguinarius, the Cygnus is rammed and Tarzan breaks his bonds and fights to help Castrum Mare.
 Dell Number  -- 21.2

dagger  --  After Tarzan and Paul d’Arnot defeat their opponents at the Forbidden City, Sheik Ibrahim gives Tarzan a dagger as a token of esteem and honor of the People of the Veil.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

dam --  #51.3 The Mangowari River is formed by a lake overflowing a dam site in the mountains.  Tarzan, Korak, the great ape, and the Nortons ride a canoe over the dam during their escape from the Hokyus.  The pursuing Hokyus crash as they go over the dam.
#80.1 The Athneans build a dam for the Beni-Adhemi and their aqueduct.  Tarzan and Hathor, the elephant, open the flue gates of the dam to repel the mountain savages who are about to attack the unsuspecting Athnean workers and the Beni-Adhemi.
 Dell Number  -- 51.3+80.1

dance  --  #29 (inside cover - ‘Jungle World’) The baboon dance is a ceremonial dance of the Zulu.
#72.1 A witch doctor does a whirling dance as the baboons are turned loose and Barbara Hillyard is forced to stand on a flat-topped rock.
#74.1 Tarzan and the ape, Borok, follow the natives they rescued from a cliff to a sulfur fumed cave where they witness the natives performing a dance.  Borok thinks it is a Dum-Dum dance.
#75.1 The Eagle Men of Engani dance a ‘flight dance’ after one of their eagles brings down a gazelle.  Later they dance a slow ‘flight dance’ around Lukambo, who is tied to a pole.  They plan to release him and send attack eagles after him because he is from a different tribe and loves Illona, an eagle woman.
A#6.6 (Jane Story) At Nimbo and Isha’s wedding they perform a wedding dance.
#104.1 The Moumamba people dance to celebrate the death of the rouge elephant.
 Dell Number  -- 29 (inside cover - ‘Jungle World’)+72.1+74.1+75.1+A#6.6 (Jane Story)+104.1

danger cry of mangani balu  -- Miss Ruel escapes from her captors.  She meets up with Boy.  She is disappointed that it is only a boy to protect her from the natives.  Boy uses the cry of a young gray ape to call Tarzan to him.
 Dell Number  -- 63.2

DDT bombs  -- Dr. MacWhirtle and Tarzan drop DDT bombs in a volcano opening to kill Giant Wasps on the Island of the Dwarfs.
 Dell Number  -- 48.3

Defensive Scent  -- also known as Doctor MacWhirtle’s secret weapon.
#32.2 Doctor MacWhirtle has perfected a repellent similar to skunk and civet cat.  He uses it on himself to keep the blue baboons away from him.  Even Tarzan cannot stand to get near him.
#33.2 On their way home they discover that it does not keep away a wild boar, but it does work on snakes in the water.  Doctor Mac plans to patent his formula.
 Dell Number  -- 32.2+33.2

den (lion’s)  --  Tarzan finds a lion’s den in a rocky knoll.  He places an orphaned cub in the rock den and places a bolder in front of the opening so the cub will be safe from hyenas.  The lioness easily removes the rock to discover the cub, which she adopts.
 Dell Number -- 80.2

denarii  --  Disguised as a native fisherman Tarzan charges the Pirate King’s Chief Cook two denarii for a basket full of fish.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1
 Novels   -- LE  - a silver Roman coin of little value used in Castrum Mare and Castra Sanguinarius.

dhow  --  (Ara)  #12 a type of small sailing ship, used by Sheik Ibrhim to sail the coast in search of slaves.  Tarzan, Kolo, and Leelah take over the Arabs dhow.
#20.2The evil Murdock holds Jad-bal-ja and other animals on an Arab dhow.  Tarzan rescues them.
#55.3 The Arabs use a dhow to come to the Isle of Apes to capture them.  Tarzan learns of it when a dhow capsizes at sea and he finds an ape clinging to a mast in the water.  After Tarzan and the apes capture a group of Arabs, he uses their dhow to go to the Gambah Village and releases all the captured animals.  He returns the dhow to the Arabs and makes them promise not to hunt on the Isle of Apes ever again.
#61.1 Williams, a cocky animal buyer, brings four dhows to the Isle of Apes with the intent of capturing them.  A volcano threatens to destroy the island.  Williams and his men retreat to the dhows.  Tarzan strikes a bargain with Williams.  He will give him a bag full of pearls if Williams will use the dhows to transport the apes to the mainland.  He agrees and the apes are taken by dhow to the mainland.
#73.1 Agib captures many of Mugambi’s people and takes them away on a dhow.   A tide wave carries the dhow back to the island and crashes it on the beach.
#83.1 The Channel Pirates use a dhow to plunder the area.  The Arab fishermen are afraid to put to sea.  Tarzan uses one of the fishing boats.  The pirates attack from their dhow.  Tarzan dives into the water.  He hangs onto the rudder of the dhow and rides it back to the pirate stronghold.  Tarzan unites the fishermen and the survivors of the three-mast vessel and has them board and capture the dhow.  He gives the dhow to the survivors so they can return home.  The dhow has a large female figure on the bow of the ship.
A#6.1 Tarzan and his family are sailing a dhow to Mombasa.  A typhoon drives them into a reef.  They make it to an island.  Tarzan uses the dhow’s sail to make a shelter.
#126.1 A group of chimpanzees are sold to Arabs, who leave on a dhow.  Tarzan and the chimp, Cheeloo, take a boat to intercept them.  The captain of the dhow tries to get Tarzan to jump overboard.  Tarzan disarms him.  A storm comes up.  Tarzan gives orders to try to keep the ship afloat.  The rudder breaks.  The dhow hits land.  Tarzan anchors the dhow to a tree.  After disarming the Arabs, Tarzan makes a raft from parts of the dhow.
#128.2 A pirate dhow tries to capture Boy and Dombie who were carried out to sea in their tree house by a tidal wave.  A giant squid attacks the dhow.  The dhow fights it off and makes sail.
 Dell Number  -- 12+20.2+55.3+61.1+73.1+83.1+A#6.1+126.1+128.2
 Novel   -- TCys

diamonds  --  A #1.5 What Jock and Noddy are trying to smuggle out of Africa in the collar of a baboon they have captured.
A#3.2 Boy, Chako, and the other baboons trade Willie Slyke diamonds, which are a part of the treasure of Opar, for licorice candy.  He hides the diamonds in his small refrigerator.  When Tarzan discovers what Boy has done, he goes to the trader and retrieves the diamonds in the icebox.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.5+A#3.2

disguise  --  #A2.3  Boy dresses the ape Zorek in a zookeeper’s outfit to get him out of the village.
#49.1 Tarzan is in Arab disguise in Nairobi.  #50.3 When Tarzan dons a business suit to visit the British Commissioner in Nairobi, Major Towne calls it a disguise.
#53.1 Tarzan over powers a Panther Man and uses his costume to infiltrate the Panther Men in order to rescue Jane.
#55.1 Tarzan dons the Karfu’s cloak to disguise himself as a Karfu wall guard.
A#3.1 - Tarzan disguises himself as a native fisherman to gain entrance to the Island of the Pirate King in order to rescue Jane and Boy.
#57.3 Tarzan disguises himself in the toga of a Roman nobleman so he can pass through the streets of Castra Sanguinarius.
#58.3 Tarzan disguises himself as a Castra Sanguinarian citizen to get into the games.
#62.1 Tarzan disguise himself as a Ho-don noble to bring King Zugu to the royal wharf.  (His white skin doesn’t seem to matter to the guard.)
#75.1 Tarzan makes an eagle headdress and arm bands from the Engani eagles he downed.  The disguise stops the Engani eagles from attacking him.  Later he cuts a bush to conceal himself from the Eagle Men.  He gives the bush to Lukambo to protect himself from the Engani eagles.
#89.1 Tarzan uses a toga to disguise himself in Castra in order to find out information about the captured Sir Ronald Crabtree.  #91.1 Tarzan uses a leopard skin to sneak through the Skraeling’s camp in the middle of the night.
#126.1This is not really a disguise as much as protection against the blazing sun.  Tarzan dresses the chimp family in Arabs clothing to protect them from the sun as the across the sea in a raft.  They keep the clothing on as they cross the desert to protect them against the desert sun.  A band of Arabs crosses their path and are surprised to see chimps dressed as men.
#127.2 Boy and Dombie believe that Tarzan has been captured by the Bageenas.  They cover themselves with a sticky sap and place feathery white tuffs of a pod plant to disguise themselves as monkeys.  They add cord tails.  The Bageenas believe in the monkey god.  The natives buy into the disguise until the boys are almost overcome by the smoke of the sacrifice.
 Dell Number  -- A2.3+49.1+50.3+53.1+55.1+A#3.1+57.3+58.3+62.1+75.1+89.1+91.1+126.1+127.2

diving helmets  -- gold colored cylinder with another cylinder on the back.  It is what the Amazons use as breathing devises to swim to the Sacred Isle of Pythons and to avoid the huge pythons in the water, which surrounds the island.
 Dell Number  -- 18.1

diving suits (underwater suits)  --  developed by the Cat Men to travel to the Temple of Brule, their god.  It consists of a full body suit, a clear, spherical helmet, and two air tanks carried on the back.  The air is produced chemically.  Touching helmets together allows communications between two people.  These were developed a long time ago.  The current breed of Cat Men does not know how these things work.  Tarzan uses one to reach the temple to rescue Princess Loma, Prince Keelim, Margaret Newman, and her brother Gerald.  (see elephant heads)
 Dell Number  -- 38.1

djinn devils  --  a spirit lower than an angel, could be human or animal form, they do good or harm to humans.  Arab slavers believe the Sable Lion and Buto Matari are these creatures.  Later they believe Tarzan to be one also.
 Dell Number  -- 11

dog kennel  --  Tarzan and Boy convert a small hut near the tree house into a dog kennel for the injured wild dog they found and plan to nurse back to health.
 Dell Number  -- 84.2

donga  --  #5 It is a Zulu word for gully or ravine.  As a flash flood sweeps through a donga, Tarzan saves two porters from drowning on his forced journey to Opar.
#47.2 As Tarzan and the Waziri riding on gryf approach Tarzan’s jungle, they come upon a rhino in a ravine (donga.)
#59.2 Boy and Dombie are confronted by a lion near a donga.
#71.2 Tarzan stampedes Buto’s stolen cattle away from the thieving M’bongos and into a donga where Buto and his men are waiting.
#86.2 - While hunting, Boy and Dombie think about searching a donga for a pig.
#99.2 Boy and Dombie try to approach a lion in a donga to take its picture.  The lion is disagreeable so they leave.  Boy trails the fleeing Dombie into a donga with a river running through it.  Dombie reaches another donga and is forced into a wart hog burrow by a leopard.  Boy returns with Tarzan.  They search the donga for Dombie.  Tarzan kills the leopard, and they rescue Dombie from the burrow.
#100.2 Tarzan leads Jad-bal-ja along a donga to escape the Inandi lion hunters.
#105.1 Tarzan finds Ruth Wells and her last safari member in a donga.  He buries the dead man in the donga and rescues Ruth from the pursuing Moran tribe.
#106.2 Boy and Dombie search for a cheetah to capture to protect the Waziri shamba.  They find one in a donga.  No. 25.6 - The passenger plane carrying Dr. Forrence and the Mask of Mani Kongo crashes in a donga during a storm.
#117.2 A buffalo tosses Kabara the Waramba into a donga.  His tribe reports him as dead.  He is only wounded.
#121.2 A fierce storm causes a pride of lions to take shelter in a donga.
 Dell Number  -- 5+47.2+59.2+71.2+86.2+86.2+99.2+100.2+105.1+106.2+No. 25.6 +117.2+121.2

dragon egg  --  In the valley of dragons Inkomi places his spear in the ground and accidentally breaks some dragon (lizard) eggs.  Tarzan and Inkomi dig up the eggs.  Tarzan shoots an approaching dragon.  She falls on her own eggs crushing them.
 Dell Number  -- 98.1

dragon ship  -- The giant Vikings in the Gourambi range have a large Viking dragon ship that Yarl Hrolf calls the wave skimmer.  The ship has a large sail with an eagle on it.  The sides of the ship have large shields on the side.  The shields have basic symbols on them.  Oars propel the ship.  Tarzan and Raoul d’Arnot search for Colonel Paul d’Arnot.  They come to the Vikings for help.  The Vikings take them out in the dragon ship.  They come across the Skirlings in their canoes.  The Vikings ram the canoes and drive off the Skirlings.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.6

dragon skin  -- The evil witch doctor uses a dragon (lizard) skin to keep his people under control.  Tarzan realizes that there is something suspicious about the lizard’s movement and knocks the dragon on the head.  He discovers the Dragon Doctor inside the hide.  After Tarzan and Inkomi’s exploration of the valley below, Tarzan exposes the witch doctor’s evil intent to the people by showing them the dragon skin.
 Dell Number  -- 98.1

drawing  -- Tarzan does a drawing of a Garth on the wall to show King Jathon what they are up against.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.5

drums  --  FC 134  The Dashani warriors use drums to alert other tribes to cut off the escape of Tarzan and the John Ramsay rescue party.
#46.2 The Matusi use drums to notify other tribes about the Ordeal of the Mamba.
#47.1The lost tribe of white Bantu use drums to call the plesiosaurus to the raft for the sacrifice of victims.
#53.1 The Panther Men use a drum to awaken the King Panther so it can find the sacrificial victim, Jane.
#74.1The cave natives use drums in their dance.
#75.1 The Eagle Men of Engani use a drum in their slow ‘flight dance’ around the captive Lukambo.
A#5.3 Drums announce The Ordeal of the Spears between Tarzan and the Banga, the evil witch doctor.
A#6.1 - An unnamed tribe prepares to sacrifice some gorillas to a giant squid.  They dance around the gorillas and beat on drums.
#97.2 Used in Masai ceremonies and dances.
#99.1 The Watumba tribe beat drums as they prepare to attack Buto’s Kraal.
#101.1 Tarzan requests the chief of the Achingas to sound the drums to call his warriors to arms against the Karuri.
#104.1 Native villagers relay the message of two missing white men via drums from village to village.  Tarzan also hears the drum message.  Drums also tell of a big reward offered by an oil company.  At the end of the story drums report that Tarzan has found the two men.
#105.1 Nandi drums falsely tell of the death of the White Flower of the Makembe, Ruth Wells, by baboons.
No. 25.6 Tarzan learns from the Watunga drums about the downed airplane.  After recovering the Mask of Mani Kongo, Tarzan goes to the Watunga Village and sees a plane landing for Dr. Forrence and his daughter.  His surmises that the Watunga drums called for the plane.
No. 37.3 - From a tree Tarzan listens to the wedding drums at Barengo and Ilona’s wedding.
No. 37.4 - From their separate areas Tarzan and Boy learn about the missing Dombie from the Waziri drums.  #123.1 Drums alert Tarzan that Kabarounga has escape from exile.  Drums tell Kabarounga where to meet his followers.  Muviro has the Waziri signal Tarzan with drums as to the whereabouts of Kabarounga.
#127.2 Boy and Dombie hear the drum message that the Bageenas will sacrifice a white-skinned man.  They think that the man is Tarzan and go to rescue him.  Tarzan also hears the drums.  When the giant eagles return without the boys, he deduces what has happened.
#128.1 A drum message relays from village to village that a game warden and his party have been killed and that a Waziri spear and shield was found at the scene.
#131.2 The Balugas play drums for the Moon Dance.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134+46.2+47.1+53.1+74.1+75.1+A#5.3+A#6.1+97.2+99.1+101.1+104.1+105.1+No. 25.6+No. 37.3 +No. 37.4 +123.1 +127.2 +128.1 +131.2

Dum-Dum  -- sacred and secret ritual of the great apes.  The drum is the base of a very old white ant hill #6.
#27 Thurag calls for a war Dum-Dum after his mate, Kalith is wounded by a bang-stick.
#37.1The mangani start a war Dum-Dum after many of their mates are taken from them.  Tarzan stops the proceedings.  This angers the ape Torik.   Tarzan knocks the ape unconscious.
#58.1 The White Apes celebrate the Dum-Dum when the moon rises.
#61.1 Williams, an animal trapper, has come to the Isle of Apes to capture them.  Tarzan calls the apes to a Dum-Dum.  After they pound and dance themselves into a frenzy, Tarzan leads them towards the tarmangani to rid the island of them.
A#4.1 - After taking Tarzan captive, the Talking Gorillas hold a Dum-Dum.  They beat on a hollow log as they prepare to attack Cathne.  Argus swoops down and picks up the tied ape-man while the Bolgani are in the throws of the Dum-Dum.
#89.2 - After catching the Bagongo poachers Tarzan has the apes bring them to a Dum-Dum.  They are terrified.  The apes leave in the morning.  The Bagongos are grateful to leave with their lives.
#117.1 Korak the Killer has taken over Kars tribe.  Korak calls for a Dum-Dum to whip the apes into frenzy against the Waziri.  The young bulls are attracted to Korak’s rage.  The older bulls hold back.  Tarzan challenges Korak’s leadership.  They fight.  The young bulls knock out Tarzan.  The older bulls support Tarzan and overwhelm the younger bulls.  Korak is driven from the tribe.
#129.1 - The male apes of a new species hold a Dum-Dum by the light of the moon.   While the Dum-Dum is in progress, Tarzan goes to the Cavern of Kor to find Boy.
 Dell Number  -- 6+12+27+37.1+58.1+61.1+A#4.1+89.2+117.1+129.1
 Novel   -- TA

dummies  -- Tarzan makes two dummies out of bark.  He has the Waziri position the dummies so that the evil Kabarounga will expend all his pistol shots on the dummies.  Thus Tarzan is able to recapture the villain.
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

dumpcart   --  made from a wooden box and an old tin can left over from a safari.  Boy uses it as a chariot pulled by chimpanzees to play lion-pulled chariots of Cathne.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2

durbar  --  Durbar is the court of the king.  It is usually associated with India.  This is used as a formal ceremony or reception for a new king or chief.  Tarzan travels to King Imanga’s durbar as a representative of the Waziri.  The Bakongo capture Tarzan and try to embarrass the Waziri.  They are exposed as frauds.  After Tarzan’s rescue he is honored at the durbar.
 Dell Number  -- 125.2

dwellings of the Oparians  --  They look like adobe houses of Southwestern United States.
 Dell Number  -- 59.3

dynamite  --  # 24.1  Doctor MacWhirtle brings dynamite on his trip to the Valley of the   Monsters.  He uses a stick of it strapped to a spear to stop an attack by the zu-gomangani.  The concussion from the blast knocks out the Doctor and Jo-rah.  Upon waking Ja-rah calls it ‘thunder.’
#37.1 Tarzan find some dynamite in the Giant’s village.  He uses it on them to rescue the mangani and some natives.  The dynamite also awakens the volcano that contains the Giant’s village.  The eruption destroys the Giants and their village.
#A2.1 Tarzan uses dynamite to blow up the column where the Batwinged people are holding Heather Day.  Later he uses dynamite to blow up the entrance to the cave home of the Batwinged Men.
 Dell Number  -- 24.1+37.1+A2.1

earthquake  --  #7  While Tarzan and Lake People are fishing an earthquake causes a tidal wave that ruins the Lake People’s village.
#38.1 A quake triggers the volcano in the Temple of Brule.  The subsequent eruption destroys the Cat Men and their city.
#59.1 - An earthquake causes a tidal wave in the Great Swamp, thus saving the crocodile boats from the Talking Bolgani.
A#4.3 Tarzan is being chased by Garths in the Valley of Monsters.  He tries to lower himself by rope into a canyon.  An earthquake causes the cliff to crumble, and Tarzan plunges into the water below.  In another story, Tarzan and Dr. Mac are in the Valley of Monsters, an earthquake after a volcano eruption opens a crevice to the Great Thorn Desert.  Tarzan, the doctor, and many dinosaurs escape the valley through the opening before another quake seals it closed.
#82.1 Small quakes rumble throughout the mountain of Opar.  A larger quake topples part of the Temple of the Moon.  More quakes panic the gangsters, who are after the jewels of Opar.  They attempt to escape on their plane.  They crash at the base of the mountain.  The same quake possibly traps or kills the rest of the gangsters.  Tarzan and La escape the collapsing cleft where the jewels are secreted away.  The treasures of Opar may be sealed under the fallen rock.
#112.1 - An earthquake shakes the ground as Tarzan lands at Lutor to visit.  The quake causes a tidal wave and the birth of a new volcano.
#124.2  - An earthquake causes the Wakinda to leave their village for a safer place.  Boy and Dombie investigate the water receding from the lake because of the earthquake.  They are sucked into a cavern and find an old ship.  More earthquakes occur.   Tarzan enters the cavern and paddles the boys to safety just before a third quake causes the face of the mountain to crumble and seal the cavern.
#130.1  - An earthquake splits open the Rock of Opar causing a geyser to spew sulfur water into the air.  The White Pygmies move off the rock and back to their traditional desert home.  La leads the Oparians to the top of the rock.  A second quake destroys the historical Oparian buildings on top of the rock.
 Dell Number  -- 7+38.1+59.1+A#4.3+82.1+112.1+124.2+130.1

egg  --  In the Canyon of Night Prince Rotan finds a blue egg as large as a watermelon.  The Prince thinks it is a blue gem.  Tarzan warns him that the egg’s mother, a large wingless bird is about to attack him.  Tarzan kills the bird.  They eat the egg.  (The egg is a foreshadowing of the great blue gemstone that is the Treasure of Kings.)
 Dell Number  -- A#6.4

electrical generator  --  An unscrupulous American sets himself up as the King of Tohr.  His plane crashed with electrical equipment.  He uses Tohrian laborers to turn a giant capstan-like shaft to produce energy for a generator.  The generator powers a silence machine that mysteriously swallows up all the sounds within the city - hence the City of Silence.  Tarzan literally throws a (monkey) wretch into the works and destroys the machine.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.1

elephant alarm  --  Boy helps Dombie build an elephant alarm out of gourds, bamboo, a bent spear blade, and a leaky kettle.  They string it across the Waziri shamba.  When the rouge comes in the middle of the night Dombie pulls the alarm.  The elephant grabs the alarm and pulls it.  The alarm gets caught around its tusks.  The rouge destroys the shamba.  Muviro scolds Dombie for not sounding the alarm in time and for the lost of the alarm.  The next day Boy and Dombie search for the pieces of the alarm.  They make a deal with some pygmies to exchange some of the metal from the alarm if they kill the rouge.
 Dell Number  -- 120.2

elephant head breathing devices  -- The Mermen of the Lost Lake use elephant-like heads to travel from their island home across the lake to the shore to pick up supplies.  Once near shore the trunks act like a snorkel.  They must close off the trunks in some manner as they descend.  The head furnishes them with enough air to reach the underground cave that leads to their city.  The heads are responsible for keeping the local native tribes in fear and they consider them to be gods.
 Dell Number  -- 108.1

Elephant Ordeal, The   -- A #1.2 - It is used by the Athneans on all captured Cathnean royalty.  The prisoner is made to stand on a pole that is surrounded by mounted elephants.  When he falls from the dizzying height, the elephants will trample him.  Prince Jathon is captured and subjected to the ordeal.  Tarzan rescues him.
#40.1 In New Athne it is called the Ordeal of the Elephants.  Tarzan rescues Tom Culver, Ellen Maypool, and Doctor Maypool when Prince Ergon turns on them.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.2+40.1

elephant pen  -- Boy and Dombie track the elephant hunters to their kraal and elephant pen.  Boy weakens the gate on the elephant pen so that the elephants can escape.
 Dell Number  -- 108.2

Elixir of Life  -- No. 25.1 As Tarzan tries to recuperate from the spear wound he received, Wabuna, the Wise One, offers him the Elixir of Life.  He has developed a drink that prolongs life span and youth.  He warns Tarzan about the downside of the elixir, that he will outlive his family.  Tarzan decides he will take the elixir to be strong for his family now.
No. 37.3 - The Mengos, forest spirits, use a secret food mixed with the blood of an albino crocodile to keep them eternally young.  La calls them the Deathless Ones.  They have lived this way for generations.  It is given only to the men.  They constantly kidnap new wives.  Their children do not live very long.  La promises Tarzan eternal youth if he marries her.  Tarzan rejects her.  The Jungle Lord kills the albino crocodile thus putting an end to the elixir for the Mengos.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1+No. 37.3

emperor’s games  --  regular gladiatorial events in the Ivory City held in the emperor’s arena.  The Strangler was a cult hero of the games until Tarzan came along and easily defeated him.
 Dell Number  -- 19.1

explosive bullets  --  what Paul d’Arnot uses in his express rifle that he takes to the Valley of the Monsters.  The bullets have no effect on a thipdar.
 Dell Number  -- 24.1

Eye of the Python, The  -- ruby or garnet necklace found by Tarzan.  When the Amazons see Tarzan wearing it, they think he is a god.  After he escapes with Leda Mackrey, he presents it to her as a wedding gift for her and Jeff Lansing.
 Dell Number  -- 18.1

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