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Sacred Isle of Pythons  -- located in the Valley of Mists.  It is an island, whose waters are filled with huge pythons.  Assess can be gained by using a diving helmet and following a rope guideline to the island.  Once you gain access to the island, there is yet another island, which can be swung to by ropes. This smaller island contains a temple where the Amazons perform sacrifices.  It is there Tarzan rescues Leda Mackrey as they attempted to force her to sacrifice a pig.
 Dell Number  -- 18.2

San Antonio  -- Slim Doling inherited a ranch in San Antonio, Texas.  He and his partners struck   oil and become bored, rich cowboys.
 Dell Number  -- 33.1

Saparta  -- Home of the little spearman of the story’s title.  They are black pygmies.  Their village is located in a valley in Pal-ul-don.  Their houses are small cylinders with conical tops.  The roof has a pole sticking up into the air, which helps to support the nets over the village.  They have nets over their village to protect them for the giant black vultures that prey on their animals and people.  They are made up of two separate clans, the shepherd clan and the spearmakers clan.  The gund of the shepherd clan is the main chief.  When Tarzan reaches Saparta, Agano is the chief.  They raise miniature sheep and cattle.  They use traveling nets to protect their flocks while they are grazing.  They have never seen bow and arrows.  Tarzan teaches them how to make and use this new weapon. 
 Dell Number  -- 44.1

Secret Playground  -- Elephant’s Secret Playground.  Boy and Dombie take a glider and are forced to land.  Unfortunately they land in the Secret Playground.  Boy recognizes the area and knows they are in trouble.  There is a waterhole, trees, and huge conical anthills in the playground.  The elephants are angry with the intruders and smash the glider.  Tarzan uses Argus to rescue the boys from the elephants. 
 Dell Number  -- 91.2

Shark Lagoon  -- pool where the mangani find jewels they call colored stones.  The jewels are from some ancient pirate treasure that washes ashore.  The apes fight over the colored stones.  White hunters kill the apes for the jewels.  Tarzan kills a shark in the lagoon to save some apes. 
 Dell Number  -- 46.3

Shifta camp  --  #64.1 - Shiftas capture Chet Harper and bring him to their camp.  There are a lot of trees in the area.  It is on the edge of the Great Thorn Desert on the far side of the Great Swamp.  Their camp consists mainly of tents.  Tarzan rescues Harper and Sandra McKinney from the camp. 
#88.1 Tarzan and Buto subdue the sentry outside of the Shifta camp, which is surrounded by a thorn fence.  They steal the Shiftas’ horse so they can transport the Shiftas’ treasure to Fort Gumburu.
 Dell Number  -- 64.1+88.1

Skalli  --  (see Viking Village)

split fig tree by the red cliff  -- The witch doctor has the Munyoro signal the escaped Kabarounga by drums to meet his followers at the split fig tree by the red cliff.  It is from there the evil Kabarounga launches his attack on Tarzan’s tree house.
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

Spring of the Homeless Men  -- It is at the base of the Mountains of Barongo.  When one of the subservient class Nubas fears the punishment from the ruling class Kordo, he would leave the mountains and live out his life at the Spring of the Homeless Men.  One would not dare to cross the plains because of the sleeping sickness that plagues the plains.  It acts like a base camp for Tarzan, Buto, and the Nuba, Adumo, as Tarzan develops his plan to restore the balance of power in Barongo Land. 
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Stork Men Village  --  #42.1 The community is located in a landlocked lagoon in the Great Swamp that surrounds Pal-ul-don.  The Stork People build their houses on stilts.  They have a large community hall.  Their hatched roof houses are strong enough to support Argus’ weight.  Tarzan has them build a water cage to house Nip and Tuck, the two giant otters Tarzan trains to fight the Gorobars, the lizard mounts of the Terribs. 
#50.1 Dr. Mervin and his daughter, Yolanda, are stranded in the village because their plane is out of gas.  Tarzan and Kakar train otter pups to attack and kill lizards.  Dr. Mervin comes down with Swamp Fever.  Tarzan goes for help.  He returns to the village in Princess Loma’s crocodile boat with a cure for the fever.  Access to the lagoon is gained through a wooden gate that is flanked by rocks. 
#51.1 Dr. Mervin is ill at the Stork Man Village.  The Terribs attack the village and attempt to burn it.  They burn Dr. Mervin’s plane.  Tarzan leaves on Argus to get Dr. Mac to fly them out of the village. 
#52.3 Tarzan and Dr. Mac fly into the Stork Men Village located in the Great Swamp to pick up Dr. Mervin and Yolanda. 
#88.2 Tarzan searches for the missing Boy.  He flies Argus to the Stork Men Village.  The chief of the Stork Men says that they never leave their village.  He borrows water skis and a paddle to continue the search on the waters. 
 Dell Number  -- 42.1+50.1+51.1+52.3 +88.2

stone quarry  -- The Athneans mine great white blocks of stone in a quarry far from their New Athne building site.  They use elephants to drag the stones to the site.  After Prince Timon and the builders have been captured by the Talking Gorillas, Tarzan runs to the quarry to enlist the Athneans and their war elephants for the rescue attempt. 
 Dell Number  -- 66.1

Strange Valley  -- Tarzan searches for Borok, the great ape, in a strange valley.  He finds a herd of white buffalo and the Black Cloak Baboons in the valley.  He rescues a tribe of monkeys from the baboons.  He uses the white buffaloes to keep the baboons from leaving the valley.  Tarzan and Borok seal up the baboons’ escape route at the top of the mountain. 
 Dell Number  -- 79.1

Stronghold of Umangi  -- Mengo usurps his brother Umangi as chief of the Buntoro.  Umangani and his followers take refuge in the old stone fortress above the Walled Valley of Butoro.  It is a ruin on top of a hill.  It provides great protection against an attacking force.  It is vulnerable to siege.  Tarzan undercover a boulder near the fortress that reveals a passageway that leads to the Valley of Buntoro. 
 Dell Number  -- 118.1

Swamp Belt  -- A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)

Table Rock  -- Table Rock is a large mountain with a large flat top.  It is just outside of Kordo Village in the Mountains of Barongo.  The ruling class Kordo tribe uses it on the full moon for the Feast of Warriors.  War games are held and afterwards the Kordo sleep without fear because the rock has never been attacked.  Tarzan leads the subservient Nuba tribe to Table Rock.  They defeat the Kordo tribe and restore the balance of power to Barongo Land. 
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Taleela  --  #77.2 Bamboo city on slits that is the secret home of the Golden Men.  Tarzan brings the injured Wanumo, Golden Man, through the Great Swamp to a lake that holds Taleela.  Taleela lies near an island in the lake.  The water around the city is only inches deep, thus the use of the water skis by the Golden Men.  The buildings have inclined planes leading up to them.  The buildings are rectangular.  The thatched roofs angle inwards from the four sides for five or six stories and then angle to a peak from two opposite sides.  The other two sides appear to be open.  The Golden Men slip Tarzan a sleeping potion and transport him into the Great Swamp in an attempt to keep the location of Taleela a secret from everyone including Tarzan. 
A#6.2 - The city is not named.  The Golden Men rescue Boy and Dombie from a Terribs attack.  Dombie was injured when he was knocked in the water.  The Golden Men take them to their city on water skis.  The buildings on stilts are white with yellow roofs.  They are one-story dwellings with many of them having porches attached.  They have docks.  The doctor’s house has geometric symbols on the outside.  Their city is a secret so they inform Boy and Dombie that they can never leave.  The boys escape on black swans. 
 Dell Number  -- 77.2+A#6.2

Tanganyika  -- Tarzan and Boy canoe into Tanganyika is search of the missing hippo Pinky.
 Dell Number  -- 101.2
 Novel            -- TU

Tannalelt  -- Walled desert city of the Tannalelt people.  It is ruled by Amenokal, king, Saleem.  The city has a foggara, a water conduit, which runs under the city that feeds the palace lake and irrigates the fields.  Tannalelt falls to their enemies the Gaddanes.  Tarzan aids the Tannalelt to retake their city. 
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1

Taori Village  -- Tarzan and Herbert Gates are captured by headhunters and taken to their village.  They have rectangular huts with layered thatched roofs.  The hut where prisoners are kept is raised up on poles, as are a few other buildings. 
 Dell Number  -- A#6.7

Temple of Brule  -- In the middle of Crater Lake is a small volcano, which the Cat Men have made into their Temple to Brule, the Flaming God.  They have carved out rooms and corridors.  Access is made underwater through an airlock controlled by volcanic gasses.  Inside the airlock are phosphorescent strips to provide light.  The Cat Men keep prisoners in the temple.  It is also where sacrifices to Brule are made. 
#38.1 Tarzan uses a diving suit to enter the temple in his attempt to rescue Prince Keelim of Lutor.  He also rescues, Margaret and Gerald Newman as well as Princess Loma.  After the rescue an earthquake awakens the volcano, which destroys the temple and the Cat Men.
 Dell Number  -- 38.1

Temple of the Moon  --  #82.1The white temple of La and the crooked men is in the Chasm of Opar.  It looks like a Cambodian Temple.  It has a relief carving on all the levels and a multi-level staircase leading up to it.   Tarzan arrives at the temple to warn La that gangsters have come to steal the jewels of Opar.  They watch the robbers approach from the upper level.  An earthquake starts to topple the temple.  Tarzan grabs La and leaps to a tree for safety.  (See also Moon Temple) 
#130.1 There are apparently two Temple of the Moon: one in the valley of Opar and one on the top of the Rock of Opar.  Tarzan goes to Opar to investigate the split in the Rock of Opar.  A geyser is filling the valley with a sulfur smelling water.  Tarzan swims out to the Temple of the Moon where he declares that he once saved La from the Oparians.  It is a Greek-like columned building.  He discovers La chained to the horns of the altar.  The Oparians blame her for the earthquake and the geyser and are trying to sacrifice her.  Tarzan breaks the chains and frees her.  Tarzan and La lead the Oparians to the top of the rock.  Tarzan and La investigate the ruins of the Temple of Opar.  It also is a white Greek-like columned building.  Another earthquake destroys the temple and all the buildings on top of the Rock of Opar. 
 Dell Number  -- 82.1+130.1

Temple of Zimbabwe  --  #129 inside cover has a five-paneled story about the Temple of Zimbabwe in Southern Rhodesia. 

Terribs city/den/Village  -- #20.1 Home of the race known as the Terribs.  They wear crocodile skins and hunt mangani for food.  It is located in the middle of a desert.  Their buildings are shaped like flat-topped conical towers with a guard on top of each one.  Tarzan and Tim Wales rescue Jess from one of these towers. 
#42.1 Home of the Terribs are in dugout caves that have underwater entrances. 
#51.1 In the Great Barrier Swamp, the Terribs dens are underwater caves.  The Terribs capture Dr. Mac and carry him on Gorobars into their den.  Tarzan explores the underwater tunnels searching for the Doctor.  He finds the Doctor and his newly hatched Thipdar egg.  Tarzan discovers a passageway that leads straight up and out of the den. 
#88.2 The Golden Men prepare to attack the Terribs in revenge for killing some of their tribesmen.  A Terribs sentry signals to the village that enemies are approaching.  The Terribs pop up from their underwater tunnels.  Tarzan, the giant otters, and the Golden Men drive the Terribs back to their underwater tunnels.  Tarzan and the Golden Men land on the shore and free Boy from a hut that has bars on the windows.  The other huts are cylinder-like with thatched roofs. 
 Dell Number  -- 20.1+42.1+51.1+88.2+

Thunder Mountains  -- The mountains are the home of the cave bears.  No one has returned from the mountains.  Upon learning that Om-at’s wife and child are being held in the Caves of Ursamon, Tarzan talks Om-at into a rescue attempt.  They leave for the mountains.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.6

Thunder Valley  -- where Arab slavers have a thorium mine and are forcing Dr. Newsome to refine it for them.  The noise produced by the valley’s waterfall gives it its name.
 Dell Number -- 2 

Tohr  -- FC 161.1  - Lost city of the claw men.  Major James Barton and his niece lose all their   equipment while seeking Tohr.  Tarzan and d’Arnot help them. A beautiful but viscous white queen, Ahtea, rules Tohr.  They speak English as well as their own language.  The city has existed for many centuries.  They worship Pantu, a lion headed god.  The Tohrians make human sacrifices to their god by placing them on a grill held by a statue of Pantu.  A stone block is opened in the floor and the fires of Tohr leap up and completely consume the victim.  They also use lions in an arena for games.  Ahtea becomes infatuated with Tarzan, which brings her downfall.  The fires of Tohr consume the Queen.  Ukah’s father, an Attarian and traditional enemy of Tohr, is chosen as their new leader. 
#20 referred to as the city of silence. 
A#5.1 Tarzan rides a gryf to Tohr, the City of Silence, in search of Ta-den who is being held captive there.  Tohr has an impressive architecture of white buildings.  The entrance looks much like a Gothic cathedral.  A multitude of statues and arches dominate the city.  The gryf plows through the buildings knocking down everything in sight.  The city is control by an unscrupulous American who has set himself up as king.  His airplane crashed with electrical equipment.  He uses Tohrian laborers to turn a giant capstan-like shaft to power a generator that runs a silence machine that swallows up all sounds in the city, hence the City of Silence.  Tarzan throws a wrench into the machinery and breaks it.  The Tohrian guards try to kill Tarzan and accidentally kill their king.  The gryf continues to wreak havoc in the city.  Tarzan and Ta-den escape on the gryf.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.1+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+A 1     - (map of Pal-ul-don)+A#5.1

To-lur  --  (“Purple City”) Ho-don city of Pal-ul-don ruled by the evil Dak-lot.
 Dell Number  -- 9

Torodon Camp  -- It is in a canyon near a grove of trees.  They have round huts with conical tops.  They have campfires.  After capturing a number of Gallugos and their buffalo mounts, the beast men make the Gallugos prisoners fence off part of the canyon to corral the buffaloes.  Tarzan uses a lion skin to stampede the buffaloes out of the corral.
 Dell Number  -- 56.3

Tor-ul-ga  -- literally beast of red. Tarzan uses the term as if it is a place as he and King Jathon travel into Pal-ul-don to bring back two red gryfs to kill the Garth that is terrorizing Cathne.  They must travel over snow-covered mountains to reach it.  It is in a deep valley.  The red gryfs eat all the undergrowth. 
 Dell Number  -- 97.1

Tortoise Islands  -- islands found on the lake between Castrum Mare and Castra Sanguinarius.  It is where the opposing fleets often hide to get the jump on their enemy. 
 Dell Number -- 21.2 

Towering Rocks  -- The Towering Rocks is found across a lake in a hidden valley that once was a volcano crater.  It was the traditional home of the Nye-nye.  The rocks are covered with gigantic paintings of animals.  Bauxhau, the Nye-nye prophet, tells Tarzan that the Nye-nye were expelled from the Towering Rocks by “Father of Spirits’ for warring amongst themselves.  Tarzan aids the prophet to return to the rocks to pray to see if they could return home.  His prayer is answered.  Tarzan helps the Nye-nye escape the attacks of the Bantu so they can return to their traditional home. 
 Dell Number -- 120.1

Tower of Hotoombo  -- A tall peak in the Ras Dashani Mountains.  Legend has it that it is the home of the Devil Ogre.  It is ruled by the Devil Ogre and guarded by white gorillas that speak.  Tarzan, d’Arnot, Muviro, and the Waziri bring Doris Ramsay to the tower in search of Miss Doris’ father, John Ramsay, who has been missing for three years.  Near the base of the tower they discover a cave where John camped. 
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Tower of Ta-dan  --  (Pal) “tall rock.”  Single tall stone tower that is a Ho-don outpost to watch for enemies who may be approaching their home city, Alur.  Communications with Alur are made by carrier pigeons.  Tarzan brings Lucia Tally to the tower as they are being pursued by Torodons.  The Torodons attempt to scale the walls.  When that fails they prepare a siege.  Word form Alur arrives telling them to expect no reinforcements because Alur is also under siege.  Tarzan uses Argus to fly to Nairobi to enlist Doctor MacWhirtle’s help.  The Doctor fires rockets at the Torodons’ gryfs, thus breaking the siege. 
 Dell Number  -- 41.1

trading post  -- On the opposite shore from Castrum Mare is a small trading post that purchases people and animals for the games at Castrum.  The soldiers of Castrum guard the tree pole entrance to the post.  A bald trader does all the bargaining.  The soldiers transport the purchases by small sailing ships to the city.
 Dell Number  -- 106.1

Treasure Room of the Shiftas  -- A robber band of Shiftas stockpiles their booty in a cave near their base camp.  The cave entrance is flanked by two cylinder-like earth projections.  On top of the projections are huts for the guards.  Black panthers, which are chained to poles, patrol the grounds.  When the Shiftas wish to enter the cave, the guards pull the panthers to the top of the projections.  Tarzan and Buto subdue the guards and control the panthers.  They find a secret passageway in the floor of the cave.  Tarzan finds the mechanism to open the trap door.  In the cave below they discover, gold, silver, gems, and weapons.  Tarzan compares it to Aladdin’s Cave.  They hide the weapons and bring all the treasure to Fort Gumburu.
 Dell Number -- 88.

treasure vault of Opar  --  #82.1  It is hidden  (See also Cave-of-Heavy-Yellow-Stone)

Turkoman Camp  -- A Turkoman, who has taken their spears, forces Boy and Dombie to bring water up from a nearly dry hole near the Turkoman encampment.  They have conical huts and a fence surrounding their village.  They raise small goat-like animals.  Boy and Dombie escape went a flash flood hits the camp.
 Dell Number  -- 53.2 (Boy story)

Umboma’s Town  -- The city of the Gomahs.  It is named after the chief.  It is on the banks of a river.  It is built up high into the surrounding hills.  It is very large and well established.  They raise chickens, cattle, goats, corn, and fruit.  They ask Tarzan’s help in ridding the city of an albino elephant that terrorizes the area.  They believe it to be inhabited by the ghost of the chief’s brother, who was an albino.  They are prepared to sacrifice the chief’s beautiful daughter to appease the elephant.
 Dell Number  -- 102.1

Unbroken Swamp, the  -- swamp area the guards Pal-ul-don
 Dell Number -- 6

underground river  --  Tarzan follows a boar down a cavern to discover an underground river.  He pulls Ragak, gund of the blue baboons, out of the river.  He learns from Ragak that the river goes under the mountain.
 Dell Number  -- 32.2

unexplored area  --  forested area south of Magnus and north of Opar.
 Dell Number  -- A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)

unnamed area  -- Tarzan searches for the missing Barbara Hillyard somewhere in Pal-ul-don.  He descends two mountainous areas to discover a maze of natural enclosures formed by volcanic rock.  An unnamed tribe is torturing the young woman in the maze of rocks.  She is forced to stand on a flat-topped conical rock.  A wooden gate blocks off the area. 
 Dell Number  -- 72.1

unnamed island  --  #50.3 Tarzan and Buto follow a suspected member of the Secret Society by canoe to an unnamed island.  They find their cache of weapons.  They place the weapons in the canoes.  Tarzan sprays the society with the Mark of Evil.  They take all the canoes. 
#70.2 Tarzan and Boy are forced to land on an unnamed island in the Lake of the Mists.  A tribe of pygmies and their pygmy elephants live on the island.  They have a village and gardens.  Baboons are causing them many problems.  Tarzan captures the baboons and has them transported to the mainland. 
#103.2 Boy and Dombie canoe through a tunnel to discover a mysterious island in a lagoon.  There is a temple-like building on the island.  The boys watch from a tree.  They observe a witch man leaving the island.  They go to the island and discover that it is part of the Society of Leopard Men.  A leopard is chained to the building.  They dump the leopard men’s costumes into the lagoon. 
 Dell Number  -- 50.3+ 70.2+103.2

unnamed village  --  #A2.4 The unnamed tribe raise corn.  Their huts are surrounded by a stockade.  Tantor and his herd break through the stockade to release Tantor’s children who are captured in the village.  When they trample some of the huts, a fire destroys the village. 
#50.3 Tarzan and Buto track a member of the Secret Society to an unnamed village.  They pretend that they are ivory buyers to locate their suspect.  They follow him out of the village down to a lake. 
A#4.5 A missionary named Lane works in an unnamed village.  It consists of the typical huts and no kraal.  The people look somewhat like Masai. 
A#5.3 Tarzan and Banga, the evil witch doctor, engage in The Ordeal of the Spears in an unnamed village. 
#101.2 - After locating the missing hippo Pinky, Tarzan and Boy base themselves out of a friendly village to capture the rouge.  The villagers are happy to be rid of the hippo that attacks their people, raids their gardens, and destroys their fishing nets.  It has the typical white huts with thatched roofs.  They tether the captured hippo near the village in the river.  Pinky thwarts an enemy attack by smashing one of their canoes. 
A#7.5 (Jane story) Jane travels to an unnamed village to discover N’kala and Kimbo problems.  At the market place she purchases some bowls and stops a squabble between Tanga and a cloth merchant.  She purchases a loom in Nairobi for Kimbo.  It solves Kimbo’s problems.  The loom causes excitement in the market place and provides a good living for Kimbo and N’kala. 
#108.1 Unnamed village on the shores of the Lost Lake.  The unnamed tribe is in fear and awe of the Mermen who live on the volcanic island in the middle of the lake.  Tarzan learns that the Mermen don’t allow them to own canoes.  The village is decimated by the tidal wave caused by the volcanic eruption.  Tarzan, who has become the king of the Mermen, commands them to help rebuild the village.  He also hopes that he can get the Mermen and the villagers to live in peace with each other. 
#108.2 - Boy and Dombie track the native elephant hunters to an unnamed village.  They observe their kraal and elephant pen.  They wait until dark and weaken the gate of the elephant pen.  The elephants crash through the gate and escape. 
No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story) On the outskirts of an unnamed village N’kima finds a gold bracelet that gives him a false courage and makes him think that he is king of the monkeys. 
#121.1 Tarzan follows the trail of a rouge Garth through an unnamed destroyed native village. 
 Dell Number -- A2.4+50.3+A#4.5+A#5.3+101.2+A#7.5 (Jane story)+108.1+No. 37.5 (N‘kima Story)+121.1

Upper Falls  -- where Tarzan sends the Kenton’s to meet with the French troops under the command of Captain Armand Jacot so they can escape the raiding Shifta band.
 Dell Number  -- 23.2

Uru  -- The Wise One, who gives Tarzan the Elixir of Life, claims to be from Uru.  Nothing is known about Uru.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

Urubambwe Village  -- When an enraged Tantor terrorizes their village, the Urubambwe come to Tarzan for help.  The village is surrounded by a wood stockade.  Their huts are both rectangular and round with thatched roofs.  Tantor drops a stockade post through the chief’s roof and knocks Tarzan unconscious.
 Dell Number  -- 48.1

Valley of A-lur  -- Prince Agar, a Ho-don, welcomes Boy back to the valley in Pal-ul-don as Doctor MacWhirtle lands his seaplane in the Lake of Alur.   They are in search of Tarzan to guide them to the Valley of the Monsters.
 Dell Number  -- 31.1

Valley of Boulders  -- Part of Cor-o-don near the Valley of Monsters where Tarzan finds the missing Doctor MacWhirtle.  A battle takes place there between Jo-rah and his dyal mounted warriors and zu-gomangani. 
 Dell Number  -- 24.1 

Valley of Kordo  -- The Valley of Kordo is the location of the Kordo Village in the Mountains of Barongo.  Tarzan goes there to investigate the best way to restore the balance of power between the Kordo ruling class and the subservient Nuba tribe.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Valley of Jad-ben-otho  -- green valley wherein lies the city of Alur.
 Dell Number  -- 24.2
 Novel -- TTe - (Jad-ben-otho, The Great God, Chief deity of both Ho-don and      Waz-don of Pal-ul-don.) 

Valley of the Kandomor  -- The Gallugo tribe under the leadership of King Gallu come from this valley.  Tarzan is familiar with them.  They leave the valley on Tarzan’s advice.  They want Tarzan to find them a new home. 
 Dell Number  -- 46.1

Valley of Leopards  -- The Waziri, Imongo, tells Tarzan about two evil hunters near the Valley of Leopards.  Imongo fears that the Morobo tribe will kill them.  Tarzan goes to save the inept hunters.
 Dell Number  -- 75.2

Valley of Lions  -- The Valley of Lions is a huge grassy area between the Masai Village and the Kobamba Kraal.  It takes Tarzan days to across north through the valley to reach Kobamaba’s Kraal.  The Masai tell Tarzan that the lions have taken over the valley about ten moons prior.  The famous lion hunters of the Masai appear to be helpless against this pride.  The lions are wreaking havoc with the Masai cattle and men.  The Masai promise Tarzan that if anyone could rid the valley of the lions, they would give the valley to them and their friendship.  Drought and the Gahinga tribe plague the Wakembe tribe.  After the Gahinga’s are defeated Tarzan talks the new ruler, Kolulu, into moving his people into the valley.  They use their buffalo herds to drive the lions away.  The Masai make good on their promise of the valley and friendship. 
 Dell Number  -- 114.1

Valley of Lyonesse  -- It is a place were the crusaders, part of King Richard Coeur de Lion’s crusade in 1190, establish a community.  Their ship was blown off course on their way to free Jerusalem from the Saracens.  They never left the valley.  They called it ‘the Kingdom of Carmel’.  The Cross of Lyonesse marks the southern entrance to the valley.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1
Novel -- LJ - (Valley of the Sepulcher, a hidden valley in southern Abyssinia; cities were founded by shipwrecked crusaders.  A sixty-foot tall limestone cross marks the southern entrance with a faded inscription at its base.)

Valley of Mist  -- home of the Amazon warriors.  It is hidden is a deep valley which appears only as mist from above.  The Sacred Isle of Pythons is located there.  Tarzan, Thulak, and some gray apes follow a group of warriors to the valley.  As Thulak and his apes cause havoc in the village, Tarzan rescues Leda Mackrey from the women warriors.
 Dell Number  -- 18.1

Valley of Monsters  -- #7 volcanic valley where dinosaurs roam.  Earthquakes are common.  It is where the errant balloon took Boy and Dombie.  Tarzan and Muviro have to fight dinosaurs to rescue them. 
#14.1 mentioned, Tarzan, Boy, and Paul d’Arnot are flying there to map out the area but are forced to land near a lost city inhabited by descendants of ancient Romans. 
#16.1 A T-Rex has escaped from valley. 
#24.1 Tarzan and d’Arnot bring paleontologist Doctor Alexander MacWhirtle to the valley to search for dinosaur bones or eggs.  He is startled to find living pre-historic beasts.  Tarzan manages to find two T-Rex eggs for him.  One hatches and gets away in Tarzan’s jungle.  Doctor Mac takes the other home. 
#31.1 Tarzan, Boy, and Doctor MacWhirtle land on an island in the valley.  They are in search of dinosaur eggs.  After some close encounters they bring a large sack of Plesiosaurus eggs out of the valley. 
A #1.3 Tarzan flies on Argus over a place he calls the Valley of Dinosaurs (Reference to the Valley of Monsters.) 
#39.1 After rescuing Ro-mee-lah, Jo-rah lets Tarzan use a dyal, which he rides through the valley on his way back to find Muviro and the Waziri. 
#49.3 After Dr. Mac is carried off by a thipdar, Tarzan follows him on a fish-eating thipdar to the Valley of Monsters.  Tarzan rescues the Doctor from the thipdar nest.  They fight Garths on their way out of the valley. 
A#3.5 A volcano erupts in the Valley of Monster thus driving out the dinosaurs, the Torodons, and Jo-rah’s people. 
#58.1 Tarzan and Gorgo travel through the Valley of Monsters in the search of giant White Apes.  They see the volcano that erupted and destroyed most of the valley  (Dell A#3.5). 
A#4.3 Tarzan explores the valley and is chased by Garths.  He lowers himself into a canyon.  An earthquake collapses the cliff and Tarzan falls into the water.  He finds a Garth egg.  When it hatches, Tarzan names the Garth, Wheeck, and protects it from predators.  Some time later Tarzan and Dr. Mac are collecting brontosaurus eggs in the valley.  A volcano erupts and destroys their helicopter.  They are chased by Garths.  Wheeck comes and kills the beasts.  They head for the waterfall.  The earthquake destroys the falls and leaves a cleft in the mountain.  They escape the valley through a cleft and out into the Great Thorn Desert.  #107.1 Described as a steamy valley removed by towering cliffs.  Tarzan learns about Bruce Harlowe’s disappearance from Nairobi radio.  He travels to the Valley of Monsters by Argus.  The gases from the volcanic fumaroles force them to land on a mountaintop.  Tarzan sends Argus home.  He descends into the valley.  He kills a garth with one arrow shot.  He finds Bruce and leads him past many species of dinosaurs.  They are chased by garths.  Tarzan’s arrow shot causes the garths to turn on each other and fall into a steaming geyser pool.  They climb half way up the mountain.  They are attacked by Pteranodons.  A helicopter picks them up and carries them to safety. 
No. 51.7 Tarzan, King Loban, and some Lutorians travel to the Valley of Monsters by croc boat.  The female Garths travel to a valley to lay their eggs.  The Lutorians quarry stone and wall them up in the valley.  They must battle the Garths as the build a white wall of stone over forty feet high. 
 Dell Number  -- 7  + 14.1+16.1+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+24.1+31.1+A 1.3+A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)+39.1+A2 (Boy’s Air Adventures)+49.3+A#3.5+58.1+A#4.3+107.1+No. 51.7

Valley of Shadow  -- where the Shiftas plan to ambush the fleeing whites including Rev. and Mrs. Kenton and the French troops led by Captain Armand Jacot.  Tarzan overhears the plans and turns the tables on the Shiftas with a herd of elephants.
 Dell Number -- 23.2

Valley of Snows  -- place close to the Lost Valley of Arrack.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac rendezvous with Muviro and fifty Waziri in the valley.  From there they strike at Arrack to wipe out the giant spiders and reform the people of Arrack.
 Dell Number  -- 30

Valley of Tall Warriors  -- Tarzan and Buto explore the Valley of Tall Warriors where they once met the Giant Vikings (Dell A#5.2).  They meet them once again and help them defend their fortress, Yarlsgaard, against the Skraeling hordes. 
 Dell Number  -- 91.1

Valley of the Caves  -- a place in Pal-ul-don inhabited by cave men.  It is the valley where Aroc, a cave man, brought Queen La after he captured her.
 Dell Number  -- 15.1

Valley of the Gryfs  -- in Pal-ul-don, a valley, which is the territory of the gryf. 
#24.2   Tarzan brings Waziri warriors to the valley to capture gryfs, which he plans to use to retake Alur from the Tor-o-dons. 
#87.1 Tarzan goes to the valley to subdue a gryf to ride to the Caves of the White Apes to rescue Jorah and his men.
 Dell Number  -- 24.2+87.1

Valley of the Shadows of Death -- natives for hundreds of miles avoid it.  A belt of red flowers that causes anyone breathing their fragrance to sleep and die surrounds it.  The Van Dycks are headed for their new home in the valley.  Tarzan advises against it.  Martje, Koert, and Boy are forced into the poison belt by a veld (sp) fire.  They fall asleep.  Paul Norden saves them from inside the valley.  Paul and his wife, Annette, are descendants of two families who were fleeing the Kaffirs.  They live in the valley and subsist on gardens, fish, and giraffes that wander into the valley.  Tarzan rescues the families and Boy by building a boat and pulling it through the middle of the river to avoid the deadly scent of the flowers.
 Dell Number  -- 94.2

Valley of Towers  --  #A2.1 Located in the Great Desert, it is green patched surrounded by barren hills with caves.  Many of the towers have white limestone caps.  It is the home of the Batwinged Men.  They use one of the towers as their ‘great altar.’  The Batwinged Men use the high towers as a take-off points for their bat wing gliders. 
#74.2 Surrounded by a lush valley, the towers spike upward in rich vegetation.  The Winged Men dig a pit trap and drive zebras into it.  The Winged Men glide from tower to tower.  They capture Tom Lindon and bring him into a cave.  Tarzan arrives in time to witness Lindon being thrown into a body of water in the cave.  Tarzan rescues him.
 Dell Number  -- A2.1+74.2

Valley People Village  -- The village is nestled on the floor of a crater high in the Thunder Mountains.  The slopes of the crater are populated with fierce baboons and leopards.  No one has been able to get past them.  The only other exit is down a notched pole into the Caves of Ursamon, the home of the cave bears.  Their village is the typical series of huts.  Guru, the evil witch doctor, places Pan-at-lee and her son, Lodor, in the valley to pressure Om-at to relinquish power to him.  Tarzan and Om-at enter through the caves, rescue them, and leave past the baboons and leopards.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.6

Vari  --  #1 city home of the white savages of Vari.  Found through a secret tunnel under white cliff at the south of Peak of Moon 
 Dell Number -- 1+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+A 1 - (map  of Pal-ul-don)

veldt  --  a large grassland area at the edge of the jungle.  The area is overrun by hundreds of Dangina, which are killing off the grassland animals.  Tarzan uses many native tribes to rid the veldt of the wild-dogs.
 Dell Number  -- 43.2

Viking Village  -- A#5.2 AKA Skalli.  The Giant Vikings living in the Gourambi Mountain Range under the leadership of Yarl Hrolf.  Yarl refers to the village as Skalli.  Tarzan and Buto prove themselves worthy to the Vikings.  After a hunt they take Tarzan and Buto to the village for a feast.  The buildings are austere, made of logs with straw roofs.  The feast table is outside and made out of logs and has a straw canopy.  The women cook a boar over an open spit surrounded by rocks. 
#91.1 The Skraelings burned the Skalli to the ground.  The Giant Vikings build a fortress known as Yarlsgaard.  (See also Yarlsgaard) 
No. 37.6 The giant Vikings have a Skalli (village) in the Gourambi Range.  Tarzan and Raoul d’Arnot have landed on the mountain in search of the missing Paul d’Arnot.  They follow Yarl Hrolf to the Viking village.  They have log cabin houses.  At the base of the mountain in a cave the Vikings moor a large dragon ship, which they take out onto the river. 
 Dell Number  -- A#5.2+91.1+No. 37.6

Village of Marehans  -- The Village of Marehans is found in northern Kenya.  A Somali tribe called the Marehans, ruled by Sheik Abdurra, inhabits it.  The village is a series of circular huts with thatched roofs.  The symbol of power is the Armor of Suleiman that is kept in a cave outside the village.  Boy rides to the village and informs the sheik’s son, Serenli, to get the armor because Gumburu is attempting to grab power.  After the armor is saved and Gumburu is killed, Abdurra presents Boy with a golden necklace at the village. 
 Dell Number  -- 129.3

volcano  --  #17.2  a volcanic caldera is the  hiding place for a band of Shiftas, ruled by N’tale.  This is where they take their captive, Rita Lane.  They have killed and wounded baboons in the area.  Tarzan befriends the baboons of King Zugash.  With the help of the baboons Tarzan frees Rita and captures the Shiftas. 
#18 in Pal-ul-don they erupt continually. 
#47.1 Tarzan and Dr. MacWhirtle discover a lost race inside a hollow cone volcano.  They have built a village inside the volcano.  They are a tribe of white natives who speak a Bantu dialect.
 Dell Number  -- 17.2+19 (inside back cover, Jungle World)+47.1

Wabanda Village  -- The village is not seen; however, Boy and Dombie float past the village in Muviro’s new war canoe.  The Wabanda are enemies of the Waziri.  The Wabanda capture the canoe, which the boys desert.  They bring the canoe to the Wabanda landing place.  Despite the guard at the site, Tarzan liberates Muviro’s canoe. 
 Dell Number  -- 85.2

Wabangi camp  -- No. 37.4 The Wabangi capture Dombie and steal the Waziri cattle.  They make camp in a valley.  They have set up temporary huts.  It appears as if they plan to be there for some time. 
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.4

wadi  --  water hole in the desert where Tarzan and Thurag jump two Arabs.  They have tracked the missing Alice d’Arnot to a wadi.
 Dell Number  -- 29

Wakinda Village  -- The village is the home of the Wakinda tribe.  After an earthquake starts to drain the lake and make the crocodiles leave the water, Chief N’goro leads his people to find a new home.  Boy and Dombie investigate the deserted village of circular huts with thatched roofs.  They decide to use one of the abandon canoes to investigate the draining lake. 
 Dell Number  -- 124.2

Walled Valley of Buntoro  -- This is the home of the Buntoro tribe.  It is beyond the Mountains of the Moon.  There is only one entrance to the valley.  The village has the typical circular huts with thatched roofs.  Mengo usurps his brother, Umangi’s, rightful leadership after their father’s death.  Umangi and his followers retreat to the old fortress above the valley.  Tarzan and the Waziri come to Umangi’s aid.  Tarzan realizes that the fort is vulnerable to a siege.  During their attempt to hide the royal talisman, they discover a passageway that leads to the Walled Valley of Buntoro.  They enter the village and capture Mengo and restore Umangi as the rightful ruler of the valley.
 Dell Number  -- 118.1

Wandoro Country/Camp  --  #59.2 It is where Tarzan goes to collect herbs to cure an illness that is plaguing the Waziri.  Boy and Dombie go to find him.  Tarzan is near the Mara River in that area.  The natives are friendly.  They collect honey from trees.  They have knowledge of poison arrows. 
#63.1 Maboungo, a Waziri, finds Tarzan at the Wandoro Camp and informs him that Boy and the new giant eagle, Aiglon, are missing. 
 Dell Number  -- 59.2+63.1

Watunga Village / kraal  -- After learning about the evil intent of Pollack, Tarzan goes to the Watunga Village to send help to Dr. Forrence and his daughter and to borrow a canoe to pursue Pollack.  After Tarzan turns Pollack and the Mask of Mani Kongo over to the commissioner, Tarzan goes to the Watunga kraal.  It has circular huts with thatched roofs.  It has a flat area long enough for a plane to land.  Tarzan watches the plane land that will take Dr. Forrence and Ruth to Nairobi.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

Wazban  -- city built in a volcanic cone.  It is the home of the Wazban people.  It is built on a rocky point on a large island in the Great Swamp.  Tarzan and Om-lat land there after being pursued by albino pygmies.  Zurad rules the people.  They are friendly.  They were once Wazdons.  Their founder, Argo-thub, was exiled from the Wazdon tribe.  He landed on the island and they have been there ever since.  Tarzan saves the city and the island from being overtaken by the albino pygmies.
 Dell Number  -- 94.1

Waziri Village  -- 
#48.3 Tarzan and Muviro go to the village to get Argus so that Tarzan can follow the Giant Wasp to find its nest.  #50.3 - Tarzan travels with Mulungu from his home in Opar to the Waziri Village to catch a plane that will take him to Nairobi.  It only takes a few hours to travel from Opar to the village. 
#61.2 When Dombie is gored by a buffalo, Tarzan brings him to the Waziri Village and places him on a raised bed.  Boy waits for Dr. Louis d’Arnot’s plane to land near the Waziri kraal.  After saving Dr. d’Arnot from a leopard and freeing him from his parachute, Boy leads him to the Waziri Village.  Argus’ perch is in the village. 
#63.1 – (Although it is not stated, one must assume that this is the Waziri Village at the beginning of this story.)  Tarzan and Boy inspect Argus and Aiglon, the second giant eagle created with the growth pellets.  The eagles are on a perch.  This is usually were Tarzan keeps Argus. 
#65.2 Tarzan and Boy take Aiglon and Argus for a flight.  They leave from the Waziri Village where the giant eagles are tethered. 
#69.1 The Waziri Village is referred to as Muviro’s Kraal.  The native M’boto comes to Tarzan at Muviro’s kraal to inform him about the hunter, Derrik Carne, who is heading for Lake Chui with the intention of capturing animals. 
#78.2 Young warriors taunt Dombie into go hunting for something dangerous.  Boy learns that his friend is missing from Dombie’s mother.  The outside of Dombie’s hut has some geometric designs on it.  Tarzan must rescue Dombie.  He returns him to the Waziri Village. 
A#5.5 -The village is attacked by invaders.  Tarzan, Muviro and his hunting party drive the invaders away.  The Village has a pole fence.  The buildings are rectangular with straw roofs. 
#85.1 - After rescuing Professor Ross and helping his daughter escape from the Crater Village, Tarzan goes to Muviro’s Kraal where he receives a message that the Rosses made it safely to Nairobi. 
#85.2 - The village is not seen, but we learn that the Waziri have a landing place for their canoes.  We see Boy and Dombie examining the war canoes. 
#86.1 Tarzan comes to the Waziri Village to seek their help for Cabot and Laura Sutton, who are stranded in a dead city.  Some of the huts in the village have a pole colonnade that appears to hold up the roof.  N’tongo calls the kraal the Village of Muviro.  Muviro brings Tarzan to his ‘poor house.’  The cylinder hut is white with colorful geometric designs on it. 
#91.2 Tarzan sees the glider flying overhead.  He surmises that Boy and Dombie are in it.  It takes him twenty minutes to reach the Waziri Village where Argus and Aiglon are tethered. 
A#6.5 (Boy Story) At the edge of the Waziri Village is a garden.  Boy and Dombie tend the garden.  Something has been stealing the ripe cassavas plants.  Boy traps a young gorilla.  Dombie goes for help.  The Waziri react as if it is a great male.  The village has cylinder as well as rectangular thatched roofed buildings. 
#93.2 At the Waziri shamba Muviro worries to Tarzan about an elephant raiding their shambas.  The buildings near the cornfields are white with brown thatched roofs.  They look like they are in poor condition.  Inanga’s shamba is mentioned separately.  This implies that each Waziri has their own shamba.  Boy and Dombie have placed some red pepper on some of the corn.  When the elephant eats it, it becomes enraged and flattens Inanga’s hut.  Tarzan says that he will help rebuild it. 
#100.2 - As Tarzan and Boy lead the orphaned balu rhino to the tree house, they stop by the Waziri Village to give the rhino some cow’s milk. 
#106.2 Baboons raid the shamba near the Waziri Village.  Boy and Dombie drive them away. 
#111.2 Boy and Dombie learn that the Muganda are planning a sneak attack on the Waziri Village.  The boys slip by the warriors in Stork Men costumes.  They walk into the Waziri Village and alert Muviro.  They walk along the riverbanks to reach the Waziri cattle herders.  They convince the herders to drive the herd across the river. 
No. 25.1 - Tarzan receives false word that Muviro is ill and flies Argus to the Waziri kraal to find him well.  Circular huts with thatched roofs make up the city.  He learns of the Wabuna plot to capture Jane and Boy and flies in search of them. 
#113.2 - The village is referred to as Muviro’s kraal.  Boy goes to the kraal to talk Dombie into going fishing with him.  Dombie goes reluctantly because Terribs have been sighted in the area. 
#117.1 - Referred to as Muviro’s kraal.  After the Waziri manage to drive Korak the Killer from their shamba, Tarzan comes to the kraal.  Muviro tells Tarzan that if his ape friends raid the shamba they will be killed.  Tarzan tells him that he will put an end to the raids. 
No. 37.1 Referred to as Muviro’s kraal.  Jane makes a regular visit to the Waziri to take care of the sick.  The huts are very small circular and brownish-gray in color with green thatched roofs.  Tarzan and Jane can do little for Aunty Gena.  They travel to Kroo Maun to obtain some healing herbs for her.  They return to the village with the remedy. 
#120.2 - Referred to as Muviro’s kraal.  Boy and Dombie make an elephant alarm in the village.  They place it in the Waziri shamba.  They sleep on a raised platform next to the cornfield. 
#121.1 A Garth scatters the Waziri cattle.  Tarzan tracks the beast.  He tells the Waziri to flee if the Garth comes close to the village. 
#122.1 Tarzan travels to the village of Muviro to warn them about the approaching Athneans.  The Waziri Village has a huge white stonewall around the city.  It dose not appear to have any gates but large openings.  The buildings have the appearance of strange anthills.  Tarzan convinces the Waziri to give up the village without a fight.  The Athneans take up residence in the city.  Tarzan lures the elephants out of the village.  The Waziri retake the village with little effort.
 #128.1 - It is at Muviro’s Kraal that Tarzan and Muviro hear the drum message that a Waziri shield and spear were found at the site of the murder of the game warden and his party.  A pole fence surrounds the kraal.  The roofs of the huts look like short funnels.  Tarzan and the Waziri go to clear the Waziri name. 
#131.1 Muviro lies ailing in his hut in the Waziri Village.  The huts are made of a spider web framework and are covered with light yellow grasses.  The hut Muviro is in is open at the bottom and supported by poles.  Other huts are enclosed with a door opening.
 Dell Number  -- 48.3+50.3+61.2+63.1+65.2+69.1+78.2+A#5.5+85.1+85.2+86.1+91.2+
    A#6.5 (Boy Story)+93.2+100.2+106.2+111.2+No. 25.1+113.2+117.1+
    No. 37.1+120.2+121.1+122.1+128.1+131.1

Webs of Arrack  -- in the throne room of Arrack, it is an arena of a metal fence that rises from the marble floor.  This is where Queen Mataha forces Tarzan to compete in several gladiatorial type games.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1

White Ape (Village)  -- 58.1 A giant White Ape captures Tarzan and takes him to his tribe.  They pass through a cleft in a volcanic cone to an organized series of caves in the cone’s interior.  There is a circular pool at the base with well-trimmed hedges.  There are hand/foot holes carved into the side of the crater to permit access to the caves.  They place Tarzan in a cell with Alice Jenner, another captive.  The door to the cell is made out of bamboo that is lashed together very tightly.  They have a Dum-Dum area. 
#65.1 The White Apes have been displaced from their ancient home.  (The reason is not clear.  It is implied a volcano and resulting earthquake was the cause.  However, that event took place in Dell A#3.5, published before June 1954.  Tarzan encountered the White Apes in their village in Dell #58.1, July 1954.)  The White Apes have taken over the traditional homeland of the Cor-o-dons and have built log cabins with straw roofs.  When Tarzan, Jorah, and his warriors return to the area, the apes attack them.  Cave bears attack the apes.  Tarzan and the Cor-o-dons help the apes repel the bears.  The cave bears retreat to the log houses.  Tarzan unites the Cor-o-dons and the apes.  They burn the bears out of the houses.  They also burn the houses to the ground.  The Cor-o-dons and the apes cooperate and build new houses in the area, separate villages for men and apes.  The apes work food plantations in the area.  Tarzan and Jorah chase the bears into the ancient homeland of the White Apes and seal off the entrance so they will no longer be a threat. 
#87.1 - The new home of the White Apes are cliff caves.  They are almost inaccessible.  Tarzan rescues Jorah and his men from the caves by using a tear gas-like material.  The caves are basically bare. 
 Dell Number  -- 58.1+65.1+87.1

White Marble Town  -- In search of a white crocodile that N’kima claimed to have seen, Tarzan and Boy discover a white marble town hidden next to a river.  It can only be seen when the sunlight hits it at the correct angle.  They investigate to find the town abandon long ago.  A statue of a white crocodile leads them to believe that the inhabitants worshipped crocodiles.  Baboons have taken over the town and attack them.  Tarzan saves the baboon gund from a white crocodile.
 Dell Number  -- 62.2 

white pygmy tower city  -- Tarzan, Jane, and Boy come to the Rock of Opar to build a new home because Tarzan does not believe the tree house is safe for his family.  The King brings them to the unnamed tower of the pygmies.  They live in one tower that is divided into apartments for each family.  (The tower tapers with a threaded layer looking very much like Bruegels’ painting called “Tower of Babel.”) 
 Dell Number  -- 49.1

wild animal compound/animal compound  --  #60.2 (Boy story) A trapper has a compound on the outskirts of Nairobi where he keeps his captured animals.  This is where he takes Balja, Jad-bal-ja’s mate.  Boy and Jad track him there.  It consists of many flat roofed buildings.  Boy and Jad free all of the animals and frighten off the natives who are about to attack the compound. 
#69.1 Tarzan tracks the hunter, Derrik Carne, to his animal compound just outside of Nairobi.  It has a pole fence surrounding it and pole fences within to confine the animals.
 Dell Number  -- 60.2 (Boy story)+69.1

Willie Slyke’s Floating Trading Post  -- Tarzan allows the trader to make deals on a river near Opar.  The trading post is a houseboat named Zulu Belle.  Willie and his man, Bomo, live and trade there.  The boat has a refrigerator and a hammock for the overweight unscrupulous trader. 
 Dell Number  -- A#3.2

Wiramwazi Mountains  -- Tarzan rides the giant eland into the Wiramwazi Mountains as he trails two white men who have been captured by Shiftas.  He believes that the Shiftas are going to sell them to the lost Roman tribe located at Castra Sanguinarius.
 Dell Number  -- 57.3
 Novel -- LE + TEC The location of Castra Sanguinarius and Castrum Mare are in these mountains.

Yarlsgaard  -- The Skraelings burn the Giant Viking Skalli home.  They build a fortress they call Yarlsgaard.  It is situated on a high hill.  Its walls are formidable white stone.  The main gate is made of vertical wood planks and is raised by a pulley system.  Within the walls the buildings are logs and stone.  The roofs are thatched with dragonheads at the peaks.  The doors of the buildings have strap hinges.  A well in the Yarlsgaard leads down to an underground stream.  When they are surrounded by the Skraeling horde, the Vikings lower Tarzan down the well so that he can go for help.  Tarzan uses a herd of white buffaloes to turn the tide of the battle.  Peace is made between the Vikings and the Skraelings. 
 Dell Number  -- 91.1

Zambezi River  -- The Nye-nye have been expelled from their traditional home by their god for fighting amongst themselves.  They have taken up residence in the mountains beyond the Zambezi River.  Stronger tribes constantly plague them.  A pilot flies Tarzan and the Nye-nye prophet over the river to the mountains.  Tarzan distracts the Bantu with a warrior challenge so the Nye-nye can steal canoes and paddle down river to their true home in the Towering Rocks. 
 Dell Number  -- 120.1
 Novel  -- RT - FC - The African river near Opar.

Zanaka’s Village  -- Tribe of Dashani warriors, lead by Zanaka, live in the Ras Dashani Mountains.  They capture Tarzan, d’Arnot, Doris Ramsay, Muviro, and the Waziri and bring them to their village.  Their village is built into the side of the mountain.  There are several levels.  Ladders are used as access to the village.  They also have straw huts at the base. 
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Zu-den -- Zu-den is one of the forts of the city of A-lur.  Tarzan travels to Zu-den and to the other fort, Ara-don, to gather the A-lur warriors to protect A-lur against an attack by the armies from Ja-lur.  Neither fort is shown. 
 Dell Number  -- 124.1

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