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Mabula Village  -- Native village/kraal under chief Mabula.  N’gogo, the witch doctor, comes to the village.  Mabula sits in the middle of the open area surrounded by villagers.  The village is made up of circular huts with thatched roofs and poles around the outside to support the roof.  The interior of the building has a center pole.  Cattle wander freely through the village.   The witch doctor forces Mabula to capture Tarzan.  They chain and rope him to a center pole.  N’kima brings apes to help Tarzan.  When N’gogo, the witch doctor, enters the hut, Thorak, the ape, throws him bodily into the Leopard Men.  At Tarzan’s directions the three apes lift the center pole so that he can slip his chains under the pole.  The apes think it will be great fun to carry the pole with the roof attached to a cliff and throw it over.  The Leopard Men see what looks like a hut following Tarzan.  They fear Tarzan’s magic is too great.  The apes throw the roof off the cliff. 
 Dell Number  -- 113.1

Magnus  -- city of the Lost Legion
 Dell Number  -- 20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)

Makembe Citadel  -- typical native village with a pole stockade around straw roofed huts.  The village is referred to as a citadel.  Rev. Wells has converted the natives to Christianity.  They are under suspicion and about to be attacked by neighboring tribes.  Tarzan has them build a boma around the stockade.  He also has a straw statue of a warrior built on a platform.  From the interior of the statue Tarzan fires Roman candle type rockets at the attackers, thus driving them away and saving the village.
 Dell Number  -- 105.1

Makolo’s Kraal  -- This is the village of Chief Makolo.  Little is seen except for a few white circular huts with green thatched roofs.  This is where the chief has Jane and the rebellious merchant from the Native Market brought before him.  He demands that they stay so that he can collect half of their fees.  After Jane saves his son’s life, Makolo changes his mind and declares it a free market.
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.2 (Jane Story)

Mambusi Village  -- When Tolo, the great ape, rescues Tarzan from the cage King Grossa has placed him in, he takes the unconscious ape-man to the Mambusi Village.  It is the typical native village except that it has ears of corn hanging from a pole.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

Mangowari River  -- A mountain lake overflowing a dam site forms the Mangowari River.  Harvey Norton has a copper band note from his son, Bruce, stating that he has been captured by the Hokyus, who live at the headwaters of the Mangowari River.  Tarzan and Korak, the great ape, take Harvey to the headwaters where they are captured by the Hokyus.  They escape in a canoe down the river.  They must leap from the canoe before it reaches the waterfall. 
 Dell Number  -- 51.3

mangrove surrounded island  --  in a mangrove swamp;  home of some great apes; it is where Tarzan established a new community for the slaves he rescued from Sheik Ibrhim.
 Dell Number  -- 12

Mangrove Swamp -- A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)

Manguelu Village  -- Native tribe under the leadership of Manga.  Their village has rectangular and circular huts with thatched roofs.  It has one curiously hut in the shape of a bullet with a door with the same shape.  A pole kraal surrounds the village. 
 Dell Number  -- 93.1

Mara River  -- It is in Wandoro country.  It is where Tarzan brews herbs to cure an illness that is making the Waziri sick.
 Dell Number  -- 59.2

Marrach  -- Arab market town.  It is a ten-day ride from the City in the Sands.  It is a large town with large white buildings, some domed, surrounded by a white wall.  It is the home of honest merchants and thieves.  Tarzan brings Shareef Hussein there to purchase seed grain and livestock for the Beni Adhemi.  They stay at the Inn of the Three Dervishes.  Agents of Sheik Ali Ben Yussuf, who plan to rob them, notice them.  Jad-bal-ja slips into the city and to the inn unnoticed.  They thwart the bandits, purchase the goods, and leave for the City in the Sands. 
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4

Masai Village  --  #97.2 The village has the usual white buildings with thatched roofs.  Mumbowa is the chief. 
#114.1 Tarzan carries a wounded Masai back to the Masai Village.  Their village is near the valley of lions.  The lions have taken over the valley and are a threat to the Masai cattle herds.  Tarzan calls this tribe ‘the Morans of the Masai.’  Their village consists of white huts that have visible vertical and horizontal pole supports.  The roofs are thatched. 
 Dell Number  -- 97.2+114.1

Matusi Village  -- Tribe of natives live in the village that has no walls or boma.  Atumbo is the King, and Ungali is the witch doctor.  The village contains conical shaped roofs over cylindrical buildings as well as rectangular buildings.  Boy is captured by the Matusi and forced to undergo the Ordeal of the Mamba at the village.  Tarzan saves him.
 Dell Number  -- 46.2

Maun Gah  -- ancient crater.  Sheila Ross describes to Tarzan a place where she believes that she spotted wreckage of her father’s plane.  Tarzan immediately recognizes it as Maun Gah.  He takes her there.  There is a village nearby whose people are keeping Sheila’s father captive to grind grain for them.  He has made a windmill from his helicopter rotor.  It is known as the windmill of Maun Gah.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1

Mauri Village  -- A war-like tribe to the north of Tarzan’s jungle.  Their buildings have a herringbone pattern in the white walls.  The buildings have thatched roofs.  Tarzan and his Achinga peacekeepers save the village from the attacking Karuri.  The Mauri throw a feast for the new alliance between them and the Achingas.  Beautiful Mauri women dance at the celebration.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

Mbaji  -- It is in the ruins of Mbaji that Dr. Forrence found the golden Mask of Mani Kongo. 
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

M’bogo Village  -- It is called a mountain stronghold.  Upon learning that Mrs. Nicholson and her child have been taken to the M’bogo Village, Tarzan flies there on Aiglon.  He finds the village deserted.  The village has cylindrical huts with conical tops.  The openings to the huts are circular.  There is no apparent fence or boma.  Tarzan finds the missing white people and the tribe at the cliff of sacrifices outside of the village. 
 Dell Number  -- 65.2

M’bogo River  -- This is one of the three places Tarzan tells Muviro to tell the British to have a plane ready in case he can capture Kabarounga.  It is not used. 
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

M’bongwes Village  -- Tarzan trails Barbara Wales to the native village to learn that the chief, Mukawa, has sold her to al Jemel, Arab slaver.
 Dell Number  -- 44.2

M’bulu Village  -- At the M’bulu Village, named after the chief, they are worried about attacks by the Masai.  Kobolo councils that they need the Waziri on their side.  Boy and Dombie come to the village looking for milk and food for a lost native woman and child.  Kobolo suggests to M’bulu that they hold the boys hostage to force the Waziri to align with them.  They trick the boys into going into one of the many circular, thatched roofed huts.  They lock them in and post a guard.  That night the boys cut through the thatched roof and escape.
 Dell Number  -- 117.2

meeting hall  --  This is what Tarzan calls the small crater in which he finds the members of the Secret Society on an unnamed island. 
 Dell Number  -- 50.3

Mengo Village  -- The Mengo, forest spirits, have built a village of stone on an island.  The huts look circular and have thatched roofs.  They use a vine swing to cross to and from the island.  There is a stone temple in the center of the village.  The temple resembles a Mayan pyramid except that the staircase is placed on the right side of the pyramid.  The temple is for moon worship.  The Mengos also worship an albino crocodile.  The men are deathless as they have an elixir of life.  La is captured and becomes the wife of the king.  He is killed in an accident and La becomes their ruler.  When Tarzan is captured, he is to be sacrificed to the crocodile god.  He is chained to the outside of an altar, which has a fire on top of it.  Tarzan breaks the chains and escapes. 
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.3

Mermaid Island  -- A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)

Merman City  -- Home of the Mermen on the volcanic island in the Lost Lake.  Entrance to the crater is by swimming underwater to a cave.  The Mermen wear elephant head masks as breathing devices to reach their home.  They mark the spot on the lake with a log buoy.  A rope leads down to the cave entrance complete with waterfall.  The cave leads to a peaceful crater when the Mermen have built a city of block buildings with thatched roofs.  After Tarzan is victorious in the Game of Death, he is named king.  But the volcano erupts and destroys their home.  Tarzan leads them underwater and to a native village where he hopes to bring harmony between the unnamed natives and the Mermen.
 Dell Number  -- 108.1

Mission Station  -- Small thatched roofed huts in a river valley run by Dr. Charles Kindred and his wife Martha.  Dr. Kindred is a medical missionary working amongst the hill tribes.  Tarzan rescues the doctor from Shiftas and returns him to the station.  Tarzan realizes that a flash flood is imminent and has them move to higher ground.  The flood wipes out the mission and the Shiftas.  Afterwards Tarzan discovers a vein of gold that will allow the Kindred’s to build a larger station.
 Dell Number  -- 109.1

Mitzer  -- The lost city of the Mitzeraim people.  Mountains in a bowl shaped valley surround it.  It is a city carved into the mountain.  Access is made through a cleft in the mountain.  A sharpened bamboo barrier that has its tips dipped in poison guards the cleft.  A giant statue of Thoth stands in the middle of the area.  The Mitzeraim people use the statue, which focuses the sun through its crystal eye, to sacrifice prisoners.  The colonnade against the face of the mountain looks like an Egyptian temple.  The Mitzeraim people wear Egyptian headdress.  Tarzan and Cathneans attack the city to free Prince Thyron and his men.  The Cathneans defeat the Mitzeraim. 
 Dell Number  -- 84.1

Mobuko’s Kraal  -- The village of Mobuko is a series of circular huts with concentric circle thatched roofs.  Mobuko summons Tarzan because he knows that some of his tribesmen have become Leopard Men.  A leopard, which is stalking Boy, falls through the thatched roof of the Leopard Society exposing their plot.  Tarzan banishes them. 
 Dell Number  -- 126.2

Mokar  -- The legendary city in the Gourambi Range.  They are peaceful people who protect themselves against the outside world.  They capture Dr. Henri Dumont because they fear that he will inform the outside world of their presence.  Tarzan and d’Arnot travel through the elephant trap and giant trap to reach a walled valley.  They have a moat that surrounds their city.  The Beasts of Mokar, mandrills, must be passed to reach the moat.  The people are cliff dwellers.  Tarzan finds Dr. Dumont in a gardener’s hut.  The people of Mokar are never seen in this story.
 Dell Number  -- 81.1

Molunga River  -- FC 161.2 - the location of the Molunga River Trading Post. 

Molunga River Trading Post  -- Tarzan and Muviro discover the post burned to the ground by Sidi Ben Yemlik and his slavers.  They killed Master Robertson and many Swahili tribe members.  They took Helen Robertson and many Swahilis captive.  Sala, who escaped, tells Tarzan and Muviro what happen at the post.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.2

Mombasa  --  #22.2 After Elaine and Jathon escape the clutches of gangster Lou Coron, they meet Mr. Hammond in Mombasa.  #38.1 - Margaret Newman and her brother, Gerald, are form Mombasa.  They are captives of the Cat Men of Crater Lake. 
 Dell Number  -- 22.2+38.1

Monga Caves  --  #39.1 Tarzan follows the Men of Monga to their home after their capture of Ro-mee-lah, Jo-rah’s sister.  Their caves are carved into the side of a rocky mountain, which gives it the appearance of a face.  They gain access to their caves by rope ladders.  The caves are connected internally and have separate compartments for the men, women, and married couples.  The males control the ladders so the female captives cannot escape.  Tarzan uses a rope from above to cut the rope ladders and rescue Ro-mee-lah. 
#52.3 The caves are not shown but it is implied that the Men of Monga live in cliff homes.  We see them forcing slaves, including Dr. Mac, Dr. Mervin, and Yolanda to work in their fields. 
 Dell Number  -- 39.1+52.3 

Moon Temple  -- La has a huge temple to Astar, the moon goddess, built in a deep ravine of Opar.  It is a gigantic complex with flat roofs.  It has an Egyptian or Babylonian influence.  There is an altar on which La sacrifices maidens to the Astar when the moon shines through a rectangular opening in the ceiling.  La is about to sacrifice Jane when Tarzan drops through the opening and rescues her.  Queen Ellenya is chained to another dais.  Tarzan breaks the chains.  (See also Temple of the Moon)
 Dell Number  -- 59.3

Mosana’s Kraal / City of Mosana  -- A tribe ruled by Queen Mosana.  Although it is called a kraal, there is no apparent stockade.  There are many, many buildings, both circular and rectangular.  They are white with brown roofs.  A close up section of one of the building shows highly decorative patterns on it.  When Tarzan and Manga, chief of the Manguelu, are presented to the Queen, it seems as if they are on the outside of the village.  The Queen sits on a throne in the open air.  The throne has a fur over the seat and a yellow umbrella overhead.  The back of the throne is shaped like a Gothic arch. 
 Dell Number  -- 93.1

Moumamba City  -- Lost City as well as the name of a river northeast of N’gota.  The curse of Moumamba is that anyone hearing the voice of Moumamba (waterfall) never returns.  Tarzan brings the two missing oil prospectors to the city that is built next to a huge deafening waterfall.  The city is well built and prosperous.  The people do not speak because of the noise of the falls.  They use sign language.  The people are congenial but will not allow them to leave.  They are rich in crude oil.  It oozes from the ground or so Tarzan reports.  They burn oil in torches all night long.  Tarzan also reports that they are rich in gold.  Meat is scarce.  Tarzan rids the area of a rouge elephant.  They celebrate the kill with a feast.  Tarzan rescues the two white men by lowering them down to a river where they build a raft. 
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

Mountain of Opar  -- this is where the ruins of Opar are located
 Dell Number   -- 15.1

Mountains of Barongo  -- the mountains in the area known as Barongo Land.  They are the home of two tribes of peoples the Kordo, the ruling class, and the Nuba, the serfs, who are almost slaves to their masters.  Tarzan and Buto travel to the mountains with Adumo, the Nuba, to restore the balance of power. 
 Dell Number  -- 67.1 

Mountains of the Moon  --  #26 On their way to a Lost City and the treasure of Isis, Tarzan and    Professor Plume find a tunnel, cut by the men of Pal-ul-don, through the mountain. 
 Dell Number  -- 26+119 (splash page “Mountains of the Moon“)

M’saba  -- When Tarzan learns about the capture of the chimp family, he figures that they will take them to the port at M’saba.  He and Cheeloo, the chimp, make it to M’saba just as the dhow carrying the chimps is leaving the harbor.  The small port has near-eastern looking buildings and a wharf.  Tarzan hires a boat to take him and Cheeloo out to the dhow. 
 Dell Number  -- 126.1

Muata Yamvo’s Mines  -- part of Vari country.  Mysterious mines that make the white savages of Vari powerful.  Muviro has heard of these mines.  It is what brought the Paige brothers to the area.
 Dell Number -- 1 

Mugambi Village  -- Tarzan lands on the island that holds Mugambi and his tribe to discover that Agib, a white raider, has taken some of young men and women into slavery.  A tidal wave destroys the village.  Tarzan helps them rebuild the village.  A sea monster bites through Mugambi’s hut’s thatched roof and takes his pet goat.  Tarzan leaves them the pearls Agib stole to help rebuild the village. 
 Dell Number  -- 73.1

Muranda  -- Home of the Murundi people.  It is situated in a beautiful valley.  The buildings are rounded and white with thatched roofs.  Some of the buildings have geometric designs on them.  The ruler of Muranda is the person who is in possession of the Royal Drum.
 Dell Number  -- 96.1

Muviro’s Kraal  --  (see Waziri Village)

Nairobi  --  #22.2 gangster Lou Coron and his men capture Elaine Hammond and Jathon.  They are to lead them to Cathne.  They escape when they landed in Nairobi. 
#40.1 Capitol the Kenya colony of British East Africa.  Tom Culver talks with the Commissioner of Nairobi about Ellen Maypool.  Doctor MacWhirtle flies Tom, Ellen, and Doctor Maypool back to Nairobi. 
#41.1 not actually seen.  Tarzan flies to Nairobi to enlist Doctor MacWhirtle’s aid in fighting the Torodons who are attacking the Tower of Ta-dan. 
#42.1 Near Nairobi, Dr. Mervin has a zoological garden stocked with animals from all over the world.  Tarzan goes to Nairobi to get two otters and growth pills from the doctor to create giant otters to help the Stork People fight the Gorobars, the Terribs mounts. 
#48.3 Tarzan flies Argus to Nairobi to get Dr. MacWhirtle and his airplane so they can drop DDT bombs on the nest of Giant Wasps on the Island of Dwarfs. 
#49.1 Tarzan follows Nobby and Garvey to Nairobi to rescue Prince Illony. 
#50.3 Tarzan travels to Nairobi by plane to meet with the British Commissioner.  He dresses in a business suit so he will not stand out. 
A#3.3 After the Secret Master, the Owl, and the pilot have been captured by Tarzan and Thorag, the ape, Tarzan flies them to the authorities in Nairobi in the Man of Evil’s plane. 
#60.2 (Boy story) Boy and Jad-bal-ja track the trapper who has captured Jad’s mate, Balja, into the streets of Nairobi.  They cause panic in the streets of Nairobi.  They run into a grocery store to avoid the police.  They escape through the roof and make it out of the city unnoticed. 
#63.2 - After rescuing Miss Ruel from her native captors, Tarzan plans to send her to Nairobi to safety. 
#64.1 Tarzan gives Chet Harper a bank note for twenty thousand dollars that he is to draw from his Nairobi bank account. 
#69.1 Tarzan tracks the hunter, Derrik Carne, to an animal compound outside of Nairobi.  The city in the background appears if as it is one large building. 
#75.2 Tarzan pays some unnamed natives to take the inept hunters, Jacobs and Poley to Nairobi by canoe. 
#85.1 Tarzan wants to send Sheila Ross to Nairobi.  She insists on accompanying him in the search for her father, Professor Ross.  A captive of the Crater Village people, Professor Ross has built a windmill from his helicopter rotor.  He has designed it so that he could use it also as a flying machine to escape to Nairobi.  Tarzan and Sheila find the Professor.  Tarzan has them use the windmill/flying machine to escape.  They land within walking distance of Nairobi.  The city is never pictured in this story. 
A#7.5 (Jane story) Jane, Tarzan, and Boy travel to Nairobi by horseback to purchase a loom for Kimbo.  Boy is overwhelmed by the big city. 
No. 25.6 - Dr. Forrence flies on a passenger plane to Nairobi with the Mask of Mani Kongo.  He writes a note to the district commissioner in Nairobi.  The plane crashes.  The evil Pollack steals the mask and heads for Nairobi. Unwittingly Tarzan helps Pollack get transportation by Watunga canoe.  When he learns from Dr. Forrence about the evil intent of Pollack, Tarzan catches him and turns him and the mask over to the commissioner.  A plane lands at the Watunga kraal, probably to take Dr. Forrence and his daughter to Nairobi.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2+40.1+41.1+42.1+48.3+49.1+50.3+A#3.3+60.2 (Boy story)+63.2+
    64.1+69.1+75.2+85.1+A#7.5 (Jane story)+No. 25.6
 Novel            -- TU

Naqui, cave of the  -- The caves above the valley of Karfu is the home of the Naqui, the natural enemy of the Karfu.  They live very simply with little furnishing.  They welcome Tarzan and Dr. Mac to their cave after their escape from Karfu slavery. 
 Dell Number  -- 55.1

native market  --  A#6.6 (Jane Story) Jane goes to the native market to purchase goods.  People bring animals and vegetables to sell.  The shops in the streets include a hairdresser, fabric shop, and a pottery shop.  Jane purchases some cloth as a wedding gift for Isha.  She also buys a large amount of fruit. 
No. 37.2 (Jane Story) At the open-air native market Jane complains that the prices are too high.  Meeta explains that Chief Makolo gets 1/3 of the price.  The witch doctor, N’gai, arrives and announces that the fee will now be one half.  Jane tells the merchants that they can have a free market at her house.  The merchants pack up and leave.  Makolo forces them to his kraal and demands that they stay.  Jane saves the chief’s son‘s life.  Makolo is so grateful that he allows a free market. 
 Dell Number  -- A#6.6 (Jane Story)+No. 37.2(Jane Story)

New Cathne  --   (see also Cathne)

N’girri Outpost  -- never actually seen.  Dr. Mac and Boy are headed for the N’girri Outpost when their helicopter is forced to land because of a Touaregs bullet.  In a separate tale within this story, Dr. Mac and Tarzan make it across the Great Thorn Desert to an oasis.  Tarzan figures they can make it to the N’girri Outpost from there.
 Dell Number  --  A#4.3

Ngong  -- Tarzan pursues the evil Pollack, who has the Mask of Mani Kongo.  He finds the area where he left the river.  He comes upon the Watunga guides and asks them about Pollack.  They tell him that they brought him to a road where he flagged down a truck that was headed for Ngong.  Tarzan trails him to a farmhouse where he takes Pollack and the mask out from underneath the nose the Pollack’s henchmen. 
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

N’gongwe Village  -- The N’gongwe poachers’ village is surrounded by a stockade.  They use poison arrows to hunt elephants.  The N’gongwes tie Tarzan to a footbridge.  He escapes and watches the poachers buy poison outside of the stockade.  He replaces the poison with a harmless gummy liquid.  Tarzan has Tantor and his herd tramples the village flat.  He believes the N’gongwe will move to a different location.
 Dell Number  -- 90.1

Ngoro-ngoro  -- country-within-a-mountain.  It resides in an ancient crater.  There is one village in this area.  The natives are controlled by a cruel and evil witch doctor named N’gombo.  Their buildings have the look of planked wood and straw roofs.  They have pole permanently in the ground where they tie up prisoners.
 Dell Number  -- 54.1

N’gota Village  -- Tarzan goes to the N’gota Village to learn first hand about the missing two white men.  The chief tells him about the curse of Moumamba but the men left anyway. 
 Dell Number  -- 104.1

Niagara Falls  -- as Tarzan, Tim and Jess Wales are carried on their beam by the river into the stygian blackness of a mountain’s cavern, Tarzan fears they will go over a falls greater than the Niagara Falls. (On the border of Canada and the United Sates, the falls drop 167 feet on the American side.)
 Dell Number  -- 20.1

Niger  -- Tarzan, Jane, and Boy are canoeing on the Niger River when they find Johnny Ball and his disabled seaplane. 
 Dell Number  -- A#7.1
 Novel  -- ST

Nuba Village  -- The home of the subservient class in the Mountains of Barongo.  The Kordo spearmen control the Nuba tribe almost to the point of slavery.  The Nuba tribe must submit to any whim of a Kordo.  A Nuba who offends a Kordo often times would leave his village to live at the Spring of the Homeless Men at the base of the mountains.  The village has the typical cylindrical huts with conical tops.  Gallah is the Nuba chief.  His hut has lavish trappings of stuffed chairs, drapery, geometric wall hangings, and leopard skins.  Tarzan travels to the village to convince Gallah that he can help restore the balance of power in Barongo Land.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Nukonga Village  -- Tarzan goes to the native village to help the Nukongas make and set a trap for the crocodiles that are plaguing the area.  The village is near a river and is made up of the typical huts.
 Dell Number  -- 69.2

Nurami Village  -- Home of the warlike Nurami tribe.  They capture Boy, Dombie and Miboko.  Miboko uses his locust flute to allow the boys to escape.  The village consists of rectangular white buildings with thatched roofs. 
 Dell Number  -- 97.2

oasis  -- a water hole in the Great Thorn Desert.  Dr. Mac and Boy’s helicopter is forced to land at the oasis because of a Touaregs bullet.  Dr. Mac recognizes the place.  As the Touaregs approach the oasis a Garth named Wheeck chases them away.  As Dr. Mac makes repairs he explains how Tarzan met Wheeck and how he, Tarzan, and Wheeck crossed the desert to reach this water hole.  They left Wheeck there.  When the repairs are completed they take off and see Wheeck with three young Garths below.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.3

Old Stone Fortress  --  (see Stronghold of Umangi)

Opal’s Bar  -- tavern Tarzan passed with the animals he freed from the Jungle Land Inc. causing patrons to disbelieve their eyes.  Animals included Jad-bal-ja and his mate and two great apes.
 Dell Number -- 23.1 

Opar  -- founded by the people of Atlantis.  It has survived the sinking of the lost continent.  It is a might fortress on top of a high mountain.  Ruled by La, the Queen of Opar.  In Dell #5 Tarzan believes that an earthquake has destroyed Opar. 
#13.1 the dwarfs of Opar capture Sir Hal’s horse, Ronceval, and take it through the secret entrance into the mountain.  Tarzan and Sir Hal climb the mountain and rescue his horse.  La tells Tarzan about the tunnel and the secret door that only opens from the inside.  Once out the door, they use Sir Hal’s lance to jamb the door shut.  #28 Tarzan goes to Opar to get gold and jewels so Inkolo can buy Ila’s freedom. 
A #1.1 Lipona has become overcrowded.  Prince Nikon and some white pygmies come to Tarzan to help find them a new home.  He takes them to Opar.  Tarzan rids the ruins of the apes, by getting them to eat bananas laced with a sleeping potion.  He lowers them down the mountain.  He and Buto pull the pygmies and their antelopes up to their new home.  Opar is described as having gilded pillars, jeweled lamps and altars of onyx. 
#38.2 Queen La and the dwarves of Opar capture Drake Carveth and his half sister, Jean, who were on their way to Opar to steal gold.  They take them through the secret door.  Tarzan comes to rescue them.  He enlists the aid of King Nikon, a little person (white pygmy).  Nikon is referred to as the King of Opar.  Drake knows how the door works and leaves without his sister.  Tarzan, Jean, King Nikon, and the little people also leave through the door. 
#49.1 Tarzan brings Jane and Boy to Opar to build them a new home for safety sake.  The White Pygmies help him build a stone cottage near their tower city.  They build it over an opening to the treasure vaults of Opar. 
#50.3 Mulungu travels to Opar to deliver a message to Tarzan from the British Commissioner.  Where Tarzan lives is a secret to all except the Waziri. 
A#3.2 Tarzan allows the trader, Willie Slyke, to be in the area.  When Willie tricks Boy into trading diamonds from the treasure of Opar for licorice candy.  Tarzan reclaims the jewels and kicks him out of the area.  Boy, Chako, and the baboons gain access to the treasure of Opar by removing a heavy stone cover to the underground vault. 
#59.3 Tarzan climbs the Rock that holds Opar in his quest to rescue Jane and Ellenya.  La and her crooked men live in a deep ravine of Opar.  They have adobe type of houses for the people, a gigantic temple to the moon, La’s huge palace, and priest’s quarters with underground tunnels and galleries.  One of the tunnels leads out of Rock. 
#A#4.1- Argus rescues Tarzan from the Talking Gorillas and brings him to the Rock of Opar.  King Nikko and the White Pygmies bring him into the city of Opar.  They live in the city.  Opar looks like a Roman ruin but not in a total disrepair.  It has headless statuary and a grand arch leading into the city.  The pygmies use the great square for festivals. 
#82.1 Gangsters come to the Rock of Opar to steal the jewels.  They land their plane on the flat top of the mountain.  The narration calls the rock the cradle of a forgotten race.  They drive off the White Pygmies and descend into the Chasm of Opar.  Tarzan and an earthquake thwart their plans.  Their plane crashes at the base of the mountain. 
#130.1 Opar has two references: one in the Valley of Opar and the other, the more ancient one, on top of the Rock of Opar.  An earthquake splits open the Rock of Opar.  A geyser spews sulfur smelling water, filling the valley.  The Oparians blame La and try to sacrifice her by chaining her to the altar in the Temple of the Moon.  Tarzan rescues her.  The White Pygmies leave the top of the Rock of Opar to return to their traditional home in the desert because of the split and the smelly geyser.  Tarzan helps La relocate the Oparians to the top of the rock where their traditional home was.  An earthquake destroys the Oparian ruins on top of the rock including the Temple of the Moon and the spiral tower that the White Pygmies built as a community dwelling.  The valley buildings are white with a Greek look to them.  The Opar also has a lot of white Romanesque arches.  The tower of the pygmies was peach colored and Tatlin-like. 
 Dell Number  -- 5+13.1+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+28 + 1.1+A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)+38.2+49.1+50.3+A#3.2+59.3+61  (Tarzan’s World - inside front cover)+A#4.1+82.1+130.1
 Novel  -- RT+JO+GL+TI

Ostrich Clan Village  -- It is the home of the desert pygmies known as the Ostrich Clan because they use ostriches as mounts.  After Tarzan saves one of the clan from sabor, Ramotu, the chief, invites Tarzan and Dr. Mac to the village.  They have their own language that Tarzan understands.  The walls of the village are made of vegetation so thick that Tarzan believes it could stop a bullet.  The Tuaregs are their primary enemy.  In the center of the village is a fountain that features an Africa native on its knees with a jar from which the water flows.  The women wear very fanciful and colorful clothes.  Food appears to be plentiful.  Their huts are the typical round or square buildings with grass roofs.  Their prison area consists of short poles driven into the ground, surrounded by a short picket fence. 
 Dell Number  -- 56.1

Otar  -- Home of the pygmies Prince Nikar and Princess Lulan.  It is mentioned several times but never seen.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.4

Painted Wells  -- on the other side of the Thorny Desert just before the Great Swamp that protects Pal-ul-don.  It is a good watering hole after the desert.
 Dell Number -- 15.1

Palace of La  -- throne room of Opar - its garden has a secret tunnel to the Cave-of-Heavy-Yellow-Stone.
 Dell Number  -- 5

Palace of the Bey  -- house of Raksha Bey, the chief of the Berbers.  Arabs attempt to sell Alice d’Arnot to Raksha in the palace.  Tarzan slips into the palace and rescues her.
 Dell Number  -- 29

Pal-ul-don -- “Land of Men” -- hidden land north of Opar.  It is the home of the Waz-don and the Ho-dons.  Protected by a thorny desert and a swamp. 
#6 - also mountains.  (Dell #22 has a splash page that links Cathne to Pal-ul-don); 
#24.2 Tarzan travels there to free A-lur from Tor-o-don control; 
#26 Tarzan and Professor Plume travel through this land in search of a Lost City containing the treasure of Isis. 
#31.1 Doctor MacWhirtle and Boy find Tarzan in Pal-ul-don.  They have him guide them to the Valley of the Monsters.  A #1.3 - Tarzan flies Argus to Alur to discover that the Torodons have taken over the city.  He recruits the help of the men of Cor-o-don to retake the city. 
#35 Tarzan brings the last of the Cathneans to Pal-ul-don to build a new home after a volcano destroyed their city.  The Cathneans build a city they call Lion Rock. 
#36.1 New Cathne in Pal-ul-don is under attack by Athneans. 
#36.2 Tarzan, Muviro, and four Waziri observe a volcano that destroyed the home of their enemy.  They decide to visit the island of Lutor. 
#39.2 The Athneans built New Athne in Pal-ul-don with the Great Swamp coming close to its back wall. 
#41.1 Lucia Tally and her brother, Jim, crash their plane in Pal-ul-don.  Tarzan takes her to the Tower of Ta-dan.  After the Torodons are defeated, Tarzan has her promise not to tell anyone about the Lost Land when she gets back to civilization. 
#42.1 Tarzan discovers the Stork Men in a land-locked lagoon.  He helps them battle the Terribs. 
#44.1 Tarzan and the Waziri locate Saparta in a valley in Pal-ul-don. 
#45.3 In the Lost Land, Tarzan and the Waziri decide to go visit Cathne.  They discover that Timon has usurped his uncle and plans to attack Athne. 
#A2.2 Tarzan and the Waziri go to Pal-ul-don and discover the Gallugos in Kando-mor. 
#47.2 Tarzan is in Pal-ul-don when he receives a telepathic message from Jane for help. 
#48 - Jungle World. 
#49.3 Tarzan and Dr. Mac fly to Pal-ul-don in search of thipdar eggs. 
# 50.1 Tarzan, Dr. Mervin and Yolanda are in the lagoon of the Stork Men. 
#51.1 Tarzan, Boy, Dr. Mervin and Yolanda are in the lagoon of the Stork Men. 
#52.3 Dr. Mac, Dr. Mervin, and Yolanda are forced to land on a mesa in Pal-ul-don when the thipdar bites through its bonds and bites Dr. Mac.  The Men of Monga capture them.  Tarzan rescues them and takes them back to their plane.  A Serpent of Pal-ul-don slithers up. Tarzan kills the serpent by firing arrows while flying on Argus. 
#53.3 - After Tarzan and the Lutorians defeat the gangster, Mike Nucco, and his henchmen, they canoe them to an island in Pal-ul-don.  They leave them spears to defend themselves against the creatures and people of the Lost Land.  #54.3 Tarzan is visiting Pal-ul-don.  He meets King Jathon.  They are attacked by the Talking Gorillas. 
#55.1 Tarzan and Dr. Mac fly over the far edge of Pal-ul-don and discover the valley of Karfu.  A Karfu crossbow bolt downs their plane.  They are taken as prisoners of the Karfu. 
#56.3 The Gallugos have built a city in the land of Pal-ul-don.  It is an hour hard run for Tarzan from the Gallugos city to Cathne. 
A#3 - Jungle World.  #57.1 Tarzan takes his gift of a buffalo calf from King Gallu to an idyllic pasture in Pal-ul-don.  He trains the buffalo and feeds it growth pellets.  It becomes the giant buffalo known as Gorgo. 
#60.1 On the plains of Pal-ul-don, Tarzan and Gorgo warn Jorah and his men about an emanate attack by the spotted lions of Pal-ul-don. 
#62.1 Tarzan and Dr. Mac fly to Pal-ul-don in search of gryf eggs.  They enter Kor-ul-gryf.  Tarzan gathers some eggs.  They are attacked by Ho-dons and Tarzan is captured.  He escapes Jalur and takes King Zugu to Alur. 
#63.1 Tarzan, mounted on Argus, searches Pal-ul-don for the missing Boy and Aiglon.  He finds them trapped in a box canyon with Chet Harper, an American prospector. 
#64.1 Tarzan leads Harper across Pal-ul-don to the Great Swamp. 
#66.1 Having lost their home to the Talking Gorillas, the Athneans start to build New Athne in the lost land.  #68  (inside back cover) Home of the Drossa, killer, meat-eating plant.  #69  (splash page) Arctic conditions and animals in Pal-ul-don. 
#78.2 Tarzan flies Argus to Pal-ul-don to search for the missing Dombie.  He rescues him from a thipdar nest. 
A#5.1 Tarzan captures a gryf and rides it across Pal-ul-don to Tohr, the City of Silence, to rescue Ta-den. 
#112.1 Title of the story includes Pal-ul-don.  The story starts in Lutor and includes the birth of a volcano in the lake surrounding Lutor.  Tarzan takes the downed royal air force personnel through the dinosaur lands of the lost world.  Joh-rah and his Dyal riders transport the British through the Great Thorn Desert to a desert airstrip. 
#115.1 Tarzan studies the wildlife in the waterways of the Great Swamp.  He rescues Mountain people, Katar and Dera, from the Terribs.  He canoes them upstream where they are attacked by Hairy Giants, who capture Katar and Dera.  He rescues them and canoes them further upstream to Kroo Maun. 
No. 37.1 Tarzan, Jane, and Boy fly the giant eagles to Kroo Maun in Pal-ul-don.  They are in search of healing medicines. 
#123.3 - It is in Pal-ul-don that Tarzan and King Jathon are confronted by Dinohyus.  They return to Cathne.  Tarzan makes a growth medicine to create giant lions to battle the Dinohyus thus making Pal-ul-don safer for the Cathneans.  No. 51.5 Pan-at-lee comes from Pal-ul-don seeking Tarzan’s help in rescuing Om-at and the other captive Wazdons. 
No. 51.7 - The astronaut, Margaret Mackenzie, lands in the water near Lutor.  Tarzan tells her that she is in Pal-ul-don. 
 Dell Number -- 4+ 6+ 9+15.1+16.1+18 (inside back cover - Jungle World)+ 18.2+19  (inside back cover - Jungle World)+ 20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+22(sp)+24.1(inside front cover - Jungle World)+      24.2+26+31.1+A 1.3+ A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)+35+36.1+36 (Jungle  World - after second story) +36.2+39.2+41.1 +42.1+44.1+45.3+A2.2 +47.2+A2 (Jungle World)+48+49 (Jungle World)+49.3+50.1+51.1+ 52.3 +53.3+54.3+55.1+56.3+ A#3 (Jungle World)+57.1+60.1+61 (Tarzan’s World - inside front cover)+62.1+63.1+64.1+66.1+68 (inside front cover)+68 (inside back cover)+A#4 (inside front cover)+#69 (splash page)+78.2+A#5.1+112.1+115.1+No. 37.1+123.3+No. 51.5+No. 51.7
 Novels  -- TTe

Panther Men village  -- The village is not named officially.  It is in a remote mountain valley near a lake.  Access is gained through a volcanic cave that has plenty of fresh air.  It is at the bottom of a volcanic crater and is made up of stone houses.  A circular area surrounded by a deep chasm houses the King Panther.  Access to the King Panther’s area is made by a flying bridge.  They have a throne or dais that has two stone panthers on top of it.  After Tarzan rescues Jane from the King Panther, he carries Jane down the chasm that leads to water that brings them to a tunnel and eventually out of the Panther Men territory. 
 Dell Number  -- 53.1

Pastar-ul-ved --  (Pal) Father of Mountains.  Mountain in Pal-ul-don. 
A #1.3 Tarzan flies over it on Argus. 
#62.1 Tarzan and Dr. Mac fly over the mountain on their way to Pal-ul-don to obtain some gryf eggs.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.3+62.1
 Novel -- TTe - Largest peak in Pal-ul-don.  It is what Waz-don warriors climb to      prove their courage.

Peak of Moon  -- part of the Longobo Mts., home of the white savages of Vari.  The base of mountain contains a secret tunnel to the city of the Vari.
 Dell Number -- 1 
 Novel  --  (LE - Mountains of the Moon) 

Pirate Island  -- While fishing in a catamaran, a storm forces Tarzan and Boy to set a shore on Pirate Island.  Reefs protect the island.  There is a hidden cove on the other side of the island that pirates use to anchor their ships, thus the name.  Tarzan finds a family of apes who are stranded on the island from an earlier storm.  He also discovers mutineers on the island.  He captures them and turns them over to the port authorities.
 Dell Number  -- 110.2

Pool of Magon  --  #25.1 - in the city Arrack.  It is a large lake that is surrounded by sheer   mountain cliffs.  The people of Arrack believe it to be the home of their god Magon, a crocodile.  They place human sacrifices on a raft and push it out into the lake.  When Tarzan and N’tala are sent to be sacrifices, Tarzan breaks his bonds and shoves a pole into the crocodile’s mouth.  He then carries N’tala underwater and follows the croc, which leads them through an underground tunnel to the other side of the mountains. 
#30 Tarzan enters the water and kills Magon with his knife, thus exposing the crocodile as a false god.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1+30

priest’s quarters  -- Tarzan rescues Jane and Queen Ellenya from the Moon Temple of La.   He brings them to the empty priest’s quarters.  The room has Egyptian papyrus-type of columns and a statue of a lion.  Tarzan knows about the underground passageways and galleries under the quarters because La once held him captive there.  He takes his charges through a trap door, into the tunnels, and out of the Rock that holds Opar.
 Dell Number  -- 59.3

prospecting camp  -- A French prospecting crew searches for oil deposit.  Their camp is a group of tents.  The cook is alone in the camp when a Garth enters and destroys the camp. Tarzan, who is tracking the Garth, finds the cook unharmed. 
 Dell Number  -- 121.1

Pygmy Village  -- A#4.4  Boy and Dombie paddle upstream, portage around some rapids, paddle into a  gorge, and travel through a cleft in the rocks to find a lost tribe of pygmies.  They speak a clicking language and have no apparent structures other than nets.  They have a dais of stone with a gold stool on top. 
#70.2 Tarzan and Boy are force to land on an unnamed island in the Lake of the Mists.  They find a pygmy village.  It is made up of the typical huts.  The king sits on a stone chair in the middle of the village.  The have gardens.  Some pygmies have houses away from the village where they farm.  Baboons plague the pygmies.  Tarzan captures the baboons and transports them to the mainland. 
#76.2 Tarzan seeks and finds the pygmy village of Kaisu.  Kaisu moves his village often.  Their huts are tiny cylinders shapes, which are topped with leaves in a conical shape. 
#89.2 Tarzan goes to the Pygmy Village and confronts the chief, Neesi, about a poison arrow that killed an ape.  Neesi claims that the arrow came from another village.  Tarzan threatens to evict the village if it happens again.  Boy thinks that living with pygmies would be more fun so he runs away to the village.  It is not so attractive when he learns that the pygmies are to cahoots with ivory poachers.  The village is a series of small huts in a forest.  The huts are in the shape of a half cylinder lying on its side with one end open.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.4+70.2+76.2+89.2

Pyrethrum Fields/Plantations  --  #45.1 Plantations owned by Geoffrey Barbour and Roberta Faye.  Buto Matari’s tribe of Bamwe and other tribes earn most of their living working the fields of an unnamed crop.  The evil witch doctor, Ungali, uses ‘ghosts’ to try to frighten off the workers so that he can own the plantations.  He has discovered gold in a cave on the plantation.  Tarzan exposes his plot. 
A#3.3 When the Owl and the other Secret Society members plan to kill Tarzan is thwarted, the Owl plans to get the scalp of man who runs the Pyrethrum Plantation to fool the Secret Master into thinking they have killed the ape-man.  A spear in the middle of patio breakfast table sends Geoffrey, Roberta, and a small girl into the house.  (It may have been from Tarzan as a warning to take cover before the Secret Society could attack.) 
#80  (“Tarzan’s World” splash page) - Natives are shown harvesting the daisy-like pyrethrum.  It is made into a powder for protection against the Tsetse fly.
 Dell Number  -- 45.1+A#3.3+80 (“Tarzan’s World” splash)

Ras Dashani Mountains  -- Tarzan, d’Arnot, Doris Ramsay, and a safari head into the mountains in search of Miss Doris’ father, John Ramsay, who has been missing for three years.  The native bearers are nervous about going into the mountains because of the legend of the Devil Ogre who rules the Tower of Hotoombo and is guarded by white gorillas that speak. 
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Ras Dashani Pass  -- Tarzan and d’Arnot are headed for the pass in the Ras Dashani Mountains when they see Doris Ramsay parachute from her airplane. 
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Ras Dashani Rest House  -- A house on stilts at the base of the Ras Dashani Mountains.  It is the last stop before entering the formidable mountains.  It is a place to organize your safari and hire native bearers.  Timmons is the manager of the rest house.  Captain Hardy takes care of hiring the native bearers.  This is where Tarzan and d’Arnot bring the downed Doris Ramsay.  After the rescue of John Ramsay, they return to the rest house.
 Dell Number  -- FC 134

Red Canyon  -- The Kondis raiders believe that Boy is magic and follow him.  Tarzan has him lead them into Red Canyon to wait for cattle.  The canyon has reddish walls and is very narrow.  There is a narrow ledge up high.  Boy climbs to the ledge.  Tarzan, Buto, and his men stampede wild buffaloes into the canyon.  The raiders must climb the cliffs to save themselves.  The raiders are captured. 
 Dell Number  -- 92.2

Red Gorge  -- Jane and Boy flee from the Wabuna in a canoe.  Their pursuers are faster and start to catch up.  Jane steers their craft into the Red Gorge.  The gorge is lined with steep red rock and ends in a waterfall.  There is a small island in the middle if the river just in front of the falls.  The Wabuna are afraid to enter the gorge.  Jane and Boy make it safely to the island.  Argus and Aguila find them and carry them off the island.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

Red Rock  -- A landmark at the edge of the Great Desert.  Whiling flying on Argus, Boy uses it to tell his location.
 Dell Number  - 44.1

Red Rock Canyon  -- Tarzan and Boy on their way to the Ostrich Men travel must go through Red Rock Canyon.  They meet a tribe of reddish baboons living in the canyon.  Tarzan helps them heal gunshot wounds inflected by the Blue Raiders.  Tauregs capture Boy and ride off.  As they pass through the canyon, the baboons rein rocks down on them. 
 Dell Number  -- 64.2

Rio Grande  -- river in Texas.  Slim Doling, Red, and Shorty, three rich cowboys from Texas,   are known as the riders from the Rio Grande.
 Dell Number  -- 33.1

Roaring Gorge  -- Title story.  American photographer, Tom Lindon, learns that Chacma baboons are plentiful in Roaring Gorge.  He goes to take pictures.  Brant Torrey, white hunter and guide, comes to Tarzan to enlist his aid in finding him.  The white water rapids running through the gorge are so fierce that no man has come through them alive.  Tarzan and Brant approach on foot.  The baboons confront them because they believe that Lindon stole a balu.  They are forced to dive into the river, where they find Lindon, who had rescued the balu from the water.  Tarzan directs Lindon’s canoe onto the rocks to avoid the rapids.  The balu is returned to the tribe, and they return to Tarzan’s country.
 Dell Number  -- 73.2

Rock, The -- A #1.1- What Tarzan calls the mountain that holds Opar. 
#49.1 referred to as the Rock of Opar. 
#59.3 Tarzan climbs the sheer cliff with his two trained black panthers in his quest to rescue Jane from La. 
A#4.1 Argus rescues Tarzan from the Talking Gorillas and carries him to the Rock of Opar.  The White Pygmies untie him.  Tarzan convinces them to help defend Cathne against the Bolgani.  King Nikko’s army is lowered from the Rock by a crude elevator. 
#130.1 Prince Ilonyi informs Tarzan that an earthquake has split the Rock of Opar and that they are returning to their traditional home in the desert.  Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja go to Opar and walk through the split into valley of Opar.  Tarzan helps La relocate the Oparians from the flooded valley to the top of Opar. 
 Dell Number  -- A 1.1+49.1+59.3+A#4.1+82.1+130.1

Rock of Leopards  -- M’gogo, one of Buto’s tribe, informs Tarzan that the N’goro warriors are approaching Buto’s Kraal in a ravine near the Rock of Leopards. 
 Dell Number  -- 83.2

Rock That Can Not Be Climbed  -- how Inkolo describes the mountain on which Opar rests.  Tarzan climbs the sheer face of the cliff.
 Dell Number  -- 28

Ro-dan Plains  --  “flower man plains” - where Pan-at-lee rode her gryff while fleeing Tor-lot.
 Dell Number -- 4

Roman Valley  -- It is where Castra Sanguinarius and Castrum Mare are located in the Wiramwazi Mountains.
 Dell Number  -- 57.3

ruins  -- The Downs family camp in some ruins.  Lions inhabit the ruins.  The white broken walls have statue of lions and other creatures on top of them.  The lions scare off the young Downs boy.  The father and mother leave in their safari car.  Boy and Dombie find Jeremy and bring him back to the ruins.  They spend the rest of the day and part of the night on top of the wall, fending off the lions.  The Downs return with a hunter to drive away the lions.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.6 (Boy story)

Ruwenzori  Mountains  -- the page states that ancient geographers called them the Mountains of the Moon.
 Dell Number  -- 119 (splash page “Mountains of the Moon“)

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