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Gallugo City  --  #56.3 The Gallugos under the leadership of King Gallu have built a city in Pal-ul-don.  We only see part of the King’s chamber.  #71.1 Gallugo City is plagued by lions the Cathneans have turned loose because they have too many of them.  The city is close to the swamp.  They threaten to go to war with the Cathneans because of the lion problem. 
 Dell Number  -- 56.3+71.1

Gambah Village  -- Tarzan learns from the Arabs that they have taken their captured animals to Gambah Village, a town on the coast of Africa.  The animals are held in cages in a compound of an animal buyer.   They will be shipped to Europe by steamship when sufficient numbers have been collected.  Tarzan and a number of the apes sail the Arab’s dhow to the village.  Tarzan shoots the animal buyer and the Arabs with their own tranquilizer arrows and rescues the animals.  He leaves a note warning them not to mess with the Isle of Apes ever again.  The animal buyer believes the threat and leaves the village. 
 Dell Number  -- 55.3

Gardens of the Black Cloaks  -- In a strange valley across a river lies the natural amphitheater that is the home of the Black Cloak Baboons, their gardens checkerboard the valley.  The baboons use monkeys to work their fields.  They live in caves in the mountains that surround the valley.  They gain access to the caves by climbing up vines.  There is a secret tunnel that leads to the top of the mountain.  A rock covers the opening.  Tarzan and Borok, the ape, roll a rock over the opening. 
 Dell Number  -- 79.1

Gateway of the Giants  -- The Gateway of the Giants is a series of projecting stones that marks the way to the city of the Hidden Ones.  Batuti captured Princess Kendra there before she can place a gold leaf at the tomb of her forefathers before the planting season.  Tarzan rescues her.  The Batuti pursue them to the Gateway of the Giants.  Kendra insists on performing her duty.  She has a key that opens a pivot door in the stones.  They have to hide from the Batuti in the tomb.  The tomb has gold mummy cases for the royalty.  The Batuti blow up the door with gunpowder.  They take the two coffins in which Tarzan and Kendra are hiding. 
 Dell Number  -- 119.1

Giant’s Village  -- the lost race of Giants live inside an extinct volcano.  Their buildings are Old    English Cottages.  They keep sacrificial humans in huts.  They also keep animals, which they believe are gods, in cave-like openings.  The humans are scarified in a walled in area.  When Tarzan uses dynamite on the Giants, it awakens the volcano, which erupts and destroys the village.
 Dell Number  -- 37.1

golf course  -- in the middle of Africa.  Two golfers try to drive the baboons off of the course by throwing golf balls at them.  The baboons catch the balls and throw them back, thus driving the golfers into the clubhouse. 
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4

Gorge of Baboons  -- After leaving the Arab market city of Marrach, Tarzan reads the tracks of the bandits of Sheik Ali Ben Yussuf laying in wait to ambush him and the good laden Beni Adhemi.  The Jungle Lord leads them through the Gorge of Baboons by bribing the apes with fruit.  Ali and his men attempt to follow the caravan.  The baboons attack them with rocks because the bandits do not provide them with fruit.  The bandits use up all their ammunition on the baboons; this makes them vulnerable to the rifles of the Beni Adhemi. 
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4

gorilla city  --  A walled city is the home of talking gorillas.  It has domed buildings, some columns, a Greek temple front as an arch, and a statue of a human.  Tarzan states that there are at least 10,000 bolgani in the city.  Tarzan and the Lost Legion defeat the gorillas and free the human slaves with the help of Goliath.  The Lost Legion takes possession of the city. (It is unclear if this is city Ara-thol of the Ko-bolgani.)
 Dell Number  -- 41.2

Gourambi Peak  -- Tarzan and Captain Peter Van Dulst search the mountains by airplane for the missing Hauser expedition.  Hans Hauser contacts them by radio.  They land near the Gourambi Peak and rescue him.  Tarzan stays behind to investigate Hans’ report of Abominable Show Men like creatures.  Tarzan discovers the Snow Men’s cave home and rescues a search plane pilot.  There are at least seven of the Snow Men living on the Gourambi Peak. (See Gourambi Range)
 Dell Number  -- 87.2

Gourambi Range  -- A#5.2 Tarzan and Buto ride Tantor to the Gourambi range in the search of Nandi Bears.  They find instead a lost race of giant Vikings.  They live in a fertile valley in the mountains.  They enshrine their bravest hunters and huntresses behind a wall of ice in an Ice Cave. 
#81.1 Tarzan and d’Arnot travel to the Gourambi Range to rescue Dr. Henri Dumont.  They land their plane in a ‘saddle’ outside the mountains.  They pass through traps to find the lost city of Mokar and rescue the doctor.  (See: Gourambi Peak) 
No. 37.6 Tarzan and Raoul d’Arnot search the Gourambi Range from their plane.  They are seeking Colonel Paul d’Arnot who crashed in the mountains.  Despite the snowstorm they land on a flat area in the mountains.  On their way down the mountain they run into the giant Vikings who help them rescue Paul from the Skirlings. 
 Dell Number  -- A#5.2+81.1+No. 37.6

government telegraph station  --  Boy flies to the government telegraph station with the note that Tarzan gave him for Dr. Louis d’Arnot to bring medicine for Dombie’s infection.  The telegraph operator recognizes Boy.
 Dell Number  -- 61.2

Great Bog  -- Near Tarzan’s tree house, Boy and Dombie search the great bog for a white tree orchid for Jane.  They find one but are forced into the muddy bog to escape a black panther.  Tarzan kills the panther and rescues them.
 Dell Number  -- 105.2

Great Lake  --  (see Lake of Lutor)

Great Swamp  -- a marsh area, which protects Pal-ul-don from the outside world.  The Painted Wells are between the swamp and the Thorny Desert. 
#24.2 Tarzan uses a large raft pulled by a gryf to ferry Waziri warriors over the Great Swamp to Pal-ul-don. 
#26 Tarzan and Professor Plume cross where the Great Swamp narrows into a small ravine. 
34.2 Tarzan is attacked by histah in the Great Swamp.  Princess Loma uses a great shears from the crocodile craft to aid Tarzan.  Tarzan joins her.  They are attack by Terribs.  Tarzan saves her from the Terribs and returns her to her home, Lutor. 
#35 Tarzan and the survivors of the volcano that destroy Cathne build rafts to cross the swamp. The survivors of Athne pursue them.  Tarzan finds the Cathneans a new home in Pal-ul-don. 
#36.1 Athneans cross the swamp on their elephants and lay siege to New Cathne.  Tarzan crosses the swamp and travels to Dr. Mervin to create a giant lion, Goliath.  Goliath swims the swamp with Tarzan on its back.  Goliath breaks the siege.
 #36.2 Tarzan, Muviro, and four Waziri go into the swamp to visit the people of Loma.  King Loban calls it the ‘Great Marsh.”  Their crocodile crafts are attacked by Terribs.  Tarzan rescues Princess Loma. 
#38.1 Tarzan, Muviro, and the three remaining Waziri follow King Loban to Lutor an island in the Great Swamp to discover that Prince Keelim has been captured by The Cat Men of Crater Lake.  Crater Lake is inside a dead volcano and feeds the Great Swamp. 
#39.1 Tarzan, Muviro, and three Waziri travel the swamp after leaving Lutor.  Tarzan captures a Thipdar and flies off.
 #39.2 After leaving the moat of New Athne, Tarzan rafts to the swamp where he finds Doctor Horace Maypool’s safari. 
#40.1 Doctor MacWhirtle flies Tom Culver, as per Tarzan’s instructions, along the edge of the swamp to find New Athne. 
#41.2 Tarzan and Tantor are resting in the swamp when they help some New Cathneans defeat a band of Terribs. 
#42.1 Riding on Argus, Tarzan flies over the Great Swamp and discovers the Stork Men and their village.  Tarzan helps them battle the Terribs. 
#44.1 Flying Argus, Tarzan finds Muviro and the three Waziri in the swamp.  They release the Banthurs and head for Saparta on foot.  Boy flies over the swamp on Argus. 
#45.3 Tarzan and King Jathon travel by crocodile boat through the swamp to attempt to catch up to Timon, who plans to attack Athne. 
#A2.2  Muviro and three Waziri attempt to cross the Great Swamp without Tarzan.  Crocodiles attack them.  Tarzan saves them and takes them across the swamp. 
#46.1 Goliath pulls the Cathneans through the Great Barrier Swamp back to New Cathne. 
#47.2 After receiving a telepathic message from Jane for help, Tarzan and Waziri travel on gryf through the Great Swamp. 
#50.1 Tarzan, Dr. Mervin, and Yolanda are in the lagoon of the Stork Men.  After getting the poison sac of Arachna, a cure for Swamp Fever, Tarzan returns to the village via a crocodile boat in the Great Swamp.  #51.1 Referred to as the Great Barrier Swamp.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac fly over the Great Swamp to get to the Stork Men Village to pick up the ill Dr. Mervin.  They land in the swamp so Dr. Mac can gather some Gorobar eggs.  Terribs capture Dr. Mac and take him to their den in the swamp.  Tarzan rescues him. 
#52.1 Bolgani swarm over the walls of Athne and force the Athneans into the Great Swamp.  The old men, women, and children escape in boats.  Tarzan has Tantor pull their boats to an island in the swamp.  He returns with the boats for the Athnean warriors.  He takes them to Cathne for safety.  Tarzan warns the gorillas not to cross the great barrier swamp.  (The Athnean warriors state that they are heading for the lake as Tarzan brings them the boats.) 
#52.3 Tarzan and Dr. Mac fly into the Stork Men Village located in the Great Swamp to pick up Dr. Mervin and Yolanda. 
#53.3 The gangster, Rick Nucco, and his men land their cabin plane in the Great Swamp and try to take over Lutor.  After Tarzan and the Lutorians capture the gangsters, they canoe them to an island in Pal-ul-don. 
#54.3 Three gorillas attack Goliath in the courtyard at Cathne.  Tarzan’s arrows drive them off.  He follows them to their raft in the Great Swamp.  As they pole their way home, Tarzan tricks them into falling into the crocodile infested swamp.  Tarzan follows the swamp to the city where the gorillas live, the former Athne.  Once there, he discovers that the gorillas have many rafts to traverse the swamp in their planned attack on Cathne. Tarzan liberates Hathor, the chief war elephant, and rides him through the swamp back to Cathne. 
A#3.5 Tarzan uses a trident to fish for food for Argus in the Great Swamp.  He comes upon a kronosaurus, a duck billed dinosaur, and a Garth.  He leaves the swamp on Argus to see why the dinosaurs have migrated from the Valley of Monsters. 
58.1 Alice and Paul Jenner’s airplane has engine trouble and is forced to land in the Great Swamp.  Alice is captured by giant White Apes.  Tarzan rescues her.  He takes her back to the swamp on Gorgo.  The apes pursue them.  A man named Jim shoots the apes from Paul’s plane.  They land and pick up Alice. 
#59.1 Tarzan comes upon Princess Loma in the Great Barrier Swamp.  He learns about Prince Keelim’s capture by the Talking Gorillas.  Tarzan searches the swamp for the captives on a Thipdar.  He finds the gorilla’s swamp camp.  He lures the Terribs into attacking the Talking Gorillas.  He rescues Keelim and the other captives.  They use the gorilla’s rafts.  After meeting up with King Loban’s crocodile boat, the Talking Gorillas attack them.  An earthquake causes a tidal wave in the swamp.  It wipes out the rafts but the crocodile boats survive. 
#60.1 Tarzan rides Gorgo.  He sees the aftermath of the battle of the Terribs and the Talking Gorillas.  They encounter a garth, which disappears in the swamp water after its battle with Tarzan and Gorgo. 
#63.1 When Aiglon flies off with Boy, they pass over the Great Swamp.  Dinosaurs are present in the swamp.  Tarzan searches for the missing pair.  He stops at the swamp to catch fish for Argus. 
#64.1 Tarzan and Harper are rafting across the Great Swamp when a Bolgani ropes Harper up into a tree.  Tarzan knocks out the gorilla.  The gorilla and Harper fall into the swamp.  Tarzan must dive underwater to free Harper.  Gimla threatens everyone.  Tarzan ties its mouth closed.  He and Harper finish crossing the swamp. 
#66.1 The Talking Gorillas capture the workers building New Athne.  They start to transport them by raft to Old Athne.  Tarzan has Hathor and the other Athnean war elephants overturn the rafts in the swamp.  After Tarzan forms an alliance to rid Old Athne of the Bolgani, the Athneans cross the swamp on their elephants while the Cathneans cross on rafts in a joint attack on Old Athne. 
A#4.1 Rafts of hollow reeds transport the White Pygmies down the swamp so they can help defend Cathne against the Talking Gorillas. 
#71.1 The excess lions, which the Cathneans have turned loose, hide in the swamp.  They come out of the swamp and are plaguing the Gallugos.  Tarzan enters the swamp to see what is driving the lions out.  He is forced into the swamp by a gryf and is attacked by gimla, a Bolgani, and a Terribs.  He takes the Terribs’ Gorobar and rides to the Great Lake and Lutor.  He hopes that the Lutorians will take the excess lions.  Tarzan guides the crocodile boats near Cathne in the swamp to pick up the excess Cathnean lions.  The lions are transported to Lutor by crocodile boats on the Great Swamp. 
#77.2 Tarzan rescues Wanumo, the Golden Man, from the Terribs in the Great Swamp.  He transports the injured Wanumo on the Golden Man’s water skis through the swamp to a lake and the secret home of the Golden Men.  Later, the Golden Men slip a sleeping potion to the ape-man and transport him back to the Great Swamp on a raft made of water skis.  They hope to keep their homeland a secret, even from Tarzan. 
A#5.1 Tarzan crosses the swamp on his way the city of Tohr. 
#83.2 A gryf from Pal-ul-don wreaks havoc at Buto’s Kraal.  Tarzan subdues the beast and uses it to thwart a M’goro attack on the village.  Tarzan and Buto ride the gryf back to the swamp so that it can return to the lost land. 
#87.1 Tarzan saves Jalima, Jorah’s sister, from a bolgani at the edge of the swamp.  He accompanies Jalima and her dyal back across the swamp to Pal-ul-don. 
#88.2 Tarzan flies Argus to Lutor in the Great Swamp in search of Boy.  He searches the swamp from the air.  He lands at the Stork Men Village and borrows water skis and a paddle.  He searches the swamp by water skis.  With the help of the Golden Men and the giant otters, he defeats the Terribs and rescues Boy. 
#94.1 Tarzan and Om-lat explore the Great Swamp in a canoe.  They find a tribe of hostile albino pygmies.  They flee from them to the Island of Wazban and discover the Wazban people.  The pygmies are preparing to attack the island because they are being driven out of their homeland by the Tor-o-dons.  Tarzan saves the Wazban city from the attack and plans to help the pygmies. 
#97.1 Tarzan and N’kima canoe across the Great Swamp on their way to Cathne. 
#115.1 Tarzan studies the wildlife in the waterways of the Great Swamp.  He rescues two Mountain people, Katar and Dera, from the Terribs.  He canoes them upstream where they are attacked by Hairy Giants, who capture Katar and Dera.  He rescues them and canoes them further upstream to Kroo Maun. 
No. 37.1 Tarzan, Jane, and Boy fly the giant eagles over the Barrier Swamp/Great Swamp to reach Kroo Maun. 
No. 51.5 Pan-at-lee crosses the Great Swamp by canoe, alone.  She is seeking Tarzan’s help in rescuing Om-at and the other captive Wazdons. 
No. 51.7 Margaret Mackenzie, the astronaut, talks Prince Loma into taking her across the Great Barrier Swamp in a croc boat.  They have an accident and are surrounded by finned dinosaurs.  Tarzan and King Loban rescue them in another croc boat.  They take Mackenzie across the swamp. 
 Dell Number  -- 15.1+18.2+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don -      called Swamp Belt)+24.2+26+34.2+35+36.1+36.2+38.1+39.1+39.2+
    40.1+41.2+42.1+44.1+45.3+A2.2+46.1+47.2+50.1+51.1+52.1+52.3+     53.3+54.3+A#3.5+58.1+59.1+60.1+63.1+64.1+66.1+A#4.1+71.1+77.2+
    A#5.1+83.2+87.1+88.2+94.1+97.1+115.1+No. 37.1+No. 51.5+No. 51.7

Great Thorn Desert --  #4 called Thorny Desert.  It is the area that guards Pal-ul-don. #6 called the Great Thorn Desert. 
A #1.3 Tarzan flies Argus over the desert. 
#35 Tarzan takes the survivors of Cathne across the desert to find them a new home in Pal-ul-don.  The survivors of Athne pursue them. 
#36.1 Tarzan runs across the desert to reach Dr. Mervin to create the giant lion, Goliath.  On the way he finds “Gifts of God,” a little oasis.  He and Goliath cross the desert to break the siege at New Cathne. 
#40.1 Doctor MacWhirtle flies Tom Culver over the desert to Athne.  Tarzan crosses the desert on Tantor.  Tarzan and his rescued party try to cross the desert in the Maypool’s safari car but continually get flat tires.  It is referred to both as the Desert of Thorns and Great Thorn Desert. 
#42.1 Tarzan flies on Argus over the desert to get to Dr. Mervin in Nairobi.  He is seeking help for the Stork People in their battle with the Terribs. 
#44.1 Boy flies Argus over the desert and spies the ‘Red Rock,’ a landmark that lets him know his position.  #47.2 After receiving a telepathic message from Jane for help, Tarzan and Waziri travel on gryf through the Great Thorn Desert. 
#A2.1 The Valley of Towers, the home of the Batwinged Men, is located in the Great Desert. 
#52.1 Tarzan finds a trail of thousands of Bolgani leading into the Great Thorn Desert.  (It does not look very desert like.) 
#52.2 (Boy story) After capturing Boy, the Bolgani head into the desert.  Jad-bal-ja heads into the desert and rescues him.  (It does not look much like a desert.) 
#56.2 (Boy story) Boy flies Argus over the Great Thorn Desert on his way to Athne. 
#63.1 When Aiglon breaks free and flies off with Boy, they fly over the Great Thorn Desert.  Tarzan, riding Argus, searching for the missing pair also flies over the desert. 
#64.1 Tarzan and Harper cross the Great Thorn Desert.  Harper is captured by Shiftas and taken to their camp. 
#66.1 As part of Tarzan’s plan to oust the Talking Gorillas from Old Athne, the Gallugos pretend to be sending a caravan into the Great Thorn Desert.  The gorillas attack them.  The Gallugos drop their goods so the gorillas will think they have succeeded.  The goods are gourds full of nabu juice, which causes the gorillas to sleep.  Ousted from Old Athne, the Talking Gorillas trek en mass across the desert back to their old home. 
A#4.3 Touaregs fire at Dr. Mac’s helicopter and force him to land near an oasis in the desert.  As he makes repairs he tells Boy a tale about how he and Tarzan crossed the desert with dinosaurs from the Valley of Monsters.  All of the dinosaurs died except Wheeck, the Garth, which Tarzan befriended.  A#5.1 Tarzan runs across the desert on his way to Tohr. 
#112.1 Tarzan, Joh-rah, and Dyals riders take the downed British royal air force men through the Great Thorn Desert to the safety of a desert airstrip. 
No. 37.1 Tarzan, Jane, and Boy fly the giant eagles over the Great Thorn Desert to get to Kroo Maun. 
 Dell Number -- 4+6+15.1+18.2+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don - called Great Thorny Desert) +24.2+26 (Great Thorn Desert)+ A 1.3+A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)+35+36.1+40.1+42.1+44.1+47.2+A2.1+52.1+56.2 (Boy story)+63.1+64.1+66.1+A#4.3+A#5.1+112.1+No. 37.1

Grossa City  -- An ancient walled city of the mad King Grossa.  (Its name is not given, but the giant egotistical nature of the king makes one conclude the name must be Grossa City.)  It has a drawbridge and a moat with crocodiles.  King Grossa uses slaves to repair the ancient structure.  It is very elaborate with many arches.  One of the buildings is referred to as Grossa’s Temple.  Housed within the temple is the Man-eating tree, Kalachar.
 Dell Number  -- 43.1

Half Moon Lake  -- Tarzan travels to Kroo Maun to get medicine for Aunty Gena.  The Slingers of Kroo Maun have great knowledge of healing plants.  The plant he seeks is in Hairy Giant country at Half Moon Lake.  The medicine man, Bornu, explains that Tarzan could not find it by himself.  He sends a group of Slingers with him.  They must battle the giants to reach the lake.  Dera, the daughter of Bornu, explains to Tarzan that the plant is only potent before it breaks the muddy ground.  They cannot grow it themselves.  It only grows next to Half Moon Lake.  They collect many bulbs and must fight off the giants again before they return to Kroo Maun.
 Dell Number   -- No. 37.1

Hall of Pantu -- a scared chamber in the lost city of Tohr where sacrifices are ritually performed.  A massive staircase leads up to the chamber.  A huge statue of Pantu is in the chamber.  Pantu has a lion’s head and a man’s body.  He holds out his arms and a grill extends between them.  A lever moves a stone block in the floor.  When opened it causes an updraft that allows the fires of Tohr, beneath the chamber, to leap into the room thus consuming the sacrificial victim in the arms of Pantu. 
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.1

hidden valley  -- Tarzan travels through miles of thorn bush and comes upon a hidden valley that once was a volcano crater.  It is here that he and Tantor carry Bauxhau, the bushman, across the lake to the Towering Rocks.
 Dell Number  -- 120.1

Hill of Caves  -- No. 25.1 At the Waziri Village Tarzan learns of the Wabuna treachery in capturing Jane and Boy.  He is to take the two giant eagles to the Hill of Caves and exchange them for his family.  Tarzan flies to the hills with Argus and Aguila.  The Wabuna failed to capture Jane and Boy and attempt to bluff Tarzan into giving them the eagles.  The Wabuna attack him and severely wound him in the shoulder.  The eagles drive off the Wabuna.  Argus carries Tarzan out of the hills and deposits him near the Cave of the Wise One. 
#123.1 The Waziri trail the evil Kabarounga to the Hill of Caves.  They wisely do not follow him along the ledge where Kabarounga could easily pick them off.  The Waziri signal Tarzan, who arrives with dummies made out of bark.  The Waziri place a dummy on the ledge and lower one down from above.  Tarzan climbs the sheer face of the cliff below.  Kabarounga empties his pistol on the dummies.  Tarzan captures Kabarounga in the cave. 
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1+123.1

Hills of Flashing Stones  -- diamond mine of the Ko-bolgani (probably relates to GL - ‘Valley of        the Palace of Diamonds’
 Dell Number  -- 10

Hills of Kroo Maun  -- After rescuing Katar and Dera from the Hairy Giants, Tarzan canoes them upstream in Pal-ul-don to the Mountain Men home in the Hills of Kroo Maun.  No shelters are shown.  (Do the Mountain Men live in the open area of Kroo Maun?)
 Dell Number  -- 115.1+

Hoggar  --  #42.2 It is referred to as Hoggar, Hoggar Country, and the Hoggar massif.  A massif is a compact portion of a mountain range containing one or more summits.  The Tuaregs control the desert surrounding the Hoggar.  In the valley of the massif is the Forbidden City, the city of the Black Tuaregs.  Tarzan and Paul d’Arnot fly seven hundred miles to search the Hoggar for the missing Louis d’Arnot.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2

Hokyus Village  -- home of the lost race the Hokyus.  It is found at the headwaters of the Mangowari River in the mountains.  They build their houses out of stone with thatched roofs.  The tower where they hold their prisoners has no roof.  They have a series of laws, one of which does not allow anyone to leave once they have entered the village.  No one has ever escaped from the Hokyus.  Reportedly, they use trained dogs to track down escapees.  They grow grain and raise melons.  Their primary weapons are spears and maintain active patrols.  The natives wear blue fezzes and shorts.   A few natives wear shirts.  Tarzan helps Bruce Norton escape from the village. 
 Dell Number  -- 51.3

House of Magic  -- The House of Magic is what the witch doctor, Kisambu, calls his hut near Buto’s Village.  He keeps a trained chimpanzee chained inside his hut.  Kisambu incites the Bamwe to revolt against Buto.  Tarzan and Buto sneak into the hut through the backdoor.  A skull on a stick guards the backdoor.  Tarzan breaks the chimp’s chains.  The walls of the house are decorated with spears and shields. 
 Dell Number  -- 125.1

Houses of the Ancient Ones  -- The Houses of the Ancient Ones is located on an island in the Lake Nobody Names.  Lechwe guides Tarzan to the island to search for the missing Captain Smith and the Tree of Ages.  The city is in ruins.  The buildings are flat roofed and rectangular.  Each building has an image of the Tree of Ages craved on the front. 
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.1

Ice Cave  -- In the Gourambi Mountains Tarzan and Buto find a covered opening to an Ice Cave.  The cave has mysterious Viking writings above the opening, which is a warning not to enter the cave.  Inside the cave they discover giant Vikings enshrined behind a wall of ice.  The Viking place their most honored hunters and huntresses behind the wall.  Tarzan and Buto are found in the cave and must fight the Viking leaders.  They disarm their opponents.  The Vikings are impressed by their skills and forgive them for entering the cave.  Later the Viking leader, Yarl Hrolf, tells them that they have proven their bravery enough to be enshrined with the most famous of Viking hunters.
 Dell Number  -- A#5.2

Ignosi Kraal  -- Tarzan and Boy find James Nicholson, who has been bitten by a poisonous snake.  Nicholson is a missionary.  He and his family have been staying at Ignosi’s Kraal.  Tarzan flies Aiglon to the kraal to have them send a cart for Nicholson.  The giant eagle frightens Ignosi and his people.  They hide in their cylindrical huts with conical tops.  There is a fence around the village.  Tarzan learns from the frightened chief that M’bogo’s tribe has taken Mrs. Nicholson and her child.
 Dell Number  -- 65.2

Ilona, Land of  -- home of white pygmies.  Urkat poisoned the crowned prince and usurped the power rightfully belonging to Alet.  Prince Alet is imprisoned.   Alet’s wife, Princess Ila, and his son, Tado, are forced into the terrible desert, which surrounds their land.  (See also Lipona)
 Dell Number  -- 17.1

Imanga’s Kraal  -- King Imanga holds a durbar at his kraal.  Many chiefs come to pay him honor.  He sits on a throne chair covered by a leopard skin.  The buildings are round.  The roofs are concentric circle layers. 
 Dell Number  -- 125.2

imitation village  -- The Makulu nation moves towards the Waziri and Watunga.  Tarzan has the Waziri build a phony village on the top of a bare hill in the central valley, which the Makulu must pass.  The imitation village has a stockade, which the Waziri can drop down as a unit.  It also has the appearance of many huts.  The Makulu attack the imitation village.  The superior tactics of Tarzan cause their defeat.
 Dell Number  -- 116.1

Inkota City  -- Hidden in the mountains, the city of the Inkota tribe is guarding the point of entrance to the fertile valley.  The city is white with a domed building at the center.  Queen Nilonda rules the Inkota people.  They use chariots pulled by leopards.  They captured Karen Lane and hold her captive because they believe that the queen would have good luck if a white skinned ruler shared the throne with her.  Karen escapes but is recaptured along with Tarzan.  Tarzan is also thought to bring them good luck.  They keep their white prisoners in gold leg chains.  The Queen has a double throne so that Karen can sit next to her.  The common man has thatched roofed houses.  They are not permitted to look at royalty. Tarzan uses a baboon tribe to disrupt their food production.  Tarzan and Karen escape the city on the backs of the giant eagles. 
 Dell Number  -- 92.1

Inn of the Three Dervishes  -- The kahn (inn) is in the Arab market town of Marrach.  Tarzan, Hussein, and some Beni Adhemi take a room in the inn while they purchase seed grain and livestock.  The innkeeper overcharges them for their room.  Hussein does not complain.  The innkeeper gives them a huge gold colored key to their room on the second floor.  Agents of the Sheik Ali Ben Yussuf plan to rob them of their gold.  Tarzan suspects they will be robbed.  Jad-bal-ja leaps through the second floor window to help them.  The bandits break in but fear that Jad is a djinni.  They break the railing to the staircase in their attempt to flee. 
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4

Inongo’s shamba  -- Part of the Gomah tribe near Umboma’s Town.  Tarzan and Sumolu track an albino elephant that plaques the Gomahs.  They find Inongo’s shamba hut smashed.
 Dell Number  -- 102.1

island (unnamed)  --  #A2.5  Tarzan, N’kima, Gary and Stella Keene wreck their canoe on a coral reef and must spend three weeks on an island off the east coast of Africa near the Indian Ocean.  They get off the island when sea Arabs, the Brothers of the Barracuda, come to the island after them.  They take the Arabs’ ship. 
#59.1 Tarzan leaves Gorgo on an unnamed island in the Great Barrier Swamp as he searches for the captured Prince Keelim. 
A#6.1 Tarzan, Jane and Boy’s dhow is forced onto a reef during a typhoon.  They take refuge on a nearby unnamed island.  The reef surrounding the island is the death knell to many ships.  The island is ten miles long and five miles wide.  A cargo ship carrying animals wrecked some time ago; thus, the island is populated with antelopes, lions, leopards, goats, and gorillas.  Tarzan builds his family a tree house for shelter and protection.  An unnamed tribe canoes to the island to sacrifice gorillas to a giant squid.  They tie them to poles and let the tide bring in the terror of the deep.
 Dell Number  -- A2.5+59.1+A#6.1

Island of Dwarfs  --  (See Didona)

Island of the Pirate King  -- The island is located in the Forbidden Valley and the bane of the cities of Castrum Mare and Castra Sanguinarius.  It is ruled by Plutonius, the Pirate King.  It is a well-established city with an extensive dock system for their twelve oared cutters and war galleys.  It has a high castle in the center of the island as a stronghold against attacks.  The rest of the city has stone buildings and high walls.  The bridges in the city employ the Roman arch.  It has a high sea wall that permits only one ship at a time into the harbor.  It is to this city that Tarzan comes to rescue Jane and Boy.  As they escape from the harbor, the war galleys of Castrum Mare defeat the pirates.  A white flag is raised over the castle.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

Island of Wazban  -- A rocky point island in the Great Swamp that contains the city and the people known as Wazban. (See Wazban)
 Dell Number  -- 94.1

Isle of Apes  --  #55.3 Tarzan finds an ape from the Isle of Apes floating in the ocean.  He learns about the capture of the apes by Arabs.  He returns the ape to his home.  The isle is reached by entering a stream, which empties into the ocean.  He convinces the apes to build a small wala, prison, for the Arabs.  They capture the Arabs and place them in the wala.  Tarzan convinces the Arabs at Gambah Village and the ones on the island to leave the apes alone. 
#61.1 Tarzan dives for oysters off of the Isle of Apes.  When Williams, the animal trapper, comes to the island with his men to capture the apes, Tarzan sends the apes to the volcanic end of the island.  Williams’ men set up nets to capture the apes.  Tarzan calls a Dum-Dum for the apes.  After the Dum-Dum, they approach the camp of the tarmangani.  A volcano erupts and shakes the entire island.  Williams and his men retreat to their dhows.  Tarzan fears the island’s destruction and swims to the dhow.  He strikes a bargain with Williams.  For moving the apes to the mainland Tarzan will give him a bag full of pearls.  As the mangani board the ships, the volcano erupts again and destroys the island. 
 Dell Number  -- 55.3+61.1

Isle of Leopards  -- It is an island in a crocodile infested lake.  It is the home of the Leopard Men and their trained leopards.  They cross the lake by a dugout canoe connected to each shore by a rope and pulley system.  The leopards are trained to make kills and return to the island via the canoe.  The tribe has a series of huts on the island.  Boy and a tribe of baboons eliminate the tribe and their leopards.
 Dell Number  -- 54.2

Ituri Forest  -- Tarzan crosses the remote part of the Ituri Forest to come upon an unarmed village. 
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.3

Ituri Land  -- The Mabudu tribe of Ituri Land use leopard teeth as money.
 Dell Number  -- A#5 (Mabudu Money - splash page)

Ivory City  -- ancient lost city hidden in the far off mountains. They use elephants for transportation and war.  They raid neighboring areas for young slaves. Their soldiers wear armor made of ivory.  They delight in gladiatorial games.  The king’s son, Prince Mako, has no scruples.  When Boy and some young Waziri are captured by The Men in Ivory, Tarzan goes there to rescue them.  He saves the King’s life thus gaining their freedom.
 Dell Number  -- 19.1

Jad-ben-lul  --  (Pal) “The Golden Water” - a lake near Alur.  Tarzan says it has blue water. 
 Dell Number  -- A 1.3+44.1
 Novel   -- TTe - (Pal) “The Golden Water.”  A large lake near where the Ho-dons live.

Ja-lur/Jalur -- “Lion City” - part of the Ho-don’s kingdom in Pal-ul-don, birthplace of King Ja-don. 
A #1.3 Tarzan flies over the city on Argus and sees that Torodons have overthrown the people. 
#62.1 Ho-dons and Prince Kodon, who has been exiled from Alur, capture Tarzan.  They take him to Jalur.  Tarzan overpowers his guard, breaks the bars to the cells, and enters King Zugu’s chamber.  Tarzan forces the King to take him to the royal wharf and obtain a boat.  He takes the King with him out of the city. 
A#7.4 Kandor returns to Jalur with his axe to challenge the King for the throne, which is his right by the ancient Jalur’s law and rights.  The people of Jalur cheer his return.  Kandor defeats Gorgan the Greedy for the throne. 
#124.1The treaty between Ja-lur and A-lur is somehow broken.  Ja-lur is ruled by Ja-don, the Third.  Warriors from Ja-lur capture Tarzan and bring him to the King.  Ja-don tries to persuade the Jungle Lord to stand with them against A-lur.  Tarzan refuses.  The King has him placed in a punishment cell in the dungeon of this Greek-like city.  Tarzan breaks out of the cell and learns of the plan to attack A-lur.  Tarzan manages to unite the forces of Ja-lur and A-lur against the Terribs.  After the Terribs are defeated, Ja-lur and A-lur decide to live peace.
 Dell Number  -- 9+A 1.3+62.1+A#7.4+124.1
 Novel            -- TTe - city of the Ho-dons, second in size only to A-lur

Jungle Land Inc.  – This is where hunters Murdo and Syke  take captured animals, including Jad-bal-ja and his mate.  It has a sign labeling it as winter headquarters, Florida. 
 Dell Number -- 23.1

Kando-mor -- It is the name of the area that was the original home of the Gallugos.  Mountains in Pal-ul-don surround it.  It is in the valley of a thick forest with green fields and a lake.  A citadel sits on an ancient crater in the middle of the valley.  Cannibals live in the valley.  They prey on the Gallugos, who live in the citadel.  The Gallugos have built a double fence around their city and have placed wild buffaloes in the ten miles area around the city.  The Gallugos thrones are topped with buffalo heads.
 Dell Number  -- A2.2

Karfu city  -- It is a walled city at the head of a valley along the edge of Pal-ul-don.  The city is rather elaborate with stone archways.  Some buildings have railings around the porches.  They use slaves to work the mill sweep to grind grain for their people.  They are of normal size but they are larger than their natural enemies the Naqui.  They have a language that is a form of Bantu.  They wear shorts and capes with an intricate insignia.  Their King, Inkosi Igwenyama, wears decorative clothing.  Their primary weapon is the crossbow. 
 Dell Number  -- 55.1

Karuri Village  -- An Achinga spy peeks in at the Karuri Village, one of the many war-like tribes north of Tarzan’s jungle.  All we can see are a couple of thatched roofs.
 Dell Number  -- 101.1

Kasana Village  -- Kasana Village is the home of the Kasana people known as the cliff dwellers.  The village is built on the cliffs of Lake Sana.  It has steps leading up the cliff to tall cylindrical buildings with thatched roofs.  It has steps leading further up the cliffs presumably to more buildings.  Boy and Dombie bring a canoe and seine net so they can fish in the lake. 
 Dell Number  -- 122.2

Katana’s Kraal  -- Chief Katana’s son, Inolu, comes to the kraal with a head wound.  He tells his father that a strange white man tried to kill him at Tarzan’s lake.  The chief musters warriors to seek vengeance.  Tarzan comes to the kraal, consisting of white circular huts with green thatched roofs, to inform the chief of his son’s death.  He arrives to discover only women at the kraal who tell him that Inolu is alive and that the men went to seek vengeance. 
 Dell Number  -- 127.1

Kebr-el-makech  -- This is a village on the edge of the Great Thorn Desert.  It is where Tarzan joins Professor Plume to search for a Lost City, which reportedly contains the hidden wealth of the pharaohs.
 Dell Number  -- 26

Kenya Country  -- Tarzan overhears the hunters, Derrik Carne and Jamieson, planning to head for Kenya Country.  It is a hundred miles from their base camp at Nairobi.  Tarzan trails them and purchases the baby elephant that Carne captured at Lake Chui.
 Dell Number  -- 69.1
 Novel  -- TI

Kifaru’s Village  -- It is the home of a fat native chief, who controls his people with chimpanzees.  He uses the chimps to force the people to work in the gardens and bring him food.  Boy and Dombie are captured by the chimps and forced to work.  At night they escape.  The village is the usual rounded white huts with thatched roofs. 
 Dell Number  -- 96.2

Kilindini River  -- Major James Barton and his niece Ruth, who are in search of the lost city of Tohr, lose all of their equipment crossing this river.
 Dell Number  -- FC 161.1 

Kimbo’s Hut  -- At Kimbo’s Kraal, Tarzan learns that the King Leopard has taken Kimbo’s son.  Tarzan plans to hunt the leopard down.  He asks Kimbo for a bull hide to use for protection.  Kimbo crawls into his hut and retrieves one.  (See Kimgo’s Kraal)
 Dell Number  -- 67.2

Kimbo’s Kraal  -- Tarzan and Boy hear the wailing over the dead from Kimbo’s Kraal.  They go to investigate and learn that the King Leopard has taken Kimbo’s son.  Kimbo’s Kraal has no apparent fence that would make it a kraal.  The huts are low to the ground and have double and triple layered thatched roofs.  The openings to the huts are small so that one must crawl into them. 
 Dell Number  -- 67.2

Kisumu’s Kraal  -- This is the home of the tribe ruled by Chief Kisumu.  It is a series of huts with thatched roofs.  Boy and Jad-bal-ja track Dombie’s scent to the village.  They keep an empty lion hut for the spirit of their late Chief Makuru, who supposedly appears as a lion.  The witch doctor ties a goat outside the hut to attract lions thus keeping the myth alive.  The Kisumu deny any knowledge of Dombie.  Boy does not believe them and won’t leave.  He sleeps in the lion’s hut.  Chief Kisumu and the witch doctor conspire to kill Boy.  Tarzan saves Boy and rescues Dombie from the Kisumu.
 Dell Number  -- 123.2

Kobamba’s Kraal  -- This place was the home of the Wakembi/Wakembe tribe ruled by Kobamba.  It lies beyond the Morans of the Masai and the Valley of Lions.  It has a pole wall around it.  From a distance, the conical roofs rising above the wall makes it look like a castle.  From close range, the huts are the typical circular white buildings with thatched roofs.  The Gahinga tribe is their sworn enemies.  The Gahinga start a range fire to drive out the Wakembi.  Tarzan helps the Wakembi defeat the Gahingas; however, Kobamba is killed and the kraal is burnt to the ground. 
 Dell Number  -- 114.1

Kolumbwe Island Villages  -- home of the Kolumbwe raiders.  They are also known as the Horned Men.  They live in marshland and on several islands on the river.  They use their very fast canoes to attack the neighboring villages especially the Luemba Fishing Village.  Tarzan lures them into a trap.  Most of their canoes are destroyed.  The Luemba take the fight to the island home of their enemy.  They have circular buildings with thatched roofs.  The village does not look like it is in very good repair. 
 Dell Number  -- 111.1

Kordo Village  -- This is the home of the Kordo tribe, the ruling class in the Mountains of Barongo.  They treat the Nuba tribe as serfs and at times as slaves.  Tarzan spies on the village to learn what would be the best plan to restore the balance of power in Barongo Land.  The Kordo Village is like the Nuba Village with its cylindrical huts and conical tops.  The Kordo spearmen use Table Rock outside of their village to hold the Feast of Warriors in which war contests are held on the full moon.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Kor-ul-gryff/Kor-ul-gryf  --  #4 “gorge of gryff” - valley home of the gryff, uninhabited by humans. 
#58.1 As Tarzan and Gorgo pass through Kor-ul-gryf they are attacked by two gryfs.  Tarzan kills one.  Gorgo kills the other. 
#62.1 The title misspells the gorge - Kor-ul-gryph.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac raft up a river into the Kor-ul-gryf in search of gryf eggs.  Tarzan uses the cover of night to gather some eggs from the sandy nests. 
No. 51.5 After Tarzan rescues Om-at from A-lur, he carries the injured Om-at over the rocks of Kor-ul-gryf.  The Ho-dons use hunting dogs to track them.  Pan-at-lee leads the Ho-dons away from her injured mate.  The Ho-dons catch Pan-at-lee and throw her over a cliff.  Tarzan saves Pan-at-lee from a Tor-o-don. 
 Dell Number -- 4+58.1+62.1+No. 51.5
 Novels  -- TTe  -- only one f in gryff in the novels

Kor-ul-ja  --  “gorge of lions” – home of the Waz-don tribe of Om-at.  A#4.6 Tarzan enters the gorge to find Om-at arguing with the evil witch doctor, Guru.  The witch doctor lets it slip that he is holding Om-at’s wife and child in the Caves of Ursamon.  Tarzan and Om-at leave to attempt a rescue.
 Dell Number -- 4+6+9+16.1+A#4.6
 Novels  -- TTe

Kroo Maun  -- Tarzan brings Katar and Dera to the river edge near the Slinger’s village.  The actual village is not shown. 
No. 37.1 Tarzan, Jane, and Boy fly the giant eagles to Kroo Maun in Pal-ul-don.  They know that the Slingers of Kroo Maun have great knowledge of healing plants.  The Slingers are afraid of the giant eagles and sling stones at them.  Once they are recognized, the thorn tree gate is open to them.  The village is surrounded by a pole fence, which has spear-like poles pointing outwards to serve as a defense against the Hairy Giants.  The huts are circular with green thatched roofs.  Most of the roofs have a visible green pole at the apex.  Tarzan convinces the Slingers that they need beacon fires to protect themselves against a night attack by the giants.  They place beacon fires on platforms in trees.  These prove to be invaluable as the giants attack at night. The beacons allow the Slinger to see where to cast their stones. 
 Dell Number  -- 115.1+ No. 37.1

Kudu Hills  -- The Waziri medicine man tells Muviro that he must kill a kudu for its horn to provide the medicine he needs for his rheumatism.  Tarzan has four Waziri carry the chief on a litter to the Kudu Hills.  Muviro’s spear does not kill the kudu immediately.  The kudu runs and falls over a cliff into the Canyon of No Return. 
 Dell Number  -- 131.1

Lake Chui  -- Lake in Tarzan’s country.  The hunter, Derrik Carne, goes to the lake and captures a baby elephant.
 Dell Number  -- 69.1

Lake Dwellers Village --  #7 found in the Valley of the Monsters.  Their village is on stilts in the middle of a lake.  They live mainly on fish, which they spear with tridents.  Luk-wok is their chief.  They help Boy and Dombie until Tarzan comes to find them.  Their village is damaged by a tidal wave caused by an earthquake. 
#49.3 Tarzan and Dr. Mac come to the village to borrow a canoe so they can travel across the Lake of Pterodactyls to search for thipdar eggs.
  Dell Number  -- 7 +16.1+49.3
 Novel -- EL - Lake Dwellers, tribe in Neocene Africa who dwelt on a lake in an island in the Restless Sea.

Lake Nobody Names  -- Lechwe guides Tarzan to the Lake Nobody Names.  On an island in the lake is the House of the Ancient Ones and the Tree of Ages.  Tarzan finds Captain Smith’s down airplane at the bottom of the lake.
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.1

Lake Nyanza  -- Watunga drums inform Tarzan about a downed airplane east of Lake Nyanza.  (Nyanza is Swahili for lake.)
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.6

Lake of Alur  -- located in the Valley of A-lur in Pal-ul-don.  Doctor MacWhirtle lands his seaplane there.  He is in search of Tarzan to guide him to the Valley of the Monsters. 
 Dell Number  -- 31.1

Lake of Lutor  --  #68.1 It is a lake near the so-called Crater Lake, which holds the city of the Cat Men.  Tarzan passes through a cleft in Cat Mountain and enters Lake of Lutor east of the mountains.  He has rescued King Zugu from the Cat Men and meets Dr. Mac on the lake with his amphibian plane.  From there, they continue towards Alur to force a peace agreement between Alur and Ja-lur.
#71.1 Tarzan rides a Gorobar to the Great Lake (Lake of Lutor) thus to Lutor to see if the Lutorians will take the excess Cathnean lions that are plaguing Gallugo City.  From the lake he warns the Lutorian guards about an impending Bolgani attack. 
 Dell Number  -- 68.1+71.1

Lake of Mist/Lake of the Mists  --  (See also - Lake of Rocks) Tarzan and Boy are fishing from a canoe on the Lake of the Mists.  They are forced onto an unnamed island by an approaching storm.  They capture the baboons, which are plaguing the pygmies who live there.  They transport the baboons across the lake to the main land on a floating trap pushed by pygmy elephants.
 Dell Number  -- 70.2

Lake of Pteranodon/Pterodactyls/Thipdars  -- A #1.3 south of Alur.  Tarzan flies over the lake on Argus.  Lake people are on the water.   The sky is filled with thipdars. 
#49.3 Tarzan and Dr. Mac helicopter to the village of the lake dwellers on the far end of the Lake of Pterodactyls.  They borrow a canoe so they can travel to the north end of the lake in search of fish eating thipdar eggs.  The fish eating thipdars lay their eggs in the beach sand. 
#58.1 In search of giant White Apes Tarzan and Gorgo cross the Lake of Thipdars, which is totally dried up by the volcanic eruption in the Valley of the Monsters (A#3.5). 
 Dell Number  -- A 1.3+49.3+58.1

Lake of Reeds  -- Tarzan lets Boy and Dombie use a canoe to go fishing on the Lake of Reeds.  After the native elephant hunters stampede the herd, the boys find a toto in the lake.  They take care of the baby and find its mother.
 Dell Number  -- 108.2

Lake of Rocks  -- #3 so call by baboons, a large lake with a fog-covered island in the middle.  The island is the home of the dwarfs of Didona. 
#48.3 Referred to as the Lake of Mist.  In the middle of the mist is the Island of Dwarfs (Didona.) 
 Dell Number -- 3+48.3

Lake Sana  -- Boy and Dombie use a bullock cart pulled by buffaloes to bring a canoe to Lake Sana to give it to the Kasana cliff dwellers.  They are chased by the Bangas and are forced to drive the cart over a ledge into the lake.  They paddle to the cliff dwellers village.  Boy takes the Kasana out onto the lake to show them how to use the seine net they brought them.  They are forced off the lake by a storm.  After the storm they return to the lake to pull in the net.  Boy and Dombie ride the buffaloes back across the lake to go home.
 Dell Number  -- 122.2

lake, unnamed  --  #51.3 In the mountains that houses the lost race known as the Hokyus, a lake fills and spills over a dam, forming the Mangowari River.  Tarzan and Korak, the great ape, bring Harvey Norton there in search of Harvey’s missing son, Bruce. 
#127.1 Tarzan begrudgingly gives James Hawklin permission to hunt crocodiles on his lake.  Hawklin shoots a hartebeest on purpose.  He accidentally wounds Inolu and thinks he has killed him.  He takes his folding boat to the upper part of the lake to fool Tarzan as to his whereabouts.  Tarzan is not fooled. 
 Dell Number  -- 51.3+127.1

Land of the Living Dead  -- it is what the mad men call the pit in which they live.  There is quicksand in the middle.  Arabs under Abou Ben Ephraim drive animals into the pit and have the crazy men rope them so they can be pulled up.  Tarzan and his Giant Eland accidentally fall into the pit.  Tarzan helps the fools get out.
 Dell Number  -- 17.1

leopard den  --   After killing the King Leopard, Tarzan spots the leopard’s den on his way home.  He enters the den, kills the King Leopard’s mate, and rescues Kimbo’s infant son, which the she-leopard was raising as her own. 
 Dell Number  -- 67.2

Leopard Men Village  -- They have thatched roof buildings and a wall of wooden planks around their village.  There is a separate room for their leopards.  A rope pulls open the door, which releases the leopards outside the compound.  After Tarzan rescues Nee-issa, Buto’s sister, he has Tantor trample the village to the ground.
 Dell Number  -- 40.2

Liberia  -- A#7 (splash page)

Lion Rock  -- New city of the Cathneans survivors of the volcano that destroyed their City of Gold.  Tarzan brings them to Pal-ul-don to build the new city.  (See also, Cathne)
 Dell Number  -- 35

Lipona  --  #8 valley home of the White Pygmies, across the great desert.  It is an apartment city. 
#18.2 valley of the White Pygmies.  This is where Tarzan brings Princess Ila and Taddo after rescuing them in #17.1.  Their home is called Land of Ilona.  (See also Ilona, Land of) 
 Dell Number  -- 8+18.2+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+A 1 -      (map of Pal-ul-don) 

Longobo Mountains  -- mountain range containing the Peak of the Moon.  This is the home of the white savages of Vari.
 Dell Number -- 1

lost city  --  A#5 (Jungle Theater)

Lost Lake  -- Tarzan learns about the Lost Lake in the mountains from a dying hunter.  The hunter speaks about Mermen.  Tarzan travels the sixty miles to the south to investigate.  He finds the lake and a volcanic island in the middle of the lake.  The Mermen control the native tribes with fear and awe from their volcanic home.  (See also Merman City)
 Dell Number  -- 108.1

Lost Legion City  -- walled city that was formally the home of Talking Gorillas.  It has domed buildings, some columns, a Greek temple front as an arch, and a statue of a human.  Tarzan states that there are at least 10,000 bolgani in the city.  The Lost Legion has 10,000 warriors.  Tarzan and the Lost Legion defeat the gorillas and free the human slaves with the help of Goliath.  The Lost Legion takes possession of the city. (It is unclear if this is city Ara-thol of the Ko-bolgani.)
 Dell Number  -- 41.2

lost valley  --  what Tarzan calls the area where he finds Lachee, the red flower.  He battles   many pre-historic beasts in the lost valley.  Cor-o-don is located there.
 Dell Number  -- 19.2

Lost Valley of Arrack  -- inaccessible valley which contains a city ruled by Queen Mataha.  She uses giant spiders to enslave people.  Tarzan, the Waziri, and Dr. MacWhirtle go to Arrack, wipe out the giant spiders, destroy their false god, and force the people of Arrack to reform their ways.
 Dell Number  -- 30

Luemba Fishing Village  -- native village along the banks of a river.  Queen Nhaka rules them.  They have a dried fish industry.  The village has the typical round huts with thatched roofs.  They are easy prey of the Kolumbwe raiders.  Tarzan shows them how to defeat their enemies.   Under Tarzans supervision, they build twin hulled dugouts with ramming beaks and strong netting.  They transport the canoes to a lake by cattle to practice using their new weapon.  Tarzan leads them in the defeat the Kolumbwe.
 Dell Number  -- 111.1

Lugongo  -- Tarzan instructs Geoffrey Barbour to take the evil witch doctor, Ungali, to the city of Lugongo, after his capture and exposure as the ‘ghost’ trying to frighten off the plantation owners.
 Dell Number  -- 45.1

Lugongo Hotel  -- Where the ransom note tells Mrs. Roberta Faye to go to if see wishes to see her daughter again. 
 Dell Number  -- 45.1

Lutor -- large island in the Great Swamp.  It is the home of Princess Loma, who Tarzan saved from the Terribs. They are the inventors of the crocodile craft as means of protection from the Terribs as they travel the waters of the Great Swamp.  They speak the language of Pal-ul-don. 
#36.2 Tarzan, Muviro, and four Waziri decide to visit Lutor.  They help King Loban fight the Terribs before traveling to the island. #38.1 A law of Lutor:  “If a man’s life is in danger, his brother or sister may claim the right to share in his rescue!”  Princess Loma uses this law as her right to accompany Tarzan in her brother, Prince Keelim’s, rescue.  Tarzan, Muviro, and the three remaining Waziri follow King Loban to Lutor to discover that Prince Keelim has been captured by The Cat Men of Crater Lake. 
#53.3 The gangster, Mike Nucco, and his henchmen land at Lutor.  They exert their power by machine-gunning down some of the king’s guards.  The houses are a mixture of hut-like dwellings to impressive stonework.  One interior uses ribbed vaulting.  Tarzan and the Lutorians overpower the gangsters. 
#70.1 Tarzan comes to the island that holds Lutor with his hostage, King Zugu.  He requests and receives an escort to Alur.  Lutor has a bridge with pointed arches.  It also has fountains. 
#71.1 Tarzan goes to the island that holds Lutor to see if the Lutorians will take the excess lions of the Cathneans.  Lutor looms on the horizon with its towering buildings. 
#88.2 Tarzan flies to Lutor in search of Boy.  King Loban and Princess Loma tell him that Boy left yesterday.  Lutor has tall buildings and a palace garden.  There is a huge fountain in the garden that is topped with a gold eagle. 
A#6.2 On the island of Lutor, Boy and Dombie build a catamaran.  They try it out and are blown out into the lake. 
#112.1 Tarzan travels to the city of Lutor by canoe.  The walls of the city are at the water’s edge.  A series of steps leads up into the city.  There are a number of crocodile boats at the bottom of the steps.  An earthquake shakes the city.  A great tidal wave results from the quake.  Tarzan leads the Lutorians to the upper most regions of the city.  The croc boats are smashed against the walls of the city.  A volcano rises to the surface of the lake. 
No. 51.7 The astronaut, Margaret Mackenzie, lands in the water near Lutor.  Tarzan and Prince Loma bring her to Lutor by croc boat.  Lutor is an impressive white stone city with steps leading down to the lake.  It has many Greek/Roman-like buildings.  Mackenzie is anxious to get home and talks Princess Loma into taking her across the Great Swamp.  Tarzan and King Loban return from the Valley of Monsters to learn this and follow them in a croc boat. 
 Dell Number  -- 34.2+36.2+38.2+53.3+70.1+71.1+88.2+A#6.2+112.1+No. 51.7

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