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abandon village -- Tarzan finds the two missing prospectors, Tobey and Harry, in an abandon village.  He saves them from a leopard.  We see only one ransacked hut.
 Dell Number -- 104.1

Achinga Village -- Tarzan goes to the Achinga Village because they are the strongest of the war-like tribes north of Tarzan’s jungle.  He plans to make them the peacekeepers of the area.  The village is well built and has a strong sense of order to it.  The buildings are the usual white sides with thatched roofs.  There are both rectangular and circular buildings.  Tarzan teaches the Achinga warriors how to fight with quarterstaffs.  He stands on a platform overlooking the practice area.  Large jars standing near some of the buildings are level with the roofs.  There are pigs and chickens in the streets. 
 Dell Number -- 101.1

Ain Adrar -- the town of Sheik Ibrahim.  The Sheik burns Tarzan’s tree house and captures Jane and Boy.  Tarzan rides a gryf to the walled city.  The gryf breaks through the gate as Tarzan scales the walls.  It is a very Arab-looking city.  Tarzan, Jane, and Boy escape on a mule as the Arabs are battling the gryf.
 Dell Number -- 47.2

Aladdin’s Cave -- Tarzan compares the Shiftas’ Treasure Room to Aladdin’s Cave (see Treasure Room of the Shiftas)
 Dell Number -- 88.1

A-lur/Alur -- city of light, capital city of the Ho-dons of Pal-ul-don.  It is the home of Tarzan’s friend Ta-den, Prince of A-lur. 
#9 it is a marble city ruled by Ja-don. 
#16.1 gangsters take over A-lur; 
#24.2 Alur (no hyphen) is overthrown by Tor-o-dons.  Tarzan frees the city.  Alur is described as the shinning city.  It is near snowcapped mountains and a blue lake; 
A #1.3 -Torodons mounted on gryfs overthrow the city.  Tarzan recruits Jorah’s people to help retake the city. 
#41.1 Although not seen in this story, Alur has an outpost called the Tower of Ta-dan. (see Tower of Ta-dan).  Ja-don is King.  He sends a message from Alur to the tower that they can expect no reinforcements form Alur as the city is under siege by Torodons.  Tarzan refers to Alur as partially in the Stone Age with only the beginnings of the development of metals. 
#57.1 On the bluest lake in Pal-ul-don is Alur.  The buildings are reflected in the lake water.  A Romanesque arched bridge leads into the city.  Tarzan and King Taden crash through the wooden gates on Gorgo, the giant buffalo, to confront the usurper Prince Kodon, Jaden’s cousin.  There are Romanesque arches in the city as well.  Most of the buildings appear to be flat roofed.  Alur has mastered metals.  They are making swords. 
#58.1 Tarzan leaves Alur on Gorgo in search of the giant White Apes, which King Taden told him about. 
#124.1 A-lur’s white walled city is set against a lake.  They have a treaty with Ja-lur.  King Ta-den is dead and the treaty is broken for some unexplained reason.  Ta-den, the second, becomes King of A-lur. Tarzan goes to the two A-lurian forts, Ara-don and Zu-den, to bring back the warriors to defend the city against Ja-lur.  Ja-lur attacks the city and smashes through the main gate.  Tarzan convinces the Ja-lur warriors to unite with the A-lur warriors to defeat the Terribs who have poured into the city behind the Ja-lur attack.  The Terribs are defeated.  A-lur and Ja-lur agree to peace between them. 
No. 51.5 -Tarzan and Pan-at-lee sneak into the Roman-like city.  It has many towers and domes similar to the dome of Florence.  Tarzan rescues Om-at and five Wazdons from a tower in A-lur.  Ta-den is ill and away from the city.  His priest, who was in charge of the city, is behind the capture. 
 Dell Number  -- 6+9+16.1+20 (inside front cover -Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don - called the capitol of Pal-ul-don)+24.2+A 1.3+A 1 (map of Pal-ul-don)+ 41.1+57.1+58.1+124.1+No. 51.5
 Novel            -- TTe

Amaui Village  -- The village is built in the shadow of Maui Mungu M’baya, an active volcano.  When the volcano spits out its lava, the huts burn to the ground.  The Amaui sacrifice humans to appease the volcano.  Their huts are white cylinders with thatched roofs.
 Dell Number  -- 95.1

ancient town ruins  -- When the Ubamwes capture Tarzan they lower him through the roof of a building in the ancient town ruin to hold him until Sheik Ibrahim and his men can arrive.  Tarzan tells N’kima to have Boy bring M’bogo, the giant buffalo, to rescue him.  The buffalo easily smashes through the wall.  Boy frees Tarzan’s arms.  They ride out of the ruins on M’bogo. 
 Dell Number  -- 68.2

Arab Fishing Village -- From the back of Argus Tarzan discovers a tiny Arab fishing village.  He saves the Sheik’s daughter, Sara, from a leopard.  Tarzan learns from Sheik Abdullah Ben Ibrahim that the Channel Pirates are keeping them from fishing.  Tarzan uses the fishing Arabs and survivors of a three-mast ship to rid the area of the pirates. 
 Dell Number  -- 83.1

Ara-don  -- Ara-don is one of the forts of the city of A-lur.  Tarzan travels to Ara-don and to the other fort Zu-don to gather the A-lur warriors to protect A-lur against an attack from the armies from Ja-lur.  Neither fort is shown. 
 Dell Number  -- 124.1

Ara-thol -- “Home of Lightning” - City of the Ko-bolgani.  It is a walled city with domed buildings, tiled pavement, and statues of apes.  The buildings have Islamic type window openings.
 Dell Number  -- 10

Arrack  --  #25.1 - The city is deep in a walled valley.  The cruel Queen Mataha rules them.  They have a giant spider under the control of the Queen, which they use to capture people for slaves and sacrifices to their crocodile god, Magon.  Tarzan goes to the city to rescue N’tala, bride-to-be of Kilumo.  She was captured by the giant spider and taken to the city. 
#30 - Tarzan, the Waziri, and Dr. MacWhirtle go to Arrack, wipe out the giant spiders, destroy their false god, and force the people of Arrack to reform their ways.
 Dell Number  -- 25.1+30

Athne, City of -- The City of Ivory and the enemy of Cathne. 
#A 1.2 - In a battle between Cathne and Athne, Prince Jathon is captured and subjected to the Elephant Ordeal.  Tarzan uses an Athnean elephant to rescue him and crash through the walls of Athne. 
#39.2 New Athne is being built in Pal-ul-don.  It has high, white walls with the Great Swamp near its rear wall. 
#40.1 - Tom Culver comes to New Athne looking for his fianc?e, Ellen Maypool.  Prince Ergon subjects them and Doctor Maypool to the Ordeal of Elephants.  Tarzan rescues them.  New Athne has the look of an ancient Greek city (much like Alur in Dell Annual #1.3).  Yet, the main gate to the city is not finished. 
#45.3 Timon and his Cathnean warriors approach Athne.  Timon rides Goliath up to the walls.  Spears from the Athneans enrage Goliath and kill Timon.  Goliath leaps the Athnean walls smashing large gaps in it.  The sight of Goliath causes the Athnean war elephants to do more damage within the city.  King Jathon and Prince Ergon make a peace agreement. 
#52.1 - King Ergon rules Athne.  Tarzan finds a trail of thousands of Talking Bolgani leading towards Athne.  Even though they are the enemies of Cathne, he travels to Athne to warn them.  They don’t believe him and try to capture the ape-man.  The Athneans sound their alarm gong when Tarzan tries to escape.  The gorillas swarm over the walls and take the city.  They gorillas kill King Ergon.  Tarzan mounted on Tantor and Jathon mounted on Goliath drive the gorillas back into Athne.  Tarzan warns the gorillas not to cross the Great Swamp. 
#54.3 Tarzan learns of the Talking Gorillas’ plot to attack Cathne.  He travels to the former city of Athne to see what he can learn.  He discovers that the gorillas have many rafts to move their troops down the Great Swamp.  The city looks about the same, except that the gorillas have used up the food supply and are now looking for slaves to grow food.  He tricks the guard into opening the gate as he rides Hathor, the chief elephant, out of the city. 
#56.2 (Boy story) Boy flies Argus over Athne and discovers that the Talking Bolgani are using human slaves. 
#66.1 With Athne (referred to as Old Athne) being occupied by the Talking Gorillas, the Athneans work on building New Athne in Pal-ul-don.  They quarry stone from a far area and transport it to the new site by elephants.  They use a crane system to raise the stones in place.  The Athnean women and children remain in Cathne as the work is being done.  After the gorillas attack New Athne, Tarzan forms an alliance with the Athneans, Cathneans, and Gallugos.  Together they oust the Bolgani from Old Athne. 
#80.1 Tarzan brings Shareef Hussein to Athne, which the ape-man calls the City of Elephants.  In Athne Tarzan enlist the aid of the Prince Timon and his stonemasons to repair the aqueduct of the City in the Sands. 
  Dell Number  -- 21.1+22.2+A 1.2+39.2+40.1+45.3+52.1+54.3+56.2 (Boy story)+66.1+
 Novels -- CiG+TaM

Bageena Village  -- The Bageena Village is situated under a cliff high on a mountain.  Their buildings are circular with thatched roofs.  They worship the father of apes.  They have the image of a baboon carved into the cliff above the village.  The Wakinda tribe lives in a nearby region.  When drums tell of a white man’s capture, Boy and Dombie think that it is Tarzan.  They travel to the village disguised as monkeys.  The disguises temporarily fool the Bageena.  Tarzan rescues the boys and the intended victim. 
 Dell Number  -- 127.2

Bakongo Village  -- The narration says that the Imanga warriors travel to the Bakongo Village to rescue Tarzan from the Bakongo.  No part of a village is seen.  What is shown are the Bakongo suspending Tarzan upside-down by a seesaw pole over a river. 
 Dell Number  -- 125.2

Balugas Witch Doctor’s Hut  -- The Balugas perform the Moon Dance on an island.  Boy and Dombie swim to the island and rescue N’kima.  They avoid the Balugas.  The boys sneak into the witch doctor’s hut on the island.  The hut is a thatched roofed building.  The outside of the hut has a number of poles around it decorated with antelope skulls and crocodile skins.  Inside the hut there are a number of statues, masks, and porcupine skins.  The boys use the porcupine skins to sneak past the Balugas. 
 Dell Number  -- 131.2

Balu-lil Stream  -- The Balu-lil Stream is where N’kima spots the escaped Kabarounga.  N’kima tells Thorak about Kabarounga, who attempts to kill the ape.  Thorak tells Tarzan about Kabarounga.  Tarzan finds the tracks and scent near the stream.  He starts to track the criminal. 
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

Barengo’s village  -- This village has no name.  We learn the names of two people from the village - Barengo and his bride-to-be, Ilona.  The village is on the edge of a remote part of the Ituri Forest.  The village has white circular huts and brown thatched roofs.  Once every generation the Mengo, forest spirits, take the most beautiful girl in the tribe.  A golden statue is left as payment for the girl. 
 Dell Number  -- No. 37.3

Baronga  -- (see also - Barongo Land) - This area of Africa is spelled with an ‘a’ in the title.  Throughout the story it is spelled with an ‘o.’
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Barongo Land  -- The area containing the Mountains of Barongo.  (It is spelled Baronga in the title.)  There are two principle tribes in the land - the Kordo, the ruling class, and the Nuba, the serfs who are almost slaves.  Tarzan and Buto travel there with the huge Nuba named Adumo to restore the balance of power.
 Dell Number  -- 67.1

Barrier Mountains  -- separates the great desert from the Valley of the Monsters
 Dell Number  -- 8 

Barrier Swamp  --  (see Great Swamp)

Batumi River  -- Tarzan helps Nogoni and his family to escape King Umpongwe and his warriors.  He leads them to the gorge on the Batumi River.  Tarzan swings across the river on a vine.  He tosses a vine rope back to Nogoni.  They cross the river gorge to safety.  The normal crossing of the river is fifty miles from this place.
 Dell Number  -- A#7.7

Black kopje  -- This is one of the three places that Tarzan has Muviro tell the British to have a plane ready in case he can capture Kabarounga.  It is not used or seen in this story. 
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

Blue Mountain Range  -- The mountain range near the City of the Sand (s).  Its river supplies the water for the city.  The Beni Adhemi are in desperate need of seed grain and livestock.  Tarzan takes Hussein to the mountains to pan for gold to purchase the necessary supplies. 
 Dell Number  -- A#5.4

Bongus Village  -- home of the fierce tribe know as the witch people
 Dell Number -- 4

Bororo Market  -- Jane rides Jad-bal-ja to the Bororo Market because she suspects that N’kima has been captured and sold to the pet merchant.  It is an open-air market near a walled city.  The merchants have colorful umbrellas and hang clothes over their areas.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.2

Boruti Village  -- home of the Boruti tribe also known as the wild hunters.  The village is the usual round huts with thatched roofs.  The Boruti capture the pygmy Prince Nikar and place him in a cage suspended from a tree in the village.  Tarzan has the pygmy warriors charge into the village and set fire to the huts.  The Boruti are so busy fighting the fires that Tarzan’s rescue almost goes unnoticed except for the Chief.  Tarzan drops the cage on the Chief’s head.
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.4

box canyon  -- The American prospector Chet Harper’s plane crashes in a box canyon in Pal-ul-don.  The canyon has sufficient food and water for Harper to survive for three years.  He has panned for twenty thousand dollars worth of gold in the canyon.  Boy and Aiglon, the giant eagle, are forced down into the canyon by kingbirds.  Aiglon’s wing is damaged, so they are also stranded in the canyon.  Four days later Tarzan riding Argus finds them.  He has Argus fly the gold to the top of the canyon and then returns for Harper.  Aiglon has healed enough to carry Boy up out of the canyon. 
 Dell Number  -- 63.1

Buto’s Village/Kraal  --  #49.2  (Boy story) - Boy and Dombie go to the village with their warthog kill.  They make a deal with a Bahatwe trader for weapons. 
#50.3 - Tarzan flies into Buto’s Village to enlist his help in tracking down the Secret Society that is terrorizing the area.  Tarzan refers to the village as a kraal. 
#83.2 Tarzan helps Buto’s tribe rid the kraal of a gryf that wandered in from Pal-ul-don.  The gryf wreaks havoc in the village, knocking down the pole walls, huts, and chicken coops.  Tarzan subdues the gryf and uses the beast to thwart an attack by the M’goro warriors upon the village. 
#99.1 N’kima warns Tarzan and Buto that Watumba warriors have surrounded Buto’s Kraal.  The Watumba capture Tarzan and his large friend.  Tarzan manages to save Buto and carry him through the gate of the kraal.  The kraal has a platform that overlooks the pole fence, which surrounds the village. 
#125.1 - Buto and Tarzan return to Buto’s Village after discovering that one of his people killed an elephant with a poison arrow.  The young men are celebrating.  Buto banishes the offenders.  The witch doctor, Kisambu, has a hut near the village.  He turns the Bamwe against their leader, Buto.  Buto escapes and goes to Tarzan.  The ape-man and Buto enter the village at night.  All the huts have their doors closed because they are afraid that Buto will return with vengeance.
 Dell Number  -- 49.2+50.3+83.2+99.1+125.1

cannibal village  -- In the valley of Kando-mor in Pal-ul-don, Muviro and the Waziri are captured by cannibals and brought to their village.  They have conical huts and live near a stream.  They have huge half cylinder ovens to cook their victims.  They tie up the Waziri and place them in the river up to their necks to soften them up.  Tarzan rescues them.
 Dell Number  -- A2.2

Canyon of Night  -- King Jadon of Jalur sends his sons to the Canyon of Night to retrieve the Treasure of Kings thus proving them fit for the throne.  The people of Pal-ul-don know about the canyon but no one knows how to get into it.  The older sons die trying.  Tarzan helps a reluctant Prince Rotan on his quest.  The Prince has a bracelet with a riddle on it to guide them on their way.  A great crowned head marks the way.  They must descent into the valley and cross a waterfall.  Another trail marker is a relief carving of a great wingless bird.  A spring fed lake is at the base of the valley.  A temple is at the far side of the lake.  The temple has an oriental looking statue, which contains the treasure.  There is a secret chamber with stairs leading up out of the canyon.  The chamber self-seals after exiting. 
 Dell Number  -- A#6.4

Canyon of No Return  -- The ailing Muviro spears a kudu in the Kudu Hills.  The kudu runs and falls into the Canyon of No Return.  Tarzan carries Muviro down the sheer cliff.  The warmth of the canyon is good for Muviro’s rheumatism.  The heat from the sun causes the rocks on the cliff to explode and create landslides.  The warm mineral springs in the canyon are healing waters to Muviro.  They camp for weeks so Muviro can bath in the mineral springs.  Garths inhabit the valley as well as an unnamed native tribe, who use poison arrows. 
 Dell Number  -- 131.1

Canyon of the Mandrills (Mandrill Canyon) -- While passing through the Canyon of the Mandrills, Tarzan rescues Moki from the baboons.  The young boy is searching for the rifle of Tippoo Tib, the symbol of power for the Badunga people.  His father hid the rifle in the canyon before he was killed in battle.  Tarzan helps to protect Moki from the vicious baboons in the canyon.  They follow a map that leads them into a crack in a cliff wall.  Inside the crack they discover an abandon city constructed with post and lintel architecture and has many relief carvings.  Tarzan finds the rifle in a structure that was probably used to collect water.  It has a large relief carving of a mandrill.  Tarzan and Moki escape from the city and the baboons via an underground river. 
 Dell Number  -- 100.1

Carmel, Kingdom of  -- is found in the Valley of Lyonesse, founded by members of King Richard Coeur de Lion crusade of 1190.  On their way to free Jerusalem from the Saracens their ship was blown off course.   They landed in northwest Africa and established a community, which never left the valley.  It is named after Mount Carmel in the Holy Lands, which lies on the Mediterranean coast.
 Dell Number  -- 13.1
 Novel   -- LJ - (Nimmr and City of Sepulcher, lost cities, founded by crusaders who had been shipwrecked in Africa in 1191.) 

Castra Sanguinarius  -- The Marble City.  It lies deep in a valley with a lake in central Africa, West end, 2000 years old.  It was formed by a Roman legion, who rebelled, kidnapped women to be come their wives.  It was later split into two warring nations. 
#57.3 - It is said to be located in the Wiramwazi Mountain in a placed referred to as the Roman Valley.  Tarzan swims past a war galley patrolling the waters and climbs the walls of Castra Sanguinarius.  He hunts for two white men sold to the lost Romans by Shiftas. 
#58.3 Tarzan refers to it being in the Valley of the Lost Legion.  Tarzan returns to fulfill a promise.  He sees a war galley of Castra Sanguinarius attack a galley from Castrum Mare.  He goes to Castra Sanguinarius to see if he can rescue Tribune Rufus’ son.  It is Emperor Brutus Sanguinarius’ birthday.  Games are being held in the arena.  Tarzan rescues the men from Castrum Mare and captures the Emperor.  He carries him through a secret gate. 
#89.1 - The city is referred to as Castra.  Sir Ronald Crabtree ignores Tarzan’s warning to stay away from Castra.  He is captured.  Tarzan and two apes go to rescue him.  They scale the walls.  In the royal courtyard Sir Ronald tells the Emperor of the wondrous things the Europeans have created.  The Imperator thinks he is mad.  Suddenly a volcano emerges from the ground.  Tarzan and the apes manage to rescue Sir Ronald and escape the city.  Many citizens of Castra also escape the destruction of the city on galleys.  Castra is totally destroyed.
 Dell Number -- 21.2+57.3+58.3+89.1
 Novels  -- LE

Castrum Mare  --  #21.2 - is located at the east end of a deep valley with a lake in central Africa, 2000 years old.  They are the enemies of Castra Sanguinarius.  It was formed by a Roman legion, who rebelled, kidnapped women to be come their wives, and later split into two warring nations. 
A#3.1 Tarzan follows the trail of his captured family, Jane and Boy, to Castrum Mare.  He uses a dugout canoe to cross the lake to the city.  He slips over the walls unseen.  He hopes that Cassius Hasta is still emperor.  He rips a bar off of a ventilator shaft to gain entrance to Hasta’s quarters.  Hasta commands the great war galleys of Castrum Mare to help Tarzan defeat the Pirate King, who are their enemies and have Jane and Boy hostage.  In return for his help against the pirates Hasta promises to abolish slavery in Castrum Mare. 
#57.3 - It is said to be located in the Wiramwazi Mountain in a placed referred to as the Roman Valley.  It is not seen in this story, but it is noted that Castrum Mare has outlawed slavery. 
#58.3 Tribune Rufus is knocked off his galley during a fight with Castra Sanguinarius.  Tarzan rescues him from the lake and takes him to Castrum Mare.  In Castrum Mare, Rufus prepares a swift little galley in the hopes that Tarzan can rescue his son.  Augustus is emperor of Castrum Mare. 
#106.1 - The Emperor Paetus Augustus now rules Castrum Mare.  Cassius Hasta has bee murdered.  The city continues its practice of arena games with men and animals.  Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja are captured and brought to the city for the games.  The city appears larger than ever with white Roman and Greek type buildings.  The supporters of the slain emperor conspire with Tarzan to escape the city.  Tarzan bends the bars of the new emperor’s palace chamber.  He captures Paetus Augustus and takes him hostage.  They escape by fishing boats.  Castrum Mare’s war galleys search for them but Tarzan outwits them. 
 Dell Number -- 21.2+A#3.1+57.3+58.3+106.1
 Novels  -- LE

Cathne/New Cathne  --  #21.1 - The City of Gold - 20 yrs. after CiG Tarzan returns to obtain aid for Elaine Hammond, who was injured in a jeep accident.  Alextar is king and Tomos is a nobleman.  Gemnon, a nobleman, is a friend of Tarzan from CiG.  They use the ‘Field of Lions” as an execution area. 
#22.2 - Upon learning about the City of Gold from Elaine, Mr. Hammond, and Jathon, the gangster, Lou Coron, and his henchman capture Tarzan and force him to take them to Cathne.  They attempt to steal the gold from the city.  Tarzan’s plan makes it look like they are getting the gold, but soon the tables have turned and the gangsters are all killed by hunting lions. 
#A 1.2 - Cathne and Athne battle on the plains.  Prince Jathon is captured by the Athneans.  Tarzan goes to the city and speaks with King Gemnon.  Tarzan believes that Boy is dead and will attempt a rescue. 
#35 - A volcano destroys Cathne.  Jathon is now king.  They travel to Pal-ul-don with Tarzan and build a new city called Lion Rock. 
#36.1 - New Cathne (Lion Rock) comes under siege by the Athneans.  Tarzan goes to Dr. Mervin and creates a giant lion, Goliath.  Tarzan and Goliath break the siege of New Cathne.  (See also - Lion Rock)  #41.2 Tarzan goes to the city when he learns that Goliath has broken out of his corral and is on the loose. 
#45.3 Outside of Cathne Tarzan and the Waziri save Queen Elaine from Black Panthers and learn that King Jathon may be dead.  They return to Cathne.  Tarzan leaves to see if he can stop the war that Timon desperately wants.  #46.1 - Upon returning to New Cathne, Tarzan and Jathon find the city besieged by Terribs.  Gallugos mounted on wild buffalos help defeat the Terribs.  They remain at Cathne for a week. 
#47.2 - After receiving a telepathic message from Jane for help, Tarzan rides a gryf to New Cathne to pick up Muviro and the Waziri. 
#52.1 - After gorillas overrun Athne, the Cathneans accept and welcome the survivors of Athne, their traditional enemy.  (At the beginning of this story, Tarzan speculates that the Bolgani are the same tribe that once occupied the City of Gold.  This is probably a distorted reference to Dell 
#41.2 when Tarzan displaced a city of gorillas with the Lost Legion.)
#54.3  - After a brush with three Talking Gorillas, Tarzan and King Jathon return to Cathne.  Cathne has an archway that leads into the city.  It looks almost like an aqueduct.  The three gorillas attack Goliath in the courtyard.  Tarzan drives them off.  After visiting the gorilla city, the former Athne, Tarzan prepares a plan for the defense of Cathne.  He effectively causes a revolt amongst the gorillas’ elephants, thus thwarting their attack before they can reach Cathne.
 #56.3 Tarzan comes to the City of Gold to get a lion skin from the Keeper of Lions.  He uses it to stampede the buffaloes that the Torodons captured from the Gallugos. 
A#3.5 A volcano eruption in the Valley of Monsters has sent dinosaurs in the vicinity of Cathne.  It has also brought Torodons mounted on gryfs to attack the city walls.  Tarzan teaches the Cathneans how to throw flasks of oil down on the gryfs and then ignite them with torches.  It drives off the attackers.  Tarzan enlists the aid of Jo-rah and his men mounted on dyals to thwart a night attack by the Torodons on Cathne.  Cathne has more towering structures than before. 
#60.1 - Even more towers are present in this story.  Tarzan travels to Jorah’s camp (either in Cathne or near Cathne) to recruit men to help rescue Jorah and some of his men, who have been captured by the Men of Monga.  They have rudimentary dwellings with conical roofs.  It is here that Tarzan designs the protective shield for the dyals as a defense against the Monga’s bolas. 
#63.1 Tarzan rescues the stranded American prospector, Chet Harper.  He leads him to Cathne.  Cathne towers higher than in previous issues.  It also has structures down on the plains with no walls.  It has structures in the hills with walls.  It has an acropolis.  Harper tells us that the gates are made of gold.  Harper so loves Cathne that decides to stay forever. 
#64.1 Tarzan and Chet Harper leave Cathne for civilization.  Cathne looms high but not as high as in the previous story. 
#66.1 The Athnean women and children stay in Cathne as the Athnean men build New Athne.  Tarzan sets up a meeting with the Athneans, Gallugos, and Cathneans in Cathne.  They form an alliance to oust the Talking Gorillas from Old Athne. 
#A#4.1 The Talking Gorillas use scaling ladders in their attack on Cathne.  Tarzan uses the White Pygmies to attack from the ground and has the Cathneans ride their lions bareback into the battle.  A dome in Cathne looks like Michelangelo’s dome over St. Peter’s in Rome. 
#71.1 Tarzan and Princess Loma go to Cathne to see if the Cathneans will round up their excess lions for the Lutorians.  Cathne looms on the horizon with its lofty buildings. 
#84.1 Tarzan flies Argus to Cathne.  The city still looks very Greek.  The white buildings have gold roofs and gold fascia.  There are large gold urns along the palace walls.  Lord Rython informs King Jathon and Tarzan that the Mitzeraim have captured Prince Thyron and his hunting party.  A rescue party leaves the city on riding lions. 
#97.1 - On his way to Cathne Tarzan and N’kima are chased by a Garth.  They make it to the City of Gold to learn that the Garth is keeping the city under siege like conditions.  Tarzan and King Jathon travel to Pal-ul-don and bring back two red gryfs.  The red gryfs kill the Garth thus freeing Cathne.  Cathne is a white walled city with a tall structure that progressively becomes smaller in diameter as it gets taller.
#103.1 - An earthquake destroys Cathne.  Only parts of the white stone buildings remain standing.  Tarzan and Jathon track the surviving Cathneans to their temporary tent camp in a valley.  They have surrounded their camp with a sharpened pole fence.  Mounted on Gorgo, Tarzan easily jumps over the fence.  #123.3 -After their confrontation with a Dinohyus, Tarzan and King Jathon return to Cathne so that Tarzan can make growth medicine.  Cathne is a walled city, mostly white.  It resembles an ancient Italian city.  In Cathne they transform three lion cubs into giant lions to battle the Dinohyus. 
 Dell Number  -- 21.1+22.2+A 1.2+35+36.1+41.2+45.3+46.1+47.2+52.1+54.3+56.3+
 Novels  -- CiG+TaM - 

Cat Men Village  --  #38.1 - home of the Lost Tribe.  It is an elaborate city at the end of Crater Lake.  The island in the middle of the lake contains the Temple of Brule.  Tarzan and Loma approach the city by descending a cleft in the mountain crater.  The city is filled with arches and domed buildings.  A volcano erupts and destroys the temple. 
#68.1 - It is the home of the Lost Tribe called Cat Men.  It is located in the Cat Mountains and is ruled by a queen.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac’s plane is forced to land in Crater Lake, which surrounds the village.  King Zugu, who is Tarzan captive, escapes from the plane and his captured by the Cat Men.  Tarzan gains access to the palace via a tree next to the building.  The Queen’s quarters are decorated with many tribal masks and statues.  The Queen of the Cat Men evades Tarzan by crawling in a trunk in her throne room.  The trunk has a secret trap door that leads out of the room.  Tarzan rescues King Zugu and commandeers a canoe from the royal docks to escape the area. 
 Dell Number  -- 38.1+68.1

Cat Mountain  -- Cat Mountain is what Tarzan calls the home of the Cat Men.  Tarzan and Dr. Mac experience engine trouble as they attempt to bring their captive King Zugu to Alur to force a peace treaty.  They land inside a crater (Cat Mountain) on a lake that in a previous story was called Crater Lake.  Tarzan has Dr. Mac repair the plane and fly to the Lake of Lutor while he rescues King Zugu from the Cat Men.  The ape-man canoes King Zugu out of a cleft in the mountain that leads to Lake of Lutor. 
 Dell Number  -- 68.1

cave  --  After Jess nicks a young elephant with his rifle, Tarzan disarms him.  The herd chases Tarzan, Buto, Jess and Bess.  Tarzan leads them to a cave for safety for the night.  Other animals caught in the fury of the elephant herd also take refuge in the cave - leopards, lions, and hyenas.  The elephants try to get at the humans in the cave but are unsuccessful.  In the morning the elephants leave, as do all the creatures within the cave.
 Dell Number  -- 110.1

cave natives’ home  -- Tarzan and the ape, Borok, rescue natives of an unnamed tribe from a cliff.  They follow the natives to a split in a mountain.  The cave reeks of sulfur fumes and steam.  An opening leads down to a fiery volcanic pit.  Tarzan and Borok watch the cave natives perform a dance, which Borok thinks is a Dum-Dum.  Club Men enter to attack the cave natives.  The white bull, which Tarzan rescued earlier, forces the Club Men into the fiery pit.
 Dell Number  -- 74.1

Cave-of-Heavy-Yellow-Stones  -- the place where the gold of Opar (treasure of lost Atlantis) is hidden.
 Dell Number  -- 5

Cave of the Condemned  -- Ma-amu’s cave.  This is where the Vari prisoners are thrown when they are to be eaten by Ma-amu, the crocodile god of the Vari.
 Dell Number  -- 1

Cave of the Fallen Rocks  -- The Secret Society tries to lure Tarzan to his death by bringing him a false message that d’Arnot lies hurt in the Cave of the Fallen Rocks.  Tarzan is suspicious.  He and Thorag, the great ape, capture the messenger and go to the cave.  It is a large cave in the side of a cliff with a tree near the large round entrance.  From a crack above the cave Tarzan’s suspicious are confirmed.  Tarzan throws down rocks to rouse out the band of cutthroats.  Thorag throws down the messenger, who grabs onto the tree.  His companions riddle him with spears.  Tarzan and Thorag wait until morning to follow them.  Later, the Waziri enter the cave to find it empty.
 Dell Number  -- A#3.3

Cave of the Winds  -- cave behind waterfall in Thunder Valley where Dr. Newsome is forced to refine thorium for his Arab captors.
 Dell Number -- 2

Cave of the Wise One  -- A wounded Tarzan seeks shelter to heal.  He finds a cave with doors ripped off its hinges.  Inside he passes cocoons to come upon a laboratory with two lab workers.  He helps save them from a giant caterpillar.  They take him through the cave to an open-air area to meet the Wise One.  The Wise One binds Tarzan’s wound and offers him the Elixir of Life, which he takes.  Jane and Boy riding Argus and Aguila discover Tarzan safe and sound. 
 Dell Number  -- No. 25.1

Cave of Ursamon -- The cave is high in Thunder Mountains and is the home of the huge cave bears.  Guru, the evil witch doctor, lets it slip that he is holding Om-at’s wife and child in the caves.  Tarzan and Om-at travel to the caves to attempt a rescue.  They use torches made from pines knots to get past the cave bears.  At the far end of the cave they discover a notched pole that leads up to the crater floor, the home of the Valley People where they find Om-at‘s wife and child.
 Dell Number  -- A#4.6

Cavern of No Return  -- place where Oparians go to die (see also Chamber of the Dead)
 Dell Number  -- 5

Caverns of Kor  -- Tarzan, Boy and Dombie take the naturalist, Arthur Smythe, to a mysterious valley to observe a new species of apes.  A female ape captures Boy as a replacement for her lost balu.  The apes send the females and the children to the Caverns of Kor before the moon rises.  It is the law of the apes.  Fireflies and glowworms light the mushroom cavern.  Tarzan comes to rescue Boy.  He is forced to retreat down a crevice where he discovers the lost balu ape.  He crawls up the crevice with the balu.  While the apes are distracted with the returning balu, Tarzan and Boy escape the cavern. 
 Dell Number  --129.1

Caves of Hairy Giants  -- Mountain Men, Katar and Dera, are captured by Hairy Giants.  Tarzan trails them to their cave home in Pal-ul-don.  The giants have no amenities in their cave other than fire. 
 Dell Number  -- 115.1

Caves of the White Apes  --  (see White Ape Village)

Chamber of Sacrifice  -- see Hall of Pantu

Chamber of the Dead  -- the Dwarfs of Opar lock La up in the Chamber of the Dead after she let Tarzan and Sir Hal escape.  She knows that Tarzan found a secret exit so she hunts for it and finds it.  (See also - Cavern of No Return)
 Dell Number  -- 13.1
 Novel            -- RT - where La hid Tarzan after she saved him because no Oparian would enter. 

Chasms of Opar  -- La and her crooked men live in the Chasm of Opar.  The crooked men live in the sides of the cliff.  The openings to their dwellings are rectangular.  The Temple of the Moon and the treasure vault of Opar are in the Chasm.  Gangsters come to steal the jewels of Opar.  Tarzan and an earthquake thwart the gangsters. 
 Dell Number  -- 82.1

City in the Sands  --  #77.1 Tarzan and Argus discover an ancient deserted city in the desert.  As they land, Tarzan speculates that the city has been deserted for hundreds of years.  They have domed building, baths, relief sculptures, and an aqueduct.  The water pipe still brings some water into the area.  Tarzan and Argus lead the displaced Bedouin tribe of Hussein to the spot.  Tarzan builds a reservoir to catch water before they arrive.  Tarzan tries to convince Hussein to make this place his tribes new home, if they can repair the water and increase the water supply.  Tarzan leads Hussein and his Bedouins through the pipe for over twenty miles to the water’s source in the mountains.  Tarzan surmises that an earthquake broke the pipe and thus the city was deserted.  Hussein believes that they can make the repairs and live in the city. 
#80.1 Tarzan arrives at the city to learn that the Beni-Adhemi tribe is leaving the city because Hussein went to repair the aqueduct and has not returned nor has any water flowed into the city.  Tarzan travels to the mountains.  He helps Hussein and his men defeat the mountain savages.  He enlists the aid of the Athneans to restore the aqueduct so the city can survive. 
A#5.4 - City in the Sand (no s).  Tarzan comes to the city with Jad-bal-ja.  He learns from Hussein that the city is in desperate need of seed grain and livestock.  Tarzan helps Hussein pan for gold and purchase the necessary supplies.  It has a stone archway leading into the city.  We learn that the water supply to the city comes from the Blue Mountain Range.
 Dell Number  -- 77.1+80.1+A#5.4

City in the Sky  -- A#7 (splash page) Constantine, North Africa

Cliff of Sacrifices  --  #65.2 - Tarzan finds Mrs. Nicholson and her child at the Cliff of Sacrifices just outside of the M’bogo Village.  The witch doctor, M’gulu, is about to force them off the steep cliff to the hyenas below.  Tarzan stops them and pulls M’bogo’s aching tooth, which was M’gulu’s excuse for the sacrifice.  M’gulu lunges at Tarzan.  Tarzan sidesteps and the evil witch doctor, who falls to his death from the Cliff of Sacrifices.  #101.1 Cliff near the Mauri Village but also well known to the Achinga tribe.  A jealous Karungo and his henchmen wrap Tarzan in a buffalo hide and throw him over the cliff.  The rope catches on a branch.  Tarzan cuts himself free and cuts the hide into strips to lower himself to the bottom of the cliff. 
 Dell Number  -- 65.2 +101.1

club house  -- Two golfers try to drive baboons off the golf course by throwing golf balls at them.  Ka-cha and the baboons catch them and throw them back thus driving the white men into the club house.  From a window they wound old Rajak with a rifle.  The two golfers lay out poison mealies to get rid of the baboons.  Ka-cha’s balu eats them and gets sick.  Ka-cha leads the baboons in an attack on the club house.  They crash through a window.  The golfers flee to their car.  The baboons rip the place a part.  They knock over the stove, which burns the club house to the ground. 
 Dell Number  -- A#3.4

Constantine, North Africa  -- A#7 (splash page)

Cor-o-don  --  #19.2 - Cor-o-don resides in a lost valley.  It is where Tarzan meets Lachee, the red flower, who calls her village a fortress with a stockade.   Only huts are shown.  It is where Tarzan battles many pre-historic beasts and helps unite Lachee with her love, Jo-rah. 
#39.1  - After rescuing Ro-mee-lah, Jo-rah’s sister, Tarzan returns her to Cor-o-don. 
A#3.5 - Jorah and his people are forced to leave their homeland because of a volcano eruption. (#60.1 shows their camp in or near Cathne.) 
#65.1 Tarzan, Jorah, and some of his warriors return to their homeland to see if it is habitable.  They discover that the White Apes have taken over the area and have built log cabins with straw roofs.  The apes attack them.  Cave bears attack the apes.  Tarzan and the Cor-o-don people help the White Apes fight the bears.  The bears take refuge in the log houses.  Tarzan unites the Cor-o-dons and the White Apes.  They burn the bears out of the houses.  However, it also burns the houses to the ground.  The Cor-o-dons and apes cooperate in building new log houses.  They build a village for the people and a separate village for the White Apes. 
 Dell Number  -- 19.2+39.1+65.1

Court of Sacrifices  -- site of Oparian ritual.  It is where La attempts to sacrifice Tarzan
 Dell Number  -- 5 

Crater Lake  -- Crater Lake is inside a dead volcano.  The lake feeds the Great Swamp.  The outlet of the lake is through a narrow gorge that is so swift that boats cannot get into the area.  The Cat Men who live there gain access by lowering and raising their ships down the impossibly steep cliffs of the volcano.  In the middle of the lake is a smaller volcano that is semi-active.  It is there the Cat Men have built their Temple of Brule, their god. 
#38.1 - Tarzan and Princess Loma find a fissure in the rock, which they descend to attempt to rescue her brother, Prince Keelim.  After they rescue him, as well as Margaret and Gerald Newman, an earthquake hits the area and the volcano destroys the Cat Men and their city. 
#68.1 Tarzan and Dr. Mac, while flying King Zugu to Alur to make peace, experience engine trouble and are forced to land in the lake, which is not mentioned by name in this story.  Dr. Mac uses a rocket to keep the canoes of Cat Men from approaching the plane.  Tarzan rescues Zugu from the Cat Men and canoes him through a cleft in the rocks that opens out unto Lake of Lutor.  The Cat Men use cables to lower their canoes out of Crater Lake. 
 Dell Number  -- 38.1+68.1

Crater Village  -- A tribe of natives have built a village near Maun Gah, the ancient crater.  Their village is the typical round and rectangular huts with thatched roofs.  At night, Tarzan, the apes, and Sheila Ross walk through the middle of the village on their way to the hut where Professor Ross is captive.  The people of the village raise corn and are forcing the Professor to grind the grain for them with his windmill that he made from his helicopter rotor.
 Dell Number  -- 85.1

Dan-lur  -- city of rocks, home of the Ho-don outlaws.  It is buried in a rocky plateau.  The buildings are white hemispheres with black ventilators shaped like a cut off cone.
 Dell Number  -- 6+20 (inside front cover - Jungle World - map of Pal-ul-don)+A 1 - (map of Pal-ul-don)

dead city  -- Tarzan saves the archeologists Cabot and Laura Sutton from hyenas in a dead city.  Their bearers deserted them when they heard the sound from two metal tubes striking from a tower.  The white city is in the desert.  The shifting sands cover and uncover it.  The buildings are a combination of Greek and Roman types.  There is a large seamless tower in the city.  The Tuaregs know the secret to its entrance.  In the caverns below the tower, they mine placer gold from a stream.  The Tuaregs capture the Suttons and take them into the tower.  Tarzan scales the tower and pulls the Waziri to the top.  They descend the spiral staircase and rescue the Suttons.  The archaeologists plan to return to the site someday. 
 Dell Number  -- 86.1

Deep Donga  -- A drum message says that a game warden and his party were murdered at the Deep Donga near the Somali border.  A Waziri shield and spear were found at the scene.  Tarzan goes to the Deep Donga and picks up the faint trail of the real killers. 
 Dell Number  -- 128.1

Delta of the Okovango  -- Tarzan and his family fly the giant eagles over the Delta of the Okovango in search of the missing Captain Smith.  They land and frighten a family of River Bushmen.  Lechwe agrees to take Tarzan to the Tree of Ages.  After the rescue of Smith, Tarzan helps Lechwe canoe back to the delta. 
 Dell Number  -- No. 51.1

desert  --  #8 high waterless, lifeless plateau in western Tanganyika.  As Tarzan and his company cross the desert, white pygmies discover them. 
#16.2 the same desert is called desert of rocks. 
No. 25.4 Tarzan rides Bara into an unnamed desert.  He sees the trail of his pygmy friends and rides to overtake them. 
 Dell Number  -- 8 +16.2+No. 25.4
 Novel            -- TU

Desert air strip  -- Tarzan, Joh-rah, and the Dyal riders carry the downed British royal air force personnel through the Great Thorn Desert to the a desert air strip so they might return to England. 
 Dell Number  -- 112.1

Didona  --  #3 Didona is an island in the middle of Lake of Rocks.  It is surrounded by fog with a volcanic crater at center of island, which is inhabited by dwarfs.  Didona is the name of the dwarfs’ goddess. 
#48.3 - In this story it is referred to as Island of Dwarfs.  It is surrounded by mist in the Lake of Mist.  They have cylindrical buildings with thatched roofs.  There is a temple on a high hill.  A volcano has split the temple.  The split in the ground permits Giant Wasps to enter the area.  Tarzan and Dr. MacWhirtle drop DDT bombs into the split to kill the wasps.  It causes the volcano to erupt.
 Dell Number -- 3+48.3

Dragon Cult Village  -- Tarzan comes upon a poor village in a rocky land.  There are little rounded huts with domed caps thus making them look a bit like mushrooms.  The Dragon Doctor controls the people.  Their cattle are marked with a symbol for sacrifice to the dragons living in the valley below.  Tarzan discovers the evil intent of the witch doctor.  He and Inkomi explore the valley below.  They find an empty ancient city on a fertile plain that probably was build by the ancestors of the Dragon Cult.  The stone city has many fantastic carvings on the walls and statues of lizards controlling man and beast.  After exposing the witch doctor to the people, Tarzan convinces them that they should move into the valley.
 Dell Number  -- 98.1

Dr. MacWhirtle’s Estate  -- Tarzan flies on Argus to Dr. Mac’s estate near Nairobi to get him to fly the ill Dr. Mervin out of the Stork Man Village. 
 Dell Number  -- 51.1

Dry Lake  -- Tarzan’s family hunts and camps in a new area near a dry lake.  Tarzan makes Boy and Dombie a sailing scooter to take on the lakebed.  The boys scoot along the smooth clay bed along for miles before the wind dies.  A storm approaches and a tornado picks up the boys and the scooter and carries them towards the mountains.
 Dell Number  -- 114.2

Dwarfs Village   --  (See Didona)

East Coast of Africa  -- Tarzan fishes for barracuda off the coast.  He confronts the Brothers of the Barracuda, sea Arabs.  He rescues Stella Keene from the sea Arabs, who raid the coast for slaves. 
 Dell Number  -- A2.5

El Paso  -- Slim, Red, and Shorty tell Tarzan that they are cowboys from El Paso, Texas.
 Dell Number  -- 33.1

Emperor’s Arena  -- In the Ivory City, this is where gladiatorial games are held.  Tarzan defeats the Strangler and bolgani in the arena.  It also contains cells for prisoners and animals to be used in the games.
 Dell Number  -- 19.1

Engani  -- Home of the Eagle Men.  Tarzan and N’kima travel down an unnamed river and over a waterfall to reach a tunnel, which cuts through a mountain to a lake.  They climb the mountain and come to the valley of the Engani.  It is a lush fertile valley.  No buildings are illustrated. 
 Dell Number  -- 75.1

Faru donga  -- This is one of the three places Tarzan tells Muviro to tell the British to have a plane ready in case he can capture Kabarounga.  It is not used or seen. 
 Dell Number  -- 123.1

Field of Lions  -- Cathne execution arena.  Fighting lions are used for the executions.  When Elaine Hammond and Jathon were accused of killing Tomos, they are brought to the field in Elaine’s jeep, which is pulled by lions.
 Dell Number -- 21.1
 Novels  -- CiG

Field of Rocks  -- Tarzan and Boy track the King Leopard to the Field of Rocks, the home of the dog-faced baboons.  The People of the Rocks help Tarzan fight and kill the King Leopard.
 Dell Number  -- 67.2

Fire Mountain  -- volcanic mountain near the Waziri Village.  Boy and Dombie go to the mountain to collect gemstones so Boy can make a necklace like Teena’s for Jane.  Bara carries them there.  It takes hours.  The volcano erupts and Tarzan has to rescue them from the lava flows. 
 Dell Number  -- 109.2

Forbidden City  -- City of the Black Tuaregs.  It is a training school for Tuaregs warriors.  In order to enter the city you must defeat one of the city’s best in combat.  It is a walled city that contains many domed buildings.  A desert and mountains in the Hoggar massif surround it.
 Dell Number  -- 42.2
 Novel  -- FC - the hidden underwater city of Ashair

Forbidden Valley  -- A valley in the mountains that holds Castrum Mare and Castra Sanguinarius. 
 Dell Number  -- A#3.1

Ford of Warriors /Warriors’ Ford  -- Tarzan tracks the killers of a game warden and his party.  When he finds them, he sends a message with N’kima to meet him at the Ford of Warriors.  The Jungle Lord drives the gangster towards the ford.  Tarzan makes it to the ford and sets up his plan with Muviro and the Waziri.  As Juma and his gang cross the river, Tarzan draws their rifle fire.  Muviro and the Waziri slip in behind the gangsters and attack them with knob sticks.  Juma, the leader, and a few of his men manage to escape the river and get away. 
 Dell Number  -- 128.1

Forest of Wild Hogs  -- Near the Valley of the Monster, it contains fierce, gigantic hog-like creatures.  Tarzan flies over it on Argus.
 Dell Number  -- A 1.3

Fort Gumburu  -- British outpost.  Tarzan and Buto meet Lieutenant Barnes and his askaris, who are headed for Fort Gumnurur.  They are attacked by Shiftas who steal the payroll.  Tarzan and Buto take all the Shiftas’ treasure and bring it to Fort Gumburu.  They inform the Major in charge where they can capture the band of Shiftas.
 Dell Number  -- 88.1

Fort Knox, little  -- what one of gangster Lou Coron’s men calls Cathne after seeing some of the gold delivered to the airplane.
 Dell Number  -- 22.2

Fountain of Opar  -- An earthquake splits open the rock of Opar.  It causes a geyser to spew sulfur-smelling water into the valley.  The geyser erupts intermittently.  Tarzan, the White Pygmies and the Oparians refer to the geyser as the Fountain of Opar.  The Oparians blame La for their misfortune and attempt to sacrifice her to the earth gods.  Tarzan rescues her and reestablishes her as a powerful queen.  But when the geyser erupts again the Oparian once more blame La and attempt to sacrifice her.  Again Tarzan stops them.  Tarzan and La lead the Oparians towards the top of the rock.  A geyser eruption causes vibrations in the rocks resulting in an avalanche, which blocks their path down into the valley. 
 Dell Number  -- 130.1

Freetown  -- where Jane is for a few weeks.  Meanwhile Tarzan and Boy are building a balloon, which they know she would not approve.
 Dell Number  -- 7
 Novel -- TA - Capital of Sierra Leone, a British colony of West Africa.  Freetown  was an important part of 19th century Africa.

French Equatorial Africa  -- former federation of French territories in central Africa: Chad, Gabon, Middle Congo, and Ubangi-Shari.  It is where Lt. Tourneau hunts for a band of Shiftas, but they escape across a Belgian border.
 Dell Number  -- 17.2

French Outpost  -- Lt. Raoul d’Arnot flies to the French Outpost near Tarzan’s jungle home.  His Captain does not believe him about his report of a Garth.  The Captain wants him to see the company doctor.  The Captain decides to have Raoul arrested, but the Lieutenant takes off in his plane. 
 Dell Number  -- 121.1

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