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Dum-Dum 2005
Oak Park / Chicago ~ Illinois
Part 3

Mary Fabian
Dorothy Howell
Jim Hadac
Jeffrey B. Gibson
Hillman Photo Library

Mary Fabian  (aka Amar of Pellucidar)
All who could not make it were missed.

I had a great time seeing friends once again.   So many memories.  The tour of the museum, and ERB's tiniest book.  Friends and more friends, and not enough time to speak with all of them.  This was a Dum-Dum to remember.

All memories are good, and of an adventure.

Riding a school bus squished between two guys.  Seeing, on that bus tour, the lots where ERB was born, lived, his wife Emma was born and lived -- all, presently, in the middle of the projects.  What an adventure! Hot, muggy, in EXTREMELY close quarters with 60 others. Seeing present day drug deals where ERB used to live.  And the bus driver threatening to kick us off the bus in the middle of a busy intersection if he didn't get paid, NOW!  Very  memorable!

Amar boarding the bus
Amar boarding the bus
A stooped Bill Ross deboarding to join Ralph Brown
A stooped Bill Ross deboarding to join Ralph Brown
Mary with Edie and Wayne James
Mary with Edie and Wayne James
Kidding aside, -- yes, the bus trip was memorable, an adventure, as I view most anything.  But, it was a great tour, full of fun with friends.  We toured beautiful downtown Chicago.  I'm not a city person, but yes, this was a very beautiful city.   Bill Ross sat on one side of me, shoving his camera and pop at me to hold, while he tried to balance himself between the seats on the bus.  He literally had part of one butt cheek on one seat, and part of the other butt cheek across the aisle on the other seat, with his shoulders braced against the two seat backs, hoping we wouldn't hit a bump.  After the bus emptied a little, and Bill got a real seat, I got to talk a bit with a native Oak Parker sitting in the aisle seat across from me.  So, what Greg Phillips would show us, she would elaborate on a bit for me.  Very nice  lady!  She had a great time, with, she said, a fun group of people.  Greg did a great job of pointing out the sites of the city.
An ice cream breakGreg Phillips displays some of his artwork
                          An ice cream break   ~   Greg Phillips displays some of his artwork
The artist of the 2005 logo was Greg Phillips.  A very nice man, easy to talk with, and very talented.   He made two logos: one featuring Pellucidar, and the other with a drawing of ERB sitting at a desk facing the  desk, working on a book, with a tanned, naked, threatening Tarzan standing behind him, giving us an inside look of the author's imagination while writing. Very imaginative!
Mr. and Mrs. Max Collins
                  Max and Barb Collins   ~   Steel Drum Performer
Meeting Max Allan Collins and his wife (also an author), and getting their autographs.  The banquet Saturday evening was great!  Held on the rooftop of  a restaurant, with steel drums playing the Star Wars Cantina theme, and  waiting for the 'How low can you go!' and go limbo (no, we didn't limbo).

My first Chocolate Martini, which was $8 of pure wonderfully chocolate alcohol.  One glass, and I was ready to do the Dance of the Seven Napkins!

Rooftop diners
Rooftop diners
Bob Hyde and Bruce Wood
Bob Hyde and Bruce Wood
Huck and Doug Denby
Huck and Doug Denby
I got Huck's autograph on my collection of his Pocket Guides, picked up at the auction.   I also bought, during the auction, a book that Bob Hyde donated.  Mainly because of Bob Hyde, and not for the book.  He autographed it also - what a lovely, sweet gentleman he is!

 Everyone was so looking forward to the bloody battle between Pred and Tarak - perhaps next year in Rockvllle MD?

Friday, a reporter from the Chicago Tribune came along with us on our memorable bus trip thru the projects of Chicago (and beautiful downtown Chicago) to see the ERB sites, and to go to the presentation of a historic plaque by the Oak Park Historic Society at the office where ERB worked in Oak Park.  We toured the building, many guys went into the men's room.   I  hear Bill Hillman took photos of the actual men's room.  You know what  completists these guys are.

Bill Hillman interviewed by the Chicago Tribune reporter
Bill Hillman interviewed by the Chicago Tribune reporter
Chicago Tribune Building
Chicago Tribune Building
Mike Conran finds Ed's favourite urinal
Mike Conran finds Ed's favourite urinal
I'm looking forward to Rockville MD.
~ Amar

D. J. Howell (aka Usha)
What a joy it is to be a part of Burroughsian gatherings.  What a great group of people!  Among the countless highlights was the musician (what do they call those drums?) playing the music from the Star Wars cantina scene.  It took me forever to figure out where it came from.  (Someday, maybe we will have a comparably evocative theme from the POM film.)

Also, Laurel from the Oak Park Historical Society joined our table at the banquet.  She was a delight, as was the village.  The hotel I would call funky, especially the two antiquated elevators.  I wouldn't announce (and proudly at that) an elevator as the oldest in the community.  The stairs worked.  And the Write Inn was as charming as it was funky.

The restaurant was excellent, if unprepared for our Saturday morning breakfast invasion.  How many hosts attack in twos and threes?  By the way, the owner-chef ended up waiting table when he ran out of other conscripts.

Steel Drum Musician

The Write Inn

Write Inn Restaurant
It was a grand Dum Dum, especially because of the wonderful people who always attend, new friends among the old.

And how could I ever forget Bart the Bear and the intelligent shark?  All that TNT was showing on the drive home was Misery.  I opted for my new Dell comics with the Lex Barker covers.  Although they were of the era when I was buying Dells every month, I remember none of the stories.  For the trivia buffs, I think one of the issues included the first "Brothers of the Spear."  I always looked forward to those stories once I had completed the two Tarzan adventures.

Brad VinsonLaurence Dunn ~ Bob Hyde
Brad Vinson ~ Laurence Dunn ~ Bob Hyde
By the way, I am delighted with the new member of the Board, although I regret those who are departing or not joining us yet.  And I am convinced Laurence will be a fine chairman.
~ Dorothy

Jim Hadac (aka Red Hawk)

The 2005 Dum-Dum is over and I'm sitting here trying to sift thru' my blurred impressions. It was a very busy time, sometimes I  just had to sit down and take a break! Right now, finally back on the computer, I see I'd better give up trying to get thru' all the email!

Looking back to Wednesday-- the first arrivals were invited to explore Jerry Spannraft's incredible "jungle home." Saw some "old" faces from my first Dum-Dum (last year in Ft. Collins) -- and new! A great pleasure to finally meet the Hillmans -- Bill and Sue-On -- whose ERBzine is such a marvelous and valued resource. Drove all the way from Manitoba and didn't seem tired at all, but ready to go!

Part of Jerry Spannraft's Jungle Room   ~    Sue-On and Bill Hillman

Thursday saw an unprecedented scene of a crowd of ERBfans trying to peer closely at perhaps the tiniest book they'd ever seen -- Tarzan, Jr., the book ERB wrote and illustrated for silent film star Colleen Moore's fairy tale castle. This was a unique behind-the-scenes-opportunity at the Museum of Science and Industry. I hope the photos of this rare treasure can be posted soon! Later, dinner and a chance to meet and talk to more people! And a presentation of the history of Oak Park, IL at the time ERB lived there around the time of WWI.

Friday: The dealers were open for business and I got there late as I had to finish some reports at school. Still had time to buy a couple of things -- and get on the bus for the tour of ERB sites of Chicago (our tour guide, Greg Phillips who also created the artwork for the Dum-Dum). And soon we were gazing upon the site of the birth of Edgar Rice Burroughs -- a long-abandoned weed-covered lot. Amazingly to me as an almost life-long Chicago-area resident, it's just across the street from the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls, "The House That Michael Jordan Built!" Never woulda guessed! Little remains of ERB in Chicago to be sure, but we got some nice views of the Chicago Downtown as well as tracking down ERB sites.

We got back in time for the dedication of the plaque marking ERB's office in Oak Park,1918-1919. At least,the Chicago suburb (pop.55,000) is trying to keep alive the memory of Burroughs, although he is overshadowed in the town by a younger writer who was born there -- Ernie Hemingway. The O.P. Historical Society does have an impressive ERB section, which we saw that evening -- as well as enjoying wine and cheese. Artist Gary Gianni stopped by and some got his autograph -- I forgot to bring my copy of Tarzan and the.Lost Adventure.  Oh, well, next time...

ERB Birthplace
Jim and Yoko Hadac with Sue-On Hillman
Jim & Yoko Hadac with Sue-On Hillman
Gary Gianni
Gary Gianni
Saturday: Bought more but not enough at the dealers' -- and the auction was held afterwards, also in the Baptist Church -- in the chapel, that is. No thunder or lightning despite the artwork! Hey, it's for a good cause! Always interesting, a high point was the selling of the reproduction of the tiny ERB fairy castle book made by Dick Spargur.  Was able to meet my wife Yoko and get over to the Ale House for the Banquet-good food and more good times. Awards given to Laurence Dunn for his great dedication in attending so many ERB gatherings (I forget how many, sorry!) and to Jerry Spannraft for being a most gracious host!  Max Allan Collins proved to be an engaging speaker, giving some background on his Pearl Harbor Murders -- and I had been able to get his signature on my copy!
Laurence Dunn receiving plaque from George McWhorter
Laurence Dunn receiving plaque from George McWhorter
Jerry Spannraft and Award
Jerry Spannraft & Award
Max Allan Collins and Bill Hillman
Max Allan Collins and Bill Hillman
Sunday morning and Yoko and I made it for breakfast in Oak Park. Over my waffles, I was able to share opinions with Bruce/ Hadron, the Brooklyn Banth himself. It has certainly been a treat to be able to meet people I've  known only by their name or handle on ERBCOF and erblist!
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club
Hadron and Histah
Hadron and Histah
Buto rules the Spannraft Jungle
Buto rules the Spannraft Jungle
A last get-together was at Jerry's -- I came with my mother, Arline, which I thought was appropriate as she bought me so many Tarzan comics and books as a kid. And she has read the Tarzan books a number of times. So she really enjoyed seeing Jerry's collection! Thanks, again, Jerry!

Then the very last good-byes until the next time... a Dum Dum for the ages!!! Just hope I can see everyone next year--and all who didn't make it this year!!

And hope others will post with their stories --and pictures...

Sincerely yours,
Jim Hadac,
Brookfield, IL


Jeffrey B. Gibson

Photo by Jeffrey B. Gibson
Jeffrey Gibson ~ Bob Hyde ~ George McWhorter
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