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Something Of Value
Book III
by R. E. Prindle

Yea, boundless bliss arises from the deep
And flies aloft where sunlit heaven glows.
Behold our Queen, restored from magic sleep!
Her god-like head is wreathed in lovely dreams,
Her footstep opens many a jewelled shaft.
Life's fairest truth - what is, and not what seems-
Is given to those who know themselves - and laugh!
~ E.T.A. Hoffman

I. The Blob:  The Unconscious And Emasculation Revisited

     The storyteller E.T.A. Hoffman wrote those lines in his Princess Brambilla nearly one hundred years before Sigmund Freud enunciated his vision of the unconscious.  Hoffman, who is most famous for his Christmas story of the Nutcracker, as well as inspiring the opera, The Tales Of Hoffman by Jacques Offenbach, is certainly one of the greatest and least understood writers of the nineteenth or any other century.  He was actually a very subtle psychologist.  I am unaware of who his psychological sources were but whoever they were they anticipated Freud.  Sigmund, himself, was very familiar with the work of Hoffman so it is not unreasonable to assume that his curiosity led him to Hoffman's sources.

E.T.A. Hoffman

     Compare Freud's Where Id is, Ego shall be with. Yea, boundless bliss arises from the deep and flies aloft where sunlit heaven glows.'  Psychologically they mean the same thing although Hoffman is both more poetic and more positive.

     Compare Freud's notion of objective reality interpreted by inner psychological needs or, 'wishful thinking' with "Life's fairest truth - what is and not what seems - is given to those who knew themselves- and laughed."  The purpose of psychoanalysis is to know oneself, to be able to clearly distinguish between reality and one's psychoses.  Freud wasn't into laughter but it helps.

     So Hoffman and his sources had Freud's psychoanalysis worked out at the beginning of the nineteenth century.  They, or Hoffman at least, even went further than Freud; either that or Freud suppressed his knowledge of the Anima and Animus which he couldn't have missed in Hoffman.

     Hoffman says:  'Behold our Queen, restored from magic sleep!'  The line undoubtedly refers to the concept of the reconciliation of the Anima and Animus when with a kiss, as in Sleeping Beauty, the Prince is reunited with his Princess. Or in other words Animus with Anima.

     'Her god-like head is wreathed in lovely dreams' this line undoubtedly refers to the fact that the Anima or right brain is responsible for the imagination while the Animus or left brain does the hard day to day work.  'Her footstep opens many a jewelled shaft.'  Quite right.  Imagination, fiction,  such as that of Edgar Rice Burroughs, arises from the right lobe or Anima.  The story from which these lines come is an Anima-Animus story entitled "The Princess Brambilla."  It is a story of reconciliation.

     Quite different from E.T.A. Hoffman's vision where the bliss that arises from the deep stood that of Jean Genet newly risen from the deeps, the sewers of Paris, reeking of the fecal filth 'that does not lie.'  Ecce homo!  The Freudian Man!  A different sort of queen restored from magic sleep.  Where Id was, Ego shall be.  Is Freud kidding us?  The horror of the Freudian conception of the unconscious is that Freud does not present a balanced range of possibilities.  There is only one type and that type is Saint Genet, twisted and deformed, mad without recompense.  Rather than saying where Id was, Ego shall be, Freud might better have said where Ego is, Id shall be.  In fact, Freud perpetrated the Big Lie.  In a period attempting the control of the sexual passions Freud boldly stated that the more often one ejaculated - sex of some sort, any sort - the better a person it made you.  To a reasoning person the connection between frequent ejaculation and being a good person seems tenuous at best.

    After the prolonged indulgence of Freudian ideals of eighty years or so there seems to be little evidence that the world is a better place than in the bad old Victorian times.  Some would argue that the world is worse for its Freudian Follies.  Before Freud quelled discussion of the nature of the unconscious there were many more reasonable alternative visions.  Let us hope discussion can be revived putting Freudian negativity back in the sewer where it belongs.

     I have already shown the ancient Greek mythological analysis and that of FWH Myers which also offer hope of a life of integrity and contentment.  Edgar Rice Burroughs likewise offers a viable vision in his character Tarzan.  A man in control of his conscious and subconscious minds.  If my writing does nothing more than lead to a renewed discussion of the nature of the un- or subconscious I shall have achieved a great deal.

     Freud's vision of the unconscious met with objection at the time of enunciation not least of which was that of D.H. Lawrence, however Freud's version steamrollered all others out of consideration.  Lawrence's vision itself seemed to disappear into mystical mumbo-jumbo; that of Hoffman and others was not understood or was swept aside.  After all, the emergence from dark into light is accompanied by much eye blinking.  We can see more clearly now.

     Freud's circle of psychoanalysts was organized as an Order somewhat along the lines of King Arthur and his court with Freud as king, the psychoanalysts as knights and member of B'nai B'rith as footsoldiers.  Freud would tolerate no deviation from his pronouncements.

     After the Great War and the success of the Bolsheviks in Russia matters looked very promising, but with the rise of Hitler in Germany and the success of Stalin in Russia the program stalled.  Not yet aware of the covert actions of Stalin in Russia the Order's position in Germany and Austria became precarious.  Consequently the Order fled Germany for Great Britain and the United States.  I am not aware that any chose Russia as a safe haven.

     Freud himself remained in Austria until well past the safety point.  The Nazis in their great burning of Jewish books had made it a point to include those of Freud himself.  It was only through international efforts that he was allowed to leave.  As he was the last out it is not impossible that he was covering the evacuation of the Order.  However he safely removed to England where he died in 1938.

     Some of the Order stayed in London while the bulk continued on to the United States of America.  It didn't take too much genius to figure which of the two countries would be the safest, while the United States would provide scope for worldwide operations.  Once in the United States the Order set out to capture the country's two culture capitols, New York and Los Angeles.  New York was already the Freudian capitol of the US while Los Angeles was not far behind, being at the same time the movie capitol of the world wherein the Semites had created an empire of their own.

     On prepared ground the Order was easily able to direct movies and publishing into Freudian themes of the inevitability of the unconscious and its concentration on sex and pornography.

    Thus the conscious drive to human perfection of HSII & III and the Semitic drive toward the unconscious and the embrace of the lower drives of humanity came into conflict.  Controlling media, the Order had no problems in promoting its own program while consistently denigrating that of  society.

     The conflict in the minds of the people was troubling as there was no one to defend their position.  The incursion of Freud's vision of the unconscious in turn created a feeling of anxiety which was expressed in books and films.  A batch of films examining the effect appeared in the late fifties.  I was in the navy in 1957 when the key film was released.  My own experience in life had left me with as close to a totally disintegrated personality as one can have this side of the vanishing point.  While I was not aware of it, as one so young wouldn't be, I was drowning in the waters of the subconscious.  I could have held hands with Jean Valjean.  So that while I didn't understand the movie, I was not as distressed by it as some of my fellows.

     The movie was The Blob.  While disturbing on the subconscious level the movie was as laughable as Hoffman and Burroughs on the conscious level.  The importance of a movie is not what happens on the conscious level but what enters the unconscious unseen like a computer virus.  The fantasy/science fiction of the movie was funny but the inevitable envelopment by the Blob was not.  It was sinister and terrifying.  Remakes of movies like this are doomed to failure unless they are somehow adjusted for current psychological conditions.

     The Blob, which was of some indeterminate material resembling tar came down from outer space.  It formed a gigantic ball or Blob which began rolling down the highway from out of the night, in other words, the unconscious, to enter the town's movie theater which is to say the portals of the eyes or unconscious.  The people, us, were terrified but they, we, had no more defense against the Blob than they, we, had against the Freudian subconscious.  As in real life the Blob, or the Freudian vision of the unconscious, rolled over us, destroying the fruits of consciousness in favor of the flowers of evil.  Unless you had 'Something Of Value' to sustain you.

     At that particular moment the Revolution was complete.

     The Semites had captured the souls of HSII and III.  The Freudian unconscious had conquered.

I(b). The Blob Continued
      More and more as I think abut history...I am convinced that everything that is worthwhile in the world has been accomplished by the free, inquiring, critical spirit, and that the preservation of this spirit is more important than any social system whatsoever.  But the men of ritual and the men of barbarism are capable of shutting up the men of science and silencing them forever.
~ Sinclair Lewis:  It Can't Happen Here.
     One presumes that the barbarians Lewis was talking about were Stalin, Hitler and William Dudley Pelley.  William Dudley Pelley?  Only specialists know of him today but Lewis' novel is actually constructed on a what if Pelley became dictator basis.  Well, they'd already shot Huey Long and it would have been dangerous for Lewis to openly parody Roosevelt so he had to have somebody.  William Dudley Pelley?  Why not?  Him and the later Harvey Springer - major threats.  Never heard of Harvey Springer either, huh?

     As the men of ritual, one imagines that Lewis was speaking of Roosevelt and the Semites.  Once again he wisely chose to be vague.

    The period following WWII began an intense period of psychological warfare.  The Kulturkampf of Bismark's Germany broadened out to a global scale.

     While the US was worried about the brain washing of American POWs by the North Koreans, which was real enough, a much more significant effort at brain washing was being conducted within the United States through its global influencing cultural agencies and thence across Europe and the world.  Globally the post war period was one of great Americanization of the world conducted largely through the great hypnopaedic conditioners.

     As I have pointed out the conflict between the Semites and the peoples of the world has a long history which began in Sumer in the fourth or fifth millennium BC.  In that first conflict the Semites submerged the inquisitive scientific spirit of the Sumerians beneath their static religion.  Thus as Lewis would put it the men of ritual silenced the men of science.

     There is more than one division of Semites.  Americans have been conditioned over the last sixty years to equate Semites with Jews but as I have pointed out the Jews are only one small splinter group of the much larger Semitic species.  The two sections that will concern us here are the Jewish and Arab divisions.  The Iranians, while Moslems, are not Semites but Indo Europeans.

     The Arabs we are concerned with are specifically of the Wahabist sect.  The Wahabists are a fundamentalist supremacist sect which sanctions the killing of all non-Wahabists as a meritorious act - whether they are Moslems or not.

     The eighteenth century founder of the sect was Muhammed bin Abdul Wahhab Nejdi.  The sect increased in influence in Arabia in the nineteenth century through wholesale murder and suppression.  When the British backed the Arabs in an independence movement from the Turks in the Great War the Wahabists were the beneficiaries.  The Princes of the New Saudi kingdom were members of that sect.

     Knowledgeable people like the much despised Lothrop Stoddard recognized the danger in the wake of the Great War.  Their warnings like Stoddard's were disregarded.  It was difficult to understand how the power of the West could be threatened by desert nomads.  That was before oil.

     Over the intervening decades the Saudi Princes shrewdly analyzed the psychology of the West.  They learned what the reactions of the two species would be and how to play on them to the greatest effect.  The Semites are unashamed racists.  Unlike the violent first eruption from the desert the Saudis made no overtly threatening moves but reproduced prodigiously quietly sending emigrants throughout the world.  Bin Laden was a maverick who blew the cover off the plan.  Financed by oil revenues, which is to say the West's own money, the Saudi Princes created an excellent global organization.

     As the will to dominate of the IIs and IIIs began to crumble after the exhaustion of WWII and after suffering defeats in Indo-China, Algeria and Africa in general the path lay open for this second eruption from the desert which was quietly undertaken.

     After the 1965 Immigration Law revision was pushed through Congress by the Jewish Semites in the United States the way to invade that bastion of 'democracy' lay open to all.  The subversion of American institutions through 'democratic' means leading to 9/11 began in earnest. Thus after 1965 America was invaded by Wahabist and other Moslems on a large scale.  Financed by Saudi oil revenues a spectacular infrastructure was developed as Saudi money built mosque after mosque.

     The total defeat of the European Semites in WWII had two major results.  On the one hand the Semites throughout the world were totally emasculated.  When they learned that the world did not accept them at their own valuation their collective ego was devastated.  This emasculation was shared by the Semites in the US who were part of one collectivity although for whatever reason was always denied.  On the other hand a fear gripped their unconscious which drove the collectivity to the edge of sanity.  This is a very interesting study in group psychology.

   In the war of wits the Semites were not defenseless.  The world which emerged from WWII was quite different from the world which began the era prior to and after the Great War.  The period of unrestricted immigration or movement of peoples which had characterized the period from 1870 to 1920 had now matured.  As H.G. Wells noted throughout his career the changes in scale were immense.  Not only was the world more populated jostling all the human species more closely together in the evolutionary sense but the depth and breath of scientific knowledge had increased exponentially and would continue to do so.  There was no going back to the good old horse and buggy days.

     In especial scientific psychological information was now a very dangerous but unrecognized instrument.  As Madame B had warned, hypnotism in the hands of self-interested people was an unparalleled tool for evil.  Perhaps psychology was even more dangerous because the majority of mankind rejects the validity of psychology while completely misunderstanding the nature of hypnotism preferring the comfort of ignorance to self-knowledge thereby leaving themselves open to manipulation by people who do accept the findings of psychology and are not averse to using them for their own ends.

     Sigmund Freud, a Semitic General, connected to B'nai B'rith, had organized his Order of Psychological Storm Troopers who were eager to take advantage of that ignorance.

      Psychology had progressed a great deal since the early days of the nineteenth century when Freud drank at the virtual fountainhead.  The Russian, Ivan Pavlov, famous for his dogs, had set the framework for conditioning.  During the 'teens the American John Watson developed Behaviorism out of Pavlov's conditioning experiments.  Watson would later inject his conditioning ideas into advertising.  While hypnotism fell into disrepute when Freud abandoned it, still hypnotic techniques were further explored and developed until by the fifties hypnotism had become a dangerous and vile tool.  Hypnotism joined with conditioning and indoctrination when applied to society provided a very effective tool for directing human responses.

     Going back to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World which appeared in 1932.  While everyone was watching George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm, Brave New World was being implemented.  Television had now been added to movies, radio and phonograph records as manipulative tools.  Used correctly the victims had no idea they were being controlled.  The apparent content which entered the mind on the concious level was nothing compared to the subliminal content which entered the subconscious.  Freud had made the contents of the subconscious the basis of action.  Thus paramount in NYC and LA, slowly control of publishing, radio, TV and movies passed into the hands of the Freudian Order.

     Following WWII there were a series of sharp battles between the Red/Liberals and the Conservatives or counterrevolutionists as the Reds would characterize the opposition.  First HUAC was compromised and then the late great Joseph McCarthy was blindsided.  While the Reds were ostensibly defeated or fought to a draw the power of the media was completely in Red/Liberal hands.

    With the control of the media goes the power to characterize men and events hence the character assassination of McCarthy on TV and that of Walter Winchell in the movie, Sweet Smell Of Success.  What kinds of books and writers were to be published was controlled and censored.  Although rather than speak of censorship the buzzword was commercial viability; the determination of which was in Red/Liberal hands.  While the Conservatives 'blacklisted' Red artists, the Hollywood moguls merely said the Friendly Witnesses at HUAC had lost 'charisma.'  Thus Ronald Reagan, for instance, was phased out unable to get work until Death Valley Days under the sponsorship of General Electric long after Dalton Trumbo had been  welcomed back on the lot.

     Thus while mouthing all the platitudes of Free Speech, freedom of conscience et al. a strict censorship and blacklist was imposed.  Except on sex.  Under the guise of freedom of speech all discrimination on pornography was removed.  Today Hollywood is the porn capitol of the world.

     Following the plan laid down by Freud in the 'teens and twenties sex in combination with drugs was used to befuddle the social mind.
     With the developments in hypnosis it was found to be possible to subliminally induce certain beliefs directly into the subconscious where they couldn't be examined and rejected unlike conscious thoughts obtained by study.

     In a test in the early fifties 'Buy Popcorn' was flashed rapidly on the screen which induced a desire to buy popcorn.  Popcorn sales rose dramatically.  When the test was discovered it raised quite a row.  But developing the program quickly the Freudians discovered such crude efforts were unnecessary.  Hypnopaedic information could be gotten through in much subtler ways.  Once again characterization and repetition, movie after movie, achieved better hypnopaedic conditioning.

     This process was facilitated about 1960 when Professor Timothy Leary personally discovered LSD.  His credentials from Harvard were essential in giving LSD credibility to the middle and upper economic groups.  LSD led to the acceptance of a drug culture.  Mind expansion it was called.  Drugs, sex and the hypnopaedic media obliterated any resistance to the doctrines of the Freudian Order.

     Key to the success of the Semites was to keep the attention of the public diverted. An essential to this success was to make themselves a privileged caste or an established religion.  While they could not demand this position they could insinuate themselves into it by using the 'democratic' process , by claiming the need for special protection because of the innate Nazism of American society.  There was no basis for this belief except as a paranoid delusion.  (See Philip Roth's novel 'The Plot Against America.)  The Nazi extermination camps which had absolutely nothing to do with Americans were used as a pretext because those killed were Jewish Semites who were no different than Jewish Semites living in the United States.  The guilt for Nazi activities was thus extended to Americans as if they had been somehow involved.

     The media were all under the control of the Semites.  The Freudian Order then began to inform the media with its agenda.  While psychoanalysis has its scientific basis that basis was and is but little understood.  So that while claiming the protection of science the Order injected its racial information into it indoctrinating and conditioning the American public to accept Semitic controllers.

     The Anti-defamation League of B'nai B'rith of which Freud had been a General functioned as the terrorist enforcement agency of the Semites intimidating and destroying anyone who failed to accept Semitic supremacy.

     When in 1968 the Jewish Defense League was born of this paranoid delusion (once you've invented Freudian psychoanalysis you have to follow the science right down the line) it was realized that the JDL was a bit over the top.  Its founder, Rabbi Kahane, was discountenanced and eventually assassinated when he would not come under control.

     Since then the program has operated smoothly from both Hollywood and New York City.  The Blob has rolled over the subconscious of the American psyche.  No longer does boundless bliss rise from the deep and fly aloft where sunlit heaven glows.

1(c). The Worldwide First Born Revolution

      If men would maintain their freedom, they must after having chosen their charter of liberty, provide for its wise, intelligent, and fearless interpretation to the end that there may be prevented:
 1. Usurpation of unwarranted power by either the executive or legislative branches.
 2. Machinations of ignorant and superstitious agitators.
 3. Retardation of scientific progress.
 4. Stalemate of the dominance of mediocrity.
 5. Domination by self-interested minorities.
 6. Control by ambitious and clever dictators.
 7. Disastrous disruption by panics.
 8. Exploitation by the unscrupulous.
 9. Taxation enslavement of the citizenry by the state.
10. Failure of social and economic fairness.
11. Union of church and state.
12. Loss of personal liberty.
                                                        -Book of Urantia
      The Urantians offer a good schedule of items to be on guard against.  The unintended fault of the Constitution of the United States was the glory of its freedom.  Unscrupulous minorities could use the very freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution to subvert it.  In the latter half of the twentieth century this is exactly what happened as minorities claiming 'democratic' rights used those rights to subvert the 'democratic' rights of others.

     In the free interchange of the various species, religious, national and other interests it is the obligation of each to secure a place by free and equal competition.  Should the members of a group be unable to secure the positions they think they deserve in free and open competition then there is nothing for it but to improve or accept one's social status.  It has been my contention that in evolution the progression has been toward greater intelligence, which seems undeniable and that with the evolution of HS II that intelligence evolved into the scientific.  As a proto-scientific species HS II then evolved into HSIII which either has or will evolve into HSIV and thence higher until the evolutionary model is complete.

     Inevitably with each advance the predecessor specie is left behind.  Thus just as HSI was the beneficiary of the Last Hominid Predecessor, the LHP became the ancestor of HSI.  So HSI or the First Born is the ancestor of both HSII and III.  The father of HSII and the grandfather of HSIII.  This is an inescapable if unpleasant fact.  Science is science and cannot be denied.

     The United States through its policy of unrestricted immigration created one of the most complex States in history.  This was further complicated by the forceful introduction of the First Born or HSI into the country as slaves.

     There have always been those who maintained that the First Born cannot have equality because they are not equal.  In other words, that they are in fact ancestors at an earlier stage of evolution.  When it is said that a genetic trail leads back to Africa proving that all mankind evolved from Africans that is exactly the same thing as saying that Africans are ancestors to all the peoples of the world.  Its only significance can be that it is a fact.

     The subsequent freeing of the First Born in the West without the wish to grant them equal political and social rights compounded the problem.

     While I have already discussed the evolutionary problems it might not hurt to go over them in a slightly different manner as this stage of evolution is a very knotty problem.

    A number of objections were raised to my earlier discussion but as they were based in religious objection to the whole concept of evolution they can't be considered seriously.  Any objections to evolution based on creationism is absurd.

     It is difficult to persuade the religious consciousness of scientific realities but the truth must be that man did not devolve from the godhead but evolved from the natural constituents of the universe existing in a terrestrial state.  The chemistry tells all.  The material existence of man is made up of Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Sulfur, Phosphorus and Hydrogen with a small percentage of trace elements.

     The Semitic account of creation is on the face of it absurd.  Man cannot have been made from earth.  The two main constituents of man are Hydrogen and Oxygen - H2O - water.  It follows then as evolution indicates, that life evolved in water which in turn engendered all forms of life.  Only in H2O could the other elements be dissolved while having the freedom to combine in all the various chemical permutations of atoms which form molecules.  These permutations brought about by photo-synthesis somehow became alive and began to evolve into other life forms as the chemical constituents formed different molecules which combined with other molecules to aggregate into life forms which became progressively more complex and intelligent until one has HSIII with IV, V, and VI to go, possibly a VII.  If things go well, that is.  It is possible that evolution could be aborted before completed.

     Just because the method of evolution hasn't been completely worked out and explained doesn't mean the principle isn't sound.  But the Semitic version of creation is scientifically unsound.

     As has been unquestionably proven the Semitic-Hebrew version was derived completely from a far earlier Sumerian account during the Babylonian Captivity of the successor Israelites or rather Judahites as they evolved into the entity known as Jews today.  The texts were then distorted for their own ends.

     The Biblical texts are neither the word of god or inspired by the word of god anymore than Mohammed had his ear pressed to the lips of the divinity.  If you cannot understand the fallacy of the religious consciousness then that is your level.  The world will move ahead without you and you will be left behind.  This includes Moslems, Christians, Jews and anyone else who cannot rise to the scientific consciousness.  Whatever smacks of the Religious Consciousness is simply a dead letter.  It's up to you to find reality not for me to abandon it.

     To the point:  There are unfortunate consequences to evolution.  Every advance leaves the rest behind.  I have quoted Darwin twice on this, a more capable species of the same family drives the others out of existence replacing them.  Over the course of evolution the once first shall indeed be the last.  The latest improvement will always lead the procession.  Thus while the First Born were at one time the latest model of hominids, things change.  Placed in religious terms, this is as God 'ordained' it.  It is going on now.

     Now, human evolution.  If one visualizes two stages of evolution as bands on the electro-magnetic wavelength then we can see only two bands of the visible spectrum, say, yellow and green.  If that were all we knew then there wouldn't be much difference.  But there are seven visible bands we can see and three we can't.  The other bands we can't see but which exist nevertheless are at either end of the visible spectrum,

     Likewise, if we could see ten stages of evolution, four which preceded the First Born and three which will succeed HSIII then we could compare the degrees of advancement both physically and mentally.  That the First Born evolved from a hominid ancestor is understood by all.  That even earlier predecessors existed is clear.  There is no reason then to suppose that evolution ceased with HSI.

    We are told that certain genetic markers in subsequent Homo Sapiens species while differentiated from the First born genes point back to indicate evolution from the First Born. In other words, the First Born are ancestors of the constantly evolving Homo Sapiens.

     Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, no surprise there.  Well and good.  But, there should be genetic markers pointing beyond the First Born to pre-human hominids.  Not only that but these markers should be more evident in the First Born which is universally agreed were the first Homo Sapiens.  I have never hear these markers discussed but if they aren't there we should ask- Why not?

     Further I have read no account of what actually differentiates Homo Sapiens from the Last Hominid Predecessor.  Why does the LHP fail at being human?  On what grounds?  In other words, what specific traits separate Homo Sapiens from the LHP?

     If for our purposes on a scale of ten the First Born stands at five then if stood with the five species in a row how could you tell the difference between HSI and the four previous LHPs?  Why would the LHP be inferior to HSI as he must have been.  Remember that evolution does not make great leaps but advances in small increments.  So what discernible differences would there be and why was HSI so superior that he was able to exterminate his predecessors?

     This is not a moral problem but an evolutionary one.  Morality does not apply to the workings of nature or, at least, it is relative.  Think carefully on that one.

     Now, if we were able to stand up the previous four LHPs and the three existing main stem HSs plus the next three, how significant would the difference between one and ten be?  We are already told that the difference between four and five is an entirely new configuration.  Could you see it with the naked eye?  I should think so although from the current vantage point of six and seven LHPIV would still appear human although evolutionarily he wouldn't be.

     Thus, even though five, six and seven look identical they are not genetically as the markers are admitted to show.  If LHPIV is inferior to HSI then it follows that HSI must be less evolved than HSIII.  These are inescapable facts.  Hard but inescapable.

     When the First Born were discovered by HSII and III in Africa they were living a stone age existence.  The evidence is that without outside influences the First Born to this day would be living nearly exactly as they did one hundred fifty thousand years ago when they evolved from the LHP.

     Any changes in the lifestyle of the First Born occurred after the Moslem invasion of sub-Saharan Africa.  The so-called Bantus evolved after the Moslem invasion of the Sahel or border lands of the Sahara where Semitic influence was strongest.  In the resultant spread of the Bantus down the length and breadth of Africa using the new tools inherited from the Arabs the indigenous peoples were either exterminated or driven to the extreme southern tip where they were known as Hottentots and Bushmen.  It is not impossible that the latter two are the LHP.

     Africa has always been food poor.  Between disease and lack of nutrition the population could have been no more than stable possibly declining.

     When the Malagasys invaded Africa from the East Indies in the tenth or eleventh century they brought with them the banana and the eastern yam which became staples of the African diet.  When the Westerners began to arrive in the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries they introduced maize, tomatoes and other crops.  Sub-Saharan Africa was then able to sustain its population possibly increasing it.

    There had always been legends of White cultural innovators on the West Coast of Africa.  Undoubtedly European sailors had been shipwrecked from time to time.  These men imparted the rudiments of civilization to the stone age First Born.  When the Arabs arrived in force after the seventh century the so-called First Born empires came into existence in response.  There can be no coincidence that these 'empires'  were in the Sahel and Sahara from which also the Bantus arose.  The Arab influence cannot be denied.

     While the Arabs caused great devastation among the First Born with their slave raids, destroying tens of millions over the centuries, actually depopulating certain areas, while leaving only the slightest traces of Negroid blood in the Middle East, the West actually did the First Born a favor by transferring them to the New World from Brazil to Canada thus increasing both their numbers and distribution.  The later introduction of Western Hygiene, medicine, better food production and imported foods caused the population to skyrocket until today they number over a billion.

     And this was a gift of HSII & III who are now threatened with dilution and loss of crucial evolutionary genes which may thwart evolution.

     Nevertheless, and not unexpectedly, the First Born revere their Semitic oppressors and revile their HSII & III benefactors.  In short sighted attempts to suppress dissenters to their rule in Africa rather than executing them HSII & III merely transported the agitators to the Caribbean.  Thus, rather than neutralizing the problem HSII and III intensified it as the agitators organized the West Indian First Born who then went North to organize the First Born of the US and Canada and South to Brazil and back to Africa.

     Thus, when Marcus Garvey went North although naturally inexperienced in economic matters he was not the clown he is most frequently portrayed as.  From Garvey the current US situation grew.  Through Father Divine to Elijah Muhammed the First Born revolution in the United States developed which has resulted in the spectacular riots in the inner cities.

     While the IIs and IIIs of the United States refuse to recognize the seriousness of this war between species because they refuse to connect events occurring in such disparate locations as the Caribbean, Brazil, the African States and North America, Europe now being added if viewed properly, the First Born revolt is a war to the knife no less than the Semitic one.

     In evolutionary terms a very interesting thing is happening in Africa today.  The Semitic Invasion of Africa began immediately after the Moslem religion was formed in the seventh century as the Semites swept across the North African littoral and then into the Sahara and Sahel.  The confrontation was between Semites and HSI or the First Born.  In this early encounter as noted before, the invasion resulted in cross breeding which produced a new Bantu sub-species or race.  The Bantus then conquered Africa to the South and East.  In the succeeding centuries the Semites bred with the Africans producing a black skinned Semitic people of Arab culture.  This group of people was in the process of replacing the Bantus and Negroes when HSII & III intervened.  Thus in Darwinian terms one species of 'cockroach' was in the process of replacing the other when another species intervened.  The last has now been driven from Africa by HSI leaving the field open again to the Semites.  Beginning in the Horn of Africa the Semites have moved West occupying the Sudan where they are now ruthlessly driving the Negroes and Bantus before them preparatory to spreading South and West to overrun Africa just as their Bantu predecessors did.  Further, in the South where the survivors of the Bantu invasion retreated, the Bushmen are now being displaced from the virtually waterless Kalahari Desert by their Bantu overlords, now that the English have been driven out.    Thus what began in the eleventh century will be completed in the twenty-first.  How long it will take the Semites to complete the act, if undisturbed, is anybody's guess.  It is useless to raise cries of genocide.  Yes it is, but no one can stop it.  It is merely applied Darwinian evolution.

    While the HSI/Semitic confrontation is taking place in Africa the First Born revolt within HSII & III lands goes on.  What I have to say next I know will get a lot of opposition but, just as back in 1900, J.G. Frazer was warning about the thin veneer of civilization which Sigmund Freud stripped away resulting in all the subsequent horrors from Communism/Nazism to 9/11, if the First Born revolution should ever come to fruition and triumph, just as in the days of old the HSII & III men will be killed and the women appropriated.

     Undoubtedly they will have some religious reverence for the civilization they destroyed just as the Greeks revered the Cretans, but those tears running down their cheeks will be crocodile tears.

     HSIIs and IIIs seem to willfully misunderstand the dangers of the worldwide situation.  They seem to be unable to apply the lessons of Darwin.

     Political parity between the First Born and HSII & III was established by a series of street battles during the sixties in the inner cities of the United States.  At the same time the First Born seized the reins of power in Africa from the IIs & IIIs beginning the elimination of them from their midst which goes on today.  You don't think there was a connection, do you?

     Oddly, misguided HSIIs and IIIs gave them unstinted assistance without which they could not have succeeded.  Recently the Zimbabweans have expelled II & III farmers from the country.  Many of these IIs and IIIs have migrated to Nigeria where they will be absorbed or eliminated within a generation or two.

     Led by the Semites in the United States the First Born created the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People, the NAACP, in 1917, when they fell under the protection of the Semites in the war of both against the IIs & IIIs.  The Semites organized the concept of the Diversity which in conjunction with drugs and the hypnopaedic media were used to intimidate and emasculate HSIIs & IIIs in favor of 'minorities' after WWII.

     These fronts then dovetailed into the interests of that fellow crawling out of the sewers of Paris - Saint Jean Genet.

1(d). The Homosexual Revolution
      If man recognized that his creators- his immediate supervisors- while being divine were also finite, and that the God of time and space was an evolving and non-absolute Deity, then would the inconsistencies of temporal inequalities cease to be profound religious paradoxes.   ~  Book Of Urantia
     Whew!  I'm not sure I understand what the author of the Urantia Book means but one understands the difficulty of trying to graft science onto a religious system.  No matter how hard you try it just can't be done.  This effort is not much different than that of the Semite Albert Einstein.  What I am sure of is that the author of the Urantia Book was a man of goodwill while Albert Einstein was not.

     I know that Einstein has somehow become the ultimate hero of the twentieth century honored, revered and actually loved by nearly all.  I too was once indoctrinated and conditioned to believe the same.  But there was something of the charlatan in Einstein's mien and posture that gradually eroded my reverence for him.  What shall I say, a certain lack of sincerity about him that breathed the impostor.

     I might have covered this in my earlier section but when the rise of science during the Enlightenment pulled the rug from under the feet of the Semito-Roman churches, the two religions are really a Part I, Part II synthesis, the two religions were left without a raison d'etre.  The Roman Catholic response to science was to publish a Bull of Papal Infallibility.  The Church couldn't be wrong by fiat of so proclaiming.  The Semites on the other hand lacked the authority of their religious brothers.  They also realized, more acutely than the Roman Catholic Church that science completely undermined the validity of the Semitic faiths, not only that of the Catholics and Jews but the Moslems as well.  Cut off from the European scientific influence the Moslems would be able to ignore the scientific revolution for a couple centuries more although it was at this time that reactionary Wahabism arose.

     The Semites had no defense against the scientific truth except to appropriate science as part of the Yahvistic religion.  Once coopted science could be subordinated to religion and destroyed.  The religion itself once fastened on a reluctant HSII & III population would forbid the scientific impulse or, in other words, a new theocratic state, a union of state and religion, would arise.

     One wouldn't have given the Semites much odds at the beginning of the nineteenth century but here at the beginning of the twenty-first Great Britain has passed a law forbidding the criticism of religious beliefs because it might arouse 'religious  hatred.'  Thus now legally secure from criticism while  free to criticize their host's science and/or Christian religion the fate if GB is sealed.  Bye bye UK.

     Unable to improve on established sciences the Semites could only create pseudo-sciences.  Thus they just advanced all embracing theories hoping something would stick.  Taking advantage of the goodwill of the IIs and IIIs they were amazingly successful.  So much for the scientific genes.

     Thus Marx appropriated political science and economics.  While he was able to impose his screwy and unrealistic theories on an unwilling and resisting world, in practice his theories and odd ball notions failed miserably.  They were stupid and so was Marx as anyone who tries to read his contributions to Das Kapital can easily tell.

     I hope I have done something to separate the religion from the science of Freud's psychoanalysis.  For his science Freud merely appropriated what much finer minds than his had already discovered which includes the unconscious.  On this science he superadded the religious goals of the Semites.  For a good understanding of his intent and method I recommend seeing the movie The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse.  The movie comes in different versions of which the French is the most informative.

    Einstein is no more scientific than either Marx or Freud but he will be the toughest nut to crack since Americans have been conditioned to revere this simpleton as the intellectual image of god.

     Interestingly the author of the Urantia Book has said almost the same thing about the difference between the Astrological  and Semitic religions but in different words coming from a different direction.  It should be understood that Urantianism is a truly astrological or astronomical religion beyond doubt.  He gives his thoughts a religious turn which undermines his science while my thoughts are expressed purely from the scientific side.

     The Semites do not believe in science or chemistry but in creators and creation, even then they get the creative substance wrong choosing earth because the body seems a solid rather than liquid.  This stupid notion has been embraced by less discerning members of HSII & III.  The Mongolids do not partake in this argument nor does any reasonable First Born.

     Thus Yahweh and Allah, two versions of the same idea, while being thought eternal and divine are also finite.  The Semitic concept has a definite beginning and end.  Their vision is that the world was created six thousand years ago while it should have ended two thousand years ago.  While the present is a standing refutation of their beliefs it doesn't seem to disturb them.

     Einstein believed as a religious Semite but as a 'scientist' he was confronted by an evolving non-finite deity who was a god of endless time and space.  Hence Einstein's comical remark that the further his mind roved space the closer he felt to god.  Einstein's search for a unified theory was merely one of how to subordinate reality to the Semitic conception of god.  He would need a good fastball for that but his arm was not strong enough.  He never made it.

     In other words, the conflict between the Semitic religious view and the Astrological religious view of HS II and III had not been resolved in their favor by the Semites in the transition between the Age Of Taurus and Aries as the Semites believed but having submerged the Age Of Pisces they were now faced with establishing their supremacy in the Age Of Aquarius.  It is no coincidence that the Second Irruption From The Desert of the Semitic Moslems is occurring at this time.

     In order to appropriate the future, the Semites, as well as to befuddle and confuse II's and IIIs, came up with the nonsense of relativity which is based on a non-existent Time-Space Continuum.  Einstein postulated all kinds of things which even today require religious faith having never been demonstrated.

     Einstein came up with the nutty idea that space was curved.  He had no proof, he just said it.  Then by verbal legerdemain he postulated that if two parallel curves were carried far enough they would somehow cross.  Now in the demonstration of this I saw, two lines were merely drawn through a representation of space and they crossed.  So, where was the space?  Lines can't be drawn across space to prove curvature.  Did Einstein believe that space was like pick up sticks with random order?  Or maybe superstrings that one could doodle with?  Where is the scientific evidence, and I don't mean mathematical calculations that prove space is curved?  There isn't any.

     Has anyone ever demonstrated that matter can distort 'the fabric of space and time?'  Has anyone ever demonstrated the 'fabric'?  Has anyone ever demonstrated that space has substance that can be affected by matter?  It has been demonstrated that time is merely an intellectual construct of human intelligence so that there can be no such thing as a space-time continuum.  This was demonstrated to Einstein before he died.  When so informed he merely ignored the scientific truth and went on babbling his religious nonsense.

     All you have to do is take a look at any of Einstein's photographs to see that he is nothing but an impostor.  My god, parallel lines meet only in his head.

     But like the Semite Cadmus among the indigenes he had thrown the intellectual pebble that would set the poor souls fighting among themselves.  You see, the amazing thing is that these are all old ruses, ancient techniques, but because of the disposition of inner wishful thinking we refuse to accept the outer world of appearances.  So far science has been for the few.  We project our desires onto reality and say that they are reality.  But they're not.  It's right before our eyes, all we have to do is look and see.

     The stone that Einstein threw was relativity.  Of course things are relative in a general sort of way, so what?  They're also absolute.  Physical laws can never be avoided or changed.  Regardless of any scientific merit his ideas may have had, his ideas were erroneously applied to moral issues.  Everything became relative.  Nothing was good or bad but thinking made it so.  Old standards went down the tubes as there was no longer a criterion for judgment except expediency.  It works for me.  Know what I mean? Expediency was joined to Freud's quest for an Empire Of Crime.  You see the results of this assault on HSIIs and IIIs around you.  The only thing of value that protects you from intellectual annihilation is a proper understanding of science.  Science deals in absolutes.  If a result can't be replicated then the result is false.  Nothing relative about it.

     If one combines Einstein's abused notion of relativity with Freud's perverted notion of the unconscious and Marx's abortion of the collectivity of ineptitude you can see than one has a cocktail that could put any society out.  If Freud's friend Fliess had been able to introject his medical fantasies into the mix- look out.

     Fortunately medicine is an empirical science unlike physics, psychology and politics.  There is no mathematics in medicine, either the patient recovers or dies.  Fliess' ideas could be checked against a concrete reality and found wanting.  Better to be vague and flatulent like Marx, Freud and Einstein.

     Let us now apply the Big Three to our bewildered but vicious sewer rat, Jean Genet.  For whatever strange reasons homosexuality has never been understood even, perhaps, less so today than in the past.  The truth is just too painful to bear.  Homosexuality had always been considered a disease, an aberration or perversion.  Freud and Einstein made it possible for homosexuality to be seen as just another form of human expression no better nor worse than heterosexuality.  The question is whether Freud had the key and concealed it.  As he was a homosexual it was in his interest to be less than truthful.  He certainly recognized that homosexuals as a group suffered from a higher intensity of what he called a castration complex than the general public.  Since he did learn that a fear of castration  was almost universal one would think that he would have been able to make the leap to a theory of emasculation which combined with a more accurate understanding of the unconscious or subconscious would have given him another royal road to the unconscious.  Two routes are better than one.  If he had enunciated a concept of emasculation he would have had to make major changes to his ideas of sexuality which for political reasons he would have been loath to do.  So where's his science?

     Had he worked his castration complex into a theory of emasculation the result would have been that homosexuality was a psychotic reaction to emasculation and hence a mental disease.  With homosexuals we have the epitome of the Freudian notion of the unconscious.  In the grips of the unconscious, separated from rational decisions homosexuals are quite frankly not responsible for their actions.  Their actions for the most part are 'unconscious' in the strict sense that they are not aware of what they are doing.  They consequently are great promoters of moral relativity and as always with marginals the plurality are Marxists, Reds, Liberals of some kind.  All three attitudes go together, always as enemies of the status quo, whatever the status quo may be.

     Jean Genet has left a marvelous record of the working of the homosexual mind.  As he puts it:  criminal acts against society are not crimes but acts of war.  Thus he had no place in Nazi Germany where crimes against society were the norm rather than the exception.
     Here's the catch:  Homosexuals do not live in a relative state, they live in an absolute state.  They can turn a straight homosexual but a straight can't straighten them out.  No amount of discussion can make them see the relativity of their situation.  They are beyond reason.  So that, like the Semites, whose god is also an absolute and not relative as Einstein well knew, homosexuals may preach relativity but they do it from an absolutist stance.  You change, not them.  There is a true way in their minds, which is their way while all else is pernicious and must be destroyed.  At the time Jean Genet popped his out of the manhole homosexuality was actually against the law in most countries.  You could go to jail and many did.

     While homosexuals believe that there was once a 'golden age' when homosexuality was either the norm or accepted  as such this is nonsense, wishful thinking.

     Homosexuality has always been abhorred.  Homosexuals point back to this Thebes where Cadmus cast the first stone when a corps of homosexuals in the army were known as the 'sacred band.'  They think sacred means holy as an accolade.  A more correct interpretation is that 'sacred' is used in the sense of taboo, something like pork amongst the Semites.

     Whether there was ever such a golden age, since then heterosexuals have had the upper hand.  They have forbidden the practice of homosexuality in all lands at all times.  Forbidding homosexuality is like shoveling sand against the tide.  Men need homosexuals to prove their own manhood hence they will always emasculate whomever they can.  Usually they will be innocent unsuspecting little boys.

     A failure to meet the exigencies of circumstances emasculates a number of men to one degree or another.  I received an email from a frustrated reader who wailed did I think everyone is emasculated?  Yes.  Emasculation is the name of the game.  The idea is to retain one's own manhood intact while emasculating all others.  You just have to recognize the fact.  Homage is paid to the less emasculated by the more emasculated.  Homage comes from the French word for 'man' hence homage is to submit your manhood to another.  Did Freud miss this?  I wonder.  The Hundred Years War between France and England was fought over homage.  According to the French the English king had placed his hands palm to palm within the hands of the French king thereby acquiescing to his emasculation.  The symbolism should be clear.  When the English renounced the act which, of course, they said never happened a more reasonable excuse for the war was sought.

      You see the problem?  Certainly there are more productive ways of expending your labor than uselessly combating homosexuality.  The tide is going to rise so high and then it will recede.  Know yourself and don't worry.

    By Victorian times both illegal and scorned, homosexuals went to great lengths to conceal their identity.  Wisely so.  We all know what happened to that most 'earnest' 'musical' man Oscar Wilde.  He was taught the consequences of being 'earnest.'  Being earnest or musical were code terms for homosexuality.  Thus Wilde's 'The Importance Of Being Earnest' is a most subversive play.  A lot of in jokes there.  As it was, the joke was on him.

     As homosexuality is a psychotic state it is futile to legislate against mental illness.  I hope I have shown that psychotic reactions are caused by suggestion and hypnotism and are therefore hypnotic states.  No one is born homosexual so that to resolve homosexuality one has to reverse the hypnotic suggestion while teaching methods to avoid emasculation.  Well, that's not going to happen soon so we'll have to deal with the effect.

     In those days, no less than our own, a man could lose his reputation and have his life ruined by being identified as a homosexual.  The laws in NYC, for instance, were rigidly enforced.  That didn't stop homosexual hangouts from existing of course, nineteenth century NYC was full of them having coded names such as The Slide.  The police periodically raided these joints rounding up everyone and hustling them off to jail.

     With the rise of the hypnopaedic media such as radio, TV and movies, which were all controlled by the Semito-Communists a number of programs over the twenties, thirties, forties and fifties promoted the lifestyle, usually presented with feigned horror and sympathetic tongue clicking.

     Led by the example of Saint Genet who achieved literary legitimacy of sorts homosexuals began to agitate.  The key was to let down the bars of discussion.  The campaign to lift censorship from explicitly sexual content in both literature and films was successfully achieved during the sixties. Now showing every form of heterosexual activitie from oral to anal sex the next step was merely to titillate audiences with homosexual antics.

     The legitimization of homosexuality occurred in 1969 when homosexuals in NYC rioted at the Stonewall Tavern.  This date is as important to homosexuals as 586 BC is to Jews.  All restrictions were removed beginning what they called the Candy Store Era which was ended by the appearance of AIDS.  Psychotic behavior temporarily became normal.

     Thus by 1969 the program of the Freudian Order begun c. 1915-25 by Sigmund himself was actually brought to fruition.  Certainly one of the most successful efforts in world history.  The unconscious had been released and become the norm.  The conscious mind had been suppressed while all sexual controls had been repealed.  As Frank Sinatra would say:  Animals.  That's all we are is animals.  I'm going to get all the nooky I can.  Ahh, Frank, now that was an admirable goal.  Pornography had been legitimized, drugs were a matter of everyday life, the hypnopaedic media were under the Order's direction so that social attitudes could be conditioned to the notions of Freud's sexuality and Einstein's relativity.

     The opposition to these absurdities if not totally silenced has been totally discredited as 'bigots' for opposing the social program or 'White Supremacists'  for opposing the political program.

     The hypnopaedic media are powerful conditioners.  A Semitic terrorist organization like the ADL was given quasi-legal status, very nearly an established religion, while HSII & III terrorist groups like the KKK has been legally outlawed.  Think about it,  these are no small feats on the part of the Semites.

     The immigration policy of the United States was in Semitic hands.  Scientific inquiry into Semitic activities during WWII had been made illegal in many European States while being socially reprehensible and unpublishable in the United States.

     Thus each and every tenet put forward by the authors of the Book Of Urantia as necessary for the maintenance of freedom had been suppressed in favor of a repressive ethnically ego centered psychological projection of god and his people.  I'm just a historian.  I make no moral judgments.  Nevertheless, you have to hand it to a crowd who rose like a Phoenix from the ashes of Auschwitz to accomplish so much is such little time.

Old Gods Almost Dead

Owls- they whinny down the night;
Bats go zigzag by.
Ambushed in shadows beyond night
The outlaws lie.

Old gods, tamed to silence, there
In a moving sea of black;
Where spider like they trap their prey
With webs of shade.

For though creeds whirl away in dust,
Faith dies and men forget
These aged gods of power and lust
Cling to life yet-

Old gods almost dead, malign
Starving for unpaid dues:
Incense and fire, salt, blood and wine
And a drumming muse,

Banished to woods and a sickly moon,
Shrunk to mere bogy things
Who spoke thunder once at noon
To prostrate kings;

With thunder from an open sky
To warrior, virgin, priest,
Bowing in fear with a dazzled eye
Toward the dreaded East-

Proud gods, humbled, sunk so low,
Living with ghosts and ghouls,
And ghosts of ghosts and last year's snow
And dead toadstools.

       Robert Graves


     I believe it was the German general von Moltke who said that peace was war carried on by other means.  If so he was a very percipient man.  If we are at war in the midst of 'peace' than who are the opponents.  In the broadest sense it is the Spirit of Science versus the Spirit of Religion.  the Scientific Consciousness versus the Religious Consciousness.  Evolution versus Creation and on down the line.  The lines of battle and the course of battle were percipiently grasped by H.G. Wells in his 1904 novel, The Food Of The Gods.

     In his novel the new scientific man is driven from the midst of the old religious consciousness into Central Asia in much the same way I have described the segregation of the five HS species at the dawn of history.

     Alas no such segregation is possible in the real world today.  In the real world the antagonists in Darwinian terms must seek the extinction of all the other competing species.

     One species will drive all others before it as did those rats and cockroaches Darwin mentioned.  This is it,  nature, the law against which there is no appeal; a type of morality which is absolute and not relative.   Dig it.  You can run but you can't hide.

    Of the five HS species all except HSIII had realized their full potential by the time the Enlightenment began.  No further development could or can be expected from the others.

     Recent scientific discoveries in genetics have opened the door to the fact that there are profound genetic differences between the species which while they can still interbreed nevertheless prove evolutionary differences.  And there is something lost in the interbreeding just as in the cross between the horse and ass the resulting mule is sterile.  This proof places society in a quandary.  Objective science say yes, inner wishful thinking says no.

     It is now being learned that medicines can be tailored to the specific needs of the various species.  We are not talking 'race' here but species.  A certain drug for heart failure has been found to be more effective with the First Born.  While approving this drug which benefits only one of the five species the drug maker has also been forbidden to promote it as especially effective for the First Born.  Denial of reality goes that far.

     In a related story concerning the higher death rate from AIDS among First Born homosexuals as compared to other species, the reason was attributed by First Born to the fact that advertising and information was not 'tailored' to the specific attention of the First Born.  You see the dilemma.

     Thus HSII & III sentiment which denies special genetic differences is on the horns of a dilemma, whether to allow separate discussion of special problems or to pretend that not only cosmetic but substantial differences do not exist.  It seems like a strange attitude.  For instance if a drug were more effective for O blood types than others shouldn't it be advertised to O blood types?

     So, when scientific discoveries disprove entrenched sentimental notions which will give, science or wishful thinking?

     Related to this problem is another very serious one, that of evolution versus the Semitic creation story.  This problem is an aspect of the HSII and III religious problem.  The HSII & III Religious Consciousness which will not pay attention to scientific facts no matter how well demonstrated is bound and determined to retain the creationist notion inherited from the Semites.  The Astrological Religion native to HS II & III rejects the Creationist notion and has done so since time immemorial.  Theosophy, Urantianism  and any number of intelligent HSII & III religions ignore the notion of creation accepting evolution of some sort.

     Urantia tries to deal with the issue in this manner:

     The Supreme Being didn't create man, but man was literally created out of, his very life was derived from, the potentiality of the Supreme.  Nor does he evolve man, yet is the Supreme himself the very essence of evolution.  From the finite standpoint we actually live, move, and have our being within the immanence of the Supreme.

Book Of Urantia

     Personally I consider the above quote as much nonsense as the Bible but for those who require religious consciousness the approach is much more intelligent than either of the Semitic books, the Bible or the Koran.  In this book I have been trying to build a bridge for Bible-bound HSIIs and IIIs to a religious understanding based on a more realistic scientific approach than the Bible.  It is imperative to let go of Genesis and Exodus, absolutely necessary.

     As the twentieth century developed the Semites did a psychological profile of HSII & III.  They didn't hide this stuff either.  I mean, Freud is right there out in the open.  The Wahabi Saudis were also on behalf of the Moslems.  The Jewish Semites began the manipulation of HSII & IIIs while the Moslems played them.

     One of the weapons of peace is population growth.  In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the Japanese consciously urged population growth to give them the numbers to achieve their political and military ends.  The Japanese could not provide adequate nourishment for the large population so that because of this the WWII caricature of the Japanese as buck toothed and wearing thick glasses was the truth.  Since the war, with adequate nutrition the type has disappeared.

     After WWII it became possible for the Arabs to nourish a population larger than its native resources could feed.  The Arabs than began to export their excess population into every country of the world.  After the Jewish Semites altered the US Immigration laws in 1965 the US gates were opened and Arab and other Moslem peoples flooded in.

     As Neil Diamond put it 'they were comin' to America' but not to be Americans.  In the Darwinian evolutionary sense it was their intent to defeat the scientific consciousness  which disproved their religion and impose their ideology on the US.  Of course their actions were not directed at the US alone but all along the frontiers of the Moslem States from China to Russia and Europe.

     Now, the population growth of HSI, the First born, in Africa began to pose a problem to the Arabs.  In Darwinian terms there is only so much space which is static while population growth continues until the Earth can support no more.

     The Moslem Arabs are not sentimentalists as are the HSIIs and IIIs.  If there is not room in Africa for both Semites and First Born then the Semites will move the First Born out.  Thus the conflict in the Sudan between Arabs and First Born.  The Arabs are driving the First Born, whether Moslem or not, out of the Sudan and the Horn.

     The conflict is no different than the tenth century when the Bantu amalgam of Arab and First Born began to move South moving their predecessors before them.  The natural process would have resulted in the eventual elimination of the Hottentots and Bushmen of the southern tip of the continent had the Bantus not been met by HSII & III invaders coming up from the Cape.

     As it turns out the HSII & IIIs didn't have the gumption although they certainly had the military skill to drive the Bantus back into the North claiming the land for themselves.  Instead they griped because the Bantus 'flooded' the land.  Of course they had been moving South merely continuing to do so where they could move not only the Hottentots and Bushmen out but also the Whites.  It blows your mind that the HSIIs and IIIs cannot see this. How can you be so smart and so dumb at the same time?

     Today the Bantus in what must be one of the most ludicrous situations in history are driving the more powerful HSIIs & IIIs out of Africa by Von Moltke's notion of peace as war conducted by other means.  At the same time the Bantus of Botswanaland have found legal means somewhat reminiscent of the removal of the Scots from Scotland to exterminate the remaining Bushmen of the Kalahari thus completing the Bantu occupation of Central, Eastern and Southern Africa.  But behind them are the still more powerful and ruthless and better organized and less sympathetic Semites who will over a period of time occupy all Africa exterminating the Bantus.

     It can't be stopped.  It is evolution at work and play.

     In the exact same manner the Arabs themselves and their surrogate Moslems seek as a first step to convert the world to Moslemism in which as Semites they will be a species of holy priests receiving their mandate directly from god.  If all the world were Moslem then no good Moslem should deny them their pose.

     Then just as in Africa today one's Moslemism would be no defence against expropriation and extermination.

     Should the primitive religion triumph over and eradicate knowledge there could be no greater crime committed against nature let alone god.

     As the world population presses on seven billion and beyond, there is less and less living space per person thus the competition for precious resources becomes more and more intense, something or, rather, someone must give.  An outright military invasion without the will, now this may be difficult to accept, to exterminate the indigenous population must fail.  The war of extermination conducted by Hitler without the power to succeed would have resulted in the extermination of the German people except for the presence of the United States and within the United States of the Anglo-Saxons.

    The senior Semitic members of the Roosevelt administration were all pressing for the total and complete destruction of the German nation which is to say, genocide.  However these things have to be done quickly or resistance builds up both from without and within.

     It is therefore more reasonable to conduct a peaceful invasion or infiltration.  By using and perverting the institutions of the host subvert then control can be acquired.  Once acquired the intolerant religion or people can then create 'democratically' the civil disabilities which they themselves had avoided.  Thus after crying intolerance they practice it.  I think we've seen that before, haven't we?

     The same applies to the Chinese.  Historically the Chinese had always been 'The Middle Kingdom', that is, the center of the Eastern world.  Also known as the Celestial Kingdom in that role as with all religious consciousnesses they received their mandate from heaven.

     Given the old technology they were able to maintain this illusion.  But as the new technology emerged from HSII & III science a very small group of invaders were able to humble the mighty Chinese Empire.  For the last two hundred years The Middle Kingdom has been living in an intolerable state of humiliation or emasculation.  Having now assimilated the newest technology they are in a position to
reestablish their primacy, this time worldwide.  Once again the West is slow to realize the changes.

     This is being achieved in two ways.  Colonies are being sent into every portion of the globe.  Once again these colonies will be ruthless and intolerant.  No matter what any intolerant religion or species may say they will always strive to impose their primacy.

     Secondarily on the economic front they are prepared to undersell the world at the short term expense of their own people so that as they establish primacy success becomes inevitable.  When they are the economic masters of the world then the world must dance to their tune or suffer the consequences.

     As with all religious consciousnesses the Chosen People must always be superior economically.  Thus, just as Stalin decreed that no satellite nation could be more prosperous than the Socialist Homeland so will the Chinese.  You know, I can't believe that I have to be explaining this.

     If the Semites are successful in imposing their religion on all the Mongolids as well as the world then the conflict will move to the next level between Mongolids and Semites.  Should this happen then both First Born and HSII & III will have been marginalized, absorbed or exterminated just as with Darwin's rats and cockroaches.  You see, it doesn't have anything to do with conscious decisions; it all operates on the subconscious level.  I can't believe the West doesn't understand this, but they don't appear to.

     Now, you may rail at this, you may murder the messenger, you may shut your eyes to the inevitable but you can't prevent the course of evolution.  You either do what you can to survive or you go under.

     Personally, I don't think the future can be changed.  The First Born have demonstrated their inability to compete, HSII & III have shown their unwillingness to compete.  Ruling those three out the battle is between the Semites and Mongolids - the two dead end species.

     As winners they will be losers as the question is how to control population growth.  It can't be done unless nature does it for us.

     In my science fiction novel of a possible future I will address that problem, but first the last section of this book will deal with a possible, hopefully probable, satisfying scientific belief system based on the needs of the coming age of Aquarius.

     The old gods, almost dead must be extinguished to make way for the new.


The Myth Of The Aquarian Age
 If the so-called science religion of any age is false, then must it either purify its attitudes or pass away before the emergence of a material science or spiritual religion of a truer and more worthy order.
 Book Of Urantia
 When the student is ready the teacher will appear.
Esoteric Wisdom
      The old gods collided with the new science in the mid-nineteenth century.  Once can't expect them to go quietly to their graves.  It should be clear that what I have been speaking about here and in the previous books as science means an intellectual approach to the world and not some mere scientific experiment or result.

     To go back to the early novels of Rider Haggard discussed in the first book, with the evolution of the brain a gap exists between those capable of a scientific understanding and those incapable.  As Haggard quickly divined the gap is one that can be crossed by devolution but one that cannot be jumped without the evolutionary scientific gene.

The problem of the Myth Of The Twentieth Century has been to develop a foundation of belief for those who perhaps can't make the leap or haven't yet recognized the gap and made the jump across to a scientific consciousness.

     If one recognizes that 9/11 was a very desperate attempt by the Old Gods to retain their hold then one realizes that what happened was a desperate attempt to defeat the scientific consciousness, kill it, as it were.

     The insane desperation of the attempt is evident by the extreme violence and willingness to sacrifice their own lives.  The Semites  know that their ability to continue belief in their dead gods is at stake.

     In this context Book I of Something Of Value dealt with the problem of the Myth Of The Twentieth Century.  By the beginning of the twentieth century it was no longer possible to believe in the myth of the god psychologically projected as the identity of the Semites. This in effect meant that HSII & III had escaped the religious subjection of the Semites.  Thus as a species the Semites had lost the struggle with HSII and III.  But, not so fast,  they said.  Even though they could not rescue their failed gods, Marx, Einstein and Freud countered with their pseudo sciences which as incredible as it may seem the HS IIs & IIIs accepted as real.  Freud sure knew his hypnosis, didn't he?

     Perhaps as being only pseudo-sciences with the old religious basis they partially filled the psychological vacuum created by science.  That vacuum had to be filled with a myth for the twentieth century but with a scientific basis.

     One could no longer believe in gods while humanism based on the weak reed of man was futile from the start.  The only possible way was an imaginary ideal which was a psychological projection of HSII & III needs.  In other words the quest for a 'religious' symbol was in the nature of an imaginary superhero.  Not a god, merely a symbol to strive for.

     Edgar Rice Burroughs made the first step to fill that vacuum when he created the first true superhero in John Carter of Mars.  One may say he did not do this intentionally by which if one means consciously I would agree.  It is to be remembered that Burroughs had rejected the old gods while accepting science.  His fellow writer of the same era, Zane Grey, was also struggling with the religious problem as evidenced in his Riders Of The Purple Sage and Rainbow Trail, which I have reviewed here on the ERBzine.

  Burroughs if not consciously at least subconsciously attempted to resolve his and society's dilemma.  Burroughs intuitively understood that what was needed was a human ideal toward which to strive.  John Carter gained his superhero status the same way his imitator Superman would- by moving from a planet of greater gravity to one of lower gravity.

     As attractive as John Carter is, a hero on Mars doesn't fulfill earthly needs.  Perhaps Superman fails for the same reason.  He is not really human, he is a Kryptonite.

     Casting about, whether consciously or not, Burroughs then created a superhero in the person of Tarzan Of The Apes who lived here on Earth in an imaginary but possible Africa.  Burroughs filled this imaginary Africa with even more imaginary lost civilizations from various stages of evolutionary development which gave his myth great depth.

     Thus the superhero while no less imaginary than Yahveh, Allah or the Semito-Christian God was acceptable as a yearning or psychological projection of the desires of the twentieth century and future man.  Tarzan could be accepted as a desideratum, a goal, one that did not reject scientific realities and which did require belief in a supernatural impossibility.

     Quite naturally no one recognized Tarzan for what he was at the time.  I don't believe that John Carter and Tarzan have not been  recognized as the origins of the superhero today but having demonstrate the possibility of the superhero other writers at the time picked up the thread and developed it.

     The next true superhero was the Shadow of c. 1930 followed quickly by Doc Savage.  Both show clear evidences of having been modeled on Tarzan while Doc Savage's creator, Lester Dent, says that he modeled his creation on Tarzan.

     Shortly after these two literary creations the modern comic book was developed.  Here was a medium ripe for a whole pantheon of superheroes.  Characters such as Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Plastic Man and others displayed attributes of superheroes much as the ancient lesser gods displayed attributes of the great god but none exhibited the full panoply of superherodom as did the Jungle God- Tarzan Of The Apes.  All relied on some hokum for their cult while Tarzan was a true super man.

     The first writer of whom I know who scented the true nature of Tarzan was the science fiction writer Philip Jose Farmer.  He began an exploration of the psychological importance of the superhero in his book Tarzan Alive.  His is a very intriguing and interesting book in which he traces the development of popular literature, however he lost the thread.

     I am indebted to Farmer for providing a signpost giving the right direction.  The problem now is to integrate Tarzan as an archetype of the Age Of Aquarius of the Astrological Religion.

     It is absolutely essential that HSII & III abandon the Semitic Bible.  The thing is stultifying.  While I cannot accept any religious belief system I have been quoting the Urantia Book which is a good scientifically based alternative to the Bible.  It's astronomical system is no more ridiculous than the nonsense of the Old Testament while its account of Jesus won't damage anyone's religious beliefs while hopefully waiting to make the transfer to the scientific system.

     Besides discoveries in Astronomy do point the way to understanding all.

     A religion is essentially a psychological projection of the people who envision it.  The god is a manifestation of the mentality of that people.  Thus the Yahveh of the Jews is a literal photo of the Semitic mental state.  The Allah of the Arabs is the same sort of photo of the mentality of that Semitic people.  The similarities in the two visions are of a family nature giving a good indication of the intellectual level of the Semites.  You can see their limitations.

     Compare those attitudes with the scientific mentality of  the HSIIs & IIIs.

     As noted earlier the religion of the Semitic peoples came into conflict with the Astrological Religion of the HSIIs and IIIs.  The Semitic belief system was static and closed allowing for no development of mind or knowledge.  The eternal Semitic deity had laid down all knowledge complete when he created earth and man.

     The Astrological Religion which was developed thousands of years before the Semitic god is imagined to have created the earth allows for a periodic growth in human development.  The Astrological allows for change, the Semitic doesn't.  Thus if the Semitic religions triumph change will cease and everything will be in a state of stasis.

     The two religious views became enmeshed at the end of the Arien Age and the beginning of the Piscean dispensation.  They began to separate again as the scientific method developed in the period of the Piscean Age known in the West as the Enlightenment.  In many ways the Enlightenment was the first pre-dawn glow on the horizon presaging the Aquarian Age.

     The preparation of the archetype to replace Zeus, in the Greek form, Dionysus, began development hundreds of years before the Piscean Age.  The Greeks by conquering the Middle East under Alexander actually prepared the way for the universal adoption of Dionysus as the Piscean archetype.

     No religion or belief system can exist without a physical manifestation of the psychological projection;  this includes the Moslems who worship Allah as a black stone kept at Mecca.  That the stone is a meteorite fallen from 'heaven' should cinch the case.

     The principle of the scientific method emerged first without a physical manifestation of the psychological projection which left science appearing barren and psychologically unsatisfying.  It was impossible for the human mind to continue in the tradition of a supernatural deity such as the Geminian Saturn, Taurian Cronus, the Arien Zeus or the Piscean Dionysus.

     Jesus as a man-god was a compromise deity between the supernatural and the psychological representation of man's hopes and dreams and longings in a scientifically viable way.  Well, the age old way.  Zeus, Yahvey and Allah are fictions so a fictional representation was required.

     This figure must be a superhero greater than any living man but perfecting his hopes and dreams but who  is realized to be a mere fiction.  The prophet bearing this archetype in his mind was a beat up hommy form America via Chicago.  One speaks of destiny as though it really exists.  Yet, Edgar Rice Burroughs was a man of destiny.  If he had had a happy childhood plus a contented and successful career then it is very unlikely that he would have felt the need to create a psychological projection.  But he did.  And that projection was Tarzan Of The Apes.

     While Tarzan amazed the minds of Burroughs' contemporaries he was generally considered absurd.  On a realistic level of course he was.  Had there been only one novel, Tarzan today, in all likelihood, would be merely a literary curiosity.  Instead Burroughs went on to create a huge roman a fleuve of twenty-four novels, two published posthumously.  Thus he was able to embody a representation of the hopes and dreams of mankind in a scientifically psychologically viable way.  One doesn't believe in the physical or spiritual existence of the superhero but one wants to share his attributes.

3(b). If God Came To Chicago
     There is never conflict between true knowledge and truth.  There may be conflict between knowledge and human beliefs, beliefs colored with prejudice, distorted by fear, and dominated by the dread of facing few facts of material discovery or spiritual religion of a truer or more worthy order.
Book Of Urantia
     In creating the archetype for the Aquarian Age the prophet Edgar Rice Burroughs had completed his mission.  In March of 1950 he lay himself down for his final rest.  How he lived his life was no longer relevant; the important thing was that he had completed his mission leaving Something Of Value behind.  That something was Tarzan.  The Age Of Pisces is drawing to a close; the Age of Aquarius will have no use for the worn out archetype of Jesus the Christ.

     Whether wittingly or not, in his character of Tarzan Of The Apes, Burroughs had created a forest god in the image of a balanced Dionysus.  In keeping with the motifs of the Astrological Religion the Forest God, or Green Man, is the other side of Dionysus.

     It was necessary that a band of disciples form to propagate the message.  Just prior to Burroughs' death a man named Vern Coriell had sought Burroughs out.  Coriell wanted to start an organization to perpetuate Burroughs literary achievement; in other words to be a disciple.

     The Prophet gave Coriell his blessing.  Coriell began his organization which he called the Burroughs Bibliophiles.  Thus in the years following Burroughs' death when the Burroughs family and ERB, Inc. neglected the legacy Coriell kept the flame burning.

     At the time Burroughs died his family consisted of three active offspring while Ralph Rothmund continued on as president of ERB, Inc.. Perhaps sons Hulbert and John Coleman along with daughter Joan were too much under the influence of Rothmund to actively promote the legacy or perhaps they saw Tarzan as nothing more than some stories.  At any rate, nothing was done to keep the legacy alive but the licensing of more movies.

     Rothmund's conduct of corporate affairs was a strange one.  It was almost as though he wanted the legacy to fade away.  The Tarzan books could have been leased out in a number of ways from hardbacks to paperbacks. where they would have sold into the millions.  In Rothmund's defence  it may be said that Burroughs' own relationship with his publishers had been a stormy one.  The two had been at war from the beginning.  His publishers at McClurg's had horribly mismanaged the publication of his masterwork, Tarzan Of The Apes.  From that point as apparently having an unbreakable contract they treated his work as a commodity, plundering him in the process.  Rather than make the best of what was really a very bad situation Burroughs in his pique sabotaged his own sales.  It is possible that Rothmund was acting according to his wishes but with ERB dead and beyond protest the idea was no longer credible.

     A brief history of the publishing might be in order.

     While there was a fair amount of fiction comparable to Burroughs type when he began writing, his was of a much higher quality while being a radical departure from the norm.  His Princess Of Mars is often compared to E.L. Arnold's Martian novel Lieut. Gullivar Jones, His Vacation there is no comparison in imaginative style although there is clear evidence that Burroughs was influenced by the book.

     Arnold leans heavily on H.G. Wells' Time Machine for inspiration, merely translating the scene of Well's novel to Mars while developing the notion of Eloi and Morlocks further.  The derivation is very clear.  The book is written in the manner of conventional imagination in a bantering style that a child could have done.  Gullivar might be a fair first attempt by a 'teen.

     Burroughs literally kicks in the afterburners incorporating scientific details that had never been used before.  The 'realistic' effect literally created a new genre even though the much more pedestrian H.G. Wells is given the credit for it with his The War Of The Worlds.  Burroughs' story was so extravagant that he was not taken seriously as a writer although Wells had been.

     So with the following novel Tarzan Of The Apes.  Nothing like it had been seen before.  It may be objected that the Outlaw Of Torn was written between the two novels, but the publishing history is that Tarzan Of The Apes followed Princess Of Mars, so as far as his pubic went one sensational creation was immediately followed by another.

     If you aren't charmed by Tarzan Of The Apes you will have no choice but to reject it as preposterous which it is.  The book is not my favorite but having accepted the obviously false premise the succeeding novels emerge from the first as very plausible.  Even though or because the concept was so  preposterous Burroughs took great pains in framing the story to make it appear true.  With this truly brilliant frame and by dint of superb storytelling he was able to pull it off.  The book is a tour de force.  Having successfully established his false premise his improbable superstructure holds together. The readers of literary fiction refused to be seduced holding the story and its author in high contempt.

     Therein, I believe, lay the root of Burroughs' publishing problems.

     Published in the pulp magazine All Story in 1912 the tale was exceptionally well received.  Serialized in the pages of the New York Evening World newspaper beginning in 1913 the story was brought to the attention of a much larger readership while the story was then published in other newspapers in all of which the story was received enthusiastically.  Thus by the end of 1913 Burroughs knew that he had a monster.

      A word about pulp magazines.  The pulp genre receives its name from the fact that wood pulp paper as opposed to rag paper was introduced at this time.  Pulp paper was much more cheaply produced than rag paper so that these all fiction magazines could be produced very cheaply offering a spectacular inexpensive entertainment vehicle.

     I have seen the early magazines.  The paper is of a very high quality.  As time went on the paper quality was reduced so that when I bought pulp magazines in the early fifties the paper was so cheap you very nearly had to read them immediately before the paper disintegrated but originally the difference was merely between wood pulp or rag. Pulp fiction itself conformed to a certain literary ideal that was different from literary fiction.

     The success, the legitimization, that Burroughs always wanted seemed to be within his reach if he could find a book publisher.  But his dream's realization eluded him as no book publisher considered Tarzan worthy of their list.  The story was universally rejected.  Vainly Burroughs proffered packets of letters from adoring readers.  There would clearly be a sufficient market to turn a large profit for any publisher yet they all snubbed Burroughs.  These things happen, you know,  a great many books that have become classics had to go begging.

     Knowing that he had proven product that would make him a man Burroughs was desperate.  He had often visited McClurg's Book Store from whence Eugene Field, one of his literary idols, had held forth from the Saints and Sinners corner, imploring the store cum publisher to issue his story.  He haunted the place in vain.  They didn't want the book.

    Then, as Burroughs tells it, he received an offer from a Cincinnati house.  He inquired of McClurg's as to whether the firm was stable enough for him to accept.  Now McClurg's was interested.  One can't be sure why.  There was intense competition, or there had been , between Chicago and Cincinnati to see which would be the dominant city of the Midwest.  Cincinnati had been a competitor with Chicago for the title of 'Hog Butcher To The World.'  The former had at one time been known as Porkopolis.  Surely by 1914 the competition between these two cities had been settled in Chicago's favor.  Still...possibly old jealousies survived.

     On the other hand perhaps McClurg's contempt for the story which by then had even been serialized in the Chicago Journal during June of 1913 (BB New Series #61, p. 14) was well known.  Why they would have published the story isn't clear, especially as they told Burroughs the Cincinnati firm while financially sound didn't have the expertise to publicize the novel properly which sounds odd even perverse given their handling of the book.

     They did publish the book in 1914 at $1.30 a copy which was lowball indicating they had no faith in the book.  Burroughs' royalties at 10% would have amounted to 13 cents a copy.  If he sold a hundred thousand copies that would have been #13,000.00 per 100K.  Really big money for those days.

     While legend has it that the book sold millions of copies there appears to be little documentation to support the claim.  In any event there is little reason to search for such documentation because McClurg's immediately leased the novel to A.L. Burt, a reprint house which issued a chap copy for 75 cents dropping down to 49 cents.  Only a few thousand copies were sold at McClurg's original issue.  Now, here comes the rub.  If McClurg's had promoted and sold the book themselves Burroughs would have received 100% of his 10% royalties of 13 cents a copy.  Mcclurg's leased the book for four and one half cents a copy of which their share was 2.25 cents a copy.  Thus even if the book had sold millions of copies Burroughs would have been remitted a mere pittance of what he might have received had McClurg's worked the title themselves.

     There was universal repulsion on the part of publishers for the book.  No one would touch it before the Cincinnati offer.  There is evidence to show how little confidence A.L. Burt had for the title.  Burt, whose initial printing was only 25,000 copies made McClurg's indemnify them for possible unsold copies..  Apparently Tarzan's success was a major surprise to the whole publishing industry.

     One can only imagine Burroughs' shock, and I mean the literal shock where your face turns white, when he learned he had been 'swindled' out of substantial royalties.  If Burt didn't sell millions they at least reported sales of hundreds of thousands.  Thus at half four and a half cents it must have seemed to Burroughs that big money had been lost.  Rather than becoming one of the more prosperous citizens of Chicago and driving down the street in a big black car with a mile long cigar clenched between his teeth he was very nearly back to start.

     Heartbreaking I am sure.  You can see why he was so anxious to get top dollar from the movies.

     One would think that this gaffe of the century would have embarrassed McClurg's, but no, not only did they show no remorse but they did the same thing with every subsequent novel.  It is very difficult to believe that this was not done on purpose even though it should have cost McClurg's more than somewhat in profits.  Burroughs was literally bilked of millions.  The question is why?  I have no answer.  It would seem to me that someone with power didn't like him.  Why McClurg's would go along is a mystery.

    The strangeness is inexplicable.  Even after his novel's success other publishers wouldn't touch him.  No major publisher would ever have anything to do with him so he took being exploited by McClurg's until he began to self-publish in the thirties.  One can only imagine the bitterness of Burroughs's emotions all those years.

     While many of the facts are from the ERB Timeline of the ERBzine I have also been through the publisher's correspondence in the archives of the University Of Louisville's Department Of Rare Books where Bibliophile librarian George T. McWhorter holds sway.

     From A.L. Burt McClurg's shifted the catalog to another reprint publisher, Grossett and Dunlap.  The Louisville archives contain letters between McClurg's and G& D.

     The contempt for Burroughs of the two publishers is obvious.  He is regarded not as a valuable author but, at best, an unavoidable evil.  While Burroughs is billed as the best selling author from the 'teens to 1939 there is no evidence in G&D sales figures to support this.  Indeed, for some reason Zane Grey's figures are presented along with Burroughs'.  Grey's boy's novel The Shortstop outsold the whole Burroughs corpus.  I have a difficult time believing this was not presented as an insult.

      Rather than making him wealthy Burroughs' royalties were a mere pittance barely worth depositing.  In the late thirties and early forties he was receiving $5.00 and $10.00 checks.  As you can see we have a problem here.  Burroughs has an enormous reputation which can't be accounted for in sales.  Indeed, one wonders why McClurg's and G&D fought so hard to retain titles that were returning so little.  The books could not have been profitable for G&D.  Something needs to be explained.

     After Burroughs broke with McClurg's at the end of the twenties McClurg's contemptuously sold ERB, Inc. the plates for all his secondary titles at what must have been a profitable price for themselves.  The underlying contempt and hostility is hard to understand.

     Burroughs complaint centered on the selling price of the editions.  G&D would only issue them in 50 cent editions while Burroughs pleaded that the books would sell equally well at a dollar.  Certainly the book would have sold as well at a dollar so why was G&D reluctant to make the extra profit?

     Burroughs believed that he was being cheated on short counts, which I believe must be true, while he knew he was being cheated by underpricing the books that were being sold.

     What he wanted was for McClurg's to sell him back his rights which they refused to do even though there was apparently no money in it for them.

     Although A.L. Burt records sales of only 600,000 copies of Tarzan Of The Apes over the life of their contract the title may in fact have sold millions with the proceeds being retained by McClurg's or as ERB believed disappearing into the pockets of Ogden McClurg the titular publisher.

     In fact Ogden McClurg was only a figurehead.  After yet another disastrous fire in 1900 the company was reorganized as an employee owned firm.  Burroughs might not have known that.  I have to believe Burroughs was defrauded of large sums but it may not have been Odgen McClurg as he believed.

     I have to believe that his suspicions were true.  I just can't see Burroughs enormous reputation built on so few sales.  Short changing was true not only of McClurg's but his English publishers as well.

     In what may be a veiled comment on his plundering Burroughs wrote a Western in 1925 titled The Bandit Of Hell's Bend  The name may be reflective of what he was going through.  In the novel the hero is being accused of being a Black Bart style bandit who is robbing stage coaches.  As it turns out the real robbers are town officials who hang out at the Chicago Saloon.  Can't be much more pointed than that.  The officials are exposed and the loot turns up under the floorboards of the Saloon.  So Burroughs thought he knew where the money was.

     He undoubtedly thought that the culprit was Ogden McClurg.

     McClurg died young and vital in 1926.  He had just returned from an archaeological expedition to Mexico.
(See )
As the author of the page, Bob Connely, puts it Ogden died 'mysteriously' six weeks after his return due to what was recorded as a stroke.  Some thought his death was the result of a curse for disturbing ancient artifacts.  A good story, no doubt.

     Burroughs shortly thereafter crowed that he had outlived several of his publishers who, it may be said, uniformly mistreated him.  He certainly showed no remorse over the death of Ogden McClurg.

     It was not too long thereafter that he severed relations with McClurg's moving on briefly to another publisher before forming his own publishing firm.

     McClurg's and through them G&D retained control of Burroughs first twelve Tarzan titles.  During the succeeding years right up to his death ERB actively impeded their efforts to reprint their titles.

     C.R. Rothmund assumed the role of secretary to Burroughs in 1927 about midway through ERB's career.  Not much is known about Rothmund.  During his tenure which lasted well beyond Burroughs' death the corporation performed in an erratic way.

     Perhaps Burroughs himself had become cantankerous but a very lucrative radio show was canceled in Rothmund's name.  Certainly a competent business manager could have amplified revenues with very little effort.  Instead the finances were so tangled that by 1940 Rothmund advised Burroughs to go live in Hawaii on $250.00 a month.  We are asked to believe that Burroughs was so financially straitened and yet the ERBzine Bio Timeline for 1947 reports that the IRS demanded $25,000 in excess profits taxes for 1943 & 44.  That's excess profits.  So where did the money go?

     It is clear the money didn't come from books.  The miniscule royalty checks coming from G& D were under ten dollars going directly into ERB's pocket bypassing ERB, Inc.

     Even though G&D had the legal right to publish  their titles without consultation they continually sought ERB's permission to print editions.  G&D wanted to print 50 cent editions while ERB, Inc. was adamantly demanding $1.00 editions.  For some reason G& D wouldn't compromise with Burroughs.  Hard to explain.

     While this dispute was going on the publishing world was changing by the addition of paperbacks.  Selling at 25 cents at the time the royalty was 1 and 1/2 cents a copy of which ERB, Inc. would get 3/4 of a cent.  While milions would have been sold apparently ERB, Inc. either couldn't see the potential, the return wasn't sufficient or they didn't want to see the half share go to McClurg's.

     From 1946 to 1948 there were no G&D editions.  There were no ERB editions.  Whitman publishers with a couple abridged editions had the field to themselves.  G&D and McClurg's put their heads together determining that they had the right to publish will ERB, Inc. or nil ERB, Inc.  They then published an edition of several titles of 7500 each.  As you can see there is very little money involved here.  ERB, Inc. countered with an edition of their titles of 5000 each.  Even though G&D thought they had the best titles ERB, Inc's sold out as fast.  But for some reason ERB, Inc. ceased publication while the G&D titles were available into the fifties.

     ERB, Inc. must have forgotten that Burroughs wrote books.  By 1950 ERB, Inc.'s revenues were received from the movies, a slipping comic strip that never was very popular, and a radio show of brief duration.

     Old Burroughs crossed over the bar in March of 1950 while C.R. Rothmund remained at the helm of ERB, Inc. until the beginning of the sixties.


     The feud with McClurg's went on.  That company had gone through major changes since Ogden switched it from a bookstore to a wholesaler.  By 1960 the company was on the ropes about to disappear into a larger conglomeration.  Before they did ERB, Inc. managed to purchase back the rights to the early titles although by that time the titles were actually in the public domain.

     Over the years the copyrights had expired while neither ERB nor his business manager made any effort to renew them.  Even after the war when G&D decided to print without ERB, Inc.'s consent they knew that the copyrights had expired but they continued to pay royalties even though they were under no obligation to do so.

     Beginning in 1962 and '63 others discovered that the copyrights were lapsed and the big publishing boom of ERB began.  Whether ERB had sold tens of millions of books before 1950, which seems doubtful, there is no doubt that he sold tens of millions after 1960.  The pent up demand was huge while it continues briskly today.  Even the minor titles which had miniscule sales in the twenties when they were briefly available became big sellers.

     Whereas prior to the boom there could actually have been no people who had read the whole corpus and few who could have been familiar with more than a dozen or two titles, after the boom true ERB scholarship could begin with a small cadre who had actually read the corpus.

     Even a nearly forgotten title like The Maneater which was tracked down to a New York newspaper by a super literary sleuth has not only been published in book form but is available to all and sundry on the internet; just in case there is someone who wants to read it.  I've read it and I don't think it was written by Burroughs.

     Amazingly a group of disciples sprang up dedicated to spreading the Burroughs gospel.  Was Edgar Rice Burroughs a prophet of the archetype of the coming Aquarian Age?  The incredible devotion of what could be described as disciples can be explained in no other way.  The first to recognize the archetypal nature of Tarzan was a writer by the name of Philip Jose Farmer.

     Farmer was unfamiliar to me before I undertook these studies and he may  be to the general reader although he is of some significance in modern literature.  The site which provides bibliographies for over 7000 authors and growing, lists Farmer as of 7/24/05 number 140 of the most popular authors.  Not bad considering ERB is #135.

    The first of the disciples, Vern Coriell, contacted Burroughs in 1947 to seek his authorization to publish a magazine.  ERB gave his consent.  Coriell began publishing the first series of the Burroughs Bulletin.

     This magazine was followed in 1956 by a magazine entitled ERBania edited by D. Peter Ogden.  He was better organized than Coriell getting his magazine out on a regular basis.  ERBania has been in  continuous publication since that date by Ogden who still prospers.
     In 1960 ERB-dom began publication under the editorship of Alfred Guillory and Camille Cazedessus.  It has since metamorphosed into a new title- Pulpdom.

     Also in 1960 the Burroughs Bibliophiles jelled as a group of which Bob Hyde was president.  Vern Coriell brought in the Burroughs Bulletin as its organ.

     While all of the above were instrumental in keeping the Burroughs legacy alive, Philip Jose Farmer, a spaced out science fiction writer, who had his oar in the stream of time, which I learned from some sage flows from left to right, realized the true nature of Tarzan but didn't know how to place him in the streaming timeflow.  Farmer published his seminal 'Tarzan Alive' in 1974.

     This was the first hint that Tarzan was to be viewed as more than a literary invention.  Farmer was the first to create the concept of creative mythology around the Tarzan figure.

     Tarzan Alive is an important book.

     Farmer pointed to the possibility of considering Tarzan an archetype of the Age of Aquarius.  God had indeed visited Chicago.  Farmer's was mythmaking  on the order that created Jesus the Christ as the archetype of the Age of Pisces.

     We will see what the future brings.

     The myth of Tarzan continues to gather momentum while losing nothing vital.

     In 1976 the magazine entitled 'The Fantastic Worlds Of ERB' began publication under the editorship of Paul Norman to be succeeded by Frank Westwood.

     In 1979 another magazine edited by Michael Conran was established entitled ERB News Dateline..

     In 1987 the publisher of Burroughs Bulletin, Vern Coreill, died ending what may be called the first phase of the college of devotees.

     George T. McWhorter a farseeing and dedicated librarian at the University of Louisville would usher in the second stage when he picked up the fallen banner to begin publishing the second series of the Burroughs Bulletin in a stunningly beautiful format which continues to this day.  Unlike Coriell who followed an erratic publishing schedule, McWhorter publishes on a regular basis.

     James Van Hise of Southern California has been active in organizing a history of Pulp publishing with a decided interest in Burroughs as the dean of pulp writers.

     The New Age, so to speak, shifted into high gear in 1996 with the consolidation of the internet.  Bruce Bozarth began publishing his specialized ERBList which has been influential.  The most influential of all ERB publications took form up by the Arctic Circle when Bill and Sue-on Hillman began publishing a weekly magazine entitled ERBzine.  Both Bozarth and Hillman caught the internet wave at the earliest possible moment.

     Just as McWhorter had the vision to create a masterpiece of a print magazine so Hillman took the big and long view on an internet publication.

     Hillman had a visionary's concept of his magazine and Edgar Rice Burroughs.  He had a notion of what he was seeking, the direction in which he was headed so that when opportunity presented itself he was able to grasp it.  A man of incredible energy and organization he was capable of working fifteen hour days, a madman one might speculate, his genius developed the magazine apace with the internet until today his magazine is enormous consisting of thousands of pages.  A true phenomenon on the internet.

     By 9/11/01 when the old dispensation ended, making the past a closed unit capable of minute analysis, and the new began, led by Bob Hyde of the Burroughs Bibliophiles, George T. McWhorter of the Burroughs Bulletin and Bill Hillman of the astonishing ERBzine.  The only thing lacking to carry Philip Jose Farmer's hint of Tarzan as the archetype of the New Age forward was a new visionary.

     But this segment ends here at 9/11 as does this relation of history.  In the next and final book of Something Of Value the story will change from history to a prophetic novel entitled:  'A New Heaven And A New Earth.'

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