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Something of Value IV

by R. E. Prindle
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Sax RohmerA minor mythographer who emerged at the same time as Burroughs with his famous character, Dr. Fu Manchu, was the Irishman Arthur H. S. Ward writing under the name of Sax Rohmer. While his subject is in disrepute at the present time, Rohmer was aware that the times were one of world change. He sensed, along with a few others, now equally in disrepute, that the EuroAmerican tide had crested; its flow was now out.

Rohmer running counter to Western trends made careful ethnic identities even to the point of identifying Irish and Anglo sub-groups although some of the characteristics he attributed to them seem mistaken to my eye.

Nevertheless he sensed the world was entering a period of Mfecane, to use the African term, or a time of troubles to use the Western term.

The African Mfecane which occurred among the Bantu tribes of South Africa during the first half of the nineteenth century was a time when rapidly expanding population pressed on available resources. This was the time when the Zulu chief Chaka organized the Zulu impis or military battalions described so excitingly by Rider Haggard. They were used, in the Zulu phrase, to "stamp the enemy flat" which is to say, exterminate them.

Numerous Bantu tribes were either exterminated or driven out to find new lands which is to say stamp non-Zulu tribes flat or drive them off good lands into the desert.

Sax RohmerBoris Karloff as Fu Manchu

Such is the historical process which operates without respect to race. Now, historically all peoples consider themselves true men while others are an emasculated inferior sort. This was and is true of the Semites. We all know the legend of diabolical Jewish cleverness. As is well known the Jews consider themselves the Chosen people of not only their tribal god but they have made of their god a universal god which has been accepted by an astonishingly large number of people. The Chinese people, which Dr. Fu Manchu represented, consider themselves of the Celestial Empire or Middle Kingdom to which all must bend the knee. The Arab Semites pray: Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Creation. . . Guide us in the right path, the path of those whom you have favored.

Thus both leading Semitic peoples believe they are Chosen peoples which explains that conflict. In the United States of course, we believe we have God on our side. We are naturally right being unable to do wrong. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Strangely enough the contemporary world believes it is living outside the historical process, that evolution has ended leaving all species in stasis whereas nothing could be further from the truth. A mythographer like Sax Rohmer is in possession of the truth. This was made apparent with the success of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 as the Mfecane took definite shape.

In this long wave action by the Jewish people which began with the apostasy of Sabbatai Zevi in 1666 it seemed momentarily that the Messianic years of 1913-28 would be crowned with success, that the Jews would achieve world domination by 1928. The Bolshevik Revolution created a storm of anti-Jewish reaction.

This period from the Revolution of 1917 to 1924, when Lenin died, was one of intense apprehensive literature about Jewish worldwide intentions. Not counting this new Nazi reaction in Germany there was a burst of literature criticizing the Jews. In the United States, usually so placid, a reaction was led by Henry Ford, then at the crest of his reputation as an auto maker. He had his reasons.

Ford thought he was dealing with an intellectual problem. He wasn't aware that he had involved himself in an emasculation contest, or pissing match as they are vulgarly called. The Jews, of course, never let the problem be examined on its merits but immediately raised the specter of anti-Semitism. Ford was accordingly branded an anti-Semite. Why he or anyone else should favor the manhood of Jews over his own is, or should be, open to conjecture but no one can withstand the charge of anti-Semitism and remain respectable in his community. Ford lost the fight on the grounds of anit-Semistism, while the Jews now confess to his accusations.

Disregarding all the benefits he conferred on civilization, which are very, very many, his fellows deserted him and he has no reputation today.

Thus, as of 1924, it seemed to the Jews as though the millennium had come but then Lenin died, Stalin seized the reins of the Soviet government while Hitler's star was in the ascendancy in Germany.

The pall of Freud's vision of the unconscious spread over the world. All other interpretations of the unconscious had been suppressed. Men like Jean Genet were coming into their own. Then, a year before the messianic years ended when things didn't look quite so rosy, Freud wrote another book, calling this one The Future of an Illusion This is a difficult book to understand. To merely condemn religion in the abstract seems redundant, even puerile. Freud appears to be responding to the defeat of the Jewish revolution in the Soviet Union. This must be the illusion whose future concerns him. While Hitler had not yet crushed the Judeo-Communist revolution in Germany matters were in hand.

Stalin was neutralizing, if not yet eliminating, the cadre that executed the Revolution. It would be another two years before Freud realized that his instructions in 1917 had been in vain. In fact his releasing of his negative vision of the subconscious was about to backfire on him in the hands of Stalin and Hitler in a spectacular way.

I think that it is also significant that, in these later years of his life, the Castration Complex became more significant in his thinking, almost displacing the Oedipus Complex in importance. His concentration on it has the sound of an hysterical shriek as the failure of the millennium would be a type of group castration.

For the mythographers, the Burroughs of 1911-7 had been a plateau. Burroughs had brought all the mythological strands together. Like the arrow shot in the air to land no one knew where, Burroughs' writing had been inseminating many minds. Those minds no longer had only books to disseminate their views but they had even more potent forms of communication. The nickelodeon of the eighteen nineties had evolved into movies shown in palaces. Looking back, the early movie theatres were a temporary but spectacular moment. In my hometown the chief theatre was called "The Temple."

The movie makers seized on the psychological projections of the mythographers which could be interpreted and manipulated quite independently of the intentions of the authors. This brought a number of projections which might have been overlooked into the forefront of world consciousness. The exploration of Bram Stoker's Dracula began in earnest, soon bearing little relation to Stoker's book. Another stunning projection, which would have gone unnoticed except for the movies, was Gaston Le Roux's Phantom of the Opera. While not a particularly good book, although arresting, the character was coopted by a Hollywood producer while the book was being serialized in a New York paper. Strangely, the Phantom has become a counterpart of Jean Valjean among the Red/Liberals.

Radio had come along in 1920 to be a force from the thirties on.

Movies and radio appealed directly to the subconscious in the brain stem through the eyes and ears which are connected to it more or less bypassing the conscious mind. With the movies there is too much content to consciously assimilate while the speed with which it passes leaves no room for consideration. Books on the other hand are read into the brain stem but are immediately evaluated by the conscious mind.

At least until the emergence of video tapes beginning in the 1970s movies were an ephemeral form of entertainment. Memories of movies are extremely unreliable as the subconscious manipulates the material for its own uses. Today one can review this ephemera which had such an influence on you, correcting any misconceptions.

Even more ephemeral and now lost forever, was the radio show. One that left the most indelible impression was influenced by Burroughs' work. That most mortal but penetrating psychological projection was the Shadow.

Today he can live only in the minds of those who were there although about 350 pulp novels were written about the Shadow of which 280 were written by one man, if you can believe it. He was Walter Gibson. One believed that the Shadow stepped through the creaking door of the Inner Sanctum.

I have never seen the pulp novels but, as Gibson was in charge of both the show and the novels, the results must be the same. The stories were unimportant, as indeed are all stories, the important thing was and is the attitude, the myth. What mythographers call the truth. Thus if you hear only the literal story you have missed the real story. All good writing is done in keys.

The shows could only have been written post-Freud as well as post-Burroughs. The images do not appeal to the conscious mind.

The Shadow had learned "the hypnotic power to cloud men's minds so that they cannot see him." (p. 608 On The Air: The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio, John Dunning, Oxford 1998)  This may sound like so much hocus pocus, yet if one reads Freud's Group Psychology carefully one will see that what Freud is proposing is hypnotizing groups to achieve one's ends unnoticed.

If you watch movies of Hitler working up a crowd you are watching a master hypnotist at work. Perhaps he also had read Le Bon. He comes quietly to the fore after his introduction, stands quietly watching and listening, his hand drops down to manipulate some items on the table. The audience, in their thousands, sit waiting in anticipation. Hitler begins to speak, quietly, indifferently; then his pace picks up, his intensity increases, passion flows from his voice while he gestures wildly, dramatically bringing his huge audiences into a trance which he is able to satisfy completely before terminating the seance in a wild orgy of screaming indignation and wildly flailing gestures. It may not look impressive viewing it with cool dispassion on film but he's good, even an artist.

Watch him. You don't even have to understand German. He was terrific.

Freud also, merely through the force of his personality and reputation was able, through his writings, to influence large numbers of influential people, through them the masses, just by telling them in abstruse terms what they wanted to hear. To wit: Let your unconscious rule, the more sex you have the better a person you are, do not allow any fancy you have to be repressed. It's bad for you. The unconscious, sex and free expression of the libido are good. You like that don't you? If you act on it you may as well consider yourself hypnotized.

The Shadow KnowsThe Shadow in the Freudian sense and the Burroughsian sense was a man of many identities. One becomes a personality of many facets in the unconscious, one might almost say multiple personalities. Indeed, the Shadow lived in the everyday world under a borrowed identity not even his own. "To two persons only is the Shadow's true identity known -- that of Kent Allard, internationally known aviator -- and those persons are Xinca Indians, servants picked up by Allard during a stay among their tribe in Central America. A guise often used by the Shadow is that of Lamont Cranston, world renowned big game hunter and traveler, when Cranston is away on his travels. This is by the leave of the real Cranston, a man of deep understanding." (The Pulps: Fifty Years of American Pop Culture, compiled by Tony Goodstone, Bonanza, 1970, p. 228)

Cranston was indeed a man of deep understanding while Kent Allard was freed from responsibility for his acts. Nice situation if you can get it. Like all the psychological projections the Shadow was a man of many identities. Most were experts of disguise, being able to imitate a vast variety of human conditions perfectly from street sweeper to nuclear scientist. Real Urban Spacemen. In Burroughs' case he created a number of alter egos including John Carter, John Clayton, also known as Tarzan, Lord Passmore and other identities, David Innes and Normal Bean. Unlike the Freudian/Liberals they were and are more aligned with a firm grip on morality. Jekyll to the core. As the Shadow said: Crime must go! He gave his thrilling mocking laugh and said: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows." Purge your hearts for there is no way of escaping the Shadow.

There was a lot of evil lurking in the hearts of men during the thirties. A very large part of it was centered in Germany and the Soviet Union where the epic struggle between good and evil was taking shape which was to end in that catastrophic war. I know you will think that the evil was represented by Adolph Hitler and the good by Judeo-Communism.

Hitler has been represented as the nadir of evil. He was certainly one of the bad boys of history but then his Freudian style subconscious had been released. Besides, as I have pointed out he was the antagonist and not the protagonist; in other words he could not have existed without Judeo-Communism, possibly not without Freud: he was acting in self-defense.

He was not outside history as some would have it. It is time to integrate him into the historical process so the period can be understood. The period from 1913 to 1945 was one in which the great goddess Kali danced merrily around the world while Shiva played the pipes. Death is the eternal dance of life in the deepest mythological sense. Nor do Shiva and Kali care how many or who die. Many go, many more come. Since 1913 mankind, not Hitler, but mankind, has murdered its hundreds of millions but Nature has replaced the dead with billions. After the human destruction of seven decades the world population has grown to life stifling levels. If the world population is twelve billion by 2050 as predicted, mankind will see Kali dance more wildly than ever before while Shiva plays faster, faster and more madly still. Hitler an arch demon? What? Grow up.

From the point of view of Religious Consciousness, and this holds true for Judaism, Christianity and Moslemism anything and everything that happens, is merely the will of god. God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform while his mind is beyond the ken of man. I mean . . .  if you believe this religious stuff then you have to accept all of it or else. This is religious  fact! Thus Hitler was merely performing the will of god as he had no other choice. God had created set and setting. From the Religious point of view Hitler must therefore be blameless while god is Accountable for all that transpired.

From the scientific Darwinian evolutionary point of view the great wars were inevitable. The wars were the inevitable consequence of Natural Selection. I know that the general consensus is that not only do we live outside the historical process but that all the evolutionary rules have been set aside in our case. To those people I say believe as you will. In point of fact the struggle for human special existence goes on today as it did in the thirties and forties. One species will triumph over the others if society as we know it is not ended c. 2050.

The period under consideration was a conflict between Slavs, Germans and Jews. It occurred adjacent to and was partially caused by Jewish millennial ideas. Germans and Slavs had been contending for centuries both along the Slavic German Border, as well as in Courland which ran around the southern and eastern Baltic and within Russia itself.

During the nineteenth century the Czars encouraged Germans to colonize the Ukraine as farmers. A large German colony was established at the mouth of the Volga river. An alien Semitic people, the Jews, resided in Germany and Russia. While the Jews claim to have been loyal German and Russian subjects this notion is nonsense which will not bear up to historical analysis. They were part of the international Jewish community residing in their respective States. Just as the Germans and Slavs wished them to accept their own views, as Semites the Jews wished to impose their world view on them. Hence one has a classic example of Natural Selection, varieties and species in conflict. In addition Hitler and the Germans were suffering from Emasculation as a result of the Great War while in the new USSR the State was being administered by Emasculated formerly subject peoples.

While one may say this contributed to the savagery of the period from 1913 to 1945 what we have here is a classic Mfecane or time of troubles. The only solution was to "stamp flat" or exterminate rival combatants. This was merely a part of the historical and evolutionary process. A harsh reality but true. Kali don't mind, Krishna plays on.

Had the Jews been powerful enough they would have stamped flat both the Germans and Russians just as they began to do with the Crimeans and as they would exterminate the Palestinians if let loose today. As it was, both Hitler and Stalin set about exterminating the Semitic Jews. Stalin would have completed the job in 1954 but Kali beckoned first.

The Jews always preferred German culture to Slavic culture so that in the nineteenth century when the States compelled them to take surnames, a great many Jews resident in Russia chose German names. As Judeo-Communists they moved back and forth between Germany and Russia creating the illusion from 1917 to 1945 of Russian collaboration with Germany To have called them Jews would have opened one to the charge of anti-Semitism. Who needs that?

If the Czars had attempted to Russify the subject peoples it was as nothing compared to the effort of the USSR under Stalin. He made the resident Germans a special target. Unable to dent the Volga colony he merely exterminated them after WWII.

You could watch Kali dance and Shiva pipe.

Reverting to the Religious Consciousness what purpose of God's will did Hitler serve? I'm sure His mind is too deep for me, but if you're religious this point has to be considered. Well, at the time of the Popular Front governments in 1936 which were all Red, Judeo-Communism seemed on the verge of world conquest from China to the USA. Except for Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan the Reds were in the ascendant. Even Germany and Italy had adopted variants of Red socialism.

While it may not appear to be so at first glance Hitler smashed the Red economy. The USSR never truly recovered from the war, limping along until its economic collapse during Reagan's administration in the US.

The war also gave the democratic forces of the US time to organize their resistance to the Red Menace. Unfocussed and in disarray before the war the Scientific element seized control of the State Department and the armed forces so that with the death of the Popular Front president, Roosevelt, the United States actually assumed the role of Hitler and his Nazis as the bulwark against Communism forcing the Jews in the United States to reconsider their position vis-a-vis Communism. It was really at this point that many Jews became anti-Communist in the United States. Hence the Red allegations of Nazism against the US government.

If from a religious point of view everything that occurs is the will of god then god must have been a Red baiter. Today's Reds take note.

Nevertheless as the mythographers to a man were opposed to Red totalitarianism they all came under attack by the Red/Liberal forces. Every attempt was made to abort established careers while stifling new ones.

If you remember a while back I described a scene in which Commissars were reading Tarzan to employees of the Worker's Paradise. The fact made Edgar Rice Burroughs a marked man. A concerted effort was begun to interfere with his career. Unfortunately for the Reds this effort resulted in a dozen of the best novels of Burroughs' career supplying him with a fresh batch of material.

Ralph RothmundPublishing became more difficult for him while his editors at the magazines became hypercritical of material they had once begged for. Also at this critical time Burroughs changed secretaries. His new secretary, who became his business manager and de facto head of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., was a man named Ralph Rothmund. Rothmund claimed to be Scotch, although I'm sure the sept of Rothmund must have been lacking its own tartan.

The name translates from the German to the Red World. It may be a coincidence or it may be a joke. Certainly when an organization is being infiltrated the most sought after post is that of secretary. All information passes through the secretary's hands. Rasputin, for instance, had a Jewish secretary which led to the charges of his complicity with the Germans. You may be sure that Rasputin was not complicit while you may be equally sure that his secretary was. At least with the German Jews.

There hasn't been much work done on Rothmund by Burroughsians nor do I have any new information to report but let us examine Rothmund's record as secretary and business manager. What was the result of his twenty years work? Was Burroughs further ahead or further behind when Rothmund went to his greater reward?

The man nearly brought the business to a halt.

Ralph Rothmund and Edgar Rice BurroughsHe disrupted all relations with the publishers of Burroughs' early novels, bringing the flow of royalties to a halt by 1946, they had been minuscule, even laughable, since 1940. Nor did he actively pursue the publications of titles owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. The lucrative radio show was discontinued in 1936. In what some fancy as a coup by Rothmund he sold the movie rights to Tarzan to MGM for a flat fifty thousand a picture, no residuals. By 1940 Burroughs was so broke, or told he was by his business manager, that Rothmund advised him to leave the country for Hawaii where the great creator of Tarzan lived on the meager $250.00 a month that Rothmund allotted him. What was Rothmund's salary at this time? How much was the corporation earning?

In addition this supposed business manager allowed Burroughs' copyrights to lapse, never renewing them. By 1945 the most popular titles of Burroughs were available to whoever wanted to publish them. Amazingly no one did while Burroughs long time reprint publishers, Grossett and Dunlap, honored agreements they were under no obligation to do.

Burroughs' bacon was pulled from the fire by an earlier more lucrative movie deal he had negotiated with a producer named Sol Lessor. When MGM tired of the Tarzan series they let Lessor assume the rights. The revenues from Lessor's productions defeated Rothmund's apparent purpose.

Still, after Burroughs died in 1950, Rothmund made no attempt to keep any Burroughs titles in print. From 1950 until 1963, at which later date publisher's discovered that the copyrights had never been renewed, nothing was available but a few titles from Grossett and Dunlap.

Even then, Burroughs' most famous book, Tarzan of the Apes, had been out of print for twenty years or more. Some business manager.

Thus, as is probably true, as a Red infiltrator Rothmund had destroyed the career of the arch Americanist, Edgar Rice Burroughs. The greatest of the mythographers was almost silenced.

While Rothmund worked to silence the Master, the Freud/Hitler/Stalin confrontation in Europe broke out into the most destructive war the world had ever seen. Unlike the previous wars there were no rational minds seeking to ameliorate the damage. Freud had unleashed the Hyde-like destructive subconscious of the West. Hitler, who had always said that if the Jews involved Europe in another disaster like the Great War, they would pay the price, and he meant it. He was no empty boaster. He had the will, he had the ways and means. In the coldest, most scientific way imaginable he systematically rounded the Jews up deeding them to the flames. Wow! Here was new meaning to the Jewish concept of passing the enemy through the fires. Wow!

Hitler raged East and West but he raged beyond his power. As must have inevitably happened before the first shot was fired, after the initial surprise, German forces were driven back on all fronts. Driven into isolation by his enemies there was no possibility of a negotiated peace. That sick madman in Washington, crippled both in mind and body, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, working from his subconscious no less than Hitler, insanely insisted on unconditional surrender. What a different world it would have been if the West had accepted Germany's surrender before the Russians entered Poland.  Heck, Roosevelt wouldn't have had to honor any deal he made with the Germans any more than his mentor Wilson did in the Great War. What kind of man was Roosevelt anyway?

So here we have a man emasculated by disease, a seriously emasculated man by circumstance and a politically emasculated man directing the affairs of the three most powerful States in the world. Wow!

In defeat Hitler acted in the self-destructive way of the emasculated. He knew he had to die so he wanted nothing left standing in Europe when he was gone. Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill were nothing loath to help him.

Hitler ordered Paris to be wired for total destruction. The city was to be blown off the earth in the face of the advancing allies. Wow! However, with the intellectual superstructure of the City of Light destroyed it would have collapsed on the Sewers of Paris, which would have remained intact. Freud had destroyed morality as D.H. Lawrence had feared:

With dilated hearts we watched Freud disappearing into the cavern of darkness . . . . He was making for the origins. We watched his ideal candle falter and go small. Then we waited as men do wait, always expecting the wonder of wonders. He came back with dreams to sell.

But sweet heaven, what merchandise! . . . What was there in the case? . . . Nothing but a huge slimy serpent of sex, and heaps of excrement, and a myriad repulsive little horrors spawned between sex and excrement.


Yes, Freud had destroyed the conscious mind and morality and reaped the Sewers of Paris. As the payback for the expulsion of the Jews from Spain the Jews had stultified Europe. What came out of the sewers as intellectual Paris burned?

Jean Genet.

Of course any right thinking person is appalled by the course of history form 1913 to 1945 (or from the year one to the present not excluding what went before) but for every right thinking person there are at least two who aren't. The Third Reich was a paradise for a significant minority. Jean Genet was one of those. Check out a French movie titled "Dr. Petiot" if you want to see another. (The varieties of sexual experience.) Genet enjoyed the period. He was a man come into his own. As he has been quoted previously, he delighted in the union of the criminal mind with authority. Why wouldn't he?

But just as the French Revolution allowed the Marquis de Sade scope for his personality, Napoleon, when he assumed the reins of government, had the divine Marquis committed to the insane asylum of Charenton. So the post-war Fourth Republic sentenced the petty thief Jean Genet to life imprisonment.

Genet may very well have died in prison but for the fact that he, while lying in his bunk smelling his farts, composed a novel entitled: Our Lady of the Flowers. (What scents are these?) While respectable non-Communist writers were being hounded out of literature this criminal, homosexual, severely emasculated creep found a publisher. Saint, indeed!

Not only that, he found a friend. Jean Paul Sartre had surfaced in 1936 with his novel: Nausea. From this novel he developed what was known in the post-war world as existentialism. This notion was supposedly philosophy. I have myself been called an existentialist by people who should know what it is but I have to say that I have never understood what Sartre means by it, I've even read his trilogy, Roads to Freedom. Still don't know what he's talking about; I deny all charges.

Nevertheless by war's end he had a tremendous reputation within France and without. For some reason he and other literati felt that any criminal who can write a book shouldn't be in prison, as though Genet had been sentenced for a crime of never having written a book. So they sprung Genet. He could now steal with impunity. Sartre later wrote a book of some six hundred odd pages about this petty thief entitled: St. Genet: Thief and Martyr. The two must go together. Sort of Gemini, perhaps.

Genet had Sartre's number. He dedicated his autobiography, The Thief's Journal to Sartre: a Satre au Castor. If Sartre was Castor then his twin brother, Genet, was Polydeukes. As we all know Castor was the mortal twin while Polydeukes was the immortal. Genet was prescient. Today his myth lives on while Sartre and his existentialism is all but forgotten.

The point is that Genet was instrumental in creating the cult of the homosexual. It was through him that the homosexual was allied to the post-war Red coalition. In this union of Emasculates that seized control of US culture, if not always the government, the criminal mores of the homosexual as taught by Genet formed the basis of Red morality or immorality as you would have it. Freud was wrong in thinking men can live without some notion of a moral code.

The great mythographers who had attempted to give mankind a positive approach to morality b a union of the conscious and subconscious  minds with consciousness preeminent were driven underground as the Red/Liberals seized control of the media preventing any view but their own from being expressed.

Freudian visions seemed to have triumphed, still, though Edgar Rice Burroughs died in 1950, his great psychological projection Tarzan lived on. He still lives.

To recapitulate: In the course of evolution a new type of man came into being mid-nineteenth century who required a new vision of psychology. Society, for our purposes here, was thereby split into two divisions. One of Scientific man and two factions of religious man. One of the latter was the reaction of Christianity which refused to make any accommodation with the new reality while its fellow the Red/Liberal faction while in as violent a reaction as the Christians adopted pseudo-scientific modes while seeking to subvert the Scientific Consciousness.

On the literary level the cudgel of Science was taken up by a group of neo-mythographers who treated psychology and evolution according to the tenets of science.

The Red/Liberal faction developed a revolutionary program guided by the religious conception of science led on the literary level by Sigmund Freud.

Taking the various concepts of the unconscious developed at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries Freud twisted them to his purposes to envision the unconscious as a bale of evil impulses; he then convinced the West to release their impulses under the rubric of liberating the unconscious. The immediate result was an orgy of hate, sadism and murder that lasted, for our purposes form 1917 until 1945, at which time the old order collapsed.

The mythographers who had been less assertive were eclipsed by the Red/Liberals who now led the post-war era. They continued their campaign to sabotage the Scientific Consciousness by instigating a subtle reign of terror from a released unconscious.

Having now completed a survey of the first hundred years centered on the concept of psychology I will now consider the same period from the point of view of evolution as reflected in the writing of Edgar Rice Burroughs. In the final part I will entwine both the psychological and evolutionary strands in a survey of society from 1945 to the present.

I dreamed I saw Ed Burroughs
As live as live could be.
"Ah, but Ed, you're dead," says I
"I never died," says he.
"I never died," says he.

But as he stood smiling at me he had Something of Value in his hand which he gave to me. It was a copy of Tarzan. I became as a pillar of smoke leading the people through the desert to freedom.

Fred J. Arting McClurg: Tarzan of the Apes - title page silhouette

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