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The ERB / Jack London Connection
Jack Griffith London (Chaney)

Sailor ~ Adventurer ~ Socialist ~ Rancher
War Correspondent ~ Author
Edgar Rice Burroughs

Soldier ~ Adventurer ~ Capitalist ~ Rancher
War Correspondent ~ Author

The Jack London Photo Mosaic

MotherStep-Father John LondonJack London ~ age 9Cole School, Oakland, 1887 ~ London highlighted second row right, bow tieIna CoolbrithJack LondonWolf House at Beauty RanchCharmian Kittredge London on horseback inside the Pig Palace

Winery ruins and carriage house at Beauty RanchCement-block silos built between 1912 and 1915Final Resting Place: A Volcanic Rock at Beauty Ranch
The Edgar Rice Burroughs / Jack London Connection
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London Photo Mosaic

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