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Issue 1127
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Edgar Rice Burroughs:
Dean of WWII Correspondents in the Pacific Theatre
The Marriage Front 1935-1941
News clippings from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Originator of Tarzan Tales In Tomorrow
April 10, 1935
Author Here: Harbor Diver Turns Tarzan
April 11, 1935
Tarzan and His Mate ~ Photo and Caption
August 24, 1938
Creator Regrets but Tarzan's Got A Wife
August 24, 1938
Mrs. Tarzan
Honolulu Advertiser ~ April 25, 1940
Tarzan's Creator 
Honolulu Advertiser ~ April 30, 1040
Tarzan's Creator Writing 20,000 Words Weekly Here
September 18, 1940
Creator of Tarzan is Sued for Divorce 
July 23, 1941
Burroughs Says Divorce Action Is News To Him 
July 24, 1941
Edgar Rice Burroughs On Lurline For Vacation At Waikiki Beach
Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of the famous fictional character of Tarzan and one of the most popular authors of the day, will arrive in Honolulu Thursday aboard the Lurline with Mrs. Burroughs, on a honeymoon visit. 

Length of their visit has not been announced.  They will be greeted off port by representatives of the Hawaii Tourist bureau and presented with leis in aloha.

The son of Maj. George T. Burroughs began his career in the U. S. army, serving as assistant commandant of the Michigan Military academy from 1895-96.

Later he became variously a gold miner in Oregon, storekeeper and cowboy in Idaho and policeman in Salt Lake City. During the later stages of the World war he was a major in the 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry, of the Illinois reserve militia. 

He began his writing career in 1914 with Tarzan of the Apes, and since then his amazing imagination has led his readers through a maze of fascinating lands.

His books have been transformed to the screen, radio and lately to newspaper comic strips.  It is a regular feature of The Star-Bulletin.

A Hawaiian protege of the famous fiction character Tarzan greeted the author, Edgar Rice Burroughs today when he arrived with Mrs. Burroughs on a honeymoon trip to Hawaii which will last until April 27. Mrs. Burroughs is the former Florence Gilbert of the screen. They will remain at the Royal Hawaiian hotel, freed temporarily from the multitude of duties surrounding Mr. Burroughs' work of keeping his ape man alive in books, on the screen, radio and in comic strips. He is perpetuated in The Star-Bulletin daily and Saturdays. -- Star-Bulletin photo.
Edgar Rice Burroughs is Greeted With Hawaiian Type of Own Character. 
Honolulu Star-Bulletin ~ April 11, 1935
Tarzan, whose fictional adventures throughout the world and others has thrilled millions, was born in Chicago on the back of a letterhead and now has grown so much that he has a Hawaiian protege. 

He flies through the trees, you know, swims rivers and gallops through adventures of convincing reality and unequaled excitement.

But today he climbed up topside on the Lurline, hung from a rail and greeted his literary father.

The "father" is Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of teh famous character, who arrived aboard the Lurline today on a honeymoon trip with Mrs. Burroughs, the former Florence Gilbert of the screen. 

And the "Tarzan" who greeted him, was a husky, dark skinned chap, matured in Honolulu, who swims with the skill of a fish. 

Mr. Burroughs, as husky as the character he has created, received Tarzan's lei with appreciation and recalled the time 21 years ago when the famous jungle character was just another imaginative creature. 

Wrote While Soldiering

The author had spent much of his previous life soldiering before he turned to fiction. "My first Tarzan story," he said today, "was just a vagrant idea." It was, he explained, a new type of story and not more unusual than the development of a new type of stove.

He wrote it on the back of discarded letter paper, sent it away with little hope and was "completely surprised" when it sold immediately. 

Since then the fictional character has grown into reality for people throughout the world who follow his adventures by book, radio, comic strip and motion pictures. 

Tarzan swings from the trees in Africa, battles strange creatures and finds himself in many dazzling new worlds. 

Mr. Burroughs himself has never swung from a tree, nor for that matter has he been in Africa. 

Uses His Imagination

"Neither," he says, "have I been on Mars or Venus, but I write about them."

The growth of Tarzan and his creator form the most remarkable success story of modern fiction. Now on a working scheduleof two books annually, Mr. Burroughs has written about 40 volumes and more than 60 other stories which hav not appeared in book form.

An athlete and an ardent horseman, the author, a former cavalry officer, maintains a model ranch, Tarzana of Reseda, California, and a beach home at Malibu, famous motion picture colony, not far away. 

He now produces his own pictures, and a company recently finished a new film, The Adventures of Tarzan, going to Guatemala for location. 

The new picture will feature another Tarzan, Herman Brix, huge olympic shot putter, successor to Clarence (Buster) Crabbe and Johnny Weissmuller.

Sons Turn to Art

Mr. Burroughs has many  hobbies, but outstanding among them are his two sons, Hulbert and John, both of whom have turned to art, following their graduation from Pomona college. Hulbert is now studying photography, while John has shown considerable promise as a painter and sketcher. 

During their stay here, the arrivals will remain at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, returning to the mainlandon the Lurline April 27.
The Star-Bulletin is among the newspapers served by the Tarzan comic strip.

LaSelle Gilman's
"Port and Off Port" 
Honolulu Advertiser 
April 25, 1940
(April 24th Arrival)

From the Dale Broadhurst Collection

Mrs. Tarzan

Mrs. Edgar Rice Burroughs, wife of the prolific creator of Tarzan, is here again, with son Lee and daughter Caryl Lee and said that Mr. Burroughs is planning to follow them soon, probably on the Monterey next week. They're staying for the summer, taking a house at Kailua, and Mr. Burroughs will knock off another thriller while basking in the Hawaiian sun. The Burroughs live in Tarzana, Cal., which should be proof of the author's fame when he has a postoffice to his name. Such is success, after a hectic career as cavalry man, salesman, goldminer, storekeeper, cowpuncher, policeman, infantry major and finally book-writer.

Tarzan's Creator

Last week Mrs. Edgar Rice Burroughs and two children arrived in Honolulu for the summer, and Mr. Burroughs arrived yesterday, stating that while here he'll continue writing.

"Another book?" he was asked.

"Another!" he retorted, "I'll write a series of books in Hawaii -- though not about Hawaii."

The creator of Tarzan comes from Tarzana, Cal., his extensive estate, and the family has taken a house at Kalama.

Mr. Burroughs will make a special broadcast over KGU tonight at 6:30 o'clock introducing a new series of transcribed Tarzan dramatizations, the first of which will be heard over KGU tomorrow evening.

"Tarzan is on the radio now," he said. Asked if his Mars stories had been dramatized for radio, he said they would be soon, adding that they would be guaranteed not to scare the listening public into believing Mars was attacking the Earth, as Orson Welles once unintentionally convinced thousands of listeners.

Mr. Burroughs was last here two years ago. He said yesterday his 52 books (not counting scenarios, comic strips, short stories, etc.) have sold 25,000,000 copies and have been translated into 57 languages in the last 20 years.

LaSelle Gilman's
"Port and Off Port" 
Honolulu Advertiser 
April 30, 1940
(April 29th Arrival)

From the Dale Broadhurst Collection

Ref: Florence Gilbert Burroughs Bio
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(Photo Caption)
Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of the fictional character, Tarzan arrived on the Lurline today for a vacation in Hawaii. He is accompanied by Mrs. Burroughs, shown with him. They spent their honeymoon in Hawaii in 1935. Story on this page.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin ~ August 24, 1938

The love life of Tarzan is a problem to Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Mr. Burroughs, creator of the fictional ape-man, arrived on the Lurline today with Mrs. Burroughs. 

They will continue their honeymoon which began at Waikiki in May, 1935. 

Speaking of honeymoons put Mr. Burroughs in a good frame of mind to discuss Tarzan's domestic relations, which the author frankly admits have to be delicately depicted. 

Possibly few readers who follow the daily Tarzan strip on the comic page of The Star-Bulletin know the otherwise unconquerable hero is married. 

"Yes," said Mr. Burroughs with obvious regret, "it's sad but true, I married Tarzan off in my second book. 

"I know now that the wedding was a mistake. Not that Jane, Tarzan's wife, isn't all he could want in a woman but Tarzan just isn't the marrying kind. He's not domestic. 

"But that was almost a quarter of a century ago and I didn't know then that I would still have use for an unmarried Tarzan 25 years later."

Every now and then, Mr. Burroughs said, he finds occasion to bring Jane into the pictures. "But most of the time," he said, motioning with his hand as if pushing somethin behind him, we have to keep her out of it."

Mr. Burroughs attributes Tarzan's perennial popularity to a suppressed desire which beats in the breast of every man to be himself a Tarzan and battle lions and bellow like an ape.

He recently refused an offer of $10,000 for the manuscript of the first story, Tarzan of the Apes, written in longhand on the back of letterhead stationery in 1914. 

Tarzan's Creator Writing 
20,000 Words Weekly Here
Honolulu Star-Bulletin ~ Sept. 18, 1940
By Betty MacDonald

Twenty thousand words a week!

That's the job Edgar Rice Burroughs, veteran serial writer and creator of Tarzan has been assigned by his publishers until he leaves Hawaii.

Exploding the theory that Hawaii's climate undermines ambition. Mr. Burroughs has already finished three of these 20,000 word novelettes during this month and started his fourth on September 16. 

Unable to write at his home where the constant dialogue and jabber on the radio distracts his mind, Mr. Burroughs has taken an office on Kapiolani Blvd. complete with the racket of electric drills, passing traffic and a gang of workmen mending the street directly outside his window.

"That sort of thing doesn't bother me a bit," smiled the amiable author. 

Indefinite Stay

Mr. Burroughs came to Hawaii for his health, remained to put his children in Punahou and definitely extend his visit until January, and more likely, June of next year.

His writing schedule is simple. 

To work at 9 a.m. in slacks and beach slippers. 

Answer correspondence until 11, work on stories until 4. 

Following the two finger method, he types out 330 words in 20 minutes. 

Sometimes he things of his story at night, when he is in bed. Often he sits down to the typewriter with nary a plot on his mind. 

He just starts writing, and the story unfolds.

Tarzan he has come to think of almost as a person. His fantastic people from Mars, Venus and the Inner World, are purely imaginative creations.

Mr. Burroughs uses his own books for references, checking back on past situations and places. His notebooks are full of characters' names and strange animals.

"I can't use Hawaii as a setting for my books chiefly because I need a menace in my plots and I have never found one in these sunny islands," Mr. Burroughs said. "I may write a different type story later, about them."

Quake Was Thrill

Thrice a comebacker to Hawaii, Mr. Burroughs says that the biggest thrill he got was during one of the Big Island earthquakes. "The earthquake, and the eerie beauty of the Big Island, intrigued my imagination," he said. 

Mr. Burroughs has taken a house at 2623 Halelena St., with Mrs. Burroughs and their children, Lee and Caryl Lee.

Their home is in Tarzana, Cal., named after the famous Burroughs character. 

Mr. Burroughs has been writing for 25 years.

Creator of Tarzan Is Sued for Divorce
Honolulu Star-Bulletin ~ July 23, 1941
HOLLYWOOD, July 23, (UP) -- Actress Florence Gilbert announced through her attorney, Ellis Hirsfeld, today that she is filing a suit for divorce against Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author, charging him with mental cruelty.

Hirsfeld said Mr. Burroughs at present is in Honolulu working on motion picture scripts and stories. 

Miss Gilbert retired from the screen when she married Mr. Burroughs, creator of Tarzan

Mr. Burroughs could not be reached for a statement today.

Burroughs Says Divorce Action Is New To Him
Honolulu Star-Bulletin ~ July 24, 1941

When Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan creator, picked up the paper Wednesday afternoon, he learned for the first time of the divorce suit filed by his wife, Actress Florence Gilbert, now in Hollywood. 

"It was news to me," the author told reporters at his studio, where he is writing another Tarzan series.

Mrs. Burroughs announced her divorce plans through her attorney, Ellis Hirsfield, in Hollywood. 

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