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Volume 1118

Perusing the Scrapbooks
 From Tarzana, California
Memories from the 
Danton Burroughs
Family Archive
Danton Burroughs
Tarzan and His Mate VII

In 2004, Sue-On and I worked with Danton for an afternoon in the ERB, Inc. Tarzana Offices
to photocopy clippings from ERB's personal scrapbook of news clippings related to his work.
I've shared these clippings in ERBzine and even typed out some of the text for an easier read.

NYC American - April 15, 1934
March 20, 1934
From the Montreal Star ~ April 20, 1934
Surely nothing but a grossly exaggerated view of Nazi Germany could ever have prompted the Berlin Film Board to ban the American-made picture, "Tarzan of the Apes," a film version of one of Edgar Rice Burrough's [sic] weird romances of the West African jungle.  The reason given in the board's decision is that the picture in question is "dangerous to Nazi principles of race-conciousness, offensive to ideals of matrimony and womanly dignity," and "dangerous" because "the German nation's sensibilities have been sharpened as regards questions of hereditary biology."   This sort of thing would move to laughter but for the fact that it is obviously intended as no jest but in deadly earnest.  When will Hitler's Nazis learn to develop a sense of humor?
Post - Cincinnati, Ohio - April 20, 1934
Chicago News - April 15, 1934
March 20, 1934

Louisville - April 20, 1934
Film Star Weekly - March 10, 1934
April 13, 1934

April 13, 1934

Edgar Rice Burroughs Scrapbooks: 1933-1934

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Volume 1118

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