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TARZANA TREK ~ 2003 ~ Day 6
Danton Burroughs
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Fly Home Day

My Air Canada flight was to leave LAX at 2:30 so I had time for some final morning camera work and goodbye chats. There was time for a few more shots of unpublished JCB art and of a totally unrelated 150 year-old set of Medieval art books -- perhaps the inspiration for Ed's second novel, The Outlaw of Torn? I had mentioned that I had to be back in Brandon by the next day as our daughter China-Li was graduating from high school. I also mentioned her almost serious desire to be a knight. She is an accomplished harpist, bagpiper, pianist, and highland dancer. She has studied fencing, knife-making, welding, Celtic lore, martial arts, historical novels, science fantasy fiction... all in case she can't get a real job in the real world and will be forced to seek employment in the Las Vegas Excalibur and international medieval fairs. It turned out then that the last photos I took in Tarzana were of colour plates of knights from one of Danton's favourite rare volumes. Images that he insisted I share with our knight wannabe.

I paused in my trek down the lane to the parking corral for one last look back at the imposing ERB-like figure framed in the doorway to an incredible time capsule. The Master of Fantasy Adventure still lives . . . .

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