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1945: The War Years
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Volume 1038

1945  ERBzine 1038
*  Sol Lesser's Tarzan and the Amazons was released on RKO. Johnny Weissmuller starred. Rothmund wrote a letter critical of Tarzan being portrayed as being too smiling, laughing and overtalkative.
*  "Laughs at Sea" - News Bulletin appears in the Honolulu Advertiser
February 3: ERB returned to Hawaii - Hulbert arrived ten days later.
February 17:  "Tarzan Creator Thrilled to Ride in Bomber" - News Bulletin appeared in the Honolulu Bulletin
April: Resumed writing the "Laugh It Off" column and submitted it to Hawaii.
April 9: Jack sent a letter to Hulbert suggesting that they find ways to keep Ed from returning to California as he believed his father was considering marriage.
April 14: "Laugh It Off" expressed strong praise for a Democrat, President Truman. He also criticized the omissions and errors found in Encyclopaedia Britannica in its information on Indians and General Christmas.
May 2: Writes of his extreme displeasure with son-in-law Jim Pierce's treatment of Joan. Hully is becoming weary of army life. Ed is upset and hurt that the family is concerned that he may be considering marriage to D.D. on the mainland. He wants to help son Jack get an assignment worthy of his talents if he is inducted.
John Coleman Burroughs and son DantonCorrespondent Burroughs in HawaiiJohn Coleman Burroughs
May 8: Celebrated VE Day.
VE Day newspapers in Hawaii USO Club
May 25: Ed's thoughts of marriage were put on hold as he was accepted as a navy correspondent. He left Pearl Harbor on the U.S.S. Cahaba, a fleet oiler. He wrote of fleet procedures, being shot at by a sniper at Ulithi Atoll, a kamikaze attack on Kerama Retto atoll, and flying in a plane piloted by Lieutenant Tyrone Power.
U.S.S. Cahaba
Ulithi Atoll MapUlithi AtollSoldier fires back at Jap sniper
May-June-July: Multi-thousand mile cruise on the oiler/refueler, U.S.S. Cahaba commanded by Lieutenant Commander Julius Burnbaum. Sailed to the Carolines and other islands in the Western Pacific. They came under sniper fire, and a bombing and kamikaze attack on Kerama Retto atoll. A spoof of the visit appears in William Brinkley's satiric novel, Don't Go Near The Water.
Kerama Retto atollWilliam Brinkley's satiric novel, Don't Go Near The Water
Jap suicide boats on Kerama RettoStart of Kamikaze Mission
Kamikaze AttackKamikaze Attack on the Missouri
July 5: "Tanker Like Accident About to Happen" - News Bulletin appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser
Cahaba CrewCahaba refuelling
July 15: Ed  Flew to Guam in a plane piloted by Lieutenant Tyrone Power, and then on to Hawaii, having travelled 5,000 miles by air and 11,000 miles by ship over a period of two months.
Lieutenant Tyrone PowerNeighbour Tyrone Power's Home in Bel-AirTyrone Power
July and August: The articles chronicling his experiences appeared in the Advertiser.
July 23: ERB experienced Angina Pectoris pain. Angina attacks increased in frequency over the summer.
August 10: Hulbert  relayed news from Hickam Field that the war was over.
August 14: Ed celebrated the Japanese surrender with Hully and his bride-to-be, Marion Thrasher. Ed was arrested after a parking lot altercation with another motorist.
August 21?: Hully left for California to receive his discharge. Marion followed to arrange a marriage.
August 22: ERB who first considered the parking lot incident a joke, was embarrassed by it all and avoided reporters
September 1: Ed celebrated his 70th birthday.
September 13: Ed's plans to return to the US were upset by a series of angina attacks and he was confined to bed for more than a month.
October 28: Boarded a plane for the mainland at Hickam Field
October 29: Ed arrived in the morning at Hamilton Field, outside of San Francisco, and is greeted by Jack and Lt. Middleton. After celebrating around town they take a leisurely trip back down the coast.
Hamilton Field, San Francisco
November 1: Arrived back in Los Angeles in a weakened state.
Burroughs family gathering November 1945
November 4: Ed started house hunting. Post-war houses were scarce and high priced.
Ed and Ralph Rothmund
December 2: Rubimore took over the Sunday Tarzan strip.
December 26: Ed moved into his new home at 5465 Zelzah Avenue, Encino. He paid $14,000 for a two-bedroom house on 1/2 acre. Still weak from his overexertions in the Pacific, Ed now spent much of his time resting. Some of his favourite times are playing with grandsons, Mike, Johnny and Danny (Danton).
5465 Zelzah Avenue, Ed, Mike, Joan, Jack, Marion, JaneGrandfather Ed with Danton and Johnny

Updates will be added to this timeline as more dates become available.

The Dean of WWII Correspondents in the Pacific
Edgar Rice Burroughs: The War Years

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