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Volume 0197

1930s Trading Cards III

Chinese Trading Cards
Cards 1-20
A 1930s Card Series With English Translations
from the
Ron de Laat Collection

Place your mouse pointer on the card to see the embedded translated text pop up.

Card 1: Sherry felt depressed and upset because Tarzan had been gone for a long time.Card 2: Tarzan wanted Tolic to tell him how he could get to the cannibals. But Tolic asked to go with him.  Tarzan said, I would like to go alone.Card 3: Sherry swam to the island.  The King of the island was her father.Card 4: The King said, You are from the cannibals, you are coming to cheat us.  You should be killed.Card 5: As they were to put Tarzan to death a big Navy appeared.Card 6: Tarzan took his weapons and stood beside the King.  He looked very strong.Card 7: The arrows were like rain in the air.  Tai-zan used his powerful Lirms shooting arrows.Card 8: Tarzan departed the burning boat.Card 9: As soon as Tarzan heard, he took the sword of the King and encouraged the army to go forth.Card 10: Tarzan ordered his boat driven to the enemies. The two armiesfight together. obody won and nobody lost.Card 11: Tarzan was energetic like he was back in the forest. He ran and jumped very fastlike the wind.Card 12: Tarzan stood on the tree angerly, and he screamed Don't hurt them! He drew the bow and shot the arrow.Card 13: Tarzan was captured, because he was overwelmed by the enemy's larger number. They took him  to see the King.Card 14: Sherry was crying and sad. She told Tarzan that they were in big danger.Card 15: The barbarians forced Tarzan with their weapons, but Tarzan wasn't at all afraid.Card 16: The lion jumped up but couldn't hurt Tarzan. Tarzan took his short knife out and killed the lion.Card 17: Tarzan and Sherry were in the cage. The lions couldn't get in. He was mad and didn't know what to do.Card 18: Suddenly Tarzan opened the gate of the cage. He stared and roared at the lions. Three lions were scared and were unable to move.Card 19: When the lion came, Tarzan closed the gate and fought a duel with him.Card 20: Tarzan and Sherry took advantage of an occassion and climbed over the top of the cage. They went back into the forest and lived happily ever after.

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