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Master of Imaginative Fantasy Adventure 
Creator of Tarzan and "Grandfather of American Science Fiction" .
Issue 0191

Part 16
Bob Woodley (Tarak)

The Mighty Tarak: Tawny-Haired Barbarian

Official Dum-Dum 99 Logo on T-Shirt
Thanks, for the memories,
Terrific was Dum-Dum,
So glad was I to come,
To honor he,
Our ERB,
I'll always travel some,
So thank you,
Banquet Ticket - Tarzana Dum-Dum 99

JoN and Danton Burroughs at ERB, Inc. Offices - Tarzana
Thanks, to ERB, Inc.
I loved my visit there,
And couldn't help but stare,
The art and books,
I took such looks,
At shocks of blackest hair,
So thank you,
Danton B.
Danton Burroughs and Bill Ross
Tarzan Guarding the Disney Store - Hollywood
Thanks, go to Disney, too,
Although we all can see,
It's not pure ERB,
They surely can,
Fly my ape-man,
And that's enough for me,
So thank you,
(Walt) Disney.
Tarzan World Premiere Guest Pass

Bob Tardos Mors Zeuschner
Thanks, also to Bob Z.
For when you handed me,
TOA in First "E",
I took a look,
And my hands shook,
I'll own it happily,
So thank you,
Tardos Mors.
Tarak's First Edition of Tarzan of the Apes
Elmo Lincoln
Thanks, go to Elmo, too,
You put up with my talk,
When others they would balk,
I understood
Those times you would
Go out and take a walk,
So thanks for,
All the laughs.
Elmo and the Tawny-Haired Barbarian

Tarak and Huck (AQP)
Thanks, to my good friend, Huck,
Your knowledge I can see,
Is priceless; well, for me,
I'm so alone,
Without you and Joan,
When I'm buying ERB,
So thank you,
Professor A.Q. Porter

Edie and Wayne James
Thanks, for the rides I had,
From Wayne, and Edie too,
Whose car was red...or blue,
You drove me free,
To Tarzan see;
And Bill and Ray and Hugh,
I thank you,
For those rides,
On The Disney Lot

Thanks, to our fierce Tublat,
I heard your mighty roar,
My eardrums still are sore,
Had heard it, he,
Would surely write some more,
So thank you,
Savage George.

Warner Center Marriott Entrance
Thanks to the Marriot,
You had a smoking room,
For mine and Elmo's gloom,
Those smoking rules,
Incense us fools,
And drive us to Barsoom,
So Thank you,
High Rise View from a Marriott Smoking Room

Joan and Dejah (with Tara) - Princesses in Lobby of the Marriott
Thanks, to those Princesses,
To Dejah and to Joan,
Not watching film alone,
But with those girls,
While Tarzan whirls,
And makes poor Sheeta moan,
So thank you,
D and J.
Attending Members of the THB List: Tarak - J the V - JoN - Huck - Dejah
JoN and Tarak Battle for JW's Knife
Thanks, Jeddak of the North,
I'm glad we finally met,
I'll meet that Tangor yet,
Our hallway strife,
With Johnny's knife,
I never will forget,
So thank you,
The Mighty Tarak: Tawny-Haired Barbarian

Thanks, to that other Jim,
You took such copious notes,
Are they filled with my quotes?
Shall they get lost?
Oh, such a cost,
When Tarak's words are motes.
I thank you,
The Mighty Tarak: Lord of the Lists

Palmdale City Players at the '99 Dum-Dum
Special Performance of You Lucky Girl!
Thanks, for "You Lucky Girl"
It certainly was fine,
The pleasure it was mine,
Though I was fond,
Of that cute blonde,
I listened to each line,
So thank you,
All involved.
You Lucky Girl! Cast: Jungle Call
I Love Tarzana Pin from the Tarzana Chamber of Commerce
Thanks, to L.A. SubERBs,
You guys are quite a crew,
The joys were more than few,
No Dum-Dum will
Eclipse this thrill,
All I can say is "Whew!"
So thanks to,
All of you.
Tarzan and the Golden Lion: Symbol of the Burroughs Bibliophiles

The Mangani Gather in a Tarzana Clearing to Eat and Celebrate
And thanks, to the rest of you,
Too numerous to name,
To L.A. you all came,
You're all my friends,
It never ends,
Each year we feel the same,
So thank you,
Edgar Rice Burroughs by Reed Crandall
And thanks, most to ERB,
For all of us you see,
Are friends because of thee,
No pleasure I
Can measure by
Those words you wrote "for me",
So thank you
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