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Issue 0190


Official Dum-Dum 99 Pin
Official Dum-Dum 99 T-Shirt - Logo by Wm. Stout
Dum-Dum Programme
I Love Tarzana Pin from the Tarzana Chamber of CommerceDum-Dum Name Tag with Wm Stout LogoDum-Dum Banquet Ticket
An Auto-Biography by ERB
ERB Inscriptions and Drawings from the Collection of Eddie Gilbert
You Lucky Girl Programme for the Special Palmdale City Players Performance at the Dum-Dum Banquet
Disney Premiere Letter Signed by Danton Burroughs
Disney Tarzan PinDisney Tarzan Pin
Tarzan Programme from Special Screening for Burroughs Bibliophiles and Opening Night
Ticket to the Premiere Showing of Disney's Tarzan at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood
Tarzana Post Office Commemorative Envelope and Post Marks


Many of these Dum Dum 99 Souvenirs are still available for purchase ~~
Contact  Lord Passmore AKA:

Scott Tracy Griffin
1453 14th Street, PMD #236
Santa Monica, CA 90404


A number of people have requested souvenir packets, so here are the particulars.
We have a limited number of items left, and the cost of a complete souvenir package is $35. 
This includes shipping costs and the following items:

T-Shirt with original Bill Stout design ($15). The shirt is a Hanes pre-shrunk "Beefy T" in olive green printed with a black and white logo of Tarzan wielding a large knife and the wording "38 Anniversary Edgar Rice Burroughs Bibliophiles Dum Dum". We only have small, medium and large; extra large and double extra large shirts can be purchased from Bill Stout for $20.

Souvenir Book ($10). This is a limited edition (300) book containing reproductions of the dedications and original artwork by Edgar Rice Burroughs to his brother-in-law Eddie Gilbert, reprinted from Eddie's personal collection of ERB books. These original comments and artwork by the Master of Adventure have never been seen by the public, and will probably never again be printed! Black and white, softcover, 8" x 5 1/2", with heavy cardstock covers and slick pages like those of the Burroughs Bulletin. Limited edition.

Button ($1). This 2" x 3" vertical pinback button contains the Stout logo in black on a white background

Program Booklet ($1). Contains information on guests, agenda, banquet, and other events. Printed in blue ink on light blue paper; 8" x 5 1/2", 8 pages. If you'd like the Banquet Toastmaster (me) to inscribe it, let me know.

Envelopes ($5). Two commemorative envelopes containing the Tarzana post office cancellation. The first envelope is white with the Stout logo on the left side. The second envelope is buff with a brown St. John "Tarzan and the Golden Lion" logo on the left and contains the cancellation from the Tarzana station's  founding in 1990 in pink ink. The Dum Dum cancellation will be stamped below the original cancellation. The Dum Dum cancellation is fairly large and contains a bust of Tarzan by Burne Hogarth and the words: "Dum Dum Station, June 10-12" This cancellation will only be available until JULY 10, 1999, so act fast!

A la carte orders are priced individually above. Please include $3 postage (total) for individual items.
Make checks payable to the
University of Louisville Foundation, and designate "Special Fund 621-121"
somewhere on your check. 
Send all orders to:

Scott Tracy Griffin
1453 14th Street, PMD #236
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Two other items we still have in stock are:

"An Autobiography" by ERB is a facsimile reprint of the original booklet by written by ERB as a promotional give-away for the Republic Motor Truck Co.  It is approximately 7 1/2" x 4 1/2", with a brown cardstock cover (the original had a leather cover).  It is 16 pages long and is an exact reproduction of the original text and illustrations.  At $10, it's a nice addition to one's ERB collection, since it's been out of print since circa 1917. Proceeds go to George McWhorter.

"The Best of the ERBAPA" collects over thirty articles from the first ten years of ERBAPA (1984-1994), the penultimate ERB fanzine.  It includes articles by mailing list participants McWhorter, Adkins, Griffin, and others.  It's over two hundred pages of fan writing, coil bound, with an original Yeates drawing on the cover.  Cost is $15; please write a separate check made payable to Scott Tracy Griffin.

Many thanks to the 
SubERBs of Los Angeles Chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles 
for hosting a fantastic weekend:
The 38th Anniversary ERB Dum-Dum
A special thanks to Scott Tracy Griffin and to Jim Van Hise, Bob Zeuschner, and Joan Bledig
Forest J. Ackerman ~ Danton Burroughs ~ Mike Friedlander ~ Eddie Gilbert ~ Howard Green ~ Kevin Lima ~ George McWhorter ~ Hugh Monro Neely ~ Bill Stout ~ Bob Tzudicker ~ Noni White ~ Linda Willis ~ Lisa Gordon Wither ~ Dark Horse Publishing ~ The Palmdale Players ~ Tarzana Chamber of Commerce ~ Tarzana Post Office ~ Tarzana Bank of America
The many celebrity artists, authors, screenwriters and ERB fans in attendance.

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