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Issue 0180
Death Duel Pt. 5 ~ The Battle
Editor's Note: This version of the battle is from the Jeddak's POV ~
Tarak may have a slightly different perception of events.

!!! UMGAWA !!!
Tublat wails the unnerving ape call and
performs last ape rites for the combatants

the signal is given for the main event...

The meeting of the two tawny-haired giants...

The mighty Tarak - Ruthless Barbarian

The not-so-mighty Jeddak - Shnook of the North

JoN gains possession of the deadly knife while
Tarak's steely fingers go for the throat of his ruthless opponent.

Finally the Jeddak's subhuman strength prevails...

...the razor-sharp blade plunges

The mighty Tarak has fallen...
Tarzana is again safe from the terrible tongue of Toledo.

Party animal Professor A.Q. Huck Porter leads the
raucous victory celebration at the
after-fight party.

A pair of waiters in striped uniforms,
looking very much like a
resurrected Tarak and a civilized Ghak,
serve the victorious combatants

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