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Tarzan and the Diamond of Ashair
1934 Radio Serial Synopsis
Week 3: Eps 7-9

Tarzan is in charge of an expedition organized to search for the lost scientist Brian Gregory. The party consists of young Gregory’s father, sister Helen, Magra, a mysterious Eurasian woman, and Wolf and Larsen – two hunters. Seeking adventure with Tarzan is his old friend, Lt. D’Arnot. Atan Thome and his confederate Lal Taask, because of a remarkable resemblance, believe Tarzan to be Brian Gregory and that he has a map showing the location of the forbidden city of Ashair, where is hidden an enormous gem known as the Father of Diamonds. Atan Thome and Lal Taask are following the Gregory party. During their first night in camp a native runs amok and Tarzan subdues him, then swings into the trees to return clad only in a leopard skin. He overhears Wolf threatening Magra and drops to the jungle floor behind the German. Wolf whirls, his hand streaks to the gun at his hip and….

Tarzan is too quick for him and twists his arm, demanding to know why he shot at him. The others gather around but Tarzan keeps the truth from them by explaining that Wolf had mistaken him for Sheeta. Later, after the camp has retired for the night, D’Arnot, amid a background of jungle night noises, asks Tarzan to explain why he had not told the truth about Wolf’s actions. Tarzan explains that Wolf had stolen Magra’s note and had threatened to expose her to Thome. Tarzan had covered up the affair so that he could better determine Wolff’s and Magra’s involvement with Thome.

Meanwhile, as the riverboat approaches Bonga, Thome and Taask are continue plotting how they are going to obtain the Diamond of Ashair. Thome relates a strange story told to Gregory by a witch doctor – a story  had read in Gregory’s diary. This centuries-old story was passed on down from a band of Egyptian sun worshippers – the Hesiarians. These people have in their power an enormous gem known as the Father of Diamonds - which is alleged to possess a strange power – the control of which is known only to the Hesiarian rulers and priests. It is said to have the power to hold those who touch it in a state of mummy-like suspended animation. This can be overcome only through the performance of a certain ritualistic ceremony. Taask is frightened by the story but Thome assures him that he believes it to be just superstition to keep away thieves. He scoffs at the stories of the diamond’s evil power and can think only of the riches it will bring.

Next morning, the Gregory party gets off to an early start. D’Arnot mentions to Tarzan that he believes Magra and Wolf are working for Thome and plan to steal the Ashair map from Tarzan whom they believe to be Brian Gregory. Tarzan warns Helen to say nothing of the map to anyone and to keep it in a safe spot. Helen reports that Magra has wandered off into a nearby clearing, looking for wild plums. Tarzan realizing that Numa is stalking her runs to her rescue. Magra, unaware of any danger, is picking plums as Numa attacks.


Tarzan is in charge of an expedition searching for the lost scientist Brian Gregory. In the party are Gregory’s sister, Helen, his father, the mysterious Magra and two white hunters – Wolf and Larson – and Tarzan’s friend, Lt. D’Arnot. Atan Thome and Lal Taask believe Tarzan to be Brian Gregory and that he has a map showing the forbidden city of Ashair. They are following the expedition, determined to get the map at any cost.

Tarzan discovers Wolf and Magra plotting and hears definitely that the German is in Thome’s pay. Magra has strayed from the line of march and is attacked by a lion. At Numa’s earthshaking roar Tarzan leaps upward, grasps a trailing vine and flashes through the branches with breathtaking speed toward Magra.

 Tarzan jumps onto the back of the lion and kills it with his knife. He gives the victory cry of the great apes: “Taaaarmangani!” Magra and the others are amazed. She is starting to believe that Tarzan is not Brian Gregory and wants to know why he is called Tarzan of the Apes. She tells some of what she knows about Brian Gregory ‘s expedition to find the talking apes and his disappearance.

Meanwhile, Wolf goes to the end of the safari and secretly meets Taask who gives him news of Thome’s safari which is following some distance back. Wolf their lack of progress in stealing the map and about Tarzan’s victory over Numa.

Around the evening campfire Larson finally places where he heard Tarzan’s victory cry before – from the Great Apes. They want to know more about Tarzan’s background. So D’Arnot tells the story of how Tarzan was orphaned and then raised by Great Apes. His story is interrupted by the sound of an oncoming elephant stampede.
Tarzan and his party are searching for the lost scientist Brian Gregory. Atan Thone and Lal Taask believe Tarzan to be Brian Gregory and are following his expedition. The ape-man overhears Magra and Wolf plotting and learns that Thone has bribed Wolf. Later Tarzan saves Magra from the attack of a lion. As the entire group is gathered about the campfire that night, enthralled by the strange story of Tarzan’s early life as told by D’Arnot, they hear the distant thunder of mammoth fee – and elephant stampede headed directly for their encampment. Wolf and Larson reach for their guns.

Tarzan commands Wolf and Larson to leave their guns alone – he will take care of it. He commands the party to stay inside the boma and leaps into the trees to speed toward the elephants – shouting, “Tantor! Tantor!"

The beasts slow down and Tarzan drops onto the back of the lead bull. Tarzan continues to shout commands and the herd changes course, missing the boma. The party’s concern for Tarzan is relieved when he crashes through the boma on the back of an elephant shouting, “Dando, Tantor”

The elephant stops in front of the party and uses its trunk to gently lower Tarzan to the ground. Tarzan gives a few commands and the great beast leaves the boma. D’Arnot explains that as a result of being raised among the jungle animals, Tarzan knows no fear – only caution.

Back in the Thone safari, Taask reports that Wolf and Magra have made little progress in their mission. He says that, Magra, in her effort to obtain the map has developed a serious attraction for Brian Gregory, and Wolf has concocted a weird story about Gregory killing a lion with a knife to defend Magra. Thone plans to talk to Wolf personally and goes over a more desperate plan for obtaining the map.

D’Arnot, sensing that Tarzan is becoming uncomfortable listening to tales of his own prowess, changes the subject and talks about Brian. Tarzan asks Helen if Brian had ever sent photos of Tuan-Baka or if he had ever mentioned diamonds in his letters.

Wolf orders Magra to meet with him after the others have retired for the night. Spurred on by thoughts of the treasure and by Thone’s orders, which had been relayed, to them earlier in the day, Wolf and Magra plot to steal the map so that they can go after the treasure themselves. He gives Magra a knife to use on Helen. Magra returns to the tent she shares with Magra, raises the flap, and steps inside.


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