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The Diamond of Ashair
Radio Serial Synopsis:
Week 2 ~ Episodes 4-6

In the French African port of Luango, Tarzan and D’Arnot meet the father and sister of the lost archaeologist, Brian Gregory for whom Tarzan is mistaken by Atan Thome and his mysterious woman companion, Magra. Tarzan takes charge of the Gregory expedition organized to search for young Brian Gregory. Thome, believing Tarzan to have in his possession a map showing the location of the forbidden city of Ashair, manages to bribe Wolf, one of Gregory’s guides and hunters, who, with the help of Magra, is ordered by Thome to rescue the map and deliver it to him. As the scene opens, we find the Gregory party aboard the little river steamer which will carry them up the Congo to Bonga – where the trek into the jungle is to begin.
D’Arnot has called Paris to obtain a three month’s leave which enables him to join the Gregory party. Apparently he has forsaken the lights and glamour of Paris in order to spend time with young Helen Gregory. Wolf returns just in time for the cast off, explaining that he has been on personal business. Helen is suspicious of Wolf and notices that he appears to doubt Tarzan’s identity. Mitchell of the Metropole Hotel has arranged the river journey which should reach Bongo on the morrow, from which they’ll immediately enter the jungle.

On her way to retire in her cabin, Helen is approached by Magra who asks to join the Gregory party. She also admits that she had been a member of Brian’s last expedition. Later Wolf reports to Magra’s cabin as he had been ordered to do by Thome. He informs her that they must work together to get the secret map from Helen. He then returns to his own cabin which he shares with the other guide, Larson. Wolf tries to enlist Larson’s aid by telling him about the treasure map and that Tarzan is really Mr. Gregory’s son.

Meeting at the stern of the ship, Helen convinces Tarzan and D’Arnot to let Magra join the search party as she had once been a member of Brian’s expedition. Later, Larson approaches D’Arnot who is has remained on deck for a smoke. After the others have retired, D’Arnot is approached by Larson who reveals Wolf’s treachery. The chapter ends with a note tied to a piece of wood landing at their feet.

Tarzan has organized and taken charge of the James Gregory expedition for the purpose of rescuing, if possible, Gregory’s son Brian, the lost archaeologist. Atan Thome, a suave, highly cultured oriental, believes Tarzan to be the missing scientist. Wolf, a corrupt guide, and Magra, an Eurasian girl, both tools of Thome, have attached themselves to the Gregory party in order to gain possession of a map showing the location of the forbidden city of Ashair which Thome believes Tarzan has. On a Congo riverboat the night before the party is due to arrive at Bonga, the starting point of the safari into the jungle, a mysterious message falls at the feet of D’Arnot. It is the following morning; the boat has docked at Bonga. Larsen, the Swede hunter, is actively in charge of unloading the supplies and equipment.
Tarzan directs the natives on shore while the Gregorys and D’Arnot look on in amazement at the mad excitement around them. Meanwhile, Wolf and Magra hide behind a shed at the end of the dock and argue about the best way to obtain the map – by force or diplomacy. Immediately following the unloading of supplies the safari starts their trek into the jungle. Larsen is assigned command of the bearers and Wolf offers to follow at the rear. At first opportunity D’Arnot tells Tarzan of the two warnings about Wolf that he had received on the boat the night before – the first from Larsen and the second in a note that had fallen beside him on the deck – a note with the words, “Watch Wolf.” The note has inexplicably disappeared from D’Arnot’s pocket but they both believe that Magra had been trying to warn them. Tarzan chafes at his restricting clothes – anxious to trade them for his jungle loincloth.  Concerned about the stamina of the Gregorys and those not used to jungle travel, Tarzan makes camp early.

Meanwhile in a second riverboat just leaving Luango, Thome and Taask are going over plans for following the Gregorys’ expedition which they are convinced are on their way to Mount TUAN BAKA where Ashair is hidden. They plan to overtake the Gregorys when they are close enough to their destination. Taask is assigned the task of contacting spies Magra and Wolf. Thome warns that no harm must come to the man they still think is Brian Gregory until he reaches Ashair.

Back in the jungle, night descends on the Gregory camp as they sit around the campfire and talk about jungle wildlife. Tarzan tells them that there are no tigers in Africa and they are safe from lions – Numa to Tarzan, Simba to the natives – if they stay in the thorn fence boma. The natives, celebrating their new employment, break out the beer and begin a wild dance. Once of the dancers goes berserk and moves to attack the whites with a heavy spear.


Tarzan and the Gregory expedition are in their first camp in the jungle. Atan Thome and his confederate, Lal Taask, believe Tarzan to be Brian Gregory and that he has a map showing the location of the forbidden city of Ashair, are following the Tarzan/Gregory safari. With the help of Wolf – a guide – and the mysterious Magra, both members of the Gregory party, Thome hopes to gain possession of their map. In the Gregory camp a native bearer runs amok and charges the group of whites gathered about their campfire. Tarzan’s companions stand petrified as the strange black bearer, brandishing a heavy spear, leaps toward the apeman with a blood-curdling yell:
Tarzan disarms the man and speaks to him in his native tongue after which the man returns peacefully to his native companions.  D’Arnot  remarks that Tarzan kills when only necessary. Everyone is startled to see Tarzan leave the safety of the boma and leap up into the surrounding trees. D’Arnot tells the others not to worry about Tarzan as he was raised in the jungle from an early age. Magra, who still believes that Tarzan is Brian Gregory is confused.

The party is about to retire when Larsen spots Tarzan returning – naked but for a leopard skin g-string. The women are impressed by his ‘greek god’ physique. Tarzan gives everyone a lesson in identifying jungle night sounds: Manu the monkey, Dango the hyena, Tantor the elephant and Sheeta the panther. Tarzan follows Magra to the edge of the camp where she meets Wolf. The ape-man listens from an overhanging branch as she and Wolf engage in heated exchange. Wolf threatens to tell Thome about the warning note he had seen her throw to D’Arnot on board the riverboat. Tarzan comes to her rescue but Wolf draws his gun and fires.


WEEK 1 ~ 99.05,14

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