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"The master of imaginative fantasy adventure...
...the creator of Tarzan and...
...the 'grandfather of science-fiction'"

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Tarzan and the Forbidden City is a true anomaly. Published in September, 1938, it is number 20 in the series of Tarzan novels, appearing between Tarzan's Quest (1936) and Tarzan the Magnificent (1939). It had its beginnings, however, in a radio show outline that ERB created back in 1934 and which he rewrote for the Tarzan daily newspaper strip in 1937. Before ERB wrote the finished version of  the novel, the story had rewritten yet again --  this time presumably by the editors of Argosy pulp magazine where it appeared as The Red Star of Tarzan in 1938. The first edition of the novel was published by ERB's own publishing company and featured cover and interior illustrations by his son, John Coleman Burroughs.

Since then the story has been adapted for comic books and an abridged version has appeared in numous Whitman juvenile editions. In more recent times it has been reissued in many American and foreign paperback editions.  This Compendium will attempt to show some of the differences between the various versions of the story as it appeared in the many different media. Tarzan and the Forbidden City  may not be one of the better Tarzan novels but it certainly is the one with the most complex genealogy.


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