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An Illustrated Publishing History of
Tarzan the Untamed

Part I: Tarzan the Untamed (Tarzan and the Huns)
Red Book Magazine: March~April~May~June~July~August 1919
An Eye for an Eye ~ When the Lion Fed ~ The Golden Locket
When Blood Told ~ The Debt ~ The Black Flyer

All-Story - March 20, 1920 - Tarzan and the Valley of Luna - P.J. Monahan art
Part II: Tarzan and the Valley of Luna
All-Story Weekly: March 20, 27 ~ April 3, 10, 17, 1920

J. Allen St. John Dust Jacket Painting for Tarzan the Untamed
A.C. McClurg & Co.- First Edition ~ April 30, 1920
A.C. McClurg & Co. - Reprint - 1921

Canadian Edition: McClelland & Stewart
McClelland & Stewart Reprint ~ Toronto ~ 1920

Grosset & Dunlap - Reprint - 1922 ~ 1926 ~ 1928 ~1940

Whitman Better Little Book: Tarzan the Untamed (Rex Maxon)
Tarzan the Untamed ~ Better Little Book ~
Whitman  No. 1452 ~ 1941
Rex Maxon Daily Comic Strips

Grosset & Dunlap - Wartime Edition ~ 1943

Tarzan the Untamed DJ by C. Edmund Monroe - Cover & Map: Rafael Palacios
Grosset & Dunlap Reprint ~ 1948 through 1950s

Ballantine Untamed
Ballantine Books ~ July 1963
Richard Powers Cover

Grosset & Dunlap Reprint ~ 1967
Pictorial Boards with Monroe Illustration

Ballantine Books ~ October 1969
Robert Abbett Cover

Ballantine Books ~ November 1976
Boris Vallejo

Ballantine-Del Rey ~ June 1991
Boris Vallejo

Del Rey Double Paperback: TU & TTe
Del Rey Double

British Editions


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