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ERBzine 0120a

Peter Ogden's
established April 1956
Part IV: Issues 76 - Present
ERBANIA 76: Spring 1997 ~ David B. Mattingly Cover ArtERBANIA 76
ERBANIA 76: Spring 1997 ~ 16 pages
Covers front and back by David B. Mattingly
Thoughts On Tarzan On Radio by R. Barrett
Response fo Barrett b Robert Jennings
David Mattingly Speaks to Glenn Errardi
Kaor letters
Illos: Webber, Habblitz, Cawthorn, Krenkel, Yeates
ERBANIA 77: Fall 1997 ~ Dave Hoover Cover Art
ERBANIA 78: Spring 1998 ~ J. Allen St. John Cover Art
ERBANIA 77: Fall 1997 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Dave Hoover
Back Cover photo of Casper Van Dien
Heroine's Great Fear: Black Harems by Alan Hanson
Around the World of. . .
Tarzan and the Beastmaster review by Ken Webber
Kaor letters
Illos: Frank Hoban, Cawthorn, Russ Manning, 
Illos Harry Habblitz, Roy Krenkel
ERBANIA 78: Spring 1998 ~ 16 pages
Cover art by J. Allen St. John
Back Cover by Tom Yeates
Random Burroughsing by Robert Barrett
Ape Man Business by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Dream Vaults of Opar by Patrick H. Adkins
Around the Worlds of. . .
Jungle Girl review by Rich Wannen
Tarzan and the Lost City review by Habblitz
Illos: Krenkel, Hoover, St. John, Cawthorn
ERBANIA 79: Fall 1998 ~ Tim BurgardERBANIA 79
ERBANIA 79: Fall 1998 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Tim Burgard
Back Cover by Dave Hoover
Surprise in the Safe by Robert Barrett
Dream Vaults of Opar by Patrick Adkins
Kaor letters
Illos: St. John, Yeates, Hoover, Krenkel
ERBANIA 80: Spring 1999 ~ 16 pages
Wraparound Cover by Harry Habblitz
Tarzan, Jungle Detective by G.W. Thomas
Mystery of the Glove by John Harwood
Harry E. Habblitz Obituary by Peter Ogden
Autobiographical Commentary by Harry Habblitz
Is Tarzan Passe? by Elaine Casella
Dream Vaults of Opar by Patrick Adkins
Around the Words of ERB news feature
Illos: C.A. Murphy, Cawthorn, Capella, Habblitz
ERBANIA 81: Fall 1999 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Roy Krenkel
Back Cover by Windsor McKay
A Burrouighs Notebook by Robert Barrett
Dream Vaults of Opar y Patrick Adkins
Trouble with Tantor by Alan Hanson
Tarzan Forever review by Patrick Adkins
Illos: Roy Krenkel, Dave Hoover, McKay
ERBANIA 82: Spring 2000 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Dave Hoover
Back Cover by Igor Korde
Tarzan in Savage Pellucidar review by Webber
1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Tantors by R. Barrett
Dream Vault of Opar by Patrick Adkins
Marcia of the Doorstep: Dream Come True by A. Hanson
Illos: Roy Krenkle
ERBANIA 83: Winter 2000 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Thomas Yeates
Back Cover by Dave Hoover
Tarzan and the Man Who Made Him by L. Shearer
Dream Vault of Opar by Patrick Adkins
Sy Weintraub and Tarzan by Peter Ogden
Was It Tarzan or Mowgli by Robert Barrett
Around the Worlds of ERB 
Illos: Frank Hoban, Cawthorn, Alex Toth
ERBANIA 84: Winter 2001 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Thomas Floyd
Back Cover by Thomas Yeates
Dream Vaults of Opar by Patrick Adkins
Gray Morrow's Glorious Sunset by Allan Gross
Carson Napier illo by Thomas Floyd
Kaor letters
Book Reviews by Griffin, Webber, Barrett
Illos: St. John, Morrow, Fortunino Matania, Yeates
ERBANIA 85: Summer 2002 ~ 16 pages
Covers front and back by Donald Marquez
La, Burroughs Tragic Priestess by Ken Webber
Ouha review by Ken Webber
Photo: ERB at the May Company
Dream Vaults of Opar by Patrick Adkins
Book News & Reviews by Peter Ogden
Illos: St. John, Lorenzi, Matania, Floyd, Mortelmans
ERBANIA 86: Spring 2003 ~ 16 pages
Cover by David Burton 
Back cover by Dan Reed
La, Burroughs Tragic Priestess pt. 2 by Webber
Dream Vaults of Opar by Patrick Adkins
Illo: Tarzan by Thomas Floyd
Geology in Science Fiction by Allen A. Debus
Kaor letters
Illos: St. John, Cawthorn
ERBANIA 87: Fall 2003 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Thomas Yeates
Back Cover by Brian Kane
Tribe of Tarzan by Robert Barrett
Burroughs in Britain by Peter Ogden
News and Reviews
Tarzan of the Funnies by Barrett review by Cuthbert
Gold and the Glory by Mike Chapman review by Ogden
Illos: Champneys, Leist, Goss
ERBANIA 88: Winter 2004 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Jim Cawthorn
Back Cover by Thomas Yeates
Return of Tantor by Ken Webber
La of Opar: Further Cogitations by R. Barrett
Dream Vaults of Opar by Patrick Adkins
Burroughs in Britain by Peter Ogden
A Bibliographer's Nightmare by Peter Ogden
Kaor letters
Illos: Krenkel, Cawthorn, Leist, Goss, Hyde, N&F Wright
ERBANIA 89: Summer 2004 ~ 16 pages
Wraparound Cover by Fortunino Matania
Burroughs in Britain by Peter Ogden
Fruitless Quest for PC Lord of Jungle by P. Adkins
The Eternal Lover by Robert Barrett


ERBANIA 90: Spring 2005 ~ 16 pages
Cover by E.M. Clifton-Dey (Wizard of Venus: NEL 1973)
Back cover: Montage of Tandem Book Covers
Burroughs in Britain Pt. 4: Twilight and a New Dawn by P. Ogden
Book Reviews:
   Master of Adventure by Richard Lupoff
   Etermal Savage: Nu of Neocene by ERB - Bison Books
   Lost On Venus by ERB - Bison Books
   Life and Work of J. Allen St. John by Darrell C. Richardon
   Brother Men: ERB & Weston Correspondence by Matt Cohen
   Three Wise Monks (Lost ERB Film) by Henry Franke
Kaor Letters Column
ERBANIA 91: Winter 2006 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Thomas Yeates
Pellucidar back cover by Dan Reed
Robert Sherman Hoar & ERB by Robert R. Barrett
Rita (Marguerite) Coriell: 1914-2005
How They Are Filming "Tarzan in Guatemala by Humberto Barretto
Book Reviews:
   RGK: The Art of Roy G. Krenkel by Spurlock & Klugerman
   Al Williamson: Hidden Lands by Yeates, Schultz & Ringgenberg
Gladiators in the Novels of ERB Pt. 1 by David Adams 


ERBANIA 92: April/May 2006
50th Anniversary Issue
Cover by Dave Hoover
Back cover photo of Bruce Bennett in tree
Interior art by Jim Cawthorn and T. Moto
Ogden Editorial
List of 50 years of contributors: Thanks
Victory on the Rhine by Rod Jackson - art & pics
My Good Friend Bob Hyde by D. Peter Ogden- pics
Gladiators of the Novels of ERB Pt. 2 by David Adams
Kaor: Letters
Happy 100 Birthday - Photos
ERBANIA 93: Winter 2007 ~ 16 pages
Front Cover: Dian the Beautiful by Sandy Plunkett (courtesy Ray Cuthbert)
Back Cover: Synthetic Men of Mars by Dan Reed
EDITORIAL - page 2
"We Who Are About To Die, Salute You" by David Adams - page 3
Gladiators in the Novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs
"Tarzan and the Golden Lion" by Robert Barrett - page 6
"Bruce Bennett Turns 100" by Mike Chapman - page 11
News and Reviews by Robert Barrett and D. Peter Ogden - page 13
Kaor from the Readers - page 15
Roy Kenkel - p. 5 ~ Fortunino Matania - p. 13 ~ Jim Cawthorn - p. 14 ~ Harry E. Habblitz - p. 15.
ERBANIA 94 / 95 ~ Summer / Autumn 2007
Front Cover by Thomas Yeates
Back Cover by Milan Fibiger
"Bruce Bennett (1906-2007) - A Celebration of his Life in Pictures"
 Interviewed by Scott Tracy Griffin - page 3
"Tarzan in the Great War" by Richard J. Dumont - page 16
Kaor from the readers - page 22
"Mad Scientists and Monster Men" by Allen A. Debus - page 23
"Robert B. Cook (1828-2996) by D. Peter Ogden and Scott Tracy Griffin - page 28
Russ Manning - p. 16 ~ Roy Krenkel - p. 21 ~ Jim Cawthorn - p. 22
.ERBANIA 96/97 ~ Fall 2008
Cover by Milan Fibiger
Remembering Danton Burroughs by Robert R. Barrett
Danton Burroughs (1944-2008) by D. Peter Ogden
Who Be Ye by Rod Jackson
A Scene From Pirates of Venus by Dan Reed
Which Tarzan Actor had the Best Physique? by Mike Chapman
Allan and the Ice-Gods by David Pringle
Tarzan On Martha's Vineyard by D. Peter Ogden
Old Bill Byrne by Jeff Long
Book Revue
Kaor from the Readers Page
Back Cover by Duare by Dan Reed
Other Art: Robert Abbett and Jim Cawthorn
.ERBANIA 98 / 99 ~ Fall 2009 / Spring 2010
Cover by Milan Fibiger
Tarzan Aloft by Rod Jackson
Fred Leist First UK Tarzan Artist by D. Peter Ogden
Girl from Hollywood Variant Jackets by Phil Normand
Nemone by T. C. Walker
ERB Inc. Print Runs by Phil Normand
James Cawthorn (1929-2008)
Art by James Cawthorn
Letter to Joan
Kaor from the readers
Back Cover by T. C. Walker
Art Credits: Schoonover, Cawthorn and Rod Jackson Cartoons
ERBANIA 100/101 ~ Spring 2011
Front and Back Covers by John Coleman Burroughs
ARCHIVAL: Book and Movie Tie-In - Page 2
Danton Doring by Robert R. Barrett ~ Page4
Illustrations by John Coleman Burroughs
Telegram from JCB to Leo Margulies
John Coleman and Hulbert Burroughs: A Bibliography Compiled by Robert R. Barrett ~ Page 18
Letter to Hulbert Burroughs from Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Page 19
Tigerland by Rod Jackson ~ Page 21
Kaor from the Readers ~ Page 26
ERBANIA 102/103 ~ October 2012

ERBANIA 103 ~ Winter 2003
After 57 years of publication ~
Peter Ogden's Final ERBANIA Issue
Read it in the ERBzine Reprint Series at
Front Cover: Carson and Duare by Fortunio Matania

Back Cover: The Panther Woman Meets The Lion Man Photo by John Engstead
Contents and Editorial page 2
The Shellacking of Tarzan by Robert R. Barrett
The Camp of Lions by Rod Jackson
The Warning by D. Peter Ogden


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