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ERBzine 0120

Peter Ogden's
established April 1956

Part III: Issues 51-75

ERBANIA 51: Winter 1984 ~ James H. Pierce Photo CoverERBANIA 51
ERBANIA 52: Fall 1984 ~ Roy G. Krenkel Photo CoverERBANIA 52
ERBANIA 51: Winter 1984 ~ 16 pages
Cover photo of James H. Pierce as Tarzan
Back Cover photo of Christopher Lamber
More features on the new Greystoke film
A Princess of Mars: 4 page strip by Cawthorn
Kaor letters
His Father's Hunting Knife by J.F. Roy ~ Krenkel art
ERBANIA 52: Fall 1984 ~ 16 pages
Covers front and back by Roy G. Krenkel
Slavery on the Red Planet by Hanson ~ Feret art
Greystoke review by Harry Habblitz
Amnesiac by Joe Ferrier
Sheena film review by Bill Feret
Kaor letters
Letter by Edgar Rice Burroughs
ERBANIA 53 & 54: Summer 1985 ~ Roy G. Krenkel Cover ArtERBANIA 53 / 54
ERBANIA 55: April 1986 ~ Roy G. Krenkel Cover ArtERBANIA 55
ERBANIA 53/54: Summer 1985 ~ 28 pages
Cover by Roy Krenkel
Back Cover photo of Joan Burroughs & Gale Gordon
Primates On Parade: Greystoke Saga by Ernie Eban
Kaor letters
Lure of the Tropics book review by P. Ogden
Tarzan Radio Series by D. Peter Ogden
Illos by Krenkel, Cawthorn, Bill Feret, 
Illos by Sam O'Brien, Ken Webber, Clyde Caldwell
ERBANIA 55: April 1986 ~ 16 pages
Covers front and back by Roy Krenkel
Girl of Pellucidar by Paul Spencer
The Son of Tarzan promo booklet
The Undying Land book review by Ogden
Kaor letters
Inside back cover art by Joe Ferrier
ERBANIA 56: January 1987 ~ Jim Cawthorn Cover ArtERBANIA 56
ERBANIA 57: September 1987 ~ William Stout Cover Art
ERBANIA 56: January 1987 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Jim Cawthorn
Back Cover by Jim Prazinov
ERB by Erling B. Holtsmark review by Ogden
At the Club cartoon by Cawthorn
Terrestrial Quasihuman Races in ERB I by Brueckel & Currie
Tarzan of the Tapes by Peter Ogden
Greystoke/Tarzan The Apeman review by "ERB"
Kaor letters
The Last Dum-Dum by Jim Thompson
The Last Dum-Dum by Robert B. Cook
ERBANIA 57: September 1987 ~ 16 pages
Cover of Tarzan by Bill Stout
Back Cover by Tom Yeates
Terrestrial Quasihuman Races by Brueckel & Currie
Jana, Red Flower of Zoram by Bill Feret
Remembering Vern by Hyde, Farmer, Barrett, Ogden
Rod Taylor: An Unknown Tarzan by Ogden: Webber art
Illos: Bill Waters, Roy Krenkel, Stout, Webber, Yeats
ERBANIA 58: Summer 1988 ~ Jim Cawthorn Cover ArtERBANIA 58
ERBANIA 59: Spring 1989 ~ Buster Crabbe (Kaspa) Photo Art
ERBANIA 58: Summer 1988
Cover by Jim Cawthorn
Back Cover by Tom Yeates
Barsoomian Religion of Ancestor Worship by Waters
Tarzan and La art by Frank Reyes
From Fou-Tan to Nyoka by Peter Ogden
We Had a Quiet Smoke. . . by Alan Hanson
Kaor letters
Illos by Krenkel, Waters, Cawthorn, Frank Hoban
Illos by Mark Heike, Dan Barry, Yeates
ERBANIA 59: Spring 1989 ~ 16 pages
Cover Photo of Buster Crabbe as Kaspa Lion Man
Back Cover art by Roy Krenkel
Another Look at CT Stoneman & Kaspa by Ogden
Tarzan in Manhattan review
Illos by Virgil Finlay, Howard Chandler Christy, Cawthorn
ERBANIA 60: Fall 1989 ~ Gray Morrow Cover Art
ERBANIA 61: Spring 1990 ~ J. Allen St. John (Minidoka) Cover ArtERBANIA 61
ERBANIA 60: Fall 1989 ~ 16 pages
Covers front and back by Gray Morrow
Tarzan Sunday Strip by K. Webber & Ogden
Tarzan Villain -- Burroughs Fan by Peter Sherayko
Tarzan on Treasure Island translated by Gisela Barrett
Illos: Yeates, Morrow, Krenkel, Cawthorn
ERBANIA 61: Spring 1990 ~ 16 pages
Covers front & back  by J. Allen St. John
Mindoka by ERB review by Robert R. Barrett
Elmo, King of the Jungle reprinted from Boy's Cinema
Kaor letters
Jock Mahony by Harry E. Habblitz
Greystoke storyboard by Martin Asbury
Illos  by Krenkel, Cawthorn, Habblitz
ERBANIA 62: Fall 1990 ~ 16 pages
Covers front and back by Jim Cawthorn
Tarzan Series by Brian Stapleford ~ Tom Yeates illo
Kaor letters
Reviews by Peter Ogden
ERBANIA 63: Spring 1991 ~ Tim Burgard Cover Art
ERBANIA 64: Fall 1991 ~ Pat Ford Cover ArtERBANIA 64
ERBANIA 63: Spring 1991 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Tim Burgard
Back Cover by Tom Yeates
ERB's Athletic Heroes by Waters - illos by Cawthorn
Kaor letters
Black & White #10 by Howard - illos by Cawthorn
Tarzan of the Nineties
Illos by Habblitz, Krenkel, Mike Cody, Burgard, Yeates
ERBANIA 64: Fall 1991 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Pat Ford
Back Cover by Burl
N.C. Wyeth by Robert R. Barrett
Princes Post Production art & text by Bill Stout
Land That Time Forgot by KM & RE Morsberger
    art by Burl
Kaor letters
Reviews by Robert Barrett
Donald A. Wollheim by Robert Barrett
Illos by Cawthorn, Mark Murphy, Tim Burgard
ERBANIA 65: Spring 1992 ~ Rick Hoberg & Mike Royer Cover ArtERBANIA 65
ERBANIA 66: Fall 1992ERBANIA 66
ERBANIA 65: Spring  1992 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Rick Hoberg & Mike Royer
Back Cover by Tom Yeates
Gene Rodenberry & Tarzan/Apes by J. Van Hise
N. C. Wyeth Pt. 2 by Robert Barrett
Black & White #11 by Cawthorn & Waters
ERBANIA 66: Fall 1992 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Tom Yeates
Back Cover by Rubimore
Rubinmore: Forgotten Tarzan Artist by R. Barrett
Video Update
The Search for Opar by Peter Ogden
Kaor letters
ERBANIA 67ERBANIA 67: July 1993 ~ Jim Cawthorn Cover Art
ERBANIA 68: Winter 1994 ~ Tim Burgard Cover ArtERBANIA 68
ERBANIA 67: July 1993 ~ 16 pages
Wraparound Cover by Jim Cawthorn
Rings, Symbolism & ERB by Alan Hanson
Reviews by Harry Habblitz
Continuity By ERB by Robert R. Barrett
Kaor letters
Dixonite Helps Tarzan Get Into Track Hall by B. Rosenthal
Illos: Yeates, Stout, Burne Hogarth, Cawthorn
ERBANIA 68: Winter 1994 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Tim Burgard
Back Cover by Jeff Jones
Tarzan The Eco-Warrior? by Scott Tracy Griffin
Black & White #12: La of Opar by Cawthorn & Smith
Memories of Hully by John Monroe
Kaor letters
Illos: Jim Cawthorn, Krenkel, Burgard, Jones
ERBANIA 69 & 70: Summer 1994 ~ Walter Haskell Hinton Cover Art
ERBANIA 71: Spring 1995 ~ Roy G. Krenkel Cover Art
ERBANIA 69/70: Summer 1994 ~ 32 pages
Cover by Walter Haskell Hinton:
     Fantastic Adventures, August 1948
Back Cover by Hinton: Amazing May 1951
Halo for Howard Browne by Robert Barrett
Halo in Pen & Brush by Robert Barrett
Frances Gifford 1919-1994 by Bill Feret
Kaor letters
A Malibu Retrospective by James Van Hise
ERBANIA 71: Spring 1995 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Roy Krenkel
Back Cover by Igor Kordej
Rubimor Revisited by Robert Barrett
Whatever Happened to Dick & Doc by Ken Hall
Transitions by Peter Ogden
The Coincidental Lion Man by Peter Ogden
Kaor letters
Illos: Juanita Bennett, St. John, Habblitz
Illos: Frank Reyes, Cawthorn, Yeates
ERBANIA 72 & 73: Fall 1995 ~ Studley O. Burroughs Cover ArtERBANIA 72 and 73
ERBANIA 74: April 1996 ~ Burne Hogarth Cover ArtERBANIA 74
ERBANIA 72/73: Fall 1995 ~ 32 pages
Cover by Studley O. Burroughs
Back Cover by Tom Yeates
Burroughs Artist Studley Burroughs by R. Barrett
Tarzan: The Lost Adventure by Tracy Griffin
Tarzan Returns: Stunt Spectacular by Peter Ogden
And They Also Played Tarzan
The Oakdale Affair
Kaor letters
Kraar & Morrow's Tarzan Sunday Strips by Webber
The Pseudonym Wears a Halo
A Howard Browne Bibliography by Robert Barrett
Illos: Yeates, Habblitz, O'Brien, Krenkel, SOB
ERBANIA 74: April 1996 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Burne Hogarth
Back Cover by Tim Burgard
Burne Hogarth: 1911-1996 by H. Habblitz
Tarzan Champion Passes by Robert Barrett
Tarzan: The Epic Adventures
Video Update by Peter Ogden
Kaor letters
At the Club cartoon by Jim Cawthorn
Lion Man & Great White Hunter by D.C. Richardson
C.T. Stoneman Bibliography by D.C. Richardson
Illos: Hogarth, Burgard, Cawthorn
ERBANIA 75: August 1996 ~ Tom Yeates Cover Art
ERBANIA 75: August 1996 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Tom Yeates
Tarzan on the Radio by Robert Jennings
Kaor letters
Two Signal Oil Tarzan Ads
Photos: Joan Burroughs & James H. Pierce ~ Carlton Kadell
ERB ~ Jim Pierce as Tarzan ~ Joan Burroughs & Gale Gordon
Honolulu Actor Posing As Tarzan

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